Mysterious harlot pt 4


In our part 3, we proved from the Word, why God’s law requires a woman to drink the “bitter water”( ‘wormwood’). Since the harlot and those who drink her cup of wine, also given this “bitter water”, we must find out from God’s Word, to see which woman, “CC” or “God’s church” is given this water. That gives another clue to identify this woman. According to the Word, bitter water is given, ONLY to women, in Israel, when they “commit adultery” and , only WHEN A HUSBAND IS “JEALOUS.  God is not jealous over CC’s or HRE’s harlotry as  He is not married to them.


Since CC or HRE are not God’s wives, and do not have a marriage covenant with them, God is not “jealous” over their affairs and He cannot accuse them being harlots, as He Has not given the law to them or has entered in to a marriage covenant.  In the book of revelation, ‘God’s” wrath is poured because He is “jealous” over “HIS” wife committing adultery. Because it is His wife, who is given this water to prove her guilt.

                         This is a law ‘IN’ Israel.

This bitter test cannot be given to the world, or CC.  Because no one is accusing the CC or HRE of committing adultery or breaking a marriage covenant, or they do not have a husband to be “jealous”. This test could be performed, only……

1.      when a husband (husband means, they are married according to the law and there fore, they have a marriage covenant ) is jealous,

2.    if God has been a witness in their marriage. This is valid only to the people in Israel. The worldly marriages, God will not witness.


The world has  a different god and our God is not a witness to what ever they do.  There fore, this miraculous test cannot be performed to CC or HRE. Simply, other than Israel, this is not possible. The results of this test is to be a miracle from God. God is a witness when  women “in” Israel commit adultery.  Mal 2: 14 says, “Lord” is a witness how the ministry was dealing treacherously with God’s church. The wife of the COVENANT. This is why, in Mal 3: 5…, Christ comes to witness and to purify. Because all the Levites have committed adultery. Only God can perform the miracle of causing the woman’s thigh to rot, if she has committed the sin. Since a third part of the rivers or the believers became bitter after drinking this water in Rev 8:11,  we know , a third part of God’s people have committed spiritual adultery.  Book of revelation  is the ‘day of the Lord’, which is to punish “Zion” or God’s church. It is very wrong to accuse one’s own wife of being a harlot.  God Has given this bitter test to prove to the world about her guilt. God cannot lie. He accuses “Zion”, or “His wife” being a harlot, and He wants everyone to see the results of this test. He Has His own witnesses…. We see the rotten thigh and the swollen belly of “Zion”. We even say, now, all Israel is spiritually dead. We saw how she committed harlotry in the ‘east gate” as Ez 8-11 says, (deceived by the Antiochus , ) and place and every detail about it.

Few scripture which says, God is jealous over Zion;….Deut 29:20,  Deut 32: 16…21,  This is the ‘song of Moses’ and it is sung in Rev 15: 3 to show that Israel has broken the covenant and that is why the judgments. Zech 1: 14,   8: 2,    Num 25: 11,   1 Kin 14: 22,   Ps 78: 58,    79: 5,   Is 42: 13,   Ez 8:3,   Ez 16: 38,  23: 25,   36: 6,    Zeph 1: 18, 



We proved from HWA’s and GF’s writings that they both missed Isa 47:6  and Jer 51:34. these verses  would be enough to prove that it is “Zion” who is in Babylon. This is the purpose of God, for His children, who are ‘wise’ in their eyes, to be in confusion, so that the prophecy of Habakkuk ;  “wisdom of the wise men” shall perish be fulfilled. Also read: Is 10:5,  Jer 50: 17,   51:33,   Is 43: 28,   Is 54:6,   So it is Zion, or God’s wife who is now in Babylon, being plagued and judged. In these chapters, God is not talking about CC or HRE as HWA and GF says…


Here is what GF wrote in Feb Co – worker letter;…

{{I shall not sit as a widow, neither shall I know the loss of children" (Isaiah 47: 1, 7-8).}}}  Where is v 6?  Is it missing in his Bible? Peace, peace, suddenly the destruction will come.


{{Here God prophesied that the Catholic Church would experience a great rebellion against her evil deeds-.and then, in the very end time, would bring those daughters back under her direction; she would not "know the loss of children."}}}  “God” prophesied?  About the CC?  Read v 6… that is what “God” is prophesying…. It is “HIS INHERITANCE”… this leader, does not even know that God is punishing him. God prophesied that too. We have proven from the Word. He stumbled in judgment. So how could he know his judgment?




Clues continues:…. Wormwood or bitter water….


In Deut 29: 18… says, if one goes after other gods, that person will be a root aht bear gall and wormwood.

Ezekiel book:….GF wrote;

Pg 48.. Christ gets jealous when “His wife turns to another god. Christ would not be jealous if this church wasn’t His bride.}} Then HWA and GF, how could they say, that this harlot is CC? The whole book of revelation is about the DOL, which is to punish Zion.? This bitter water test is given then, to  His wife. We have witnessed Christ’s wife turned to another god.


We proved from the Word, that God’s law requires, when a man is “jealous” over his wife, if he thinks that she has committed adultery, she should be brought to the priest to test and prove her, whether she is guilty or not. For that reason, she is given a mix of dust and water to drink, and if she is guilty, her belly will swell and the thigh will rot. This is done so others can see that she is guilty and then, she is to be punished. Also, the husband will be guiltless, for accusing her.  ( Num 5:31) When God says, He will cause everyone to see the nakedness of Zion, this is what He mean. Now, as in Rev 8: 10 -11, this fallen star caused God’s people to drink this water, and she is being proved and witnessed. This is why, Rev 17-18, Rev 3: 14-21, Ez 16, the harlot’s nakedness is shown. This is the laodicean church, whose nakedness, God wants to show. By doing so, God will be guiltless.


Jer 8: 14 says, Lord Has put us in silence, and given us gall or bitter water to drink, “because we have sinned against the Lord”. This chapter talks about when the gentiles are bringing their “bones” because they are spiritually dead. …. As they have sinned. This includes, “kings of Judah,  princes, priests,  prophets,  inhabitants of Jerusalem”}  This includes all the spiritual Israel. They are a perpetual backsliding and have sinned against God. V 12 says, in the ‘day of visitation”, they will be cast down. ( Read: Day of Visitation in Now, during the day of visitation, it is God’s church which will be corrected. That day is to expose the wickedness of His people and to purify them. We have proven this fact from the Word in our writing. V 14 says, God Has put them to silence. Why????  Because they are found to be guilty. They cannot talk back to God. They have drunk the bitter water and found to be guilty and her nakedness is shown for all to see. Visit our web site, to see all the documents, photos, letters of the witnesses and prove for your self, whether PCG has committed adultery or not. Also, whether she has broken the covenant or not.  V 19… it is known from the cry of the daughter of God’s people , in a ‘far country’. They are the gentiles… and we see and we testify her guilt. ….Zion  has lost her glory…. For ever.  


Jer 9: 14---They have walked after ‘Balaam’…. This is why we witness against Zion. They have gone after ‘Balaam’. (read: Mic 2: 9 fulfilled, Christ’s wife betrayed by an evangelist )  now, God Has given them this bitter water… the wormwood. Who would see that? V 16… God scattered them among the gentiles, ( who are far away)  and they are women, v 17,  and it is “Zion” who is wailing, saying ‘we are spoiled’… because they are guilty. V 20… the gentile women  are to receive the Word, from God… and teach them. We, the far away women among the gentiles, have received the Word from God and that is why, we are declaring the lamentations.


Our great God Has shown the nakedness of His wife’s adultery and  HE   IS    GUILTLESS  !!!


Jer 23:15….saith the LORD of hosts concerning the “prophets; Behold, I will feed them with wormwood, and make them drink the water of gall, for from the “prophets” of Jerusalem is profaneness gone forth into all the land. }}} … the bitter water is given, specifically, to the “prophets”. They caused the land to be profaned. They are the ones who first went after other gods and caused all the people of God to turn away too. The curses in Deut 29: 20 , is for them.  V 14 says, they are like ‘Sodom”. The ‘prophets’ are ‘sodom’ . Lam 5: 18… foxes walk upon mountain of Zion,  which is desolate… who are the foxes according to God? Ez 13: 4… the “prophets”.

Eze 13:3  Thus saith the Lord GOD; Woe unto the foolish prophets, that follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing!

Eze 13:4  O Israel, thy prophets are like the foxes in the deserts.

Eze 13:5  Ye have not gone up into the gaps, neither made up the hedge for the house of Israel to stand in the battle in the day of the Lord}}… Until the ‘day of The Lord”, these foxes could not build God’s temple. Now, God Has to use the gentiles, on the Day of The Lord as Ez 30: 3 says, to build the wall… a foolish prophets, do not even know when Christ is coming Hos 9:7.


Rev 11: 8…  This is no one but Ezekiel. (Ez 24: 21) these prophets, who even do not know the ‘day of visitation’, and such fools they are (Hos 9:7),. So it is these prophets, who have drunk this water, and this is why we witness against them. They are in the PCG. Therefore, this clue …” wormwood” or bitter water is given to the “prophets”, and it is not CC or HRE which have committed harlotry against God. As God is “jealous”, He has given them this water, and showing their nakedness for us to see her guilt !!! this clue proves, further that this harlot is God’s wife. The treacherous Levites in Malachi, who were unfaithful to the wife of their youth, and God is a witness…


GF wrote in Ezekiel book;….

Iniquity of the house of Israel and Judah is exceedingly great, and the land is full of blood, and the city full of perverseness …. The Lord has forsaken the earth, and the lord does not. .} this is the church. This harlot is  drunk with her own children’s blood. Lord has forsaken the earth.  As PCG claims, she stays married to Christ, why would God forsake the earth? He was not in CC in the first place? God was in His church until Ezekiel,  caused all the abominations and caused Him to leave. Ez 24: 21. why would God forsake the whole earth, when CC commits harlotry? Doesn’t He Has His temple to dwell in? but when His temple sins, He Has to forsake.

Christ’s wife is asked to be a “pure virgin”….But, God says  In Amos 5:2 it says, the “virgin” of Israel has “fallen” and she shall rise no more…. And Jer 15: 9…. She who bore seven languishes; she has breathed out her life; her sun has gone down while it was yet day. She has been ashamed and humiliated}}}   Mic 3: 6 says, sun gone down over the ‘prophets”. The prophets only have to drink this bitter water and now, their sun has gone down.  Who is the “virgin of Israel” and “she who bore seven”,  the CC?  or HRE?     Whom do you believe? God or the profaned prophets?  who say, “ I am intimate with God like no other”, while committing harlotry? Who was condemning  others for committing adultery and doing even worse and going  after other gods, and taking the whole church to commit adultery against God and breaking the covenant? PCG, to this day, have not repented. But “God” says, He will humble everyone who is exalted…. You can trust God to take care of all the beastly shepherds. What you do not see, (spiritual) is more real than what you see (physical). God said there would be such leaders in “His” church. not in CC.   So those prophecies are being fulfilled. We do not have to worry, as we are being warned already. We see the signs of the very end time. The false prophets will not say, we are false prophets. If they are not inside the church, God would not warn. God’s people do not hear the worldly prophets. These prophets who has no light in them as the sun is withheld from them, are in the church. that is why, God tells His people to come out without committing fornication with this woman. She has been ashamed and humiliated}???  Her harlotry is found out…. The nakedness and the rotten thigh is seen. Hab 2: 16… these prophet’s foreskin is uncovered…. They are filled with shame for glory. Who was given all the glory? Who is Eliakim, who had all the glory and then was cut down…? This verse says, ‘shameful spewing”… that is intense disgrace…



In Jer 44: 4 God says, the only abominable thing one could do is to go after other gods, …. This is the only thing God hates. This defiles our own body, which is the temple of God.. this is the “spiritual” abomination which caused God to leave His temple. This is how, the end time wife of Christ became a harlot. We are witnesses that PCG did the most abominable thing which God hates. That made God to be jealous.. It broke God’s family apart.. God is jealous only when “His wife” goes with other men…. But even then, as Hosea says, He will have pity on this harlot and will take her back.  



Christ said, the only reason that one can divorce is when one “commits adultery”. As long as Christ was married to Ez 16:8 church, He could not marry another. But that marriage ended when PCG committed adultery and refused to repent. God profaned the sanctuary in Ez 24: 21 and 10: 18-19, 11: 22-24, He departed. Therefore, now once again, He can marry. The covenant was broken by both parties as we have proven from the Word. Dan 9: 4.. God keeps the covenant with those who love Him and keep His commandments. But PCG utterly failed. First the husband, Christ died. And He was free to marry the new testament church. Then, since she sinned despising her husband’s sacrifice,  now, God left her, leaving her to die. Only her bones are now left. So Christ could marry again to those who continue the covenant, who were spiritually murdered as He was, and they are the little sanctuaries, those who feared and separated as Mal 3: 16-18 says, and the strangers who hold fast to the covenant as Is 56: 3- 8 says, the cast out ones and Is 42:6….Mal 3:1,  Dan 11: 32, 


Mt 23: 39,   when the house was left desolated, the Jews will not see until they shall say; “Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord”. … This was said, after Christ came on the donkey and this is referring to a future time, after God’s house is left desolate, which is now. We have proven, that it is the multitude that brought Christ and even now, it would be the same. The gentiles will bring Christ to Jerusalem, praising Him. The praise is perfected by the babes. Ps 8:2. they are the little children. Therefore, now it is the judgment of the Jews, who became harlots.


Here s what GF wrote in “Lion roars”..

{{The word family (Amos 3:1) is referring mainly to God's spiritual Family-the true Church of God.

"You only have I known of all the families of the earth: there­fore I will punish you for all your iniquities" (verse 2). The root word of the word known is used in marital relations.}}it is the Zion who is being punished. She is the only family, God is married to. Not CC, or other churches.


Is 10:22- 25..God warned “Zion”, that for a little while, they will have the indignation. The king of Babylon will do it. This is the leader in God’s church, as the church is not taken to Babylon physically. This does not apply to CC or HRE. ….,  all happen because they “provoked Him to anger” by going after other gods. That is the jealousy of a ‘HUSBAND”.  So the judgments written in the book of revelation, is for “Zion” and not for CC. Also Is 28: 22, Dan 9:27. Lev 26;16…. Deut 28: 22,


Another clue:… who is dead spiritually now?


In Ez 17, there is a parable, which we have explained some time ago. This talk about the king of Babylon coming to “Jerusalem” and not to Europe, Or Rome. .

V 3… the highest branch of cedar is “The” leader in the church not CC or HRE .

V 4… the merchants… this is Rev 17-18… the merchants(read: merchant work)

V 5… great waters…. “Many people” the harlot sits.

V 12 God, explains… to the “REBELLIOIUS HOUSE”, not CC.

V 13.. all were taken,

V 14… so that the kingdom might not grow… this is satan who did this, through the leaders, like balaam. (read: Christ’s wife betrayed by an evangelist)

V 15… send to Egypt , the world to bring people to the church . the bamah matter… brought unbaptized people to God’s altar.

V 19… it is against God’s covenant… the oath is despised… this is Ez 16: 59…” who have despised the oath in breaking the covenant.

V 16… in the midst of Babylon, he shall die. Since this is to happen in the end, it is the ‘spiritual’ death… God departed, then they died in Babylon. (Read: Babylon writings ) Now, who is in Babylon spiritually? This is the same thing happened to WCG when she fell. she did not die or was punished PHYSICALLY. She died spiritually. This is the same thing happened to PCG. 

Jer 51: 34-35… Nebuchadrezzar the king of Babylon hath devoured me,” made me an empty vessel,…. } who is saying this?   Is 47: 6…God’s inheritance.


V 35;… inhabitant of ‘Zion say, ‘Jerusalem say. } This is not CC or HRE… the king of Babylon, has devoured me?.., CC always in Babylon. No one had to devour her and  God does not care whether CC is devoured by anyone!  CC is for ever an empty vessel. She never had Holy Spirit.  Now, “Zion” is an “empty vessel”. She has no Spirit of God. Therefore, she is spiritually dead. God cannot dwell with His wife, when she allowed the devil to conquer her. How did it happen? V 51…. When she “ allowed the strangers to come in to the sanctuaries of the Lord’s house.  All the punishments are because of the ‘bamah’ matter… If Zion is an empty vessel, certainly, she is spiritually dead.  Is 47: 6 confirm that it is God’s inheritance which is given to Babylon.


Jer 27: 22… until they are restored, they will be in Babylon . Jer 29:10… they will be returned after being in Babylon. As God Has revealed, now, the seventy years in Babylon are over. This is why, God is causing them to come back. Jer 46: 28… they will be punished and then will be delivered. They will be turned back by a way they did not know. Is 42: 16. Why does CC have to worry about strangers coming in to the ‘Sanctuary’ of God? Besides, there is no Sanctuary of God in Babylon or in CC.


Rev 11: 18 says, the time to judge the ‘DEAD” has come… this is not the time to judge the dead, who died since Adam’s time, but the spiritually dead. As the judgment is on the house of God now, it is the time to judge them. Not the whole world. This verse says, it is time to destroy them which destroy the earth. Earth is the church here and the church is a reproach to the whole world and a curse. The real dead cannot destroy the earth. These are those who have died spiritually, more specifically, the church. she has no water or food to survive, and now is in the wilderness, and the bottomless pit having no Spirit. This is how she died. She has sinned and now, the soul which sinned is dead. She shed blood and now her blood is required. Christ’s sacrifice, they despised by willfully sinning. This is not the CC. Only God’s people who are baptized, only could die  having sinned. The firstfruits are dead in spiritual Egypt in this night.


Hos 13;1…. When Ephraim, “exalted”, and “worshipped Baal”, he DIED. The bamah matter…. Worship other gods… you die. Only in the laodicean era God allowed them to “exalt” themselves… as a part to be in Babylon. So, now they are dead. The seventy years in Babylon, is a determined end to finish the transgression.


 Is 26: 14…they are dead… just like WCG died when she turned away from God, all the spiritual Jews are now dead. But they do not know that as they do not know the judgments as they  stumbled in judgment. (Is 28:17) Now they are only “bones”… but God will give life to the dead bones. ( Ez 37)  In ‘judgment’, all will come to know God. This is why, the judgment is now on. So they can come to know the real God.  Jer 4 says, in judgment, righteousness and in truth, they will be blessed. Until ‘judgments’, no ever lasting covenant could be established. Only those in the church could die spiritually. Not CC…


Is 26: 19….the dead shall live. They are in the “dust”. Is 52: 1-2… they are in dust means, not dead physically and are dust. This means, they are to mourn in dust as they have sinned. Now, they are to arise and put beautiful garments. How could they arise and put beautiful garments, if they are dead? Instead of sackcloth, they are granted to wear fine linen, the beautiful garments. Is 52 reveals why they are in dust. Because they have caused the bamah matter.  God Does not say, CC will be in dust.


Isa 1:27  Zion” shall be redeemed with judgment, and her converts with righteousness. }} Earlier verses say, God will restore ‘judges’ first and AFTERWARD, she will be called ‘the city of righteousness’. This is the “faithful’ city which was full of righteousness but later became a harlot. This is not the CC. all these scripture shows, until ‘judgment’, they will not know God.


Psa 115:17  The dead praise not the LORD, neither any that go down into silence. How could the ‘dead’ praise God, if they are just dust? This is talking  about the spiritually dead. God silenced the “prophets” who profaned the land and who has to drink the bitter water in Jer 8: 14, as above.


Lev 27:28- 29  None devoted, which shall be devoted of men, shall be redeemed; but shall surely be put to death.

This means, those who are ordained will be ordained for ever. This is why, the first fruits, since they have sinned, and cannot be of service to God, will be put to death by God in the wilderness, spiritually. All the first fruits  “ordained” have sinned . God requires, the first fruits of men, animals and produce are to be His’..


When Israel were coming out of wilderness, it was two week journey, to come out wrote GF. But they all died. In PCG’s 14th year, 2003, they all went to bamah… and died.


In Ps 102: 20, Christ will loose those that are appointed to death… these are the  firstfruits, who are appointed to die since  they have  sinned….as Lev 27: 29 says.  But Christ will come and save all flesh. Now, God’s first fruits are all flesh, having sinned. There are no spiritual Jews now. All are flesh.  This is why Christ said, ‘ no flesh shall be saved’….


GF wrote in Daniel Rev and war pg 69…{{{ Satan had a synagogue INSIDE the church of God dedicated to destroying God’s government! That is how satan gets people to transgress. He destroys God’s government….}}}.. This is what happened to GF and PCG. Satan got to the leaders inside “God’s government” in the church. That is how his turban became filthy.  So they got the people to transgress. Satan destroyed the leaders first. Is not the “leaders” requested the prayers of God’s people on behalf of this unbaptized strangers in India? 


We know that now Israel is in Babylon. The leader is a type of king Nebu. Here is what GF wrote in “Dan Rev and war pg 19…

{{the second chapter of Daniel is about a dream of Nebu…, the purpose of the dream was two fold. It revealed “God’s government,” and it revealed what was to happen in the “latter days”…. }}} why would God reveal about His government to a leader in Babylon? Also, in the latter days”?   Is He going to reveal about His government to CC or HRE or anyone in the world? Because, in the end, as this prophecy is for, God prophesied, that  there will be a type of king Nebu, in God’s land. God will not reveal the end time prophecies to any other leader in the world. Even though the dream was shown to king Nebu, the meaning was given to Daniel. Like God revealed to Daniel, who is a slave, God revealed to His servants, that there will be a type of king Nebu in the church. Now, he is being humbled like Nebu… he is eating grass from the Oxen. ( read: Poor and fatherless ) He is driven away from God’s Sanctuary. His glory will be taken away.  Ez 24: 21. Daniel accused two things wrong with king Nebu….Dan 4: 27…self righteousness, and not showing mercy to the poor… we have explained all about poor in our writings. This happened in the very end, when this king, misjudged the poor and they became rich. Jam 2: 5- 6.   


Here is what HWA wrote about the same thing in MOA pg 298;..

{{The whole purpose of this dream was to reveal “God’s government”.  the fact that God rules, the truth of the kingdom of God- the very thing that is the one and only true gospel of Jesus Christ! And secondly, to reveal –preserved in writing for us today- what is to happen in “latter days”. Actually within the next two decades – this last half of the twentieth century!... }}}… Now, the question is;  why did God, reveal to a “king in Babylon”, about God’s government,”?  perhaps, GF copied this from HWA’s writings. This is how they both served the king of Babylon for seventy years….   Isn’t  there any leader in the church of God, for God  to reveal about His  government?. What is the use of revealing about God’s government to a gentile king? Unless, this leader is in God’s church who have gone to Babylon spiritually and has forgotten God so much that God Has to reveal the secret to a little boy and through that boy, He spoke to this self righteous king. Since this is about the latter days, we know, that this applies to the leader in God’s church, who is so confused and is in Babylon. This definitely proves, that church leaders and all Israel are in Babylon as God prophesied.! HWA restored God’s government. patterned after king Nebu…. “ONE MAN GOVERNMENT”, in Babylon!!! And GF, is sharing his government with ten RDs…. They are the ten kings in Rev 17… the beast power. 

next two decades – this last half of the twentieth century!...? Another one of false prophecies!  Babylon ! Babylon! God prophesied that our leaders will be in Babylon and that means confusion. Since we now know as God reveals, that we are in the true church definitely. Because there is a type of king Nebu in the church! and Zion is in Babylon. We, the little children, are revealed the secret about king Nebu, and his sins…. Therefore …..

Oh! King of Babylon,…

                     break off thy sins by righteousness, and thine iniquities by shewing mercy to the poor;


doesn’t God accuse the end time leaders being self righteous, and full of iniquity? GF wrote in Isaiah book, that the ‘Laodiceans ARE MYSTERY OF INIQUITY”. Who has iniquity?  Ez 24: 21… it is Ezekiel. The Joshua, who has a filthy government…


This dream is to reveal about ‘God’s government’ and for ‘our time’. Since there is a king Nebu type of a man  who  sits in God’s church, he  needs to learn about God’s government.  God does not want any king in Babylon or in CC to learn about His government, or the kingdom as HWA wrote. This book is written in 1999. that is the year, the siege started. Because the ‘bamah’ matter happened that year. But the secrets are revealed to a little child!


The whole book of Daniel is for our time. In “Daniel unsealed” book, pg 51 GF wrote;… {{continuing with Daniel’s prayer: “we have sinned…and committed iniquitywickedlyrebelled… even by departing from thy precepts and from thy judgments”. …. His people have departed from God’s precepts and judgments. Although Daniel himself had not forsaken God, he know his people had. }… if you have departed from God’s precepts and judgments, it is time to know them and the real God. The whole dream of king Nebu, is to make him know, that there is a God , in heaven….who rules and not a self righteous, man who does not know how to judge the matter of the poor…. this is the ‘man of sin’, who sits in God’s temple as God sits and making decision as God does….


Daniel is talking about a covenant, the commandments, and God’s government. }}… How can God’s people depart from God’s commandments and covenant if the leaders did not cause them to do so? It is the “government” in the church was always wrong. Always, the leaders caused people to err. If there are members who is causing divisions, the leaders cast them out. But in the very end, the leaders who have authority, cast the true followers. This is said by God. If God says, My true followers are cast out, then the leaders or those who have authority should be wrong and are serving satan. This is what angered God to fight with these leaders. Daniel was prophesying that his people will forsake God. He was not saying the CC would break the covenant or depart from God’s judgments and commandments and the covenant.


if God’s people in the end time have broken the covenant, did not keep commandments, as GF has written, they should be ready to be judged. This is how they became harlot and harlots… all the churches… Daniel does not say, there is one church left to continue the covenant. This agree with all other scripture such as Ez 16: 5-63. But Daniel says, there will be few people who will do exploits…. To fight with these antichrists, who are in God’s church? so, the great harlot is God’s wife, not CC. and for God’s government;…, is the type of government now exist in God’s church which a member cannot even ask a question in fear of being murdered.  is  this God’s government? God’s government rules on God’s law and with no partiality… they do not hide their sins, or hide the leader’s men’s sins… joshua’s fellow’s sins. They should judge according to God’s measurements…. Justice and righteousness…. The measuring line, And the plummet…


{{{ you cannot build a house for God without His government. Without ONE MAN at the top with FULL AUTHORITY IT WILL FAIL 100 PERCENT OF THE TIME.}}}a man, without full authority?   Fail 100 percent of the time?   This is no one but Nebuchadnezzar speaking….. Christ said, you are all brethren…. Submit one to another…. Do not have lordship  over brethren, as gentile kings….when God sent the Elijah in Malachi, he is to restore the truths only. How many false prophecies did he say? He was to come in the religious CONFUSION. That is Babylon. Year after year, he uttered false prophecies.  It is up to each individual to hold on to the restored truth. He was not supposed to build auditoriums, have ONE MAN government over God’s people, rent that auditorium to the whole world etc…. the government will be established only when ‘Christ’ comes. ( Is 9:6).   Until then, all one man  governments in the church failed 100 percent of the time.   Why did God cause many writers to write the books in the New Testament instead of one person? So called chief apostle, wrote only two little books,  The last hour warnings. The fruits of the two recent leaders in God’s church, certainly shows, each time when there is a one man government,  always fell….  it is one man Ezekiel, who was profaned,,  one man Joshua, has a filthy turban. One man Eliakim, who was cut down.  God gave that vision to one man king Nebu to show, that one man government will never work.  God never allow His people to trust in a man.  This is king of Babylon speaking.  These are the fruits of being in Babylon…. Not only talking about one man government, in 2003, the structured government copies were given to all . ministers scream, this is a family, we are family, we are God’s children etc… but, a member in sri lanka could not contact a minister in South Africa to find out the weather…. This one man show kept the whole truth about this bamah matter hidden. So far, since 1995, only our RD has been taking care of this area. He would not allow any one else to come to this area, to cover up his sins. This was agreed by the high priest also. He moved from Australia to England, and now to HQs, and still keeping India and Sri lanka for himself…. Many members do not even know who there RD is.

Here is what GF wrote in PGR Jan 22 2005 Vol 2 No 1

{{{Mr Armstrong in his era, almost never worked directly with the regional directors; instead, he placed one man over the ministers. R Meredith…. (He names a few) the problem was this never ever worked. He himself said, he regretted giving any single minister that position because that men would overstep himself and actually end up running the church… Christ Has not called that person to run the church and so a lot of problems developed as a result.

It seems pretty obvious that the reason those men couldn’t do that correctly is that they didn’t support Mr. Armstrong. It broke down everytime…

The government in the Phil church today is different in quite few ways…. I felt it is critical that I stay in touch with the RDs unlike HWA did. The more I look at Revelation 11: 1, the more I believe this is what God tells me to do: you rise up and you measure the ministers! Use God’s law and God’s government to work not only with the people, but with the ministers as well.

This personal contact and regular involvement with the ministers is exactly what Christ means here by telling me to measure the temple and the altar. God is saying, lets change the way the government is implemented to fit the time. In this last hour, Christ is saying, rise up and run the church differently than in the past. After all, God’s church does not have the greatest track record there , in that sense. }}}…One man ; failed 100 percent of the time…  God could not get His ordained ministers to obey HIM. That is what is wrong here. Since HWA failed to gather his ministry, now GF has changed everything and he has appointed several RDs to do the job of one man. GF started to measure all the ministers, calling them “critiques”…so everyone feared GF, his RDs, and are keeping quiet and obeying them, instead of God. GF, has seen HWA’s false government system…


So did GF build a house for God since he was the government? Did he follow God’s government which is based on ‘love”? “One man” government? God says to Philadelphians, “Do not let any MAN take your crown”. …. God says there is not even one man in Jerusalem who executes true justice when Joshua is present. No Man….Is 41:28,  Is 33: 8,   Is 50:2,  59:16,   Jer 4:25., Ez 13 says, as we wrote earlier, up to the “Day of The Lord”, not even Ezekiel has build up…. So where is this one man? … the “one man” government was not taught by HWA in his early years. We proved from his early writings in our writing “Babylon”. He later changed his views to a ‘one man’ government. He said, this one man government caused divisions, splits competition and confusion in God’s church. This one man government started in “Babylon”. This is why, God Has written about king Nebu…. To show him who rules in Heaven.  This is why they are now in Babylon. This one man at the top with full authority with imperfect human beings is to be abolished at Christ’s coming. This is why, until He comes when the modern day Nebu is present, no man will rule in His church and the tabernacle is fallen. One man will not end God’s work in this earth. The TWO witnesses will. This is why, Christ , the Rock, the Stone is going to scatter king Nebu’s image….


This verse in Daniel tells us what happened to God’s church in this end time. Mr Armstrong’s judgments are legally binding on us. God condemns His church for ‘departing’ from “judgments” made by His apostle. }}} …when God opens the blind eyes, they will all see,  how this apostle made so many false prophecies and caused confusion in God’s church. To change his views about the government in God’s church, he would have been confused too. Earlier we wrote how confused he was about who will be in Babylon. He applied the same scripture to show that Israel and  HRE  is in Babylon! As for ‘one man’ government which HWA built, where is it now??? As long as people want to worship God, they thought that to obey the leaders is what God expect for them to do. they scared the people of going to a place of safety and if they do not stay in the church, they will be killed brutally. This is why, we all submitted to one man government. Where are his successors now? The only person who holds to that government is GF. These two leaders are like king Nebu and his son…. Whose days are numbered.


Pg 52….{{{Of course there are risks when one man is in authority. But there is no risk at all when Christ leads that man. }}}.. Yes, if Christ is leading that man… but what does Christ say about the end time “One man” who is in authority in God’s Sanctuary? He is “THE” man of sin. And all other beasts in the end time. He lost his crown and caused others to lose it too. God clearly says, the tabernacle of David is fallen. He Has broken the covenant and departed… the high priest has a filthy turban, and there is a man of sin, sitting in the temple… and do not let any MAN take your crown. Then, who should we belive? One man government was given, when Israel rejected God as their King. Now, it is still same as ancient Israel…. They want one man. This is why, the last seventy years were given to Babylon, to end the sins…. These kings, gave honor due to God, in the end.


Here is what GF wrote in same book..

So we see that Amos 3=1 is primarily discussing God's SPIRITUAL FAMILY. And it is divided. God's Family should be deeply united}}}   One man we know, has failed 100 percent at this time…..


One thing is certain;…. God will smash this king’s image and will give it to Christ, during this king’s life time… very soon. His days are numbered. His days of punishment has already started. He is eating grass like oxen. We, the oxen are feeding him. (read” Poor and fatherless)


Dan 3: 4… this king Nebu, caused people nations and languages, (Many waters) to worship his image.  This is how, in the end, the beasts inside God’s church caused people to go after other gods. Everyone is afraid of GF and his leaders, and are keeping quiet without asking questions, even if they do not understand what they say. They see many wrong teachings against the scripture. But they do not want to talk against them, as they will be spiritually murdered…  this is how, this harlot sits on many waters….


Here is what one person wrote to us, in another country, how PCG is now. That person still attend church, as no where else to go. Bolding, coloring and underlining done by us.


{{. We are re-living the times, when we fought with the WCG leaders back in late 80’s….. God prophesied all these conditions,  ;Deception, lies, and no unity, and definitely they are not lead by God’s Spirit. All of us tasted such treatment before many others. God commands us to expose such elders, who claim to be followers of God, but actually working for satan. This is no one but “The Anti Christ”. Several other members have written to us from other churches, but none like this. Besides, they do not claim to be prophets. If one claim to represent God, they aught to keep the law. If not it is blaspheme.}}}  (Read: PCG’s blaspheme) . this is worse than WCG times. We had a choice to come to PCG… but now, where would God’s people go? This is Ez 34 times….god’s sheep will be searched on the dark and cloudy day, which is the times of gentiles… this is what is happening now.  


. It is important to know that our leaders are “leading us to God”, instead of leading “away from God”. There is no doubt, that PCG has broken the covenant, and from the leader’s own teachings we could prove this fact.


When the leaders in PCG  invited such a big crowd as 800, whom they invited in India, and ask all the brethren to pray for them, and cause the members to take the most solemn occasion, the Passover with such, would it not defile the body of Christ? If they unintentionally did  that, or since our RD deceived the leader by lying about this crowd, then, when the leader comes to know, or when God made him know,  he should have corrected that  at once. Like how HWA said, “for the whole church to speak the same thing, I will correct the matter in front of the whole church”. HWA never promoted to get people who are unbaptized in to God’s altar. Claiming to follow his footsteps, GF, has done against HWA’s teachings too. He should  ask the members to not to pray,  and he should publicly admit and repent and should get all the church members to repent as well. IN our writing about “are you guilty of leader’s sins”,  those two members  proved from the ‘Word of God’ , that until we are washed and repented, we are guilty. No excuse for those who say, we do not know that, or we did not pray for them etc…. three incidents were given. “Baal poer” is a good example. In Baal Poer, even the members who “did not know” about the sin, too suffered  until Joshua repented…. The plague was there and …. So, every member has a duty to “judge their leaders” by their fruits continually to see, whether what they say about God, is true or against God’s law.


Isa 1:18  Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. Rev 17… this woman’s garments are scarlet red….


Eze 16:35  Wherefore, O harlot, hear the word of the LORD:


As we have proven from the Word, the people will not die physically, as a part of God’s judgments. If you do not come out of her as God commands, then, you will have to bear your shame eternally. Your crown is lost. You will have eternal life. But for eternally, you will carry the shame of forsaking God, for another man… or trusting a man. Or as a harlot.


Here is what GF wrote;….


PERHAPS SATAN WAS CAST DOWN TO DO A SPECIFIC JOB---GOD SENT A LYING SPIRIT TO PERSUADE EVIL KING AHAB ON A MATTER ---1 KINGS 22 :20 -23.WE MUST ALSO REMEMBER THAT JUDAS , THE FIRST SON OF PERDITION –HAD SATAN ENTER INTO HIM (JN 13:26-28 )}}}…..the first son of perdition betrayed Christ. This second son of perdition betrayed Christ’s wife…. Those who are with Christ in revelation, are those who died for the witness…. This son of perdition, destroyed God’s people….and took God’s glory from Israel FOR EVER.  


Only God’s firstfruits, bride can commit adultery in this end time, because only they are married to Christ.”….. GF. (Ezekiel book)


God family vision –pg 111 –G.F WROTE---we are the one bride   He is proving us first!—

Ezk. Booklet --Pg -77---“God judges us on the basis of our promise at Baptism. Adulterous sin is ‘NO SMALL MATTER’ says God”.

Pg.78 –“He will judge ---‘end time wife ’—the more we are given, more responsible we are. God expects us to act like His wife, not an adulterous Harlot




   Come out of her “MY” people….


Witness 1

Gentile assembly