Mysterious harlot. Pt 3


1Co 5:5  To deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.}} this is what the Bible teaches us to do a fornicator.  This is what God Has done to His wife now as she has committed fornication. He Has delivered His church to Babylon, or satan, so that she will be saved on the “Day of The Lord”. The ‘day of visitation”, is also the ‘day of The Lord”.  That is the ‘times of the gentiles” also Ez 30:3.  Now, Christ Has come in the flesh,  to save them spiritually. But God Does not punish physically. Did He totally destroy WCG when she fell? NO. As the wife of Christ has committed fornication, her flesh is being destructed and unless Christ comes again, “NO FLESH SHALL BE SAVED”. The DOL, is to save her spiritually. Her Spirit will be saved only on the ‘day of The Lord” and not before. When the Word says, deliver for the “destruction of the flesh”, this means, allow that one to continue to sin. As God allowed the proud leaders to exalt themselves, as in Dan 11: 36,  as a part of His wrath and a judgment. 


This chapter prepares us for the Passover season. All churches have broken the covenant. This is the time to repent of all our sins.

1 Cor 5: 7-8 . . Purge out therefore the old leaven, that ye may be a new lump, as ye are unleavened. For even Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us: …. Therefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness; but with the unleavened of

                                           sincerity and truth.”

Paul  was not talking about the worldly people, but about a brother inside the church. v 12… Judge them that are ‘within’. This is a time to be sincere, and hold on to the truth, as many have fallen from the truth.


Here is another clue to identify who this harlot is.

Who entered in to a “Marriage” covenant with God? She only could break it.

As we have proven, in earlier parts, that it is God’s church or ‘spiritual’ Israel who are in Babylon and not CC(catholic church)  or HRE ( Holy Roman Empire or EU. A ‘harlot’ is a woman, who is married and who goes after other men, instead of her husband. HWA and GF taught that.


Here is what GF wrote in book of Hosea:…

·        {{The primary focus for the book of Hosea is the end time.  Hosea was written first of all to God’s “adulterous” wife in the end time..}} … if God’s wife has become a harlot, then she should be judged before the world is judged. Who was married to God in the end time? PCG.

·        The land has committed great whoredoms and CHILDREN OF WHOREDOMS, DEPARTING FROM THE Lord. .  {these are the mother and daughter harlots . this cannot be CC, as they were never with God, to DEPART.  Eze 6: 2… Mountains means many churches. V 9. whoredoms….

·        First part of message is about God correcting His adulterous wife. } This is Ez 16: 8 – 14 woman, whom God is married to. Since she did worse than others as v 52 says, she has to be corrected more than the children. To destroy ‘her’ idols, and whoredoms, God raised the ‘assembly’. Lam 1: 15, Ez 16: 40, 23: 45- 49 etc…much is given, much is expected. If the wife and children are wrong, the wife has to be corrected and God says, in Ez 16: 41..she will be corrected in the sight of many women. They are the other harlots.  

·        The main purpose for hosea marrying this woman is to illustrate the behavior of God’s wife in ‘THE LATTER DAYS”.

·        God is NOT married to the nations of Israel, … HE IS MARREID ONLY TO HIS CHURCH} Then only His church could break the cov.

·        THEY WERE MARREID TO HIM AND THEN TURNED TO WHOREDOM. } God Says, the strangers, or the gentiles shall see. Here we are declaring and executing judgments in the sight of many women.

·        TO GO WHORING AFTER STRANGE GODS} This is the ‘Bamah” matter .

·        The people worshipping strange gods is compared to an adulterous woman .}  The Bamah matter. Ez 8-  11… inviting UNBAPTIZED in to God’s altar…

·        This woman in hosea is even called an adulteress

·        Hosea is discussing God’s own church which was married to the omnipotent God in the end time. So when they turned from Him, it is no small sin- it is GREAT WHOREDOM !}}  If that is so, her plagues are also great. This is why she is called “Babylon the great”.

·        The primary meaning is for SPIRITUAL Israel OR His church in the latter days.}  Haven’t we come to the latter days yet? Don’t we see God’s church committed spiritual harlotry?

·        Only THE CHURCH IS Christ’s WIFE TODAY.}  God does not call CC a harlot. God does not look at the world as His wife.  

·        So Hosea’s wife of whoredoms is a picture of God’s Laodicean church turning away from Him after having a wonderful marriage }}} who declared, I am the 7th head? Is n’t that the laodicena leader?

·        This great whoredom is the same as the GREAT FALLING AWAY IN 11 THESS 2. }}.. the last high priest, who is GF, is present and we have proven from the Word, that he is this “man of sin”, who chased God out of His Sanctuary, ( Ez 24: 21) who caused the great falling away. Who caused God’s children to commit harlotry by inviting strangers in to God’s altar and going against God’s Word.? GF says, he follows HWA, but HWA never did invite unbaptized in to God’s altar. When he wanted to take Stan Radar, he baptized that man and raised up to be an evangelist. His autobiography vol 1, pg 628--- he wrote a similar incident like “Bamah” he had to encounter in Jerusalem. He calls it ‘THE DECEPTION”..   (Then since this is the same thing happened in Bamah” to PCG, this too is a ‘DECEPTION”. ) As soon as HWA  learned the truth, he took action, unlike GF, who hid the whole truth to members by covering up and casting out those who witnessed against the RD. He could not discern what was Holy and unholy. He spiritually murdered the Holy people and now, our RD is working directly in the HQs, just like Antiochus entered the Holy land. Nothing will stop him… he has already deceived the high priest with deceptive flatteries.  Devil has come to the highest level now and we shall wait and see till he finishes the job of betraying Christ’s people totally. No one, but this man of sin, who is the high priest, is responsible for all this. He is a ‘bloody’ man.

·        The first church to be cast out or leave  the WCG was the PCG. No other church of any significance came out BEFORE WE DID. } this mean, God continued the covenant with PCG. This is agreeable with the Word as Ez 16:8. Then she is the harlot.  God catches the wicked in their own craftiness….

·        The first child that came out of the Laodicean  wife in the later days was the PCG. },  this further confirms that only PCG was married to God and she is the one who broke the covenant. Even this child was born to a woman of whoredom and this child is a whore. Without a doubt, this child who is PCG, is the wife of whoredoms. GF’s book of Ezekiel proves everything else to show this fact.

·        God’s end time church committed adultery and whoredoms, shattering that wonderful marriage. } PCG leader says, it is PCG who is married to Christ after WCG fell. Then, she only could break the covenant. } Ez 16 church which is PCG is cursed as a murderous harlot. we know, to hide her harlotries, she killed us, and spilled our blood.  

·        This is the worst pain God’s church can cause her husband  

·        It all happens in the latter days… the time we are living now. ‘AFTERWARD SHALL THE CHILDREN OF Israel RETURN and seek the Lord their God, and David … and shall fear the Lord and His goodness…. } So do they now seek God? Have they RETURNED? Is king David risen? This prophecy of children of Israel seek their God, and king David, is yet in the future. This means, until such time, until king David is raised, the tabernacle of David stays fallen… the man of sin, caused it to fall, and so far, king David is not risen and now God is working to make them RETURN to HIM. GF is raising the ruins of Babylon.  Not the tabernacle of David. This is why the great harlot is being judged now in Rev 17…so they can   RETURN and seek the Lord their God,.  GF admits that PCG was the last church which is married to Christ. Also till David is raised, children do not seek God. Then, the church which was married to God could only break that covenant. and that is PCG.


In HWA’s book, “Why marriage”, Pg 26, He wrote:….

{{{“Christ was the God of the old testament. In exodus 19 and 24, the One who became  Jesus made a covenant with ancient Israel on mount Sinai. This covenant was a “MARRIAGE  AGREEMENT”. See Ez 16, which describes God’s marriage to Israel. Verse 8 reads ….”I swear unto thee,   and entered in to a covenant with thee, said the Lord God and thou became mine:. But Israel became “AS A WIFE THAT COMMITTETH ADULTERY, which taketh strangers instead of her husband! (V 32). She is likened to ‘WOMEN THAT BREAK WEDLOCK”. (V 38=39). Notice also Jere 3:14: “Turn, O backsliding children… for I am married unto you. }}}… according to HWA, it is God’s church that is married un to God but she took strangers and committed adultery. Then why does he blame the “CC” being a “harlot”? Both of these leaders, say CC is the harlot at the same time confessing that it is the “church”, who is married to God . It is the woman who is married,  who BROKE THE WEDLOCK.  That is Ez 16: 32,   Not CC. God never says to CC or HRE; “I am married un to you,   they have forsaken Me, return to Me,  backsliding children, I am your maker, your husband,  I will forsake you etc…


Eze 16:35  Wherefore, O harlot, hear the word of the LORD:

Eze 16:36  Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because thy filthiness was poured out, and thy nakedness discovered through thy whoredoms with thy lovers, and with all the idols of thy abominations, and by the blood of thy children, which thou didst give unto them; }}} ………..This is Rev 17: 6… this woman is full of “blood” of the martyrs of those who fought with this fallen church and were spiritually killed. They are being used by God, to expose the nakedness of this harlot.

Eze 16:37  Behold, therefore I will gather all thy lovers, ……them round about against thee, and will discover thy nakedness unto them, that they may see all thy nakedness. }}….

Eze 16:38  And I will judge thee, as women that break wedlock and shed blood are judged; and I will give thee blood in fury and jealousy. }}… This is the time to judge the “church”.  She only could break the wedlock. The ‘judgment’ is on the women ( many women- harlot”S”) who broke the “wed lock”.


Eze 16:39  And I will also give thee into their hand, and they shall throw down thine eminent place, and shall break down thy high places: they shall strip thee also of thy clothes, and shall take thy fair jewels, and leave thee naked and bare.}}}

This is the ‘assembly’ described in v 40. This harlot, pulled the garments out of the gentile women who fought with them as Mic 2:9 says, ( read: Wicked exposed Mic 2: 9 fulfilled in our web site) Ez 16: 8- 14 explains how God gave her jewels and all the good things to her. But since she rebelled, as Mal 1:11 says, God started to accept ‘gentile’ offerings as “pure”. They striped her clothes. ( clothes picture our spiritual lives said GF. So, we striped GF’s spiritual life and God Has given her beautiful clothes to us ) These gentiles and the little sancturies are those who spoke often one to another and separated from this harlot in Mal 3: 16-18. as the assembly take this harlot’s fair jewels, as this verse say above, they are now being God’s jewels.


Eze 16:40  They shall also bring up a ‘ASSEMBLY”  against thee, and they shall stone thee with stones, and thrust thee through with their swords. } God caused us to destroy the Bamah crowd whom PCG brought. All written in our web site with photos etc….

Eze 16:41  And they shall burn thine houses with fire, and execute judgments upon thee in the sight of many women: and I will cause thee to cease from playing the harlot, and thou also shalt give no hire any more. }  “Fire” is the ‘Word of God” which we send… and God Has given us to execute judgments…. Many women?  They are the other harlots, who are the other churches, who are looking what we do. These writings are being delivered to them also. They see God’s judgments on PCG.


Eze 16:42  So will I make my fury toward thee to rest, and my jealousy shall depart from thee, and I will be quiet, and will be no more angry. } God is jealous only when “His wife” commits adultery. Not when CC commits. After our assembly’s work, only God will be quiet….because God’s anger  is expressed in our writings.

Eze 16:43  Because thou hast not remembered the days of thy youth,..}} Who did not remember the youth? It is Mal 2: 14-15, the ministers.

Who did not build a wall to stand up for the battle in the DOL? Ez 13: 5.. it is Ezekiel and his foolish prohets as v 3 says… they are foxes… on the DOL, the prophet is a fool… he does not know the coming of our Lord. Hos 9:7. This means, the DOL comes on the prophets of Israel… who builds foolishly. Not CC.


Here is what GF wrote in Ezekiel book :…

Pg 48…The vision of Ezekiel 16 is also about Christ and His wife with the main focus in the end time.

Pg 72… to be bound in God’s skirts is God’s coded way of saying the “Philadelphians” grasp the “marriage covenant” with God and the Laodiceans don’t. … }} this means, PCG is holding fast to the marriage covenant, while other churches don’t. Then she is the only one who could break that covenant too. Further he claims PCG is on the ‘wife’ level. If other churches are not married to Christ, and not on the wife level, and are not protected, and not married to Christ, how can they break the marriage covenant? only those who have a covenant, could break it.


This verse is referring to an END TIME MARRIAGE COVENANT where somebody made an oath to keep a marriage covenant with God. } }the quote above says, the PCG is holding on to that covenant. Therefore, GF admits that his church is married to God. If PCG is the only church married to God, then she is the only one who broke that covenant. There fore, she is the harlot.


Pg 75… Only God’s firstfruits can commit adultery in the end time because only they are married to Christ. }} .. who are the firstfruits? Those who are baptized and had entered in to the marriage covenant… that includes all. WCG and other churches became harlots while PCG was judging them as Ez 16: 50- 50, but later, she did worse. Then all went in to captivity.


Pg 48.. Christ gets jealous when His wife turn to another god. Christ would not be jealous if this church wasn’t His bride.


pg 79..When God discusses “mother” and “daughter”, He is illustrating that this prophecy is dual! The wife rebelled anciently and the wife rebels today, even though she has God’s Holy Spirit!.

                          even though she has God’s Holy Spirit   !!!

 Would God reside with a wife who was given His Spirit and then rejected it?  He forsook her. God threw her down in to the pit, that has no water…


   God caused her,  to                        

                                    …… go to hell !!!

Now, spiritually, she is where Christ was when He was forsaken by God, when He took our sins on to Him. He felt thirsty, and His tongue clung, heart melted… eyes wasted… flesh rotted… (Ps 22, 51) . This is 1 Cor 5:5.


… “When I shall bring “AGAIN “captivity, ….”THY” captives in the midst of them. (v 53) This is to be in the FUTURE. “ God says; “I SHALL BRING AGAIN THEIR CAPTIVITY”. … In the END TIME, HE MUST SEND HIS NEW COVENANT WIFE IN TO CAPTIVITY AS WELL. ….. God SAYS,  I will even deal with thee””… in the ‘“FUTURE”.

Ancient Israel had already been dealt with. They had gone in to captivity for breaking the marriage covenant with God.! }} Now, the new covenant wife too has gone in to captivity. That means she has broken the marriage covenant also.


Do you understand the commitment a person makes when they enter this covenant with Jesus Christ, ? No body but the ‘FIRST FRUITS”.

Pg 78…. This is referring mainly to an end time wife who reels and must go in to captivity. { It is the ‘firstfruits’, the end time wife, who have gone in to captivity. Not CC.  CC was under captivity all the time.


At baptism, the firstfruits make a marriage covenant to obey God and be born again as Christ’s wife. } They failed to obey, till king David is raised as we saw earlier.


Pg 71… In Ez 16, God’s primary focus is on Jerusalem above, the end time church of God. } That is the ‘mother’ of us all…. And she has committed great harlotry and now she is the ‘GREAT HARLOT”.

In 1996 June trumpet, pg 21, GF wrote… ‘DOCTRINE OF BALAAM FOLLOWS BABYLONIAN MYSTERY RELIGION. “. Who failed to heed the ‘balaam’ type of warning? Micah,2 Peter, Jude, all warned to the very last church, which is PCG. (Read: Micah 2:9)…. We proved from the Word, that what happened in “Bamah” is a ‘Balaam’ type of betrayal. Did PCG heed? NO. So she followed the doctrine of Balaam and sinned against the Lord. This is the mystery of this harlot who is called “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT”. This is to happen in the very end. Do you see, CC or HRE following the doctrine of ‘Balaam in the very end? They were always in Babylon. They have not changed their doctrines, they have not forsaken God as they were never with the true God.


Pg 77;.. “Today, Laodiceans invite the world in to their church and committed harlotry}… who could that be?  It is PCG who broke the covenant in the end by inviting unbaptized strangers in to God’s Holy of holies. . Any one who commits harlotry, try to hide their sins. We are all humans and want to hide our sins. But, this is our eternal lives, our rewards, and our crowns.  Would you be eternally shamed or now repent and save your reward, or the crown. Decision is up to every individual. CC does not allow unbaptized to take their communion… or their bread and wine. It is the PCG who invited such.


From the above quotes from HWA and GF, and according to the Word of God which they have quoted, it is clear that this harlot is God’s church and not CC or the HRE. As she has broken the marriage covenant, she became the harlot.

Jer 8: 5 says, Jerusalem, the mother is a perpetually backsliding….this is not CC. It is God’s one and only wife, the church of God who is the harlot. !

It is Zion, which is going to be ploughed like a field on the DOL.


Another  clue..Blood:…..

Who is guilty of God’s people’s blood? That gives another clue to identify this harlot as God says, she is a murderer of His people.  

Pg 60… the land is full of blood.} This is God’s land. Not CC.


Iniquity of the house of Israel and Judah is exceedingly great, and the land is full of blood, and the city full of perverseness …. The Lord has forsaken the earth, and the lord does not. .} this is the “church” and not CC or HRE.  No where in the Bible God says, that the world is full of blood. This woman in Rev 17, is full of blood of the saints. Ezekiel’s book alone gives many verses to show, that it is “Jerusalem” the mother, is full of blood,  when Ezekiel is among her. He was made a watchman. He failed to warn his own. Instead, he is the one who caused all the blood shed in Jerusalem. As the ‘man of sin’, we have proven from scripture, he is guilty of everyone’s sins, including his own as he was righteous and then turned away.  Ez 3: 18,   20,   9:9,    14: 19,   16: 6,    22,   36,  38,  19: 10… 22:3,   4,    6,    9,     12,   

23: 45… ( this is the assembly’s work, and we judge you as in the manner of adulteresses, women that shed blood… )

 24: 7… (this is the time his wife was stricken by God in anger and he is to pine away, as he has committed the harlotry and chased God out of His Sanctuary. This is also the time, he failed totally in all three lusts, as we have proven from the Word. This is how; he went to Egypt once again. ) Ez 35: 6,    18,   


James 5: 1-6… In the ‘last days’, you have murdered the ‘just”.. These are the poor who were not judged properly by the rich Laodiceans explained in Jam 2: 5. But God says, these poor have faith.  These are the  people who were cast out by Diotrephus in 3 John, also happened in Asia, and the little sanctuaries, all God’s people who stood up for God’s truth fighting with these beasts.


Isa 4:4…. When the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion, and shall have purged the blood of Jerusalem from the midst thereof by the spirit of judgment, and by the spirit of burning. }}}..Is God talking about CC? It is the ‘daughters”…. The daughter harlot’s blood will be purged, in Jerusalem”. Not in Europe or Rome. Judgment and burning, this is the harlot in Rev 17 – 18.  As Gen 9:6 says, since she spilled blood, now her blood will be required.

Zeph 1: 17…. Because of sin, they walk like blind men.. this is talking about the Laodiceans. And their blood poured like dust. V 18… DOL. As you can see, God’s Word says, it is Zion who is guilty of blood and not CC.


Another clue:….who killed the prophets?...


Rev 18: 20, 24… God says to the Holy apostles and prophets, to rejoice as God Has avenged their “blood” on this harlot. v 24… in her was found the “blood” of the prophets and saints… this will give us a another clue, (on whom God is going to avenge the blood of the prophets….) to identify this harlot. whether it is the Jews, or the CC.


Luke 11: 42 – 52… God will avenge our blood, on the Pharisees, elders, chief priests, the fathers and leaders  of the Jews. Not physical Israel, or CC. all the prophet’s blood, from Abel to Zechariah, will be avenged on “this generation”, when this harlot lives. It is the “Jews” who killed God’s prophets and saints. Mark 8: 31 – 33… Luke 9: 22,   Mat 16: 21… it is the “elders, chief priests and scribes who killed Christ and on them will be the blood will be required. This is not CC or the HRE. Mat 23: 33- 36… these who kill the prophets are the serpents, vipers… they killed all of God’s people, they were scourged in the “synagogues” and not in the world or CC. V 37…. It is “Jerusalem” which kills the prophets. This is why Christ said, God’s house is left desolate. God could not gather the children of Israel, the Jews  until the time of the judgment and until they will be avenged. We have proven from the Word, that until the ‘judgment’, Israel will not know God. This is why the desolation happened. This is definitely not CC or HRE. This is the Word of God… which cannot be broken. God  and Christ DO NOT say, any worldly organization or HRE or EU will be avenged for the saint’s blood. As proven earlier, it is Jerusalem… Luk 23: 28… the ‘daughters” of Jerusalem was warned to weep….


Jer 7: explains how it is now in the church. God asks:…

Will ye steal, murder, and commit adultery, and swear falsely, and burn incense unto Baal, ( Doctrine of balaam) and walk after other gods whom ye know not;

Jer 7:10  And come and stand before Me in this house, which is called by My name, and say, We are delivered to do all these abominations?. } PCG leaders think they are above the law. When a minister or a leader in God’s church sin, that effect whole number of people. When one man sinned, God Has wiped out the whole congregation, ( read: The covenant of peace) as we have proven form the Word. All these abominations happen, “in” God’s house, which is called by His name… “THE CHURCH OF God”. 


Jer 7:11  Is this house, which is called by my name, become a den of robbers in your eyes? Behold, even I have seen it, saith the LORD.

Do you think God did not see when GF and our RD cast us out, when we opposed to keep Passover with unbaptized?  When the candelabras were bought to keep in the house dedicated to Him?  When GF spent God’s money to buy these idols which were made to honor the devil, the kings of Persia? This happen when there is no more time to go forward as v 24 says… V 29… it is time to forsake and wrath….

and v 34….

Then will I cause to cease from the cities of Judah, and from the streets of Jerusalem, the voice of mirth, and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom, and the voice of the bride: for the land shall be desolate.} Who is the ‘bridegroom”? it is “Christ”. and He is not “CC’s” groom.

Who are the “cities of Judah”? Jer 26: 2… those who “worship” God. and it is the “streets of Jerusalem” which is going to be desolate… not CC.


Rev 18: 23…. And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.}… A “light of a candle”? certainly, these are not candelabras… a light of a candle, is  in Greek, “Lamp”. This is God’s last church, which failed to keep her lamp burning because of her harlotries. As seven is the number of completion, there are no more church eras. There fore, there will be no more lamps… or light of candles.    This is the leader of the laodicean era, who “FELL” from heaven, burning, who deceived a third part of God’s people, in Rev 8: 10. 


The light, of the body is the “EYE” (Luk 11: 34) When your eyes can see, your whole body is full of light. The eye caused darkness over the body, the body of Christ. But when the eye is evil, as the Laodicea’s are blind, a light of a candle will not shine in her. V 36… bright shining of a candle…. Because of their “sins”, a light of a candle will not shine in this harlot. This is the women, who bore seven, languishes and breathed her last. ( Jer 15: 9,   Rev 22: 5… after the judgments, we do not need any more churches, we will be with God. no more light of a candle needed… no more ‘beacons’ of light, will be brought from the devil. If GF’s eye, the candle was shining, he would have never bought such man made candelabras.  God strikes the eye of evil men… ( Ps 6:7,  31:9,  88:9) This is not talking about CC or HRE. They never had light…  Rev 1: 12… seven eras are seven candlesticks.. so since we have come to the end, there will be no more light of a lamp, in the church. Not in CC.


Darkness in the eyes in these leaders was caused because they hate their brethren who stand up and oppose. This causes their eyes to be blind. 1 John 2: 11.  this is the laodicean era. Also,  these leaders do not speak according to God’s Word, because there is no light in them.  It is dark, because of God’s wrath… Is 9:19. this is the time now.


The voice of the “bridegroom”… and “bride”… these identify that this harlot is God’s church. CC was never a bride… and Christ was never anyone’s husband, but the church’s. CC or HRE do not have grooms.


It is “Jerusalem” which kills the prophets as the Word says. Rev 18: 24… in her, was found the blood of the prophets and saints…she is the guilty one. Not CC.

Rev 19: 2… the “judgment” of the whore, and on her God avenged the blood. And then, v 7… after the judgments, the bride is ready.

If Christ’s wife is ready, why do we need to wait till CC is being punished for the marriage? Scripture says, Zion will be punished and then, she will be forsaken, will repent, and then, the marriage.


Luk 21: … Christ told those who are in “Judea” to flee…not to the CC or HRE.  ( read: Judea flee) and this writing will prove from God’s Word, who is in “Judea” who will have to flee. V 22… these are the “days of vengeance”… all things written may be fulfilled. The Jews, killed prophets, Christ, and now His true followers.



Another clue:..Judgement:……


Since this harlot is being “judged”, when we find out who is being “judged” or whose judgment is  today, would give us another clue to identify this harlot.


The judgment is on the “house of God”, said Peter… “Bethel”, the house of God, will come to nothing in judgment…. Am 5:5. the judgment is to begin at God’s Sanctuary as Ez  9:6  says. It is the ‘inner court” which needed the measuring in Rev 11: 1-2. Since now the “judgment” time has come, as God has given that to the assembly, or the strangers, we know that no one is judging the CC or the HRE. God did not raise up the gentiles to judge CC or HRE.  We proved that God Has given the “Lions” to desolate the cities of Judah. ( read: Young lions and Tarshsish in prophecy). Do you see any lions desolating CC or HRE? How could they be judged, without giving the law? No stranger shall judge CC or HRE..


Jam 4: 17… to him who “knows to do good and does not do it”, to him it is sin… they only could be judged.. not CC or the world.

   Mal 3V 5.. He will come for JUDGMENT and to witness. He uses the gentiles to do both. So you need to look for these witnesses…, since God Has rejected the ministry, He accepts gentile offerings as Mal 1: 11 says… then, these gentiles should be witnessing against the sinning ministry. Aren’t we doing that?


 Christ, will personally come, as the ‘messenger’ of the covenant as Malachi 3  says.  He does not come to purify the HRE or the CC. He comes to purify the ‘ministry’. They are the ones who need the judgment. This is another clue to identify this woman… V 3… He will purify them and after purification only, they will offer in righteousness… This means, the leaders will be corrected and taken… even the high priest, Joshua is going to be a brand plucked out of fire…. This woman is burning also. This is the ‘fire”, which is the ‘Word’ of God, which will cut to the heart, when God opens their eyes.


Luk 24: 25 – 32… Christ opened the scripture to them, then in v 32, they said ….“Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures?”}}} Christ will open the blind eyes as  Is 42: 7,  16,   18,   35: 5,     John 9: 39.,  Is 61: 1-2, …. When He does that, which will be very soon, the Word of God, as a two edged sword, will cut and burn within their hearts. (remember GF said, ‘heart’ is the center of our spiritual lives? So their center of the spiritual lives, right now is dark.) . When Christ was being crucified, all the women and the multitude followed Him. After He was resurrected, He was seen by women also. The women notified that Christ is risen…these women witnessed.  but, even being with Christ, knowing the scripture, after He taught them for three and half years, still they could not see. Now, Christ, after He was resurrected, He opened the scripture and that burned their hearts, because they could not understand and did not have faith to believe Him in the first place. For baptized members, to have left God, and  when they come to know the truth , that they have betrayed Him a second time by not believing the scripture, will be like burning in their hearts. Baptized members, entered in to a marriage covenant with Him, to obey Him in sickness, in health, in rich and in poor…but, when they saw the leaders offering them another gospel, in fear, they obeyed them. When a man or a woman commits adultery, how many people suffer from that sin? All the children, and the spouse and the person who committed too. How sad it will be for the children of God, and to the whole world, and to God and Christ, when the one and only ‘mother’ has committed harlotry.  When Israel realizes that they have betrayed Christ, once again by willfully sinning, they will repent so much, that they will cling to God for ever. True repentance will be in every heart… then, they will never go away from God, because God’s Spirit will be with them. That is the ‘NEW COVENANT” which we all are promised with. It will be like our ‘FIRST LOVE’ when we first came to know the truth and wanted to get baptized. And even more….. do you remember, when you found out that we have to keep Sabbath, and what it meant, and how we will be the ‘bride of Christ” and our sins are forgiven? The time when you really wanted to marry Christ?  These disciples forgot their first love. Christ caused them to remember…. Then everyone will act. After Peter learned the truth , when he denied Christ, he deeply repented. God punishes this harlot, as she rejected to repent.



Ez. bookPg 80… God will judge His wife according to her wedding covenant. That is judgment on the “highest level”.

                                    judgment on the “highest level !!!

If God is judging according to the ‘WEDING COVENANT”, there is no way the CC or the HRE could be “judged as a harlot” in Rev 17- 18. GF says, God will judge, “HIS WIFE”. CC or HRE never had a wedding covenant.   This is to no one but baptized members..  This is why this harlot is being plagued like no others.  Totally burned,  by the Word of God. When the scripture is opened, they will know….


Isa 1:27  Zion shall be redeemed with judgment, and her converts with righteousness. }} Earlier verses say, God will restore ‘judges’ first and AFTERWARD, she will be called ‘the city of righteousness’. This is the “faithful’ city which was full of righteousness but failed. This is not the CC. all these scripture shows, until ‘judgment’, they will not know God.


·                    Is 26: 9  says, for when thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn  righteousness. }  This is no one but the church as the church has not been judged yet and the church has to be judged before the world. God says, the ‘world’ because now, His children are in the world, or Egypt having loved the world.


·  Psa 9:16  The LORD is known by the judgment

·                    Ez 5: 5 – 9.. God will execute judgments on “Jerusalem”, in the sight of the gentiles, and He will do, what He Has never done. Because of her abominations. In this chapter or any scripture which talks about the “Day of The Lord”, does not talk about the CC. it is the “Church’s” judgment is on the highest level….

·                    Dam 9: 12 under the whole heaven hath not been done as hath been done upon “Jerusalem. }. It  is not CC or HRE…but Jerusalem.

·                    Rom 2: 24- 27… the Jews blasphemed God’s name among us, and what is the use of their circumcision, if they do not keep the law? But v 26…, the “uncircumcised”, the ‘gentiles’, if they keep the law, they will be righteous. This is what is happening now. The ‘gentiles’ who saw the failure of the Jews, remembered the law and fought for God. The gentiles will be the judges, of Jerusalem as Isaiah chapter one says. This also means that the ‘judgment’ is only for those who have the law. Therefore, CC cannot be judged now as God is not confused. It is Israel who was married to God, who has sinned and has become a harlot now.

·                    1 Cor  5: 9- 13… those who are in the church should judge those sinners, ‘INSIDE  the church and avoid them. Paul tells to not to judge outsiders. That includes CC.. God’s Word clearly says, not to judge the world but those who are inside. Because they only were given the law. This is why Mt 12:21, and Is 42, that Christ will bring justice to gentiles. PCG could not judge the matter of the gentiles, according to God’s judgments. While Israel is blind, the light is on gentiles.


Amos 4 explains how God tried to send plagues and punishments and still they would not obey. Here is what GF wrote:..( Lion roars)…..

{0 ye children of Israel, saith the Lord God" (Amos 4:5). The “Church” is "religious," but God is very critical of its religion. The Laodiceans offer no SIN OFFERING. That means they are “blind” to their own sins (as in Revelation 3:14-20). Therefore, They won't receive correction. God plagues them-and the nations of Israel-five times (Amos 4:6-11). Still, they fail to repent-until they are in the Great Tribulation. They are about to meet their God (verses 12-13).

Bethel (a type of God's Church) will come to nothing in the Tribulation, and Gilgal (a type of modern-day Israel) is going into captivity (Amos 5:5). }}} This quote and many other quotes, (even some of HWA’s books) are full of condemning the “church” not obeying God’s law. It is “God’s church” which failed to receive correction and not CC. More specifically, it is GF, who failed as we have proven from the Word. According to GF, the tribulation is to correct the Laodiceans. Always, the punishment is to others. Always, the judgments are to others.   This is how they stumbled in judgment. Are there two high priests?  Has any one else other than GF said ‘I AM THE 7TH HEAD”?, I AM THE HIGH PRIEST”????  The Antiochus deceived the ONE AND ONLY HIGH PRIEST IN JERUSALEM. 

We have proven from the Word, that during the ‘judgments’, the church will come to KNOW  God and to honor Him. Amos 4: 11 even says, she is a “fire brand plucked out of the burning”… who is the leader who will be pulled out of fire?  It Is Joshua, or the last high priest, and it is GF. The last HP before Christ comes. He is the man, who does not receive correction. He is trying to correct others all the time, refusing his own. Now, they are,….. about to meet their God !!!!

God says:…. Prepare to meet thy God !!!


This is why God brought them to wilderness….

Ez 20: 35…. And I “will bring” you into the wilderness of the people, and there will I plead with you face to face…. }} … this is why, they were brought to wilderness… God will speak to them face to face. This happens during “Ezekiel’s” time…. V 29 says, why…. Because of the ‘Bamah” matter..!!!


Ps 74;…v 1… God Has cast us off… “Mt Zion”, is a perpetual desolation. Not CC or HRE.   No matter how much God tried to gather them, they were not willing. The enemies are in the midst of the Sanctuary, damaging everything. This is a total scattering as Dan 12: 7 says… they have set ‘fire’… this is one of the reasons why the harlot is burning in Rev 17-18.


Ps 78: 61-62…. It is “God” who delivered His strength in to captivity. He was wrath with His INHERITANCE. This is not CC. This is why in Is 47: 6, which HWA missed as we have written, it is God’s inheritance which  is given to Babylon’s hands… so the two kings served in Babylon, destroying God’s people are HWA and GF. God did His work through them  restoring His truth and warnings needed for the tribulation and for judgments and even asked them to come out of Babylon. These two built empires for themselves… if they cannot see, the candelabras, made to honor the devil, ( king of Persia), is wrong to have brought in to the place where they built to God,  they are in Babylon.  

                  Quotations from “lion has roared”) ---Gerald flurry

   The word family (Amos 3:1) is referring mainly to God's spiritual Family-the true Church of God.

"You only have I known of all the families of the earth: there­fore I will punish you for all your iniquities" (verse 2). The root word of the word known is used in marital relations. }}} is God talking about the CC?  It Is the true church. Who has iniquity in the end time? It is Ezekiel and the high priest. ( Ez 24: 21) When God said to Ezekiel, that he will be  profaned,  that includes him too. So it is the church which God is married to , is being punished and not CC.


So we see that Amos 3=1 is primarily discussing God's SPIRITUAL FAMILY.}}}


  SORCERIES----God family vision –G. Flurry wrote on page 113/            

  { offering prayers and worshipping a false god—being led by Satan the devil—pure witch craft—that will be the first thing God will straighten out in judgment}}}…. Do you see why, we witness against PCG?  Because she worshipped false gods.


Another clue;  …Jealousy:…this gives another clue to identify who the harlot is. God is jealous, when only His wife commits harlotry as we have proven. This is another clue to identify this woman. All His fury is poured upon because “Zion”, made God to be jealous because of her harlotries. Duet 32: 16,  Zech 1: 14… (God is jealous over Zion and Jerusalem not when CC or HRE commits sins ),   Zech 8: 2… (Jealous with great fury),   Is 42: 13… etc… It is because they provoked Him to jealousy, that God called the gentiles , the foolish nation. (Read: Donkey and the foolish nation and Genesis 49 writings, which will prove from the Word of God that He Has raised up this foolish nation to provoke the “Jews” to anger and not CC)


Ps 79: 5… God’s jealousy burns like fire…. This harlot in Rev 18: 8- 9, is burning in fire. V 1.. God is angry, because heathen have come in to God’s temple and defiled it… who caused it? Ezekiel and his 25 men in the east gate as Ez 8-11 explains. Ez 8 : 3says, the image of jealousy is in the temple, when they were worshipping other gods. “Blood” is poured “in” Jerusalem, and no one to bury. Because all are being killed. This is like Amos said, an uncle will come to collect the bones…


In Num 5: 12- 31 God Has given laws to prove a woman when in doubt; if she  has committed adultery, and if her husband is jealous. Since God says, He is jealous over His wife committing adultery, now He wants to show every body, that His wife is guilty.  When a woman commits such sins, she is to be a curse and will be exposed to others, so that others may fear. The priest should mix Holy water and some dust… this is why, “Zion is in dust.  She is to be cursed among others ,if she has committed harlotry.. If others have to see her guilt, they have to see her belly and thigh. This is the same thing God will do to this harlot in Is 47:3,   Jer 13: 26 ,  Nah 3: 5,   Rev 3: 18, Ez 16: 36-  37, 23: 10,  29,  .  and Dan 9: 11… they departed and went after other gods.  God is giving her bitter water and He wants everyone to see,  that she is guilty. That is why, God will lift her skirt up to show, her belly and the rotten thigh.   So to clean her, dust and water is given now.  This mixture is called ‘bitter water”.  Since “Zion” or the “inner court’  has to drink this bitter water now, the gentiles, who are in the “outer court” is giving this mix to her.  She is in ‘dust’, and gentiles are giving water. Num 5: 31… so she will have to bear her iniquity, and God will be guiltless for accusing and being jealous and for judging her. This is why, Ezekiel was given a scroll to eat and when he ate it, it became bitter in his belly in Rev 10, and he was asked to hit his thigh in Ez 21: 12. Also Jer 31: 19… because he disgraced his youth….

This is why, James, which is for the scattered 12 tribes, asks;…..

Jas 3:11  Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water er and bitter? }}}…can the church have sweet and bitter water at the same time? God Has to prove her guilt to the whole world. 


Rev 8: 10 -- 11… This fallen star ( leader ) whose name is ‘wormwood’, fell in to third part of church members and they became bitter or they committed harlotry.

( falls on those who forsake God , which we have proven from the word), influenced many members to die drinking this bitter water.


Zion’s fountain is now bitter and God wants everyone to see it. That is why, when Zion is in Babylon, in Is 47: 2-3.. says to uncover the thigh….and show the nakedness…. The shame… in vengeance.  When Israel was coming out in the wilderness, they came to “Marah” where they saw bitter water. But God made it sweet so they could drink. Now, Israel is drinking bitter water and God will make their water  sweet after the judgments. God does not say, He wants to show the nakedness of CC or HRE. He accuses only Zion. This gives another clue to identify this woman. It is Zion’s nakedness that we see. It is her thigh that is being uncovered for all to see…. That she is guilty of adultery.


Deu 29 :18 --- … if one has “turned away from God”,  His “jealousy will be upon him. Lord shall blot out his name from under heaven… and the curses will be upon him.  The strangers from a far land will see God’s judgments … v 24… all nations shall see… and wonder. This is Rev 18- 10… the men in fear, far off, of this woman’s torment, will wonder why…? God says, because they have forsaken the covenant of the Lord . we, the far off people, see her judgments because she has forsaken the covenant of the Lord… Rev 18: 10… in “ONE HOUR”…. just one hour before Christ comes, she turned to be a harlot…. is this CC?


Therefore, according to God’s own words, His anger and fury and jealousy shall be poured upon those who forsake Him for other gods. This is not CC or HRE. This is the church, the wife who entered in to a covenant with God.



To be continued….


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Gentile assembly.