The Heavens declare GOD’s glory


GOD Has prophesied that one day, the ‘HEAVENS” will declare His glory. “Declaring Glory” (to GOD) means ‘TO KNOW HIM and to UNDERSTAND HIM. (Jer 9: 24). So how could the ‘HEAVENS” glorify GOD ? Can ‘Heavens”  KNOW Him?  Understand Him??? If we want to give glory to GOD, then we should follow the heavens.


Jer 9:24  But let him who glories glory in this, that he understands and knows Me, that I am Jehovah, doing kindness, justice and righteousness in the earth; for I delight in these, says Jehovah…}}}… One can give glory to GOD, when they “KNOW”  and UNDERSTANDS  Him, the true GOD. And if the Word says the heavens give His glory, then definitely who ever the heavens are , surely they should KNOW GOD ! And the truth about GOD was revealed, only when CHRIST  came in the clouds. He Has revealed about Himself to the heavens on the "Day of Judgment". The heavens know that GOD is a  loving  ,  kind and  executes justice, and righteousness. That is what the heavens have to declare.   We proved that only in the ‘judgment’, the true righteousness  and justice will go forth. That is why only in the judgment, all could  glorify GOD. That is the time, when there will be a change of heart in Israel as they will know and understand Him. The proud and the wise will be ashamed. All these we have proven in our “mysteries” writings.


GOD uses things He Has created as parables or metaphors. We proved The “Word” means ‘CHRIST ”  and ‘words” means the ‘Father ’. Rom 1 explains about the creation and how we,  by them come to know the true GOD. GOD compared the “moon” to “church” and “stars” to “Israel” as we knew already.   The Word “Heaven” is also a metaphor as we shall see. GOD’s signs in “Heaven” are :… the Sun, Moon, stars, clouds, thunder, lightening, rain, mist, vapors, hail, snow, storms, wind , rainbow etc, which all are metaphors.  Except the first three, we did not know what other words meant till now. All these things including the words “strength” and “glory”, are being used to describe something else.  Anyhow , how would these physical  creation  give GOD’s glory ; since to give glory to GOD means to KNOW Him ???   We will see, that GOD created these heavenly signs to be used when His anger is poured on the wicked. What are the meanings of these metaphors? Who FULFILLS THE SPIRITUAL WORK OF THESE HEAVENLY SIGNS ?


Psa 19:1  , A Psalm of David.> The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork.


Psa 99:1  Jehovah reigns; let the peoples tremble. 

Psa 99:2  Jehovah is great in Zion; and He is high above all the people.

Psa 99:3  They shall thank Your great and fearful name; it is holy. }}}… The judgments are to bring all peoples to fear GOD and exalt Him and to be thankful. All these happen when CHRIST  rules and that is in judgment. Revelation says, Heavens, earth and everything else shakes and trembles in His presence. GOD’s due glory is given to Him, only in judgment as PROVEN.


Psa 99:4  The king's “strength” also loves judgment; You establish uprightness; You worked judgment and righteousness …”in”… Jacob. }}}…”STRENGTH” loves judgment???  “Strength” cannot be a person. If they are not persons how can strength have feelings of love  to love judgment ???? Then, who ever is this ‘STRENGHT” , should  be working  “in” judgment, to love judgment ! “strength” is also a metaphor. Also, at that time, GOD is working judgment and righteousness ‘IN’ Jacob. That means until such time, Jacob did not know the judgments or righteousness. Now, what is the meaning of ‘strength”???  


Psa 8: 2  ( Mat 21: 16.. v 15 says, it is the children who were crying out to praise CHRIST  ) says, the “strength” is perfected by the ‘BABES”, who are the “Gentiles” as PROVEN who also are the “little children” .  And they also work in ‘judgment’ and we shall prove , that  they are the ‘HEAVENS’  . We must remember, who ever works ‘IN” judgment, only could give GOD’s glory . Only in the judgment the "Times of Gentiles" are to be fulfilled. Then it has to be the Gentiles who would give His glory !


Psa 68:33  To Him who rides on the heavens of heavens of old; lo, He gives forth His voice, a mighty voice.

Psa 68:34  Give might to God over Israel; His majesty and His strength in the clouds..}}}…The majesty and the “strength” of GOD, is in the ‘clouds’, …..”when”… His voice goes forth. Who ever these clouds are, they have GOD, as He rides on the heavens and in the clouds as we will see, and GOD’s  strength and also the voice. We have proven that the clouds are the ‘Gentiles’. This is the fulfillment of what CHRIST  said;

 “… the son of Man will come in the clouds OF HEAVEN “. ( Mat 24: 30. and when He comes in the clouds, He comes with POWER AND MUCH GLORY. So, GOD’s glory will be in the “clouds of  heavens”. ) Also it is the Gentiles who were told by Apostle Paul that they will meet the LORD in the clouds ( 1 Thes 4: 17). But Israel, their leaders are clouds without water ( 2 Pet 2: 17,  Jud 12). If they do not have water in them, they could never water the earth, or feed GOD’s childeren.


Rev 1: 7…, When He comes with the clouds, every eye will see Him, and the ones who “PIERCED” Him, and all the “TRIBES” of the earth.  When the book of revelation is fulfilled, those who pierced Him will not be alive. This is speaking about our days.  This was said by CHRIST , in Mat 24: 30…, “ And then all the “tribes” will wail. These are”Israel”, who have rejected Him and by willfully sinning, once again they have pierced Him.  This proves the clouds cannot be any in Israel, or any tribe  in Israel. Besides, GOD says, Israel will be in captivity when these will be fulfilled as we will see.  


Psa 77: 13- 18…. GOD Has revealed His “strength” among the “people ” ( v 14) . When GOD says people, it mostly means the Gentiles and not Israel. V 15 says the “ARM”  redeemed “GOD’s” people. So the people who have the “strength”, should be this ‘ARM”. And the ‘arm’, and GOD’s people are two different groups. If this “arm” did not have GOD’s strength, then they cannot redeem GOD’s people. 


V 17…The ‘clouds’ pour water and …, and GOD’s voice also was Uttered. Where ever GOD’s “Strength” is, there will be His “works” and the “voice” as well. And where ever  His voice is, there will be ‘clouds’ as well.  That is when the earth quakes and trembles in fear.  And the work of Moses and Aaron are taking place. Therefore, so far, the Heavens, clouds, Arm, voice and strength are working together to give GOD’s glory. Who are they???


The heavens ; will be proven in this writing that they are the Gentiles.

Clouds ; The Gentiles. please read : Clouds parts 1 – 7 , also proven in this.

Arm ; also the Gentiles, please read:  The Arm of The LORD

Voice ;… Also Gentiles, Please read: Thunderous voice

Strength;… proven in this writing , but where ever GOD’s arm is, there should be GOD’s Word and  if GOD’s work is done then, they should have the strength as well. !


GOD’s ‘strength’, who were “Israel” were sent in to captivity as PROVEN, when they broke the covenant . ( Psa 78: 61.). what they did and how GOD is punishing is written in this psalm. If Israel , the strength of GOD are sent in to captivity, then they cannot be GOD’s strength there after. Now, they are in Babylon, just before they are to be delivered as Mic 4: 10 says and our writings about Babylon proves.


Psa 78:61  and delivered His “strength” into captivity, and His glory into the enemy's hands. }}}… ( fulfilled in Mic 4: 10, and Jam 1: 1, IN OUR TIME ) How could the ‘strength’ could be delivered in to captivity, if it did not mean some people ????  It is ‘Israel’  is who were sent in to captivity.   Delivering His “strength” to captivity”  means, He delivered His people to the devil. We have proven that in the judgment, the devil and the church or Israel were cast down from heaven to earth. ( Lamentations 2)  Then, they started to worship and fear their leaders such as the man of sin and the two beasts in Rev 13 and 17, who were possessed by the devil.  


Not only the ‘strength’, but His “glory was delivered as well. This is explained in Isa. 43: 12- 22… while GOD condemns Israel He says others do not have a foreign GOD and that is why they witness for GOD against Israel, who have other gods. Their other gods are their leaders, whom they fear,  and in fear of being disfellowshipped, they obey the leaders instead of GOD’s Law of LOVE, which fulfills all Law as PROVEN. ( Rom 13: 10) . If the leaders as they preach to others have love “IN THEMSELVES” will never say we disfellowship them “IN LOVE”. We know Micah applies to us to the very end and that is when GOD’s people of Israel became His enemy. We have proven over and over, that it is PCG who was the wife of CHRIST  in the last end.


But exactly when did they rose up as His “enemy”?

Mic 2:8 – 10  Even of late …”My”….. people is risen up as an enemy: ye pull off the robe with the garment ……….The women of my people have ye cast out from their pleasant houses; from their children have ye taken away my glory for ever.

Arise ye, and depart; for this is not your rest: because it is polluted, it shall destroy you, even with a sore destruction…}}} …we have written about these in our writing “ Mic 2: 9 fulfilled – wicked exposed” in our web site. This prophecy talks about the very end. The pulling off the robes is a coded way of saying GOD’s people’s spiritual garments were ripped off as PROVEN. this was done by the leaders. It is the PCG , which was the last church and she only pulled off the robes of the widows as PROVEN.  THIS IS THE LAST TIME THEY HAVE TAKEN AWAY GOD’S GLORY FOR EVER. This is the time Isa. 43 : 12- 22,  Isa. 56: 3- 8,  Mal 1: 11 etc were  fulfilled. This is the time, GOD says “ COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE”, to those who are in Babylon, the beast and the harlot as PROVEN. this is when GOD sent them to Babylon , to be delivered, and not to be destroyed as Mic 4: 10 says. The remnant who have glory, will be like lions, among the Gentiles… as Mic 5: 7- 9 says, which we have proven already.


The  word  ‘beast’ is a metaphor.  ‘Beast’ means someone who does “not have understanding” as PROVEN.  That, itself shows that “GOD’s strength, or Israel is  the beast, as they only were given the understanding and then blinded and as they only were delivered in to captivity, which means they do not have understanding.  If Israel is delivered in to captivity, they certainly do not have understanding. If they do not have understanding, then they are beasts as proven in our Beast writings. ( Psa 73: 22, ) Even though Israel is beast, now the righteous will regard for the beast  ( Pro 12: 10)


Ecc 3: 21 says the Spirit of the beast goes downward to earth.  That is why Israel were delivered in to captivity  and went to the Bottomless pit, because GOD cast them down.  They became beast when their wisdom was taken away ( also in judgment ) , then they have  no understanding. V 18 says GOD will test men whether they are beasts. when Israel sinned without understanding, GOD tested them and they proved to be beasts, then they were sent in to captivity.


When GOD takes the wisdom of the wise, they have no understanding.  ( Psa 73:22 )  All that happen in the judgment and that is when the ‘heaven’ and ‘earth’ were separated.   Also, that is when GOD started to work through the “heavens”.  That is now fulfilled… In this verse, GOD talks about Israel. This further proves that GOD’s “strength” means His people who ever they are as they are delivered in to captivity, BY GOD.  When His people are  in captivity, then He called “Gentiles” and gave them the strength and glory. Isa. 43,  Eze 39: 21- 23 etc…  explains. There after, GOD’s hands are with the Gentiles, as they will be used to witness, judge and bring the captives back to Him.


Mic 5: 1 says, it is the time for GOD to strike the judge of is, with a rod on the cheek… and CHRIST  is to come to set up the kingdom, as it is the work of judgment as PROVEN .


V 4.........And He shall stand and feed in the strength of Jehovah, in the majesty of the name of Jehovah His God. And they shall sit, for now He shall be great to the ends of the earth.}}}…. The work of the ends of the earth are to begin at this time. Has that not happened???... this is the lightning which comes form the clouds from the east .



Also read Psa 93: 1. He is clothed with strength and this is the time of the throne which is to judge as PROVEN. The floods, roaring waves all happen at the same time.


Psa 93:1  Jehovah reigns! He is clothed with majesty; Jehovah is clothed with strength; He girded Himself; and the world is established; it shall not be shaken.  }}}… GOD is clothed with “strength”. But the wicked are clothed with shame and dishonor  Psa 35: 26 .


Psa 29 talks about our time, during the judgments and when the Gentiles are working. At that time, GOD says, He will give strength to “HIS” people. And,… it is the Gentiles who are HIS people. Deut 32: 43 proves this further, as they witness and sing the song of Moses as PROVEN in our writing “Song of Moses”.  If GOD Has delivered Israel in to captivity, then only the Gentiles will be there to have GOD’s strength.


Psa 96: 6 says, … strength and beauty are in His “Sanctuary”. It is the Gentiles who are in His Sanctuary as this writing also would prove. Isa. 56: 3- 8 and Mal 1:11 proves so.


Psa 132:8  Arise, O Jehovah, into Your rest; You, and the ark of Your strength..}}}… The ‘rest”, we proved is the ‘Sabbath’ which the poor and the widows work as proven. Please read : Pray that your flight may not be on Sabbath, and poor and the fatherless in our web site ;  This happen when the priests need to be clothed with righteousness and for king David ’s sake GOD is prayed to not to turn away from the anointed. ( which means GOD Has turned away.) King David  prophesied that GOD Has appointed a ‘rest’ where no wicked will enter.  In this psalm, GOD delights to dwell in Zion, but with the poor as v 15.



Psa 99:5  Exalt Jehovah our God and worship at His footstool; He is holy

Psa 99:6  Moses and Aaron were among His priests, and Samuel was among those who called on His name; they called to Jehovah, and He answered them. }}}….Moses and Aaron and Samuel will actually not appear. It is the “work” of Moses, which is to give the Law (TAKEN FROM GOD, )OR ACCORDING TO THE TRUE Word OF GOD will be done on this day to establish the kingdom.   Who ever is used to bring Israel back the second time will have to do the work of Moses. In this case, the ‘HAND” OF GOD, who are Gentiles as PROVEN would do the work of Moses. This includes praying and intervening for the sins of the people. This is why the Gentiles are made the ministers of the new covenant as PROVEN. That is the work of Moses and Aaron. “Samuel” is the first prophet. The work of a prophet is done by the Gentiles in Rev 11… All these works are done by the “cloudy pillar”.


Psa 99:7  He spoke to them in the cloudy pillar; they kept His testimonies and the Law that He gave to them. }}}…He speaks His Law in the cloudy pillar. This happened only twice ;  when Israel was coming out of Egypt, and now it happened in ‘JUDGMENT” as they once again in Egypt.


Psa 99:8  You answered them, O Jehovah our God; to them You were a God who forgives them, but taking vengeance on their doings…}}}…GOD answers, forgives, but also TAKE VENGEANCE and He speaks in the clouds… which are the works of heaven ! ….


Psa 19:1  , A Psalm of David.> The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. }}}}  The heavens declared God’s glory… GOD’s glory is given to Him in the ‘judgment’.  The judgments are on Israel .  GOD speaks from heaven to the earth. If Israel  are being judged, then they cannot be giving GOD’s glory to GOD. They were delivered in to captivity as we saw.  Because Israel did not know GOD ( proven later ) , the judgments are on them. So how can they give glory to GOD? THIS IS WHEN THE HEAVENS DECLARE GOD’S GLORY…  


Psa 19:4  Their line 6957is gone out through all the earth 776, and their words to the end of the world 8398. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun, …. }}}…”Line”  is for measuring, earth is the wilderness which NEED the measuring which both names are given to the church , where she is now. The “SUN” is GOD and He only dwells in the tabernacle where the Gentiles are  WHERE THE END OF THE WORLD IS  as PROVEN in Micah as well . GOD, is in His “Sanctuary”. The “SUN”, RISES FROM THE ‘EAST”…  to build the NEW TEMPLE, GOD came from the ‘EAST”.  Eze 40 through 44 .  Just think:… The “SUN” rises from the ‘EAST’, even physically. All the physical heavens fulfills the work of the spiritual heaven.


1Jn 2:8  Again I write a new commandment to you which is true in Him and in you, because the darkness is passing away, and the true Light already shines. }}}…. The darkness, came when the judgments came as PROVEN. But  the judgments, too must COME TO END. The judges only would know when it would come to end, as Israel do not know their judgments, as proven elsewhere in this writing and also proven before. The “true Light ” is “CHRIST ” , who gives light to the Gentiles as Isa. 42 says, and these Gentiles, taking the light from CHRIST , are to give it to Israel , as Isa. 60: 1-3 says. please read: “ True Light” in our web site.  To end the darkness, the sun shines, from the east. Spiritually, this is being fulfilled now.



Psa 19:5  Which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race.

Psa 19:6  His going forth is from the end of the heaven, and his circuit unto the ends of it: and there is nothing hid from the heat thereof. }}}…Heat burned wicked in Rev 16:9 as a plague IN JUDGMENT. It is the ‘Gentiles’ who come from end of heaven. ( Isa. 13: 5… They come from a far country, “ END OF HEAVEN” these are the weapons of GOD, who are sanctified and chosen to do the work when GOD is angry. ) They are the ones who gives the heat and GOD’s going forth is from the end of heaven to other end, giving His heat. This is Isa. 4 also, fulfilled. “fire” and “cloud”, and heat… ( Isa. 18: 4… when GOD  Has the ‘REST” as written before, the ‘cloud’ and ‘dew” and ‘heat’.  All are now being fulfilled ). Also read Isa. 25: 4.. ( when the poor works, which is GOD’s “rest”, the heat )  v 5 follows;… the Gentiles’ noise shall be as the heat… but with the shadow of a ‘cloud’. This is the ‘mountain’ which GOD Has the feast  where their blindness is to take away, as we shall see.


Psa 19:7  The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple.


Psa 19:8  The statutes of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes.

Psa 19:9  The fear of the LORD is clean, enduring for ever: the judgments of the LORD are true and righteous altogether. }}}  ..They did not keep the statues of the LORD as they did not fear. (Those who feared GOD separated as Mal 3: 16- 18 ) This is why they are not right and are weeping instead of rejoicing.  This is why they also need to be enlightened their eyes as they are blind. These works are done and righteousness is brought on the "Day of Judgment" by the Gentiles.


Psa 19:14  Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer. }}}….this psalm king David  sang for the “day of Judgment”. One needs to learn the Law, which comes from heavens to convert the soul. We have proven until the judgments, the light did not shine on the earth. Now, that true Light is shining as CHRIST  Has come in the heavens to declare His due glory. As king David  says, his words will be acceptable in GOD’s sight and He will redeem his children. All the redemptive works are done by CHRIST  and the heavens.


Psa 8:3  When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained…}}} “THE HEAVENS” who ever they are, they are the WORKS OF THE FINGERS OF GOD. The works of the fingers of GOD, have created the ‘moon, and the stars. They are the ordained ones. Can the real moon and stars give glory to GOD ???  … king David  sings this psalm too. He sees GOD’s glory in the heavens.  The “Heavens” are the work of GOD’s FINGERS. And v 2… out of the mouths of the babes, ( Gentiles as PROVEN ) GOD’s strength is ordained because His people have become His enemy . Then, … when GOD’s enemy is working against Him, GOD’s handiwork, the “heavens, … the moon and the stars” makes him wonder about GOD’s majesty. This is why he continually spoke about the heavenly signs. According to this verse, GOD’s fingers have made the moon and the stars and Has ordained them. The ‘moon’ is the Gentiles as PROVEN, and the stars also as we shall see. GOD’s fingers are used to cast out demons , see below. That the is the time the moon and the stars are made spiritually.  


Isa 65:17  For, behold, I create new heavens and new earth. And the former things shall not be recalled, and they shall not go up on the heart. }}}… a whole new creation is being made as the book of revelation says. There will be no sea, night, death and earth and heavens. All things will be made new as PROVEN.


Former heaven passed away and cast down to earth;….


GOD considers His church to be in heaven. We saw how GOD sent Israel in to captivity. But before that, they were in the heavens. But in judgment, they were cast down . Lamentations 2: 1 says, GOD cast down the beauty of Israel from heavens to the earth as it is her judgment. That is when GOD created a NEW “heavenly Jerusalem as the book of revelation says.


Jer 2:12  Be astonished, O ye heavens, at this, and be horribly afraid, be ye very desolate, saith the LORD..}}}… Following verse He talks about “His people forsaking Him.  It was the sanctuary of GOD and the church which was desolated. Satan and church were cast down because they sinned. This is why the former heaven passed away. She was cast down in judgment and so is the devil ( Rev 12 and CHRIST  said, Joh 12: 31 the devil cast down in judgment. )


2Sa 22:8  Then the earth shook and trembled; the foundations of heaven moved and shook, because he was wroth…}}}… this heaven,  earth shook and trembled when GOD WAS “ANGRY…. This certainly is the heaven and earth which is the church, and the synagogue of satan, who were high in heaven by exalting themselves. That heavens could not give glory to GOD. GOD’s ANGER comes upon Zion. This is how the heaven shook and moved away as we shall see.  


Ec 3:21 --Who knoweth the spirit of “man” that goeth upward, and the spirit of the “beast” that goeth downward to the earth.?...}}}….the Spirit of the beast ??? Do beasts have “spirits” ???  These are the people, who became beasts because their understanding was darkened as PROVEN. They certainly went in to the Bottomless pit and those who have the Spirit, went up in to the heavens as clouds and they were resurrected as PROVEN.


Isa. 5: 16…GOD is exalted in ‘judgment”.  The leaders were busy exalting themselves till they are judged, and only in the judgment, “GOD” is exalted. At that time, it is the ‘heavens’, who will be exalting Him, because they are given the knowledge of the true GOD. Until the mysteries were finished in Rev 10, and the knowledge were revealed no one could have  exalted  Him.  


Why do the heavens declare GOD’s glory???....How could the heavens know and understand GOD in the first place???


Joh 4:48  Then Jesus said to him, Unless you see miraculous signs and wonders, you will not at all believe…}}} ….this is why GOD is giving  signs in heaven and wonders in the sky and in the earth as He prophesied.  Otherwise the wicked would not believe. CHRIST  was speaking about the Jews and the leaders. CHRIST Has to come  1 Cor 4: 5 , Is 19: 1,  Ps 72: 6,   Job 29: 23,   Hos 6: 3 says, Christ comes down, in “rain” and in “clouds” to expose the wicked works of His children. That is how the ‘heavens’ declare GOD’s glory.


Isa 4:5  And the LORD “will create upon every dwelling place of mount Zion, and upon her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day, and the shining of a flaming fire by night: for upon all the glory shall be a defence..}}}…Now, the “fire” and the “cloud” and “smoke” are seen on this night. This happen when GOD intervenes the second time to bring Israel out of SPIRITUAL  Egypt as it says GOD …..‘WILL”….. .  Day or night, GOD waters it ( Isa. 27: 3).



 Isa 45:8  Drop down from above, O heavens; and let the clouds pour down righteousness. Let the earth open and let salvation bear fruit; and let righteousness spring up together. I, Jehovah have created it. }}}…. The “clouds” were commanded to pour down “righteousness???.  How could the real clouds pour down righteousness????   When Christ came  in the clouds , the clouds too became “righteous” .  Then, Israel will start to see clearly, and will understand why and how “they” are not in the kingdom and the Gentiles are judging them. Else where in this writing we prove that the “truth”, and ‘faithfulness” are in the “clouds” .  These are the works of the "Day of Judgment". ! GOD Has created them to be that way. GOD will see that the earth will bear fruits of salvation. The clouds are pouring righteousness to bring earth to salvation. That is how GOD Has planned. This is the horn of salvation comes from house of king David  ( Luke 1: 69). The salvation comes when the remission of sins occur. ( Luke 1: 77). CHRIST , was the salvation of the ends of the earth. ( act 13: 47).  And the Gentiles will hear the salvation, as acts 28: 28 says, and it was fulfilled as you all can see.  WE SHOULD KNOW, AS CHRIST  SAID, HIS COMING IN THE CLOUDS ARE A SIGN OF HIS COMING . SO WE MUST BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND THESE CLOUDS.


Act 28:28  Be it known therefore unto you, that the salvation of God is sent unto the Gentiles, and that they will hear it. … }}} … Don’t you think these prophecies have to be fulfilled ???  If the Gentiles heard the Word, and if the Jews DID NOT, then should not the Gentiles be chosen to do GOD’s work ???


“Powers of heaven” shall be shaken, and they can see CHRIST  coming in the “clouds”.  The powers of heaven were shaken… Zion, who was in heaven, was cast down to earth as (lam 2 ) says, and the Gentiles, were raised up to heaven. They are the clouds which comes in power and glory, with CHRIST our LORD . But the leaders, are clouds without water as Apostle Jude 12 and 2 pet 2: 17 says.   v 31… this is when the Kingdom of God is near… which now has come. Don’t we see the spiritual clouds? They declare GOD’s glory .!


luk 21:25  And there will be signs in the sun and moon and stars. And on the earth will be anxiety of nations with bewilderment, roaring of sea and of surf, }}}… Should not all these be fulfilled ???  This happened when Jerusalem was  trodden down by nations, as previous verse says, and that happens in Rev 11; 2-3.. "Times of Gentiles" …( Eze 30: 3)  when all things are to be fulfilled.  The roaring of the ‘sea’,… the wicked will be like the sea and their wickedness was allowed to be poured upon the earth or the church just like the tsunami. This means GOD allowed the wicked leaders to deceive those who do not serve GOD, fulfilling the man of sin in 2 Thes 2, the delusion, which came from GOD . Is this man to be in the world? Or did the delusion come to the world ???  All these things are to be fulfilled, right inside the church of GOD. !   


The sea is most active at night, and especially when the full moon shines as PROVEN. These are the signs which CHRIST  gave to the leaders as we saw earlier. These were prophesied by many prophets.


Joe 2:29  And also I will pour out My Spirit on the slaves and on the slave-girls in those days.

Joe 2:30  And I will give signs in the heavens and in the earth: blood, and fire, and columns of smoke. }}}… GOD’s Spirit is given to slaves and they work signs in the ‘heavens”. When the slaves receives the Holy Spirit, then also the heavens will give signs.  These signs are to be understood by GOD’s true people.  CHRIST  said,” You are able to discern the signs of the sky, but you will not know the signs of the times “.  ( Mal 16: 3) .


The earth will have blood as the next verse says. This is the harlot, which is the church of GOD, who have sinned and are found with blood of the saints , also the moon which became blood in revelation. And she has fire on her to burn her wickedness as PROVEN. The smoke goes on as in Rev 18 says.   Where ever GOD’s Spirit is, there is the work of GOD. So, these slaves who have the Spirit, are working signs in the heavens and in the earth.  The clouds, pours water to the “earth” and not to the sky. That is where the water is needed.


Joe 2:31  The sun shall be turned to darkness and the moon to blood, before the coming of the great and awesome day of Jehovah. }}}… GOD comes,  after   Zion became blood guilty. That is the fulfillment of the "Day of Visitation" . (Please read in our web site) . This happen as Mal 3 says. Also as a ‘thief” to correct when Ezekiel,  the man of sin or Joshua the high priest defiled the Sanctuary.    


Act 2:19  "And I will give wonders in the heaven above," and miraculous signs "on the earth below, blood and fire and vapor of smoke….



All of the above scripture and many more, speaks about the ‘"Day of The Lord" … which is the time to forgive and give salvation , and the Holy Spirit is poured upon on all flesh, including the slaves… , men and women and young and old alike. This is the time of the ‘JUDGMENT”,  when the wise men have lost their wisdom and the slaves have their eyes opened as proven. They are the new heavens.


The wise men in the church have proven themselves to be backsliders and covenant breakers. They were in the heaven as the Word says but now they are cast down. They are blind to the spiritual world now and have to be given signs to understand the times as CHRIST  said earlier. The "Day of The Lord" , is for the vengeance of Zion, when the heavens declares GOD’s glory.


Rev 21:5  And the One sitting on the throne said, Behold! I make all things new. And He says to me, Write, because these Words are faithful and true. }}}…. GOD is creating all things NEW. The former heaven, ( as we saw) have passed away. This is done when CHRIST  comes to rule in the kingdom of heaven.


GOD wants all things to be NEW. This is why, the old heaven and earth have to pass a way. This is why the heaven has rolled away like a cloth.


Rev 6:14  And the heaven departed like a scroll being rolled up. And every mountain and island were moved out of their places.  }}}… How could the real heaven, depart ???.... Where would it go???.... This is  the fulfillment  ; people of GOD falling  away as CHRIST  said “not one stone shall left upon another”. the book of revelation gives us the prophecy of how the new heaven and earth is created. This is the ‘spiritual’ creation as we saw earlier  when Zion was cast out from heaven to earth . The mountains are the churches having exalted leaders and islands are the people when they are in the sea as PROVEN. when they learn all the lies they were believing, then no one will stay with the leaders. That is when not one stone shall be left upon another.


Psa 102 talks about the judgments and GOD’s wrath and when it is time to have mercy on Zion and to pity her. King David  is writing about the time when GOD Has appointed to bring her back. It is also a time that the heathen to fear GOD. These heathen who need GOD’s mercy to live are Israel, who became like heathen after mingling with them and who are in Egypt  as proven. Rev 11: 8,  Isa. 19 etc…


At that time, when GOD builds up Zion, He shall appear in His glory but in ‘heaven”. That’s the time, the “Heavens”, will glorify GOD from the clouds as we will see. Who builds up ‘Zion’  ???.... Zech 6:15,  Isa. 61:5,  Isa. 14 proves, it is the ‘Gentiles’. We have proven the judgments are given to Gentiles…. Eze 16: 40,  23: 45- 49,  lamen 1:15


Psa 102:20  to hear the groaning of the prisoner, to set free the sons of death,…}}}…. To hear the prisoner, they are already taken captive and this is fulfilled in Jam 1: 1. They are scattered abroad. Now the heavens are pouring rain to free them.  


Psa 102:21  To declare the name of the LORD in Zion, and his praise in Jerusalem; }}}… if Zion and Jerusalem need to be declared the name of the LORD …”IN”… them, then who ever declares, have to be outside Zion and Jerusalem.


Psa 102:22  When the people are gathered together, and the kingdoms, to serve the LORD. …}}}… This means until they became prisoners, and become as the ‘sons of death”,  no one has declared the name of the LORD in Zion, no matter how many leaders claim they are serving GOD and no matter how much they scream….; GOD says, when Zion becomes prisoners, and are ‘DEAD”, only, His name will be declared in her. Also it is a time for all people to gather ….and all the kingdoms ( many churches). All the churches of GOD, will have to learn the truth about the true GOD, if they have to glorify GOD. There is no other way to enter in to eternity and have salvation, if one does not serve the true GOD, in truth.  The fact that there are so many groups in the church shows, that there is no truth in any of them. They are in disagreement. The truth can never be divided. Neither it can fail. It alone will set one free from slavery of men and to men… and His name is glorified by the Gentiles, as king Solomon said. ( please read: House of prayer in )


This means that all the leaders who spoke after the traditions of the fathers, will have to admit and submit to the truth and should glorify the only true GOD, Whom we proved….CHRIST our LORD  !!!!

The judgments are to give glory to the ‘CREATOR” GOD.


V 25 says the earth and the heavens are the work of GOD’s hands. We saw how GOD’s fingers have made the heavens. It is the finger of GOD, which cast out the devil and the beast who are the leaders in the church .  consider this ….:

·        the fingers of GOD have made the heavens.

·        The fingers of GOD cast out the demons as CHRIST  said.

·        The fingers of GOD, should work ‘WHEN” the devil is cast down.

·        The devil is cast down during the ‘judgments”.

·        Then, the heavens should work during the ‘judgments”.


Psa 8:3  When I look upon Your heavens, the work of Your fingers: the moon and the stars which You have fixed }}}… Moon and the stars, specially were made by GOD’s fingers. And they are the ones who will cast out demons. And that is night.


Luk 11:20  But if I cast out demons with the finger of God, no doubt the kingdom of God has come on you….}}}…. CHRIST , will cast out the demons with the ‘FINGER OF GOD”. That happens when the ‘KINGDOM OF GOD” has come and ‘IN JUDGMENT”. It is the heavenly kingdom which works on the judgment. That means GOD’s “fingers” are being used to cast out the devil. That is the works of the “heavens”, which GOD’s fingers have made. ( Please read the mysteries parts for the Kingdom of God ).. It is the ‘fingers” of GOD which wrote the Law. And elsewhere in this writing we proved that the Law is given now, fulfilling the work of Moses. It is the ‘Moon” and ‘stars” which GOD’s fingers have ordained, then they are the Gentiles as PROVEN, who are ordained to work in the judgment s.



Psa 102:26  They shall perish, but You shall endure; yea, all of them shall wear out like a garment; You shall change them like clothing, and they shall be changed. ..}}}…. This is how the former heaven was rolled away as earlier . The dead Zion, which was in heaven, will be changed in to righteousness…. ( Our righteousness is like a mountain, and by  throwing the mountain to the sea in Rev 18, GOD threw the church to the sea to be cleansed. )After that, she  will be GRANTED to wear fine linen after the judgments and His name is declared by the new Heavens ‘IN Zion and IN Jerusalem, as above. But she has to be in prison, or under the devil , she is allowed to be taken captive by the devil, and the beast who has no understanding as proven, and then, the new Heavens will declare GOD’s name and glory to her…. All done by the Heavens. And GOD is covering Himself with light and Has stretched out the heavens and Has set ‘clouds’ as His chariots. As Isa. 19, He comes on the clouds to get His glory. All fulfilled… as the heavens declares. ! Those who pulled out the widow’s clothing as Micah says above, will have their clothes changed also.



Psa 102:28  The “sons” of Your servants shall continue, and their seed shall be established before You. }}}… The “sons” of GOD’s …“servants”…or the little children…as PROVEN , will be established as the prophecy of Joel said  and it is done. All these are fulfilled as we see now.


Little children

CHRIST , in His first visit did many miracles and gave authority to the disciples also to do them. In the end, it is the little children, who are the Gentiles, who will be His disciples…. And who is appointed to do His work as the above prophecy says .


In Mat 10: 42 He said;…


Mat 10:42  And whoever gives only a cup of cold water to drink to one of these little ones in the name of a disciple, truly I say to you, In no way will he lose his reward. ….}}}…., CHRIST  prophesied, that when the time comes, the little ones will come in the name of a “disciple. This is not just little children who are sent,  they come as “disciples”. ( a learner, or a pupil , or a follower . if CHRIST  is sending the little children  as He said, then they are His “disciples, or have learned from Him and they would be sent with His Word .  One work which the little children would do is to “perfect the praise as we saw, which also was prophesied by ‘CHRIST our LORD ” !   First time when He came, He called 12 disciples to do His work and they were sent. Even so, now, He chose some to be sent as little children,  fulfilling and doing the work of disciples .  ( they were appointed to preach the true gospel, during the judgments in Rev  14: 6 , that is in the middle of the judgments. )and we have proven how the little children were sent with the “covenant of Peace” now.  But the  prophet, did not give a cup of water as we have proven. He failed to recognize GOD’s disciples who come as  little children.


In Num 14: 14, it is said, that people knew that “God was among the people”, because His ‘CLOUD” and “fire” stood over… now, this is the night,  there is fire, and also the ‘cloud’. So we know that God is among His people, purifying to bring them to birth. Even this time, as v 19 says, the forgiveness for iniquity was needed. And God said in v 31… the little ones will be brought …


Num 14:31  But your little ones, which ye said should be a prey, them will I bring in, and they shall know the land which ye have despised.



The Gentiles, or the little children are to be signs…..

The apostle to the ‘Gentiles’,…. “Apostle  Paul”  says, that signs and wonders of “APOSTLES” are done among the “Gentiles”…


 2Co 12:12  Truly the signs of the apostle were worked out among you in all patience, in miraculous signs, and in wonders, and by works of power. }}}… These signs and wonders were done in the presence of CHRIST our LORD , as ( Colos 1: 27 says ), as He is present and are in us, giving all the mysteries, including the truth about the ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD. This is when He gets His glory from the heavens, and His praise is perfected by the babes. Also the time of the sons of slaves to work.


 “Mountains”???? …..The scripture says the “mountains” are the ‘churches’.  Our “RIGHTEOUSNESS” is like “mountain” says in Psa 36: 6, and when it says the mountains are thrown in to sea, it is the righteousness of the people become wicked like the troubled sea.   The islands ( the habitable places in the sea ) are the people, when they are in the sea as now. And we proved how the mountain which sinned, was thrown in to the sea as Rev 18 says… ( please read : Israel will come out of sea”, and the “Mysterious harlot pts 1-7) .  Rev 4: 11,  10: 6, 


These signs and wonders GOD did because;

As earlier we saw, the signs and wonders which were given to the Jews as they asked for signs.  He did signs in Egypt. Now, GOD Has intervened for the SECOND TIME to bring Israel, out of spiritual Egypt as prophesied. Anciently, GOD did signs and wonders in front of pharaoh … Exo 7: 3,   Deut 4: 34,  6: 22,  26: 8 ( the Arm of the LORD ),  34: 11 , etc. These signs shall make us know that all these prophecies are fulfilled. Unfortunately, there is no longer any prophet in GOD’s land to understand these signs as Psa 74: 9 says. We did not see our signs; there is no longer a prophet.

As a judgment… (1 Ch 16: 12, Psa 135: 9-  15)…, even now, we see that is why GOD is  sending signs and wonders in heaven as we are in Egypt once again.  

To make a name for GOD… ( Neh 9: 10,  Jer 32: 20,  )

To lead the people out of Egypt  ( Act 7: 36,  Jer 32: 21)

King Nebuchadnezzar  understood that GOD Does signs and wonders in the ‘kingdom’… ( Dn 4: 3). That is the time of the judgment as proven.

And as CHRIST  said to Jews, as they seek signs…, GOD is giving them signs to WONDER about. ! All are fulfilled. !


Rom 1:18  For God's wrath is revealed from Heaven on all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, holding the truth in unrighteousness, }}}… This is the work of the fingers of GOD as we saw. Who is holding the truth in unrighteousness??? It is the high priest as PROVEN. This is when the mountains were moved as the mountain means the righteousness.


Job 20:27  The heavens shall expose his iniquity; and the earth shall be raising up itself against him…}}}… Job prophesied that the “heavens” will expose the iniquity. That happen on the "Day of Visitation" , and it is the “Gentiles” who will be with CHRIST  on that day. All hidden sins will be revealed, when CHRIST  comes as a thief  and as 1 cor 4: 5 says, in His presence.  When He comes, He comes on the Gentiles as colos 1: 27 says. If the heavens reveal iniquity, and also the Gentiles reveal iniquity as PROVEN, then the heavens have to be the Gentiles. Please read ; The "Day of Visitation"  in our web site. This further proves that it is the Gentiles who will be declaring GOD’s glory.


Apostle Paul taught to (Roman )Gentiles that one day, GOD’s own people will not thank GOD neither they will know Him.. If they are exposing the iniquity of Israel,  they have to be proven righteous. Otherwise, how could one judge another unless they have removed the planks in their own eyes.???... at this time, as PROVEN, the Gentiles are made righteous, because of GOD’s RIGHTEOUSNESS and as the Vessels of Mercy. Otherwise, there is no way, the Gentiles could judge Israel. they were redeemed before as the prophecy says, by the blood of CHRIST . Israel, did not believe and give glory to the only GOD, who is CHRIST our LORD .   


Rom 1:20  For the unseen things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things made, both His eternal power and Godhead, for them to be without excuse. }}}… GOD Has clearly shown about the Godhead and His power to  His people from the created things. Apostle Paul was teaching these to Gentiles, to prepare them ;  when the time comes to judge these things, they could fulfill their work as ‘judges’ of Israel.



Rom 1:21  Because knowing God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful. But they became vain in their reasonings, and their undiscerning heart was darkened. }}}… Israel, neither glorified GOD, nor thanked Him. But the heavens shall thank….


Psa 89:5  And the heavens shall thank Your wonders…}}}… For the ‘heavens’ to thank GOD, it has to be the time appointed for the heavens to do their work which is during the judgments. This is why, we are thanking GOD now.  Which GOD did they not glorify? Or did not KNOW?  It is “CHRIST our LORD” …, and we, the heavens only glorified Him, in the "Day of Judgment". that is the prophesied time of the glorification of the true and One GOD. CHRIST  was glorified after His resurrection. Now, Israel or wife too will be glorified, after her resurrection.



Who knew GOD and did not give glory to Him??... It is His own. This is why GOD’s wrath has come on them from the ‘HEAVEN”. the unseen things of GOD are seen from the created things. The Sun, moon, thunder, lighting, clouds, storm, stars , hail, snow, and all things we see picture spiritual things of GOD. When it is time for GOD’s wrath to be poured upon, it surely is revealed from HEAVEN.  They KNEW GOD but they did not give glory to Him, but to themselves…. ! When GOD says “I will not dwell in man made temples”,… they wanted to build by deceiving GOD’s people so they can get glory to them. We have written all about how the leader said “ We have it all”… and “Impressive to the world”…. ! They forgot GOD…. the Heavens have already declared the wrath !!!



Rom 9:23  and that He make known the riches of His glory on vessels of mercy which He before prepared for glory.…..}}}….If GOD Has made known His riches of glory to the “Vessels of Mercy”, then how could anyone else other than these vessels could declare His glory?  This happen when GOD separated the “Vessels of Mercy” and the “vessels of wrath” as PROVEN. Or when the heavens were cast down and the new heaven was created.  The ‘Vessels of Mercy’, are the Gentiles as PROVEN.


Have you seen how powerful the thunder is ???  The rains and the storms??? The tsunami is like the wicked in the sea, killing people. GOD’s power can kill people too. He chose the “fire”, which is  the “Word” to kill. ( Hos 6) Thunder, lighting and cloud and fire led Israel out of Egypt. It is same as now but they all mean hidden things of GOD… “Spiritually”. when such natural disasters happen people cry and say …. Where is GOD ???  but, these natural things picture GOD’s wrath which comes on Israel ‘spiritually’.  . for example, we proved when the tsunami happened just as the sea water was thrown in to the land ( Amos 9:6) He allowed the wicked, who are the leaders to give their waters to the church to test them. It was done as Dan 11: 36, and Mal 3: 15 , 2 Thes 2  was fulfilled.   Amos 6 is fulfilled when GOD STANDS BY THE ALTAR, OR THE Sanctuary TO STRIKE IT. Did we not prove these in our writings ?


Amos 9: 2… Where ever the wicked are, GOD will find them.


Amo 9:2  And if they dig through into Sheol, from there My hand will take them. And if they go up to the heavens, from there I will bring them down  }}}… if they dig in to  sheol… that is where the Bottomless pit is.  They willfully went in to sheol, as they willfully sinned. And it is the ‘hand’ of GOD, with the fingers, which will take them.


Amo 9:3…. And if they hide from My eyes in the bottom of the sea, from there I will command the serpent, and he will bite them. }}}…we know no one can hide from GOD. But, they went to the bottom of the sea, where the deep is , as they sinned and GOD cast them down. We know, they were cast down WITH THE DEVIL. That is when they totally became blind, as the serpent was allowed and GOD’s delusion came. Now all that has been fulfilled… the heavens declares !  This is talking about the ALTAR as v 1 says.


Amo 9:4  And if they go into exile before their enemies, from there I will command the sword, and it will kill them. And I will set My eyes on them for evil, and not for good. ..}}}…. They did go in to exile or captivity as they were among us and it is those in the east gate who witnessed their captivity ( Eze 39: 21- 23).  The sword, which is the Word of GOD, which was preached by us killed them as PROVEN. From the tsunami, or when the sea water came in to the land, GOD Has left them and all evil fell on them. V 5 says, when GOD touches the earth it will melt. Now CHRIST  Has come and the earth is melting.


V 6… GOD builds stairway in heaven after causing the altar to  go to sheol and to the bottom of the sea and Has bound a troop over the earth. Why did GOD do all that ???? The heavens declares….


Are you not like the sons of the Ethiopians to Me, Oh  sons of Israel”? 


Why do Israel are like sons of Ethiopians to GOD ????  Because they invited the Ethiopians, or Sabeans, to GOD’S ALTAR. We witnessed this in the east gate. There are only two groups of people who know why GOD would say such a thing about Israel.  One group is those who INVITED them,  and the other is those whom were raised up by GOD to witness this sin and to tell them that it is wrong.


It is no one but the last church PCG who invited 17 UNBAPTISED men in to GOD’s altar. All happened just as GOD prophesied. It was done by PCG leader who fulfills the roles of  Joshua, high priest, Ezekiel , man of sin, the antichrist etc. One just cant come to the altar without the knowledge of  “THE” leader who is the high priest. Jer 6: 20 proves how they sent incense to GOD from Sheba. Eze 23: 41- 49 , proves how it was done and who were chosen by GOD to fight this sin  and chapters 8 – 11 gives all the details about this sin in the east gate. Dan 8: 9 which is about Antiochus is all about this. Apostle John wrote about this in 3 Joh. This is the last time which the children of Israel will invite strangers in to the temple as Eze 44; 7,  Isa. 52 etc says. They will have a change in the heart and GOD will write His laws in them.


Isa. 43 explains about our time. GOD calls Jacob, Israel, and it is time to redeem them and GOD is asking them to not to fear and that they are GOD’s. Also He says, that they will have to PASS THROUGH THE WATERS ( we know that the flooding waters come from Gentiles and clouds when CHRIST  Has come ) but it will not overflow them. And they will have to walk in fire, but not will be burned. GOD will not destroy anyone but will bring them to Him. He does all these to bring them to Him.


GOD Has declared that He is their GOD. This is the work of the “heavens” , to declare the true GOD. GOD wants them to know that He loves them, and it is a time for all nations to be gathered. The sons and daughters are brought from the ends of the earth, everyone who is called by GOD’s name and they are created for GOD’S GLORY.


But some are blind ( v8), this has to be during the Laodicean era , and then the witnesses are called, v 10 so they should know GOD, and understand who the true GOD is.


V 12… GOD declared and saved and proclaimed that there are no foreign gods among these witnesses. ( v 12)  This is why the Gentiles are called to witness against His people, who are sent to Babylon as v 14, as they were worshiping the false gods and dead kings. By this act of having other gods separated the true people of GOD and Israel, who are like Ethiopians. Don’t we say that we are the witnesses of how Israel went after other gods ???  when they invited the Ethiopians the judgments began. The heavens were revealed the true GOD in judgment.


GOD asks ;…( v 13) .” From this day I am He, and no one delivers from My hand. I will work, and who will reverse it ???”…. No one can stop GOD from working with the Gentiles to witness against His people.  From this day ; that is the day when GOD called the witnesses, no one could stop GOD’s work. That is the time there will be NO MORE DELAY. GOD Has taken His glory from the ‘HEAVENS” !!! The heavens know and understand and are thankful and glorifying   Him !!!


But GOD will redeem all. We must declare GOD’s prophecies for them, to not to fear but  they will be redeemed.  They have to go through the sea… and the mighty waters  will destroy the “chariot” ( as GF said his chariot which will take him in to eternity is “HWA”. So GOD is destroying that chariot with the horse who is GF ). They will not rise.


GOD will not remember former things but new things will be done , and  His people will  become blind and will pass through the sea.  GOD will make a way in the wilderness. If He Is to  make a way in the “wilderness”, then they should be in the wilderness as PROVEN. But GOD Has made rivers in the desert to give waters to His people. Even though they are to pass through the waters over flowing, the waters are controlled by GOD.  ( Job 28: 11. When the floods come, the hidden things were brought to light giving the true knowledge ) We could only execute WRITTEN JUDGMENTS , and no more.  CHRIST our LORD  said that these days will be like the days of Noah and Isa. 54: 9 was fulfilled.  Dan 9: 26 says, all will end with the flood.  The floods came down by the rains which was poured from the ‘clouds’.  The transgressions must come to end !!!  There are floods coming from ungodly men as well ( Psa 18: 4)  and the serpent  and false prophets brought flood in revelation.


These people ( the Gentiles, who did not have other gods ) GOD formed for Himself will show His PRAISE. We saw the praise is perfected by the ‘babes’ who are the little children, the Gentiles.  At that time,  GOD shows  Jacob’s sins.  All these works and proclamations of the true GOD is done by the heavens.


GOD says ‘ Let US enter in to “JUDGMENT”…who represents GOD in the judgment ?  ( it is the Gentiles who are from east called to judge as Isa. 41: 1- 2 says ) .


Isa 43:28  And I will defile the rulers of the sanctuary, and will give Jacob to the curse, and Israel to reviling. }}}… this was fulfilled  when Ezekiel sinned and when his wife was stricken as Eze 24 says. When the rulers of the “Sanctuary” was defiled, ( as we saw in Amos 9 ) then GOD dwelt in the east gate and brought them to His Holy Mountain ( Isa. 56: 3- 8). He created the new thing. Hel left His Sanctuary and created a Sanctuary for Him ( for the Sun), in the heavens as above.



The disciples, did not understand the Scripture even after CHRIST  was resurrected… ( Joh 20: 9, 22 ) . Same way, the church, or the wife of CHRIST , still does not know, that she too will have to die, and sit in silence in the darkness till CHRIST  gives her life.  ( Is 47:5). She does not know her judgment that what she did to CHRIST …, that is to betray Him and killed Him, also will happen to her.  The lightning from east revealed it  in our web site with documented facts . The last Royal vision magazine says that ;  now the PCG is  in the place of safety. Is GOD truly protecting them???  The clouds of Heaven have taken her place and they are glorifying GOD…. they declare the true GOD as proven.


Dan 7:13  I was looking in the night visions. And behold! One like the Son of Man came with the clouds of the heavens. And He came to the Ancient of Days. And they brought Him near before Him. }}}… this was prophesied  as CHRIST , Himself said, behold the Son of Man will come in clouds…(  luke 21  ).  These clouds glorify GOD, as CHRIST  is with them, giving the Word to them and they are the ‘Gentiles’. And they are called the “clouds of ‘HEAVEN” ! This is how the ‘HEAVENS” declaring  GOD’s glory…. and it is ‘NIGHT” .



Anciently, GOD gave a pillar of ‘cloud’ and a ‘fire’ to lead them out… even so now, both the cloud and the fire is working to bring Israel out… in this ‘night’. ( Exo 13: 21)…,


Psa 105:39  He spread a cloud for a covering; and fire to give light in the night. }}}.. Even though there was a cloud in the morning and fire in the night, now, both are working in this night. Both comes from the heavens.


Isa 4:2  In that day the Branch of Jehovah will be beautiful and glorious, and the fruit of the earth for pride and for glory for the survivors of Israel. }}}…we have proven that ‘CHRIST ’ and the Gentiles are the ‘Branch”.


Isa 4:3  And it shall be, he remaining in Zion, and he who is left in Jerusalem, shall be called holy, every one who is written among the “living”   in Jerusalem; }}… “LIVING” ??? this is the book of life.  


Isa 4:4  when the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion, and the blood of Jerusalem shall have been rinsed away from its midst by a spirit of judgment, and by a spirit of burning. }}}… LORD will have to wash away the filth by making them guilty of blood and then washed them by judgment … all these have been now fulfilled. Once the blinded eyes are opened , they will look back and will know that all those things WRITTEN were fulfilled just as GOD said and the heavens declared. !!!


Isa 4:5  Then Jehovah will create a cloud and smoke by day, and the shining of a flaming fire by night, over all the site of Mount Zion, and over her assemblies; for on all the glory will be a canopy…}}}…  the prophesied “Branch” works, which glorifies GOD,  and they are the ‘LIVING”. At the time of the judgment,  GOD Has separated the living and the dead. This happen in the judgment, in Revelation when old Zion which sinned was cast down as PROVEN.


The judgments have to be over for Zion to be redeemed. Then she has to be taught the truth for her to be granted to wear fine linen. She should know her LORD and that is why  a new heavenly host was created.  The apostles did not know the Scripture till the day of Pentecost. CHRIST , Had to breath on them to give the Spirit. Now the Zion is dead and CHRIST  once again Has to breath on them to give life  as proven. CHRIST  was found in Galilee … and Galilee of the Gentiles. Is 9: 1…, 4: 12... He withdrew in to Galilee…v 15  and we proved, even after the resurrection, He Had appointed the apostles to meet him in Galilee. All these have to be fulfilled.  Even now, after the resurrection of the first fruits, He is in Galilee with the Gentiles. This is why the leaders cannot understand the Scripture. They think CHRIST  is with them as they were His people. But salvation, is to all the peoples. GOD Had to find a way to make all equal as we have proven from the Word. This is why the Vessels of Mercy were chosen to work even though they are not righteous.  


Former heaven passed away.

GOD finds no man (  Isa. 59: 16,  63: 3,   Jer 4: 25,  )to be faithful in Israel as proven. (Jer 9: 4,  Psa 146: 3 )He trusts no man and He commands us to not to trust any man and specially the  END TIME leaders or prophets or apostles. He Had to cast such down.  


Lam 2:1  How the Lord has clouded over the daughter of Zion in His anger! He cast the beauty of Israel down from the heavens to the earth, and did not remember His footstool in the day of His wrath. }}}…Zion was cast down. This is the fulfillment of  ;  the “stars” who were not pure were cast down, and the heavens which is not pure also was cast down. ( Job 15: 15. )


Spiritually,  what is a “star” ??? Stars are the children of Israel as PROVEN. When they sinned they were not found pure and need to be thrown in to the Bottomless pit.  When would the stars of light exists???. Dan 12 ……. Says the ‘WISE” shall shine like stars.  This happen after GOD separated the wicked and the righteous and when He made the wisdom of the wise to be perished and the foolish nation was made wise. They shine at night.  Night is darkness and GOD Has separated the darkness from light now. 



Lam 2:2  The Lord swallowed up all of Jacob's dwelling-places, and did not pity. In His wrath He has thrown down the strongholds of the daughter of Judah. He made them touch to the earth. He has defiled the kingdom and its rulers. }}… This happened in the ‘judgment’ as we have proven. ( Amo 9, Eze 24: 21 and Is 43 as earlier ) satan was cast down in Rev 12. Zion which worked in the heaven was cast down. They are the stars, who were not pure ….Do you see how the former heavens passed away and new heaven was created ???  


He has defiled the kingdom and its rulers. }}…this happened in Eze 24: 21---. It is no one but the modern-day Ezekiel is who did all these defiling the temple. That is the final falling away as PROVEN . what would CHRIST  do after defiling the ‘KINGDOM”????  as He prophesied…. ‘THE KINGDOM WILL BE GIVEN TO ANOTHER NATION WHICH WILL BEAR FRUITS…(  Mt 21: 43 ). Those who did not bear fruits, were cut down from the “Vine”, Who is CHRIST . When the branches were cut down, then in Gen. 49: 10-12, Judah bound the donkey and the colt to the vine. Until the Shiloh comes, and till all OBEY Him ,  there will be a Law giver in the tribe of Judah. But what happened when they sinned and GOD cut them off ??? The donkey started to work. That means the foolish became wise. Can any one stop GOD ???  They were used by GOD afterwards and the humble were exalted, also as prophesied by CHRIST .  He washes his clothes in wine and his covering in the blood of grapes. This is why CHRIST  was clothed in a garment dipped in blood in Rev 19: 13, when He came to judge with a sword in His mouth. Also Isa. 63: 2 – 3. And that is the time of the ‘winepress” which is pressed in GOD’s anger.  Don’t we see all these prophecies are being fulfilled ???  This Scripture shows that it is the donkey who will be working with CHRIST  when they are in the winepress. These prophecies are revealed means they are being fulfilled.


This is how, the prophecy about many from EAST and WEST are to sit in the  “KINGDOM” . Now that has been fulfilled.  The ‘NEW KINGDOM”  is called the ‘KINGDOM OF “HEAVEN” . (  Mat 3: 2 , and it is those who are persecuted for RIGHTEOUSNESS sake will be in this kingdom  Mat 5: 10 , 8: 11  ).  That is why the clouds are righteous as above. It is the kingdom of Israel, or the throne of king David , is what was defiled. As king David  too prophesied in Psa 18 : 43 - --- and many other prophesies as PROVEN. This is how the kingdom of king David  became the ‘BEAST” as PROVEN. The abomination of desolation finally happened and those who were defiled cannot see that. That is why another NEW heavenly kingdom was prepared by GOD…. to judge the beast and remove it’s wickedness and then call to repent and to clean and purify and then declare the name of the LORD and to give a change of heart by calling for a covenant of peace. Then, she will be granted to wear fine linen once again. So the judgments are only till they repent. Then GOD will have mercy and bring them under subjection. The Gentiles are called to work for GOD only during these three and half year of the kingdom. 


Job 15:15  Behold, He puts no trust in His holy ones; yea, the heavens are not clean in His eyes. }}}… If the former heavens are not CLEAN, then GOD Has no choice, but to create a ‘NEW Heaven. This is why the book of revelation reveals about the New creation. This is the time the rich and the poor, the righteous and the un righteous , the Jews and the Gentiles etc… were separated. Rev 11: 2 and as CHRIST  said in Luke 21, that the “times of Gentiles” will have to be fulfilled means, GOD Has separated the Jews and the Gentiles. 


Job 25:5  Behold, even the moon, and it is not bright; and the stars are not pure in His eyes; }}}….God does not trust His “Holy ONES” . He is not worried about  the EU or CC or the world.   The “moon” is the church which became like blood as the church became a bloody murderer… and the stars, all of GOD’s people were cast down to the earth, and to the Bottomless pit. These are the heavenly signs moving and stars falling to the earth in judgment. All these happen spiritually. Unfortunately, the prophesy says the Laodicean era  is ‘SPIRITUALLY” blind. So they see physically doing well, becoming physically rich, but spiritually, they are blind and that includes to their own judgments as proven. 



Rev 9:1  And the fifth angel trumpeted. And I saw a star out of the heaven falling onto the earth. And the key to the pit of the abyss was given to it. }}}… This star is the leader in GOD’s church who became sinful and when the church was cast down, he was given the key.  Following verses show that the sun ( or GOD’s light) was darkened ; which means they will not get any revelation, other than the locusts or the false ministers feeding them the defiled words which are the poison of the serpents and the  fire which the false prophet brings in Rev  13: 13  which are LIES. When the false prophet brings fire, then would not GOD retaliate by bringing fire from Heaven as prophesied? This is when He made His ‘ministers” fire. And it is the witnesses who brought fire down in Rev 11.


 V 4 says, they are to harm those who do not have the seal of GOD on their foreheads. That means those who do not obey and fear GOD as Mal 3: 5-18 says.  Those who serve and fear the leaders do not have the seal of GOD.. This is just as it happened in CHRIST ’s first visit. Even after CHRIST  was killed, the apostles, NOT UNDERSTANDING the Scripture, were hiding indoors, when Mary went to the tomb. ( Joh 20: 19). Even after the miracle of the earthquake and the darkness happened when CHRIST  died, neither the apostles, NOR THE Jews could recognize who CHRIST  was. Still the Jews worked against Him and His true followers. It is no different now. The true GOD was revealed, and they killed Him again, and His true followers. ( 3 Joh gives us all the details of how it happened and Dan 8: 9 and Eze 8 – 11 shows that it happened in the ‘EAST GATE”). CHRIST  said to Apostle Peter  that it is God The Father who revealed who CHRIST  Is to Him…( Mat 16: 17). Same way, we have to be revealed who CHRIST  is now and with whom He works with by the Father , or the words of CHRIST ….



GOD Has prophesied that He will forsake Zion, for a mere moment, and she will be rejected, but with great mercy, He will bring them back. Those prophecies have to be fulfilled. ! Isa. 63 alone proves that GOD , in His anger killed them spiritually. V 7… “Who” would mention the “MERCIES” of GOD when they are killed in ‘judgment”??? It is the “heavens”. As v 8 says,


Isa 63:8  For He said, Surely they are My people,  children  that do not lie, and He is their Savior..}}}…. Who are GOD’s people, in judgment, when He Has killed Israel , that “DO NOT LIE”??? . They are the Vessels of Mercy, whom were chosen by GOD to reveal the truth and to fight for the truth. CHRIST our LORD , is our Savior as PROVEN.


Isa 63:9  In all their affliction, He was not a foe; and the Angel of his Face saved them.. }}}….”Angel” means a messenger, a prophet, priest or teacher, ambassador, or king. All these titles are given to Gentiles as PROVEN. they are kings as they are in the kingdom, prophets as Rev 11 says, and ambassadors of the new covenant as Apostle Paul preached, and angels as Zech 12: 8 ( new house of king David ) etc.


Rev 20:11  And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them. }}}….. When CHRIST  came to judge, when the clouds brought Him, the earth ( the Jewish world as PROVEN,  and “heaven”, also the church fled away. She is cast down as we saw earlier, because she was found with iniquity and need to be witnessed and judged and purified. The whole book of Malachi shows how  GOD rejects her and how the Gentiles have taken over. ( Mal 1: 11,  3: 16- 18). CHRIST  came to be a swift witness and to purify.


The judgments are almost over.

Rev 16:5  And I heard the angel of the waters saying, You are righteous, Lord, the One who is, and who was, and who will be, because You judged these things, }}}… While the many waters which the harlot sits in Rev 17 has become a harlot, and led by the beast, the other waters were separated for the work of GOD to proclaim or declare the name and the truth. They will be the waters who will say to CHRIST our LORD  “ You are Righteous”. Who ever helped CHRIST  in judgment only could say this. Some waters are afraid when they saw GOD ( Psa 77: 16)


Rev 16:7  And I heard another out of the altar saying, Yes, Lord God Almighty, Your judgments are true and righteous }}}…. The waters, and the angel in the ‘altar’, ( this is  the new altar as Isa. 56: 3- 8, Mal 1: 11, and the house of prayer ) declares that GOD’s judgments are TRUE AND RIGHTEOUS …. GOD Has JUDGED… “Already” judged the harlot.


Rev 19:2  For true and righteous are His judgments, because He judged the great harlot who defiled the earth with her fornication. And He avenged the blood of His slaves out of her hand. }}}…. We see and declare that GOD’s judgments on Zion, which  are  true and righteous were already coming to an end. He Has avenged the blood of the slaves, ( our blood) on her. ( as Isa. 63 ) . The righteous assembly judged as prophesied in Eze 23: 45- 49.


GOD’s mercy, truth are in the clouds when the earth is judged. Psa 36: 5,  57: 10… For Your mercy is great to the heavens, and Your truth to the clouds…}}}… this is why, the clouds can pour the truth and mercy of GOD to the earth. These are not just real clouds, but GOD’s true people who held fast to the truth.


Rev 22 reveals that a pure river is coming out of the throne of GOD and the Lamb. This is the river which flows as Eze  47 ..says, which flows from the ‘East” country as GOD Has entered, as PROVEN. ( please read: Israel will come out of sea)  . This river comes when the NEW TEMPLE is being made as now. There will be no more defiling as Eze 44: 7 – 9 says and breaking of covenant.  We know it is PCG who invited strangers as above.  Even though others do not know, would  not GOD see ??? would He not search out whether they have other gods ?  ( Psa 44:  20 - 21 ).  When GOD saw the strangers entering the Sanctuary, GOD left from the place which this happened, and that is being the east gate, and He also entered by the way of the east gate to start the witnessing, cleansing and rebuilding. This is all what has been happening for the last seven years, WHICH ALSO WAS PROPHESIED. 


The feast of “Trumpets”, which picture CHRIST ’s coming, is NOT THE LAST FEAST NOR THE LAST EVENT OF THE PLAN.  If the Feast of Trumpets picture CHRIST ’s coming, then there are three more events to take place, AFTER HIS COMING. That is to clean and destroy the devil, which is the ‘ATONEMENT”. 


About the destruction of the last enemy, which is the atonement,  Apostle Paul taught the Gentiles to declare as PROVEN. Exo 29: 37 says, the atonement for the ‘ALTAR” needs seven days. Therefore, if the last church, with the high priest sinned by bringing strangers to the ‘ALTAR” or the sanctuary, or the most Holy place and if it was defiled, then should not it take seven days, which is seven years now to clean it???.... the witnessing and the judgments have a definite period to start and to end. ( three and half years, or 1260 days, or 42 months) That is a part of cleansing, or the purification of the altar as PROVEN as CHRIST  came as a thief and as Mal 3 says. It happened suddenly, and the leaders would not know as He comes on Gentiles. That is the "Day of Visitation" , which is now fulfilled.  


After CHRIST ’s coming ( Trumpets), then the atonement, and then, AFTER THE PURIFICATION of the ALTAR, only, all are to be gathered and then the last great day for all to come. Since the judgments are spiritual, one cannot see unless GOD reveals. Certainly, the Laodiceans  cannot see as CHRIST  Has spewed them out. And it is the Gentiles, who are to see the captivity etc…., as PROVEN. When Israel, coming out of Egypt the first time, GOD allowed them to take gold and other things from Egypt in the same night they were to come out as PROVEN. What did they do with that gold ??? They made a god , a ‘calf’. Then, Moses wanted to atone their sins. GOD said, “who ever did sin,  I will blot out of My book” ( Exo 32: 31- 35).  And… “in the day of My visitation I will visit their sin on them”. .  Would not His VISITATION be fulfilled also ???   Why would GOD visits ancient Israel’s sins now ???   Is 4: 3 … the living in Jerusalem, as written above. Would not GOD take their names out of the book of life?


Moses was prophesying about the book of life in v 32 and "Day of Visitation" , followed by the plagues.  This is what happened in the book of revelation.  ( Rev 13: 8 , 17: 8 , 20 : 12, 20: 15  )  The book of life, and the books are opened at the same time. That means the whole Bible is being revealed and GOD’s people are separated. Some to everlasting life and to judge with CHRIST , and some are being condemned, judged and given the knowledge of all the books.  It is those who were redeemed by CHRIST ’s blood only are with CHRIST , as PROVEN.



This is why GOD departed and came to east as PROVEN, and entered in by the way of the ‘east’ ( the rising of the Sun) , and the work, or the rebuilding is done by those who are in the east gate. They are now declaring GOD’s glory and His name in Zion. Eze 40- 47 proves further that the new temple will be built by the east gate.



Rev 21:1  And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. }}}…NO MORE SEA…. this is the time, GOD Has finished cleansing the wickedness of the leaders. No more death, no more sea, and no more night. ( Rev  20 – 22 ). All these things have to be fulfilled.


The New Creation – ALL PRAISES GOD !


Psa 148:1  Praise Jehovah! Praise Jehovah from the heavens; praise Him in the heights.

Psa 148:2  Praise Him, all His angels; praise Him, all His hosts.

Psa 148:3  Praise Him, sun and moon; praise Him, all you stars of light.

Psa 148:4  Praise Him, O heavens of heavens; and O waters that are above the heavens.

Psa 148:5  Let them praise the name of Jehovah; for He commanded, and they were created.

Psa 148:6  And He established them forever and ever; He gave a decree that they not pass away.

Psa 148:7  Let the sea-monsters and all deeps praise Jehovah from the earth,

Psa 148:8  fire and hail, snow and smoke, stormy wind fulfilling His Word,

Psa 148:9  mountains and all hills, fruitful trees and all cedars,

Psa 148:10  beasts and all livestock, creeping things and birds of the wing,

Psa 148:11  kings of the earth and all people, princes and all judges of the earth,

Psa 148:12  young men and virgins too, old men and youths:

Psa 148:13  Let them praise the name of Jehovah; for His name alone is exalted; His glory is above the earth and heavens.

Psa 148:14  He also lifts up the horn of His people, the praise of all His saints, of the sons of Israel, a people near to Him, Praise Jehovah.


In the end of the judgments, when GOD opens the minds of all, everyone will praise Him. We saw till then, only the ‘babes’ will perfect the strength and the praise of GOD. One day, all will praise Him, the ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD, ;… CHRIST our LORD . !!!


The heavenly signs :

The “Sun”….:  we know, the physical things were created to show the spiritual things. ( Rom  1 ). The “SUN”, which is likened to ‘GOD’,  as PROVEN, rises from the “east”. Eze 44- 47  says, He comes from the east. Also Rev 16: 12. Now, that has been fulfilled ! the ‘Sun” was heated seven times in judgment to burn the wickedness of the people ( Rev 16: 8  ). But it shall no more burn anyone as they will be GOD’s people whose heart is changed and they will hold on to the covenant for ever. The woman, the church which worshipped the wrong sun, ( Rev 12: 1),  who are the twelve starts, picturing the twelve tribes of Israel, will have the real GOD present in her.   CHRIST our LORD  Has come, we do not need the sun to give light. Rev 21: 23,   22: 5 . Once the true GOD is revealed, when everyone’s eyes are opened, all will want to worship the true GOD. Then, there wont be night, but always the Sun….


The “Moon”;…. ;

Jer 31:35  So says Jehovah, who gives the sun for a light by day, the laws of the moon, and the stars for a light by night, who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar, Jehovah of Hosts is His name…}}}…. We know, The “moon’ and the stars are to give light during the “night” and the moon is the ‘church’ and the stars which give ‘LIGHT” are the wise as PROVEN . the moon, or the church became blood and stars who were not pure were cast out as PROVEN.  When the moon shines , the sea waves would  roar.  GOD is causing all these. We proved that even physically, when the full moon shines, the sea roars. GOD, in the beginning ordained the moon to give light to the earth. Now, spiritually that happens from the “new moon”, or the moon which the woman who represent the 12 stars, who are Israel, trampled. ( Rev 12).


V 4 says… ‘AGAIN” … again, I will build you. Has GOD built Zion again the second time ????.... This is the time GOD Has intervened for the second time, or “AGAIN” to build Israel. There are no doubts, but GOD Has ordained the moon, to give light to Israel. Also CHRIST , and Gentiles will bring light . Isa. 42,  Isa. 60. There is no other way around. So the moon gives glory to GOD ….


V 7… GOD says to the chief of the Gentiles, to cry and give praise and tell ;

              “O Jehovah, save Your people, the remnant of Israel”.


The remnant or Jacob is not to sing or pray to save them, but it is the Gentiles who will have to pray and sing. This is what we are doing. We saw that you have gone in to captivity as GOD made us see ( Eze 39: 21- 23 and many other Scripture says) and He Has ordained for us to be the ministers of the new covenant as PROVEN. This is what we are doing. Can any one go above GOD and just over look such Scripture? Would not they be fulfilled ??? 


v 8 even proves further  that Israel are the ones who will have to be redeemed as they are to come from “NORTH”. The church of GOD is in the ‘north’ and we, the chief of the Gentiles are in the “east”. GOD Has written these locations so we can see the signs and understand the Scripture well and take heed and turn to Him. When GOD goes away from the Sanctuary from the east gate, and comes again to the east gate, we could know where He is and must follow Him. If He is in the ‘east gate”, those who are in the east gate only will know  Him.  Others have to hear and believe while proving.  It is us, who have to pray to bring GOD’s people to Him.  CHRIST our LORD  prepared Apostle Paul to preach us to be the ministers of a new covenant. If  we are to be the ministers of a new covenant, then we have to do the appointed PRIESTLY DUTIES . We proved it is the ‘covenant of Peace”.   Also Apostle Peter  proves this too in his writings as PROVEN. ( 1 Pet ).  Even the judgments are over, we still have to preach everyone to repent till they repent and pray ( as we are appointed as the ‘house of prayer” as PROVEN ) for GOD to forgive them.


Why would the books be opened in judgments (Rev  20: 12 ) , if they were open before? V 11 says, the heaven and earth fled  as their judgment has come. and all, small and great are dead. ( they are condemned to death as they have sinned, but in GOD’s GREAT MERCY, He brings all back to life again ). This is the time the books are opened. That is to give life to them.


Jer 31:10  Hear the word of the LORD, O ye nations, and declare it in the isles afar off, and say, He that scattered Israel will gather him, and keep him, as a shepherd doth his flock…}}}…. It is the Gentiles,  WHO ARE A FAR OFF”who will have to hear GOD’s Word when Israel is scattered. Read this Scripture with all others which we say. It is those who are far off, who have to declare and say;  …. “the same GOD Who scattered you,  will also gather you,  as a shepherd. This happen on the dark and cloudy day as Eze 34 says. by now, you should know that the dark and cloudy day is the "Times of Gentiles" as Eze 30: 3 says. The Gentiles, have heard the Word of GOD…( Act 28:28) and here we are declaring , being far off… ! “you will be gathered”. Why would you still be stiff-necked ?  If it is cloudy and dark, then it has to be night. Then, you get the light from the “moon” which is in the Heavens. And if the moon gives you the light, then the heavens are declaring GOD’s glory… Those who are in the end of the earth, ( the Gentiles ) will sing new songs to GOD… when Zion is ruined.


 Isa 24:16  We have heard songs from the end of the earth, Honor to the Righteous. }}}… this is like saying  “give glory to GOD and His judgments are true and righteous” as above. Please read this chapter and see what GOD say about the church. The  foundations are shaken, the proud are condemned and that has to be after the Laodicean era. This happen when the gleaning ( which is done after the harvest and it is the poor who does that, on this Sabbath day ) is being done after the harvest is completed. The new songs are sung, by those who are in the ‘END OF THE EARTH”. We should now know who they are…. They are the heavens. !!! In v 22 we find it is talking about the "Day of Visitation"  !!! 


V 23…the moon ( the 12 tribes, the  woman in Rev 12 who are Israel ) will be ashamed. The “SUN” is disappointed. These are spiritual heavens . when they are ashamed, it is the ends of the earth who will sing. ! should not all these prophecies be fulfilled ???


Jer 31:28  And it shall come to pass, that like as I have watched over them, to pluck up, and to break down, and to throw down, and to destroy, and to afflict; so will I watch over them, to build, and to plant, saith the LORD…}}}…Not only GOD will throw them down, but ALSO WILL BUILD AND PLANT AGAIN !!!!    The Gentiles, as this chapter says, who are far away, should pray and tell Israel, that they will be ;

Watched…---- don’t we say, we are the night watchers as PROVEN, and since all these judgments are to come in the night ,  the night watchers have to watch Israel .


Pluck , break down, throw down, destroyed and have afflicted…; all these were fulfilled. It is the “lions” who destroyed the cities of Judah as PROVEN, and they are the Gentiles, who exposed and destroyed them spiritually, and GOD afflicted them.  That was the ‘fire’ from heaven. WHEN GOD LEFT THE Sanctuary, THEY ALL DIED.  BUT SINCE GOD CAME IN TO US,  WE ARE MADE ALIVE.  THEY BECAME FOOLISH,  WE BECAME WISE.  IS IT THAT DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND GOD’S Word ???   Why wouldn’t you believe CHRIST  when He said “ I will spew you out…, the blind ones “??? He afflicted  them to prove themselves whether they have other gods and we are witnesses that they had other gods and how they broke the covenant as PROVEN. GOD Has done all that and now wants to build and plant them once again and we declare that He Has already started to build Zion for the second time. All these work is now being declared by the ‘heavens’ as they were ordained by GOD, as the NEW MOON is shining . Every one shall die for his own iniquity. This is why as in Rev 20, all are dead as PROVEN.


GOD declares …. “I will put My Law in their inward parts, and I will write it on their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people”. }}}… who would be declaring this ‘WHEN GOD IS ABOUT TO DO THIS ? It is the “heavens”, who see the change of heart in Israel , and who are working for GOD.



“I will forgive …..”their”…. iniquity, and I will remember … “their”… sins no more…For they shall all know Me, from the least of them even to the greatest of them. ( v 34). This shows, from the least of Israel to the greatest of them, have sinned and needed forgiveness also, they have NOT KNOWN GOD TILL THEN. ( remember in Rev 20, all the small and great are dead are being judged ? that means not one is left but all are included – not to kill them, but to make His Name known as now, and to save them all ) 


when GOD says “I will forgive ‘THEIR” sins and ‘THEIR” iniquity, He speaks to some one ‘other than’ Israel. It is “Israel” who has sinned and need forgiveness as they only were given the Law and entered in to a covenant with GOD which they broke. And GOD is telling “others” that He will forgive ‘THEIR” sins. if GOD was talking to Israel, He would say “ I will forgive ‘YOUR” sins instead of ‘THEIR”.  Therefore, to whom is GOD speaking to ??? it is to the “Gentiles” as this chapter shows. GOD Has shown us that He will forgive ‘YOUR” iniquity and this is why we declare. This is the time which GOD Has set the ordinances of the sun, and the moon and stars to give light by night when the wicked are roaring as the sea!!!.


We proved how GOD searched the earth and the heaven was measured  and how He cast off all Israel as v 37.


The moon, is the ‘church’, which gets the light of the sun as PROVEN, became blood as she was found guilty of sin and full of blood by murdering the saints, now newly created. As colos 1: 16,  2: 16- 17  says, the shadow of things to come, the “New Moon”, who are the Gentiles, who became the new church in judgment, is shining and that is why GOD created the moon, to give light , in the ‘NIGHT”. The prophesied ‘night’, which brought darkness, during the judgments, are now over as the night is no more. The new moon was directly given the light by the “SUN”, as Isa. 60: 1- 3 says, and she gave light in the night to Israel. She declared GOD’s glory as prophesied on the earth. The Sun, and the moon, are in the sky, and in the heavens, giving light to the earth. When the moon shined, in the night, the sea became most active. Physically too when there is a full moon, in the night, the sea waves roar as PROVEN. Spiritually too, the night was given to the creeping serpents to do their work of poisoning the UNBELIEVING people of GOD. Zion dwelt in dust. She ate the serpent’s food as prophesied. But now, she should be awaken as the moon is shining in it’s full strength.


Jer 31 talks about the time of the salvation to all ; when GOD will put His Law in the INWARD PARTS, which is the heart  which will be changed. Have we seen a change in heart in Israel yet ???  at this time, no longer will any man teach each other, but they all will KNOW GOD ( v 33- 34). But we see there are many leaders teaching GOD’s people, DIVIDING them. Do you see that there is much more to do after the judgments ???  


As the earth has sinned, the moon witnesses ,as she is found to be faithful.

Psa 89:37  It shall be established forever like the moon, and like a faithful witness in the “heavens”…}}}… This happen when GOD broke the covenant as vs 30 – 40 says. and GOD says, mercy shall be built up forever, and faithfulness in the heavens at this time. If the moon is a faithful witness, and in the “heavens”, WITNESSING, then the heavens are declaring  the glory of GOD.  GOD chose His witnesses. He calls the moon is  ‘faithful’ .


Psa 89:2  For I have said, Mercy shall be built up forever; You shall establish Your faithfulness in the heavens }}}…The moon , mercy and faithfulness goes together in the heavens in this night. This is the time which GOD will forgive their sins. They certainly need GOD’s mercy. The Gentiles are the Vessels of Mercy,  and they have mercy of GOD and they will have to intervene with GOD on behalf of Israel, to have mercy on them. It is the work of the priests. …


Psa 89:5  And the heavens shall thank Your wonders, O Jehovah; also Your faithfulness in the assembly of the saints. }}}   ….How could the real heavens thank GOD for His wonders ??? this is the new FAITHFUL moon, thanking GOD. This happen when JESUS CHRIST rules the sea as v 9 says. The pride of the sea, are stilled. Just as CHRIST  calmed the sea, now spiritual sea is being calmed by His words. This is the work of the ‘arm of the LORD’, who are the Gentiles as PROVEN. v 13. Also the throne is founded with righteousness and justice and mercy and truth as v 14. As the ‘heavens’, we have to thank GOD for all these ….   


GOD promises king David  to keep His covenant, and mercy forever and the throne as the ‘DAYS OF HEAVEN” ! king David ’s throne was given to the Gentiles, as the kingdom came to rule,  as PROVEN. The “covenant and the “throne is established in the “days of heaven, with those who are in the heaven.  That is the heavenly kingdom, which CHRIST  and apostles preached to Jews to repent before it comes. This is the time of the passing of the “wind” , when the righteous are made an everlasting foundation ( Pro 10: 25). The ‘COVENANT” is the covenant of Peace, and the ‘throne’ is the kingdom. Both are established, when our work is going on. This is the work of the chosen ‘KINGS AND PRIESTS”.  To establish the covenant, is a job of the “priests”.  And the ‘throne’ is a job of a ‘king’. These are the deep mysteries of GOD which He kept hidden until the "Times of Gentiles",   AS PROVEN IN OUR ‘MYSTERIES’ WRITINGS !!!!



2Co 5:17  So that if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new!


2Co 5:18  And all things are from God, the One having reconciled us to Himself through Jesus Christ, and having given to us the ministry of reconciliation, }}}…. These are the works of the newly created priests and the HEAVENS. !!! ( we have proven all these by using many more Scripture in our other writings )


1Pe 2:9  But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of Him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light: }}}… it is the ‘babes” who will show the praise of GOD as PROVEN above, “WHEN”   THERE IS DARKNESS, ( to be called out of ‘DARKNESS”)  then it has to be the ‘night’. Now, since the ‘night’ has come, it is darkness…., then we are called out of darkness !!! Isa. 60: 1- 3 proves so.


The kings and priests are mentioned to be with CHRIST  , in Rev 5: 10,  1: 6. They were redeemed by blood of CHRIST  as PROVEN. when one is cleansed and forgiven by His blood, he or she is ‘IN CHRIST ” . then, he is a ‘new creation”… The spiritual Jerusalem…., which came down out of heaven…


 Rev 21:10  And he carried me in spirit onto a great and high mountain, and showed me the great city, holy Jerusalem, coming down out of Heaven from God,…}}}…The ‘mountain” of the LORD is mentioned in Isa. 56: 3- 8. Not only the mountain, but the “house of prayer” and the “altar” also. They are the strangers, who kept the covenant. these are not our words, but GOD’s. They are with CHRIST  and are redeemed already and are in heaven. They, declare GOD’s praise and everything else….



 Isa 52:1  Awake! Awake! Put on your strength, Zion; put on your beautiful robes, O Jerusalem, the holy city. For never again shall uncircumcised and unclean ones come to you. }}}… you see…, the sin in Jerusalem, was  allowing the unbaptised to come in to her. Then the priests have to purify the sinners . It is the job of the priests , to say this to Zion and here we are declaring ….


“NO LONGER THE UNCIRCUMCISED WILL COME to  YOU.”… you are being granted to wear the fine linen !!! the priests have to purify the people and we have done our work. NEVER AGAIN YOU WILL BE DEFILED ….


Isa 52:2  Shake yourself from the dust; rise up! Sit, Jerusalem; free yourself from your neck bands, O captive daughter of Zion.


She will be granted to wear fine linen. Rev 19:7 . But not UNTIL SHE BECAME CAPTIVE AND WAS IN DUST .  This is what the new moon is supposed to do. to give her light, to her rising. Zion, Jerusalem and the Holy city… which was trodden down by the Gentiles, as CHRIST  said (  Luke 22  : 24  ), now stays in dust as she has invited the uncircumcised and unclean. But no more shall such a thing will happen. Just as Eze 44: 7- 9 says, IF THE NEW CHURCH IS TO BE BUILT,  THERE IS NO OTHER WAY, BUT THE WORK OF THE EAST GATE HAD TO BE FULFILLED.


Isa 60:1  Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of Jehovah has risen on you!

Isa 60:3  And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising. }}}…. Gentiles, will bring light  when they are made  ‘kings”. This could be fulfilled only NOW, after they fell or went in to captivity. Or at the time of they are to rise up or build up.  


Isa 60:4  Lift up thine eyes round about, and see: all they gather themselves together, they come to thee: thy sons shall come from far, and thy daughters shall be nursed at thy side. }}}…Zech 6: 15…, those who are far away, shall come and build the temple of GOD…


Zec 6:15  And the distant ones shall come and build in the temple of Jehovah. And you shall know that Jehovah of Hosts has sent me to you. And this shall be, if listening you will listen to the voice of Jehovah your God. }}}…. The voice of the LORD, if you listen, will come from a far. They come when the new temple is being built, to build it. Now, who is declaring this ???  It is those who are far away. Israel will KNOW ABOUT US.



GOD Has prophesied and commanded the New Moon to give light, as they sit in darkness !  The New Moon, did her work ; just as she received the light or the Word from the Sun ,  to be given to Israel or the earth, …. it was done !


Rev 21:5  And the One sitting on the throne said, Behold! I make all things new. And He says to me, Write, because these Words are faithful and true.

Rev 21:6  And He said to me, It is DONE !!! }}}…. All things are made “new”  only “NOW”. GOD’s words, which are ‘FAITHFUL” and “TRUE”  could be declared by the ’heavens” as it is the ‘heavens’ only are faithful and true as proven above. ( FAITHFUL NEW MOON, AND THE TRUE ARE CLOUDS , AND BOTH MEANS THE “Gentiles” )


It is done !!!... The new Heaven is created. !!!

Rev 3: 12… the reward for the remnant who stayed faithful to GOD, during the Philadelphia  era, now were rewarded ;…


   Rev 3:12  The one overcoming, I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God, and he shall not go out any more. And I will write the name of My God on him, and the name of the city of My God, the new Jerusalem which comes down out of Heaven from My God, and My new name }}}…. Those who were blinded during the Laodicean era , became beast as they do not have understanding. But the rest, who were faithful, are called to heaven ( Rev 4: 1,  11: 12,  ) to do the rest of the work of GOD on the "Day of The Lord" , and the "Times of Gentiles", that is to execute written judgments.


fire :…as PROVEN, the fire, which is the Word of GOD  ( Heb 10: 27) comes from the breath of Almighty,… and it comes from ‘heaven” ( AS GOD DWELLS IN HEAVEN , IN CLOUDS ) did it’s work of burning the wickedness of the people who broke the covenant and went astray. ( Joh 15: 6)  This ‘fire’ is to be brought down, by the TWO WITNESSES. ( Rev 11). Job 4: 9 says, GOD’s “breath” perishes the wicked. That is the ‘man of sin’ in 2 Thes 2: 8 , who will be consumed by the breath of GOD, which is fire, the Word.  Just as the apostles were given the Spirit of GOD to open their minds AFTER all things were fulfilled, now too it will be the same. Mal 3 says, when CHRIST  comes, He brings the fire to purify the ministry. To purify, their wickedness have to be exposed. This fire will open their minds to their own evilness and removes it and then will open their minds to burn their hearts which could give them a new heart as PROVEN.  CHRIST  Had to open the minds of the apostles even after He was with them teaching them everyting. After His resurrection only and after ALL THINGS WERE FULFILLED only, CHRIST  opened the Scripture to them…


Luk 24:25  And He said to them, O foolish ones, and slow of heart to believe on all things which the prophets spoke! }}}…. Even now, GOD’s people have become foolish as PROVEN, as they are blind. Their hearts , they have hardened. ( Mar 6: 52, Rom 11: 7 ,   2 Cor 3: 14 ). Apostle Paul taught the Gentiles, about the veil remaining till the present time. The Gentiles will know as GOD says. they read the Scripture all the time, and they teach, but they do not know that all things have to be fulfilled. Is it any different now ??? Rom 11: 7 says, the elect, the Gentiles, understands and the Israel’s hearts were hardened.


Luk 24:26  Was it not necessary for the Christ to suffer these things, and to enter into His glory? }}}…. Do not the prophets say that Zion needs to die also ??? she has to suffer and become guilty , then her garments were taken away and after that the dead will live glorifying GOD?  and do they know that they will know GOD, only in the judgment ??? do they know that the "Times of Gentiles", also have to be fulfilled. If GOD Has clearly written about a time which the Gentiles will work for Him, would that not be fulfilled ???


Luk 24:27  And beginning from Moses, and from all the prophets, He explained to them the things about Himself in all the Scriptures. }}}…this is why,  when the dead and those who are alive stands IN JUDGMENT , as  Rev 20 says, only the BOOKS ARE OPENED?  Do they not know that the bride of CHRIST  has to turn away from Him by breaking the covenant, and she has to die and forsaken by her GOD, and then taken captive, and  should be in Babylon, and then  be delivered ???   and as all these Scripture have to be fulfilled and  are now opened ???  Luke 11: 50 says the blood of all the prophets should be taken from this generation , which was fulfilled in Rev 18 . should not they be fulfilled ???? and many from east and west to come and sit with Abraham in the kingdom also be fulfilled ??? The earth is being punished and the heavens declares everything at that time.  


Luk 24:31  And their eyes were opened, and they knew Him. And He became invisible from them. }}}…. When the Scripture is opened, their eyes were opened. Apostle Paul taught us that the blindness of Israel, happened till the "Times of Gentiles" are fulfilled. Rom 11: 25. should that not be fulfilled ??? what about to “KNOW” GOD ??? GOD says, in Isa. 19: 21, Egypt shall Know GOD. that means when they are in Egypt, they will come to Know GOD. Rev 11: 8 says, now they are in Egypt. That is why the judgments. Isa. 52, after they sat in the dust, and cleansed of not having strangers, v 6 says, they will know GOD. Now that too has been fulfilled. v 4 says, they went to Egypt . v 7 says, some will come proclaiming good news to Zion to let her know that GOD reigns and salvation will come. This is what our writings are all about. Telling Zion to repent and be ready with fine linen and she will be granted life. This is the work of the watchmen as PROVEN. What ever is written, should be fulfilled !!! .. Isa 60 3, 16 etc also has to be fulfilled. The Gentiles, have to give the light to Israel. and they have to drink the milk from the Gentiles as v 16.  Jer 16: 21 says, they will know GOD’s HAND  and His might and NAME. Has not GOD written about the "Times of Gentiles" ??? the dark and cloudy day as Eze 34 ???... and Eze 30: 3??? Should  not they be fulfilled if it is written in Scripture ???? GF, in his sermon “ Holy Roman Empire”, said that the Gentiles will bring Israel back to their land, referring to Isa. 14. should that not be fulfilled ???


Luk 24:32  And they said to one another, Was not our heart burning in us as He spoke to us in the highway, and as He opened up to us the Scriptures?}}}}…. We have proven that the opening of the Scripture, in the judgment would burn their hearts and this is why the Word is being sent by the Gentiles. ??? Also the Word is the fire ???? how do you find when your sins are exposed and that you are dead and GOD is with the Gentiles working to bring salvation to you , when you have taught everyone that you will be in a place of safety ???  Would you believe in the heavenly signs which GOD is using to declare GOD’s righteousness and judgments and faithfulness and mercy????


He spoke to us in the highway, and as He opened up to us the Scriptures?}}}}…. CHRIST , opening the Scripture in the ‘HIGHWAY’  is also a prophecy. Isa. 35: 8 says…. “ there will be a highway, the way of “HOLINESS”. The unclean shall not be there”. This is the time, everyone will come to KNOW GOD AND HIS HOLINESS.  This is fulfilled now, and it talks about the time they are to be in the wilderness. ( please read” Wilderness” in our web site ).  V 4 says, GOD will come with vengeance but at the same time He will SAVE them. don’t we say, that the judgments are to redeem them ??? v 5… The eyes of the blind be opened… this is the highway, to open the blind eyes as CHRIST  did to apostles on the high way. V 6- 7 … the waters and the springs, which should come from the Gentiles, have already over flooded the wilderness. 


Is 40 talks about when GOD commands some to comfort His people.  we proved that CHRIST  prepared Apostle Paul to preach about being ambassadors of peace to Israel.  they are to bring peace, and to comfort them.  ( read Mysteries writings for more proof from Scripture ) .  v 2 says, your iniquity is pardoned.  All the written things should be fulfilled, and now, GOD Has pardoned your sins.    Now, they are in the wilderness as PROVEN.  v 3 says,  the voice … says to prepare the way of GOD.  Make straight the desert, or make a way in the wilderness for GOD.  At this time, every high and exalted ones will be made low and leveled.


V 5… THE GLORY OF GOD SHALL BE REVEALED AND ALL ‘FLESH’ SHALL SEE THAT GOD HAS SPOKEN !!!...}}}… We know that “glory” means to “know and understand” GOD as PROVEN. so all will come to know GOD, as He will be revealed at this time. that means, just as we proved, until the judgment and till they are in the wilderness, as this chapter also says, GOD’s glory was not revealed fully to Israel.  it is all the ‘FLESH’, who will see that GOD Has spoken. At this time, they are all FLESH, blind and are in wilderness means in captivity.


Isa 40:10  Behold, the Lord Jehovah will come with strength, and His arm rules for Him. }}}…”strength”…, as we saw earlier, the ‘strength’  of GOD, are the “Gentiles”, and they are the ones who are giving water in the wilderness and they are  Holy at this time, and they are the high way which opens the blind eyes. All these are metaphors , including the Word ‘highway’ as we can see. Israel have to go in this high way, for their minds to be opened. Gentiles have to be a light to them and they have to drink milk from them as Isa. 60 says.


Isa 62:10  Pass! Pass through the gates; prepare the way of the people! Raise up! Raise up the highway; clear it from stones; lift up a banner over the peoples.

Isa 62:11  Behold, Jehovah has made it to be heard to the end of the earth; Tell the daughter of Zion, Behold! Your salvation comes! Behold! His reward is with Him, and His work before Him….}}}… GOD has made to be heard to the ‘END OF THE EARTH”.., or those who come from a far, to TELL Zion that her salvation comes. it is the Gentiles, who held fast to the covenant, when the salvation is about to come as Isa. 56: 3- 8 says.  At that time, they are in the mountain , altar and in house of prayer of GOD as GOD says. this prophecy too is being fulfilled now. We tell Zion, that her sins are forgiven and her salvation has come. !!! until all these written things are declared to Zion, and till all things are fulfilled, this knowledge of GOD will not be given. V 6 says, GOD Has set WATCHMEN … but Zion’s watchmen are blind and dumb dogs ( Is 56: 10).

“Banner”…the banner also are the Gentiles. Isa. 5: 26 says, GOD will lift up a banner to Gentiles, from the ends of the earth as Isa. 5: 26 says, and they will come speedily. Now, they have come as GOD called them to bring salvation to Zion. We have written about the banner in our early writings.  It is CHRIST , and the Gentiles who will be the banner as Isa. 11: 10 says. v 12 says, GOD will lift up a banner for Gentiles, and they shall gather Israel …. This is Revelation fulfilled, all are gathered from the four corners. Do we see all things are fulfilled ???  Is 49: 22


Isa. 31: 9… the leaders will be afraid of this banner, and at that time, there will be fire in Zion. Just as the apostles said, when the Scripture is opened their hearts burned, now the same thing is happening as the works of the banner and the highway are being fulfilled.  When the Scripture is opened, their hearts too will be burned.


Isa 62:7  And give no pause to Him until He sets up and makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.

Isa 62:8  Jehovah has sworn by His right hand, and by the might of His arm: }}}… we have no peace till salvation comes to Zion. and GOD is using His right hand, and the arm, who are the Gentiles now as we saw in Isa. 40, above.



The rainbow :…

A ‘rainbow” also come in the heavens mostly. We  proved the rainbow comes as GOD remembers His covenant. ( Please read: Israel will come out of sea”). To make a rainbow, three things are needed. The ‘sun’, … the ‘clouds”… and the rain or water . Now, the sun is shining on the clouds which pours down rain on earth. The rainbow is seen in Rev 10, when GOD’s mystery is about to be finished. All have happened now.



Vapours , mist ….

 Jer 10: 13  , Jer 51:16  When He gives His voice, a multitude of waters is in the heavens, and He causes the mists to ascend from the end of the earth. He makes lightnings for rain, and brings forth the wind out of His treasuries. }}}…  GOD’s voice comes out in the clouds as PROVEN. There are waters or a multitude in the heavens. The “ mists” or the vapors is ( strong’s 5387 ) means “ exalted one, king, chief, cloud ruler or vapor. This is the time we hear GOD’s voice and CHRIST  the king, or the Chief comes on the clouds which  come from the ends of the earth. CHRIST  said His coming in the clouds will be as lightning . V 18 says, the wicked will perish on the "Day of Visitation" . So this is fulfilled on the "Day of Visitation" . This day has now come and all the wicked will have to be perished. The vapors, come from the ends of the earth… they are the Gentiles, as PROVEN.



Mist?... the mist or the vapors ascends from the earth, when the sun shines on the cold earth  making the “clouds”.  This is another proof that the clouds are from the ends of the earth. The Sun, (God) causes the vapors to arise out of the earth, and turn in to humidity,,,, and it goes up, and collects and clouds are formed… then these thick clouds become rain clouds and when the cloud cannot any longer hold water, it is poured upon the earth… .Spiritually, these vapors come out of “ends of the earth”, are  gentiles… they are formed as clouds and then the rain comes  when CHRIST  ( or Sun) comes down ( Hos 6) to church or the earth  through these clouds…. and it is God Is  who made us or called us out of the ends of the earth as vapor…


 hail, snow or ice  : ….. Hail, is hardened water…(which is a plague in Rev 16  we have written about hail in our writings, should fall in our time ) and so is snow. Spiritually, “hail” means words of GOD  which is the sword of GOD, which cuts even to the soul and Spirit which is to correct the wickedness as PROVEN. What does Job say about  these?  Snow and ice comes on the winter and spiritually it means when the water is hardened there wont be any water  ( or the Word) and that is why CHRIST  said pray that your flight may not be in “winter”, as PROVEN. ( Job 6: 15- 17, ). GOD uses the snow to picture the “purity”… ( Isa. 1: 18). The snow or hardened water comes form the Gentiles, which cleans the sinners, and this is why Job said, “If I wash myself with snow”…( Job 9: 30).  The king David  said, he will be whiter than snow when he is purged. As Isa. 1: 18 says, their sins will be washed with snow.  Spiritual hail comes upon the earth to make is pure.


Job 24: 19 says ‘drought and heat” eat up the snow waters and “sheol”  have sinned.  This is about the wicked,  the rich how they ate up GOD’s people the “poor” or the snow waters, who were clean  as PROVEN.  V 3- 4 even points that out. This happens only when they are to be thrown in to sheol and that is in judgment.


Job 37: 6… GOD commands the snow to fall on earth also showers. At this time GOD stops the works of men ( in Israel ) so that they may know His work as v 7. This is the drought , when the snow waters are to fall. ( La 4: 7 .. GOD says, Zion’s leaders ‘WERE” purer than snow. ) Do you see any in Israel truly being led by GOD during this snow fall ??? He Has stopped all the work, so ALL MEN MAY KNOW ‘GOD’S WORK…. GOD Has stored up hail and snow to fall during our times ( Job 38: 22). So the snow falls to clean the sinners. That comes from ‘heavens’. All the heavenly signs are now working.


Psa 147: 15- 18… Snow falls to melt them. Snow usually comes with the wind as v 18 says. we know that the wind is from east and the Gentiles. with all that, GOD says ;…v 20 ….


                      they have not known His judgments.


Do they know that snow, hail, wind and all the heavenly signs comes when they are being ‘Judged”??.. No… They do not know their  judgments. How could they NOT KNOW when such heavenly signs occur ??? Because these heavenly signs are not PHYSICAL, but SPIRITUAL and they are ‘spiritually’ blind. Do you hear GOD’s voice from a ‘cloud’ physically ???  NO….. but GOD clearly says we will hear His voice through the cloud. GOD will not lie. Then, why do not they hear His voice ??? It comes through the clouds, who are the Gentiles as PROVEN….


They did not accept CHRIST  , (including John the Baptist and Apostle Peter  ) because He mixed up with Gentiles in His first visit as PROVEN in our writing “ Why did Apostle Peter  deny CHRIST “. Please read in our web site . Why did CHRIST  say to be a ‘good “Samaritan” and not a good “JEW”??? why did He Had an appointed mountain in ‘Galilee” of the “Gentiles” ??? Why did He go to Galilee of the Gentiles after HIS RESURRECTION???  And commanded the apostles also to meet Him there ??? This is where His work will be after His work stops in Israel.  That is the judgment of GOD, which is to raise up the foolish nation. But Israel do not know their judgments . If they do not know their judgments, then they would not know who will be working with GOD, during the judgments. This is why they do not know these heavenly signs which are declaring the glory of GOD. !


Psa 148: 8… Fire, hail, SNOW, smoke , and wind ‘FULFILLING” His Word…. How could this happen “physically” ? Can a physical fire fulfill GOD’s Word ??? It only will burn up everything.  This fire comes down when they are in the highway  and their minds are about to be opened  which will burn their hearts.  GOD wants to burn up the wickedness only and not the people. So do you see these heavenly signs are fulfilling GOD’s Word ???


Pro 25:13  Like the cold of snow in “harvest time”, so is a “faithful” messenger to those sending him, for he refreshes the soul of his masters. }}}… How beautifully meant the words of GOD ???  The snow, comes in ‘HARVEST TIME”. Don’t we say, now those who did not sow are now harvesting just as CHRIST our LORD  said ?  Who are  The ‘faithful”…, the clouds are faithful , during the time of the harvest as PROVEN. That is where the snow comes as well, and that refreshes the soul of the one who send the snow…. Who is CHRIST our LORD .!!! We fulfill the Word !!!  A faithful messenger heals.. ( Pro 13: 17).


On the other hand, just think, if the snow falls in the time of the harvest, the crop could not be harvested … it will be ruined. This snow, which is being sent by CHRIST , also will ruin the works of the wicked. The whole purpose of CHRIST ‘s coming is to destroy the death, the devil and the wicked. So this snow would do exactly what it is sent for. This is why, CHRIST  is Being refreshed.


Isa 55:9  For as the heavens are high from the earth, so My ways are high from your ways, and My thoughts from your thoughts.

Isa 55:10  For as the rain and the snow comes down from the heavens and do not return there, except it waters the earth and make it bring forth and bud, and give seed to the sower and bread to the eater,

Isa 55:11  so shall My Word be, which goes out of My mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in what I sent it to do! ( we live by every Word which comes out of the mouth of the LORD ) When the words which comes out of  CHRIST ’s mouth is revealed, the blind eyes will be opened. They are sure words of ALMIGHTY  GOD , our Father .


Isa 55:12  For you shall go out with joy and be led out with peace. The mountains and the hills shall break out into song before you, and all the trees of the field shall clap the hand. }}}….God wants Israel to know that the ‘HEAVENS” are higher, just as he said to Job and to the last leader in the church as PROVEN. Your ways are not GOD’s ways. The judgments, which you do not know, are ways of GOD. The leaders of GOD, teaches that GOD will physically throw down stars to earth, and all water springs such as the sea and rivers will literally turn to blood and all those judgments written in the book of revelation will literally happen.   That makes GOD ,….. a god who is UNMERCIFUL,  UNJUST, UN RIGHTEOUS , UNFAITHFUL  AND WICKED like “them”. 


It is the leaders who cast out and ate up GOD’s people as they are not merciful.  GOD’s  real character is known in the judgments and will be declared by the ‘HEAVENS” .  He judges mercifully.  This is why the rain and snow comes from HEAVENS , fulfilling GOD’s Word. The ‘Word’ will not return to GOD without accomplishing what He wants. The mountains, and hills , which GOD Has lifted up, who are the Gentiles, as PROVEN,, will sing as written elsewhere in this writing also.


Dan 7: 9 ,  Rev 1: 14  says, CHRIST ’s robe and hair , or clothing was white as ‘SNOW”. (  Mar 9: 3 , also the angel’s in Mat 28: 3. white clothing pictures the purity as PROVEN ). Rev 7: 14 says the multitude have washed their robes and made them white, by the blood of CHRIST .  When the church will be granted to wear white linen ( Rev 19: 8 ) once again, they would have admitted the sins and have washed their sins by the blood just as we have. This is how CHRIST  is in the ‘WHITE” cloud in Rev 14: 14. This is when the harvesting is done. This is when CHRIST  sits on the ‘WHITE” throne judgment !!!  why does the book of revelation talks about being white and wearing white and sitting on the white throne , if it did not mean anything ???


Isa 1:18  Come now and let us reason together, says Jehovah: Though your sins are as scarlet, they shall be white as snow; though they are red as the crimson, they shall be like wool….}}}…. It is the heavens which will say to Zion to come and reason together with GOD and their sins will be forgiven and their clothes will be white as snow. We have declared….


 Before Zion is born, her clothing will be white as snow as well as she will be granted to wear fine linen just as others , the “multitude”  wearing white robes. All these have very deep meanings, only GOD could reveal.


Rev 19:11  And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and He that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. }}}… “Faithful and True”…, this is the GOD who said to the Laodiceans  : “These things says the Amen, the faithful and true Witness, the Head of the creation of GOD”…( Rev 3: 14- 18)  He wanted to remind them that He is ‘faithful” and true’, as the Laodiceans  were found to be UN- faithful and are lying. The ‘WHITE” horse came when the heavens were opened….


V 18…”I advise you to buy from Me……..”white” garments, that you may be clothed….}}} the Laodiceans  did not have ‘WHITE” garments because they were UN FAITHFUL and are liars as PROVEN. They did not have any clothes. They were naked just like Adam and Eve. But the ‘clouds’ of heavens have ‘ WHITE” garments.  This is why the heavens can declare the RIGHTEOUSNESS of GOD, when the Laodiceans do not have white clothes. Not only that, but  CHRIST  Had to remind them about He Is the “CREATOR”, that “He” created them.! They have forgotten their own creator and the things created picture GOD and His plan as Rom 1 says.   The judgments are all about getting the due glory to the ‘CREATOR” as PROVEN. He and the armies which follows Him, who wear WHITE garments are fighting for the ‘TRUTH”. 



Rev 19:14  And the armies which were …”in heaven”…. followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean. }}}…  the white and red could be differentiate, when both colors are present.  Now, Israel’s sins are red or scarlet as Isa. 1: 18  and Rev 17 says. Then those who are faithful, have washed their sins by the blood,   are wearing white garments. This could happen only in the judgment, when the harlot who is wearing scarlet exists. ( Rev 17: 4 ). Israel’s clothes became red,  only in the judgment. GOD separated the ones who wear white and red in judgment. CHRIST  sits on the ‘great WHITE throne” ( Rev 20: 11), where the old heaven and earth fled. This woman in Rev 17 wears scarlet colored clothes is another code to understand who the real harlot is. It has to be as Isa. 1 says : “Israel”… The church.  After her judgments were over, she was given WHITE clothes. This could not be applied to the worldly churches. The judgments are all about the church or the harlot being made to wear fine linen ONCE AGAIN.   Therefore, it cant be EU or CC’S JUDGMENTS. Why does the Word says the throne is ‘WHITE”??? Because “red” shows the sins. It is GOD’s church which is judged in revelation. It is the harlot who wears scarlet or red apparel.  Only CHRIST , who sits on the throne and those who followed Him (having washed their sins by His blood )are wearing white till she is granted to wear white linen, which are RIGHTEOUS acts.  That means she will become righteous once again, and that definitely does not apply to worldly churches. GOD calls the “heavens” or the “Gentiles” who are  ‘righteous’ as PROVEN. Now all these prophecies are being fulfilled.



Job 38:1  And Jehovah answered Job out of the tempest and said: }}}….The ‘tempest’ means the “wind”, the “storm” etc. GOD Had prepared wind, storm, overflowing flood, dew, clouds, lightening, thunder , snow, hail , rain etc… for the day of trouble. That is how GOD removes  the wickedness of His people. He comes from the east, and the tempest is the ‘east wind’, which we have written in our writing ; “East wind”…



dew” is the ‘doctrine’ of GOD, which shall drop down from “heaven”… ( Deut 32: 2). This is the ‘song of Moses”, which is sung when Israel is found to be unfaithful as PROVEN in our writing “Song of Moses”. Please read. 


Gen. 27: 28, 39 …. It is a blessing to get dew from GOD, which comes from the ‘HEAVENS”. Now we see this prophecy is being fulfilled. This writing is about the ‘DEW’,  or the “doctrine” of GOD which comes from HEAVENS! ( Deut 33: 28)


Exo 16: 13- 15… Num 11: 9,  The manna, or the food from HEAVEN, came in the layer of the “dew.” ( pro 3: 20) CHRIST  said we have to eat His flesh… which is the Word of GOD, which one shall live. That food, comes after GOD sends the “dew” and after “dew” went up. V 14… The Gentile witnesses were called to come up to receive the Word… Rev 11: 12. therefore, they only could have the Word of GOD to send with the dew from heaven. CHRIST  said, one has to eat the living bread from heaven. Joh 6 :


 Rev 11:12  And they heard a great voice out of Heaven saying to them, Come up here. And they went up into the heaven in the cloud. And their enemies saw them…}}}… their enemies saw them. now , you will see the heavenly clouds where the dew comes and gives you the food.  When the manna fell, Israel did not know what it was. ( Exo.  16: 15). Then Moses said it is the bread which GOD gives from heaven. Do Israel know from where GOD’s real food come from  now???  This is why the heavens have to declare these things to Israel. The work of Moses. !


The “dew falls in the night”. ( Num 11: 9,  Job 29: 19 ). Even though it falls in the night, they saw it in the morning. Job did not know who is the Father  of the rain nor the dew … ( Job 38: 28 ). The leaders do not know where the dew is coming from .  


The judgments come in GOD’s anger but in His mercy, He sends the dew ( Pro 19: 12).  When GOD is angry He sends the dew at the same time. And He sends the cloud of dew in the “harvest”(  Isa 18: 4.), which is the judgment. Since Israel do not know GOD’s judgments, they would not see the dew and manna under it . This is why He thunders from Heaven and say your dead ones will live… ( Isa. 26: 19) when the evil spirits are being cast out in judgment. 


When GOD cut down Nebuchadnezzar , the stump was left to be wet with the dew. ( Dan 4: 15,  23, 25  ) . He is a type of the last leader in Babylon, as PROVEN.  Now he too was cut down and ;  is being wetted with the dew of heaven.  This will continue for seven times or years as v 25 says. Even the judgments are over in three and half years, this king is being cleansed for seven years UNTIL HE KNOWS HIS CREATOR  and to WHOM the kingdom is given. We saw the altar needs seven year purification . We know that the kingdom is given to the heavens as it is called the ‘HEAVENLY kingdom”. !!! The white throne is in the ‘heavens” ( Psa 11: 4… this is after the foundations were destroyed as v 3 ) . that means cut down like Nebuchadnezzar .


Dan 5: 21 says this was fulfilled and he was wet with the dew of heavens and he realized that and knew the Most High GOD Rules. Since these are prophecies for our day, the last leader also will admit all these. He will give glory to the Most High and not to himself as he is prophesied to do as the Word says. The judgments are all about removing or humbling the exalted ones. This is why the dew falls . They should look up to the heavens and understand and eat this dew, which is the doctrine of GOD now that the books are opened.


Hos 14:5  I will be as the dew to Israel;  }}}… CHRIST  said He comes down in the rain, ( Hos 6: 3 ), then He comes in the ‘clouds”, and now He says He comes as ‘dew”… Should not all these be fulfilled ??? The rain, and dew comes from the clouds when CHRIST  comes. ! CHRIST , actually does not come in the rain, or the cloud or dew. He sends His faithful ones as He is present in them. if CHRIST  says He is in these, then when the rain, clouds and dew comes, Israel should be able to see CHRIST  working in them.


Mic 5:7  And the “remnant” of Jacob shall be in the midst of many peoples as dew from Jehovah, as showers…}}}… Midst of “many people” ??? They are those on the harlot sits in Rev 17: 3. At that time, the remnant of Jacob, shall be among the Gentiles…, like a lion  ( v 8). These verses say, the remnant, will be like dew, and are among the ‘Gentiles’… so we know who are the heavens and the clouds which sends dew. CHRIST  is right in these clouds thundering His voice, to gather Israel.  Why did CHRIST  have to choose the Gentiles ??? because Israel did not build a house for GOD, but to themselves.


Hag 1: 9;… Because of My house that is ruined,..}}}… we know that many of the churches of GOD have their head quarters set up nicely, and PCG is building a house for GOD as they think they are. But GOD wants the spiritual  temple  finished. No matter how much one try to build a house for GOD, can you contain Him in to a physical house??? He owns all. Even king Solomon admitted when he built the house,  that GOD will not stay in a man made building which PCG leader calls ‘ THE HOUSE OF GOD”. We must build the way GOD commands. CHRIST  said, when the gates of hell exists, HE WILL BUILD HIS CHURCH  ; means the “SPIRITUAL BODY OF CHRIST ”. Therefore, GOD held back the dew because they did not build GOD’s house the way He commands.


GOD is jealous only now, in judgment as PROVEN. Now He wants to return to Zion and build her.


Zech 8: 3  explains that… “I have returned to Zion, and will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem. And Jerusalem shall be called a City of Truth, and the mountain of Jehovah of Hosts, the Holy Mountain”…}}}… GOD wants to return ( which means He Has left her ) and make Jerusalem the ‘city of ‘TRUTH” ! This is why CHRIST  is raining and coming in the clouds and dew. This is after GOD forgives the sins.


GOD talks about the remnant… v 6. This remnant is among the Gentiles.

V 8.. GOD will be our GOD, in ‘TRUTH” and ‘RIGHTEOUSNESS”. Just as the clouds of heaven have truth and righteousness, GOD wants  His church  to have also. This is why He speaks through the clouds and made them have truth and called them righteousness. Israel should walk in the highway of Holiness to have the truth and righteousness.


Zec 8:9  So says Jehovah of Hosts: Let your hands be made strong, you who hear in these days these words by the mouth of the prophets, that in the day the house of Jehovah of Hosts is founded, the temple is to be built. }}}… GOD says, to those who are His people, who are in “those” days, … the days when the “true temple is to be built”, and when He Has “laid the foundations” to the new temple, to be strong …. And HEAR His Word….


Zec 8:11  But now I will not be to the remnant of this people as in former days, says Jehovah of Hosts.

Zec 8:12  For there shall be peace for the seed: the vine shall give its fruit, and the ground shall give its produce, and the heavens shall give their dew; and I will cause the remnant of this people to inherit all these. }}}….Now GOD wants to restore everything. This is the new temple  and GOD Has founded it already. The new foundations are ‘TRUTH” and ‘RIGHTEOUSNESS”… CHRIST  the ‘Chief Corner Stone”, and then the clouds or the Gentiles who are to be LIVELY stones as Apostle Peter  said. To do that, GOD is giving the dew of heavens. V 13 says, just as they were a “curse among the Gentiles”, GOD will save them. So this has to happen “AFTER they were scattered.  Then GOD continues to say that ‘LET EACH MAN SPEAK THE “TRUTH” …. The truth is in the clouds. So the clouds have to declare the truth to the earth for the new temple to be built and for let men speak the truth. the clouds have to teach them the truth first.  Without the dew, the temple will not be built, as GOD Has planned it that way. With the dew, manna also are falling.


Psa 57:3  He shall send from “Heaven” and save me……}}}… When the time comes to save …. It is the ‘heavens’ which will come … His ‘right hand” which are the ‘Gentiles’ as PROVEN, who will save… Psa 20: 6.




Job 38:2  Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge? ..}}}…. It is the ‘beast’, who has no “SPIRITUAL” understanding, as he has sinned as PROVEN.  That is the last leader in GOD’s church who is without real knowledge . This is when the darkness (blindness) came in to the world as PROVEN. All because they were lacking the knowledge of GOD. GOD says, His people are cut off, for lack of knowledge . ( Hos 4: 6) . He says, He rejected the leaders from being priests to Him in Hos 4: 6. , Jer 10: 14. This is when the heavens or the Gentiles were called to be priests! Those who hear the Word of GOD ‘IN” judgment, should declare as GOD said earlier.


Job 38:3  Now gird up your loins like a man, for I will question you; and you teach Me. }}}… This man thinks he knows everything. It is the man of sin, who sits in the temple, who exalts himself is who is being asked these questions by GOD, in the “day of trouble.  This chapter, GOD Has written to be fulfilled on the “day of  trouble” as GOD says.  It is the heavens which is working for GOD on this day of  trouble who will have to ask from the self exalting leader these questions. To this day , GOD Has reserved all His weapons of indignation which come from a far to work. ( Is 13: 5,  Jer 50: 25).


Job 38:4  Where were you when I founded the earth? Declare if you know understanding. }}}… V 7 says, only the “morning stars”  and v 9 … the clouds were there to sing when the earth was founded.


Job 38:5  Who has set its dimensions, for you know? Or who has stretched a line on it?

Job 38:6  On what were its bases sunk? Or who cast its cornerstone,

Job 38:7  when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy? ..}}} The ‘morning stars” exists when other stars have fallen.  (The earth which GOD stretched out a line comes from a far.  Psa 19: 4) The sun rises from the east and these stars, as PROVEN, as Dan 12 also says, are the Gentiles, who are now proven to be faithful to GOD. They are the ones who will sing when Zion is brought back.   When the angel came to seal with the seal of the living GOD, He came from the east as Rev 7: 2. The new temple’s “Corner Stone” is CHRIST . and 1 Pet 2 proves that the Gentiles to whom this was written, will be lively stones. They are called the ‘lively’ stones, as other stones are dead at this time. They are the stones which GOD used to found the new temple and Eze 44 agrees with that as PROVEN.


They are also the clouds as v 9 says, and these clouds are to cloth those who are in the sea ( wicked). This is also the removing the filthy turban of the high priest Joshua now, and putting a new turban on him as Zech 4. v 4 says .GOD said to ‘those who stood before”, to remove the iniquity and to cloth him….  this happens on the judgment as now. It is the Gentiles, who are to measure the Holy city, as PROVEN, and are to give clean clothes to Joshua. ( who ever stood before Joshua, should be GOD’s people  who work for Him, AFTER Joshua was found with iniquity.  Since Joshua is the high priest, when he became wicked, it is the Gentiles who watched , witnessed and were called to clean his garments , as we have proven. ) They are the clouds  who brought CHRIST  to judgment as PROVEN. He is judged in CHRIST ’s presence when He came as a thief ( 1 Cor 4: 5) The heaven rolled away like a garment as we saw. It is the Gentiles, who are the wise who shine like stars who bring light and are morning stars. To be a morning star, one should overcome and that reward is not given to any angels. ( Rev 2: 28). Only those who are with CHRIST  can testify to these things as He is the ‘morning Star” ( Rev 22: 16). He reveals the secrets to other morning stars who overcame by His blood. But the last leader, wanted to sit above the clouds and as he was offered this reward and failed, he was cut down to the ground. ( Isa. 14: 12) .



Luk 20:36  For they are not able to die any more; they are equal to angels, and are sons of God, being sons of the resurrection.}}} …GOD considers one is dead, when they are “spiritually” dead. But the sons of GOD, now, ….the Gentiles, were resurrected by giving the Spirit and they are alive and are as angels. This is why it is said in Zech 12: 8 that the feeble, NOT THE LEADERS will be as “angels”, but the feeble will be angels. They are the ‘sons of GOD’ as PROVEN, and are the morning stars as Job says above.   We are born again as PROVEN, and we cannot die any more, and are equal to angels and sons of GOD. When CHRIST  came to Gentiles, in colos 1: 27, they too were risen as  Colos 2: 11- 14 says, having been forgiven.

Col 3:1  If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of GOD…}}}… we are considered as RISEN WITH CHRIST , as He Has come in to us. so the clouds are alive with CHRIST . they cannot die any more and this is why they are as angels as zech 12 says. Since we are risen, we look for things ABOVE. They are the heavens.


This is why CHRIST  said ;


Truly, truly, I say to you, From now on you will see Heaven opened, and "the angels of God ascending and descending" on the Son of Man. ( Joh 1: 51) .  These angels who are clouds are bringing CHRIST  down. The Heaven is now opened and the angels, or the wise who shine like as stars are now seeing, glorifying GOD. These heavens are established by GOD’s wisdom and understanding. Jer 10: 11 – 13 . GOD was trying to give Job, the real understanding which comes from His Spirit. That is needed now as all Israel have no understanding as they are spiritually blind.


Luk 20:38  But He is not God of the dead, but of the living, for all live to Him.}}}…. GOD is the GOD of the living, that is those who are spiritually alive. He Has given up the dead. Don’t we see that ???


Job 38:33  Do you know the ordinances of the heavens? Can you set up their rulership on the earth? }}}… “Ruler ship or dominion” …., GOD is asking Job, or the last leader who is likened to Job… “ do you know the ordinances of Heavens??? And their ruler ship , or dominion, on the ‘earth”??? Heaven’s ruler ship on the earth??? ….This should be fulfilled only now, as the heavens have ruled the earth . !  In other words, The “ordinances of the heavens” is to “rule the earth”.! GOD Has set up the heavens to rule the earth. But does Job know ?  Does the leader who exalts himself know that GOD Has set the heavens to rule the earth??? Can the real heaven rule the earth? . We proved that the heavenly kingdom has come.


Job 20 talks about the wicked. V 6… “Though his height mounts up to the heavens and touches the clouds”. … this self exalted leader as Isa 14 also says, wants to touch the clouds of GOD. He thinks he is higher than the clouds . The clouds did not work all the time but “in judgment”. That is the same time the leader was allowed to exalt himself as a part of GOD’s wrath ( Dan 11: 36) .  But he cannot be higher as he will perish like dung as v 7 says. And v 27… the ‘Heavens” shall expose his iniquity. Don’t we say, that we are exposing the sinning leader ??? Has anyone else seen him breaking the covenant in the east gate to expose him? Only the faithful and true clouds can do so. !!! They are the heavens declaring GOD’s RIGHTEOUSNESS and truth !!!


Job 38:8  Or who shut up the sea with doors, when it burst out; it came forth from the womb? }}}…. This is the time to shut up the sea where the wicked are. This could also be fulfilled, only after the sea water was allowed to come in to the land as PROVEN.


Job 38:9  When I made the clouds to clothe it, and darkness its navel-band; }}}… “Clouds” are to cloth  it.  Even Joshua, the wicked leader or high priest is to be clothed clean clothes by the clouds as PROVEN. GOD dwells in dark clouds. This is why on the dark and cloudy day GOD works to bring His children in Eze 34. That is the "Times of Gentiles". There was no darkness in any other time as now, as they are all being judged and thrown in to outer darkness. This is also the time the clouds are working.


“Naval band” ???  Storng’s number for this Word is 2854 which means “ swathing cloth”. Here’s what one dictionary says about this Word….” If a person or thing cuts a swathe through something, they pass through it causing great destruction or change”.


In Luke 2: 7 ‘swaddling clothes” is used to wrap CHRIST  when He was born. This is the time for the church to be born and it is the Gentiles, who would cloth them. In this case, causes her to wear fine linen. Or to give a clean MITRE to the high priest as PROVEN. Or to wrap them with swaddling clothes.



Also,   Eze 16 : 4 …, identifies the church which was (PCG)  not clothed with swaddling clothes when she was born. GOD explains how she was when she was born in this chapter. In the end she has sinned and she is dead now. Therefore, before she is born , GOD Has caused the clouds to cloth her with swaddling clothes. These are the spiritual meanings of these words. It is PCG who needs to be clothed with the swaddling clothes including the high priest to have a clean mitre.  She died because the cloud covered her…..  


1Ki 8:11  and the priests were not able to stand to minister because of the cloud, for the glory of Jehovah had filled the house of Jehovah.

1Ki 8:12  And Solomon said, Jehovah has said that He would dwell in the thick darkness. }}}….The priests were not able to minister because of the cloud. Even now, there is a cloud and  priest’s duties are stopped.          King  Solomon prophesied that GOD would dwell in darkness. ( 2 Sam 22: 12,   Psa 18: 11 ,  104: 3,   Joe 2:2,  Zep 1: 15 ).  So the darkness also had to come.  


Eze 8….When the city was cleansed by the coals from the throne, GOD came to the inner court in a cloud and then to the outer court, and His voice was heard, and then the  fire ,… then GOD departed… ( this is because of the sin in the east gate). Has not all these happened spiritually as we have declared as GOD commanded us?


Jer 4:13  Behold, he shall come up as clouds, and his chariots shall be as a whirlwind: his horses are swifter than eagles. Woe unto us! for we are spoiled. }}}…. This chapter talks about GOD asking Israel to return to Him and judgments, and fire, wind and clouds. Also, when the change of heart of Israel. So the clouds are GOD’s chariots as PROVEN. The whirlwind is the ‘east wind”.  



Job 38:10  and I broke My limit on it and set bars and doors;

Job 38:11  and I said, You shall come to here, but no further; and here your proud waves shall be set? }}}….. GOD Has set limits to the wicked  and to the proud and They are given only ONE  prophetic hour as PROVEN. ( Dan 11: 36,  Mal 3: 15 etc.). Now that hour is almost over and GOD wants them to come back to Him. This is why He Has commanded the heavens to declare GOD’s glory, so all will KNOW and UNDERSTAND HIM…. The earth shall be full of knowledge of GOD . ( Is 11: 9,  Hab 2: 14  ) If the clouds be full of rain, they empty upon the earth. ( Ecc 11: 3).  


Job 38:12  Have you commanded the morning from your days, and caused the dawn to know its place,

Job 38:13  that it might take hold of the wings of the earth; that the wicked might be shaken out of it? ..}}}… The wicked do not know about the morning or the dawn which has shaken them off . Only the morning stars would know when it would dawn.



Job 38:15  And their light is withheld from the wicked, and the high arm shall be broken.

Job 38:16  Have you gone to the springs of the sea; or have you walked in searching of the deep?

Job 38:17  Have death's gates been opened to you; or have you seen the gates of the shadow of death? }}}…even though the deep searching is done by the Holy Spirit, which this man does not have, he has seen the  springs of the sea and gates of death as he was thrown in to the sea and to the  Bottomless pit as PROVEN.


Job 38:22  Have you entered into the storehouses of the snow, or have you seen the storehouses of the hail,

Job 38:23  which I have reserved for the time of distress for the day of battle and war? …}}}…. All these heavenly signs  work during the "Day of The Lord" , as now,  are declaring GOD’s glory. Job was not alive on the "Day of The Lord" . This prophecy is to the leader who lives on that day ….


Job 38:24  How is it, the way the light is distributed; and how does the east wind spread itself on the earth? …}}}… the light is being sent by the Gentiles, who are the east wind also. Light is distributed to give light to those who sit in darkness. But the darkness comprehended not as John the Baptist said… even now the darkness cannot see that CHRIST  Has come in the wind which distribute the light . The ‘east wind” blows only in judgment. please read in our web site.


Job 38:25  Who has cut a channel for the flood; or a way for the thunderclaps, }}}… The over flowing flood which comes from Gentiles as Isa. 66: 12 says. That is the time the thunder comes as well.


Job 38:26  to make it rain on the earth where no man is, a wilderness and no man in it; }}}… GOD says ‘NO MAN” as they all have failed to prove themselves as “men” according to 1 Kin 2: 2- 3.  If the “men” think they are “men”, then listen to GOD…… “You are NOT A MAN”, but a woman to Me”.  Now the church is in Egypt ( Re 11: 8). When in Egypt, all are like ‘WOMEN’ ( Is 19: 16). Therefore, there IS NO MAN as all failed to prove them. 


Job 38:27  to satisfy the waste and desolation, and to cause the source of grass to sprout? ..}}}… NO MAN. That is when the land is wasted.


. It is Ezekiel who is to waste away as Eze 24 says, and he only brought desolation. The abomination of desolation and the final falling away was brought by this leader from whom GOD asks all these questions.



Job 38:28  Is there a father for the rain? Or who has given birth to the drops of dew? }}}… This man does not know that the rain has a Father.  “GOD” is their Father and also the Father  of dew  . The “rain”, as PROVEN, came when CHRIST  came as the latter rain as in Hos 6: 3… and that is the time to heal them as v 1 says.


Job 38:29  From whose womb comes forth the ice; and the frost of the heavens, who fathered it; …}}}… ice also the hardened water and the frost covers the earth. They have GOD as their Father as they have fulfilled the Word of GOD and have obeyed Him. But the leader, who is like Job, does not know AND HAS NO FATHER .


Job 38:30  the waters hidden like stone, and the face of the deep is captured? }}}… “stone” is strong’s 68 which means to “build , hail, weight” etc… the waters are the Gentiles, as PROVEN, and they are building Zion, but Job does not know.


Job 38:31  Can you bind the bands of the Pleiades, or loosen the cords of Orion? }}}… Pleiades are the sweet cluster of stars as PROVEN, who would fight with the ‘ORION”. ( Please read : CHRIST  came as a thief in the night “).


Job 38:32  Can you bring out the constellations in their season; or can you guide the Bear with its sons?

Job 38:33  Do you know the limits of the heavens; can you establish their rulership on the earth?

Job 38:34  Can you lift your voice to the clouds, so that floods of water may cover you? }}}… GOD lifted up His voice to the clouds.


Job 38:35  Can you send lightings, that they may go and say to you, Here we are? }}}… GOD Has sent the lightning and we are the lightning and here we say…. We are sent by GOD !  The lightning is sent for one reason… to strike and make them fear GOD. !


Job 38:36  Who has put wisdom in the inward parts; or who has given understanding to the mind? }}}…this leader would not even know that it is GOD who gives wisdom and takes it away.


Job 38:37  Who can by wisdom number the clouds or who can lay down the jars of the heavens,  }}}… The jars are the bottles or the vessels. The vessels of heaven are the Vessels of Mercy, who are the clouds. Only GOD Has numbered the clouds. The leaders do not know the clouds. GOD send His understanding through these clouds. All are now fulfilled !  


Job 38:38  when the dust is melted into hardness, and the clods cling fast together? }}}…. Zion is sitting in dust…but will be melted.




 smoke, :…The smoke comes from GOD’s nostrils, as He Is jealous, and angry. ( Deut 29: 20,  2 Sam 22: 9,   Job 41: 20,  Psa 18: 8 , 68: 2 etc….,  to burn the harlot and the wicked as PROVEN. Rev 9: 2,  15: 8,    18: 9,   18,   19: 3



Stormy wind fulfilling His Word, }}}….How does the stormy wind fulfill the Word of GOD in the day of trouble???... As CHRIST  said, the wise men, if they do not build the house on the Rock, which is ‘CHRIST ’, and when the wind comes, then it will fall. Same way, PCG’s wall was broken down by the ‘east wind” as PROVEN.  Eze 13: 10 – 15 proves that it is Ezekiel who built a wall which is opposite of GOD’s way and in GOD’s anger, He will break it down. We, as the stormy wind, blowing against the wall of PCG.  . Now that has happened.


Psa 8:1  . O Jehovah, our Lord, how majestic is Your name in all the earth; You have set Your glory….. above the heavens! ..}}}… This psalm is a prophecy for our day when the heavens are to glorify GOD.


Psa 8:2  Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings, You have ordained strength, because of the ones distressing You, to cause the enemy and the avenger to cease. }}} GOD Has chosen the babes to ordain the strength, or to give His glory, when His people turn in to enemies.


Psa 8:3  When I look upon Your heavens, the work of Your fingers: the moon and the stars which You have fixed;

Psa 8:9  O Jehovah, our Lord, how majestic is Your name in all the earth!  }}}…..  The Heavens, are the work of GOD’s fingers. … And they are the “MOON” and ‘STARS”. We have proven now, the new moon is the Gentiles, which the woman who is the 12 tribes of Israel  tramples under foot in Rev 12, but this moon is giving light to Israel, in this night. The stars, as PROVEN, are the Gentiles also while Israel have fallen to the earth.

Since these stars and the moon are in the heavens, they are also called the waters which praises GOD in the heavens. Psa 148: 4,  and that is where the voice of the LORD comes from… Psa 29: 3. ( we saw how the heavens and the stars who were not pure were cast down ).  GOD thunders His voice, from the clouds, where the heaven is. He does so to ‘JUDGE” the wicked. 1 sam 2: 10.  This moon and stars, are to rule by night when His mercy is available. Psa 136: 9.  The clouds are the chariots of GOD as psa 104: 3 says. And He comes to Egypt to judge as Isa. 19 says, in the cloud. All that has been fulfilled…, declares the heavens !!!

Isa 19:1  The burden of Egypt: Behold! Jehovah rides on a light cloud and comes into Egypt..


Psa 104:3  who lays beams in the waters of His upper rooms; setting thick clouds as His chariots; walking on the wings of the wind.

Psa 104:4  He makes His angels spirits, His ministers a flaming fire.


CHRIST  said, He will come in clouds. The lightning flashes  from EAST to west. All these are being fulfilled spiritually. Clouds are GOD’s chariots to come when His wrath is to be poured upon and He makes His ministers, the flaming fire. When Adam sinned, GOD placed two angels to guard the tree of life with a flaming sword. Now, He Has made His ministers, ( the two witnesses) fire as Rev 11 says. at the same time, the false prophet too will be bringing fire ( or the Word of GOD as he understands , twisting the Word as prophesied by Apostle Jude, Apostle John and Apostle Peter ) .



Job 20:5  that the exulting of the wicked is near an end, and the joy of the ungodly is for a moment? }}}…. The ungodly and the wicked are exalting themselves for a moment as Dan 11: 36 and Mal 3: 15 says as a part of GOD’s wrath, only to bring them down. They want to mount up to the heavens and be like the clouds. but, GOD says the clouds are HIGHER than them……


Job 20:6  Though his height mounts up to the heavens, and his head touches to the clouds,

Job 35:5  Observe the heavens, and see; and behold the clouds, they are higher than you.


Job 35:2  Do you think this to be just, you that say, I am more just than God? }}}….The last leader exalts himself as PROVEN… he sits as GOD sits in the temple or the Sanctuary as PROVEN. This is why GOD says, the clouds are higher than you to the last leader who exalts. That is the devil, as Isa. 14 says, who thought he is higher than the ALMIGHTY .



Job 22:13  And you say, What does God know? Can He judge through the dark cloud? }}}}}… “JUDGE” through the DARK CLOUDS”???  Yes, He judges them on the ‘dark and cloudy” day as Eze 34.  This wicked man might think that the Gentiles will never be used by GOD to judge him because when the Gentiles rose up to stand up for GOD and showed his wickedness, he did not listen to GOD but killed the witnesses. That means in his heart he thinks “ what does GOD know and can He judge through the “clouds” ( Gentiles) ????


 Job 36: 27 -  33 tells us that GOD uses the clouds to rain upon men who are the wicked and in the cloud GOD spreads His ‘LIGHT” ( once again Isa. 60: 3…), and covers the sea where the wicked are, and v 31,  GOD ‘JUDGES” the people and at the same time, He gives plenty of food. The clouds are raining water , or the Word and that feeds every one, as we saw earlier . Has not all these fulfilled???  This is how, the clouds bring glory to GOD, and the heavens declare the glory of GOD. All these happen when the wicked are troubled in the sea. And the sea was troubled by the New Moon…, in the ‘NIGHT”. V 32 says, GOD covers His ‘HANDS” ( who are the Gentiles ) with lightning and (GOD’s “HANDS”) will strike these men and that is how He “JUDGED” them. Has that not fulfilled ???


Job 26:8  He binds up the waters in His thick clouds; and the cloud does not burst under them. }}}…….God controls the wicked who are pictured by many waters, ( the harlot)  in His clouds. This is how, GOD removes the wickedness of His people. In this chapter GOD talks about the Bottomless pit. V 9 says, GOD covers the face of the throne by spreading “HIS” cloud over it. V 12 says, this is the time which He quiets the sea. and  the work of His “hand” ( read: The Arm of The LORD) … so this is the time which GOD’s hand is working.


Job 37 : 2… “Listen carefully to the thunder of His voice… which comes from His mouth to consume the wicked as 2 Thes 2 says and to give understanding.  When CHRIST  breathed from His mouth, ( Joh 20: 22), they received the Holy Spirit which opened their minds, AFTER all things were fulfilled regarding His death and resurrection. These are PROPHECIES which are to occur even now. Read the whole chapter.


V 6… “SNOW”… and “RAIN”…, we know what they mean spiritually.

V 7… He seals up the hand of every man so that all men may know His work….}}}…GOD seals up every work… ‘seal’ means to end up, or stop. GOD stops the work of men, so all may know GOD’S REAL WORK., THE WORK OF THE HEAVENS. Please read all the Scripture used. How the heavens declare GOD’s glory. All these happen in ‘judgment’.


Job 37:9  Out of the storeroom comes the tempest, and cold from scattering winds.

Job 37:10  Ice is given by God's breath, and the expanse of waters is frozen. }}}… This is how GOD stops the work of all men. His Spirit, which is ‘breath” is frozen to the wicked.


Job 37:11  Yea, He loads the cloud with moisture; He scatters His lightning cloud;

Job 37:12  and it is turned around by His guidance, so that they may do whatever He commands them on the face of the world of the earth….}}}… there is no man who allowed GOD to guide them as we saw. But the clouds do what ever GOD commands.


Job 37:13  Whether as a whip, or for His land, or for mercy, He finds it.


Job 37:14  …..

                         Listen to this, O Job; stand still and consider the           wonderful works of GOD !!!!.


Stand still… do not do any work…, but consider and wonder about the works of GOD, which the heavens declare !!!!



Job 37:15  Do you know when God placed them, and caused the lightning of His cloud to shine? }}}… Do any of  the leaders know how GOD placed the lightning of ….“His”…. Cloud to shine ???  Do  you see the works of the ‘clouds”??? what understanding do you have, if you do not see the cloud of GOD ???  any true follower of GOD should see these clouds. but they are blind….



Job 37:16  Do you know the balance of the clouds, the wonderful works of Him who is perfect in knowledge,???...}}}… If GOD is perfect in knowledge, then these clouds should be too as they are called “HIS” clouds. But do these leaders know these WONDERFUL works of GOD ???? Who could know about the clouds except for clouds themselves????   Listen to the clouds and see the lightning which come from it ….



V 19… “Darkness” …. That is certainly now.

Job 37:21  And now men cannot look upon the light when it is bright in the clouds; when the wind has passed and cleared them. }}}… men cannot look upon GOD’s light as it is bright in the clouds.


Job 37:23  We cannot find Him, the Almighty; He is exalted in power; and He does not violate justice and abundant righteousness.

Job 37:24  ….

         So, men, fear Him; He does not see any who  wise of heart. }}} … this is the time there is no man.


Well, can the wicked leaders look at us? Can they understand that GOD is working in these signs of “HEAVEN” to declare HIS  GLORY????  The fire and the cloud were set in place when Israel were coming out for them to SEE AND FOLLOW. These were a type of the ‘spiritual cloud and fire’ which worked in these times. These heavenly signs are to be seen and heeded. GOD will see to it that the wicked will see and are judged by these clouds. The whirlwind of the LORD and all the heavenly signs are now working as GOD Has stopped the work of every man so they can see these signs and understand. GOD sends the rain, the thunder and lightning for them to see and fear Him.


The SELF exalting leader in GOD’s church is being called to give an answer to GOD now…


Psa 18 … The floods of ungodly men covered king David ’s descendants.  The sheol, the Bottomless pit and the death was on them.


V 7… this is the time of the earth quake as PROVEN. The foundations of the mountains or the churches quakes when GOD stood up when He was ANGRY.


V 8 smoke, as PROVEN, came out of His mouth…, at that time, GOD bowed the heavens and came down and there is darkness under His feet. “Bowed the heavens” means the church, which was in heaven was  bent away or caused to fall.  The ‘feet’, is where His footstool or the church is and that is where the darkness is as PROVEN, because GOD cast her down. He rode on a ‘cherub’. They are the clouds as PROVEN, the chariots of GOD as above. And also the ‘wind’. This is like Deut 5: 22… the time of the giving of the Law. all things GOD did in the first time when He called out His people for His name, are being fulfilled now except, as He find all the people are unrighteous, and needs to be judged as all who under the Law failed, . And this is the time for all things to be fulfilled as CHRIST  said in Luke 21: 22. The whole world has sinned. There is no one who is righteous.  But those who did not have other gods, were declared righteous by GOD, because of His mercy. King David , Abraham, and all others have sinned and all should die, if GOD did not have mercy on all.  The soul that sins should die. But GOD saves all.


V 11… GOD made ‘DARKNESS” His covering. That is His secret place, which is the Sanctuary, where He dwells. He chose to dwell in the thick clouds of the skies at this time.


12… “Hailstones” and fire. And this is the time He thunders in the heavens to get His due glory. His  voice is heard in the heavens.


V 15… The foundations of the ‘earth’ ( the church as PROVEN ) were seen and bared at GOD’s rebuke. The blast of the breath of His nostrils did it. All these happen when GOD comes down as a thief as PROVEN.  That is the time, ( 1 cor 4: 5., the "Day of Visitation"  ) all hidden secrets and sins will be revealed. Earlier, the foundations of the mountains, which are the high places of the earth, who are the leaders were shaken at His presence. Now, the whole church or the earth is being rebuked.  King David  was drawn out of ‘many waters’. ( the harlot sits in Rev 17).


V 17… his enemy, who are his own people as PROVEN.


V 22- 23 he reminds that he kept all of GOD’s Law and statutes. And GOD will remember king David ’s righteousness as prophesied. This is why a “Branch’ from Jesse as prophesied who are ‘CHRIST  AND Gentiles” were chosen to be king David ’s descendants in the end as vs 43 onwards says.  





V 31… it is time for all to know the true GOD, who is the ‘ROCK’…, on Whom they should have built the house so that the wind could not break it. But all those who failed to build upon the Rock, are now broken down as the east wind has blown. It is time for the new heaven to give glory to the Rock of our salvation.




Psa 18:49  On account of this I will extol You, O Jehovah, among the nations, and I will sing praises to Your name, …}}}  when GOD is praised, GOD’s work should be among the Gentiles.


Psa 18:50  magnifying salvation to His king, and working mercy to His anointed, to David and to his Seed  }}}… as we saw, it is time for GOD’s mercy  to be seen. First, the mercy will be granted to Gentiles, as they are the Vessels of Mercy, as PROVEN .


Psa 36:5  Your mercy, O Jehovah, is in the heavens, Your faithfulness to the clouds.

Psa 36:6  Your righteousness is like the hills of God; Your judgments are a great deep; O Jehovah, You preserve  BEAST and man }}}… GOD’s MERCY is in the ‘HEAVENS”. And GOD’s FAITHFULNESS, is in the ‘CLOUDS”. The clouds are also the new moon, which is a faithful witness ( Psa    89 ).  Do you see these spiritual clouds working to bring GOD’s children and king David ’s descendants ?  This is the time to preserve and give life to the beasts and to the man. They are all preserved at once. As CHRIST  said, the exalted will be humbled and the humble will be exalted , and it shall rain on righteous and unrighteous, all are fulfilled. The humble were exalted to the heavens as ‘clouds’  to feed and rain upon the exalted while the exalted are brought low. No one can boast or have higher in authority, as all rule and authority will end (  1 Cor 15: 24  ).


And as v 6 says, when the judgments are on the earth, all are preserved. This is why, the judgments goes forth as light which brings life. If there is no ‘SUN’ LIGHT, there won’t be life as all know. All the heavenly signs beginning from the Sun, who is GOD, should set in place to give life to beast and to man. And all signs of heaven are in place now. And as we saw, the light was spread on the earth through the clouds on judgment !


Psa 36:9  For with You is the fountain of life; in Your light we see light.

Psa 36:10  O continue Your mercy to the ones knowing You, and Your righteousness to the upright of heart…}}}… the light, is seen on the clouds, and mercy also in the clouds and mercy is given to those who KNOW Him. The heavens KNOW Him.  And v 12 says, the workers of evil have fallen and cast down and will not rise. But GOD will have mercy on them all as well. If it weren’t for GOD’s mercy, they all will be dead for ever. This is why GOD Has written that they will not rise. 


Psa 57:5  Be praised above the heavens, O God; let Your glory be over the whole earth

Psa 57:9  I will praise You among the peoples, O Lord, I will sing to You among the nations.

Psa 57:10  For Your mercy is great to the heavens, and Your truth to the clouds.


Psa 108:4  For Your mercy is great above the heavens; and Your truth reaches to the clouds. ..}}}… This is the time when GOD’s right hand  will save as v 6. If the “heavens” and the “clouds” have the “truth” and “mercy”, then when the time comes to fight for the truth with the antichrists, it is the clouds who will be with CHRIST ,  fighting the beast as Rev 17: 12- 18. This is why He said, “ the Son of Man will come in clouds”.  It is GOD’s will that these beasts are to have a kingdom and be defeated by the clouds and the heavens who are led by CHRIST  . Rev 17: 17….”Until the words of GOD shall be fulfilled.!!!.... Luke 21: 22… says when all things are to be fulfilled ; in the "Day of The Lord" .  Therefore, all things are         BEING fulfilled !  fighting the beast means giving him the TRUE KNOWLEDGE . the fight is between the truth and the lies. This is also the time, the exalted, the proud will be made low and the humble, the poor will be made rich and exalted spiritually.



Psa 57:11  Be exalted above the heavens, O God; Your glory over the whole earth… }}}…. GOD is being exalted, while declaring GOD’s glory or the true knowledge over the whole earth.  These are the works of the clouds.


Psa 57:3  He shall send from Heaven and save me; He will shame the one who crushes me. Selah. God shall send His mercy and His truth….}}}… this is also the time when the clouds fighting with the beast. GOD will Send from “Heaven” to save king David , with truth and mercy . His descendants would have died because there was no truth and now they need mercy. At the same time the wicked are shamed. Who was sent with mercy and truth ????... Psa 25: 10 says, GOD’s MERCY and TRUTH are with those who keep the covenant and testimonies. Who kept the covenant ???   Is 56: 3- 8.. the ‘strangers’ or the Gentiles’ better than the sons and daughters, …., this happen, when the salvation is about to come and then they should have the truth and mercy of GOD.  If they have kept the covenant, then they should have the testimonies as well.  The testimony of CHRIST  as PROVEN, which is the “Spirit of prophecy,  only the heavens and the clouds could have as they are the ones who have the LIGHT, OR REVELATION to declare the prophecies and send thunderous revelations!   How can the heavens declare anything , if they did not have and if GOD Has not given it to them ???  ( Psa 36: 5). And the truth and mercy and light, which are in the ‘CLOUDS” OF HEAVEN, will bring king David ’s descendants to the MOUNT OF GOD’S HOLINESS AND TO HIS TABERNACLE. ( Psa 43: 3). Mount of Holiness is the highway as written above.


Can any of the leaders in the church give light, truth and mercy to the earth, which is the church, other than the APPOINTED AND ORDAINED “Clouds” of Heaven???   Can anyone declare GOD’s glory other than the ‘HEAVENS”??? Only the heaven is being sent by GOD to save… Psa 57: 3


Psa 68  too is being fulfilled now. GOD rises up to scatter His enemies. Jam 1: 1 proves that it was fulfilled. This is not a physical scattering but a spiritual. This is why the leaders do not know that they are taken captive by satan and spiritually scattered as they are prophesied to be blind spiritually. This scattering is seeing by the Gentiles as Eze 39: 21- 23 says, as GOD Has planned. This psalm says the enemy is being melted. That is the exposure of their evilness and removal of the sins.


Eze 39:21  And I will put My glory among the nations, and all the nations shall see My judgments which I have done, and My hand that I have laid on them}}}… If “ GOD” says, “HIS”  hand will be laid on the Gentiles, can any one tell GOD, to not to do so ??? But Israel, the churches of GOD, would never think that GOD would do such a thing, as they think they are the only people of GOD. but GOD is opening the salvation for the whole world. If they obey GOD, then they will have to see that GOD’s hand is on us. Any one who has GOD’s hand, has to do some work. This is talking about the time Israel were found to have sinned and need of judgment. at that time, the only thing left for GOD’s hand to do is to do the judgments and this is why we obey GOD and came near, from afar.


Eze 39:23  And the nations shall know that the house of Israel was exiled for their iniquity. Because they betrayed Me, so I hid My face from them and gave them into the hand of their enemies. And they fell by the sword, all of them.}}}…GOD Has put His GLORY ( the true knowledge, as PROVEN ) among the Gentiles, and it is they who will see the JUDGMENTS OF GOD !!!  Now can you change these words of GOD ???  Or RE- WRITE the Bible  the way you want to ????  The leaders twist the words,  as prophesied , but GOD’s prophecies will be fulfilled JUST AS HE HAS WRITTEN !!!


THUS SAYS THE LORD :…. The ‘Gentiles’ shall know that Israel was in captivity, because they betrayed Him and they have INIQUITY. WE, the Gentiles, saw how it all happened and fulfilled. “And they fell by the sword, all of them”…..ALL OF THEM, says The Almighty.   Zech 11: 10-11 says GOD BROKE THE COVENANT WITH …”ALL”…., while the poor were watching.  It is the ‘poor’ who witnessed it.


They do not even see their own captivity, as it is revealed to Gentiles. How could they not know their captivity, if it happens physically ??? But it happens ‘SPIRITUALL’, that GOD Has left, He Has withdrawn His Spirit and they became blind, EVEN TO THEIR OWN JUDGMENTS AS PROVEN. This is when the heavens and the clouds have to give light to them and pray for GOD to have mercy on them and here we are, declaring GOD’s Word so they can eat and live ! Any one in Israel, who would not accept GOD’s Word which is written here clearly, are working against GOD, and are antichrists. If you want to see CHRIST , look at the clouds and for the heavenly signs. … SPIRITUALLY. !!!


At this time, when His enemies are being scattered, He is being a Father  to the fatherless and a judge of the widows ( v5). This certainly apply to our time as Apostle James says. The rich who did not practice the undefiled religion and misjudged the poor , are being scattered and are judged, while GOD became a Father  to the poor and the widows. This is the only time this psalm could be fulfilled. The fatherless and the widows are now working in heaven, with their Father  who is CHRIST our LORD . !


Psa 68 V 9… GOD sent the rain… the overflowing shower which comes form the Gentiles as Isa. 66: 12…,


V 11… GOD gave the Word to an assembly, or an army. This word’s meaning is an assembly or persons especially organized for “WAR”.  And this is a time which GOD is at war as PROVEN. ( Rev 17: 12- 18) The weapons of His indignation, came ‘FROM A FAR” as proven elsewhere in this writing. Would not He reveal about this war, to the weapons, who come from a far ????... it is only this assembly, which can declare everything about this war. We are doing just that.   The heavens declares the INIQUITY as written elsewhere.  The ‘Gentiles’ are being revealed the iniquity and the “heavens” are being revealed the iniquity. If so,… the “heavens” are the “Gentiles”.  Can any one stop GOD ???    CHRIST  Has come down to visit and to make war with the beast as PROVEN. so GOD’s words are coming to these people who are “with CHRIST , or the Lamb, and they are the ones who were redeemed by CHRIST ’s blood.


The whole mountain range, or all the churches which GOD desire to dwell in , are called in this psalm. They all fell, says GOD.


V 22.. It is time to bring them from the depths of the sea. }}}… it is the Gentiles, who will bring them to their land as Isa. 14 says, and as GF, the PCG leader said. The wickedness which is likened to the sea, will be stopped. The sea roars when the moon is shining.


V 34 At this time, GOD’s strength is in the ‘clouds’. The real clouds which are in the sky do not do anything other than bringing rain upon the earth. They do not have any strength. But these clouds, which are in heaven, as v 34 says, have GOD’s strength in them to make war with the enemies of GOD. GOD’s strength, mercy, truth, are all in the clouds. The ‘truth’ which will set you free , is in the ‘clouds’.  As All Israel are in captivity by lies of the leaders, now will be given the truth by the clouds and all will have to prove these clouds and believe GOD’s Word, if they want freedom.!  This is how GOD Has planned, and it will be done ! 


Psa 77 prophesies about, When GOD fights the enemies; the clouds bring glory to GOD as GOD is in the clouds. During this night, the clouds give water to the people of GOD. Even though GOD forsook them for a moment, He Had planned for them to be watered by the clouds..  GOD covers the heavens with clouds which gives rain… Psa 147: 8  


Will the LORD cast off forever???   Is His mercy gone forever??? This is the time GOD Has cast them. But not for ever as we, the clouds were appointed by GOD to give rain to the wilderness and to those who are sitting in the famine. They are being stricken, when the right hand of GOD works as v 10. We have proven that the clouds are the right hand of GOD, which works to bring Israel out of Egypt second time.


Vs 14- 15…GOD Has revealed His strength. And earlier we saw, His strength is in the clouds. So the clouds are revealing about GOD and His strength giving glory to Him as giving glory to GOD means to KNOW Him. 


V 16 …The waters,…. The many waters which the harlot sits on has seen GOD and are afraid and trembles. At this time the ‘clouds’ are pouring water and GOD thunders His voice.


V 18…GOD’’s “voice” is heard in the “wind” of the LORD , and the lightning lit up the world and the earth trembles. When the truth is being proclaimed, the earth quakes in fear of  being exposed of their lies and to understand that CHRIST  is coming in the clouds.


Psa 78: 10… Ephraim, (spiritually the church leader in England as it was Alex Harrison who broke the covenant and hid the facts ).  Then He stood up to punish them and to turn them back to Him. This is why He commanded the fine clouds above in the heavens to give rain. V 23- 24.


V 26.. This is the time of the east wind is blowing in the heavens and to end the vanity as v 33.


Psa 78:34  When He killed them, then they sought Him; and they turned and searched for God.}}}…. How could the “physically” slain seek GOD ??? These are killed by the ‘Words’. ( Hos 6:5 ) . After they realized that they are killed spiritually, just as they killed the poor as PROVEN , they  will turn and search for GOD. Now, they are already JUDGED AND KILLED. If they were killed by the ‘Word’, then they will live by the “Word” as well. This is why, an overflowing shower from heaven , from the clouds is needed as it has to wipe out the error and also need to feed the truth. There never has been a work of GOD and a wonder like this in any other time. “WHEN HE “KILLED” them, Then they sought Him???? and they TURNED …. And SEARCHED for GOD!!!.... Now, they are already killed as the judgments are almost over. They have to realize that they are spiritually dead. At once, they will search for Him, TURNING from their wickedness…!!!  GOD will win !!! the clouds will clap hands and sing !!!



Who were used to kill the wicked ???


Eze 16: 40- 41 says who were given the command to kill the covenant breakers… “will raise an assembly to come up against you, and they shall stone you with stones, and cut you with their swords……,  and they shall burn your houses with fire and make judgments against you in the sight of many women’….}}}…. As GOD Has given us the command to stone and kill them by the sword ( the Word of GOD ), we know that we have done it.


Eze 23: 46- 49…..” so says the Lord Jehovah: Bring up on them an assembly, and give them to terror and plunder……., the assembly shall stone them with stones and cut them down with their swords……, they shall burn their houses with fire….., I will cause to cease wickedness out of the land, that all the women may be taught……, And you shall know that I am the Lord Jehovah.” }}}… Before they all come to KNOW GOD, they were stoned by us and then, their wickedness will be removed as they will come to KNOW GOD. This assembly has finished their work.



These clouds have to pour rain till they remember that GOD is their Rock… and the Most High GOD and their Redeemer. Which GOD is the ‘ROCK” ???   which GOD is the Most High , who is the Redeemer ???  It is “CHRIST our LORD ”. As PROVEN, they  did  not worship “CHRIST ” . They rejected Him. They stumbled on Him. They gave glory to the Father , who is not even a real Father , but the words of CHRIST  ! This is why they are dead.


GOD would not be angry forever.

Psa 78:38  But He being merciful, atoned for iniquity and did not destroy; and He added to turn away His anger, and did not stir up all his wrath.

Psa 78:39  For He remembered that they were flesh, a breath passing away, and not returning…}}}… Now they will be pardoned. But they have to admit and repent and set everything in order to serve the ONLY TRUE GOD ! To do that, they need the truth. It is the heavens which have the truth. they have to look up to the heavens now when they realize they are dead.


GOD turned their rivers in to blood. This is why in revelation, the moon and water springs are turned in to blood as they are guilty of blood. And all the other plagues such as “locusts” ( or the leaders were allowed to eat up the people by their lying as they did not seek GOD but feared the leaders and served them  as PROVEN ) v 46.,


GOD destroyed their vines with hail. The Vine is ‘CHRIST ” .  Those who did not grow fruits were cut off, and burned as PROVEN.


Psa 78:49  He cast upon them the fierceness of his anger, wrath, and indignation, and trouble, by sending evil angels  }}}… when GOD’s anger came, the “evil angels”, are the “leaders” who destroyed the flock as PROVEN.  Elsewhere in this writing proves that the “righteous” are like “angels”. Then, the “unrighteous” should be “evil” angels. Then, the work of the clouds have to be done.  The covenant of Peace have to be delivered.  GOD’s anger comes on the "Day of The Lord" , which is the "Times of Gentiles", as PROVEN. That is the ‘cloudy’ day. This psalm shows all the plagues which is poured upon Israel, in the book of revelation.


The leader who fulfills the roles of all evil kings in the Bible, will have to go through all the plagues …


Eze 38:22  And I will judge him with a plague and with blood, and an overflowing shower, and hailstones. I will rain fire and brimstone on him, and on his bands, and on the many peoples who are with him.


Eze 38:23  And I will magnify Myself and sanctify Myself. And I will be known in the eyes of the many nations, and they shall know that I am Jehovah. }}}….Plague, blood, hail, overflowing shower, rain, brimstone etc ( we have proven all these are to fall on Zion ) are all the plagues mentioned in revelation which we have proven that came on many nations, who are many people who are the harlot in Rev 17:3, 15. All of them were prophesied by GOD that would fall on Israel, in the writings of Moses. They fell on the "Day of Visitation" .  All these happen on ‘judgment” to bring glory to GOD. Who would magnify GOD and declare the truth to know GOD to bring Him glory ??? it is the “heavens”…!


Psa 78:54  He brought them to the border of His holy place; this mountain that His right hand had gained. … }}… Holy place, His Sanctuary, or the ‘mountain’ which His ‘RIGHT HAND” has  gained ??... The ‘Gentiles” are the right hand of GOD now. They fulfill the role of Moses as PROVEN.   First time when they came out of Egypt, it was Moses who was the right hand. By giving the truth and light to them now, they will come out of Egypt. It is done by the clouds. Isa. 56: 3- 8 and Mal 1: 11 shows, it is the Gentiles who are in GOD’S ALTAR, Sanctuary, Mountain, and the house of prayer. Can you deny and neglect to overlook such Scripture which came out of GOD’s mouth? If they need to return to GOD, then they have to come to this Mountain.


Gained is strong’s 7069. It also mean to ; “provoke to jealousy”, redeem and recover….  Who was chosen to provoke the Jews to jealousy ??? it is the foolish nation, which was bound as PROVEN, in Gen. 49: 10-12, and they are the ones working as the clouds and the heavens to recover  and to redeem Israel as PROVEN.


This psalm talks about a time when they have broken the covenant. When the sons and daughters broke the covenant, it is the strangers who joined to the LORD, who held fast to the covenant as Isa. 56 : 3- 8 and Mal 1: 11 says. We proved that these strangers are the ‘right hand of GOD”. That is the border of His Sanctuary now. Also the ‘Mountain”. Isa 56 says, GOD brought them to His mountain and to the Altar and to the “House of Prayer”.  They are the wonders and signs of heaven.


Isa. 25 talks about GOD creating a mountain with the poor and the needy. Vs 1- 4. GOD is being a stronghold or strength to the poor. if GOD is with the poor, the poor are GOD’s people . Then,  those who have invited the strangers  or Israel are like strangers to GOD as PROVEN. ( (Isa. 2: 6 etc ). At that time, GOD is in the mountain which the Gentiles gained. That is the mountain which GOD will make a feast … as v 6 say.  


In this mountain….” And He will destroy in this mountain the face of the covering which covers all people, and the veil that is woven over all nations.  }}}…. Covering is the ‘VEIL’.  In this mountain, GOD will remove the veil, or the blindness of all Israel. About this veil being uncovered, was preached to Gentiles, by Apostle Paul, who was taught directly by CHRIST our LORD , as He prepared him to teach to Gentiles.


Eph 4: 18 says, their hearts were darkened because of the hardness of the heart ( or their IGNORANCE ). Now, a change in the heart will take place as PROVEN.  It is the ignorance which is in them which covered their understanding. When the truth is proclaimed by the clouds, in this mountain, they will learn the truth. When you are ignorant about GOD’s Word, He calls such people ‘BEAST” as PROVEN. This is how the beast is going to be defeated. The fight is between the truth and the lies. The beast, and the clouds. The clouds have GOD in them and therefore, they will win.


Job 41 talks about how GOD would destroy the leviathan,  the king of the proud ( v 34) the fleeing serpent, which we have written before in other writings. When he is being destroyed, GOD asks who can take off the covering of his face?. Now, the leviathan is going to be destroyed for ever, as the devil, and the death will be destroyed which we have written before. No matter how big this serpent is, GOD’s ‘ARM”, as PROVEN, ( Isa. 51: 9, Psa 89: 10  ) will cut him apart. Destroying the serpent means no more lies, or no more deception, no more devil to cover the truth and we will have nothing but the TRUTH. When GOD does that, the veil which covers the minds of His people will be automatically removed. So this leader has to come to the mountain or the highway of Holiness to be uncovered.


2Co 3:14  But their thoughts were hardened, for until the present time the same veil remains on the reading of the Old Covenant, not being unveiled, that it is being done away in Christ. }}}… we proved that when you become CHRIST ’s, then the veil is removed and you can understand about GOD and the Old Testament. But since Israel rejected CHRIST  to this day, their veil remains. We have proven all. Remember, this was written to Gentiles, by Apostle Paul, as he was directly taught by CHRIST , after he was sent to Gentiles, when the Jews totally rejected ( Act 28: 28-30). These letters of Apostle Paul, were not given to Jews. Now too since the Jews have rejected, the salvation came to Gentiles, ‘FIRST”. That means the knowledge of GOD is given to Gentiles or the Vessels of Mercy, first, to give it to Israel. we proved all these in the mysteries writings.


2Co 3:15  But until today, when Moses is being read, a veil lies on their heart. }}}…. Apostle Paul wrote this, AFTER the Jews rejected and he wrote this to Gentiles many years later. So this could not have known by the Jews, since especially they rejected the Gentiles. Gentiles, who received these letters, may not have given to the Jews as they refused to mix with the Gentiles. Gentiles are to share these things, when CHRIST  came in to them in colos 1: 27. That is the time all things are to be fulfilled and the knowledge of the truth was given to anyone. GOD, kept all these hidden, till the time came to reveal these mysteries to those who feared and loved Him as PROVEN. Now His people the Gentiles, the poor are being separated and having Great Mercies to Israel, He wants to forgive them. Therefore, in this mountain, just as CHRIST  Had appointed the mountain in Galilee to meet with the apostles, He Has prepared this mountain which His right hand gained, to give the knowledge and the truth and His Spirit, so they all can KNOW HIM AND GIVE GLORY TO HIM  !!!


They should know that they killed and betrayed Him even now. The mountain where GOD Is has to work to accomplish this as their veil is going to be removed in this mountain.


Luk 1:77  to give a knowledge of salvation to His people by remission of their sins,

Luk 1:78  through the tender heart of mercy of our God, in which the Dayspring from on high will visit us,

Luk 1:79  to appear to those sitting in darkness and in shadow of death, to direct our feet into the way of peace.  }}}….if you want salvation, then you should have the knowledge and also the forgiveness of sins. this was simply not available any other time, but when CHRIST  ‘VISITS’ us. that is the "Day of Visitation"  as PROVEN. that is the time they sit in darkness and are dead. All things have to be fulfilled for us to have salvation.


Now Apostle Paul, was teaching these uncovering of Israel’s minds to Gentiles, because they are the ones who will be working and witnessing and seeing their covered minds. The heavens will reveal iniquity and pour rain and fire, to open their minds to salvation.


2Co 3:16  But whenever it turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away. }}}….How could the veil be taken away since they have taken away their hearts from the LORD ??? This is why the ambassadors for peace  ( who are the Gentiles as Apostle Paul prepared them directly under CHRIST our LORD , 2 Cor 5: 20) should speak peace with LORD and His children Israel.  What great things are to be done in this mountain of the LORD ???  this is the mountain which GOD founded as PROVEN. They must expose the lies and preach the truth. The wonderful works of GOD in the heavens !!!  



2Co 3:17  And the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. }}}… where ever the Spirit is, there is the freedom. Whole Laodicean era cannot have freedom, as they do not have the Spirit.   Israel, having rejected the true GOD and the truth are now in captivity and they need the truth to be set free. The truth comes from heavens. The Spirit which leads to the truth, they do not have. But now, GOD wants them to have His Spirit once again. Holy Spirit came on the day of Pentecost as we all know.


2Co 3:18  But we all with our face having been unveiled, having beheld the glory of the Lord in a mirror, are being changed into the same image from glory to glory, as from the Lord Spirit. ..}}}… We, the Gentiles, have their veil uncovered and are changed NOW, and that is why we are in the heavens. We know GOD’s glory, which is to understand and know Him as proven  above. This was written by the direction of CHRIST our LORD . Therefore, it is the truth.


. Isa 25:8  He will swallow up death in victory; and the Lord GOD will wipe away tears from off all faces; and the rebuke of his people shall he take away from off all the earth: for the LORD hath spoken it.


                                                for the LORD hath spoken!!!



Psa 102:13  Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favour her, yea, the set time, is come.

Psa 102:14  For Your servants take pleasure in its stones, and pity its dust. }}.. The lively stones are the Gentiles as Apostle Peter  said. But Zion is in dust.


Psa 102:16  When Jehovah shall build up Zion, He shall be seen in His glory. }}}…when GOD builds Zion, He is seen in His glory , which means the true knowledge of GOD . how can you build the spiritual temple without the true knowledge ???  Where is His glory? In the heavens !!!!


Psa 102:18  This shall be written for the generation to come, and people to be created shall praise Jehovah. }}}… We will give glory, before we are created in to Spirit beings. Israel should know GOD, to praise Him. They should learn this praise from the “babes”, who already are giving it to GOD as Psa 8: 2 says.


Psa 102:19  For He has looked down from the height of His sanctuary; Jehovah looked from Heaven to the earth }}}… when all these happen, GOD is in HIS Sanctuary , which is the ‘HEAVEN”. For GOD to look “down”, He Has to be “up”.


Psa 102:20  to hear the groaning of the prisoner, to set free the sons of death, }}}… GOD’s sanctuary, which was the church was defiled by the sin in the east gate as PROVEN, and now He is in Heaven, and now He Has heard the groaning of the captives and want to free them. They have to learn the truth and be free from their captives, who are the lying leaders. Truth has to be made known.


Psa 102:21  to declare the name of Jehovah “in” Zion, and His praise in Jerusalem,

Psa 102:28  The children of thy servants shall continue, and their seed shall be established before thee  }}}… when they are dead and when GOD intervenes to free them,  and when it is time to declare the name of GOD IN Zion , it is the children who will be established. They are the Gentiles, as PROVEN.



Psa 78: 66…GOD put the enemies to a never-ending shame. That is why  the harlot in Rev 17 and 18 will have her smoke goes for ever and ever as PROVEN.  GOD only chose the tribe of Judah. That is where the Lion of the tribe of Judah is now working, having bound the donkey and the colt to the vine as prophesied by Jacob in Gen. 49: 10-12. All these prophesies were fulfilled now.  Please read: Genesis 49 and the foolish nation in our web site.


V 70… GOD also took king David . This happen on the “cloudy” day as Eze 34 says. king David  says, in the end it is the Gentiles who will serve him. This is the new Lamp which we have written about. The earth is defiled and forsaken by GOD and He works in the clouds of heaven and they give GOD’s glory.


At the time of the establishing of the throne, righteousness and judgment,.. it is the clouds which are around Him. Psa  97: 2. at that time, the lightning lit up the world, and earth is trembling as other times which we have written. Then, it is the ‘HEAVENS” WHICH DECLARES HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS AND ALL THE PEOPLE SHALL SEE HIS GLORY.


 Psa 97:6  The heavens declare His righteousness and all the people see His glory. }}}… We have proven according to Apostle Paul’s teachings, that only the Vessels of Mercy are righteous as GOD declares them righteous. All those who are under the Law were found to be guilty, failing to keep the Law. We have declared GOD’s RIGHTEOUSNESS and all will see His glory as they come to know the truth about the One and True GOD. CHRIST  said, “ I am the way, the truth  etc….




For true and righteous are His judgments, because He judged the great harlot who defiled the earth with her fornication. And He avenged the blood of His slaves out of her hand }}}…. Rev 19: 2. after GOD avenged the blood of the saints from the leaders in v 7, she was granted to wear fine  linen once again. WITHOUT REPENTING PROPERLY GOD would never grant her to wear fine linen. Even after she was judged, she continued in her sins. (  Rev 22: 11 ). But at the appointed time, GOD will cause her to realize her sins and open the mind once again to the truth. ( Eze 16: 61- 63 says, “she will never open her mouth” and many other prophecies say she will bear her shame. ) then she will turn to GOD and will not sin any more after she is given a new  ‘HEART” or the change in heart happens. All the judgments were because she was hard in heart as PROVEN.


At this time the judgments are finished…the above verse says ‘JUDGED”.. that is in the past. If not the judgments were finished, GOD would never allow her to wear fine linen in the first place.  V 7 shows that she is ready for the marriage. The judgments are to last only one prophetic hour, which is three and half years or 1260 days or 42 months as mentioned in the book of revelation, as PROVEN.


  Rev 19:1  And after these things, I heard a great voice of a large multitude in Heaven, saying, Hallelujah! The salvation and the glory and the honor and the power of the Lord our God!  }}}…. After these things… that is after she was burned, as v 3 says, “ her smoke rose up  FOR EVER ”…;  this means just what I have written here as above. She will have to bear the shame for ever. In to eternity, she will remember why she had to die. This prophecy of Rev 19: 1- 3 are fulfilled.


V 1… did we not say that GOD’s salvation , has come.  CHRIST , when He comes the secong time, He is to give salvation to Gentiles ( Act 13: 47,   Is 49: 6,  Isa. 42 ,  Act 28: 28. if the Gentiles are to “hear” as v 28 says, then the Jews have NOT heard )  Isa. 56 shows our work means the salvation has come. Our work is almost finished. We gave glory , honor  to the ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD, WHO IS OUR CREATOR, REDEEMER,  AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST.!   He ‘REIGNED” over the harlot by JUDGING her.


 {{ Exo 15:18  The LORD shall reign for ever and ever. }}

       1 Ch 16:36…Blessed Be THE LORD GOD of Israel –for ever.

       1 Ch 29: 10… king David  Blessed GOD for ever and ever.

Blessed be thy glorious name, which is exalted above all blessing and praise ! ( Psa 10: 16,  45: 6,  The ‘SCEPTER” OF the KINGDOM is a ‘right’ scepter”. The scepter” means the “Branch”. They are ‘CHRIST ’ and the saints who are Gentiles as PROVEN. “Right” means straight, just, equity, uprightness) Psa 48: 14,  Psa 145: 1, 2,   21,  


V 2 – 3 … CHRIST  and His saints judged the harlot with True and Righteous judgments and He avenged our blood upon her. The whole world will learn about her fornication soon. That will burn her for ever in shame. ( psa 9: 5,  Isa. 34: 10,  the ‘SMOKE” as in the harlot in Rev 18 and 19: 3, goes for ever.


V 3… again THEY SAID… this is the multitude in ‘HEAVEN” as v 1 says giving glory to GOD and saying that her smoke goes up for ever. Have not we fulfilled these prophecies ? … this is how the ‘HEAVENS” give glory to GOD, by condemning the harlot and giving glory to our GOD, who is CHRIST our LORD ….!!!


Rev 19:5  And a voice came out from the throne, saying, Praise our God, all His slaves, and the ones fearing Him, the small and the great!!!


Since the judgments are over now, all small and great, slaves and those who fear Him …  should ;  PRAISE OUR GOD !!! This is why the ‘heavens’ declare and give glory to GOD !

Rev 19:6  And I heard as a sound of a numerous crowd, and as a sound of many waters, and as a sound of strong thunders, saying, Hallelujah! Because the Lord God Almighty reigned !!!


Psa 29:3  The voice of Jehovah is on the waters; the God of glory thunders; Jehovah is above many waters  }}}… This psalm is sung when GOD intervenes to save the sons of king David  as PROVEN. this is the time the seven thunders utters the voice to give birth … this is the time of the judgment of the harlot and how she is born again as PROVEN.


The waters are the people..., ( There are two kinds of waters. The waters which fulfill the Word of GOD, and waters which sinned and are afraid( the over flowing waters which comes down from the clouds as PROVEN  is 66: 12,  Psa 78: 13 , 78: 16, , Psa 104: 3 , 6,  ) and the waters on whom the harlot reigned . (Rev 17: 3, 15.  The waters , when they see GOD, they are afraid and trembles and that is the earth, the mountains which are lifted up  Psa 77: 16,  Psa 105: 29 ,  106: 11 107: 23  this is the harlot ,  119: 136,   Isa. 17: 12 ,  13,   )  But these are the waters which surrounds GOD , the thick clouds of the heaven. ( Psa 18: 11) , as king Solomon said, that GOD likes to dwell in darkness, in the thick clouds on the cloudy day, these waters give glory to GOD and are singing. They are the clouds as this psalm says. … the hail, coals of fire, clouds, voice etc… at this time, HE HAS FINISHED reigning ( the judgments are over). The above verse in Rev 19, v 6 says, the Almighty REIGNED…


Psa 93:4  Jehovah on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, than the mighty waves of the sea… }}}  .. GOD is Higher and mightier than the many waters. Rev 19 shows how powerful GOD is and we should give glory to Him. !


In Psa 144: … king David  prays to GOD to rescue him and deliver him from great waters , from the hand of  strange children. This means his descendants, have to be with the strangers as now. They have lies and vanity.  This definitely is now, when they are proud.


Psa 144:5  Bow down Your heavens, O Jehovah; and come down; touch the mountains and they shall smoke.

Psa 144:6  Flash out lightning and scatter them; send out Your arrows and confound them  }}}… GOD’s HEAVENS… the heavens are the work of GOD’s hands as we saw…, and GOD Has come in heavens and have already touched the mountains who are full of vanity and lies. This is why she smokes for ever in shame. V 7 … time to deliver from great waters, from the hands of the strange children. GOD’s arrows are sent after the song of Moses is sung as Deut 32: 23, 42 says.



At the same time, king David  knew that one day, the strangers will serve him, fearing him… Psa 18: 43---- all these were already fulfilled.


Psa 148:4  Praise Him, O heavens of heavens; and O waters that are above the heavens. }}}… How could the real water be above the heavens??? These are the waters, the people who are now in heaven working with GOD to deliver king David ’s children. The waters in the HEAVENS have declared His glory !


Pro 18:4  The words of a man's mouth are like deep waters, the fountain of wisdom like a flowing stream. }}}… we have always written that the overflowing shower  comes from the Gentiles, are the words of GOD. He Has given us the wisdom as PROVEN, and our words which comes form our mouths, will overflow even to the top of the mountains GIVING THEM THE WISDOM. But, the cold waters coming from a far county will be a good report as we see. ( Pro 25: 25) GOD’s Holy mountain will be full of knowledge of GOD as the waters cover the sea. ( Isa. 11: 9). These waters, over flows like a stream, as they speak having heavenly wisdom !  they will be the waters drawing out of wells of salvation ( Isa. 12: 3).  


But, as CHRIST  said, “ what comes out of the mouth defiles”…, the false words of the false prophets have over flown the land of Israel and have deceived the descendants of king David …. This is why he said the floods over flows him . But GOD Has promised to deliver Israel from such deep waters which come from a “man’s mouth, instead of ‘GOD’s’. .


Israel are now in Egypt, and when GOD comes down in the cloud to Egypt,  the waters will dry up from the sea where the wicked are. ( Is 19: 1- 5) . Has that not happened ???  The leaders give foul waters to the sheep Eze 34. GOD Has come down on the cloudy and dark day to search for sheep.


GOD comes down like a hail storm and like mighty waters overflowing down to the earth with His hand as PROVEN… ( Isa. 28: 2). GOD  Has given  waters in the wilderness as Isa. 35: 6- 7 says.


Isa 40:12  He who has measured in His hand the waters and the heavens by a span meted out; and enclosed in the measure the dust of the earth, and weighed in the balance the mountains, and the hills in the scales, ..}}}…. Measuring the waters ???  is GOD really interested in measuring the real waters in the earth ???  measure the dust of the earth???... Who sits in dust now??? ... Weighing the mountains ??? why would GOD weigh the mountains???  All these apply spiritually.  V 13 proves this further. The ‘HEAVENS METED OUT”???... ‘span’ means the breadth of the fingers which used to measure. This means to direct, equalize, arrange , balance etc…. The heavens were made by GOD’s fingers as we saw. GOD balanced and directed the heavens … to do what ??? to declare His glory…. at that time, the dust and the mountains are measured or judged.


Isa. 43  …GOD tells Jacob, and Israel to not to fear as He will redeem them. This is done by the blood of CHRIST  as PROVEN, and after the written judgments. GOD says to Israel ;…


Isa 43:2  When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk in the fire, you shall not be burned, nor shall the flame kindle on you.


GOD KNEW VERY WELL THAT ALL WILL SIN. He even spared the Lamb to die. He Had planned to come as a human to redeem them by giving His own blood. Did He not know that all WOULD sin and break the Law ???  Of course He knew. HE PLANNED TO  SEND THEM TO CAPTIVITY, ALLOW THEM TO DO WHAT IS IN THEIR HEARTS,  AND DELUSIONED ALL TO BELIEVE THE LIES OF THE LEADERS AND THEN TO DELIVER THEM. He planned all what is written in the Word. All things have to be fulfilled. But, when it is time to fulfill the Word or all things, AND TO BRING Israel, it is the heavens which will have to do so.


Psa 19:1  . The heavens are recounting the glory of God, and the expanse proclaiming His handiwork.

Psa 19:2  Day by day they pour forth speech, and night to night reveals knowledge.

Psa 19:3  There is no speech, nor are there words where their voice is not heard.

Psa 19:4  Their measuring line has gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world; in them He has set up a dwelling-place for the sun,

Psa 19:5  and he comes forth like a bridegroom from his canopy. He rejoices like a hero to run a race;

Psa 19:6  his going forth from the end of the heavens, and his orbit to their ends; and nothing is hidden from his heat.

Psa 19:7  The Law of Jehovah is perfect, converting the soul. The Testimony of Jehovah is sure, making the simple wise.

Psa 19:8  The precepts of Jehovah are right, rejoicing the heart. The commands of Jehovah are pure, giving light to the eyes.

Psa 19:9  The fear of Jehovah is clean, enduring forever. The judgments of Jehovah are true, they are righteous altogether.

Psa 19:10  They are more precious than gold, even much fine gold, and sweeter than honey and drops from the honeycomb.

Psa 19:11  Also Your servant is warned by them; in keeping of them is great reward.

Psa 19:12  Who can discern errors? Acquit me from secret faults.

Psa 19:13  Also withhold Your servant from arrogant sins; do not let them rule over me; then I shall be upright, and I shall be innocent from great transgression.

Psa 19:14  Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing before You, O Jehovah, my Rock and my Redeemer. }}}… Our Redeemer and Rock is ‘CHRIST our LORD ’, to Him be the Glory !



2Co 3:3  You are demonstrating that you are Christ's letter, produced by our service, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts.}}}}….Paul says to ‘Gentiles’, that they are CHRIST ’s letter which is written by the ‘Spirit” OF GOD, and those letters are written in the ‘HEARTS” of ours. This is why, they could be used to send the letter to Israel, as Gentiles have written it in their hearts. Can any man, who were unable to prove themselves to be “men”, according to the Law written in 1 King 2: 2-3, deny all these written Word of GOD ??? If the Gentiles have the letter of CHRIST  written in their hearts, they do not need a change of heart. Only Israel need the change of heart. Besides, it is written not with human ink, but by the ‘Spirit OF THE LIVING GOD”. That is CHRIST our LORD …


It is written, to be read by all men as v 2 says,,,.. 2Co 3:2…. being known and being read by all men,  }}}…. This is why, we are able to be ministers of the new covenant. We already have the Spirit of GOD in our hearts.  



2Co 3:6  who also made us able ministers of a new covenant, not of letter, but of Spirit. For the letter kills, but the Spirit makes alive. }}} … the new covenant, then should be a “spiritual” covenant. at this time, Apostle Paul calls “Israel”, the ‘MINISTRY OF DEATH”… v 7. Read these verses and see how Apostle Paul has spoken about Israel and Gentiles.  This could only apply to our times, when the ministry of the new covenant and the ministry of death EXISTS AT THE SAME TIME!


 2Co 3:8  how much rather the “ministry of the Spirit” will be in glory!

2Co 3:9  For if the ministration of condemnation be glory, much more doth the “ministration of righteousness exceed in glory…}}}…. This is why, the clouds are in heaven, and the kingdom is called the kingdom of ‘HEAVEN”, and Israel are in the ‘earth’.  The clouds  already have  the Spirit, and are glorifying GOD, and they are called the ministration of ‘RIGHTEOUSNESS “. We saw earlier, that only the ‘clouds” are ‘RIGHTEOUS” and the throne is established in righteousness.


Psa 37:6  And He will bring forth your righteousness like the light; and your judgment like the noon day. ..}}}… this psalm is for our time. please read the whole psalm. V 12 says, the wicked plots against the righteous and v 14 about how the wicked have drawn the sword and they cause the poor and needy to fall and kill those who walk uprightly. These are the wicked leaders in PCG, who are rich as PROVEN, and who killed the poor. this could be fulfilled only in the ‘Laodicean era’ as they are the “rich” , also as Jam 2 says.


Their sword is what they fought the poor with. That was the war between the wicked and the poor which was prophesied. CHRIST , and the Gentiles  fought with the wicked in Rev 17. this proves further  that the war was between the poor and the rich.  Psa 12: 5… GOD will hear the poor.  and psa 7: 15- 16 says, that the wicked will have their own violence coming down on his own head.  Psa 35: 8 .



Jer 10: 13…. When GOD utters His voice, vapors come from the “ends of the earth”… “lightings” and “rain”… the “wind”. }}}}….The vapors, lightning, rain and the wind all are compared to Gentiles, as proven. they come from the “ends of the earth”.  CHRIST  said, when He comes it will be like lightning and it comes from the east, which is in the ends of the earth  . Mat 24: 27.


Jer 51:15  He has made the earth by His power, He has established the world by His wisdom, and stretched out the heavens by His understanding. }}}….God made the earth, ( the Jewish world as PROVEN ), and gave His wisdom. They were once wise, if the wisdom of the wise is to be perished as the Word says. But, GOD’s UNDERSTANDING, is in the heavens. The ‘understanding” means they KNOW GOD. that is why, they can glorify GOD. because, GOD says as above, that if one is to give glory to Him, they should KNOW AND UNDERSTAND HIM. The Heavens not only understand, but they are to pour that to the earth. GOD commands the heavens to DECLARE…. Do not conceal, but declare….  The heavens only can fight with the antichrists who are un righteous, as the heavens are righteous. Do you see how the plan and purpose of GOD is being uncovered by the heavens ???


Jer 51:16  When He gives His voice, a multitude of waters is in the heavens, and He causes the mists to ascend from the end of the earth. He makes lightnings for rain, and brings forth the wind out of His treasuries. }}}….. the waters, which are in heaven causes it to rain on the earth and the mists also ascend from the “end” of the earth. When would this happen ???  …….


V 17… “when every man is ‘BRUTISH” in knowledge”.!  …..That is when the throne of king David  became beast as PROVEN and  then the ‘heavens’ understand and the earth is made brutish…, because, of their vanity and the work of errors. Who does the ‘work of error”??? It is the antichrist in 2 thes 2. , the man of sin who exalts. They perish in the time of their punishment as v 18 says. ( not kill them, but their wickedness will perish ) So until the judgments, these wicked would go on doing their wickedness and GOD would not punish them until the appointed time.



Isa 55:3  Bend your ear and come to Me; hear, and your soul shall live; and I will cut an everlasting covenant with you, the faithful mercies of David.

Isa 55:4  Behold, I gave Him a Witness to peoples, a Leader and Commander of peoples. ( CHRIST , is the “Witness”. He said He came to witness to the ‘TRUTH”. }But we know, until the man of sin, or the Laodicean era , there was no truth.


Isa 55:5  Behold, You shall call a nation You do not know; yea, a nation not knowing You shall run to You,…….. for He has glorified You. }}}.. when Zion is being glorified, or given the understanding, it is a nation they do not know will come and give this understanding.


Isa 55:6  Seek Jehovah while He may be found; call on Him while He is near.

Isa 55:7  Let the wicked forsake his way and the man of vanity his thoughts, and let him return to Jehovah, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon.



Isa 55:10  For as the rain and the snow comes down from the heavens and do not return there, except it waters the earth and make it bring forth and bud, and give seed to the sower and bread to the eater,

Isa 55:11  so shall My Word be, which goes out of My mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in what I sent it to do!



Do you think GOD’s Word will not be fulfilled ???... of course it Has already. The wicked should forsake their ways and must drink in the rain which GOD sent from HEAVEN to accomplish what He pleases…. !


The Heavens declares GOD’s glory !!!!


Heavens have sent the rain and snow…. GOD will cause the earth to drink it. These are the unseen things of GOD, which is visible now for all those who failed to give glory to GOD as above, even though they were given that knowledge. GOD’s Word, which goes out of His mouth, is heard in the thunder. The seven thunders have uttered to bring forth salvation to Israel. GOD is merciful to our fathers Jacob, and king David  and Abraham. As v 5 says…, a nation which did not know Him, has come running because Israel need to glorify GOD. This is why king David  said the foreigners will come and submit to him … Psa 18: 43- --


My Word , which goes out of My mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall…….. Accomplish ……..


that which I please, and it shall   prosper in what I sent it to do!   When He utters His voice, noise of waters in the heavens. ( Jer 10: 13). These waters bring glory to GOD in the heavens.       


This is why when CHRIST  came to judge His people, He came with a sword in His mouth !!!   He will never fail… all things will be fulfilled.


The waters will not fail. They will water the dry places of the earth. That is the church which has no rain as they have sinned. ( Is 58: 11) The fountain of living waters is GOD. ( Jer 17: 13) they have forsaken Him and became dry. ( Jer 2: 13). We proved that is when they were thrown in to the Bottomless pit. They have gone to Egypt to drink waters after forsaking GOD’s water. ( Jer 2: 18).


All those who want to be a green tree, they should be planted by these waters ( Jer 17: 8,  31: 9 ). Now those who live by false waters, who are rich should forsake those waters and turn to GOD who has the living waters. ( Jer 51: 13, 16 ) .


Zion should rise up in the night and should pour out her heart like the waters before the face of the LORD.


Lam 2:19  Rise up, cry out in the night at the head of the watches; pour out your heart like waters before the face of the Lord.


Lam 3:54  Waters flowed over on my head; I said, I am cut off.

Lam 3:55  I called on Your name, O Jehovah, from the lowest pit. }}}…when they are in the Bottomless pit, being exposed , already the waters were up to her head. This water will clean her. ( Eze 36: 25) Then the glory of GOD came from the way of east and His voice like the many waters and the earth shone from His glory. ( Eze 43: 2).

Rev 19:5  And a voice came out from thethrone, saying,

                                  Praise our GOD!!!


Rev 19:6  And I heard as a sound of a numerous crowd, and as a sound of many waters, and as a sound of strong thunders, saying, Hallelujah! Because the Lord God Almighty reigned….}}}…. Many waters, whom were led by the harlot, finally praise GOD , the ALMIGHTY  , when the voice came from the throne. And the throne is in the heavens !!!.... They will KNOW, that GOD, ALMIGHTY , REIGNED.  The judgments have to be over at this time, as it says reigned, which is in the past tense and v 7 says, the bride is ready.


Read from v 1…. The multitude , in ‘HEAVEN” said the salvation and power and glory and honor …. Because ( v 2) ‘TRUE” and ‘RIGHTEOUS” are the judgments, ….and v 3…, again they said that Zion’s smoke goes for ever. We have fulfilled all these.


                              His wife prepared herself. !!!




Ps 148:8 ---Fire and hail, snow and clouds; Stormy wind, fulfilling His word;  }}}… Job 37: 17… GOD quiets the earth by the ‘SOUTH WIND”. How could the fire, hail , snow , cloud and wind fulfill GOD’s  ‘WORDS”???? These heavenly signs are working in the judgment , which is the "Day of The Lord" , to fulfill all things as CHRIST  said…

Luk 21:22  For these are “….days of vengeance”….. when all things that have been written are to be fulfilled. }}}…. If CHRIST  says  ALL THINGS will be fulfilled on the ‘DAYS OF VENGENACE”,  then it will be just as He says, as we are the fire, hail, snow and clouds and wind which fulfill all things according to the written Word of GOD. Fulfilling the Word means the "Times of Gentiles", which is v 24 should be fulfilled also which no leader would like to accept.


Then as the v 25 says… the ‘HEAVENLY SIGNS”…. And on earth, where the synagogue of satan is, anxiety, bewilderment, and roaring of the sea. When these heavenly signs as above are fulfilling the Word, the sea roars… as PROVEN. v 26.. the powers of heaven will be shaken…. This is when they will see the Son of Man coming in the clouds… with much glory. the glory of understanding about the hidden mysteries were given for the heavens to declare. The heavens moved and started to declare GOD’s glory, after He came on the clouds.


V 28… when these things begins to happen, remember, your REDEMPTION is near. Not your death, but redemption. CHRIST  comes to redeem everyone who are scattered.  To free those who worship the beast. This is the Word of GOD… the heavens knows that GOD will redeem all.


Psa 148:13  Let them praise the name of Jehovah; for His name alone is exalted; His glory is above the earth and heavens



Isa 42:5  Thus saith God the LORD, he that created the heavens, and stretched them out; he that spread forth the earth, and that which cometh out of it; he that giveth breath unto the people upon it, and spirit to them that walk therein: }}}}… this is fulfilled when CHRIST  came to give light to the Gentiles as this chapter says. it is the same time for all to receive the Spirit as well. Just as the apostles received the Spirit when CHRIST  ‘BREATHED” ( Joh 20: 22), Israel, also will receive when He breathe on them soon. Besides, he also said to ‘FEED THE ENEMY… GIVE DRINKS TO THEM… BY DOING SO, ‘YOU WILL HEAP COALS OF FIRE ON HIS HEAD”…. ( Rom 12: 20). That is one way to send fire from heaven. The heavens declare and give food to earth, who are their enemies, so they will have coals of fire on their head. all are fulfilled.


Joh 20: 22- 23…. Just after CHRIST  gave the breath to the apostles, He said;…” whomever you may remit the sins, they are remitted to them. Of whomever you hold, they have been held”….Christ gave the authority to apostles to forgive or hold anyone’s sins.  But, CHRIST  and as our apostle told us to love one another, and as we are the ‘House of Prayer”, and the ministry of reconciliation, and the ministry of the new covenant, we cannot hold anyone’s sins no matter how sinful they are.


Rom 5: 10 says, while we, the Gentiles, were enemies, we were reconciled to GOD, through CHRIST . Same way, Israel is now His enemy, and they too will be reconciled. This is why, we are ordained as the ‘HEAVENS” to declare GOD’s glory in Zion. The sons of death…. You are forgiven!.


psa 33:6  Through the Word of Jehovah the heavens were made; and all their host were made by the breath of His mouth…}}}….The Word of GOD created the heavens and they have His breath. This is the new heaven, which was created by His ‘BREATH”. It is CHRIST ’s ‘BREATH” which consumed the man of sin. The ‘words’ are Spirit said CHRIST  in Joh 6: 63. The ‘words’ are the Father , who gives life as PROVEN.


Acts 3: 16- 21 … JESUS CHRIST  cannot come until He restores all things. This is why He came as a thief in the night. If He is to come as a thief in the ‘NIGHT’, then the  night has to come first. In the night, there is no Sun… only the moon shines; this is why in the darkness the Gentiles will come to their light as Isa. 60. In the night, the light comes to destroy the darkness. This is why we are exposing the workers of darkness. So the night could be no more.



When the judgments are over, as Rev 19 1- 6 says, all will praise GOD, fulfilling the following psalm….


Psa 96:1  O sing to Jehovah a new song; sing to Jehovah, all the earth.

Psa 96:2  Sing to Jehovah; bless His name, bear news of His salvation day by day.

Psa 96:3  Tell of His glory among the nations, His wonders among all people.

Psa 96:4  For Jehovah is great and greatly to be praised; He is to be feared above all gods.

Psa 96:5  For all the gods of the peoples are idols; but Jehovah made the heavens.

Psa 96:6  Honor and majesty are before Him; strength and beauty are in His sanctuary.

Psa 96:7  Give to Jehovah, O families of the people; give to Jehovah glory and might.

Psa 96:8  Give to Jehovah the glory due His name; lift up an offering and come into His courts.

Psa 96:9  Oh worship Jehovah in the beauty of holiness; tremble before Him, all the earth.

Psa 96:10  Say among the nations, Jehovah reigns; and, The world shall be established, it shall not be moved; He shall judge the peoples in uprightness.

Psa 96:11  Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice; let the sea roar, and the fullness of it.

Psa 96:12  Let the field be joyful, and all that is in it; then the trees of the forest shall rejoice

Psa 96:13  before Jehovah; for He comes; for He comes to judge the earth; He shall judge the world with righteousness, and the people with His faithfulness. }}}…. The earth has idols, but GOD made the ‘HEAVENS”. New songs are sung, and GOD’s glory is given. All these happen when HIS  “NAME” is glorified. That is when as king Solomon said when the Gentiles come in GOD’s name as PROVEN.  The world shall be established. But the heavens will declare His glory as GOD Has made them already.  The kingdom of heaven comes when CHRIST  comes as a thief, on the "Day of Visitation" .


Col 3:4  Whenever Christ our life is revealed, then also you will be revealed with Him in glory..}}}… this happen, after these Gentiles died with CHRIST  and raised with Him as previous verses say. Now, CHRIST  is revealed with the Father and we who are working with GOD also will be revealed.  This is to happen when the heavens work. That means then only the truth about the Gentiles also will be revealed as well.  In short, when the truth about CHRIST  is revealed, when the veil is taken away, they will see that GOD is working with Gentiles. !  


Col 3:5  Then put to death your members which are on the earth: fornication, uncleanness, passion, evil lust, and covetousness, which is idolatry;

Col 3:6  on account of which things the wrath of God is coming on the sons of disobedience…}}}… those who are in the ‘earth’ commit all these sins. They are the “sons” who disobeyed GOD. They are no one but GOD’s sons.  This is why the Gentiles were called to stone Israel as written above. Now, the Gentiles also are revealed and those of the truth, will hear us as we did better than sons and daughters as Isa. 56: 3- 8 says.


1Jn 4:6  We are of God; the one knowing God hears us. Whoever is not of God does not hear us. From this we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error..}}}…Apostle John was saying this to the ‘LITTLE CHILDREN “. We proved that they are the little children, whom were sent by CHRIST , AS HE SAID HE WOULD. Now, they have OVERCOME . “WHEN” did GOD say some have overcome ? it is in the ‘judgments”. Then he says ‘HE IS “…IN”…. YOU IS GREATER.  This is when CHRIST  Has come upon the Gentiles as colos 1: 27 says. 1 cor 4: 5 says, He comes to expose. We have proven from the Word, that CHRIST  is now working in the Gentiles, who are the clouds, who bring GOD’s glory as Israel, have failed. At this time, all THOSE WHO DO NOT HEAR US, ARE NOT FROM GOD.

 ….”From this we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error”…..


GOD says in judgment, the whole earth shall come to KNOW Him. that means they finally would have heard us. This is why the heavens are trying to pour down the rain or the truth, so they can hear and by hearing their faith will come. The world has never had the truth all these times. Until as Rev 10 says, until the seventh angel , until the mystery of GOD ended , no one ever knew the truth about GOD. so how could they have worshiped Him in truth??? This is what the angels and many prophets loved to hear and see, which is given to Gentiles to see and hear as PROVEN.


As we can clearly see, the truth about GOD was not given to ANY ONE, either Israel or Gentiles till the judgments. If one is to know GOD or glorify Him, they should know the truth. if the truth was simply unavailable until the heavens or the clouds which have the truth reveals, how could HWA or any leader have proclaimed it ??? Think and meditate on this matter and prove all things and know the truth !!!


Now, clearly the Spirit of truth and of error  or iniquity was revealed by the heavens as Job said earlier.  


We pray to GOD, as He Has appointed us to be the priests and kings who are now working in the heavens where GOD’s Sanctuary is, and being the clouds  who have the truth, mercy, righteousness and faithfulness ; to have Mercy on all Israel and open their blinded minds once again to understand and know GOD and to give Him all glory and Honor which is due … on this "Day of Visitation" , "Day of The Lord" , "Times of Gentiles", and "Day of Judgment", which are the times which all things are to be fulfilled as CHRIST our LORD  said!!!  .


GOD Has clearly revealed His truth to the heavens, on this day when the great feast is given in the mountain of the LORD which His hands have gained, and here by, we declare His truth.  May all Israel will come to KNOW THE TRUE GOD , CHRIST our LORD  !!!



Rev 22:20  He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly.


                            Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.!!!


Rev 22:21  The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with all of you. Amen.



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