Witness part 5 -

A new and living way through CHRIST ’s flesh


CHRIST  comes in these last days to teach a new and living way through His flesh. (Heb 1, 10: 20 ). What is this new and living way? When would this new living way be declared?? What does it mean HIS “Flesh”? Why do we need a NEW living way in the last days? Who need this new life ??


Heb 10:20  by a new and living way which He has consecrated for us through the veil, that is to say, His flesh; …}}}…”Consecrated” means officially declared to be Holy, or to do something  new,  to initiate” etc.  This chapter shows, the physical sacrifices cannot reconcile man to GOD.   This is why the Grace came when the Law could not make anyone perfect. Since all those who are under the Law  are appointed to die once and then have to be judged and reconciled, GOD prepared another body, HIS OWN FLESH by His grace, to declare this new way. 


CHRIST  came in person to teach these things to Apostle Paul for three years PRIVATELY, AWAY FROM OTHERS. What ever was taught to him, WAS NOT MADE KNOWN IN OTHER AGES AND IT IS REVEALED ONLY TO THE Gentiles. Now all are being fulfilled as  CHRIST  Has come once again to fulfill  what He taught at the COMPLETION OF THE AGE. We are established by Gospel of Grace. ( Rom 16: 25- 26).  AND NOT BY THE Law OF Moses. Until CHRIST  comes again, Israel is blind and there is a veil. ( 2 Co 3: 13 – 15). Since no one could be perfect by keeping the Law, they will be saved by GOD’s GRACE and He  Has to preach about it to them. Who ever is chosen to preach this gospel, is the body which He Has prepared, broken  and sacrificed to declare this new life and they are the flesh of CHRIST . The unveiling is in the ‘flesh’.



Anciently Jews argued with CHRIST  when He introduced this new  life through His broken body which they had to eat. There is no difference now. The end time synagogue of satan too is fighting with CHRIST , when He tries to teach this new way of life through His flesh. Those who fight with CHRIST  are the antichrists as they do not believe that CHRIST  Has come in the flesh. Through His flesh or body,  CHRIST  is fighting with the antichrist. NO ONE IS FOOLISH ENOUGH TO FIGHT WITH REAL CHRIST .  NO ONE CAN EVEN LOOK AT HIM LET ALONE TO FIGHT HIM.  These antichrists  fought ,  ate  ,  broke and finally spiritually killed  this prepared body , whose calling is just for that.  That is to live as LIVING SACRIFICES, SUFFER AND DIE FOR THE Word OF GOD, AND TO THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS CHRIST.  These antichrists, the synagogue of satan does not want to hear that,  one is resurrected through “JESUS CHRIST ”. Anciently, When they were preached about the resurrection and JESUS CHRIST, they rejected it ( Act 17: 18-20 ). There is no difference now… they think the Author and the Finisher of salvation cannot do anything without the direction of God The Father, who does not even exist. (read: Mysteries pt 14 for proof ) www.gentileassembly.org.


Mat 26:26  And as they ate, taking the bread and blessing it, Jesus broke and gave to the disciples, and said, Take, eat; this is My body. }}}… Why did CHRIST  give bread as HIS BODY ???  What is the significance of giving the bread , which is His body or flesh ??? What is the END TIME fulfillment of this ???


CHRIST ’s body was broken for our healing as we all know. But now, there has to be a ‘SPIRITUAL” healing as Holy Spirit is withdrawn. (this is  when and why the prophesied fountain comes  ) Now, a “spiritual” body of CHRIST  has to be broken for “spiritual” healing of Zion. This is why A new “SPIRITUAL” body was formed by CHRIST  who offers themselves as the ‘spiritual’ sacrifices , which He calls the “New Jerusalem”. They are chosen in the very end, after the Law keepers failed and AFTER THEY WHO ARE “APPOINTED TO DIE” HAVE DIED  ALREADY.  This body is  taught directly by CHRIST , as they are to have CHRIST ’s own mind  and this is a mystery which is revealed only after He came the second time.



Heb 10:4  For it is not possible that the blood of bulls and of goats should take away sins.

v 5 ….“For this reason, coming into the world, He says, "Sacrifice and offering You did not desire, but You prepared a body for Me….}}}…Because the blood of animals could not take away sins, GOD Has prepared a body to be sacrificed to TAKE AWAY THE SINS. This is the time GOD takes away the first and the second is to be established. V 9.   After that, GOD will not remember their sins and no longer offerings are needed. ( Heb 10: 18).  This body, had to suffer like Apostle Paul …( Heb 10: 33- 34).



V 10 says, we are sanctified through the offering of the body of CHRIST .  This is spoken about the second time He intervenes. These are the first fruits offered to GOD, by JESUS CHRIST.  He offered “Himself” in the first time.  And now, AFTER HE CAME IN THE LAST DAYS, ( Heb 1)  the second time, it is the true believers, the proven ones who will be His flesh who will unveil this new life  as they became the sacrifice.


Heb 10:5  For this reason, coming into the world, He says, "Sacrifice and offering You did not desire, but You prepared a body for Me …}}}… CHRIST  would come to this prepared body. That is the second time as now. When He came in the first time, it is His own body which He sacrificed. But now, those who were specially prepared are to be His body.  This body of believers were prepared at the end of the Philadelphia  era , with those who kept the Word and believed…. Vs 16- 17 confirms it is when the SECOND time He comes, which this prophecy is to be fulfilled.


prepared body”…what is “prepared” means  Strong’s :… to complete thoroughly, that is, repair (literally or figuratively) or adjust: - fit, frame, mend, (make) perfect (-ly join together), prepare, restore.


Thayer;… to render, i.e. to fit, sound, complete, to mend (what has been broken or rent), to repair,  to complete,   to fit out, equip, put in order, arrange, adjust,   to fit or frame for one’s self, prepare,  ethically: to strengthen, perfect, complete, make one what he ought to be”….


How Did CHRIST  prepare this body???  They have to go through the same sufferings as CHRIST  and have to witness to the ‘TRUTH” and have to die shedding their blood. This is why the harlot is blood guilty.  ( Rev 17:6 ,  18: 24 )  She killed the witnesses of GOD… All proven in our previous writings. They are the ‘flesh’ of CHRIST  as we shall see.



When we find out to whom He came, then we know that is the Body of CHRIST. Colos 1: 27 proves that CHRIST  came to Gentiles. This is why they are to have the mind of CHRIST  and seek things where CHRIST  sits. Following Scripture would further prove that it is the Gentiles who are called to be partakers of CHRIST ’s sufferings.


Heb 10:12  But He, offering but one sacrifice for sins, "sat down" in perpetuity "at the right " of God, }}}… if CHRIST  sacrificed  Himself , the new body should be sacrificed  also.  (the widow’s two mites ; which she offered was what she saved throughout her whole life.  Luke 21: 4---.it is the poor who are chosen, who sacrificed their whole lives and who have faith. Jam 2:5   ) This parable followed by CHRIST  saying ; “Not one stone shall be left upon another.  This means, when the widow is noticed, when she sacrificed her life savings , the stones of the temple will be scattered. Spiritually that has happened.


He offered and sat at “right” of GOD  ( It is not “right hand, but He sits in the place of “authority and honor ).   This new body also should seek the things of CHRIST  who is sitting at His right, spiritually. Who are the people who seek such ??? Apostle Paul wrote to Gentiles; who are to exist at the Laodicean era;…


(Col 3:1  If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right  of God.).  …}}}… if we are “RISEN”, …that means; “to raise up together from mortal death to a new and blessed life dedicated to GOD,    to rouse (from death) in company with, that is, (figuratively) to revivify (spiritually) in resemblance to: - raise up together, rise with”.  Do you see  any one including any Laodiceans or a high priest is risen with CHRIST  ???  No…..  This means they are given the salvation, which is to know the TRUE GOD. ( Joh 17: 3).  Colos 1: 27 proves the mystery of GOD was revealed to Gentiles and that is how they rose up. Also if risen, then we have sacrificed our lives and were dead.  


Then, since we are RISEN, we are to  seek things are above or where CHRIST  sits at His right.  … That means  what He does, sitting at His right, we also must do. What is He doing sitting at His right ???  He is waiting till His footstool is restored.  ( Heb 1:13), This is why we are  being used to restore the footstool.  ( given so many ministries and to declare new things, and as House of Prayer  etc ) The book of Colossians is to be fulfilled, AFTER CHRIST  CAME IN TO THEM (Co 1: 27).  So since we have CHRIST , we have life also . ( 1 Joh 5: 12).  Colos 3: 3 , we are dead and our lives are hid with CHRIST . “Hid” means concealed , but to be revealed at His coming. V 4. Now, we are revealed with CHRIST . Now, we are at work. That means, CHRIST  Has come to restore  His footstool and that is what the new body also will be seeking. If they are to seek such work, then same way as CHRIST  died , they too have to sacrifice and die.  Now remember, all these things and book of Hebrews and Colossians are to happen AFTER CHRIST  comes.


CHRIST  was declared the ‘Son of God” , by the resurrection from the dead. ( Rom 1: 4). We are declared sons also after we are risen…( Colossians 3:1).


Prepared means as we saw are to be COMPLETED…. They should be without blemish just as CHRIST  IS. At His coming, He called, justified and glorified. ( Rom 8: 29-30). That is how He completed them. Also by giving the knowledge of the true GOD…just as CHRIST  was reserved from the foundation of the world, this flesh or the Body of CHRIST also were foreordained…   


1Pe 1:19  But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot:

1Pe 1:20  Who verily was foreordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifest in these last times for you, …}}… CHRIST  is a Lamb without blemish and without spot. And it was foreordained before the foundation of the world… so His  new flesh too must be foreordained before the foundation of the world, also should be without blemish.. …


Eph 1:4  even as He elected us in Him before the foundation of the world, for us to be holy and without blemish before Him in love,

Eph 1:5  predestinating us to adoption through Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will, …}}}… as Apostle Peter  says above, this happened in the ‘last time”…it is the Gentiles who are chosen before the foundation of the world to be with CHRIST … this confirms who are His flesh… ( Eph 5: 27,  1 Th 3: 13) . But no one knew this as it is to happen only in the ‘LAST TIME”, that is when the Jews stopped worshiping GOD in Spirit and truth…



Rom 12:1  I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service..}}}…This is said to the Gentiles…. They were beheaded and that proves they sacrificed their lives. ‘Living sacrifice’ means all throughout your lives, you live GOD’s way like the widow who put two mites, which are her life time savings. “Reasonable service” means ‘ministration of GOD, worship , divine and things pertaining to the soul etc…. so as CHRIST  taught Apostle Paul, he wrote these to Gentiles, to be fulfilled during the "Times of Gentiles", which is after the measuring of the inner court and the temple as PROVEN.


GNB has a better translation…

Rom 12:1  So then, my friends, because of God's great mercy to us I appeal to you: Offer yourselves as a living sacrifice to God, dedicated to His service and pleasing to him. This is the true worship that you should offer. …}}}…. “because of God's great mercy”…. The Vessels of Mercy were chosen to be so from the beginning…. This is to happen when the Gospel of Grace is to go as that is the time GOD’s great mercy is needed, as Law could not make anyone perfect. There is a definite time, which GOD Had to stop transgressions. That is the time of judgment which the righteous and UN righteous were separated…



Apostle Paul writes to the Gentiles that they should be living sacrifices”.  

Then again he said “If we walk in love even as CHRIST  did”, we offer a sacrifice for GOD as a sweet incense. ( Eph 5: 2).  If we are RISEN with CHRIST , then we have walked in love.  The Gentiles have fulfilled the Law by their love as PROVEN. This is how the Gentiles, the Body of CHRIST  bring incense offerings to GOD in Mal 1: 11. We, as lively stones, offer spiritual sacrifices ( 1Pet 2:5). WE SACRIFICED OURSELVES….


1Pe 2:5  Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ. ..}}}… We are to offer ‘SPIRITUAL’ sacrifices… and we are priesthood… also we are ‘LIVELY” stones as there are no stones left in the temple… (which is to happen when the widow is noticed ) and we are building ‘spiritually’… this priesthood is called in the last time , that is at the completion of the age and agrees with Romans, Hebrews and Colossians. All are to happen after CHRIST  comes. This is why the spiritually blind cannot see.



By offering His flesh once again, at the completion of the age, He will put away sins. BECAUSE THEY ARE JUSTIFIED BY MERCY OF GOD by WHICH ALL WILL BE JUSTIFIED IN THE END….


Rom 11:14  if somehow I may provoke to jealousy my flesh, and may save some of them.

Rom 11:15  For if their casting away is the reconciliation of the world, what is the reception, except life from the dead?

Rom 11:16  Now if the firstfruit is holy, so also the lump….}}}… Apostle Paul was saying that Israel are his ‘FLESH’ which means his own people. So, CHRIST  also can have flesh, who are His chosen people.  When Israel was cast out, ( in lamentations 2:1),  the Gentiles are reconciled…these things , no one could have known… not even the high priest.  Now,… if the first fruit become Holy by GOD’s grace, the rest will be Holy also. This is what the flesh of CHRIST  have to do…. they should declare these things, to open the Scripture , and the faith comes by HEARING the Word. GOD Has preplanned for those who are ‘FAR AWAY” to come and declare these new things… 


If there was not  another body , which is spiritual is to be sacrificed now, there is no need of a body to be prepared at the completion of the age.  To inherit all things with CHRIST , one has to suffer and die the same way as He did, but spiritually.   It is His prepared body which will be sacrificed now. ( , Heb 10: 5 , Heb 9: 26).


CHRIST  said, I am the living bread which comes down from heaven and anyone eat that bread will have Everlasting life.  To give this life, He Had to die and the veil which was in the temple has to be torn  PHYSICALLY  back THEN,  to show that the most Holy place is opened.  When the veil was torn, or NOW  the flesh is  broken,  a new way of life is found, as all , including the Law breakers are accepted because of GRACE.  We can enter the Holy of Holies, through the blood of CHRIST . THIS IS WHY THOSE WHO ARE ALREADY REDEEMED, THE FIRST FRUITS , THE Gentiles ARE WORKING WITH CHRIST  ( 1 Co 7: 23,  Gal 3: 13,  1 Pet 1: 18,   Rev 5: 9 – 10).  And the following verse say that CHRIST  is the high priest for the ‘House of GOD”.  It is the believers, who were obedient, who are made this house of GOD ( Heb 2: 16,  3: 18,  ) .When He came to teach in the last days only the true house of GOD is formed by the Gentiles ( Isa. 56: 3- 8,  Zeph 3: 10, Mal 1: 11, 1 Pet 2:5). Gentiles were redeemed by the blood of CHRIST  which they believed… we proved Israel did not believe in blood of CHRIST . Now, those who are already redeemed have to declare this to them…



Mat 27:51  And, behold! The veil of the temple was torn into two from above as far as below. And the earth quaked, and the rocks were sheared! ..}}}…. Followed by SAINTS being raised up and going to the Holy city and were revealed.   This too is a prophecy for us now. The veil, is now the flesh of CHRIST . When the veil is torn, or the new body is broken or sacrificed, the grace is to be poured upon all the sinners,   One can enter in to holies. The saints were proven , raised to be saints ( given knowledge ) and are revealed with CHRIST . ( Colos 3:4) Now, they being the  House of Prayer  have to offer the prayers and they act as the veil as they have already entered in to the holies.  This is the gospel which will establish everyone… JUST AS WE ARE RASIED, YOU WILL TOO. YOU WILL KNOW THE TRUE GOD…. HE SAYS “THEY ALL WILL KNOW ME”…. and no one will need to teach their neighbors…


And this is why about the veil or the covering of the “minds” is taught to Gentiles in 2 Co 3: 14-16… when Israel  turn to GOD, the veil is to be taken away.  THIS IS WHAT WE ARE DOING…. TURNING THEM TO GOD…. THE WORK OF ELIJAH…, John THE BAPTIST.



CHRIST , is the minister of the TRUE TABERNACLE  ( Heb 8: 2).. (  remember, it is the Gentiles who are to be a spiritual temple.???  1 Pet,  2 Co 5: 1) That is the true tabernacle…. The “heavens” is a tabernacle for GOD, and they are the two witnesses… (  Psa 19 ). The true tabernacle is the spiritual house of GOD who have sacrificed their spiritual lives. . The lively stones as Apostle Peter  said. Now that too is a last time event which no one would know until it is fulfilled.  . Things which were written about CHRIST , He told them, but their minds were not opened till all things were fulfilled. same way now as well, we say these things, but when the flesh is sacrificed, these Scripture will be opened .   Israel,  including the high priest, having the Law of Moses, could not give life to anyone. This is why a new priesthood is formed by CHRIST , having come in to them.  



CHRIST  said, He came on the "Day of Visitation" , "Day of Judgment", "Day of The Lord"  which are the "Times of Gentiles". If it is the Gentiles who are to work with CHRIST , then should not the Gentiles  be the ones to know accurately when He comes ???   ( 1 Th 5: 2).  AND SHOULD THEY NOT BE THE FLESH OF CHRIST then  ???  Did not the synagogue of satan kill the Gentiles spiritually as they were sent by CHRIST  to tell their sins ???  That means they did not accept CHRIST  coming in the flesh.  Is that not the Spirit of antichrist to kill GOD’s people  ( flesh of CHRIST  ) who ever they are (whether they are Gentiles or Jews, )who want to follow GOD truthfully and faithfully ???  isn’t it CHRIST  who sent us in HIS NAME ???  Then, should they not be His flesh ???



The donkey or the foolish nation  is prophesied to open the eyes of the blind… 2 Pet 2: 15- 22  --- Apostle Peter  says, these men who are slaves of sin, vanity and lusts etc…, are clouds, “WITHOUT WATER”… and they are in darkness. The darkness did not come until the judgments. Or until CHRIST  came to judge on the "Day of Visitation" , where the two witnesses are working with CHRIST , who are clouds with FULL OF OVERFLOWING WATER. These corrupt people once knew GOD… they are dumb dogs, (  Isa 56: 10), and now has returned to it’s own vomit… v 22 . The same thing is prophesied by Apostle Jude. So don’t you think these prophecies have to be fulfilled ???


If one does not believe that CHRIST  Has come in the flesh, they should look at His flesh and bones…

CHRIST  showed His flesh and bones to REVEAL HIMSELF to those who DID NOT BELIEVE HIM EVEN AFTER HIS RESURRECTION. Now too those who do not believe still can see His flesh and bones.



Luk 24:39  Behold My hands and My feet, that it is I myself: handle Me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see Me have. }}}… this happened when He was opening the Scripture… as v 31 says. When the Scripture was opened, they KNEW Him… This happened on the third day as v 21 says.


Who are His flesh and bones ???

Please read : “Body of CHRIST ”for more proof in www.gentileassembly.org


Actually, He is INVISIBLE  ( v 31) and have no flesh and bones, which is written in this verse. A Spirit does not have flesh and bones. But, this is a prophecy for our day. As our spirits work through our bodies, He too works through His body ( true followers) to open the veil of the unbelieving people , who are reluctant to believe , who are  HIS OWN , explained in this chapter. The apostles , even after teaching for three and half years could not understand the Scripture. This is why He Had to show His flesh and bones.  REMEMBER , IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE ‘RISEN’ CHRIST , YOU SHOULD SEE HIS FLESH AND BONES.  The sign of flesh and bones are given to the unbelieving.  Now He Has a prepared or completed body, and His flesh and bones;….



Eph 5:30  For we are members of His body, of His flesh, and of His bones….}}}… we, the Gentiles are CHRIST ’S  flesh, and bones.  THIS IS THE GREATEST and HIGHEST CALLING ONE COULD BE GIFTED BY GOD,  IN THE HISTORY PRESENT OR IN THE FUTURE…. THAT IS ; TO BE HIS OWN FLESH AND BONES !!!!! The wife comes later.  But the BODY FIRST…it is the body which works to bring the wife . 


Now the Scripture is being opened again, since you can see His flesh and bones like the first time.  Why else would CHRIST  show His flesh and body, if it is not a prophecy for our day???.  And  why would the Word say “we” are His flesh and bones , if it did not really mean something  ??? . CHRIST  said to those who kept the Word and fought with the synagogue of satan in Rev 3: 9;…


Behold, I give out of the synagogue of Satan those saying themselves to be Jews, and they are not, but they lie. Behold, I will make them come and bow down before your feet, and they shall know that I loved you”…!!!...


Now…. the synagogue of satan can see how much CHRIST  loves those who kept the Word and have the truth, that HE HAS MADE US HIS OWN FLESH  AND BONES !!!


 Now to which one of the leaders the Word say they are His “flesh and bones” ???  You have killed CHRIST  once again, as you have broken His flesh and spiritually killed us….This is why you mourn when He comes in the cloud in Rev 1: 7, to JUDGE YOU.


This is how He exalts the lowly and humble the exalted !!!.(Mat 23:12  Luke 1: 52 ). CHRIST  is lowly and meek ( Mat 11: 29) and He became POOR for us.. ( 2 Co 8:9).  This shows we are not blessed physically, but spiritually. so no one can see our blessings yet.  Had they  known , they would not have crucified the LORD of glory, also His prepared body !!!


Joh 20:25  Then the other disciples said to him, We have seen the Lord. But he said to them, Unless I see the mark of the nails in His hands, and thrust my finger into the mark of the nails, and thrust my hand into His side, I will not believe, never! …}}}… If this is not a prophecy for our time, this would not be written in the Word. We now know who are CHRIST ’s flesh and bones , and once again  they have killed CHRIST ’s flesh.  



Luk 24:30  And it came to pass, as He sat at meat with them, He took bread, and blessed it, and brake, and gave to them.

Luk 24:35  And they told what things were done in the way, and how He was known of them in breaking of bread. }}}… This is not the last supper, but after His resurrection, and when He came to open the Scripture to them.  He is eating , having the supper with us,  in the kingdom ,  inviting and knocking the Laodiceans as the works are finishing.  He was known when He was breaking bread.  The ‘bread’ pictures His flesh as we all know. This is the prophecy of the broken bread to give life. Now, the spiritual flesh has to be broken for the spiritual healing of the people… when this flesh is broken, the Scripture will be revealed about the new life as the veil is in the flesh. ( remember this is the PREPARED body, He would not prepare or complete a body before others unless it has to do some work…. ).


How did this spiritual flesh of CHRIST  was eaten by the leaders ???


Psa 14:4  Have all the workers of iniquity not known, eating up My people as they eat bread? They have not called on Jehovah.

Psa 14:5  There were they in great fear: for God is in the generation of the righteous.

Psa 14:6  Ye have shamed the counsel of the poor, because the LORD is his refuge.

Psa 14:7  Oh that the salvation of Israel were come out of Zion! when the LORD bringeth back the captivity of his people, Jacob shall rejoice, and Israel shall be glad. …}}}…. In this Scripture, you find, that the leaders who are UN righteous , who are  the “rich”, when the salvation is to come, ate up GOD’S PEOPLE. The generation of the righteous comes after GOD separated the righteous and un righteous. This is the time the poor also are chosen as well. These people ate them up. But these poor are CHRIST ’s flesh and body as He is their refuge…


Psa 53:2  God looked down from Heaven on the sons of mankind to see if any was discerning, who was seeking God. }}}… GOD is in “HEAVEN”… in the two witnesses, and the sons of men are Israel as PROVEN…, Ezekiel being the son of man…, to see if there is a single man who seek GOD…


Psa 53:3  Every one has turned away; they have altogether become filthy; not one is doing good, no, not even one…}}}… how could any one be good, when there is a filthy high priest ???


Psa 53:4  Have the workers of iniquity no knowledge? They eat up My people as they eat bread; they have not called on God….}}}…This is after they have broken the covenant. The high priest should be the filthiest. We know it is Joshua. That is the time iniquity and lawlessness abounds. That is when and who ate up the Body of CHRIST… the high priest who is GF, should know that he ate up CHRIST ’s flesh or the body. He is the man who killed CHRIST ’s spiritual body. He can see the flesh and bones of CHRIST  through us now. This is why GOD Has made known this Joshua that HE HAS CHOSEN Jerusalem… as we wrote .


 Mic 3:2  You who hate the good and love the evil; who pull their skin off them, and their flesh from their bones;

Mic 3:3  who also eat the flesh of My people, and strip their skin off them. And they break their bones and chop them in pieces,..}}}… This is the time when the footstool or the church became GOD’s enemy. They became enemy of GOD as they ate His people. Do you see any leader skinning a member physically ???  Eating any one??? Pulling the skins of anyone ???  No…. This happen spiritually. Same way, you ate CHRIST ’s prepared body’s flesh, so you can live by this new way of life. This has to happen as IT IS WRITTEN… now you can see CHRIST ’s SPIRITUAL body which you ate for your SPIRITUAL healing… 



They had to kill the righteous, the poor and eat them as bread, so this new way of life could be declared.  ALL THESE ARE PROPHESIED TO HAPPEN. Man is once appointed to die. Before Israel is judged, now we know they are dead spiritually as the Laodicean era is just that. GOD killed them. But they killed GOD’s people and ate them up. They too had to sacrifice their lives to their LORD. This is the work of the prepared Body of CHRIST… One cannot be CHRIST ’s body unless they become LIVING sacrifices.


Luk 24:26  Ought not Christ to have suffered these things, and to enter into His glory? }}… same way, this new flesh also had to suffer and enter in to glory. Colossians 3: 1 proves so.  It is the Gentiles who are glorified first, as the first fruits because they too suffered. The Laodicean era punishment is also spiritual. These Gentiles also were killed spiritually by casting them out of the church. That is how they were beheaded.. They BELIEVED their GOD and did not love their lives to death as their LORD said. This is why they are told that they will never die.


Joh 11:26  And whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall never die. Believest thou this?....}}}…CHRIST  is saying, if you believe Him,  you will never die.  WELL,  DID NOT HWA, AND ALL OTHERS IN THE CHURCH ALL THESE YEARS, ‘BELIEVE” CHRIST  ????  Are they not dead ???  Then again He says, if you believe in Him, even though you are dead, yet shall live. What does this mean ??? Now, we know, because the Gentiles believed in Him, Israel killed them. But, even though we were killed, we still live with Him and we never died. It is Israel, who did not believe Him, who are dead now and are being judged. Because we died with Him, His life also revealed in us.  His life is revealed while we ,the Gentiles are still MORTAL AND FLESH. ( 2 Co 4: 9- 14). 


We received the lightout of darkness”. That is during the dark age, which is the Laodicean era.


2Co 4:6  For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus CHRIST ..}}}…It is the children of Abraham who were thrown in to darkness and at “that” time, out of darkness GOD shines in us to give the knowledge of the glory of GOD… in the ‘face’ of JESUS CHRIST.  “face” means ; “countenance, aspect, appearance, surface; by implication presence, person: - (outward) appearance, X before, countenance, face, fashion, (men’s) person, presence”. So to give light, He is present in person. This agrees with Isa. 42: 6 - --CHRIST  brought light to Gentiles…. and they are to give light to Israel.. ( Isa. 60: 3)… the new life is revealed to Israel at this time….


Even though we are persecuted,  not forsaken. Thrown down, but not destroyed… ( V 9). Just as CHRIST  was persecuted , we were too. That is the CHRIST  in the flesh, in the mortal bodies… !


2Co 4:10  always bearing about the dying of the Lord Jesus in the body, that also the life of Jesus may be revealed in our body. ..}}}… Why do we have to bear the death of JESUS CHRIST ??  the life of JESUS CHRIST may be revealed in ‘OUR” bodies ???  How could the ‘LIFE” of JESUS CHRIST revealed in ‘OUR” bodies ??? It is through dying and rising up again as colos 3: 1 says… we die for Him and we live because of Him, because we are the spiritual Body of CHRIST, and His own flesh and bones… one has to eat this bread or flesh of CHRIST  and find this new life in it…. That is the glory GOD Has given to those who believed ‘CHRIST ”.


2Co 4:11  For we who live are always being delivered up to death on account of Jesus, that also the life of Jesus may be revealed in our mortal flesh; }}}… the Gentiles are called to suffer for CHRIST ’s sake as the flesh of CHRIST  has to go through the same sufferings….did not CHRIST our LORD  say that “you will be delivered to death”???  


We, are the partakers of CHRIST ’s sufferings and we are broken as the flesh of CHRIST . We are killed for His sake. ( 2 Co 1: 7,  Eph 3: 6,  Heb 2: 14,  ).  



The BREAD has to be eaten ….

Mat 26:26  And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed it, and brake it, and gave it to the disciples, and said, Take, eat; this is My body….}}}….the spiritual Body of CHRIST also had to be broken as we saw and was eaten…. They did not know why He was giving His own flesh… neither do the leaders in the church now.


Joh 6:32  Then Jesus said to them, Truly, truly, I say to you, Moses has not given you the bread out of Heaven, but My Father gives you the true bread out of Heaven. }}}… it is not the Father  who gave the true bread, it is CHRIST ’s broken body is the bread out of heaven.  But, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word  going out of the mouth of GOD. ( Mat 4: 4).  Those  “words”, are  the “Father” ,  which are CHRIST ’s words as PROVEN, and that Word has to be given, or the Scripture should be opened to the unbelieving, after all things were fulfilled, by His own flesh.  This is how the ‘Father ’ gives bread out of Heaven.  when this bread comes, it has to be given through some one. CHRIST  gave His flesh and now His prepared gives this bread or the words. No one could live by the words of Moses or the Law.


Joh 6:33  For the “bread” of God is He coming down “out of Heaven” and giving life to the world. …}}}… at the completion of the age which this new life is to be declared, CHRIST  came in the two witnesses also are from  heaven, who are the flesh of CHRIST , or the Body of CHRIST .  CHRIST  said, I go and prepare a place for you, and will come again, and will receive you to Myself and that where I am, you may also be. ( Joh 14: 3). 



Joh 6:51  I am the Living Bread that came down from Heaven. If anyone eats of this Bread, he will live forever. And indeed the bread which I will give is My flesh, which I will give for the life of the world. …}}}… the world gets the life, through this ‘flesh’ of CHRIST  …..


Heb 10:20  By a new and living way, which He Hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, His flesh..

The bread which I will give is My ‘FLESH”. The flesh gives life…

His flesh is the veil which gives the new living way…!!!

This flesh will open the veil of those who have the veil, who are Israel…. then the new life will be given. Ezekiel ate men’s bread… Eze 24: 17,  22. This is why he believes everything taught by HWA, who was his father. that is to eat bread of men which could not give you life. This is why bread from heaven needed now…


If CHRIST  Has prophesied that there would be a new body or flesh prepared at the completion of the age , then the Jews would not understand this until all are fulfilled.


Luk 24:30  And it happened as He reclined with them, having taken the loaf, He blessed, and having broken He gave to them. …}}}…Now He Is reclining or sitting at the table as PROVEN with us and offering this bread again.



Luk 24:27  And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, He expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning Himself. }}}…. They did not know that CHRIST  Has to die and afterwards should be glorified…  same way even NOW, HIS SPIRITUAL BODY ALSO HAD TO DIE AND BE RESURRECTED at the completion of the age.  Since we, who are the flesh and bones of CHRIST  also died and have risen with Him, and are sitting at the table with Him,  now the veil will be opened for the new life… This new body also , is prophesied in the prophets…, to build the fallen tabernacle.  ( Act 15: 15- 17,  zech 6: 15,  Isa. 61: 5 etc…) This is how these prophecies are fulfilled…. CHRIST  said until the kingdom, He will not drink the NEW WINE… ( Mat 26: 29). Now, He is drinking NEW WINE.. new life.. new things.. new body, new beginnings !!!



Luk 24:31  And their eyes were opened, and they knew Him…}}}….

  When CHRIST is  breaking the bread, their eyes were opened. Then, their hearts were burnt… this is what will happen to all leaders soon.  Even though they THINK  they knew Moses and all the prophets CHRIST  Had to open again. Now, specially as they are blinded as a judgment, unless CHRIST  opens their minds to the Scripture, they would not know nor understand…..


The Word says, the things revealed to Gentiles, are not made known to the sons of men in other ages…


Eph 3:5  Which in other ages was not made known unto the sons of men, as it is now revealed unto His holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit…. }}}… The ‘sons of men” are Israel.   The two witnesses, are the apostles and prophets in the end time, CHRIST  being “THE” APOSTLE. ( Heb 3: 1). Also ‘THE” PROPHET as we all know.



The term ‘son of man’ is used in Ezekiel 93 times. May be GOD wanted him to know that he is not the son of “GOD”, but a “man”. The modern day Ezekiel , we proved is a type of Cyrus and all evil kings. GOD says this Cyrus questions GOD about HIS SONS. ( Isa. 45: 11).  GOD’s sons became His’ after CHRIST  came in to them. We have written about sons of GOD in two witnesses writings.  May be GOD is differentiating His sons and Ezekiel , because He calls Ezekiel ;  son of ‘man’. At this time the sons of GOD and sons of men are separated. Then, to the proud who are lifted like Tyre, in Eze 28: 2, GOD says, you are a man, and not GOD. This man has to be the ‘man of sin’ who exalts himself and think he is a god.  Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because thine heart is lifted up, and thou hast said, I am a God, I sit in the seat of God, in the midst of the seas; yet thou art a man, and not God, though thou set thine heart as the heart of GOD”. ( Eze 28:2). V 9 repeats the same. Therefore, Ezekiel is a son of a man and at the same time GOD Has declared the Gentiles as His sons.  


  “Cyrus”, wants to exalt above the “stars of GOD and clouds”… ( Isa. 14: 13- 14). And GOD says he too is a ‘man’. V 16.  So, as Apostle Paul says, these mysteries were not revealed to Israel… but to Gentiles, who are sons of “GOD”, and who are His own flesh.


Eph 3:6  That the Gentiles should be fellowheirs, and of the same body, and partakers of his promise in Christ by the gospel…}}}… The Gentiles are to be the same body… fellow heirs, and not only to be partakers of the sufferings as we saw but to be partakers of the promise also , in ‘CHRIST ’, by the gospel. What is the gospel of CHRIST  ???  it is the Gospel of Grace as PROVEN.  He brings grace through His blood sacrifice. Only those who sacrificed their lives as CHRIST  did only could be the fellow heirs.   V 7 – 10  says, this gospel of CHRIST , is preached “AMONG THE Gentiles”… ,  they are unsearchable riches of ‘CHRIST ”. The sons of “men” believed the gospel of God The Father…. but , the Gentiles have the gospel of “CHRIST ” , who is the everlasting Father,  ( Isa. 9:6) who is the Author and the Finisher of our salvation. There is no other name or GOD who can give us salvation other than CHRIST our LORD .  ALL GLORY AND HONOR BELONGS TO HIM ONLY !


Eph 3:9  and to bring to light all, what is the fellowship of the mystery having been hidden from eternity in God, the One creating all things through Jesus Christ,

Eph 3:10  so that now to the rulers and to the authorities in the heavenlies might be made known through the assembly the manifold wisdom of GOD…}}}… These mysteries were hidden, till now, and it is revealed to the chosen, proven, faithful Gentiles, who are the two witnesses, who are His own flesh and bones… even to declare to all others including the rulers and authorities and to any being. So the sons of men could not have known these mysteries. Without knowing the mystery of GOD, how could they worship Him in Spirit and in truth?


This happen after CHRIST  comes only, even though Apostle Paul wrote it in the first century. The greatest mystery is the ‘Mystery of GOD”, which is to declare that there is only ONE TRUE GOD, WHO IS CHRIST our LORD .  Could He reveal about Himself to those who rejected Him ?  Who does not have faith ??? Through this assembly only, one could get to know the mystery of GOD, as it is GOD’s will for it to be so. His own flesh would declare the new way of life which is in the MERCY AND GRACE of CHRIST our LORD .  This is also what he wrote to Colossians as well. (Colossians 1: 25 – 27,  Eph 1: 18,  Eph 1: 4,  9,   Rom 16: 25,   1 Co 2: 7,   ).  Everything is centered in ‘CHRIST ’ and not in God The Father… but HWA and GF and all the other churches believes the MOA, which is a lie. GOD takes imperfect humans and make them perfect, to show His miraculous power. Not many wise men now are called.


Just think;…. CHRIST  taught Apostle Paul “privately”, and he wrote these to “Gentiles”, in the first century which the Jews did not have access until the time of Colossians to be fulfilled, which the Gentiles are said to share it with the Laodiceans. Apostle Paul’s books are filled with mysteries… and none were written to Israel.., but to be fulfilled after CHRIST  comes in the last days to teach…


The Jews did not learn anything from Apostle Paul. Scripture proves so.  The Word ‘fellowship” in v 9 means  ‘joint participation, communion, partnership etc’.


CHRIST  said, the Spirit of truth,  the Holy Spirit, is a witness to prove who He is, (THAT IS HE IS THE Son of God) and we are to witness as well as we are chosen from the beginning. ( Joh 15: 26 - 27. “And when the Comforter comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of Truth who proceeds from the Father, that One will witness concerning Me ). Same way, Holy Spirit witnesses the ‘SONS OF GOD”….


Rom 8:16  The Spirit Himself witnesses with our spirit that we are children of God.

Rom 8:17  And if children, also heirs; truly heirs of God, and joint-heirs of Christ, if indeed we suffer together, that we may also be glorified together…}}}… The Word says, the Holy Spirit will testify who  … “CHRIST ”…. IS. And also  with … “OUR” spirits that ‘we’ are the children of GOD. This is written to “Gentiles”… if the “Spirit” witnesses with our ‘SPIRITS”, then no one can physically see. ONLY THE FRUITS WILL PROVE !


REMEMBER, IT IS US, WHO ARE TO SUFFER AND ALSO TO BE GLORIFIED TOGETHER???. None in the Laodicean era could be the children of GOD, as they do not suffer. According to these Scripture, it is only the Gentiles, who could be CHRIST ‘s own flesh, who would reveal the mysteries to all other beings in the universe. That is the plan of GOD…. So Holy Spirit witnesses “CHRIST is the Son of God, and also “we are the sons of GOD…2 cor 6: 17 – 18 proves, we are received as SONS AND DAUGHTERS, after we came out from them.  This is when the Jews who say they are but do lie…. Rev 3:9 , which means happened at the end of the Philadelphia  era. And we are to be co – heirs with CHRIST ….That position is given only to the ‘SONS” of GOD. 


heirs;G2818 :……  one who receives by lot, an heir,  an heir,  in Messianic usage, one who receives his allotted possession by right of son ship. One who has acquired or obtained the portion allotted to him.”

GOD promised that He Has hidden treasure to give to His sons… how could a physical man comprehend these promises of GOD  which are ‘SPIRITUAL” ????  We are to inherit what CHRIST  inherited. He is called our ‘ELDER BROTHER”.   We are called CHRIST ’s slaves,  friends,  brothers, body, and now HIS OWN FLESH. We are to share what CHRIST  inherits…. That is all things we see and we do not see….


joint-heirsG4789Co – heirs ;….  a fellow heir, a joint heir,  one who obtains something assigned to himself with others, a joint participant..}}… GOD pre-ordained this… we were with Him from the beginning… Joh 15: 27


 glorified together.G4888 :… From G4862 and G1392; to exalt to dignity in company (that is, similarly) with: - glorify together. , to approve together, to join in approving,  }}}… this is why we are said that when CHRIST  is revealed, we will be revealed as well.


G4862;…. is…A primary preposition denoting union; with or together that is, by association, companionship, process, resemblance, possession, instrumentality, addition, etc.: - beside, with. In compounds it has similar applications, including completeness.


G1392 ;…to render (or esteem) glorious (in a wide application): - (make) glorify (-ious), full of (have) glory, honour, magnify.



We are the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  ( 2 co 3: 8).). Then, we are joint heirs with CHRIST . We suffer with Him and we are glorified also with Him. The body of CHRIST , only will suffer with Him and will be joint heirs. This gift,  which GOD Has prepared for those who love Him, is difficult to comprehend as physical beings.


GOD says, we are the Body of CHRIST… don’t forget, CHRIST  wrote these to be fulfilled after the failure of the Jews in the Laodicean era , and after the judgments….after the Jews say they are Jews but do lie…


The Gentiles are told ;…  

1Co 12:27  Now ye are the body of Christ, and members in particular.


Eph 4:12  For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:

(1 Co 12: 12- 20 ,    Co 2: 17,  ). If we are the Body of CHRIST, should we not inherit all things and are called the ‘sons of GOD”???  The ‘MIND” who is ‘CHRIST ”, works together with the body. Is your mind separate from the body ???  If your mind inherits some wealth , does not your body inherits that too ???  Can you separate the two ?? Same way, where ever CHRIST  is, what ever He Does, we are as the Body of CHRIST, is to be with Him…! Since He is in His right, we are to seek His right as well, as we saw..!!!



Here are some Scripture from CHRIST ’s own words which say the believers are to suffer, afflicted and striped, and glorified  etc…who ever go through these sufferings,  they are the body of CHRIST …. Mat 10: 17 - 19,  … the sheep among the wolves… and doves among the serpents.


CHRIST  commanded, we obeyed ;….

Mat 10: 38… Take ones own cross and follow Me”…

Mat 16: 24… If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. }}}…it is the Gentiles who believed and denied the cross and followed Him ( 1 Co 1: 17- 19…. The cross is foolishness to those being ‘LOST”. That means the Jews,  who did not believe in the cross or dying for CHRIST . ( those who do not believe Him ,  will die as written above )   


This is why the wisdom of the wise has to be destroyed. The Jews’ wisdom came from keeping the Law and it is on their own. This definitely has to be destroyed. That is why GOD says the wisdom of the wise shall perish.  and they should be given the knowledge about the Gospel of Grace to be saved. This is what is being done by His body, the flesh… who have obtained mercy and are dead and risen with CHRIST  as we saw.  This is the new and living way, which is taught in His presence. ….This shows the Gentiles who did not have this wisdom, believed CHRIST  freely and that is why they are made wise in the end. They believed the cross of CHRIST … just as CHRIST  was beaten and striped and handed by the chief priests to be killed etc,  the Gentiles also were beaten, striped and killed.


So as these verses say, the power of GOD, is in the “cross”. ( Gal 5: 11). Those who want to be circumcised, does not want to be persecuted for the cross of CHRIST . They are the Jews, who do not even keep the Law, but want others to keep it… ( Gal 6: 12- 13). Any person who can read the Bible, should be able to understand, in these words, the Jews are condemned and Gentiles, looked up to CHRIST  to save them, but are persecuted and will be killed, but shall live…


Col 1:20  And, having made peace through the blood of His cross, by him to reconcile all things unto himself;  }}}…  How can the synagogue of satan  have peace, as they do not believe the “blood”, which gives us peace???. They preach a false peace.  We have peace with GOD because of blood, as it reconciles us to Him. Blood pays our penalty or the punishment for our sins which cleans us and reconciles. Those who do not believe in blood  and rejects CHRIST , cannot have peace.  Sudden destruction come upon them…. This is why they cant have the new life. So, the Body of CHRIST who is the ministry of reconciliation, has to tell them how to obtain this new life and have peace through the blood.  “CHRIST ” , is our peace…,( Eph 2:14) we proved we are the ones who brought the covenant of peace, and therefore we are the peacemakers. This is why we are called the ‘sons of GOD”… ( Mat 5:9).  


These Jews,  trusts in the “flesh”… that means physical things or the Law, which cannot make anyone perfect. This is how the Jews became uncircumcision and the Gentiles became circumcision, by looking up to the cross of CHRIST . ( Ph 3:3… we are now the circumcision, because, we worship by the “Spirit of GOD”… and glory in CHRIST … who do not trust in the flesh ). This is how, we become a “new” creation. This is why king David  said, he is delivered from the enemies, who are the Jews, and he will praise among the Gentiles, and magnify salvation to GOD because of mercy to anointed, to his “seed” for ever. ( psa 18: 48- 50).  Who are the ‘anointed’ who are praising now to GOD??  Who are the ‘seed’ ?



Eph 2: 13 – 17… at this time the Gentiles are brought near and broke the partition… the salvation is opened to all at this time. in His “flesh”, the enmity is removed and we are made one new man.  ( then new life is in us )  CHRIST ’s flesh caused us to come near to GOD, and we are reconciled in ONE BODY to GOD, ‘THROUGH THE CROSS”. So, it is the Gentiles who are made to come near because of the cross… and now we are made flesh of CHRIST , and we are the NEW people of GOD .  


Now, the flesh of CHRIST  has to abolish the enmity between Him and His wife to give new life.  It is ‘CHIRST’ who is our PEACE, who made both one… and through CHRIST ‘s blood, the middle partition of the wall is broken. The Gentiles, who believed, already are now have become His own flesh. This is how He can use us to break the enmity between Him and His wife now.


Rev 1: 7…  Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen”. }}}… those who pierced Him, are not alive at this time, except the 12 tribes who willfully sinned. ( Heb 6:6).  They pierced the Body of CHRIST, who are the Gentiles. Now you can see CHRIST ’s body in the clouds…


How did the ones who had the  truth  and fell away could pierce Him ???...  by breaking the flesh of CHRIST , who are His body of believers.


 Simoen’s prophecy is to be fulfilled,; …


Luk 2:34  And Simeon blessed them and said to His mother Mary, Behold, this One is set for the fall and rising up of many in Israel, and for a sign spoken against;


Luk 2:35  yea, a sword also will pierce your own soul, so that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed  }}}…. Fall and ‘RISE”… when would this be fulfilled ???  When would the ‘thoughts of many hearts are to be revealed ???  It is on the "Day of Visitation" .( 1 cor 4: 5),  then, that is the time a sword will pierce Mary’s own soul also.  The sword is the Word of GOD which reveals the hearts and it all happens now…


Since CHRIST  did not have a wife, what ever would happen to the church is prophesied to happen to mother Mary. When CHRIST  was turning the water in to wine, He said to Mary “What is that to Me and to you, woman? My hour has not yet come….( the hour has not come to give new wine )  by saying this He prophesied, that ( Mary is picturing the church ) He Does not have anything to do with the church…”WHEN” HE WAS TURNING THE WATER IN TO WINE.  (which is the work of the two witnesses as PROVEN) . at that time, He does not have anything to do with the church, but it is time to give new wine to the “servants”,  or to make new wine with the servants, but the servants are to give it to others … ( Joh 2: 9). This is what the flesh is doing now… getting the revelation from the mind and giving it to others…


When it is time to open the Scripture and to see the RISEN CHRIST ,  one disciple said “Unless I see the mark of the nails in His hands, and thrust my finger into the mark of the nails, and thrust my hand into His side, I will not believe, never” ( JOh 20: 25) , Now, any one who does not trust the Word of GOD , who wants to see His hands and feet and His side, now can see the marks by looking at us. We are risen with Him. So the church too is pierced by a sword like Mary’s heart is to be pierced. Otherwise, Mary is not alive at the time of thoughts of many hearts to be revealed . This is why CHRIST  came with the two edged sword to judge and to discern the thoughts and the intents of the heart. ( Heb 4: 12). Without purifying the  hearts, they cannot have new living way. This happen in Rev 1: 16,   19: 15. After the thoughts of the hearts are revealed and purified only, this new life could be given. So, when the thoughts are to be revealed, the body of CHRIST   also had  it’s heart pierced.  . Their hearts are purified already as they were obedient to GOD’s Word and kept it.  They became the clouds. This is how those who pierced Him are looking at Him, wailing as He is in them. They will be provoked to jealousy.  


The sword is given to Gentiles who are His flesh. Eph 6: 17. The counsels of the heart is revealed when CHRIST  comes only and it is said to Gentiles. ( 1 Co 4:5,  Heb 4: 13 ).  



Same with when He gave the care of His mother to Apostle John, whom He “loved” . In that, He prophesied, that one day, the church, or His wife will be given to the hands of the people whom He “loves” ( those who kept the Word are loved by GOD, ) to be taken care of. Now, His own flesh is taking care of His wife. CHRIST  Has given His wife to us, those whom He loves…. Just like Mary began a new life with Apostle John, the wife of CHRIST  too will learn about the new life from us. From that hour, Apostle John took Mary to his own home ( Joh 19: 27). The hour has come for the wife of CHRIST  also to have this new life…



Also …. When  CHRIST   said. “ My mother  and My brothers are these”…,  to whom was He referring to ????... it is ‘THOSE WHO “HEAR THE Word AND DO THEM… ( Luke 8: 21). ( who kept the Word ???  it is the Gentiles as PROVEN). This is why He calls us His own family, or flesh. When He said this, there were women, and people who came from many cities, who were with Him.



We are to have same mind of CHRIST .   CHRIST   became a servant. ( we too are called servants of the LORD, who knew when the new wine came from  ). And He humbled, obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.  We too are obedient, humble and we did not love our lives un to death ( Ph 2: 6 --- This is why GOD Has highly exalted Him and given Him a NAME above every name.  This is why, those who KEPT THE Word , who are Gentiles in Philadelphia  era received the NEW NAME. ( Rev 3: 12).   GOD gave a new name to CHRIST , and to us.


V 12 says, we too have obeyed… and it is GOD, who work in us,  v 15… we are the sons of GOD, IN THE “MIDST OF A CROOKED GENERATION”,  and we are to shine as LIGHTS in the world. These are the crooked places which will be straightened as prophet Isaiah said, which will be leveled. CHRIST  brought us light, and now we give light to Israel, (Isa. 60:3).


V 16… we are to hold the Word of ‘LIFE”.. ( this is why we can preach about the new life, as we are a new creation as written above ). All because we bear  CHRIST ’s cross and sufferings. Read also  Ph 3: 18- 21.


Col 1:24  Who now rejoice in my sufferings for you, and fill up that which is behind of the afflictions of Christ in my flesh for His body's sake, which is the church: ..}}}… Apostle Paul, suffered CHRIST ’s afflictions in ‘his’ flesh. Same way, we who are now fulfilling the words also suffered for CHRIST ’s  wife’s sake, to give new life.  Which church is Apostle Paul talking about here ??  it is the Gentile church, as he is the apostle for Gentiles. While the synagogue of satan is a crooked generation, we are the church, the Body of CHRIST who brings light to them , a new living way. The way of the Jews who are after the Law, kills everyone. But it is through CHRIST  only, we have life.  CHRIST , is the hope of our glory… v 27.  This is why we can preach, warn every man, and teach every man in all wisdom, that ‘WE MAY PRESENT EVERY MAN PERFECT IN CHRIST  JESUS!!!   


We, are to be the ministers of ‘CHRIST ’. The Jews are ministers of God The “Father”, whom they did not know. This is why CHRIST  said, ‘IN THAT DAY’ I will reveal Father .  Until that day came, the truth about the Father  was not made known. We only are the stewards of the mysteries of GOD… ( 1 Co 4:1- 2 ) as we are faithful. GOD revealed about Himself to us as we are His flesh. Only the flesh would know what is in the mind…. Is that too hard to understand ????


Col 2:11  In whom also ye are circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, in putting off the body of the sins of the flesh by the circumcision of Christ: }}}… since CHRIST  came to us, we have received the circumcision of “CHRIST ” … Our circumcision is made “WITHOUT HANDS”… Our baptism is a HEAVENLY baptism.  ( Jews’ circumcision is made by ‘HANDS” Eph 2:11.  This is why CHRIST  will throw down the temple made ‘ with ‘HANDS” Mar 14: 58 .  Since CHRIST  Has come, now He is making a perfect tabernacle made without hands  Heb 9:11 )  These things did not happen in the first century. The mysteries of GOD were not revealed in the first century. These are prophecies for our time, that Gentiles are to work after the failure of the Jews.


Col 2:12  being buried with Him in baptism, in whom also you were raised through the faith of the working of God, raising Him from among the dead. }}}… we are baptized in to His death and are RAISED up with Him as colos 3: 1 also says.  Rom 6: 3 – 10. We died and are raised because we are His body. 


Rom 6: 3 – 4 … we are baptized in to CHRIST  , also to His death. We are buried with Him, and raised and we walk in newness of life… if we have new life, then we should be the ones to declare it. Those who BELIEVED are saved ( Rom 10:9).  The exceeding greatness of His power, is given to us, who BELIEVE… ( Eph 1: 19,  1 thes 2: 13 ).


Col 2:13 , 20  And you, being dead in the deviations and the uncircumcision of your flesh, He made alive together with Him, having forgiven you all the deviations, ..}}}… as I have written before, CHRIST  cannot come to a person unless he is justified. Before He came to us, He justified us as His own flesh. This letter of Colossians, was asked to give to Laodiceans. That means, this new way of life, is also should be shared.  They should know that CHRIST  is in the Gentiles and even though they killed us, …. He made us to be alive together WITH HIM. .  This is when the new way of life began…This is when He made us the HEBREWS. This is when He came to us as the HIGH PRIEST to bring GOD’s people to Him.



While we suffered for the sake of the cross, the synagogue of satan, did not,  as they love the works of the flesh. (Gal 6: 12).

Here is the same verse in GNB

Gal 6:12  The people who are trying to force you to be circumcised are the ones who want to show off and boast about external matters. They do it, however, only so that they may not be persecuted for the cross of Christ. }}}… In Act 15, Apostle Peter  and Apostle James said the same thing. The Jews wants us to be circumcised, but they do not live by their circumcision. PCG taught us that unbaptised cannot come to Passover, but they made us to keep Passover with such… all proven in "Bamah matter". The Jews did not want to be persecuted for the cross… but we were persecuted for His testimony as we are the flesh of CHRIST . There is a synagogue of satan , the Jews who say they are Jews alive in the Philadelphia  era. CHRIST  would not lie.



Those who are afflicted only will be true followers… these prophecies are to happen when the hour comes…. in the end time.

Mat 24:9  Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for My name's sake.


Mar 13: 9,  …. they shall deliver you up to councils; and in the synagogues ye shall be beaten: and ye shall be brought before rulers and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them. }}}…CHRIST  came and died for the witness of the truth ( Joh 18: 37). Same way, His death is to happen once again for His body , who  are the believers, when they give the testimony to the truth.  Rom 8: 17,  1 Co 9: 12,   2 Co 1: 6,  1 Th 3: 4,  2 Th 1: 5,   1 Ti 4: 10,   2 Ti 2: 12,  2 Ti 3: 12,,  1 Pe 2: 20,  1 Pet 3: 14,  1 Pet 3: 17,  Co 2 : 12,  Rom 6: 3 -  9,  Co 2: 20,   Isa. 66:5,  58:7,   Jam 2,  3 John Rev 20: 4 we were beheaded for the witness of JESUS CHRIST.  ).


So when CHRIST our LORD  said you will be delivered, afflicted, and be killed, it is only the Gentiles went through all that because they are His flesh….



1Pe 4:16  Yet if any man suffer as a …”Christian”, let him not be ashamed; but let him glorify God on this behalf. ..}}}… Can anyone in Israel glorify GOD as they have not suffered as a…… ‘CHRISTIAN”…?.  Only the Gentiles who can say they suffered as a ‘Christian”, as it means a follower of ‘CHRIST ”.  


Php 1:29  because it was granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe in Him, but also to suffer on His behalf. ( 2 Thes 1: 5, 1 Pet 5:10 ) …}}}… It is GRANTED FOR US TO SUFFER FOR ‘CHRIST ”, BECAUSE WE ARE HIS FLESH. …. as you can see, THIS IS OUR CALLING, to suffer with Him because we are His own flesh. “Suffer” means to experience a sensation or impression, feel, passion”.  This is why the same Jews who killed CHRIST , killed His body also in the Philadelphia  era. Rev 3;9.



Col 1:18  And he is the head of the body, the church }}}… The “HEAD”, comes to the body. Apostle Paul preached us to have the mind of CHRIST , because we are His body. This is why CHRIST  came to us as the MIND or the Holy Spirit… it is they who are the flesh who would be unveiling the new way of life as the MIND IS CONTROLLING AND DOING THE WORK THROUGH THE BODY.


This is how the body works for the mind….

CHRIST  said I give the LIVING WATERS… (  Joh 4: 10,   Jer  2: 13,   17: 13,   ). How Does He give the living waters ??? Through His flesh who are called the ‘believers”.  ( Joh 7: 38 ,  Zech 14: 8 , Joel 3: 18, ). 


CHRIST  said, “ I am the way”…. The believers are to be a way ( High way  Is 11: 16,  Is 19: 1 -  23,  cloud, hand , altar, pillar , witness etc ,  Isa. 35: 8,  Isa. 40,  ). Even the Scripture was opened in the highway. ( Luke 24: 32 – 35 ). Now spiritually , the highway is His flesh which declare this new life…


CHRIST   said “I am the truth” …. The believers also are to give the truth.


I am the life  and as His flesh, we give a new way of life also.


He sends the voice… the believers are to be the voice…


He said “ I AM the light” ( Joh 8: 12, Joh 9:5 ), we are to be that light ( Is 60: 3). Jews not believing in Him are in darkness ( Joh 12: 46).


CHRIST  said I am the bread comes from heaven… now, His flesh comes down from heaven as well.  


CHRIST  said, that He prays for the believers to be kept from evil. Who are the believers  who are kept from evil ?... He gave Himself for our sins, to deliver us ( Gentiles) from the evil world… ( Gal 1:4 ) ,  Eph 5:16,  6: 13,  2 The 3:3,  Those who are unbelieving are the evil ( Heb 3:12),  who are the Jews.


He was stricken, the believers are to be stricken and beaten also…


He died, so did the believers.


He was raised up, so were the believers…


He sends the voice to Laodiceans , we bring that voice…


1Ti 4:16  Give attention to yourself and to the doctrine; continue in them, for doing this, you will both deliver yourself and those hearing you. }}}…. CHRIST  Has come in to us to reveal the mysteries and that delivered us as we were given the salvation and now those who hear us, or believe our report also will deliver themselves… there is a definite time which GOD Has set apart for Israel to hear His voice. GOD’s Word shall never fail. He will establish a new covenant.


Who would believe us ???? Is 53 says…


V1 … who believes the report and who know the arm of GOD, when it is revealed ???  This prophecy is to be fulfilled and revealed, when the ARM OF GOD IS AT WORK…, that is when Israel is to be delivered for the second time.   No one would believe it is GOD’s arm.


V 2… He, comes as a root out of DRY ground…  if anything comes out of a  DRY ground, it has no beauty. CHRIST , when He comes the second time only, comes on the DRY ground. ( the dry tree is the Gentiles as written in first parts as Isa. 56 says). This happen, when the salvation, or new life is about to come.  Israel would not want to see how He comes.. as no magnificence … same way, when He comes in the Gentiles, they would not accept Him as there is no  OUTWARD beauty. The rich judge by the  OUTWARD  appearance as Apostle James said.  


V 3…. He was despised…. And rejected… His body of believers also who came out of dry ground, was rejected… and cast out… spiritually murdered…


V 4… the flesh, the body of CHRIST  is stricken for our sicknesses…. … the believers who give the testimony are to be striped  or stricken after being delivered to Jews, to synagogues.


Apostle Paul preached us to be approved as ministers of GOD, with patience, afflictions, distresses, in stripes , labours , watchings

( sleeplessness, as in the night )  We have patience and that is why the book of Revelation is opened to us… ( Rev 1:9,  3:10,  13: 10,   14: 12). in fasting… and many other ways in 2 Co 6: 4 – 10.  We are the night watchers and we do the fasting on the 3th, 5th, 7th and 10th month to cast out demons. CHRIST  said., “ this kind is sent only by fasting and praying” so it is us who are doing these fastings, and we only heeded His voice … and we are the appointed House of Prayer  … that is how the flesh of CHRIST  works as the MIND is directing… what is in His mind at this time ???  it should be to bring His forsaken wife back. But first she should be freed from the demons and her eyes should be opened and then she should be taught all the new and living way. Can GOD trust any man ???  all these years the leaders proved that a man cannot be trusted with His people. This is why He formed His own flesh , which only can be trusted…!!!


1Pe 4:13  But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ's sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy..}}}… So, it is the Gentiles who are partakers of sufferings of CHRIST  as they are His body and flesh. So we, His flesh are consecrated to give new things or a new way of life. We are dead and risen with CHRIST .


So when the flesh and the body of CHRIST , who are the Gentiles are killed and resurrected, or given the salvation or the knowledge about the true GOD, the flesh of CHRIST  will speak the new way of life…. V 4 says… when CHRIST  APPEARS, WE TOO WILL BE APPEAR WITH HIM IN GLORY. ( THAT MEANS WE ARE GIVEN THE KNOWLEDGE OF CHRIST  . Salvation, and glory means to know the true GOD as PROVEN ).  So the new way of life, or salvation, or glory is in the  flesh of CHRIST . Who ever given the knowledge or the salvation first, are the flesh of CHRIST …. 


Joh 14:26  But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in My name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. …}}}…. Whether it is the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, the mind of CHRIST , it is CHRIST  who would teach us as He is the Author and the Finisher of the salvation. What is salvation? It is to KNOW THE TRUE GOD. so until the judgments are over, as PROVEN, the salvation is not given to anyone. Who else would receive the salvation before the world does ??? it is His own body, which is called flesh and bones of CHRIST …. Is that too difficult to understand ??? . The new life is ‘salvation through ‘CHRIST ”….  


CHRIST  said, ‘when the comforter come, , the Spirit of truth will testify of Me”… ( JOh 15: 26). Who would be used  by the MIND OF CHRIST  to testify ????  it has to be through those who are the ministry of the Spirit, who are the two witnesses as PROVEN. v 27 says… and you also shall bear witness …. Who are with Him from the beginning? We proved that it is the Gentiles who were chosen to be redeemed first from the beginning. And they testify about the truth.



Heb 2:15  and might set these free, as many as by fear of death were subject to slavery through all the lifetime to live. }}… the leaders are taken them captive…  they say if you do not submit to the ministry, you will never enter in to Everlasting life… or go to a place of safety etc…. and by believing them, they are captives of such leaders. So CHRIST  Has come to set them free from such lying leaders. This is done on the cloudy day as GOD search the sheep as Eze 34 says. This is why, we who are flesh of CHRIST , is fighting with such antichrists to save all His people from such false doctrines… we do not fear them any more as we are already killed by them and are risen with CHRIST …. We obeyed our LORD and lost our lives for His sake… To make Israel free from their leaders who have taken them captive, there is only one thing we are to do… that is to ‘WITNESS TO THE TRUTH”… the truth will set them free. They HAVE TO BE TOLD THE TRUTH ABOUT ‘CHRIST ’… THAT ONE IS SAVED BY GRACE AND ONLY THROUGH CHRIST … THE Gospel of Grace…


So who is chosen to make them free ???  it is not the ‘angels’, but the ‘SEED OF ABRAHAM”… ( Heb 2: 16)… Who are the seed of Abraham??? Those who believed and are faithful, who are the Gentiles as PROVEN. All the nations, were blessed by Abraham. GOD made children to Abraham, out of stones as his children are thrown in to the outer darkness. All proven.


Heb v 3 says, CHRIST  spoke and confirmed the salvation, to the ones who “HEARD”… they are the Gentiles as PROVEN. ( Act 28:28)


V 4… GOD bears witness of this seed of Abraham, by signs and wonders when the Holy Spirit  is given, according to His will. It is Holy Spirit, which testified who CHRIST  is and who are His people, as written above. The signs and wonders are done through the BELIEVERS, as CHRIST  said which would follow . ( Mar 16: 17). “casting out devil, speaking new tongues, healing the sick, all done through the flesh of CHRIST  now. And it is GOD’s will for the Gentiles to be saved first… who are the Vessels of Mercy.


V 9… CHRIST  is crowned with glory and honor because of the suffering of the death. Even those who suffered with Him are now given honor and glory as you can see. 


V 10… CHRIST  became the AUTHOR AND THE FINISHER of salvation, through sufferings. This is why , His flesh also are called to suffer… and then they will be used to finish the salvation. Remember, now is the time the salvation is to given, which are the Finishing work… ???


 Heb 2:11  For both the One sanctifying and the ones being sanctified are all of one; for which cause He is not ashamed to call them brothers, …}}… IT IS AFTER CHRIST  SANCTIFIED”…,  He calls them brothers and not before.  We now know who are sanctified . Now, CHRIST  sanctified some, and they are called His brethren… these are the ones , the women and the multitude whom CHRIST  said “My mother and My brothers” in Luke 8: 2- 4,  21. ( those who HEARD and DID ). And it is to those who were proven to HEAR, are the ones to whom CHRIST  revealed and announced GOD’S NAME, who are the assembly…THEY ONLY ARE THE BROTHERS of CHRIST . CHRIST  AND THESE ARE ALL ONE…


Heb 2:12  saying, "I will announce Your name to My brothers; I will hymn to You in the midst of the assembly."…}}}…  after CHRIST  SANCTIFIED , HE CALLS THEM “BROTHERS’  and to them CHRIST  announces the NAME.  this is the assembly which king David  also said who praises… ( Psa 22: 22- 31)… The ‘MEEK”,  the ‘ENDS OF THE EARTH”,  a ‘SEED”. ( CHRIST  came in the meek and lowly, the seed are the seed of Abraham as this chapter says, it is this seed, who comes from the ends of the earth, who will declare His RIGHTEOUSNESS, TO A PEOPLE THAT SHALL BE BORN… GOD HAS DONE IT …. Make sure, you read these verses. When the praise and salvation is about to come, it is the Gentiles who are serving and CHRIST ’s flesh who would declare GOD’s name to the people who are yet to be born… so, this seed should already have salvation ( knowledge about GOD ) to give it to those who did not have it.


Heb 2:13  And again, "I will be trusting on Him."  And again, "Behold, I and the children whom God gave to Me." …}}}… GOD will trust, CHRIST , and the children whom the Father  Has given CHRIST . It is the Holy Spirit brought us to CHRIST … and this happen, when many in Israel are to fall, and the true people who will finish or bind up and seal the testimony. ( Isa. 8: 14- 18 ). 


Isa 8:18  Behold, I and the children whom Jehovah has given to Me are for signs and wonders in Israel from Jehovah of Hosts, who dwells in Mount Zion. }}}… Already some people are given for SIGNS AND WONDERS… they are the banner of truth, the Branch etc as PROVEN. They are the Gentiles… and they are the new mount Zion… who are the poor… All this is done because, ….;


THE CHILDREN HAVE BECOME THE PARTAKERS OF FLESH AND BLOOD… Heb 2: 14…. This is why CHRIST  said, ‘FLESH AND BLOOD CANNOT ENTER IN TO THE KINGDOM” ( 1 Co 15: 50 ). It was taught to the leader who works in the “night”… as Nicademus… (  Joh 3: 2,   ). And the flesh and blood have to believe in the death and blood of CHRIST  to be delivered from the power of death which is in the devil. This is when they feared and were subjected to slavery… ( v 15). So to free the children who are partakers of the flesh and blood, this seed which comes from the ends of the earth is given to CHRIST , who are a sign now which you can see….


To Nicodemus , CHRIST  said… “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of GOD”…( Joh 3). Now do you see that these few Gentiles have died and risen again???  This is how they entered in to the kingdom. The kingdom cast out the devil.


The Nicodemus asked “do I enter in to mother’s womb again to be born”???  Then CHRIST  said… ‘except a man be BORN OF WATER AND OF Spirit”…. The Spirit comes from Holy Spirit, which are the words, and the water is sent from the two witnesses who are the believers and this is how the two witnesses fulfill the role of  John the Baptist. They baptize all by this water and turn the hearts of the children to the Father . Baptism of John , did it come from heaven ???  ( Mat 21: 25) Or this baptism of water and the Spirit which comes together ??? 


John baptized in the wilderness and preached the REPENTANCE and the remission of sins. But that would not save anyone unless washed by the water and be cleansed and then receive Holy Spirit. GOD said to Ezekiel that He will pour clean water to cleanse the church (  Eze 36:25   ). The fountains of waters which flows from the believers , the two witnesses will wash their sins and uncleanness ( Zech 13: 1 ). The “baptism of John” is not the heavenly baptism. This is why CHRIST  said they need to be baptized with water and the Spirit, which comes only during the times of refreshing, which, when GOD requires all to repent. This is why, when a Jew, who is Apollos who is powerful in Scripture, who understood only the baptism of  John,  was taught again , or the Scripture has to be expounded to him by Aquilla and Priscilla to show the way of GOD. That means the Jews need more than the baptism of John. (Acts 18: 25- 26).  We need more than these baptisms to this new life.


Act 19:5  And hearing, they were baptized into the name of the Lord Jesus. ..}}}…. The baptism of LORD JESUS CHRIST, is the Gospel of Grace…. Which is when the water baptism which CHRIST  spoke is to be fulfilled.  Read vs 1 – 7. The outward sign of speaking in tongues picture as PROVEN, that one has to be baptized when and during the teachings of the foolish nation which was made wise to preach new things.. GOD said, in another tongue I will speak to this people.


Act 19:4  And Paul said, John indeed baptized with a baptism of repentance, saying to the people that they should believe into the One coming after him, that is, into the Christ, Jesus.

Act 19:5  And hearing, they were baptized into the name of the Lord Jesus…}}}… Joh the Baptist, and Apostle Peter  preached to ‘Jews” about the baptism of ‘REPENTANCE” as they need to repent. They should BELIEVE ‘CHRIST ’ and be baptized in to Him. This is the NEW WAY OF LIFE… one must be baptized in to the ‘NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST  !!! CHRIST  too said one must believe … Mar 16: 16.  Does PCG or any of the churches believe that one is saved only through CHRIST  and everything He Has ever said ??? Do they know the only true GOD is CHRIST  and there is no other??  When they hear, they will be baptized in to CHRIST …!!  This is what the flesh is doing now. All these years the leaders have been teaching that God The Father is in authority and not CHRIST. but the real Savior is CHRIST . The judgments have come because they did not worship the true GOD all these years… one must worship CHRIST … and not God The Father….


Rev 14:7  saying in a great voice, Fear God, and give glory to Him, because the hour of His judgment has come; also, Worship "Him who has made the heaven, and the earth, and the sea," and the springs of waters. }}}… Fear GOD, and give glory and worship the GOD who CREATED THE HEAVEN, EARTH AND SEA AND SPRINGS OF WATERS…  The synagogue of satan was worshiping God The Father and exalting themselves to the Prince of the hosts. WHICH GOD “CREATED” ALL THINGS ???  That is the GOD who should be worshipped and glorified and be feared. None of the Jews were worshiping ‘CHRIST ” who is the CREATOR. Who Created all things at the beginning ???  Was it not ‘CHRIST ”??? Is it not CHRIST  who is the AUTHOR AND THE FINISHER OF OUR SALVATION???   SHOULD WE NOT LOOK UP TO THE GOD WHO IS THE AUTHOR AND THE FINISHER OF OUR SALVATION ????   This is the new and living way which the flesh of CHRIST  or the Body of CHRIST have to tell His chosen people who failed to give glory to Him. One must know the one and true GOD and worship Him alone !!!!  This is the failure of the Jews, HWA and GF and all other leaders in every church….  Cant you see that you must exalt ‘CHRIST ’ and not God The Father..??


Rev 1:2  who testified of the Word of God and the witness of Jesus Christ, even as many things as he saw.

Rev 22:16  I, Jesus, sent My angel to testify these things to you over the assemblies. I am the Root and Offspring of David, the bright and Morning Star.

Rev 22:17  And the Spirit and the bride say, Come! And the one hearing, let him say, Come! And the one thirsting, let him come; and the one desiring, let him take of the water of life freely.

Rev 22:21  The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with all of you. Amen.

We must go to CHRIST  … This is what the flesh of CHRIST  is to teach and declare… so that ALL CAN HEAR… and turn to CHRIST  and not to God The Father. The bride must wait for her Husband and not to a father…




Isa 28:11  For with stammering lips and another tongue will He speak to this people….}}}… This is the time GOD does His STRANGE AND FOREIGN WORK ( v 21----). This is fulfilled as Joel said…. That GOD will pour His Spirit upon all “flesh”.



Heb 2:16  For indeed He does not take hold of angels, "but He takes hold of" "the seed of Abraham}}}… Who are the ‘seed’ of Abraham ???  who believed and have faith like Abraham???  It is the Gentiles as PROVEN. They BELIEVED and entered in to the ‘REST”… ( Rom 1: 16, 10: 9 – 11  )


CHRIST  said ; “who ever shall confess Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father  in Heaven…”… who confessed Him before men?? It is the “Gentiles”, who WITNESSED … ( Rom 10: 9,  and the little children, who are the Gentiles 1 Jn 4: 15).


One must confess or openly worship the true GOD, who is CHRIST our LORD , if want to be saved. But HWA and GF were teaching about the God The Father saying that he is the head of all things. the Word ‘Father ’ is a parable or a metaphor as we proved… so how could one worship CHRIST  who is the Creator, when they teach about the Father  ??? 


. Heb 4:3  For we which have believed do enter into rest, as he said, As I have sworn in my wrath, if they shall enter into my rest: although the works were finished from the foundation of the world. ….}}}}……we “BELIEVED and entered in to the rest…  This “rest”, is to finish the works… when the knowledge of salvation is given, the works finished as PROVEN. Harvest is done but no one is saved as they do not believe in the true GOD !!!


Heb 4:6  Seeing therefore it remaineth that some must enter therein, and they to whom it was first preached entered not in because of unbelief: ….}}}…..Who did not believe ???  It is His own…the salvation is given to Jews first, ( Rom 1: 16) but since they rejected, GOD turned to Gentiles…., so, there is another rest for the Jews . CHRIST  said the finishing works are to give the knowledge about the true GOD… this is done. The works were FINISHED. The harvest is done, they are not saved.  The poor gleans. All new things.


1 pet 2: 10…  who then were "not a people, but now are the people" of God; "the one not pitied then but now pitied." (Isa. 65:1). Isa. 65: 5  GOD is provoked to anger and the smoke in His nose to burn because they say “I am holier than you”. Who else does say that other than PCG ??? that is when CHRIST  is to come with the elect as v 9. ( the time of the valley of Achor’s work). This is the only hope of spiritual Israel now… they should see that they are being provoked to anger through this foolish nation who were not GOD’s people but now they are… the salvation was given to Jews first but since they rejected GOD Has turned to us… everything works out as GOD Has preplanned and as it is WRITTEN !!!  Your forefather Jacob prophesied that one day the foolish nation will be bound to the tribe of Judah… and continue the works of Judah (Gen. 49:10-12). So should that prophecy also be fulfilled ??? 


Now, Gentiles were saved first and then all Israel… ( Rom 11: 11,  when you HEAR the truth, …is salvation, to those who ‘believe” and given Holy Spirit, who are Gentiles. (Eph 1: 13,  6:17,   Php 1: 28,  1 The 5: 8-9,   2 Th 2: 13,   2 Ti 2: 10,   Heb 2: 3,  5:9.


To those who OBEY’.. , This salvation is revealed to Gentiles in the last time. 1 Pet 1: 5, 20) and this salvation came during the judgments.  Rev 12: 10, after the accuser was thrown down, the salvation came to those who over came. But those who could not overcome, were thrown with the devil to the Bottomless pit .  ( which is not a real pit, but to be without Holy Spirit ) The wife of CHRIST , will have salvation AFTER THE JUDGMENTS  Rev 19: 1- 2).   So the wife of CHRIST  has not obeyed or heard the truth. NOR HAS SHE WORSHIPED THE TRUE GOD WHO IS HER JUSBAND !!!  now she needs to know that it is her ‘HUSBAND’ WHO IS CHRIST our LORD  WHO GIVES THE SALVATION AND THE LIFE. THIS IS WHAT THE FLESH OF CHRIST  NOW HAVE TO DECLARE TO HER.


Heb 4: 7… “Today if you will hear His voice, harden not your hearts. His SAVING voice is heard during the Laodicean era. That is the time they have hardened their hearts.


Heb 4:8  For if Joshua gave them rest, then He would not have afterwards spoken about another day. }}}… The book of Hebrews are for the last days.  In these last days, CHRIST  Has come. The only Joshua who is the high priest is GF.  Zech 3 and 4 prophesies that CHRIST  and the Branch will come in the days of Joshua. Now that is fulfilled…. This is when another day is needed as he could not give the rest.


 remains a Sabbath rest to the people of GOD”… This is not the weekly Sabbath… this is the prophesied Sabbath which they could not flee before as CHRIST  warned in Mat 24… that rest now has come as the judgments are over… They could not enter in to the rest, because of DISOBEDIENCE.   (Also Heb 5:9). This is why CHRIST  came on the donkey to purify the house of GOD… They were disobedient to ‘CHRIST ’ and not to the God The Father. But it is “CHRIST ”  who gives rest…


Mat 11: 28 – 29… “Come to Me”… I will give rest for your souls… and take My yoke upon you, and LEARN OF ME…  for I AM MEEK AND LOWLY IN HEART…. And you shall find rest to your souls”…. If CHRIST  is meek and lowly, He should come to the meek and lowly, who are the poor, the Gentiles as PROVEN….the gospel is preached to the poor and meek… ( Is 61: 1,  Luke 4: 18…).  We proved that CHRIST  became poor for the poor ( 2 Co 8: 9).  THEN, HIS FLESH ALSO WILL BE THE POOR.  The poor are made rich in SPIRITUAL THINGS. Then, this new spiritual life, could be known, only by the poor. He  became a slave, ( Php 2: 7).  So He works with slaves and not in sons.   DURING THIS PROPHESIED REST, IT IS CHRIST  AND HIS FLESH ARE DECLARING THIS NEW LIFE !



Heb 4:11  Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief. …}}}…Israel, who were disobedient, who did not believe are thrust out of the kingdom. This rest begins the new world. BELIEVE IN CHRIST !!


We know GOD wounded the head of His enemies, who is the church because of iniquity. ( Jer 30) . this concerns Israel and Judah… but they are to tremble… v 12… she is wounded and it is incurable… v 14… wounded by enemy and will be chastisement because of iniquity…. and there is no one to plead her cause… and no healing medicines… but GOD will restore health…. But it is done because of GOD’S MERCY ( v 18). And then the whirlwind, the two witnesses as PROVEN, come upon the wicked and this will happen in the latter days. Remember CHRIST ’s flesh is given for the healing…… and the body beaten ?? ( GOD wounds and heals Job 5: 18,  Psa 64: 7,  68: 21 ,  Isa. 1: 6,  even CHRIST  was wounded for our transgression as Isa.  53: 5,  Jer 6: 7,  30: 17,  Mic 1: 9,  ). Now His flesh is given for their healing spiritually. The leaders ate this flesh… they will be healed if they look up to this flesh to declare this new life…


Isa 53:5  But He was wounded for our transgressions; He was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His wounds we ourselves are healed. ..}}}… who pierced Him ??? It is the ‘dogs”. ( Psa 22: 16). They are the dumb dogs who are the ministers when the salvation is about to come who turned away from GOD in the last end. This is why and when the Gentiles were joined to the LORD. ( Isa. 56: 3- 10). It is none other than PCG ministers who arehas the dumb dogs.


It is these dumb dogs pierced the flesh or the Body of CHRIST who are the Gentiles.  This is why GOD says the harlot is guilty of innocent blood… ???  But we were healed as CHRIST  took our sins ( 1 Pet 2: 24). Now, Zion needs to be healed and this is why once again CHRIST ’s flesh is striped, who are the Gentiles. Through this flesh, once again there will be peace and no divisions. ( eph 2: 14- 15). Israel need their souls to be healed because of sins. ( Psa 41: 4). They do not have breath in them. This is when the harvest is past, and still Zion is not healed and when the daughter from the far country is to tell her that GOD is not in her… ( Jer 8: 19-22) .


Their healing for the souls who do not have breath but will come from the rivers as they are in the wilderness . (Isa. 35:6-8; Isa. 43:19; Isa. 49:10, Isa. 49:11, Joh 7: 37 – 38 The waters come from the believers, the two witnesses , who declare  new things  )


The healing comes from the river which flows from the east, when the new temple will be built. ( Eze 47: 12). This is the dry tree, which was caused to bear fruits by GOD,. … These are the two witnesses, who would bring healing medicines ( the Word) to them  ( Rev 22: 2).


Heb 9:26  since He must often have suffered from the foundation of the world. But now once for all, at the completion of the ages, He has been manifested for putting away of sin through the sacrifice of Himself.

Heb 9:27  And as it is reserved to men once to die, and after this, Judgment;


Heb 9:28  so Christ having been once offered "to bear the sins of many," Christ shall appear a second time without sin to those expecting Him for salvation….}}}… CHRIST  Is again prophesied to come at the … “completion of the ages”…, and once again SACRIFICE ….“HIMSELF… …How would He do that ??  Would He die the SECOND TIME ???  No… It is His own body, His flesh and bones, WHO ARE SANCTIFIED FOR THIS PURPOSE AS WE SAW who will  have to die. This should happen when all have failed. Read the whole chapter and understand. This sacrifice, is done for the SECOND time. All have failed, including the high priests. This is when He should come once again. Also, after all men died and during the judgments. Remember CHRIST  said, to JUDGMENT I came to the world. ( Joh 9:39).  To sacrifice Himself for the second time, HE PREPARED A BODY.  ( Heb 10:5).


Many times CHRIST  said that His body will be perfected on the third day, which is a prophecy for us…


Luk 13:32  And He said unto them, Go ye, and tell that fox, Behold, I cast out devils, and I do cures to day and to morrow, and the third day I shall be perfected…}}…This is a prophecy for our day as it is now the devil is really to be cast out as PROVEN. Also the healing, the ‘spiritual’. The third day, CHRIST  shall be ‘PERFECTED”…


“Perfected” means… to make perfect, complete,  to carry through completely, to accomplish, finish, bring to an end, add what is yet wanting in order to render a thing full,  to bring to the end (goal) proposed,   to accomplish, bring to a close or fulfilment by event,   of the prophecies of the scriptures. to complete, that is, (literally) accomplish, or (figuratively) consummate (in character): - consecrate, finish, fulfil, (make) perfect”.


Who is the “fox” ???... the prophet… ( Eze 13: 4). They are the cause of lamentations (  Lamentations 5: 18 ). It is only the PCG leader is a prophet who caused CHRIST ’s body to die and killed the prepared body as well. … and it is in his time, that CHRIST  came the second time to be perfected. It is the little children, who will perfect the praise of CHRIST … ( psa 8:2).  CHRIST  Has come in His flesh when all things are to be  completed or fulfilled or consummated… and there is a fox !!!


This is how CHRIST , “at the completion of the age” is to come in the second time and fulfill all things…


How did He perfect ???  By giving the truth about HIMSELF, the knowledge about the true GOD, which is to give salvation !! ( Joh 3: 17)…. That knowledge was made known to us  (mysteries part 14 which is about the “Mystery of GOD” )  Now, through the flesh of CHRIST , at the completion of the age, the knowledge about Him , which gives salvation to all, is made known to all… !!! That is the end of the judgments… and time to save all by GOD’s GRACE….


It is on this third day, that CHRIST  said to His mother “ woman what have I to do with thee???  My hour is not yet come  and gave NEW WINE TO THE SERVANTS … ( Joh 2). The next event is He went to Capernaum, the exalted city… ( Luke 10: 15  ) and did not stay many days, followed by going to the Passover, to clean the temple !!!  Now, the Body of CHRIST or the flesh, at the completion of the age is already perfected… the next, He will clean the temple !!


CHRIST  said to the blind man to go and wash in the pool of Siloam, means ‘SENT”. Now there are blind, they should also come to the ‘SENT” pool, who are His own flesh. ( Joh 9: 6-7)



Heb 10:5  For this reason, coming into the world, He says, "Sacrifice and offering You did not desire, but You prepared a body for Me. …}}}… this Body of CHRIST, also are called to suffer and die for the sake of CHRIST , and to give new life to the people of Israel. This is why they are called co-saviors or deliverers. . ( Oba 1:21, Neh 9: 27). Only His own body could die for others. This is the greatest calling that a man could get. To be CHRIST ’s own body, to save others were planned by GOD even before the foundation of the world. This is why and how these few become inheritors with CHRIST … ( Rom 8:17,  Gal 3: 29,  Tit 3:7,  Jam 2: 5 ,  Eph 3:6 ).


Eph 3:6  That the Gentiles should be fellowheirs, and of the same body, and partakers of His promise in Christ by the gospel:


Php 1:29  because it was granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe in Him, but also to suffer on His behalf. ( 2 Thes 1: 5, 1 Pet 5:10 ) …}}}… we suffer with Him because we are His own flesh, who are called to suffer and die for Him and for His wife.


Heb 8:8  For finding fault with them, He saith, Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah: …}}}… “make” is “G 4931”. This means “ to end together or at the same time ,  to end completely,   bring to an end, finish, complete,   to accomplish, bring to fulfillment,   to come to pass,   to effect, make, (conclude), to finish,  to make an end of,   to bring to an end,  destroy” .  Which means GOD will end the covenant and will establish another. This is the covenant of peace which we preach… we know GOD broke the covenant while the poor were watching. Zech 11: 10-11.


Heb 8:10  For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, saith the Lord; I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to Me a people: …}}}… the Law, is the TRUTH ( Psa 119: 142).  This is why the truth is made known by the flesh now… it is new life to the Jews, who did not know these. ( Dan 9: 13).


Heb 8:11  And they shall not teach every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for all shall know Me, from the least to the greatest.

Heb 8:12  For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more


 after the sacrifice of His own flesh once again, and opening their minds to the Law, ( which is the truth), GOD will forgive their sins and will not remember them any more, and a new covenant will be made, which they will keep. Those who already continued the covenant as in Isa. 56: 3- 8, who are the flesh of CHRIST , or the Body of CHRIST is broken once again for the healing and for the forgiveness. In this ‘flesh’, the veil will be opened and they will see CHRIST ’s own flesh and bones and will remember what He Has written, and that all things written has to be fulfilled. That includes their blindness and how GOD is using the Gentiles and are with them to provoke them to jealousy… !!!


There is no other salvation … only through CHRIST  that one can be saved by HIS GRACE. Israel should know that by keeping the Law they cannot obtain the Everlasting life. Israel have to believe “in CHRIST ” , just as we have done.  One has to believe that CHRIST  is the LORD who is the Author and the FINISHER of the salvation. This is a new way of life to Israel, because they were looking up to God The Father .  THEY MUST LEARN THAT CHRIST  IS THE ONLY ONE TRUE GOD AND GIVE GLORY TO HIM ALONE. This was taught by all the prophets and it is written. This is a ‘new’ way of living to Israel as they did not know CHRIST and did not EXALT HIM. !!!


Blessed is the man who delights in the Law of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, !!!


Oh LORD, our shield and glory… we give thanks and praise to you alone as Your MERCY NEVER FAILS !!! 


     Blessed is He coming in the name of             Jehovah; !!


Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest! !!


Blessed is the King coming in the name of the Lord! Peace in Heaven and glory in the       highest !!!!




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