Thunderous  voice pt 2


Is 5: 16 ;the Lord shall be exalted in ‘JUDGEMENT”…that means until the  time of judgment, God’s due glory was not given to Him, by His children of Israel. ( Hos 11: 7) The end has to come to God’s people when they go to Babylon. ( Jer 51: 13, Ez. 7:2, 6, Amo 8: 2, Mic 4: 10) This is when God sends the thunderous voice. God Has appointed  watchmen, the ‘lions’ as we proved in our first part, who executes written  judgments. Hos 11: 9-10, God says, He will not execute the heat of anger, and will not destroy … but, wants  them to return to Him.  That means they have left Him. 


He will roar as a “lion and when He roars, His children would tremble from the ‘WEST”. That means He roars when all  those who are in the west, have forsaken Him. If the children are in the ‘west’,   then the  voice should come from the ‘east”. They are the many nations or kingdoms, or many waters or many churches, who are now divided and are in the west. So the voice could not be GF’s, as he too is in the west and are in captivity, and at that time God will judge them as Ez. 16: 52.  But now, including GF all are in captivity and some in the east, are sending the voice. That is the time, God roars as ALL have forsaken Him.


Hos 11V 12.. Ephraim is lying… this is our RD, as we have proven, who lied to the whole church and covered up the betrayal…with the knowledge of GF. But,  Judah” is “faithful. Who are ‘Judah’ now?  “The Lion” is Christ, and  He is “The Lion of tribe of Judah”. Now He  Has come to judge the church. That includes all 12 tribes of Israel, including Judah as Jam 1: 1 says. This is why, the judgments, in the first place. If He is ‘the” lion, then, He would be using other lions. We proved that the lions are from Tarshish or who come from a far as the Word says,  in the first part. When all Israel failed, the foolish nation was grafted as an olive tree. ( Deut 32: 21, Rom 10: 19,) The wild olive tree, ( Rom 11: 17, 24) is grafted to the tribe of Judah as Gen. 49: 9 – 11 says.  So they are  the lions and the faithful Judah. Why would God graft in some foolish people, if He  was not planning to use them for some important  purpose?  Why could not God use some of His own children for judgments? Because, there is not a single man who was found to have proven themselves as “men” , according to God’s requirements mentioned in 1 Kin 2: 2 – 3. ( Is 59: 16,  Is 41: 28,  63:5,  Jer 5: 1,  Ez. 22: 30. That is the time when all the proud, wise men in the church became fools and the foolish people became wise. ( God said, He will cause the wisdom of the wise to be perished in the end time and will reveal things to babes ) We proved from the Word that only three faithful witnesses are there, God, Christ , and the new moon. This is the new moon, who are faithfully witnessing , raising their voices against the children of Israel.  Read;… Genesis 49


Dan 7: 25… Rev 17: 10, the saints are given to the beast for three and half years. It is God who gave them to these beasts’ hands. He does not give them to EU or CC.  His own leaders have become beasts, as we proved from the Word. At that time, the ‘judgments’ will begin as v 26 says. Dan 11: 36 says, as a part of God’s judgment, and wrath, He allowed them to exalt themselves and the worst part is, THEY WILL PROSPER IN DOING SO. This is the time, when satan was cast down to earth as Rev 12:12 says. When David’s throne became  a beast, God will not keep quiet. He wants some people to tell their transgressions. This happen when all have sinned and gone in to captivity as we have proven from the Word. This is the time the beasts come out of sea and land in Rev 13. And gentiles are treading the inner court. So those who are treading and witnessing against them only will be sending the voice.


This voice is ;  the verbal blast… raise their voices… tell their transgressions, to plead with them with the covenant of peace for them to return to God, and to sing the “Song of Moses” as Rev 15: 3, to witness against their covenant breaking sins, to shout around to make the false wall of Zion to fall down, to desolate the cities of Judah, the over flowing shower, the flood, send fire, which is the Word of God to purify them  and to say to Zion.. behold your God… ! 


In Exo 19, God thundered by cloud and fire and smoke. We proved that “smoke” is because of God’s “jealousy”, and He is jealous only when His wife goes after other gods. The fire, is in Zion now. ( Is 31:9, Lam 2: 4,   4: 11….


Exo 20: when God thundered, in v 23,.. God condemns those who would make images from gold and silver… this is one reason He is raising His voice from heaven.  Who made images from gold and silver which God gave? Ez. 16: 17… it is PCG…  GF wrote in his book of Ezekiel, that he is the man who entered in to the marriage covenant and was given all these including gold and silver. Then, he has to be the man who made images and aroused God’s anger…who ever has the gold and silver only could make images out of them. if God Has not given to other churches, then they are not the ones who have made images of gold and silver. GF has to be the man God is thundering and sending the voice against. If God thundered for physical Israel to not to make images , would He not thunder now for the spiritual Israel when they have made images ?


Is 58:… cry aloud, like a trumpet… and show My people their transgressions… these are God’s people, who had the Law to transgress. They desire to have the knowledge and God’s ways, as a nation that “Has done”, or “DID” righteousness….they are not righteous any more and that is why God wants us to tell their transgressions. These are the people who made golden images. They desire to draw near to God, ( luke warm) and they even fast and afflict their souls. But, at the same time, they do not obey God and are wicked. What God expect is to remove their wickedness  and not to oppress people, and feed the hungry ( spiritually ) and to cover the naked ( as they pulled the robes of women those who were loyal to God, in the end as Mic 2: 9 says, ) and to bring the poor… (These are the poor who were misjudged by the rich, as James says, in the end time) then, they will have light. But now they are in darkness and in a dry place. Then, …God is raising His voice to thunder the sins of His people. This definitely cannot be GF, as he is the man who caused the poor to fail and now is unrighteous as being the worst ( Ez. 16: 52..)


Job 37: 2- 4… Listen to the thundering voice of God, as He loose it under the heavens, and His lightning to the earth. And after the lightning, His voice comes… We proved from the Word, that Zion is cast down to earth and those who are working for God are now in heaven.. (Spiritually) Lightning, is a bright illumination, which is spread in the “CLOUDS”… from clouds, it comes upon the earth. This is how; God’s voice comes to the sinning church which is in the earth. The light comes, or the Word of God, comes from the clouds… God thunders in the heavens, to reveal the iniquity of His people. Job 20: 27. … Exo 20: 22…so this voice is not GF’s, as he is cast down.


Ps 29… God requires the sons to give glory to Him. The voice of God ; on the waters.  In the beginning,  God walked upon the waters  when it is empty and dark. ( Gen. 1: 2) Now, there is darkness on the waters once again,  as God’s Spirit Has left and He thunders to them to get them fear Him. Ps 18: 9, 11… God made His “secret” place dark, with thick clouds… (Spiritual clouds, are the gentiles as we have proven).  There is darkness under His FEET, that is where the footstool is. So this voice comes when all have failed to give glory. That is after GF also stopped giving glory to God… so the voice is not GF’s.


V 5… God breaks the cedars of Lebanon. Break is strong’s 7665. This means, to break in to pieces, crush, destroy and also to give birth.  God is causing Zion to be desolated, then break her wall , totally be killed spiritually, then He will build her again and give birth to her. This is Zion, who is travailing to be born… God breaks the cedars , we know that they are the leaders of God’s church. They will have to die spiritually first to be born again.  This is why, God’s voice is thundering to them, to return to Him, who are in the west.


God family vision—page 51—

Referring to jer.26: 9---"understand: this is not ancient history: this has never happened!



Anciently, Shiloh was left in ruins, but not "without an inhabitant….Now, there is no one in Zion, who worships God in Spirit and truth… Zion is left without an inhabitant…we know, because when we, the lions roar only, the cities of Judah are going to be desolated as we proved from the Word. 


V 7… the voice of the Lord, divides the ‘flames of fire”… Is 66, … when Zion is travailing to be born, v 15- 16… God rebukes them with “flames of fire”… the fire is the Word of God, which comes like an over flowing flood as v 12 says.  it is God’s ministers, or those who are serving God at this time, are a flame of fire as Heb 1: 7… and as v 12 says, it is the gentiles who sends this over flowing flood of God’s Word. God, is a consuming fire ( Deut 4: 24,  9: 3, Heb 12: 29). Don’t we see Zion is travailing to be born? The voice of the Lord, comes in this flames of fire, JUST before Zion is to be born and not when WCG fell. so the voice is not GF’s.


V 11… God will finally bless His people with peace… the covenant of peace, will be brought also by the gentiles to plead God’s people to return to Him. Read;…Covenant of peace


From “Former prophets”, pg 24….

Lets look at a feast of trumpets message…. This chapter is read in Jewish synagogues even today on the feast of trumpets. It contains a very prophetic message. …..the adversaries of the Lord shall be broken to pieces ; out of heaven shall he thunder upon them:  the Lord shall judge the ends of the earth; and He shall give strength unto His king and exalt the horn of His anointed “ 1 Sam 2: 10). ……He is going to thunder out of heaven like a tornado and break His adversaries to pieces. }… now, is the time to break the enemies in to pieces, by sending the fire which is the Word…. the Word of God can slay a person, ( Hos 6: 3 – 6… He comes in rain, and by words of God’s mouth, the judgments goes forth and v 7.. Like Adam, they have broken the covenant.) Who broke the covenant in the end? it is PCG… because she is the one who entered in to a marriage covenant with God as Ez. 16: 8 says. If they have broken the covenant like Adam, then the punishment is death… as God cursed Adam, He Has cursed the PCG leader also by spiritual death and by cutting off the tree of life. We proved how GF failed in all three points one is tested, like Adam. It is the wife of Christ who became the enemy of God in the last end… so she is the one who will be broken in to pieces…this is why a flaming sword is in Zion now. Lam 2: 3… 


Gen. 3: 8 .. When Adam sinned he hid, because of the voice of the Lord.. Even now, God is sending His voice now since they have sinned. V 13 Eve said, the serpent “beguiled” me. That is to lead astray… Mal 2 says, the “ministers are leading people to go astray. So the devil is working through the ministers to deceive the church.   End time, ministers are called vipers, wolves, foxes, and beasts  by Christ… they are now deceiving God’s people like the serpent deceived Eve.  ( Rev 9:19) because they did not obey the voice of the Lord, they are cursed and now, the end time church has to suffer the same curse… pain full birth.


Who are the serpents;…

Christ said, those who do not execute proper justice, mercy and faith are like serpents and vipers. Mat 23: 23- 33…}who are these serpents who does not know justice?  

Mic 3;1… heads of Jacob and house of Israel, not for you to  know justice?  }… Micah is for the end time bride of Christ who became an enemy of God, in the last end. it is her leaders who do not know justice. Co incidentally, the high priest’s turban which pictures justice, is filthy. He is the head of  Israel.

Isa 58:2  Yet they seek Me day by day, and desire knowledge of My ways. As a nation that has done right, and not forsaking the judgment of their God, they ask Me about judgments of righteousness; they desire to draw near to God.}…In this chapter also, they have mistreated the poor and God is telling them to bring the poor back… this is the same sin God finds in all Israel in Jam 1: 1, at the time they were scattered.



Even the ground is cursed… and that is why the whole land is now desolated, and “thorns” , (who are the “ministers”) came out… the man returned to dust.. the tree of life was cut off… flaming sword is kept to keep them away and now, there is a flaming fire in Zion to keep them away ( Lam 2:3) that is why now the church is blind. They are cut off from the knowledge. So the voice comes when the flaming fire comes in Zion and therefore, the voice cannot be GF’s.


From “Royal book of revelation”;…

Pg 56;..the Bible refers to new revelation as thunder and lighting. Thunder and lighting get our attention. (Then he explains how there is a spiritual storm in God’s church , confusion etc…certainly, this is spiritual Babylon. God’s true church has split in to so many groups like never in the history ever has happened. That is confusion)…they say end time Elijah came to turn the hearts of the children to the father, but what did rea…..lly happen? 


God makes His presence known through intense thunder and lighting (spiritually speaking). But spiritual thunder means nothing if you are spiritually blind and deaf. ….}… everyone knows now the Laodiceans are spiritually blind.  And being the 7th head, GF has to be blind also and he has prophesied about his own spiritual blindness. God Has blinded the eyes of “HIS” people. ( John 12: 40, Rom 11 ). This is why,  God sends the Word, the truth and the rebuke through the “gentiles”. Israel does not know their own captivity. But God Has revealed it to gentiles Ez. 39: 21- 23. And it is the gentiles who will ask; is there no God in Zion? Jer 8: 19…


Pg 59;… So this thunder represents new revelation – new revelation that could save God’s people His own church, from the great tribulation and eternal death… only God’s church is being judged today ) 1 ( pet 4: 17) }… So this thunder comes, when God’s church is being “judged…”no one will die eternally. Even Joshua will be taken out of fire. Mal 3 says, Christ will “PURIFY ( and not kill) the MINISTRY, so they can offer righteous offerings. That means they will not die. V 4… as in the old, it will be like. This is when the tabernacle of David is raised up.  After cleansing,  the ministry will be able to present their bodies a LIVING SACRIFICE as Rom 12: 1. Therefore, no one will die eternally and that is why Christ Has come now. To save every one. That is why the Lion is raising His voice… to purify.  Until such time, the tabernacle is fallen and that includes PCG and GF as Ez. 16: 52… all gone in to captivity. 


In Exo. 19, Israel was receiving some revelation. …now therefore, if ye will obey My voice indeed, and keep My covenant , then ye shall be a peculiar treasure un to me above all people: for all the earth, is Mine… and ye shall be un to me a kingdom of priests, and Holy nation. Israel was to be a kingdom of priests… this is what they rebelled against. Today, the church of God is a kingdom of priestsspiritually. }… is the church of God, who is a kingdom of priests, who rebelled and became the kingdom of beasts. They failed to prove themselves to be a kingdom of priests, because they broke the covenant. This is why God is thundering to them, to return to Him… would not God come down and thunders against their failure? So the voice should come when they have broken the covenant and it was PCG who broke the covenant in the end. so the voice cannot be GF, as he is the one who broke the covenant. 


And it came to pass on the third day, in the morning, that there were thunders and lightning and a thick cloud upon the mount, and the voice of the trumpet exceeding loud, so that all trembled… Mount Sinai was altogether on smoke, because the Lord descended upon it in fire, and smoke … as of a furnace… whole mount quaked …}… Now, on this ‘day of visitation”,  Christ Has come down and we see all these signs in the church which is the earth;  being shaken… ,fire, the furnace is in Zion, …smoke of jealousy, a trumpet is being blown to  tell their transgressions and the biggest earthquake will happen when God opens the blind eyes to the truth. Zion’s fire, and furnace… is  affliction….Is 33: 14. Ps 46:6… earth will melt. And thick clouds are over Zion as Is 19 also says. the cloudy day is here , which is the ‘times of gentiles’ as Ez. 30:3 .  The “watchmen” will see when God brings back Zion. Is 52: 8 .   


Pg 64;… There was more spiritual thunder and lighting than any time ever on this earth. That is because God gives a fuller understanding just before Christ returns. This is talking about spiritual understanding of God’s law and God ’s  government,….}as we proved, during this “day of visitation”, only those who work with Christ, ( and they are gentiles as 1 Pet 2: 12) will glorify God and will have their minds opened and will know the whole truth. Just before Christ returns, He Has come as a thief to purify, as the Messenger of the covenant. ( Mal 3) This is the time; the earth shall be full of knowledge. He Has to undo all the errors first by exposing and judging as 1 Cor 4: 5 says. The man of sin did a work of error ( 2 The 2) and God sent a strong delusion to believe that man’s work of error. Now, Christ Has to give lot of thunder spiritually to correct the error and teach the truth. When the ministry fails, it is the gentiles who offer PURE sacrifices to God . Mal 1: 11, Is 56: 3 – 10. They are the ones to tread down the inner court. they are the ones who are sending the voice  being the over flowing shower. So lots of thunder will be sent for purification.  


GF wrote in the “little book”;…

Pg 14… and now o ye PRIESTS… this commandment is for  you. Mal 2: 1… what commandment? The one in the book of Malachi which warns the ministers to stop causing people to stumble at the Law ( Mal 2: 7-8) God gets very personal. It is to each one of the laodicean ministers… } … GF, being the leader, or the 7th head should heed to this commandment more than any one else. Also because he is the worst as Ez. 16: 52.  This should happen AFTER the temple was built.  The ministers will continue to make people to stumble at the Law, UNTIL Christ comes and purifies them. so  the corrupt ministry  includes GF, as he is the high priest, being Joshua, who has the filthy turban. So how could Joshua send the voice?


Pg 15… here we see an end time Joshua in the bonds of satan. And he shewed me Joshua the high priest … here is the most pathetic pictures in the Bible… God’s OWN HIGH PRIEST IN THE BONDS OF SATAN SPIRITUALLY. }… who is the high priest? Is it not GF, himself? Who said in 2004 FOT, that he is the high priest? This man will be put in the fire, and will be taken out. Also he is the man of sin, who will be consumed by Christ’s breath ( Holy Spirit).that means he definitely does not have the Spirit and he needs to be purified more than any one else. This is why the voice is thundering to Joshua, to obey God’s voice… as Christ said, those who are of the ‘TRUTH” hears His voice. But this Joshua, sine he does not have the ‘truth’, does not obey His voice. 


Pg 18;… there has also been a monstrous betrayal of Christ today. The man of sin destroys people spiritually. }..this is the same high priest, who is in the bonds of satan spiritually who  betrayed Christ. Christ could be betrayed only by the man who eats bread with Him, as we proved in “foundations fallen” writing. So who eats the bread or revelation? It is GF…. How could he be the voice, when he is the man who should be receiving the voice? And as he says, if it is a spiritual destruction, then only the high priest is responsible for that. Besides, this happen in the last hour… last end. so who is the inner court , or the high priest, or God’s church in the last end?


 Read:  Christ’s wife betrayed by an evangelist's%20Wife,%20Betrayed%20by%20an%20Evangelist.htm


He sits as God … he puts himself above anything that is of God ! … a man sits in God’s own church acting like God ! He believes he is the source of all righteousness…}…In our writing, “foundations are fallen”, we proved that it is GF who says, we are (G)ods… with a capital G… who thinks he is God other than that? As for thinking; that he is the “source of all righteousness”….? It is GF who always accuse others and judge others. God gave him the authority to judge as Ez. 16: 52 says, but later when he became THE WORST, God sent him in to captivity as well. Thereafter, he is to fall away from the truth and is to exalt himself. This is why he thinks he is righteous. Would not God raise His voice to such a high priest who destroys all His people? it is the ‘wise’ who will be come fools… it is the ministers who will become ‘dumb dogs’ and ‘foxes’ and will exalt and shatter the power of the Holy people, even after few do the exploits…. Dan 12: 7,  11: 36,  Is 56: 10, Ez. 13: 4, Dan 11: 32- 35.


Pg 21… ‘we are the inner court where God dwells ! we are in the Holy place. }.. This sentence alone proves that he thinks he is righteous. At this time, the inner court is being trodden down by the gentiles. He is the only man who says, ‘I am intimate with God like no other, … I am eating from the tree of life,  Now it is time to magnify my office, which really is God’s office” etc….if he is eating from the tree of life, he is the man who got the piece of bread from Christ . but he turned around and betrayed Christ.  


We must remember we are in the inner court because we are humble enough to let God measure us.}…Humble?   enough to measure ?  Did he allow God to measure him when he committed spiritual adultery? God clearly commands not to invite unbaptized strangers in to God’s ministry, or to the inner court. GF had 17 men as local elders as we have been witnessing. As soon as there is some uncleanness such as that, God tries to clean out. This is why, God raised a few people to show GF, that it is against God’s covenant to do so. But was GF humble enough to let God measure him? …. Will not God search whether we have foreign gods? Ps 44: 20 – 21….Look what happened to Mr Durrad. Did GF humbly answered him?   


Here is what GF wrote, The lion has roared;…all in different pages.

1.      Lion roars when the END has come upon God’s people….,

2.     songs of the temple shall be howlings, ….

3.     the priests have mistreated the poor, …

4.    it is about God’s church in the very end…,

5.      alarming prophecy about God’s own people…,

6.     famine of God’s Word….,

7.     God thunders to us that the end is come…,

8.     it has become luke warm,…

9.    .the lion has roared who will not fear, the Lord God hath spoken…,

10.                        it is a time for self examination and repentance…,

11.  how does God roar… as He always through His loyal people…, is about war and captivity,

13. horns of the altar cut off…,

14.all of the evil is coming upon because rebelling against God’s law…, .

15.  the virgin if Israel is fallen…,

16.the people caught up in spiritual Sodom …,

17. God brought Israel out of Egypt but that is only a type of bringing spiritual Israel, or the church out of this world… ( pg 28),

18.the book of Amos is mainly focusing on God’s church, and it is being fulfilled this very moment….

19.The spiritual temple  or God’s church today…,

20.                      the horns of the altar shall be cut off and fall to the ground…,, we know this is referring to God’s true church that became Laodicean.

22.                        God is severely correcting the Laodicean ministry… .the altar is a type of ministry today….,

23.                       the post, the pillars shake which means its going to shake the whole roof and the foundation – everything spiritually. …,

24.                        God Himself is standing not on the altar but by it:

25.                        God Himself appears,

26.                        it is as if Jesus Christ is here….  Himself doing it, is smiting something.

27.                       The Lord my God shall come, and all the saints with thee ( Zech 14: 5) this is an earthquake to occur at Christ’s return…., we know that God is dealing with us spiritually today,…, }… so you see, that God Has revealed what He wants His leaders and the people to know, before the actual roar of the lion. God really is standing , He Has appeared, as Christ said, Behold , I come as a thief… that is to correct… so He Has come… because they were rebelling against His Law. ….Read the above points again. Christ appears only in the ‘day of visitation’, which we proved that is being fulfilled. So this is the time that the voice of the lion should come, when  God is severely correcting the Laodicean ministrywhich includes GF. So he cannot be the voice.


As God thundered to give the Law, now He thunders when they have broken the Law. Also when He brought them out of Egypt.  He thunders  now, once again, the second time, to bring them out of Egypt as Is 11: 11,  Rev 11: 8 says.


John 12: 23---….Christ said, one has to die to save their lives ( eternal)  and …for this ‘HOUR” He came… and He said to the Father;… glorify Your name. Then a voice came out of the heaven: I both glorified it, and I will glorify it againthen,… thunder. He, then said, this voice has not occurred because of Me, but because of you… now, is the JUDGMENT” of this world… now, the ruler of this world shall be cast outit is OUR judgment. so the voice is for us, to the church, during the judgment. His name was glorified once, and again… will glorify. This is what is happening now.


Rev 12: 9- 12… Satan and his angels were cast down, and a voice came from heaven; now, the salvation and power and the kingdom of God, has come as the devil was cast down. This is the fulfillment of the ruler of this world shall be cast out as John 12: 28 says…and it is the time of judgment. those who are with Christ at this moment, have over come by the ‘blood of Christ’ and they did not love their souls even to death… they are the ones who were spiritually murdered by the evil leaders because of their testimony ( v 11) these are the little sanctuaries and the gentiles who opposed the leader’s sins and those who feared God and hated the minister’s evil works and separated,fearing and heeding the voice of God as Mal 3: 16-18. 


What does it mean ; I will glorify it again?...Christ was prophesying that God will be glorified in ( v 28)  ‘judgment”…

( Isa 5:16  But Jehovah of Hosts is exalted in judgment, ….)… now, is the time for judgment as we have come to the end and He was prophesying about our time. Now, God will be glorified. ( Is 42… new things, new songs  from ends of the earth and from islands ) This is why, there is a voice, coming out of clouds, fire and lightning….All the heavenly signs are shaken. Is 5: 15 says, the proud shall be humbled… v 17… this is the time for the gentiles or strangers to eat the waste places of the leaders… no more vanity….leaders will no more be exalted…only God!... Ps 4: 2…   


In Num 14: 14, it is said, that people knew God was among the people, because His ‘CLOUD” and “fire” stood over… now, this is the night, and there is fire, and also the ‘cloud’. So we know that God is among His people, purifying to bring them to birth. Even this time, as v 19 says, the forgiveness for iniquity was needed.


now, the ruler of this world shall be cast out…}…this is why, satan is cast down to earth, so he can cause God’s high priest to exalt and sit as God sits then Christ can expose when He comes as 1 cor 4: 5 says…. so satan can be judged and punished and then, the eternally, we can live under God’s Law, without breaking it.  So the thunder comes in judgment, and the sinners will be exposed…we know as the prophet Malachi says, that leaders have not honored God. 


Fear God, and give glory to Him, because the hour of His judgment has come; also, Worship "Him who has made the heaven, and the earth, and the sea," and the springs of waters.( Rev 14: 7)


1Co 4:5  Then do not judge anything before the time, until the Lord comes, who will both shed light on the hidden things of darkness and will reveal the counsels of the hearts. And then praise will be to each one from God. }… all will be exposed, the mouths of the proud will be shut, Tit 1: 10- 11.


John 12: 32 – 33…. If I be “LIFTED” up… this means the “death”….but in judgment, He will not die again. “Lift” is strong’s 5312… means to “exalt” also. So now, in  JUDGEMENT, He will be exalted… Act 13: 17…God exalted the people out of Egypt with a high arm bringing them out… even now, they are being lead away from Egypt, by the hand of God … therefore, humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God… 1 Pet 5: 6., Jam 4: 10, John 12: 38… to whom the arm of the Lord is revealed?..... Who would believe the report?... This is the report which Habakkuk said, when you hear, you must run….this is the wonderful, short work which God does in judgment. But they cannot see as God Has blinded them as v 40 . Christ will judge by His words all the men who reject Him, on the last day. This is why the voice is thundering to the leaders and sending the Word, judging… to humble them so they can exalt Christ and God.  There will be voice of rejoicing and salvation in the tents of the righteous… the right hand of God, works mightily. Ps 118: 15.


V 42… many believed but did not want to admit in fear of the Jews … even now, many believe and say, we say the truth, but they do not want to admit openly, as they fear that they will be put out of the synagogue…. history repeats…. If you do not obey the Word, you are worshiping the beast, taking his image. But remember, you are created in God’s image.


 If anyone worships the beast and its image, and receives a mark on his forehead, or in his hand,

He also shall drink of the wine of the anger of God having been mixed undiluted in the cup of His wrath. ;…( Rev 14: 9-10)

Now, as we have proven from the Word, the church is in Babylon. The last voice God says to His people is ….


Rev 18:4  And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

                               Come out of her,


Rev 3:20  Behold, I stand at the door and knock: If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will enter to him, and I will dine with him, and he with Me…}… laodicean era means ‘judgment”.  As we have proven from the Word, God’s thundering voice comes during the judgments. Church Has rejected her Husband and now He is outside knocking to come in…. what an, unbelieving, disgraceful, disloyal, disobedient ,  sinful despisers these leaders are? During that time, it is the gentiles who will be sending the Word as they are grafted as the vessels of mercy. The inner court has caused God to leave His own Sanctuary. ( Ez. 24:21) Now Christ is knocking to get in.


Christ came to harvest the vineyard in a cloud.. Rev 14: 14-16. Now is the harvest. Now, the wheat and the chaff are being separated.  v 15 says, the harvest is dried… ( strong’s  3583 means dry up, pine away, be ripe, wither…). Who are to pine away? Ez. 24: 21-23


Rev 16: 17- 21… when the  seventh angel poured his bowl, a voice came from heaven saying ; it is done… at this time, the biggest earthquake will happen spiritually. And every island, that is every member, ( island is a habitable place in the sea and now they are coming out of the sea. the islands are the people who will be scattered as they will find out that they have been deceived all along by their leaders and they have been worshiping the beast instead of God,.) Mountains or churches will not be found when they learn that what they have believed is not the truth. The mountains are the churches.


The great ‘HAIL’… what is hail?... it is the hardened water… the water, or Holy Spirit is hardened and they will realize they do not have the Holy spirit any more. The waters are frozen… ( Job 38: 30) How would one feel to learn that they do not have the Holy Spirit and are dead spiritually? To learn that they are being betrayed  by the leaders? Then, there is no place of safety, and they have been in Babylon etc…?


The hardened water also, means the Word of God, which came in an over flowing flood, will cut to their hearts to show their sins.  They will learn the truth and their eyes will be opened and they will realize that they have broken the covenant; and have sinned against the Lord ;and they are naked, ( Laodiceans )  just as Adam and  Eve did when they sinned. When their eyes will be opened to their own sins, they will be so ashamed and will not believe. God’s words will be  hard for them to accept. They will say, why did God do this to us? Why did God allow us to be deceived like this? Why did God allow His own high priest to lead them astray? 


Also they will not believe;… the kingdom is taken from them and given to another nation which will bear fruits ;and many have come and sat with Abraham from east and west; and their labours are in vain ;and they have been worshiping God falsely ; and that Christ Has given a last ones the same wages as He said ; and more than that, to learn that their own leaders whom they trusted so much and depended upon to save them are the very ones who caused them to stumble ? and they will start to hate themselves…. It will be so hard for them that they will blasphemy God. when a minister does something wrong and when God does not handle it right away, we think, why cant God see and correct him?.... we ask so many questions from God. Didn’t we ask such questions when WCG fell? how could God allow that; is this not God’s church; why would not God correct His own church; Is this the true church etc….


They would think ;  we have been keeping the Law all this time ;we obeyed the ministry ; we have been paying tithes truthfully, we have been helping the work to our best and why did  not God do something about that etc… etc. they will have millions of questions…. When WCG fell, people did not know what to do, where to go etc.. some thought God will correct it and stayed along and without knowingly, they started to obey the new leadership and fell from the truth;  they do not even keep the identifying sign Sabbath. They do not even know they are fallen and are deceived.  Some wandered from mountain to mountain as Ez. 34 says… some went to worldly churches… just like the parable of the sower, many fell,  and the church broke in to so many groups……  but those who read our mail, would think… I wish I had obeyed the voice of the Lord…. !


The final voice comes from Christ, Himself, and He will send His voice through the loyal and faithful lions when all Israel have failed and there no longer any prophet( Ps 74)  and everything in the sanctuary is damaged and God could no longer dwell in the sanctuary.


After the judgments,  the voice will praise God. ( Rev 19: 1,  )

 Hallelujah! The salvation and the glory and the honor and the power of the Lord our God!... and that voice comes from the slaves, and those who feared God…. (V5)…. Then the voice will be heard for the birds to come and devour the sinners ( v 17)


Rev 21:3  And I heard a great voice out of Heaven, saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God with men! And He will tabernacle with them, and they will be His people, and God Himself will be with them as their God. !....


Behold a voice out of the cloud, which said, This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him!

Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name;!!!


                                   come, Lord Jesus !!!


             May God Almighty alone be exalted!!!



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Gentile assembly