True light

God is Light. “Sin” brings darkness. Is 60: 2 says, gross darkness the “people. Jer 4: 23, Why? How would their light shines again? Christ said hour comes to reveal the Father and all the words of God to be fulfilled. When would that hour be? Christ comes in the latter rain and that is the time all things would e fulfilled and it is the day of vengeance. The Jews, Christ’s own did not receive Him. They are in darkness. Christ came the first time to bring light to the world of the Jews and they were given the Law. They never obeyed that Law and now, Christ Has come and, they will be blinded and the gentiles, who were blind, will see. Prove from the Word.



God’s Word reveals that His chosen children never obeyed God and never will, until the new covenant is placed. That means they have rejected the true light, who is Christ. ( Luk 2: 32, Is 42). S Flurry’s article in RV July 2007, “House of prayer”, he says, that we should have access to God, through the HQs. Not even once he has mentioned that we must go through Christ. Please read: House of Prayer” in our web site for more comments and who will be in the House of prayer etc… Christ says He is the way, the truth and life.. John 14: 6. So to reject Him means, they have rejected the way, the truth and the life…would not God reject them too? They have closed all the doors to God…


Joh 1:4  In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

Joh 1:5  And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.}…Who are in the darkness now? It is the children of “disobedience ;  Mat 8: 12, all Israel, Jam 1:1, as they have sinned and not worshipped God in Spirit and in truth.  They are the ones who did not comprehend the true light. We proved this fact from the Word in our writing ( comments ; S flurry’s “House of prayer”}  since Christ Has bought us by His “blood”, that we do not need to be slaves of any man. (  1 Cor 7: 23) But if you willfully reject His blood, you do not belong to Christ and then you are a slave to sin, to other men such as the anti Christ etc…, and you are  in captivity. We also proved how HWA also rejects Christ’s “blood” sacrifice. That  does not apply to the world, as Christ did not come to save the world nor He bought the world, but His wife only. Now. He came to His own and since they did not receive Him, they are in darkness.


Joh 1:9  That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.

1 Joh 1: 5… God is Light and there is no darkness in Him. } …This is why, before God dwells with men in Rev 22: 5, Christ Has come to purify and to give light to all. ( Luk 2:32, Is 42) If we have light, we can fellowship with one another without hating our brothers.


which “world” did not receive Christ; darkness

Joh 1:10  He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not. }…. Christ did not come to reveal Himself for the world, but to the Jews. He did not buy the world by His blood, but the Jews. This  WORLD  means, the “Jewish” world as we will prove.  Since the Jews never obeyed God, they are in the world, or Egypt , spiritually, until now. Rev 11: 8


Joh 1:11  He came unto his own, and His own received him not. }… He came to His “own…” and not to the world. But His own did not receive Him. Why did His own not receive Him? Because they did not “know” Him. ( V 10)… We get to know Him  by the “Word”. But Jews did not believe the “Word” Who is “Christ”. If they had known the Word, they would know who Christ really was and would not have crucified Him. It is the Jewish world which He came to and who did not receive Him. They are the ones who never came out of darkness.


He was in the world….. World knew him not….,

He came unto His own….. His own received him not}…then, His own, are the world which He came to and which received Him not. So the ‘WORLD” is the “Jews” or His “OWN”.


Joh 18:36  Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is My kingdom not from hence…}…There are two groups mentioned here. The Jews, and the servants. His kingdom, is not of this “world”, nor from the “Jews”, as He was delivered to the Jews;  they only killed Him. So that is the world, where the Jews are, who killed Him.


We have proven from the Word, that the “world or earth means the “church”. In this verse, it means the “Jewish” world..{ not be delivered to the “Jewsmean the “servants” are not “Jews”. The servants will fight “with” the “Jews” and would not allow Christ to be killed.   If not the “Jews”, then the “servants” should be the “gentiles”, as Christ always mixed, healed and was with the gentiles as we have proven from the Word.; read: Why did Peter deny Christ?


Joh 18:37… for this I have come into the world, that I might witness to the Truth. Everyone being of the “Truth” hears My voice.}…. Remember, it is the “Jews” who did not worship God in “sprit and in truth” ( John 4: 21) and that is why Christ came to witness against them. IT IS THE ‘WORLD’ or the ‘Jews”  who needed the “WITNESS”  to the ‘TRUTH”, as they do not have the ‘truth’. But the witness is needed (according to the Law,) for those who broke the Law or rejected the truth.  It is the “Jewish world”, which was given the truth and rejected it. Christ came to witness against the “Jews”, that is also called the “world”. That is the world which knew Him not. So the Jews, are the ‘world”. Now, the spiritual Jews are in the world. So there is no difference between then and now.  


Joh 7:7  The world cannot hate you; but it hates Me because I witness about it, that its works are evil.}…which world hates Him? Which world’s works are evil? It is the “Jewish world. Why do they hate Him? Because He witness against their evil works. The world was not given the Law to call them evil ……nor it is not the world’s judgment now. They hated Him so much, they tried to stone Him many times and finally betrayed and killed Him. More over, once again they killed Him and despised Him by willfully sinning. When we willfully sin, we thrust a spear in to His body, wrote GF in ‘repentance toward God”…So it is GF and his gang who stoned and thrust a spear in to Christ’s body once again. And they are the ones who  are seeing  Him coming and who mourns as Rev 1: 7, as He comes to judge them.


Joh 8:12  Then Jesus again spoke to them, saying, I am the Light of the world. The one following Me will in no way walk in the darkness, but will have the light of life}…Since the Jews, who did not follow Him, sits in darkness …


Joh 9:39  And Jesus said, I came into this world for judgment, that the ones not seeing may see, and the ones seeing may become blind.}.. Christ came to “judge” the “church”… not the world. (Judgment begins in the church, as well as His Sanctuary Ez. 9. the purification and WITNESSING  is needed for the “MINISTRY’  NOW.  Mal 3). ….It is the “Church” who was SEEING and they are the ones who will become BLIND. Those who did not see are the “gentiles”, who are “strangers to the covenant” and promises and who had no hope as Eph 2: 12 says.  God blinded the wise men (the church leaders}  and opened gentiles’ minds…(God’s people have become fools and beasts and have no knowledge and the earth is without form once again Jer 4: 22-23. there is no light in them)  so when He said I came in to this “world”, it is the “Jewish world”.


Read also John 10: 36,  John 12: 31,  46,  12: 47,  13: 1,  John 3: 19…Christ came to the world of the Jews, and they loved darkness.,  John 8: 26…When He said I speak to the world, it is the Jewish world. John 9: 5.. Christ said He is the “light of the world” and this is why Christ comes again to give light to the ones who have sinned and are in darkness and in the shadow of death.  

John 8: 39…He did not come to judge the world, but the Jews. Those who see are the Jews… John 10: 36,  John 12: 31.. Judgment of the world?.. this is not the world, but the Jews’ judgment.

Joh 12: 46 – 47… who does not believe on Him is in darkness. It is the Jews who were revealed about Christ and did not believe. John 15: 18- 19… out of the world is out of the Jews. Rom 3: 19,  1 John 5: 19 etc…. these scripture shows, that most of the time, when the Bible talks about the “world”, it is the Jewish world.


Here are more proof;…

Joh 13: 1… Having loved His own which were in the world, He loved them unto the end. }…this is definitely not the real world. His “own” are the “Jews”.


John 13: 1-8 After supper…. After feeding every one…., (now, He Has fed the church, He finds every one clean, and only the feet needs to be washed ) unless we allow Christ or some one who comes in the name of Christ, or some one who is sent by Him washes us, we are not a part of Him. ( If we are not a part of Him, we could not have His light)   V 11. He knew who would “betray” Him… He said, Ye are not all clean. He was thinking about the man who betrayed him. That is the man who needs cleansing.  

( this is after feeding every one and He knew that who ever is “given bread”, is the man who would betray and we proved that it is GF, as he is the man who was given bread or revelation in the end time.  )  This is why, Christ said, you should wash one another’s feet.

V 20… He said, who ever receives whomsoever He sends, receives Him. V 21 shows, He was speaking about the man who would betray Him. We know in the end time His wife too betrayed Him and became an enemy in the last end ( Micah). If the wife betrayed Him, then the leader who takes care of the wife only could cause the betrayal. And he is the man who need his feet washed and who ever Christ sends to wash his feet, he should allow. V 30… after receiving the bread, it was night. ( the prophesied night. Read:

Christ comes as a thief in the night,%20Part%201.htm


When Christ’s wife betrays Him, in the last hour, in the night, He would not keep quiet. He would send some one or some people to show the sin or the betrayal. Also to wash their filthiness. Please read: Christ’s wife betrayed by an evangelist's%20Wife,%20Betrayed%20by%20an%20Evangelist.htm


Now, His wife is not clean and needs to be washed. This is why, those who witnessed the betrayal was sent to wash them. but the leader did not receive the man who was sent by Christ. ( v 20). Mat 10: 41-42… Christ sent a little one in the name of a “righteous” but GF refused to give even a cup of water. you can read :

Man from the East

Mr Winters witnessed


This little one was sent in the name of a disciple. Mat 18: 5 .. who receives such a little child in My name, receives Me. these are not real little children, but Christ was planning to send little children, newly born  ( gentiles , as we will prove ) as they are humble when His people have become proud. Or during the laodicean era, in the last hour when He was betrayed. Also they are called ‘little children’, as they are called for salvation after Jews failed and they are still babes in the Word. But, it is God’s Spirit which gives the understanding and God causes the praise to come out of the mouths of the babes. Ps 8: 2.


In John 13: 33, He was referring to these “little children”… Little children, yet a little while I am with you. You will seek Me; and, as I said to the Jews, …. So the “little children” and “Jews” are different. They are the “servants” who would fight with the “Jews” as Christ said, as we saw earlier.  He was speaking for our time. Christ said to them “ love one another”. (1 Joh 3 says, by this, if we “love”….. or do “not love”…. one another, the children of God and the devil is revealed. )This is why, apostle John also says to little children to love one another… v 18 – 23. In 1 Joh 4:4, the little children are of God and have over come them… God is in them… in the little children. These are very specific prophecies for our time, for the end of the “Phil. Era”, as they are the ones who have the brotherly love. When the Day of Judgment comes, as 1 joh 4: 17 says, it is the little children who have love and are God’s Spirit and truth are in them. Since the hour has come for the Jews do not worship God in Spirit and truth, God Has called others to replace them.  Remember Christ called them ‘SERVANTS”?  Now God is replacing the leaders and causing the servants to do His work ( Ecc 10:7) So, when the prophet sinned, God sent the “little children” in the ‘NAME” of God, to show the sins. But  the prophet did not want to admit his fault or the sin, and he hated them to see God is accepting their sacrifices ( Mal 1: 11,  Is 56: 3 – 8) instead of his’, like Cain did.  GF  killed them spiritually. God said, He would avenge the blood of Abel, from this generation, whose judgment now has come. ( Mat 23: 35 ) so like Cain hated the younger brother, whose offerings were accepted by God, the prophet too hated the younger brother. Both Christ and John said to the little children… love one another… they have the love when leader’s love became waxed as Christ said…. Love of many shall wax cold. 


In John 15, v 20 , 22, 24 etc, if I did not speak  or do the works “among them”, means, among the “Jews”. Christ did not speak to the world. But in the end time, it applies to the “church”. Now they have sin, as they have rejected Him.


Joh 16… they will put “you” out of “synagogues”… which means no one but Jews… this was fulfilled in 3 John. This is the betrayal of Christ which was done by GF and the RD, which we have written in our web site. They ( v3) they do not know the Father or Christ. this is certainly talking about the “Jews”. V 13, the Spirit of truth, works in “gentiles” as Jews have stopped worshiping God in spirit and truth as john 4: 21 says. John 6: 63 says, the “words” are Spirit and life. ( also John 14: 6)  So the Word comes in this  hour to gentiles. And as john 8: 44 says,


1Jn 3:8  He that committed sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.}…Christ is not going to cast out the world, but only the Jews who rejected Him. They are the ones who sinned from the beginning. John 16: 3 says, they have not known the Father or Him.


Destroy the works of the devil?...First time when He came, He did not destroy the works of the devil. Only “He” defeated him and he is still in the world and working through the Law breakers. But in the days of vengeance,  when Christ  comes to judge, witness and to execute the written judgments,  He will destroy the works of the devil. This is the time, the ruler of this world will be cast out and the judgment John 12: 31


John 16: 28… He said I am come in to the world and I leave the world… it is the Jewish world, which He came as we proved. Read also Joh 17: 14, 

John 17: 17… sanctify them through the truth… thy “Word” is the truth…. } It is the “truth which sanctifies us from the world.  The “Word” is also Christ. (John 1:1.) He is also the ‘truth” ( Joh 14: 6) But the world, or the Jews, neither accepted Christ, nor did not obey the truth. The Word is also Spirit. Eph 6: 17. Since the Jews did not worship in Spirit or in truth, they are not sanctified and they are always in the world and are children of the devil. V 18… now only Christ is sending some to the world ( to the Jewish world)  with the truth… when the hour came that “Jews” will not worship, then the truth has to be proclaimed by the “gentiles”. As Act 28: 28 says, the Word came to gentiles and they heard it…and will hear it. V 20… Christ expects them to believe through our Word. because Christ said, He would send us, the little ones  to the leaders. As we proved from the Word, that it is “God” who sends us to give the Word, the over flowing shower to the leaders. We do not come in our name… Christ said, when the hour comes, He will send some to declare new things. As we have proven, in the ‘judgment’ only all will come to know God.  Also to give light, or the revelation  and the flood of the Word, and the fire of the Word. Christ said in Joh 5: 43, “I have come in the name of My Father and you do not receive Me. If another comes in his own name, you will receive that one.”….how true is this? They believe all the false prophets…. If they are false, they come in their own name and  God’s Spirit is not with them and they are beasts. But the people believe the beasts such as the ‘man of sin’ . So God’s delusion came on them. Christ said, in the end time,  He comes in the ‘clouds’ and the ‘rain’ as we have proven. So who believe the ‘clouds ‘ and the ‘rain’?  


God says, when Israel is afflicted, then they will hear Me. Hos 5: 15. But there is a time, He will not answer… that is when they are desolated and when the whirlwind distress them Pro 1: 27- 28 . They hated the true knowledge and did not fear God.


John 17V 21… that they all may be one… that the world may believe that you sent Me…}…Christ prays that those little children are to be one with the Father and Him. This prophecy is being fulfilled now. Now, they will see that Christ Has  become one with us as He lives in us, the clouds and the rain. When the Jews see that these little children and God and Christ are working as one, then they would be jealous… it is the foolish nation which was grafted in to make the Jews jealous.  Christ and the church are to be one.

V 25…  the world or the Jews have not known God. But these know Him and Christ.


Joh 8: 37 show that they try to kill Him because His Word has no place in them. We get to know Him through the Word, and if the Word has no place in them, then they will not be one with God.  

John 17V 37… I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.}… Christ came to the “world” to witness to the truth, and against the  Jews”. So the world means the Jews. The leaders might say, there is nothing now to be revealed about God, and we know the Father… but all this time, they have been teaching about a false god to us. We will prove this later.

V 40… they loved to give life to a robber… have the Jews changed ever since?.... in Ezekiel’s time also they could not see the difference between Holy and unholy. Ez. 22: 26… when they see a thief, they were pleased with him … this happens when they commit adultery Ps 50: 18… it is the PCG who committed adultery in the end and she is who was happy with a thief and hid the whole sin as we have proven. So the Jews were and always were in darkness. But their light shall shine as soon as they repent, and accept those who come in the name of Christ.  

Rev  12:……. Satan deceives the whole world; it is this Jewish world he has deceived. God Has not planned to bring the other world at the moment.

The above scripture would be sufficient to prove that when Christ prophesied about the ‘world’, it was the Jewish world. They are the ones always rejected Christ and the Word and the truth. so they are in darkness, as a result. Now, they need the light once again.



Joh 3:19  And this is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness more than the Light, for their works were evil}…evil workers will not see this light, until they repent. But Christ will bring them the light Is 9:2. After the judgment, God will be with her for ever because of mercy and because of His great compassions ( Hos 2: 19)  


Act 17:30  And the “times of this ignorance” God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: }…This is spoken to the offspring of God, who have worshipped the gold and silver… it is PCG who did that as she is the last church who were given gold and silver as Ez.16. The ‘times of ignorance”, is when God sent His delusion when the man of sin sitting in the temple, as we have proven from the Word. This is when the church became the beast, as “ignorance” means “without understanding” , and without ‘Holy Spirit”. Then, v 31… the judgments …This is why God wants them to repent. 

Act 3:19  Therefore, repent, and convert, for the blotting out of your sins, so that times of refreshing may come from the face of the Lord, }…We proved from the Word, that the times of refreshing is this Sabbath, which the poor gleans and that is the judgment, when the true light has come to the world. There fore, the church needs to repent at that time.


In Is 58: 7-8, God condemns the rich who caused the poor to stumble… Because that is a command as Lev 19: 15, Pro 24: 23, to not to pervert the judgment of the poor . but if they correct that sin, they will have light and shall have healing v 10…


Job 38: 13- 17 says, the light is withheld from the wicked and in v 17, they are called the gates of death, or hell. These are the “gates of hell” who tries to prevail against the church, and we proved from the Word that they are the leaders in God’s church in the end time.


When God is bringing judgment on His vineyard and cut off the branches who did not bear fruits,  as Is 5 says, God will be exalted (v 16) then the gentiles will eat God’s food as it is cut off to the leaders.  The ‘banner’ which comes from the ends of the earth, as v 26 , will not stumble, and they are the ones who will roar (Read: Thunderous voice), in ‘JUDGMENT”, and at that time, as v 30 says, there is darkness… and it is caused by the clouds… now, the spiritual clouds are taking all the light and God’s vineyard has become covered by them so they do not get the light from the sun, or from God. (Is 19: 1… God is riding this cloud )  Light is darkened by clouds…in judgment… Ps 18: 11,  105: 39,  Job 36: 29- 31…In Job 37: 14…God wants Job to listen and consider the works of God… that is the lightning of His cloud , how it shines, and the balancing of the clouds….east wind spreads it on the earth…these are spiritually, the gentiles.  

Please read;…. East wind ;….


The stars, who are not pure in God’s sight, ( Job 25: 5.) will be dark when the night begins… Job 3:9. The book of ‘lamentations’ is about Zion’s affliction. Ez. 32: 7-8,  Lam 3: 2 says, GOD caused Zion to walk in darkness and not light… this is because of their sins. He does that when He takes away the heart of the leader as Job 12: 24- 25. He rises with the light and kills the poor and in the night he is called a thief. V 14.


But God would not leave them dark, and Has ordained the moon to give light in the night, as we proved from the Word. ( Neh 9: 19). This moon, ( gentiles, as we have proven from the Word ) is righteous, because of God’s mercy… so they will have light.. Ps 37:6. , 112:4,  It is the gentiles who have the truth and light now… and that is what leads us to the Mount of God’s holiness.. Ps 43: 3. when the “towers” or the “leaders “in Zion falls, God will cause the moon light to be like the sun’s light. That is the day, when God binds up , breaks the people and heals the wound. At that time, the name of God, comes from a far, in His anger, and this is the time when His tongue is like a devouring fire. He devours with His words, the breath. This Is when His VOICE also heard.(Is 30:26-31) Read: “Thunderous voice”.


Luke 11: 23… the one not being with Me is against Me, and the one not gathering with Me scatters… this is why Israel is in captivity, scattered abroad. They did not want to be gathered. Christ said to God; I wanted to gather them like a hen gathers chicks but could not… and God’s House is left desolate…


Is 42:…..,Luk 2: 32.. Christ brings light to gentiles and that light is given to the church through the gentiles as Is 60: 3 says. Also, it is distributed by the ‘east wind”. ( please read :east wind) ( Job 38: 24) So when Christ comes, it is the ‘gentiles’ who will be having the light, as they are the righteous  because of God’s mercy , as we have proven. ( Ps 112: 4) It is the righteous who have the light as Ps 97: 11, Pro 4: 18 . So they will come to Israel’s light as Isa 60;3 says.  God’s light comes, from the “Word of God” which was given to the simple… Ps 119: 130. Pro 6: 23… So the simple are the poor, who are the gentiles, as we have proven. The light of the righteous rejoices, but the lamp of the wicked shall be put out. ( Pro 13:9) Always, God’s Word condemns His own people , the Jews and the church leaders…they are the wicked…this is why, the laodicean’s lamp is put out. They do not obey the Law or the commands, because they do not have light… (Is 8: 20) God cursed the church and said there will be no light of a candle in her any more Jer 25: 10 and it is fulfilled when the judgment of the church who became a harlot in Rev 18: 23. God’s children’s understanding was darkened because of their ignorance and hardness of the heart… Eph 4: 17-18.  


The “true light” and the “truth” only will lead us to the Mountain of Holiness Ps 43: 3.


Jer 31:35  So says Jehovah, who gives the sun for a light by day and the laws of the moon and of the stars for a light by night, who divides the sea when its waves roar; Jehovah of Hosts is His name; }…. God is the ‘sun’ Who gives light by day and God Has created the moon and the stars to give light in the night. This is the ‘new moon’ as we have proven, who are the gentiles or the night watchers, and the stars who shines as in Dan 12: 3, those who are wise. The sea waves, are the wicked, who are like troubled sea. even physically, when the full moon comes , specially in the night, the sea waves roar and those who are with mental disorders (LUNA-tics) also become agitated. Those who live by the sea would know how violent the sea waves gets when the moon shines in its full strength.  So in this night, those who are spiritually foolish ,  specially the prophet’s ( Hos 9: 7) wickedness is being affected by the new moon. This is why, they are in dark now. Anyway, God Has ordained the rule of the moon in the night to give light…( Gen. 1:16)  The moon takes the light from the sun and gives light to the earth. This is being fulfilled now as Is 60: 3… divides is strong’s 7280 rest, divide, suddenly, broken. This means, God Has ordain the moon’s light to cause the wicked to be divided suddenly and will break them in to pieces and also to make them rest. In other words, to totally calm them down. Is 30: 26 ( read Job 26: 12, Jer 5: 22,  Jer 31: 2,  Is 51:4,  15  also) 


This Word also means make “boils” in the skin. This is why those who worship the beast, or the false prophet are being poured upon God’s wrath with a noisome and grievous sore… Rev 16: 2. At this time, God hangs the earth, which is the church on nothing… Job 26: 7


Jer 31:36  If those ordinances depart from before Me, saith the LORD, then the seed of Israel also shall cease from being a nation before me for ever.}…if those ordinances depart from God?…, the seed of Israel, will cease from being a nation…. but God did remove those ordinances spiritually. So the spiritual Israel, never could be a nation. The sun gone down on prophets (Mic 3: 6 ) the sun is darkened ( Is 13: 10,  Joe 3: 15, ) the sun does not give light ( Rev 6: 12) the moon, became  like “BLOOD” as she sinned and a new moon has to be created (Rev 12.).  That means these ordinances departed from God. The house of Israel ceased being a nation… God broke the covenant even after promising king David that He would not do so in Ps 89: 30-40. Covenant was broken by God in Zech 11: 11. Ez. 16: 52… all gone in to captivity, including the sister who judged others.. Jam 1: 1 says all Israel are in captivity now. So the house of Israel ceased to be a nation.. this is the day of the Lord, which is darkness and not light Amos 5: 18…


Jer 31:37  So says Jehovah, If the heavens above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth below can be searched out, I will also reject all the seed of Israel for all that they have done, declares Jehovah. }… God is telling that if the heavens can be measured and foundations of the earth can be searched out, God will reject Israel… well, every one would think that is impossible and Israel would not be rejected… but God says, …..


heavens above can be measured}…He Has measured the heavens In Is 40: 5,  12…, 22, ( this is the time Israel is blind and in darkness  as v 7 and Christ is being a light to the gentiles.    48: 13,  Job 11: 8-9 says, high as the heaven, then God was able to measure the heavens. Ps 102: 25- 26,  104:2,    Heb 1: 10, 


foundations of the earth below can be searched}….Job 38:4-  11 …God laid the foundations of the earth. So Has He not searched and measured ? ,  26:7…, He hanged the earth over nothing, and the foundations are fastened means, He Has searched the foundations. In our writing Zion’s foundations fallen, we proved from the Word that God destroyed the foundations, laid it bear, exposed and made it to  fall. Ps 11:3… foundations are destroyed because God measured it. Ps 18: 7, 15,   82: 5,  Job 11: 7-9… The deepest part of the earth is the hell… and it is naked before Him. That means He Has searched out the deepest part of the earth. Job 26:6 Please read: foundations



I will also reject all the seed of Israel}…So, God Has measured the heavens ( Not only heavens, but the earth, the hell, and the sea also )  and the foundations… there fore, Israel is rejected. All of our writings prove from the Word that Israel is rejected…this is why the foolish nation is now sending the Word and being a light….They are not with Christ as they have sinned. So they are scattered. Luk 11:23. 


1 John 2:9-11… who ever hates the brother is in darkness. We proved how the rich hates the poor and how the covenant brothers were spiritually murdered by the leaders in the church. This is why they are in darkness. Darkness has blinded the eyes. The eye is the lamp of the body… when eye is evil, the whole body is in dark. Luk 11: 34


The “church” is the “light” of the world. It should be set up on high, so that all can have the light. We must let our shine before others, by our good works so that all can glorify God. Mat 5: 14- 16. Because of the sins and being unable to show the good works , Israel’s light was cut off and the whole world became dark, including the people. this is why Christ said, the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give light and stars will fall from heaven  Mat 24: 29.  


Mat 5:18  Truly I say to you, Until the heaven and the earth pass away, in no way shall one iota or one point pass away from the Law until all comes to pass. }… the Law will be fulfilled. the heaven and earth has passed away. As we proved from the Word. This is why, Christ came for the second time as a thief. To fulfill the Law as v 17 says. As above, all those who hate their brother, shall be liable to the judgment. v 22. Who ever calls their own brother “RACA”, that is to call others “worthless or empty”.., will be judged and who ever says fool, will be thrown into hell fire. That is the bottomless pit. So who calls his own brothers ‘raca”, or fools?... it is the worst man, Ez. 16: 52,.and., here it  is in his own words…..

Presently, I am intimate with God in a way no one else is directly; you are, however, indirectly RV Sept./Oct. 2000, pg. 6}…All the others are fools, only I am with God…


His man, His lawgiver – that prophet. ... He can give His lawgiver something you don’t have

Has anyone else done that?  Is revealed prophecy present in any of the Laodicean churches?  Do they even have a smattering of the new revelation which God has rained down on His people through me?  They have no new revelation.  [EZ pg. 27p3]


After all we are right, God is with us, and everybody else is wrong and they're going to have to see that.  [G. Flurry sermon, The Mantle of Elijah part II, 3/8/03, tape2:side1


I don't care what you think or what you believe -- I'm eating from the tree of life.  I'm going to rule with Jesus Christ, and it doesn't make one whit of difference to me what you believe, or what you think of me}…


We're going to do what God says we must do, and that is expose those people. Expose them for what they are.}..There are many  more quotes like these. Always, he blames others but not himself. This is why, God is judging him and thrown him in to the bottomless pit. All hidden things will be revealed Mar 4:22


2Co 11:14  And did not Satan marvelously transform himself into an angel of light?}…who is the angel of light? “Light” is the “revelation” , said GF.  The angel of light has to show the world that he has the light, ( revelation) but his works should be evil. Or he does not practice what he preaches as he serves the devil. So who says, “I AM INTIMATE WITH God”?....and  all of the above quotes of GF shows that it is he who thinks and shows others that he has revelation…but spiritually murder any one who opposes him or ask questions when  he cannot answer.  This is the same man who ate bread from Christ and turned around and betrayed Him.


Paul wrote to the Philippians gentiles ; let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ. ( Phl 2: 5)… they have always obeyed… (v12), for it is God, who working in them…(v 13), they are to be in the midst of a crooked generation ( that is the wicked leaders, who are prophesied to come in our time when there is darkness, )and they are to shine as  luminaries in the world… this is the world where the wicked Jews are. It is these gentiles, who would bring light as the luminaries.



Light now shines;…


1 John 2: 8…. darkness is passing away, and the true Light already shines}…God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, so that all can be saved. Now, after the witnessing work will be over, the darkness will pass away. The church will truly repent and she will be ready. Now, Christ Has come as a thief to purify the ministry. After that, they will have the true light. For that purpose, Christ is being a light to the gentiles, as the grafted foolish nation, to expose and then send the Word which heals  and cleanses the sinners and that is how the light is going to them.. As this chapter shows, those who hated the brothers will be corrected.  V 9-11 says, if you love your brother only , you can abide in light. We are told to reconcile with the brother before the sun goes down. PCG leader, who claims that he is a prophet, did not reconcile with the brothers. So the sun has gone down on the prophet. v 10 says, if he loved the brother, he would have no occasion to stumble. And v 11… if he hates the brother, he does not know where he goes, as he is blind. This is how the laodicean leader became blind. And as Rom 13: 10- 13 says, “love does not work evil to the neighbor.” Now, when all things are cleansed, as v 11 says, knowing the time, ‘THE HOUR” has come for all of us to be aroused from sleep… as the salvation is nearer than any other time. The night is far gone… and the day is drawing near . there fore, cast off the works of darkness and lets have the light. 


Joh 1:4  In Him was life, and the life was the light of men; }… so those who have Christ , have the light …..

In judgment, the Light has come in to the world. But men loved darkness more than the Light because they are evil. ( Joh 3: 19) Those who are wicked, do not want light, so their works may not be exposed. It is the PCG leaders who were judging their own brothers and committed the same sins and even worse as God says, who did not want to be exposed.

Those who have the truth, comes to Light. (John 3: 21) This is why, the gentiles, the poor have Christ’s light risen upon them as Is 42 and Luk 2: 32 . but, those who are deceived receives the beasts who come to show their work . (John 5: 43) this is why Christ Has come to judge , to expose the wicked workers. 1 Cor 4:5.


Pro 4:18  But the path of the just is as a bright light going on and shining till the day is established.}…The “JUST”, are those who have faith in the end time,  the poor ( Jam 2: 5) as the ‘just shall live by faith”. They are the ‘gentiles’ as we have proven from the Word. The path (734) means a well trodden road. It is the ‘gentiles’ who will tread the inner court ( Is 26: 6) to cause them to walk in the right path, Till the day is established.  They are being a light in the night…, this is the night, which Christ said He would come as a thief as we have proven. 


Isa 60:1  Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of Jehovah has risen on you!

Isa 60:3  And  Gentiles shall walk to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawning.


Luk 2:32, Is 42: 1.. Christ will bring justice to the gentiles. Why only the gentiles needed justice? Because the rich Jews, misjudged the poor just before they went in to captivity, as James say. The poor who are rich in faith, fought for the truth. Christ, came to witness to the truth. He  is witnessing through the gentiles, the only loyal and faithful people. V 3… He shall bring justice to the truth. Justice to gentiles and justice to the truth. So you can see that leaders have not given justice to the ‘truth’ or to gentiles.  It is the isles that are gentiles who will wait for God’s Law. And the Law is a light … Pro 6: 23.


1 Thes 5: … these gentiles are told; concerning the times and the seasons …they know that the ‘day of the Lord’ comes as a thief…. And they  ARE NOT IN DARKNESS….

1Th 5:5  You are all sons of light and sons of day; we are not of night, nor of darkness. }… But John 1: says, His own received Him not. It is the gentiles who believed on His name and became the sons where as the sons are thrown in to outer darkness. (Joh 1:12. because of GRACE AND TRUTH V 14, 17. The Law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Christ. so those who have Christ, are now the sons of God, having GRACE AND TRUTH. ) The gentiles are called little children, as we proved from the Word. they are told that their sins are forgiven for God’s sake ( 1 John 2: 12) They will abide in Him, till He appears as 1 John 2: 28. Those who are ashamed are the leaders who have hated the brothers like Cain did. 


1Th 5:6  So then, we should not sleep, as the rest also do, but we should watch and be sober. }…They are the ‘sons of light’… these gentiles are not in darkness as the rest do, and the rest here is the Jews , all 12 tribes who are in captivity…. V 7… they drink, sleep at night. When the judgments came, God blinded Israel, as we have proven from the Word.


1Th 5:9  because God has not appointed us to wrath, but for obtaining salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, }…God Has not appointed them to ‘wrath’… they are the vessels of mercy. Rom 9 explains that the vessels of wrath , are the church leaders, the  spiritual Jews. ( Synagogue of satan as Rev 3: 9). Remember GF explained about Christ’s Name in a recent RV?.... “I AM” means what He wants to be etc…? So He Has chosen the gentiles to be vessels of mercy and the Jews to be the vessels of wrath. These leaders, who were APPOINTED for condemnation. “I AM” Is doing what He wants… some for wrath, some for mercy.


1Th 5:14these gentiles are to warn the disobedient ones… and comfort.


2Ti 1:9  the One having saved us and having called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace given to us in Christ Jesus before eternal times,

2Ti 1:10  but now revealed through the appearance of our Savior, Jesus Christ, indeed making death of no effect, bringing life and incorruptibility to light through the gospel, }… these gentiles are  already saved and are called, not because of their works, but because God purposed it, as He knew those who are given the Law would break it and no flesh would be justified by the works of Law. So He purposed to save the gentiles through Christ.  We have no effect of death… because they are chosen to be the vessels of mercy,  v 2 says, grace, peace and mercy… this letter should be for those who have grace, mercy and peace, which only the gentiles have , as we have proven from the Word, v 9 says that we are called not according to our works.. But by grace... And we have the peace. ( read: Covenant of peace)


now revealed through the appearance of our Savior, Jesus Christ,}…When He came the first time, the salvation was not given.  But now, the second time He is going to save everyone. And for that purpose, He Is now appearing as a thief to purify the ministry. Mal 3 says, He will suddenly appear… But these gentiles have no effect of death, as they are chosen because of God’s mercy.  


Jud 1:4  For certain men stole in, those of old having been written before to this judgment, ungodly ones perverting the grace of our God into unbridled lust, and denying the only Master, God, even our Lord Jesus Christ.}… God Has pre planned their judgment… these are the crept in ministers which GF explained in 2003… as Malachi also says, they have denied Christ…. and God. v 17-18,  1 Tim 4:1,  2 Pet 3: 3-7….2 Pet 2: 1… , 17… the springs WITHOUT WATER….  they are in the bottomless pit… these are the gates of hell, as we have proven, who are fighting with Christ and His true followers as He tries to witness to the truth. Christ said, He came to witness to the truth. Joh 18: 37.  this is the time, that witness is needed as the truth is being cast down. This is the time, we need that Light as we sit in the darkness because of our sins. God, in His great mercy, Has already sent Christ, to be a light now.


They pervert the grace of God, as He does not punish right away these sinners, they think that God will not punish them. they do not see the spiritual judgments…


Job 22 explains, even the wicked, when they turn to God and receives the Law, they will have light. V 24… gold as the dust. Now the Zion is in dust, but if she turns to God and His Law, she will have gold instead of dust. And the gold of ophir, as the stones ( 6697 rock,  refuge )  of the brooks… (5158.. a stream, a valley, flood ). This means the gentiles, who come from Ophir, will be a stream, as Is 66: 12…. This identifies the place from where the gentiles will come as a stream… that is from “Ophir”, which is sri lanka and India. Anciently, when king Solomon built the temple, he brought gold of Ophir…. Now, the spiritual gold is being brought by God to build the new temple. Please  read;.. Become pure as gold

Biblical Tar shish and young lions in prophecy



2Co 4:6  For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. }… Ancient Israel did not inherit the land because of their own works. “God’s Arm” and “God’s light” in His “face” brought them. ( Ps 44: 3). Same is happening now too.  When God builds up Zion, He shall be seen in His glory. ( Ps 102: 16) Is 26:  11 says, when they are about to be born, when the poor are treading them down as v 6, God’s hand is lifted up, but they will not see.  Israel also need the light to shine in their hearts and Christ will do that before the new covenant is made as a change of heart is needed for the new covenant. This light, comes when there is darkness. And God Has sent that light to these gentiles. This light brings the knowledge of the glory of God. And His glory is shown in judgment and it is the gentiles who are glorifying God in that time.

Read:  Arm Of The Lord


Mat 4: 16…

The people sitting in darkness saw a great Light; and to those sitting in the region and shadow of death, Light sprang up to them." Isa. 9:1, 2}…. When Christ came in the first time, it was ‘gentiles” who were in darkness. But now, It is “Israel” who is now in the shadow of death as we have proven from the Word. Is 26 says, Christ’s dead body will be risen up. They have had other gods. V 13.


Mat 10:27  What I say to you in the darkness, speak in the light. And what you hear in the ear, proclaim on the housetops}…When there is darkness, God wants some to speak and proclaim. Now, there is darkness and those who have, see and hear the light,  are proclaiming about that light. When God’s judgments are on the earth, they will learn to be righteous. Is 26: 9.  


Isa 42:6, Act 13: 47,  Is 49: 6,  Luk 2: 32  I, Jehovah, have called You in righteousness, and will hold Your hand, and will keep You, and give You for a covenant of the people, for a Light of the gentiles ; ;}… this chapter explains how Christ will bring justice to the gentiles and to the truth. v 6 says, God will at “this time”, …when this is to be “fulfilled”, at “Christ’s second coming”, God will give “Him” as a covenant of the people. …( Mal 3: 1).  The next verse shows, Israel, who are blind and are prisoners, who sit in darkness ( the sons of disobedience.) will have their eyes opened. This means, as Isa. 60:3 says, the gentiles will be a light or bring them the revelation to Israel who are blind and are captives of the devil. This happens after Ps 74 : 9. There are no more prophets. Also, since Christ is the light, and  Israel not having  the light, they could not become the sons of light as John 12: 36, 46  says. But the gentiles believed and became sons of light. The truth is hidden from them because of their disbelief.


V 9…. Former things have passed away, and I declare NEW THINGS. Christ did not bring light to the gentiles in His first coming. The gentiles were converted after Cornelius was given the Spirit. He was not even baptized. But God knew the heart of him. This is why, we declare new things. Any one wants to hear the truth, hears Christ’s voice. (John 18: 37). We know the synagogue of satan does not want to hear the truth and they are the leaders. So they do not want to hear these new things yet. But at the same time God says, He will open the blind eyes. So one day soon, they will understand that they were blind and new things are now being declared by Christ, through the gentiles.

V 10 this is the time to sing a new song. }gentiles shall fear and will sing songs from the end of earth. Ps 67,  66:4. v 3.. the enemies of God, ( inside the Sanctuary as Ps 74), pretend to be obedient to God. 

Rev 5: 9…..the songs are heard when those who serve Christ see that He is found to be worthy to open the seals. These are the gentiles who are working with God in the day of the Lord.  


Eph 1:17  that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the full knowledge of Him, }…The gentiles are given a Spirit of wisdom and revelation  ( Light) in full knowledge of God… they know the hope of God’s calling and the riches of the inheritance in the saints… so they bring light to Israel now. These are new things, and the ‘last time’ events, which no one, not even the prophets and angels know. These were kept secret, hidden till now. Prove all things.


Eph 1:18  the “eyes of your mind having been enlightened, for you to know what is the hope of His calling, and what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, }…They have their ‘EYES”  opened but Israel’s eyes, God Has blinded. ( John 9: 39…. Christ said He would blind the wicked and open the eyes of ours) 

these gentiles, did not have any hope as they were strangers to the covenant etc as Eph 2: 12 says… but, because they heard the Word of Truth ( who is “Christ”  as our writing House of prayer would prove) , now they have the riches of God’s glory and their eyes are opened and as Eph 1: 13 says, now they are “sealed” with the Holy Spirit of promise. This did not happen when Christ first came. Now, this prophecy is being fulfilled. V 15… they have love toward all the saints.. they have brotherly love… the remnant of Philadelphians…


Ps 18… king David talks about his enemies and God will light up the lamp… that is the tabernacle of David. His enemies are his descendants, as we have proven from the word. But v 43- 45… he says, that the “gentiles” will serve him. So in the end, it is the gentiles who will have Christ’s light and they  are the new lamp. Any others who say, we have all the revelation, are false prophets. Their lamp will be put out. Job 18: 5-6, 21: 17. For them it is impossible for them to be enlightened… Heb 6: 4- 6…


Before Christ marries the wife, she needs to be washed by the water, which is the Word Eph 5: 26-27… then, she will be ready to wear fine linen… that is after washing her uncleanness. God’s mercy wash us in the regeneration and renewal of Holy spirit. Regeneration means rebirth, spiritual renovation…. That is the times of refreshing, as Act 3: 19 says, and the Sabbath which the poor works, which is now…We need the true Light to give us light to see.   


Col 1: 27- 28 … the Colossian gentiles ( this prophecy is to be fulfilled during the Laodicean era ) who heeded, have the mystery which  is ‘Christ in them”. It is they who have Christ. Now, all can be presented to be full grown in Christ. so it is them who bring light to Israel. Paul prayed for them to be filled with knowledge of His will in all wisdom and SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING. This is after Jews rejected the understanding. The Word of Christ dwell in them richly, in all wisdom. ( Col 3: 16) This is a mystery. And it is not in this age nor the rulers of this age has.. that means the leaders in the church. But God Had predestined before… 1 Co 2: 7. These gentiles were once were in sin, but now reconciled, in the body of Christ’s flesh, and they are without blemish… Eph 5:8. 2 Co 4: 4-6


Luk 1:79  to appear to those sitting in darkness and in shadow of death, to direct our feet into the way of peace. Isa. 9:2 .}…Christ brings light to those who are in the shadow of death, …they are the children of disobedience, who are thrown in the outer darkness. The Ephesian and Colossian  gentiles, were  once in darkness.  but now they have the light, and are told to expose the wicked leaders and not to have fellowship with such UNFRUITFUL workers ( Eph 5: 8- 17) All things will be exposed. v 14 says, …the workers of iniquity cannot hide even though they are in the shadow of death. God will break them and cause others to stand in their places. Job 34: 22- ---. Even those who rebel against God and in the shadow of death, and are afflicted, God will give them bread… ( Ps 107: 9----) at that time, how would God heal them?...By  sending the “Word”. ( v 20) This has two meanings. One is “Christ” is also the ‘Word” and now He Has come, and sending His Word, the light, through the chosen people.  Now, God will fulfill the prophecy in this psalm. The wilderness will be fruitful once again… Is 9: 2…, Mat 4: 16…


Eph 5: 5, Paul warns the gentiles, to not to take part with the wicked, the sons of disobedience (v6) … and not to be deceived…by them, as they are the sons of wrath… that is no one but the Jews, or end time church leaders, …and when the ‘LIGHT” comes, all things will be revealed… (1 Cor 4: 5…) this is why Christ comes… bringing light so that the works will be exposed.   


Eph 5:14,  Is 26: 19…   Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light}…the dead are the spiritually dead who are in the wilderness and the bottomless pit, who has no Spirit and are in captivity and they are all Israel. Christ is ‘life” as Joh 14: 6 says. So now Christ Has come to give them life.  We must be proving the Word and look for that light, if we want to have light. That light comes, in the “rain”… (Hos 6: 3 ) the latter rain… and that is a “new thing”… none of the rulers of this world, or the church , would expect for the rain to come through a foolish nation like this. Their eyes are blind as Christ said, those who see would not see and those who do not see, will see. Since the leaders reject Christ , the life, the truth, the way, and the door, as our writing “House of prayer” proves , they will not see this light. What is the “rain”?  It is the over flowing flood, which comes from the gentiles ( Is 66: 12), … what is the  “light”?... it is the light which shines from the Sun, ( God ) and shines on the new moon , on this night, and sends it to those who are in darkness as Is 60: 3 says… all the prophecies for the day of the Lord, are being fulfilled spiritually. But those spiritually blind would not see. Prove all things….



Rev 1:7  Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of Him. Even so, Amen.}… why would they wail? .. because the clouds comes to expose… and Israel, would not want to see their leader being with gentiles… Neither John the Baptist, nor Peter could accept that fact….


1Th 4:17  Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.}…By now, every one should know who are in the ‘clouds’, on this ‘cloudy’ day, which is the ‘times of the gentiles’ and also the ‘day of the Lord’.


This is how Christ chose to come down to water, and to wash away the filthiness of Zion. As in mat 24: 30, when He comes in clouds, ..” all the tribes of the land will wail” …. When it says, “tribes”, it is always referring to the tribes of Israel, or the Jews. They wail, or mourn… why would they wail or mourn to see Christ? The whole world is waiting to see Christ. It is because; Christ comes down in rain, or clouds, who are the ‘GENTILES”. The vessels of mercy…Rom 9: 23…. They bring God’s glory now, since all the tribes have gone in to captivity.  They know that they are being provoked to jealousy by God choosing the gentiles and God is wrath with them and His wrath has now come…Rev 11;18


 (  Mat 25: 30, 22: 13,  all the invitees to the wedding did not come, Mat 8: 12…. Sons of the kingdom shall be cast in to outer darkness where they weep…and when they see people from east and west sit with Abraham in the kingdom, they will mourn or beat their breasts in wonder. Their way is darkness and they do not even know that they have stumbled Pro 4: 19, and they stumbled by the “stumbling block who is Christ, and they stumbled in the ‘JUDGMENT” Is 28:7 ), because there is no light in them John 11:10. The ‘gates” of hell, will lament and mourn and are desolate  and will sit on the ground… Is 3: 26…all because they invited the strangers , the unclean Is 52: 1…. It is the daughter of Zion who is a captive and sits on the ground in the dust. V 2. …Your light will come and you will be healed… and will be righteous.. ( Is 58:8)….the dead body shall rise. Is 26;19


Rev 21: 10--- the New Jerusalem, which comes down from heaven, has “God’s” glory as the light…

Rev 22:5  And night will not be there; and they have no need of a lamp or a light of the sun, because the Lord God will illuminate them. And they shall reign to the ages of the age. How come the night will not be there?.... when no one sins, there is no need of a night… God’s light will be always there. As Phil 2 says, the gentiles are to be luminaries…in this night.


God is light. But until after the judgment, God was not in the church, as it is the night. As the leaders says, if they truly obeyed God, then God would have been with them and they did not need to sit in the darkness. But the Word clearly states that the Jews are now in darkness having stumbled by the chief Corner Stone but gentiles have built upon the same Corner Stone which was rejected by the Jews.


Prove all things… God says it is the church, the wife of Christ who is in darkness now. And even though they hate to see their Lord is with the gentiles, they will see that He Has  caused them to send the light to them. Do not harden your hearts. God is the God of all nations… in Isa. 56: 7, the House of God is called a ‘house of Prayer” for  ALL   NATIONS… not only for the Jews… He is the God of all humans and before Christ is  introduced to the world,  He Has to correct the church, the wife of Christ.

Arise, from dead… and your Lord, our Lord, Jesus Christ, …whom you rejected and betrayed by disobeying the Law , the truth, the life, and the way… will have compassion on you and will give thee light….because He is a merciful God… 



Isa 60:1  Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee……….




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