Beast or man pt 3

We should know how to discern whether we serve  God or the devil, according to God’s Word? The leaders in the church say EU is the beast. But God says, His people who do not understand are the beasts as they were unable to build “HIS” character.  We will continue to prove from the Word that it is the “spiritual throne of David” is the beast.


How God discerns His children;….

1 John 3: 10 says, ;… By this the children of God and the children of the devil are revealed.. Everyone not practicing righteousness is not of God.)))…….this is how God discerns His children. If one is “righteous”, then he is a child of God and if not, he is a son of the devil.  How do we know according to God’s Word, whether we are righteous or not?. We have proven from the Word;  God discerns one to be “righteous”, ; if they do not haveother gods”. He Does not look at our sins how bad they are, as they could be forgiven. But He gets Jealous, if His children go after other gods. If you sin, or break the law, you have Christ’s blood so that you can be forgiven. But if you willfully sin, then you are guilty of your own blood and you have to die. This is why they are thrown in to darkness and to the pit. EU could never be in the pit or in darkness because God will not be jealous if they go after other gods.


If you have other gods, you are  a “son of the devil” and is a beast, and have taken the image of the beast. We have also proven from the Word that,  no one  in Israel”, is righteous. ( except the “vessels of mercy”, who are the gentiles who were not given the law) . Rom 11 explains that. V 7 says, “Israel”, did not obtain the righteousness, and was hardened. V 8 says, God closed “Israel’s”  eyes to the truth. Has this prophecy being fulfilled? Not until now.  And the “elect”, the vessels of mercy   are the ‘poor’ who are rich in faith,  who are the ‘gentiles’, who are now righteous.  Those who are “unrighteous” are worshiping the beast. Then, they are the “children of the devil”.


In John 8, Christ said to the ‘Jews’, who are “Abraham’s seed”,  v 34.. everyone practice sin, or break the law, is a slave to the devil. Now could EU or CC break the law to be beasts?   V 37… even though they are “Abraham’s seed”, they try to kill Christ because His “Word”, is not in them. There is something very wrong with the children of Abraham. They could not recognize their Savior at His first coming. Even in the second coming, they would not know as the prophet is a fool as Hos 9:7 says. (read: Day of visitation)


( V 39 says, they failed to do the works of Abraham. That means they do not have faith. And without faith, it is impossible to be a son of God. therefore, Abraham ‘s children became sons of the devil ) They were given the law and all the blessings that one could be blessed, but they refused the greatest blessing;  That is to “inherit the kingdom”.  ( Gal 3:  20 - 29 says, the ‘gentiles’, are Christ’s and that means they have become Abraham’s children through  “FAITH” ) V 44… their father is the devil… he was a murderer from the beginning. The last prophet is a transgressor from the “womb” or in his beginning; ( Is 48: 8, Ez 16: 3) which means he is a law breaker from his birth. The “Jews”, who are Abraham ‘s children, are slaves to the devil. They are the kingdom of beasts… God says so.


Mat 3: 7-  9… Pharisees, the leaders of the Jews, were told, that even though they are Abraham’s children, they need to repent… and they are vipers and under the wrath of God. ( wrath of God comes upon the ‘SONS OF DISOBEDIENCE” and not on EU or CC.  Eph 5:6,  Col 3: 6,  Joh 3: 36)  . Now, is the time God is showing His wrath, His Jealousy, …as  the “Day of The Lord” Has come. remember, on the day of the Lord, He Has raised up the gentiles to provoke the Jews to jealousy. (read:    Donkey and the foolish nation)

If God’s wrath is on them, then they are the enemies of God. if they are the enemy of God, then they serve the devil. This is why, the antichrists and all other beasts, who are in the church, is fighting against God’s true followers.


Mat 8: 11.. that many, will come from “EAST  and WEST” and will sit with Abraham “IN THE KINGDOM”, v 12… but Abraham’s children will be thrown in to outer darkness where they weep and gnash. These are not ‘physical’ Israel, but the ‘spiritual’. This is how, as we have shown, a plague in Rev 16: 10, the “throne  of the beastbecame darkness, which means absence of God’s Spirit.  This verse shows us that most of Israel has failed. That is why God Had to call many ( not a few, but many) from east and west. This means, there weren’t many in Israel, even to fill up the offices which Christ said, He is preparing.


Why did they fail?........John 8: 31- 32… They did not “continue in the Word”. If you continue in His Word, then they will know the truth and truth will set them free. Because of their lies, they became slaves and they are not free. Israel, could not keep Christ’s Word to this day. That is why we witness against them.. All through out the Word, Abraham ‘s children are condemned for their failure.


Act 13:10  he said, O son of the devil, full of all guile and of all cunning, enemy of all righteousness, will you not stop perverting the right ways of the Lord? }}} In pt 2, we proved that it is the ‘Jews’ who by their “myths” and traditions of men, pervert the way and cause the faith crisis. ( Also 1 Tim 4: 1) The other beast who is warned of perverting ways  is ‘Balaam”…(read: Mic 2: 9 wicked exposed) 

. end time “Christ’s wife” was given such a warning of a ‘Balaam’ type of betrayal, which they  did not take heed. Mic 6: 5,  2 Pet 2: 15,  Jud 11,  Rev 2: 14. This is the failure of end time Israel, the “Bamah matter” read in Read: Armageddon to see how Josiah cleaned the idols of Baalim, which is a type of what is happening in God’s church now. 2 Chr 34: 4… if “physical” Israel were cleansed of Baals, how much more the ‘spiritual” Israel should?


To “whom” was Paul saying a “cunning hostile son of the devil”? V 5.. They were preaching in the “synagogues” of the “Jews. And there was a sorcerer, a “false prophet, a “Jew, V 8 ( same person whose name was changed), trying to turn a person ‘AWAY FROM THE FAITH”. ( Mat 23: 13, Christ warned the leaders that they are hypocrites, who shuts up the kingdom to others and they would not enter either. ) These Jews are causing faith crisis in the church. The cunning hostile son of the devil, is a Jew. (read: Last hour church split and the synagogue of the Jews in our web site) The synagogue of Satan in Rev 3:9 caused everyone’s faith away from God. They turned one whole era away from faith. (cunningness is a character of the beasts leopard, in Rev 13) . the prophets are called foxes in the desert as we have proven from the Word. Now too there is a fox, who is the prophet, who is cunning son of the devil who turned the whole church to go after other gods causing them to be unrighteous. To such foxes, Christ Has a message;….

Luk 13:32  say to that fox, Behold, today and tomorrow I cast out demons and I complete cures, and the third day I am being perfected. … this is a prophecy for our day, as the v 35 says, now is the time for God’s House to be desolated as God Had to profane the sanctuary…. V 34…  Christ wanted to gather everyone in Jerusalem,  but they were not willing. They are the children of Abraham and not in EU or CC.  Christ does not say, there are a few who serve Him. He says there is no one till the whole house is desolated. ( Is. 6: 11 ) Therefore, if there is a prophet ; “says that he serves God and to follow him as you should follow God’ man”,…. he is a liar. God says no man, and all the leaders in all of the churches say “ I am the man God works” and want everyone to follow them. these leaders should know how to submit and discuss things and work together in truth. Truth, cannot be divided. Only the devil’s children are divided. Knowing this, Christ said:…”Every kingdom DIVIDED brought to DESOLATION…. “ Has not this happened? V 26…. Even satan is not divided, for he stands with his demons together to destroy God’s people. To destroy God’s children,  all the leaders in God’s church work together with the devil. Is Christ divided? (1 Cor 1:13)

Mar 3: 24-27…Satan has an “END”. This is the end of satan. So he has bound the leader in God’s church using the Antiochus, or balaam and now he is plundering the whole house.  In these scripture, it is the ‘church” of God which was divided and not EU or CC.


Who is a false prophet?.....according to the above verses,  One is called a “false prophet”, if they “turn one away from faith”. EU cant turn our faith away. These false prophets are inside God’s church.

( Act 13: 5 – 8 ) This is why Christ said, there are many false prophets. They turn away the faith of Israel. Look around and see how many churches of God there are after HWA died. God always condemned the leaders… So, “Balaam” was a type which, the END TIME CHURCH IS  warned of a person who tried to turn the faith of Israel, by causing them to commit adultery, which he succeeded. There  is also a ‘type of “Antiochus”. He used the “South East” of the temple, to do his evil work. So, this man, ‘Antiochus’, Balaam, false prophets, are  sons of the devil and are right “inside “PCG. (Bamah matter, which happened in ‘south east’ as Dan 9: 8 says). The high priest should have judged these matters and measure the inner court. But he failed as we have proven. In his sermons and writings, he said, “If we are going to prophesy again, we must worship in that temple and we have to be measured. That includes the altar…… symbolizes the ministry, including me. We all have to be measured”…In the last moments, God did not tell him to measure EU. It was the ministry, the altar, or the inner court which needed the measuring.


V 11 shows us that such  a person ( false prophet)  will be “BLIND” … and “DARKNESS” would fall  on him… this is what is happened to the present day false prophet who turned away the faith of Israel…. The 7th head, the laodicean leader became blind and now sit in darkness without prophetic revelation, ( Mic 3: 6) . This is the beast’s kingdom. The leaders allowed satan to come inside the church and damage everything. The enemy is inside… Ps 74. This is not EU.


2 Cor 4 says, v 2… we must renounce the hidden things … not walk in craftiness…( leopard in Rev 13)  but in truth. The gospel is hid, to those who are lost whom satan has blinded because they do not believe ( God condemned everyone who do not believe and said, they cannot enter in to the rest.. Heb 3: 17-19. And they are the children of Israel,  ) Satan blinded them when the man of sin dwells in the temple in 2 Thes 2 or during the laodicean era.


2 Thes 2: 10… They perish because they did not love the truth… so God will send a “working of error”… to believe the lie… these lies come from the SOS, ( Synagogue of satan) who is right inside the Sanctuary. It is “God”, who raised up a wicked shepherd ( Zech 11: 16) to test the people. It is “God” who sends this work of error to test the people. This is the tribulation as we have proven from the Word. This is why, immediately after the tribulation,  after God discerns who serves Him, testing the patience of their ‘faith’, the trumpets, the plagues  are blown and poured. By this time, God Has chosen the faithful. As we saw earlier, the tribulation is to test the patience of the saints, and that is why God sent the beastly shepherds. Those who are proven to be disobedient, are worshiping the devil and the beast. Jer 10: 14- 15…. The leaders who do the working of error are brutish…. Beasts… and in ‘judgment’ they perish. This is what is happening now. The working of error was done by the man of sin who is in the church and not in EU or CC. This is the time which God’s breath is coming to destroy the wicked Job 4: 9. Such people are delusioned. And Job 17: 4 says, God has hidden their heart from understanding. That means, God does not give His breath to them. Job 34: 14- 15… this cause all flesh to be perished and man shall return to dust. … Is 52…. Zion is in dust now, being dead spiritually.


Job 12: 14-  25 says… God break down and builds and when He shuts, no one opens This is Is 22: 22 the “key of David”. This key of David’s throne was given to the Jews, and specially to Eliakim, who lives now. But in v 25, God cut him off and all the burden ws taken away from him. The fulfillment happened in the Rev 3: 7, during the Phil era. Rev 3: 8 says to those who ‘DID NOT DENY God’S NAME” ( those who fulfill Mal 3: 15-18, Is 56: 3-8,  Mic 5: 7-8 , Ez 16: 40, Lam 1: 15 and little sanctuaries) … , that they will be given this key. By cutting off Eliakim, and by calling the Jews a ‘ SOS”, God shows that this key was cut off from the Jews. God Has shut this key from them as they denied God and Christ. Christ said in Luke 12: 9, and Mat 10: 33, who ever denies Him would be denied by Him.  We have and will prove that it is the ‘gentiles’ who now have this key. Because in the hour of trial, it is the ‘gentiles’ who work for God. He Has totally rejected the Jews and they are the ones who became the kingdom of beasts. During this era, God opened the door to gentiles and closed the door to Jews.  Rev 3: 12 is fulfilled in Is 56: 3- 10, as we have proven from the Word in many of our writings. ( last h our church split Jews and gentiles

End of the ‘song of Moses” in Deut 32: 43, God tells “GENTILES” are His people to rejoice. (with is in italics means later added). Even king David admits that gentiles will serve him   Ps 18: 43- 50 and 2 Sam 22. Not forgetting the “Day of the Lord” (Ez 30: 3) and the “Day of visitation” ( 1 Pet 2: 12), which God works with the gentiles.


Continue with Job 12: 15… God hold back the waters and they dry up… Waters are people like the harlot sits on “many waters” picture many people. Rev 8: 10… the lamp, the star , the leader fell on the rivers, and they became wormwood… ( read: harlot writings to understand all about “wormwood” ) the believers are rivers as we have proven from the Word and now they are dry and are in the wilderness. ( read : wilderness)

Job 12:15  Behold, He holds back the waters, and they dry up; and He sends them out, and they overflow the earth. }…. The ‘gentiles” are the over flowing showers.. ( Is 66: 12), and God sends them. Christ comes in the ‘clouds’… (but the leaders are ‘clouds without water” Jude) and He comes in the “rain”… ( Ps 72: 6,   Job 29: 23,   Hos 6: 3). This is the “latter rain” which comes from the ‘gentiles”, as we have proven. God Has cut down the key of David from Eliakim, and given it to the people who did not deny God’s name. !

Job 12: 17… The wise men or counselors, He will spoil and make them fools…. Who is the fool who does not know when Christ is coming? Hos 9:7. Of course He will not want Christ to come down in the ‘clouds”… He will not accept them…. not even Peter, John the Baptist could accept that.  Lam 2: 7…. God Has spurned the altar…. Do we see and understand this? The enemy damaged everything in the Sanctuary  Ps 74. So how can God work with such?

GF wrote in Habakkuk, He (Habakkuk) realized that God was aware of the treachery going on within the JEWISH RELIGION of his time”.  “We too must realize that God is aware of what is happening within His church today”… the same treachery is happening today. Malachi proves it. Act 28: 28 proves gentiles are being called when Jews rejected.

Job 12: 18…God cuts off kings and binds them as captives… this what He did to Peter… John 21: 18.

V 19- 25… …He lead priests captives, stripped or naked, and over throw them. …He takes a way the understanding from the ages, or the wise. The leaders will be scorned, the deep things will be revealed , the dark works, ( Ps 64: 6.. it is the “man’s heart” is what is deep. Is 44: 27… God will dry up the deep , the rivers by God’s ‘judgments’ which are deep, which preserves men and beasts. Ps 36: 6) , He increase the gentiles, and destroy the people who are like gentiles… , He destroys the leader and make them waste and they will grope in the dark, and no light in them and they will stagger like drunkards. It is the laodiceans who stagger like drunkards ( Is 28, when God rises up in His anger to do the strange , gentiles work as v 21. remember GF wrote in earlier Isiah books about this strange foreign family work and later removed the whole chapter?  )  and grope in the dark.


2 Cor 4: 4… if you are UNBELIEVING,  satan deceives you and you will lose the  IMAGE OF God , (‘GLORY OF Christ”). if you lose the ‘image of God’, then you have the ‘image of the beast’.  Who could lose the ‘image of God”? It is only the ‘spiritual’ Israel. The ‘man of sin’ is doing the ‘work of error’… and he is in the ‘temple’. Not in EU or CC. This is why God tells His people to “COME OUT” of confused beasts who are in Babylon at this time. The Word of God clearly shows us that it is ‘Abraham ‘s seed who have become beasts)    


How the seven eras were tested ……

Rev 2: 2, Christ commends the church of having patience, because, they have “tried the leaders” who say they are apostles, but found them to be liars. That is how, their patience was tested. These must be the ‘beasts’ in Ephesus, as this is the Ephesus era. ( 1 Cor 15: 32… these beasts, say, let us eat and drink, tomorrow we die”. This is a quote from Is 22: 13, which condemns the leaders who are in Jerusalem, who did not look up to the Maker. If they did not look up to God, then they are looking up to the devil…. They are called beasts…. v 14… because of iniquity, they are to die. This chapter shows, how Eliakim was given al the glory and how he was cut down. So we have come to the time, which God Has cut him down, as he is a beast. ) This is the first era and from the beginning, the leaders have been liars and are sons of the devil and are beasts. The same condition will exist in the end time too, as the Laodiceans are Lukewarm in their love.

Rev 2: 9… there is a ‘tribulation’…. Because there is a SOS inside the church as it is now. (Rev 2:9, 3:9) the history repeats… the liars, the SOS… if you try this  SOS, you will over come the beast, as Ephesians did. They are led by satan.  You will get a crown and will not hurt by the ‘second death’, which is the lake of fire.  We who are alive now also have the same warning. We have the SOS, the liars, and tribulation, second death.


Rev 2: 13…By this time, the church dwell right where satan’s seat is. The “church of God”, dwells where “satan’s throne” is???? ….. God is not talking about EU or CC in these verses… He was and IS fully aware of what the leaders are doing. We must prove and try them, as it is our tribulation and testing of our faith. Even faithful Abraham was tested. Guess who is  there with this  SOS?... V 14…it is  “Balaam”….  What did he do ?.... He caused Israel to sacrifice to idols and commit fornication or adultery. That is the doctrine of Balaam.  This is how PCG failed too.

( Num 31: 16)   this problem was continuing to this day as the “Bamah matter” happened.

V 16… Christ will make war with them by the sword of His mouth. Christ will not kill any one with a real sword and He will not carry a sword in His mouth. This is the ‘Word of God”, … Heb 4: 12… it is sharper than a two edged sword.. and piercing even to the soul and spirit and joints and marrow… and will judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart…. This is how Christ will consume the man of sin… by the “Word of God”…

Rev 2: 21… fornication and did not repent. She too will go in to tribulation if they do not repent…. And God will kill her children with death… they will be broken like a potter’s vessel… God is saying this to the ‘judges’ of the church… Ps 2: 9-10. v 1 says, those who are like heathen now, who has vanity, and they are the kings and the rulers and they are plotting against Christ and His anointed. ( Is 10: 12) This is the war now going on with the anti Christs ( Rev 13: 6- 7)  who are evil towards God’s true followers. (V 5).  God’s wrath, which is now.

God says, His church dwells where satan’s throne is. This is what has happened now too. So it was possible for the throne of David to become the throne of satan. it has happened before and it is ‘God”  who say so. When there is a man of ‘SIN” sitting in the temple, or where the throne of David or the key of David is, instead of “God”, does not that throne becomes the beast’s throne?


Sardis era’s work is dead…


We all know what happened in the Phil era ( brotherly love) . There is a SOS, and it will be a tribulation for God’s people as God is testing them. They are given the ‘key of David’ and as written above, This is a prophecy in Is 22: 22. This is “Eliakim”… who was given all the glory  but CUT DOWN TO FALL. these are the beasts who say, as we saw earlier, let us eat and drink, we die….


Isa 22:25  In that day, says Jehovah of Hosts, the nail that is driven in the sure place shall be removed, and be cut down, and fall. And the burden that was on it shall be cut off. Jehovah has spoken. }.}.  He is the false prophet, the evil king who is inspired by the devil. The liar, who is a son of his father , the devil, as Christ said.  And he is the wicked shepherd who was raised by “God” to test His people as Zech 11: 16-17. This wicked man was raised after God, breaking the covenant, as v 10- 11 says, while the poor were watching. This is why, the poor are witnessing.


We know how the children of Israel, all those who are baptized in to the body of Christ, divided in to many groups unable to have brotherly love…. Don’t we have one God, one Christ? Then, why do the children of Israel is unable to speak the same thing? Have the same doctrines? There is One Spirit. What we witness now, in the church, so many groups, unable to agree as one, shows that all have failed. Ez 16: 52 and the whole chapter, WHOLE BOOK OF MALACHI, James,  give us the present truth in the church of God. The sanctified, preserved ones lost the faith once delivered. If they understood the truth, they cannot be divided. Satan divided them and conquered…because none want to submit or live by the truth. The truth would not cause you to be divided.  The sons of the devil, they are now. All the 12 tribes, as Jam 1: 1 says, are now scattered and the poor became rich in faith (Jam 2: 5) A “new moon” was created, but Israel trampled it. Rev 12.


Next is the laodicean era, in which, God Has judged His church as He gave seven stages or eras to prove their faithfulness to Him and they utterly failed. All seven eras are fallen.  Rev 3: 17…now they are  blind and naked… no spiritual clothes on them… they are blind as they sinned and transgressed God’s law ( Zeph 1: 17)…they need to be anointed with eye salve so they could see.  The leader should know that it is time for God to witness against them as v 14….  God will finally spew them out. They are blind means, without understanding…. That means they are beasts.

Has any era obeyed God? All the seven eras, or seven governments, seven mountains have fallen and  they are beasts. This is the mysterious harlot, who was carried away by the beast, the devil. The virgin of Israel shall rise no more…. The woman who bore seven languishes….

They are now blind and dead to spiritual knowledge as God Has spewed them out of His mouth. Now, God Has to breath on them again by His mouth… which is the Holy Spirit which gives them the understanding so they can be men and not beasts. this is why, God Has chosen the faithful, the poor to witness against them.


In That prophet book, GF wrote;…

God says, I will spread that dung of your religion and your rebellion all over your faces! Your religion to Me is nothing but dung. And you will be taken away with it ---treated like so much dung if you don’t repent! That is not an easy message. } … God caused this to be written in 2001, when this book was published. That means, those who are in the church during this year and after, should be warned about this. Certainly the leader of the church should take heed to this warning ! Co- incidentally, he was given bread to eat baked on human dung… Ez 4.  God says, His people will be as dung on the face of the earth… Jer 25: 33…, 16: 4,  8: 2,   9: 22,  This is not EU but God’s people… . 


In Gen 1: 28.. God gave the man, authority over fish, birds and beasts. When the serpent deceived Adam and Eve, he was cursed to eat dust and to creep in the dark. When men sins, they are to return to dust as well and they will have darkness without a prophetic vision. Just like the devil was caused to creep about, in the end time, there will be creeping ministers inside the Sanctuary ( also vipers  as Christ said, who creep ) which Jude and Peter warned about.   In Ezekiel’s time, ( Ez 8: 10, Rom 1: 23)  the 70 elders, or ministers, worshipped the creeping things and we proved from the Word.   Ezekiel and his followers are the ones who became the harlot, whose judgment now has come and who became a habitation for creeping things as Rev 18: 2 says. God Has made them like they do not have a ruler over them as they rejected Him, but He will also gather them in due time.  

(1 Kin 22: 17,  Hos 3: 4,  Hab 1: 14 )


It is “Zion” who is in dust now  ( Is 52) having sinned and deceived. Many of God’s people were bitten by the “serpents” or the “creeping” ministers. GF even gave a sermon about;  to inform him about ‘creeping ministers” inside the PCG in 2003.  But he failed to see the creeping ministers under him.


God caused beasts, serpents to devour them…because of sin.  

Num 21: 6,  Deut 28: 26,  32: 24 (this is the ‘song of Moses’, which is to be sung by the gentiles before the plagues are poured in Rev 15: 3, which we have already done)  Rev 19:17  is the fulfillment, … 2 Kin 17: 25,   Ez 5: 17,    Jer 5: 6,  Mat 7: 15,   Ez 13: 4,   Ez 14: 15, 21,  29: 5,     Jer 7: 33,   Jer 8: 17,   12: 9,    Jer 15: 3… 16: 4,  34: 20,  50: 39  ( the “jackals”… are the “prophets”. Read: Foxes are prophesied ) Jer 23: 11- 12… priest and prophet are profaned 

( Zeph 3: 4, Ez  23: 39,  24: 21) and they are in God’s house, and their way will be in the darkness (without God’s light or revelation ) … they will be driven, and fall… as God will bring evil upon them, in the year of the visitation… which is now.    

Jer 28: 14… God will cause His people to serve Nebu, the king of Babylon as they are sent to Babylon. ( Mic 4: 10 And they shall serve him… and the beasts… This is caused by God, as the seventy years in Babylon to end transgressions as we have proven from the Word in our ‘Babylon’ writings.  Modern day king Nebu too was sent to the wilderness to dwell with the beasts to humble him and to reveal him who is the ‘true’ God. the same is needed to the children of Abraham, who continuously sinned and dwelt with the beasts.


GF wrote in Family vision;…

The word tingle is used in only two places in the Old Testament—2 kings 21:12, and Jer.19:3. Both these prophetic books refer to the destruction of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar. The destruction is only a type of what is coming upon all Israel in these latter days, if our people do not repent. The family of Israel is about to be destroyed.

This is the message—God begins it “in that day. }… Now, since they did not repent, God Has raised a Spirit of king Nebu in the church and he is being sent to the wilderness to dwell with the beasts. Dan 4: 27 shows the failure of king Nebu. This is why, the church now in babaylon, and in the wilderness and the beasts reign. This is not EU or CC. It is the “family of Israel….


Booklet Habakkuk—Gerald Flurry---Page-1

“At the time the book   was written Habakkuk saw Nebuchadnezzar on the riseready to destroy Judah.”-------

Para 1—last lines----“Habakkuk was very disturbed that God would do nothing}…we proved from the Word, it is “God” who raised up such a king to destroy as they have rejected Him. !


Hab.1:1-2----Hab.’s vision was a burden to him---It was so distressing to him—but it did not appear that God was listening. Hab. saw very violent acts being done! --------It was the” spiritual” violence that Hab. Felt God would do nothing about!—Hab. 1:3-4---law is slacked, wicked compass about the righteous---therefore wrong judgment proceedeth”}…The righteous, has no power over these beasts. Because God allowed His people to die spiritually, so He could reward them as Christ said,” Mat 10: 39…, luk 17: 33  who ever lose life, will find it…. They reign with Christ thousand years while the sons of the kingdom are thrust out. (Rev 20:4) . He saw the “ spiritual” violence”…. Could spiritual violence happen in EU? Or CC? it could happen only in the ‘true’ church. this is why the ‘true’ followers were cast out in the end as 3 John says. “TRUE” followers could be cast out in the ‘TRUE” church only. If the ‘true’ followers are cast out, there is something very wrong spiritually in the ‘true’ church! They have to be serving the devil… if they were serving God, they would not cast the true followers out. After all, it is “God” who says, they are ‘true’ followers. !


“Violence involves strife and contention between religious people---there were some violent arguments—verse 4 shows us it was OVER THE LAW!---this verse cannot be referring to the people in the world today—they never have kept God’s law. Hab. sees a division in religion over God’s law. This book is for the end time!

Could you keep the law once you break the covenant? when the covenant was broken, God Has to leave as He is pure and cannot live in a defiled altar. When He leaves, His breath is gone from the altar. So they cannot keep the law as it is God’s Spirit which enable us to keep the law and love. If they do not have the Spirit, since they cannot understand, they become beasts that perish. Christ said, lawlessness will abide and He will not find faith and love of many shall wax cold…


FORMER PROPHETS BOOKLET —page 5—G. Flurry wrote---

" The king or leader of God's church might weaken and think he is above the law---God promises His leaders that HE WILL CORRECT THEM with the rod of men of this world! }… So this is the correction, which he still rejects. Before the end, he will worship God before our feet… Rev 3: 9


"Those members of God's church should know by faith that their ministers will be corrected ---including the most exalted ministers! God is a Father who lovingly "spanks" His leaders who commit iniquity."


We, who live far away are the ‘rod of men’ , the “weapons of His indignation” ( Jer 50: 25-26,  Is 13: 5 ) which comes on those most exalted ministers. We only now have ‘FAITH” as we have proven from the Word and we believe God will correct  Zion as He Has promised and that is why we have not stopped sending the Word for the last three years till we see they are being corrected. Ps 126 shows how the “gentiles” will see and are happy when God bring back the captivity. V 4… Zion is turned back like the “streams in the ‘south’… the “gentiles”, who are in the “south”, will see Zion’s salvation. But now, they are a kingdom of beasts.   Why only the streams of ‘south’ is mentioned? They are the ones who are witnessed the treachery and witnessed against it and saw the captivity and are fighting with the beasts , to bring back Zion. They are the streams who are being used by God to water the desolated Zion.


Is 10: 5--6- as a part of God’s wrath, He sends a man like king Nebu, against His people.  Jer 25: 9.  as v 10 says, the millstone, bridegroom, the light of the lamp will be taken away. The fulfillment is in Rev 18.  V 29 says, all this is to happen in the city, which is called by God’s name…. and not in EU or CC. so there is a time which there was no bridegroom or a light of a lamp… this is not CC or EU…


Zech 13: 1…. Because of sin and impurity , there will be a fountain opened. v 2.. God will cut off the prophets and the unclean spirit… so it is the “prophets” who have “unclean Spirits” as Rev 16: 13. ( Jer 1: 14,  3: 12,  4: 6,   6: 1,   10: 22  ,  1 Ti 4: 1 , ) Jer 47: 2 explains how the overflowing torrent comes from “north” to make the people cry and wail… this is the flood which comes from the false prophet, the devil.


Zech 13: 5… the “prophets deceive by wearing a hairy garment like Jacob, ( who bragged about buying the truth ? ) will be ashamed. V 7… the sword against “MY” shepherd. It is ‘God’s shepherd who is being stricken. V 8… some will be cut off. V 9… God will refine some. Malachi says, it is the “ministers” who need to be purified. And this happen during the laodicean  era. It is the Laodiceans and the ministry  whose gold has become dross  as Lam 4: 1 – 2.


Mic 3: 5-6… the “PROPHETS” make people to err  ( we saw earlier that it is the Jews, who are the children of Abraham is who make people to lose faith ) and they will have night, without a vision and darkness. Darkness is one of the plagues. Rev 16: 10… “beast’s” kingdom became darkness… This does not happen to EU.


Zech 12: 4… every horse in Judah will be stricken with panic and madness and blindness. These are the ministers or the horses who are in the winepress now (Rev 14) and the assembly is pressing them (Lam 1: 15). Don’t we see all the leaders are confused and cannot agree with one another in God’s church. ? None of these happened in EU or CC.  


Is 19 is a prophecy for our time, when the church will be in “Egypt” spiritually. (Rev 11: 8). V 4 says God will give them over to a cruel lord, and a fierce king shall rule over them. The waters shall fail from the sea, and the rivers shall be wasted and dried. These are the plagues , rivers drying up, becoming blood etc… this is not talking about the EU or CC. during this time, there will be no kings, priests( Hos 3: 4… )who serve the Lord truthfully. Even though there are many priests, and leaders in God’s church, they serve the devil. no more kings … V 14… The LORD hath mingled a perverse spirit in the midst thereof: and they have caused Egypt to err”… this is like when the man of sin is sitting in the temple , God sent the strong delusion to those who did not love the truth. ( Abraham ‘s children ) Rev 11: 8… they are in Egypt spiritually. God is causing them to err… or to fall away from the truth by making them to be blind and no understanding… or to become beasts. It is this king in Egypt who is fouling the waters as Ez 34 explains.. . the wicked sheperds… ( Ez 32: 2…this is the floods which comes from the prophets who are in north. )


Ps 74 which talks about the beasts inside the church, destroys people until there is no longer any prophet to understand the signs of the times…. This has already happened. The last prophet, who is alive at Christ’s coming or on the ‘day of visitation”, is a fool, ( Hos  9:7) and without understanding, that he does not see the signs of the times of Christ’s coming or that God Has called the gentiles to witness against him. He did not see the sword of the Lord. V 19 of this pslam, shows God Has given His turtledove to the beasts and they are being afflicted. All these scripture shows that it is Israel who failed and became the beast.


Ps 79: 1 – 2 …. When the heathen ( unbaptized) came in to God’s inheritance, they defiled God’s Holy temple.  As witnesses to this, we are declaring how it happened to all Israel who are willing to see in our web site . They have ruined “Jerusalem”, that is the mother of us all and has given her to the beasts of the field. This is why, when the mother becomes ruined, God’s people are warned to wean from the mother and flee from her… God allured ( Hos 2: 14) her to the wilderness of desolation , as our writings ‘wilderness’ showed.   There, God will speak to her heart… she needs a change in her heart. She has always been backsliding. When she sees that her husband has forsaken her and has raised up a foolish nation, she will be provoked and jealous and wake up. People do not want to believe what we say… when Thomas was told that Christ was risen, he did not believe and he wanted to poke the finger and see. (John 20: 25)  But Christ said, blessed is he who believes even not seeing. People should prove what we say even if they did not see the Bamah matter , how it broke the covenant.


Is 30: 6… the burden of the beasts of the “south”… these are the leaders in the south in the church, ( PCG) who caused the truth to be shared with the heathen, and caused us, the donkeys to carry it to unprofitable people whom God Has not called. (The Bamah Matter; read in our web site… ) these beasts are not in EU…


Hos 2: 18,  Hos 4: 3,  Joel 1: 18,  20 ,    Ez 32: 13… God will destroy the beasts who are in great waters… this is the harlot who sits in many waters in Rev 17, who was carried away by the beasts.  All these are end time prophecies…

Ps 81: 12--- they walk in their own counsels… They do not listen to God…  who is the counselor now?


TP booklet –page 34–GF says ----

“In fact, “KING AND COUNSELOR“-- APPLY TO THE OFFICE I HOLD…}}} this is the counselor in God’s church who gives evil counsel. God says ; no kings, priests,…. No more says God. they are all defiled and are without understanding and that means they are all beasts…  


The beast in revelation is certainly an enemy of God. He fights with Christ and His followers. He cannot see that Christ Has come in clouds. He has no understanding. They have eyes but do not see.

( Jer 5: 21)  Unfortunately, the enemy is inside the Sanctuary.  All the prophesied beasts are inside the Sanctuary. Ez 16: 52 says the sister who judged became the worst. God finds man of sin who is in the ‘temple’ to be the worst sinner in the world, as we proved from the Word in our writing “Joshua”. If, such MOST evil men are inside the church, how could there be any worse people in the world?  Or in EU or CC? The man of sin, is guilty of the whole world’s sins including his own. Hitler killed physically, but this man killed people spiritually.  Lying and acting like an ‘angel of light’, and while judging others he has  done worse. The most dreadful and evil beast !!!  the fallen king and the counselor….


If not for the covenant of peace, there would be no man as they have become flesh once again having sinned and like brute beasts that has no understanding. These are the worst enemies of God as they kill God’s people and turned them away from Him by deceit and lies. They caused God to leave His own Sanctuary. Could any one do a worse sin than chasing God out of His own Sanctuary.??? Could EU or CC cause God to leave His own sanctuary?  Absolutely not.  Then, this man is the “worst beast ever”..  GF wrote ‘transgressing God’s law and rejecting His government, they became the enemy of God. … who could transgress the law?... only those who are given the law and it is only the church of God. they only had the government to reject it. And it is the ‘priests’ in the book of Malachi, who rejected totally. They are not in EU or CC. the beasts that has no understanding, are keeping the feast among the preserved and called out ones as Jude said…. They cast out the true followers who were sent by God with the plea to correct the work of error. As James says, they killed the “just”, in the “last days”. Could EU or CC kill God’s people spiritually and cause them to turn away from God? Could the worst killer Hitler….,  kill “God’s people” spiritually? A straight answer will make you see and understand who the beast who is deceiving God’s people… “If you do not stay with God’s man, you cannot enter in to the kingdom….” Said the beast…. !!! Only a beast would say such things. we must go through Christ… not a man.


Here is what GF said in the sermon “Listening to dragon”:….

"These are really evil people!! I'm telling you, brethren, they're really evil people when they get influenced heavily by a murderer from the beginning!" ….God reveals in the Word, who is really evil. That is the ‘man of sin’, who is the angel of light. He is ‘THE MOST EVIL” person…  


Ps 80: talks about God’s vineyard which grew goodly cedars. But God Has broken her hedges and wild beasts live there. God’s vineyard is the church. ( Is. 5)  V 14 … ‘RETURN” … a prayer for God to RETURN as He Has left it. God cannot dwell with the beasts and He Has left.  It is being burned with fire. This is when God’s church became a harlot in her judgment, (the beasts carried her). Lam 5: 18 says, Zion is desolate, because of the foxes…. The beasts are inside Zion to desolate it !!! This is the end of the age… It is not EU or CC which is desolating Zion, but the foxes…. (Ez 13: 4)


Ps 73: 22… so foolish, and ignorant as a beast… when the wise men become fools, or as Habakkuk says,  when the “wisdom” of the wise perishes , they become like “beasts”. … This is why; we have a foolish shepherd now. This is why he has become a beast and the beast in Rev 13: 1,  and the harlot  Rev 17: 3 are blaspheming God as Ps 74: 18.


Ps 49: 11- 12  explains about the rich, who always think about their houses and naming their lands after their own names… who is doing that in God’s church? They want to bring honor to themselves instead off giving honor to God… this is why in v 12 God says;….

Psa 49:12  Nevertheless man being in honour abideth not: he is like the beasts that perish.


Inward thought is, what is in their “hearts.  If your heart, which is  the “center of the spiritual life”, if not in tune with God, but always wants things for your self, you are a self centered man.  Laodiceans,  name their lands after their names, (such as Herbert Armstrong college, Barbara flurry hall, etc) only think about honoring them. Such people are like brute beasts… because they do not understand God’s things. Such men always wants others to exalt them and speak well of you. Christ our Lord warned us in Luk 6: 26… it is  the false prophets were well spoken of. The Laodiceans will continue to be like that. Why would one want to name a land or a building after another DEAD” person? Is it not to honor the ‘DEAD”. Has any other church of God done this?

God said the ‘heart’ is deceitful above all … how true ? This is why Zion needs a change of heart…


How God’s breath gives the understanding;..

We proved from the Word in our earlier parts of this writing, that it is God’s ‘breath’ is what gives us understanding and life. If we do not have God’s breath, which is the Spirit, then we are dead… and are beasts.


HWA wrote, the word “Nephesh” means a ‘breathing animal’. This includes man also. He wrote, {{that what makes us different from animals is our brain. But man has a spirit. This spirit in man, is capable to impart the power of intellect--- of thinking and of mind power, to the human brain. And he wrote that is the very power God Has instilled, to make possible to have a relationship with Him.  The animals are dumb and have no awareness of God or of spiritual knowledge. They cannot have any relationship with God or any knowledge of spiritual  matters. There is no direct channel of communication between the dumb animal brain and the mind of the supreme God. }…. The man, without holy Spirit, is like an animal or a breathing soul or a beast. Since all have failed , they cannot understand God’s spiritual matters. This is why, God calls them beasts. This could apply only to the church. Men in the world are always like beasts. now these beasts cannot have a relationship with God. They have no awareness of GodThere is no direct channel of communication between the dumb animal brain and the mind of the supreme God….. dumb have no awareness of God or of spiritual knowledge.}… this is the condition of God’s church today. If you choose to follow your dumb leaders, you cannot follow God. Christ breathed ( John 20:22) to give us the Spirit, which gives us understanding. If one rejects the Spirit, he is a dumb beast which perishes…


Without this Spirit imparting the power of intellect to the brain and also opening a channel of direct communication with the mind of the great God, man would be no more than the dumb brutes. }…. Jude clearly says that the ministers are brute beasts… Jer 10: 14… every man in brutish … there is no breath in them. That is the Spirit. Since the church is in Egypt spiritually, God’s Spirit cannot dwell with them.


Job 32:8…the “breath of God” gives understanding. } But, those who are vain, like the Laodiceans, who are proud, and those who commit adultery will not understand. (Pro 12: 11, Pro 6: 32) This is why, they are now without understanding. It is God who gives wisdom but when He takes it away, how could one be wise and understand? Pro 2: 6.

Pro 2:6  For Jehovah gives wisdom; out of His mouth are knowledge and understanding. }… (This is why Christ will consume the man of sin out of His mouth… that means to give Him understanding, to open his mind, to give him the Spirit and wisdom. This shows that he lost the wisdom… God will correct him by His breath. What comes out of the “Mouth”? It is the sword, which is the Word.

2Ti 3:15…. Holy Scriptures, make you wise to salvation through belief in Christ Jesus. }… To understand Holy Scripture, you need the Holy Spirit. How can these brutes have the Spirit as they have  rebeled?


2Ti 3:16  All Scripture is God-breathed and profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness,

2Ti 3:17  so that the man of God may be perfected, being fully furnished for every good work.}… this is what  Christ would do, at His coming to the man of sin…. it is the Word which makes us perfect. But the end time leaders have rejected the Word… God says so as we will prove from this writing. So they are not perfect. What comes out of God’s breath is, His Word.,


If you reject the Word, even if you are a king, God will reject you. 1 Sam 15: 26 . this is what happened to all Israel. And this is why they became beasts. because they have rejected the Word.


Here is what GF wrote in RV Mar 2004

We need to understand our “spiritual” condition “apart from God”. we are “prisoners” of satan in a dark pit without any water! (a type of God’s spirit). This is the normal condition of man without God’s Holy Spirit.}… Since the leaders have rejected the Word, now God Has rejected them. They are prisoners in the bottomless pit without God’s Holy Spirit.


Holy Spirit, which gives us understanding and gives us the eternal lives. We should be instructed by it, and corrected, judged and live by it. If we don’t, then we serve the devil.   After Christ   breathed , they received the understanding John 20: 22 …. This is why, God breathed on Adam and then he lived. Even physical people should have the breath, the air to live.  This is why, when God takes the breath away, the man dies ( Ps 104: 29, 146: 4 ) ,. This is why, the church is now in the wilderness,  dead,  having no Spirit and understanding. This is why they are blind  this is why, God once again will breath on the bones of Israel in Ez 37 to give life,  to give them understanding.   

Read Pro 18:2, Is 27: 11,   Jer 4: 22… it is “God’s people “who have become foolish, who has no understanding and not EU. 


Is 5: 13 – 15 says, God’s people, gone in to captivity, because they have no knowledge and honorable men famished, and they are dried up with thirst. (in Hosea, God said, He will slay the harlot with thirst) Because of this, the hell opened…and their pompous ones will descend there. ( the rich Laodiceans )  Such people will be humbled. This is how God is going to humble the proud. By taking the understanding from them and then, throw them in to the pit. In the pit, they are like beasts who cannot choose the right from the wrong etc… without Spirit, we cannot be God’s children… Rom 8: 16. 


God’s Word compares the leaders to horses as we have proven from the Word. … and in Ps 32: 9, God says, “Be not like the horse  or mule who have no understanding, and their mouths must be bridled… } 

These “horses” are the “leaders” in the church, whose blood is being poured like a river in the “winepress” up to their “bridles” and to turn them back , as we wrote in our writings. (read: Winepress ) If their blood is being poured out, then they are guilty.  The breath , the life is in the blood and the breath gives life to the blood. and since their blood is poured out, they have no breath or air in them  and they are dead.  That means, they do not have God’s Spirit which gives understanding. So we must not follow such leaders. This is why, they are being bridled back… so they can understand. Jam 1: 26… the rich, are being deceived … because they do not bridle their tongues… their religion is in vain. This is why, when the plague, the darkness comes in Rev 16: 10, their tongues are paining. God correct their tongues and vain talks… the Jewish myths.   ( Jam 3: 5,  6,  8)


Lam 4:20  The breath of our nostrils, the anointed of the LORD, was taken in their pits, of whom we said, Under his shadow we shall live among the heathen.  }…. The anointed of the Lord ( Lam 2: 20, 2: 7,  4: 1) , are in the pits….( The bottomless pit… it is not EU rises out of the pit, but the anointed of the Lord. )  Their breath is taken… they are dead in the pit having no Holy Spirit. The anointed,  the stones in the Sanctuary,  the leaders in Zion, who allowed the polluted heathen to come in to the Sanctuary…. Lam 1: 10… and they are in the winepress , being trodden down by the assembly as v 15. Now they have no understanding and have become beasts having different characters of wild beasts mentioned in Rev 13. now they are blaspheming against God and His saints.  When WCG fell, the leaders became beasts. But how many people did see that and separated themselves?  There was nothing wrong physically with them.


The world, the EU or  CC  cant be judged or be thrown in to the pit. The “day of the Lord” is for “Zion’s vengeance”… for the controversy of Zion. The world always was without  understanding as they are not given the understanding… besides God blinded the spiritual Israel, that is how they became laodicean, because of sin as in Zeph 1: 17. Therefore only the leaders in God’s church can be beasts ….God Does not want to breath on EU or CC or bridle them back. They cant be witnessed as they are not given the law.  


From “The Human mind” book of HWA:…


Pg 2….”Finally came the creation of man --- created in God’s own image and likeness –but like animals composed of physical matter from the earth. ……, was designed to have godly type mind – ability to think, reason, make choices and decisions……

Such character is the ability in a single entity to come to comprehend and distinguish the true values from the false, the right way from the wrong, to chose the right and reject the wrong, and with power of will, to do the right and resist the evil.  Animals are equipped with brain and instinct. But they do not have power to understand and choose moral and spiritual values or to develop perfect spiritual character. Animals have brain, but no intellect. Instinct, but no ability to develop Holy and godly character. } ………  HWA points out the difference between the “beast” and the “man”. Now, the men in God’s church, are like these beasts…. they are proven to be beasts says God, as we proved from the Word. They now cannot make choices, distinguish the true values from the false, the right way from the wrong,  chose the right and reject the wrong, and has no power of will, to do the right and resist the evil, have power to understand and choose moral and spiritual values or to develop perfect spiritual character. This is why, the leaders are beasts now. JUST BEASTS….they have failed to prove themselves.


When man, --- denies or by indifference ignores his maker, he BLINDS his mind to what he is…… no wonder this world is filled with evils….}…. Who ignored their maker? Who denied God? Those who did that are blind. Rom 1: 21 to 24 explains the present situation in the church. Professing to be wise became foolish and they changed the “image of God” in to creeping things.


Pg 14….yet, God Has given each of us a mind of his own, if one refuses to acknowledge  God or God’s ways, refuses to repent of the wrong and turn to the right, God cannot take him and create  godly character in him.

But if we have the strength of character to yield, of our own will to put ourselves in God’s hands, He will instill within us His Spirit and by it His righteousness – His character –open our minds to his spiritual knowledge,. We have to want it…. We have to work at it we have to put it first. Above all else….. }}}…. We are witnesses that PCG leader did not repent of his sins and in that he rejected God. therefore, God cannot take him and create the godly character in him. Besides, he wants to name the lands after dead and he has not put God above all else. He wants to exalt himself as we have proven.


By choosing the right, discerning the right, we become righteous and by doing that, we resist the evil. But Ez 22: 26 , God says, His “priests” cannot discern what is Holy and what is unholy. That means, they definitely do not have God’s Spirit which gives them the understanding to choose . Then, they are beasts.


Even though  man’s  and  beast’s brains are made with same matter;  the “dust”; the difference between both brains is the “ability to think and reason and to understand and choose the right. The beasts follow the pattern or the character they are made with. Or what ever their kind would do. ( Genesis says so ) God Has made different beasts to show their different characters. God shows us what kind of characters His leaders in the church would have. . For example, in Is 56: 10, God says, HIS watchmen (priests) are ‘dumb dogs” who cannot bark. That means they are like lazy dogs who would not do their jobs right. These ministers have a great responsibility to protect the flock.  We saw who is like the leopards…. Cunning etc.  They lie is wait to kill God’s people. For every little thing they kill by casting them out of the church. God says, the ox knows it’s owner than His people.


Pg 4;….

{ Lord God formed the man of the dust of the ground and BREATHED ….. man receives his temporary human life from air, breathed in and out …. His life is in the blood….but the lifeblood is oxidized by breathing. Therefore, the breath is the ‘BREATH OF LIFE” even as the life is in the blood… notice…. Man, became a living soul … soon as breath gave him life….} … the blood causes us to live. What cause the blood to live is the “BREATH” of God (spiritually). These leaders caused God’s breath to be withdrawn because of their sins.  Now, they are guilty of blood as they are now dead.  We live because of the breath which God gave us. When we sin, that breath is taken away, as the soul which sin is to die. This is how the people of God, who were given the Spirit, shall live and when the Spirit is taken away, they die.


Also, the soul which sins is guilty of their own blood. In Ezekiel, God warns the righteous, if they sin, they are guilty of their own blood. This is why, in the winepress, the blood comes to the bridles of the horses who are the ministers, and the blood is poured like water and dust. Zeph 1: 17,  Ps 79:3…..  Ez 8: 17  says, because of their abominations, they put a branch to their nose. That means, they, … commit suicide spiritually. They want to stop breathing. They cannot breath, or understand and have Holy Spirit, because of their abominations. They have killed themselves. They are beasts… if the man does not have God’s Spirit, he is called a beast and they die the same death as the beasts… Eccl 3: 19-20. these beasts have no rule over their own spirits.


Pro 25:28  He who has no rule over his own spirit is like a broken down city without a wall.  }… a city without a wall is not secure. Nehemiah built the wall and dedicated it. It was important to have a wall.  ‘Without a wall’ is a punishment which comes upon Jerusalem.


Jer 51: 44. Lam 2: 8…The “wall of Babylon  and Zion means, “the leader” in the church.   (All the images of idols were carved on the wall Ez 8: 10…. The leader, the wall is full of idols..)

Neh 1: 3…, Jer 49: 27., .

Pro 18:11  The rich man's wealth is his strong city, and as a high wall in his imagination. } … who are the rich? Don’t we see the rich men are building their own way after their imaginations? His strong city is his wealth. That is all they worry about.


 Ez 22: 30, Ez 13: 5 says, even up to the modern day Ezekiel’s time, no leader has built a wall to stand up for the “day of the Lord”… no leader is worthy to stand and plead with God, till this day. This is now.  They have no wall…. They are captives… v 10….he builds a false wall,  and v 12- 15 … it will be fallen… because they carved Babylonian images (Ez 23: 14) . as there is no man, Finally, God will build a wall all around  (Ez 40: 5) when the new temple is being built in the presence of Christ with His faithful servants. But when and how?  ..


To be continued;….



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