God punishes by earthquakes when His children refuse to obey. When the Worldwide Church of God committed sins, God caused earthquakes in Pasadena, “where” they committed the crime.  When the Philadelphia Church of God broke the covenant, God caused an earthquake in ‘South East Asia’, where they committed their crime.  Uncovering the channels of the sea ‘physically’ is the beginning of uncovering such ‘spiritual’ sins . The ‘Altar’ neglected this evil and tried to hide it.  In contrast, God is bringing Southeast Asia to their attention, where this evil happened. The PCG leaders are deceiving God’s people into thinking they are being persecuted, rather than being punished.  The Tsunami is a strong warning to God’s church to repent! This happened a week before the ministerial conference which was held in Edmond, which GF declared… “I am the 7th head”. Anyone claims, he is the 7th head of the church, is none other than “ THE” laodicean leader. The fate of those who were struck by this tsunami shows the fate of the spiritual Israel who broke the covenant.  









20th Feb 2005

Mr. Flurry writes in Isaiah booklet (1999 edition, pg 58) that God punishes with “Earthquakes”.


“Ariel” (Isa 29)  means ‘Jerusalem’.  It also means “hearth” or “Altar of God”. It refers specifically to the “Highest tier of the Altar”. (Especially the top leaders in the ‘Altar’. The ‘temple’ today is ‘God’s own church’. They were the highest tier) Pg 60 – “God does punish us with natural disasters”. Is 29: 6.  Notice, God also says He will punish Israel with “Earthquakes”. THE CURSES WILL CONTINUE UNTIL WE REPENT. !


That is God’s plan and nothing can change it. How much we suffer is in our own power to control. God help us to repent soon!!! These are Mr. Flurry’s writings. Isa 29:6. God punishes with earthquakes because the highest tier or the altar sinned as in V 1. V.14…If the “highest tier” has sinned, then God cannot dwell in that Altar.  Ez 24: 21-23 says, God profaned the altar, at the time of Ezekiel’s wife’s death. Who are in the highest tier?  It has to be “the high priest”, or the prophet or Ezekiel, Eliakim, or who ever in the “Inner court”. We now see that all these leaders are condemned by God. Now, God  has raised up a work that the Altar would not believe. This is repeated in Acts 13:41… Apostle Paul was warning the Jews of this work, at a time the Jews were opposing the apostle or God’s teachings. But the Jews rejected. V.46 … Because you rejected, we turn to the “gentiles”.  (Read: Gentile Work and Arm of the Lord). When Jews rejected, God raised up gentiles to stand up for God’s truth and fight for the truth. God prophesied: "Behold, you despisers, Marvel and perish! For I work a work in your days, A work which you will by no means believe, Though one were to declare it to you’" (NKJV, Acts 13:41). God does not expect you to believe this, but …it was raised by God Himself.

 Amos 9: 1 explains: The Altar gone astray and how God would punish it, V 3 God will command the serpent (Satan) to bite them and v.4, captivity. ( Ez 24: 16-25, explains that God Has profaned the Altar and the Babylonian captivity has begun which GF said.) So now they are in captivity. This proves The tabernacle of David or the Altar is fallen and v.11 says… On that day (when the Altar goes astray,  God will rebuild its ruins v.12… All the “GENTILES” WHO ARE CALLED BY GOD’S NAME. Acts 15; 16 –17, at a time of gentiles are being called to the same salvation, this prophecy has to be fulfilled. Therefore, at a time when God’s judgment  Has come upon the ALTAR, God causes the tsunami (v.6) as in Is.29:1,6. Physical disasters picture spiritual disasters.

Amos 9:6… Who calls for the waters of the sea and pours on the face of the earth… Why?   V.7 says, This happens at a time when God’s Altar has gone astray, (The altar is “the tabernacle of David”, but it has fallen down as in v. 11), because they are like the Ethiopians (V 7).   Why would God say such a thing to His Altar?  Because The Altar invited 17 Ethiopian (UNBAPTIZED, UNCONVERTED) men to the Altar and 852  (UNBAPTIZED,UNCONVERTED) people to the temple. (Read: Plain Truth about the 800 Indians). How could PCG absorb such a multitude of people at once when God calls one of a city and two of a family?   In India. (The Sabeans, are Ethiopians, and in India, South East Asia, PCG invited such to the Altar, Ez.23:36-49, ... The fulfillment of this prophecy was taken place  in “SOUTH EAST ASIA”. We are witnesses to this treachery  which “ARIEL” committed against God. In our earlier mail, we have proven who were the Ethiopians from Trumpet and Plain Truth articles.) As you know, between 24th and 30th Dec., 2003, we reported to Mr. Flurry about this Sabean involvement. But Mr. Flurry failed to admit the error he and Mr. Harrison made. The same week, Mrs. Flurry was stricken and exactly a year later, the Tsunami in South East Asia, where the covenant was broken. Certainly, God is showing His anger and judgment through this tsunami. Book of Amos is written at a time of God’s judgment. Therefore, when The Altar invited Ethiopians to the Altar, and refused to be corrected, God sent a tsunami. Amos 9:6.  When the tabernacle of David  will be rebuilt, God calls the gentiles… The gentiles are being used by God to expose why and how the Tabernacle of David fell (Read: Little Sanctuaries and the Fallen Tabernacle).

 Amos 5: 8 - 9…God calls for the waters of the sea and pours on the face of the earth: But why???

He rains ruin upon the STRONG, so that FURY comes upon the FORTRESS. (Why would God rain ruin upon strong and on the fortress? This is (V 1) written for the “Virgin of Israel.” V.7 says …you who turn Justice to wormwood. The virgin of Israel, is Christ’s bride, PCG. But they do not care for God’s justice and therefore, God rains ruin upon them, the strong and the fortress. Therefore, at a time when God’s judgment has come upon the “Virgin of Israel”, God causes the tsunami. V.21, God hates the feast days. In Jude 12, which was addressed to the preserved ones, God warns that there are false takers among us and to “contend for the faith once delivered”.  Amos 5:27.. God will send to captivity. The Babylonian captivity, which is explained in Ez. 24, and Ez. 16:52-53.  and at the time of Ezekiel’s wife’s death.

Isiah 24: 6… the whole earth is cursed… Why?? V.5… They have BROKEN THE EVER LASTING COVENANT. No other church but PCG could break God’s covenant, because she is ‘The Wife” of Christ. Where  did they break the covenant?  … In”  South East Asia”. V.5 says The whole earth is defiled. V.10 City of “Confusion” (means Babylon. At the time of the prophet’s wife’s stroke, according to Ez.16: 1… the Babylonian siege…, the captivity….A year later,(a) the earth where we broke the covenant was split open.(v.8) and…
(b) During the ministerial conference, Mr. Flurry said He is the 7th king  in Rev 17:10 (admitting that the PCG is the harlot) “Babylon, Babylon!!! Confusion, confusion!!!. (It has to be the condemned church of God which does not want to admit their sins which they committed with the Ethiopians. And in Ez.24: 1-21, and 16:15 – 63, specially vs.15,17,28,29, (Babylonians) 32- 34, 36,37, (vs 40 – 41 and Eze 23: 45-49 is God working through the chosen gentiles to expose the harlot and that is what we are doing)  Is 47:6, God is angry with HIS people and given them into your (BABYLON’S) hands.(Micah 4:10, the end time wife shall go to Babylon)..   Rev 17:16-18, (The ten horns, cannot hate the catholic church if the harlot is the catholic church as we were taught by HWA..)  proves that this harlot is the PCG, or the wife of Christ. V.17, it is God’s purpose and will, as in Is 47:6 and other scriptures mentioned earlier.   Soon, God will strike the shepherds too, until repents. V.15…(Is 24)When this happens, the name of the Lord God of “Israel”, in the “Coastlands” …(God of Israel is causing the coastlands to tell His people’s covenant breaking sins).

Is 29. V. 10 says… God Has closed the eyes of “the prophets”. (Mr. Flurry still has not dealt with this issue. To this day he is blind. This is a covenant breaking abominable act. ) Vs.3 and 4 … “I will encamp against you… and lay siege works against you. Which means captivity. At the time of Ezekiel’s wife death, the prophet has to pine away because of iniquity.. and Ez.24:21, God profaned the church, and “Captivity”. Ez.24: 17 and 23 , God did not remove the turban from the prophet or other ministers. They are to continue to work but in measure. But the prophet will be mute, not understanding the cause of the captivity till the escapee comes. As in Ez 16: 60, God will correct the problem and remember the covenant after punishing. Mic 4:10…in Babylon, you shall be delivered.
 2 Sam.22; 8 the earth shook and trembled … because God was angry. V 16, channels of  sea were seen and foundations were uncovered… Because God was angry.  V.45… “The foreigners submit to me… (Gentiles will listen !!! they obey me.!!!).V 50. “I will give thanks to You Oh Lord…”Among the Gentiles”…While the Highest tier of the Altar and The Virgin of Israel is being punished,…  the gentiles,… giving thanks to God!!! When the foundations were seen(v16) because of God’s anger, God’s king David is among the “gentiles” as in Is.24:15.  and…..

Ps 18: 7…Earth quaked,…foundations shaken,…Because “He was angry”.V.15…Channels of water were seen,…foundations uncovered…”At God’s rebuke”. V.43… God Has made King David, The Head of the nations!!! Gentiles!!! (This is how the fallen Tabernacle of David will be rebuilt) V.43…A people I have not known shall serve me.. v 44, As soon as the gentiles heard, They obeyed. They came out of their hideouts…(The gentiles will be afraid of God, but not Israel) v. 49 “I will give thanks to You Oh Lord!!!, Among the gentiles!!! This is repeated in two  places – God is not kidding when He is angry!!!

 Mr. Flurry wrote in Feb 2005 Trumpet,.” There is a greater tragedy… and that is, how Ministers” have responded. How the archbishop of Canterbury reactedand how the ministers in other religions did not understand Why the tsunamis. But God blames  HIS ALTAR, THE HIGHEST Tier Of HIS ALTAR. (Definitely, Mr. Flurry, Mr. Stephen Flurry and Mr. Turgeon, who belongs to the highest tier of the altar for neglecting this evil , covenant breaking act which was committed by another member of the Highest altar, MR. HARRISON).

Will God keep quiet??? (
God’s Highest tier of the altar cannot be in any other church, but PCG, the only church broke His covenant in SOUTH EAST ASIA. As we explained in earlier emails, Ez 8 and 11, the  25 men committing abominable acts in the “Eastern part of the ALTAR” (The ministerial conference which was held in July 2001, Mr. Harrison said he has 25 ministers under him, and he was in the Eastern part of the church. (including the 17 men defiling the sanctuary. Ez.44: 7 and Is.52:1 says to have unbaptized people coming to the altar and the temple, will defile it.) co-incidentally, God writes in Daniel 8: 9, about the Antiochus, “which grew exceedingly great toward “SOUTH ,  EAST, OF THE GLORIOUS. (MEANING THE CHURCH. Antiochus deceived with his lies and flatteries) All to happen in the end time.!!!


Mr. Flurry blames other religious ministers,  but the real cause for God the Father to  allow this tsunami in “South East Asia” was Mr. Flurry neglecting to “Measure” the Altar and the temple, after God the Father brought this sin in South East Asia to his attention in 2003 December, when many of us wrote to him giving all the evidence. All the dead people in the tsunami, when they are risen again, will accuse the PCG for breaking the covenant and allowing them to be killed, thus arousing the anger of God.!!!

 Mr. F writes in the pg 2 of the trumpet…But if they reject His message or turn away from Him, then He wants to correct them…. (Worldly religions cannot reject God’s message because they are not given it yet. When WCG committed sins, God caused earthquakes in Pasadena, where they committed the crime. In this case, it was in South East Asia. South Asian minister was not allowed to come to the conference  in order to keep this hidden. But God Has seen!!!) 
 Mr. F writes…Lawlessness and Iniquity… how the Asian people sin.( But he fails to remember his  own sin was the cause in South East Asian tsunami. Both characters found in the church where end time Ezekiel  is present. Ez 24 shows that and in Ezekiel’s time, God leaves the temple by the way of the  “EAST GATE” Ez. 10: 18-24 ) Pg 3… Daniel 12:4, 9, prophet Daniel said, “all this evil come upon us: that we might turn from our iniquities and understand thy “TRUTH”.. (The truth was not given to anybody in the world or in  South East Asia  but only to God’s church and therefore, the TRUTH can be rejected only by the church which was given the truth. So the main cause is the church and the altar.)

Mr. F writes…”TWO HARDEST THINGS IN THE WORLD FOR PEOPLE TO DO ARE, FIRST TO ‘ADMIT’ THEY’RE WRONG, AND SECOND, TO BELIEVE GOD.”   Mr. Flurry, you  failed to admit this sin.  If you believe God, you would have admitted this sin. We once again remind you of this sin. Otherwise expect more calamity to be stricken not only in South East Asia, but also in south Asian altar of God and then to the whole altar.

Pg 5…”Those who died in the tsunami will be “RAISED AGAIN”. But can we say the same thing about everyone in the ALTAR and the TEMPLE of GOD???
Mr. Flurry, we would like once again to get your attention on this matter. God’s anger is shown definitely after the last hour. Right after God  gave you the revelation to Measure the temple, in Rev 11:2 it says… leave out the outer court for gentiles…. Still these gentiles are in the outer court of God’s Temple. Not in the world, but in the outer court of the same temple.  They are not being measured, cause they are being used by God to cry aloud to the Inner court  of its sinfulness. God will somehow get you and the church to repent. As you have said in the above mentioned Isaiah booklet, The curses will continue until we repent. How much we suffer is in our own power to control .
The arch-bishop of Canterbury will  have his chance to obey God, in next age. But you and the church have only this age to prove its faithfulness to God. God waits till we repent. We look up to you as God’s prophet.  The arch-bishop and other religious ministers will accuse you of being ignorant of your own sins when they learn who really broke the covenant of God. They do not have the “Truth” as you have written quoting Daniel 9.

 May God help you to see this abomination, and cause you to repent. The whole church’s eternal lives are at stake.

In case if you have not received the earlier mail, and would like to receive it, with evidence of how those 17 men and 852, people were never “baptized”, we could still send it. Read Phil news 2000 Jan. Mr. Malone wrote “Should the unbaptized take Passover”, right below that article, Mr. Harrison writes… requesting  God’s people’s prayers (incense) for those “Unconverted, people whom we were sacrificed to keep God’s sacred “Passover” with. We, the gentiles heeded!!!
Brethren who witnessed this crime.


(Ez 23: 45- 49, Lam 1: 15,  Ez 16: 40)