Zion’s Foundations are fallen


God Has prophesied that in the end time, the ‘foundations’ of the “earth” will be shaken, discovered, or exposed or broken. “Earth”, in prophecy is the “church”. Christ said He will spew the church out of His mouth. He is the “corner Stone” of the “church”. Would not the foundations of the church fall when the Corner Stone is rejected?   The book of lamentations and Ez. 24 shows the collapse of the church totally.


Foundations of the church should be “Christ”, (the corner Stone), the Word of God, and the writings of apostles and prophets,  the Law, Holy Spirit and “Truth”.  Ps 127 says, unless “God” builds the house, it falls.  At the end of the phil era, the pillars of the church, the leaders became defiled and God Had to profane them. That is when God stopped building. The tabernacle of David, is fallen. GF wrote ;…

 There is a spiritual Throne of David in God’s Church today.TP pg 12. }That is the throne which became the beast as we have proven, having sinned and not receiving correction. Then, the foundations are to be exposed and a new temple will be built.


The spiritual temple is built on the apostles and prophets, and “Christ” being the “chief corner stone”. ( Eph 2: 20 – 22) . The Master builder is God, building through His Son, Christ. The latter temple was built through “God’s Spirit” and “truth”. In John 4, Christ, told a Samaritan woman, that an hour would come, that the Jews will not worship God in Spirit or in truth. That hour has come now, the Samaritan woman now sees that  the truth is cast down, the Spirit is taken away and the tabernacle of David is fallen. Since there is a man of sin and the liar in the church now, we know they have stopped worshiping God in Spirit and in truth just as Christ said. As we have proven in our many writings, the covenant between God and the church is broken because of adultery which the church committed; which means they have denied the Chief Corner Stone, her Husband. When the corner stone was rejected, then the whole building collapsed. Then, God forsook Zion. The chief “corner stone” left, ….the “truth” became “lies”, ….and the Spirit is taken away, the devil crept in and they are thrown into the bottomless pit, also in the wilderness being dried up. So how could the building stand erect? Zion’s foundations are fallen…


The leaders caused the falling away;…

Eph 4:11  And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;

Eph 4:12  For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:

Eph 4:13  Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ:

God gave the government, different ranks of the leaders  to  unify the members by faith and knowledge of the Son of God, till we become perfect … but what did the church leaders do?  Did they unify the people? They have absolute power and authority over the members  and they totally scattered and shattered as we have proven from the Word in our “Harlot” and “Beast” writings. In the end of phil era, the church divided  in to many groups instead of being unified. A ‘spiritual” Babylon was built.


“God”  says ; there is a ‘man of sin’ and many antichrists and brute beasts inside the church, causing God to leave, till King David is resurrected , in Ez. 34. We see the leaders have not helped the members to become perfect or have unified them. The “wise” became fools including the prophet. They work on the contrary. They have a work of error as 2 Thes 2 says. Rejecting the “foundation of the knowledge” which is the “Holy Scriptures” and “Holy Spirit”, they have become beasts. ( God’s definition of ‘beast’ is a man without Holy Spirit and understanding) God Has wounded the head of the wicked and now uncovering the foundation to the neck. ( Hab 3: 13) As they exalted themselves, God blinded them to their own judgments which are ‘spiritual’.  They lusted and caused divisions instead of unifying people…see how many groups broke away after WCG fell.? Don’t they all  have God as their Father?. Aren’t they all baptized in to the same body, which is of Christ? Satan crept inside the Sanctuary, and the enemy is inside, and damaged everything in the Sanctuary as Ps 74 says, till there no longer a prophet, neither any one understand the signs of times.  The devil divided and conquered. Unfortunately, all of the leaders became his prey and they need to be purified as Malachi says.  Malachi book and Dan 9: 16, which apply to our time says, the whole church became a mockery, never obeyed God and never came to unity in love, and became the worst sinners who even did not fear God. By their willful sin, they even despised Christ’s sacrifice which cleanses them from the sins and causing the unpardonable sin, they became partakers of Christ’ crucifixion. THEY KILLED Christ. That is how the foundations were broken. 


The final era is to be rich and increased and are prophesied to be built  with physical goods instead of spiritual. The high priest, says, “We have it all, our work is impressive to the world” etcthe hour has come as Christ said to the Samaritan woman, that no one in “Jerusalem” or in the “mountain” will worship God in “Spirit” and in “truth”. There will be no love as lawlessness will abide Mat 24: 12, ( only those who have the Law could become Law – less.) and there will be no faith, ( Luk 18:8) when Christ comes and not even ‘ONE”, just “ONE” stone shall be left upon another ( Mar 13: 2) . His words will never pass away without being fulfilled. But on the contrary, these leaders teach peace… we go to a place of safety when the trouble comes…. we are a tree of life, …Messiah is here, we are the inner court and we get all the revelation etc and are deceiving people with lies, being deceived. A ‘synagogue of satan’, is prophesied to come all the way in the end and will take everyone’s crown away. Sudden destruction will come upon the church, as the prophet, the mouthpiece of God, is a fool and has no understanding when his Lord comes ( Hos 9: 7) But this destruction is “SPIRITUAL”.


God plans to bring them from captivity and build them again, after cleansing and giving them a new Spirit etc…. they should be corrected while they are alive. If they die in the tribulation as these leaders teach, they cannot repent and they die in their sins. God does not want them to die forever. He wants to purify them and bring them back. To do that, they have to be alive. God says, until they acknowledge their offense, He will be in His place in Hos 5: 15. So they will acknowledge. Mic 4: 10 says, until they are delivered, they will be in Babylon. So the leaders will be as king Nebu. Don’t we see these prophecies are being fulfilled? The leaders are building empires like King Nebu. But all these will end and their eyes will be opened and they will acknowledge their offense. So they have to be alive physically to be brought back.  Christ is in heaven, until the restoration of everything, including the church, the Law etc . To restore  or to get her to repent, the church has to be alive. But spiritually, just like king David became bones  in Ps 22: 14, church too has to become bones, since she too has sinned like king David. This is why in Ez. 37,  in the valley of the dry bones, God will give life to the bones of house of Israel.  This is one of the lies of these leaders to scare God’s people and get their worship to the beasts who have no understanding. So how could these leaders  warn others when they , themselves  do not know?  Would not the foundations be broken?


In Joshua’s time, when the PEOPLE SHOUTED, the wall fell down at the 7th trumpet on the 7th day. Now, in modern day  Joshua’s time, on the 7th  trumpet, or the 7th plague, the earth or the church will quake the same way, as it was in Joshua’s  time when God’s anointed shouts ….Josh 6: 20., Rev 16: 18 . Remember she is in Babylon now. 


Jer 50:15--- Shout against her all around; She has given her hand, Her foundations have fallen, Her walls are thrown down; For it is the vengeance of the LORD..}…Just as it happened in Joshua’s time, now too, the wall of Zion who is in Babylon will fall when the people shout against her all around. (shouting of the terrible ones, who are the gentiles, as we have proven from the Word )….

.  Jer 50: 15, ..the church is in “Babylon  when God’s vengeance comes.  V 6 says, this happens when the shepherds have caused them to go astray as Ez. 34.  V 25 shows God Has some weapons of wrath. They come from a far… (as Isa. 13: 5…,) and v 46… when Babylon is being captured, the earth shall tremble… ( as Rev 18) then, the foundations will be uncovered. Rev 13: 8,  17: 8 says, those whose names are not written in the book of life, from the foundation of the world, will worship the leader who was once wise but now serves his father the devil. (Because of God’s delusion, and as they did not love the truth) . When God’s church became His enemy in the last end as Micah 1 : 6-7 says, there will be a total breaking down of the whole building.  ( at this time, she is in Babylon as Mic 4: 10). The fulfillment is Rev 17-18. ( read : Babylon writings in web site )


Jer 2: 15… 4: 16,  Young lions gave their voice… to make the land desolate.  When the lions are shouting and raising their voice, which we have been doing for the last three years, their foundations will be uncovered.


 Heb 12:26  whose voice shook the earth then, but now He has promised, saying, "Yet once" "I will shake not only the earth, but also the heavens." }…God’s voice, which comes from the lions and those who are appointed to do so, will make the land desolate, that means to break all the foundations which are built upon ‘LIES”.

Who built on the wrong foundation?... we know it is PCG  the last church which  had the marriage covenant with God ( Ez. 16: 8). The leader is Ezekiel. Ez. 13: 14… says, it is him and the leaders who were with him made a wall but not according to the ways of God. It is that wall’s foundations which will be discovered and will fall now.

Pro 25: 28… a man who has no control on his spirit, or thoughts, is like a broken city without a wall. We know that the last prophet has no control on his mind… so his city fell down. If one can rule his spirit, it is better than buying a city… pro 16: 32.


Is 24 explain the shaking of the earth. V 20… earth reels like a drunkard. Who are the drunkards? It is the Laodiceans, because of God’s fury. When God takes His Spirit away, she becomes like a drunkard.  Is 29: 9----,  ( BECAUSE there is no more vision from God  they walk like drunkards, blind men. ) Is 51: 17,   29: 9,   63:6,  Jer 51: 57,  Jer 13: 13… to be drunk because there is no vision. That means, they speak on their own. This is why they lie. If God was revealing things, they would not lie. “THE” Liar, could exist only when God Has stopped the revelation. The sun has gone down on prophets.  

The “earth” as in v 5, who has broken the ever lasting covenant, is the “church”. v 10… the city of confusion….that is “spiritual” Babylon. V 18… those who flee from the noise will fall in to the pit… and foundations of this spiritually confused Babylon will shake. V 21… the leaders are being punished. 22…they will be visited. That is the day of visitation, which God comes down in rain and in clouds as we have proven.


 Lam 4:11  The LORD hath accomplished his fury; he hath poured out his fierce anger, and hath kindled a fire in Zion, and it hath devoured the foundations thereof. }… this is the end of Zion, or the earth which has sinned and broken the covenant. ( Mic 1: 2,  6-7,  Ez. 30: 4…(this happen during the times of gentiles as v 3 says. This is why, we, the gentiles see Zion’s foundations are breaking. It is the church now in Egypt and since she invited Ethiopian unbaptized strangers in south east, and became defiled, now  they are like Ethiopians to God. (Amo 9: 7) Even Amos 9 is about the uncovering Zion’s foundations and striking the pillars of the altar. V 8…sinful “KINGDOM”. This is the beast’s kingdom, when leaders failed as we have proven from the Word in our “Man or beast” writings. V 9… God will shake Israel…( the last plague)  all sinners of God’s people shall die by the sword (which is the Word of God, ) After the sinful kingdom falls, God will build again. till then, she is removed. Lam 1: 8


Lam 2: 3… God Has cut off the horn of Israel… and a flaming fire all around. When did God put a flaming fire to cut off any one? Gen. 3: 24… a flaming sword… or fire, spiritually, both means the Word of God. This happened when Adam and Eve sinned and when they were cut off from God

2 The 1: 8… this is when the man of sin sits in the temple, and a flaming fire comes to give vengeance , because they knew not God nor obeyed the gospel…  as Lamentations is for Zion, ( in the time of the judgment, and also when man of sin sits in the temple, as now ) she is totally cut off from God’s Word which also is the tree of life. The ‘angel of light’, always says what is opposite of what God teaches. GF said, he is eating from the tree of life… but he is the man who caused all man kind to be cut off from the tree of life as we have proven from the Word. We proved in “Joshua” writing, that it is “Joshua”, or the last high priest or Ezekiel  ( Ez. 24: 21) who failed totally in all three lusts like Adam and Eve. if not for God’s mercy, there will be no flesh would be saved. 


Here is how GF is building, as he  wrote;….

Look at the work God is now raising up!  God has given us 160 acres because He wants us to build!......  We're raising up the tabernacle of David like it was in the days of old, the days of Herbert W. Armstrong.  We keep on raising up those ruins even if we have to fight in court to do so!  If we have to go so far as to face death, I hope and pray that we remain loyal to this cause.  [EZ pg. 117p3.}…..Our God, theTRUE’ God, will never give land to build His church, as the ‘church’ means the ‘called out ones” and not a building. God will not live in man made temples, as He Has clearly revealed in His Word. The temple of God, is  a ‘spiritual’ building which is being built upon the “truth” and the “Word and the ‘Corner Stone” is Christ. The Word and the Spirit gives us life. Can any one build upon this ‘Corner Stone” physically having a land? HWA had acres and acres in many places and he built as king Nebu did. GF’s 160 acres certainly is raising the ruins of HWA and not God’s.


Does God really want to raise up the ruins like in the days of HWA? Only to fulfill Rev 13: 12... what GF is raising up is HWA’s image of building a great house which they call ‘ a house of God’, and inviting the world having concerts , and spending God’s money and buying extravagant things to beautify, such as candelabras, without even considering the origins of such materials. ( GF wrote that candelabras is to honor the Persian king, who is no one but satan as Daniel says ). But, …Both of these leaders are in God’s true church. God Has prophesied about them that they will have the spirit of king Nebu and be confused and drunk. If GF is showing the physical riches and following HWA’s pattern of building, he is causing people to look up to these riches and not to God.


If any one wants to locate where God’s true church is, they should look for the worst sinner in the world, as the man of sin and a defiled ministry,  Building an empire and causing people to submit to them with unquestionable authority etc…

If we have to go so far as to face death, I hope and pray that we remain loyal to this cause. ??Any one remain loyal to ‘this cause’, which is to build physically, is certain to face death  and lose their crowns. It is the leaders in the phil era, are the ones to become the SOS and cause people’s crowns to be lost.  Because GF caused HWA’s ruins to be raised up, he is now dead, and has killed everyone who remain loyal to his cause. Ez. 24, God said Ezekiel’s sons and daughters will be killed by the sword, which is the Word.  When total desolations are prophesied, then the building has to be broken from the foundation. !


God’s Word says ; Any one build on stones and wood will cause the foundations to be fallen. We all know how GF bought wood ( pianos, tables ) and stone ( prayer rock) and said, they give him the inspiration to build a house for God. But  what does God say about that?....,


Deu 28:36, 64,  , 4:28, Jehovah} … ( it is God’s curse which comes upon God’s people, not to the world, in the judgment )…. shall cause you and your king whom you shall raise up over you, to go to a nation which you have not known, you and your fathers. And you shall serve other gods there, wood and stone. }…This is to send them to Babylon, until they are delivered as Mic 4: 10, Jer 25: 11,  Jer  29, and read our ‘Babylon” writings. They are taken captive by the  FALLEN leaders who have the “spirit of Babylon”.  Micah’s prophecy is to no one but to the “wife of Christ”, who will be sent to Babylon. At this time she is the “enemy” of God. This prophecy is to be fulfilled in Ezekiel’s time.  ( Ez. 20: 32) . They drank wine and praised the gods of gold….wood and stone ( Dan 5: 4, 23). Now, they will drink the wine of astonishment and trembling. ( Ps 60: 3, 75: 8,   Is 51: 17,  They are now drinking as all the foundational lies are being discovered and their nakedness is being exposed. but, our merciful God, will take the cup away. V 22. It is no one but “God” who says, they will be in Babylon. So to Babylon, they must go and that shows not even one pillar or a stone will be left and the foundations have fallen. Not only in Babylon, but in Egypt too.


Ps 60: 2…  You made the earth tremble; You tore it; heal its breaks, for it is shaking. }… God shakes the earth to lay bare the foundations so it could be healed. Because any one builds on the foundation of stone and wood, ( 1 Cor 3: 12- 13) their work will be revealed by ‘fire’, which is the Word,  v 15… but, in His mercy, that man will be saved. V 16- 21… “WE, the members”, are the Sanctuary where God dwells and not a physical building and idols of wood and stone. Such a person who thinks to build upon stone and wood, is wise in his own eyes and will become foolish spiritually and that is why the prophet is a fool now as Hos 9: 7 says. He is such a fool; he does not even know when Christ comes. ! v 19… Christ catches such men by their own foolishness. If a leader in God’s church says, “I am the high priest”, and also “ I am the 7th head of the beast”, is not only a fool, but he is caught in his own craftiness as God says.! All evil people speak proudly ( Ps 94: 4).


    Psa 94:6 – 8…  They kill the widow and the stranger, and murder the orphan….Yet they say, The Lord shall not see, nor shall the God of Jacob observe….Understand you beastly ones among the people; yea, you fools, when will you be wise? }…who is the fool according to God?... he is the beast....who killed the widow, the stranger and the orphan?...it is the high priest…the 7th head…! The “widow’, the ‘stranger’, the ‘orphan’, we have proven are the poor gentiles. They were killed by Christ’s wife, when she turned as an enemy of God in Mic 2: 9. This foolish leader not only killed them, but thought that God does not see his murders and still has not repented and hiding it from others.  God calls him a beast. When God’s high priest becomes a beast, and a fool and a murderer, would the foundations stay without falling? 2 Ti 2: 20… those vessels of wood and stone are made to dishonor… Rev 18: 12 says, it is the harlot and the beast who has all kinds of physical things.


Deu 28:37, Dan 9: 16,   And you shall be an astonishment, a proverb and a byword among all the peoples where Jehovah shall lead you. }… it is not EU or CC which is to go to Babylon as God’s curse, but His own church. ! Of course the foundations are out of course at this time as they lost the truth and that is why they are in Babylon, in confusion and they would not know even their judgments. Is 29: 12,  42: 16,  25,  43: 19,  44: 9,  18,    47: 11,   48: 6,   The ‘house of God”, the assembly is the “pillar” and the foundations is the truth. ( 1 Ti 3: 15) . We know that there is ‘the’ liar in God’s church now. That means , the foundation of the church, which is the truth is fallen. !


In RV May/June 2007, GF wrote ;….”You are Gods”…  with a capital (G) But that is not what God says….lets prove ourselves the truth, lest we too fall with him ;

Pg 1;… The utopian vision of the kingdom of God can only be achieved with that government  -- the same government that God is establishing through His people today. ..}..Was God able to establish His  government through His leaders?  God says, instead of a godly type of a government, there is a Liar and a ‘man of sin” sitting in the temple as God sits, and exalts himself and would not submit to God or His law…this man cast down the truth. this is the final falling a way. Caused by the last and the foolish prophet, who does not even know when Christ comes.  And then, there are antichrists, ( ten horns which is the ministry as we have proven from the Word ) and… all the beasts. Christ said, ‘AS A HEN GATHERS IT’S CHICKS I TRY TO GATHER THE CHILDREN IN JERUSALEM, BUT THEY ARE NOT WILLING”… ( Luke 13: 34) Does God say, He was able to establish a government with them? Ez. 16: 52 – 63… The sister who judged others, when others were falling, (as she was married to God and had a crown and a kingdom as v 8- 14,)  later did worse and they ALL will be captives. It is “AFTER” bringing them from captivity, God will establish the covenant. So, what GF speaks is contrary to God’s Word, which is the truth. Does that sounds like he was obeying God’s government and capable of being God’s leader?  We have proven from the Word that God says not to trust in a son of man as he has become a man of sin and not to trust in princes, as they have become the ten horns who totally desolate. ( Ps 146: 3) Rev 13 and 17 shows the broken foundations of “God’s church” which is built upon “lies” instead of God’s government which is the truth . “laodicean” means time to “judge”, because they failed. During this era, there is no work of God, other than God’s leaders are to totally desolate the church and Christ to expose their nakedness and to spew them out of His mouth, which means not give the Spirit .  The fact that there are witnesses and the “song of Moses” is sung in revelation, shows that the Law keepers have broken the Law and God is witnessing against them. does that sounds like God is residing in the house of God? 


Then the Jews took up stones…. These deeply religious and utterly deceived people repeatedly tried to kill the Son of God. } … this is to happen till Christ comes again as  the man of sin, who is deeply religious,  utterly deceived  and they have God’s delusion just like the Jews in the first century.   And all these to occur ; inside the temple. Which church is deeply religious, except PCG? She thinks she is being led by God, the inner court, but God says, she is the ‘worst’. And we have proven that they are guilty of killing Christ also. Actually, in our day, from the generation which could “not be gathered  who are the Laodiceans who are blind; only the blood of all the prophets beginning from Abel, will be avenged. ( Mt 23: 34- 36,  Rev  17: 6, 18: 24 ). The leaders in the church are now fallen away. Now to renew them  to repentance, they crucify Christ again ( Heb 6: 6). That is ; to kill the Son of God . No one can say we are safe, as God finds every one to be unrighteous. How can the foundations not fall, when the high priest has lies in his right hand and forehead? The exalted elder who is the head and the prophet who is the tail, teaches lies. Is 9: 15.


Trying to stone Christ was breaking their own commandments… this Law was the foundation of all that they believed. Still they did not hesitate to break it. } How true?  Until today, the Jews have been breaking the Law. ( Rev 3: 9) To stone Christ means to kill Him. But God says; as we have proven in our “Harlot” writings, since the present generation too is guilty of killing Christ they will be killed too. Rev 1: 7, Heb 6:6… those who actually pierce Him are not alive “now” when Christ comes. Also, as “Repentance toward God “book says, as king David was guilty of piercing Christ when he sinned, since the leaders have sinned, they too are guilty of Christ’ killing.  This “Law “was the “foundation,” and since they broke that Law ; their “foundations” are broken, by breaking the commandments. The present leadership is guilty of killing Christ, and His witnesses and all those who were disfellowshipped by them for standing up for the truth, which is the pillar and the foundation as we saw.  Christ said, who ever receive a little child in “His” name receives Him ( Mat 18: 5). Then who ever will not receive a little child and would not  give a cup of water to a little one, also will be rewarded as he has done and will not be given water( Mat 18: 4). This is why, right after the prophet did not receive and give a cup to our minister, the water, or the Spirit was withdrawn from him. Instead of receiving and or giving a cup of water to a little one, GF murdered them when Christ sent them.


2 King 17: 13 says, God testified against Israel, Judah, by the hand of all prophets saying to keep the Law. Now, too since all Israel have sinned, breaking the Law, God is testifying against them and the plagues are being poured upon them, as Rev 15: 3 says. this is why the song of Moses was taught. To testify against them. Remember it is the “hand” of the Lord,  the gentiles who are God’s people, ( Deut 32: 43,…”with” is in italics, which later added ) at this time as the foundations of Zion are broken.


Here are some scripture to show that it is the leaders, in the end time who did not keep the Law and caused all the foundations to be fallen. ( Jer 2: 8,  Lam 2: 9,  Hab 1: 4,  Zech 7: 14 ( why does this scripture reminds of ‘FORMER” prophets? Because the latter prophets do not keep the Law and this time the wrath of God has come . )


Since they tried to stone Christ, now God is using the gentiles to throw stones at them as they really sinned and are guilty. Ez. 16: 40,  23: 47. Jam 2: 13 says, if you show no mercy when you judge, you will not be shown mercy. If you want mercy, you have to be merciful ( Mat 5: 7) . Since they did not show mercy, now they are not judged mercifully. This is why, when they tried to kill Christ, they are killed, they did not give water to little one and they do not get any water, and now they tried to stone Christ and they are stoned. Mat 10: 42 says, these little ones comes in the name of a “disciple”… Christ’s apostles were called disciples…they are specially called, trained and sent. So these little ones are not just little people, or young ones, but they come with a message from God, as our minister and we all did. We have proven from the scripture, even as we shall see in Ps 82, the trigger for the judgment is misjudging and refusing the little ones, who the poor.  


When Christ asked what motivated their violent attitude toward Him, they said He Had committed blasphemy, because that thou, being man, makes thyself God. }… this is the same reason what God finds in the beast “The man of sin”, who is deceived and who thinks he is God, who is blaspheming God in Rev 13 and 17,    2 Thes 2: 4.

Jews tried to stone Christ because He made equal with God. ( Joh 19: 7) Now,  the man of sin is exalting and blaspheming making himself equal with God. Now it is God’s turn to throw stones at him. The leaders of the Jews, the Pharisees, always wanted the best seats and glory to them, instead of giving to God. Now, God is humbling them and Has thrown them out of their seats. The foundations are fallen. They are thrown in to outer darkness.


“Jesus answered them is it not written in your Law, I said “ye are gods”?... … with a capital “G…. }  This was quoted from Ps 82… I checked 12 versions of the Bible, and all have simple “g” for gods. Only a man who wants to exalt and be equal with God, only who would say, it is capital “G”. That is blasphemy and must be stoned.


“Look at the passage Christ was quoting; it is found in Ps 82. … } from this psalm, we can understand that Christ was speaking about the Jews in our day….AFTER the foundations of Zion are fallen.


John 10: 33- 35… Christ was saying those “gods” are the people who receive the Word of God… (Scripture cannot be broken) . 


Ps 82, by looking at the time frame ;…. “when” this psalm  is to be fulfilled, …..we can see “who “ are to receive the Word of God, and  that would show us,  who are the “gods”, now.

Ps 82: 1… God stands in the assembly of the mighty; He judges in the midst of the gods.}  This psalm is to be fulfilled at the time of the ‘judgment” of the Jews or the church, who are gods, who was given the Law but has failed to keep it as they have broken the commandments and also has killed Christ. (Since He is the ‘corner Stone”, when the most important corner stone is crushed or killed, then the whole building would collapse and all the foundations thereof are broken.) Since this is to be fulfilled at the time of the judgment, the gods at this time are the people who receive the Word TO  ‘judge’ the fallen gods,  who are the Jews. Some gods  need to be judged having failed, although they were mighty once, and some gods are receiving the Word to judge the fallen ones.


( Ps 149: 5- 9… those who execute written judgment on the kings and RDs are the saints ) this proves, those  who execute judgments and who throw stones are the “gods” now.  Who are the people God is using to witness , judge and to execute written judgments and to tread down?  It is the ‘gentiles”. ( Ez. 23: 45- 49,  16: 40,  Rev 11: 2, Lam 1: 15,  Mic 5: 7- 9,  Ez. 30: 3, Is 14: 2,  49: 22,  60: 9,  66: 12, Ez. 11: 9,  28: 7,   10,   30: 12,  31: 12,  Hos 7: 9,   etc..) and all our writings ) This means, the prophet is being expelled and he is not receiving the Word, but he is being judged, God calls him a ‘beast’ and a ‘fool’ and the gentiles are receiving the Word and are being built. GF, is not a god at this time. No one is a God’ yet, but are  “g”ods with simple ‘g’. even those who receive the Word, are simple gods. Read Ps 82 and Mat 10 : 33-35 once again !


( In “what is the true gospel” by HWA, he wrote on pg 11… “And notice the gospel Paul preached to gentiles, after he had turned completely away from the Jews )  . This is to be fulfilled even now, as our many writings would prove from the Word.)More later.


Psa 82:2  Until when will you judge unjustly, and lift up the faces of the wicked? Selah. }… the unjust and the wicked are lifted up and that is why, God wants to put a stop to it. 

Now, we will quote from the above RV. Pg 1;..”The Psalm opens with a “VISION OF God, JUDGING the affairs of this world. } .. but is that what this psalm say?...... the first verse;….

Psa 82:1  God stands in the assembly of the mighty; He judges in the midst of the gods}…God “judges” the “gods”, who received the Word and that is definitely not the “world” as GF says. God never calls the world  the “assembly of the mighty . It is the assembly of the mighty who needs to be judged and God Has come down and Is standing in the midst of the “assembly”, and that is the church! Amos 9: 1… I saw the Lord standing by the altar. This is when He came to shake the altar.  Any how, it is not the judgment of the “world” now, but begins at God’s Sanctuary. ( Ez.  9). The Sanctuary, and the house of God, which the judgment begins at ( 1 Pet 4: 17).   “As a man who stumbled in “judgment”, and being blind, and does not receive the Word of God any longer, would speak lies !  And he disqualifies to be among the gods. Always he applies the judgment on to others… it is always either Laodiceans, or physical Israel, or the world. He has failed to prove himself a man according to 1 king 2: 2- 3. So you see, God Has come to judge him… the man of sin and the liar, who is inside the assembly.  


 “He sees much ‘INJUSTICE’: wicked people being accepted, the ‘POOR’ and ‘FATHERLESS” being over looked, the afflicted and needy being exploited. } … This is a separation of the wicked who should be the ‘rich’ and the ‘poor’ and fatherless’ being the poor. we proved that it is no one but the high priest who accepted the wicked and did much injustice to the poor and the fatherless. Please read:… Why did Peter deny Christ? This is James 2… the poor become rich in faith, while the rich becomes poor in having faith. !



last h our church split Jews and gentiles



Poor Fatherless and widows


These writings would prove from the Word what God say  about the rich, and the poor and the Jews and the gentiles. The poor and the rich were divided when all Israel went in to captivity in Jam 1: 1. God chose the poor as to be rich in faith as Jam 2: 5 says. at the same time, the rich Laodiceans were spewed out of Christ’s mouth. We have informed that it is “GF” and his RDs who have shown partiality and injustice to the poor in “South east”. www.gentileassembly.org


Psa 82:3  Judge the poor and fatherless; do justice to the afflicted and needy.}… the RDs, the rulers afflicted the poor people as we have witnessed. This is the tribulation to test every one’s faith and for that purpose, God sent the man of sin and his rulers as we have proven, which is a prophesied judgment of God. The afflicted are the little sanctuaries as Mal 3: 15-18 say. If the poor and the fatherless are the ones who need justice, and are the afflicted, and God stands to bring justice to them, that fact shows that God Has rejected the “rich” who have the Father.  In other words, God Has rejected His own children, the Jews. The poor would have done something to be afflicted. What did they do? They stood up for the truth when the leaders started to lie and they laid down their lives to God.  


Psa 82:4  Deliver the poor and needy; save out of the hand of the wicked. }.. everyone knows by now, how PCG leaders treated the poor and the needy, including casting out our minister by saying get out, out, out. As we saw earlier in Ps 94, the wicked, kills the widows and God calls them beasts and fools v 6-8.


Psa 82:5  They neither know nor will understand; they walk in darkness; all the foundations of the earth are shaken.} The wicked do not understand as we have proven in our “Man or Beast” writings, because  they do not have Holy Spirit. This is the time of the ‘judgment’, which the Holy Spirit is withdrawn. It is the children who are thrown in to darkness and are gnashing the teeth ( Mat 8: 12)  they walk in ‘darkness”,…. ( Rev 16: 10, which is a plague on those who are in the bottomless pit has no Holy Spirit) The plagues are poured upon Israel as Rev 15: 3 says. All the foundations of the earth are shaken. See, this is why they afflicted the poor, who understand. They hate the poor who have God’s Spirit. Their wickedness of not judging the poor is the cause God finds against these leaders. That is when the foundations were shaken. Because the truth is no more. No truth, no Spirit. John 4 is fulfilled. When the plague of darkness comes, Zion’s foundations are already fallen.


V 5 concludes, “All the foundations of the earth are out of course. “WHEN ALL THE FOUNDAITONS OF THE EARTH ARE OUT OF COURSE, THE WHOLE STRUCTURE IS DOOMED TO COLLAPSE! “}…. Verse 5 says, because they do not understand, ( being beasts) and they walk in darkness, ( having no Holy Spirit), the foundations of the earth are out of course. So who does not understand? Why don’t they understand? They do not understand because they crucified Christ, the corner stone by willfully sinning. And then, those little ones whom Christ sent, also they killed.  Who could willfully sin? It is The Jews, or the Christians who are baptized once. They are the synagogue of satan, who was alive in Phil era, just before the judgment and was thrown out of Christ’s mouth. It is because of the leader’s only can walk in darkness having no Spirit. This is not the world. So the “baptized” are the ones who rejected Christ the ‘corner stone’ and that is how the WHOLE STRUCTURE is COLLAPSED! When the RDs sinned and desolated the church as in Rev 17: 16, the whole church collapsed ‘SPIRITUALLY”.


Psa 82:6  I have said, You are gods, and all of you are sons of the Most High.}…

Psa 82:7  But you shall die as men, and fall like one of the rulers. } die like one of the rulers… or princes…or  RDs. So it is the rulers who would fall and die …The man is once appointed to die. But the gods here, are not any in the world, but the sons of the Most High. As GF wrote, God did not come to judge the world, but the “gods”, who have sinned by misjudging the widows and fatherless as v 2 -4 says. This is the only cause, which made God to stand and judge His sons. They are wicked against the poor and fatherless and have not executed proper justice to them, as God’s Word requires. As v 5 says, this is the only cause, in this psalm, that all the foundations of the “earth  are out of course. So all the Law given sons of the Most High, who received the Word of God, went out of course when they did not execute proper judgment to the father less and the poor. Now, what would God Do? They all failed to be righteous.


Rom 3:21- 22 … But now a righteousness of God has been revealed “apart” ……from Law, being witnessed by the Law and the Prophets, through ‘faith of Jesus” and ‘belief”… }… v 12 shows when this would happen…, when no one seek God or all the foundations have gone out of course.

v 19 …., the mouths of those who are under the Law , should be stopped and let them be guilty, ( as in Ps 82: 7, now, they will die spiritually, as men, not as gods )  because they broke the law.

V 20 by the deeds of the Law, no one will be justified as the Law exposes the knowledge of sin and all have sinned. NOW the righteousness is manifested, without the Law.  By “faith and “belief,


Rom 9: 30 – 31 says, it is the “gentiles” who have attained to righteousness, because of “faith”. Jam 2: 5, says, it is the “poor” who have faith, when the “rich are condemned. (as we saw in Ps 82, misjudging the ‘poor’ aroused God’s anger because they have “faith”, and then , if the “poor” have the “faith”, they are the “faithful”. So would God keep quiet when the rich little gods,[ even being the rulers  whom God Himself Has appointed,  and even if they are His own sons,] misjudge and murder His faithful?  ) 

V 32 – 33… the Jews  stumbled by the same stone…( Is 8: 14, )so it is the gentiles who are now getting the Word of God, and are gods, but the Jews stumbled by the corner stone and their foundations are broken. This is the falling of the tabernacle of David.  God Has forsaken  Zion at this time for a moment. ( Is  47: 9,  54: 7,  8) And she sits as a widow. Rev 18

But with great MERCIES , God will gather them. When the times of the gentiles are being fulfilled, God Has forsaken Zion.


How the poor became faithful to God and Christ our Husband?

At baptism, we enter in to a marriage covenant  and promise to obey and submit to the Husband, who is Christ. if we go after other gods, we become unfaithful. When our RD invited the unbaptized in to the ministry and some 800 people from India to the church and caused us to keep the Passover, many of us, who are poor and fatherless, opposed. Our RD lied and to cover up more lies were told but we kept quiet. the story about this which we call the ‘Bamah matter”, is in our web site with photos etc… www.gentileassembly.org . When that happened, we remembered that it is against the marriage covenant to keep the Passover with UNbaptized and we fought till we were cast out, spiritually murdered. Later, even the high priest covered up the story by taking the side of the RD and misjudging the whole matter. This is how, we were faithful to God. This is the point which the rich and the poor and Jews and gentiles, those who are faithful and faithless, righteous and UNrighteous, those who fear God and those who do not separated. By doing this, the leaders became wicked as Psalm 82  and James 2 and God withdrew His Spirit and stood up to judge them as we saw earlier. Those who were in heaven were cast down to the earth as they became wicked. The poor became the faithful new moon.


Psa 89:37  It shall be established forever like the moon, and like a faithful witness in the heavens. Selah. }… the moon is faithful, and it witnesses against the wicked who are trampling them. Rev 12: 1. The woman, who are identified as the 12 tribes, has the moon under her feet. 


Pg 2.. Because of man’s rebellion, all the foundations of the earth are out of course”….} As we wrote… one cannot rebel, if they are not given the Law. Only those who are given the Law could rebel. They are the synagogue of satan ( SOS) and the beasts mentioned in the Word, the leaders including the high priest and they are the ones who misjudged the poor who are faithful. This is why, NOW, after the foundations of Zion, is fallen, apart” ……from Law God’s righteousness is revealed on  the  ‘vessels’ of MERCY.


Rom 9:22  But if God, desiring to demonstrate His wrath, and to make His power known, endured in much long-suffering vessels of wrath having been fitted out for destruction,

Rom 9:23  and that He make known the riches of His glory on vessels of mercy which He before prepared for glory.]….. Now, those who arrogantly rebelled without repenting, ( Ez. 24: 21-23) those who did not show any justice to the poor, as Ps 82 says above, have become the “vessels of wrath”. But those who fought for the truth being humble and those who had no justice shown by God’s leaders or the SOS, all the little sanctuaries which God promised to dwell in when His Sanctuary is profaned, became the “vessels of mercy”. And “God” will make known His riches of His glory, to them. V 30… gentiles, attained to righteousness by ‘Faith’. ( Jam 2: 5)

v 31…   but Israel following after a Law of righteousness did not arrive at a Law of righteousness?


Our planet is going to end up in a nuclear fire if we don’t do some foundational repenting. }… once again, those who are given the Law only could sin, and they only need to repent and they only refused to repent till God profaned them. The repentance  also come from the Holy Spirit, and since the Spirit is withdrawn, and they are blind to their own sins and judgment, they even cannot repent, until God opens the blind eyes.  To a people who have rejected the corner stone, definitely need “foundational repenting”. They rejected their Husband. The fire which is prophesied to come upon the sinners is the lake of fire, which is the ‘Word of God’ which comes as an overflowing shower , not to kill them but to clean them from their wickedness, as we have proven from the Word. As we proved, God needs to keep Zion ALIVE to make them to repent. If they burn in the lake of fire, how could they repent? If God does not bring back Zion, He will not have any one as all are sinners. If any one is chosen, they have been sinners. No one can boast. 


“Christ spoke to the “Jews”, But this is not just a Jewish problem – all the foundations of the earth are out of course. Our evil human nature must be foundationally changed.  }…Yes, Christ spoke to the ‘Jews’, because it is the ‘Jews’ who rejected the corner stone as they only were given the Law ( and not the world,) and caused the foundations to go out of course. This evil nature, which is enmity against God , has to be foundationally changed. This is why Zion will be ploughed like a field and is allowed to die spiritually, then, when they realize and repent, God will build her again. Jer 51: 25- 26…the destroying mountain, which is the church as she is the harlot and the beast who is destroying the church as Rev 17: 16, and who is in Babylon now, will be a ‘WASTE FOR EVER”.  No stone will be taken from her.  Church will have to carry her shame for ever as we have proven from the Word. The “rejected” corner stone will be the “Head”. Mat 21: 42,  Ps 118: 22-23,

Is 28: 16,  1Pe 2:6- 7  Because of this, it is also contained in the Scripture: "Behold," I lay in Zion" an elect, "precious Stone," "a Corner-foundation;" and the one believing in Him shall not be ashamed, never!}…Those who believe Him, shall not be ashamed… those who believed Him only are now faithful.


“We need that spirit to become sons of God and set the earth’s foundations on the right course! }…We have proven that the earth here is the church as Ps 82 says, the “sons of God who disobeyed and caused the foundations to go out of course and they are the ones who  need that spirit to become sons of God, as they do not have it now. God says He will open the blind eyes and will  set the foundations right, once again. That is a promise from God, which never fails. When GF realizes that he does not have the Spirit, he will repent. He will realize how badly he needs the Spirit to repent and to over come.  Until such time, he is a beast.


He was talking about these Jews’ potential to enter the very family of God.….if we are begotten today, we are sons of the Most High Father!}…..Who are the Jews who have the potential to enter the family of God now? Is not the “wife of Christ”? ? So this is a Jewish problem and not the whole world’s as GF says. And the out of course foundations are the leaders of the Jews who have the potential to enter the family of God but they do not enter themselves and are stopping others from entering also. ( Mat 23: 13)  Christ was speaking to the Jews who are “called out, to be the sons. It is their foundations which are broken. It is them who have been disobedient and are in outer darkness, having no Spirit now. It is to them, the plagues are being poured upon. They were begotten, but now forsaken.


Christ told the same individuals that they were worshiping the devil!} Of course, when the foundations are out of course, they worship the devil. This means the ‘Jews’. Christ says He wanted to gather “Jerusalem” as a hen gathers it’s chicks and still could not and God’s House is left desolate. Doesn’t that mean until now, they were worshiping the devil? You can call Him , Lord, Lord, but not all those call Him Lord are true followers. You will see all the leaders are thrust out of the kingdom and many will come from east and west.


“ The same human nature that affected those Jews also drives people today; }…. That is the truth. The Word proves that the prophet who wrote this, himself is deceived in Hos 9: 7 , and they will be VISITED by God, but the prophet would not know. That shows us that this last prophet who lives when Christ is visiting, has this human nature…today. 


“ say ye of him, whom the “FATHER” Has sanctified and sent in to the world, thou blasphemest;..That is what we are as well : Sons of God. That is not blasphemy- it is the truth. saying it may make somebody want to kill you, but it is still the truth.}… any one whom God sanctifies and sends, are ‘sons of God’…...we have proven that the Jews, whom the Word of God came, who were  the gods, now has become beasts. Now, God Has to send some people with a covenant of peace to bring them back. They are ;  the ‘man from east”,  those who bring the ‘covenant of peace’,  those who do the exploits,  those who fight for the truth, those who feared God and separated as Mal 3: 15-18 , and  the little sanctuaries, and Is 56: 3-8 and Mal 1: 11, the gentiles. They are the ones ;  whom the “FATHER” Has sanctified and sent.  Peace is needed when there is no peace, or when the false prophets deceives people saying peace, peace…Jer 6: 14, 8: 11. Now, the prophet has become a false one as he does not have Spirit and not knowing Christ’s coming.

please read’. Man from the East



Covenant of peace



Everyone who spoke the truth, including Christ, apostles and in the end time as 3 John says, those who are “TRUE” followers were killed. Always, it is the ‘Jews’ who killed them and now, the SOS. In Ps 82, and John 10: 35, when Christ said, “ye are gods”, He  meant  “those whom the Word of God came”, and those who fight for the truth. They only can say “we are gods”. One can apply many titles to one’s self. But that does not mean any thing to God or to His true followers. 


Pg 2 – 3….” He was about to leave them and said “ I go My way, and ye shall seek Me, and shall die in your sins }…  now, when God Has profaned the Sanctuary, (He killed Ezekiel’s wife to show the death of his sons and daughters Ez. 24: 21)   they are  killed by the sword which is the Word of God. So Christ went His way and they died in their sins.


Pg 3;… If you examine the Hebrew root words of that name, …..

( referring to I AM )  it means that He is what He wants to be, He will do what He wills to do, when and where He wants….. }… this also means, when Christ wants to , He can change any thing. Even giving the kingdom to whom ever He pleases. He said, He will reject the Jews, they will be thrown in to outer darkness without Spirit, and the kingdom will be taken from them and will be given to others who would bear fruits and  many will come and sit in the kingdom from east and west, and those who are first will be last and those who labored only the last hour will get the same reward and He will break the stones of the Sanctuary like clay vessels and chose some as the ‘vessels of mercy’, and will call a far away nation and will raise up a foolish nation to provoke them to jealousy etc…  etc… He can do what He wants including rejecting the Jews.


Christ says; you  would not believe Me, but I am telling you the truth. They think, just because they are Abraham’s children, they will not be rejected and they can refuse to believe even Christ. These vipers need to be reminded that they cannot flee the wrath to come unless they show fruits of repentance even though they are Abraham‘s children because God can raise up children to Abraham even from the stones. (Mat 3:9) God is the God of the living, and not of the dead (Mat 22: 32) So it is the sons of Abraham, who are dead now as Ps 82 also says, because they seek to kill even Christ ( Joh 8: 37, 40), as they did not believe His “Word”. (since they reject the Word, they cannot be gods )  . But, we who are alive, and are the little gods, to whom the Word is coming in judgment, have God the Father as our God ! God made children out of stones… God says, the Jews would err… that is to go astray(. Mar 12: 27, )


There are times, that Abraham’s daughters are bound by satan , even for 18 years. ( Luk 13: 16). On this Sabbath, when the poor works, she will be restored. When the poor dies, they will be in Abraham’s bosom. Luk 16: 22. But the rich will be in hell fire ( lake of fire). When rich are being burned, they want the poor to bring water to them. (v 24). Then cold water to a thirsty soul comes from afar.( Pro 25: 25)                  But Abraham said they had good things in this life. Who says, we have it all, I am the prophet, and we are children of Abraham and I am intimate with God like no other, etc…? but those who are poor are being comforted when the rich are in the fire. ( v 25). Don’t we see this is happening now? The poor are sending the Word, or the water, by an overflowing flood to the rich who are in the lake of fire (to burn their wickedness). Christ came to seek the lost ( Luk 19: 10). It is the ‘house of Israel’ who are lost…( Jam 1: 1, Mat 15: 24) or the sons and daughters of Abraham. ( Luk 13: 16,  19: 9 ) The Word of salvation was sent to the children of Abraham. Act 13: 26, but to those who feared God. we know the fear of God, brings wisdom. ( Ps 111: 10, Pro 1: 7,  9: 10) But these Jews did not fear God. So they cannot have wisdom or knowledge.


Act 13: 39… ( Is 29: 14--- ) all those who feared as v 26 says, and those who believe in Christ will be justified which the Law of Moses could not, as they failed. When they failed, now, …. As they despised, God is doing a marvelous work, which they would not believe. ( v 41).  V 42 says, Jews have gone out at this time and then, those who are left should be the Greeks, who are the gentiles, who has to be doing this marvelous work and wonder. Remember, this is to happen now, when God’s judgments on those who “had” the Law has come. v 45… still the Jews were angry when they saw the gentiles are being converted and ‘BLASPHEMIED”. (the beasts ).


Act 13:46, 29: 28…   ( Luk 24: 47,   Rom 1: 16) …It was necessary for the Word of God to be spoken first to you; but since you indeed thrust it away and judge yourselves not worthy of eternal life, behold, we turn to the gentiles.. }…and the gentiles happily received the Word and glorified God… because of their belief, they are appointed to eternal life. But some are appointed to death (Ps 102: 20 ). V 51…they shook the dust off their feet… when one does not receive the Word, we should shake the dust also as Christ said to do so ( Mat 10: 14). Even in this chapter, Christ was sending to the lost house of Israel. You see, it is the Jews, the children of Abraham are the ones who are lost. ( v 6). Here is what HWA wrote again;….    

( In “what is the true gospel” by HWA, he wrote on pg 11… “And notice the gospel Paul preached to gentiles, after he had turned completely away from the Jews ) God totally rejected the Jews as they rejected Him and called the gentiles. The book of Acts will be completed by the gentiles. When the measuring failed in Rev 11: 1-2, God called the gentiles to tread them down.  Since Jews, or Jerusalem, the mother of us all failed, …. A new Jerusalem is needed.


Christ does give correction when we need it. As Hebrews 12: 7- 11 say, we don’t even have a Father if we’re not receiving correction !..our responsibility is simply to keep ourselves in a state of mind where we can humbly accept that correction. }….who need correction at this time? It is the Zion who has now become a harlot and the high priest who has become the ‘man of sin”. This is why, they are now sitting as a widow… God The Father Has left them as they refused correction. They are in the bottomless pit and in wilderness. When they receive the correction, and humble themselves, God will come back to them.


 Hos 5:15  I will go and return to My place, till they acknowledge their offence, and seek My face: in their affliction they will seek me early]… the wicked, as in Ps 82, who afflicted the poor, are now being afflicted by God. They all have to go through the affliction in the furnace to cleanse of their wickedness. Is 31: 0,  48: 10,  9: 18,  God’s inheritance who is in Babylon now, trust in their own wickedness. ( Is 47: 10), Is 58 says, God wants them to fast, or afflict their souls to loose the bands of wickedness, and they should bring the poor whom they afflicted.


Christ called them ‘liars”… He wanted them to realize that they did not know God. }…”THE” liar is to exist in our time. That is the man of sin, the high priest as we have proven from the Word. He is inside the church, deceiving all of God’s people. All these things Christ spoke apply to our time when the judgment has come and all wickedness is exposed as 1 cor 4: 5 says. We wrote earlier that it is after the judgments, they will come to know God…if the high priest knew God, he would have known that it is wrong to kill the poor and misjudge them. 


No wonder Jews grew angry at Him. …. Before Abraham was I am…. Then took they up stones… but Jesus hid himself and WENT OUT OF THE TEMPLE”….} He went “OUT” of the “TEMPLE” because He was definitely speaking to the Jews who are “IN” the temple… these Jews who were and are “inside” the temple, who tried to kill Christ, they rejected the corner stone and the foundations are fallen. ….at this time Christ went out, because it was not the hour. but when the hour came, they crucified Him, even Pilate could not find any fault with Him.   


Pg 5…. Isa. 3: 12 prophesied of the upside –down families, Men wont lead, women wont submit ….}…upside down families are a punishment from God during the judgments. This chapter is to be fulfilled when God takes away the water and the bread, or the bread comes from heaven, the Word of God etc, from the leaders,  and when the church is totally desolated. How could men lead? They , themselves cannot prove themselves as ‘men’, according to God’s standards ( 1 Kin 2: 2 – 3 ) God says, when they are in Egypt as now Rev 11;8, and in Babylon, having sinned, the men will be like women.  Is 19: 16,  Jer 50: 37 , 51: 30  says, the men in Egypt are like women , when God shakes them. Besides, God says there is ‘no man’, a proven man. Besides, when Christ was killed, only the women followed Him and even after He was resurrected, a woman went to see Him first. This is to be fulfilled in our time also. When Christ was being betrayed by PCG leaders and was breaking the covenant, it was a woman who fought for Christ….


V 4… “GOD” will make children to be their princes, and babes rule over them. These are the little sanctuaries, the little children, whom we have proven from the Word, those who are now receiving the Word of God, when the leaders have failed and they are the gods now as we have proven earlier. V 8  say, Jerusalem is in ruins… Judah fallen. Because of their tongue and doings are ‘AGASINT THE Lord AND HAVE PROVOKED THE Lord”.

V 12… happen when the leaders cause them to err… and destroy the way  and v 13… God stands to plead and judge. While God pleads with them and sent the covenant of peace, at the same time, He judges them. Aren’t we, the “little children,” and “women” doing both pleading and executing  judgments? So we, the women and the children are your oppressors.


V 14- 15… this happens when the poor are being oppressed as now.


 God designed and established the family, with its government…….. if you do not have that vision in your marriage, you have nothing. If you don’t realize it is a type of our marriage to Christ, and work to make it like the bride and Christ, it will not be a godly  marriage…}… This is why, the marriage between Christ and the church is now broken. Because the wife did not have that vision and did not obey the government. Instead, she betrayed and stoned Him. She, NEVER submitted and finally, God Had to forsake her and allowed her to carry on committing adultery until she died.  This is why, in Rev 18 : 23,  Jer 7: 34, 16: 9,  25:10, in Zion, there is no more bridegroom, widowhood and loss of children .


Pg 17;… “ If then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; ye also ought to do so….”. }…would GF wash Mr Meredith’s feet? How about other church leader’s feet? Aren’t they all baptized, one family of God, yet divided because their failure to submit to one another? Would they humble enough to wash one another’s feet like Christ washed His disciples?  If Christ comes now, He will wash any of these leader’s feet. What example do these leaders give the flock? Every leader claims that Christ is with us and have  “ONE” Father, “one” foundation, ‘one’ doctrine… yet so divided. And not willing to have peace with one another, all are gone in to captivity. They have lost their glory. Jer 2: 11, Mic 2: 9-10.  But they do not even know that they have lost their glory, because they LOST THE SPIRITUAL GLORY.  But gentiles will see and execute judgments.

Gentiles are given God’s glory. Is 43: 6- 8… (Israel is blind) . GF wrote in “Little book, pg 5, gentiles shall rise and Israel collapse… this apply to ‘spiritual Israel.


He wants us to be submissive to Him, … if we walk away, we will die in our sins. But if we follow Him – know His truth and do it – we will be happy….When I look at the PCG today, I can say we are not as happy as we ought to be. }…. If PCG is not happy, then they have walked away and has not submitted. This is why they are dead now. She does not know the truth.


Pg 18…At Christ’s final Passover, the devil was right  there.}…even in this final hour, which is also the ‘night’, as we proved from the Word, the “bride of Christ” betrayed Christ. But, in this  night, there shall be light ( Zech 14: 7)….Israel’s light is dark now but light is shining when they  call to gentiles. Is 42: 6-7  Luk 2:32  A light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of thy people Israel.  This is the same night Christ is being a light to the gentiles, when Israel is blind and walk in darkness, but will bring glory as we saw earlier. Is 5: 16 , 60: 1-3… God’s light will shine on Zion, through the gentiles.


He that eat bread with Me hath lifted up his heel against Me” }…spiritually, the ‘bread’ is the spiritual food, or the revelation which God gives. Just as who ever made the covenant with God…. only could break it,…. who ever is given the bread…. only could betray Him. Remember, this is also the last hour, which is the prophesied ‘night’. So during this night, PCG is the church which had the covenant as Ez 16: 8-14.  The bread is given to the “high priest” or to the prophet, who is alive in this night when He was betrayed, and who is intimate with christ. Also, this betrayer should be very close to Christ and sitting in the same table. Who eats this “bread of revelation ? who is intimate with God, to sit at His table? Here is proof who gets revelation and who is intimate with God, and who BETRAYED Him,  from his own writings…. :  

{Same pg;… We must EAT THIS Word”… and live it !...


Presently, I am intimate with God in a way no one else is directly; you are, however, indirectly.  This has to do with the man to whom God is giving the revelation. RV Sept./Oct. 2000, pg. 6}..


God placed me into the office of a prophet.  The fruits of new prophetic revelation and a work to declare the message prove who I am.  [TP pg. 21 bottom


That spiritual food, however, comes only through that prophet ... It is only through me that the Laodiceans can hear Christ’s voice today!   [TP pg. 58p4]


I didn’t receive this message from man!  I was taught it by revelation from Jesus Christ!  [TP pg. 61p1]

Remember, when God places a man in charge, He gives that individual something extra spiritually TP pg. 62p4]


He’s called “that prophet” because he gives new prophecy from every prophetic book in the Bible! ... And I have been the conduit for revelation from all the major and minor prophets, Colossians, Lamentations, Daniel, Revelation, the former prophets and other books.  All this prophetic revelation has come from God through THAT PROPHET. 


There is abundant rain coming from a teacher of righteousness – or that prophet


Who is this watchman -- this prophet?  Haven't I given you revelation about Ezekiel and all the prophetic books?  Almost every book and booklet I have written is filled with revealed prophecy.  Has anyone else done that?  Is revealed prophecy present in any of the Laodicean churches?  Do they even have a smattering of the new revelation which God has rained down on His people through me?  They have no new revelation.  [EZ pg. 27p3


I don't care what you think or what you believe -- I'm eating from the tree of life.  I'm going to rule with Jesus Christ,.  [June 1995 Ministerial Conference -- From the Beginning; also on 1995 FT video


There is lot more to write but I think these few lines are sufficient for any one to get an idea, that GF claims he is ‘the prophet’, (and we believe he is ), and if he is intimate with God like no other, he is the one to sit at the table, and he is the ONLY one who gets the bread.  but after as Ps 82 says, when he refused to judge the cause of the poor which we have written in our web site, God could not use him and the Spirit was cut off from him. He is the man who got revelation or the Word of God came to him at one point as Ez. 16 says and he was used to judge others as v 52 says, but everything else written in this chapter also he did. That is she became a murderous harlot (we witnessed his spiritual adultery against the marriage covenant with Christ,) and went in to captivity finally. His early fruits and latter fruits show how his mind was changed. God cannot use any one proud. One is proud, when he does not accept correction as GF, himself wrote…. Christ does give correction when we need it. As Hebrews 12: 7- 11 say, we don’t even have a Father if we’re not receiving correction !..our responsibility is simply to keep ourselves in a state of mind where we can humbly accept that correction!} ….Now, GF does not have the Father as he refused correction… The foundations of Zion fallen. !


He is the man, who was given the bread or the revelation, but turned around and betrayed Him. Mr Tkach or any other leader cannot betray Christ, as they are not given the bread nor intimate enough to eat with Christ at the same table. Also who ate with Him in that “night” is the man who betrayed? So who is eating with Him in this “Night”? it is GF. God catches the wicked by their own craftiness….all the other RDs, who are ten horns in the ministry with GF, have also betrayed Christ and are scattered spiritually, having no Spirit and following the devil and mark or the image of the first beast.


Here is what GF wrote in Trumpet Feb 2006… the special issue;….

“ The original Elijah and the end time Elijah held extremely important ‘father’ offices for God. The Phil church of God like Elisha, recognizes that fact. This is the FOUNDATIONAL issue that sets the PCG apart from any other church of God group. ……. This foundational truth points us to God the Father. }….So you see why the phil church is different from all others. She only could fulfill Rev 13: 12…

Rev 13:12  And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

By raising the ruins, GF healed the first beast’s wound.  God  wounds His enemy ( Deut 32: 42) and heals . ( Deut 32: 39)


 Psa 68:21  But God shall wound the head of his enemies, and the hairy scalp of such an one as goeth on still in his trespasses.

Deu 32:42… My sword shall devour flesh, with the blood of the slain and of the captives, from the hairy head of the enemy}. ‘Hairy” means as we proved from the Word, those who are deceitful like hairy Esau. No other church healed the wound of the first beast. so God wounded the first beast… PCG’s foundations are built upon the first beast’s work. !


Christ asked these men whom they were seeking, and they answered ‘ Jesus of NAZARETH ….} … Jews did not want a “Nazarene,” (Nazareth is a gentile city as we proved from the Word ) or some one from a gentile country to claim as the ‘Son of God”. That is why, He was not accepted by the ‘Jews”. But, even in this night, which He was betrayed, He is with the gentiles. He said, even after He is resurrected, He will go to Galilee before them ( Mat 26: 32) “Galilee” is a “gentile” city ( Is 9: 1 , Mat 4: 15) Please read: Why did Peter deny Christ?



Pg 19…. The “words” I speak un to you they are Spirit and they are life. }…. It is the Word, which is the bread. It is given to GF. Only the man who was given this bread from Christ betrayed him. Since the prophet is a fool and does not know when his Master or Christ comes, as Hos 9: 7 says, he has to be the person who betrayed. If he knew His coming, then he would not have done so. He does not have the Word, which is given by the Spirit which gives the life now. Christ comes in the ‘clouds’, and in the rain, as we have proven from the Word. but does GF see these clouds? The “cloudy” day is the “times of the gentiles” as Ez. 30: 3 says, and it is the ‘day of The Lord”. But he does not know it….


Those who don’t believe God can become pretty nasty and seek to betray Christ… }… if any one does not believe, will betray Christ.? so who did not believe according to God’s Word?   Rom 11: 20 – 32 says that it is “Jews”  who did not believe and gentiles believed. The scripture says, it is the ‘Jews’ who did not believe and betrayed and killed and did not accept Christ.

Joh 6:47  Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me hath everlasting life.

Joh 6:48  I am that bread of life.}… Since the leaders do not believe Christ, ( as Malachi says, they do not honor God , and by breaking the marriage covenant, they denied Christ also; it is PCG who had the covenant to break it )it is them who had the bread to betray Him. They cannot have everlasting life, unless God Had mercy on them and grant eternal life, which He promises He would do. this is the main reason why the foundations are out of course. This happen in the ‘night’, as the sun shall go down on prophets ( Mic 3: 6 ) and has no revelation or bread to live. When they rejected Christ, they rejected the bread of life. When they rejected, God blinded them. Then God’s revelation had to come in some way. This is when Christ came down in rain in and clouds and give light to gentiles as Isa. 42 and luke 2;32 .  Zion’s foundations were broken when the throne of David became defiled and became beasts. then God put on ‘RIGHTEOUSNESS” as a breastplate and put garments of vengeance for clothing and came down to fight. ( Is 59: 17) Then, for that purpose, God Has pre-planned to call in the gentiles. 


Deut 32: 21-22… When God causes the foolish nation to make the Jews angry, a fire has been kindled in God’s anger and it burns the hell, ( as we saw the parable of the rich lazarus and the poor) the bottomless pit where they are now, and the foundations of the mountains, the churches are on fire….

Psa 18:15  Then the channels of waters were seen, and the foundations of the world were discovered at thy rebuke, O LORD, at the blast of the breath of thy nostrils. }… this psalm, king David sang, when he was delivered from all his enemies.  At God’s rebuke, the foundations of the world, which has gone out of course, are discovered. The earth” is the church, as we have proven from the Word of God. The earth, never obeyed God and aroused God’s anger. In His wrath, He says, He will uncover the church’s nakedness to the world. As v 16 says, it is time to draw king David’s descendants out of ‘many waters”, who have become a harlot. ( Rev 17: 3, 15) God will uncover the lies, and then, deliver the people. His ‘breath” or the Spirit will do it. Then, they will have knowledge.  As Jam 2 says, who ever shows no mercy, will be judged without mercy, Ps 18: 25- 26 says, God will be merciful to who ever is merciful and ……..v 27…

Afflicted’ people, they are the poor gentiles and bring down the proud.

V 28… he hopes that God will light up his lamp, which is not burning as he says he is in darkness. Now only they are in darkness as we have proven from the Word. ( the children are thrown in to outer darkness)


Amos 9: 1… God stands in the altar, and shook the door posts of the altar when He came to punish. Lamentations shows, how the stones of the Sanctuary became clay and how they are broken.  V 5… God touches the earth ( where the Zion is now after she was cast down from heaven Lam 2: 1, 7) it melts, and they will mourn. This happen in the judgment, and it is Israel who mourn at Christ’s coming, as we have proven( Rev 1: 7 , Mat 24: 30) The pillars of the altar are the strongest parts of the foundation, physically speaking. When God strikes those, could Zion stand that blow? 


In RV July/ aug 2000, GF wrote;… “The flying scroll also has the same dimensions as the porch, or entrance, to the temple anciently (1kings 6:1-3). This is where the ministers assembled. But it was in the outer court…… “Rev.11:1, 2 --, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein.---But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they ( gentiles)  tread under foot forty and two months.”----} the measuring would have failed and that is why the altar is sent to the outer court to be trodden down by the gentiles. Now, the ‘gentiles’ are given a work at this time to tread down the “ministry” who are in the ‘outer court’. . They are now serving God. That shows, the foundations of the church are out of course. 

First God had his leader measure the altar—a type of the ministry. ALMOST ALL OF GOD’S MINISTERS ARE IN THE OUTER COURT.THAT IS WHERE THEY ARE ASSEMBLED TODAY. And they remain there. –THAT IS THE LESSON OF THE SCROLL SIZE}…The ALTAR, which is the ‘MINISTRY”, was measured. Then, why are they in the ‘outer court”? God put them there as a curse to them to be trodden down by the ‘gentiles”. That shows, the measuring has failed. Ezekiel, as we always proved,  did not do the measuring mercifully and uprightly. He took his leading ministers side and killed the innocent. The flying scroll is a curse. As we saw earlier, to send to Babylon, and to serve other gods of wood and stone also a part of the curse. No other leader but God’s high priest, who has become the beast without Holy Spirit, and no understanding, who cause God’s people to serve wood and stone. He gets inspiration from such idols.


 The curse means they are about to loose their eternal lives if they do not repent (Mal. 4:1,6),and the ministers are judged more severely (James 3:1).}….The curse is not losing the eternal lives. If God will pull Joshua out of fire, would He not save others? There is no hell fire. The water is being sent to those who are in the hell now by the poor as we proved earlier. They need to be alive to repent.   But their shame burns for ever as they lost the crown for ever.

Zech 6: 14- 15 says, the crowns shall be kept only as a memorial… not on their heads. And those who are far away will come and build the temple of God… this is what we are doing.. At this time, they should listen to the voice of God. if the far way ones comes to build, then the voice also comes from them, as we saw earlier. (young lions )


Lamentation booklet – G.FLURRY

PAGE 3 ----SATAN USES A MAN ----The  last warning to the Philadelphians  is to let “NO MAN TAKE YOUR CROWN ”—(REV 3:11)---If God would send strong delusion through satan ---the best tool to do the job !God would also choose the best man to do the job.

TRUSTING IN MAN WOULD BRING IN CURSES –JER.17.5—HIS HEART WOULD DEPART FROM THE LORD }…Joshua’s fellows trust him instead of God. Every one else fear them, who are the RDs, as we have proven from the Word. The fulfilling of the ‘times of gentiles’ and our witnessing work means they have already lost their crowns.


MAL.2:3 –I will spread dung upon your faces! ----there are ministers who will receive the curse! That is horrifying!..}… God says, in James 1: 1, that all Israel are scattered. That includes GF as well. God will never put real dung now, as this means spiritual dung of shame… they will remember they have rebelled against God.


God family vision—page 51—

Understand: this is not ancient history: this has never happened!

SHILOH WAS NOT LEFT 'WITHOUT AN INHABITANT' ANCIENTLY…THIS IS PROPHECY FOR THE NEAR FUTURE!}… This is a total scattering. Not even one stone will be left. It is ‘Zion’ who will be ploughed like a garden and it is the virgin of Israel, who will not rise any more, and it is Zion, who bore seven who languishes… No more Zion until they  return. Even after they return, they have to bear their shame for ever.


Amos 9 ,.. God strikes the pillars….

Hos 3: 4… for many days, Israel will be without a ruler or a pillar or kings or ephod… there are many rulers now, but God does not accept them as His leaders. So this prophecy is being fulfilled now as the throne has become the beast. In anger, God said He will break down their altars and pillars. Hos 10: 2


Pillars of the church are the “leaders”… Gal 2:9 says, James, Cephas and John are “pillars” … that means they are the leaders and those who hold the church together. Heb 3: 6 …, if we hold fast to the end, then, we will be in His House. 1 cor 3: 16 …, “we” are the Sanctuary of God… if any one corrupts it, God will make that man to be  corrupted. Therefore, if the pillars, who are the leaders of the church commits spiritual adultery against Christ, our Lord, God will make that man to be corrupted. 1 Cor 5 : 1- 5…, some in the church commits fornication, which is not even named among the gentiles… and to deliver such to satan that the spirit may be saved in the “Day of The Lord”. This is why, the harlot, the whole church is delivered to satan, so during this day of the Lord, their spirits will be saved. 


God says to Ezekiel, (since he committed spiritual harlotry, )…….

Eze 6:4  And your altars shall be ruined, and your pillars shall be broken. And I will cast down your slain before your idols.

Eze 6:6  In all your dwelling places the cities shall be laid waste, and the high places shall be deserted, so that your altars may be laid waste and become guilty, and that your idols may be broken and brought to an end, and your pillars may be cut down, and your works wiped out. }…a total spiritual desolation.


God lead Israel by a pillar of cloud and “fire…” in judgment, in this night, God uses the fire ( Word of God) and also the cloud ( Ez. 30:3) as we have proven from our ‘clouds’ writings. As anciently God troubled the Egyptians through (Exo 14: 24, Neh 9:19,  12,   Ps 99: 7,    )  the pillar of fire and cloud, again will stand to watch the church who is in Egypt spiritually. Now too, He is troubling the church who is in spiritual Egypt as Rev 11: 8 says.  Isa 19:1, 19 says, and it shall be a sign and for a ‘WITNESS”… this is the Rev 11: 2 gentiles, ( who are witnessing, on the cloudy day,) who will stand as a pillar to the Lord, to spiritual Egypt as v 8 says. v 22… God will smite and heal and they shall ‘RETURN”. So this happens when Israel are to return to God, in the sea. The clouds,  are the gentiles, which brings Christ down in rain and God’s chariots in judgment and at His rebuke. Ez. 34: 12, on the ‘cloudy’ day, God is searching the sheep.


1 Ti 3: 15 says, what holds the building is the ‘truth”. Jews do not worship God in truth. so the foundations and the pillars are broken.


King of Babylon, came to Jerusalem and broke even the pillars and took to Babylon. Spiritually, all the leaders or the pillars are now in Babylon as we proved. (Jer 52: 17).


Job 9:… those who are wise in heart, who has hardened and not obeyed God, will not prosper. In God’s anger, mountains will be removed and overturned. They are not real mountains, but the churches as Ez. 34 says, the sheep wandered from one mountain to the other. Don’t we see that happening now? Don’t they move from one church to another.? Also, v 9… that shakes the earth out of her place and the pillars there tremble… these pillars, the leaders  shake, when God ‘s time of reproof comes. Job 26: 11.

In anger, when God melt the inhabitants of the earth, the church, He will bear up the pillars. He will protect only the pillars, and they are the ones who held fast to the covenant.


Those who over came the synagogue of satan in Rev 3: 12, will have a foundation, in the new temple and will get a new name and their builder and maker will be God. ( Heb 11: 10. ) Their foundations are laid by God and it will not be shaken. ( Ps 104: 5. ) The Lord will find this new Zion, with the poor who trust in it. (Is 14: 32). V 2 of this chapter says, it is the gentiles who will bring Zion back and place them in their land. ( GF said this in his sermon “Holy Roman Empire). This happen when they are proud like the devil.


Mat 7:25  And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon the rock}…The “rain” (comes when Christ comes on gentiles,) and an “over flowing shower” which brings “floods also comes from them, and the “wind” is also the east wind which comes from gentiles and those who are wise will stand when this rain, floods and wind comes. Those who built upon the ROCK ( Christ), as He said…. On this ‘ROCK” I will build My church, will stand when this wind comes.  Pro 10: 25… the righteous, an everlasting foundation, but the wicked will be no more. What can the righteous do, when the foundations are destroyed? ( Ps 11: 3) The wicked have their foundations of clay and dust, which will be crushed before the moths. Job 4: 19… the ten horns are the clay and the Zion is in dust.


 1Sa 2:8  He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth up the beggar from the dunghill, to set them among princes, and to make them inherit the throne of glory: for the pillars of the earth are the LORD'S, and he hath set the world upon them. }…. These are the pillars in Rev 3: 12… God Has raised them up and have set among the RDs to inherit the throne which is fallen…


1Sa 2:9  He will keep the feet of his saints, and the wicked shall be silent in darkness; for by strength shall no man prevail.

1Sa 2:10  The adversaries of the LORD shall be broken to pieces; out of heaven shall he thunder upon them: the LORD shall judge the ends of the earth; and he shall give strength unto his king, and exalt the horn of his anointed. }…It is king David’s throne which will be established by the poor and the gentiles, as we proved earlier in Ps 18.

The poor are known to God before the foundation of the world, but it is revealed only in the last times… 1 Pet 1: 19-20. So only in the last times, the poor will be raised up to build a foundation of righteousness.


God’s enemy ; the Footstool

The church or where God dwells is the footstool of God. When King David wanted to build a “house to keep the ark” or God to dwell, in 1 chr 28: 2, he said, he wants to build a “footstool”. God requires one to worship at His footstool. Ps 99: 5. , 132: 7. Therefore, the “footstool” is the “church”. In Is 66: 1, ( Mat 5: 35) when God says “heaven” is my “Throne” and “earth” is His “footstool”, He means the “church”. But we know that the church or the “wife of Christ”, became the “enemy of God in the end as Micah says and she is  cast down to the earth as we have proven. It is the “church” which became God’s enemy according to God’s own words and not CC or EU. At this time, when she became the enemy, God cannot dwell in His footstool.. Now God dwells in  those who “judge” the enemy which is the church. They are now in heaven. That is where God’s throne is (This is why, Now the beast is blaspheming against those who dwell in heaven as Rev 13, 17)


Following verses say, Christ is sitting in the right hand of God, until “God” places the enemy, as His footstool, … that is the church, which was God’s footstool, now has become God’s enemy, but Christ is sitting at the right hand of God, till God makes the footstool which became the enemy, to become the footstool once again.


Psa 110:1, Mat 22: 44 , Act 2: 35,  Mar 12: 36,  Luk 20: 43, Act 7: 49,  Heb 1: 13,  10: 13,    A Psalm of David. A declaration of Jehovah to my Lord: Sit at My right hand, until I place Your enemies as Your footstool. }.. These verses show that until the times of restoration, Christ is with God. Ez. 24: 21, 10: 18-9, 11: 22-24   Ezekiel and his followers sinned, and caused God to leave and until then, God was dwelling in the Sanctuary. For God to profane the Sanctuary, or to leave as these verses say, He Has to be dwelling in the sanctuary, the footstool. It is the same footstool, which became an enemy of God. That is why God left. Therefore, until that footstool, who became an enemy in the last end,  until Ezekiel and the church is restored, Christ cannot come.  Because it is His ‘footstool’ is the enemy. ( Ps 18: 9 says, God’s feet became dark… darkness under His feet and that is the footstool ) So the footstool needs to be brought to the former state, so that God can dwell in it once again. This is not CC or EU. Until such time Christ is sitting with God. 


This is why, as Act 3: 19- -- REPENT…. Repent….repent, so that your sins may be blotted out, when the “times of refreshing “comes from God… We proved from the Word, that this is the prophesied ‘Sabbath’, (which the Jews should have fled from Judea,) as Christ said, which is the “times of gentiles” as we have proven from the Word in our writings. Please read “poor and the Fatherless” writing in our web site. This chapter begins with apostles healing a LAME” man, lame from the womb.  Peter said, in the name of the Jesus Christ the “NAZARENE”….( v 6) ( when this prophecy is to be fulfilled, Christ is with Nazarenes…the gentiles, as we proved. ) Mat 21: 11--- when Christ came to clean the temple, also He was called to be from Nazareth… now too He Has come to clean the house and are with ‘gentiles”, the Nazarenes… 


{ In our writing…. “Why did Peter deny Christ”, we proved from the Word, that Peter denied Christ because he was accused of being with Christ, whom they thought from “Nazareth” and “Galilee”, which are gentile cities and Peter hated  when he was accused of being with gentiles. We all know how much he tried to not to mix with the gentiles as Jews expel if one has anything common with the gentiles.


Mar 14:67, Mat 26:71  And seeing Peter warming himself, looking at him, she said, And you were with Jesus the Nazarene.} … this is why Peter denied Him. We know how hard it was for Peter to accept the unclean gentiles. He even once withdrew from eating at the same table, when some came from Jerusalem and Paul had to rebuke him. Any way, at this point, when he was healing this lame man, he has already accepted Christ to be from Nazareth. He was not ashamed to heal a man in the name of Christ, who is from Nazareth… his view towards the gentiles, have changed. Now too, this lame man, being the leader in the church , if he needs to be healed, he has to admit that Christ is with the gentiles and since he misjudged them, ( the poor), he has to admit, repent and pray for forgiveness just as Peter has done. Jam 2: 3 says, the rich wanted the poor to sit at their feet and at their footstool. But God, rejected His footstool, who wanted the poor to stand at their footstool. ! }  


This is a prophecy for our day, or the day when God :restores everything  including the footstool as we see. There is a lame man, who is lame from the womb, who does not walk in the right path. God calls him a ‘transgressor from the womb”, which we have written in many writings , who is the last high priest who would betray Christ, ..

Is 48: 8…   you did not hear; yea, you did not know; yea, from then your ear was not opened; for I know that betraying you will betray and revolt from the womb; it was called to you.

Isa 48:9  For My name's sake I will put off My anger; and for My praise I will hold back for you, so as not to cut you off.

Isa 48:10  Behold, I have refined you, but not with silver; I have chosen you in the furnace of affliction.

Isa 48:11  For My sake, for My sake, I will act; for how is it defiled? And I will not give My glory to another. }… From this passage, we know, that this man’s ear was once opened, but he chose to disobey God, by betraying ( or being unfaithful as we see) Christ. God knew that he will do so, from the womb. But God will put him in the furnace of affliction, which is happening now as we have proven, to refine him. The furnace of affliction is the tribulation, the lake of fire, the over flowing flood ( The Word) etc….( Word also will melt them, which is to consume them as Ps 147: 18)   but God clearly says, He does not want to cut him off, for His name’s sake. So this is the last high priest, who is “Joshua”, who will be taken out of fire. So you see, God does not want a man , whom He foreknew that he will betray God and will be unfaithful, even to be lost for ever. If such a transgressor from the womb is brought  back, would not God bring back others who are with him? … there is no eternal hell fire, which God will eternally burn those who sin, as these leaders have been teaching. This is the leader of the footstool, but he chose to not listen to God and stopped his ear at one point, but God will put him in the fire and will refine and take back… v 14 says, he is even in Babylon… what a merciful Father we have? A man who betrayed him also will be taken back !  Christ said to God, “forgive them for they do not know what they are doing”. When this man is refined, the footstool will be ready for God to dwell in once again and Christ will come and marry her….v 21… the “Rock” will give them the water… Ps 78 33- 35… those who are proud will be killed, and then, they will seek Him. How can the dead seek God, unless it is “spiritual”? This is why Christ Has come as a thief in the night, when it is dark as there is no revelation to the footstool. Also Christ came to refine as in Malachi 3. the times of refreshing , is just for the purpose of refining and to give water the breath of God… you see, it is the ‘man of sin”
 who sits in the temple, the footstool, who will be consumed by Christ’s breath, which is the Spirit.. Because he does not have it….


Act 3: 7…. Christ will make this man walk once again in the right path as (Is 48: 17).  this man, who is a transgressor or a betrayer from the womb, who stopped his ears and started to be lame and who did not walk in the right path, once again will be restored. V 7..his ankle bones and feet is made firm… these are the ten horns, who is the ankle and the feet, who need to be restored. V 13- 14 … Peter is reminding that how they rejected Christ and how in return He healed them. v 14.. They denied the ‘ Just” or the ‘righteous ones”. In Jam 5: 6, this was fulfilled… you need to confess the sins … and pray for one another v 16. This is all about turning your brothers who are going astray… v 19 Or making the footstool to come back.


V 15… the Prince or the Author of life you have killed…. We proved that the last church also guilty of killing Christ and that is why the foundations are broken. V 16, when the high priest is brought back, all else will see that and they will turn to God as well.

V 17… ..And now, brothers, I know that you acted according to ignorance, as also did your rulers.}…The ignorant are the ministers at this time… Is 56: 10. This is why they became ‘beasts” in the first place… the wise became fools when the Spirit as taken away and when God left…. Turn from your iniquities v 26…  


Lam 2:1  How the Lord has clouded over the daughter of Zion in His anger! He cast the beauty of Israel down from the heavens to the earth, and did not remember His footstool in the day of His wrath.}.. at this time when He cast down the earth, or His footstool, from heaven and He hangs it on nothing… ( Job 26: 7)


MM  pg 140

CHRISTIANS ARE IN GOD'S CHURCH IF THEY ARE FOLLOWING CHRIST!! (I Pet. 2:21; Luke 18:28-30). That is from God's word -- the Holy Bible! If you follow the Scriptures, you are in God's Church -- in spite of what any man says! Remember, the BIBLE IS FULL OF EXAMPLES WHERE CHURCH LEADERS HAVE LED PEOPLE ASTRAY. That is why EVERY spiritual step we take MUST be biblically based!]


James 1: 22… But become doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. },,. Have mercy on the poor, if you want God to show mercy… and not only preach, but practice…


Luk 11: 28… But He said, No; rather, blessed are those hearing the Word of God, and keeping it.


Rom 2: 13… For not the hearers of the Law are just with God, but the doers of the Law shall be justified}…The leader has failed to have the works. He does not follow Christ. He said, if you love Me, keep My commands… instead, they hate the brothers… and are liars. Will the foundations stand?


Remember, the BIBLE IS FULL OF EXAMPLES WHERE CHURCH LEADERS HAVE LED PEOPLE ASTRAY. That is why EVERY spiritual step we take MUST be biblically based!.....God says, all of the leaders who live in these last times, are beasts…, ignorant. That IS BIBLICALLY BASED….  Could Gerald Flurry honestly say that he is a doer of the Word? Is every step he took, biblically based?.... with God…  doers of the Law shall be justified!


God condemns the leaders…so they have been telling others to be doers of the Word, but they, themselves have failed ! certainly the BIBLE IS FULL OF EXAMPLES WHERE CHURCH LEADERS HAVE LED PEOPLE ASTRAY. ! THE FOUNDATIONS ARE FALLEN. !...


Ez. 43: 7 --- And He said unto me, Son of man, the place of My throne, and the place of the soles of My feet, where I will dwell in the midst of the children of Israel for ever, and My holy name, shall the house of Israel no more defile, neither they, nor their kings, by their whoredom, nor by the carcases of their kings in their high places}…The enemies once again will become the footstool of God, after cleansing their whoredom….


Witness 1,


Gentile assembly