There is an end time prophecy to be fulfilled in God’s church In John 4. It is all about how the Jews and  the gentiles will worship God, and who is given the living water directly by Christ.  GF has written an article in RV, the cover says” “Living water …Christ’s lesson from a well in Samaria”.  Why did Christ give living water to a gentile woman and WHEN? This writing would show from the Word of God, that Christ gave this water to the gentile woman, when all Jews have failed to worship God in “Spirit and in truth”. The spiritual Jews have lost this water and are in the bottomless pit. Co-incidentally, we wrote about the “bottomless pit” in the same month, showing from the Word of God, that all the Jews are in the pit as captives having no living  water from God. Christ does not teach such lessons in vain. This prophecy is now being fulfilled. Who are the little children? The Bible explains, only the little children will enter the kingdom.  



“Living water from a well in Samaria” Pt 1:..


Even when God’s people are taken captive by Satan, God works  to bring them back from the captivity. We have proven this from the Word of God.. Since all Israel have sinned and are in captivity, God Has withheld His Spirit or this living water. God’s Spirit cannot dwell with the sinners. Even Christ, when He took our sins, God forsook Him and His Spirit was not with Him. This is why, He too felt thirsty before He died and said “ I THIRST”. We proved that Christ and king David, were spiritually in the pit. (read: Winepress  parts 1-3)  This lesson was given to GF, to give to PCG. It is PCG, who needs such a lesson as they are in the “Bottomless pit”.  Pro 25:25 says, the cold waters to a thirsty soul comes from a “far” country. If there isn’t a spiritual lesson in this verse, this would not be in the Bible, which is the Word of God.  Christ is speaking to His “bride”, about this living water which comes from a well in Samaria, or from a far country.

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Christ taught this woman and His disciples a  lesson about “living waters”. He revealed a prophecy to the disciples as well as to this woman.  He said, that an hour would come, that no one in Jerusalem or in the mountain (church) will worship God in “Spirit and truth”. Spirit means ‘LIVING WATER”. That means, no one in spiritual Jerusalem or in the spiritual mountain will have this water.  This prophecy has been fulfilled in “spiritual Jerusalem” the “church”. The fact that the leaders do not believe that they are taken captives and not wanting to repent, shows that they do not worship God in “Spirit and in truth” and that hour has come. This is the prophesied “night” as we have proven from the Word of God. Since they are all scattered as God is afflicting them,  how could they worship in “spirit and truth”?  They are scattered, because they did not love the “truth”. If they do not love the truth, God cannot give His Spirit  or the living water. Christ revealed about the “Jews will not worship God” one day  to the “gentile woman”. When this prophecy come true, the gentile woman has to declare what Christ revealed to her. Remember, Christ will not do anything in vain. With this prophecy and with all the other prophecies, we the gentiles know that Israel is taken captive spiritually as God Has shown us, and they are in the bottomless pit. As Christ felt thirsty, the Jews who have left God too will be thirsty soon. Then, the cold waters will come from a far country… and that is good news about how they could have this living water again.  


God seek people to worship Him the way “He Has commanded” and that is with “Spirit and truth”.  Since this woman and her family accepted Christ’s teaching, they were given these living waters. Since all the Jews have failed to worship God in Spirit and truth, God is seeking such to worship Him in the manner He requires and the gentiles, most willingly accepted this water. Just as the gentile woman said, the “dogs will eat from the crumbs which falls from the children’s tables”, we eat the crumbs now. The children have refused. The dogs are eating.  


In RV 2007 Nov/Dec, GF wrote about a “Two –part commission”. The first is to go to the “world”, and second is to feed the members who are in the church. Always, God’s number one commission for God’s church was to feed the flock. Since they have rejected, now  God is pouring His Spirit to all flesh. God does not command the fallen leaders in His church to feed the world. They, themselves could not obey and how could they teach the world how to obey God and worship Him in Spirit and truth? This is why, Christ personally offered living water to the gentiles. After Jews rejected, Paul went to gentiles and Christ, king David and Paul said, they will obey.

Besides, during the phil. Era, when there was an open door, HWA  fulfilled the commission of “going in to the world”. What is left to do  “just” before Christ comes, is to get the church or the wife of Christ “ready for the marriage”.  This commission of preaching the Word to the world was given to the Phil era. GF wrote in “Lion has roared” book pg 3, …..”The Phil. Era “now passed” and Laodicean era is present”.   At the end of  Phil era, once again the church is prophesied to fall away and become Laodicean.. Then the work left to do is to….. measure,  to “knock”, to warn, to  tread down and to witness.  And certainly, not  to go to the world. This saying shows, that the last church too has fallen and has not understood the word of God. Since GF has already brought the world in to God’s altar and to the temple, this is not a new thing for him. God does not want to call the world now. But the  man, who sits in the temple, makes his own decisions of bringing people to God’s church while casting out the true followers. HWA taught that to invite the world, invites the  wily satan.  The measuring has failed. That is how, they “stumbled In judgment”. The Laodiceans stumbled in ‘JUDGMENT”. During this era, God separates the lambs and the goats.  

Is 5: 16-17… God will be glorified in judgment, and then the lambs will be fed in the waste places of the fat ones… the strangers eat. The gentiles are the strangers, and they are the lambs, eating the waste places of the ministry. Is 40:11… Christ will gather lambs with His arm and carry them …. These are not the world, but the called out members who over came.  Amos 6:4… but the leaders, eat these lambs. As we have proven from the Word of God, even when the sheep are scattered, as in Ez 34, God will search them and will not allow them to stay scattered. Therefore, God Has to speak to His sheep, from someone, who is not among the wicked shepherds explained in Ez 34 who drove them a way. They will be searched out on the ‘dark and cloudy” day, which is the “Times of the gentiles” as Ez 30: 3 says. Ezekiel’s bread and water are given by measure. He was not rejected totally. (Ez 4: 9 – 17) . Did Christ leave the sheep and became the shepherd of the unconverted in the very end? Rev 5: 12… The Lamb is slain. Rev 12:11…the other lambs also had to sacrifice their lives …

In Rev 3: 14 onwards “God” Has prophesied the works of the last era.  The message comes from the ‘FAITHFUL AND TRUE WITNESS”. There are three ‘faithful and true’ witnesses mentioned in the Bible.

·        Jere 42:5… The Lord.

·        Rev 1:5,  3:14… Christ.

·        Ps 89:37…The moon… (we proved from the Word of God, that the new moon, (even the Jews watch on the  feast of trumpets),  are the “first fruits” and they are the “faithful witnesses”, the gentiles.  Pro 14:5 says, a faithful witness, will not lie. God and Christ accept our witness. He Has prophesied our work. We witness against the false leaders in “spiritual” Jerusalem, when they have stopped worshipping God in Spirit and truth. But in Rev 12, this moon is being trampled by the woman who has the 12 stars. (Israel). They cannot wait till this new moon and the Sabbath which the “poor” work to be over. (read: Pray that your flight may not be on Sabbath” and “Poor and fatherless”)  Ps 36: 5 says, …Your faithfulness reaches to the “clouds”. Therefore, in the Word of God, there are three faithful witnesses, Lord, Christ and the moon and they witness on this cloudy day. 


Here is what GF wrote about the “new moon” in “Lion Has roared” book, pg 2-3…..

{{{“The end is come upon My people Israel. …. Hear this, o ye that swallow up the needy; even to make the poor of the land to fail, saying when will the new moon be gone, that we may sell corn? And the Sabbath, that we may set forth wheat,….. (Amo 8:1-5)……


Here is a prophecy about the nearness of the end. It’s about God’s church at the very end---- this same chapter discusses a famine of God’s Word ……}} this is an end time prophecy, when “THE” end has come, which is now. They oppress the poor…. and the poor are witnessing how the rich leaders  oppressed them. These poor are the “new moon”, which the woman in Rev 12 tramples. (read: Christ comes as a thief in the night)  They cannot wait till this new moon and the Sabbath which the poor work to be over with so they can go on doing their deceitful work. God says, the poor are rich in faith, when all the leaders have become rich physically. (Jam 2:5). This happens when they are scattered abroad as Jam 1:1.



Here is what GF wrote in the above mentioned RV ;…

{{{ In other words, Christ instructed Peter to get His message out to the world! This is God’s number one commission for His church…}}}  this has to be a new revelation coming from GF’s father who is the father of lies, the  devil.  He says, the ‘laodicean’ era is present. Read Rev 3: 14… and see, what is the commission of the Laodiceans?  The commission of the church after HWA’s work of preaching to the world,  was to “prepare” the ‘bride of Christ’  or the ‘first fruits’ ready for the Husband’s coming clothed with white garments, and marry Him, so “they”,  in the kingdom,  could bring the world to God. The bride had to be ready. The first fruits have to be ready. This is why Christ cannot come now, as we see, the bride is not ready. She is now planning to go to the world to bring people to God. But God Has not given such a commission. Therefore, she walks contrary to God’s wishes. Until the “times of gentiles”, the first commission of the church has to be, to feed the flock. During the ‘times of gentiles’, which is right after they become Laodicean,  all Israel would  have failed, as they are blinded until the gentiles times  be fulfilled.  Since the Jews have rejected to worship Him, now, God is calling people from high ways and by ways, and God’s number one work is to call out a people from the gentiles to be a “faithful witness”, during the laodicean era. (since Christ is a faithful witness as Rev 3: 14 says, this is the time for witnessing , He is outside the temple, ) During the times of gentiles, there is no work to be done by the Jews, but the gentiles are to witness against their failure, how they failed to worship God in Spirit and in truth.  If  Christ said the hour would come that the “Jews” will not worship God, then, we should have faith on His words and look for the fulfillment. He Does not say these in vain. But do these Jews have faith to believe Christ?  One way to deny Christ is not to believe what He said. He also said, can “Son of Man” find faith when He comes, “not one stone shall be left upon another”,  No flesh would be saved… love of many shall wax cold… He was speaking about His “church”.

Where would you find faith if not in the church?

Which stones was He talking about if not the stones in His temple?

What flesh was He talking about? If you do not have the Spirit, then, you are flesh. Flesh and blood cannot enter the kingdom, we need the Spirit. And to have the Spirit, we should speak and live by the truth.

Where would He find love, if not in the church? how could they have God’s love, since they do not have the Spirit? Mat 24:12 says, because of “iniquity” they do not have love. Who in the end time have iniquity”? It is the last high priest the Joshua, and Ez 24: 21-23. John 8:42… Christ said, if God is their father, then they would love Him… but if they do not have the truth, their father is the devil. So there cannot be any Godly love in them. Since they do not have love, they cannot keep commandments (John 14: 15) ,  the Father and Christ cannot live in them. (John 14: 23). More over, the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by The Holy spirit. (Rom 5:5). Since they do not have the Spirit, they do not have love either. How can they keep the law  without love, the love fulfills the law. (Rom 13:10). If any man does not love Christ, he will be accursed when Christ comes. 1 Cor 16:22. The law is fulfilled in love. (Gal 5: 14). If they do not have the Spirit, they do not have anything which God offers.


Of course the liars would never accept such prophecies. Like their father the devil, they are fighting against Christ. He says one thing and these leaders say things exactly opposite of what Christ said.  The gentiles have to bring the captives back. This fact, we have proven from the Word of God, and by GF’s own admission.  


 But, now, since Jews have failed,  Christ Has come in the flesh, in the last day, (Heb 1:2) to teach the gentiles,  and to give living water to them.  This is why; we do not need anyone to teach us, as 1 john 2: 27 says. Because, there is none who worship God in Spirit and truth among the Jews. Since  they have fallen, how could they teach the gentiles, among whom they are scattered and being trodden down? They are taken captive by satan. Christ directly taught the Samaritans, and now this is being fulfilled. After the command to measure the temple in Rev 11:1, the Jews are not given a work of God.


Rev 3: 14--- the faithful witness, witnesses against the Luke warmness of the Jews. God and Christ are witnesses to the treachery done to them by the Jews. They have chosen the new moon, which is also a faithful witness to witness against the Jews. They are neither hot nor cold. Christ will spew them out. PCG  says, she is rich. Here is what GF wrote in  RV 2006, Jan…..{{{ The Philadelphia Church of God has a lot invested in our property. We are raising up the ruins. Having an auditorium and hosting concerts with great per­formers-featuring the best that the human spirit can achieve-is impressive to the world }}} Is the church of God, here to impress the world? No wonder now, GF now wants to  go to the world being sent by his father who is the  god of this world. !. Any such commission given to Laodiceans?....


Rev 3: 17… Christ says, she is “wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:”.  Her gold, which is pictured by godly character, now needs to be tried…. This is why they are in the furnace of affliction. They also need ‘white’ garments. Who in this end time has filthy garments? Zech 3, Ez 24: 21-23, explains it is the high priest during the Laodicean era has filthy clothes. Her shame of the nakedness is already is seen, that is why Christ is telling her to buy clothes. And her eyes need to be cleansed too. Christ will rebuke, chasten, and they need to repent. This happens when Christ is at the door… He is knocking… they need to over come as Christ over came…. Does that sound like they are to go to the world taking the gospel? They need to repent. It is a time for witness and judge and punish and to repent. The lying wonders… ! the false prophet is bringing fire from heaven. Rev 13:13.


Hoe 2: 3… God will strip the church naked, and this prophecy applies for the Laodiceans, as they are the naked ones. God says, He will set her in a “DRY” land and slay her with ‘THIRST”. So the wife, or the church does not have living water, God will slay  with thirst. That is the bottomless pit. God Has withdrawn His Spirit from them and they will be thirsty. Now, PCG does not send the sermons even to the members. That means, the members cannot prove the word. What would they teach the world? This is the famine of the Word. They are very thirsty for the Spirit.  Anyhow, during the times of gentiles, there are no more leaders in spiritual Jerusalem as the covenant is broken. God Has departed and Has come to the east gate where the gentiles are and that is how Christ’s prophecy of giving living water to gentiles were fulfilled. Ez 10: 18-19,  11: 22-24. This is Ez 30:3, which is the “day of The Lord”, which is to “judge” the sinning leaders in Zion. So God cannot use anyone as all have become laodicean. Certainly, GF being the 7th head, or the laodicean head, cannot be used by God. It is time to execute judgments as lam 1:15 , Ez 16:40,etc . As Ps 74 says, the enemy of God is within the Sanctuary and there are no prophets and they do not understand the signs of the times. But, those who are far away, understands the signs and are afraid. They fear God and take heed. Ps 65:5


The main work in God’s mind is to make His Son get married. Then, the world will be saved.  God showed Peter to not to say unclean what God Has created, in the visions he saw. That was regarding the gentiles and the Holy Spirit was freely poured upon the household of Cornelius as a result of that vision.  This too is a prophecy which is being fulfilled now. No one laid hands on Cornelius. So we do not need anyone in Israel, to teach us , as God is pouring His Spirit freely to us as in the days of Cornelius.  This is how God Has chosen to open the salvation to the world. Salvation came to the Jews first and since they have rejected, it is now offered to gentiles and they will hear it. (Act 28:28) Now, God is showing Mr. Flurry about the lesson he has to learn from Christ  through the gentiles. Christ gave the living water to the gentile woman and Cornelius freely, without any one laying hands. Here is what GF wrote and we would like to comment.


Christ planned carefully this episode at Jacob’s well …..He really began to teach her. (If only the  religious Pharisees and Sadducees had been so teachable!)}…Christ came to the “lost” house of Israel.  Mat 15:24, Mat 10: 6. They became lost and scattered now. Christ planned carefully why He wants to give living water to the gentiles. That is when  all the Jews are “LOST”. This is why Christ is teaching this gentile woman, and giving her the living water, because Christ knew that one day the Jews will not worship God and they will be in the bottomless pit.


Christ continued… but the hour cometh and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in Spirit and in truth. for the Father seeketh such to worship Him..} } According to Christ, the “HOUR”, has not come, until He spoke to this woman. Because in v 23, Christ says, the hour comes, and ‘NOW IS”…. When would be this “NOW IS”?... when Christ found this woman and when He was offering her the living waters. This writing shows, that this hour, when the worshippers will worship God in Spirit and in truth, has now come, or NOW IS. Also, Christ said,  in John 4: 21, the “HOUR”  comes, that Jews will not worship God in the church.  This is the “HOUR”, which Jews do not worship in the mountain or in Jerusalem.  John 4: 21- 23, is about the time we live now. This is the present truth.  There is a prophesied hour, which will come, when the Jews will not worship God, and the true worshippers shall worship the Father in Spirit and in truth, and they are the gentiles. If the Jews will not worship God in Spirit and truth, then it has to be the gentiles who will worship God in Spirit and in truth. Our writing “Day of visitation” shows, when Christ is offering this living water to gentiles, and they will accuse Jews of being evil doers. ( 1 Pet 2: 12) this is why, the Father seek such (those who worship Him in Spirit and truth) to worship Him. The Spirit is the living water and it was offered to the gentiles. When Christ found this woman, He said, the hour ‘NOW IS”.   In the last hour, all these happen.

Joh 4:21  Jesus saith unto her, Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father.

    Joh 4:23  But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.

Has this hour, in v 21 being fulfilled un to this day? No.  The Jews were the leaders in God’s church until the Phil era or until they lost the purity of their gold and until their garments got filthy or till they became blind and naked. Christ is outside means, He is offering His Spirit to those who are out side and working with those who are outside. (read: Become pure as gold or Ophir). But NOW, this hour has come for the fulfillment of the gentiles to get this living water. In the hour when Christ was offering this gentile woman, the living waters, Christ said, the hour “NOW IS”. Since they are offered living waters, which means the Spirit, the hour, which the true worshippers will worship the Father in Spirit and in truth have come. These are the true followers who were cast out by Diotrephus as we have proven from the word of God.


 Therefore, the leaders and especially who  wrote  this article in the RV should not think of himself is worth more than these gentiles. Spirit is given to the gentiles, who are fighting for the truth. They are worshipping God  in Spirit and in truth. since the Jews have failed, it is a time for the poor are to be rich in faith, to witness against the Jews, to sing the song of Moses, to call them to repent, to bring them back from captivity, etc….. since the Jews have failed, they have become the anti christs. The enemy is within the Sanctuary.


Christ was giving this woman some strong spiritual meat. }} The apostles have gone to bring meat when Christ met this woman. Same way, now the leaders are going to the world to bring meat, which is to finish the work, and Christ, Himself is giving  strong SPIRITUAL MEAT to the gentile woman. The end time leaders failed to eat strong meat. In the very last moments, when they are about to be born, they became an enemy of God. The ancient Israelites were eating meat and when the meat is still in their mouths, they died because of God’s wrath. (Ps 78: 27- 31) . this is also a time of God’s wrath.   Who have failed to worship God in sprit and in truth should know, that Christ, Himself gave strong spiritual meat to gentiles. In this chapter, Christ said, “My “meat” is to “finish” the work of God”. V 34. This chapter is all about this last hour, when the Jews would fail and the gentiles will worship God and  the end of finishing the work, which Christ Had to do. The disciples did not know what Christ meant by saying this. (neither the end time leaders )  When Christ was finishing the work,  these Samaritans  were given living water. This is a prophecy for our day. Jer 2:13 says, the Jews have forsaken God, who is the “Fountain of living waters… therefore, this water is offered to the gentiles.


This chapter talks about the “harvest”.  Then the whole village of these gentiles came and prayed for Him to stay, which He did. He taught them by Himself… He did not send any apostles to teach them. The harvest was ready… this could not have happened back then. Now only  the harvest is ready. Christ stayed with these gentiles two days. For the last two years, we have written  over  170 writings like this.  And God is treading the winepress. (read: Winepress)  V 37- 38.. Christ said, one sows, and another reaps. The leaders have failed to reap the harvest. But others now are harvesting. This is a punishment (Lev 26:16, Hos 7:9, )  V 42.. these gentiles knew that it was Christ, the Savior. Christ said, that a prophet is not honored in his own country. (V 44).  This is what has happened even now. They did not honor Christ, but the gentiles did. They knew and accepted Christ to be their savior. V 45.. Galileans too received Him. (Mat 4:15, Galilee is a gentile village also)  

·        Christ was not speaking with this Samaritan woman in vain. He does nothing in vain.}}} Now, the lesson which Christ taught back then, is being fulfilled.

·        Samaritans came running after Christ and begged Him to stay there and teach them.}}.  But, Jews have rejected Him.

·        He stayed with those poor and persecuted people for two days.}  The poor and the persecuted… they are the ones, who are rich in faith as Jam 2: 5 says, which the rich have wrongfully oppressed but Christ chose the poor of the world to finish His work of harvesting. … we are being persecuted by none else by GF and his leaders who are rich in physical goods, but spiritually, in the bottomless pit. Therefore, we are called to give water to them.  We are thankful to Christ for being with us! We give glory to the Father and to the Son, our Lamb. We worship Him in Spirit and in truth. God also prophesied that a foolish nation will be raised up by Him to provoke the Jews to jealousy. This has happened now. We hope the Jews would feel real jealous as God intended.  

·        The Messiah gave time to those dogs. }}… Jews called gentiles ‘dogs”. But God calls them “dumb dogs” ( Is 56: 10 – 11 this chapter shows, the strangers who keep Sabbath are being accepted in God’s altar, better than sons and daughters. The real dogs, according to God, are inside the altar and among the Jews.  These wicked dogs are again piercing Christ. Ps 22: 16. These are the wicked who will look at Christ, when He comes in Rev 1:7) if anyone claims to be a  leader in  God’s church should follow the footsteps of the Messiah and give his time to these dogs. Not chase them and kill them as GF did.


{{the Jews were terribly prejudiced against Samaritan people. – even calling them dogs. …Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans (John 4:9) …. What despicable self righteousness! What a horrifying misunderstanding of God’s Holy and righteous Word.}}… you, Gerald Flurry are the one, who is despicable self righteous Jew who has no Holy righteous character… you are the man  who in this end time chased the gentiles who came to tell that you have disobeyed God’s law and lied about it and has broken the covenant. You kill God’s people when they ask a question. Who is the laodicean leader?  That question got people to be cast out. Recently, Mr Durrad was disfellowshipped for hesitating to disfellowship a member who asked  this question.  The leaders are the greedy dumb dogs.


God says, the “Gentiles” will be an over flowing stream now. Just before Christ comes, the spiritual Jews are asked to drink water, and drink milk from the gentiles…. Is 60:16,  66: 12,  60:4 . WE HAVE THE LIVING WATER.  This is the latter rain… which comes in God’s anger, and now these times are being fulfilled. Christ is teaching the lesson to these despicable self righteous Jews, that they have to humble themselves and get rid of their despicable self righteous character and have to ask for water from the gentiles. This has to be done according to the prophecies…

In this lesson, Christ was teaching His people the Jews, that one day, when all the Jews have fallen, the water will come from the gentiles… and to be prepared… this is what we have been doing… being an over flowing stream to the Jews.

Isa 66:12  For thus saith the LORD, Behold, I will extend peace to her like a river, and the glory of the Gentiles like a flowing stream: then shall ye suck, ye shall be borne upon her sides, and be dandled upon her knees.

This is the lesson which the ministers in all the churches have to learn, just before they are to be born in to the spiritual family of God. Now, the Jews are in the bottomless pit, having gone after other gods having invited the heathen in to God’s Sanctuary. More than any other church, PCG is guilty of both crimes, which we witness faithfully. To remove the scum and to clean and purify the ministry, God Has chosen the gentiles to be the tool. . This is why, we have been sending the Word of God, the pure milk to the ministers and members. The times of the gentiles are to give water to the Jews, who have no water….and are in the pit.


{{But He (Christ) really began to teach her… if only the religious Pharisees and Sadducees had been so teachable?}}}… who are the Pharisees and Sadducees in the end time? Are not the ministers and the leaders in God’s church who misjudge and have a despicable and self righteous character as explained by GF?  And those who say they are law givers and sit in Moses’ seat which Christ condemned? The gentiles were teachable… says GF. Now is that time, the hour… the judgment. So wake up …. The Pharisees and Sadducees… !!! Christ , your Lord is teaching us  and we are learning from Him and we are given the living water….


There was no one but these dogs, who wanted to learn from Christ.  The despicable Jews, never obeyed and worshipped God in Spirit and truth un to our times.  


Christ did not reveal about who He was to the world, but only to apostles. He hid many times, and escaped, but He revealed to this woman about Himself. As GF wrote;..

{{ There is tremendous depth in this verse… today, we always need to be trying to understand what Christ is doing and why. The bride needs to understand her husband’s mind. …. They were obviously confused--- and truthfully, they should have been asking these big questions. Christ wasn’t speaking with this Samaritan woman in vain. He had a lot to teach the disciples about what He was doing. And they had a lot to learn!..}}} Since this prophecy is being fulfilled, are you prepared to learn from Christ : about what He was doing?.... when you are prepared, you will call for us !!! now, there is no other way..


There is something important you don’t understand! He surely told them I am not here on earth in vain. This is very important, and  you all must learn it. You are here learning to teach the whole world….He DOES NOTHING IN VAIN!}} Christ has a big lesson to teach the Jews who have not worshipped God  in Spirit and in truth…He is saying…. You have not worshipped the Father or Me, I will ‘REVEAL MYSELF TO THE GENTILES…. AND TO WOMEN… OF THE GENTILES. (Mic 2: 9,  5: 7-9,   Jere 31: 22,   now are being fulfilled). Christ made us known who He is. Act 28:28 , 2:17 and Joel 2:29 is being fulfilled. Those who believe God and His words will believe what Christ said in this chapter. They will have to come to this well in Samaria. We do not want any fallen Jews to come and teach us.


At this time, Christ revealed to the woman, who He is and asked to come and drink everlasting water from Him which this woman and her families were delighted to have. V 14… who ever drinks this water, shall be in him a well of water springing up in to everlasting life. This is how, the salvation which is of the Jews, is offered to the whole world. Certainly the fallen Jews are not being called by God to go to the world any more. They will teach the lies, as they do not worship God in truth. They are not anointed any more to teach God’s people. Ez 34 says, God will search for the sheep Himself. The shepherds will loose their jobs because they despised the sacrifice of the Lamb and God’s Word. The same way they pulled out the robes of the gentile women in Mic 2: 8-10, God is pulling their robes and showing their nakedness to the world. Laodicean era is all about exposing their nakedness.


{{ Christ repeatedly points to His Father as the Head of the God Family—unlike Christians in this world…}}} It is not the Christians in the world who did not honor God, but those who are in God’s mountain, or in Jerusalem. Mal 1:6-11… “Oh priests”… son honors, even servants do, but these priests, do not… this is the time, where all the ministers have failed in Israel to honor and fear God. this is why God accept gentile offerings as in   v 11…learn this lesson from the “Lamb”…


John 4: 25… this woman knew that Christ will tell all things. This is why, in the last days, Christ  Himself is teaching us (Heb 1:2) and we do not need anyone teach us. 1 John 2: 27. In these last days, as Joel and Act 2: 17 says, God will pour out His Spirit on ALL FLESH. Act 2: 17…. And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of My Spirit upon “all” flesh: and “yoursons and “your” daughters shall “prophesy”, …..we do not need any fallen Jews who lie, to teach us as God is giving the living water.


What does it mean “YOUR” sons and “YOUR” daughters?  These are not the sons and daughters of the Jews… Christ is talking about “all flesh”. All the gentiles. These “gentiles” are like their ‘sons and daughters”.  this woman said:…

V 20Our fathers worshipped in this mountain;…. To the “gentiles”, the Jews are “fathers”.

V 22… Christ was teaching her how to worship God. He said… “you don’t know what you worship and the salvation is of the Jews. . But, as v 21.. since the Jews will not worship God, … v 23…  the hour will come, God will seek just any one, who will worship Him in ‘SPIRIT AND TRUTH”. they are the ‘gentiles’, who are in Mal 1:11…, this woman and her family, …. (this is the time when the Jews became the synagogue of satan) and the “times of gentiles” have begun.

This is why in Jere 16 explains,  the Jews in the end time  have done worse than their fathers, and have become abominable… and defiled God’s land …. And then when that happens, the hour has come, that God Has made a decision… it is enough!... now, since  My sons and daughters do not worship Me in Spirit and in truth, I will call a people to  Me, who will worship Me in Spirit and in truth. this is why, God accept gentile offerings as pure in Mal 1:11, Is 56: 3-8, when all the ministry, and the sons and daughters  have failed. I will pour out My spirit on all flesh, the sons and daughters of the Jews …. And they shall prophesy. (if they are to prophesy, they should be accusing Jews of being evil as 1 Pet 2;12. ) this is the time to Jere 16: 19 to be fulfilled…

 Jer 16:19  O LORD, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of “affliction”, the “Gentiles” shall come unto thee from the “ends of the earth,” and shall say, Surely “our fathers” have inherited “lies, vanity”…. The Samaritan woman called the Jews ‘our fathers”. And in this verse, the “gentiles” will come and say “our fathers”….this is the same event.  As Christ revealed to the gentile woman about Jews will not worship God in Spirit and in truth, now, the gentile women have accused the Jews of being liars.  Jer 50:17 says, “Israel” is scattered sheep and the “lions” have driven them away. (Read: Biblical Tarshish and young lions in prophecy)  


. These gentiles are the sons and daughters, who come from a far, in judgment, on the Day of The Lord, which is to afflict as this verse say,…… in the day of “affliction”, this day,  gentiles will see, the Jews have inherited “LIES” and vanity”.  Don’t we afflict you who are the liars, by exposing your lies? What an affliction it is to find out that your lies are being exposed? Jer 16:19, and John 4: 23, is being fulfilled now. This lesson which GF has written in this RV, is to no one but to himself.


Zech 10:9 says, when God sow the Jews among the gentiles, they shall remember Him in far countries and they shall live with their children. The gentiles are the children, in far countries and they are scattered among the gentiles spiritually. When the leader’s eyes are opened they will live with the gentiles peacefully. 


Don’t we, the gentiles say, that the Jews have inherited lies and vanity? Has this not happened? If GF believes, Christ did not teach this lesson to this woman in vain, as he has written in this article, he should open  his eyes and see, that the fulfillment of Christ’s  revelation to this woman has happened. GF defined “lies” in his book of Habakkuk…


Little children are the gentiles:…

Deut 1:39,  Num 14:31, God said, He will bring the little children to enter the promised land. Because of Israel’s sins the adults died. This is same as now. They are dead spiritually. Deut 1:17…the leaders were asked to judge small and great and fear no man. But all the ministers in PCG even fear their leaders and judge according to their leader’s words instead of God’s words and judgments. This is same as now, as James points out, the rich were partial to the poor. (gentiles).


Mat 18:3…Christ said, one has to be converted and become as little children and if not, cannot enter the kingdom. Also Mat 19:14. One has to humble like a little child to enter the kingdom. Those who are wise in their own eyes and rich, will not enter.

In Luk 18: 17… Christ said, one should receive the kingdom of God as a little child and wise do not enter.  Those who think they are wise, are God’s  leaders in the church. they think, they will enter, but only the humble people like little children will enter the kingdom. A little child does not know good and evil. How do we discern good and evil? By God’s Law. But the law was not given to gentiles but to the Jews. (Romans 9, and we have proven this from the Word of God in our writings) The gentiles attained to righteousness by faith and not be law. The law shows our sins and the Jews are judged by the law, which they were given. This is why, they are like little children, and by mercy of God, and faith and belief, they were grafted in. It is the multitude who brought Christ “TO” Jerusalem, and they are the gentiles. They were praising God and Christ. This is why, it says, (Mat 21: 15-16) that “out of the mouth of babes, perfected praise. Ps 8: 2… God is praised and exalted in the judgment. Is 60: 6… kings of east bring gold and incense and shall show praise of the Lord. This is what is being fulfilled right now.

Now there are wicked in the church and the song of Moses was sung by the little children. The light of the wicked has gone out as it is “night” unto the wicked. (Job 18:5). This is when the “Spirit” gives understanding to the children. (Job 32: 8-9, ) Therefore, you wise men, far be it from God to commit iniquity and wickedness.. (Job 34:10) Job said, he will show the words of God and he will bring his knowledge from a far… and will ascribe righteousness to God.(Job 36:3)

John 13: 33-34.. Christ gave a new commandment to the little children. That is to love one another. At the same time He says, “I said to the Jews”. So the Jews and the little children are different. This prophecy is about the last night as v 38 points out. The disciples cannot be the little children. This is a prophecy for our time, when all the Jews have failed. The little children and the Jews are addressed separately by Christ. This further shows that the gentiles are the little children.

Gal 4: 19… Paul said to gentiles, “ my little children”.

Job 32: 8-9… Great men are not wise, and the aged do not know the judgment, but Spirit gets inspired by God.  So the young and little ones can get inspired by God.

This is why, in judgment, God will give children to be the princes, and babes shall rule over them.

Christ said, God Has hid the these things from the wise and revealed them to babes. (Luk 10: 21---) and these are the things the prophets and kings have desired to see and have not seen and want to hear and not heard…. Therefore, anyone who thinks they are prophets or kings, should take this advice directly from Christ and should humble themselves as little children like us. !

We have proven that 1 Peter is about the gentiles being converted… and 1 Pet 1: 10… the prophets have inquired and searched diligently… this is what God Has been keeping a secret for eons and eons, as we have proven from the Word. This is a “last time” prophecy being fulfilled.

Ps 79:10… the gentiles will say, where is their God? when God takes the revenge from His enemies, the gentiles will see… if they see that, they should declare. Jere 18:13… God wants to ask from gentiles, whether they have seen the virgin of Israel’s horrible sins.

The wise man, could not give a cup of water to a little one, to his shame. If he did, he would have been rewarded. Mat 10:42.

1 John 2: 12, 14… the “fathers” have known God, from the beginning.

The “little children’s” sins are forgiven for God’s sake… This is mercy, shown to gentiles as we have proven, those who did not have the law and therefore they could not be judged.  They are known the Father, not from the beginning. At the moment when this is being fulfilled, the little children and the young, knows the Father and the Word of God abide in them, and they have over come the wicked one. As Christ gave the commandment to the little ones in John 13: 33-34, to love one another, in this chapter, John gives the same commandment. This shows, the fathers have lost the love of God. V 16 shows, the three lusts, and v 14 shows, the young ones have over come the wicked one and God’s Word abide in them. who is the leader who failed in all three lusts? It is Ezekiel. (Ez 24: 21- 23). (read: Joshua) the difference here is the fathers have known God from the beginning, but they have not over come as God’s words does not abide in them at this moment. But the young have over come. How do we abide in the Word and know God?


1 John 2:18…. It is the last end… and the adults, the fathers have become the antichrists… God is calling the little children here, who are praising God in the judgment as we proved from the Word earlier. V 21- 21… at this time, these children have the anointing from God and they “know.  it is the little children who knows the truth. John teaches them who the liar is. We have proven from the Word and from GF’s writings, who the liar is in this writing. V 27… this is the time which the little children do not need anyone to teach them, as they have the anointing from God. v 28… God will be revealed to them soon.

1 John 3: 7.. they are told not to let any one deceive them…. at this time, the children of God and the children of the devil are separated… V 8 -10 shows, for this purpose of exposing the devil, and his children, the Son of God is revealed. This is the “Day of Visitation”, (read: The Day of Visitation). (1 Cor 4: 5… when Christ comes only the things in darkness will be revealed. ) This is the time, which Christ is going to destroy the works of the devil….

V 13.. the world… (the church) hates us… but still we love them, and that is why we will not stop fighting for the truth and for the lives of all Israel… v 14… we have passed from death to life… because of the love. We do not hate others, we give more than a cup of water to God’s people… (Hope you have heard Mr Harrison’s sermons which says, the gentiles have love…, we love in deed and in truth) V 16.. we have already laid down our spiritual lives. V 18… we must love in deed and in truth. This is why, Christ gave living waters to the gentile woman, when finishing the work…

1 John 4:4… God in us is greater than who is in the world. V 5… they are of the world and they speak worldly things… ( Their first commission is to go to the world and calls our Lord, a leader of the unconverted!....

V 6… God knows those who hear Him because they “KNOW” Him. By knowing God, we know the Spirit of truth and the error.

V 13… we know that we are with Him, because He Has given His Spirit…. The living waters. But Israel have forsaken the living water….

1Jn 5:20  And we know that the Son of God has come, and He has given us an understanding so that we may know Him who is true. And we are in Him that is true, in His Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God, and the everlasting life. …..

In Mat 18:6, Christ said, who offend one of the little ones who believe in Him, will be drowned in the sea. this is why the spiritual harlot in Babylon, will be thrown in to the sea. These are the little ones, who have faith to move the mountain which does not worship God in Spirit and truth in to the sea.

How do we get to “KNOW” God? 

1Sa 3:21  : for the LORD revealed Himself to Samuel, by  the “Word” of the LORD.  V 19… He did not allow none of God’s Word falls to the ground. V 1 says, the Word was rare… just as it is today. God Had to reveal Himself to a little child. There were no visions from God. v 2 Eli was becoming “BLIND” like now, the Laodiceans are. V 7… Samuel did not know God, as the word was not revealed to him. God speaks to us and reveal Himself to us, by His Word. Amos 3: 2… There is “ONE” family, which God knew from all the families… this means, from all the churches of God in the end time, God knew and revealed Himself to one church. Ez 16: 8 is that church. but she is to become worse than others in the end. Eli saw his sons cause the people of God to transgress… they have forgotten the Word of the Lord. This one family caused God’s people to transgress against God by asking their prayers to other gods. We are witnesses. V 25… they have sinned against the Lord.  You sin against the Lord, when you go after other gods. When you go to a harlot, you become one with the harlot. This is what happened to PCG. She became one with other gods. Eli, the high priest did not correct his sons and that caused God to curse the whole priesthood. Anything different now? GF not only did not correct the bamah matter, but he covered it up. Just as God revealed Himself to a little child, He is revealing Himself to little children now. Ps 102:15-16… gentiles shall fear the name of the Lord, but Zion need to be built. Mal 1:11 and Mal 3: 15-18 shows, who in the end time feared God and whose sacrifices God accepts.

In Luke 9:48, Christ said, who ever receives the little child, in Christ’s name receives Him. How do you receive a little child in Christ’ name? As we have proven, we, the gentiles, the children of the Jews, went in Christ’s name when the covenant was broken to the PCG leader. Then, he did not judge the matter, he was partial, and spiritually murdered us. He did not receive us who came in Christ’s name. If you do not receive Christ, then you have not received God the Father either.  for he that is least among you all, the same shall be great.” . These little ones are the least of the flock. But, they will draw Israel back from captivity. Jer 49:20,  50:45.


In pg 24 of Habakkuk , GF has written about the teacher of “lies”.

{{This teacher of lies is in God’s own church, he is getting God’s own people to look to dumb idols. Idols means anything worthless or vain. …..’molten image’ could be a “covenant” or an offering to a “FALSE God”. --- a false God “inside God’s own  church.” This man is “rich” and increased with goods, and that helps him to “teach his lies”. “Lies” means “away of life “contrary to the law”, one thatbreaks God’s covenant. This teacher of lies has a gigantic lust for physical things.  }}    No one could have explained this better !   As we have proven form the Word, God catches the wicked by their own craftiness. GF has described about himself perfectly like no other person could. Now to whom did Christ reveal about the lies of the Jews  when He was on earth? To the gentile woman… Christ does not do anything in vain… wrote GF… he should believe Christ….and who in the end time when the hour came that Jews have inherited lies, come and tells that the Jews have inherited lies?  A gentile woman!!!   


God’s own church ;….Who is the leader, of God’s own church? It should be someone who claims that he is the person whom is used by God, then claim to be the high priest, and the only person who is being revealed new truths, then, claims he is the 7th head. It is PCG who claims to be the true church.


getting God’s own people to look to dumb idols….Has  any other church tried to acquire dumb idols such as stones, wooden pianos etc like PCG ??? Spending millions of dollars to “BUY” these vain things but casting out the true members who stand up for God’s truth? He wants to buy anything HWA had. He gets people to admire these things. Can any other leader match this description? None.


’molten image’ could be a “covenantwith a. “FALSE” God;.. Who made a covenant with false gods? Read the “Bamah” matter in He invited 17  unbaptized men in to God’s altar, defiling and making a covenant with a false god.


rich and increased with goods…// In RV Jan 2006, GF wrote… WCG sold everything and now PCG has everything. …. -is impressive to the world. }}} If WCG has sold everything, they are not rich, But PCG, since she is rich and because of her  :”gigantic lust for physical things”,  she bought many vain things and she boasts about it saying it is impressing the world. So who is rich now? We all know how he spent God’s Holy money and  Sabbaths talking about these vain things etc…. Our fathers have inherited lies!!!


contrary to the law, one that breaks God’s covenant…}}.to invite heathen in to God’s Sanctuary, breaks God’s covenant and it is contrary to the law. More over, he lied to hide this fact from the members and keep on judging other churches as if he has never done this sin which broke the covenant. This is why, he is “The” liar… he is the teacher of lies. The gentiles see that because God Has prophesied that they will come and accuse the Jews of breaking God’s covenant and have inherited lies.


Pg 3… Lucifer failed utterly because he exalted himself --- not his creator.”…}}The last leader in the temple of God, also is prophesied to follow this fallen angel. 2 Thes 2,  Dan 11: 36, and many other prophecies says so.  


In this article which GF has written,  the “lambs” are the “unconverted”  and this is why he is showing from the Samaritan woman, that we must go to the world as well. Now he has changed the church’s commission and the first commission is to go to the world. Christ Is The “Lamb”. Is He the leader of the ‘unconverted”? He is called the “Lamb”, because of His “character”. The Lambs do not resist when they are being brought to slaughter. ( Is 53:7) In the book of revelation, Christ is called “The Lamb” twenty nine times. Why? Because that is the judgment of the church or the Jews who became a synagogue of satan who never worshipped God in Spirit and in truth. During that time, those who are killed as Christ are with Him . They too were slaughtered spiritually, as Christ was, as we saw. They are the little sanctuaries and the assembly, all the murdered lambs who did not resist and has their leader’s “The Lamb’s” character.  Rev 12: 11,  20:4, and the whole book of revelation shows, that one has to over come the beast who fight with the Lamb. Those who are killed as lambs, for their testimony lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years. Rev 20:4.   Book of revelation is about the “Lamb” and the little lambs who over come by His blood and the fight between the antichrists. The little lambs are the innocent and the guiltless who we have written before, who over come the beast and who would die for the Word of God and for the testimony.


Rev 7:17… the Lamb gives living waters to those who are with Him.  Who are given the living waters now? The  spiritual gentiles and the little sanctuaries, who were slaughtered as The Lamb.  A person who has gone back to the world (Ez 24: 21-23), and who have invited the world (Ez 8-11, Jer 6:20) sees and thinks like  the world sees. Jesus Christ is about to come to marry the bride or the little lambs. The first commission of the church should be getting the wife ready. But in the last end, the wife turned to be an enemy of God, as Micah says. Now she is in the world and wants to save the world. Only an adulterous woman wants to go to the world and have children at the time they have to be ready to get married. It is “God” Who brings people to the church to be the wife of His Son. She murders the children God the Father brought to the family and now she goes after the world to bring children. Just as he offered the blind as a sacrifice which God hated, now he wants to sacrifice the blind once again. This is totally against the Word of God, and during the laodicena era, there is no such commission. First the wife should be ready by being a chaste virgin to marry and then, bring the world. Is this the way our Father and our Husband Have taught us? Certainly Christ came to save the whole world. But in order. First the wife, then the children. By not being married and to have children spiritually, is going against her husband’s wishes and an adulterous harlot. Christ will have no part getting married to such a woman who wants to go to the world and to bring children when she has no such commission. The have forgotten to remember the ‘Word’ and they do not know God now.  

This is why, Christ taught the gentile woman, that His people the Jews, will never obey… never worship God in Spirit and truth.  Our living waters will turn in to a fountain within us as Christ said in John 4: 14. John 7: 36… on the “last day,”. Those who believe on God, out of his belly shall flow ‘RIVERS OF LIVING WATERS”. V 39… this is Holy Spirit. And the waters coming from the gentiles,  will be an “over flowing stream”. (Is 66:12). Their rivers are over flowing while Jews are in a pit that has no water. They are being slain by thirst. Their rivers have turned in to blood by killing the lambs. They are also guilty of blood of the Lamb as well,  as they have crucified Christ again since they have willfully gone back to the world. Now, the Lamb is treading them in the winepress and shedding they are drowning in their blood. They are guilty of killing the Lamb and the little lambs or the innocent and guiltless.


In the book of “A living hope”, GF wrote in pg 41;…

{{Colossians 1: 27 reads:…to whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the ‘GENTILES” ; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. What is that mystery? It is Christ in you. }}}… This mystery is known “among the gentiles”…. So the “gentiles” will have to declare it. Christ is in us, the gentiles. This is what happened in the last day. They are the hope of glory.  


pg 49, GF wrote..

{{ Everything God Has prophesied will come to pass just as He Has said.}}}  Our fathers worshipped in this mountain and in Jerusalem in the past but now, our fathers have inherited lies… vanity… in this day of affliction.  But, we bring good tidings …. (read: Covenant of peace) Zion’s days of affliction will be over.


Eze 34:6  My sheep  wandered through all the mountains, and upon every high hill: yea, my flock was scattered upon all the face of the earth, and none did search or seek. V 11.. God will search for the sheep. V 12,  from where ever they are scattered, on the “dark and cloudy” day. That is the “times of the gentiles”, which is now as Ez 30;3 says, and the clouds are in action finding out the sheep.  This should happen when the sheep are all scattered as Jam 1;1 says, which already has happened. Also, it is a “dark” day,  because God Has left them. Remember, all these things have to happen according to God’s prophecies, before Christ comes.


When Christ was transfigured, the voice came from the “Cloud”. Now, the  spiritual clouds are on the scene trying to bring God’s children out of captivity. (Read: Clouds pts 1 – 7)

 Mat 17:5  While he yet spake, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them: and behold a voice out of the cloud,


This is  My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased;


                                    Hear ye Him. !!!!


Witness 1, gentile assembly.

25th Jan 2007