The mysterious harlot.

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God’s Word says, there is a mysterious harlot, who will appear in the very end, or prophetically “ONE” hour before Christ comes. God warns His people to come out of her because her “judgment” has come and He does not want His people to suffer her fate. In order to come out of her, God’s people should be inside her and they should know this harlot’s identity so they can come out. Who is this mysterious harlot? Can God judge another organization such as the Catholic church (CC) as a “harlot”? Was God married to CC? We will prove from the Word of God, that this harlot is “Christ’s wife ” who had “entered in to the marriage covenant with God”, and who never obeyed and went after other gods.  Prove from the “Word” who she is and come out as God says. Bible interprets itself. God says;  How is the “faithful city become an harlot! it was full of judgment; righteousness lodged in it; but now murderers !God says it all! Leaders blame CC being a harlot, but God says it is the “faithful” city. When did God says, the CC was a faithful city?


Rev 17: 3 … this woman, is in the ‘wilderness”. (Read:  Wilderness)

The church’s teaching about Rev 12: 14 is that the “church” will go in to “wilderness” to be “safe” and God will “protect” her there. But God says He will make the “church” like a “wilderness” because of “her” sins. Our writing “wilderness” proves from the Word, that the church will not go to the wilderness, but she will “BECOME”  as wilderness having sinned.  This  harlot, whose ‘JUDGMENT” has come, also is in the “wilderness”. How could both of these women dwell in the “wilderness” at the “same time”? One church will be “protected” and one church is being “judged” in the “same” place?  Church’s teaching is this harlot is the “CC”. How could the CC be judged as she never had the law and Moses’ law requires one to be judged, only if they were given the law and only after they are found guilty, by the witness of two or three witnesses?  The two witnesses God is using to witness is against the ‘Holy city”, which is Jerusalem, the ‘mother’ of us all and that is the woman who had the law and failed to keep it and now it is “her” judgment.  Only the church could be a ‘harlot’ as she was married to Christ. We will prove from the Word, that this is the same woman, who has sinned and God made her like a wilderness, because it is the time to “judge” her and remove her wickedness.


Here are few quotes from GF’s books:..

·                                      Lam pg 11… Judah” only tribe to direct the world to God,} …he says, that is PCG. So it is PCG who had the “covenant” with God as we have proven from the word. Then she only could break it.

·                                      God Fam V. pg 111…We are the one bride…} this ‘one’ bride only could become a harlot by going after other gods.

·                                      Hos pg 1-2…God is not married to Israel today. } If God is not married to Israel, then even  the physical Israel cannot break the marriage covenant.

·                                      Living hope…this world is not being judged today.}}.. Then how could the CC be judged? We know that it is the ‘church’ or the ‘bride of Christ’ who is being judged today. Since this harlot is being “judged”, this woman could not be any in the world.  

·                                      That prophet pg 112… law is for God’s church}..Then, the world or the CC do not have the law and without the law, how can God judge the CC or the world?


In ”Ten commandments” , pg 46, Mr.  Leap wrote:… {{{through the prophet Ezekiel God said, ….. the house of Israel rebelled against me in the “wilderness”….. they despised my judgments, ……. I said, I would pour out my fury upon them in the “wilderness” to consume them. Ez 20: 12-13. This is a serious indictment against the people of God both anciently (Ez  29:21, 33:33).   and today . Remember this prophecy is dual. It was actually written down for the people of “our day”. }}}… no where in the Word of God, says that He will take a “worldly” church to the ‘wilderness’ to be “punished” or judged as they are always in the wilderness. God brought ancient “Israel and now, the “spiritual Israel” to wilderness to be judged. Whose judgment is now?.... that is the woman who is now in the wilderness. God said to not to defile the land where He dwells by shedding blood. This is why even Christ died out side. The sacrificed animal’s blood brought to the altar was burned outside, in the wilderness. This is why this harlot also was brought to wilderness to burn her wickedness. Even Christ died outside in order to not to defile the city. Heb 13: 11. More on this later…. The church is crucifying Christ once again. We have proven that from the Word. Now, there are no longer any more sacrifices to save them. Christ cannot die again. Therefore, now, she has to spiritually die in the wilderness, then God will give life to their bones. Man in once appointed to die. This is why Christ said, destroy the temple, I will raise it up n the third day. Now, the temple is destroyed, by none other than the high priest and his gang (Joshua and his fellows , GF and his RDs) who have crept in to the Sanctuary and chased the Head. (Ps 74,  Ez 24: 21)


FURY: on whom?

God pours His fury on this harlot. By proving from the Word, “on whom” God pours His fury, will give a clue to identify this woman.

Lam 2:4  He hath bent his bow like an enemy: he stood with his right hand as an adversary, and slew all that were pleasant to the eye in the “tabernacle of the daughter of Zion”: he poured out his fury like fire. }}The fury is poured out on “Zionit is Zion’s vengeance, fury and judgment. The whole book of “lamentations” is about “Zion’s judgments. It is “Zion” which is going to be ploughed like a field, and not the CC or the world. During the prophecy in the book of lamentations, being fulfilled, God’s “hand” is being used. (read: Arm of The Lord)


Isa 42:25  Therefore he hath poured upon him the fury of his anger, and the strength of battle: and it hath set him on fire round about, yet he knew not; and it burned him, yet he laid it not to heart.

From MKJV;…

So He has poured on him the fury of His anger, and the strength of battle. And it has set him on fire all around, yet he did not know; and it burned him, yet he did not lay it to heart. }} this chapter is when ‘Christ’ comes to redeem the captives and ‘OPEN THE BLIND EYES”, and  (the Laodiceans) God’s fury is on Zion or spiritual Israel. V 16 says, God will bring the ‘blind’ by a way they do not know…. So no one knows,  as God says, how they will be brought back  until it is time to bring these blind back. Of course, even a physically blind person cannot know where he is going. And who is being used to praise the Lord at this time? V 1,10,12. Zion shall be ‘turned’ back. Why do they need to be turned back? Because they are blind and cannot see God’s judgments and have strayed from Him. Because of their sins, now they are in the wilderness, having being desolated… No water but fury. So they need to be brought back.  But they think, God is protecting them in the wilderness. How far have they gone away from God’s Word?  And as this verse says, even when they are being burned, they do not know.


Eze 9:8.. in thy pouring out of thy fury upon Jerusalem?

Isa 51:17  Awake, awake, stand up, O Jerusalem, which hast drunk at the hand of the LORD the cup of  His “FURY”.}}  It is Jerusalem which has to drink God’s fury and not CC or the world. Here are more scripture.. Is 66: 15,  Jer 4:4,  Jer 7:20,   21;5,   21:12,  32: 31,   37,  36:7,  42:12,  44:6,  


Lam 2:4  He hath bent his bow like an enemy: he stood with his right hand as an adversary, and slew all that were pleasant to the eye in the tabernacle of the daughter of Zion: he poured out his fury like fire,  }} Ez 5:13,  15,  6:12,  7:8,  8:18,   13:13,   14:19,  


Eze 16:38  And I will judge thee, as women that break wedlock and shed blood are judged; and I will give thee blood in fury and jealousy.}}  This chapter talks about PCG as she entered in to the marriage covenant with God as v 8 says… v 42,  20;8,  


Eze 20:13  But the house of Israel rebelled against me in the wilderness:…. then I said, I “would” pour out my fury upon them in the wilderness, to consume them. }  It says, God ‘WOULD” which means, in the future. .

Eze 20:21I said, I would pour out my fury upon them, to accomplish my anger against them in the wilderness.}   20:33,  21: 17,  22:20,   24:8,   God’s anger is being poured on Zion, who is in wilderness.

Eze 24:13  In thy filthiness is lewdness: because I have purged thee, and thou wast not purged, thou shalt not be purged from thy filthiness any more, till I have caused my fury to rest upon thee. } this happens when “Ezekiel” sinned. This is the “Bamah” matter. Now, this time has come that God will not stop pouring His fury on her as she never obeyed.


Dan 9:16  O Lord, according to all thy righteousness, I beseech thee, let thine anger and thy fury be turned away from thy city Jerusalem, thy holy mountain: because for our sins, and for the iniquities of our fathers, Jerusalem and thy people are become a reproach to all that are about us}}} Book of Daniel is for the end time. God’s fury is on Jerusalem and God’s Holy Mountain, which is the church .


Zec 8:2  Thus saith the LORD of hosts; I was jealous for “Zion” with great jealousy, and I was jealous for her with great fury.


According to God’s Word, He pours His ‘fury” upon Jerusalem, Israel, Judah, and Zion and not on CC. And He pours the fury in the ‘wilderness”. These scripture shows, clearly, that it is the church’s judgment today and not the CC’s or the world’s.  therefore, this clue shows us that it is the church being judged and in wilderness. The seventy year desolation is for the church. God said, His church will be send to Babylon and not the CC.




In “Ten commandments” book pg 26, Mr Leap wrote {{In the Bible, personal names carry significant meaning. Names often indicate the ‘CHARACTER” and nature or the attributes of an individual. }}} this certainly is true.”


 MYSTERY,:… why is this woman’s identity is a “mystery”? If this prophecy is about the CC, we know that she has been always, what she was and is and she was in “Babylon” all the time. Therefore, CC being in confusion is not a mystery to us. Besides, this church has to be “married” to “God”, for Him to call her a ‘harlot’. The CC,  was never married to Christ and always has been the same. Until God reveals, and the ‘judgment”, this woman’s identity could not be revealed. She appears just “one” hour before Christ’s coming, and only in the “judgment”.  That is when her identity will be revealed.


There is another “mystery” which should occur at Christ’s coming, on the “Day of visitation”, (Please read) and that is the “man of sin”, explained in 2 Thes 2. Both this man and this woman are “mysteries” and are to exist at the same time, and are to be revealed at the same time.  Christ’s coming or the DOV, is to ‘judge’, expose, consume,  to remove and purify the “ministry” and the “church”. So this man of sin, who is a ‘mystery’, is the “leader” of this woman, or the  fallen church, or the harlot who is also a ‘mystery’. Actually this man caused this woman, or the church to “commit harlotry” against God. He caused her to break the marriage covenant. This man is sitting in the “temple” of God, and he sits as God. This is Ezekiel who caused God to leave His own Sanctuary. Ez 24: 21- 23. For the “phil” era, God warns, “Let no “MAN” take thy crown. Yet, in the last moments. She failed to heed to God’s warning. She lost her crown. You should have a crown to lose it. So in the end time, or just before Christ comes who had a crown? This is Ez 16: 8- 12 church.  Also the Philadelphians are those who had a crown and since they lost it, they became the synagogue of satan (SOS) . In Rev 2: 9, for the “Smyrna” era, God warned there will be a  SOS. They too had a warning about a “Balaam” type of a betrayal like the end time church has. (read: Mic 2:9 wicked exposed) Mic 6:5,  2 Pet 2:15,  Jude 11. All three warnings were given to the ‘bride of Christ’, in the very end time which she did not heed. This is the ‘bamah’ matter .  If the Smyrna era failed to heed this warning and became the SOS, the end time Jews also failing to heed, became the SOS.


BABYLON: …because of her “harlotries”, God delivered “His church” in to Babylon’ s hands. Not CC. (Read: Babylon.  That is the prophesied captivity which was fulfilled as Jam 1:1 and Ez 16:52 says. Now the church is in Babylon, ( Mic 4:10)  having adopted it’s government system, pride, riches, illegal sexual practices, idolatrous religions, etc. Babylon is a symbol of satan’s dominion over the church.  God does not say that He delivered the CC to Babylon, as they were in Babylon always.

Dan 9:7 -  8., the confusion to the men in Judah, all Israel, even those who are scattered, our kings, princes, and fathers…. Daniel’s book is for the end time. He says, all the kings, princes, who are confused. That is to be in Babylon. He says, because ‘we’ have ‘sinned’. This cannot be the CC. He does not mention the “children”… we proved from the Word, that the children are the little sanctuaries with the gentiles and they are not included in this captivity.


Here is what GF wrote;…



The word tingle is used in only two places in the Old Testament—2 kings 21:12, and Jer.19:3. Both these prophetic books refer to the destruction of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar. The destruction is only a type of what is coming upon all Israel in these latter days, if our people do not repent. The family of Israel is about to be destroyed.

This is the message—God begins it “in that day” (1 Sam. 3:12), but He also says He will make an end or He will stop it. Any cursed family could stop the curse if they deeply repent}}  This should be applied to spiritual Israel. Only those who were given the law will be judged now. Since the laodicean  leader errs in judgment, he does not know he is being judged.



THE MOTHER:…Ez 16: 52-63 says, the church which God married as v 8, will judge others and later she will be worse and will be delivered in to Babylon, but she will be corrected and taken back to establish the marriage covenant. PCG leader in Ezekiel book, wrote that PCG is in the ‘wife’ level, and she is married to God as v 8 says and therefore, she is the mother. God says, she is the worst harlot. She even killed God’s children. Until after HWA’s death, so many churches did not exist at the same time. So this mystery would be revealed after  all these churches would fall, including the last sister, who is married to God, would finish judging others and later when she became the worst. Read this chapter and listen to God,.. one church is singled out here as the ‘sister’ and later to be the ‘mother’. V 44-45 shows, even her mother is a harlot. Could this be the CC? This is the church which came out of mother WCG and who judged others, and later she , herself became corrupt, more than others. This is the Word of God. Remember, this could not have happened in any other time, as there were only Israel and Judah, then, only one church.

Hos 4: 5… God will destroy the ‘mother’. Why?

Jer 15:9… She that hath borne seven languisheth.}  this does not apply to CC, but to God’s church. she only had seven eras.


HARLOTS;… PCG, as we witnessed committed harlotry. Ezekiel book pg 77 says, “ Laodiceans today invite the world in to their churches and commit adultery}  } ….. Other churches too have invited strangers in to their churches and they are “harlots”. They fulfill Ez 16: 46-52. Also, We witnessed PCG inviting strangers in to God’s “altar”. That is where the most Holy place which “God” resides. When that became defiled, could God live in it?  Who is “THE” man who caused that? Joshua, who is also the Ezekiel and Eliakim. Therefore, now ALL ARE HARLOTS.. But Ez 16; 61-63 says, PCG will be the “mother”. Then, others are “daughter” harlots.  And since PCG is  the “mother”, she is the “THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS “.

Hos 5: 4-7… because of the harlotry, they have dealt treacherously against the Lord… begotten strange children. Is this CC?... God is talking about ‘His wife’ in the book of Hosea. Ez. 6:9,  


ABOMINATIONS;…. This is the abomination which caused desolation of God’s “Holy place”, the “Sanctuary” which Christ warned. Dan 9: 16-17, Mt 24.   Ez 6 – 11 gives all the details of this abomination, and God “seals” those who sigh and cry over it’s abomination and spares them. Since this is an end time vision, these sealed ones are those who came out of this harlot as God commands.  Ez.  8-11 shows that this abomination happened in the “east” gate and gives all the details which are written in our web site Please read the “Bamah matter”.. It gives all the details with photos and documents etc… this caused God to leave His own temple. Ez 10:18-19,  11: 22-24. God left the temple and came to “East gate”. This is the work of the man of sin, who is also the last high priest who has a filthy turban, and Ezekiel, who lusted and failed totally as Ez 24: 21- 23 says. Jere 44: 4 says God gave all the revelation to one church so that she would not commit the most abominable thing in God’s sight which is to burn incense and that is exactly what PCG did in the east gate. They only went to ‘bamah’, the high place Ez 20:29. When God’s church goes astray by committing harlotry, God always, always corrects her. The whole book of Hosea is about how God will take this harlot back. Is ‘THE MOST Holy PLACE” in CC?


OF THE EARTH;… the earth means, the church as we have proven from the Word. She is an abomination and has defiled or a reproach to the whole earth. 2 Chron 7: 19-21,   Eze 22:4,    Ps 79:4,    Jer 42:18,   Zech 8:13,   Dan 9:16.   This includes, Jerusalem, Israel and Judah. The whole earth is cursed because of her harlotries.


Rev 17; V 1…  It is her “judgment”. Whose judgment is now? It is the church’s or the wife of Christ’s... Christ Has come on the ‘day of visitation”, to judge and “expose”  ( 1 Cor 4:5) the sinners and remove their wickedness. His “breath” will consume the  man of sin means, to give him the Holy Spirit, and the understanding. We have proven from the Word that ‘breath’ means the “spiritual understanding” which comes from the Holy sprit.  So this man’s presence in “God’s temple” sitting as God, is another indication that it is “ God’s church” that has sinned and  has become a “harlot”. God does not dwell in the church at this time. Ps 74 says it all. The enemy is “within” the Sanctuary, damaged ÉVRYTHING”. If God says, everything is damaged, should we not believe Him? What God is saying is, because of “abominations”, He cannot dwell in His temple. Or because of ‘abominations”, God desolated the church. Desolated means, God withdrew His Spirit. God Has never given His Spirit to CC. So she is desolate all the time. The only reason God would leave is when the church “goes after other gods”. And This is what happened. PCG and all the churches of God, have gone after other gods. This is what “God” is saying and not us. This harlot is full of ‘abominations’. Only the ‘baptised’, could commit the ‘unpardonable’ sin.  Cities of Judah will be desolated and they are the church members as Jer 26:2 says.   


God’s Word , Holy Bible is “about and for” the church or “spiritual Israel”. History repeats. God says, He will gather Israel, for the ‘SECOND” time. So they have to go in to captivity a second time to be gathered a second time.   The nations are mentioned as they come in to contact with the Israel people, said HWA. The book of Revelation, is about the “judgment of the church” and not the world. Everyone knows, it is the lukewarm true people of God who will go through the tribulation. The seven messages to seven churches end up in the laodicean era, which is the “judgment”. This is the fulfillment of Ez 6-11.  The sealing of the saints who have not taken the mark of the beast. Ez. 6 gives the details of how the ‘Sanctuary’ is being polluted and how the punishment will begin at God’s ‘Sanctuary” and not CC. The presence of that era shows, they never obeyed God. Even after the Elijah restored the truth, they fell. The phil era, is the worst, as there is a ‘synagogue of satan’ inside the church. If the world has not given the law, with what and how could they be judged? It is those who are “given the law”, and those who are “baptized”, only could be judged. At baptism only,  one enters in to the “marriage covenant” with God  and “they only” could break that covenant.. CC never entered in to a covenant with God to break it or to be a harlot.

God tried to correct the church but He never could as they rebelled. In Is 1: 5 God says He is tired of striking them. He says, {{ Why should ye be stricken any more ? ye will revolt more and more. }  This is at the completion of the church age which is now. Therefore, according to Moses’ law, one has to be judged by that law, if they have transgressed. Only those who are given the law will be judged and that is the church. This is why, the law also requires, before one is judged, to call on two or three witnesses. Deut 17:6,   1 Ti 5:19,   Rev 11: 3., Heb 10:28,   And this is why we witness against the last church, the mother PCG, who committed harlotry. Am 5:5 says, ‘bethel’ will come to nothing. Also Am 7:8.


Rev 17: 1… The seven angels came to “pour the last plagues”, showed this harlot to John, at the time of her ‘judgment’. Since we know it is the church’s judgment now, on whom the “seven plagues” are poured upon , will give another clue to identify this woman. Before the seven plagues are poured, the witnesses have to sing the ‘song of Moses” Rev 15:3. . We have already sung this in 2005. These plagues are spiritual.


 Rev 15;1- 3.. The  ‘song of Moses” is sung by “THOSE WHO OVERCAME” THE BEAST , (these are those who sigh and cry over the abominations which were committed in Ezekiel 6) to “testify” against the “spiritual Israel”, who entered in to a marriage covenant with God and who failed TO KEEP IT. Once you break the marriage covenant, you automatically take the mark of the beast. God will not lead you afterwards.  He will withdraw His Spirit from such. That means you are ‘spiritually” DEAD.  (read: Song of Moses) . This song was sung, to “testify against Israel’sharlotries and their breaking the covenant and not against the CC. Deut 31: 19- 30. This song identifies on ‘whom’ the last plagues are poured upon. That is “spiritual Israel”. This song is sung at the time of the judgment of the harlot . If the last plagues are poured upon those who ‘failed to keep the covenant’, and also on the harlot; this harlot is the “spiritual” Israel, or the church. The mother and all the daughter harlots. All the 12 tribes who have gone in to spiritual captivity.  


Rev 16:15… Christ said, {{ Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.}}… When and why does Chrsit comes as a “thief”?

2 Pet 3: 10…. To burn the works and the ‘elements’, the wrong beliefs. It is the “Day of The Lord”. Ez 30: 3, that is the ‘times of gentiles”. This is why, we witness against. That is the work of the gentiles.

1 The 5: 2---4. the Thessalonians, the gentiles know perfectly when Christ comes. it is also called the DOL. It is a time this man of sin says, ‘peace”… but sudden destruction.

1 Cor 4: 5… Until Christ comes, no one can expose the real wicked men. Only He could do so, using the gentiles on this DOL.

Mal 3:… He comes to “purify” the ministry. He does not say, there are 70 ministers who have not failed. Not even one.

As Rev 16: 15 says, the fact that “Christ comes as a thief” gives another clue to identify this woman. Who failed to watch? It is at the end of the Phil era, the Jews… the Christians who became a synagogue of satan. The man of sin. Who is warned to keep clean clothes, a clean turban? It is the laodicean leader and the all the baptized people except the little sanctuaries and the gentiles who are the poor who are rich in faith. All others have failed. All those who do not take part in doing the exploits as Dan 11: 32- 35 , Jude 23…have failed.  Who’s nakedness Christ will reveal? It is not the CC’s, but the church’s. The laodicean era’s. Rev 3: 14---



Many waters:… Many waters are peoples, tribes etc… explained in Rev 17 v 15.  Rev 13: 7 says, the beast is given power to make war with the saints and to over come them, and all the kindreds, tongues and nations. These are the “many waters”. God’s church has many peoples ….. Rev 5:9. Almost all the churches in the world has many peoples in the world. Not only the CC. God blessed Abraham and said, his seed shall be among many nations. That is many waters.  Read the following scripture to see who has many waters…Num 24: 5-7., Ps 29:3 , which is a time to “thunder”,  God sits on ‘many waters. The thunder comes now, as they have crossed the sea. (read: Israel will come out of sea) God sits on the church. That is many waters as the church has many peoples all over. Ez 16: 8-14 even says, PCG’s fame went all over the world.  That is many waters. But these many waters, committed harlotry.  God thunders at the time when the judgment has come upon the church who failed to give Him glory. He thunders to this harlot to get His due glory. We have proven from the Word that God thunders to “His church”. Ps 93:4 says, God is high and mightier than the noise of many waters. Jer 51: 12- 13… the church when in Babylon, dwells upon ‘,many waters”.  This is how, this harlot who is in Babylon who sits on many waters.  Ez 19, which condemns the princes or the RDs, says, the “mother” was fruitful because of many waters. This is the church. The RDs, are in the church. this chapter talks about the church.  Rev 19: 6.. these waters are the people in many countries, who are the PCG members. In Ez 16: 8-14, her fame went to all the world. That means, she had many waters… many peoples. This woman, is in the wilderness and she is called “Babylon the great”, because she has adopted Babylonian system. Which church distributed a picture and the government structure of the statue of  king Nebu? Why did GF distributed such a iamage? To show, that the church government is patterned after that.   GF spoke about the Babylonian kingdom during the ministerial conference in 2005 Jan. that is after they went to Babylon. The captivity was proclaimed by GF in 2004 sept.


Rev 12: 14… the woman was given to fly like a “great eagle”…. To go to the ‘wilderness’. The wilderness is the “desolation” as we have proven from the Word of God. The “proud” fly  like eagles. The laodicean church is proud and we proved that is why she is given two wings of an eagle. (read: wilderness) According to PCG’s articles, they say, that they will go to wilderness to be safe. But God says, it is because of their ‘pride’, they fly like an “eagle”… wilderness is the captivity, or desolation. So it is because their pride, they are sent to wilderness. But God will save them by washing their filth away. therefore, It is the “true church”,  in the wilderness  and it is her judgment.  Rev 17 harlot is  the same woman as it is her judgment.


Harlot and Zion in wilderness;..

Further to our writing;  ‘wilderness’, here are more points to prove that it is the “church”, who is in the wilderness, “forsaken” by God. ( Also read: Israel will come out of sea pt 1 and 2)  

Is 27: 10 says, the “defenced city” is desolate and left like  a wilderness and there, God will “speak” to her, test her and will bring back. V 8-9, this is the day of the ‘east wind” (read: East wind) and the stones of the “Altar” will be made as chalkstones. When that happens, then there will be not even one stone shall be left upon another as Christ said. Then, v 10.


Is 43: 19 says, God will do a ‘new thing’, and He will make a way in the wilderness, rivers in the desert. We have proven from the Word of God, that it is the gentiles who will be doing this new thing and the river which gives them water. There has to be a time for Is 60: 2-3,  Is 66:12 and the times of the gentiles also to be fulfilled.


Is 64: 10 says, ‘Holy city’, and ‘Zion’ is a wilderness, and ‘Jerusalem’ desolation. Could this prophecy be fulfilled in CC?  She is protected from the ‘devil’, but not from God. God Has made her like a wilderness, until He causes it to be like the garden of Eden. When these miracles are done in her, she will remember her ways and will turn to God. Anciently, thunder scared the Israelites and they promised to obey. Now, the church has broken the covenant and God is sending spiritual thunders to them again. God will be victorious. He will win. His hands will get Him the victory as Ps 98:1 says. V 2 says;… Jehovah has made known His salvation; His righteousness He has unveiled to the eyes of the gentiles.


Is 50:2… God will make the “rivers” a wilderness, why? Because these rivers, the believers have sinned. The fish, are the people in Zion, as we have proven from the word, will die because God Has withheld His Spirit… they die for “thirst”. ( Christ, too became thirsty, when He took our sins and when God forsook Him. This is how, since the church has sinned,  God Has withdrawn His Spirit from Zion and now she is in the desert, in a wilderness, dying for thirst.. or dying with out the Spirit. That is the spiritual death. Not eternal death as God will bring back and turn them back. But false leaders say, we are safe in the wilderness. Since these punishments are spiritual, the fallen leaders cannot see. They try to look at physically. A good example to understand this fact is, when WCG fell, could any one see anything wrong physically? They continued to prosper while they were falling away from the truth. but God Has left them. they are spiritually dead.  


Jer 4: 10-17… because Zion has sinned, God’s “wind” shall blow on her to spoil her… she will not die, but will be afflicted until she repents and get rid of her wickedness. (read: East wind) V 26,  9:2,  Fools, are afflicted because of their transgression and iniquities. They draw near to die and still if they cry to God, He will deliver them.


Ps 107: 16-18.  He sends His “Word” to heal them. read rest of the chapter and see how God will deliver them. V 33 God will turn rivers in to wilderness, as we have proven these are the believers, and v 35….again, He turn wilderness in to water springs. V 34.. the fruitful land in to barrenness. This is not CC.  V 41.. He is using the poor.


Jere 12: 10 says, “the leaders” have destroyed God’s vineyard and made it like wilderness. In RV sept 2006, Joel Hilliker wrote an article about the wilderness. He is deceiving God’s people to trust the government. That is why God says to come out of her.


Jere 22: 1-9… the king who sits in the throne of David has sinned, v 9 says, they have “broken the covenant” of their Lord. That is how, the king who sits in the throne of David became a ‘harlot”.  and v 6.. that is why she was made like wilderness. It is the church, Zion, or the Holy city which broke the covenant, who was made like a wilderness…. Because God’s Spirit is not there… they are thirsty and are dead. Jere 23: 10, 


Jer 50:12…. The “MOTHER”… is a wilderness.  This is the mother harlot, PCG. 51: 43 talks about how God will punish those who are in Babylon and in wilderness. It is the “cities of Judah”, who are desolate. They are those who worship God and not the world. (Jere 26:2. ) they are in a ‘dry’ land means, they do not get any spiritual food. Holy Spirit is withheld from them. Man live by every word of God. Luk 4:4. And, not from physical food of “having it all”.


Lam 4: 3 says, even the sea monsters give milk to their young, but not God’s church… all she does is murdering them. Ps 127: 3 says, children are a heritage of the Lord. This harlot murdered her little children and they  caused God to give their  heritage to desolation.  The leaders are not to be Lord over God’s heritage.( 1 Pet 5:2-3) but be an example. Can we take these leaders as our examples when king Nebu rules us?


Ez 6… is the judgment of the “mountains” of Israel as v 2 says. They will be desolated more than the wilderness v 14. Eze 19: 13,  20: 10,  v 13 says they will still rebel against God and God will pour His “fury” in the “wilderness”. The fury is the last seven plagues, which is poured upon the woman in the wilderness. Could this be the CC?   V 21, they were brought in the sight of the gentiles. (V22) this is how we know. God caused us to see. Don’t we say, we witness against Israel’s harlotry? Is this not the “Day of visitation”? (read please) V 29 says, all this happened because of “Bamah matter”. (please read) they brought unbaptized from the wilderness as Ez 23: 42 says, and they became people like in the wilderness. That is the bamah matter.


Jere 13: 24-27… because “Zion” has forgotten God, He will scatter her as the stubble… she has committed harlotry.. So it is ‘Zion” who is a ‘harlot’ And not the (CC)


Hos 2: 3-4.. it is the mother and the daughters who are harlots and God will make her  dry as a ‘wilderness”.  Book of Hosea is about the church being a harlot and how God will take her back. This is not the CC.  


Hos 9:10… It is “Israel” like wilderness… because of ‘Baal peor”… the bamah adultery which PCG committed. Another warning about “Balaam” type of a betrayal which happened in PCG which we witness.  


Hos 13 talks about how Ephraim, or the people of God in England, sinned by exalting themselves ( this is the RD who caused the bamah matter) and he offended in “Baal”… that is how he died, spiritually. V 6… their “exalting” caused them to forget God. this is why God allowed them to exalt as a part of His wrath ( Dan 11:36) It is the God who judge the leaders… they did not judge the bamah matter with God’s judgments.. Why does God label the church as a harlot? All because they did not repent, and take heed when God sent the witnesses to them to speak to them of their harlotry. Now, God has send them to wilderness but God says, in v 5.. He will “know” them in the wilderness where there is a great drought…. V 15.. the east wind dries their fountain. Read: East wind.


Joel 1: 19-20 says, the fire, devours all the trees, which are the children of Israel, even the beasts.  The leaders will cry unto God.

Joe 2: 22-23… they wont be in the wilderness for ever. God says to these beasts, He will make them fruitful again.

Sin, is the ‘transgression of God’s Law”. How could the CC break God’s law, since she never had it? How could CC break the marriage covenant with God, as she has never entered in to such a covenant? The soul that sin,  or break the law of God, which dies. Not the souls of those  who are “not” given the law. It is Zion, who broke that wonderful covenant. Not even ‘physical’ Israel could break the covenant, as they have not entered in to. The wife of Christ, is called out of this world, out of physical Israel,  and given the law and God’s own Spirit so that she could live by the Law. It is Zion who failed and not the CC.


Is 51: 3… Lord shall comfort Zion and make the wilderness like Eden.

By our writing ‘Babylon’ and ‘wilderness’, we have proven from the Word, that it is the church, who is in the wilderness and in Babylon. This writing will prove, that she is the “harlot”. Thus, the mysterious harlot’s identity will be known to God’s people who want to obey Him and who want to continue the covenant with God. There is no other way, but one has to come out of this harlot as God commands. We plead with those who read this to write to us, if they can show from God’s Word, that  CC is the harlot.


Isa 1:21  How is the “faithful” city become an harlot! it was full of judgment; righteousness lodged in it; but now murderers.}}

Is the CC the ‘faithful city”? No it is “Zion”, or Judah and Jerusalem, the mother of us all, is the faithful city… there was righteousness and it was full of judgment. So when did she become a murderer? And a harlot?, and UNFAITHFUL?.... All happened when this Bamah matter happened..


faithful?... She was faithful, but as v 23 says, Zion’s princes or the RDs, became rebellious, thieves, and they “judge “not” the fatherless, neither doth the cause of the widow come unto them”.}} When did these RDs failed to judge the cause of the fatherless and the widow?  (please read : Poor fatherless ) The bamah matter.


Harlotis this talking about the CC? Why did she become a harlot? This chapter is prophecy for our time, the very end when God made a judgment against her saying that she never obeyed. V 5 , God says, why should she be stricken any more? The whole head is sick and “whole” heart faint. God Has come to the conclusion, that “Zion” will never obey. She will not be even stricken any more. It is useless to punish her now as she never obeys. She has become a spiritual bastard. This is the last thing God can do. To make her like wilderness and send to Babylon and then, when she admits her faults and repent, then she will be ready to “know” God.

GF wrote:…

God’s family govt.—by G. Flurry—page 7—para 2

Heb.12:8--- But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons….. it is GF who refused God’s chastisement. He is the bastard… God catches the wicked by their own craftiness…


the whole ‘head” is sick?....who is the head? Is 9:15…. The ancient….(The elder) who says I am ‘the elder”? Then, the prophet? He is the man who is sick according to God. What a dishonor? The ‘head’ is GF and the ‘prophet’ is also GF. And he is sick says God.

whole “heart” faint?... the “heart” refers to the center of our ‘spiritual life” said GF (Pg 39 Living Hope) so, the center of Zion’s spiritual life, faints. She has no breath in her.  Jer 10:14,  51:17,  Jer 15:9. She does not get food from her God any more. V 14 says, God will cut off the head and the tail.


Murderers?. when we informed the bamah matter to the prophet, he refused to judge the matter and disfellowshipped us, who witnessed their sins. They continue to cast out all those who ask questions from the leaders murdering them spiritually. Ez 16: 21. They even crucify Christ again as they willfully sin. They shatter the power of the Holy and the mighty totally, by taking them away from God, spiritually murdering them and seducing them away from God. the man of sin, is guilty of the whole world’s sins, including Christ’s and his own.


Isa 1:22  Thy silver is become dross, thy wine mixed with water: In Ps 12: 6 silver is likened to “pure words” of God. Zion’s words have become dross. They are like dross silver. Useless and not valuable anymore. Mal 3, this is why Christ comes to purify them as silver. And they will have ‘pure’ words in this day of judgment. The ‘wine”? ….their wine is mixed with water. Christ made our water to the best wine in Cana, in Galilee, where the gentiles are. He will turn their wine which is mixed with water in to best wine too. Christ said… {woman, (John 2 v 4) what I have to do with thee? Mine hour is not yet come. The woman here means, ‘specifically” a wife…He was prophesying until His “hour” comes, He Has nothing to do with her or the church. Why? Because He prophesied that this woman will never obey until this ‘HOUR”.  When that “hour” comes, He will turn their water in to perfect wine. And the “servants” filled the water and took to the master… the servants are the gentiles now who are filling the water pots in the wilderness so that when the hour comes, Christ will turn that water in to wine. Now, we are filling the water pots. The servants obeyed Him and filled the pots. These water pots were used to ‘purify’ the Jews (v 6)  Now too, the servants, the gentiles will be an over flowing stream to purify them. Is 66:12…  Christ’s breath will be an overflowing stream to sift those who are vain. ( Is 30:28)


When Christ said to God, “See Your house is left to You desolate”, was He talking about the CC? ( Luk 13:35). It is God’s temple He was referring to. Why is it desolate?.... now we know.

Luk 23: 28… when Christ said, “Daughters of Jerusalem”, weep not for me, but weep for yourselves, and for your children”, } was He speaking about the CC or the worldly churches? Why do these daughters of “Jerusalem” have to weep? Because God forsook them as they became harlots. These are the mountains of Israel. Eze 33: 28… v 29.. then, when they become desolate, they will know God.  


Is 47:5… “ I was wrath with “MY” people and I have polluted ‘MINE’ inheritance, and given them to your hand, } was God talking about the CC? This chapter talks about God giving “His church” to Babylon. Now, the leader is a type of king Nebuchadnezzar. ( GF wrote about king Nebu in “God Fam vision pg 48, that there will be such a betrayal) We have proven from the Word of God. In our writing “Babylon”, we proved that it is the church who is in “Babylon”. This is why this harlot explained in the Rev 17, is in “Babylon”, having adopted the Babylonian, one man government, who has exalted and thinks like God. God drove this king away from the men and made to dwell with the “beasts”. This is why, there is a “beast” in revelation 17 ,  which we will write later. V 10 says… she has trusted in her wickedness and thinks that no one sees her…. This is what GF did to us. Thinking that no one knows, slowly agreed to cast us out. Will not God see everything clearly?


In HWA’s book, “Why marriage”, Pg 26, He wrote:….

{{{“Christ was the God of the old testament. In exodus 19 and 24, the One who became  Jesus made a covenant with ancient Israel on mount Sinai. This covenant was a “MARRIAGE  AGREEMENT”. See Ez 16, which describes God’s marriage to Israel. Verse 8 reads ….”I swear unto thee,   and entered in to a covenant with thee, said the Lord God and thou became mine:. But Israel became “AS A WIFE THAT COMMITTETH ADULTERY, which taketh strangers instead of her husband! (V 32). She is likened to ‘WOMEN THAT BREAK WEDLOCK”. (V 38=39). Notice also Jere 3:14: “Turn, O backsliding children… for I am married unto you. }}}. Was God married to CC?


Here is what GF wrote in Ezekiel book :…

Pg 71… In Ez 16, God’s primary focus is on “Jerusalem above”, the end time church of God.} v 52-63 proves so.  


Pg 48…The vision of Ezekiel 16 is also about Christ and His wife with the “main focus in the end time”.

Pg 72… to be bound in God’s skirts is God’s coded way of saying the “Philadelphians” grasp the “marriage covenant” with God and the Laodiceans don’t. …  this means, PCG is holding fast to the marriage covenant, while other churches don’t. If other churches do not hold on to the covenant and are not married to Christ, how can they break the marriage covenant? Only those who “have a covenant”, could break it. Read GF’s Ezekiel book and you will see, that he says, only “PCG” is married to God today and in ‘wife’ level. . HWA and GF say, that Ez 16:8 wife is the church which is married to Christ today. When the sister churches sinned, God took them away as He saw fit. Ez 16: 50. so only PCG was left to judge while others were falling. But later she did worse than others. As she is the ‘mother’, now she is the “mother of harlots”.


Pg 75… Only God’s firstfruits can commit adultery in the end time because only they are married to Christ.}}}.. therefore, since the firstfruits have committed adultery, they have become the mother and daughter harlots.


 Pg 78…. This is referring mainly to an end time wife who reels and must go in to captivity.}} Our writing “Babylon” proved that all the churches, including PCG has gone in to captivity. Ez 16: 52, Jam 1:1  alone proves so.. Not a single church wants to admit that they have committed adultery. Ez 16 alone proves, they are “ALL” harlots. God does not lie. We should believe Him. Yet do you think any of these churches want to admit and repent? If they have not committed adultery, why are they in Babylon now? Why can’t Christ come and marry His wife? Why is not the wife ready till Rev 19:7? Why did Christ say, God’s House is left “desolate”?  Christ cannot be lying. Yet, none of the churches want to see their nakedness. But God will expose them all, … before the marriage take place. There is no other way around… it will be done according to God’s way. Every church is doing their own thing and PCG is busy judging others, whereas, all the worst crimes are committed inside her. This is why Christ said, before you take out your brother’s speck, remove your plank out of your eye. GF says, the new covenant wife must go in to captivity, and she is the wife of Christ….. but will she admit that she has gone in to captivity?... The worst crime was committed by these Jews, who say they are Jews but do “LIE” in the “Philadelphia” era. This era ends up God’s leaders turning to be liars. During that era, ‘THE LIAR”, “THE” ANTICHRIST, “THE MAN OF SIN” came to be.  So when God says, they are liars, who would you believe? God or these liars? Ez 16, could not have happened in Ezekiel’s time or even HWA’s . There were no sisters, but only two groups… Israel and Judah. Then, they did not judge any one. V 61-63 did not happen. Many sisters exist only after HWA’s death. Don’t we see that this prophecy is for our time?


Pg 48.. Christ gets jealous when His “wife” turn to another God. Christ would not be jealous if this church wasn’t His bride.}} God is a jealous God. In His jealousy, He takes vengeance and  provoke the Jews who are married to Him.  He said, He will raise up a ‘foolish nation’ or the “gentiles” to provoke them to jealousy. (read: donkey and the foolish nation, and Genesis 49 in our web site )


Pg 80… God will judge His wife according to her wedding covenant. That is judgment on the “highest level”.} this is why in God’s wrath, there are seven plagues are being poured upon God’s wife, who had a wedding covenant and who failed utterly to obey Him. ? The judgment on the ‘highest level” is being poured upon her. !!!Spiritually speaking, only her bones are left. Her tongue has clung to the roof, her eyes have sunken in to the socket, and her heart is melted and while she stood, her flesh was dissolved. This is what happened to Christ and king David as we have proven and also those who fight with Christ.  


pg 79..When God discusses “mother” and “daughter”, He is illustrating that this prophecy is dual! The wife rebelled anciently and the wife rebels today, even though she has God’s Holy Spirit. … “When I shall bring “AGAIN “captivity, ….”THY” captives in the midst of them. (v 53) This is to be in the FUTURE. “ God says; “I SHALL BRING AGAIN THEIR CAPTIVITY”. … In the END TIME, HE MUST SEND HIS “NEW COVENANT” WIFE IN TO CAPTIVITY AS WELL. ….. God SAYS,  I will even deal with thee””… in the ‘“FUTURE”.

Ancient Israel had already been dealt with. They had gone in to captivity for breaking the marriage covenant with God.! }}} Who is this “new covenant wife”? Is it not PCG? Did not GF write in the same book that it is PCG who has the covenant with God? The “NEW COVENANT” WIFE” going in to captivity means, to wilderness. If the church goes to wilderness because of sin, then she should be judged. That is the harlot who is in the wilderness being plagued.  When pharaoh was plagued, God hardened his heart to not to let Israel go to show them God’s power. Same way, now these leaders are strengthened and are allowed to do their own thing because they are adamant and do not want to repent. This is why, they have to spiritually die in the wilderness. Pharaoh finally let Israel go after the deaths of the first born. God displayed His majestic power in His ‘judgments”, which He alone will be exalted.


At baptism, the first fruits make a marriage covenant to obey God and be born again as Christ’s wife.

Do you understand the commitment a person makes when they enter this covenant with Jesus Christ, ? No body but the ‘FIRST FRUITS”. }}  this means, all those who are baptized now, have entered in to the marriage covenant. That includes PCG as well. God, rightfully say, “A hypocritical nation”…. did GF understand the commitment he made when he entered in to this covenant? Does he not know that to invite strangers in to the altar, defiles and breaks the marriage covenant? He has dug his own pit. The blind leading blind and they all have fallen  in to the pit. Mat 15: 14… this is how they are in the wilderness and in Babylon. The mysterious harlot therefore, is none other than Christ’s wife, who will be judged and turned back to Him and that hour has now come.


To be continued…
Witness 1,

Gentile assembly.