This Article explains how the Leader himself exposed his own wickedness to the entire church!!!   In order to hide his own iniquity, he casts off forever,the women of  GOD'S people who were aware of the evil. This caused God to l raise up a foolish shepherd in the land, who will not visit those that are cut off,... nor feed those who wait to be fed,.. but he shall eat the flesh of the fat... Woe to the idol shepherd who leaves the flock! What is GOD'S counsel to his people at this time? When the wicked are exposed?  ... because it is polluted, it shall destroy you!







25th Nov 2005 

Mic 2:9  Thewomen” of My people have ye cast out from their pleasant houses; from their children have ye taken away my glory for ever.


During the feast, Mr. Flurry said in a sermon, that he had to disfellowship one minister, because he did not obey MR. Flurry’s directions concerning his wife. This must have been very important to Mr. Flurry to have announced this during the feast.!!!


Mr. Flurry himself said that he disfellowshipped a MINISTER, because he failed to obey him.  South East Asia is without a shepherd, there was  NO feast in either in Sri lanka or in India, and all the sheep is scattered, the office is closed,  because the  minister did not obey Mr. Flurry’s  instructions and divorce his wife.  IS   THAT     A   REASON   TO   ETERNALLY   CAST    OFF   A  MEMBER   IN   GOD’S   FAMILY  ???? Should we obey a man or GOD?  What caused Mr. Flurry to instruct Mr. W to divorce his wife?


Is she  really an evil person?   Or is Mr. Flurry trying to hide his iniquity?

How does God measure someone is  righteous or evil?







Mr. And Mrs W was married in PCG, and GOD WITNESSED their marriage. God said let NO  MAN shall separate what God Has joined.


Mar 10:9  What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put apart. 

Mat 19:9  And I say to you, Whoever shall put away his wife,

 except for fornicationcommits adultery;.


God allowed only one reason that one should separate from the spouse that is “FORNICATION”. Not even the ‘carnal  Sri lankan law allows one to divorce just because one’s boss told them to.

Has ancient Ezekiel or any other prophet, or even an Apostle, given authority to divorce a married couple, whose marriage which GOD HIMSELF Has witnessed? CAN A PUNY MAN SIT AS GOD SITS IN THE TEMPLE AND CAUSE OTHERS TO BREAK GOD’S WRITTEN LAW ???


Not only Mr. Harrison asked Mr. W to divorce, he had told him that he can get married again in ‘The church”. How could these ministers whom God Has appointed to take care of the flock, could destroy them?   If they do not obey them, they are cast off… Get out !!!  out !!  out!


How does God define one is “just” or “ evil” ?…..

Eze 18:5  But if a man be just, and do that which is lawful and right,

Eze 18:6  And hath not eaten upon the mountains, neither hath lifted up his eyes to the idols of the house of Israel,   

A man is JUST”, if he has not shared Israel’s idols.

 Mrs W was opposing Israel’s idols and God considers her as a just person who has obeyed God and she had done which is lawful and right in the eyes of GOD.!

We should be blameless before God. !!!


Here is how God describe such evil ministers who, instead of turning God’s     people in to keeping the LAW, causing them to disobey the Law… 


Zec 11:16  For, behold, I will raise up a shepherd in the land, who will not visit those who are cut off, neither will seek those who are scattered, nor heal that which is broken, nor feed that which is sound; but he will eat the flesh of the fat sheep, and will tear their hoofs in pieces.

Zec 11:17  Woe to the worthless shepherd who leaves the flock!

                 WOE  !!!       WOE  !!!            WOE   !


Zechariah is a prophetic book for the very end. After finishing the temple, and just before Christ’s coming. Joshua is to appear when Christ comes. Only now this could be fulfilled. Just before Christ comes, the High priest who sits in God’s temple is found having “Iniquity” or wearing a filthy turban. His government, which pictures by the turban, is filthy. He needs to be plucked out of fire. At the same time Ezekiel is found having “Iniquity”. (Ez 24 ) These are God’s own words.


The whole church was turned in to a “bloody harlot” !!! Ez 16 : 32,36, 38,

Ez 7:23,  Ez 22: 2,  Ez 24: 6,   v. 9,  Who is the modern day Ezekiel? Where ever he is, these prophecies applies to him and the church he is in.


Mr. Flurry, committed fornication and caused the whole church, the bride of Christ to commit fornication, spiritually by inviting strangers. . Therefore, God Has divorced him and the church.  Ez 16: 32, 38


Eze 44:7  that you have brought strangers, uncircumcised in heart and uncircumcised in flesh, to be in My sanctuary, to profane it, even My house, when you offer My bread, the fat and the blood. And they have broken My covenant because of all your abominations.


Why does Mr. Flurry want Mr. W to divorce his wife in the first place?

When Mr. Flurry and Mr. Harrison brought 17 “local elders” in to God’s ALTAR with 430 UNBAPTISED  people, altogether 800 Indian people in India, Mrs W and all of us started rejecting this crowd because none of them were baptized. We remembered the covenant with God. Little did we know that God was behind all of us for remembering HIS COVENANT. Is 56: 3 – 8,   Lam 1:15,  Ez 23: 45 – 49,  Ez 16: 40,   It was God whom appointed us to destroy this adulterous act.


God allows His people to sin, but when He sends someone to show their sins (For example, king David was allowed to sin, even to commit murder but God sent a man to show his mistake. David repented and because of his repentance, God considered him as a” man after MY own heart”) He expects to admit and repent.


God Has condemned this act of harlotry of PCG in His word. He appointed us to show PCG”s  sins. This is what Mrs W, and some of us and even Mr. W did during last few years. But Mr. Harrison and Mr. Flurry rejected God’s correction.


Here is what GOD  Has written about this matter in India….in the Bible…………….


In Ez 23: the two daughters of one woman, (UCG for few months and PCG for  years) invited  “Sabeans” as in v. 41 – 42…..The “Sabeans” we proved, from  HWA’s literature, are descendants of Sheba, who are from Ethiopia, now live in India.


Ez 20: 29….. Bamah”. Or Bhima- waram…..means ( where PCG had the office and this crowd_)  in Hebrew and in Hindu, “THE “HIGHT PLACE” IN Hindu, it means the “high place” for Hindu gods. And “Waram” means blessings.


Ez 8 : 16.. the 25 “MEN” in the ALTAR… Mr. Harrison said in 2001 July RD’s conference that he has 25 ministers under him.  2001 Sep PN listed those 25 men. Two of those men have left PCG at that time, and there were exactly 25 men in the “East Gate”.


Ez 8: 11… 70 elders…. 2003, ministerial attendees list has exactly 70 elders. Mrs AMY FLURRY had asked our minister and his wife where are the other ministers in India, has any of them come to the conference.? So did several other ministers. Since everyone’s prayers were requested in 2000 Jan PN, all  these 70 ministers would have sent incense as it is written in the word of God. 


Ez 23:      God commanded the prophet to judge Oholah and Oholibah. Because he failed, God Had to raise up an assembly as in v. 45 – 49


Ez 24: 21- 25 because the prophet failed, God said I will take your wife by a stroke……  and ,  captivity because God profaned the Altar, V. 21, and pine away in “YOUR” iniquities. INIQUITIES found in Ezekiel. Mourn with one another… not with physical Israel or with other churches, but with one another where Ezekiel is.  God said …”Keep the turban on Ezekiel, (v. 17) but I am going to profane MY “sanctuary”.  God also said to others to keep their turbans on and  do the work.  But they are to pine away in their iniquity. That was not removed. God said they will be profaned (V 21)   (Because of the sin in the east gate, God departed Ez 10: 18 – 19,  11: 22- 24)


The place “Bamah”,…….. and “EAST GATE”,……….The “SOUTH EAST”, ………        the people “SABEANS”,  the 25 MEN in the East gate in the ALATR,  the 70 Elders sending incense , and striking the wife of the prophet in Ez 24,  all these things prophesied in God’s word happened and the prophet cant see that God Has prophesied it all to happen. But the prophet calls the person who brought this sin to his attention “EVIL” and disfellowshipped all who were with her.


THE “INIQUITY”… In Ez. 24: 21…

Say unto the house of Israel, Thus saith the Lord Jehovah: Behold, I will profane my sanctuary, the  (1) pride of your strength, the  (2) desire of your eyes, and ( 3)   your soul's longing; ……

       1    “The Pride of your strength”… The pride of life.

      2    “The desire of your eyes”…. The lust of the eyes

3    “The soul’s longing”…. The lust of the flesh….


1Jo 2:16  because all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. (Egypt)

1Jo 2:15  Do not love the world, nor the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him,    

               God is accusing Ezekiel and Israel of having “pride and lust” , should not Ezekiel take this warning and examine? And Repent?  These are the three points we will be tested. Christ was tested on same points but without sin.




Mic 2:9  Thewomen” of My people have ye cast out from their pleasant houses; from their children have ye taken away my glory for ever.


Micah prophesied about this event of casting out GOD’s true people, the women from their pleasant houses. God condemns this act of casting out the women. Why? 

God says they are MY ( GOD’S) people. They must be fighting for GOD. God would have raised them up because HE says these women are GOD’S. . The leaders despise God’s word and break His law and cast out these women who are opposing them.

. Mrs W is a perfect example of this and this prophecy was fulfilled right before your eyes, during this feast. GOD CONDEMNS THE LEADER WHO DID THIS.

Mr. Flurry,  himself said that he had to cast out even her husband. How much does he hate her? All because she pointed out his “Iniquity”.

What one would do to hide their iniquities? 


When Mrs W was cast out, Mr. W was told to throw her away from the house, without giving any money, thus…… My people have ye cast out from their pleasant houses!


Her daughter who lives in USA was told  not to talk with the mother. Her, then minister, Mr. Magruder was told by Mr. Flurry to not to ask the reason why the mother was disfellowshipped. She too stood up for God. She has  witnessed the harlotry committed by PCG in India. She took God’s side and started asking questions from her RD, Mr. Winters.    Mr. Winters acted as if he did not know anything which Mr. Harrison has done in this part of the world. But he had admitted that if this is true, then it was wrong. He also has suggested her to tell Mr. W to go and tell Mr. Flurry. That is why Mr. W went to report this.  Mr. F denied that he hired so many ministers, except for one. But PN articles prove the truth of having more than one minister.

This is when Mr. F fired Mr. W.  Without letting Mr. W to open the Bible even, Mr. F had said you disobeyed my instructions regarding your wife. I told you to divorce her  etc…… This is what Mr. Flurry announced during the feast. Has God cast them off?


This caused Mr. Winters to cast off her daughter (CHLOE) too. Another woman, and thus this prophecy was fulfilled… The “women” of My people have ye cast out from their pleasant houses; from their children.   Mr. Flurry told Chloe, that if she wants to come back to church, she has to stay away from the mother. That was ….



Then last year, Mrs W’s sister started writing to Mr. Flurry about this, asking whether this was right to have happened. She too was cast out.


THREE women of God’s people were cast out!!! By the Bride of Christ who turned as an “ENEMY” of God, in the latter end.


They are fighting for God. Otherwise God would not have condemned the leaders who are doing the casting out.

We are so happy to fight for God. God calls us, HIS People. !!!


The whole church now witnessed this crime which Mr. Flurry committed by instructing Mr. W to divorce his wife thus fulfilling the prophecy of

Micah 2: 9 My people have ye cast out from their pleasant houses !!!


Mic 2:9  The women of my people have ye cast out from their pleasant houses; from their children have ye taken away my glory for ever.


Mic 2:10  Arise ye, and depart; for this is not your rest: because it is polluted, it shall destroy you, even with a sore destruction.


You have taken GOD’S  GLORY  FOR EVER !!!


You cannot take away God’s glory forever unless you have come to the end of the years. If there was another era, then they would have continued in God’s glory.  Micah’s prophecy, is  for the “BRIDE” of Christ. (PCG is the Bride)

 for the Very end.

And when  she turned as an “ENEMY” of God.

THE BRIDE OF CHRIST, TURNED AS AN “ENEMY” OF GOD, in the latter END and she cast out God’s people, the women who were fighting for GOD.


This is the “NEW THING” in Jeremiah 31:22

Jer 31:22  How long wilt thou go about, O thou backsliding daughter? for the LORD hath created a new thing in the earth, A woman shall compass a man. God Has created this new thing when the church came to her end of backsliding. Because when God looked for a man, He found none.

Ez 22: 30,   Is 50: 2,  Jere 5 : 1,   Is 41: 28…….



God says…    Arise ye, and depart !!!


Will you heed God???


The Assembly.