“Last hour” church split….Jews and gentiles


In the very end of the church age, when the children of God,  have come to birth, they became an enemy of God.  No more leaders in Israel, to lead His people. That happened as God Has cast off the Sanctuary as Lam 2: 7 and profaned (Ez 24: 21) because  they invited heathen to God’s Sanctuary, as this chapter says. Therefore, God called an “assembly”, among the “heathen” to execute judgments as Lam 1: 15 , Ez 16:40, 23: 45-49 says…. up to such time,  Israel could not obey God.  Now, God Has turned to gentiles as there are no more leaders who obey Him in Israel. According to God’s Word,  HWA’s and  GF’s articles, we will prove, that the split in the church happened in the last end is between  “Spiritual” Jews and gentiles, and rich and poor” during the times of gentiles” (TOG) . Christ said even the “gates of the hell” could not prevail against His church. What are the “gates of hell”? God said, “I bore you on “eagles’ wings”. What did He mean by that?


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Christ said, “I will build My church”…..(Ecclesia or kuiakos) which means “called out ones”, or “The House of The Lord” , or the assembly. “Gentile” assemblies in the New Testament times are called the “church of the gentiles ”, while “Jews” still used the “synagogue”. Christ went to the synagogue, but when He called out a people to Him, He said “ I will build My “church.” But  when He wants to condemn the evil leaders in the church, He always used  the word “synagogue”. Like “Synagogue of Jews”, even in the Philadelphia era. “Gentiles” adopted the word “church” as it is a “Greek” word  and the “Jews” continued with the ‘synagogue”. So in the last end, when the remnant in the Phil. Era failed, the “synagogue” became the “synagogue of satan”. But Christ said,  not even  the “gates of hell” would  be able to prevail God’s church.


 Is 42: 1-7, Christ came to open the “blind” eyes, those who sit in “darkness”, (as it is the night spiritually ) and to bring “justice” to gentiles. The injustice done to gentiles by these blind, “synagogue of the Jews”, will be corrected by Christ when He comes again. Is. 61 also says He will bring good tidings to meek, and will proclaim liberty to “captives”. Jam 1: 1 says,  the captives are the 12 tribes of Israel. He also comes to proclaim vengeance…. And Zion is mourning. So the “gentiles” are not the “captives”, but v 5 says, they shall feed the sheep… and they will be vinedressers. So according to the Word of God, it is Israel who are captives and gentiles will help Christ to feed  them and dress the vineyard.  Why didn’t  the gentiles go in to captivity? Why only Israel?


In “God Family vision”, GF wrote::: pg 98

{if you guard God’s law even if these ministers turn away, God will exalt you with a head quarters position forever. }….This is what happened in the very end…. Is 52:1, Lam 1: 10 , Ps 74 , 89: 30 – 40 says, strangers have come in to the Sanctuary of God, and Ps 74: 8… because of this, all the “synagogues” of God in the land are destroyed. (But not the church) The covenant was broken. But,  the ‘strangers’ who have joined to the Lord, held fast to that covenant. (Is 56: 3-8)  This is why the gentiles did not go in to captivity. They held fast, and guarded the law, even when all the ministers in the synagogues turned away. Also  3 John says, that Diotrephus will cast out “TRUE” followers. “True” followers cannot be cast out from a “false” church. So the “true” church had to become a “false” church, to cast out the “true” followers. It is “God” who says, they are “true” followers. When Diotrephus cast out the true followers, they did not form a church, and all that happened in Asia, back then, and the fulfillment also happened in Asia.


Since they are “true” followers, they are serving God. They are just “members” Not any leaders. Diotrephus is the leader, who had the authority, even to cast out the true followers. They are guarding the law of God. This is what has happened now. The true followers who were cast out, the ‘gentiles’, will come from east and west and will sit in the kingdom with Abraham Isaac and Jacob while the sons of the kingdom, those who were invited, never guarded the law. Mat 22: 3-8,   8:11. “Christ” said, none of the invited will be in the head quarters. We see and have witnessed that all the Jews, the leaders have failed and Christ’s prophecy has come true. MM pg 75 says Malachi is trying to correct a “faith” crisis. And it is so, as all Israel have gone in to captivity as Jam 1: 1 says, but 2:5 says, the poor have become rich in “faith”. . This happened after Malachi book was revealed. God Does not say, there is even a single minister is worthy to continue the sacrifces. So He Had to (Mal 1: 11)  accept “gentiles” offerings. And their offerings are “PURE”. This shows, God Has rejected all the leaders in the synagogues  as they have failed to guard the Law. The teachers of the law have not kept the law. This is why some say, I am from PCG, I am from UCG, I am from WCG , I am from RCG, I am from this and that….. Is Christ divided? All those who followed HWA’ teachings, have failed to heed and practice the very law, they preached. But those whom the law was not given, attained to the righteousness by “Faith”. So there is a “faith” crisis in Israel. Not so with the ‘gentiles”.


GF wrote in “Prophesying again” ….

[Revelation 10:11 leads right into chapter 11, which dis­cusses the Churchsplit” in the context of the TIMES OF THE GENTILES: "... it is given unto the Gentiles: and the “holy city” shall they tread under foot forty and two months"]…… …….Church “split”, in the context of the (TOG) ….. ???so the split  in the context of TOG, happened between gentiles and Israel.  When did the TOG begin?.... It has to be when all Israel went in to captivity and are scattered “among the gentiles”, “ABROAD”. (James 1: 1) (Ancient Israel, when they went to captivity, they adopted gentile religions and became defiled. But the last church, invited the gentiles in to God’s ministry and defiled the ministry.)  This includes the “final” sister who “judged” others as well.( Ez 16:52) “Scattered abroad” means, they are under “gentiles”, Spiritually being blind and in darkness. But Gentiles will be a light to them (Is 60: 3) and Christ has brought light to gentiles. (Is 49:6, Luk 2: 32) The prophet said, we are in captivity in 2004  SEPT. That is when the last church (PCG )  too went in to captivity. Followed by GF declaring that he is the 7th head which is the laodicean head.  This is also a time, that God Has declared, that ALL Israel have failed.  He too broke the covenant (Zech 11:11) and profaned the Sanctuary as in Ez 24: 21 and said, He will raise up a shepherd, who will not care for the flock (Zech 11: 16) .

 GF wrote in Mar/Apr 2004 RV,  pg 2, that God will never break the covenant. But, In pg 5, he wrote, God broke the covenant. When God broke the covenant, He also broke the brotherhood between Judah and Israel. (V 14) this is why we see that there are many groups in the church. The family or the church of God, was separated in to various groups and God identifies them as “sisters” (Ez 16) . Since their brotherhood is broken, they cannot love each other, work together or united as a family, even having one Father, one Husband and one Spirit.  But, when Christ comes, there wont be several groups and all have to be united as one. Children of ‘spiritual’ Israel are keeping Christ from coming soon. Until the bride is ready, (Rev 19:7), He cannot come. Would Christ come to UCG?  WCG?  LCG?  Or even PCG? Look around and see, how many groups of God’s people are there, who cannot be united under one God.? and speak the same thing and are unable to have one mind. Is Holy Spirit leading them? Recently, UCG and LCG leaders have gotten together. This would have made God, a very happy Father. We hope and pray that all the churches will come together  and speak the same thing and will have one mind. It will be done. But right now,  PCG, will never allow her members to talk with others. Some hard trials will come upon her to correct her.

      From RV Jan/feb 2006.

[Pg 2….James begins addressing “ the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad.  We have to look at this “spiritually  ”…]


[Pg 2- 3… it is talking about the church or family of God being  scattered all over the place…].”.  Twelve tribes means, all including Judah….(Is 48: 1 -2 includes all Israel)  No one is left. Since this is a ‘spiritual’ scattering, it is “ Spiritual Israel ” that is being scattered…..when there is a Diotrephus type of a person leading an area, how could God take care of His flock? Will God be silent for ever when He sees such a betrayal?  Now  they are among the ‘heathen’… this is when the heathen starts to tread them down and the TOG should start. So It is a “split” between “Israel, (Jews) and gentiles”, among whom, Israel is scattered.  .  James made certain, that he include all of the 12 tribes. According to God’s and Christ’s prophecies, we have proven this fact. And the TOG also, is a work of God. As there isn’t a single tribe left, only the gentiles are left to execute judgments and witness and expose and send the covenant of peace and to plead with all flesh. Since this is a spiritual captivity, spiritually, gentiles are treading them down. So the fight is between the gentiles, who hold fast to the covenant and    the Jews, who are the synagogue of satan, who could not keep the covenant with God, and since they have broken the covenant, they are the anti christs, fighting with the “true” followers. 


Here is what HWA wrote in “pagan holidays”…

Pg 25…{ God Has not cast away His people, Israel. But “Heblinded them for a temporary period of time so that through their fall, salvation came to the gentiles, who through Christ, are “individuallygrafted in, or “spiritually” adopted in to the family of Israel ( Rom 11).   

This is a dispensation when “God” is calling a people for “His” name to be “kings and priests”, “reigning” with Christ in the “kingdom” during the thousand years. (Rev 5: 10). }

·        It is “God” who “blinded” Israel. We see, now Israel is blind.

·        God’s plan to call the “gentiles”, is through Israel’s fall and this has to happen as “God” said.

·        The gentiles are individually grafted in and not as a group of 800 , like PCG invited at once.

·        They are grafted in to the ‘spiritual’ Israel.

·        They are called by “God” Himself and He Has placed His name on them.

·        They are to be “kings” and Priests” to reign with Christ, just as the children of Israel are called. (read: Biblical Tarshish and young lions in prophecy and Become as pure gold of Ophir)

The plan to graft them in was prophesied in Gen 49: 10- 12, (read: Genesis 49 and Donkey and the foolish nation ) . The Jews, who say they are Jews, will never accept the gentiles, as we have shown, they did not accept even Christ, or the gentiles and hindered the gentile conversion in the first century and in the last. (Read: Synagogue of the Jews) this is why our RD cast us out.


From the same page;…..

{“After this ---- “ after this dispensation of taking out of the gentiles a people for His name----- “I will return”, promises the eternal. What for? “ And I will build again the “tabernacle of David,” which is fallen down; and I will build again the “ruins” thereof, and “I” {Christ, not men}  will set it up. Why? “That the residue of men might seek after the Lord”. (Act 15: 14-17-- study this again!. }

·        “ after…. taking out of the gentiles a people for His name,…. I will return

·        What for?...to  build again the “tabernacle of David

·        which is fallen down

·        I will build again the “ruins

·        I” {Christ, not men}  will set it up.    

·        HWA says:……        study this again!

·        These called out gentiles are to reign with Christ in the kingdom. Usually, people graft other branches in to a tree to produce “better fruits”…..Our writings,  James 2: 5 , Acts 28:28, and Rom 11 proves this fact…..

·        This shows, until  Christ comes and even up to the TOG, the tabernacle of David was not raised up, this further prove what we proved from the ‘Word” .

·        When the tabernacle is fallen, God called the gentiles. We have proven, and GF also said in “Holy Roman Empire” sermon, that gentiles will bring back Israel.  If as GF says, the gentiles are bringing Israel back, what is the use of GF and PCG?   

·        these gentiles are to be in the kingdom?.... Mt 8:11…. They are to sit with “Abraham and Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of Heaven….. v 10…..”Christ said”….  Truly I say to you, I have not found such great faith, no, not in Israel.

  Mat 8:12  But the sons of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The sons of the kingdom, was not prepared, not ready to enter the kingdom. They were given all the good things of God (Ez 16:8-14, Jere 44: 4) but failed. We are called to be a good “Samaritan” not a good “Jew”.

Therefore, God called gentiles from the highways …. Mt 22: 10.


But, the sons  got their  garments defiled…. Instead of “Fine” linen, they have ‘filthy’ turbans….. they came to the wedding with their filthy clothes…..there fore…..

Mat 22:12  And he saith unto him, Friend, how camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment? And he was speechless.

Mat 22:13  Then said the king to the servants, Bind him hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. … the leaders in Israel were invited to the wedding. So they almost came to the wedding. But they were not prepared. They have gone after other gods and got their garments defiled. This is no one but the filthy high priest. Zech 3:3-5…. It is some people who are called “they” took the filthy garments away from him. So we see now, Joshua is wearing filthy garments and we, will take them off as God Has commanded us.         



Pg 28………    

{“During this time Israel is mostly blinded until the fullness of the gentiles come in; (Rom 11:26) . ……….now in this dispensation, Israel has not believed, and the tabernacle of David is fallen down. (Rom 11:31-32) that through the mercy of the gentiles, and the small “Elect” in Israel, picked out in this age, acting as kings and priests with Christ, they also, then, may obtain mercy!} ………. This is the plan of God,…. He Has allowed His people to fall, because of their disobedience, and the gentiles are called to accuse them ( 1 Pet 2: 12), when Christ Has come (1 Cor 4: 5) then, the redemptive plan …… using gentiles to bring Israel back. The gentiles have obtained mercy  because of the faith. We have proven from the “Word of God” all these. The gentiles and the little sanctuaries are now working to get Israel back…. But, Israel is still blind. They will continue to be blind till our times are fulfilled. God sent the Elijah to restore the lost truth. He even saw, the times of gentiles have to be fulfilled. But did a single leader , a minister in God’s church have listened to what God says or what Elijah say? NO… No…no…. this is why the tabernacle of David is fallen. Those who claim to raise up the ruins, are living in lies and deceit, either by choice, or because they are really blind as God says. Why, do we the gentiles are writing and sending God’s Word like this to Israel all of a sudden????   These are our times, which is also a part of God’s work.

Pg 29:……..

{Let us understand this. During this time Israel is blinded in part-but only until the completion of this gentile dispensation. ……

They were blinded until the “end” of gentile times. …….. then, it is that “God” shall set “His handagain the “second” time to recover the remnant of His people……}…

God” shall set “His handagain the “second” time???? This is yet to happen. But now, the “hand” of God, is at work. The first time God brought Israel out of Egypt, using His “HAND”, who are “Moses and Aaron”. (Read: Arm Of The Lord.) But now, He is using the “Gentiles” as His “HAND”, as they are the ones who have God’s Hand.

Eze 39:21  And I will set “My glory” among the “gentiles”  and all the “Gentiles”  shall see “My”  judgment that I have executed, and “MY HAND that I have laid upon them. ……..v 22-23 proves Israel’s captivity is made known to ‘gentiles’.  So this has happened now, as James 1:1 says, which GF has admitted that all 12 tribes are already scattered even though he still continues to be deceived and to deceive God’s people. That too is prophesied as the fulfillment of “The Liar” and man of sin, and “The anti Christ.”, who are not in the world, but in God’s church at Christ’s coming.


1Pe 5:6……  Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: (Christ is in the right hand of God, and Christ is now in the outer court and Has stretched out His arm the second time)

Mat 8:11… Many will come from “East and west” and sit down with “Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, in the “KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. the children of the kingdom shall be cast out in to outer darkness…. There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth….. would they not gnash their teeth, after being in the church having so much power, that not even wanting to believe God’s  ‘Word’, causing God to leave His own Sanctuary, to find out, that the poor gentiles are sitting in the kingdom, with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob???? Our founding fathers???? This is the eternal shame which God said, would come upon the sons of disobedience. (Ez 16: 61-63)

Hard to believe, children of Israel?....your “PROPHESIED”  Elijah has prophesied about God the Father taking a people out of ‘gentiles’ to be kings, priests and to sit in the kingdom with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob while you gnash your teeth???. All to provoke you to jealousy?  Because you were disobedient to Him?  He also says, that “Christ”  only will rebuild the ruins of the fallen tabernacle of David ! But would you believe God? our work is being fulfilled just as God, Christ, and HWA prophesied….. we hope you would be real jealous now….you will marvel and wonder at our work, in unbelief…… God knew that too. !!! The “gates” of hell could not prevail against God’s church, now of the “gentiles”. But the synagogue has become satan’s (Rev 3:9) ….who are these “gates”? 

 Is 3: 26.. her “gates” shall lament and mourn. Who is prophesied to lament and mourn? Mainly Ezekiel and also the ministers and Zion.(Ez 24: 21-23) V 14---… God will enter in to judgment with the “leaders “who ate the vineyard and who ground the faces of the “poor”… these “gates” are the “leaders” in Zion. ( Is 45: 2, Jere 14: 2, Lam 2: 9, Ps 24: 7-9 ) Now, having sinned, they are under satan and in “hell” , in darkness. (God Has profaned them)  So these “gates” the leaders  of “hell”, will not be able to stop God’s work…. Hell is strong’s 86, also means the “state of departed souls”…when you depart from God, you are in the “hell”. The major problem of these leaders are mistreating the “poor”. We see now the gates of hell are fighting with the church.

Joh 1:11  He came to His own, and  His own received  Him not.   But Christ found faith in the poor….. and among the gentiles….. Jam 2:5…. Elijah was sent to a ‘gentile’ widow to be fed, when there was the famine in the land….. this is a prophecy for our time. The ‘gentile’ widow is now feeding Elijah’s work these three and half years, when there is a famine in the land. (read: poor and Fatherless. ) All Israel are now divided. Everyone want to be the leader. Can two walk together unless they are agreed? (Amos 3)? Can you walk with God, if you do not agree with His Word? If Israel have obeyed and live according to God’s law, He said, there won’t be any poor in Israel. ( Deut 15:4)

As long as there is division among Israel, God could never work with them. The little flock with all of the gentile assembly must make certain, that we speak the same thing. We do not have any leaders, and no more churches. We do not want any kings, as God is our King. The only church we know is God’s called out, chosen and faithful ones, scattered every where, just as God said.  “Divide and conquer”  is satan’s tactic to conquer the children of God.  Our RD never allowed any of us to talk with any one in any other church area. They have given in to satan. Israel, ……you have to realize this and come together…. You are scattered, because you serve satan and you are in ‘spiritual’ hell. Your souls have departed from God. Satan has conquered you as long as you stay divided. We are greatly delighted to hear that UCG and LCG leaders are visiting each other….. PCG, the self-righteous church,  still need more time to humble. Is Christ divided?   Apostle Paul admonished to not to be so. Certainly, the leaders have to protect the flock, but “God” says, the leaders are the beasts…. The sheep  need to be protected from the shepherds who are explained in Ez 34. this is the present truth now….. There is not a single shepherd who watch over God’s people. They need to be protected from the shepherds. All Israel is blind now. During the times of the gentiles, there cannot be any leaders in Israel, who really obey God. He Has rejected them all.  So, now, Israel and gentiles are divided.


Back to prophesying again book…

 [But notice: "Behold ye among the heathen [or transgres­sors], and regard, and wonder marvelously: for I will work a work in your days, which ye will not believe, though it be told you" (verse 5). Here God is addressing the Laodiceans, the transgressors: I'm going to tell you about this work and you still won't believe it! Mr. Armstrong told you and you wouldn't believe him, and I'm going to tell you another time and you still won't believe it. That's how hard-headed you are! God is losing patience with these people.]….. as we can see, clearly from God’s Word, He Has lost His patience… … He finally, called in the people from “east and west” .

“among the heathen”?.... this applies to Israel, the Jews who never obeyed God.  Now,  they are “scattered among the gentiles…”..this is how, they are among the heathen.  This should apply to a time, when they are “among the heathen”, which is “now”.  God scattered them as they rebelled against Him. Following verses would prove, that it is “SpiritualIsrael is who are “among the heathen”. This is the punishment, in the very end, the captivity, which was proclaimed by the high priest,  in 2004 FOT.  So now  PCG too is “among the heathen”. No matter how much God tells them, they would not listen……. the heathen are treading them down. They are the transgressors now. They will wonder and would not believe our report.    (This is also Is 28:  11, 19- 21…. The “foreign family work,” with another tongue,  which GF wrote in earlier Isaiah books and then later removed. By removing this prophesied work of wonder, from his later editions, proves that he would not believe this work even though God made him know. Is not he among the heathen??? And wondering about our work?  Also Is 53: 1. 


God scattered Israel among the heathen… Lev 26:33,   38,   Deut 4:27,   Ps 44:11,   14,    106: 47,   Jere 9:16,    Jere 49: 15,   Lam 1: 3,     Lam 4: 15,  4;20,     Ez 11: 16,   12: 16,    20: 23,   20:41,    22:4,   22:15,    25:7,   28:25,   36: 19,   Hab 1:5,   etc…..


Israel have gone after heathen….

2 Kin 16:3,   17:8,   11,   15,   21:2,    Ps 79:1,   106:35,  Ez 11: 2,    , Ez 23: 30,    36: 20- 24,     Lam 1: 10 (this is the punishment of God for Zion who has “invited” the heathen , now  being fulfilled as we are treading those who went after heathen, and those who invited heathen to God’s ministry and as we have witnessed. In v 15, God Has raised us up and here we are doing our God given work)


But the heathen have obeyed and are serving God… and king David is above them …..2 Sam 22: 44,  50,    1 Chr 16:24,    16:31,   Psa 2: 8,   Ps 18:43,  49,   Ps 46: 10,     47:8,   Ps 96: 3,   98: 2,    Ps 102: 15,  126:2,      Jere 18: 13,    49:14. (God brought them out of Egypt, in the sight of heathen. Ez 20:9, 14, )  Ez 20: 22,    Ez 30: 3,   39: 21 – 23,   Mal 1: 11,   Is 56: 3 – 8, Is 5: 17,  61:5,       and they are rich in faith in James 2: 5) . This separation happened when God’s judgment has come. Or when Christ came as a thief as our writing “Christ comes as a thief in the night” would prove from the “Word of God”.

From “Prophesying again” booklet….

{Luke 21:24 is directly tied to Revelation 10:11 and 11:1-2. }

Luk 21:24  And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.

Rev 10:11  And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings.

Rev 11:1  And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein.

Rev 11:2  But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months.

 Luke 21,  is for the “church”, those who are in “Judea”. (Read: Judea flee to the mountains) ……. v 36… Christ told to ‘watch and pray’. He would not have said this to the “world or physical Israel”. “You” means, the church, HWA taught. Rev 11; 2 applies for PCG as we have proven. The “sword” is the ‘Word of God’, by which they fell from. “Captive in to all nations” was fulfilled in Jam 1:1….we proved from the Word and GF’s writing, that this is a “Spiritualscattering. Spiritually blind Jews, will never see, until Christ open their eyes.  

{From RV Jan/feb 2006.

Pg 2….James begins addressing “ the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad.  We have to look at this “spiritually  ”… so this is a spiritual captivity….

Pg 2- 3… it is talking about the church or family of God being  scattered all over the place….”.}

All Israel  are scattered, because they have ‘FALLEN FROM THE “SWORD”. This is when, the “GENTILES” are called and it is the “TOG”. Since this is a “spiritual” scattering, they are not taken captive in to other nations, but where ever they are, they are taken captive by satan, because of disobedience to God’s truth. But, “Jerusalem”, the “Holy city”, is being trodden down by the gentiles….Since this is a “spiritual” captivity, it is the “SPIRITUAL” Jerusalem which is trodden down. (Read: Spiritual Judah’s wound) That is the ‘inner court”, with the “ALTAR”,  which is PCG, the “Spiritual” Jerusalem.. (remember God took others away as He saw fit in Ez 16: 50? Both of these prophecies talk about the same event, as GF says. while Jam 1:1 apply to “all” Israel, Rev 11: 1-2 apply to “PCG”, where the last sacrifices were done. “Israel” is scattered “among the nations”, then they are “notin Jerusalem, not even “spiritually”,  to be trodden down by the gentiles. The ‘SPRITUAL” gentiles are treading the ‘SPIRITUAL” Jerusalem. Therefore, the witnesses have to witness against, the altar, which failed to measure according to God’s law. God Has called the witnesses “who witnessed” that crime so He could execute the judgments. 1 Tim 5: 19 says, if have to accuse an elder, the law requires two or three witnesses. God will not break His law. He too Has called two witnesses to witness against PCG’s  and the elder’s crime. The TOG, and the witnessing work is one. 1 Tim 5V 20… so others may fear. This means, we can accuse an elder with “two witnesses”, before others in the church, if they have witnessed the crime. But, we do not think we should write books to expose our own family’s  sins and tell the whole world. If we love, we cover other’s sins. Besides, PCG committed greater sins and covering up and telling the whole world about his brother’s sins? God says, PCG will be a mockery to all nations. When the world finds out, PCG’s covered sins, they will be a mockery. This is why our web site is intended to be read by God’s church only.

The gentiles are in the ‘outer court’, in the ‘same’ temple…. But it does not need to be measured. At the same time, they are treading down the inner court. this prophecy is being fulfilled right this minute. This is the time, the “gentiles” and the “Jews” were separated.

 {Notice, then, how God follows that vision with “correction”: He immediately talks about “measuring” “usin chapter 11. God begins to measure “us” and show “us where we need to change”. ….. Out of the mouth of the prophet…..!!!! God wants to measure “us” means, the inner court, including GF, the altar and those who worship in the temple. It is a vision of ‘CORRECTION”… It is the time for correction, and measuring, because in the end, the inner court and the temple,  was not measured according to God’s judgments, and will finally go in to captivity as well… .Did PCG change? The  commands to measure, judge, correct and the punishment, came in  2003….. that is the time, this “Bamah” matter was informed to the prophet as well. With the command to measure, God also sent the message about the sin, with the knowledge of where they need to be corrected. But GF refused to be corrected. Then, immediately his wife was struck as prophesied, and in 2004, his wife died. Also the captivity was declared…

Now, according to GF,  God  wants him to prophesy again not what “HWA taught”. But, it is a time to “correct” the  “ministry”.  We being “gentiles” remembered and opposed the leaders who invited the unclean to the altar and informed about our RD’s lies. But GF took the side of the RD and allowed him to cast all those who opposed rejecting God’s correction. So Rev 10:11 and 11;2 is a “corrective measure” and not to go to the world by prophesying HWA’s teachings. This is a big lie, as we can see.. In a Trumpet this year, GF wrote an open letter to all those who ever were associated with the WCG, pleading them to read his letter about how he is raising up the ruins. But as we saw, God, Christ and HWA say that after Christ comes only, the tabernacle will be raised. Since Christ Has come as a thief, to purify the ministry as Mal 3 says, He is using the grafted gentiles…..

[Revelation 11:1-2 also discuss God's little remnant rising up, and then the “times of the Gentiles”, side by side-just as Revelation 17:8 does. The work of God and the beast power ascend together.}……… Now, ….. Rev 11: 1-2 talks about the rising of the “gentiles” and certainly not the ‘inner court’ or the ‘spiritual Jerusalem’. (This is a time for ‘GENTILES” TO WORK.)  Both are to be measured and trodden under foot. In “Rev 11: 2”, the “remnant” who are to rise, are the “gentiles”.   Out of   mouth of the wicked, God says, He will catch them.!!! God’s Word, HWA and GF have written about Rev 11: 2 works as we saw. It is the “GENTILES’. Israel is blind at this time.  The “inner court” is those who worship in the temple, “outer court” is the “gentiles” who are treading them down. During this time, Christ is “outside” knocking…..He Has come as a thief and is working with gentiles who are in the outer court.  The wicked are being built up as Mal 3:15, and James 2,  and Jude, 2 Peter, John’s three epistles. So the inner court failing to hold fast to the covenant, have become satan’s habitation. Now they are working for satan.   Then, they have become the beasts. The (Spiritual fulfillment) of the “BEAST” power, which is rising, when these “gentiles” being the remnant also rising up. Rev 11: 2 , calling of the ‘gentiles” to do God’s work shows, that the leaders have left God and have become anti christs. If they still followed God, then why does God have to call the gentiles? GF  even say, that Rev 11: 2 is “God’s remnant, which is rising, when Rev 11: 2 is being fulfilled. So God is working with gentiles, to tread down the beasts in the Holy city, who are explained in Jude, 2 Peter, 1,2,3, John, The man of sin,  will be consumed at His coming, “The liar”, “The anti Christ”  etc. We fulfill  Jude 23 .   Since Rev 11: 2 and Rev 17:8 works side by side, means, God’s remnant the gentiles, are treading down God’s forsaken leaders who have become beasts.

The beast is the 7th head of Rev 17:10, which  GF said in 2005 January, that he fulfills. Him and his fellow our RD, have to be beasts, as they have not even feared God, but they murdered God’s true followers who feared.  Usually, the shepherds should take care of the flock, but in this case, the flock needed to be saved from these shepherds.  The major work of God, at this time, is to fight with the “beast power”.   Rev 11: 5….. “The fire” which comes out of the mouth of the witnesses is the “Word of God”.  (Jere 5:14,   Ps 18:8,    Jere 23: 19,   1:9. etc….) these witnesses fight with this beasts who are inside the temple who damaged everything (Ps 74)  by sending the “Word of God”.  But the false prophets, the beasts also bring “fire”.  Rev 13:13. He also teaches God’s church with the ‘Word of God” to deceive them. But Christ is fighting with them to expose them and to save the sheep. To pull them out of fire and Dan 11: 32-35.

In Rom 16: 17- 18,  God commanded the Roman “Gentiles” to mark the leaders who cause divisions and avoid them. This is why, when the leaders in the Altar became beasts by causing divisions in God’s church, we mark them and avoid them and inform others also to do so. Because we, only witnessed their covenant breaking sins.   Unfortunately, many will take his mark. V 20 says, satan will be crushed shortly. So we mark these beasts who were inspired by satan and Christ will crush him and his angels shortly. That time has now come. So in the last end, the Jews and gentiles were separated. This is Rev 11: 2 works.

[They are terrible and dreadful: their judgment and their dignity shall proceed of themselves. Their horses also are swifter than the “leopards”, and are more fierce than the evening wolves: and their horsemen shall spread themselves, and their horsemen shall come from far; they shall fly as the eagle that hasteth to eat. They shall come all for violence: their faces shall sup up as the east wind, and they shall gather the captivity as the sand. And they shall scoff at the kings, and the princes shall be a scorn unto them: they shall deride every strong hold; for they shall heap dust, and take it" (Habakkuk 1:7-10)..]…….Who are these, who come to destroy the spiritual disobedient children of God? Our “Lions” writing proved from the Word of God, that the lions are being used to desolate the cities of Judah.

Usually, when God Has to punish, He calls for somebody more stronger than His enemy. In this case, the “lions” as we have proven, to punish the leaders who are also like ‘lions’. Also, the devil who roars like a lion, but “righteous” are also as bold as a lion, so these righteous can over come other lions as “THE Lion of Judah” is with them.  In Exodus, we saw, how Aaron’s rod became a serpent and swallowed other serpents. Same way, the lions will devour the lions who are the RDs. .

Zep 3: 1 – 4  says,  the church is filthy, polluted and oppressing. She has not obeyed God, not received correction, and did not trust in God. Her “princes” (the RDs), are roaring lions (inspired by the devil) and are “Evening wolves”…. Now, to punish, God too Has called evening wolves and lions, more swifter than them to punish her. Also Ez 22: 27.   Mt 7:15  , Ez 13:4, Christ said, the “prophets” are the “wolves” and foxes. Aren’t they the beasts? He knew in the end, false prophets will be the wolves. (These are the beasts which we are warned by the last seven books of the Bible.) Christ knew that the true followers have to be in the midst of such wolves. (Mt 10:16) Act 20:29… the wolves, or the false prophets who will enter in among the flock….. not sparing them. These beasts, exalted themselves as a part of God’s indignation (Dan 11:36) and destroyed the power of the Holy people completely (Dan 12: 7)  Rom 1: 21- 22…. They even changed God’s glory and became fools…. And beasts. 2 Pet 2: 12 Jude 10 etc.

Leopards… evening wolves…. Jere 5: 6…, Hos 13: 7- 8 as lions, leopard shall watch over their cities…. Because they have transgressed…. So God Has appointed more fierce leopards and lions to watch the leopards and lions who are beasts, explained  in Daniel, and Revelation. But, God, will bring all Israel back as we saw, the second time. John 10:11_15, the good shepherd will lay His life to save the sheep and He is working with the gentiles now to deliver the sheep out of these beasts. This is how the Rev 11: 2 works side by side with the beasts in Rev 17: 8 as GF has written.  After delivering, and putting through the fire,  as Isa 11:6 says, in the kingdom, these  leopards and wolves will be tamed and will sit with the sheep. God will correct all of them.  Hos 13: 11….. God will give a king in anger…. This is Zech 11: 16. this shepherd, will eat the flesh of the people….. Such a beast. he will be partially blinded and his work will be cut off as his arm will be cut off.

east wind. … (read: East wind)

scoff at the kings, and the princes shall be a scorn…. God Has called the gentiles to scorn at princes and the king who have disobeyed God….. Ps 107: 40-41… God puts contempt upon princes (RDs) and make them wander in the wilderness… but God sets poor on high…. Those who were high as “eagles” will be brought down and poor will be set on high.

fly as the eagle .. … those who are “rich” fly like eagles (Pro 23: 5). They make their nests as high as the eagle’s Jere 49: 16.  They rise high like the eagle.. Ob 1:4,   To punish such eagles, God will bring a nation “from a far”… Deut 28: 49…. These are the people who come from East as the “East wind”.  As we have proven that we come from  the end of the earth.

Is 40:31…  Those who wait on God, the poor, now, will mount up as eagles’ wings…(v 23…) this happen at the time of God brings princes or RDs to nothing,  and v 10…. God’s “arm” (also the gentiles )  Jere 49: 22 , 48:40…. He shall come as an eagle and spread wings over Moab. (In “Moab”, Israel committed whoredom and since PCG too has done the same sins, they are like “Moab” to God. )  Is 60:8- 9… the isles who wait for God, who come from tarshish will fly as a cloud. (Read: clouds) and v 10 says, they are strangers, and will build up Zion’s walls. Jere 4: 13- 17… the watchers come from a far, will be “swifter than eagles”….they are working for God. ( swifter than the proud who thinks they are as high as eagles)  Hos 8: 1…. “As an eagle “AGAINST THE HOUSE OF THE Lord”…. BECAUSE, THEY HAVE TRANSGRESSED His “covenant”. Who transgressed the covenant in the very end? It is PCG.   So these eagles should fly as a cloud, when the “House of The Lord” has transgressed the covenant. Is not this why we witness? Those who come from “Tarshish”, those who wait on God, those who are the poor, those who are far away, those who come from East wind, the lions, and leopards, who are the strangers, will fly like a cloud, to bring God’s children , and they will bear them on their wings. This is Hab 1:5.  this is why God says, “I bore you on eagles wings” when coming out of Egypt and it will happen again. Since God’s leaders have become wolves, God called more fierce wolves, and when they are like eagles, God Has called some even swifter eagles.  Ps 37: 9…. Those who wait on God, will inherit the earth….The wicked cast down poor… V 14. but their own sword shall enter in their own heart…. V 15.   We see how God’s words are coming true. Their own words will cause their wickedness to be revealed. Since Christ Has come now, we see that He is using the poor to trample the rich… this is the fight between Christ and anti Christ, the beast power. As v 34 says, and as we wait on God, we see the wicked were cut off. Our work proves that.  

Rich and Poor separated

In the book of James, God says, the ‘rich’ are corrupt. Their gold is corrupt and God condemns them for mistreating the poor. When this book was revealed, this is the major problem in the church. “The rich oppress the poor”. But, God praises the poor and says they are rich in “FAITH” Jam 2:5. So they should have the works also, and God is not working with the rich. We have “Biblically” proven that the “gentiles” are the poor and why and how they have become rich in faith. At this time, all Israel are scattered as a punishment from God. Then, the poor, the gentiles are called to tread them down. Now, these poor, wait on God.


POOR:::…. Zech 11:7… “poor” were fed by “God” to slaughter…. The  word “even” is in italics, which means later added. So this verse should  read:… And I will feed the flock of slaughter, you, O poor of the flock.    But v  10 – 11 says, when God broke the covenant, the “POOR” watched.  So, if the poor were killed, how did they watch and witnessed God  breaking the covenant? …. In V 11, and as we saw earlier, the “POOR”  were waiting on God. That means, they were working for God. So God gave them the knowledge about the evil deeds of these beasts and the knowledge of the broken covenant, by the leaders . Also,  God will break it too,  as we saw earlier. These “poor”, witnessed both parties breaking the covenant. ( visit out web site) When God gave them this knowledge, God knew, that they will be “spiritually” killed and God wanted it to happen.  Just as Christ was killed also, the martyrdom written in the book of Revelation, by these beasts, had to happen. Christ said, one has to lay  his life to save life. Those who sigh and cry had to speak up against these leaders when they see crimes done against God’s law, even when the ministers fail to guard the law. The true followers will be dragged in to “synagogues”…. Etc. He knew the true followers will be killed. 3 John alone proves so. So the ’poor’ waited on God and knew how the covenant was broken, and they have to be used by God to tread the beasts who broke the covenant. Is 26:6,  Is 14: 32,   Zeph 3: 12, )  So God, knowingly, that they will be killed spiritually, God gave them the knowledge of the evilness of these leaders, so they will be thrown in to the outer court, where Christ is so they can tread down .



{RV jan 2006.. pg 8… God certainly isn’t against rich men….. he has strong words for those who put their “riches before Him”. That is exactly what the Laodiceans did. They became rich and increased with goods… as they betrayed God… so God had to start a “new” group with people who were rich in “faith”.. }….


 Here is what  GF wrote in the same RV.

{“WCG sold everything and now PCG has everything. James discussed the rich Laodiceans (James 1:10; 2:6). They “were”  rich because they had a lot of expensive property, including the Ambassador Auditorium, God's house. ……..


The Philadelphia Church of God has a lot invested in our property……… Having an auditorium and hosting concerts with great per­formers-featuring the best that the human spirit can achieve-is impressive to the world………..}    if WCG has sold everything, they are not rich any more. ( Certainly not when book of James is revealed. )  If PCG has everything now, then they are the “rich”.  GF even say, WCG “WAS” rich. So  not any more. But now, he says “PCGhas everything now, very impressive to the world.  So he wants to impress the world. Is not that putting riches before God? Who wants to impress the world? Who boasts being rich while saying others do not have the riches ?   Does not that show, they have betrayed Christ? God does not dwell in man made temples. After HWA’s restoring, why do we need a big auditorium and having concerts etc, to impress the world???  Bedsides, casting out the “Spiritual” stones of the temple to hide their sins  but  building a “physical” temple?   ( Read: Christ’s wife was betrayed by an evangelist) The “rich” explained in James ,  became ‘rich’,  in the last moments and at the same time they went in to captivity. Then …… God had to start a “new” group with people who were rich in “faith”…..who are the “rich in faith” in James when Israel is in captivity? They are the “poor”. If all the 12 tribes in captivity, then only the ‘gentiles’ are left.   This is the TOG. This is the new group which God started to work with. Read our writing about “poor and fatherless”, it will prove from the Word of God all about the poor. PCG cannot be a “NEW” group. Since 1989, they were working. This new group begins their work, after all the 12 tribes were scattered. PCG became rich after 2000…. God allowed them to become physically rich, so that they could exalt themselves as a part of God’s indignation ( Dan 11: 36) all these are prophesied to happen and we see it is happening. The rich are exalting, while the poor are being used to trample them. these are the signs of times.


They are rich and they are to lose their gold and Christ is sending counsel to buy gold tried in the fire from Him. Laodicean era was  counseled to buy gold refined in the fire, from Christ. For this purpose, He is sending those who are rich in faith, with the counsel to purify them,…. And those who bring counsel to buy gold, are the poor and the gentiles as we have proven from the Word of God written in our writing “become pure as gold of ophir”. So the rich and the poor were separated…. The rich are the Jews, and the poor are the gentiles. But the “poor” are to tread the rich  down.  


Former prohets Pg 46

{Those saints who rebel, God places in to the “outer court” of his temple. They are to be plunged in to the great tribulation (times of Gentiles) unless they repent. …….. the saints who “rise and measure” now become “pillars” in God’s future temple.}

The TOG is here and God Has placed the inner court which failed to repent in the outer court. This is the spiritual tribulation, as they are scattered spiritually. Trying  to hide their sins, they are waiting furious and  scared while we witness against them. As  we saw, the gentiles are rising at the time of Rev 11: 2…. And while the Rev 17 beast rises. The fact that all 12 tribes have gone in to captivity shows, that all the Jews who say  they are Jews, have become a synagogue of satan. They broke the covenant in the last end as we are witnessing. So the remnant who has risen up are the poor gentiles, and their work is explained in Is 56: 3-10, while Jews are dumb dogs, these gentiles are holding fast better than sons and daughters, and they are in the “house of prayer” and the “Holy

Mountain”. Mountain pictures the government. As Christ was rejected, now, the Jews have rejected us too until their time is up. God Has given a short time of 42 months for our work. (Read: Synagogue of the Jews) to find out about who this synagogue of the Jews and how they became so.


In Rev 3, the Philadelphia era, became the laodicean. Then, the book of revelation was given to “Asians” who are the gentiles. It was not addressed to any of Israel but seven asian cities are mentioned. Judgment begins at the house of the Lord and at His sanctuary. As we have proven from the Word of God, (1 Cor 4:5, ) we cannot judge the works of darkness before Christ comes. now, since He Has come as a thief in this night, He is using the gentiles as 1 Pete 2: 12 says, to expose the Jews’ sins. Or as Mal 3 says, as the Messenger of the covenant, Christ Has come to purify the ministry and to set up the covenant again. In Is 42:6 – 7… while Christ was to be a covenant , He is being a “light” to the :”gentiles”. This means, the revelation comes to gentiles…. As v 7 says,  He will also open the blind eyes. And will bring out the captives. Israel are the blind and also the captives. V 4 says the “isles” shall wait for His law… the isles, are the habitable places in the sea. Now, Israel is in the sea as we have proven, coming out of sea. (Zech 10:10-11, Ps 68:22) So the gentiles, are in isles, waiting for God’s law. V 1 and 3 shows, He will bring judgment to gentiles, and judgment for the truth….. earlier we saw the gentiles, the poor who wait on God. while the ‘blind’ Jews are being brought out of captivity, the gentiles are waiting for God’s law. Jews and gentiles are separated….. here are more scripture to prove that the split is between Jews and gentiles ;……


·        Mat 5: 16… Let your light shine before men, by “good works” which glorify God…. who has “good works”? 1 Pet 2: 12…. The gentiles… on the day of visitation, and time of judgment.  The gentiles glorify God ! and accuse  Jews of being evil.

·        Pro 25:28…. Jews have no control over their Spirit as now they are in captivity. So they are like broken walls. But, Pro 16: 32… the gentiles have rule over their own spirits and they build the wall. Is 60: 3, 66:12, Zech 6:15….


·        1 cor 14:21…. In the “LAW” …. Men with other tongues will speak to Jews, but, they would not listen. So the Jews do not listen to God, but gentiles do.

·        Rom 9:25, Hos 2: 23…. God calls gentiles “HIS” people, while He rejects Jews.

·        Deut 32: 1-43… gentiles are God’s people, and they sing the song of Moses to testify against the Jews.

·        Mal 1:11…. God accept “Gentiles” offerings while He rejects the entire ministry, the Jews.


·        Is 56: 3-10 God calls His ministry “dumb dogs” while He accept Gentiles’ offerings better than the Jews . God Has rejected Jews as they failed to worship in Jerusalem or in the Holy mountain (John 4: 21) But gentiles are in God’s Holy mountain. Gentiles are being allowed in the “house of prayer”  and Christ came on the donkey to clean the house of prayer where Jews are.

·        Rom 11: 17… gentiles are grafted in while God rejected the Jews. Natural branches, the Jews were cut down, while wild olive branches, the gentiles were grafted in.

·        Rom 9: 30-31… Gentiles have attained the righteousness while Jews did not. Gentiles have faith, but Jews do not have.

·        Is 65: 1 – 3  God was sought by the gentiles, while Jews provoked God to anger by being rebellious.

·        James 2: 5 … the poor became rich in faith, who are the gentiles, but the rich who are the Jews  need to purify their gold.

·        Rev 11: 2… the  inner court  (Jews)needed to be measured, while the gentiles in the outer court did not.

·        Is 62: 1-11… Zion was forsaken, her watchmen, in the end of the earth ( gentiles)  will tell Zion that her salvation comes.

·        Ez 39: 21- 23… Jews are in captivity and gentiles will see.

·        Act 28: 28 --- gentiles heard and heeded while Jews rejected.

·        Rom 11:7… Jews not obtained grace, but gentiles have

·        Zech 11: 10-11… God broke the covenant with Jews, while the poor  (gentiles) watched.

·        1 Thes 2:18, Rom 15:22, Rom 1:13,  Jews hindered with satan from gentiles being converted, but gentiles became rich in faith

·        Is 3:8, Mic 2:9 etc.. Jews lost  God’s glory while gentiles give glory to Him. Eze 39: 21, Rom 15: 9 – 21.

·        Deut 32: 43… Rejoice you gentiles, “HIS” people = Rom 15: 10…same.

·        2 Sam 22: 40--- Jews have not been obedient and king David says, ‘gentiles’ will submit to him. Ps 18: 49

·        Is 1: 3… ox knows it ‘s owner, but Jews do not know God.

·        Is 11:10…gentiles shall seek Christ.

·        Rom 10:3… Jews did not seek righteousness but gentiles did

·        Rom 10: 15… gentiles will bring the gospel of peace, while Jews needed it as they are captives and no peace in them.

·        Deut 32:21.. Jews provoked God to anger but gentiles will provoke Jews to anger by being first fruits. Rom 10:19

·        Act 13: 40 onwards says Jews despised God but gentiles will do the work of wonder and seek God. V 46… Paul rejected the Jews and went to gentiles. V 41… Jews despised and they will perish and wonder about this gentile work which they would not believe. Hab 1: 5,  Is 29: 14,  28: 21,  

·        Act 22:21… Christ sent Paul to ‘gentiles” as Jews rejected, 26:17

·        Act 28: 27… Jews became blind, salvation went to gentiles, and they will hear it, and we see that this prophecy was fulfilled right before our eyes, as we have heard and are being used to provoke the Jews to jealousy, then, Jews departed, (v 29), then Paul continued preaching about the ‘KINGDOM” and no one forbid him. Jews rejected the kingdom, gentiles will sit in it. Why would Paul preach about the ‘Kingdom” to gentiles, if they are not invited and if it is not possible for gentiles to sit in the kingdom? From this verse, the book of Acts ended. This means, the continuation of the book of Acts will be done by those who heard the good news, the ‘GENTILES”… this shows, what Christ said, that none of the invitees attended the wedding and gentiles from east and west will come and sit in the kingdom, has come true.

·        1 Pet 2: 12…. Gentiles will be accusing Jews of being evil, and they know when Christ comes but the prophet who is among the Jews do not even know Hos 9:6

·        Jews have sinned continually, but gentiles shall execute judgments Ez 11:9,   7;24,    5;8,    23;45-49,   16;40,  Lam 1:15,

·        Amos 5:2… Virgin of Israel never shall rise, but gentiles will rise

·        Gentiles have the “truth” (the true followers are cast out), but Jews have fallen from the truth, by trusting men.

·        Gentiles have attained to righteousness but Jews have failed

·        Gentiles are the just who have to live by Christ’s faith, but Jews live by their own faith … on another God.

·        Jews have become proud and rich, while gentiles have become meek and poor

·        Jews are in captivity, and gentiles have seen them going in to captivity, and they will bring them back.

·        Gentiles will bring gold of “Ophir” while Jews need counseling to buy gold from Christ (Read: become pure as gold of ophir)

·        Jews have blasphemed God, while gentiles are giving glory to God. (read: PCG Blasphemed)

·        Holy Spirit is taken away from Jews but the maid servants and men servants receive Holy Spirit. Joel… 2: 28- 29

·        Jews’ gold has become dross, (Jam 5) but gentiles will bring gold Is 60:9, Ps 72: 10

·        Cities of Jews’ will be desolate and the gentiles are desolating them. ( Read: Biblical Tarshish and young lions)

·        Jews are causing the ruins, but gentiles will help Christ to raise up the ruins. Zech 6:15,  Is 60: 10,

·        Jews offer blind sacrifices, but gentiles sacrifices are accepted as pure by God. Mal 1: 11.

·        Israel is in the sea, having sinned and coming out of Egypt, but gentiles will bring them out of the sea (Read: Israel will come out of sea)

·        Ez 30: 3… God punishes using the gentiles , but Jews are being punished.

·        1 Thes 5: 2… gentiles know perfectly when Christ comes as a thief in the night, but it is night un to Jews.

·        Jere 8: 1-2… Jews have sinned and only the bones are left  but gentiles will bring their bones so God can  give life to them.

·        Jam 1: 1… the Jews are being scattered but gentiles will fly like a cloud to their resting place (Is 60: 8-9)

·        Mic 4: 10,  Is 43:14,  Jews were sent to “Babylon”, but gentiles will bring them back Is.  14.

·        Jews failed in the last hour, but gentiles are risen in the last hour.

·        Jews caused God to depart from the Sanctuary (Ez 24: 21, 10: 18-19, 11: 22-24), gentiles will be a little Sanctuary, lam 2:7

·        Lam 1: 10… Jews allowed heathen to come in to Sanctuary, but gentiles are treading them down v 15

·        Lam 2: 20 the prophet and the priest will be slain in the Sanctuary, but gentiles (lions and the worst of the gentiles) will slay them by God’s words.

·        Jews killed the witnesses spiritually in Rev 11 and are keeping their dead bodies in the streets of Jerusalem, but the stones in the Sanctuary are poured out in every street by God. Lam 4:1, as there is no one in the streets who execute judgments of God and they sin. Jere 5:1 , Jer 7: 17-18,  34,   

·        Jews or the synagogue of the Jews  (Rev 3, Ez 16: 52)  have broken the covenant, but gentiles will hold on to it. Is 56: 3-8

·        Is 48:1- 2..,  Jacob, Israel,  Judah and Holy city, all the Jews call on God, but not in righteousness or in truth and have sinned. Is 43:10 – 12… God calls the men of east, who are gentiles to witness against them.


The list can go on. It is up to every individual to understand the signs of times as there are no more leaders who could interpret these signs of the end time. Christ said, we do not need any one to teach us, as all the leaders have failed. 1 John 2: 27.


We hope and pray that all Israel will be gathered soon.


Witness 1,


Gentile assembly