God’s anger has aroused against His shepherds as they are deceiving God’s people. Where is the winepress and who will be trodden down in it? God will get His glory which He deserves from His people even though they now worship a beast. God will be known by the world in “judgment”. Whose blood will be poured upon and who are the horses?

Winepress: Part 1


Rev 14:7  , Fear God, and give glory  to Him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship Him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.!!!


Rev 16: 9 shows, that even after “afflicting” with the plagues, they have not repented… this verse shows, that these plagues are ‘spiritual’. This verse talks about the 4th plague. And people are still alive, without being repented and still they are blaspheming God.

Rev 14:19  And the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God.

Rev 14:20  And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles,


Lev 10:3 …. LORD spake, saying, I will be sanctified in them that come near Me, and before all the people I will be glorified

Eze 36:23  And I  will  sanctify My great name, which was profaned among the heathen, which ye have profaned in the midst of them; and the heathen shall know that I  am the LORD, saith the Lord GOD, when I  shall be sanctified  in  youbefore “their” eyes.


Psa 9:16  The LORD is known by the judgment which he executeth: the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands. !


Time has come for everyone to give glory to God and to know God, and that is during the  judgment”. “Justice and judgment” are the habitation of “God’s” throne: mercy and truth shall go before His face. The last high priest did not execute proper justice and judgment to God’s people. (Ps 89:14) …. The wicked will not be able to continue in their wickedness for ever. The judgment has come, to begin with God’s house!! ( 2 Pet 3:7)


He will judge, remove iniquity, afflict the wicked and will get them to repent. The proud will be humbled, and the humble will be exalted!!!


Lev 10 explains, how Aaron’s sons, committed sin by offering ‘strange” fire. In Strong’s,  2114, means also to “commit adultery”, to turn aside, strange, profane, etc… God consumed them by “fire”. They did not even have the Holy Spirit. Since all Israel have offered “strange” fire, they need to be pressed in the winepress in God’s wrath. Spiritually speaking, God’s words are ‘fire’ and that is what will consume the ministry now.


 The whole book of Malachi, condemns the “PRIESTS’ of not honoring God. Even the person who wrote Malachi’s message to God’s church WCG when she was falling,  too finally fell. The last church, became the “territory of wickedness”. Mal 1: 4. They too offered strange offerings to God. They did not give glory to God. Now, the gentiles are giving glory to God. God accept their offerings as “pure” (Mal 1:11) and  all things have to be established, reconciled.


Mal 1: 4..Edom” will say, we “will build” or “raise the ruins”. ( TP book pg 115 says, “Edom” is the “church”) But God says, He will throw down. Spiritually, this has happened. God calls them, the territory of wickedness. They did not give honor to God, just like Aaron’s sons. This is why, in v 5 it says,

 Mal 1:5  And your eyes shall see, and you shall say, Jehovah will be magnified “beyond” the border of Israel.  

Beyond means, above, among, over etc  those who say we will “rebuild”, will see, God is being magnified “beyond, or away, or outside”  from the border of Israel. That means the gentiles.


saith the LORD of hosts unto you, O priests, that despise My name. And Ye offer polluted bread upon mine altar; and ye say, Wherein have we polluted thee?


And if ye offer the “blind” for sacrifice, is it not evil? and if ye offer the lame and sick, is it not evil? offer it now unto thy governor; will he be pleased with thee, or accept thy person? saith the LORD of hosts. I have no pleasure in you, saith the LORD of hosts, neither will I accept an offering at your hand.


Malachi’s message was the end of the account in ancient Israel. These are prophesies for our time. Book of revelation is the punishment for those ministers who failed to heed and offered such sacrifices. “Blind” means, those whose eyes are not opened to the truth, and this is what happened in India. PCG invited blind to the Altar, and that is strange offerings….


When God planted the vineyard, (Mt 21: 33) which is the “house of Israel”, He also made a winepress. ( Is 5 :2, Mt 21: 33)   )  In the end time, the winepress is to be trampled and, the time has come to gather the harvest(Rev 14  ) But the vine brought forth wild grapes….(Is 5: 4)  Christ Had to give the vineyard to others who would bear fruits. ( Mt 21: 41) Also, the natural branches are cut down, ( Rom 11:17- 21) and women will set them on fire, ( Is 27: 11)  and the wild olive branches  are grafted. (gentiles, Rom 11: 17---)  in to the vine. After the grafting in, then they work in God’s vineyard. Christ said, He is the vine… and we are  the branches and if we do not bear fruits, then He cut them down and those who bear fruits, He prunes, so we can bear more fruits. Now, the harvest has come, but almost all the grapes are wild and the God could gather only two  or three, or four or five  (Is  17: 6- ) . This is the time to choose one from a city and two of a family, to be the “bride of Christ”. But Is 17: 7…. In that day, everyone will look to the Maker (God) and will respect God. But, What happened to the other grapes? Is 17: 9--- says, because they have forsaken, and forgotten the God of salvation, they  will be desolated.  


Gen 9:4- 6…. Who ever shed other men’s blood, from him, the blood will be required, as in the image of God,  man was made. Who ever kills another man, kills the image of God. We know, the end time leaders have killed many members who were made in the image of God , who oppose them, spiritually, and now, their blood will be required by God. Rev 16:6. 


We have shown from the Word of God, that because of the abominations Ezekiel and his ministers did in the ‘east gate’, God left the Sanctuary profaning. (Ez 24: 21, 10: 18-19, 11; 22-24) No one but the leaders caused the desolation until there is no longer any prophet and until no one understand the signs, and till everything in the Sanctuary is damaged ( Ps 74). Now all the 12 tribes have gone in to captivity, and they are being trodden down by the poor, ….


Is 26:6) the gentiles (Rev 11: 2, Ez 30: 3). God says, He will tread down the winepress alone, as there is no one in Israel left to do so. ( Is 63: 3-4) and that happens in the day of “vengeance”. V 5… God’s “ARM” (read: Arm of The Lord ) is there to help Him. V 6… God will tread down. Jere 25: 30-31God will roar upon His habitation, and will call those who are in the “ends of the earth” to tread. (read: East wind) God’s people sinned so much, that God Had to be turned as their enemy. (V 10)  GF wrote, that the valley of Jehoshaphat, or the winepress is 200 miles long, as it says, thousand six hundred furlongs. But, this valley is only 20 miles long, and since it is crooked, it is 24 miles long. A winepress is usually a round one and not so long. All these should be applied “spiritually”, as everything else written in the book of revelation.


Ps 79: 3.. their “blood” shed like water around about Jerusalem. V 8 shows that it is a time when God Has brought them very low.  Their sins need to be purged.  Eze 24:7. .. the blood is in the midst of Jerusalem. That was caused by the leaders. This is why, God Has prepared a winepress. To press the leaders. Rev 6:10, God will avenge the blood of those who were killed. Rev 6:12… the moon, or spiritual Jerusalem, became blood.

Rev 16:3…now Israel is in the sea and third part became as “blood”. All the wicked, who are like the troubled sea, will die.

Rev 16:4…. Rivers and fountains of waters, these are the believers, who have sinned and had become “blood”.

Rev 16:6… since they have shed other’s blood, God gives them blood. This is to no one but the leaders who are guilty of murdering God’s people. Now, their blood is being poured upon in the winepress.

Rev 17:6… this is the harlot, who is drunk with the blood of the saints. When the 7th head is present, it is time for God’s judgments.


Ps 68 talks about when Israel is in the sea (V22) v 23… thy foot may be dipped in blood. This is when the wicked who are in the sea will be trodden down in the winepress. Sea is where the wicked are and now, they are being trodden down in the winepress to shed their blood.


Who will be trodden down and drink the wine of God’s wrath?

Those who forsook God, and went in to the bottomless pit, having no Holy Spirit, will have to be bridled back to God, as He is a merciful God, and He wants everyone to come back to Him.

Rev 14: 10… those who receive the mark of the beast will drink the wine of the wrath of God… v 19-20… the ‘blood’ came out of the winepress, unto the “bridles” (necks) of the “horses”… Who are these horses whom God wants to tread down? They are the leaders in God’s church. (Zech 9:10,  Mic 5: 10,).


   Zec 14:20  In that day shall there be upon the bells of the “horses, HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD; Therefore, the “horses” are the ministers. (Also read Zech 9:10, Mic 5:10)   ……. Jere 2: 3 says, “Israel ministers ” is Holiness unto the Lord, the first fruits. Exo 28: 36… the priests should wear : Holiness to the Lord. So, the priests are not Holy, until “In that day”, which is after the punishment in the winepress. So, the blood will be up to these horse’s or the minister’s bridles.


In Ez 38: 4… God says, I will ‘turn them back, and put hooks in to thy jaws, and I will bring thee…..this prophecy is for “God and Magog”… In lamentations book, pg 4, GF wrote,……{{{”In Rev 20:8-10, God uses Gog and Magog as a symbolic type of those who “easily and willingly give themselves over to deception.}}} …..besides, v 19, God says, there will be a great shaking in the land of Israel. So God , here is speaking about the “land of Israel”, and those who are “easily deceived” in the land of Israel. We know, God uses symbols to explain the condition of many things.


Who is deceived by Antiochus, in the end? Who trusted his RDs instead of God,? who trusted a man, (RD) over God’s true followers, and allow to cast them out of the church? Who loved to be flattered and were deceived by the flatteries of this Antiochus who grew exceedingly great in south east to break the covenant of God? It is no one but … it is GF, himself. He is the leader in the land of Israel, who was deceived. This prophecy of bringing back by putting a hook in the jaw, which God does, is to no one but to GF . He will be a brand plucked out of fire… as he is the high priest. Jere 44: 4, God says, He gave all the revelation, so that the last church would not do the most abominable thing in God’s sight, which is to go after other gods… but, PCG did it. They have not humbled unto this day, v 10 says, and they have not walked in God’s law.  V 11.. God says, He will cut off all Judah. V 12, talks about a remnant of Judah, and who went to Egypt. Rev 11: 8… now, the Holy city, or PCG, is in Egypt and we are treading them down. So  Israel failed to obey God, unto this day… or unto the time of Rev 11.

Jere 24: explains, how the good figs, will be used to ‘build and to plant’ them.  Even they were taken captive. But God uses that for their own good. These are the little sanctuaries, together with the gentiles, who are now treading down PCG.


Ps 75: 8-9… God’s wine cup is poured upon the wicked. This happens when the righteous shall be ‘exalted’. The wicked will be humbled. Their sins will be found out. Those who always accuse and judge others of sinning against the Lord and who hide their sins at the same time, will find their sins which they tried so hard to hide will be exposed.


Jere 13 explains how the linen cloth got ruined and how, God will ruin Israel the same way. V 10. They have gone after other gods. They are the ones who will be like this linen cloth. V 11 explains it is the whole “house of Judah”, Israel. V 13… All, including everyone (Jam 1: 1, all 12 tribes have gone in to captivity) even the kings that sit upon David's throne, and the priests, and the prophets, and all the inhabitants of Jerusalem, with drunkenness. (Has , who ever wrote this book,  forgotten to write that there will be just one prophet who is intimate with God, is left without getting drunk.? No…. it says, all. If you claim, you are a king, or a priest, or a prophet, and  an inhabitant of Jerusalem, then you all  will be drunk. This is all spiritual )  V 14… everyone will turn against the other. We recently wrote a member’s letter showing the present condition in PCG.  No one trusts the other. V 16.. you should give glory to God. v 17… it is no one but “LORD'S flock” is carried away captive. V 18… The ‘CROWN’  will be brought down. Who are the horses who have a crown of gold, and “HOLINESS TO THE LORD” engraved in it? Exo 29:6, 39:30…it is the “high priest”…also as Rev 3 says, in the end of  Philadelphia era, when the hour came to test them, they lost that crown. Then in Ez 16 church, also had a crown. Only those who had the crown could lose it.  Our writings proved, that it is Joshua, or PCG leader, who lost that crown. The synagogue became satan’s. ( when Christ started His church, He said to Peter, “I will build My “church”. But, when He said, they will “persecute you”, He said, you will be dragged in to “synagogues”. But, even the gates of hell, would not prevail against My church. and He said, the synagogue will become a synagogue of satan.  So, His church will grow and will continue, but synagogue will be destroyed. As we wrote in our writing about the “last hour church split”, all Israel, all Jews (spiritual) in the end, forsook God, but the gentiles, with the little sanctuaries, continues as the “church”. We see all Israel now are in captivity, but gentiles, will bring them back. Ps 74 explains all the synagogues of God in the land are burned ) therefore, it is clear, that it is the Jews, who will be in the winepress.


Jere 13: 16… Give glory to the Lord, your God, before He causes darkness…. And before you stumble. …. God allowed the wicked to be wicked… as He raised up a shepherd who do not care for the flock in Zech 11: 16,  after breaking the covenant with all Israel. Dan 11: 36, as a part of God’s wrath, they are to be exalted, means, they will not have God’s Spirit and therefore, they will be wicked. Pro 4:19 says, the “way of the wicked” are “darkness”. Rev 16: 10…. The beast’s kingdom became full of darkness…. The wicked, who are like the troubled sea, are now in the sea, in darkness. This is the night, which Christ came as a thief to purify these wicked, who caused darkness by their wickedness…. Pro 4: 17… now they eat the bread of wickedness, and drink the wine of violence. (also Ps 75: 8)


Jere 25: 30-32… the noise came to the ends of the earth… where we are, because Lord Has a controversy with the nations…. (nations are many churches, we have proved from the Word) He will give the wicked to the sword…(Hos 6:5… God can hew the prophets by the words of His mouth…. )  the Whirlwind… (Read Eastwind) many will be slain by the sword. V 34… shepherds are to howl, as the days of “YOUR” (shepherds) slaughter and dispersions are accomplished …..read upto v 38.


Act 18:6, when Jews rejected to hear the Word, and opposed and blasphemed, Paul said “ your blood upon you own heads. Now, PCG leaders have blasphemed God (read: Blasphemed) and have rejected, and they have to spill their blood in the winepress. This also shows, that Paul,  who  was appointed by God to deliver His message, is responsible for other’s blood. This is why he said;  unto them, Your blood be upon your own heads; I am clean” .  But if others do not hear, then, their blood is on them. What PCG leaders did was, they rejected Christ by breaking the covenant and they opposed God’s true followers and killed them spiritually, by throwing them out of the church. That is how they opposed God and blasphemed and killed the saints, the innocent. This they did while condemning WCG for doing so. 


Eccl 9:12…. Man does not know his time, but they will be caught snared in the “evil time”. ( Eph 5: 1-16  commands the  “gentiles”, ( as Paul also went to gentiles as Act 18:6 said)  to expose the “sons” of disobedience and to… redeem the time …because the days are “evil”. Thank God, He Has made us known this evil time and who the evil people in His church.  Now, as God says, He will catch the wicked by their own craftiness, they are caught and now to be trampled in the winepress.



Why do these ministers have to be trodden down?


Psa 32:9  Be ye not as the “horse”, or as the mule, which have no understanding: whose mouth must be held in with bit and bridle, lest they come near unto thee….These ministers, have …“no understanding”… and they have become like the “horses”. Now, they have to be brought back, or “bridled” back. This is how, the blood comes up to these horses’ bridles. These horses are guilty of their own blood. Just as Christ shed His blood to purify us, now, these horses have to shed their own blood, during this time, which Christ Has come as a thief to purify the ministry. Also read Ez 33:4,  33:9,    


Jer 31:21  Set thee up waymarks, make thee high heaps: set thine heart toward the highway, even the way which thou wentest: turn again, O virgin of Israel, turn again to these thy cities.

The virgin daughter is no one but the last church or the bride of Christ. She has been backsliding as v 22 says, and now God wants her to “turn back.”  This is why, they need a “bridle”,  as they are now “horses”, having no understanding. They will return. (Is 35:8, 10,   11: 16,  62:10.) V 22… for this purpose, because of their backsliding, God Has created a new thing….. women will become spiritually stronger. This is why, God Has compassed the waters (many waters are many people) with bounds until the day and night come to an end. ( Job 26:10,  Pro 8:27) and He binds the waters in His thick cloud… (read ;Clouds pt 1-7) We have proven from the Word, that “spiritual” clouds are in action, circling around the earth sending the latter rain upon the earth (church, also as we have proven), and as Heb 12:1 says, these clouds are “witnessing”…. Therefore, lay aside your sins of adultery by going after other gods, and look to the author and the finisher of our faith, who is Jesus Christ and not a fallen prophet. (v2)


 V 28… God Has created the new thing, to  pluck up, throw down, and destroy and afflict, and watch over them, and to build, plant. (These are the women who were cast out, pulling their robes in Micah 2:9) V 31, a “new” covenant will be made, with Israel and Judah. All these happen, as v 23 says, when God bring their captivity again. So, has that happened yet? God Has rejected everyone in Israel. The horses’ crowns have lost their holiness. Now, there is a mountain of holiness as v 23 says. But, that is a “new thing”.  “Women” will be spiritually stronger and will fight for the truth. Mic 2: 9 , 5: 7-9… the remnant, among the gentiles, as dew, and God’s “hand” shall be lifted up. This is why, three women fought for the truth in PCG when they went to “Bamah” following the arms of Balaam, as in Shittim. This happens, in the very last end.  


Is 42: 16-17…. The “blind” ( the horses)  will be turned back… this is why, God puts a “bridle” in their jaws and fish hooks and pull them back.


God will tread His people down, using the gentiles, and the poor, who come from the ends of the earth. He also uses His breath at His coming. This is the winepress of God, which is now being trodden down and are being pressed.


Isa 30: 27- 28 ( from a far),  And his breath  as an “overflowing stream,” shall reach to the midst of the “neck”, to sift the nations with the sieve of vanity: and there shall be a “bridle the jaws of the people, causing them to err. … God give the “necks” of  the  enemies to be trodden down. Who are the enemies of God?  ( Josh 10:24,  2 Sam 22: 41- 44… this is when king David said, gentiles shall serve him.) Also, as 2 kin 17: 14, Neh 9:16- 17, Ps 18: 40, Is 3:16.... the “daughters of Zion” have necks of “pride”, Jere 19:15,    … when they would “not hear” and believe and harden their necks, God Has to give their necks to be trodden down. But spiritually, this happens in the winepress. God Has given the gentiles to tread down His enemies’ necks , of those  who are in the inner court. As Jer 27:12 says, this is why, God sent them to Babylon and in Lam 5:5…. This is to happen in the winepress as Lam 1:15 says, that “Zion’s necks” are under persecution. ( Ez 21: 29,  Mic 2:3, ) Paul said, Aquilla and Priscilla laid their own “necks” to serve God and him. This is what the “women” did. They laid down their “necks” to stand up for the truth. as Christ said, they did not want to save their own lives but laid down for Christ’s sake.  But as Mic 2:3… God is against “this” family who cast these women out,  ( the bride of Christ, in the end time was PCG)  and they will have to  be sifted as they have “vanity” and this over flowing stream will reach up to their “necks”. 


 As for “over flowing stream”:…   Is 66: 12 .. God’s “peace” comes to Israel, like an over flowing stream…through the “gentiles”.  ( Ps 126: 4, this psalm, is sung when God brings back the captivity of Zion. V 2 says, then, they said among the gentiles, the Lord has done great things for them ( Zion). So it is gentiles, as we have proven, will be the streams of south ) Is 28: 2- 3 over flowing stream comes on the proud drunkards… V 15…. It is an “over flowing scourge”….  also Eze 38:4


Is 37: 29 Because of sin, God will put His “hook” and bridle in the lips and He will turn them back. v 30 is a sign. They will have the revelation one year, and the second year also they will say the same thing and then, God will correct them.  Now, GF is going back to old revelation. To the true people of God, this is a sign. The remnant will escape from Judah, and bear fruits. (the bound donkey to the vine) v 32… they come from Jerusalem, and out of mount Zion.


Ez 29:4……38:4,  God will put hooks in to their Jaws, … they are like the fish in the sea. As they are now in the sea, Rev 8: 8-9 is happening. The mountain, which sinned against God, is now on fire (kindles by the Word of God, by the women as Is 27) was thrown in to sea. As Ez 29: 6 says, this happens when they are in “Egypt”. This is also Rev 11:8, when the gentiles are treading them down.


Is 18: 4-7 … This  is a harvesting time as in Rev 14.  God will be like heat, and “cloud of dew” in the heat of harvest. We proved from the Word of God, that dew comes now, during the times of gentiles, which is during the night.

V 5…Before harvesting, when the bud is perfect, and the “sour” grape is ripening in the flower, then He will cut off the sprigs with pruning hooks, and take away and cut down the branches.

This chapter talks about those who are under the shade of rivers of Ethiopia. This is the “Bamah” matter. Who sent incense to God with sheba? (Jere 6:20) They are the ones, who will be cut off by hooks. Is 27:11… the women will come and set these branches on fire….



There are many scripture which says, Zion hardened their ‘necks’. (Jere 17: 23, 7: 26 etc…). Now the punishment too must come up to the neck or horses’ bridles. When God’s cut off point comes, their blood will be poured up to their own bridles.


Lam 1:14… because of transgressions, come up upon my “neck”… followed by the trampling by the assembly in the winepress…


Hab 3: 13… God wounded the enemy, by discovering the foundation unto the “neck”. Enemy’s sins are up to the neck and the blood will be too.  


Jam 3: 1-6… if one claim to be a master, or a leader, they should bridle their tongue. Then, the whole body could be turned. This is why God puts a bridle in this leader’s mouth. To make them obey Him and to turn them back to Him, so they could be Holiness to Lord. The leader will be bridled back, then the whole body will be too. God is doing through those who are rich in faith as in Jam 2:5, who also are the gentiles.  


2 Thes 2: 8… at Christ’s coming, His “breath”, ( the over flowing stream, which we wrote earlier)  the Spirit of His mouth will destroy the wicked. This is the antichrist, the man of sin, who sits in God’s temple, as God, who chased God out of His Holy Habitation, which is the “Sanctuary:

God’s “breath” will slay the wicked…. Is 11: 4,  30: 28,  30: 33,   33: 11,


Why the “breath” of God?...

Pro 2: 6…God gives wisdom, and out of his mouth, comes knowledge and understanding. Now, Israel is blind and have no understanding of God’s law, as they have rebelled and are taken captive by satan. (This is why they are likened to horses and mules with no understanding) God sent His delusion to them to believe the lie and they have to be brought back. This is why, God puts a bridle in these horses’ jaws, to bring them back. But before that, God Has to expose the liar and his lies, so the delusion could be taken out. This is why we witness so that everyone could know the truth about this liar and his lies. Now, God Has to give them their understanding. Like king Nebuchadnezzar, the proud king’s understanding also was taken, PCG leader’s understanding also was taken. Therefore, God Has to give them understanding at His coming (this is why Christ came as a thief). This is how, Christ will consume them, and then will bring them back. Their sins will be exposed when Christ comes on the Day of visitation, (read: Day of visitation), and as 1 Cor 4” 5 says, when Christ comes, He will expose the wicked works of darkness, and give them the knowledge and wisdom, and will  turn them back.


In John 20: 22, Christ breathed on them, and they received the Holy Spirit.  They are now in the ‘bottomless ‘pit  as we have proven from the Word of God, having no Holy Spirit. Now, at Christ’s coming, He Has to “breath” on them again so they could receive His Spirit and be cleansed. He will consume the man of sin’s wickedness (as  it is the wickedness which will be burned as we have proven from the Word) . for this purpose, God uses the gentiles, to be an over flowing stream, to “breath” on them, by sending God’s word. Also Job 32: 8…. It is the inspiration ( strongs 5397 means, breath also) give them understanding.  Gen 2: 7 is happening all over again. Zion is in dust, now, God will breath on them so they could live. This time, they are never to go back to dust.


  Exo 15:8  And with the blast of thy nostrils the waters were gathered together, the floods stood upright as an heap, and the depths were congealed in the heart of the sea. …. This chapter talks about when Israel and the enemy is coming out of the sea, which is a type which is happening now. God’s “breath” will give them understanding and those who are in the pit, in the sea (where the wicked, enemy) will stand still. Exo 14:21, says, God caused the “East wind” to blow to draw the sea back all that “night”, and made the land dry and the waters were divided. (divided is 1234 in strong’s  which means to break open, and to tear apart. ) from these verses we can see, that God uses the “east wind” as His “breath”, to give them the knowledge of their sins, so that they will be torn apart, and then can repent as they are made dry, and then they can walk out of the depth, which is the pit and receive Holy Spirit so they could live. This is how they are going to come out of the sea. Exo 15:1… it is the horse and the rider, will be thrown in to the sea. (the wicked who are like the trouble sea, who live in darkness having sinned against God, will have to spill their blood symbolically as Christ’s blood cannot clean them now as they have willfully sinned) V 6… the “right hand” of God, will be used to do this. (read: The Arm Of The Lord) v 10, … God’s wind covered them…  v 13, 16… they are the “redeemed” of God. This could not be applied to Israel when they were coming out of the sea back then. After they came out of the sea, and after the enemy was destroyed in the sea only they were redeemed. V 16.. the operation of God’s hands will be carried on till they pass over. (v 6… God’s right hand will dash the enemy and this is what we are doing today. To expose the enemy of God, who is in the Sanctuary as Ps 74 says . Hands:… Job 26.13, Lam 2: 3-4… these scripture proves, that the operation of God’s hands will be carried on even when lamentations is happening ) Ps 98: 1… hands will get Him the victory…. God Has stretched out His hands. ( Job 26: 13… By His Spirit (breath) His hands have formed ( to wound , to dissolve, break, profane) the fleeing serpent…. These sinner’s sins will be exposed.


To be continued;;….


Witness 1


6th Dec 2007