Winepress 3; The “Blood” Covenant


This writing will show from God’s Word and one of Mr. Gerald Flurry’s articles; how we could be guilty of “Christ’s blood.

( covenant)”.  When the leaders fail to keep their part of the covenant and sin, knowingly or unknowingly, the whole church becomes sin as we shall see from God’s words. PCG, judging others, and knowing the truth, broke that blood covenant and hid the facts from the membership. That is ‘willful’ sin.  Unsuspecting members, also have broken the covenant with God, as they follow the leaders who  have broken the covenant. God Has broken His part of the covenant, as Zechariah points out, and now they have to shed their “own” blood in the winepress as Christ’s blood they have despised. This applies to all the ‘spiritual’ Jews, who have entered in to this blood covenant, by being baptized and accepting Christ’s body and blood for the remission of their sins. Once to delight in the truth and then willfully reject our part of the covenant, gives God the opportunity to break His part of the covenant..


Since WCG broke the covenant, God  entered in to a covenant  PCG, in Ez 16: 8. God identifies her as the “sister”, who “married Him.   Then He gave all the revelation to her and v 52,….. she will become the “WORST”, that is in the end. Her beginning was wonderful because of God’s blessings as v 8-14 says. it is “God” who says, she ‘judged’ others, so there has to be a sister, who judged others and did worse than all of them, in the end. If one wants to find out the true church, they have to look for the fulfillment of these verses.  This verse identifies the last church which had a covenant with God. Vs 8, 52, 61-63 clearly shows, PCG’s past, present and future. No other church judged others as PCG did. In no other time, there were many sisters existed like today. Ancient Israel was only two groups. Israel and Judah.  The fact that there are many groups shows, that they have fallen. They cannot agree with one another. Having one Father, one Husband, and one belief, one doctrine does not make any difference to them, as all wants to be leaders. God says, He Has broken the covenant with all peoples…. All means, all those who entered in to a covenant with Him in the end time, and that is all those who are  baptized and accepted the laws of this covenant to keep them. GF wrote in his book of Ezekiel, that the ‘new covenant’ wife too will have to go to captivity. This has happened, as she has broken the covenant. Since all Israel are in captivity,  they all have disobeyed.


Here are some writings of GF, to prove it is PCG had the covenant with God.


From God Family Vision:..

We have made a covenant with the Lord of Hosts (! Sam 4:4)—the God of all the angels, the God of ENTIRE universe. He is our military leader in many battles we face.

WHERE DO YOU FIND THE TEN COMMANDMENTS AND GOD’S GOVERNMENT TODAY? Who is fed spiritual manna, or revelation?-Only God’s Philadelphia Church



“We have entered into a covenant with God to administer His law in the church today”.


Ez bk






These excerpts are from Mar/ Apr 2004- RV, about “Zechariah’s blood covenant”.  God Has warned; specially the PCG members through their leader  ,about this covenant. Jude warned us to ‘contend for the faith “ONCE” delivered’. But, as we witness, GF and everyone in PCG, have failed totally to keep their part of the covenant and not only that, the leaders hid the truth from the membership.  The only way we could totally fail is to go after other gods. Jer 44: 4-5  , “God” says:

{{{Oh, do not this abominable thing that I hate.

But they hearkened not, nor inclined their ear to turn from their wickedness, to burn no incense unto other gods.}}}  Jer 6:20 shows, who sent incense to God. Ez 8-11


We have explained, proven from many letters, church news papers (Phil. News articles) and many photos, writings etc… in our web site, about this matter, which we called ‘THE BAMAH MATTER’. We challenge PCG leaders to prove, if what we have published in this web site is wrong, and  if  false. If no one can take this challenge, they have deserted and broken this everlasting ‘BLOOD COVENANT” and have fulfilled Ez 34.  If they have nothing to hide, then should come and show us that we are wrong. If we are right, then definitely, they have broken the covenant. Any good husband or a wife, can forgive any sin their spouses  would commit, but when they go after another man or a woman, it is hard to forgive and forget because of jealousy and it is disgusting. Also, spiritually, that defiles a person, and one has to bear the shame eternally. It is hard to forgive such a person. God says any sin we do  outside the body is against us, but harlotry, commits against your own body, which is the “temple of God”. God is a jealous God. God Has acted on 1 Cor 5: 5.     He paid His life and poured His blood, to buy Him a wife. What did the wife do after all the blessings and even after pouring His blood? She despised that sacrifice and did the most abominable thing,… she “burned incense to other gods”. Can you deny these allegations against you,  PCG? Have you not despised your husband’s blood sacrifice? Are you not guilty of your husband’s blood? Did you not ask all God’s baptized members, all those who were redeemed by Christ’s blood to pray for those who were not called by God? Did you not invite heathen in to God’s sanctuary to pollute it? Did you not sacrifice the children of God, for your harlotry? Did you not spiritually murder and pulled the robes of God’s women (Mic 2:9) when they opposed to have fellowship with heathen? Did you not mercilessly cast out our minister who has been faithfully serving God for 30 years and many other members? Do you not know by doing all that, ….that you broke the “Blood” covenant?


No matter how much PCG  cry a loud to the whole world, about God, after breaking  this covenant, God will not dwell with her. From God’s own words, we will prove, that although GF accuse of others of breaking the covenant and   calling them Laodiceans, and for judging them,  the same measure will be used by God, to judge him. He has done WORSE than all others, says “God”. Her blood is in her skirts… she has not covered it…. God will pour her blood so that everyone will see.  They have crucified Christ again. Heb 6: 4-6.


 We will examine from the ‘Word of God’, and from GF’s own writings, whether the church under his leadership has obeyed God. We will comment only when it is needed to shorten this writing. This article by GF, should be heeded by none other than PCG leaders and members. God Does not give revelation such as the ‘blood covenant” to be given to the world or any other church. God wants to remind about His covenant, only to those who entered in to the covenant with Him, who is PCG. This magazine is supposed to be read only by  the PCG members. Therefore, this applies only to PCG. This warning is given, when she has already broken the covenant. As always, PCG leaders blame and accuse the Laodiceans for breaking the covenant.  If GF himself could not obey, if he could not get his followers to obey, (which this article is read by them only), how could he get other churches and the world to obey God? How many people receive this RV? They are the very ones, who have broken and despised Christ’s blood covenant…. that is why God is warning them. There cannot be such a thunderous message as this one…. PCG has broken the ‘BLOOD’ covenant!!!


Learn from a prophet,…since has fallen…… 

(Bolding and highlighting, underlining is done by us… read and heed)


{{{ It is easy to be casual about the New Covenant. So Zechariah emphasizes the “covenant of blood”. Christ, who was God in the flesh, gave “His own blood “to make the New Covenant possible. Without that “precious blood”, there would be no hope for mankind.!!


The main subject of the book of Zechariah is “God’s temple”, which in prophetic terms is “God’s church”. (Eph 2: 19-21, 1 Cor 3:16, Heb 3:6). }} Who says, we are the only true church, and I am the high priest, we are in the wife level, the inner court  etc… ? that is God’s church… God Has only one high priest.


The theme of Zechariah is focused on the end” time. Zechariah 14 discusses the grand smash climax at Christ’s return.

Zechariah also talks about God’s covenantwith His church.” chapters 9 through 11 of Zechariah discuss a special covenant --- a ‘BLOOD” COVENANT.


“As for thee also,,, by the blood of thy covenant, I have sent forth thy “prisoners” out of the “pit” where in is no water…. Zech 9: 11}}}… Read: Bottomless pit). Zech 11: 11 proves that God broke the covenant with “All” people. Jam 1: 1 says, “ALL” 12 tribes are captives. Even in the book of Zechariah, God does not say, there is a remnant in Israel, who will be not in the pit. All Israel is in the pit, and the leaders or the horses are in the ‘winepress” now as Lam 1:15 says.


We need to understand our “spiritual” condition “apart from God”. we are “prisoners” of satan in a dark pit without any water! (a type of God’s spirit). This is the normal condition of man without God’s Holy Spirit.


It takes the “power of God’s Spirit” to bring us out of the “spiritual pit”. That Spirit keeps us focused on the bloody price paid so we could enter in to the new covenant. We must view Christ’s sacrifice as God does. Only God’s Spirit makes that possible. Then God’s spiritual food including new revelation, flows in to God’s true church….(remember, GF is writing this to the ‘PCG members’ only, those who receive this magazine. God is sending them, this message. They are the ones who need this message. If God wants to talk to other churches, He will speak to them through the leaders in those churches. This book is written to God’s church as GF says, ‘JUST” before Christ’s coming. Who is the God’s church, if not PCG?


It took Christ’s blood and the spirit of God to get us out of a stifling prison. It can happen only if we enter in to the new covenant with God. … This is why Christ Has to come a second time, and before that, the church’s blood have to be spilled ‘spiritually’, in the winepress, as they have despised the penalty for their sins as they rejected Christ’s blood sacrifice.


If “we” are doing our part, God says He will bring us out of the pit where there is no water. Because he has made this blood covenant with us, we do not have to be where there is no water, no food, no revelation. …{{Remember, it is those who went after other gods, only broke their cisterns, as Jer 2:13 says, … can PCG truthfully say, she has not gone after other gods? Jere 6: 20, Ez 23: 41-19, Ez 8 -11 alone proves, the harlotry of PCG, to the last detail, when, where , why, what  and how and with whom. No other church committed harlotry with “Sabeans”, in the “east gate”, and with Sheba. No other… 


He suffered a savage butchery to make it possible for us to be able to keep all the conditions of the new covenant, and to enter in to it at His second coming. That is the price of that covenant. God will never break his part of the covenant. He has already spent the blood of His Son to show His total commitment. Jesus Christ spilled His blood to let mankind know the depth of God’s indescribable love for each one of us.. . {{Did PCG keep her part? She is answerable to no one to but God.!


We must never forget that the ultimate price was paid so we could enter this covenant. .{{ who forgot will be found out, even though they try so hard to keep it hidden.


Why cant we enter the new covenant until Christ returns? Because men can fail. Israel did not keep their part of it. So now God says, I am going to make you do what I command first, and then you’’ enter the covenant. He wants to see how much we love it first. So we are keeping the conditions of that covenant, even though we have’ yet entered in to it.{{{ Do they now know, that if they allow the heathen or the unbaptized, or the blind people to enter the Sanctuary, breaks that covenant?  GF wrote in Ezekiel book, pg 77, “today Laodiceans “invite” the world to their church and “commit harlotry. So who are the Laodiceans, who invited 17  unbaptized men, into God’s Sanctuary, and chased God out and defiled the temple and broke the marriage covenant? Does not that break our part of the covenant? Did you not do it willfully? What about after God made you known? If  your harlotry is not enough, you had to cast out those who brought the sins too, by spiritually murdering them. (Ez 16:20- 21) V 21 condemns for allowing the children to pass through fire. (This means, PCG caused us to keep the Passover and it became a test of faith for us. It is because we over came this test and fought for God, He Has built us up to tread the leaders in the winepress. ) This is condemned by God. PCG, after having Holy Spirit, still did that. When we opposed, our RD said, “these are administrative matters”, and they are none of member’s concerns. Is that so? This is how, they sacrificed us. Our spiritual lives were murdered because we stood up for the covenant. Is 56: 3-8 was fulfilled. Our robes, were pulled out… (Mic 2:9).  Diotrephus cast the true followers out 3 John. The poor became rich in faith, while all the 12 tribes went in to captivity Jam 1;1. 


Eze 16:23  And it came to pass after all thy wickedness, (woe, woe unto thee! saith the Lord God !


His blood was given to pay for our sins. Only God, who is greater than his creation, could pay the penalty for our sins.


Zechariah is emphasizing the blood so we don’t forget. This covenant is the crowning glory of mankind. }} PCG lost her crowning glory. She alone had it as Ez 16: 12, and God warned to the remnant in Phil era, “Let no one take your ‘CROWN”.  Yet, she lost it in both prophecies. Ez 16 applies to PCG, and Phil remnant also PCG.


When we were baptized, we covenanted with God that we would be willing to give up our own life--- our blood--- if it was required ( Luke 14: 25-26)}}  Our blood was sacrificed to idols, by killing us spiritually. We remembered the covenant…. now, PCG has to shed her blood. This will be remembered eternally. PCG has to carry this shame of leaving her husband, to eternity. Ez 16: 61-63


We too must have a total commitment to this majestic covenant with God--- even to the point of shedding our blood.}}


Turn you to the “strong hold”, ye “prisoners” of hope: even today do I declare that I will render double unto thee. Zech 9: 12. }}} God is calling the “prisoners”… who were taken captive, and who had to leave their strongholds? Ez 24: 21- 25… The whole book of Ezekiel is for captives. The total siege happened at the time of Ezekiel’s wife’s death, which GF declared after the death in FOT 2004. this year, in Mar, this article was written. God Has timed perfectly, when to send this message and warning to them… just as they were breaking and becoming prisoners.


The Word turn in the Hebrew is actually RETURN. God is primarily talking to the Laodiceans. Those saints who had his Spirit and still turned away. God is warning them to return to he stronghold  he want to give them a double reward, along with all the rest of the first fruits. }}} In Zech 9: 12, God Does not say, He will reward them, but He will recompense them. for that purpose, as v 14 says, He will be seen with His arrow and shall go with the ‘whirlwinds’ of the south…. (Read East wind). Does God want to reward them for breaking the covenant? This is a blind man speaking…. Always twisting God’s scripture to suit the way he wants. In zechariah, God condemns the priests. When He broke the covenant, only the poor watched and He raised up a “WICKED”  shepherd. Zech 11: 16. But, He said, as this verse, He shall come with the whirlwinds of the south, and 6:15 says, those who are far away shall build the temple… no one in Israel, is worthy at this time, to raise up the ruins. Zech 6… even, Joshua’s crown is kept as a “memorial”. Not on his head. This is after Joshua was clothed with clean garments… after Joshua returned from captivity. Does that sound like God is rewarding them with a double reward? So who are the Laodiceans, who need to return?


But to receive that, they must meet the conditions of the covenant. Christ is saying I spilled my blood for this covenant, now what are you going to do for it?...


For they shall be as an Ensign upon his land????? (v 16) this is “our future.” We will be like glittering stones in God’s crown. He will lift us up so the whole world can see us. We will be an ensign , or sign--- we will be the standard bearers. And God will tell everyone to hear our teaching about how to keep the conditions of and enter in to the new covenant. What an honor that will be!!!}}} … God identifies “Israel” as “prisoners” in this chapter, and Zech 11: 11 further proves He Has broken the covenant with all Israel. That means, they are the prisoners. But the “poor” watched when the covenant was broken, as they ‘WAITED” on Him.  The “ensign” is the gentiles, who come from a far. (Is 5:26,  Is 11:10,… the gentiles shall seek, and this is Christ, Is 11:12… the outcasts of Israel are the poor, the gentiles, Is 31:9… ,  V 14… God is seen in the whirlwinds of the ‘south’, which we have proven from the Word, also the gentiles. These are the “Jewels” which separated them selves from the main body, when all the ministry in the church went astray in Mal 3: 15-18.  These scripture will shows, who “wait” on the Lord, Is 40:31,  42:4,  Is 51:5 , Is 60:9. Ez 39: 21- 23. and many more. After the Phil. Era, there is no one in Israel, to do God’s work, but the gentiles, will witness and tread. Rev 11:2, 2 Pet 2: 12 etc….


Ask of the Lord rain in the time of the “latter rain”. So the Lord shall make bright  clouds”, and give them “showers of rain”, to every one “grass” in the field. Again we are reminded of the rain, or water   a type of God’s sprit. If we are going to prosper spiritually, we must use God’s sprit. We must continually look to God for spiritual power to conquer satan. This world and our own human nature. Otherwise, we become prisoners in a waterless pit.. we descend in to human reasoning. Then, we have trouble understanding why we must experience much tribulation. }}} We have proven from the Word of God, that the “latter rain” comes from the “gentiles”. The “clouds” also are the gentiles, and showers, are the over flowing shower and scourge, (Iss 66:12). The ‘grass” is the church. 


Mine anger was kindled against the shepherds, and I punished the goats, for the Lord of hosts hath visited “His” flock the house of Judah, and hath made them as his goodly horse in the battle. Two groups are talked about in this verse. First are the shepherds who are actually hard headed goats, speaking of the Laodicean  ministry in Gods own church. Second are the spiritual Jews, whom God has made goodly horse in the battle , or majestic war horse. }}} God’s anger is on the ministry. This is what happens in the winepress. The assembly who works in the winepress with Christ, as we proved from the Word of God (Lam 1:15), are pressing no one but PCG ministry. God Has visited “His” flock. This is the ‘day of visitation”… which the gentiles are at work with Christ.  (read: Day of visitation). This is also the time Christ came to purify the ministry as in Mal 3, and also to treading in the winepress…Is 63:3


And I will sow them among the people and they shall remember me in “far countries” and they shall live with their children and turn again. Zech 10: 9. God will sow the Laodiceans in far countries during the tribulation. Half of them will turn again to God--- realizing what they almost lost.}}} this happens spiritually, as we have proven from the Word of God, and now, they are scattered abroad.


They will  realize  what they have done and will begin to turn to God and tell everyone about the blood of his covenant. they will say to themselves and others Christ died and if I have to die, I am ready to die too. And that is what they will have to do – spill their blood in a far country. Because they wouldn’t listen to the message of the covenant today. How much better to repent now.}}… the fact that they are in the bottomless pit, and the winepress shows, that they have never repented today. Not even after writing this and telling others.


God will actually sow them in foreign countries so they can teach the gentiles… Even as the gentiles threaten to kill them, they will say, go ahead but I am telling you what is coming}}} But according to the Word of God, and also GF’s sermon “Holy Roman Empire”, the gentiles will bring them back (Isa. 14) to their place.


 I  will bring them again also out of the land of Egypt. Coming out of Egypt is a type of coming out of this world. Sadly, God must bring the Laodiceans  out of Egypt a second time. }}} This is what we have written also. They are to come out of the “night”, the night, which is much to be observed, also the time when the wicked leaders exalt themselves to the highest level and when Christ comes as a thief  to correct them. To come out of Egypt, they have to come out of sea as we have proven from the Word of God.  


Open thy doors, o Lebanon, that the “FIRE” MAY DEVOUR THY CEDARS. HOWL FIR TREE; FOR THE CEDAR IS FALLEN. Zech 11:1-2. .. { in the same page, there is a photo of cedars in British campus. GF says, these cedars symbolize God’s ‘SAINTS”. Since GF claims they are the true church, they are these cedars. But God wants a fire to consume these cedars. God Does not say, there are several cedars are left without going through the fire.


IN the temple today are some lofty and stately people whom God elevated to the very top--- but who have since FALLEN.  God is trying to give them a picture; they are like these magnificent, but fallen cedars. God’s kings and priests in embryo have fallen. }}} when they fall, only the gentiles will see. Ez 39: 21-23… therefore, there isn’t a remnant In Israel who will see it, but the gentiles. That shows, all Israel is in captivity.


We are kings and priests of the earth. And how intensely tragic when a godly leader a king priest falls.


The fire devours these cedars. They are going in to the fiery tribulation. Only repenting now can change that outcome.  ( Is 27…


They are going to have to shed their blood for God as He did for them. They failed to conquer satan before the tribulation.}}} This is why the winepress is for. Since the assembly is treading them down in the winepress, shows, that there are no prophets or any  in Israel, who will help Christ to tread the winepress. All Israel will have to spill their blood spiritually.  


God commands them to get their minds off themselves and material things  (Rev 3: 14—17) , and on the blood of the new covenant.}} No one but PCG is building and acquiring material things.


God makes the Laodiceans shed their blood because they took Christ’s blood sacrifice casually.

The scripture indicate that all of the laodicednas must give their blood to prove that they really understand the covenant of blood this time. }} this includes GF too, as he too has broken the covenant and caused all others to do so.


We must continually remind ourselves that the blood of God in the flesh was required to pay for our sins. It is a deadly sin to forget that awesome truth.


God warns all of His people to warn Israel or be guilty of their blood. }} who failed to warn others, who took the wife of Christ after other gods? Who failed to heed his own prophecies?

The laodiceans failed and are guilty/. They have to pay with their own blood. That is God’s justice. }} This is why we witness before the judgment, as God’s law requires. And now they are already in the winepress, as the assembly is at work.


What happens when God gives you revelation? Either you follow it, or you are cut off. Look at the laidiceans…}}} Everyone will find out soon, who and who are the Laodiceans.  


God can’t feed someone who is violating the terms of that covenant. }}This is why Ezekiel’ time, there are famines.


And I took my staff even beauty, and cut it asunder, that I might break my covenant which I had made with all the people.


God BROKE THE COVENANT, BECAUSE THE PEOPLE REBELLED. God HAS PEOPLES ALL OVER THE EARTH IN THE TRUE CHURCH TODAY,. MANY ETHNIC AND RACIAL VARIATIONS WHO ARE SPIRITUAL Jews. RACE OR ETHNICITY MAKE NO DFFERENCE TO God. ONLY THAT WE ALL BECOME SPIRITUAL Jews. }} This is why in Is 56: 3-8, the strangers who have joined to the Lord, who have held fast to the covenant were brought in to the house of prayer and to God’s Holy mountain.


And it the covenant was broken that day; and so the “poor” of the flock that” waited upon me knew that it was the Word of the Lord…. This verse is talking about the faithful Philadelphian remnant poor humble people who wait on God. }}} We have proven from the Word of God, who the poor are. Also, as above, those who wait on God.


At this point they are the only ones willing to shed their blood for the covenant. They wait on God, no matter what the cost..}} they were spiritually murdered, their robes were pulled out, and they tread down the sinners in Zion. They have already proven and have spilled their blood as Christ said, those who loses their lives for My sake, will find it. They are being fed with God’s manna.  


Who is the foolish shepherd? This is talking about one man, and the damage he caused God’s church in this end time and the destruction awaiting him for that. He sold out 30 pieces of silver like Judas, and then he ripped apart and shredded God’s own church. does this remind you of 2 thess 2, where a second son of perdition is mentioned. A man who is destroying God’s church. He is the son of destruction \. Like Judas, the first son of perdition , he betrayed Christ. He is not a shepherd who neglected the flock, he is a shepherd who destroyed the flock and suppressed God’s truth. }} The man of sin, who has to be alive at Christ’s coming.  Who is the man, who is a leader, in God’s church, who hid the truth about broken covenant? Who caused God to leave His own Sanctuary. ?


They betrayed Christ for money and things. They betrayed Christ who gave his blood so we could enter this new covenant. they act very religios judas had the gall to actually kill Christ. Acting religious will earn us nothing but damnation if we are betraying Christ at the same tiem. ( laodicenas at first did not break the covenant. they openly fell from the truth. after PCG was raised,  they became God’s people and Christ; wife… they did not hide the truth about a broken covenant.



GF wrote in “repentance towards God” book;…

David had a weakness for beautiful women. This problem had been with him for some time – he had failed to over come it. And terrible things exploded in Israel as a result of that sin. Thousands suffered and died… .}} when the leaders sin, terrible things happen to people. Thousands are affected. King David committed harlotry with Bath-Sheba, and PCG committed with Sheba (jer 6:20)


King David made a public proclamation to the world}}} since the whole church is affected, now too, PCG leaders will have to do so, when they realize their sins. HWA publicly corrected the problems, as a leader in the church, if the whole church has sinned, a public proclamation have to be made.


David is suppose to set example for all Israel – David forgotten the covenant with God. }}} This is what happened to PCG as well. When PCG sinned, they broke the covenant, but as king David, before Nathan came and corrected his sins, PCG too is hiding her sins. There was only one high priest in the end. Even though there are many churches of God, only one high priest. No one but GF has claimed to be the high priest. As king David, he is suppose to set an example for all Israel. But has he set an example? Hos 9;6 says, he does not even know when Christ comes. This is written in the Word. Any one who wants to believe God’s words, will have to accept what God says. Also Ps 74, clearly says, the Sanctuary is damaged within. Ez 24: 21… God Left.


When you sin, you ram a spear in to Christ’s side. }} If you willfully sin , as Heb 6: 4- 6 says, they crucify Christ again. Those who  were baptized only could crucify Christ “again”. This is why, as we wrote in the 2 nd part, that in Rev 1:7, those who pierced Christ will look at Him… also Zech 12: 10. In Rev 1:7, yet in the future and the Roman soldiers who pierced Christ would not be there when He comes at this time. These are those who pierced Christ again.


Christ had to be forsaken, because he became sin}}. This is why, God Has to forsake the church as well. They have refused to repent. Therefore, no longer Christ’s blood can forgive them. this is why, now they will spill their blood, then, they will be afflicted, and be cleansed. Always, when they are fed to the full, they played harlotry.


Church need to be afflicted to atone their souls. This is pictured by the day of atonement. On that day, we afflict our souls by not eating and drinking, but studying God’s words. When we are being atoned, and afflicted, spiritual food and water is withheld. Then, at the end of the period, the church will realize, that they are in the pit that has no water, and then they will be thirsty. They will realize their sins and repent. Is 48:10… the furnace, or the tribulation, is the affliction. Jer 30:15,   In Jer 16: 18-19… Lam 1:3,  9,  when they have defiled the land with their iniquity, they will be afflicted. V 19;…

Jer 16:19  O LORD, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction , the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit.}}} This prophecy is being fulfilled…. Do not we come from the ends of the earth and say, the Jews have inherited lies, vanity and don’t we see that you are afflicted in the furnace?


Christ was on the edge because of our sins. He went through a terrible beating because of our sins. Look at this from God’s perspective. He could easily say, yes, I know what you did to Uriah, I know what you did to Bathsheba, and to Israel --- but what did you do to ME? You put My Son to death! And you put His Father through even worse agony!


David really accepted God’s correction here. “Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me , and I shall be whiter than snow. Make me to hear joy  and gladness, that the “bones which thou hast broken”, may rejoice…}}} David’s bones were never broken, just as Christ’s were not either. But when we sin, spiritually, only our bones are left, as we have proven from the Word of God. this is why in Jer 8: 1-2, that we bring the bones of Israel…. They are now in the waterless, bottomless pit, having no water and are being afflicted.


David was among the roman soldiers taking that spear and thrusting it in to His side…. }} very soon, PCG leaders too will find out, that they are among these roman soldiers thrusting Christ. How much would it hurt God, and Christ and to find out what sin has caused everyone?


Ezekiel book pg 77… “Today, Laodiceans invite the world in to their churches and commit adultery against God”}}}….. today, PCG has invited the world in to God’s altar…. And have killed God’s people to hide her sins…. What does “GOD” call her?....


Bloody….murderous …. Harlot!

Ez 16: 15 – 63, Jer 15:9, Amo 5: 2, Is 23: 12,  Jer 18:3,  31:4,  21, 

And there fore, she will be afflicted  and trodden down in a bloody winepress to remove her scum… , and then ……


Zec 14:20  In that day shall there be upon the bells of the horses, HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD;





Witness 1, gentile assembly