Women – “New Thing”


Do women have a role to play in God’s plan? Does God use them for his purpose? Has God used them in the past? Every leader in God’s church was anointed by a man, but Christ was anointed by a “woman”? Also only the women stood by at Christ’s death? While  all the apostles and even Peter denied Him ? In Genesis, God cursed the woman as a punishment  and said, the husband shall rule over thee. But, in the end, it is reversed and  God says “women” shall rule over thee and they shall be spiritually stronger than men, as men have become like women.? Do you know that in the end time  men have totally failed  who were given  ruler ship and authority over spiritual things?. And their failure caused God to do this “New Thing” and when told none will believe.?  What is this mysterious “New Thing” which God has raised? You will be so taken back when you uncover this and your senses will be numb and you will be wonder struck  in disbelief at this awesome miracle  !



The “New” Thing…

28th May 2006

Women testifies  Pt 1



In God’s master plan, He Has used “women” from the beginning itself. He chose a woman to give birth to His Physical people ( EVE) as well as  for the “Spiritual” (Church) people. God shows “NO” partiality,  ( Gal 3; 28) There is no male, female nor slave or free when He gives birth to His children in the kingdom. Because of sin,  Adam, Eve and the serpent were “CURSED” and the woman’s curse was, (Gen 3: 16 ) the man will rule her”. But now, in the end time, God Has found “MEN” to be more evil ( Hos 4: 14 ). He finds “NO” man to stand up for HIM ( Ez 22: 30 , Jere 5: 1 )  Since “MEN” have failed, and “NO” man to stand up for HIM, He Has to call women to do His work after that. This should happen during the judgment which is now. Or, when the 7th head is present. Even  Christ’s  apostles deserted HIM. But women stood with Him all the way and this is repeating now too. If the church did not fall, then there was no need of a period of judgment or the “Day of The Lord”. God Would have made us spirit beings right away.   


 Before the kingdom comes, God Has to “remove” the curses, from men, women and from the serpent, because,  in the Kingdom, there is no difference in  men and women and  serpent also will be tamed as  little children should be able to  play with.  ( Is. 11)

God chose a woman, (church) to feed the “milk”, the “basic doctrines” (Heb 5: 12)   the “pure” word… ( 1 Pet 2; 2 ) until GOD gives “meat”, which is to “finish the work” (John 4: 34) But, “men” , the leaders including Ezekiel the High priest failed when they were eating meat,  (read our article “Weaned” or not?) 


Over the years, God Had used women to “Judge”,…(Deborah Jud 4: 4 ),   To save the Jews from the enemy ( Esther 2: 16 – 17 )  and “prophetesses “… Miriam, (Ex 15: 20 ) Huldah, 2 King 22, Anna, Lk 2: 36 The widow of Zarepheth who fed Elijah. Luke 4: 25).

God Has used “women” all the time and more recently, Mrs Armstrong, And even a “donkey” and it’s colt. Read our article “Donkey and the foolish nation”


2 kings 22… King Josiah, “OBEYED” God. When he found the “book of Law” he wanted to set things straight. He was “RE-BUILDING” the temple as it is now.   Then he wanted to “inquire from the Lord”. There was the “HIGH PRIEST” Hilkiah,  and Shapan the scribe. The king should have counseled the high priest. But in v 12, the king called Hilkiah, and the scribe, and asked them to go and inquire of THE LORD, from a woman.. why???. ..  for great is the “wrath of the LORD” because our fathers have not hearkened …This should be a prophecy for our day, because , “NOW” is the time for the “WRATH OF THE LORD” to be poured upon. (THE WRATH of GOD, in Rev 15 through 18… is about Israel’s  (spiritual) failure to “OBEY” her husband. The judgment is  to begin on the “House of God”, and the “sanctuary”. The world cannot be judged as they are not given the law. TP said, you cannot transgress unless you have the law.  in Rev 17 and Ez 9:6 ) The king did not counsel the high priest or the scribe, but asked them to go to someone else. They went to a “Prophetess”…. A Woman. We do not inquire from anyone now, as the “Tabernacle of David” is fallen and need to be re-built. The measuring failed in Rev 11:1 and Ez 23: 45 – 49 (had to raise the assembly)


Here is what ISBE says about this matter….

The standing and reputation of Huldah in the city are attested by the fact that she was consulted when the Book of the Law was discovered. The king, high priest, counselors, etc., appealed to her rather than to Jeremiah, and her word was accepted by all as the word of Yahweh (2Ki_22:14-20; 2Ch_34:22-29). The high priest and the scribe were there but the king sent them to a “woman” to inquire from the Lord, when God’s wrath has come !!! God was revealing things to a “Woman”. This was a time  like right now in the church of God.  God’s answer was, ‘because they have “FORSAKEN ME”, burnt “INCENSE” … The same abominations which were committed by Ezekiel ! … Ezekiel and the 70 elders burnt incense to other gods.. (Ez 8: 11… in the “INNER COURT” or the “ALATR” which  caused God to leave HIS Sanctuary ) The “BAMAH” matter. If God expected from the physical Israel to not to burn incense to other gods, how much more would He expect from the spiritual Israel, who is married to HIM, who are given His own spirit? TP and the whole church forsook God.  


Beginning from Adam, men have failed  to heed God’s word. Mostly, men reined God’s physical Kingdom and the seven eras. Although there was “Deborah” who judged Israel. IN the New Testament (NT) times, “men” led all the seven eras.

(PCG was caused to commit harlotry as well by “MEN”. Always the “Leaders” caused the church to err. God expected the “MAN” to lead the woman, and gave greater authority to man  as the “HEAD” of the “WIFE”.  But, the “HEAD”, (Is 1: 5 )  could not hold on to God’s Law and caused the woman to sin too.  The “MAN” has utterly failed in his commission. Even in the beginning, he listened to the woman, instead of God.


Isa 3:12  As for my people, children are their oppressors , and “women rule over them”. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way.


Isa 3:13  The LORD standeth up to “plead”, and standeth to “judge” the people.


Isa 3:14  The LORD will enter into judgment with the ancients , and the princes.

The children are  the members  oppressing the leaders. From the beginning, the man ruled the women. But now, the “Women” rule over men. The curse is reversed. This is the new thing.  When sinned, Eve was to be ruled by the man and since the man has found to be more evil, now the curse is reversed. This happens now, when the leaders have caused them to err and destroyed their paths as this verse points out.  GOD stands to “PLEAD” and “JUDGE”. If He is cursing  the “men”, and if the “men” are being “judged”, (the leaders),  He Has to use “women” to “judge” and plead.


Jer 31:22  How long wilt thou go about, O thou “backsliding” daughter? for the “LORD” hath created a “new thing” in the earth, A “woman” shall “compass “a man.  “Compass” means to “surround”. Some translations such as “Good news” bible say,”  I have created something new and different, as different as a “woman protecting a man.  This new thing happens, when the church was found to be backsliding. Always, a man protected the woman. But now, as a “new thing”, that has been reversed. This has not happened before. Always the men ruled.(There are no more church governments as the tabernacle of David is fallen and God Has left.)Only the witness work is left after the measuring. (We are not forming any churches as God Has clearly written that He dwells in “Little Sanctuaries” scattered in countries. Therefore, we are not ruling anyone.)  


It should spring forth in the “Very end” during the judgment, or during Rev 11: 2. Is 43rd chapter which talks about God’s WITNESS work, those who do not have a foreign god (v 12) is witnessing against those who have had other gods, also talks about this “new” thing. (v 19) ( God requires those who “did not” follow the evilness of the church leaders who took the whole church to commit whoredom, to witness against them. The witnesses are witnessing against the church which became “SPIRITUALLY’ Sodom and Egypt. This caused God to send them to Babylon. )This should happen when they are in “Babylon”(v 14), which is now. Then only this “New” thing should spring forth. V 26.. God pleads with those leaders to return. V 27… Mediators means, the prophets, the leaders who speak the word to God’s people, and no matter how much God pleaded with them, yet they have not heeded. That is why v. 28 says…”I will profane the princes… The RDs. Of the “Sanctuary” Judgment !


Luke 21: 24..  And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled. .. Because they fell from the sword which is the Word of God, they are taken captive and are being scattered and we, the “Gentiles” are treading them down now. This is why James wrote his book to the twelve tribes “which are scattered” abroad… The book of James was revealed only last year and they are already scattered and taken captive as we have proven. James explains the present condition of the church. Trials, how their gold have become dross , how they have murdered the “Just”  etc… (John 16: 32), which is a prophecy. Christ said, they will  be scattered.  


GOD “Pleads”…. Would you not hear? ..

Is 66: 16… By “FIRE”, and by “sword”, which means  the “Word of God”, He pleads.

Jere 2: 9, 29, God pleads when the leaders have transgressed. 2: 35… God “pleads” because they do not admit  sins… (You did not admit the “Bamah” sin) Do not admit sins means, God would have sent someone to explain their sins. 

Jere 25: 31.. God pleads with all flesh. The tribulation is to plead with all flesh to turn to The Lord. Naturally, the women can plead better than men. So it is natural, for God to use women to plead with men, who have forsaken God. Women would not easily give up. They nag until men get it. ! There is no difference in men and women, when it comes to obeying God!


Jere 30: 12- 13… Even when God wounded them, no one heeded. .Ps 107: 20… God will heal them by His “WORD”. He sends His “WORD” through the “women” to heal them.  Jere 50: 30.. even in Babylon, God will Plead. (Ez 17: 20 )

Ez 20: 35- 36… God will plead with them in the wilderness.. Rev 12: 14.. This scripture talks about a future time, when the modern day Ezekiel is present and has found transgressing. This is when the church is in the wilderness and  still God pleads with them. (Who plans to go to the wilderness thinking it is  a place of safety?)  “Like when God pleaded with the fathers in Egypt”? This is a future time. The only times the church is to go to wilderness is explained in Rev 12: 6 and 14. V 6… it is not GOD who fed them, but “THEY”… they means, the dragon and his demons..


 All seven eras fell…The beast was not found during the Philadelphia era. That was when “ONE IS” which was explained by HWA. After that also, the 7th head which has 10 horns are to continue a short time. The dragon is right there to oppose  when the  last “high priest” Joshua is present. He will loose his crown too.   Then in v 14… God brings them to wilderness to feed them, and keep them away from the dragon, because God is going to correct them, plead with them and will bring them back from captivity. (We will write about the wilderness in another time, in detail ) Remember now, the church is in Egypt? Rev 11: 8, because they have become like “Sodom”?  When Physical Israel were coming out of captivity, they had to be taken to “Wilderness” to be tested. Even now, the tribulation is to test the church, which is in captivity “Spiritually”.  In “Spiritual” Egypt. So God is pleading and judging using the gentiles. Since the men are more evil, Women are being used , to Judge and to plead.


Hos 2: 2… God will plead with the mother. ( harlot). V 14… This is why God will  allure the church in to “wilderness”… They think they are going to a place of safety. But God is bringing her to wilderness to plead and judge. To feed her and to keep her from self destruction, as God plans to bring her back from captivity. Since God Has left her, He Has to keep her away from the presence of the serpent,  otherwise, she will be destroyed. He will speak comfort to her and will establish the covenant and take her back.

Is 66: 9…   Shall I bring to the birth, and not cause to bring forth? God will bring them. Zion will have to go through the birth pangs. The wife is ready only in Rev 19: 7. (After the tribulation, V 2 , after the judgment.)

Joel 3: 2… In the “Valley of Jehoshaphat” also God will be pleading…in this valley, Israel’s idols were burnt. This is what God is doing now. After the measuring failed, God left, and now they are in the valley of J., so by God’s word which is “Fire”,could destroy their idols.


Mic 6: 2… God Has found His people walking contrary to His Law. V 6, God reminds them about Balaam. Since 2 Peter 2 and Jude also reminds about Balaam, the church would have not heeded God’s warning about a Balaam type of betrayal. This is why we are witnessing. Exposing the sons of disobedience. Eph 5: 6 – 11. “Sons” and daughters are the children of God, (Israel). The gentiles are called the servants (slaves or dogs) But now, the dogs are eating what the children dropped under the table. Math 15: 21 – 28.  


Jere 31: 28 says, it is time to  “pluck up” and “destroy” and to afflict” ( those who have been backsliding. Ezekiel and his fellows ) and to “WATCH” over them, and to “build and to plant”… Just as Jeremiah took the king’s “daughter” and rebuilt the “physical” kingdom in England, now it is time to build the “spiritual” kingdom, the fallen tabernacle and God is using a “tender twig”, a “Tender” “branch” of the fig tree,(Math 24: 32) (read our article “branch”)once again, to build and to plant.(when the tree is cut down, the tender branch will not fail Job 14: 7)     V 23, this should happen when God brings back the “CAPTIVITY”, “AGAIN” , … It is being fulfilled now as the captives are being brought back… “Again”.


WATCH” over them?.... who is being used by God towatch” over the captives?....Jere 4: 16 – 17… “Watchers” come from “AFAR”… against the cities of Judah… (cities of Judah are the people who come to worship God Jere 26: 2 who are going to be left without an inhabitant and desolate ) V 17… As keepers of a field, are they against her round about”; because she hath been rebellious against Me, saith the LORD. round about” means, to “compass” . We, who come from a far, are “against” the cities of Judah who comes to worship God, who have been backsliding and who need to be brought back. , again, in the end time.


Jere 8: 5…Jerusalem, a “perpetual” backsliding.! V 7… this should happen when they do not know the “Judgment”…, which is now. V. 10… “Prophet” and “priest”…saying peace, peace, place of safety, place of safety… but dealing falsely… v 12… and not even ashamed, when they were found out… but keep on hiding their nakedness…V 19… Behold the voice of the cry of the “daughter” of my people because of them that dwell in a “far country”. (Daughter in Strongs 1323, which ALSO mean a “company”, “BRANCH”.  We have written about the “Branch”.

God wants you to listen to His daughter’s voice from a “far” country ! GOD, to deliver a message, is using this daughter from the far country!! This happens when Israel were found to be backsliding. This is a new thing. !!!


Could we trust the leaders ?

In “That Prophet” bk, pg 79 – 80, TP changed  Eliakim’s role . He says… “we” have taught in the past that the reference in Is 22: 20 …. Is HWA. … When TP taught this in the past, didn’t he get that revelation  from God? Obviously he has not. God is not confused.! When God reveals, we do not have to change again and again. Since he changed his and HWA’s role, even in the first time it could not have come from God.!  He was not getting this revelation from GOD!  Otherwise no need to change.   When “WE” taught in the past? ….


Don’t we believe God reveals such things.   But now, he has changed  and teaches differently. He changed this view getting insight from a commentary. Since his “more” insight came from a commentary, as we shall see,  can we trust a book to give revelation such as identifying a “MAJOR”  role as “Eliakim”s  in God’s church?  If TP was wrong when he taught this the first time,  now he has to be  definitely  wrong, because he trusts a commentary to reveal who Hilkiah and Eliakim are. If GF is the “Eliakim”, Is 22: 23, God says, He will fasten him with a peg. But in v 25, “the peg” that fastened in the secure place will be ‘REMOVED”  and be “CUT DOWN”  and “FALL”. REMOVED, CUT DOWN AND FALL. The burden or the work that he had to do also will be “Cut down AND REMOVED”. This has happened now!


(Is bk pg 49… TP writes… The “Vessels” in the temple were “types of God’s ministry and the saints” today. God gave this Eliakim the whole responsibility… he is to be a father to all in Jerusalem and Judah.., He was given the “Key of David”…, a Glorious THRONE.  But, he will loose it all ! This is really the last “High priest”, who became “Joshua”, who lost that “Glorious THRONE.  Everything that fastened to him was taken away !   After giving all that, for GOD to remove and take the whole burden away from him, he would have rebelled against God. According to Is 22: 25, the peg was removed and the burden, the vessels and offspring and the issue, was no longer fastened to Eliakim. TP says, he is Eliakim. But this is what GOD SAYS ABOUT Eliakim.  He cuts off the peg and allow  him to fall. Eliakim’s work ended !


The Issue?...Strong’s :…Feminine from the same as H6848; an outcast thing: - issue. When the Bamah sin happened, the women were cast out. Mich 2: 9 also explains the cast out  women.


There has to be some vessels to carry the burden or the work when it was cut down.  Is 52: 11… The vessels of the Lord, was told to get out from her (church). According to GOD when HE removes the peg from Eliakim, WE MUST GET OUT!.  The vessels are told to get out from midst of her (Zion or Jerusalem and Judah) The vessels cannot be fastened to Eliakim when GOD removes the peg. Since they are ministers and the saints, they should get  away from Eliakim. Otherwise, they too will fall with him. God’s vessels have already got out. Here, the vessels of the Lord, telling the other vessels to get out. Because… Is 52:  V 1- 6 says Zion, “the HOLY city”, and “Jerusalem” who was defiled by  inviting the “Uncircumsized”in to her, now is in “dust” .Dust is serpent’s meat. Is 65: 25  She has lost her beautiful garments. V 10… God’s ARM shall see the salvation of the Lord. ( Read our article “ARM” of The Lord)  If this arm is in the ends of the earth and see the dust in Zion, then they should be the ones who are the vessels of the Lord, who tells Zion to awake ! awake! (v1) and Depart! Depart! (v 11) and be clean.


Pg 79..”That prophet” bk…The day before Sabbath I was to speak, I received the new Anchor bible commentary on Isaiah. I thought this might give me “more” insight to this subject and determined to “study” it that night. I was startled by something that I had not seen before… something that did not agree with “our” previous teaching on a part of Is 22. (Did God forget to teach him the first time? Did God reveal this to him  through the pages of a commentary? “The DAY before SABBATH”…?  Day before Sabbath, as a prophet, should not he kneel down and ask God to give him the revelation? “OUR” previous teaching? What do you mean by “WE” andOUR” ? Who else taught this other than TP? Definitely NOT GOD ! ). “I had not seen before”?…  Obviously, God Has not revealed it to him.  He has not seen it!!! No wonder why God say they are “blind”.! A “prophet” who goes to a book to give him “MORE” insight to identify one of his roles, the day before “SABBATH” !!! Depart… Depart… The peg is cut down !!! Eliakim teaches us from a book!!


Pg 80.. This is different from the way I had understood this passage In the past.

      So the prophet has been wrong  in the past ! TP wrote “That Prophet” book in 2001.  By this time, the Bamah sin has already happened. This book proves that he is a “FALSE” prophet. He definitely did not start out this way. The glory of Hilkiah was hanged by God, securing from a peg until it was cut down. The reality is, NOW it is cut down !  He got the idea of him being a prophet, from a member. He got the idea of him being Eliakim, from a commentary. No one can deny these things, because they are written in that book.  People of God, could you rely on such a prophet? Do you know the meaning of the word “prophet”?  God Does not lie…


If you want to ask  from a prophet, … Do you fulfill the role of Hilkiah?,   could he say, wait a minute, I have to check the commentary? What do you think about such a man? A  “prophet”? This is all WRITTEN in a book, so that NO ONE can disprove. It is written in the book, which identify his office as “THE PROPHET” among many other titles.  He says… I thought this might give me “more” insight. Then he has written, he was startled by what he found in the commentary. (Anciently, kings and priests and prophets were startled by what they found written in the book of the “LAW OF GOD”.)  If a prophet rely on a commentary to give him “MORE” insight than GOD’S WORD, the “DAY BEFORE SABBATH”,  COULD WE RELY ON SUCH A PROPHET? If he, being “THE” high priest says, he is relying on a book to give him “MORE” insight than GOD,  MINISTERS, brethren,  you are following a man who is TOTALLY BLIND to God’s revelation. It is your decision….. would you let the “BLIND” lead the blind? Or would you depart when the peg was cut down?


 “More” INSIGHT…MORE INSIGHT THAN WHAT GOD HAD GIVEN HIM…or “MORE” insight than what he previously read from the commentary?….  I hate to say this, but he is right. This commentary has given him more insight than God to prove who he really is.  That is why he says he is a prophet.  Because GOD does “NOT” say that He Has any prophets in the end time. (Ps 74:9)The only prophets exist during the judgment,  are “FALSE” said our HUSBAND.  This is not “THE PROPHET”, but “THE antichrist”, who deceives God’s children, who committed  abominable harlotry , who  refuses to repent and caused God to depart from HIS own “Footstool”,  The ALTAR or the Inner court or the “sanctuary”, and now sitting in God’s temple as God, in HIS absence, teaching from books which were written by scholars in the world. This is how he has gone back to  Egypt?(Rev 11: 8) Trusting men instead of God! This encourage us to read commentaries than the “Word of GOD”. Should not we take our leaders as examples? And read commentaries the day before Sabbath to give us more insight about God’s word and be startled by what is written in them? Follow the leader as he follows God.!


I was startled by something that I had not seen beforeIf he had searched from God, God would have shown it to him BEFORE…, the first time. This means, even “before” when he  taught about this subject, he was not searching in the “Word of God”. God is not confused about the identities of His servants. “We” are startled now how we followed such a blind person so long. When God reveals these things to us, we should let others know, because God expects that from us. In the very end, it is not a “prophet” who does great “exploits” to save others, but “few” members. Dan 11: 32 – 35. It is not a prophet who prophesy, but men and maid servants. (Joel 2, Acts 2 )  (The servants should prophesy after God cut down the peg which hold Eliakim. )Obviously their exploits must be , to save others from such  “false prophets” who are startled to learn from books than hearing the word of God and who changes their identities getting insight from books written by men!


MINISTERS of GOD, and the brethren, if you rely on such a person to feed God’s word to you, you better read the commentaries yourselves rather than listening to such people who claim to be a prophet who  relies on a book written by men instead of God. Webster defines “more” as   Greater in quality, degree or amount;. So he thinks a book is “GREATER” than God’s knowledge. This is your prophet !!! If we can rely on a book to teach us God’s WORD, why do we need a man called a prophet in the first place?… A priests lips should keep knowledge of God’s LAW… Mal 2: 7… Malachi’s message should be applied now, when God reject the ministers and accept Gentile offerings. Mal 1: 11. This is how the whole church fell. God says not to trust in a son of man or a prince Ps 146:3 When the “MEN” who always ruled failed, God Has called the women…


This is not the only time TP has relied on  other people. During last Ministerial conference, he used a “Woman’s notes to give his sermons. How that woman has taken notes, how mush she has written about the WCG ministers etc…..His sermons were based upon a woman’s notes, instead of “DIRECT” revelation from God. All the ministers listened and said “yes sir”. Is this the way God speaks through a prophet to ministers who should keep the law of God in their mouths.? Through a book written by men and a woman’s notes? No body stands and fights !


This is why God Has rejected “ALL” the leaders. There’s no longer any “PROPHET” says God  (Ps 74.) They do not understand the signs of times… They do not know the gentiles are treading them down. ! They do not know the “:Tender” Branch has budded. They do not know their judgments! They do not know that Eliakim was allowed to fall…When TP wrote that he fulfills the role of Eliakim, did not he read the following verse which say that the peg will be cut down and the burden will be taken and all the offspring and vessels will be taken out? 


  Isa 51:5  My righteousness is near, my salvation is gone forth, and mine “arms” shall judge the peoples: the isles shall wait for me, and in mine arm shall they “TRUST”.

When GOD”S “Salvation” is about to come, we are to “TRUST” in God’s “ARM”. The “ARM” is in the isles… who wait for God, they will judge… (read “ARM” of The Lord) When God’s salvation and righteousness has gone forth, God’s “ARM” should be trusted. Not a prophet.


Jere 9: 17… call for the mourning “women”. They are to wail and make others cry, because of their sins and the punishment. The time of the book of “lamentations” to be fulfilled. ! Wailing is heard from “ZION”. V 20…

These women are to hear the “WORD” of The Lord, and teach lamentation… V 22…“Speak”…Now, this calling of the “WOMEN” to “SPEAK” should happen when Zion is going through the punishment. It is not a man who hears the word, but these “WOMEN”.  Their work is to be done when God’s judgments have come, which need to lament. When Zion goes through all the afflictions, she will remember to lament as have  we taught them. 

Jer 9:24  But let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and “knoweth Me”, that “I am the LORD” which exercise lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth: for in these things I delight, saith the LORD.

As Jere 9: 17 – 22 says, end time “WOMEN” have a job of “Hearing” the “Word” of God and proclaim it to the “wise”, who do not have Godly wisdom.( Or those who read the commentaries instead of God’s word) and the Eliakim who was cut down.

This is why in Jere 16: 19… the “gentiles’ from theend of the earth” will come and say…

Surely our fathers have inherited lies”….In John 4: 20, the Samaritan woman, a “Gentile” said, “OUR FATHERS”….  gentiles, called  the Jews “Our fathers”…  


Christ said in Math 19:12, (and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake). (We have explained about Eunuchs before)  This means, men could become like women, and women could become like men, when they have to  work for God,.  (For example Is 56: 10… The Elders in the church will be as “dumb dogs”, just follows the leader without questioning when they see the leader’s iniquity. They are just dumb. They do not know how to bark. ) Adam obeyed a woman, instead of God and “NO” man stood up/ stands up for God, in the very end. Adam to Ezekiel, and in between all men failed. So men have become like women. In the end, when the bride of Christ turned as an enemy of God, the women were cast out, because they stood up and fought for God (They stood up as “men”) Those who have the authority, the “MEN” was wrong and condemned. They have become like women. So weak, cannot discern right from wrong  or what is good or what is evil. Ez 22: 26.   “you pull out the clothes”…  MIc 2: 8 …The clothing picture our “Spiritual” life said TP… Like fine linen picture the righteousness. Therefore, “pull out the clothes means, their “spiritual” life in the church is being taken away. The women spoke against the Bamah matter. Prophet, our RD and the prohet’s son in law, son, and his wife, and many head quarters ministers know about this matter. Mr. Leap, who signed the ordination certificates with the prophet, never spoke against. They are fighting against God’s women, who stood up for God’s rights. They were thrown out, murdered, their clothes were pulled off… GOD Has seen them all. Our blood will be required from them. God is waiting till all the servants to be killed. Until their number is fulfilled during the times of the Gentiles, which is now. 


“NO” man… Ez 22: 30,   Is 50: 2,   Jere 5: 1,    Is 41:28 . Jere 31: 22… When Ezekiel sinned, he has totally given to worldly lusts, as God accuse him in Ez 24: 21…… that is why in Rev 11:8, the Holy city, which is Jerusalem, the “Inner court”,  became “Spiritually” like “Sodom” and “Egypt”. Is 19: 16… they have the “ spirit” of Egypt, when sinned. In this verse, God says, they are like “women”…… (V 3 proves the spirit of Egypt and this chapter talks about the “Wise”… ) Jere 50: 6… talks about God’s people, when they sinned, they went to Babylon, which has happened now V. 37 says, they will become like women, in Babylon.  Jere 51: 30. They cant make Godly decisions. Because they rely on books than God.


                                                                 To be continued……….


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Summary of Pt 1:…

Since God find “no” man during Ezekiel’s( or in the end time), He Has called the women to do a work. (Micah 2: 9:10) Women were used by God in many ways all throughout. A woman anointed Christ for His burial. It was women who went after Christ , just before He died, and while He was dying and even after He was resurrected, even when  the chief apostle denied Him three times.  Jere 31: 22… says, the woman will encompass  a man in the end time, when Israel were found to be backsliding.

The prophet gets insight from commentaries the day before Sabbath to identify one of his titles; “Eliakim”.  Even though Eliakim was made a father to Jerusalem, in the end, he was  cut down and allowed to FALL by God, Himself!  Men have become like women and since God finds men are  more evil, He Has to call the women to do a work…

When Eliakim was cut down, God Does not say, who will be the next leader. Because next is the judgment.


WOMEN in NEW Testament


Just  before Christ died, “Mary”, a “woman” anointed Christ’s head. Math 26:6 – 13.   V. 2 says, it was two days for the Passover. Mark 14: 3 – 9, the same incident.  Christ said… in Mark 14: 8… she came to “ANOINT” Him for His burial.  Always, priests or men anointed  others.  But, a “WOMAN” ANOINTED CHRIST!. Christ, being the Son of GOD, allowed a “WOMAN” to “ANOINT” HIM. All the kings, including king David, was anointed by a man. IS it  NOT ANEW THING”, a WOMAN to anoint God’s Son?   John 12: 3..Mary anointed Christ’s feet. .… v 12 “next” day, He came to “clean” the temple.


The Witness and judgment work which we are doing now, also to “clean” the temple. The inner court  is defiled and profaned now. It is God who says that He will profane the sanctuary. (Ez 24: 21)(read our article “Donkey” and the foolish nation to see how God is using the women to clean the temple. Because no man was found. Also since Balaam caused the church to sin, and then a donkey has to be there to show Balaam what he could not see)   V 23… “The hour” has come for Christ to be glorified.  A “WOMAN” anointed HIM for His “glorification”.  This is a prophecy and you will see soon, that the women in the end time also glorify Christ. After He was anointed, He said, V. 31… “Now”, the “JUDGMENT” of the world….But,  V 47-48… He said, He did “not” come to “judge”, but in the “last” day, His “words” will “judge”. This means, v 31, is a [‘prophecy’] for our day, when “The time for the judgment” has come. In His “first” coming, He did “not” come to judge, but to “pay the penalty” for our sins and to “die” and to give us direct access to God The Father.. The “Day of Visitation” is the beginning of the “Judgment” as we have proven in our article (Day of visitation).  We live in the last few moments of the church age.  “The Judgment” has begun at the “House of God”( 1 pet 4: 17) or the “sanctuary”,


( Ez. 9:6) .The “WORD” of God is being used to  “judge” as Christ said. The “Word” of God is  fire” (Jere 23: 29).  This is what we are doing. Judging the profaned sanctuary (Ez 24: 21-23) by God’s Words which will become fire. God is slaying the prophets by His “words” Hos 6: 5.  When our witness work will be over, God will make His words which is also a two edged sword, (Heb 4: 12) to slay the profaned prophet and his fellows who are following him. When the prophet and the ministers come to know how wrong they were, and it was God whom used these women to fight for Him by sending the fire, then they will be so ashamed ( Ez 16: 61)  and will never forget what they have done. Their shame will be eternal!  While judging others they did the same sins, and even worse than others (Ez 16: 52).  Back to John 12: ..Now, the Devil will be cast out.. (V 31).


 To cast out the devil, someone must “EXPOSE” him. Expose the harlot or the “Mystery” woman in Rev 17, “The man of sin”, the “Mystery of Iniquity” and The Liar, The antichrist and Joshua too. Since the devil will be posing as an “angel of light”, we have to be extremely careful, in Christ’s last moments were spent with “women” as they only followed Him. After He was anointed, He rode on the donkey and  cleansed” the temple. Christ was glorified. And, we the women in the assembly, will glorify Him again in His second coming. !

When, even the chief apostle Peter denied Christ, the “Women” stood behind Christ and followed Him unto the death. Lk 22: 32… Christ said to Peter, when you have ‘RETURNED” TO Me…which means, there was a time Peter had left HIM. It was the “Women” who prepared the spices to anoint Christ’s body and it was a woman, who went to the tomb , while it was still dark, to see Christ’s body. He was first seen by a woman also, after the resurrection.  Just before Christ died, all the disciples deserted Him, But a great multitude and  the women stood beside Him. This is a prophecy, because Christ said, “Daughters of Jerusalem”, weep for yourselves…Lk 23: 28… In the end time, the “Daughters” of Jerusalem, are the churches of God, who have  become harlots…. (Ez 16: 52 )  We have proven in our articles before. They will have to weep. The Laodiceans are being punished, while a great multitude is being saved.(Rev 7: 9).


When was the devil cast out as John 12: 31 ….

Joh 12:31  Now is the “judgment” of this world: now shall the “prince” of this world be” cast out”.  According to “Christ”,  The devil was cast out, when the “JUDGMENT”  has come.  Rev 11: 18… the time to judge the “DEAD”.  (This is spiritually dead, after the power being shattered as in Dan 11: 36 and 12: 7) Judgment of the “house of God”, which now has come and is given to “Gentiles” as we have been proving form many of our articles, from “The Word of God”. (The  assembly Ez 16:40, 23, 45- 49, Lam 1: 15) Rev 12: 7 onwards tells us that he was cast down at a time, when there is only a “short time”. Rev 17: 10, the 7th head of the beast, and the 7th head of the church, were given a “short time”. HWA proved “short time” is three and half years. Also Rev 13: 5- 7, this beast is given “42 months”. This is Dan 12: 7 is being fulfilled. This is the same period, after the measuring in the “Inner court” was failed, God Had to witness against the leaders, using the witnesses. (All in Spiritual Jerusalem”) During this time, they will sing the “Song of Moses”, to testify against them before the plagues are poured upon as Rev 15 : 2-3. 


It is the “ALTAR” and the temple which needed the measuring. God commanded to “DO NOT” measure the “outer court”. The prophet still keeps on judging and measuring the outer court, which “GodSPECIFICALLY said “NOT” TO. That is directly against God’s command.   God’s LAW requires,( Heb 10:28)  before the punishment, two or three witnesses should testify and bring charges against the sinners, and they need to be “exposed” openly so that others may fear. 1 Tim 5: 19- 20,   Eph 5. This is what we are doing. God Has allowed the devil to exalt himself , one last time. We all know as soon as he was cast down, he came to persecute the woman. Satan will exalt himself through the “son of perdition” in 2 Thes 2 and in Dan 12: 7, 11: 36, to completely shatter the power of The Holy people. Dan 11: 36 says, this should happen as a part of GOD’s  INDIGNATION”. All these to happen in the “three and half” years before the real punishment. The spiritual Israel cannot be deceived from outside. So the leaders in God’s church, the 7th head, is actually speaking like an ‘angle of light”, judging others, but God Has seen he is doing “worse” than others (Ez 16: 52). All of this is to happen in these “forty two months” or three and half years or the “short time”.


As long as God Sits in the temple, the devil could not persecute the temple, or he could not come down to earth. Ez 24: 21, because of sins and “iniquity” Ezekiel caused, which we witness and testifies so that as the Law requires, he could be judged, God Had to profane His own “sanctuary” or the “Altar”. God departed and came to East as we have proven. When God left, the devil was cast down and now shattering the power of the Holy and the mighty .The people who know their God, are doing the exploits. But they are in the “outer court”, as they were “cast out”. As this article will prove, those “cast out” ones are being built up as a strong nation by GOD. After God left, the leader sits as the head of the temple, automatically becomes  the “man of sin” and is sitting in the temple. The leaders NEVER OBEYED GOD. (Except HWA) .This should happen in the “true” church. Evidently, the measuring has failed. This is why God left the sanctuary. God accused Ezekiel, being a “TOTAL” failure. He failed in all three points. He has an arrogant “pride” which God hates and which is why the devil has to be cast down. When God Has left, the leader is doing his own thing and not even know that he is casting out the true followers. This is what the cast down devil is doing. Since the leaders are “proud”, they are serving their god, the Leviathan. Now, they are  Fighting against God. This is why the witnesses have to witness against the Inner court. This is why the cleansing of the Altar is needed. The sheep and the oxen (members) were sold in the temple of God, because the leaders wanted to commit spiritual harlotry. Joel 3: 3.  The leaders are buying and selling “ God’s truth”. This is the family GOD raised. Sell and buy God’s truth? Has anything like this happened in other churches in the world? Has not God commanded, “freely you give and freely receive”? You have disgraced the God, Almighty. This is why the gentiles accuse you on this day, when Christ is visiting. ( 1 Pet 2: 12) When Christ’s BRIDE became an enemy of God, she cast out the “Women” of GOD’s people.

       So Christ Has to come on the donkey to open the blind eyes and to clean the temple as He did in His first visit.   



In “Genesis 49 and the Foolish nation” article we proved, that the donkey, which Christ used to ride when He came to “cleanse” the temple, is a “prophecy” for the end time. The “donkey and the colt” were bound to the tribe of “JUDAH”, which carries the “SCEPTRE”(Gene 49: 10-11) .  His entry in to Jerusalem on the Donkey is also a prophecy, as we have shown, (Math 21: 5,  Zech 9: 9.) Christ cleansed the temple in His first time and also now  He  Has come  as “The Messenger” of the covenant to “purify” the  ministry. ( Mal 3; 3 )  Math 21: 10 – 11… says, when He came to Jerusalem, they asked “Who Is this”?… The “Jews” were in Jerusalem, and didn’t they know that it was Christ? No, they did not because they did not want to. If the people in Jerusalem, “THE JEWS”  did not bring Him to Jerusalem, then it must be “the gentiles” who brought Him. ( The multitude)  Jews did not know Christ. Now, too there is a “synagogue of Satan” in Jerusalem.  Mt 21: 2,  Christ said,  go to the “opposite” village and bring the donkey and the colt. This did not just happen. He sent them to the “opposite” village to bring the donkey. Why would Christ want to come on a “donkey” to clean the temple? Since He, Himself  asked them to bring the donkey, this is a prophecy as we have proven in our article about the donkey. Our “POOR” and “Pray that flight may not on Sabbath” and “donkey” articles will show that “donkey” and the “Ox” are gentiles. Also, Christ sent them to the “opposite” village to bring them. Because there is no man, just like today,  in the temple in Jerusalem!.  Not only that, He is coming to “clean” the temple and you cannot clean the temple priests, with the help of the  profaned” priests inside. It is  Because the temple priests are  unclean, Christ is coming to clean. If there was a single priest INSIDE the temple, God would not say, “NO” man. These prophecies, for us for end time. NO man found in the temple to stand up for HIM. A Balaam type of betrayal happened in the church. So there has to be a donkey to stop him as 2 Pet 2 says. 


Mt 21:V 13… Christ said, “IT IS WRITTEN  the House shall be called a “house of prayer”, but “YOU”, the “JEWS” have made it a “den of thieves”. No one else can make the “House of God’, a den of thieves except the LEADERS who are in charge of the temple. Just like now, when it has become a habitation of demons, in Ez 8 – 11, by inviting strange men, who are not even baptized, in to the most Holy place, the “sanctuary” causing God to depart. (Ez 24: 21- 23)  Where is it written about who will be in the “House of Prayer”?  In Is 56: 7… 

This chapter, fulfills …”Just” before God’s “salvation” comes… which is now. After the “judgment”.  God is calling the “Eunuchs”…  So it could be men or women.  But we will prove, it is “women”. These women have become eunuchs for kingdom’s sake.  Mt 19:12.


Is 56: 1… “Justice”, Righteousness, the “Salvation” is about to come. Means, this should happen, “JUST” before Christ’s coming. “Righteous” are those who do not take part in Israel’s idols… (Ez 18: 6) Our “poor” and “Pray your flight” articles proved from the word of God, that the leaders in God’s church have not executed proper justice and judged righteously, the poor in the last days and that is why James 2 says, the poor are rich in faith.

V 2… Blessed is who obeys God’s Laws.  Or who is not “evil”…(who is Righteous)

V 3… “SON” (men) of the foreigner (the gentiles)…..”NOR”… means, not the men, but eunuchs, or the women… If not the men or the son, then it has to be the women, who are the eunuchs, as there are NO physical eunuchs in India or Sri lanka or among the foreigners who have joined to the Lord, who keep Sabbath. Just before the salvation comes, all these things are to happen in the “SPIRITUAL” Jerusalem and not in the world. So we are

100% certain that there are no physical eunuchs in any of the churches of God and this prophecy  is  about the spiritual eunuchs.


V. 4…God is calling these “EUNUCHS”. they hold fast to the covenant…. These strange eunuchs, are holding fast….They have heeded the warning in Rev 3: 11.     God’s word clearly says, that there are no man in the temple to stand up for Him. These eunuchs definitely have to be the “women”. There after, God is calling these women in v 4…

 V 5 …They are given a place in the temple wall in God’s House, and a name…”BETTER THAN SONS AND DAUGHTERS”.. Better than Israel…or “spiritual” Jews as we have proven from the word. Also an ‘EVER LASTING” name… This promise is given to the Phil. Era… in Rev 3; 12.  Spiritual Jews, have failed… Only the foreign eunuchs are holding fast with the scattered members who sigh and cry over the leader’s unfaithfulness. V 8 says, they are cast out. So they are not inside the temple. They are in the “outer court”. The leaders have cast out the strangers who keep the covenant, but have invited real strangers who are not even baptized in to the “Altar”. All recorded in the PN articles as we have mentioned in our earlier mails. This is also a fulfilled prophecy of Diotrephus in 3 John. 

V 6… confirms again, the covenant… and strangers… they love to be God’s SERVANTS. Deut 32: 43… The “strangers” are God’s servants, when the “Song of Moses” is sung… which we already have done, to “testify” against   the “Spiritual” Jews. (SJ) The “Jews” are called “Sons and daughters”, while the “Gentiles” are called the “servants”, as we have proven.


V 7… “GOD” will bring them to HIS Mountain. ( In TP’s sermon “exposing Satan”, he said this means, they are given the “Government”. They will be in My House of prayer…this should happen when Christ comes to “clean” the temple, as we saw. Their (Those strangers) work is accepted on GOD’S “ALTAR”.  They are the ones, now doing the work of God. And they are better than “sons and daughters”, who are Jews. (This should happen, “just” before Christ’s coming) For God’s House is for “ALL” nations…. (Time to fulfill Mal 1: 11-12, as well). TP said in this sermon, that he fulfills Is 56: 3-8. But, it is clear, if anyone willing to see, that God is calling the strangers and the eunuchs in this chapter. We definitely know that TP is “NOT” a stranger.     Eunuch? HHHMMMM Yes, God’s word says, TP and all his fellows are spiritual “Eunuchs”.  Since God find “NO” man, to stand up for HIM, they have become like eunuchs or women. But the women, have become like men.  Fighting for God. Just like when all disciples deserted Christ at His death, and the women followed, right now also the same thing is happening. Is 19: 3… God is talking about the “spirit” of Egypt. (Which is now in the church as Rev 11: 8. ) V 16 says, they have become like “women”, when God shakes HIS “HAND”… we proved from our article “ARM” of The Lord, that the “gentiles” are “His Arm”. Now, the ARM is working. Now they have become like women, and therefore, they are eunuchs. Is 19: 3… The “spirit of Egypt”, will fail. Hos 4: 14 says, men are more evil.


V 8… They are the ‘cast out” ones…(this  and Micah are end time visions)the “women”.  The reason for their casting out is clearly evident here…. They “HOLD FAST  to the covenant, while, those who have the authority in the church, the “sons and daughters”, did not. Mal 3:3… the ministers, who need to be purified .But these women, held fast during the Phil..era, when the “HOUR” came to test the world. They are pulling others out of fire.  The majority, being the Jews, who had the authority in God’s church, did not hold fast. This is why these women are cast out….For doing the right thing!  But, God, in return, Have chosen the cast out to build them into a strong nation, as we shall see. TP and our RD brought strangers in to the “Inner court” and broke the covenant according to Ez 44: 7 – 9, Is 52: 1…

Joel 2: 29 and Act 2: 17, the pouring upon the “Spirit” upon handmaids, (servants) have come…. When it says, sons and daughters, always refer to Jews. But servants, in the end time refers to the gentiles, who are like slaves of Jews. Also the Sabbath has come for the “poor” to eat what the children left behind, (Exo 23) as our articles proved.


1 Co 14:21  In the law it is written, With “other tongues” and other lips will I speak unto this people; and yet for all that will they not hear Me, saith the Lord.

( Is 28: 11- 12) This is being fulfilled right now.!! The servants are gentiles, they cannot be speaking the same language Jews speak. This is why they speak in other tongues. Ever since God Has called the gentiles, the Jews ( but they are a synagogue of satan) have rejected the gentiles..  (Including Peter ) We have proven from the word. No difference now. But God is provoking the Jews to jealousy by working through the gentiles…. These servants shall “PROPHESY” says GOD, our Father.  No more prophets who read commentaries for “more” insight than God’s as we saw in our part 1. !!!  


On “My” (God’s)servants and on my handmaidens –This is 1 Co 14:21 and Is 28: 11-12.  This prophecy  means the people, the gentiles, the poor and the  lowest, such as  slaves will be prophesying.  Jews asserted that the “Spirit” especially to prophesy, never rested upon gentiles. But for God, especially since the sons and daughters have failed, He does not care neither bond nor free, male or female. This prophecy is being fulfilled now.!!! God Has rejected the “sons and daughters” as Is 56 says…. Now the outcast, women the eunuchs, the slave gentiles, the donkey and the foolish nation,  are being brought to “THE ALTAR”, to “provoke” the “sons and daughters to “jealousy”.  This is why in Deut 32: 43“The gentiles” are called God’s people (When Song of Moses is sung in Rev 15)



 Mic 2:9  The “women” of My people have ye cast out from their pleasant houses; from their children have ye taken away my glory for ever. (Read our article Micah 2: 9) These “WOMEN”, are GOD’s people . But they are “cast out”. If these “Women” are God’s people, and since they are cast out, the leaders who cast them out, cannot be working for God. God agrees with the women and not with the leaders. When this happens, God commands to depart……   


Mic 2:10  Arise ye, and depart; for this is not your rest: because it is polluted, it shall destroy you, even with a sore destruction. When was the end time church polluted? In Ez 24: 21- 23. When the Bamah” sin was committed,  the women, are the ones who stood up. They were cast out. It is the “ALTAR” which  need to be purified because it is polluted. ) But God gathers these cast out…. The “women”…  Mic 4: 6 – 7.  They are to be the “TOWER” of the flock… “the watchmen”… (Jere 4: 16 – 17 these watchers from a far country, will watch the “cities of Judah”, who is the church. Jere 26:2. But the cities of Judah, will be without an inhabitant (Jere 9: 11).  Lion, the destroyer of the “Gentiles”  will make the land without an inhabitant. Jere 4:7. Cities of Judah, or the people who come to worship God, need to be watched by the gentiles from a far country. God Has appointed them. You will have to listen to the daughter of God’s people from a far country. Jere 8: 19. If these women are the watchers of cities of Judah, then they are the ones who are going to sing to the cities of Judah, “Behold your GOD”! 


Mic 4:7  And I will make her that halted a remnant, and her that was cast far off a strong nation: and the LORD shall reign over them in mount Zion from henceforth, even for ever. V 6-7 says, God will gather the “outcasts” and make a strong nation and bring them to Mt Zion, or God’s Holy Mountain, as in Is 56; 7both events are for the latter days, when God Has rejected His own children when they cast out and afflicted the strangers who hold fast to God’s covenant. Rest of this chapter shows how Spiritual Jerusalem will be defiled and how they go in to captivity… Jere 50: 28… Those “escape” declares in Zion….



Mic 4:7  And “I”( GOD)  will make her that halted a remnant, and her that was cast far off a strong nation: and the LORD shall reign over them in mount Zion from henceforth, even for ever. GOD make these “CAST OUT” ones a “STRONG” nation, and will bring them to MT ZION, and they will be there “FOR EVER”.(alsoIs 56:7) But Ezekiel has to bear his shame for ever. Ez 16: 61.  All these are God’s doings. Ps 147: 2… God builds up Jerusalem, gathering the out cast ones. These women will be the ones to sing to the “Cities of Judah”, “Behold your God !”. Is 40:9. In the very end, they were brought to Mt Zion.


Mic 5:7  And the “remnant “of Jacob shall be in the midst of” many people” as a “dew” from the LORD, as the” showers” upon the “grass”, that tarrieth not for man, nor waiteth for the sons of men.

Mic 5:8  And the remnant of “Jacob” shall be” among the Gentiles” in the midst of many people as a lion among the beasts of the forest, as a young lion among the flocks of sheep: who, if he go through, both treadeth down, and teareth in pieces, and none can deliver.

Mic 5:9  Thine hand shall be lifted up upon thine adversaries, and all thine enemies shall be cut off.


One of our readers wrote to us the following:…. ….

“Mr. Flurry wrote…” that the only way to find GOD is to find the individual “declaring the Micah warning”.   NO one could find God through an individual. But, if one would like to find out “WHO” is being used by “GOD  (in the end time when God is sending TP and his followers in to captivity, )to deliver the “MICAH” warning, to the captives,  so they can heed, these few verses clearly shows, that God is using the  “Women” who were cast out by him. GOD says… it is not a “prophet”. But, the “women” whom you,… cast out, when you turned as an “enemy’ of mine. Micah 5: 7 – 9 clearly shows, the remnant, that would not wait for a man, (then they are women) and are among the “gentiles”, and God’s Hand which is also “gentiles”,  shall be lifted up against God’s enemies. (His wife is the enemy)  Now, Mr. Flurry, you know how to find God’s work through the remnant in Micah. It is definitely not “you”. Because you are not a “woman”, you are not “cast out”, and you are not a “gentile”. The same way you cast us out, God Has cut you off as Eliakim was. What an honor you had? The father of Jerusalem who had all the glory securely fastened… then “GOD” cut and allowed you to fall !  Shame, shame, shame. “God” has built us up while cutting you off ! It is a fearful thing to fall in to the hands of the living God, and it is the most fearful thing to fall from the hands of the living God.! God would never cut off someone until He Had done the last thing He could do to show their faults and get them to repent. The leaders would have refused to change despite of God’s correction. He would have allowed ample time to repent. God allowed four years from 1999 to 2003 August to repent. These leaders have an attitude of knowing better than God. The “pride”, has budded in to them and they would certainly not listen to a donkey. Now they are serving “Leviathan” in the sea.

God, the Father knew that in the “end” time, the children of Israel will be scattered abroad. (we have proven from the WORD). This is why, James, Christ’s brother, wrote his letter, which was explained by TP last year, is addressed  to … to the twelve tribes which are “scattered abroad”, He writes the “present” condition of the church….beginning with “TRIALS” and how they misjudged the “poor” and how they are rich in faith.


Mic 5: 7… This “remnant” will be like “DEW” from the “LORD”, (meaning of “DEW” is explained below)  like showers on the grass… The “remnant” is the cast out ones,  Dew”, has many meanings and one of being, a symbol of blessing. When the grass is dry, Dew gives it life, by giving water. Dew, in the heat of harvest… (Is 18: 4. God is taking His rest… Like the Sabbath rest which the poor works and the “DEW” is the “doctrine” as we shall see later) Dew forms especially in the night. ( now is the night, the darkness over the “spiritual” Israel as God Has left them and Satan sitting in the temple. Is 60: 2… darkness over the people) This remnant  is giving “DEW” , or the “word of God” to the dying grass, which are people. Jacob… why in the end time God calls His abandoned people as Jacob?  Obadiah book by TP pg 2 says… “Jacob” represents an “UNCONVERETED” spirit of God’s people… God left them because they became like “unconverted”, by going back to the world. (Ez 24: 21..) Who bought the bowl of soup? That is Jacob. So now among these “unconverted” Jacobites, the remnant whom God is working through, also the cast out ones, are like Dew from the Lord…, are ‘among the Gentiles”,   and they are “women”…


Tarrieth for “NO” man… “NO” man stood up/ stands up for God, in the very end, in the “Inner court”. Even in Ezekiel’s time… Ez 22: 30,   Is 50: 2,   Jere 5: 1,    Is 41:28 . Jere 31: 22… TP, his son, his son in law, many HQs ministers, our RD, knew about this “Bamah” matter, how wrong it is… But “NO” man ever spoke against until Mrs W, her daughter, sister spoke against this. These three women, did not tarry for a man to do this job of witnessing against this evil done against the ever lasting covenant with our Husband. !


Many people?…Many “Waters”

We know that all the churches have become as harlots (Ez 16:52) and she sits on “Many peoples”… Rev 17: 3 , 15.      Rev 5: 9 – 10 says, God Has redeemed people from many nations, tongues…etc… the same meaning as Rev 17: 15….So not only the harlot has many people, but God Has too. The meaning of “Many people” or “many waters” simply means, people from many nations, languages tribes etc…. they could be God’s  people or when they rebel, they could be harlot’s.  This harlot deceived God’s people… “many” people… (Many waters) So as Mic 5: 7 – 8… This remnant, which are women, are as “dew” among the many people…When  the  harlot” is being judged God’s women, who are cast out, are bringing dew from the Lord. Harlot cannot feed His people. She gives abominable food which comes from the great sea monster, Leviathan.  So God Has chosen these women to feed the harlot who sits on many waters, as she is going to be corrected and taken. This is why, after the judgment of the harlot in Rev 17 and 18, Only in Rev 19: 7, The Bride is ready. After  the punishment.  

Balaam prophesied that “Jacob’s” seed will be as “Many waters”, (Num 24: 7), in the “Latter days”… (v 14),  God would bring him out of “EGYPT” (v 8)  The “Harlot” in Rev 17, sits on “many waters”, is  “spiritual” Israel, who has gone to “Egypt” spiritually. Rev 11: 8. Is 19


Among the “gentiles”…as  young “lions”… This remnant is “gentile”. They are among the many people, as “Lions”…  (Our Genesis 49 article shows, the donkey was bound to the tribe of Judah who are lions also . ) young lions come from “Tarshish”,

( Ez 38: 13 ) which also, we proved,  that is Sri lanka. “Lion”… Even Balaam prophesied, that a people would rise up like a “lion”. Num 23: 24.  Mic 5: 7 – 9.. is now being fulfilled… God warned His wife about a Balaam type of a betrayal to occur in the very end. 2 Peter, Jude and Micah, which is for the Bride of Christ, for the last end. Zeph 3: 12 – 13… God will leave a “POOR” remnant in the midst of church, who will have no “iniquity” and they will be “JUST”.


Treadeth down…We, the poor gentiles are treading the Inner court. Rev 11: 2 , Is 26: 6

( read Day of Visitation, “Gentiles work” ,God’s ARM  and Poor, articles proved )


Mic 5: 9… “HAND… We proved that the “gentiles” are the “Hand or the Arm” of The Lord. ( read our article “The ARM of The Lord”. ) This further proves, that we are the “REMNANT” who are doing this work. The remnant, who are “women”, who DO NOT tarry for men, who are also “Gentiles”, who come from Tarshish, and are “lions”, like the  Dew” of The Lord, “treading” down, the Israelites, (Spiritual) who now  has become as Jacobites having an “Unconverted spirit” …,  or the Inner court, the leaders  who sits on many peoples, the Harlot, who’s judgment, now has come.


The “ARM” of The Lord cuts leviathan….The “ARM” of The Lord is going to cut “Rahab” in pieces. Is 51: 9, and Ps 89: 10. “Rahab” has many meanings. It is a poetical name for “Egypt”. Also it means, “Proud”, “insolent”.  The church is now in “Egypt”(Rev 11:8), and she is “proud”. (Ez 24: 21 ) “Rahab”  also is another name for the “sea monster”, the “Leviathan”, who is the “king” over the “proud” .( Job 41: 34).  The “Arm” of The Lord , the “gentiles’, IS CUTTING  “Rahab” in pieces. This Rahab or the sea monster is none other than the devil himself, whose pride God wants to  get rid off. One last time, he has crept in to the sanctuary of The Lord and damaged everything (Ps 74) He is now working through the arrogantly proud Ezekiel and his fellows until God waves His HAND and cut this Rahab off. This is what we, the women of the Assembly are doing. Cut off the pride of God’s children Israel. Our God will be exalted during this rest. The “Lord” will be KNOWN in the “Judgment” Ps 9: 16


Hos. 8 :1…they have broken the covenant, and shall return to “Egypt”. ( v.13) God says He will send “FIRE”. (V. 14).  Who comes and set “Fire”?  Is 27:11… “The women”. Is 27  explains, this happens when they are in “Egypt”.  When these “women” are setting “fire” , (John 15: 5 – 6 Christ said, the branches which do not bear fruits, are cut down and put in to Fire.) They will be brought back, ONE, BY ONE”. (Is 27: 12) Not all of them at once. No place of safety. But, “ONE by ONE”… also the elect will be gathered from four winds. Those who see the women setting fire, will come out of Babylon or Egypt, “ONE by ONE”. Not from “Petra”… or as a whole group. Christ said to not to believe in false prophets who say Christ is in the desert. Christ will not be in Petra. (Mt 24:26)  Mt 7: 16--- Christ said, “You will know the good leaders by their fruits and if they do not bear good fruits, they will be cut down and put in to fire. This is the “Fire”, which the “women” are setting on. These leaders  will say, didn’t we prophesy in your name, didn’t we cast out demons in your name???? But Christ will deny them. (Once our RD said he cast out two demons in two little girls. And the demons went in to dogs. But after that, look what he did. He deceived the whole church to go after other gods by inviting strangers in to the most Holy place where God dwells in the temple. We are the witnesses to this treachery. This is what Christ will say to them;.. “And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity”. ) Even though there were true prophets and if they do not bear fruits worthy, they will be cut off. To have prophesied, and cast out demons, once they would have been in the true church. , Is 27: V. 1 , this should happen when God punishes  proud “Leviathan”.. Instead of pride and lusts they will have a trembling heart, failing eyes and anguish of soul.. Deut 28: 65.


Sea;..Ps 74: 13- 14 should be fulfilled at a time when God punishes the “heads” of Leviathan or the “Heads” of His enemy( Ps 68: 21- 22…  “bring back from “sea”???. God pictures the “sea” as a place where Satan is and where the wicked will be destroyed. The wicked are like the troubled sea. (Is 57: 20)  Wicked Egypt was drowned in the sea.  Now, Jerusalem is in “EGYPT” spiritually. (Rev 11: 8) This is why they will be brought back from the sea. Now, the leaders in the church are in the sea, doing their wicked deeds. Rev 13: 1… The Beast also came up from the “SEA”. This beast is inside the church. V 6 says, he will blaspheme against God….. This beast is given power to overcome the saints… (Remember the spiritual people could be deceived only from within) This beast has the same 42 months as the two witnesses and the time given in Daniel to scatter the power of the Holy people. This beast, caused God’s church to become a harlot. Dragon gave his power to this beast.  This is why Babylon will be thrown into the sea in Rev 18: 21 and this is why Christ said, if you pray, that this mountain (church) be moved in to sea…The great harlot deceived many and caused people to stumble at the law. “If you cause little ones to stumble at the law, it is better to be thrown in to sea”. Mt 18: 6…The end time leaders have cause many to stumble at God’s Law,. They, themselves have become lawless people.  


Mt 8: 32…The demon possessed swine also perished in the sea… the useless, unfruitful fig tree … Math 21: 21)  ( see Judah’s wound article). Ps 74… says, this happens, when the enemy damaged everything in the “Sanctuary”, from “within”,  which is now, and where there are no more prophets. V.9 . Sea is where God is going to get rid of the wickedness. Ps 46:  The mountains (Churches) are carried in to the sea in God’s anger, but the gentiles will Exalt God. They will be brought back from the sea…Ps 68: 22. When enemy has damaged everything in the sanctuary and there are no more prophets, (Ps 74), v 13… the dragon’s head will be broken in the waters. Ps 104: 25… beasts are in the sea. Devil came down to earth and the sea. Rev 12: 12. Sea pictures symbolically, where the wicked are and now coming out of “Egypt” spiritually, as the “Spiritual” Israel are now in Egypt. Rev 11:8.


TP said in “Rev unveilded at last” book, pg 76, “conquer Satan and world, if we are to receive revelation”. We showed how God accuses Ezekeil and the church going back to the world. Failing in all three points  and how , now they are in Spiritually in  (Egypt)… and “Babylon”, means, they have “notconquered Satan. This is why Ezekiel is “ NOT” receiving revelation. They need to be brought back from “Egypt”. Now, God’s doctrines and speech, or “dew’  falls on “gentile” women, that tarries for no man.


DEW  falls during the “Song of Moses” is sung….

This song was taught by Moses, as God commanded him, ( Deut 31: 16 – 21, and in the “latter days” v. 29 ) to sing when God’s people have become a “Harlot” as in Rev 17,  Ez 16 and many other scripture. Rev 15: 1 – 3… , In the “latter days”, since God’s people have become a harlot, this song is sung (which we have already done so last year, in July )  again to testify “AGAINST”  them, “WHILE” being judged, and “JUST” before the seven bowls of wrath is being poured upon. Rev 15: 1.. wrath will be completed ….Seven bowls of wrath are being poured upon the harlot. Song of Moses is sung to testify against their harlotry. If this harlot is not Israel, why the need of this song? It was sung to testify against Israel’s harlotry.

(read our article “SONG OF MOSES” )


 Deu 32:2  My  doctrine” shall drop as the “rain”, Myspeech” shall distil as the “dew”, as the small rain upon the “tender” herb, and as the showers upon the grass:…God’s “DOCTRINE” is the rain, and His “SPEECH” is “DEW”… and small rain… Deut 52: 5… this dew comes when Israel or Spiritual Jerusalem  has corrupted themselves. So God Has to speak through this remnant, who are cast out, who are women. (Is 40:7… grass are people. )   This is same as Mic 5: 7 – 9… Deut 32: 43.. even says, “Rejoice” you “ GENTILES”  who are GOD’S people… or servants… This definitely proves that the gentiles should sing this song. Micah 5 and Deut 32 proves so. Both to happen in the end time, when God’s people have become a harlot.

Rain…TP said, in Exposing Devil sermon, Dec 2005, that “drought” is where Satan is and “rain” where “GOD” Is. So, it is “GOD” who send this rain, or the “word” and whoever receives, the rain, should speak.

Dew and small rain… we know “dew” and “rain” gives life to herbs, and grass, and what they picture… Grass and herbs are people. (Is 40: 7,  37: 27 ) When God’s people have become as “Jacobites”, who as unconverted, God’s dew will fall upon the remnant. (The remnant is women, who were cast out)

Tender…among many definitions, webster  defines “tender” as……1. A “small” vessel employed to attend a “larger” one for supplying her with provisions and other stores, or to convey intelligence and the like.

Another meaning is found in 2 King 22: 19…. Because King Josiah’s heart was “tender”.. means, he “HUMBLED” and wept…. The “GENTILE” women are humble. Certainly the “donkey” and the colt and the foolish nation are humble. God, uses such when His sons and daughters have become “proud” and serves Leviathan, their king. 

 Dew upon “Tender” herb…? HWA taught, the “tender twig” means the daughter of Zezekiah… (USBIP) tender means, delicate, soft etc….. in this case, since the herbs are men, the  “tender” herb should be women. When compared with the cast out ones in the end time in the Book of Micah, shows us  that the “remnant” is “WOMEN” and they are gentiles, and they are to be like “DEW”. Both are for the “VERY” end.


Job 14: 7 ..when the tree is cut down, the “TENDER” branch will grow… (read our article “The Branch”.) Now, the tree is cut down. The tender branch is growing.

Math 24: 32, When the fig tree put forth “tender”…. (read our article about the “Branch” ) … now, the fig tree has put forth the “Tender” branch… (Tender “PLANT” and tender “Branch” is different. Tender PLANT is Christ.(Is 53: 1 –2)


2 Sam 22: 45… and Ps 18.King David said, “Gentiles” shall submit to him. Obviously, (Israel have not). V 50… He is giving thanks to God, “among the gentiles”. This psalm was sung, when King David was delivered from enemies. This is a prophecy and is repeated in Ps 18. V 8 and 16 shows, this should happen at a time when the Tsunami and that massive earthquake occurred after breaking the covenant in “South East” Asia. This happened after Christ’s wife became an “enemy” of God. 2 Sam Chapter 23 gives the “last words” of king David. He said, God spoke to him. He who “RULES” over men must be JUSTand should have “FEAR” in God. Neither Ezekiel, nor his fellows fear God, for they are not “JUST”. (By the way, this is why Christ will bring “justice” to Gentiles. Is 42: 1, 6, etc… ) V 4.. he, (the person who rules), like the sun rise… (sun rises in the East), and like the “tender” grass. V 5… “Although, my house is NOT SO with GOD. (When king David’s house is not so with God, he is among the gentiles… the gentiles were grafted in, as we have explained ) The sons of rebellion as thorns.… (we proved briers and thorns are ministers. They are in the vineyard Is 5: 6, 10:17, 32: 13,  ) shall be burnt with “fire”… “The WOMEN” set fire…. Is 27: 11. This should happen at a time when God makes the stones of the “ALTAR” like chalk. V 9.


Is 26: 6… when the “poor” ( the poor escaped Babylonian captivity… read our article “Gentile work”) “tread down” and when God’s “Judgments” on the earth….when they will “LEARN” righteousness…. V. 11.. when “GOD’s RIGHT HAND” is lifted up , (read “ARM” of The Lord ) when it is time for the “DEAD” (spiritually) to live and come out of dust,(Is 52: 1-2), when the strangers came in to Zion, she is full of dust.  (they have been eating dust, the serpent’s meat…Is 65: 25) v 19… the “DEW” falls. When this happen, which is about to, since the “TENDER” branch and Lord’s Hand is on the scene, v 20 says…. “enter “YOUR” chambers…. God will not take to a place of safety, but enter “your” own chambers and hide, till the indignation passes…. Is 27: 12… You will be gathered “ONE by ONE”… not all at once.  


Gen 27:28  Therefore God give thee of the “dew” of heaven, and the fatness of the earth, and plenty of corn and wine:   When Isaac blessed Jacob, he said, “DEW of heaven” will fall on him…. In the end time, when God’s people sinned and have become like “Jacob”, the DEW should fall… This is why Micah 5 : 7-8 says, the remnant of “JACOB” , the “gentile women” are  like “dew”…. Isaac’s blessings are now upon Jacobites……


Gen 49: 24… and the “arms” of his hands were made strong by the “hands” of the “Mighty God” of Jacob … Mic 5:9  Thine hand shall be lifted up upon thine adversaries, …..The adversary, or the enemy of God now is the “harlot”. Joseph’s hands are to be strengthened by GOD’s “hands”…in the end time…. Isaac, Jacob and Moses, all have prophesied, that “God’s “hand” with the “dew” from heaven, the gentiles , the remnant who were cast out, the women, will tread down God’s enemy.  This is why the “women” are to be their “oppressors” and rule over them… Is 3: 12. 


We know that Jacob’s blessings was on Joseph…. In Deut 33: 13, when Moses blessed Israel,  about Joseph, He said…”precious things of Heaven, with “DEW”


 In John 2: 19, Christ said, “destroy this temple, and I will build it in three days. V 21 says, He was speaking about His body. The Jews could not recognize their own savior. They asked for a sign. This prophecy Christ uttered, is being fulfilled now.  As Dan 11: 36, and 12: 7 says, the power of the Body of Christ, the members, the Holy people are being scattered by the devil through the leaders of the church, or the body of Christ. After three days, picturing three years,  or 1260 days, or in a time and times and half a time, the 42 months given to two witnesses to do their work, He will build it up. When Christ was brought to death, this is one of the accusations, they brought upon Him, with false witnesses. (Mt 26: 61,  Mar 14: 58) Christ will build it on the third day. When the stones of the temple are being scattered, God’s Hand is stretched out to help them.


In Malachi 3, God said, “I will send you Elijah”… He did not say, I will send you another prophet after Elijah. God knew, after Elijah, ALL the leaders will fail. Even the 7th head is to continue a short time. After Elijah, the “Curse” will come (v7).


Pro 31:30  Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised. God will praise the women who fear HIM, even though the leaders cast them out.!


When Christ came the first time, He read a part of Is 61, in the synagogue. Only a part from the 2nd verse was read. Here is what He read:………

In Lk 4:18…The Spirit………….. To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.

Luk 4:20  And he closed the book, and  gave . Christ read a part of Is 61, in the synagogue. This is a prophecy for our day.

 Isa 61:1  The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to (1 )preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to ( 2 ) bind up the brokenhearted, to ( 3 )  proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound;

Isa 61:2  To proclaim the( 4 ) acceptable year of the LORD and the ( 5 )day of vengeance of our God;( 6 ) to comfort all that mourn;

Isa 61:3  To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning…

  1. Preach good tidings to MEEK means “Poor”. Meek is strongs 6035, which means “poor” also. We proved who are the “poor”. Christ Has to bring good tidings, or justice to the poor because as James warned, the rich have oppressed the poor but they  are rich in faith.
  2. The poor, who was cast out were heart broken because of the sins in the leaders. Few in other countries also who are broken hearted because of the sins of the leaders. Their broken hearts will be bound up when Christ comes. 
  3. Liberty to captives…. ALL the Spiritual Israel according to Ez 16: 52, are now in captivity. TP announced it after his wife died. Ez 24: 16-25. So they will be given liberty when Christ comes.  
  4. Acceptable year of The Lord…. , Is 49: 8 explains this. 2 Cor 6: 2.
  5. Day of vengeance:. Is 34: 8.. Is 63: 4… This is for Zion and God will redeem her back.
  6. Comfort all who mourn, in Zion. Ez 24: 16- 25 shows, after the death of the wife, Tp has to mourn with one another because of their sins. But, God in His love, will bring them back on this day of vengeance.  God chastens only His sons . Heb 12: 7.

We were told by “the prophet”, that when we find leaders deceiving the members, we must “expose” them. God tells us to do so too. 1 Tim 5: 19-20 etc…Here is what TP said;….


We're going to do what God says we must do, and that is “expose” those people. Expose them for what they are. ... We just totally lay it bare. This is the way it is. Now a lot of people have been deceived, they are blind after all, and there has been strong delusion. [G.F. sermon, FT 9/27/02,}

This rule should be applied to TP as well and we hope and pray for our enemies.   


Remember, the BIBLE IS FULL OF EXAMPLES WHERE CHURCH LEADERS HAVE LED PEOPLE ASTRAY. That is why EVERY spiritual step we take MUST be biblically based! [MM pg. 140 p3]According to the Bible, the last High priest will become Joshua, as there in only one High priest. God Does not have several High priests.  TP announced that “HE” is the high priest in 2004. This is biblically based.

Our Elijah taught us:…In this in-depth study of the Bible, I had the use of all the biblical helps -- concordances, Greek-English and Hebrew-English lexicons, commentaries, Bible dictionaries and religious encyclopedias. The latter three of these, I found, were the works of scholarly but carnal minds. In historical facts and matters of a material and physical nature, they give help in research, but in God's revelation of “spiritual knowledge” I found them of little help. [MA pg. 23p2 (L.M.)]But, TP said he is the “Eliakim”, reading from a commentary. (Women Pt 1 proved) He did that the “Day” before “Sabbath”.

In Mr. Flurry’s KOD program, titles “Christ personally appears”, He talks about Christ coming, before His second coming, because of the “worst” crisis in His church. He said… “but it is not just my idea that most of the commentaries will tell you.”. He has used  the word commentary, 9 times in this episode alone. What could be “THE worst” crisis in God’s church when the prophet gets insight from ALL COMMENATIRES to tell the members about Christ’s COMING?  And then he quote from Amos 9: 1… Christ standing upon the “ALTAR” and  striking the lintel shaking the posts… Our article “Antichrist “ would show who is the antichrist…. He is inside the temple. God’s own temple and the “sanctuary”, and that is why Christ comes to strike the lintel…..

IF WE AREN'T TESTING OUR TRUTH VERY PRECISELY AND CAREFULLY, we can easily depart into a Laodicean attitude. If we don't look to HWA's method of building, we face disaster in the future. [MM pg. 64p5 Since HWA has instructed us to not to depend on commentaries for revelation, we see that the prophet is not building according to his instructions. The “day before Sabbath”, should not we go to God for revelation?

here is what Gerald Flurry himself even said about the WCG becoming too scholarly:

They adopt the world's scholarly approach to the Bible which leads to one of the greatest disasters ever in God's Church. [MM pg. 65p3]

More and more frequently Joshua's "fellows" are using the world's scholarly approach to understanding the Bible. [MM pg. 75p5]Since The prophet himself is now using scholarly approach by reading the commentaries, Ez 16: 52 has been fulfilled…. Did worse than others….in everything.

…caused by a priesthood that was relying more and more on human, SCHOLARLY reasoning. [MM pg. 75p7]

God warns us not to put our trust in scholars who are going to be cut off! [MM pg. 78bottom] …Judged others, and did the same thing…..

Here is one of our members wrote…..

 Mr. Flurry has become so swollen in his own imagination that he fails to see that he is the leader of LAODICEA! He knows what warning God is giving the Laodiceans, of which he is chief! He had better heed his own words!  ..

Mr. Flurry, failing to follow HWA’s method of building, has now drifted to a Laodicean attitude. Since God condemns him as having an arrogant boast, he would not  even  listen to God’s word. He is blind to his own sins.  Nothing left for God to do…….. but the plagues….

God says…The days are coming, that it will be no more said, that God brought children out of Egypt, but it will be said…. God brought children of Israel “OUT OF NORTH”.. and all where God Has driven them… Jere 16: 14-15. This means that since we are in the South East, as PCG Head quarters are in the “North”, that God is bringing them from North. 

 Jer 16:14  Therefore, behold, the days “come”, saith the LORD, that it shall no more be said, The LORD liveth, that brought up the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt;

Jer 16:15  But, The LORD liveth, that brought up the children of Israel from the land of the “north”, and from all the lands whither he had driven them: and I will bring them “again” into their land that I gave unto their fathers.

Jer 16:17  For mine eyes are upon all their ways: they are not hid from my face, neither is their iniquity hid from mine eyes. Who has “iniquity” in the end time? Ez 24: 21-23

Jer 16:18  And first I will recompense their iniquity and their sin double; because they have defiled my land, they have filled mine inheritance with the carcases of their detestable and abominable things.

Jer 16:19  O LORD, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the “Gentiles” shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, “Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit.

Jer 16:21  Therefore, behold, I will this once cause them to know, I will cause them to know mine “hand” and my might; and they shall know that my name is The LORD.

The “Gentiles” from the ends of the earth are saying, our fathers have inherited LIES, VANITY !!!  But, God will bring you out of North, again!!!