Winepress 2



“Blood” up to horse’s bridles..

GF wrote in “Repentance toward God”, pg 16… {{{ don’t take your sins lightly. It cost the “blood of Christ” to pay for them. }}}


Lev 17:11  For the “life” of the flesh is in the “blood.” And I have given it to you on the altar to make an “atonement” for your souls. For it is the “blood” that makes an “atonement” for the soul…}}Also Heb 9:22.

We know the soul which sins, have to die unless an atonement is made. Christ’s blood makes atonement for our sins, “IF WE REPENT”. Heb 6:4 -6 says, it is IMPOSSIBLE to be forgiven, if we HAD Holy Spirit once and then to fall away. If they are to renew again, is to crucify Christ “again”.  This is talking about willfully sinning, like the final falling away from the truth when the man of sin is sitting in the temple, as he has not repented… if he has repented, there would not be a falling away. Although this man takes the Passover, (if he is the leader in God’s church, he should be taking the passover) he has not repented of his sins. So the penalty for taking Passover unworthily brings a death penalty as well , and specially guilty of ‘CHIRST’S BODY AND BLOOD”. ( 1 Cor 11: 27-29) This man is guilty of all the sins in the world. He is guilty of his “own” sins as he has not repented. And for taking the Passover in an unworthy manner, he is guilty of “Christ’s body and blood”, and since he hid the truth about the Bamah matter and  for not asking the church to repent, he is guilty of the “church’s” blood as well. No wonder, God calls  this man “the” “man of sin”…. Absolutely, no other person in the world, could be guilty and a sinner as this man, as he is guilty of Christ’s body and blood, and His wife’s and his own. Do you see the seriousness of this man’s sins? No wonder he is sinking in his own blood. !! He has committed the unpardonable sin, caused the whole church to commit that and guilty of killing Christ also as he does not repent. God never accuses anyone without a good reason. No wonder he has to be pressed in the winepress….


Some people have written to us saying, we do not know whether GF and AH (our RD) have repented? Or how do you know that they have not repented etc…??? This sin in Bamah, is not an “individual” matter or sin. It is a sin which the “whole church” committed as “one”. We have proven that. Therefore, since we need to repent, they should ask the whole church to repent, the same way they asked the whole church to pray for them, as HWA said,  if the leaders are incorrect, we need to repent before the whole church so we could have one mind and be one body. this is why, God condemns and say in Ez 22: .. in “you”, in “you”, bloody crimes have committed. This is talking about the very end of the church life which is now and how they will be punished. God points out sins which were committed as a whole body or church….He is not pointing out “individual” sins but mostly the leader’s sins.   V 9-10 says, they have eaten on the mountain which is the Bamah matter, and they have “uncovered the father’s nakedness” and lain with “impure” women. To “uncover father’s nakedness” means, as Lev 17:11, is to “lie with your father’s wife”. Spiritually, the father’s wife is the “church”. so these men caused the church to commit spiritual adultery. They, have “lain with the unclean women” means, those who are not “converted” … they invited and committed spiritual adultery with those whose eyes are not opened, therefore, they are “unclean” to God.   Now, an atonement have to be made to make them whole. But since they refuse to admit and repent, to bring them back again, since Christ cannot die again, they need to shed “their own blood”. All the churches of God have done this as they are all in captivity. But “PCG’s” sins are recorded and prophesied to be “worse” than all the others. All the mountains of God have sinned. This is why, in Is 34: 2--- God Has delivered them to be “slaughtered spiritually”, and the “mountains” shall be melted with their blood… How could the mountains shall be melted with blood physically? This is all spiritual. As we saw when WCG fell, and still they prospered and did not die physically, we see that it has happened to PCG as well. So to make an atonement, because of “God’s grace” which now being extended as the ‘covenant of peace”, (Please read) saves all of them, now after,  symbolically, spiritually shedding their own blood in the winepress as we tread them down. Lam 1: 15. therefore, their blood which is in the midst as these scripture says, will be spilled up to their bridles. That much sins, they have committed…. Even the mountains shall melt with their blood.


Christ said, ‘no flesh would be saved”, because flesh and blood cannot enter the kingdom, and they have to be born of Spirit. Now  since they have to shed their own blood in the winepress to make atonement, their “flesh”  cannot be saved without blood, because blood purifies and atones the unclean soul.  Since no flesh would be saved, at Christ’s coming, by His “breath” He will consume the sinners (Man of sin in( 2 Thes 2) and will purify as we have proven from the Word in this writing.  


Breath:  when our blood is unclean, we take oxygen( breath)  and that cleans our blood. God Has created physical things to picture the spiritual. So now at Christ’s coming, He will breathe on the sinners, to purify their blood. Now, spiritually we are unclean and spiritually, we will have to be cleansed. Christ’s breath will cleans us spiritually. This is why no flesh would be saved unless Christ comes again to breath on us. Christ died after He breathed out the spirit.( Lk 23:46.) The life is in the breath, which is distributed by the blood.  Our sins made Him unclean.   Now, in the winepress when these horses’ blood is poured, they will spiritually die. (since they are in the bottomless pit, they are already dead now) When He wanted the apostles to receive the Holy Spirit, Christ “breathed” on them (Jon 20:22). We are being purified by “scripture”, to reproof, correction, instruction and to be “righteous”. ( 2 Ti 3: 16)

Even when Adam was created, God “breathed” on him and he became a living soul. This is what happens even now, to those who are spiritually dead. God will have to breathe on them once again.


Gen 9:5  And surely your blood of your lives will I require; at the hand of every beast will I require it, and at the “hand” of man; at the “hand” of every man's brother will I require the life of man.

Gen 9:6  Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed.  We are to keep charge of our brothers unlike Cain. But the church leaders have failed  in doing so in the end time and a warning is given in Malachi’s book, Jude and1 John 3, 3 John, 2 Peter.  When we see the sword, we are to warn. As ‘leaders’ in God’s church, they are required to ‘keep the sheep from the devouring beasts’. But, in the end time, the “leaders” became the  “beasts” and devoured the sheep. They shed other’s blood by spiritually murdering those who oppose them.  . GF and his other leaders, have spilled the blood of the innocent as we have proven from the Word of God. (even Ez 22: 7)   Not only the blood of those who were killed spiritually, but even  their own blood” God will require from them, as they are bought by Christ’s blood.  but they  despised Christ’s blood by not repenting and as a result, they are in the bottomless pit having no Holy Spirit. This is why in Is 51: 14, God commands the captives to hasten out of the pit, lest they die in the pit. We know all 12 tribes are in captivity now.



Here are more scripture to prove that they have to shed their own blood now. …….

Eze 3: 18… if Ezekiel does  not warn the wicked, they will die, but their blood, will be required from Ezekiel. This is same for all his followers , the leaders who did not save the members from such beasts, but allowed them to be murdered. V 19 says, if he warns, then it is not required.


Ez 3:20…If a ‘righteous’ man sins…. Ez 16: 52 says…The righteous have sinned and now are guilty.


Ez 16: 6, 9,  22,  36,    PCG is polluted from her “own” blood and children’s blood. Also read Ez 5:17,   9:9,   14: 19,   21: 32,   22:3,  9,  12,  `13, 

Eze 16:38  And I will judge thee, as women that break wedlock and shed blood  are judged; and I will give thee blood in fury and jealousy. … God says, this only to PCG. She is full of blood, as she failed to warn and heed what she uttered. Rev 16:6… they have shed the blood of the saints…. Also Ez 22:4


Eze 22:6 , 27 Behold, the “princes” of Israel, in thee to their power to shed blood. .these are the RDs, who were given authority in 2003, and the prophet sees and hears through them.( according to the PN records, as we have informed earlier writings)


Ez 23: 37… they have committed “adultery” and are full of blood. Since PCG too committed adultery, now she is full of blood. V 45… the assembly, is judging them, as in the manner of women that “shed blood”, because they are “adulteresses” and “blood” in their hands.  

Ez 24: 7… “Blood” is in midst of her. This is the time God struck Ezekiel’s wife. (Read: Christ’s wife betrayed by an evangelist) . v 8,  Ez 28: 23,   32: 6,   33:6,   8,   36:18,   39:17,  18,  (flesh of the “mighty”, and drink the blood of the “princes”… the RDs blood will be poured by God, the same way they shed other’s blood)

Ez 44: 15, God requires the blood and fat to be offered to “Him”. But in v 7, PCG has given them to strangers.( The Bamah matter). By this, they broke the covenant and it is an abomination. (Jer 44.4)

Ez 18: 12-13… who “oppressed the poor” , and committed abomination… no one but PCG did these. Now their blood shall be upon them. “Judgment and burning”. This is why, Peter said, this world is kept to be burned, and for perdition of ungodly men.2 Pet 3:7, 12., Is 4: 4, same.

 Is 34: 3,  The sword of the Lord is filled with blood… Is 59:7… Is 63: 3, their blood will be sprinkled on Christ’s garments also when He treads the winepress. This is why in Rev 19:13, when the bride is ready (in v 7), Christ comes with a vesture “dipped in blood”.


Jere 2: 34… blood of the innocents in her skirts. Jere 19:4,  22:3,    17,   26: 15 ,    46: 10, …These verses show, how Jerusalem is filled with blood. PCG leaders and the RDs.,

The law requires when you kill an animal, you need to “pour the blood on the ground and cover with dust”. Lev 17:14 and pour on the ground as “water”. (Deut 12: 24) But, God finds Ezekiel, with blood and he has not poured on the ground to cover it with dust. Ez 24:7- , that is why, God, in turn, Has put her blood (as v 8 says), to take vengeance not to be covered. V 9 God says, woe to the bloody city. Jerusalem is a bloody city. V 10.. fire…. In this chapter, God talks about His church, and at the time of the end time Ezekiel. As v 24 says, God even struck his wife, as a physical sign of captivity, which Ezekiel declared in 2004 FOT, after the wife’s death. Thereafter, the judgment started. V 8… now, “God” Has set her blood, on a rock and it will not be covered. Which means her crime of killing others will be exposed for all to see.


Deut 15: 21 -  23….if we have a first born of an animal, who is “blemish”, we should not sacrifice it unto the Lord. But, we can eat that, after pouring blood on the ground as “water”. Now, since PCG leaders, The “first born” is blemish, God need to pour their blood as water. Also, PCG has sacrificed the lame and blind to God. Mal 1:8,  13.  (they sacrificed people who are “blind to the truth”, or “spiritually” blind to God, in India, by inviting them in to God’s altar. ) Therefore, they are guilty of blood.   

Ez 33:25… In Act 15: 20, the gentiles were asked not to eat blood. Mal 1: 11 shows that gentiles obeyed and God is accepting their sacrifices as pure. This is what is happening now.


When Israel was coming out of Egypt, God caused their “rivers” turn in to blood. Now, since the church is in Egypt and are coming out, their rivers or hearts (spiritual rivers)  (John 7: 38)  are turned in to blood. The law of the wise and fear of the Lord, is a fountain of life, but since they have departed from the law, now death awaits Pro 13: 14.  , Pro 14: 27. Those who are righteous, if they fall down before the wicked, is a troubled and a corrupt fountain and a spring.  Eccl 12: 6-7 says, if a cistern is broken, then, they are like dust return to earth, and Spirit shall return unto God. This means, the broken cisterns, who are the believers, the vessels of the Holy Spirit, who do not have a bottom in their cisterns, who cannot hold water the Spirit, will go back to dust. This is why, Zion is in dust now. The church is dead spiritually. Jer 2:13. now, a wicked fountain… Jer 6;7 . the earth, or the church is once again dark and void. A new world have to be created. (read: Christ comes as a thief in the night)


Rev 16: 3… sea became as “blood”…. As the blood of “dead”… and they all died. (spiritually) Sea is where the wicked, the enemy of God, the leaders are now in. V 4, all rivers and fountains of waters became blood. Now, Israel is in the sea and they have become blood. ( Who turns these rivers in to blood? Rev 11: 6… the gentile witnesses turns the waters in to blood. When we witness against the leaders, they die spiritually. )  Rev 16, happens spiritually.

Rev 16: 6.. they have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and God Has given them blood to drink.

Ps 78:43-44 God reminds the signs and wonders in Egypt and had turned their rivers in to blood. This is to repeat once again in Rev 16. The believers do not have Holy Spirit in them. They are guilty of blood. So their rivers have turned in to blood. It is the church, which is in spiritual Egypt and Sodom now. Rev 11: 8.


Zep 1: 17…. Because of sin, they will become blind and their  blood shall be poured like “dust”. V 18… it is the DOL. Their blood as dust… Zion is in her blood… as she sits in dust. (Is 52; 2)


Act 2: 20… the moon, or the church will turn in to blood. Mat 24:29… the moon shall not give it’s light. The whole church has become like blood now. Rev 6:12,  8:12, 


What happens in the winepress?....


Blood poured out like “water”:…

Ps 22: 14…. Christ’s blood poured out like “water”, because of sin. This writing and part 1 , proved from the Word of God, that this is what happens to the horses who have sinned are being pressed in the winepress. Their blood will be poured like “water.”


Heart melted like wax:…V 14… It is the heart, which is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. Even though Christ did not sin, spiritually, this is what happened to Him, when He took our sins. This shows, how the altar is now.  (Jer 17:9. ). All the wickedness is devised in our hearts. Even our inner organs will melt because of sin.


{{{Lam 2:19  Arise, cry out in the night: in the “beginning of the watches pour out thine heart like water before the face of the Lord: lamentations is written to lament over “Zion”, who are the  sons of gold, the stones in the Sanctuary. In  the beginning of the  NIGHT” watch, (read: night writings) God is telling them to pour out  their “heart” like water… that means, to  repent truly before Him to save the lives of the others  and also to pour out their wickedness..  according to the “ten virgins” parable, Christ comes in the middle of the “night”. So , at the beginning of the night, they are to cry unto Him.  The virgins who are not ready before this prophesied night, will be cut off.  Therefore, they are asked to pray “before” the beginning of the night watch. But Lam 1:2 says, she weeps sore in the “night”. Jews had three watches in the night, but at Christ’s time, there were four watches. These are military watches, to watch and warn the people.  Spiritually too, the watchmen were appointed by God, as we have proven from the Word, and the ‘NIGHT”  watch is given to the “Lions” , the gentiles.(read: Biblical Tarshish and young lions) .  As you are supposed to pray before the Sabbath which the poor works, (read: pray that your flight may not be on sabbath) these stones in the Sanctuary should pray before the beginning of the “night” watch, so they do not have to go through the night. But, as watchmen, we have warned and we are still warning, and they have not heard.  In Mar 13: 35, Christ said, He  could come … even, or at midnight, or at the cockcrowing, or in the morning: (morning means dawn) . So He will come at any day now, since the night and the night watch has already started.

Exo 14: 24 says, God came through the “fire and a cloud”, (as He Has done now spiritually) in the “morning watch” , (this is between 3 AM and sunrise, anyhow, in the night) when the Egyptians (enemy) came out of the sea.  In Mat 14:25, when Jesus began to walk on the sea, He came in the morning watch also, ) 


Isa.  21, there is a prophecy about the desert of the ‘SEA”. (Spiritually, the churches are in the sea now . (Read: Israel will come out of the sea) V 1 says, “As “whirlwinds” in the “south” pass through; so it cometh from the desert, from a “terrible land…..”whirlwinds from south”… (read: East wind),  “terrible land”… (read: Biblical Tarshish and young lion) V 2… this happens when they deal treacherously. Who deals treacherously, even a transgressor from the ‘womb”?....


[[Is 24;16-17,  People who are far away will sing, when they are in the pit.   33;1,   Is 48;8,  jer 3:20 (the wife ) Jer 5:11…. Both Israel and Judah,  Hos 5:7… against the Lord,  6:7.. by transgressing the covenant… (this is to no one but to PCG) Mal 2: 11 ( also to PCG) Mal 2: 11… Judah and Israel, and Jerusalem, has profaned the “HOILINESS OF THE Lord”… this is to no one but to the “horses’ “ or the ministry, who are now in the winepress as we proved from the Word, who have gone after strange god…. , Mal 2:14…15,  treacherous to the church, the wife. ]]

Is 21: 5-6… watchman, ( this is about the sea, and in the night, or twilight as v 4) v 8… a “lion”… and this is all about:…. The “FALL OF BABYLON”…


Thirsty:   because no Holy Spirit;….Ps 22 explains what happened to Christ ‘spiritually’  when God forsook HIM, when He took our sins. God took His “Spirit” away from Christ. The “Fountain of waters” was withheld from Christ.  This is why He said, “ I thirst”. He was thirsty for Holy Spirit. This is the “bottomless pit” now the church is in.. V 14… poured out like “water”, as we saw before. Christ’s blood was poured out like water  (when He took sins) and same way, these wicked horses’  blood also will be poured in the winepress, up to their bridles as “water”.


In Ps 51: 11… King David prayed for God to not to take Holy Spirit away from him, (after he was found to have committed adultery) and he repented of his sins. But these horses had not repented even after God poured out the plagues in Rev 16: 9…. This is even after their fountains and rivers became blood as now has happened. (Rev 16:4). Also, these horses too have committed adultery. (Bamah)


Ps 51: 5… in the ‘womb’ itself, he had sin or in sin he was conceived.  Who is the end time transgressor from the womb, which we have proven from the Word in our early writings? (Is 48: 8…. When the new things are created, God finds the leader in the “Holy city” as v 2… to be a “transgressor from the womb”. This is why in Rev 11: 2… the
“Holy city” is trodden down. V 8.. from that time, when this horse became proud, his ear was not opened, and he would deal very treacherously… when did he start  to not to hear?.... this is after he committed adultery against God and when God  informed him about his sin and not repented. V 10… he will be in the “furnace”… v 4… his sin is in his “neck”.  That is pride. V 18…. If he had hearkened, his peace would have been as a “river”…. Since he did not hearkened to God, the gentiles are called to extend peace like an over flowing river. (Is 66: 12.)  V 22 says, no peace un to the ‘wicked’… so he is the ‘wicked shepherd” God raised after breaking the covenant ( Zech 11: 16.) Since his river has no peace, it has become a river of blood.


 This is how the rivers, fountains and sea became blood in Rev 16… (the believers) Now, his own blood  will come unto the bridles in the winepress. In Mat 5: 28-30, Christ says, if you look at a woman to lust after her, commits adultery. This wicked horse, actually went to harlot’s houses as “Bamah” matter proves from the Word of God, which is recorded in our web site ( . v 29… Christ says, if your right “eye” offends, to pluck it out….also, if the right “hand” offend, to cut it off… this is why, God cuts off the right hand and blinds the right eye of this evil shepherd in Zech 11: 16-17… this evil shepherd is being allowed to exalt to the highest level now (Dan 11: 36.) He is being inspired by satan (Is 14:13, 2 Thes 2:4,  Rev 13:5- 6) The “eye” is consumed because of affliction. ( Ps 88:9,  6:7,   31:9) The light of the body is the eye and if your eye is evil, the whole body is in darkness. This is how, all the members who follows this evil eye also will be in darkness and this is the 5th plague in Rev 16: 10… This beast’s kingdom became dark. (This is not talking about a worldly kingdom, or the catholic church, as special plague of darkness not needed to be poured upon them, as they are always in darkness. They were never in light like the church was. ) Mat 6: 23… How great is that darkness???? Who is being cast out in to the darkness????

Mat 8:12  But the children of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. .. the children of the kingdom, have sinned and not repented…. This is why, they were thrown in to outer darkness…. The bottomless pit, the winepress…. Don’t, we the gentiles accuse the Jews of being evil as 2 pet 2: 12 says, during this day of visitation, where Christ Has come as a thief?????



{{{{Mt 10:5- 6… Christ sent the apostles to no where but to the ‘’LOST SHEEP’  of the ‘house of Israel’. When did they become “lost” and scattered?..... in Jam 1: 1…, which is “now”.  They are lost, and scattered unto this day. Christ knew, the ‘GENTILES” did not need the message of repentance, and they will hear as Act 28:28 says. This is why He said to not to go to gentiles. This is to preach  abaout the “kingdom of heaven” which  is at “hand” (v 7) This is for us now when this “kingdom is at hand”.  (this is why, Christ said, “you will not go through the cities of Israel , before He comes…. The cities of Judah, who are the worshippers (Jere 26:2), will never obey )  V 8…, they are the sick, lepers, dead, and  have demons etc( since Christ told them to go to Israel, these dead , sick and who need to be healed and need life are among  Israel)  Now, Israel is sick , blind and have demons.. All these apply ‘spiritually’. Now, we are taking this message to them. If they do not receive our peace, it will be returned un to us v 13. Shake off the dust off the feet  v 14…. It is Zion who has dust all over them. V 15 says, it will be more tolerable for real Sodom  But, spiritually, the “Holy city” is in Sodom as (Rev 11: 8). V 16… we will be like the sheep now, and Israel are the wolves…. (the wolves… are the beasts now at work , as the 7th head.) And we are to be wise as serpents, as they are like serpents, having given in to the most evil serpent, the Leviathan, the king of all proud and who is  in the “SEA” (Is 27:1, Ps 74:14, job 41)    Harmless as doves?  (Is 60:8… the gentiles will fly like a cloud and doves  to the rest, ) V 17… this is when, the sheep, the doves will be delivered up to the synagogues….because  the Jews in the Phil. Era became the synagogues of satan. This is when, the true followers were cast out as (Mic 2:9, 3 John….) they are dragged in to “synagogues”… not to the church. This is long after Christ said, “I will build My Church”. Read: Last hour church split Jews and gentiles) this is also the time, when Christ will not bring “peace”, but sword. (v 34). 

V 24… disciple is not above master… (John 15: 20), the servant is not greater than his Lord, and if they persecuted Him, they will also persecute us… this is why and how, we are being persecuted….

V 26… it is a time for all things to be revealed.

V 27… this is the time of “darkness”.  what ever we hear, we are to preach upon the “housetops”….Why in the house tops? There are like people on house tops, who “will wither” like grass. Read the following chapters and understand…. 2 Kin 19 (v 26),    Is 37 (v 27) ,   Is. 22;1,   Jer 48: (38),   Zep 1 (5),   these chapters would show, that it is Israel, having sinned, are in house tops, and they need to be delivered this message about repentance, because the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Since all the Jews are in captivity, now this message should be delivered by the gentiles ……. Is 37:3… it is a time of trouble, “rebuke, and blasphemy”, for the children are come to birth, and they have no strength to be born…. This should be applied now. 

V 33…. It is time to deny, those who have denied Christ. We know the way to deny Christ is not to keep the commandments and to break the covenant, which PCG has done. More over, she lies… she says I keep commandments, but do lie… then, every one will be against one another. There is no unity or love as many has written to us now in PCG. It is worse than WCG back in early 90’s.

V 42;…. “give a drink unto one of these little ones” a cup of cold water…. in this chapter, Christ called the 12 apostles, and in this verse He Says, ‘these’ little ones. Certainly , the apostles are not little ones. Christ even name them. This is a prophecy for our time, as we have proven in the above verses. So who are the little ones who brings this message when they are in the house tops, ready to be withered?.... those who bring this message, is not the mighty ones, the horses or the ministers…. But the members… this is what it means “these” little ones. (Also, the gentiles are the little ones, which we will write in another writing)  All the horses are in the winepress when this message comes to them… they are in “darkness”.. . who is the little one, who brought such a message from ‘east”, about the sin in the ‘east gate” as recorded in Ez 8-11 and Dan 8:9, and in PN articles? (Bamah matter) ??? It is our minister, who went where he has not gone… in peace, as our “man from east” writing proves from the Word of God… but did any of the horses in the church even offered a cup of cold water???? did he not come in the name of a disciple, and in the name of God? But,  A man claiming to be a prophet, to not even to offer a cup of water, to a fellow brother, who came from a far country of 15 thousand miles away, a little one such as these???? God is not a respecter of a person… He Has and He will, rebuke the proud. Is not this the wicked shepherd whose eye is blinded and the hand is cut off?  }}}}}



 tongue”;….  (v 15) clung to the jaw… when God forsook Him, and withdrew Holy Spirit, Christ’s tongue became dry and He felt thirsty. That is how we should feel, in the pit, when there is “no” water, or  the Spirit. That is why, Christ said  when He no longer Had the Spirit, .. “ I thirst”.  ( John 19: 28). He wanted God’s spirit. He knew that He is full of sin and God Has forsaken Him.   God Has brought Him in to the dust of death… {{{Christ was never meant to see corruption and He is never to become dust.}}}} But, when sin, and have no Holy Spirit, that is the condition every sinner will have, ‘SPIRITUALLY”. The sin, makes our blood to be poured as water, and to go unto dust, also as we proved from the Word earlier, it is  Zion is in dust. V 29 says, all that go down to dust shall serve Him. One day soon, Zion will be awakened as Is 52 and many other scripture says. Spiritually, Zion is like Christ now, when He took the sins.


Lam 4… explains the sons of Zion, who are like gold, now has become like clay… they have not weaned (Read: Weaned or not) and they are the suckling children now, as they have to be taught the basic doctrines again. V4… their tongue clings to the roof in thirst…. As king David and Christ felt, now the sons of Zion are thirsty too for the Spirit of God. v 8… their skin cleaves to the bones and is withered… this is how those who come to fight against Christ will be punished… while they stand, their eyes rot, their flesh rot, and they are only bones. This is the wicked shepherd as we proved from the Word and those who are with him… the horses, who need to be bridled back. V 13-14… for the sins of the prophets, and priests, who have shed the blood of the just, and have polluted them with the blood, so that “men could not touch their garments” wander in the streets, like “blind”,  Their eyes have rot in their sockets… no tongue to drink the Spirit. They are polluted with blood…. These are the beasts explained in Jude… 8.. defiled flesh…, 10… brute beasts,  v 12… clouds have “no water”… because the wind (Read: East wind) carried their water…, v 18… it is all prophesied…. They walk after their own lusts. V 19.. Having not the Spirit…. (they are in the pit) . “not touch their garments?... Jud 23 explains, those who fear God, pulling them out of fire, hating even the garment spotted by flesh…Because their garments are full of blood.  Our garments picture our spiritual lives. These horses’ garments are full of blood and God’s people hate even to touch their garments.  also Dan 11: 32-25….

Lam 4: 20… the “breath” of the anointed was taken in their pits…. Ps 33: 16- 20… explains these “vain horses” and those who “fear God”. God’s eye will be on those who fear Him, and He will deliver their souls from death and will keep them alive in famine. but these horses since they look to their own strength, they will not be saved.   


 Bones;…. are out of joint.? …

As this psalm says, Christ’s bones were never broken, ( Ps 34: 20) as He was dead when they came to break His legs.  Therefore, this could not be applied to Him. This actually happens “spiritually” to the sinners now.  Ps 102:5 explains, those who groan, and as v 4 says, those whose hearts are smitten and withered like grass,  have their bones cleave to their skins…. This psalm explains how the gentiles will fear and give glory to God, and Zion will be built (v 16),  this shall be written for the generation to come, and for the people which shall be created…. Which is just a head of us. V 20… He will hear the groaning of the prisoner… those who are in captivity as in Jam 1;1,  and they are appointed to death. But, God, in His great mercies, will deliver them from the death. They are only appointed to die, and they are going through the death ‘spiritually’ as we write. This is how the man is appointed to die once. And this is how, in Jude, the beasts will be dead twice. V 28… the children of the “servant’s” seed shall be established before them. 


Bones only will be left,  when we sin. (read: Christ comes as a thief in the night)

 Jer 8:1 explains… how, the bones of kings, princes, priests prophets and all the inhabitants of Jerusalem will be brought out their graves (spiritually in the bottomless pit) , .{{{ As Joseph commanded to take his bones out of Egypt, his children’s bones now will be brought out of Egypt also by the gentiles. Taking josephs’ bones out of Egypt has to be a prophecy for our day. We carry his descendant’s bones, the bones of Ephraim and Manasseh. }}}because as v 2 says, they have worshipped other gods…. The bamah matter. So, we will bring their bones to the valley of dry bones , so that God can  give life.

Pro 17:22  A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.  Now Zion has a broken spirit. So their bones are dry.


Christ said in Mat 23: 27-28.. the leaders ( Pharisees) are like dead bones. This is because of wickedness. (ps 5:9,  Rom 3:13)  This is why they are like dead  bones, having sinned. The Pharisees who sit in Moses’ seat, (Mat 23:2) saying “I am a law giver”,… will see only their bones will be left. They appear beautiful outwardly…. These are the Pharisees, the hypocrites, who always accuse and judge and condemn others of deserting Christ  covering their sins, and sinning  more than others (Ez 16:52) Mat 23: 32… how can you escape the damnation of hell? The time has come the verse 37 to be fulfilled…. God’s House is lain desolate.


. Is 66: 12-  16… this chapter talks about God’s judgments. God says: “your “bones” shall flourish, when they see God’s peace extended like a river, by sending the glory of gentiles like a flowing stream…. And when God comforts them. God comes on the whirl wind (East wind). Lam 1: 13… happens when the assembly is  being trampled as of now, (V 15), then, God Has sent “fire” in to their bones… But, a good report will make their bones fat ( Prv 15:30) We know that when these horses are in the pit, having no Spirit, they are thirsty and need waters… where does the water  come from? Pro 25:25… good news come from a far country as waters to a thirsty soul…. God Has planned all these….. God sends waters, like an over flowing stream, the gentiles…., the over flowing scourge. The sinners in Zion have no choice…. They have to accept the water  from  whom they rejected, and cast out. They refuse to give a cup of water to the little ones, now these little ones will bring water to them. God said to love your enemy!!!


Ps 22: v 27… all the ends of the world, shall remember and turn unto the Lord. These are the gentiles…., who will bring them the water.  


V 31… they shall come and declare His righteousness to a people that ‘SHALL” BE born. This prophecy is being fulfilled now. V 29… those who go down to “dust”.??? It is “Zion who sits in dust now. Is 52: 1-2… because she has  allowed strangers to come in to her.


Zech 14, explains, how (v 20) these horses will have “Holiness unto the Lord” written on their bells. These are the ministers. They fought against Jerusalem… the enemy of God, was in the Sanctuary (Ps 74). There fore, these leaders, the man of sin, Joshua, the liar and crept in beasts, are all those who fight against Jerusalem. They are so blind, they do not even know that they are fighting against Jerusalem and Christ. They loved themselves, and not Jerusalem. V 12 explains how their flesh will be consumed while they stand, and eyes shall consume in the eye socket and tongue consume in the mouth… this is what happens spiritually, as it happened to Christ, when He became sin. Only the bones will be left, after their flesh is consumed and the tongue clung to the Jaw, etc… this is how these horses are going to be defeated…. After the winepress, their bells will be engraved “holiness unto the Lord”…. V 21… no more “Canaanite”…. Who is from Canaan? Who are Canaanites?  Ez 16: 3…. It is the PCG !!! No more strangers… Is 35:8,  52:1,  Joel 3:17,  Ez 44: 7.  These are the horses, whose blood will be poured upon in the winepress up to “their” bridles…


Ps 32: 9…. The horses must be “bridled”. They will be turned back.  

Ps 79 explains, how heathen have come in to God’s inheritance, which is the “true church”, ( PCG end time) and Holy temple is defiled.  And now, “Jerusalem” is in ruins. (Compare Psa_44:13; Jer_42:18; Lam_2:15, Ps 74 and many more). It is Jerusalem, or the church, the mother of us all, who have sinned and the leader’s blood will be poured upon and will come up to their bridles. (horses are leaders as we saw)

In Heb 13: 11- 13… beasts are burned outside and Jesus also was crucified outside. (this is done not to defile the Sanctuary with blood) Even the treading down is done in the outer court (Rev 11: 2). Joel 3, explains, those who have gone after heathen and have become like heathen, to come to the valley of Jehoshaphat, so God can return recompense upon their own head. This is why, in Rev 14: 20, the winepress is trodden without the city. And this is why,, in this valley which is only 24 miles long, will be full of blood  up to these horses’  bridles,  “spiritually”.


In Joel 3: 17- 20… there were desolation, and a wilderness  because they have shed innocent blood. But, God will correct all. V 18 says, they will have water, as a fountain shall come from the house of the Lord and shall water the valley of shittim. Why does this end time prophecy mention the valley of shittim? In the valley of shittim, they committed “adultery”. Num 25:1--- explains their sin, as v 16… Balaam caused it. This chapter explains how Phinehas killed the sinners and v 13 says, by doing so, he made an atonement for the children of Israel. So the sinners have to die, to make atonement. Now, we are killing these sinners by exposing them, in the winepress, so that an atonement will be made and God will spare the children of Israel. End time covenant of peace is established in Ez 34: 25.


Even in the end time church is warned by God about such a  Balaam type of a betrayal, which really happened as we witnessed, in India. ( read: Mic 2:9 wicked exposed) This is why in Joel, which is a book about the “punishment and the judgment” of Israel, warns us. Their water was withdrawn. Now, God wants to correct that and give water to them. V 19… the innocent blood should be of those who witnessed against their adultery in shittim. V 18… in “that day” only this could  happen, and not before. When they sinned by mixing with the heathen in the valley of shittim, and killed innocent people, God  caused their cisterns to  become dry and they were put in the waterless, bottomless pit. Do you see, the church has shed blood of anyone physically? All these happen spiritually. Our blood was shed by PCG leaders when we stood up for God and when we refused to keep Passover with unbaptized.

Joe 3:21  For I will cleanse their blood that I have not cleansed: for the LORD dwelleth in Zion. Act 20:28 Christ purchased the church by His own  blood. But they despised His sacrifice by willfully sinning.  After they pay for their sins, God can dwell in Zion.


Joel 3;5… they have taken God’s gold and silver… in to their temples. Just before the judgment, who had gold and silver given by God? Ez 16: 13… it is PCG. She had a crown too. So she is the one who allowed heathen to take God’s gold and silver. (Gold is likened to the ministry in Lam.4, and silver has to be the members. ( interestingly, when God broke the covenant, He wanted His wages, and only 30 pieces of silver was given. At the time of the breaking of the covenant, there would have been only 30 silver (members) left for God, to fight with these leaders. ? ) 

V 8.. God Has given children to Judah, and they sold them to sabeans, a people far off. This is what happened in India. The whole body of believers were sold to ‘sabeans’ as in Ez 23: 42, which we have written in “Bamah” matter. All the punishments and judgments are because of this Bamah matter. (visit our web site. since this happened among the sabeans, those who are among the sabeans only could witness it. Therefore, we have to expose it.

V 9… Proclaim among the ‘gentiles”… prepare for war. V 10… let the ‘weak’ say I am strong. Who are the ‘weak’? the women, according to the bible. These are gentile women, as we saw earlier in (Mic 2:9,  5: 7-9. and those who set fire to branches which are cut off)  

V 11, 12, God calls the ‘heathen, and they are the ones who are spiritually scattered among the heathen, as in Jam 1:1 and as we have proven from the Word of God. since they have gone after heathen, and invited heathen in to God’s Sanctuary, now, to God, Israel is like heathen. V 1-2 proves so.

V 13… it is time to “harvest”. But their wickedness is great. They are to be judged and trodden down. V 14, it is the “DOL”, Ez 30:3, the times of gentiles (TOG) Mt 13: 30, 38,   40,   Rev 14: 15- 19….

Jere 51:33… daughter of Babylon, (the church, which now in captivity), should be “threshed”. This is the winepress.

Is 63:3…it is time to tread down the winepress, and God does it alone, as there is no leader in Israel to help God. (blood shall be sprinkled n His garment… this is Christ, whose, garment dipped in blood as Rev 19:13. )but to tread down,  He Has called;….


Lam 1:15… “an assembly” to crush and tread the “virgin” , and the daughter of Judah… as in a ‘WINEPRESS” . This could never happen physically. The winepress, like the bottomless pit , applies spiritually.


Is 30: 25… there will be “streams of waters” when the “towers fall”, and in the day of “slaughter”. This is talking about the watchmen in Israel, who have sinned, when they became ‘dumb dogs” (Is 56:10),  and now in desolation, and in famine where there is no water. So God will water them, when they fall. Now we see that these watchmen have already fallen, and God Has set up an over flowing stream, which is gentiles, bringing God’s Word to them. ( Is 66: 12)  V 24… this happen when oxen and asses eat clean fodder. This is another sign, that this happen on the 7th year, when the poor works. (read: Poor and fatherless) V 27 the name of the Lord comes from a far… in His anger… His breath which consume the man of sin in 2 thes,, as v 28 says, will reach to the “neck” of those who are proud…. This is to the “bridles” of the horses.


In Ps 78:41, God condemns ancient Israel for tempting God. What difference is today? Mal 3: 15 says, even now, the ministers do that and still go free. Until God accept the gentile offerings in Mal 1:11, the ministers in Israel, could not obey God. This is what God says. So, God uses these gentiles to tread down the ministry. This cannot go on and on for ever. The cut off point now has come. God’s judgment has now come. We give glory to God in judgment! The winepress is when the judgment has begun. We should drink from God’s fountain. Ps 36: 7-9

In Ps 105: 28- 29… God sent “darkness”, which means, the “wicked acts” of “leaders” brought “darkness” as we saw earlier. Now, God Has turned their waters in to blood and slew their fish. The fish in the sea are the leaders in God’s church as we have proven. Ez 29:4,  38:4,   Ez 29: 5,  Amos 4:2… God will dry up the sea and fish will die. Is 50:2,  

He will send fishermen… Jere 16:16. this happens in judgment.

But God will make the fish to live Ez 47: 9, 10… this is after the judgment. Amos 4 explains who oppress the poor, will be taken away with hooks, … the leaders who oppressed the poor, will be trodden down in the winepress by same poor.


Purification by blood;…

Eze 43: 1, 4… This chapter talks about the new temple being built. God came by the “East gate”. As He departed by same, (Ez 10: 18-19, 11: 22-24, when He Saw the sin in the “east gate”) V 3 says, the vision is like what he saw when came to “destroy” the city.

V 7… God will dwell in Israel forever, and His name ,  no more they will defile. So, until the new temple is built, they have been defiling God’s church and that means, the strangers have come in. V 8… God Has consumed, (past tense) them, in anger. V 10, if they are ashamed of their iniquities… ( we know the last high priest, including Ezekiel, had iniquity) (Ez 20: 40-41… they will give glory to God, after He gathers them from the countries where they were scattered. God will be sanctified in Israel, before the gentiles. So now they are scattered and God is purifying them. Rom 12: 1,  1 Pet 2:5…. Our bodies have to be living sacrifice, Holy . this is what is happening now.



V 26--- this purification will go on for 7 days. This is not the old times, but in to the future. We know Christ Has come  to purify the ministry in Mal 3. In Exo 7:20, the plague of blood lasted 7 days. All the fish died. Then for 7 days, we have to eat unleavened bread to purify. For seven days, Aaron’s sons were purified. Seven days were needed to purify many sins. But why now God need to purify the ministry for seven days?  The church today do not keep these purification requirements now, after Christ died.   (  Lev 15: 24…. If a man lie with an unclean woman, it takes seven days to purify. We have proven from the Word of God, that Ezekiel and PCG is unclean by going to “Bamah” and committing spiritual adultery. So now they need to be purified for seven days. )  From 8th day onwards, v 27 God will accept their offerings. This shows, that God will remove their iniquities, and will purify them, and then, they will be accepted on God’s altar once again. This is why  they have to be pressed or trodden down in the winepress.

God will give life to the “bones”. we know God’s words will judge all in the last day.( Lam book pg 10 says, we must measure ourselves with God’s “words”). Christ said, “My words will judge on the last day”.   This is the last day, which God’s words are sent to the captives, so they can hasten to come out of the pit.


Ez 43:  26-27.. This pictures the 7 days, of unleavened bread. Also, the seven eras of God’s church. Now we have come to the last era , and the judgments and the punishments, then Israel will be purified. This is why we send God’s words, so Israel could be healed. God’s words heals (Ps 107:20), Word can slay ( Hos 6: 5-6) and judge. 

Exo 7: 17-25… the plague of blood lasted seven days. Now, the church is in Egypt and the rivers have turned in to blood. (Ps 78:44)


Lev 4: 5-6, 17, 18, 25, 30 ,  5:9, 9:9,  12,   … Sprinkle the blood (seven times). Blood sprinkled round about the “Altar”.

Lev 8:15….Usually, the priest does this to purify the members, but now, it is  the altar need the purification. Moses ( Moses and Aaron, the right hand of God)  purified the “Altar”, sanctified it to make reconciliation. ( reconciliation means to change from enmity to friendship. We have proven from the Word, that Ezekiel, totally failed and went back to the world, becoming an enemy of God. Ez 24: 21-23) To reconcile, the message comes through the gentiles


Here are some scripture; that ancient Israel reconciled:

Lev 8:15,  2 Chr 29:24,  Heb 2: 17… Christ will reconcile us to God, but the leaders willfully sinned. So there is no longer any sacrifice, but they have to shed their own blood. First the ‘altar’ need to be reconciled.


Zech 9:11… ( Mat 26:28) because of the blood covenant, the captives will come out of the bottomless pit, where there is no water. This has to happen now, in judgment, when they are in the bottomless pit. But as v 12 says, God will render double to them. v 14.. God will send His arrow. (read: Christ comes as a thief in the night) but as Heb 10:29 says, the leaders trodden under foot, Christ and counted the blood of the covenant an unholy thing by breaking that covenant. V 30. judgment.


Lam 1:13  From above hath he sent fire into my bones, and it prevaileth against them: he hath spread a net for my feet, he hath turned me back: he hath made me desolate and faint all the day.

Lam 1:14  The yoke of my transgressions is bound by his hand: they are wreathed, and come up upon my “neck”: he hath made my strength to fall, the Lord hath delivered me into their hands, from whom I am not able to rise up.

Lam 1:15  The “Lord” hath “trodden under foot all my mighty men in the midst of me: he hath called an “assembly” against me to crush my young men: the “Lord” hath trodden the “virgin”, the daughter of Judah, as in a “winepress”.


These scripture just did not happen to be in the Word of God. they have to be fulfilled. But, the leaders, who are being pressed, who are proud will not accept that they are being trodden down by………

 The “Lord ……………for that purpose, He uses an assembly. Christ said, the ‘blind’ eyes will be opened, at the same time the gentiles have light, or the revelation. (Is 42 etc) As above verses shows, the Lord treads the “virgin” daughter of Judah…. Not all Israel. The mother, the altar, the Sanctuary needs to be cleansed before correcting others.



2 Sam 22: 41- …says, the necks of the ‘enemies’ are given to destroy. The enemy of “God”,  is in the “Sanctuary” as ps 74 says, so God Has given their necks to be pressed now.  This is why those who are in the Sanctuary are being bridled back and they have to pour their blood up to their necks.


Zech 10. 3- 6…. God’s anger is kindled against the shepherds… they are the horses who are under their own blood now in the winepress. The horses will be confounded…


We know Ezekiel  caused God to leave the Sanctuary. God is the Head.  So the Sanctuary is without the “Head” now. What happen when you lose the head? .... dead.!!! This is what has happened to the Sanctuary now.


{{{ If the head is not in PCG, you aught to flee}}}  said the prophet who caused God to leave His own Sanctuary…..


Psa 103:14  For he knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust.

Psa 103:15  As for man, his days are as grass: as a flower of the field, so he flourisheth.

Psa 103:16  For the “wind” passeth over it, and it is gone; and the place thereof shall know it no more.


In Mat 7… Christ explains that (V 24) who ever hear Him and keep His Word,  (that is to keep the commandments,) will be a wise man who built the house upon a rock. The “rain” came, “floods” came and the “winds” blew, and it did not fall. Because it was founded on a “rock”. But who ever does not do these, is a foolish man. The ‘rock’ is Christ. Those who obey the Word, are wise and they have built the house which cannot be destroyed by the wind, floods and rain.  . The “rain”, is the latter rain which comes from the gentiles, as we have proven form the Word.  The “wind” is the ‘east wind”, also the gentiles, and the “floods”, is also the gentiles, as they are an “over flowing” stream, which comes as the over flowing scourge. Since PCG has not built on the rock, the wind, the flood and the rain, swept their house….. Who has built a house on the sand???? Is 28:2…. Ez 13: 10- 16… God’s stormy wind shall destroy the walls which Ezekiel has built….



{{{ don’t take your sins lightly. It cost the “blood of Christ” to pay for them. }}}… if you despise Christ’s blood and would not repent, your own blood is being poured upon up to your bridles in the winepress by Christ, and by the assembly…. The night is already here. He will come before this night…. This is the night, which all will stumble…. Deut 28: 29. Is 59:29, Mat 26:31,  Luk 12:21, John 10:11.. .,


Repent !!!



Witness 1,


Gentile assembly


10 January 2007