Ten Horns

God says, there will be ten kings in the end time, who will be inspired by the devil and they will desolate the harlot in Rev 17. Since we know who the harlot is, we must prove from the Word, who are these ten kings. These horns are to exist only for  ONE” hour, the very last hour and during the judgment of the church. Since they are at war with Christ, they should exist at the same time when Christ comes down ( in rain and in clouds ) to execute judgments.( 1 cor 4; 5 )also, when we find out ‘WITH WHOM” Christ is at war, we know exactly who these ten kings are. They are not real kings, even though they are called kings, but they are given authority as kings. So they will be acting as kings. The “Bible” definition of the “beast” is ; some one “who has no Holy Spirit” and therefore, does not understand God’s spiritual matters.


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The EU, or CC, and all the kings  in the world, have been beasts always as they never had Holy Spirit. These are God’s king priests, who are condemned  and rejected by God as beasts as they have sinned and having no Holy Spirit, and are without understanding. If they were kings in the world, they do not need to give their power and authority especially to the devil, as they always serve the devil. This is to happen only in the “judgment”, of “God’s church”, during the last era and for “ONE” hour.. But they stumbled in judgment and they would not know their judgments, WHICH ARE SPIRITUAL. NO ONE CAN SEE THEY ARE IN A BOTTOMLESS PIT, BECAUSE IT IS A SPIRITUAL PIT.  They are the ones who were spewed out of Christ’s mouth, ( means, not giving Holy spirit, Rev 3: 16). They are the profaned ( with Ezekiel in Ez. 24: 21)  workers of iniquity, Joshua and the fellows, the man of sin, the liar, and the stones of the Sanctuary,

( Lam.4;1 ) who has fallen and are being witnessed and judged. At Christ’s coming in the clouds, after the flooding rain, they will be consumed by His breath.


Psa 89:39  You have turned away from the covenant of Your servant; You have defiled his crown on the ground. } The crown, which the throne of David had, is fallen to the ground as the high priest sinned.  From the beginning, it was the “high priest” and kings of Israel  who were given  crowns. ( Exo 29: 6, 2 Sam 1: 10) ) That is the crown, which had “HOLINESS TO JEHOVAH” written on, but later became the “Mysterious harlot”, as we have proven in our ‘harlot’ writings. It is the high priest’s whose forehead  and hand consecrated to do God’s work. ( 2 Sam 1: 10… Saul had a bracelet on his arm, as kings do ) This  is the same high priest, who took the mark of the beast (image of the beast) on his forehead and the hand, and caused others to take also, because he became defiled by going after other gods. The Antiochus somehow deceived the high priest. Job 19: 9 … God will strip off the honor and will take a way the crown off the heads of the sinners. Lam 5: 16 shows, it is Zion’s crown which fell. Christ warned the Philadelphians of “ let no man take your crown”. So we who lived in Phil era are the ones, who could lose the crown. Also it was PCG, who was given the crown and a kingdom in the end time, as Ez. 16: 12 .  V 53 – 63 shows, even PCG lost the crown and went in to captivity.  Their sins will be brought upon their own crowns. Ps 7: 16.


Since these will make war with Christ, ( the floods, as we have proven, THE end of all things Dan 9;26) we know, definitely, they are the leaders in God’s church, as it is the church who turned up an enemy in the last end.  Christ will come to fight with these antichrists, the man of sin, who sits in the temple. When ‘GOD”  says, there is a man of sin in ‘HIS TEMPLE”,  could there be a worse man in EU or CC? Neither they could cause God to leave His own Sanctuary. God does not call those in EU  antichrists”. It is the wicked leaders, who are the shepherds explained in Ez. 34, are working against Christ. God will rescue His sheep from them. Now, these leaders including the high priest, is fallen and spewed out of Christ’s mouth, in to the Bottomless pit, where there is no water or the Spirit. Only the church leaders could be put in the BP. They have broken their marriage covenant, and their baptisms are no longer valid as they have sinned willfully.


HWA taught these ten horns are ten resurrections. But, these ten horns, were not even given the kingdom until the 7th head came to be. They were not there even when he was alive as THEY ARE GIVEN ONLY ONE HOUR and are to exist when Christ Has come. The 8th , comes out of the seven, has these ten horns working with him.   These beasts are those who are allowed to exalt themselves and to shatter the power of the Holy people and to totally desolate the church causing  “THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION”. (Rev 17 v 16)


Rev 17:12  And the ten horns you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but will receive authority as kings one hour with the beast. }… Beast existed all through seven eras as Rev 17 says. These kings,  receive power only for one hour and did not have resurrections. God Has rejected them as kings and priests at this time, and  they are fighting with Christ. Any man, or a beast, in their right mind, will not fight with Christ, if they see Him physically. This war is spiritual. God is trying to establish the broken covenant in the minds, hearts, as Heb 10: 16 says. The devil is using these leaders to turn the minds of God’s people to worship the image of the devil. But since they do not understand spiritual matters, they will fight with Christ by BEING PROUD AND ARROGANT, ( the image or the character of the devil ) EXALTING THEMSLEVES INSTEAD of EXALTING GOD,  AND BY KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE, WHO FIGHT FOR GOD’S TRUTH.


Rev 17:13  These have one mind, and their power and authority they shall give up to the beast. }  as v 17 says, they are given a mind to give their kingdom to the beast, till God’s Word shall be fulfilled. This is the strong delusion, which God gave the man of sin and those who are with him. These horns are united as one in their minds with all their authority and power to serve and build the image of the FIRST beast. ( that is the first beast’s image which the second beast builds – raising the ruins, ( Rev 13: 14) as we have proven from the Word in our beast writings ). This is when God took away the wisdom of the wise and made them blind.  These are the beasts which Malachi, Peter, Jude and  John and the Bible warns us about, those who will appear in the last end… REMEMBER,… THE LAST END….. Is 44: 25 , God blinded the wise men to turn them back. ( Rom 1: 28,  Eph 4: 18)  V 20 says, they have lies in their “right hands”… this is the mark of the beast ( Rev 13: 16) ……, the high priest, whose forehead and the right hand which were anointed to do God’s work, but now has  lies being ‘THE LIAR”, and has sinned and causing everyone to have lies in their foreheads and right hands. if there is a man of sin, and “the” liar and “the” antichrist in “the” temple, would not Christ come to fight with such and could there be any worse beasts in any other place including EU ? As much as GF likes to blame Mr Tkach as the man of sin, he cannot be the man of sin, as he is not alive at Christ’s COMING to consume him nor he had ten horns in his ministry , and he did not totally desolate the church as PCG was there to do God’s work. These prophecies have to be fulfilled only after PCG too went in to captivity, AFTER JUDGING OTHERS AS Ez. 16: 52 SAYS. Tkach Jr. cannot be the 8th comes out of seven, as he did not even listened to his father and he is not  trying to build the previous beast’s wound as  ( Rev 13: 12 – 14). Besides, he has left God while his father was alive. We know all about how WCG fell. these ten horns are to exist only in the last one hour. 


Rev 17:14  These will make war with the Lamb,}… we have proven from the Word, that it is the “leaders”, in the church who turned as an enemy of God in the last end who fight with God. In the very last hour only all the disciples deserted Christ also. Christ DOES NOT COME TO FIGHT WITH THE LEADERS TO DESTROY THEM, BUT TO GIVE THEM THE UNDERSTANDING AND BRING TO LIGHT, THE HIDDEN “COUNSELS” OF THE “HEART”. 1 Cor 4: 5. Even the high priest Joshua, will be a brand plucked out of this fire… who would in their right mind would fight with Christ? Only a beast….


GF wrote in Rev Un at last book pg -77…(about Rev 5:6)

First you must submit to the “horn” – the government. Of course, the ministry}…  the “HORNS” , are the “government”, also the “ministry”. This agrees with what Daniel ( 7: 24) say;  the “horns” are “kings”. Therefore, in Rev 17, the ‘ten horns’ are ten leaders, in the “ministry”,  also the government, who will be giving their mind as one,( as God’s purpose is to be fulfilled,  ) to the beast. The whole purpose of their existence (in one prophetic hour) is to desolate the church causing the members to worship the previous beast who is HWA , instead of God. How they cause people to worship HWA , we have written in ‘man of beast’ writings. They are causing the abomination the desolation. ( Rev 17: 16) EU or CC could never desolate or commit such abominations to chase God out of His own Sanctuary. Never could that happen. Only…, if the government, the horns, in the ‘ministry’  become defiled, could make God to profane the Sanctuary. That was caused by Ezekiel, at the time of his wife’s death as Ez. 24: 21 says. Even other churches of God cannot cause God to leave as long as PCG continued the covenant as Ez. 16: 8-14 says. There were no high priests in other churches.  


These ten horns, in the ministry, will be causing God’s people to be deceived with their lies. Of course since they have God’s delusion, they do not know they are deceived. They are the “ten regional directors”,( RDs) including the evangelists, who became the synagogue of satan ( SOS) and also the ‘Joshua and his fellows. Remember it is the ‘high priest’ whose forehead and right hand identified as God’s anointed?  Do you really think, these RDs really love God’s people? Can you ask a simple question like “ WHO IS THE LAODICEAN LEADER” FROM ANY OF THEM?  they cause God’s people to look up to their leader, who cause them to worship the beast before him causing to raise up the ruins of the previous beast, as we have proven from the Word in our ‘Man or beast” writings.


Our  RD really proved how to desolate the church as he brought unbaptized men in to the altar, and caused us to keep the Passover with such, and what could be more worse than that is; when we informed all the details to the high priest, he covered up the whole matter and misjudged the matter and spiritually murdered those who opposed them. Could EU or CC spiritually murder us? Scatter the power of the “HOLY” people? Christ said gates of hell could never prevail against His church. These ten horns are the ‘gates of hell’, as we have proven in “Bottomless pit” writing.  All these happened in the very last end and this is why God profaned the ministry. Please visit www.gentileassmbly.org for photos and documented proof of the whole matter. This is not repented of until this day… and PCG stays defiled… they are blind to their own sins….


In the  PCG ministerial conference in January 2005,  The  first CD track 8, will make the point very clear that  PCG has become the final and the 7th head .  Even though GF  says, he is the 7th head, he does not want to admit he is the “laodicean” head , nor does he know who is the laodicean head. Several people, including a minister was disfellowshipped for asking that question. That , itself shows, that he is the beast, as only a beast would not give an answer to a simple question like that and that shows his understanding is taken away. If he is the mouth piece of God, then he really should know who the laodicean leader is, unless he is lying.  Also that shows,  he is inspired by the devil. If any one is of the ‘truth’, would never cast out a person for asking such a question. That shows his authority over God’s people. Those who are in the Phil era were asked to hold fast to what they have and thereafter, no work done by a prophet.  Rev 11: 2 makes that point clear, as after the measuring the altar and the temple, there is no work of God done by a leader in God’s church, as there no longer any prophets either. ( Ps 74, Hos 9: 7) the only work done during this time is the desolation, exultation of the leaders and totally scattering the people, and then, their nakedness will be shown and all works will be exposed and judged.  The final war.


Is 34: 11 – 12 shows these beasts, will make the church “Tohu and Bohu”. ( confusion and emptiness)

Isa 34:11  But the cormorant and the bittern shall possess it; the owl also and the raven shall dwell in it: and he shall stretch out upon5it the line of confusion,8414 ( Tohu) and the stones68 of emptiness.922   ( Bohu) “confusion” and “emptiness” means tohu and bohu… because of the sins of God’s leaders. Is 41: 20… the evil workers and their works  cause tohu… all the churches, the nations are tohu… Is 40: 17. There fore, as Job 6: 18 says, they perish…This is why God takes  away the heart of the leader and cause them to wander in the wilderness ( tohu), as it has happened now . Not only the leader, but his princes, (RDs) who are the ten horns also in the wilderness or tohu ( Ps 107: 40)  This is why, the ‘song of Moses is sung and at that time, when they are waste and in wilderness (tohu). Is 60: 2.. deep darkness over the people.


V 12… The princes, or the leaders or the ten horns will be as “nothing”… strong’s nothing is 657… means cessation, the end, the ankle., as being the extremity of the leg or foot –thing of naught… etc. And this fulfills the ten horns, who are the feet of  the image of king Nebu saw, the end or the ankle …( Dan 2:33;   Dan 7: 24,  Rev 12: 3,   13: 1,   17: 3,  7,   12, and Rev 17: 16…Jer 12: 10… During their time, the end will come. When it is desolate, the beasts will dwell there.    


Isa 34:14  The wild beasts of the desert shall also meet with the wild beasts of the island, and the satyr shall cry to his fellow; ….

Satyr” means a “he goat”… a “hairy,…as in Gen 27: 11- 12…or the “deceitfulleaders ….who wears hairy garments  to “deceive. It is the  prophetswho  wear such garments as Zech 13: 4 .

Rev 9: 8… theselocusts had “hair” like women, and we have proven these “locusts” are the “ministers”.   Rev 9: 9… they had breast plates like “iron”, instead of having  breastplates of “righteousness and faith and love” as 1 The 5: 8 and Isa. 59: 17, Eph 6: 14 says.  Dan 7: 7, 19 … iron teeth… this is the beast which had ten horns.


Iron and clay ;….Hardness of the heart and going back to dust as a punishment.

 We have proven that having an iron like government ( the leaders not obeying God, ( Ez. 22: 18- 20) by being proud like king Nebu, ( Jer 28: 14 ) and their stubbornness, or unwillingness to change as Ez. 3: 7, Act 7: 51, Jer 6: 28,  Is 48: 1 - 4 )  is a punishment from God. ( Deut 28: 48) This is the time God will smash that image for ever.


Pro 19: 23 says, if you fear God, you will live, but who does not, will be visited with evil. That means, you will have to be under the bondage of such evil shepherds like king Nebu. That is the Word of God, which is to be fulfilled at this time. Rev 17: 16… this is how God’s punishment going to be fulfilled; by sending evil shepherds. These ten horns, are like iron and they kill God’s people. in Num 35: 16 , God says, if you kill someone by an iron instrument, he is a murderer and should die. This is why, these ten horns are dead spiritually. They are murderers and they should die.  in Ez. 4: … God said when Ezekiel is present, to set an iron pan to show the siege of the city and it is a sign of captivity, at the time he is to bear the iniquity. V 1 says, to take a brick, or a tile, which is made with clay. These ten horns are made with clay and iron, as Dan 2: 33 – 35. This is why the ministers symbolized by locusts wear iron breast plates and they sting by their tails. ( scorpions are the house of Israel ) They serve the king of the bottomless pit (BP) . We know who comes from the BP. These ten horns do not listen to God, but to the beast only. If the beast says cast out those who ask questions, they do exactly , just that. They have no mercy. But when the hour is over, their blind eyes will be opened and they will repent.


Deut 4: 20, 1 Kin 8: 51 , Jer 11: 4, says, to bring out of Egypt is to bring out of a furnace or iron. God said, because of sin, the last church will be in Egypt (Rev 11: 8). That is the furnace of iron, having hard, iron like leaders  or like pharaoh to rule over. There is a modern-day pharaoh as we have proven from the Word.  

Ps 149: 8 – 9 says, the kings will be bound by iron fetters at the time of their judgment. Now the judgment has come.

Lev 26:19  And I will break the pride of your power; and I will make your “heaven “as iron, and your earth as brass: } ..when these leaders become proud as it is now, God will break their power by making the “heaven” as iron. The “heaven” is where those  who are working for God now to execute judgments as we have proven. (These ten horns are blaspheming against those who are tabernacling in heaven in Rev 13: 6.  ) so when the leaders become proud and not pliable, God also will call some to be like iron to judge them and to bring their pride down and to bring them out of the iron furnace. Also read Deut 28: 48, Jer 1: 18 ,


We have proven that it is the gentiles who are now working for God and they are the hill of Zion, the watchmen of Judah . ( Mic 5: 7-9) God’s church has become as an enemy at this time.

Mic 4:8  And you, tower of the flock, the hill of the daughter of Zion, it shall happen to you. And the dominion of the chief ones shall come, the kingdom of the daughter of Jerusalem

Mic 4:13  Arise and thresh, O daughter of Zion; for I will make your horn iron, and I will make your hoofs bronze; and you shall crush many peoples. } … the “many peoples” are “many waters” where the harlots sits as we have proven from the Word. They are God’s enemy, as Micah and Rev 17-18 say. At this time, the watchmen, the gentiles who judge and execute judgments on fallen Zion and many peoples , are  threshing  and their horn is now iron. By Iron only one could sharpen iron and that is just what God is doing now. Pro 27: 17

God Does not want any iron tool to be used when building the temple and that is a prophecy for our day. 1 Kin 6: 7 . He does not want any of us to be like iron spiritually. We must be pliable and allow God to fashion us any way He wishes. But these leaders, are being proud and are like iron and God cannot use them to build the temple unless they go through the iron furnace and be melted.


Rom 1: 22-23 shows, those who are wise, the Laodiceans,  became fools and changed the glory of God in to image of beasts… this is how the leaders blaspheme. This is not the EU or CC. this is the wise men, who are in the church who have lost their wisdom and became fools with the last prophet who  is being a fool also.  (Hos 9: 7)


Christ will smash the iron and clay image:

For the last thousands of years, Israel never obeyed God. Christ said to God , as a hen gathers the chicks, I tried to gather them, but He could not. The misuse of the authority of the leaders, with absolute power and abuse of that government will soon be over. God gave king Nebu that dream to show, that His people will be like him one day, and His Son, will smash that image of “self” and serving other gods will be over. 

In pt 5, we wrote about who are the “clay” vessels now. As Lam 4: 2 says, they are the sons of the “Sanctuary”, who were gold but now clay… Christ will rule over them with an iron rod. ( Rev 12: 5, 19: 15)

As 2 Ti 2: 20 says, … it is the precious sons of Zion who now has become clay “VESSELS”… (Lam 4: 2.)… those vessels which were made for HONOR, are now made for dishonor. They were gold… royal… but now clay…they live in darkness, and shadow of death as prisoners in affliction and iron … because they rebelled against the words of God and despised the counsel of the Most High. Ps 107: 10-20 . But they will be brought back.

Rev 2: 27… Ps 2: 9 …  and "He will shepherd them with an iron staff" (they are "broken to pieces like clay vessels"), … if these leaders are to be broken like clay vessels, then they should become clay vessels before they are broken.   These are the “vessels of wrath” as Rom 2: 22- 23.. God prophesied that in the end time, His leaders are nothing but clay. They were made out of dust and they went back to dust.


When Christ says, I will spew you out of My mouth, and “Come out” of Babylon (or the harlot);  and as there is a beast with ten horns, Does He expect us to obey them?  If the ministry says ;  you must submit to the “ministryfirst”  , that shows, they are not obeying or submitting to “God”, as it is against God’s word .  Any true leader should tell the members to submit to “God” ONLY . Christ said to the leaders that they should never be like the gentile kings who demands other’s submission to them. But that is exactly what all the leaders in all of the seven eras did. There were false apostles, and false prophets inside God’s church. Rev 2: 9 and 3:9 is  about the members in God’s church and not to those who are in CC or EU. The man of sin, on the other hand wants people to submit to him, as he thinks and acts like God. Those who obey the leaders, (who are the SOS), would lose their crowns. These corrupt leaders, who disobey God, demand the member’s submission to them, saying if you do not obey the ministry, “ you are out”,  there is no salvation as you have rebelled against God’s servants, or you will not be taken in to the place of safety,  when the tribulation comes etc. people have been hearing such false statements from the leaders  ever since HWA ‘s time.  Those who submit to such leaders only want to save their own lives.  Christ said, if you want to save your life, you have to lay it down. That is what the tribulation is. It is so easy to believe what you see from your eyes instead of having faith on what you do not see.


From Daniel unsealed… GF wrote;…

{{{You cannot build a house for God without His government. Without ONE MAN at the top with FULL AUTHORITY IT WILL FAIL 100 PERCENT OF THE TIME.}}}…GF says we cannot build a house for God, without His government, without ONE MAN at the top with FULL AUTHORITY.  The Word has  proven, over and over, that is not what God says. Even HWA, in his early writings,  wrote;  God Has never given authority over God’s people to any body. God gave a king in His anger. So now we have ten of them. We can see how angry God Is now? The final man who has full authority is the man of sin. So we can clearly see , how  a man with full authority has fallen, according to God’s Word. What really God says is ;  His ministers need to be purified, and there is no  proven man or a leader, or a son of man or a prince until king David is resurrected.  Ez. 34 alone shows that. They have been trampling the sheep. Even fouling their waters. Finally, Christ HAS TO COME to save them, from such  shepherds, and they will make war , even with Christ . The elect will be scattered ( Jam 1: 1 )  and gathered in the four corners, and His sheep has no shepherds . Christ said, God’s house is left desolate and He wanted to gather them as a hen gathers it’s chicks, but He could not as they were NOT WILLING.  Does that sounds like,  the “one man” government has succeeded? We proved what happened to HWA’s government…. not a single man followed his teachings 100 percent. Not even GF. GF  further wrote;…..


“. Mr. Armstrong’s judgments are legally binding on us. God condemns His church for ‘departing’ from “judgments” made by His apostle. }}}…HWA’s judgments are not scripture. We have the Word of God, completed and no one should add or remove any judgments written in it. He had a commission of restoring the truth, (like Sabbath, feast etc) but, like John the Baptist, he stumbled. ( John asked twice from Christ “Are you the One to come”, AFTER BAPTIZING Christ.  that shows he had doubts about Christ.  we proved HWA is the first king of Babylon, or the seventy years in Babylon. Christ commends those who test the apostles. Rev 2: 2. That means there were false apostles in the church. Christ warned about false prophets  who are among the  elect, just before He comes. . Anyone who builds for God, judges matters righteously, unlike GF. It is “GOD”  who accuses GF of having  a filthy turban, or government.. This is all about raising the ruins of the first beast and making an image to him.  Anyone who neglects to judge matters righteously and wants to build a physical house for God, cannot be a true leader, as we have proven from the Word.


GF also wrote;….

“You don’t have to fear following God’s man. What you should fear most is when God’s man becomes Satan’s man!” That means we must know our Bibles…”}….

The following scripture  IN OUR BIBLES show  ;  we are told by “God” to not to trust any man, specially, in the end time , as there is a  SOS, man of sin, a foolish prophet, sitting in the temple, getting every one to trust in him and in his leaders, who are worshiping the devil. God says, there is ‘THE” LIAR, ‘the’ antichrist, in “HIS TEMPLE”. That man caused God to leave profaning the Sanctuary. And God asks His loyal to follow Him and leave the temple, as He says, COME OUT MY PEOPLE.( Mal 3: 15-18. ) Not  from the world, but  from the temple. God Has only ONE high priest, and he is the man who should not be trusted, as he has a filthy government. That is the ministry, which tries to get God’s people to trust in them. In the end of the Phil era,  the leaders will turn in to a synagogue of satan ( SOS) …. and those  who fear God, should leave the mother church. ( as Christ said, one must wean from the mother ) Christ warned of ‘many antichrists”, not in the world, but among the very elect. God  never , never, never say, to trust in a man. Mal 3: 15- 18 , 1 John 2: 27, Heb 1: 2, Rev 3: 11, Ps 40: 4,  Ps 118: 8,  9,  125: 1,  146: 3,  Pro 3: 5,  Is 26: 4,  Jer 7:4,  To make God’s people trust in a man is a sign that this leader wants to make them worship  a “man” instead of “God”. This is the truth.  


Jer 9:4  Let everyone be on guard against his neighbor, and do not trust any brother. For every brother will supplant, and every neighbor will walk as a slanderer. }… ( Hos 12: 3) . God or Christ never say, to trust in a man or submit to any man, as all are brothers. Christ said, your “own family” will betray you, in to the “synagogue”  and not  to the EU or CC. Ps 52: 7… if a man trust in his strength, and his riches, he becomes wicked. This is what the ten horns have done. Who ever  says “We have it all, brethren we have it all “,  is  trusting  in his riches and asking others to trust in his riches. They are the Laodiceans. Should we trust in such men to give us salvation? This is how he has become wicked.  If a ruler hearkens to lies, all his servants are wicked. ( Pro 29: 12) This is why they are all wicked now. Joshua and his fellows. GF hearkened to the lies or our RD and all became wicked.


Patience:….God allowed these ten horns to test our patience.

We have proven from the Word, ( in part one of beast writing ) that testing the patience means to go through the tribulation…, which they will have to serve king Nebu type of a leader and his ten horns.  Rev 1:9…. John was afflicted and as a result he was cast out in to the island , proving even unto death, that he will be with God. This is what we have to do with the leaders who are beasts, who speak on their own. John was a witness because he fought for God and he was found to be faithful unto the death.  In the end time, we have to die spiritually as Christ said, one should lay down his life” for Him if wants to be saved. So John has proven and has over come the beasts in his time and that is how he was tested and proven to have patience. In Luke 21: 19, Christ said  BY YOUR PATIENCE, POSSESS YOUR SOULS”. … In Luke 21, He was talking about our time. So, to prove ourselves, we need to be tested by these beasts to possess our souls. Those who obey the truth, will be dragged in to the synagogues and will be spiritually murdered.


In Rom 5: 3… in afflictions also we glory, because affliction works out ‘patience”. This is why there is a tribulation now, just before Christ’s coming. V 4…patience proves the character… this is why, there is a SOS inside the Phil era, to test our character to see whether we serve God or man or beast. It is easy for all to worship what we see. What we do not see, is what we should believe and that is ‘faith’, which if we do not have, but it is impossible to worship God, without. Before any marriage, both parties should prove each other...  Read 2 Cor 6: 4,


2 Thes 1: 1  shows, the “Thessalonians”, or the “gentiles”, …. have faith,  and the apostles are bound to give thanks to God, concerning them. (v 3- 4v) ….” So that we ourselves glory in you in the churches of God for your patience and faith in all your persecutions and tribulations that ye endure”…these gentiles have proven, in their afflictions, and persecutions, that they have faith and patience. All our writings prove that we serve God and not any man. V 5 even say that it is the time of the ‘just judgment’ of God…. which is now. Christ comes to bring justice to gentiles,  as Isa. 42 and Luke 2 says. so at the time of the judgment, it is the gentiles, who have the light, or the revelation, while Israel is being blinded. V 6… God will pay back those who persecuted us… v 7… revelation is given to them at this time and in flaming fire, with vengeance, those not KNOWING God, and those not obeying the gospel, that is the SOS. v 9… ever lasting destruction… that is they lost their crown and they will carry their shame for ever… they will see that they were given a crown but they do not have it on their heads… the crown fell from them. they could not heed the warning given by Christ in Rev 3:9- 11… the gentiles have proven that they love God. as Christ said in John 15: 13, the greatest love is to lay down their soul for the others. All who are scattered as little sanctuaries have fought with these beasts and are thrown out of the church. That means they have laid down their lives to Christ and for each other.


2 Thes 2 , we know the ‘man of sin’… so this is the time of the beasts, when the judgments are manifested…on  those who do not know God… as v 8. ( flaming fire in Lam 2: 3 explained later )


Jam 1: 3.. “trying of your ‘FAITH”… this is all about  testing our faith. James shows, that the rich have lost faith ( AND ARE IN CAPTIVITY) and the “poor” are “rich in faith”. GF said, James is the NT counterpart to Malachi in the OT. Jam 2: 5 shows who heeded God’s Word  when  Mal 3: 15-18 happened. After the temple was completed, the high priest still failed and those who have faith, separated from the sinning ministry. God commends those who separate and not those who submit to the horns of the fallen government.


Rev 2: 2 says, how they have tested the evil apostles… and have found them liars. So testing patience is  to test one whether they are  following God or the leaders.  These are not in the world, but they are apostles… who are inside the church. Always, the member’s faith is destroyed within.


Prophetic beast pg 41, HWA writes;…

“The ‘right hand” symbolizes WORK OR LABOR and the “forehead” , the intellect or mind. It has to do with what we BELIEVE , in the mind, and whether we OBEY, with the hand. … How about God’s sign?...it was received in the forehead and the hand!....) we proved from the Word earlier, that it is the ‘high priest’s forehead and right hand  are anointed to work for God and if he fails and inherit lies in his hand, then he has taken the mark of the beast on his forehead and in right hand. This is a coded message for us to understand without a doubt that it is the high priest who now worship the beast inheriting lies and not any one in EU or CC .


Israel, including the high priest, have failed to  WORK OR LABOR” and to OBEY God with the intellect or mind, in what they “BELIEVE”. 2 The 2: 11 says, they have a working of error. ( This is why they need a complete change of mind or the intellect) In other words, to take the mark of God, we should believe with our intellect or mind and obey His Law and should work  with our hands for God. ( Zech 3 : 1 says, satan is at the right hand of the Joshua. 2  Thes 2: 11- 13 shows how the leaders would have a work of error and all will be judged when this work of error is being done, but the gentiles, were chosen by God, from the beginning to salvation in sanctification of Spirit and belief of truth. v 13. ( the vessels of mercy)


HWA gives three scriptures to prove that it is God’s law which has to be in our foreheads and in our minds. Exo 13: 9,  Deut 6:1,   6-8. ,  11: 18. and he continues to prove that the ‘Sabbath’ is the sign and the law and obedience is the mark of God and disobedience is the mark of the beast. The vessels of wrath, have failed to obey the law as we have proven from the Word. There fore, they have the mark of the beast and those who “work in this Sabbath, (which they should have fled before as Christ said in Mt 24) , have the mark of God. Now, this special Sabbath, identifies God’s true people, who are the poor… ( all those who are cast out  and heeded God’s words and came out of Babylon ). So it is the SOS, and those who follow them, is who have the mark of the beast. the gentiles, the ox and the ass, the poor and the fatherless, work on this Sabbath. They are identified as God’s people in the end. !  


Rev 9: 20 says, the rest of men who were not killed by plagues still did not repent of their works. They kept on worshiping gold, silver etc… If the plagues were physical, then, they can see and feel  the plagues and all would have  repented. Same way God hardened pharaoh, He Has hardened these wicked to continue to do their wickedness of worshiping their riches. ( it is the harlot in Rev 18: 12 )  But, 1 Cor 3: 12- 19 says, if any one builds upon the riches, will have their works exposed, and it shall be revealed by ‘fire’ ( by the Word ) and it talks about the called out ones, who are the temple of God which the Spirit dwells in. if any man defile that temple, He will destroy it… one way to be deceived is to be wise in the world. Any leader of God, if they seek the world’s approval, or mingle with the world, or tries to impress the world, is a man from the world and not from God. Both HWA and GF tried to impress the world. Their works will be exposed and they will become fools. This is how, the foolish who are in the Sanctuary, blasphemy God’s name.. ( Ps 74) this is Rev 13: 6 and 17: 5 , the harlot and the beasts. This happen as Jam 5: 5- 7 says, when the “rich” oppressed the “poor”, which is now. That is one way to blaspheme God’s name… which we are called.


Here is what GF wrote;….

The only way we will fulfill the Great Commission of going to the world is if WE LOVE THE WORLD…..


Mr. Armstrong considered the Ambassador Auditorium part of the Great Commission of the Church! It served a role in BRINGING THE WORLD TO GOD­ like Solomon's temple anciently.  


The Philadelphia Church of God has a lot invested in our property. We are raising up the ruins. Having an auditorium and hosting concerts with great per­formers-featuring the best that the “human Spirit” can achieve-is impressive to the world. }… Any leader who wants to impress the world,  or to love the world is an enemy of God. Should we , who have the Spirit of God, impress the world with the best of what our “human Spirits” can achieve? Is that the way, God Has commanded His leaders to go to the world? Do you see how these leaders failed ?  he wants to impress the world with the concerts, with great performers etc…. The time has come, that the Jews neither in Jerusalem, nor in this mountain will worship God in Spirit and in truth !!!  God says, ‘They declare their sins”… they are not ashamed of their sins…


Rev 3: 10 talks , about the gentiles, ( always the little sanctuaries in all countries who feared God)  as the Thessalonians, in the end who tested the leaders and found the liar and the man of sin and SOS… and they have kept the Word of patience…


So as Rev 13: 10… the patience and faith of the saints are tested whether  they become captives or not.  If as the end time apostle and the prophet taught ;  the beast is EU, how could the saints’ patience be tested by them? The saints cannot be deceived by the EU. Never.


Rev 14: 11 – 12… if as this verse says, when the smoke of EU or CC goes up, why do the saints’ need patience? Won’t they be in a place of safety, already proven their patience by this time as we were taught? V 13 shows, those who do not worship the beast, have to give their lives… it says “BLESSED THE DEAD, WHICH DIE IN THE Lord FROM HENCEFORTH”…this is those who spiritually being murdered by these horns, which is the government, which is the ministry or the SOS.   


V 15… the time of the harvest has come and earth is “RIPE”. Strong’s word for ‘ripe” is 3583, means desiccate, shrivel, pine away, mature, wither , and also ripe. This is a time when the church does not have  Spirit and are dried up or desiccated and are in the wilderness and the BP. They have proven that they never obey God and God Has left them causing them to be desiccated or dried. That is the time Christ comes to save the humans as no flesh would be saved and they are just bones as Ez. 37. This happened in Ez 24: 21-23… Also Jam 1: 11… When the “sun”{ or God} rose with the hot wind…. ( the gentiles, as the east wind, and ….


Isa 25:5  You shall lay low the “noise of gentiles”, like the “heat” in a “dry place, the heat with the shadow of” cloud”; the “shouting of the terrifying ones shall be laid low…. This is the verbal blast which GF wrote which would come upon… But God will be a shadow from the heat to the “poor”, who are the gentiles ( v 4) . They will not be hurt by the heat in Rev. 7: 16

Luk 12: 55The ‘SOUTH” wind…. Heat…. ( those who stood up for God and fought with Antiochus, in ‘south’ as we have proven from the Word…. )

2 Pet 3: 10…. “Day of the Lord”….( which is the times of gentiles as Ez 30: 3)  when The “wickedness” is burned up ) which is the cloudy day.

Rev 7: 16… those who came through tribulation, ( had patience ) will not suffer from the sun nor heat…. But,….those who worship the beast are being plagued by the heat… Rev 16:9. ( the heat comes from the gentiles, and from the south, as we have proven from the Word) at this time these wicked are still blaspheming God… they still did not repent,  or give glory to God. Do you see these ministers have repented even after three years God was calling them to repent? To this august, it will be four years since we had informed of this covenant breaking sin which was committed by PCG.


Joh 9:… for the Jews had already agreed that if anyone should confess Him as Christ, he would be expelled from the synagogue. } …it is same as today. Those who hold fast to the truth, are considered as rebels going against the government or the ministry, and are expelled from the synagogue. It is one thing to call on Christ saying we love Him, we are His children, and one and only wife etc…. but those who obey the truth and keep the Law are counted to be the real followers, who are expelled.


Pg 40….prophetic beast ; HWA

When given to physical flesh born Israel, this covenant punished by death…. Today, since the administration of the death penalty by the levites and judges is not being done ( 11 cor 3: 7-8) , and since all believers in all nations whether Israelite or gentiles, are grafted in to spiritual Israel, (Rom 11: 24), the willful refusal to keep this sign is punishable by death – THE SECOND DEATH”. }… This is why, those who were given the Law and failed are to die, but spiritually. But God will bring them all back. The second death is the lake of fire, which will purify the ministry.  


Dan 7:11  Then I was looking because of the voice of the great words which the horn spoke. I was looking until the beast was killed, and his body was destroyed and given to the burning flame. }… it is what this beast “spoke” is what was wrong…. Not the EU killing or dead Hitler coming out of grave to kill people. This beast was killed because of his WRONG WORDS, which are LIES. That is the spiritual death and that is why he is in the bottomless pit, dead. The burning flame is the “lake of fire” which will burn their wickedness as we have proven. . Joshua is already killed now and are in the lake of fire. Our work is part of the lake of fire.  This beast’s words killed those who believed him and submit to him. What caused king Nebu also to be sent to dwell with the beasts is what he spoke? ( Dan 4: 30)  God will not cause any one to be killed and thrown in to a real fire. These leaders are creating an evil image for God by saying that He will throw those who do not obey Him in to a real fire. It is these beasts who will throw those who do not obey or do not worship the beast in to a fiery trial. You see how wrong what these beasts are teaching about the ‘GREAT MERCIFUL FATHER”?  When Daniel ‘s friends were thrown in to the fire, God came down and stayed with them to save. Would God now throw any one in to a fire for not obeying Him? if you do not submit to them, they will throw you out of church. But God knew that they would be teaching exactly the opposite of what He says. They are building an image exactly opposite of God’s ‘MERCIFUL” image. This is why; you should know your Bible.


This is Rev 20 , the lake of fire, which is the verbal blast, the heat coming from south and from gentiles, sending the Word of God, which will burn their hearts as it did the two apostles, and which will cut to the heart and to the soul and to the bones ; THE WORD OF GOD. Also which will open the blind eyes.


Dan 7: 20 onwards explain about the ten horns, and one will be more devious, and from v 21, we can identify this horn. “that horn made war with the saints and overcame them, “…( the time the saints were over come is fulfilled by Diotrephus in  3 John and by Antiochus in Dan 8: 9, 11: 32 -35)  as we have explained before, is the RD in south east. V 25 shows, the time, this happens; that is  “time, and times and one half time” before Christ rewards them. It was God’s will, that these saints should be over come by the wicked,  so they could be blessed by laying their lives.  


Rev  13: 10…, the captivity, which the ‘prince” caused is  in Ez. 12: 10, It is the time, when Christ Comes to judge.  This horn over coming the saints, is the trigger for Christ’s coming for judgment. Dan 7: 26… at this time, the man of sin, Joshua and his fellows will be consumed. ( or washed their wickedness by God’s words and will give them understanding, so they can be proven as men and granted to wear fine linen )

GF said this little horn is the “Antiochus”. And since he did his grisly deed in “SOUTH EAST” as Dan 8:9, we who witnessed it know when and how de did it. We are the ones who did the exploits as in Dan 11: 32- 35. In Rev 13: 12, the beast comes out of “earth”,

( remember God cast Zion to the earth ) had two horns. All the evil wicked counsel given to the church by these two horns. One is the man of sin, and the other is Antiochus. He is supposed to move in to the glorious land also. Now, he is in head quarters teaching and handling including the administration, assisting the prophet.

Dan 7: 23… the fourth beast, being “worse” than all the others… (the “physical” fulfillment of these prophecies apply “spiritually” in the church now. ) God says, in the end time, it is the sister who ‘JUDGED” others is the worst of all ( Ez. 16: 52)  v 26… it all ends with judgment and saints inheriting the kingdom.


Since we have proven from the Word, that the 7th beast is the laodicean church and the throne of David, and the 8th one is GF,  we should now prove, who are the “ten horns”, who will be giving their power to him. These horns are to exist only in the last prophetic hour with the beast.  We can identify these, by knowing who will be helping the beast to “desolate” the church, or to help with the abomination, which caused the desolation. These kings are deceived, and they do not know they are serving the beast, as it is God’s will. Since all believe HWA’s work is Elijah’s work, what ever he said , they believe is to be coming from God. All the false prophecies are called ‘speculation”. That is what all the leaders say.  Another sign to identify them is;  they are fighting Christ and His true followers, those who do the exploits. This happened in ‘south east’ as we have proven. Christ  will cut them by His “sword”, which is the “Word”. This beast is ‘wounded by the sword”… they are without understanding, ( they are beasts) and that means, God Has already wounded them by the sword which is the Word . God Has withheld the revelation from them.  God will smite with a rod  Pro 10: 13.


Jer 50:36  A sword is upon the liars; and they shall dote: a sword is upon her mighty men; and they shall be dismayed. Sword upon liars, and they shall become “FOOLS. } .. it is the “high priest”  who has lies in his right hand and forehead, being a beast as we have proven from the Word. God’s judgment of such wicked are ; withholding His  Spirit  or cutting them by the two edged sword which is the word, and making them foolish. But a foolish nation is chosen and they are made wise. God gives them a flood of revelation, and they will show these foolish people the revelation and they  will be dismayed or be broken. ( Is 44: 25, Rom 1: 21- 25,  1 Cor 1: 20)


Jer 50:37  A sword is upon their horses, and upon their chariots, and upon all the mingled people that are in the midst of her; and they shall become as women: a sword is upon her treasures; and they shall be robbed. }… we proved who are the horses, ( ministers) and the chariots . GF said the chariot that takes us to the kingdom is HWA. God says, the horse and the chariot have sunk in to a sleep in Ps 76:6. They all will be like women. (that is why NO man)  


Hab 3:13  Thou wentest forth for the salvation of thy people, even for salvation with thine anointed; thou woundedst the head out of the house of the wicked, by discovering the foundation unto the neck…. } … God’s Word  wounds them by “exposing their foundational lies and not to put in a fire. All the lies (the church was founded) are being uncovered. Check the web, so full of lies which HWA and GF have said and are saying.  To send them to Babylon, as God says, is a part of God’s way of wounding them. ( read: Judah’s wound and Babylon writings ) God’s people will be fighting with the truth, and will make these beasts liars.


GF wrote:…

“SON OF MAN”---phrase repeated 87 times---“I AM GOING TO SPEAK TO YOU, GOD WAS SAYING—AND I WANT YOU TO BE MY MOUTHPIECE,-----If you are going to be receiving such visions—you’re going to have to humble”----- - “I believe God was also demonstrating what He will have to do to humble most men.----many will experience war and captivity before turning to God”!}…..now we see they are in captivity as Ez. 24 , 16 says. That means, they are not humble. If they were humble, then no need of captivity.  God was speaking to the so called mouthpiece to be humble and not to others. Because,  he is the man who need to be humbled.  

If you are going to be receiving such visions—you’re going to have to humble”---…God was not saying this to any body, but to the son of man, who GF says he is.. It is GF, who needs to be humble, or those who are receiving visions… the whole world does not need to know this. It is GF, who should heed this. If God says this to him, then he definitely is not humble. The other churches are not receiving revelation according to GF, and the members are not receiving either. So it is GF, who should heed this warning.

John part 2 GF wrote;…

The only way we will fulfill the Great Commission of going to the world is  if WE LOVE THE WORLD}….but does Christ want to bring the world now?

Joh 17:9  I pray for them: I pray not for the world, but for them which thou hast given me; for they are thine. }…. If Christ does not want to pray for the world, then He does not want to bring them  yet. But, God and Christ hate those who love the world ,.

Joh 17:16  They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.

Act 17:30  Truly, then, God overlooking the times of ignorance, now strictly commands all men everywhere to repent, } God will have mercy and over look the times of ignorance… that is now, when the wisdom of the wise has perished and when they became beasts.

Act 3: 19 says, they should repent and be converted, and get their sins blotted out, at the ‘TIMES OF REFRESHING”. That is this Sabbath, when God is resting or being refreshed as we have proven.


John 5: 22 – 23 says, if you do not honor one God being, you do not honor both of them. Here is an amazing statement by GF. ….

RV 2005 July / Aug. Pg 3

We must get past Mr Armstrong, the angels and even Jesus Christ to get to the Father ! Only then do we get to the Head of the family”.} . No one can go to the Father directly, unless through Christ. We should ask anything in Christ’s name.  He cleanses us and offer us and present us to the Father. (Ro 8:2-- For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death . It is the Spirit in Christ makes us free from sin. And how could we be free from sin, when you reject Christ who frees us? ) So now, GF is denying Christ and want to go directly to the Father. Father will not accept him either. He wants to go pass the head of the church. This is the man of sin, who exalts himself as God. So what does  “God” say about that?

Mat 17: 5This is My Son, the Beloved, in whom I have been delighting; hear Him}…We know that until all things are restored, Christ is sitting in the right hand of the Father. It is “God” the Father who draws people to Christ and also Has given all power, including to ‘judge’ to Christ. Mat 11: 27,  John 1: 18, 3: 13, 32,  5: 22, 6: 44 etc…

Isa 42:1 I have put My Spirit on Him; He shall bring forth justice to the GENTILES…} ….Act 28:28…God knew that the seed of Abraham will not accept Christ and He Had planned to give Christ to the ‘gentiles”… so what does Christ say:

  Joh 14:6  I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. }…No one can go pass Jesus Christ and go to the Father… but GF wrote….We must get past Mr Armstrong, the angels and even Jesus Christ to get to the Father”. Does that sounds like he has obeyed the government of God?  The members are given written paper ;drawn the structured government, ( in this paper, which was handed in 2005 Jan, it shows that Christ is between God and the prophet and the prophet should go to Christ first ) and are advised that they cannot go beyond their minister and speak to the RDs even, but GF can go pass Jesus Christ, to go to the Father, whereas the scripture directly says, that one cannot go pass Christ , to go to the Father. God Does everything through Christ. Even the revelation is given through the Son. John 14: 16, did not come from a man, but it is a written scripture which is given for our admonition, to be heeded and practiced. A man claiming to be a Law giver; does he not know that all have to go to God, through Christ? God Has prophesied about all the end time leaders, that they will exalt, even reject God, or Christ and will not give the due reverence and honor to God. (Malachi 1: 6) read the following verses what Christ said ; John 1: 18,  3: 13,  ( No one can go to God, except Christ ) 5: 22, 6: 44, Joh 8: 36… (  if the Son sets you free, you are free indeed….it is Christ Who sets us free. GF has denied Christ, who set him free. So he is a slave of sin John 8: 34 and GF speak what he hears from “his” father, the devil. V 38. he is a son of Abraham but he needs to be free from this sin of denying the Son, which denies the Father as well. The mouthpiece of God, needs to be humbled… ) Wanting to get pass Christ and going to God, is also blasphemy against the Son.  It is the beasts who do that as Rev 13 and 17. if you commit sin against one of the God beings, people are commanded to stone such. ( Lev 24: 16). This is why, Ez. 16: 40,  23: 47,  )

While he refuses to accept Christ, this is what “he” thinks;…

Presently, I am intimate with God in a way no one else is directly; you are, however, indirectly.  This has to do with the man to whom God is giving the revelation.  God gives the revelation to a man and has the Church look to that man.  Then God holds that man very accountable.  Because it is through him and the revelation God gives him that we get to know God intimately.  [RV Sept./Oct. 2000, pg. 6]}…. Again….

God's ministers must understand this concept deeply and lead God's people to magnify my office – which is really God's office.  [TP pg. 70p1,2,3]

So you see, GF thinks God directly works with him. But God says, listen to My “Son”…. Christ says, you cannot go to the Father unless through Me. God will never say any one to look to a man, specially in the last days, He will speak through His Son as Heb 1: 2. and we do not need any one to teach us 1 John 2: 27.  This writing alone proves this fact  from the Word. Many people still believe these foxes and ignorant dumb dogs. Nevertheless, they are God’s ministers as Isa. 56: 10 says… Christ said, foxes have holes but Son of Man does not have a place to lay His head…. Mt 8: 20…. These foxes caused Christ to leave His dwelling place, the Sanctuary and He Does not have a place to lay His head. ! Now, there is a fox in the Sanctuary who caused that and sits as the man of sin…( how could Christ live when there is a such a man in His Sanctuary?) . These are the gods who did not make the heavens or earth as Jer 10: 11 says. at God’s wrath, these will tremble…v 10.

If a ruler hearkens to lies, all his servants are wicked. ( Pro 29: 12) This is why they are all wicked now.


Rev 17:12  And the ten horns you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but will receive authority as kings one hour with the beast. } There are no resurrections of these ten kings as HWA taught. They are to reign in the last hour.

Rev 17:13  These have one mind, and their power and authority they shall give up to the beast.

Rev 17:14  These will make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb will overcome them, because He is Lord of lords and King of kings, and the ones with Him are the called and elect and faithful ones.

Rev 17:16  And the ten horns which you saw on the beast, these will hate the harlot, and will make her desolated and naked. And they will eat her flesh, and will burn her down with fire.

Rev 17:17  For God gave into their hearts to do His mind, and to act in one mind, and to give their kingdom to the beast, until the Words of God shall be fulfilled.


From the above passage, we see that the ten horns were not given authority till the last hour. So no one could know about them before the last hour. They have one mind, and they serve not God, but the beast. They will make war with Christ and His true followers. ( Those who are called, chosen and faithful. Only the new moon is faithful in the end, but these beasts (12 tribes of Israel) trample this new moon as Rev 12 says. ) ( read: Christ comes as a thief in the night ) The called, elect and faithful ones are with Christ. we know according to the Word, that Christ is at war with antichrists, such as man of sin in the temple and not with any one in EU or CC. we know who the enemy of God…. ps 74 says, the enemy is inside. Mic. 2. , the wife of Christ. Christ comes to chase the man of sin who is sitting in the temple and who chased Him out of His own Sanctuary. Or, to begin the killing , beginning from the Sanctuary as Ez. 9 .


If the ten horns had authority only when they are at war with Christ,  this should happen when Christ comes in the clouds. These clouds are the faithful ones who are with Christ. These horns could not know that Christ Has come, otherwise, they would not fight with Christ. at this time, Christ Has come only as a thief as He said in many scripture, including in Rev 16: 15. Any man, in his right mind would not fight with Christ. But these are beasts, has no understanding.


So when did they get this authority from the beast?  It has to be in the “Last hour”. Remember, God gave them one mind to fulfill His purpose, that is to finish exalting themselves, ( Dan 11: 36) or do the maximum level of wickedness, so they will be ashamed of their doings, and to shut the proud people’s mouths. ( we have proven from the Word in early parts of our beast and harlot writings. ) an army was given, because of transgression… Dan 8: 12. the exalting, the total scattering as God’s Word says have to be fulfilled in our time. God Does not talk about a dead man of sin ( as GF says Mr Tkach). This man should be alive at Christ’s coming.


The ten horns are the leaders ( RDs) in the church who works having one mind to destroy God’s people. They will be liars. Who could be a worse liar than  who say that we must get pass even Jesus Christ to go to the Fahter, where the scripture says no one can go to the Father except through Christ ?   In PN May / June 2004, pg 5 lists 9 of the RDs  and including the prophet’s son, it is 10 leaders. Our  RD wrote in this PN…“the RDs are the prophet’s eyes and ears”… this is the beginning of the prophet’s  blindness. The government structure was changed to fit the last hour as you can see;….


Here is when the beast gave the authority to ten horns;…

Here is what GF wrote in PGR Jan 22 2005 Vol 2 No 1 ( this was published in  PN  April in 2005 also   )

{{{Mr Armstrong in his era, almost never worked directly with the regional directors; instead, he placed one man over the ministers. R Meredith…}……. (He names a few) the problem was this never ever worked. … He himself said, he regretted giving any single minister that position because that men would overstep himself and actually end up running the church… Christ Has not called that person to run the church and so a lot of problems developed as a result.

It seems pretty obvious that the reason those men couldn’t do that correctly is that they didn’t support Mr. Armstrong. It broke down everytime. }… So you see, in the last hour,  changing the government, he appoints ten leaders, the RDs and his son. 9 + 1 = 10 .   What ever it is, God’s will and prophecy was fulfilled.


“The government in the Phil church today is different in quite few ways…. I felt  it is critical that I stay in touch with the RDs unlike HWA did”.}… This is more proof, that these ten horns were given authority, in the last hour, and they will give their power to obey and carry out GF’s rules in the church. Has any other church given power to their leaders like this?  


“The more I look at Revelation 11: 1, the more I believe this is what God tells me to do: you rise up and you measure the ministers! Use God’s law and God’s government to work not only with the people, but with the ministers as well. }…. But did GF measure his RDs? And more importantly , HIMSELF? Did he obey God truthfully, in measuring his RD in our area? The worst man whom God calls ‘ANTIOCHUS’ who even spiritually murdered the high priest and turned the whole church away from God, so deceitfully to break the wonderful , ever lasting marriage covenant? The cursed man, who acted as “Balaam”? The members cannot do much harm to the church. it is always the leaders. Antiochus’ prophecy is for the end time wrote GF in “Daniel unsealed” book. His goal is to crush the faith of Israel…. This is “Balaam” .Did not our Lord say, when He comes He will not find faith in Israel? He was not referring it to EU or CC or He was not saying that evil beasts are in the world. They are inside God’s church. Read more about his evil deeds, “inside” the church in this book. Pg 35 says, he got God’s people to fight against Him and this man is extremely arrogant and he deceives by his flatteries ( like a leopard in Rev 13)


This personal contact and regular involvement with the ministers is exactly what Christ means here by telling me to measure the temple and the altar. God is saying, lets change the way the government is implemented to “  fit the time. In this last hour, Christ is saying, rise up and run the church differently than in the past. After all, God’s church does not have the greatest track record there , in that sense. }}}… after all the six eras, in the very last hour, God and Christ wants to change the government and give authority, to ten leaders?


According to GF, “God” is saying, lets change the way the government is ???

Christ” is saying, rise up and run the church differently??? Why this change all of a sudden at the time of Rev 13 and 17 is to be fulfilled? So, it is clear that God and Christ Have instructed the prophet to give the authority, to RDs to take care of God’s people, in THE LAST HOUR. !!!


to fit the time? this mean, .... this is the time, this prophecy of ‘ten horns” are to be fulfilled. A total scattering could be done, only by having so many leaders obeying a man, who is the leader, and also a man full of sin. He wants these kings to obey him and do his dirty work of totally destroying God’s people. Of course, he does not think or see that he is doing that. He, himself is deceived and is blind and those who believe him, also have God’s delusion. Can you  fight with “God’s” delusion?  Those who have the delusion will never  believe the truth or that they are deceived, until God, Himself will remove the blindness.


This is the prophesied ‘NIGHT” which Christ came as a thief to purify the ministry as in Mal 3. Now they are blind, and dumb. Is 56: 10…. . Now, Christ Has come to heal them. Mat 9: 32-33,   12: 22,   Mar 9: 17,   Luk 11: 14 when Christ open their minds, they will glorify God. Mat 15: 31.


Gerald Flurry wrote of the glorious chariots of PCG

TP booklet –page 73-…… “Mr. Armstrong was and still our spiritual father. God’s leaders are chosen from…. “this”…. group.— ---This is the chariot that will carry us into GOD’S GLORIOUS ETERNITY. }… God’s leaders are chosen, from the group who follows and accept HWA as their spiritual father. So you see, the second beast is building an image to the first beast and causing them to worship him saying he is our spiritual father? And these leaders are chosen from those who follow the beast…  


Here’s what one of our readers wrote to us;…

{{{At some point Mr. Flurry stopped being a Pastor General and turned authority of the brethren over to the Regional Directors.  At that point the flow of the divine guidance stopped at the prophet.  God has only one High Priest and he should take care of the flock and not depend on others (Ezek. 44:8).  The regional directors, wanting to prove themselves worthy of the authority, began administering to the brethren with “force and cruelty” (Ezek. 34:4) using the threat of loss of salvation as a sword.  We began hearing continually about government,}}} GF appointed the RDs to take care of the flock in end of 2003, in a sermon….after that, our  RD wrote that they are his eyes and ears.  Thus, the prophet became ‘DEAF AND BLIND” to God’s people’s needs. If the high priest allows such cruelty under him, he  alone should be  the one to be blamed…. God calls the prophets, ‘FOXES”.


Continue from the member’s letter;…

The Regional Directors began administering their own reasoning and casualties resulted.  Then one Regional Director allowed people that were not baptized to take part in the Passover service and into the ministry of the Church and the marriage covenant was broken (Ezek. 44:7-9, 16:8, 59) and God will judge her as a harlot (Ezek. 16:32-63).  This sin was brought to the attention of the prophet who upheld the RD, disfellowshipped the individuals bringing the message of the sin, allowed the truth to be hidden from the brethren (they commit adultery and walk in lies - Jer. 23:14) and they repented not.  The Church is saying all these sins pertain to the Laodiceans but Ezekiel 16:52 tells us that, “you who judged your sisters…is more abominable than they.  God only used the PCG to judge their sisters.  Since God does not dwell where there is sin, Christ discontinued revealing new truths to the prophet, the tabernacle of David fell until Christ comes (Amos 9:11; Acts 15:16), the prophet’s wife died and the Church no longer had a prophet (Psalm 74:9).  God tells us in Ezekiel 24:21, “I will profane My sanctuary”, which means He left the Church.  The Philadelphia Church of God became no more than an organization of men. }}}


This is only one member’s witness. We have not even seen this member. How did he understand all these? From the Word of God, as he studied it and willingly saw the sins of the leaders. In so many web sites, many of the RD’s evil works are found. But we can only witness against our RD. We will write about that later.


At this time, since this member has written about the sign of the prophet’s wife’s’ death, we would like to quote from the PN Nov/ Dec 2004, pgs 1 , 8,  what the prophet wrote about his wife’s death;…..( bolding, coloring etc are done by us )

“Sept 5th marked a dramatic day in the history of God’s church. 40 months after the beginning of the ‘last hour’ – Barbara flurry died. Since …. I have received new revelation about WHERE WE ARE in the course of human history !  This new revelation revolving around the death of my wife – should stir us to a more profound sense of urgency. ( referring to Ezekiel book ) …. This booklet explained how Ezekiel’s prophecies are SPECIFICALLY about our work today. Some of the revelation had to do with the death of Ezekiel’s wife and how God instructed him to continue with the work.

Ez. 24: 16 reads.. “ son of man, behold , I take away from thee, the desire of thine eyes with a stroke : yet neither shall thou mourn nor weep, neither shall thy tears run down “ .

“ NOW, THAT MY WIFE HAS DIED” AFTER A SERIES OF STROKES , I BELIEVE we must give urgent attention to these prophecies.  ( See how this prophecy was fulfilled }…..


In v 19, people asked what it all meant. He responded with God’s message. “ Then I answered them, the Word of the Lord came unto men saying speak unto the house of Israel, thus saith the Lord God ; behold I will PROFANE MY SANCUTARY, THE EXCELLENCE OF YOUR STRENGHT, THE DESIRE OF YOUR EYES, AND THAT WHICH YOUR SOUL PITITETH AND YOUR SONS and  YOUR DAUGHTERS WHOM YE HAVE LEFT SHALL  fall by the sword”. }… He wrote these words, but did he heed it himself, WHY God would strike his wife? He struck to show that He will profane the church. that is the time they became beasts. when God’s Spirit Has left.


God is saying here, that all have failed. All those who are suppose to keep God’s Law , who are in God’s ‘Sanctuary”, will be profaned, that means God will leave them and no longer give them the Spirit which gives understanding and that means, they are to fall by the Word, which is the sword, which is also mentioned in this prophecy, which is to occur, AT THE TIME OF THE WIFE’S DEATH.  Now, this does not apply to “PHYSICAL” Israel, but to ‘SPIRITUAL”. They are the ones who have the Law and they are the ones who should keep the Law. Besides, God is specifically saying, that He will leave the ‘Sanctuary’, and that is the church including the ministry, where Ezekiel is supposed to be taking care of. ( the reason about the death is written in our web site. Please read: Why Ezekiel’s wife had a stroke


The first person who should have looked at this prophecy urgently, should be Ezekiel, himself. He is too busy blaming others. Even Ez. 23: 45- 49 , 16:40 shows, that Ezekiel failed to judge and strangers were chosen to do his work instead. God says;… I will PROFANE MY SANCUTARY } “God” will profane “HIS” Sanctuary. Now, when his wife died, where was God’s sanctuary? Should not it be where God’s mouthpiece or the prophet is?


“YOUR SONS and “ YOUR DAUGHTERS…} It is Ezekiel’s own sons and daughters are to fall by the Word…. not those in other churches, and in Israel, but those who are his sons. Here is how GF wrote saying that he is a father to those who are in the PCG.

“Eliakim is actually a type of my office. ... Eliakim is a father...

You need also to come into God’s true Church with Malachi’s Message and other new revelation God has given me.  In that sense, I am a father.  Given the importance that God places on the father in the God family vision, doesn’t it seem logical that He would give us a father-type today? ...  The job makes that man a father to those people.”  [TP pg. 80p2, 86p3,5, 87p1]}…. Only those who are in PCG, who believed MM and who came to PCG, only accept him as a father. No other church accept GF as the father. So, those who are “IN” PCG are the sons and daughters of Ezekiel. God gave a physical sign of striking the wife to show, that He Has stricken those who are in the Sanctuary and as well as his sons and daughters. They are not cut through a sword, but they are to fall from the Word. They will be blind, and will worship the beast. That is what happened when God profaned His dwelling place, which is the Sanctuary, which was PCG.

Ezekiel and his sons are to fail totally from all three one is tested. Lust of the eyes, flesh and pride.


THE EXCELLENCE OF YOUR STRENGHT” … } is the pride… which God said, He will profane , and desire of eyes, is the lust of the eyes, ‘which your soul pities” is the desire of the flesh. When God profanes , they do not have power to fight with these lusts. So they will continue to exalt, have fleshly desires, of being rich, full of lies, and will break the Law, and what is worse is, they do not even know they are lusting and are enemies of God, as instead of God’s Holy Spirit, which gives them the understanding, and power to over come, now they have God’s delusion. They will be deceived… blind…and fall by the Word and will be as beasts. this is what happened at the death of the wife.  

Please read ; Joshua to find out how they failed in all three lusts.



“God took away the desire of Ezekiel’s eyes – and the desire of MY eyes – and it was a sign that God will soon take away the desire of Israel’s eyes. Israel will fall by the sword}….He even believes it is a sign, but he does not think it is for him and PCG, who will fall by the sword. Those who have the sword, which is the Word only could fall from it. All these are spiritual judgments. It is the sign that God would profane the sanctuary, where the ministers are and not Israel.


“ Cities wiped out – without inhabitant !”…}… we have proven from the Word all about who are the cities and when this would happen. Read:…

Biblical tarshish and young lions in prophecy



“ A sword as this world has never seen… major cities in the U S, Canada , Britain Australia…. Will be obliterated by weapons of mass destruction ! } …. Christ said, when He comes, it will be like the days of Noah, marrying and eating and so on… also, the prophet even would not know, ( Hos 9: 7) and He comes as a ‘thief”. When Christ comes, the prophet is already profaned and that is why he does not know his Master’s coming. There wont be such devastation as these leaders are saying. At least not when Christ comes ‘AS A THIEF”. He comes to correct the profaned sanctuary. The “cities of Judah, are those worship God as Jer 26: 2 says, and not actual cities.


God talks to Ezekiel about the sword in the context of his wife dying. This is something we must consider very seriously!!…when Ezekiel’s wife died, it was a signal to him that the sword was imminent. This prophecy is primarily for our day !   it signifies a deadly turn  for  the  worse. It’s a signal that the sword is coming fast. .. this prophecy is DATING the tragedy and the turn for the worse in this last hour ! ….. these are not Norman times --- all flesh is about to be destroyed if Jesus does not return…..  }… How could his sons fall by the sword, which is the Word of God? God gives the answer. There is a ‘man of sin”, and antichrist/s , the liar, in “THE” temple…. And all the shepherds are condemned in Ez. 34 alone. At the same time, Ezekiel was asked to measure the ministry… the inner court, the Sanctuary. Ps 74 says, the enemy is inside and it is Christ’s wife, says Micah. Has not Ezekiel read these scripture? He, himself has explained all these. He is the man, who should have heeded these prophecies. But he totally failed. If he was righteous, God would not say, He cannot find a single righteous man in Jerusalem. Christ did not have to say, that the hour will come that Jews will not worship God in Spirit and in truth etc… etc…. You see , how the fallen Ezekiel, condemn others and judge others and did worse than all others? God Has written that His ‘high priest” will be killed by the sword too, by Antiochus. The same story goes again and again….  It is Ezekiel who have to answer to his wife’s death. It is his sins which killed her. If he judged according to God’s requirements, which is a righteous judgment,  God did not have to raise up the ‘gentiles”, as we have proven.


“All flesh” about to be destroyed…. Who are flesh now? Those who willfully sinned and despised Christ’s blood and the leader of them is Ezekiel. We have proven all about ‘flesh’ in our writing …. Read:

No flesh would  be saved



As you can see, God Has warned Ezekiel and Has given a sign also. But he condemns others and failed to judge the matter. As this death is a  ‘sign’ of the falling away, as God prophesied, we can see the judgments have come and they all fell from the sword and are beasts.


GF says, he was asked to measure the ministry, but he over looked the most important sin which broke the covenant with God. GF in 2003 Jan RV, and “Last hour” book, wrote about a ‘REGIONAL DIRECTOR” type of (‘DIOTREPHUS) work. 3 John gives all the details. This incident happened anciently in Asia, as many commentaries say. Even in the end time, this is the same thing happened in ‘south east”. This is the fulfillment of Antiochus, as in Dan 8: 9… the covenant breaking sin happened in ‘south east”, as this horn grew exceedingly great towards. We have all the details in our web site with photos etc.. www.gentileassembly.org. This was done by the horn who take care of south east.


Ten horns Eat her flesh, and will burn her ;…We have explained this in our harlot writings.  Hos 8 explains when they have broken God’s covenant. v 4… “they “have set up kings but “God” did not set them up. They are rich, with gold and silver, like the harlot in Rev 17 and king Nebu in Babylon,…. Remember, all these happen, AFTER THEY BROKE THE COVENANT’, WHICH IS NOW.   V 5, God call them ‘calf’… of ‘Samaria” ( we have proven who Samaria is). God wants to know when they would become pure. V 8…. They are scattered among the gentiles… as Jam 1: 1 says. v 9… they have gone to Babylon…. , v 10…. But, after they are scattered, God will gather them. These rulers are burdening …. (they are the RDs) . v 13… they eat God’s sacrifices… and He does not accept their sacrifices. So obviously, they are doing their own thing. And God says, He will Visit ( Day of visitation). They will return to Egypt. This is why in Rev 11: 8, they are in Egypt. They have forgotten their Maker…God’s fire is now going to them. These are the claves, the RDs, who sacrifice and they themselves eat the sacrifices, and as Rev 17: 16 says, eat God’s people, and burning down.  


Mic 3: 1..the heads of Jacob, the RDs… is not for you to know justice? Do these Rds know what justice is? They want everyone to follow the Edmond way, look to head quarters, and if you do not obey, you will be out… out….  V 2. they hate good and love evil. GF just over looked the sins which RDs commit and called the good people, evil. And they pull people’s skins off and v 3… eat the flesh of God’s people and break bones and shatter. The worst things is after doing such evil, they still call on God as if nothing that sort, they have done. They bite their teeth. V 6… it will be a “night” to them. Darkness as Rev 16…, the plague on beasts kingdom. The sun, or God’s light will not be with the prophets, ( RDs) …here are few scriptures to not to trust in RDs. Zeph 3: 3,  Ez 7: 27,   Is. 1: 23,   Is 3: 14, 
                              Is. 19: 11,    Is 31: 9,   Is 40: 23,    43: 28,      
                              Jere. 32: 32,   Ez 19: 1,    Ez 21: 12,    22: 6,
                              22 :27,   45:9,    Hos 5: 10,   9:15, Amos 1:15
                              2:3,   Mic 3:1, 9.   Zep. 1: 8,   3:3,


 Hear this, heads of the house of Jacob, and magistrates of the house of Israel, you who abhor justice and pervert all equity, and are building up Zion with blood and iniquity…. And you judge for a bribe, and teach for pay…, and do all the evil works and still call on God saying is not God among us? }]Don’t we experience all this among our leaders today? And because of  the evil prophets and RDs,

             Zion shall be plowed as a field, and Jerusalem shall become heaps, and the mountain of the house into high places of the forest.”… God’s judgments have come upon you !  


Deut 28: 53….Jer 19: 9,   Lev 26: 29,  Lam 4: 10 , Ps 14: 4-7,  Is 9: 19 – 20,  Zech 11: 9, 16, Jam 5: 3   When in captivity, you will eat your sons and daughters. This is why ten horns eat the flesh …. They do not eat actual flesh, but this happen spiritually. Rev 19: 18, after they eat the flesh of the others, God will cause their flesh to be eaten.


The bear’sfeet” are emphasized… , Dan 7: 7,  23… the ten horns comes out of this kingdom. And tread down and break in pieces. That is what these beasts do.   The bears have  nonretractile claws so they can dig and trample or spiritually tread down, and that may be what they do best other than love to eat honey. In Ez. 34 : 18 - 19,  and in 32: 2,( there is a Pharaoh type of a leader in the church, which we have proven as now the church is in Egypt)  and the leaders foul the water which they give to the sheep, with their “feet”.  Also   Dan 7: 5 says, to eat much flesh. That as we proved earlier, is a judgment of God, which the leaders would do in captivity. They devour people of God, by trampling them, by being harsh towards them to make them to obey and look up to the head quarters than the Bible. Also bears do lie in wait to kill, ( Lam 3: 10, which is  for the end time, when Zion is being judged., says lying in wait and a lion in secret places ) which  are the rulers, as we have proven from the Word, are doing. Shedding ‘innocent’ blood.


Jer 12:10  Many pastors have destroyed my vineyard, they have trodden my portion under foot, they have made my pleasant portion a desolate wilderness. } … this is why the harlot is in the wilderness, the rulers, or the RDs have destroyed God’s vineyard by TREADING them under feet like bears. They are making the desolation.


As for bears eating honey, these rulers like to eat honey too. Pro 25: 27 says, those who like to eat honey seek their own honor and glory, which all the rulers are doing. Referring to Rev 10: 9-10, GF said, he was the man who was given this little book to eat as it tastes like honey. In other words, God gave him this book to eat to prophesy again, what the previous beast did ( as in Rev 13) and that is to seek own glory. HWA did that and GF is to do the same as his father. This is why he went and bought HWA’s work. God allowed it. Prophesying ‘AGAIN’ shows, the last beast is doing the same thing as the first, healing the wound ( Rev 13: 14)  and building the image to the first. HWA wanted to be a king and introduce royalty to the church and GF follows. We should love “God’s words”, which is more sweeter than honey. Ps 11: 103. Also committing adultery is like eating honey, which PCG leaders did. ( Pr 5: 3- 4) and became bitter in the belly as Rev 10, because he had to take the wormwood test. ( read: Harlot pt 1-7 ) Now, they have to take God’s Word, as an overflowing of honey to make them heal to their bones. ( pro 16: 24) We have proven now only their bones are left. So you see, why God says, these ten horns act like bears.


Act 13: 10… Paul warns of a son of the devil, who is full of guile and ‘CUNNING” … because he is perverting the right ways of the Lord. The leopards has this character, and also Antiochus, as HWA and GF has explained.


From living hope book….

Peter's mind was on the END TIME-the same time John and Jude spoke of when they talked about antichrists and false prophets inside God's Laodicean Church. }… these are the beasts… ‘BRUTE BEASTS” and are inside. Also Act 20: 30. God’s Word throughout the Bible warns about “leaders” being unfaithful and unmerciful. Is 1: 5 God says, why would you be stricken any more? That means, He Has been striking them all along. This is why, all seven eras fell. They are brute beasts…Jer 13: 23…  A leopard cannot change it’s spots, and like that the leaders could never change.

Pro 28:15  The wicked ruler is a roaring lion and a ranging bear over a poor people. } ….Did not the PCG leaders, including three evangelists and the prophet, knew what our RD was doing to the poor? Did not the prophet misjudge the poor as James also warns? Read Jer 5: 6 and the whole chapter …. These are the beasts, bear trampling the poor, ( Is 3: 14- 15…. God will enter in to judgment, when the elders plunder the poor. Now this prophecy has been fulfilled.  ), Is 10: 2… misjudge the poor and “widows” ( poor)  are prey, just as Mic 2: 9,  Is 11: 4… “God” will judge the poor because until then these leaders did not judge them righteously  and God will cause the wicked to die with the breath of His lip… that is to withhold the Holy Spirit from the rich who oppress the poor. who is consumed by the breath of Christ at His coming? It is the ‘man of sin, who is in the temple who chased God out and he is the man who misjudged the poor also. , Is 14: 30…. The poor will eat these leaders food….., v 32  the new Zion is the poor who trust God and not the leaders of Jews…..,


Is 32: 7…. The wicked plots to destroy the poor, with lying words even when they speak right( did not this happen to us?) These are the works of the beasts. This is the reason why God entered in to the judgment…. These leaders are liars and the poor speaks right. This is James book fulfilled in our day. So you can clearly see that God enters in to judgment, when there is a battle between the poor who speak the right thing and the rich speak lies. Is this not why we write all these writings? Fighting for the truth? The Jews have stopped worshiping God in Spirit and truth and the Samaritan woman knows that.


In John 4: 18… when Christ was speaking to this woman, He said, she has had five husbands and the one whom she has now also is not her husband. That means she has had 6 husbands. This is like the church, the wife of Christ, given 7 stages or eras, and she went after other husband all this time and even when she came to the 6th era, still she did not have her own husband. but, after that, she will have her own husband when she realizes her sins. John 4: 36 – 38 … Christ was saying, for one sows and another reaps and those who have not labored will enter in to labor. Do not we see this prophecy is being fulfilled now? The leaders  laboured , but they could not reap. But the gentiles, who did not sow, have entered in to the labour and are reaping. This happen when the ten horns are destroying God’s land.


Pro 28:16  The ruler that lacks understanding is a oppressor… }

The leaders in the end time are guilty of killing Christ, as we have proven from GF’s writings and from the Word. In Mt 26: 67, they spat , and beat on His face. Now God will cause these rulers to be stricken on the cheek. ( Mic 5: 1- 2 ) and spiritually, Job 12: 17-20….

Day of the Lord, is to fight with the leaders inside the church and not with EU or CC. in the book of revelation, it is the church’s judgments are written. GF wrote, 17 out of 22 chapters of revelation is about the throne, that is the church. We could prove all the chapters are about the church.


Since all have sinned, we need to afflict our souls to be able to reconcile to God. This is why we observe the Day of Atonement.

On the “day of atonement”, we “afflict” our souls. How do we do that? By abstaining from “food and water”, physically . When God says, He will afflict us;  NOW, it means, He will withdraw His Spirit, the water  and food or the revelation from us and that is ‘spiritually”. . This is what happens when the church is  in the wilderness. Then, when they are afflicted, they will realize they are hungry and thirsty and will repent. Read: Wilderness.

Ez. 45:9 O princes of Israel: remove violence and spoil, and execute judgment and justice, take away your exactions from my people, saith the Lord GOD. }


GF wrote in “Living hope”;…

Living hope’

People can denigrate me personally; they could make a list of all my faults and I would probably agree with a lot of what they said. Every leader in the Bible had flaws. But none of that means anything as long as God is using somebody!} none of that means anything as long as God is using somebody? ?  … if a leader continues to have flaws, KNOWINGLY, like GF now is saying as he has , would God use that man without punishment? All our writings prove from the Word that it is God’s chosen, anointed leaders, who sinned, are condemned as having a filthy turban, a man full of sin, the beasts, dumb dogs, foxes etc and God will enter in to judgment with such. They will not go unpunished. God will not use somebody who willfully sin. This is why God condemns the leaders who sin and then call on God. GF must be thinking that every leader has flaws, so I too can get away from my flaws and why would I judge the poor , and I can just cast them out and pull their robes and spiritually murder them and still get away, because he is being used by God !.... here is what he wrote;….



" The king or leader of God's church might weaken and think he is above the law---God promises His leaders that HE WILL CORRECT THEM with the rod of men of this world!


"Those members of God's church should know by faith that their ministers will be corrected ---including the most exalted ministers! God is a Father who lovingly "spanks" His leaders who commit iniquity."


Well, we see that GF has weakened and is thinking that he is above the Law…. This is why he thinks that even though he admits that he has flaws and still think as long as God uses that man, these flaws will be forgotten by God !.... The poor have the faith as James 2: 5 says, and they know that the leader and the king in God’s church has weakened and has flaws and they know the UNBREAKABLE PROMISE FROM God, that God will correct and spank His leaders who commit iniquity, including the most exalted ministers. …. Wonder why these ministers are “exalted” in the first place???? The time has come for the exalted to be humbled. The time has come for the servants to ride on horses and these princes to walk as servants upon the earth as Eccl 10: 7. That is a promise from God… Job 21: 13,  24: 24,   Job 36: 6- 7 , Lev 26: 41, Isa 10:33,   Isa 2:11 , Isa 5:15 ,   God will make low the mountains and the hills who are proud… when they are humbled, God will turn His wrath  2Ch 12:12,   2Ch 32:26, 


The leaders in God's Church are imperfect. The important question is, ARE THEY STRIVING TO OVERCOME? We are not arguing that we don't have flaws-but we do say that we are WALKING IN THE WAY OF TRUTH}…When Christ says, there will be no one walk in truth or in Spirit, how could he say he walks in truth? can you compromise by saying every leader has flaws so I can also get away? Yes, God is still using GF , but that is to desolate the ones who are worshiping the beast. read Jam 3: 13 – 18. His wisdom is earthly, beastly and devilish… this is the ‘angel of light’ who says one thing and does another.


Is 48: 10…behold, I have refined you, but not with silver; I have chosen you in the furnace of affliction.} … in this chapter God calls for all Israel, Judah, Jacob etc.. but they do not call on Him in truth. this is the time John 4: 20-21 fulfils. No one worship God in spirit and in truth. this is the time as v 6 says, the ‘NEW THINGS” will spring forth. V 8 ‘FROM THE TIME THEIR EARS WERE CLOSED, God knew they will betray and trespass…. God knew him from the womb, that he would do that. That is why God Had planned the new things. So God will not cut them off, but will refine in a furnace. Deut 28: 48 is fulfilled by Ezekiel who is given food and water by measure and he is being afflicted for everyone’s sins. Beginning from 2003, God revealed about the beasts, creeping ministers etc to the prophet. Their work was finished, as he gave the sermon. At the same time only RDs received the power.. When two ministers had problems with Mr Campbell’s sermon about ‘faith mercy, judgment”, GF called these ministers ‘CRITICS” publicly. So would any minister to go GF to tell their RDs’ sins thereafter?  Look what happened to Mr Durrad, and Mr Frendo. If you do not submit to them, even if it is against the Word, you will be out. So everyone keep quiet. They are afraid of these RDs who have hearts like iron. So they did not love the truth. They took the image of the beast and not of God’s. So God allowed them to be deceived. ‘STRONG DELUSION’ is what such people got. How can one have more power to fight with God’s delusion?


Job 40: 18… explains the beast in the sea, who is made with brass and iron. But , God controls him. God wants the proud to know, that He is in control. Their delusion, their blindness is also God Has planned. V 7 says, gird up thy loins now like a man… I will demand thee… declare thou un to Me… God  wants this man, who thinks he is above all, to speak like a man whether God is correct or not. V 8 this man, disannuls God’s judgment. This is the laodicean leader who is proud and who stumbled in judgment. V 12… it is time to tread down this wicked man. V 13… hide in the dust. This  is Zion who is in dust… mourning… weeping and being afflicted.  It was Ezekiel who was asked to mourn and pine away in his iniquity at the time of his wife’s  death. ( Ez. 24: 21 – 13)  Is 51. This animal eats grass like an ox. Who is the man who was chased to the forest to eat grass like a beast? It is king Nebu, which is a type of the laodicean leader, who needs to be humbled who also misjudged the poor as Dan 4: 27 says.


Jer 1 explains when evil comes from north, that is where the spiritual Jerusalem is, as we have proven from the Word, there are many families in the north. They have kingdoms. These families are the many churches of God. This is a time to remove and replant.. also a time to tell God’s judgments, which is now, on those who have forsaken God. This is spiritual Israel.  , God has to make Jeremiah like iron also to teach us . V 18… he is to be an iron pillar… and brass wall AGAINST  the whole land and kings, princes, priests and people. That means against all of them. These people, will fight against God’s chosen. This is the time of judgment, and the antichrist, the man of sin, the filthy Joshua is now being judged.


Ez 22. .. this chapter talks about when there is blood shed in the land ( now )  or  when the church has become the bloody harlot in Rev 17, who needs to be judged and burned of her wickedness. This is also a time to scatter among the gentiles , which is also (now) . V 18… they are like brass, iron and tin and they have dross and need to be refined and purified as (now ) . God’s fury, is on these ( now) . As ‘silver’ is melted, God is going to melt them..( now )( In Malachi 3: 3 , God says, He will purify the ministers as silver )   silver is the “pure Word of God”… Ps 12: 6… so it is the Word of God, which comes from the gentiles, ( silver smiths who come from Tarshish) which will purify  them. ( Now ) this is why, we are sending the pure Word of God to Zion.( now )  V 24… God is not sending the rain upon them, ( now ) as it is the time of “indignation” ( now ) on Zion. V 25 the problem is with the prophets, they have devoured the souls. ( now )  ( Rev 17: 16 )  Violated God’s law.  ( Now ) Profaned God’s Holy things. ( now ) they do not know what is Holy and what is unholy. ( now ) And the RDs are ravening wolves. ( now ) This is why Christ warned us about in Mat 7:15… they are the false prophets ( now ) . The false prophets are in side the Sanctuary, in God’s temple.( now )  Not in the world. This is why God’s fury and wrath is poured upon them NOW.


Ps 107 explains, fools, ( The prophet Hos 9) because of their transgression, are being afflicted as iron, Because they rebelled against the word of God. They sit in darkness. ( the plague in Rev 16)  That is without God’s light or food, revelation etc… this is the time to be in wilderness. V 14.. They will be brought out of affliction, or darkness and shadow of death. All happen because of their foolish hearts,. How are they healed?  By the Word of God. V 20… God Sent His Word to heal and to deliver from their own destruction. So , when they are in the wilderness, God will send some one with His words. This is what we are doing. V 23… they go down to “sea” in ships… that do business in great waters… this is the harlot, who sits in ‘many waters’ in Rev 17 and she is in the wilderness, in darkness having no water and food from God. God is sending His Word to deliver them. (Please read: Israel will come out of sea”.) God command the stormy wind to lift up the waves of the sea… where the wicked are. ( Read” East wind). V 26… it is their ‘soul’ which is melting…. Who are drunk now? It is the Laodiceans… all of the churches of God.  V 33- 34… God turns the fruitful land… this is the church. But it will become dry and barren… because of the wickedness. Then God turns the dry ground in to water springs.. 39… the proud will be brought low by oppression, affliction and sorrow. The princes will be in the wilderness. But God sets the poor on high from affliction.

1 Kin 8: 51,  Is 10: 34,  Is 45: 2,  Jer 28: 14,  Ho 5: 10,  7: 16,  9:15

Exo 28: 15,   29,   30,  


It is the ministry who are to put breast plate of “JUDGMENT’ upon their hearts. These ministers have iron breast plates instead of righteous judgment. Then, Christ will put on ‘RIGHTEOUSNESS’  as His breast plate ( Eph 6: 14-17, 1 The 5: 8 we should have righteousness and salvation like Christ ) and will take vengeance from these ministers. V 19… those who are in the ‘WEST” shall fear. Because Christ is taking vengeance from those who are in the west. But God’s glory will come from the rising of the sun, that is ‘EAST’. When the judgment comes, they will learn righteousness. Is 26: 9.


Rev 9: 17 – 19 shows how these RDs, the horses, who has red breast plates, as they are guilty of blood, and their heads were like lions. It is the RDs who are lions , and the devil is ‘the’ lion.( Zep 3:3, but they will come to nothing Is 40: 23) Ps 2: 10-11… they should be wise and learn to fear God with trembling. These RDs were in the east gate, when they sinned Ez. 11: 1, which caused God to leave the Sanctuary. Nebu has taken the RDs to himself. Ez. 17: 12. It is a RD  who took Ezekiel in to captivity. Ez. 12: 10 – 13… and God will bring him to Babylon, and he shall die ( spiritually) there. V 15.. all those who are with him, God will scatter. Ez. 21: 12,  22: 6,  27 ( they are like wolves and shed blood. ) 26: 16… they will put off their garments ( spiritual clothing) and will tremble…


Ez. 32: 29- 30… the RDs will be slain by the “Word”. At Ezekiel’s wife’s death, God prophesied that his sons will be killed by the Word of God. They shall lie with the uncircumsized… so these are circumsized RDs, to lie with uncircumsized and not in EU.  And they have already gone in to the pit… see after they died by God’s Word, they went in to the pit. This is a fulfillment of Rev 9: 17.

Ez. 45: 8- 9… finally, they will not oppress God’s people any more. This is when the new temple is being built. Until such time they were oppressing God’s people.

These are the accusations which God Has against all the leaders in Israel. These RDs should know, that they can seek GF’s favor, but their judgment will come from the Lord. ( Pro 29: 26) When their judgment comes, they will have to walk as slaves, while their servants will sit upon horses. Ecc 10: 7. , Job 12¨21,  24,  And they will die without food in the city as Lam 1: 19 , 2: 6-7, God, not only profaned the sanctuary, but He profaned the whole kingdom and specially the RDs. Lam 2: 2- 3. God Has cut off “EVERY  HORN” … that is the ministry. And He put a “FLAMING FIRE” round about…. When Adam and Eve sinned, God put a flaming sword which turned every side to keep them from eating from the tree of life. ( Gen. 3: 24) . The tree of life, at this point is cut off to them. Of course if God is not in the Sanctuary, then He cannot offer the tree of life to these sinners. ! But here is what GF wrote in 200”5”



“The work of God is a spiritual tree of life. It grows and bears leaves and fruit.” “God says if we do our job right, we will see a lot of growth on this tree. We have a college---acquiring other buildings---administration building and dorms, ---purchased artifacts from Ambassador auditorium. These are signs of a growing, fruit bearing work.”

GOD IS TELLING US THIS WORK IS LIKE A LITTLE TREE OF LIFE, AND IT’S GOING TO GROW TO FILL THE ENTIRE EARTH!}According to GF, who claims he is the mouthpiece of God, says, it is “HIS  WORK” ;…OF COLLEGE, BUILDINGS, ARTIFACTS FROM THE PREVIOUS BEAST, …..ARE “A LITTLE TREE OF LIFE,”….and that is how  the  spiritual tree of life  GROWS … This work, he mentions here is the work of the devil as any one, even a little child can see, causing every one to look up to ‘PHYSICAL” things. This is none but the laodicean leader.  This is how, the antichrist deceives the whole world. He causes every one to build after the first beast. And look up to the way HWA built and how is  BUILDING. He wants us to build physically.  Christ never said to look up to a physical building, He did not allow any of His disciples to build one, but when the apostles were admiring the temple, He said, ‘NOT EVEN ONE STONE SHALL BE LEFT UPON ANOHTER”. Which means, “do not look up to a physical building”.  HWA started to build like this ( you would know better than us about the work of HWA ) colleges, candelabras which were made to honor the devil, etc…. and GF too is raising up the ruins exactly like HWA’s.  according to GF, if we take part in his building projects, we can eat from the tree of life… ? Anyway, he wrote this in  2005, when he has already fallen and by that time God Has already set the flaming fire around and the kingdom is profaned, including the Sanctuary and all are spiritually dead as Lamentations says. Here is more;…


I don't care what you think or what you believe -- I'm eating from the tree of life.  I'm going to rule with Jesus Christ, and it doesn't make one whit of difference to me what you believe, or what you think of me.  [June 1995 Ministerial Conference -- From the Beginning; also on 1995 FT video}…which tree of life is that?..... the college, artifacts and the buildings !!! these are the lying wonders comes out of the mouth of the false prophet to deceive.

Pro 15:2  The tongue of the wise uses knowledge rightly, but the mouth of fools pours out foolishness. (prophet is a fool Hos 9:7)

Pro 15:3  The eyes of Jehovah are in every place watching the evil and the good. }… God Has seen the folly of the fools…

Pro 15:4  A wholesome tongue is a tree of life, but perverseness in it is a break of the spirit. }… The Word of God is what comes out of the wholesome tongue and that is life. (   Mt 4: 4  ) we live by every Word of God and not by the buildings. Pro 11: 30 says, the ‘FRUITS OF THE RIGHTEOUS” is a tree of life. That is the righteousness comes from the truth.

Mat 12:36  But I say to you, that every idle word, whatever men may speak, they shall give an account of it in Judgment Day!.


Lam 2: 9… “Gates” sunk to the ground. These are the gates of hell, which we have proven who are the leaders in the church, are sunk to the ground, the pit, the bottomless pit. They are among the gentiles… this is how we know. These princes mingled with the gentiles by inviting unbaptized in to the ALTAR. (Lam 1: 10. ) V 14… the prophets have seen vain visions and lies and covered up the sins and seduced the people by their lies, in order to turn back the captivity. These prophets do not have a wholesome tongue which is a tree of life…

Lam 2:17  Jehovah has done what He purposed; He fulfilled His Word} what is the Word which is to be fulfilled at this time, in judgment?,….Rev 17: 16- 17.. to eat the flesh of the people, and to make desolate… to have one mind in doing that. This is how they do this, by causing all to be deceived and making them to eat from their tree instead of the tree of life, which is of the truth and the Word and Spirit.   (Deut 28: 53, Jer 19: 9…,Lam 2: 20 , 4: 13, 5: 12)….

Lam 2: 20… prophet and the priest killed in the Sanctuary. This happened in Ezekiel’s time ( Ez. 9), the killing began at His sanctuary. This did not happen when WCG fell. When GF was called to be a Ezekiel type of a watchman, WCG has already fallen and it was not the Sanctuary. The killing began while Ezekiel was doing his work. There was no prophet other than Ezekiel at this time. We know how he failed. He is the prophet who is to be killed in Ez. 9 and Lam 2: 20.

Lam 3: 53- 55… Their lives are cut off in the pit. And waters flowed over… this is the flood, which comes when Christ Has come in the clouds to give rain, the pure Word of God, which is the over flowing shower which comes from the gentiles as in Isa. 66: 12. God will hear him when he is in the pit, after this flood.


John 9:11 .. Christ healed a man on the ‘Sabbath’ day, by using clay, to open a blind man. Now, on this Sabbath, which is the last day, He will heal all those who are clay and blind. This man was told to go to the pool of Siloam, which means ‘SENT”. V 3 says, this happened so that the works of God might be revealed. Now, only  God’s work, the truth, the pure language is being revealed. Dan 2: 34… the stone without hands, struck the image which had iron and clay and broke in to pieces… the vessels of clay, who are the RDs, will be broken in to pieces? Is 8: 14… The rock, falls on Israel and Judah and v1 5 that causes them to stumble and fall and broken and snared. This is what Christ is doing now. He was a stumbling block for the proud because they were disobedient as 1 Pet 2: 8 says. After that, God will build a tabernacle made not with hands like these RDs are building. Heb 9: 11,  2 Cor 5: 1,   Col 2: 11.


From prophesying again book… GF wrote;..

And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blas­pheme his name, and his tabernacle, and THEM THAT DWELL IN HEAVEN" (Revelation 13:6). THE BEAST POWER IS GOING TO BLASPHEME OUR FATHER. WE MUST BE INFURIATED BY THAT! IT WILL BLASPHEME HIS TABERNACLE-SPEAKING OF GOD'S PEOPLE. WE HAVE TO STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR OUR FAMILY! Because we love our Father and our Family, when people start casting these vile aspersions, we must let them know what we think! WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO CALL THAT WHORE WHAT SHE IS, AND THAT BLASPHEMER WHAT HE IS!}… God’s mouthpiece says that we should fight for our family and we heed God’s Word.

Mark of the beast

We all know that “Sabbath” identifies God’s true people… As God worked for six days, He fed Israel for six eras. All the way in the end, when we came to the 6th era, Just like the ancient Israel got manna double on the 6th day, God gave double spiritual manna in the 6th era. Even after that, Israel fell. That is the end of God’s work with Israel. The virgin of Israel, shall rise no more… the woman who bore seven languishes , breathed her last.  They became luke warm and Christ said, He will spew them out of His mouth. That means they will not get any revelation after that. God says, why should I strike them any more as they will rebel more and more… ( Is 1: 5). This happens as v 4 says, when they have forsaken God and gone backward. One cannot go backward, unless it is the end. This shows, according to God, Israel never obeyed and now He Has to do something about it and He chose to speak ‘peace” between Him and the church. (read: Covenant of peace). V 3… God says, the ‘ox’ knows His owner, and “MY” people, have not understood. ( meaning they are like beasts ) But God loves His people Israel and He wants to bring them back, open the blind eyes, and heal them. How Does God plan to correct them?.... by choosing the “OX” and the “Ass”, who knows it’s creator God. please read;….

Poor Fatherless and widows



Pray that your flight may not be on Sabbath



The time has to come when the ox and the ass are to be refreshed and to feed and water them. Above writings would prove from the Word, this fact. God Has created the ox and the ass to work in this special ‘sabbath’. .. ( Exo 23: 12) ( to be breathed upon… to give understanding  )  They are to bring God’s people Israel back from captivity. This is the ‘Sabbath’, which Israel was asked to flee before it comes. This Sabbath should come when all Israel have failed and has no understanding.


Now, the poor are gleaning from the field and they are now at work. That is the sabbath’, which the “Son of Man” also the Lord. According to Isa. 1, God says, He Has totally rejected them as (v4) “EVILDOERS’, who do not understand. As we have already proven, man, without understanding are “beasts”. so who are the beasts according to God?.... the children of Israel. Now, the ‘ox’ and the ‘ass’, have become God’s people, keeping and working on this Sabbath. We know, the Word says, the ministers even they work on Sabbath are guiltless.  Just because one goes to a church on Sabbath and call on God, does not mean they worship God in “Spirit and in truth”. if Christ said, the hour would come that Jews will not worship God in Spirit and in truth, then that has to be fulfilled before His second coming. Of course those who are without understanding would not belive that. They believe a lie now. This is why, the ox and the ass are called to work for God.


The throne of David became a kingdom of beasts.  Ps 89: 30- 40 , Jer 22: 30… No man in David’s throne… Zech 11: 10-11… while poor were watching, the covenant was broken by God and He left profaning the Sanctuary in Ez 24. God is with the poor, the gentiles, on this Sabbath. At this time, the gentiles and the Jews were separated. The rich and the poor, the proud and the humble…. This Sabbath is a sign of God’s rest which was spoken by many prophets as our writing “Pray that your flight may not be on Sabbath” proved form the Word. This Sabbath identifies God’s true people and they have  the “image of God”, and those who do not accept this work, are those who reject God’s image. God’s image is now on the “vessels of mercy”. Those who did not flee before this Sabbath, is worshipping the devil and they automatically have the “MARK OF THE BEAST”. Those who have ‘THE TRUTH” have God’s image and those who “DO NOT HAVE THE TRUTH”

What ever happens, all prophecies of God has to be fulfilled before Christ’ s second coming. God says, no one is righteous. This is why, God Has chosen some to be the ‘vessels of mercy”, otherwise, no flesh would be saved. We cannot judge or accuse another being worse than us, as we are all sinners. Ez. 16: 52 shows, that God allowed one sister to judge others, but in the end she did worse than all others. Then, God called the assembly to throw stones and execute judgments on her.  The power of the Holy people have to be totally shattered. There cannot be any faith, love, even one stone left upon another when Christ comes. Christ directly , from His own words He said these things. So where would you find faith and love, if it is not in the church. it is His wife who was given the love and the faith. So she only could lose it. If one leader was able to over come and be righteous, then, there is no need of Christ’s sacrifice. The salvation, is a gift and no one can earn it.


This Sabbath identifies God’s people and those who have the mark of the beast…..


Witness 1

Gentile assembly