Two witnesses -  Pt 6 Salvation to Gentiles and their works of wonder  -  9th Dec 2008


It is written that one day, the Gentiles would be saved first as Jews rejected, and become GOD’s people and they will be called the “circumcision” or ‘Israel of GOD”,  and the “Jews” will be called “heathen”. Or, GOD rejects Israel, and Gentiles become His people. First time CHRIST  came to His own, to the Jews. But second time,  He came to Gentiles. ( Colos 1: 27) He wants to open the veil which is between the Jews and the Gentiles once and for all so the whole humanity could share the blessings of Abraham and become one people. For this purpose, the enmity should be removed between those who are under the Law who have GOD’s wrath, and those who have mercy of GOD. Do you know that The Gentiles have become  a NEW CREATURE, OR CREATION ???


We proved what is “salvation”, and how it came to Gentiles first, but same way, all Israel will be given salvation as well, as it is written. Salvation comes to Israel, when they acknowledge the  ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD, WHO IS “CHRIST our LORD” . It is because they rejected Him, the salvation came to Gentiles first. If these things are written , and if we prove from the Scripture, why cant you believe the Scripture ???? It is Israel’s own sins which separates their GOD from them. But GOD will pardon their iniquity, as GOD IS GOD.. and not a man. 



Our previous parts proved from the Scripture, that CHRIST  Has come down for the second time, and how and when He would come. He broke the bread, which are His own flesh, and blessed and gave it so all can live.   The "Day of Visitation"  writing would prove without a doubt that Israel , who were given the Law, being unable to keep the Law perfectly, failed and the Gentiles, who fulfilled the Law by their love, are being used to judge Israel. GOD said,  I will be magnified BEYOND THE BORDERS OF Israel”… Then, that must be fulfilled also. CHRIST  began His work in Galilee, and ended in Galilee as well as PROVEN. (  Mat 28: 7 , 10,  16 ,   Mar 1: 9,  Act 10: 37 )… JOh 7: 41, 52… they did not believe CHRIST , as He came from Galilee…


Galilee, is a country of the “Gentiles”…This is what caused the leaders in CHRIST ‘s day to deny Him as they rejected Him because they did not want to see their Master mixing up with the sinners of the Gentiles .  They never thought that CHRIST  could come out of Galilee and questioned ; “can anything  GOOD come out of Galilee” and can the “Messiah come from Galilee”? .  Do you leaders still think that CHRIST  is not in ‘SPIRITUAL Galilee” even now that He Has come back ???   Mat 4: 15… Please read “Why did Apostle Peter  deny CHRIST ” for more proof in



Mal 1:5  And your eyes shall see, and you shall say, Jehovah will be magnified beyond the border of Israel. }}… GOD says, YOUR EYES SHALL SEE ….when GOD will be magnified beyond the border of Israel. (because, the ministry did not honor the Father .  v 6).  So now, you should be able to see that CHRIST  Is magnified among the Gentiles . All humans were created by GOD and not only Israel. Israel is  a part of GOD’s plan to show the world that no one can even with the guidance of Holy Spirit, could attain to the righteousness of GOD and be eligible to be His sons. HE WANTS ALL TO UNDERSTAND THAT WITHOUT GOD’S BREATH OF LIFE, and by every Word which comes out of the mouth of GOD, and without eating His broken body, NO ONE CAN LIVE…. Everything works out as GOD Has planned. Mal 1:11, Zeph 3: 10,  Isa. 56: 3 – 8  proves that GOD is magnified beyond the border of Israel…. This is when  GOD accepts Gentiles’ offerings . Don’t you think all things WRITTEN have to be fulfilled???  And they are to be fulfilled during the days of vengeance?? ( Luke 21: 24). The Light Had to come to the Gentiles…and they are the prepared body, CHRIST ’s own flesh. Who ever does not believe that CHRIST  Has NOT come in the flesh, is an antichrist.  


Who becomes Israel….???  It is not the physically circumcised, but those who become “CHRIST ’S” …  Israel rejected Him and still rejects. We have  PEACE and MERCY and have become the peace makers. In the end, we are given the Everlasting life and the covenant of peace…and the Gentiles become Abraham’s seed as PROVEN and they are Israel.  For Abraham looked for a city which has foundations whose builder and maker is GOD… (  Heb 11: 10). And what is the true tabernacle ???   it is where the HIGH PRIEST is, in “heaven”, which was made by GOD… ( Heb 8: 1 – 2 ) ,  CHRIST  , being the HIGH PRIEST has a more excellent ministry, and He is the Mediator of a better covenant, on better promises… V 6. HE CHOSE Gentiles TO BE WITH HIM…  


Abraham had faith… , which is the essence of things hoped for, but not seen. ( Heb 11 : 1 – 3 ). ( The Laodiceans  see physically. therefore, they cannot have faith yet.) This is how the elders obtained “WITNESS”. ( strong’s G 3140 means to be a witness , testify…, bear record… testimony etc ) So should not be the two witnesses also have obtained their witness as they too have faith ??? They are the seed of Abraham… all proven.


Gal 3: 14… That the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ; that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.  …}}}… we have Abraham’s blessings through “faith”. That is  we  hope for UNSEEN THINGS, which are ‘SPIRITUAL”. As ABRAHAM  looked for the city where the Maker is GOD, as above, it is the Gentiles who believed and who are the walls of that city.  ( Isa. 56: 5  I, even I will give to them in My house and in My walls … …a hand and a name better than sons and than daughters; I will give them an everlasting name  .  THIS HAPPEN WHEN THE SALVATION IS ABOUT TO COME AS V 1 )    And,  We have the blessings,  through “CHIRST”… and not God The Father…  (THIS IS WHAT Israel NEED TO KNOW… TO BE CHRIST ’S ) as there is One GOD… who is CHRIST our LORD! .  We exalt Him but Moses exalted the serpent…that is the Law which brings wrath.  


The “faith” is revealed, “after” the Law fails … ( Gal 3: 21 – 26 ). THAT IS THE FAITH OF “JESUS CHRIST”… not God The Father… If so, …“when” is this ‘AFTER  ???  That is when the Laodicean era is present, when the work in Israel finishes,  when the judgments have come , or as CHRIST  Has come , as all have failed to keep the Law…., which is now, when GOD decided the virgin of Israel has finally fallen never to rise again. That is when the Law failed. This is why, the two witnesses are witnessing as the Law requires that if one failed, they need to be witnessed against.  But the faith came through ‘CHRIST ’ and not God The Father… this is where the synagogue of satan failed… they believed in God The Father…AND NOT CHRIST.  

The high priest, if he had faith ( for unseen , in CHRIST  ), he would not have broken the covenant of Abraham.


In Gen. 17 : 10 – 14… All , including the strangers are to be circumcised. Otherwise they are cut off and they are considered as to have broken the covenant.


 Exo. 12: 48 … including the strangers, are to be circumcised first, to eat Passover. If you do not obey, then GOD will walk contrary to you. ( Lev 26: 41). In the end time, even their hearts are uncircumcised to GOD as they exalt themselves and having brought uncircumcised to GOD’s Sanctuary . ( Jer 9: 25- 26,  ). “all the house of Israel, those uncircumcised of heart.”… It is the high priest, who brought UNCIRCUMCISED to the “Sanctuary” , the ministry of GOD… this is why GOD broke down their walls and brought the Gentiles to build His wall… remember, the Gentiles are to build a wall, in FAITH,  in ‘CHRIST ”, and that is the ‘spiritual’ city which Abraham was looking for as above.?

( read pro 11: 11,  16: 32…he who rules his spirit  he who takes a city. It is the Gentiles who had rule over their spirits, which are not seen, and the rich man had imaginations which they build physically Pro 18: 11 ,  Pro 25:28  A man to whom there is no control to his spirit is like a broken down city without a wall.  ).  


So they could not have the rule in their spirits , and not having hope for unseen (spiritual, or in CHRIST   ), their walls were broken down. One can have faith only if they believe “CHRIST ”. You will learn that from our writings. High priest, who is GF, brought strangers because he had no rule over his Spirit. This is why he could not build.


Enough to you, of all your abominations, O house of Israel,

when you brought in the sons of aliens, uncircumcised of heart and uncircumcised of flesh, to be in My sanctuary, to profane it, even My house, when you bring near My bread, the fat and the blood. And they have broken My covenant by all your abominations. ( Eze 47:6- 7,  Act 7: 51 .  Even this is a sin why they have to lament.  These Scripture and more will show you that all Israel have broken the covenant which GOD made with Abraham, BECAUSE THEY BROUGHT UNCIRCUMCISED IN TO GOD’S Sanctuary. No one but PCG brought the swine … But the following Scripture proves that in the end, the Gentiles became the circumcision as they have faith like Abraham. ( they hope for the unseen ) .


( Rom 2: 26- 29,  4: 9 – 12,   15: 8 – 9,   Gal 6: 15,  Israel are circumcised in the flesh made by hands, ( Eph 2: 11 ), but the Gentiles worship by the Spirit of GOD and glory in “CHRIST ” , and who do not trust in flesh and are of the circumcision…. ( Php 3: 3). And their circumcision  , is not made by hands.,.. (Colos   2: 11) . So, finally, after the Law FAILED, the Gentiles became GOD’s people, as their “heartsare circumcised.   


Through CHRIST , the Jews, or Gentiles, are to be one, or  a new creation, or all peoples are to become one with GOD and one another . At this time, Not those who are physically circumcised who become Israel, but those who have faith in CHRIST


Gal 6:12  As many as desire to look well in the flesh, these compel you to be circumcised; only lest they should suffer persecution for the cross of Christ. }}}… look well in ‘FLESH” means lusting the physical riches as we now see …


Gal 6:13  For they themselves, having been circumcised, do not even keep the Law, but they desire you to be circumcised so that they may boast in your flesh…. }}}… Who are the ‘circumcised”, if not the spiritual Israel ??? The Jews boast as they think they are GOD’s people having the Law. But they do not keep the Law… this is what the Scripture says.


Gal 6:15  For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision has any strength, nor uncircumcision, but a new creation. }}}… when any one becomes ‘CHRIST ’S”, he becomes a NEW CREATION.  It is the Gentiles, who became ‘CHRIST ’s, as PROVEN. This is why they have become the New Jerusalem. And, since we have already become a NEW CREATION, we only could declare how to become a new creation or creature.


Creature is strongs G2937. means ;   original formation (properly the act; by implication the thing, literally or figuratively): - building,  the act of founding, establishing, building,   of individual things, beings, a creature, a creation,   after a rabbinical usage (by which a man converted from idolatry to Judaism was called,   institution, ordinance. 

Gal 6:16  And as many as walk according to this rule, peace and mercy be upon them and upon the Israel of God.  What is this ‘RULE”??  it is …“to be saved through CHRIST . !!!   


to be saved through CHRIST …, and not through God The Father…!.


Who have this rule ???  We do not need to assume who has it, but the Scripture proves right in this chapter, that it is the ‘Gentiles”. Then, they are the ones who would exalt CHRIST (remember Moses, or the Law lifts up the serpent ?)


“Israel of GOD” — who are Israel of GOD ???  not the Israel after the flesh; but the spiritual seed of Abraham by faith (Gal 3:9, Gal 3:29;     Rom 2:28,      Rom 2:29;  Rom 4: 12 ,    Phi 3:3). If ‘faith’ means the ‘unseen’, then, as we are being built, …Israel,… who see “physically”, will not see us !! This is why GF, who is Joshua, who is after the Law, cannot see that GOD Has chosen Jerusalem already… because, this new creation, New Jerusalem, is a ‘spiritual’ city, which is built by the seed of Abraham who have faith ,  ( the unseen)… “IN CHRIST ”… this man rejects CHRIST … that is why he exalts himself. He cannot see that CHRIST  Has already come in the flesh spiritually.


As Rev 11: 8 says, now Israel is in Egypt spiritually… so they are not Israel,  but have become as heathen, ( that too they cannot see )  But the Gentiles have become Israel, having faith , and believing  ‘IN CHRIST ” and having kept the covenant and being joined to the LORD… ( Isa. 56: 3 – 10), and being joined to the LORD means they have become ONE Spirit WITH THE LORD .( 1 Cor 6: 17)  They are the New Jerusalem… This is why CHRIST  came to Gentiles as the Jews do not receive CHRIST ’s testimony, but Gentiles have it.


Joh 3:32  and what He has seen and heard, that He testifies, and no one receives His testimony.

Joh 3:33  He who has received His testimony has set his seal to this, that God is true}}}… Whoever were given the testimony, should seal it, and in this case, to prove…. that ‘GOD IS TRUE,  and not the liars in Israel. ”. It says here, that NO ONE RECEIVED HIS TESTIMONY. That is His own, the Jews. This is why GOD turned to Gentiles.  And the testimony is confirmed in us . (  1 Co 1: 6, 2: 1 ).. We are given the gospel of ‘CHRIST ’ , the truth .! And we are SEALED by the Holy Spirit. ( Rom 15: 27- 29,    2 Co 1: 21- 22,    Eph 1: 12- 14 ,  4: 30,   ). Even though His own did not believe, the Gentiles believed the testimony… ( 2 The 1: 10). If we have believed, then we should be the ones to seal it. This was previously written as Isa. 8: 15 - 18 says, when Israel are to stumble and fall, be broken , snared and be taken, the Gentiles who are built up ‘IN CHRIST ”, sealed the testimony. Who ever has this testimony, are a sign and a wonder in Israel… v 18. Now, you can see this sign and wonder. It should be clear that the Gentiles have the rule…


“Seal” means ; to set a seal upon, mark with a seal, to seal,  since things sealed up are concealed (as the contents of a letter), to hide, keep in silence, keep secret,  in order to prove, confirm, or attest a thing,  to confirm authenticate, place beyond doubt,  to prove one’s testimony to a person that he is what he professes to be”.  }}}… we confirm , authenticate, place beyond doubt, that …..




We died with Him, and we were raised with Him. And now, we are being revealed with Him. ( Colossians 3:1). This is why we, as HIS OWN BODY and FLESH,  can testify about the truth about the ONE TRUE GOD !!! Who else can be His witnesses ???


He is prophesied to come as a thief. But the Gentiles, are to know accurately, when He comes as a thief, and not Israel. Since He Has come, and  as His called out ones, we too will give our testimony. ( Act 4: 33 ).   


Joh 10: 10.. I am come that they might have life,…}}}…. He did not give life when He came the first time. As Hebrews says, He comes the second time to redeem the preserved ones, and to build SPIRITUALLY . The spiritual Jews, who were unable to keep the Law  are dead. He gives life through His bread, which is His flesh, or broken body. Spiritually, now, the flesh, the Body of CHRIST, is now giving the Word of GOD, which makes all to live as we are to live by every Word which comes out of GOD’s mouth… Mat 4: 4. When He came ( Colos 1: 27) only, we received life, the true knowledge about the true GOD. This is why we have to witness once again that CHRIST  Has risen again and He is in Galilee … just as the women were told by CHRIST  to tell the apostles to come to Galilee after His resurrection, we now tell you to come as well. Does CHRIST  come out of Galilee , you might ask just as the early apostles. (Joh 7: 41, 52  ). Yes, He comes… Luke 2: 4… CHRIST ’s Father  went from Galilee.. That means they were in Galilee. ( Isa. 9: 1 – 2,  Mat 3: 13 )


In Rev 3:9, GOD says the synagogue of satan, say they are Jews, but do lie….  That means GOD does not accept them as Jews or GOD’s people.  This is not when CHRIST  came in the first time, but NOW. That means until such time, they have rejected GOD and He too Has rejected them.


NOW, …. THESE LIARS  ARE DOING A WORK OF LIES, WHICH IS NOT FROM GOD.  THEN, THE TRUE FOLLOWERS WILL FIGHT WITH THEM, FOR THE TRUTH.  BOTH WORKS EXIST AT THE SAME TIME…, and more importantly,  THEY ALL ARE IN GOD’S TEMPLE.  ALL THESE TAKES PLACE, INSIDE GOD’S TEMPLE.  ONE GROUP, WHO ARE THE Jews, ARE LYING.   AND THEY CAST OUT THE TRUE FOLLOWES, who  BECOME GOD’S  SPIRITUAL TEMPLE, OR New Jerusalem, IN HEAVEN.    THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN, IS BUILDING PHSYCIALLY.  This is when , those who kept the Word, feared and separated and joined to the LORD. ( Isa. 56: 3- 8, Mal 3: 15- 18, Rev 3: 12 ). Unknown to the spiritual Jews, CHRIST  Has come as a thief to the Gentiles…. and now they are His people, at the time of witnessing and judging and when the song of Moses is to be sung. ( Deut 32: 43, Rev 15: 3  )


The uncircumcision has become circumcision. ( Rom 2: 25- 27). When the book of Hebrews are to be fulfilled, it is the Gentiles who are GOD’s people and should be called the Jews, or the Hebrews.   We know that Apostle Paul is the apostle to the ‘Gentiles’.  Why would he write this letter to the “Hebrews” if it is not for the Jews ?  Being the apostle to the Gentiles, he has written this to the Gentiles, to be fulfilled when the Gentiles became the Hebrews.  This letter proves that it should be fulfilled in the last days when CHRIST , Himself Has come, and at the ‘completion of the age’, also after every one who had the Law, including the high priest failed and no one could be made perfect. 


The book of the Hebrews is for the new Jews… they were born as CHRIST  came. That is another reason why they are called little children… or as Apostle Peter  calls them  “new born”.


Gen 49:10  The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a Lawgiver from between His feet, until Shiloh come. And the obedience of the peoples to Him.

Gen 49:11  Binding his foal to the vine, and his ass's colt to the choice vine, he washed His garments in wine, and His clothes in the blood of grapes. …}}}… The donkey, is bound to the VINE, and we know that is CHRIST , ( Joh 15: 1, 5). This prophecy is to be fulfilled when CHRIST  comes to make everyone obey Him. When CHRIST  came the first time, the Jews did not obey CHRIST . But now, they will obey. Hebrews prove that the laws will be written in their hearts and GOD will end the old covenant and establish a new covenant. ( Isa. 61: 8) The colt, the foolish nation which we have written about, are bound when GOD judges them in the winepress which is to happen in Rev 14, Isa. 63, and lamentations 1: 15. ( v 15 proves there are many people as it says an ‘ASSEMBLY”. So this is the time, the ASSEMBLY is bound to the tribe of Judah.


Psa 78:22  because they did not believe in God and trusted not in His salvation. }}}… What is ‘salvation”???  it is to “KNOW THE TRUE GOD, WHO IS CHRIST our LORD” (joh 17:3).   !!!   The Gentiles are to have ‘CHRIST ’s mind. That is the Holy Spirit. Without Holy Spirit, one cannot search the deep things of GOD… so how could they know the deeper things of GOD without believing ‘IN CHRIST  “??? They did not believe in ‘CHRIST ’… DO YOU AT LEAST “NOW” KNOW THE TRUE GOD ???  Unless GOD reveals Himself, one could never know Him.  And He chose to reveal it to Gentiles FIRST. And He expects us to give that knowledge to Israel. But,  they rejected HIM  therefore, they rejected salvation …. ( Act 4: 12),  it was sent to Jews… ( Act 13: 26).  Because they failed, …


The salvation  sent to Gentiles, and it is prophesied that they will hear. ( Act 28: 28).  That was in to the future. Don’t you think all what is written should be fulfilled including how the Gentiles would hear ??? ( Rom 11: 11).  Could any one other than Gentiles, who HEARD THE SALVATION be GOD’s witnesses and flesh  and be used to establish the new covenant ??? 


Psa 78:23  And He commanded the fine clouds above; and He opened the doors of the heavens; }}}… the doors of heaven are the two witnesses, and also the clouds… they give rain…as CHRIST  Has come.. Hos 6.  

Psa 78:24  and He rained on them manna to eat; yea, He gave the grain of the heavens to them. }}}… This is CHRIST ’s body… and now, His flesh, the body , who is in heaven gives this manna again. Those who ate physical manna are now dead, but who eat of this real bread live for ever. ( Joh 6: 58). Only those who over came are given “HIDDEN” manna. ( Rev 2: 17).

So now, GOD’s people are the Gentiles… They are the Hebrews… they are of circumcision.


Heb 1: 1- 14… GOD, spoke in time past to the  fathers by the prophets, but in these last days, spoken to us by CHRIST .  Now He sits at His right … ( remember it is the Gentiles who are to seek where CHRIST  is ?). Now He Has come as prophesied by Jacob in Gen. 49: 9- 12… , the scepter of the kingdom, and uprightness. This happen after CHRIST  comes the second time, or at the completion of the age.. CHRIST  loves righteousness, and hates lawlessness. ( this is a prophecy in Psa 45: 6 – 9  ). We know that the Gentiles are justified now as CHRIST  would not come in to them otherwise. GOD accepts the Gentiles as righteous, the Vessels of Mercy, but Israel are the vessels of wrath. In this psalm, who stand at His presence ???  it is the daughters, who come from a far… who bring gold of Ophir…in the east… ( Isa. 60 ). Do you see, when Heb 1 is to be fulfilled, it is the daughters who come from ophir who are with Him… ?


At this time, it is the ‘heavens” which are the works of His hands. ( read: The Arm of The LORD”. Psa 102: 25 - 28 ) Time to establish the servants, and the seed. ( you should know who they are by now)  This is the new heaven ( 2 Pet 3: 13). The earth will vanish away… even the old heaven. ( Rev 6: 14,  Isa. 34:4 ). Even though the heavens and earth passes, CHRIST  will be the same. This is the time the enemies are made a footstool once again. And it is the time to inherit salvation. ( Heb 1: 13- 14). The synagogue of satan, will be made to bow down, before our feet…( bow or worship means… G 4352;… meaning to kiss, like a dog licking his master’s hand); to fawn or crouch to, that is, (literally or figuratively) prostrate oneself in homage (do reverence to, adore): - worship.”. … we know it is the ministry who became dumb dogs when the salvation is about to come and when that happen, GOD accepts Gentiles. ( Isa. 56: 3 – 10). So they have to prostrate themselves and lick the hand and plead for His mercy. Well, now one should know where GOD’s HAND or arm  is to lick !!!


The synagogue of satan, sinned unto death… ( 1 Jn 5: 16- 17). Now, they are dead as they lament. When they sin unto death, that is to grieve the Holy Spirit, causing GOD to leave them, ( which PCG committed, the "Bamah matter" ), we are asked not to pray. GOD said, at one time He would forsake them and would not listen to their prayers.  NOW THAT TIME HAS COME.  At that time, they are dead. But, after avenging, GOD will have pity on them and will breath on them. As He cannot hear their prayers, He Has appointed a House of Prayer  and a ministry of the Spirit and reconciliation, to pray over the dead and to reconcile them. But, those un righteous wicked are dead. Unless they come under the mighty hand of GOD, who are the two witnesses, they will not be reconciled, nor come to life. !!! That is the way, GOD Has ordained for the things to be.


Heb 2: 3… “The salvation, was spoken through the LORD… confirmed to us by those who “heard…”…( the Gentiles are prophesied to hear, Act 28:28)  CHRIST  personally came to teach us about the salvation, which is to declare the true GOD as PROVEN. This is why He came in the last days as we saw. Who “heard” or who is prophesied to hear the gospel ???  it is the Gentiles ( Act 28: 28).


Heb 2: 4… God also bearing them witness, both with signs and wonders, and with divers miracles, and gifts of the Holy Ghost, according to His own will “….}}}…Signs and wonders …. What are the signs and wonders of a believer ???  CHRIST  said… casting out demons, healing the sick… the poison of the serpents will not harm… etc, which we proved that the Gentiles have.  ( they are spiritual ) Through these signs, GOD is witnessing and we can see clearly it is the Gentiles who were chosen to do these. Also includes ‘mountain is thrown in to the sea” etc.. The ‘works of power’ could be done only by the Holy Spirit and as CHRIST  is in us.  Read ( Gal 3: 5 )…


Heb 2: 5  – 9 ….God did not put the “COMING” world under angels, but He put a man… but v 8 says, it is not done yet. But, CHRIST , is crowned as He suffered death. So others who suffered with Him, also will be crowned, and will be co- heirs and co- rulers as PROVEN . This happened at the end of the Philadelphia era… those who kept the Word, kept the crown as well and did not allow a man to take their crowns. They did not believe in a man, but GOD, the ONE AND TRUE GOD !!!


Vs 6 – 8 is taken from Psa 8. this psalm, is to be fulfilled now, as GOD’s praise is to be perfected by the babesbecause of the enemies of GOD.  ( Mat 11: 25,  21: 15 - 16 when the CHILDREN praising as now ,  1 Co 1: 27 ) The enemies are not the babes, but the full grown men. We know they are the leaders..


GOD’s glory, or the knowledge is above the heavens. The heavens only declared the glory of GOD ( please read: The Heavens declare”)  v 3 says… the heavens are the work of GOD’s fingers… together with moon and stars. This is the new moon, and the stars that shine as they are now GOD’s people, who are the hosts of the heaven as PROVEN. Adam who is to rule over these mentioned here ( Gen. 1: 26-27).  So GOD, at this time, given all things to the Body of CHRIST…


Eph 1:22  And hath put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the head over all things to the church,

Eph 1:23  Which is His body, the fullness of Him that filleth all in all…}}}… …. “fullness” means ;” completeness or fulness of time,   which is put in to fill up, piece that filled up, fulfilling, full, fulness.”… and “filleth” means ; “to make full, to fill up, i.e. to fill to the full, to carry into effect, bring to realisation, realize,  of sayings, promises, prophecies, to bring to pass, ratify, accomplish,  to fulfil, i.e. to cause God’s will (as made known in the law) to be obeyed as it should be, and God’s promises (given through the prophets) to receive fulfillment.


No one has to put anything under CHRIST ’s feet, as He is the Creator. CHRIST  is able to subject all things under Himself. ( Php 3: 21). So the church, which is CHRIST ’s body, is to fill up all things.  CHRIST  Has given the church or His flesh to complete all things.   We saw how CHRIST ’s flesh , the ‘PREPARED” body  would declare a new and living way. This is why CHRIST  came in person to lead her and it is the Gentiles who are given all the mysteries to fill up all the prophecies. Because CHRIST  who sanctifies and the Gentiles who are being sanctified, are all one. ( Heb 2: 11). Remember CHRIST  said, the believers will be one with Him and the Father and all things came in to being through Him. ( Joh 1: 3).


Heb 2: 12… CHRIST , is in the midst of the assembly, singing to GOD. It is the Gentiles who will sing as PROVEN, also as Deut 32: 43, Rev 15: 3  says. the NEW SONGS are sung in the ends of the earth… also the praise is perfected by the babes, who are the Gentiles.   ( Isa. 24: 16,   Eph 5: 19,  Colos 3: 16,   Jam 5: 13… those who are rich in faith only will sing for GOD as Jam 2: 5).  This is taken from Psa 22: 22- 23…


Psa 22:22  I will declare Your name to My brothers; I will praise You in the midst of the assembly.

Psa 22:23  You who fear Jehovah, praise Him; all the seed of Jacob, glorify Him; and all the seed of Israel, fear Him. ..}}}… we proved that the “brothers” are the Gentiles. also those who ‘FEARED” GOD also. (Mal 3: 15- 18,  Mal 1:11). This happens after GOD separated those who feared and who do not. And, the ‘seed’ are the fruitful ones, the Gentiles as PROVEN. Read the whole psalm, you will understand… it is the “dogs”, the dumb dogs who are the ministers  who pierced the hands and feet as v 16 says, and that is the time Gentiles became GOD’s as Isa. 56: 3 – 10 says. It is these dogs who pierced the flesh as PROVEN.  It is talking about the meek, will eat, and v 27 would confirm further that the seed and GOD’s people at this time, are the Gentiles, as it says all the ‘ENDS OF THE WORLD”  shall remember and turn to GOD… when the earth has sinned (spiritual earth) and are quaking, those who are in the end of the earth shall sing.. ( Isa. 24).


Heb 2: 14… the children have become partakers of flesh and blood… which CHRIST our LORD  said why  they did not enter the kingdom of GOD nor they are saved yet… this is why, CHRIST  came again and will be a MERCIFUL AND FAITHFUL HIGH PRIEST… , TO MAKE RECONCILIATION.  Who are the ‘ministry of reconciliation??? It is the Gentiles or CHRIST ’s own body. We are already reconciled to JESUS CHRIST, and we are given this ministry to reconcile Israel to GOD. ( 2 Cor 5: 18).


Heb 3: 6… we are GOD’s house, (dwelling, family, temple ). But Israel, having an evil heart as they always did not believe, gone astray from GOD. v 19 .


V 3… those who ‘BELIEVED”, are the Gentiles as PROVEN, who entered in to the rest… at the end of the works… “although the works were finished from the foundation of the world”. …. What is the ‘FINISHING WORK”??? This is the time to finish all the works which GOD began from the foundation of the world… to give Everlasting life to all, which means to give the knowledge of the true GOD. The "Times of Gentiles" are the last works of GOD…, they entered in to the rest, but the Jews still have to enter in to the rest.


V 6…. They were preached first, but because they did not believe, they did not enter… these verses clearly says, the Jews did not enter but Gentiles did, at the end of all works. Now, don’t we see this prophecy is being fulfilled ??? We still need to redeem Israel. They do not have a choice, but should come before the throne of GRACE and seek His MERCY .  ( Heb 4: 16). Since all the high priests have failed, CHRIST  Has come down and He is now our HIGH PRIEST.  This is how the change of priesthood is to occur.


As we have proven, the priesthood was changed in ‘judgment’ and the Levites needed to be purified . The Levitical priesthood had to serve GOD by teaching and preaching the Law of Moses to His people. But the new priesthood has to teach that because the Law of Moses could not make anyone perfect, they are spiritually dead and are appointed to die, but GOD’s mercy will give them Everlasting life . They have to preach how to obtain mercy of GOD by repenting for sins and be washed by the water and the Spirit and by the blood of CHRIST , just as they are saved.  We have already proven that the new  priests are appointed as the House of Prayer  to bring Israel back to GOD. Also they are given the ministry of reconciliation, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. They are already saved, by giving them the knowledge about the true GOD.


Also they have to witness the Law breakers as the Law requires, that if one breaks the Law, that one has to be witnessed and judged. All the fulfilling work are on their shoulders. That includes declaring GOD’s praise, and glorifying Him and giving all the mysteries to the world. They are also called to suffer for CHRIST ‘ sake and die with Him and also  be raised. They have to declare the new and living way as CHRIST  Has come.


A major work they have to do is to purify the failed ministry by giving them the truth and the water, which is the Word. They have to bring people to repentance and turn the hearts of the children to the Father .


As the House of Prayer , they have to pray with supplications, just as CHRIST  did. Eph 6: 18. , Php 4:6. , 1 Ti 2: 1, 


CHRIST  Had to come in the last days, and once again sacrifice His prepared body, and at that time, HE, BECAME THE HIGH PRIEST as the high priest is found with iniquity and unable to reconcile people to GOD.  The high priest is working against CHRIST . That needs to be corrected as well.  If there is a single priest who would keep the covenant of Levi, GOD would not say they have corrupted it. GOD says, there is no man. If the high priest is defiled then there cant be any other.


Heb 7:12  For the priestly office having been changed, of necessity a change of law also occurs.

Heb 7:13  For the One of whom these things are said has partaken of another tribe, from which no one has given devotion at the altar.

Heb 7:14  For it is clear that our Lord has risen out of Judah, as to which tribe Moses spoke nothing concerning priesthood. }}}… The priesthood is to be changed from “LEVITES” to the “tribe of Judah”, at CHRIST ’S COMING AS A THIEF .  The Law , has to be changed to GRACE AND MERCY. We proved it is the other lions who are bound to the ‘TRIBE OF JUDAH” who will be the new priesthood. This happen, IN JUDGMENT… “THE” Lion opens the seals of the closed book. Until such time, what ever is written in the book of revelation, was neither fulfilled, nor was made known to anyone. All judgments are “SPIRITUAL”. So ‘spiritually’ blind leaders misinterpreted this prophecy.  Besides all those who were beheaded, and redeemed by the blood of CHRIST , and those who were found faithful are the ones who are with CHRIST . Also they had to be dead and risen. ( Know what it means to be ‘risen”??)


Deu 17:8  If a matter is too hard for you in judgment, ……. then you shall rise and go up to the place which Jehovah your God shall choose. …}}}… None in spiritual Israel are worthy to judge others after the final sister went in to captivity. ( Eze 16: 52). This is why the terrible of the nations were called in. ( Eze 16: 40,   23: 45- 49,  Lamentations 1: 15 etc.. one should remember that all are judged according to the gospel which Apostle Paul preached and he preached it to Gentiles. this is why CHRIST  prepared the Gentiles to judge and establish, by the truth.  because one is judged, and also ESTABLISHED by Apostle Paul’s gospel . Rom 2: 16,  16: 25 )



Deu 17:9  And you shall come in to the priest, of the Levites, and to the judge who is in those days, and shall inquire. And they shall declare the word of judgment to you. }}}…Priests ???   Levites ???? Judges???... where are “they” now since all the leaders are blind and found to be sinners ???. The scepter is in Judah. The Greatest judge Has come. and if He is working with the Gentiles, then, they should come to the Gentiles. He was brought by the ‘clouds’ to the judgment seat. And it is the poor who are in the kingdom… Jm2:5.


If GOD Has appointed the Gentiles to judge, then they should come to us for judgment! This is what GOD says. This is what we have been doing. 


Levites”… ; CHRIST , did not come from the tribe of Levites. When He comes the second time, He will be a King, and a Priest…and He is from the ‘tribe of Judah”.  He works with the kings and priests who are made in the ‘LAST TIMES” as Apostle Peter  says. The Law made no one perfect. ( Heb 7: 19) A change in priesthood was necessary because of that. The Levites failed.  ( Eze 48: 11 ) Otherwise, GOD would at least say My Levites kept the charge. But He says they did not and sons of Israel also went astray.


Eze 48:11  for the priests who are sanctified, of the sons of Zadok, who have kept My charge, who did not go astray when the sons of Israel went astray, as the Levites went astray. …}}}… DID ANY PRIEST IN Israel KEEP GOD’S CHARGE ???  GOD says NO… Then, any one who considers himself as a priest, should  forget about being a priest.  When GOD is building the new temple, He says, all Israel, and all Levites have gone astray. This is why the foolish nation was bound. THEY KEPT THE CHARGE. Why would GOD bind the Gentiles if Israel and the Levites have not failed ??? Does not the Word say that the salvation was first preached to Jews and since they failed, it was preached to Gentiles and they heard and kept the covenant ???  then, should not they be the priests ??  even Apostle Peter , who was the apostle forJews” says that the Gentiles have become a priesthood, tested, proven , and are appointed as priests in the ‘LAST TIME”,.. that is after the Levites failed ??? ( 1 Pet 1, 2 ). And they will see when the priests in Israel are clothed with salvation ( Psa 132: 9, 16).


Zec 11:10  And I took my staff, even Beauty, and cut it asunder, that I might break my covenant which I had made with all the people.

Zec 11:11  And it was broken in that day: and so the poor of the flock that waited upon me knew that it was the word of the LORD. }}}… the ‘poor’ are waiting upon the LORD… the poor, who spoke rightly ( Isa. 32: 7) even though they were spiritually murdered.  They knew the Word of GOD, when the covenant was broken. They were waiting upon the LORD when Israel was breaking the covenant.


WAIT” upon the LORD ???  Who, waits upon the LORD in the end time.???.... No one who waits on GOD, will be ashamed but those who vainly sin. ( Psa 25: 3). They will be pure and upright. ( Psa 25: 21). They will be exalted and will see when the wicked are cut off ( psa 37: 34) . They will be saved. ( Pro 20: 22). It is the ‘poor’ who will be EXALTED….  Isa. 40: 31 says those who wait on GOD, will “renew” their strength. That means once they did not have strength, but when they wait on GOD, they will be strengthened. Is 51: 5… The islands , GOD’s arms ( who are the Gentiles as PROVEN ) judge the peoples, as they are waiting on GOD. Isa. 60:9 says the islands shall wait for Me,  those from “tarshish’…. They are the young lions who are working with GOD when the cities of Judah are to be destroyed, as PROVEN. They will bring gold and the sons of Israel, from a far. They will bring them from captivity as PROVEN, when it is time for  ‘Israel TO BE GLORIFIED”. That means time when Israel comes to know the true GOD. Mic 5: 7 – 9 too says, the young lions, shall be among ‘MANY PEOPLE’ ( it is the spiritual harlot who sits on many waters and the lions are among them. This happen when the harlot is being judged and plagued as Rev 17 : 3, 15 ) and they are the Gentiles. They do not wait for man…. 


Apostle Peter ’s two epistles clearly states, the lively stones , to whom these were written to, are appointed in the  ‘LAST TIME” .  ( 1 Pet 1: 5, 20,  … v 7 says, “ having proven through fire… , ; that means they have gone through a tribulation to test whether they have other gods. These are priests and when CHRIST  is revealed, this new priesthood also is to be revealed. This is a last time event to occur which no one could have  known, not even the high priest, angels, nor prophets as PROVEN. Please read: “Prove all things – House of Prayer” in our web site. CHRIST  promised to give to those who over come ;  …. “HIDDEN” manna and a “WHITE” stone and on the stone, a “new name”  …having been written, which no one knows except the one receiving it.  



Heb 7:11  Truly, then, if perfection was through the Levitical priestly office (for the people had been given Law under it), why yet was there need for another priest to arise according to the order of Melchizedek and not to be called according to the order of Aaron?





Heb 7:19  For the Law perfected nothing, …}}}….The Levitical priesthood, was not able to make anyone perfect even the Law was given under them. There is a definite time which GOD say… ‘enough is enough’, and now …. I will send My Messenger ( Mal 3)  and He will be a perfect Priest..  He is after the order of Melchizedek. “not to be called according to the order of Aaron?  Aaron’s priesthood has to be stopped at one point. Now, that day has come. A change in the priesthood as well as the Law was necessary. “Law” was changed to “grace”. Who was given ‘grace’ and ordained to PREACH THE Gospel of Grace ???  It is the Gentiles, as PROVEN. In Rev 14: 7, the Gospel of Grace, the everlasting gospel is being preached to all Israel, who have sinned, are being judged. And in Rev 15: 3, they sing the Song of Moses against Israel… by looking at these two facts, we know it is the Gentiles, who will be witnessing and working for GOD in revelation, during judgments.


1Pe 2:5  you also as living stones are being built a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. }}}… this letter is written to “Gentiles”. They are  to be stones… in a ‘SPIRITUAL” house, a Holy priesthood ???  ( THEY ARE THE WHITE STONES AS WE SAW ) They,… unlike Israel who rejected CHRIST , are offering sacrifices, ( Mal 1: 11 ) acceptable to GOD, THROUGH CHRIST .! That means they obey GOD, and are with CHRIST .  


He is the ‘WAY, TRUTH, LIFE, Spirit  AND HE ALONE GIVES THE EVERLASTING LIFE. THIS IS WHY Gentiles, WHO GO THROUGH THE PROPER WAY, HAVE LIFE, TRUTH, ETC.  Does the Bible, any where, say “Israel, have obeyed? Or are they offering SPIRITUAL sacrifices, and have acceptedCHRIST” ??? If they accept CHRIST , that means they too are LIVING  JUST AS WE ARE !!!  When one rejects “CHRIST “ only, they die. Isn’t this why Israel is dead ??? Having rejected CHRIST  ? If you reject CHRIST , would He not witness against you ??? Haven’t we been witnessing and crying aloud all these three years against you to declare how you have rejected Him ???  Are not the judgments, to give glory to the ONE AND ONLY “TRUE” GOD, WHO IS CHRIST our LORD  ???  Who else other than us, declared these things ???    He is in the ‘clouds’, and you …. Israel, are in Egypt. ( Isa. 19, Rev 11: 8) Can you deny these Scripture  ???


GOD does not judge the way man judges, that is by appearance or by their works which they do in front of men, or by our riches.. He judges us from our thoughts, and what is in our minds. The leaders, are white washed tombs. They appear to men as angels, but they are walking tombs. There is only death in them. but CHRIST  said, we are LIVELY, WHITE STONES WHO HAVE OVER COME. !!!! 


This new priesthood , we proved have sacrificed their whole lives. Their calling was to suffer for CHRIST ’s sake, for His witness and to the truth. that is what it needs now… when there is no truth in Israel… is that is not why all Israel are divided ?? This new priesthood, knows what sacrifices GOD wants . ….


What sacrifice does GOD wants from people ???  “Broken Spirit” and a contrite heart. ( Psa 34: 18,  psa 51: 17,   )…. Could any one in Israel, being “RICH” offer a “broken Spirit” and a “contrite heart” ???  Before the new covenant is made, GOD Has to change the heart of Israel as the Word says. So, this new priesthood, who already has a broken Spirit and contrite heart, can show Israel, how to offer such offerings to GOD. CHRIST  was born as a poor and He is lowly and meek, the Word says as PROVEN.  Then, this new priesthood also, is like Him, poor and lowly and meek… Why are Zion’s walls are broken down???  ( Psa 51: 17). Because she has no rule over her own Spirit…. Pro 25: 28 so she does not have control over her Spirit.


GOD desires the knowledge of GOD more than burnt offerings.  ( because, the knowledge  gives the salvation,  JOh 17: 3 ) When you have the true knowledge about the One and only true GOD, who is CHRIST our LORD , they will not go after other gods or wander in every mountain. It is the lies which divided GOD’s people and lack of knowledge, which only the priesthood is blamed for which caused people to offer defiled sacrifices.  Don’t we need a new priesthood who can offer such offerings and give the true knowledge about the true GOD ??? 



 1 Sam 15: 22… Samuel knew that to OBEY THE VOICE OF THE LORD, is better than sacrifice … this new priesthood obeys GOD, as the Word says. But Apostle Peter , being the apostle for Jews, says, Israel is APPOINTED TO STUMBLE AND BE DISOBEDIENT… 1 PET 2: 8.   Samuel was the first prophet, and 1  Peter is for the last end. This shows, until that time, Israel has not obeyed GOD. it is to the Gentiles, GOD says to expose the disobedient sons. (  Eph 2: 2,  5: 16,   Colos 3: 6,  ).  SO HOW COULD WE NOT OBEY GOD AND EXPOSE THEM ??? But, Rom 11: 30 says, through their disobedience, the Gentiles received mercy. But, how could Israel obtain mercy from GOD ???


Rom 11:31  so also these now have disobeyed, so that they also may obtain mercy by your mercy. }}}… Gentiles, who did not have the Law, obtained MERCY. But, this way, no one can say because we “kept the Law” we deserve Everlasting life. this is why GOD Had to give salvation to Gentiles first.  Otherwise, they too would boast in the Law……. on the other hand, if Gentiles also were given the Law, knowing that no one could keep the Law, then no one could be saved. Knowing all these, GOD preplanned to save us first and He  kept us from the Law. Because all those who are under the Law had to be judged and are appointed to die once. What a better way to show GOD’s mercy to all ??? What a Wonderful, Merciful GOD we have !!!


Rom 11:32  For God shut up all into disobedience, that He may show mercy to all. …}}}… They stumbled and fell, and that caused the Gentiles to have the salvation. ( which is causing them to be provoked to jealousy.  Rom 11: 11). Then, Israel  were cast out as PROVEN, and that caused the Gentiles to be reconciled. ( Rom 11: 15). As they are already reconciled, they minister to Israel, to be reconciled ( 2 Cor 5: 18  ). This new priesthood received mercy, salvation and they are reconciled before Israel is. This is why they can show Israel how to be reconciled to GOD and how to obey and have salvation…


1Pe 2:9  But you are "an elect race," "a royal priesthood," "a holy nation," "a people for possession," so that "you may openly speak of the virtues" of the One who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light; V 10…who then were not a people, but now the people of God, those not pitied then, but now pitied.



But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for possession, so that you might speak of the praises of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;



But you are the chosen race, the King's priests, the holy nation, God's own people, chosen to proclaim the wonderful acts of God,….. At one time you were not God's people, but now you are his people; at one time you did not know God's mercy, but now you have received his mercy}}}… Can the Jews say that they “were not God's people”??? This could apply ONLY TO THE “GENTILES”. They are the ones to receive GOD’s mercy first. What would they do ???  give PRAISES TO GOD, OPENLY SPEAK THE VIRTUES, OR PROCLAIM THE WONDERFUL ACTS OF GOD… THAT IS HIS MERCY…


‘WHEN” would this priesthood be appointed???  They are taken “OUT OF  ‘DARKNESS’. That is now, when Israel’s ministry have failed.  There has to be an appointed time, when GOD stops and declares that the Law Has not made any one perfect.  Then, the next step of GOD’s plan will begin.  That is, to save some of those who were NOT GIVEN THE Law, APPOINTED TO BE  called from the beginning of the world as PROVEN,  because of His GRACE AND MERCY,  to do the rest of the work, that is to give light  to Israel for their rising. GOD Has to make all men equal.  Neither  Jew, nor Greek, nor male or female.   All these have to be fulfilled, and the curse  ( Adam and Eve’s ) have to be removed.


V 12 points out exactly when the Gentiles are called… that is on the ‘"Day of Visitation" .   Why would GOD Visit ??  For the sins of “Israel” as PROVEN.  That is the "Day of The Lord" , which CHRIST  comes as a thief, and it is the Gentiles who would know His coming. That day, is the day of darkness in Israel, but CHRIST  brought light to Gentiles.  anciently when Israel was in Egypt, they  had light, but now Israel is in darkness having sinned and the Gentiles have the light… we became the firstfruits, and they died.


Vs 13- 25  -- One must obey those who were sent by GOD when taking  vengeance from evildoers… they are the failed Levites, and at the same time GOD will praise those who did well. All these are done to silence the ignorant men… ( ignorant man is some one who does not have Holy Spirit, and GOD calls such men “BEASTS” as PROVEN ) who are the wise men who lost their wisdom.  After the vengeance, ( which all things written are to be fulfilled ), we all will be healed by the stripes of CHRIST  and His flesh as we saw. The sheep who went astray, will be turned back to the SHEPHERD… ( also Isa. 53: 6…all like sheep gone astray… each one turned to his own way.. but now, they should repent and …..



How should they obey GOD now that they are found to be sinners and as GOD is punishing them ???  they should call upon the LORD on this day of trouble… then GOD will deliver them… and they will give glory to GOD. This new priesthood is already delivered ( redeemed by the blood of CHRIST ) and they have already glorified GOD… so they could show Israel how to glorify GOD…. (Psa 50: 15- 20).  THAT IS THE DUTY OF PRIESTS.  TO KEEP THE TRUTH IN THE LIPS. ( Mal 2: 6- 7)  AND GOD’S  Law , IS THE TRUTH… ( PSA 119: 142 ) GOD accuses the wicked saying they have cast His words behind them, and they have consented and have become  partakers with adulterers… and speak evil against his own brother. This is the "Bamah matter"… which PCG leader who committed spiritual adultery. But the new priesthood, offer thanks , and praise and glorifies GOD… and this is why GOD has shown them the salvation… v 23.


Heb 9:8  The Holy Ghost this signifying, that the way into the holiest of all was not yet made manifest, while as the first tabernacle was yet standing: }}}… from v 1 – 6 explains the first tabernacle. But these ordinances has to be abolished, for the second tabernacle to be made manifest. The first one is a parable or a figure for our time. ( v 9). And it is done till the time of REFORMATION, which is now. (10). (means Messianic restoration, rectification which is why CHRIST  Has come in the last days.)

. 34.

Heb 9:11  But Christ being come an high priest of good things to come, by a greater and more perfect tabernacle, not made with hands, that is to say, not of this building; }}}… CHRIST  did not come as a high priest in the first time. Only now His blood will save everyone. “BEING COME” means “to be present, to come near, approach,  to come forth, make one’s public appearance,  become near, that is, approach (have arrived); by implication to appear publicly: - come, go, be present.” 


Book of Hebrews begins by saying that CHRIST  Has come in these last days… So that has to be fulfilled also as all written things are to be fulfilled now..


In Mar 14: 58, CHRIST  said, He will destroy the temple that is made “WITH” HANDS  and in three days, He will build another made ‘WITHOUT” hands. So now, He Has come to fulfill that prophecy. This is the ‘HEAVENLY” temple, a ‘SPIRITUAL’ temple, or as Abraham said ‘THE TRUE TABERNACLE”  which we proved that GOD will come to, which begins with the Gentiles, who are made “WITHOUT HANDS”. He does not dwell in man made temples.


Col 2:11  In whom also ye are circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, in putting off the body of the sins of the flesh by the circumcision of Christ: }}}… the Gentiles are made without hands, AFTER CHRIST  CAME IN TO THEM. ( Colos 1: 27).


2Co 5:1  For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

2Co 5:2  For in this we groan, earnestly desiring to be clothed upon with our house which is from heaven:

2Co 5:3  If so be that being clothed we shall not be found naked. ..}}}…as you can see the Word says, the Gentiles , AFTER CHRIST  CAME IN TO THEM, are made in to a heavenly house made without hands… this is the heavenly Jerusalem described in Heb 12.    being clothed”… … You see, …the Gentiles are clothed, FROM HEAVEN ! … but the Laodiceans  and the wife of CHRIST  will not be clothed till AFTER THE JUDGMENTS… ( Rev 19: 7).  This further proves that we are the saints who would see the PRIESTS in Israel being clothed with righteousness and salvation as Psa  132: 9 – 17… (This is the Lamp which is burning now) . V 15 confirms it is the ‘POOR” who are this lamp….



Heb 9:12  , but by His own blood He entered in once into the holy place, having obtained eternal redemption. …}}}… His own blood was spilled again, as the harlot or the dogs pierced Him once again, having come in to the prepared body, His own flesh. ( Heb 10: 20).


Heb 9:15  And because of this He is Mediator of a new covenant, so that, death having occurred for redemption of transgressions under the first covenant, those being called might receive the promise of the everlasting inheritance. }}}… …CHRIST , is the Mediator of a new covenant, but He does it through His prepared body. CHRIST  said, He will come as a thief. Now, if He comes as a thief, would you see Him??  No… He wants every one to be reconciled to HIMSELF. This is why He formed a body, to die and sacrifice and shed their blood so the new and LIVING way which is the new covenant could be established.


Transgressions under the first covenant, those being called…}}}… who are the called out ones under the ‘FIRST COVENANT “???  IT IS THE CHURCH WHERE THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN is. They are the ones rejected CHRIST . SO THIS NEW BODY HAD TO BE SACRIFICED TO SAVE THEM.   WE HAD TO DIE SPIRITUALLY AND BE RISEN ‘first” , before Israel to reconcile them. But they too  will have to come under CHRIST  and be washed by His blood, which they spilled by killing CHRIST ’s body. CHRIST , is the Mediator, as it is HE who Is doing all these works. We cannot do anything of this sort, if CHRIST ’s MIND was not in us. So when He came in the last days, He entered in to the Holy of Holies by His prepared body, who are the Gentiles as PROVEN. (read part 5)


Heb 9:16  For where a covenant is, the death of him having covenanted must be offered. …}}}…  since this is the SECOND TIME to make a NEW COVENANT, once again CHRIST  Had to die as they have willfully sinned by rejecting His blood. We, as His body, died and are risen with CHRIST  and are continuing the covenant.  ( This is why we are called the lambs.  ) . Same way, now the Jews are spiritually dead, so they can enter in to the new covenant just as we were . They have to die to the first covenant, and to the Law which was given by Moses, which none could save themselves.


Heb 9:17  For a testament ( or covenant ) is of force after men are dead: otherwise it is of no strength at all while the testator liveth….}}}… The NEW covenant, will have no faults… it will be established FOR EVER. So the sinners HAD TO DIE SPIRITUALLY, TO ENTER IN TO THIS. Before that, they have to be judged and witnessed and who would be the witnesses, if not for the people who already wear heavenly clothes ???  This is how the iniquity of the wicked will be revealed from ‘HEAVEN”. ( Job 20: 27  )  Rom 1:18  For God's wrath is revealed from Heaven on all ungodliness…



Heb 9:18  Whereupon neither the first testament was dedicated without blood….}}}…this means the second covenant also have to be dedicated with blood. This is why, the blood of the new covenant, was sacrificed, through CHRIST ’s own prepared body or His flesh, ( Heb 10:20) and now all sinners once again can come before GOD for MERCY. The ministry too was purified by Moses , ( v 21), and there is no remission without shedding blood. ( v 22). (They had to shed innocent blood Psa 94:21. “Innocent” means “guiltless”. GOD’s Word says only the Gentiles who WERE NOT UNDER THE Law are innocent. Also, GOD Has called , justified and glorified them. Rom 8: 30. Then, they are guiltless. If you kill a person falsely, GOD will not justify that person and calls him wicked. Exo. 23: 7 ) Since the Jews did not believe in CHRIST ’s blood the first time He came, now He Has come to His prepared body for the second time, and this is why they had to give their lives. The harlot is guilty of blood of the slaves or the martyrs of the LORD. That means she has shed the blood of this new priesthood. ( the workers of iniquity, ate up GOD’s people… and they even skinned them. Psa 14:4, Mic 3:2).


Heb 8: 6- 8… But now He has gotten a more excellent ministry, also by so much as He is a Mediator of a better covenant, which has been enacted on better promises. …….. For if that first was faultless, place would not have been sought for a second….. Behold, days are coming, says the Lord, and I will make an end on the house of Israel and on the house of Judah; a new covenant….this means GOD Has to make a NEW COVENANT… but when it is made, they will worship GOD in Spirit and truth.


Heb 8:10  Because this is the covenant which I will covenant with the house of Israel after those days, says the Lord, giving My Laws into their mind, and I will write them on their hearts, and I will be their God, and they shall be My people." }}}… The Gentiles have CHRIST ’s own mind ALREADY … so they have entered in to this covenant. But when this covenant is made, there wont be any leaders who would teach others….but GOD will write the Law in their ‘MINDS”. ( Mind” ; understanding, feeling, way of thinking ). GOD says, at that time, they all will KNOW HIM.  


Heb 8:11  "And they shall no more teach each one their neighbor, and each one his brother, saying, Know the Lord; because all shall know Me,…}}}… The Law , will be written in their hearts. What is the “Law”???  The “Law” is the ‘TRUTH”. ( Psa 119:142). SO THE TRUTH, ABOUT THE “TRUE” GOD, HAS TO BE MADE KNOWN before the new covenant is made. For that purpose, GOD Has appointed the two witnesses, even before the foundation of the world.  THE TRUTH IS, WE MUST MARRY ‘CHRIST ’ AND NOT God The Father…. The ministry was evil, as they did not understand GOD’s truth. … ( Dan 9: 13), WHICH IS THE TRUTH ABOUT CHRIST  BEING THE ONLY ONE TRUE GOD. THEY ARE EVIL AS THEY REJECTED HIM.  This is what this new priesthood, (who are given the truth and salvation first,  REDEEMED BY THE BLOOD OF CHRIST , and are working with CHRIST , in judgments )and should preach it to the Jews, and the synagogue of satan…


The new world is made by purifying the hearts

The sword purifies the hearts…

Heb 4:12  For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. }}}… “quick” ‘ to live, breathe, have true life,  mortals of character, living water, etc…. That is done by CHRIST , through the two witnesses.  this is when CHRIST  came with a sword in Rev  1: 16,  19: 15 . This is when He came to judge the antichrists, the beasts… it is the hearts which needs to be changed, so they can give this new life… CHRIST  exposes the hidden intents of the leaders, when He came ( 1 Cor 4: 5).. and it is to Gentiles, this sword is given…  “And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of GOD”… Eph 6: 17. They are given salvation when the Word came to them….


1Co 4:5  Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God. }}}…. CHRIST  Has come now and judged the hidden things… the counsels of the hearts were exposed. the new life is now taught to His flesh… and one has to eat this words to live…



How would they KNOW GOD ???... By the ‘Word OF GOD” ( 1 Sam 3: 21) and now , Through the knowledge which is given during the judgment, to Gentiles. “THE MYSTERY OF GOD” ( Rev 10). We proved, until judgment, the true GOD was not exalted nor praised or glorified. All done by the babes,  or the new priesthood. They are the Body of CHRIST  as PROVEN. Until such time, they could not know GOD….. IT IS GOD, WHO SAYS THAT. Until the people are ready to begin the new covenant, GOD could not establish it. Now, CHRIST  died, His body died, and the Jews died. So all can enter in to the new covenant. The first is old, and the new will be made v 13.


Joh 17:17  Sanctify them in Your Truth; Your Word is Truth.

Joh 17:18  As You have sent Me into the world, I also have sent them into the world, }}}….The Holy Spirit, sent CHRIST ( His own Spirit )  and He  sends people  as well.  In the end time, as Daniel said above,  when they have NOT OBEYED THE TRUTH, GOD , Has to send some people to tell their transgressions, witness and judge, and to ESTABLISH. ( remember all done by Gospel of Grace ). This is why, GOD planned to NOT TO GIVE THE Law TO Gentiles, as if He Had given them, then they too will have to be judged and witnessed and be dead. This is what Apostle Paul preached in Romans, written elsewhere in these writings.


Joh 17:19  and I sanctify Myself for them, that they also may be sanctified in Truth…}}}… It is the Jews who need to learn to worship GOD in Spirit and in truth. And to sanctify them, they should learn the truth. This is why, we are ‘SENT”. CHRIST said to the blind man to go and get washed from the ‘SENT” pool. ( Siloam).


I sanctify Myself for them…. CHRIST  sanctified Himself for us first, so we could be sent to the Jewish world to sanctify them. So the new Body of CHRIST also had to be sanctified, BY THE TRUTH !!! this is why we are given the salvation first…


Joh 17:20  And I do not pray concerning these only, but also concerning those who will believe in Me through “their” word; ….}}}… GOD wants all to be saved. The truth, could only be sent through the ministry of reconciliation,  who are ALREADY SANCTIFIED…BY THE TRUTH. This is how the prepared body gives the truth to the Jews. GOD expects to believe ‘our ” Word.


Which peoples do GOD wants reconciled to HIMSLEF  other than the failed “Jews”???. Can filthy Joshua do it ???  ONLY THE  ELECT LADY WHO HAVE THE TRUTH AS 3 Joh   says could teach the truth .  If this Joshua is Mr Tkach, and since he is dead and not alive today, there is no hope for anyone in Israel… GF says Mr Tkach is this Joshua, but he is not alive to give this truth to the people.  Urim and Thumim is needed . This is  another proof that it is GF, who is the high priest, who will be plucked out of fire… the fire which comes from the two witnesses, who speak the truth.  THE HIGH PRIEST HAS TO BE ALIVE TO BE PULLED OUT OF FIRE... THAT MEANS BOTH THE TWO WITNESSES AND THE HIGH PRIEST HAS TO WORK AT THE SAME TIME.    The truth , or the Word, which is fire which will burn them as PROVEN….. GOD says one thing and GF says another… that , itself proves who is Joshua…. It is the last high priest who has the Spirit of Cyrus, who is GF who will be used to build the temple again, according to the prophecy .  


Joh 17:21  that all may be one, as You are in Me, Father, and I in You, that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me. ..}}}…before all ends, you will see that CHRIST  Has come to us and we are one with Him, as we are His own flesh. And He is sending us with the Word…. the faith which the just live by, comes only by hearing the ‘Word of GOD’.


Joh 17:22  And I have given them the glory which You have given Me, that they may be one, as We are One: }}}…it is the glory ( which is the knowledge about the true GOD as PROVEN ) is what makes the Father , Son and us in to ONE.  We are given that knowledge… this is how we are One with Him…



Joh 17:26  And I made known to them Your name, and will make it known, that the love with which You loved Me may be in them, and I in them…}}}… The ‘LOVE” , which is ‘GOD’S LOVE, is in us. This is the agape love, and this is how we fulfilled the whole Law, as written with Scripture elsewhere.  This love was given at the end of the Philadelphia  era, to those who “KEPT THE Word”. ( Rev 3: 12) When we know the name of GOD, we are given the love of GOD as well.  This is why we are sanctified by the truth. This is why we are made a ‘House of Prayer”…, the ministry of reconciliation, to bring others to GOD .  We are given the full knowledge, which is the salvation. V 3. This is how we are made the new priesthood.


Joh 5:43  I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive Me not: }}}…We, the little children, ALSO COME IN THE NAME OF OUR FATHER…. AND YOU RECEIVE US NOT…  GOD works through different people at different times. We must understand the PRESENT TRUTH… we know the high priest is defiled and GOD would not work through him. we should know that CHRIST  Has come as He said, and we must believe Him.


Mar 9: 36 – 37 CHRIST  said.. And taking a child, He set it in their midst, and having embraced it, He said to them,

Whoever receives one of such children on My name receives Me. And whoever receives Me does not receive Me, but the One having sent Me”…}}}… CHRIST  came in Father ’s name, and He sends little children in His name… if you do not receive the little children, who comes in the name of the LORD, …does not receive CHRIST  or the Father .  Since the PCG leader did not receive the little children WHO CAME IN THE NAME OF CHRIST ,  he did not receive the Father  as well. ( Holy Spirit). These children brought the words of GOD to them, to FULFILL THE PROPHECIES WRITTEN ABOUT THEM AND HOW THE little children  ARE PROPHESIED TO COME IN THE NAME OF CHRIST …... What ever is written, has to be fulfilled….  


1Ti 3:15  But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.

1Ti 3:16  And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory…}}}… the ‘church’, cannot be the house of the LIVING GOD, unless it is grounded by the ‘TRUTH”. this is why we wrote that the church or the Body of CHRIST is called out, when the gates of hell exist, that is the synagogue of satan, in the Philadelphia  era. This is the time, we are given the full knowledge of the truth. We are the pillars of the new house of GOD, which is founded by the truth…. it is preached unto the GENTILES… this is done, because of the obedience of the faith. ( Rom 15: 26,  Colos 1: 26 -27,  2 Ti 1: 10,  


Heb 9:2  For there was a tabernacle made; the first, wherein was the candlestick, and the table, and the shewbread; which is called the sanctuary. }}}… the first tabernacle, is a physical one. The second veil is where the tabernacle most Holy is. ( v 3). Now, having appeared once again to destroy the works of the flesh, CHRIST  is being the HIGH PRIEST, Has built a new tabernacle. It is the two witnesses who supply oil to the candlestick, and they are the anointed lamp as in Psa 132.


The ‘SHEWBREAD” fulfilled …..


This showbread is the flesh of CHRIST , who are the Gentiles, as we have already proven.


GOD, commanded people to offer bread, always among other things ( Exo. 25: 30,   35: 13,   39: 36,   ). When Solomon built the House of GOD, He also burned GOD’s incense and continual showbread as 2 Ch 2: 4 says. But when he made the house to the… ‘NAME …of GOD, this showbread offering is mentioned especially on the “Sabbaths” and “‘NEW MOON’” and on the “solemn feasts of GOD”.  Now,  is the Sabbath, the new moon and also the solemn feast when GOD’S NAME IS MADE KNOWN as PROVEN.  We proved in our writing “HOUSE OF PRAYER”, that it is the Gentiles, who come to worship as king Solomon said, ‘TO THE “NAME of GOD. (1 Kin 8: 43 .) 


The Word “SOLEMN” is first mentioned in Lev 23: 36, which is the ‘EIGHTH” day. This is the day , the last great day which CHRIST  invited all those who are thirsty to come to Him and get waters. ( and the living water comes from the believer’s ) .It is on the eighth day, one is to be circumcised. Prophet Joel, whose prophecy is for our days, says to blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly… ( all being fulfilled by us ) and that is to rend the “hearts” and to turn to GOD. He is slow to anger, and His kindness and mercy, will forgive the repenting people. This is the prophesied mountain,  and the two silver trumpets, who are the two witnesses as PROVEN are blowing in the appointed mountain and this is why, we who are the new priesthood,  fasting as well as blowing the trumpets to repent. ( Joe 2: 12- 15) .


Then, when Nehemiah built the temple, and agreed to walk in GOD’s Law, (Neh 10: 29- 33) he mentions about the showbread on the appointed feast days, to make an “ATONEMENT” for Israel. ( these are the days of fasting as well as the feasting in the 4th, 5th 7th and 10th month,  as written by the other witness, to ATONE Israel  ) Therefore, at the beginning, GOD Has given the offering of the showbread, to offer on such feasts  as an atonement.  THIS SPECIAL ATONEMENT WILL BE DONE,  “ONLY” NOW as the time has come to atone Israel, by this new priesthood, IN THE PRESENCE OF THE HIGH PRIEST . The TRUE TABERNACLE is already erected now.  These fasts were never kept before because it was not the time to get rid off the devils. These feasts and Sabbath picture the Sabbath which the poor works, and the new moons , as PROVEN, are also the "Times of Gentiles". And since it is the judgment of the devil and his demons  and time to get rid off them, GOD is making an atonement, for sins.  ( the devil is cast out by the finger of GOD, who are the Gentiles as PROVEN ). All these are now being fulfilled as the knowledge covers as the sea during the judgments and as 2 Tim 3: 10 says.. This is the purpose or the showbread who are  the two witnesses ….



2 Tim 3:10….”But thou hast fully known my doctrine, manner of life, purpose, faith, longsuffering, charity, patience”….}}}…  “Fully KNOWN” means ‘to follow after,  to follow up a thing in mind so as to attain to the knowledge of it,  to understand, to examine thoroughly, investigate,  to follow faithfully i.e a standard or rule, to conform one’s self to”.


“Doctrine” is “Instructions” ,

“manner of life”…”bring up,  the course of life”…

“purpose”  means , ….a setting forth of a thing, placing of it in view, the showbread,  which  were offered to God every Sabbath, and separated into two rows, lay for seven days upon a table placed in the sanctuary or front portion of the tabernacle, and afterwards of the temple


“Doctrine” , the truth will fall from HEAVEN, as the rain ( CHRIST  Has come in Hos 6), when the Gentiles have become GOD’s people, and when they are TESTIFYING AGAINST THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN… In deut 32: 2…


In Act 27: 13, it says, “it is the when the south wind blew softly, supposing that they had obtained their purpose,… the purpose is obtained, when the ‘south wind’ blows. That is the ‘east wind” as PROVEN, which comes from the Gentiles. ( please read” The east wind”).  During the blow of this wind, which  IS ALSO THE SABBATH  (THE POOR WORKS), the showbread is offered, spiritually.  ( Please read ; PRAY THAT YOUR FLIGHT MAY NOT BE ON SABBATH , for more proof in  .


Psa 78:25  Man ate the bread of the mighty; He sent them food to the full.

Psa 78:26  He made an east wind blow in the heavens; and He led out the south wind by His power. }}}… This food came from the ‘EAST WIND” (please read) and from the SOUTH… Haven’t we who are in the ‘south east’ sent this wind, also from heavens  ??? Even the first time when Israel were coming out of Egypt, GOD used an east wind … ( Exo. 14:21 ) that is to make the sea a dry land… now the wicked who are troubled like the sea also are being dried up by this east wind. And it happened in the morning watch… now, the night is passing away as the darkness is ending as the night watch is over and GOD’s mercy is shown to give them life. And GOD looked on them through the pillar of fire and cloud. Now the spiritual fire and the cloud also are here….



It is the Gentiles, who were told that GOD, will work for good to them that love GOD,  as PROVEN and will , who are called according to ‘GOD’S “PURPOSE”.  (means  The showbread Rom 8: 28- 30 ),  and they are to be called when CHRIST  comes, in HIM. ( Eph 3: 11).


Heb 9 talks about the showbread and the first tabernacle and the second which is a spiritual one, which CHRIST  and  the Gentiles who  are made to be the showbread. V 21…” Moreover he sprinkled with blood both the tabernacle, and all the vessels of the ministry”….this too is a time to purify the ministry and the showbread is now spiritually  offered and fulfilled. They are the first fruits , the two loaves with leaven  ( lev 23: 17).


V 26…. “For then must he often have suffered since the foundation of the world: but now once in the end of the world hath he appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself”…. }}}…. “NOW” …means,  the “end of the world… or the COMPLETION OF THE AGE.  This means, CHRIST  comes again, to put away sins, that is to purify the ministry, once again, in the last days.


 “By the sacrifice of Himself”???  Would CHRIST  die once again ??  No… we proved this is why, He prepared a body. (part 5) And they killed His prepared body, which His flesh and bones.


Rev 1: 7 proves they have pierced CHRIST  again, ( when He is in the clouds ) as they look at Him when He comes to judge, as they have sinned willfully . ( Heb 6: 6 ,  10: 26,  ) And v 27 says, all are appointed to die once, (spiritually , as they are spewed out of His mouth ), …. “But after this the judgment…}}}….if all the Law givers are ONCE APPOINTED TO DIE, then who is being used to ‘JUDGE”  the “dead” ? It is the two witnesses, ( Rev 11: 18).    This is the strange and foreign act of GOD as Isa. 28: 21 says.


he appeared to put away sin…}}}….Christ Has unleavened the Gentiles… “Purge out therefore the old leaven, that ye may be a new lump, as ye are unleavened” ( 1 Co 5: 7- 8 ).  This is why they are a new lump. They are spiritually, unleavened showbread, offered on this solemn feast, which is the Sabbath… and they are sincere and have truth.  It is the leaders who opposed us who have malice and wickedness.  Now, the first fruits of the show bread is made Holy. After Israel is cast away, the Gentiles were reconciled and received the life from dead. As they are made (first fruits) Holy, the whole lump will be Holy as well. ( Rom 11: 15- 16). This is the time of the grafting of the Gentiles to share the fatness of the olive tree. Since Israel is cast out at this time, the two witnesses who are grafted to the olive tree should be the Gentiles. Remember, these two loaves have leaven when offered but now, they are unleavened through CHRIST ’s sacrifice, and likewise, the whole lump will be made Holy through His sacrifice. His agrees with the Scripture which say that Gentiles will be saved first and then Israel.


V 28…. CHRIST  comes for the second time, to give salvation. This is prophesied in Isa. 11 : 11 …., to be fulfilled When CHRIST  comes, …. And (v 11 says), for the ‘SECOND” time. This chapter too proves that Gentiles are given the salvation and others need to be judged. So at the same time they are being judged, we received the salvation, which is to know GOD. ( JOh 17: 3).



Joh 8:23  And he said unto them, Ye are from beneath; I am from above: ye are of this world; I am not of this world….}}}… Just as CHRIST  is from above, we too, His body, are from heaven. at this time, who are thrown in to earth?? It is Zion, which is PCG, who is now in Bottomless pit, and cast down in judgment, lamenting. (Lamentations 2: 1). Following verse say, they will die in their sins. PCG too is dead spiritually, as lamentations is fulfilled.


Joh 10:11  I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. }}}… the new priesthood also gave their lives as PROVEN.


Joh 10:36  Say ye of him, whom the Father hath sanctified, and sent into the world, Thou blasphemest; because I said, I am the Son of God? }}}… We are declared by CHRIST our LORD , to be the sons of GOD as PROVEN. do we blasphemy when we say that as   GOD Has already chosen us as His Sons as we came out as 2 Co 6: 17- 18 says. The things TO COME, or NEW THINGS are declared by the flesh or the Body of CHRIST…. which opens the veil of Israel… the hand of GOD are these  sons as well…. and they exist with this Cyrus, whose eye need to be lightened… 



Joh 14:20  At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in Me, and I in you…}}}… In that day… now this day has come that the Father  and CHRIST  are in us as PROVEN.

Heb 2:11  For both the One sanctifying and the ones being sanctified are all of one; for which cause He is not ashamed to call them brothers,…}}}… it is us, who are sanctified, who are brothers. We know He is in us and we are in Him…


When the man of sin ( high priest) opposes GOD, we are given the salvation. ( Isa. 56)

Php 1:28  and not being terrified in anything by those who oppose, which to them truly is a proof of destruction, but to you of salvation, and this from God; …}}}… when the leaders are being destroyed , we have received the salvation. Has not this being fulfilled now ???


If it weren’t for sacrifice, would our minister, knowing that he would be spiritually killed,  go all the way to the other side of the world and tell the prophet, that he has broken the covenant ???  What a brave man he was ???  When the ministry in Israel have become dumb dogs, ( Isa. 56: 3 – 10), this man from east, boldly went to the prophet and said that he is wrong and he is working against GOD and has broken the covenant… Now, knowing that he will be cast out, is that not a brave act ???  Did he not do that for GOD ??? He is now a lion from tarshish… so he is a brave lion… that is what his name also means… this is why the Scripture says, the righteous are bold as a lion… !!!


Do you see that this worst man,  sitting in “GOD’S TEMPLE”, where the ‘Holy city”, and Jerusalem is??. He is ‘exalting’ and causing everyone to fall away from the TRUTH”. That means the leader in GOD’s temple, is  “THE”  liar.  GOD Has displayed His banner of truth, when this man lies. (Psa 60: 4,  Is 5: 26,   Isa. 11: 10,   12,   31: 9 ,   13: 2,   ).  As this man opposes GOD,  His chosen, the Gentiles who are given the full knowledge of the TRUTH,  are asked to TEACH, those who “OPPOSED”….    If, those who ‘OPPOSED” is GF, or Mr Tkach, then these Gentiles have to teach them. Remember, it is the work of the “slaves”. The Gentiles became GOD’s ‘SLAVES” when the salvation is about to come and by holding on to the covenant when Israel forsook . ( Isa. 56: 6). This is the time they are given the knowledge and are to teach those who oppose. Doesn’t GF say his church is the ONLY church that GOD Has entered in to a marriage covenant, as Eze 16 says??  Then, shouldn’t he be the one to break that covenant also ???  Is not this why, we the lions are witnessing against him ???


2Ti 2:24  But a slave of the Lord ought not to quarrel, but to be gentle towards all, apt to teach, forbearing, …}}}.. there is a time for the slaves to work also…. That is to teach.


2Ti 2:25  in meekness teaching those who have “opposed”, if perhaps God may give them repentance for a full knowledge of the truth, }}…. The ‘SLAVE”…. The slaves cannot oppose as they are under the authority of who ever owns them. In this case, they are called “slave of the LORD”…. Certainly  servants of the LORD, would not oppose GOD. So this man, who is in the temple, WHO OPPOSES GOD, certainly cannot be a slave of the LORD.  And, GOD’s slaves would be fighting with this most evil man.  This fight between the man of sin and CHRIST ’s true followers should be known by all of GOD’s people as it is a PROPHESIED event which is to occur in our days, INSIDE THE TEMPLE. Of course, the ones who are fighting with the inner court, are in the outer court. Rev 11 identifies them as GOD’s WITNESSES. Would not GOD witness against such leaders who opposes Him??? 


Do you see, that without the full knowledge of the truth, there cannot be repentance ????  WHY???  BECAUSE, THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO REPENT OF ….  Israel needs to repent for rejecting  their CREATOR, GOD , who is CHRIST our LORD  !!!!  The truth is to make know about the TRUE GOD, who is CHRIST our LORD  !!!     THAT IS SALVATION !!!  He should be exalted so all can be drawn to Him….  So, who are given the full knowledge ???  it is the Gentiles… To teach those who have “OPPOSED”. That honor, GOD Has given to the humble , poor, slaves who are the Gentiles.


It is the ‘YOUNG” Timothy, whom were chosen by Apostle Paul to write about this and revealed to little children .  CHRIST , TAUGHT THE ELDERS WHEN HE WAS JUST 12 YEARS OLD… HOW ???  BY THE Spirit OF GOD.   AND WE TOO HAVE THE SAME Spirit OF GOD, WORKING IN US  AND WE HAVE THE MIND OF CHRIST …. SO WE , EVEN THOUGH YOUNG, HAS GIVEN THE FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH ABOUT THE TRUE GOD TO DECLARE TO THE ELDERS.  This work of “teaching those who ‘OPPOSES”, could not have taken place any time, before this man exalted himself and opposed. It should be after.  Is Mr T alive today to oppose GOD ???  can we teach dead ???  as GF says, if he is the Joshua, then he will be pulled out of fire to build the temple once again…. and either way, GF will be out …. So it is better if he admits that he is Joshua, so he could receive the baptism of fire and Spirit and repent and change and start obeying GOD, so he could be used once again….God says, he will be corrected and taken. The two witnesses are to give him a new , CLEAN turban in zechariah…  the leader in GOD’s temple, has to learn from us, if we are given the full knowledge…. !!! what a humbling experience it would be, for a proud self exalting man !!!! 



opposed”, if perhaps God may give them repentance for a full knowledge of the truth,….}}}… GOD would give them repentance , when the knowledge of the ‘TRUTH” is given. That means, they did not have the full knowledge of the truth and that is why all these sins occurred. Therefore, the knowledge of the truth should be taught to those who opposed , to get them to REPENT.  The ‘truth’ is available only when CHRIST  comes as PROVEN, and that is when the true light is available . The “HEAVENS” have the true GOD, while all peoples have idols. ( Psa 96: 5 ).



Psa 96:5  For all the gods of the nations are idols: but the LORD made the heavens…}}}…. All nations have idols, but GOD made heavens, to not to have idols. !!! v 13 says, GOD comes to judge with righteousness and truth… the work of two witnesses…


When one exalts himself, they do not give glory to GOD, but take it to themselves . But GOD  says, “ I will not give My glory to another”. ( Isa. 42: 8). We have proven that it is the PCG leader who claims the titles which are of CHRIST ’s ( such as king, counselor, father, Law giver, that prophet and many others written in TP book ). So is not GF , the man of sin who opposes CHRIST  and exalting against Him ???


So in all the books written to Gentiles, they are warned of the “sons of disobedience. This chapter in Isa. 42, is to be fulfilled, when “CHRIST  bring light to Gentiles, and when the “blind eyes have to be opened and those who sit in “darkness is to be delivered. V 7. …definitely is now, as PROVEN, and at that time, as v 9 says, ‘NEW THINGS” are declared. The “new” things, are easily teachable to “little children”. It is the man of sin who needs to hear these new things.


The breath of life


The breath, is also the Spirit  which gives life. The ‘words’ of GOD are Spirit and life. This is how The two witnesses are being used by GOD to give this breath of life to the dead bones of Israel. They send the words…

Gen 2:7  And Jehovah God formed the man out of dust from the ground, and blew into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. }}}… it is the ‘BREATH OF LIFE” which comes from GOD’S BREATH which gives life. Now Israel are bones and are in the valley of bones, having sinned and broken the everlasting covenant. It is the wind, which will give them life once again…


Eze 37: 4 – 9 … The bones have to hear the Word of GOD, to live.

V 5… GOD will cause breath to enter in to them and they will live. This is how all will live, by every Word which comes out of the mouth of the LORD. And the words are Spirit Joh 6: 63 “The Words which I speak to you are spirit and are life .


Isa. 11: 3 says, CHRIST  will ‘BREATH” to give the understanding.  “Breathe” is strong’s H 7306. This means “properly to blow, that is, breathe;……, make of quick understanding.”… }}}.. Joh 20: 22 - 23 says, He breathed on the apostles, to give Holy Spirit, and followed by remitting sins and giving the understanding. This is the time to give the Holy Spirit to all as PROVEN, even to the man of sin. The  man of sin is to be  consumed by the breath, and will be kept alive by the breath also. ( 2 Thes 2) . If he knew the words of GOD, which is Spirit and life, he would have not sinned. We give this breath to him. They were spewed out at the beginning of the judgment ( made blind, and why they are bones now ) but  now their minds will be opened also.


But, v 4 says, HE COMES, WHEN THE POOR ARE BEING JUDGED WITH RIGHTEOUSNESS …. The slaying of the wicked and  giving life again happens when CHRIST  comes the second time. ( the times of refreshing or the recovery of breath , as above) And the knowledge of the truth has to be given and then, they will repent of their lies.


The Spirit of life entered in to the two witnesses, AFTER THEY DIED FOR THE WITNESS AND TO THE TESTIMONY OF “JESUS CHRIST”.( Rev 11:11) What is this ‘Spirit of life”???  That is the knowledge of the true GOD, which was not made known in any other age.


Job 33:4  The Spirit of God made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life…}}}  It is the young Elihu, who is to speak these words, to Job, who is found to be self righteous. The words, the knowledge, come from his UPRIGHT HEART, to speak clearly ,. Now, it is the little children, who are given the breath of life, to speak clearly.



Job 33:6  Behold, I am according to thy wish in God's stead: I also am formed out of the clay. }}}…  This young Elihu, is to speak on behalf of GOD…. this young man is giving the knowledge, which is the Spirit of life as he is found to be upright with GOD. GOD, is sending this young man to Job,  to open his eyes to the truth. But he knows he too is clay. The Great potter, made some vessels for mercy and now they are working.


Elihu knew the PURE KNOWLEDGE ;  what it means the Spirit of life. It is this knowledge, the Spirit of life, which is the MYSTERY OF GOD, which makes one an UPRIGHT person. The transgressors need The ‘TRUTH” to set them free. The knowledge about the true GOD, will set them free., the truth about the GODHEAD is made known only in the judgments. That is when the little children, would praise GOD, or GOD’s praise is perfected by the little children, as Psa 8 says. that is also the time CHRIST  thanked the Father , for revealing things to babes. So, it is the young Elihu, who is made upright with the Spirit of life who would give this knowledge to Job.


Now, as all Israel are in captivity not knowing the true GOD, and in need of this breath of life, who would come in GOD’s stead… or as they are unclean, to wash them ???


Zech 12: 8… the FEEBLE, will be like the house of king David , and they are to be like the angel of GOD, and like GOD… we have proven that in the end, it is the Gentiles who become like king David  and they are the ones who are made upright even though they are also clay, and they ( two witnesses) already have the Spirit of life entered in to them ( Rev 11:  11 ), which means the knowledge about the GODHEAD, and that is the precise time this knowledge or the clear language will be given to dead bones of Israel. This  is also a prophecy fulfilled ( Exo. 32: 34… The angel to lead the people, on the "Day of Visitation" … )


Job 33:32  If you have anything to say, answer me; speak, for I desire to justify you.

Job 33:33  If not, you listen to me; be silent, and I will teach you wisdom. }}}… The leaders who exalt themselves, are sent these words from GOD, since they need to be JUSTIFIED also. GOD is sending the feeble to speak to the man of sin, who has sinned. It is he, who is to be consumed by the BREATH OF THE ALMIGHTY … ( 2 The 2   ). GOD desires him, who is also Joshua, to be pulled out of fire, by His chosen Jerusalem. Now, we , the young little children, speak this to the high priest…  ….now, they sit in silence, as they are made UNwise. ( Lamentations 2: 10, 3: 28). This is when we, the little children speak…


if you have anything to say, answer me.. speak… for I desire to justify you… if not, you listen to me… be silent and I will teach you wisdom”…!!!


We know that the little children are revealed knowledge AFTER THE WISDOM OF THE WISE HAS PERISHED… It is GOD’s doing as a judgment… (the blindness happened to Israel,)


Elihu’s answer is in the following chapter. He says, Job’s wound in incurable… ( This is  Judah’s wound, which will be healed only by the wine and oil from the good Samaritan , two witnesses as PROVEN ). Job drinks DERISION, OR SCORNING like water… ( Job 34: 7). ( healing the spiritual Zion, is a sign CHRIST  gave which the true followers would have )


All happens in the MIDNIGHT… the mighty were taken away miraculously. Now, as the high priest lamented, we see they are truly spiritually dead. The spirit of pharaoh, will be awakened at night as he sees the dead… ( Exo. 12: 29- 30) as they are spiritually in Egypt ( Rev 11: 8), and since CHRIST  Has come as a thief in this night, when all lives are required by Him…


Job 34:24 – 25  He will break mighty men in pieces without inquiry, and make others stand in their place… … He overturns them in the ‘NIGHT’. }}}… In the ‘NIGHT”… that is when CHRIST  came as a thief as He said, and this is how the exalted will be humbled … ( Please read: CHRIST  comes as a thief in the night” for more proof in 


Job 34:26  He striketh them as wicked men in the open sight of others;..}}}… In whose sight GOD struck them ???   and in the ‘NIGHT”???  Who are the night watchers ??? please read the above writing to find out if you have not already. Who sinned in the last end to bring total darkness or the prophesied night ? It is  Ezekiel who fulfills the last era’s leader’s work, who says he does  and also the role of the high priest… who is Joshua, ACCORDING TO GOD’S WORDS. GOD struck him in the sight of the “Gentiles”, those who are far away… ( Lev 26: 45,  Eze 5:8  therefore, so says the Lord Jehovah: Behold! I, even I am against you, and will execute judgments in your midst in the sight of the nations. , Eze 11: 9,  , Lamentations 1: 15 , Eze 39: 21- 23, . So during this night, CHRIST  works with the Gentiles …


All these happened because the wicked caused the cry of the POOR t o come to Him… Job 34 V 28… The rich afflicted the poor without mercy… and GOD says, He will hear the poor who are afflicted… but He will not hear their prayers… Deu 31: 17,   Isa. 59: 2 etc.


The leaders have spoken WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE… ( v 35) . Thi is why the night watchers are giving them the knowledge. Without knowing the true GOD, how can one be set free ???  They need to confess their sins so GOD can have pity on them,… “he who covers his sins never prospers, but he who confesses shall have pity ( Pro 28: 13).


It is the Spirit of life, IN CHRIST  Jesus which set us all free from the Law of sin and death.. ( Rom 8: 2). This is how the little children were set free … and now we tell this to all… believe in CHRIST our LORD , and have the life eternal… if you want to live, the life is in CHRIST … and not in a God The Father.


CHRIST  purchased us to give Him the praises . And we praise and exalt CHRIST our LORD …. This is why we work with Him when Israel is being judged.

Eph 1:14  who is an earnest of our inheritance, to the redemption of the purchased possession, to the praise of His glory.


It is the Gentiles, who were purchased, …. “when”…. GOD’s GLORY IS PRAISED. ( the babes, who are the Gentiles praises Psa 8:2), so it is during the "Times of Gentiles", GOD’s praise is perfected and also the Gentiles were purchased. This is, AFTER THEY TRUSTED ….”IN”… CHRIST  and by HEARING THE Word OF …..”TRUTH”…


 Eph 1:12  for us to be to the praise of His glory, the ones who had previously trusted in Christ;

Eph 1:13  in whom also you, hearing the Word of Truth, the gospel of your salvation, in whom also believing you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise,…}}}…. The ‘Truth” is the gospel, of our salvation. !!!!We are set free by the truth…because Israel did not have the truth about the gospel of CHRIST , they could not worship Him in truth or Spirit . ( Joh 4.)  This is when the two witnesses were grafted to the olive tree, to GIVE “FRESH” OIL, which is the ‘truth’.  This happen as it mentions twice when GOD’s “PRAISE IS TO BE PERFECTED”.


These ‘purchased’ ones are those who sing the new song in Rev 5: 9…

They sing, because CHRIST  opened the seals to them. that means the revelation is given to them.


Rev 5:9  And they sing a new song, saying, Worthy are You to receive the scroll, and to open its seals, because You were slain, and by Your blood purchased us to God ….


1 Pet 2: 2 says, as ‘NEW BORN” babes, desire the pure milk, which is the pure Word…. so it is the Gentiles who have pure Word which is the truth


This is the time, the little lambs are gathered. ( Is 40: 11). This chapter says, these lambs sing new songs. This chapter explains that they have to say to Jerusalem to behold their GOD…Rev 5 v 9.  “THE” Lamb, is doing His work, only in judgment… as He, being the ONLY and TRUE Good Shepherd, gathers the lambs, in “"Day of Judgment"’.


Israel’s lies also are seen by the Gentiles…

Jer 16:19  O Jehovah, my strength and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the nations shall come to You from the ends of the earth and say, Our fathers have inherited only lies, vanity, and there is no profit in them. }}}…. When Israel have LIES, VANITY, as now, and are being afflicted, ( tribulation ) it is the Gentiles who will come to GOD, and say, OUR FATHERS have inherited LIES. This is what we are doing now. This is the work of the two witnesses. They come on the day of affliction. This was fulfilled.  ( Act 7: 39).


Jer 25:31  A roaring will go to the ends of the earth, for Jehovah has a controversy with the nations. He will enter into judgment with all flesh; He will give the wicked to the sword, says Jehovah….}}}… this is the time CHRIST  comes to save all the flesh. The sword will cut through and expose the intents of the hearts so everything could be corrected… as Heb 4 says. GOD called those who are in the east to come near to judgment… ( Is 41) These Scripture proves further that GOD is working with the Gentiles in judgment. so the two witnesses have to be from the Gentiles….



Isa 40: 1 -- Comfort ye, comfort ye My people, saith your God.

2-- Speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem, and cry unto her, that her warfare is accomplished, that her iniquity is pardoned: for she hath received of the LORD'S hand double for all her sins…}}}… Rev 18: 6… the harlot has paid double for her sins… now she will be granted to wear fine linen after the judgments…it is the Gentiles who see that their judgments are over as they are spiritual. Just as we declare their judgments, we should declare GOD’s written  comforts as well.   


Jer 33: 12… Thus saith the LORD of hosts; Again in this place, which is desolate without man and without beast,-- shall be an habitation of shepherds causing their flocks to lie down…}}}… at the time of lamenting, there were no men, or beasts. all living things became dead. Man became a beast and GOD killed them all. ( according to GOD’s Word, a ‘beast’ is a person who is without Holy Spirit. )



Zec 14:9  And the LORD shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one LORD, and his name one !!!


There aren’t two gods… but One… CHRIST our LORD ..!!!


Eph 4:5  one Lord, one faith, one baptism,

Eph 4:6  one God and Father of all, the One above all and through all and in you all. }}}… One LORD, who is CHRIST our LORD , who is also the Everlasting “Father ”.  If He is to be the “Father ” as well as the “Son”, ( Isa. 9: 6), then, do we have TWO Fathers??? The answer is in the “Mysteries part 14”… please read.


Exo 20:3  You shall not have any other gods before Me….}}}… No gods other than the GOD who spoke these words … The truth, which is the Law, have to be declared once again, with the new understanding to exalt the ONE AND TRUE GOD, WHO IS CHRIST our LORD … !!!  You made a covenant with this GOD. And you also broke the covenant, with this ONE GOD, who is your Maker, and Husband. This is not talking about a GOD family.


Those who were in the Philadelphia  era, are the ones who  became Laodicean era. Then  the two witnesses had to be among those who watched both era’s  failure.  ( not necessarily be alive during the whole time , but should know their works, as that is what they should witness against. The beast’s work is one work with two leaders  as Rev 13 talks about.  {beasts} etc as PROVEN  ) Specially, they  should be eye witnesses to the Philadelphia  era’s failure as ,…. that is when the synagogue of satan came to be. ( Rev 3: 9) .Not only that the witnesses have to be killed by this synagogue of satan, as the Scripture says which we have already proven.


When the lamp was moved from Philadelphia  era to Laodicean era, that is not for her  good, but to be spewed out of CHRIST ’s mouth.! THE LIFE GIVING Spirit WAS TAKEN AWAY FROM THEM AT THAT TIME.  Then what happens ??/ THEY DIE……… The lamp, … was not moved to raise up another work of GOD, but,…to condemn and  are to fall away further… and further from the truth or the Word, as they do not have Holy Spirit. ( They are to die spiritually to be brought back though because of GOD’s mercy. ). 


Chris says “I, MANY AS I LOVE, I REBUKE AND I CHASTEN”…..that is the message to Laodicean era.  He rebukes her because of HIS LOVE.   It is CHRIST ’s own wife, who has lost her love, but He still loves her and want her to repent.  That is when they totally stopped worshiping GOD in Spirit and truth and died from the ‘sword’, which is the Word. There after, no more work among the spiritual Jews. The virgin of Israel will rise no more…. (unless GOD’s mercy ) Then, the "Times of Gentiles" are to begin. It is very important to understand this fact, if one needs to know, who are the true, … GOD appointed witnesses are. If there is just one man in Israel who would keep the Law, then GOD would continue the covenant with that man. At the same time, he would boast and exalt himself against GOD, and all other fellow humans… GOD would not give His glory to another !!!  can a puny man who is made out of dust, which is the food of the serpent keep the Law of GOD perfectly ???  Time has come to face the reality. Are you righteous ???  can any man be righteous enough to keep the Law by himself ???  Look how the PCG leader exalts himself against CHRIST  and other church members ???  Thinking that GOD is working with him, with the little revelation which was given to him by GOD , …. What is he doing with that ???  Nothing but boasting in the Law, just as Apostle Paul preached to us…. ( Rom 2: 17, Gal 6: 13).


The one, who judges others, always exalts …‘self”.  All the churches are judging each other and exalting themselves.  HWA was condemning other churches, and physical Israel , as if they are given the Law and are being judged.  GOD does not want the church to judge the world.  Apostle Paul said, to judge those who are “inside. ( 1 co 5: 12. ). Now, it is the church’s judgments, said Apostle Peter .

Also the Laodicean era means ;   the seventy year period in Babylon should end and deliverance should begin.  Remember the judgments are to REDEEM ALL, AND NOT TO KILL ANY ONE.  If GOD wants to kill all humans as in the days of Noah, He would just destroy them. why would He judge them and teach the truth ???  The leaders have been teaching that if one would not obey they will be thrown in to the lake of fire…. But the lake of fire is not a literal fire… would the GOD ALMIGHTY  delight in the death and suffering of the dust ???  Why would GOD want to judge anyone if not to bring them back to Him ?   GOD wants the naked Laodiceans  to wear fine linen…. This will happen after the judgments as Rev 19: 7 says. 


He could have easily killed them physically, and then forget about them as they never were.  Would  GOD delight in seeing a sinner die again and again and burn in a hell ???   Could GOD find even a single man who is “righteous”, if not He justified the Gentiles because of His mercy ???  WILL HE FORGET THE CHILDREN OF ABRAHAM WHOM HE FORKNEW ???  HAS HE NOT PROPHESIED ABOUT ALL THESE  LONG BEFORE???  GOD will not resurrect people to condemn and throw them to an eternal hell fire.   GOD ALREADY knows that absolutely NO ONE COULD KEEP THE LAW.  HAS HE NOT PROPHESIED ABOUT THAT ???  DOES NOT THE Word SAYS THAT  ALL SEVEN ERAS ARE A FAILURE AND FINALLY WILL BE JUDGED AND CONDEMNED TO DEATH, BUT IN HIS GREAT MERCY HE WILL REMOVE THE INIQUITY AND GIVE THEM A NEW HEART AND WRITE THE Law IN THEIR HEARTS AND MAKE THEM OBEY AND BRING THEM TO THEIR LAND AND ESTABLISH A NEW COVENANT ???? SHOULD NOT ALL THESE Scripture BE FULFILLED ????  Did not GOD say the high priest would be the antichrist and the man of sin ??   About the synagogue of satan ???  HAS NOT HE PLANNED TO MAKE SOME AS THE VESSELS OF MERCY AND WRATH ??? if you do not believe these words then you are an antichrist…. !!!


It is the leaders in Philadelphia  era who became the synagogue of satan. That means they are the ones GOD Has rejected and spewed out , then the judgment which is the Laodicean era, which is to speak in confusion, with divisions, and to  lose the truth altogether. Laodicean era is a part of GOD’S JUDGMENT.  “Philadelphia”  means “brotherly love”.  The Laodiceans ,  are to lose their love and become lukewarm , or Laodicean  as a part of judgment. So are their riches, which blinded them.  Their riches and have it all attitude caused them to sin against GOD. 


When PCG, the daughter  became THE WORST”, as GOD says, GOD sent His people, the little children  to tell her sins. the leader killed them all by casting them out of the church ,( 3 Joh )  prophecy being fulfilled.  But, she has already become rich and did not want to give her riches or admit her sins and turn to the truth. This is why, GOD says, she is “THE WORST’. So who ever the witnesses are , should have seen the final sister’s sins as well as her mother’s ( Eze 16 v 44- 45) sins and all other sister’s ( v 50 – 52) sins as well.


This is why, the Two witnesses should be eye witnesses to both eras. All churches are GOD’s churches as Eze 16: 50 – 52 says.  Now, during the “Philadelphia” era, many sisters, did not exist, neither in original Ezekiel’s time. THEY DIVIDED IN TO MANY GROUPS,  as a PART OF THE JUDGMENT , AND AS ALL Israel  ARE TO FALL AWAY FROM THE TRUTH,  HAPPENED GRADUALLY.  AS THE LEADERS, lost their brotherly love for GOD,  but  loved THEIR OWN BELLIES,  NOT WANTING TO SUBMIT ONE TO ANOTHER, FORMED their  OWN ORGANISATIONS.  All the divisions were prophesied to happen and was fulfilled, AS A PART OF JUDGMENT, AND THEIR FAILURE TO BE HUMBLED . 




Also two witnesses should have witnessed how the leaders became the synagogue of satan. Because, they are the people, whom GOD will take vengeance from, for causing GOD’s people to sin. They lost their “crowns.Not their lives. But they will be rebuked and chastened and given white linen just as for Joshua.


CHRIST  has to come after all Israel FAILED. He comes to witness , purify and give the truth.  1 Cor 4: 5. ,  Mal 3: 5. He will be a ‘swift WITNESS”… That is a part of purification. This is why,….

The "Times of Gentiles", are to be fulfilled, after CHRIST  spewed the church out of His mouth. They have finally broken the covenant, and GOD Has rejected all Israel for a mere moment. ( Isa.  24: 5,  Isa 33:8,   Jer 11:10,      Eze 44:7,    Psa 74 ,  Zech 11: 10-11. )


Who ever watched when the covenant is broken, could only witness…

Zec 11:10  And I took My staff Kindness and broke it apart, to break My covenant which I had cut with all the peoples.


Zec 11:11  And it was broken in that day, and so the poor of the flock who were watching Me knew that it was the Word of Jehovah…}}}… GOD says, when He broke the covenant, it was the “poor” who watched and KNEW THE Word OF GOD.  This is why, and WHEN in Jm 2: 5, GOD chose the poor, to be in the kingdom…  If the poor knew the Word, the poor  would not have broken the covenant.  Isa. 56 proves they held fast to the covenant. The song of Moses which is written in Deut 32, is fulfilled in Rev 15: 3 as the poor sang it.



Deu 32:43  Rejoice, O ye nations, with His people: for He will avenge the blood of His servants, and will render vengeance to His adversaries, and will be merciful unto His land, and to His people…}}} …. “Avenge”… from whom GOD takes vengeance???  It is from Zion.  Who are the adversaries of GOD ??? It is His wife , as prophet Micah says, who rose up as an enemy of GOD, in the last end. When GOD’s people Israel, became enemy, GOD called the Gentiles, as Mic 5: 7 – 9 says. This happen, when GOD will be merciful, and forget all sins. The Gospel of Grace, is given to the Gentiles, to preach to Israel, during the judgments, so they can have hope.  CHRIST , Has come to save all flesh, as He promised.



Rom 15:9  and for the nations to glorify God for mercy, even as it has been written, "Because of this I will confess to You in the nations, and I will give praise to Your name." Psa. 18:49

        Do you see ???  IT   IS   WRITTEN… that the Gentiles will glorify GOD for His MERCY…


Rom 15:10  And again He says, "Rejoice, nations, His people." Deut. 32:43 ( with” is in italics which means later added )

Rom 15:11  And again, "Praise the Lord, all the nations, and praise Him all the peoples." Psa. 117:1

Rom 15:12  And again Isaiah says, "The Root of Jesse shall be, and He rising up to rule the nations; on Him nations will hope." Isa. 11:10 }}}…. We do not hope for a man of sin, or his father to take us to eternity, but to CHRIST our LORD …. ( GF wrote HWA , who is his father is the chariot which will take us in to eternity )


Rom 15:13  And may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, for you to abound in hope, in power of the Holy Spirit. }}}… it is the Gentiles who will have joy, peace as they believed GOD, and the POWER OF the Holy Spirit. Remember, these letters are written after Jews failed, to be fulfilled in the "Times of Gentiles". V 14 says, we are filled with goodness, and knowledge, so we can WARN ONE ANOTHER. Who need the warning at this time during the "Times of Gentiles" ???


V 16, Apostle Paul says, he is a minister of JESUS CHRIST, to the Gentiles, so that Gentile’s offerings might be acceptable, SANCTIFIED BY THE Holy Spirit… THAT MEANS THEY HAVE THE POWER TO DO MIRACLES BY THE Holy Spirit…. THE Gentiles ARE ACCEPTED… In GOD’s ALTAR… Mal 1:11, Isa56.



 v 21.. all these things are WRITTEN… THEN THEY HAVE TO BE FULFILED DURING THE "Day of Visitation" …, vengeance. The "Times of Gentiles" is also written, so it has to be fulfilled also.


Luk 21:24  And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled. }}}… the "Times of Gentiles", also was WRITTEN. That too has to be fulfilled. Who would fall by the sword, which is the Word of GOD ???  it is  the spiritual family of GOD who HAD THE SWORD…!!!


Rev 11:2  But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months. }}}…. Is the physical Jerusalem a Holy city ???  who had the sword of GOD ??? No… it is the spiritual Jerusalem, which had the sword of GOD, which fell away and now are trodden down by the Gentiles….


Rev 11:3  And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.}}}….If all Israel are gone in to captivity and are trodden down by the Gentiles, how could the two witnesses be from Israel ???  To whom did GOD give the Holy Spirit ???


Rev 11:4  These are the two olive trees, and the two lamp stands, standing before the God of the earth…}}} The “Lampstands” mean G3087…”candlestick, candelabrum.


GOD Has placed His  two witnesses as candelabrums in the heavenly temple, but the man of sin, who is against CHRIST , has placed two candelabrums which has made to honor Persian kings… ( the devil, the king of Persia as Daniel 10: 13  said).  They call these ‘beacons of light’. So you can imagine what kind of light they get from these candelabrums made to the devil…. Do you remember how the leader boasted about buying these candelabrums and how they were transported etc, were said in a sermon, on GOD’s Holy Sabbath.?? That is one way they polluted Sabbath. Such are abominations to GOD. Do you see how this man of sin fight with CHRIST  ???  His two witnesses are fighting and exposing such idols of His people, and this man is boasting about his sins. !


Do you think when a high priest commits such sins it will not go unpunished by GOD ??  Will He not search whether they have other gods ??? ( Psa 44).


GOD says, He will punish, Israel, Judah and Zion in Jer 30. GOD will cause them to tremble, as all the males will have pains like giving birth. ( v 6). This happen when GOD brings the captivity back.  It is  trouble of Jacob. But he will be saved out of it because of great mercy of GOD. GOD will raise up king David … ( it is the feeble who are as the house of king David  now Zech 12: 8). They will be saved from afar… but GOD will punish like He Has not punished any other nation. GOD Has wounded her and in it incurable, unless GOD, Himself will heal her. The only medicine she needs is the wine and oil from the two witnesses. It is GOD’s whirlwind which will fall on the head of the wicked leader.


The fierce anger of the LORD shall not return, until he have done it, and until he have performed the intents of his heart: in the latter days ye shall consider it….(v 24).


The latter days has come now, with GOD’s whirlwind… !!!



FORMER PROPHETS BOOKLET —page 5—G. Flurry wrote---

" The king or leader of God's church might weaken and think he is above the law---God promises His leaders that HE WILL CORRECT THEM with the rod of men of this world!


"Those members of God's church should know by faith that their ministers will be corrected ---including the most exalted ministers! God is a Father who lovingly "spanks" His leaders who commit iniquity."




Who is the ‘KING” and the ‘LEADER”???  Is it not GF ??? The rod of men now is being used by God to correct… Including the MOST “EXALTED” ministers ???  Should the ministers EXALT themselves???  Is this not why God Has sent the rod of men in the first place ???? Who have faith ?? it is the poor whom he killed. And by faith, we know that God is using the poor to tread them down, and the rod of men is correcting him… ( Is 26: 6)


most …”exalted”… ministers ???  Who are they ???  I do not know if other leaders in other churches exalting themselves, but GF, has written this, so we see that he believes he is an exalted minister… well, the poor are treading him down as God says…!


GOD requires all to repent, and that is during the Sabbath, the times of refreshing, ( means “RECOVERY OF BREATH”, THE Holy Spirit  Act 3: 19) which the “poor” works as PROVEN, which is now. They should have the truth to teach the truth to liars. The heavens are made to not to have idols, but all nations will have… Psa 96: 5.



When one exalts himself, they do not give glory to GOD, but take it to themselves . But GOD  says, “ I will not give My glory to another”. ( Isa. 42: 8). This is why CHRIST  comes as a thief , to get His due glory. Only the Gentiles who would exalt Him, as they are poor and have nothing to be proud of…. This chapter is to be fulfilled when CHRIST  bring light to the Gentiles… , and when the blind eyes are to be opened… and those who sit in darkness is to be delivered.


V 7. …definitely is now, as PROVEN, and at that time, as v 9 says, ‘NEW THINGS” are declared. The “new” things, are easily teachable to “little children”. New things are declared in the kingdom… as CHRIST  is drinking new wine…


2 Tim 2: 25… perhaps God may give them repentance for a full knowledge of the truth”….. }}}…The repentance comes, when they have the FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THE “TRUTH”. If Israel’s leaders do not have the full truth, how could the people worship GOD in Spirit and in truth ???  This is why GOD Has appointed the two witnesses… to give them the full knowledge of the truth. If CHRIST  Has revealed to Gentile women, that the Jews will not worship GOD in Spirit and in truth, then it is such women only can declare it to the world. What did the Samaritan woman do when she heard the truth about CHRIST  ???  She went and told her people and they too believed. As PROVEN, GOD required everyone to repent during these times of refreshing, ( Act 3: 19 ) or the recovery of breath… opening the Scripture.


Act 10: says, even before the baptism, Cornelius received the Holy Spirit, just as Israel did. This is another proof, that the Gentiles did  not need to be circumcised, for GOD to have mercy and pour His Spirit. The Holy Spirit, fell on all those “HEARD THE Word”. ( V 44). This is why, an overflowing shower of the Word is being poured upon Israel, through the two witnesses . ( Isa. 28: 17,  Is 66: 12). The lies have to be swept off and then teach the truth…). 


Israel  have not obeyed the Word as they did not love the truth. The Gentiles, upon receiving the Holy Spirit, “MAGNIFIED” GOD ( 46). Magnified means ““to esteem highly, to extol, laud, celebrate , to give glory and praise, to make GOD’s name great, or to declare His GREATNESS.”. That is to lift up CHRIST , so all could be gathered as we saw earlier. What happened at the house of Cornelius is a prophecy for us now for the "Times of Gentiles". They are magnifying GOD, and they are given the Holy Spirit freely as GOD’s mercy is on them, as Joel and Apostle Peter  prophesied. When Holy Spirit came on the apostles, they spoke different languages. Everyone heard from their own language.  These Gentiles also did the same in v 46. This too is a sign for us, that the Holy Spirit is not only to Jews, but to the whole world. But, this spiritually means to speak pure language, or the truth as PROVEN… 


These Gentiles, as we proved, were called, chosen and justified to be witnesses of GOD just as v 41 says.


Rom 11:25  For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in…}}}}…This is what CHRIST  taught in the above verse. Israel becoming blind, too is a mystery which is revealed to Gentiles. The BLINDNESS TO Israel, IS A MYSTERY… it is TEMPORARY… Eph 4: 18 . CHRIST , specially prepared the Gentiles for their times. That is when He stood up to judge Israel.


Act 26:18  To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me. }}}….power of darkness ??? that is the synagogue of satan… this is the time GOD threw them down to the Bottomless pit…, and they are the gates of hell… and this is the time CHRIST  called out His ‘CHURCH”… that is when the gates of hell exist… who would not prevail against CHRIST ’s church. !!!



CHRIST specially prepared Apostle Paul to open the blind eyes of the Gentiles, … to turn them from darkness to light…. From power of satan unto GOD…, so their sins could be forgiven,  and to sanctify them by faith which is in “CHRIST ’…. Has this not fulfilled ??? The darkness came during the Laodicean era, NOW. That is when the Gentiles’ eyes will be opened… and their sins are forgiven… this happen when CHRIST  blinded the Laodiceans . This is when the Vessels of Mercy were made perfect. Our eyes are opened for ‘SPIRITUAL” things. Laodicean era is blinded “SPIRITUALLY”… they were given GOD’s DELUSION to believe lies….


Therefore, during the "Times of Gentiles",  ALL SPIRITUAL  ISRAEL WILL BE BLIND. And the Gentiles will see….


After the blindness is taken away as Rom 11: 26 says, they will be saved as well. Then, the covenant will be established again, when their sins also are removed… v 27.


“The” Deliverer , CHRIST  will come. (same verse), and many deliverers also will come to Zion. ( Neh 9: 27,   Oba 11: 21).  They come ….‘TO”…. Zion. That means, when CHRIST  comes, Israel, or Mt Zion, still need to be delivered.


It is from those who were given MUCH,  ( the Spirit and truth ) IS EXPECTED TO BEAR MUCH.


In Act 20: 24, Apostle Paul says, his ministry will be finished ; after testifying  about the Gospel of Grace, of GOD. This happens now, as the Gospel of Grace is being preached during the judgments ( Rev 14: 6 ) also the time to finish the salvation. Then, he admonished the leaders to take care of the flock. But Eze 34, we see that GOD says, there is not a single shepherd to take care of them. Then, the witness work has to be done.


In v 26, he says, that because he finished his work, he can TESTIFY against them that he is not guilty of blood of others. Same way, as we are appointed to preach this same gospel, we become guilty of blood of others, if we do not preach and try to save others. The ministry in Israel failed. This is why they became a  bloody harlot in Rev 17 – 18 and they are judged as a murderous harlot. They failed to warn people, but took them to Egypt and that is the opposite of what GOD said not to do so.


V 27 says, the counsel of GOD has to be declared. Then, the leaders are said to take care of the church as they are purchased ( v 28). The church, which was bought by CHRIST ’s blood, became blood guilty ( as the moon became blood in judgment ). But the two witnesses  are redeemed by CHRIST ’s blood already, prepared, ordained to do this special work of redeeming others.


If a SELF EXALTING, SELF RIGHTEOUS Israel is chosen to do a work like this, they exalt themselves more and that would make them sin even more. This is why CHRIST  chose the “POOR”, and  Him  also becoming poor ( 2 Cor 8: 9), so the poor and the lowly, will not exalt themselves. Besides they are saved because of GOD’s MERCY.


Isa. 24… GOD makes the church a waste. All are gone in to captivity. This is the time of the lamentations. The haughty languishes…. It is defiled, they have transgressed and broken the everlasting covenant… did they admit and repent when we told them that the "Bamah matter" caused this ???  This is why the curse. We know this was done by PCG as she was the last one to continue the covenant, until the strangers joined to the LORD in Isa. 56.


V 7… They burn… when the apostles understood the Scripture, their hearts burned… how much more this time will burn them to find out the GOD who they worship is the wrong GOD ???


There is no joy… they are lamenting. They cannot drink strong drinks… the new wine is too strong for them. the new truth is unbelievable… they cant take it … they know that it is GOD’s doing and this is why they blasphemy..


V 10… the city of ‘confusion’ is Babylon… the harlot who is in Babylon is punished… that is the will of GOD as Rev 17 says. It is the time of the ‘GLEANING”… which is done by the poor… but….


The ones who are glorifying the true GOD who is CHRIST our LORD , has lift their voices up… and they sing… they are crying aloud from the sea… ( the Gentiles come as the sea when Israel need to rise up as now Isa. 60).


V 15…  Wherefore glorify ye the LORD in the fires, even the name of the LORD God of Israel in the isles of the sea. }}}… the ‘FIRES” are glorifying GOD… The ‘FIRE”  and the sea ….


The “Fire” is strong’s H217… “From H215; flame, hence (in the plural) the East (as being the region of light): - fire, light. See also H224.”.


H 215 means luminous, break of day, glorious, kindle.. light, set on fire, shine…

H 224 means LIGHTS, Urim, the oracular brilliancy of the figures in the high priest’s breastplate… Remember, the Urim and Thumim, which now comes to the church by the two witnesses ??? The light comes, the day breaks from the ‘EAST”… and they are the islands…


We went through the fire which was caused by the synagogue of satan, this is why we are glorified at CHRIST ’s coming… 1 Pet 1: 7,  Colos 3 etc..).  The islands trembles when these leaders fall.. Eze 26: 18. This is Mal 1:11 fulfilled… “from the rising of the sun… GOD’s name is great… “.


“Urim”… is same number H217… the breastplate pictures ‘judgment’. Urim and Thumin , …. that is, (technically) one of the epithets of the objects in the high priest’s breastplate as an emblem of complete Truth:”.  This is the time of The judgments, which  are to redeem the ones who are appointed to death as PROVEN…. they need the light as the day breaks and the complete truth, so they can worship GOD in Spirit and truth !!! ( Exo. 28: 30). Do you think Joshua the high priest , who is under satan’s bondage would have Urim and Thumim in his breastplate ???  No…. the Urim and Thumim is given to the church  by CHRIST , through the two witnesses….


V 23… GOD will reign in mount Zion and in Jerusalem, ‘BEFORE” His ancients… ‘before” means ; “a front, that is, part opposite; specifically a counterpart, other side etc  ”…at GOD’s reign, they will not go after their own imaginations…( Jer 3: 17).


The ones who sing the new song in the judgments , are the ones who believed and were cleansed by CHRIST ’s blood ( Rev 5:9). They are kings and priests. 1 Pet 1 says, the Gentiles are made kings and priests in the “Last end”. That is after the synagogue of satan failed. They are the ones who are saved by the blood of CHRIST … so Rev 5:9 and 1 Pet 1 is talking about the same people, who are the Gentiles.



This is the time, the little lambs are gathered. ( Is 40: 11). This chapter says, these lambs sing new songs and  that they have to say to Jerusalem to behold their GOD… v 9.  “THE” Lamb, is doing His work, only in judgment… as He, being the ONLY and TRUE Good Shepherd, gathers the lambs, in “"Day of Judgment”.  But Zion’s GOD comes on the donkey… ( Joh 12: 15,  ).


The final  earthquake happen when CHRIST  speaks in heaven,

( where the two witnesses are ) and when He shakes the heaven and earth for the second time… Heb 12: 26). This is the mount Zion, the city of the living GOD, the HEAVENLY Jerusalem … ( v 22) and the assembly and church of the “FIRST BORN”. V 23- 24.. this church is made perfect, or this is the ‘prepared body” which is flesh of CHRIST  as Heb 10: 20 says, who are cleansed with the blood of CHRIST … the “Heavenly” Jerusalem works when Joshua is present, as GOD Has shown him that He Has chosen the New Jerusalem.


Heb 12: 18----The Gentiles, at this time have become Israel of GOD,, or the Hebrews or the circumcision as PROVEN. They will not be burned, but come to mountain with fire , gloom and darkness etc. Apostle Paul is reminding the history of Israel, their beginning , how they were afraid of all the physical signs. But the Gentiles, at this time, have come to the ‘SPIRITUAL” mountain.


When Heb 12: 22--- is to be fulfilled, those who are given salvation are already become the ‘FIRST BORN’. (They were made first fruits because of truth. Jam 1:18. CHRIST  Has already redeemed us. CHRIST  too came to witness to the truth. this is why we are witnessing to the truth also. ) Otherwise Apostle Paul would not write for us to draw near to the “heavenly Jerusalem. At this time, as v 25 …

Watch that you do not refuse the One speaking; 

GOD is the GOD of the ‘LIVING” and not of the dead.. ( Luke 20: 38). This is why GOD will not hear the prayers of Zion, who is dead … it is those who are already given salvation, who are the Gentiles, who will have to pray and give life to the dead, after judging them…The LIVING only could be the New Jerusalem, the House of Prayer .  


The reason why Israel is dead  and could not obtain GRACE is they insulted the Spirit of grace. ( Heb 10: 29).


Heb 10:29  how much worse punishment do you think will be thought worthy to receive, the one trampling the Son of God, and having counted common the blood of the covenant in which he was sanctified, and having insulted the Spirit of Grace? }}}… How would GF, or any other leader in any church react to a member if they insult them ???  Can you ask GF, who is the Laodicean leader , without insulting him ???  Have we not seen that he throws people out of the church if they insult him ???


By doing this, they trampled the Son of GOD, because they did not give the proper reverence to the “blood” of CHRIST , which He shed for the covenant, to redeem them.  This is why GOD is taking vengeance. V 30.  To have done so, is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit… ( Mat 12: 31). This is why they could not obtain MERCY OR GRACE, and had to be JUDGED BY THE TWO WITNESSES… this is why, not having a covenant with CHRIST , the strangers obtained mercy. They did not have to be witnessed and judged.  the blindness of Israel, is favorable to the Gentiles. Because of their failure the salvation came to them.  same way, Israel also will be saved. By trampling the Son of GOD, they once again became flesh… this is why GOD says, He will judge all flesh…


Jer 25:31  A roaring will go to the ends of the earth, for Jehovah has a controversy with the nations. He will enter into judgment with all flesh;}}}… those who are in the ends of the earth feared GOD.. Psa 22: 27,  48: 10,  59: 12- 13,  Isa. 5: 26,    Isa. 40: 28,    Isa. 52: 10, 65:5. these Scripture and all our writings prove from the Word of GOD that the two witnesses have to be the Gentiles.


Rom 10:18  But I say, Did they not hear? Yes, rather, "into all the earth their voice went out, and to the ends of the world their words." 

Rom 10:19  But I say, Did not Israel know? First, Moses says, "I will provoke you to jealousy by a non-nation, by an unwise nation I will anger you." Deut. 32:21}}}….This is the awesome work of GOD, which is done to provoke the Jews to jealousy , and the unwise are made wise, while the wisdom of the wise perishes. As CHRIST  said, this happen in the judgment, those who see may not see, and this is why CHRIST  came as PROVEN before.


The Gentiles, were enemies but now reconciled ( Rom 5: 10). When were they reconciled ???  It is now, during the "Times of Gentiles". According to the Scripture, is Israel reconciled now ???  No where in the Scripture we find such a statement. 


GF wrote about the book of Apostle James. It is to a time when all Israel are scattered. When that book was written by GF, did you see any one including physical Israel,  scattered abroad ???  This happen spiritually. The Babylonians will not take GOD’s people captive… neither they will be in Egypt or Sodom. But Rev 11: 8, at the time of the Gentiles, they are spiritually in Egypt. So they will be scattered when there is ‘the’ liar… the man of sin, who is the high priest.


Israel are enemies for Gentiles’ sake , but only till the "Times of Gentiles" are fulfilled ( Rom 11: 28). Then they too will  be reconciled. This further proves that the Gentiles are reconciled first.


Rom 11:30  For as you also then disbelieved God, but now have been shown mercy through their disbelief, }}}… WHO DID NOT BELIEVE ???  who is given GOD’s mercy ???



GOD will establish the covenant, AFTER THEIR SINS ARE TAKEN AWAY, ( Rom 11: 27), which has not happened yet. But, during the "Times of Gentiles",  the Gentiles  are already reconciled, and are continuing the covenant… ( Isa. 56: 3 – 8). Now is this too hard to believe ???


Rom 11:30  For as you then also disobeyed God, but now have obtained mercy by the disobedience of these, }}}… Who are these ‘YOU”???.... and who are the ones who “DISOBEYED”??? “You” are the Gentiles, and those who “disobeyed”  are  Israel.


 Rom 11:31  so also these now have disobeyed, so that they also may obtain mercy by your mercy.

Rom 11:32  For God shut up all into disobedience, that He may show mercy to all. }}}… they may obtain mercy by ‘YOUR” mercy ??? Doesn’t this say that the Gentiles have mercy first ??? These are the judgments of the LORD, which are unsearchable… but the unsearchable riches, were preached among the Gentiles… Eph 3:8. Now , when Apostle Paul wrote these things to Gentiles in the first century, did they understand these ???  These are to be revealed at CHRIST ’s coming, to the prepared body, which is His own flesh, to give the new way of living to others… even to the angels…



1Pe 2:8  and a Stone-of-stumbling, and a Rock-of-offense" to the ones stumbling, being disobedient to the Word, to which they were also appointed. }}}…  Who are the “disobedient” ???  They are to stumble.  GOD knew Israel will never obey GOD’s Law. It is ‘CHRIST ” who is the Stone of stumbling. And it is ‘Israel’ who stumbled …because they were disobedient. When the time comes to expose their disobedience, it is the Gentiles, to whom it is written to do so. ( Eph 2: 2,  5: 16,   Colos 3: 6, ) . THESE ARE WRITTEN Word OF GOD WHICH NO ONE CAN DENY. 


“a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light: }}}… “Shew forth” means to “PUBLISH” … the ‘PRAISES” of GOD whom called us out of darkness. That is not the God The Father, but JESUS CHRIST , who is our LORD as PROVEN and the GOD WHO CALLED US TO HIS LIGHT.   WHICH GOD GIVES US “LIGHT”???  it is ‘CHRIST ”  ( Luke 2: 32,  Isa. 42,   60:  1 – 3   ) Who are to publish ‘PRAISES”???  It is the Gentiles, who have this light…  It is out of the mouth of BABES who are the Gentiles as PROVEN, the praise is made perfected, and on the day of ‘JUDGMENT’,  which is the "Times of Gentiles".  when the darkness came, these Gentiles are called OUT OF IT… that is how they became the church and Jews went to hell. This is when the gates of hell fight with the true church !!! If they have the light, then they should be giving it to those who are in darkness… ( Isa. 60 )



If GOD says, the Law could not make anyone perfect, then why cant you believe GOD’s Word ???  NONE IN Israel ARE PERFECT.  THAT IS WHAT GOD SAYS.   This shows, that by being in the church now, one cannot be perfect, unless they are following CHRIST . If one is following CHRIST , then as He said, we should not follow a single leader in the church because He said all the leaders have broken the Law and are not perfect and they are false prophets.  AS Heb 1 says, in the last days, it is CHRIST  who will teach.  GOD says, no one need to teach the neighbor, but they shall be taught of GOD… (  Joh 6: 45,  Isa. 54: 13 ,  Jer 31: 33 – 34  ) This happen, when the ‘STONE OF STUMBLING” that is ‘CHRIST ’, causes them to stumble and cuase the Gentiles to be built upon same.


Mic 6: 2-3.. God calls for the “mountains” ( the high and self exalted ones )  and asks what He Has done to them, and He wants them to testify against Him and He is reminding them about the “Balaam type of a betrayal which was fulfilled as the ‘Bamah matter”.. At that time , WHEN THE Bamah MATTER HAPPENS, God’s voice cries… v 9 .  GOD’s voice is heard during the Laodicean era …, with the knock.


Rev 2: 14- 15 , again, the same betrayal by Nicolaitans and Balaam is mentioned. Also, Mic 6: 5,  2 Pet 2: 15, which applies to the end time wife of Christ, ….the same warning given, but not heeded.



Should not ALL THINGS to be fulfilled in the ‘DAYS OF VENGEANCE”???


Deu 31:26  Take this book of the Law, and you shall put it in the side of the ark of the covenant of Jehovah your God, so that it may be there for a witness against you  …}}}…. After giving the Law, the Levites are supposed to bear the ark of the covenant of GOD. The book of the Law, should be with the ark of the covenant of GOD so that it will WITNESS AGAINST Israel. V 27 says, they are stiff-necked… this is the Laodicean era. This is when the witnesses should witness against them, according to this prophecy. So should not the ark of the covenant, be seen when the two witnesses giving their testimony ???


The ark of the covenant, is seen, in ‘HEAVEN”, when the dead are to be WITNESSED AND  judged, by the two witnesses… but it is in HEAVEN… When judging the dead.  


Rev 11:19  And the temple of God in Heaven was opened, and the ark of His covenant was seen in His temple, and lightnings, and voices, and thunders, and an earthquake, and a great hail occurred….}}}…. What Moses taught Israelites, about keeping the book of the Law with the ark of the covenant of GOD, is seen in heaven, and at the same time, the heavenly signs appear . These coded messages and allegories show, that GOD’s wrath is against “Israel”. More specifically, the “spiritual” Israel. Just as the song of Moses is sung, the ark of the covenant which Moses spoke about also is seen. Unveiling these coded messages and allegories are the hidden MANNA which comes from heaven as CHRIST  said… His own flesh, giving the words of GOD so all can live by them… Notice, the temple of GOD is in ‘HEAVEN”. That is the heavenly, New Jerusalem, which GOD wanted the high priest Joshua to know that HE HAS CHOSEN.


when Israel is dead and are judged. …. “so that it may be there for a witness against you”…. The book of the Law, is witnessing against the failed Levites. This is how the priesthood was changed.


Deut 31: 9 says, Moses delivered the Law to priests.., and they bore the ark of the covenant. But now, the Gentiles are the ministers of the ‘NEW COVENANT” as PROVEN. As Apostle Peter  said, the Gentiles are a ‘royal priesthood’, lively stones …a prophecy fulfilled in the last time.  If the Gentiles are offering the ‘spiritual’ sacrifices, that proves  they have the Law…. and the ark of the covenant, is now in HEAVEN


Deut 31: 10 says… Moses commanded the Levites to read the Law, at the end of seven years in the appointed time, the year of release, ( the acceptable year which CHRIST  spoke about in Isa. 61: 1 – 5 , which Gentiles are to work  )  in the Feast of tabernacles… , where GOD chooses,… and v 15 says, GOD came in the pillar of cloud !  Has not this fulfilled spiritually now?? Now, the year of release, the appointed time ( the solemn assembly, new moon ) and the clouds, the feast,  the mountain, all are fulfilled.


If the salvation is already given to Gentiles as PROVEN, the ‘year of release’  will come to Israel.   This is the “Sabbath”, which the poor gleans. (That is the year of release. And as CHRIST our LORD  said on the ‘LAST GREAT DAY”… all who are thirsty… come to Me… This is the last great day which all are commanded to come to “CHRIST ”


Deut 31: v 16 shows, it should happen when they have BROKEN THE COVENANT….!!! v 29 says, that happen in the ‘LATTER END”.


Rev 14:14  And I saw; and behold, a white cloud and on the cloud One sitting like the Son of Man, having on His head a golden crown, and in His hand a sharp sickle….}}}… To do the harvesting, CHRIST  comes in the ‘WHITE” cloud,  ‘WHITE” horse (  Rev 19: 11) , with those who have made their clothes WHITE,  to judge the leader who is wearing filthy garments.


Rom 2: 12… And as many as sinned within Law will be judged through Law. …. Who were given the Law ??? as above, GOD gave it to Moses, and he gave it to Levites and elders in Israel. they are the worst enemies of GOD and ours right now. But just as the prodigal son was forgiven, and welcomed, GOD too is waiting till they repent and come back to Him. There will be much rejoicing in heaven, when the sinners are brought back.  You have to be a doer of the Law, to be justified. V 13.  ( or should believe in CHRIST  and fulfill the Law by His love and grace as Gentiles have done ) . GOD judges all according to Apostle Paul’s gospel as PROVEN. ( v 16). And that gospel, was given to the Gentiles, and now, it was preached in judgment as Rev 14: 6-7 says. Is any one perfect, or could even a high priest keep the Law and made perfect ??? absolutely no… Hebrews says not even a high priest is perfect. then they all have to be judged. Who is correct ???  The Word which says no high priest is perfect, or GF, who is the high priest who says we can build the perfect character in time ???


GOD reminds about the Law. … and Apostle Paul preached that the Gentiles, fulfilled the Law, as they have GOD’s LOVE, which fulfills the Law ( Rom 13:8 – 10,  Gal 2: 16  v 19 – 21 says, even Apostle Paul, is dead to the law   ).


Deu 8:3  And He has humbled you, and caused you to hunger, and caused you to eat the manna, which you had not known, and your fathers had not known, in order to cause you to know that man shall not live by bread alone, but man shall live by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of Jehovah  …}}}…. GOD ‘HUMBLED”… He Has made them to hunger for spiritual manna, which neither the leaders nor their fathers knew, which is raining on them ( it is ‘CHRIST ’ who sends the rains  Hos 6, and it comes from the flesh or the prepared body as PROVEN ) as the Word of GOD, which comes from the two witnesses… The fathers ate manna, and are dead.  So are the children of the fathers.  But, the words, which all will live,  are given by the two witnesses.   That is the ‘truth’.  The “fathers had not known” means, this is written to the “sons”.


This also should be fulfilled, when GOD is to make all Israel know about the ‘TRUE BREAD WHICH COMES DOWN, WHO IS CHRIST , AND THE Word, WHICH COMES OUT OF HIS MOUTH”. That happen when CHRIST  comes “IN JUDGMENT” as Rev 1 : 16,  2: 12,  16,   19: 15.  We were taught in the past that in Rev 19, when CHRIST  comes, He comes to get married to the wife. But  the truth is that is  when He comes to judge , with a sword in His mouth, to “SMITE THE NATIONS”, and to ‘RULE WITH IRON ROD”.


When did Israel become proud to be humbled??  Is it not in the Laodicean era ???


 Israel is prophesied to fall when Ezekiel works. Also their pride will be taken away at this time. (Eze 24:21-22).

Eze 24:21  Speak to the house of Israel, So says the Lord Jehovah: Behold, I will profane My sanctuary, the pride of your strength, the desire of your eyes, and that which your soul pities. And your sons and your daughters whom you have forsaken shall fall by the sword. }}}… this is the time when GOD allowed them to fall away totally in all three points one is tested. “Pride  of strength” , is the pride of life, the desire of eyes, and soul which is flesh. This is what Adam and Eve failed in, and the last leader, Ezekiel too failed as PROVEN.  Only CHRIST  could over come these three temptations.


Exo. 16 explain the bread given ‘DAILY” as they needed to be tested. ( v 4). On the 6th day, picturing the 6th era, double was given. Did not GF say that they were given more revelation than any other time ??  And it was a time for them to know   ; in the ‘EVENING”  GOD brought them out of Egypt. Is not it the same now ? Now, the Sabbath, or the 7th day, in the evening or in the darkness, GOD will bring them out.


V 7… “IN THE MORNING” they will see the glory of GOD. At the end of the evening, the truth about GOD was made known. The mystery of GOD, was made known, when the seventh, and last angel sounded as PROVEN. The evening is to eat flesh. That is to fulfill all the Word, or as CHRIST  said to “eat meat” is to “finish” the work of GOD. and v 10 says, glory of GOD, appeared in the ‘CLOUD”. Read “Heavens Declare” in our web site. Now too, CHRIST  Has come in the clouds.  And the glory of the LORD is seen as the truth about the mystery of GOD is revealed. ( glorify GOD means to know and understand Him Jer 9:23- 24 )


Back to Deut 8;….

Deu 8:16  who made you eat manna in the wilderness, which your fathers did not know; that He might …”humble”….. you and that He might… “ prove”….. you, to do you good at your … “latter end;”…..

.v 18 … He may establish His covenant”…., }}}… all these are to be fulfilled in the ‘LATTER END” and when GOD’s COVENANT IS TO BE ESTABLISHED. 


Deu 8:19 –   And it shall be, if you shall forget Jehovah your God, and walk after other gods, and serve them, and worship them, I testify against you today that perishing you shall perish;

Deu 8:20  as the nations that Jehovah makes to perish before you, so you shall perish; because you did not listen to the voice of Jehovah your God….}}}….ez 20: 29 proves even Ezekiel has gone to Bamah. PCG witnessed how other churches forgot GOD and how they perished spiritually. ( Eze 16: 52). But that did not stop her also committing the same sins….



Malachi book says, in chapter 3 CHRIST  comes suddenly to the temple, to purify and to witness against the ministry in Israel. Israel’s hearts, still need a change, to make the new covenant. ( Eze 11: 19,  18: 31,   36: 26,)  Or, until the change of heart occurs, the new covenant cannot be made. Eze 36: 25- 26 says, GOD will sprinkle CLEAN WATER upon them and will clean before the new heart is given. Act 15: 11 .


Deu 32:28  For they are a nation void of counsel, neither is there any understanding in them.

Deu 32:29  O that they were wise, that they understood this, that they would consider their latter end!

Deu 32:30  How should one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight, except their Rock had sold them, and the LORD had shut them up? }}}.. GOD says He Has sold them to sabeans…the ‘sabeans’ are the Ethiopians, as PROVEN, who destroyed Job’s children as well. When there is NO UNDERSTANDING in them, GOD would sell them.


two put ten thousand to flight…}}}… This chapter is about  the song of Moses, which is to testify against the fallen Israel.  When they are sold, two people can chase ten thousand. They are the two witnesses, who are now chasing thousands. They are also the little ones.


( Joe 3: 8…And I will sell your sons and your daughters into the hand of the children of Judah, and they shall sell them to the Sabeans, to a people far off: for the LORD hath spoken it. )  End time Judah, is PCG as PROVEN. GOD sold them to sabeans, in Ezekiel’s time… that is PCG ‘s time. ( Eze 23: 41- 49). All explained in  the "Bamah matter"  and  please read ; “Why Ezekiel’s wife had a stroke”…, and “Evangelist betrayed CHRIST ’s wife “for more details in our web site. this is when one chases thousands This is why, those who saw GOD selling them to ‘sabeans’, where Ethiopia is, or far off, witnessed it and therefore are testifying….  

Deu 32:31  For their rock is not as our Rock, even our enemies themselves being judges. }}}… the enemies are to be the judges…


During these thousand years, which is the night watch, one little one works as a thousand…Therefore, when Jud 14 says LORD will come with ten thousand saints to JUDGE, it is not actually ten thousand .


Psa 91:7  A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand;…}}}… the right hand is the two witnesses… they make all to fall ….

 Dan 7:10  A fiery stream issued and came forth from before him: thousand thousands ministered unto him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him: the judgment was set, and the books were opened. }}}… This is fulfilled in Rev 5: 11… all to happen in judgment, and Daniel’s prophecy is to be fulfilled when the beast is slain, which is also now, and Rev 5: 11 is also in judgments.


Isa 60:22  A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation: I the LORD will hasten it in his time…}}}… this too is to be fulfilled during the judgments, when the little children are sent.  These two witnesses , who are the little ones, are putting ten thousand to flight, in judgment, as GOD Has sold them to sabeans, where we are as PROVEN….


As we all know, when GOD Has placed His two candelabrums to give light to His people, the high priest brought two candelabrums which were made to honor the devil. He is building physically, while GOD is building spiritually… This is not a time to build physically, but spiritually, as the spiritual Jerusalem, the New Jerusalem is already here as PROVEN.


Here is what S Flurry had said to FOX 25 TV man. This is taken from ESN web site. 


SFlurry: We want to showcase the greatest achievements of the human spirit.   }}}… Does GOD wants His church to build according to our “HUMAN” spirit ????  In this saying, S flurry speaks the truth. Him and his father, really wants to build according to the ‘HUMAN” Spirit. !!!   Is there any wonder why GOD Has called the Gentiles, to be a ‘SPIRITUAL”  temple, to be in HEAVEN so they can build “SPIRITUALLY” ? Do you see how ‘SPIRITUALLY’ blind these men are ???  Is it any wonder why GOD says when the two witnesses are testifying, they are ‘spiritually’, in Egypt ?? ( Rev 11: 8). Would CHRIST our LORD  lie ??? Is this not the synagogue of satan, who lie and are building AGAINST OR OPPOSITE OF WHAT THE TRUE GOD WANTS TO DO ??? 


N Winkler: ( TV man ) Pastor Flurry says, to prepare for all this, PCG's 170-acre campus is designed to be a model for how Christians should behave, and help Jesus set up his new government.  }}… Israel, was supposed to be a model nation to the world, to teach them the truth, and the Law… but according to ‘CHRIST ”, ( in John 4: 20 – 21),  He prophesied that one day, they will not worship GOD in Spirit and in truth.  ( CAN SON OF MAN FIND FAITH , which is unseen, or spiritual , when He comes ?,  also THE LOVE OF GOD ??? ) The son says, they want to do the best they can HUMANLY, and the father says ; his 170 acre land and other BUILDINGS are a model , which will help JESUS CHRIST…, to build the new government.  


The best way if a true follower of CHRIST  could be a model to another, is to keep HIS COMMANDMENTS,  TO HAVE RULE OVER THEIR SPIRITS, SO THE WALLS COULD BE BUILT AND TURN IN TO A CITY…  when the apostles marveled looking at the temple, what did He say ???  “It will be destroyed”, and HE WILL BUILD ANOTHER in three days….  Our father Abraham, looked for the tabernacle which is from heaven as written above, where the Builder and Maker is GOD…, ( Heb 11: 10) the ‘SPIRITUAL’ Jerusalem.   Did GOD command GF to build in such a way ???  No… We are asked to come to the ‘HEAVENLY” Jerusalem…REMEMBER ALL THESE ARE TO BE FULFILLED IN THE DAYS OF VENGENACE , which now are being fulfilled .


Heb 12:22  But ye are come unto mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels,

Heb 12:23  To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect,


CHRIST  said to us,  those who are to tread on serpents and scorpions ( the ministry and Israel as PROVEN ) to rejoice that our names are written in heaven… ( Luke 10: 18- 21 ). This happen when satan fell, and that is in ‘JUDGMENT”, as now. And at this time, GOD reveals things to “BABES” because, the wise have become fools. We are the church, of the first born… but in Heb 12, GOD says, He will shake the heavens and the earth once more….  Such humans , who are leaders in GOD’s church, who wants to build humanly, which is to please their fleshly lusts… are kept for the day which the elements shall be burned with fire just as Apostle Peter  wrote and should  be aware… because, …..

Text Box: For our God is a consuming fire !!!!!





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