Raising  the ruins? Or causing the ruins? …

prove all things




PCG claims that they are raising up the ruins.  Are they really raising up the ruins or do they cause the ruins? We need to prove from the ‘WORD OF God” to see who caused the ruins. PCG leader claims he is Ezekiel, Eliakim,  the high priest and deliverer of the message from Micah and he corrects the Levites in Malachi.

“God” says :…

Ezekiel profaned (Ez 24: 21-23),

Eliakim was cut down ( Is 22: 25) , and  

Joshua, the high priest has a “filthy turban”( Zech 3),

Micah? The remnant in Micah who does God’s work is explained in Mich 5: 7-9 as among the “gentiles”, the “lions” and the “HAND” (read: http://www.gentileassembly.org/docs/Arm%20of%20Lord.htm… , and as for the message from the book of  Malachi? , …..

Mal 1:11 explains God accept ‘GENTILE”S” offerings as ALL the Levites have gone astray. Those who feared God had to separate from the main body of believers and they are not formed as a church there after, and they will be little sanctuaries.  God accepts gentile’s offerings. And Christ comes to purify the levites.  Who is raising up ruins according to God?


This is the word of God.  This is what “God” says. We are not to trust any man… These leaders despise God’s word. They only read and explain what suits them. Listen to God. Read His word and prove your selves…. OBEY ONLY God.  God used Ezekiel, Eliakim and the high priest, but  in the end, they all were cut off and rejected by God. You need to prove from the word of God, what He Has to say about these men and their latter end…..



According to God, leaders in  Israel never obeyed Him.

Ezekiel himself failed


Eze 3:7  But the house of Israel will not hearken unto thee; for they will not hearken unto me: for all the house of Israel are impudent and hardhearted.   


God said, in many scripture, that Israel will not listen to Him. In the end , they have to go in to captivity (Mic 4:10) and Ez 16:52, and then God will use gentiles to bring them back (Is 14). At the  time of  Ezekiel’s wife’s death, even the prophet declared, that they were taken captive. Our many writings would prove how and when and why Israel is in captivity and how they will be brought back. As these verses say, all Israel will go in to captivity. DOES “God” say any leader in Israel is raising up the ruins?



Ezekiel failed:


Ez 3: 16… for seven days, or seven prophetical years, Ezekiel was warning to God’s people, who were falling from the mother church WCG.   If Ezekiel started His work in 1989,  following seven years, those who hearkened to God’s word, obeyed His voice and joined PCG. Because, PCG leader was the first to stand up for God’s truth against WCG. Ez 16: 8-63 proves so. God says, there are many sisters, one ‘judged’ the others, (if God says, she judged others, then she really had a “spirit of judgment”). and in the end, she too will  sin and be the worst. From this verse, we can identify which church God was working with. She “JUDGED” others and became worse (v 52) . God Does not say ‘Ezekiel’ will build the ruins, but he is the cause, because the sister who ‘judged’ others became ‘worse’, and that sister was lead by Ezekiel.


No one can say, this happened in the ‘old testament’ times, as there were only “two” groups of God’s people, ‘Israel and Judah’.  And in earlier eras, this did not happen as Rev 2 and 3 explains, only one messenger until the Laodicean era, which addresses Laodicean(s). (plural, meaning many groups.  All of the major groups which fell from  WCG, were formed in the next  seven years.   God says, I took them away as I saw fit in Ez 16: 50.  that means, they went in to captivity as v 52 also says, one by one, as they formed their groups and as they rebelled. Then the remnant who obeyed God, came to PCG. This is what ‘God’ says. She was fed to the full. Ez 16: 8- 14. one can just shrug off and say, these happened in Ezekiel’s time and in OT times.  Ez 16: 52 did not happen then. One church did not judge others or there were not many sister churches other than Israel and Judah, which are two. Only in our time we experienced this. Ezekiel, himself was a captive. So these prophecies apply to all of the churches of God.  


God corrected Ezekiel many times even striking his wife to show how he feels, when God’s wife is not taken care of. Ezekiel is a ‘bloody’ man. He is full of blood and the end came when he is alive as we will see.


Eze 3: 17,  God made Ezekiel a “watchman”…. God appoints watchmen, when there is a danger of the enemy . This verse also says, give them ‘WARNING”, from GOD. When Ezekiel was appointed a “watchman”, all the other sisters are taken captive and the ‘rest’ of the “spiritual” house of Israel, which God wants to warn, were in the ‘PCG’. Since all the others are taken as God saw fit, now, Ezekiel should warn his own people, who are among him, and those who listen to him. Warning to other churches too failed, as God  Had tp take them away. As v 52 says, in the end, Ezekiel  has done “worse” than others, even while “judging” others and warning others.   These are God’s own words and we should obey Him. God does not praise a single sister in this chapter or in any other place in the whole Bible. He always complains about their backslidings.


The fact that the “Song of Moses”, which was sung to ‘TESTIFY” AGAINST THEIR COVENANT BREAKING SINS,  prophesied to happen in Rev 15: 3 shows that until the punishment or the Day of The Lord. Israel has failed. This fact alone proves their failure. Read: Song of Moses  . until such time they have failed and we proved that this song was sung by “gentiles”. Does that sounds like Ezekiel has raised up the ruins? To say they are raising up the ruins, which only God and Christ are doing, is blaspheme and becoming equal with God. That is elevating oneself to God’s level. How could a man raise up ruins of a “spiritual” building? By building a building after what Elijah did? By buying the truth he published? By buying a piano and other things of a dead person? “God” calls that “idolatry”. By flattery and deceit? Christ said, there will be not even one stone shall stand upon anther. Then He asked “Can Son of Man” find faith when He comes? How about “NO flesh would be saved”? And Jews will not worship neither in Jerusalem nor in this mountain, and God is seeking those who worship Him in Spirit and in truth? God Has not found those who worship Him in Spirit and in truth in Jerusalem, nor in the mountain. To say above what Christ Has said, these men are claiming that they are above Christ. This is Rev 13: 6….  


HWA’s work was accepted by God, and he restored everything in the church as he was appointed to. But he did not see, “many” sister churches would exist at the same time, after his death. And he was not appointed to “prophesy” things after his death. Those who want to follow God,  should see, there is much to do after His death, building the ‘spiritual’ temple. The laodicean era had to come, many sisters had to come and the “times of gentiles”, which is to sing the song of Moses, and to witness and to execute judgments, had to be fulfilled.  When he was alive… the transgressors did not come to the full as in the book of Daniel 8:23 , the Holy and the mighty was not scattered as Dan 12:7, and as a part of God’s indignation, and Dan 11: 36 says, the wicked were not allowed to exalt themselves. Also none did exploits as there was no need. HWA corrected his own son and put him out many times to save the church and the bad name. but PCG leader, cast out all those who would bring charges against his ministers and him. And the church did not even go to captivity and many things which would happen after his death, he could not have prophesied. For that purpose, Ezekiel was raised. But when Ezekiel failed, God grafted the gentiles.  World will end, when and after gentiles are grafted in. if Ezekiel could raise up the ruins, why did God have to graft the gentiles in? The “Day of the Lord” is the “times of gentiles”, which is to punish Zion. Ez 30:3.  We have written about the times of gentiles many times, and it seems that the ministers in all the churches have not read this scripture. May be they do not want to. Whatever the case, very soon, they will know. Because we, the gentiles are at work. God’s prophesies never fails.




V 18… if he did not warn, then the blood is required at his hand… but as v 19 says, if the warning was given, and if the people did not hearken, then the sinner would die but Ezekiel is not to pay for their sins. This started in the time of Noah. Gen 9: 5-6. Everyman should keep watch on their brethren. This includes warning if sinning. We live in “as the day of Noah”…. No body is watching his own brother. Mal 2: 10… even the ministers hate one another and profaning the covenant. This is why in  1 John 3:12 and Jude 11, warns about the attitude of “Cain”. We should take this warning. PCG not only did not keep a watch on her own brethren, she caused the brethren to commit adultery against God. The “Bamah” matter. Read: www.gentileassembly.org.  also PCG killed the younger brother who brought the sins of PCG, as our writing “ Man from East” shows. This is how, the ministry hated their own brothers by profaning the covenant. Our minister brought a covenant breaking sin to PCG leader , which was committed by the whole church. then he was killed spiritually. Ezekiel did not keep charge of the younger brother, but killed him, because his brother’s sacrifices were accepted by God. Mal 1:11 was fulfilled. Not only the minister in our area, but many of us were cast out. this is why Ezekiel is a bloody man. He is the cause of the bloodshed of all Jerusalem. Ez 5:17, 9;9,   16:16,  22,  36,    38, this is the spiritual mother harlot explained in Rev 17, full of blood.



1 John 3: 15… who ever hates the brother is a murderer. V 16 says, to lay our lives for our brethren. We, the gentile assembly, have laid our lives for our brethren. One day soon, you will find out…. All of us were spiritually murdered. But WOE! To those who are guilty of our blood, for God, our father’s day of vengeance has come.


V 24… God asked him to go in to his own house and shut His door… and v 25 says, they shall bind him and will not allow Ezekiel to go out among the people…. Ez 12 proves  that Ezekiel, himself had to go in to captivity because of a prince. This is the regional director in the east gate who fulfills the role of Antiochus and Diotrephus…who caused the whole church to sin, profaning the covenant and who deceived the high priest by his flatteries and killed the high priest.  and now Ezekiel, being the high priest, was sent in to captivity and spiritually killed, because of this same prince. Ez 12: 6, he had to cover his face and go.  Ezekiel would not see the way he is going. So far, Ezekiel is not building the ruins.


Ez 3: 26And I will make thy tongue cleave to the roof of thy mouth, that thou shalt be dumb, and shalt “not” be to them a reprover. God at this time, stopped Ezekiel being a reprover to them. Ezekiel has failed already at this time. But, since all the other Israelites have gone in to captivity, God Had no choice but to speak to His children by Ezekiel, as He cannot find any other. God says, no man… Ez 22: 30,  Is 50:2,   Jer 5:1,   Is 41:28. so God will continue to speak to His people through this Joshua, and even he will be put in the tribulation, and he will be a brand plucked out of fire.


V 27… but when God wants to, He said “ I will open your mouth. That means, when God wants to tell His people what He wants, He will cause Ezekiel’s mouth to be opened… this is why from time to time, GF speaks what is written in the word…for example…”now we are in captivity – FOT 2004, and “Gentiles” will bring back Israel …”Holy Roman Empire” sermon. .   this is why, all the words written in the Bible, including all the judgments apply to Ezekiel and his followers. Even though this Joshua has a filthy turban, God will correct and take him back, but he will lose his crown. (a warning given to Philadelphia era, which all Israel failed to heed) .He could not hold fast in the last end!


God told Ezekiel to go and shut his door but he will be bound and will go in to captivity. If he had not failed, God would not allow him to go in to captivity. So far, Ezekiel will not raise up the ruins. Only the first seven years he was used by God to judge those who are in captivity.


From Ez bk pg 13… GF wrote….

“today 95% percent of God’s people are dying in the wilderness….. Then he wrote about how God used him for 7 years and then his commission was changed to a “watchman”. “He was not a watchman when he went to the captives, because they were already in captivity. The watchman’s warning is an attempt to keep people out of captivity”. Remember there are two captivities.”….


 But he says, now he has to warn the “physical Israel”. But it is not the time to bring in physical people. The mother has to be ready first.  The judgment, the vengeance, witness work, all about the ‘spiritual Israel’. Ez 16: 52--- says, the sister who ‘judged’ others too will go in to captivity. That means PCG judged others for 7 years, and now  Ezekiel was made a ‘watchman’, to warn the ‘rest’, (who are in PCG, who is helping Ezekiel to judge) so that they would not go in to captivity. God always warn. Ezekiel’s commission was changed. Still, Ez 16:52 proves, she did worse than others. So she too has gone in to captivity and other chapters say he failed. So he could not raise up the ruins, in the end, as he did worse, he is the cause of the ruins as he caused the final captivity. God did not leave when other sisters went in to captivity as He was dwelling in PCG. But Ez 24: 21 shows that because of Ezekiel’s failure, God left and he is to pine away and mourn with one another.


Ezekiel was given the vision about “Lamentation, mourning and woe” in chapter 2. He gave it to WCG, and after the 7th year, he needed to give it to PCG.(to keep the rest out of captivity. Because only PCG was not in captivity at that time)  But he failed in that and caused PCG to commit adultery.  GF was given a false report about this Indian crowd in the beginning. The prince, explained in chapter 12 and as the fulfillment of Antiochus, and Diotrephus, our RD lied to the whole church including GF. But when GF was made known about this 4 years later, he covered it up. This is the beginning of the judgment and the final captivity. So he has to mourn too and his wife too was stricken.  This is why he was asked to shut his door and still he will be bound… So as he has written in the page 13, the final warning is not to the house of Israel, but to his own.  Ezekiel was not asked to pine away with physical Israel… Ezekiel failed in all three lusts as Ez 24: 21- 23 says.. (Read : Joshua. http://www.gentileassembly.org/docs/Joshua.htm


Anyway, God stopped Ezekiel being a reprover. Ez 3: 26. But as all spiritual Israel are now in captivity, and since God plan to bring them back from captivity, He Has to use Ezekiel to speak to them. This is why Ezekiel’s mouth will  be opened when God wants to as v 27.  Then Chapter 4, God says, He will give food and water by measure. Not all the time, but measured… V 17.. iniquity, just as Ez 24: 21-23. After Ezekiel was made a watchman, he was restrained. Chapter 5 talks about how they defiled God’s Sanctuary… among the gentiles.


Ez 7: … God says, the end has come. This is during Ezekiel’s time and he is among them, those who are in captivity… V 22… they will defile God’s secret place. This is the Sanctuary… as Ps 74 says, no longer any leader, enemy has damaged everything inside the sanctuary… Ps 74 fulfilled in Ez 7: 22. robbers entered in to the Sanctuary… Ez 24: 21, and this chapter, together with , Ez 8- 11, 10: 18-19, 11: 22-24, Ps 74 , Zech 11: 11, Ps 89: 30-40 and many others say, God left the Sanctuary… (not the “physical Israel”). Finally, God was caused to leave His own Sanctuary, because of  Ezekiel’s sins. When other sisters sinned, God took them away and sent them to captivity, as He still Had a place to dwell. But when the final sister who judged others sinned, God Had to leave. Does this sound like Ezekiel was raising the ruins? He caused it. These few scripture alone proves so.   When God is not there, we proved the leader automatically becomes the “man of sin”. God is not leading him anymore. This is how the leader becomes the man of sin. He does not even know it. The punishment is to begin at God’s Sanctuary. Why? For physical Israel’s sins? NO.  Ez 7 says, the end has come to the whole land… abominations are in the midst of Jerusalem.(v 4) Now, God Has no choice, but to deliver them to the gentiles. V 21, 24… so where is Ezekiel? He failed once again.


Now 8-11 shows the sin in the “east gate”, which caused God to depart… all explained in detail, in our web site. As chapter 7 says, the judgment has come upon them  God Has delivered them to the worst of the gentiles. This is not speaking about “physical” Israel.(also 11:9, 16:40, 39:21-23) Until such time, no one is raising up the ruins. Now when God left, He did not go to Ezekiel. He came to the east door (Ez 10:18-19, and then He came to the mountain (church) in the east. 11: 22-23.. Remember Christ said, in this mountain, Jews will not worhip? So God came to the mountain in the east. This is explained in our earlier writings, how the remnant of the phil. Era, came to be the strangers who have joined to the Lord,  doing better than sons and daughters, and Israel leaders becoming dumb dogs. Is 56: 3-8. God did not go to where Ezekiel was, but He says, He will be a little Sanctuary. 11:16. (read: Little Sanctuaries. ) and the strangers in Is 56 and Mal 1:11.


 God does not say, He will be a little Sanctuary to Ezekiel.  These little sanctuaries could say, they are raising up the ruins, but definitely not  Ezekiel. Ezekiel is supposed to say this to the people… but he does not. They speak contrary to God’s words. Ez 12: 2… they do not see and hear… Ezekiel, himself does not want to see, if he did, he would have explained these to the people… he divines lies… 12: 3.. he will go in to captivity, because of a prince. Their captivity is known to gentiles as Ez 39: 21- 23 says. Who would want to believe the  gentiles even though God Has said, that He will speak to this people in another tongue? Who wants to listen to a foolish nation?


We have written about this before. V 16… once again, God will leave few to declare among the gentiles, their abominations. This is how, God shows us what to write … so far Ezekiel is not raising up the ruins, but he is among the ruins. Ez 12: 20… the cities will be desolate. When this happens, there will be no more delay. V 22-23, 25.


In Ezekiel’s time, when he is taken captive, there will be no more delay. This is the fulfillment of Rev 10: 6… no more delay. The punishment. Ez bk pg 13… Today 95% … in the wilderness… this is why we say, now PCG is in the wilderness as Rev 12 says…



“Today 95% of God’s people are dying….. THAT IS A MESSAGE OF LAMENTAION, MOURNING AND WOE.IT IS A MESSAGE OF THUNDER AND A LION’S ROAR”. This is exactly what is prophesied in Rev 10. This is the time for Ezekiel to eat and “DIGEST” what is written in the little book. But, the seven thunders are sealed from Ezekiel. He was not allowed to see it. What he saw in Ez 2, is lamentations….. He is to prophesy again, the same thing he prophesied in the first time to WCG, when she was falling to PCG. Because now, PCG would go in to captivity.  He should have warned PCG, or the rest to keep from going in to captivity. But he failed, and he continued to prophesy to the outer court, which did not need the measuring as Rev 11; 2 says. This is why Ezekiel failed. He failed to watch his brethren and now is guilty of blood as Gen 9 and also Ezekiel book says. He simply failed in his commission to warn his own brethren, as he was busy warning those who are already in captivity. People too, as blind men, followed and wondered at Joshua. He did well in the beginning, judging, but his end, is full of filthiness. They all judge physically. They admire physical buildings, and idols. Remember how many Sabbaths were spent talking about how they acquired those idols?


After Rev 11: 1, then the gentiles are treading down the church, witnessing and judging. After measuring, the prophet’s work is ended. This is why GF gave a sermon, in 2004 “Finishing the work”. Also, during his wife’s illness, he did not speak on Holy days even. He was mute… Ezekiel himself needed to be warned. The worst of the gentiles were called from the farthest parts of the earth for that.


Ez 13: 4… “prophets” are like “foxes”. God Is not speaking about the worldly prophets. The end time prophet, even does not know the day of visitation. Hos 9:6. (read:Day of Visitation). They have the character of a fox. Deceiving and cunning. This is what Antiochus, also did… This is why there is “NO MORE DELAY”. Christ Has come and now working with the grafted in Gentiles. Ezekiel is digesting the little book… it is bitter in his mouth. Ez 13:2-9 condemns all the leaders.


These foxes caused God to leave the sanctuary. God does not have a place to dwell now, in Jerusalem or in His own sanctuary. He does not dwell in ‘MAN MADE” TEMPLES.  God says, there is “NO” man. Ez 22: 30, Jere 5:1 etc. They are building a physical temple, “JUST” before Christ comes. Is it to glorify God? He is about to come. The bride only have to be ready. This is why Christ said in Mt 8:20…


And Jesus saith unto him, The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay hishead”.

Why only the head is mentioned? Why does not His body also need a place to live? The head executes God’s law and government. But since these leaders have become foxes, no place for God to place the government and the law is slacked, the wicked encompass the righteous, so law is powerless. Familiar scripture? When there are wicked, how could God place His head?



Christ said, to God, “See Your house is left to You desolate”. (Lk 13: 35). Does that sounds like the end time foxes are raising up the ruins?


This is why Christ called the “PROUD” king Herod a “fox”.

In Luke 13, Christ is warning the church, as v 26 says, to those who have eaten and drunk in the church. But v 27, they are workers in “iniquity”. This is what is wrong with the end time Joshua and Ezekiel. They are the foxes who have holes but caused God to depart from His rest. When they said, that Herod will kill Christ, He answered and said, go and tell that “fox”… for two days, He will work casting the devils…and healing… where is the devil now? With those who are in the sea, (the church as Ps 68: 21 - 22) and  as our writing would prove from the word of God. And who has the wound? Same scripture.. God wounds His enemies and the enemy is within the Sanctuary who caused God to leave. (Ps 74) and it is ‘Judah’ who has a ‘wound’. Read: spiritual Judah’s wound.  So the fox Christ was referring here is the leader in His church in the end time, as Christ is building the spiritual temple. Herod would not understand what Christ meant in this verse.  This is written for the church.  There are many scriptures that shows us about  the ‘third’ day, Christ will build the church once again.

V 34… Christ would like to gather the church, but it is not possible.

Do these scripture show that the end time leaders will raise up the ruins? They are causing the ruins.




Did Ezekiel heed to  his own words?

When His wife was stricken and died, GF said, that the captivity has begun… but he never accepted the reason why God struck her; that it is because of his iniquity that it happened. If God’s words say, that his wife is going to be stricken, and if it really happened, then would not God also write the cause ; Why it happened? Of course, if Ezekiel, being the leader is needed correction, it should come from some one else, other than himself. But would they believe the report as God asked?  Act 13: 41,  As always has been, he was applying judgments to others , in this case  to the physical Israel, saying they  have gone in to captivity…. Why would God strike the desire of Ezekiel’s eyes, (Ez 24: 16----) and ask Ezekiel to mourn with one another, to correct the  “physical” Israel?  Would the physical Israel listen or care for what GF say? Does God wants, at this time to correct and warn the physical Israel? The physical Israel and the world are not given a chance to be the mother or the wife, who will later help God to bring the physical people to God. If the death of the wife is prophesied and happened, then the cause of why it happened also must be prophesied and we are witnesses to why it happened. (read:..Why Ezekiel's wife had a stroke .  Ezekiel and his followers are the ones now in captivity? Ez 16: 52, and 3: 24- 27 and 24: 21-23 clearly shows, that Ezekiel who warned and judged others too will be in captivity. So he does not know, even though God spoke through him, that he himself is in captivity. This means, Ezekiel has failed. (read: Joshua writing to see how Ezekiel totally failed and how he went to Egypt spiritually. Not only Ezekiel, Eliakim and Joshua the last high priest, which GF said he fulfills, also fell.


In 2004, until His wife died, GF did not speak on Sabbaths. Even on the feast of unleavened, Pentecost, he did not speak. Claiming to be a prophet and not give a sermon? God really did made him mute as He said He would… on the first day of UB, a tape of GF was played. Few Sabbaths, he has not even attended the services. Then, when he spoke, His wife died and then he said, the captivity had begun. But not his, but others. Always, the judgment, he did not accept. He shows that God is intimate with him and he never sins.



Then the whole church mourned at the ‘ETERNAL’S FEAST”  watching the video of his wife’s death. We have asked many WCG members, whether such a death video is shown “during a feast” in the history of the church. None knows of such an event. To show a death video of a woman, who is married to the leader, was shown on ‘ETERNAL’S FEAST”???   the feast is supposed to rejoice and honor God  and not to mourn with one another.  They despised and disgraced God by doing so. When Christ said, foxes have holes….. in Lk 9:58 – 60,  He said, let the dead bury their dead… the church was  already dead at this time.   


God said, you shall pine away in “YOUR” iniquities and shall mourn with one another!!! Ez 24; 21-23.   so when God wanted to let His people know that they have sinned and are in captivity, He opened GF’s mouth to say so. That event was the beginning of the captivity of the  final sister, the sister who judged others but not found worthy to be God’s wife. God said, He will catch the wicked in their own craftiness… 1 cor 3:19,  Job 5:13…. This event is followed by many other warnings from God. He opens the mute mouth, when He wants. GF also said, that he is “the high priest”…. God does not have two high priests… only one. And if he is the high priest, then he should be the “Joshua”, who has a filthy turban… our “Joshua” writing proves, without a doubt, from the word of God, that he is the wicked high priest. (HP) He alone caused the church to fall in to ruins…


Joshua?.... since he has already said he is the high priest, now he has to accept that he is the one and only HP, the ‘Joshua’. And when we wrote about our writing of  Joshua, just before the ministerial conference which was held this summer, he wanted to show the church, that he is not the  filthy “Joshua”. He came up with :…. There are two Joshuas.  A “legal” Joshua and an “Illegal” Joshua. That means ‘two’ high priests, two churches… two wives of Christ etc…Did he know that he is saying God Has an legal wife and an illegal wife? The wicked will be caught up in their own craftiness. ! This is blaspheme against God, to say that God Has an illegal wife and two wives. (Rev 13:6) The illegal Joshua, he was referring to , is dead and gone. Jr.Tkach was not even a minister when HWA died. When he was ordained as the leader of WCG, she already has left God. This was in 1995. When that happened ,WCG was not God’s church, but as Ez 16: 52 says, she is only a sister… God divorced WCG and married PCG as Ez 16: 8 proves… that is the legal wife… God does not commit adultery… to say that He Has an illegal wife, is to accuse God of being an adulterer…. Did this evil man think about it that way? We do not think so… because he is an adulterer, he thinks God is too. God clearly says, even though your  nativity is from land of Canaan,   even though your mother and father are Amorite and Hittite, (Ez 16: 1-8, 45)  I have pity on you and I spread My skirt over you and married you… can God has another wife?  The wife of Christ, has left Him for strangers and saying that Christ  Has another wife?! If He Has not divorced the mother, could He marry another? This is why Hosea was asked to marry a harlot. To show no matter what, God is marrying a harlot. The children, all Hosea had, are from harlotry. The wife, herself  is a harlot. Same way, since the church never obeyed God, she has  always been a harlot. But in the end, this Ez 16: 8 woman did ‘WORSE” than all the others. V 61-63 proves, just like Gomer, was pitied and taken back by Hosea, God will take His wife back too…. In Ez 16: 61-63, God will remember the covenant and will continue to stay married to her, but she will have to bear the shame eternally, and others will be ‘DAUGHTERS”.  So where is the illegal wife? Her sins will be exposed and that is how she will have to be ashamed eternally. This is what we are doing. Did any of you think what your prophet say? That God Has an illegal high priest? Ez 16: 44-45 says, mother like daughter… so God Has separated the mother which is WCG as the mother, and differentiate both churches. He divorced the mother as she became a harlot and did not want God to be the husband. Then God married the daughter… she has sisters.. do not we see all these has happened just as this prophesy says?  Anciently, when Ezekiel  16 was written, there were only  Israel and Judah. That is two sisters only. But this chapter says, there are many sisters.. HWA could not see this. Would a real high priest of God accuse God of being an adulterer? Having an illegal wife and a legal wife???? This is the cause of God leaving the Sanctuary profaning the place where He dwelt. (Ez 24: 21- 23 and Ps 89: 30-40,   Zech 11: 11) It is Ezekiel who caused the ruins, according to God’s word.  This is what Rev 13 is all about… the leaders have turned in to beasts.


Did anyone bother to ask GF to prove that there are two Joshuas from the “word of God”? I guess not… they are the men who wondered at this filthy Joshua who says that God Has an illegal wife. Anything a leader says about God, should be proven from the word of God. But Ezekiel chased God out of His own Sanctuary. Ez 24: 21. so he now sits in the temple of God, doing his own thing and since he erred in judgment, he will continue to be build up being proud as Mal 3:15 , Dan 12: 7,   11: 36 says…. Until God corrects. We see the wicked encompass the righteous. They are more powerful than God’s true followers. Diotrephus, in 3 John, cast out God’s true followers. They have the authority over God’s people. it is God who says, they are true followers. Diotrephus too lived in Asia.. Most  of the work of the first era, was done in Asian countries. This is why Paul wrote most of his books to gentiles.  


Rev 13:6  And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.

Rev 13:7  And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.

Rev 13:8  And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. .. how could the catholic church (CC) blaspheme against God? Only those who have the Holy Spirit could do this. And how can CC over come the saints?  PS 74 says, the enemy is ‘INSIDE” the church… who damaged everything in the “Sanctuary”. How could any one do damage to the Sanctuary, from outside? These are the crept in ministers as Jude explained, which was to happen in the latter end…

whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb ?  this beast has everything to do with those whose “names are written in the book of life”…. They are the ones who worship this leader, who later became the 7th head of the beast as in Rev 17: 10. most of God’s people, in spite of exploits in Dan 11; 32-35, fell…. They are the ones who worship this beast, instead of God… this is why, God calls His people to come out of her….. a leader in God’s church says, God has an legal wife and an illegal wife!!! If this is not blaspheme, then what is? Raising up the ruins?  HUH !


And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them?....This is why PCG is killing all those who oppose her… as Dan 11:36, and 12:7, Mal 3:15, God Has allowed this to happen. As we saw earlier, in 1 John 3, we had to lay down our lives for our brethren. Remember, all these is to happen, “JUST” before, within the last 3 and half years of Christ’s coming? And He Has come now to expose the wicked as our “Day of visitation” writing would show. This is not happening in the world or by the catholic church, as the saints are the true followers of God and they are in the true church. No one but the wicked leaders who have become beasts as Jude says, could over come the saints and spiritually kill them. Dn 12: 7… it is the “POWER” of the Holy people are being shattered. Not killing  them ‘physically”. .. this means, the wicked encompass the righteous inside God’s church which Habakkuk and Acts 13: 41 said, which the “WISE”, proud do not believe. If God says, the power of the “HOLY” and the saints are to be scattered, do you think, the leaders who are in God’s church “JUST” before or a time and times and half a time before Christ’s coming has raised up the ruins?


how did this Joshua commit harlotry? His own words will condemn him and judge him….


In His book of Ezekiel, which was written in 2002, he said in pg 77:

“ the laodicenas today invite the world in to their church and commit adultery. They have forgotten that they are Christ’s own wife… our web site www.gentileassembly.org gives all the details about how PCG committed harlotry. If other churches invited the world in to their church and if that is to commit adultery, when PCG , after judging others, did the same and even worse, then what do you call it? Those who judged others, and to do the same, calls for a greater condemnation… Rom 1: 32,  Rom 2:3. Mat 7:2, lk 19;22.  Whole book of Ezekiel is a warning to PCG. She only claims she is the wife and others are daughter level….so God Has caught him by his own words, that he is an adulterer, because he too invited strangers, or the world. Besides, he never repented of this sin, so far. When he does, he will have to talk to us about this and must tell the whole church to repent, as he told the whole church to pray for these strangers causing the whole church to send incense to God, on behalf of these unbaptized strangers. All recorded in the PN articles, and in our web site. Prove all things.


Pg 79… God sent His old covenant wife, ancient Israel in to captivity. In this end time, He must send His new covenant wife in to captivity as well… this is what we see now has happened…

who is in wife’s level?.... GF says, it is PCG. Also she is in the inner court. In the same book you will find all these declarations.


Not only Ezekiel chapter 3 that God rejected him, but all throughout this book, there are judgments.  In chapter 12, it says that a prince, caused Ezekiel also to go in to captivity… could not he discern such an evil prince? This is what we experienced. This is why God says, they could not discern the Holy and unholy and clean and unclean.


Lev 10:9 – 10 says, not to drink strong drinks, lest they will not be able to put difference between Holy and unholy…. This is why, the  end time leaders are being accused by God, of being drunk. Because they could not put the difference between Holy and  unholy. Ez 22:26. GF could not put the difference between what is right and what is wrong. He could not judge our RD’s sins but he cast out the person (our minister) who informed him about this covenant breaking sin. Thenour RD could not see the difference between the unbaptized people who he invited in India, with us, who are baptized and who were opposing his sins.


Then in Ez. chapter 4, he was asked to bear the iniquity of Israel and Judah… he was asked to eat the bread made on human waste. 4:12… then later God changed it to cow dung. He  was given food and water by measure. V 17.. they will waste away, just as he is to waste away when his wife died in Ez 24: 21-23. all because of  his iniquity. Zech 3:3 says, the last high priest has iniquity. That is also  Ezekiel.


Chapter 7 says, in ‘his’ time, the ‘end’ will come. Ez 7: 3-5. But v20, “those who are set in majesty”, GF wrote in Ezekiel book pg 101, that is talking about PCG.. But the next line it says, with the ornaments, which was set in majesty, they made images of abominations….god gave the knowledge about how the church could be laodicean. Church’s ornaments are the truths and the doctrines. God gave all of that to PCG as Ez 16: 8-14 says, but what did she do with them? She played harlot !  Then in v 21 God says, He will deliver them in to the hands of strangers…. This prophecy was fulfilled.  They will defile them”…. For “robbers” shall enter in and defile it… the robbers are the Antiochus and his unbaptized strangers, who were invited to the Sanctuary and the temple, which defiled both… the “Bamah matter”. The bamah matter defiled the Sanctuary as well as the temple. The whole body of Christ.  




On September 5th, 40 months after the last hour was declared, the wife of Ezekiel died…. ( please read our writings “Christ’s wife betrayed by an evangelist” to know why the captivity and how God showed Ezekiel, his own sins). Then  4 months later, January 5th 2005, during the ministerial conference, GF said, he is the 7th head of the beast , referring to  Rev 17:10. God , really is catching the wicked in their own craftiness… any man, in his right mind, would never say, that he is the 7th head…. The 7th and final work, in God’s church is laodicean… and also the judgment. But the Laodiceans failed to see their own sins and Christ Has to expose their nakedness, staying out side. This is when the inner court and the temple needed the measuring… GF has been measuring everyone else in all the other churches as Ez 16: 52 says since 1989…. This measuring in Rev 11, needed “JUST” before Christ’s coming… or just before, God called the witnesses to witness and to tread down the inner court, by exposing and witnessing against their covenant breaking sins which the last church committed as in Ez 16: 52.  A week prior to this proclamation of the 7th head, the tsunami happened where the covenant was broken. At least by that, did PCG think about their sins? GF was showing how the arch bishop said, he doubt that there is a God… and said that the tsunami happened because of the evil people in the world and other churches. If GF looked in to his own sins, which were made known to him by God, he would have seen why this tsunami happened.  This is the beginning of the laodicean era, who “erred in judgment”….all the churches of God after HWA, erred in judgment. When the 7th angel is about to sound, the mystery will be over…  


Then later, in GF’s sermon “Holy Roman Empire”, he said, the gentiles will bring back Israel….. still referring to ‘physical’ Israel… if the gentiles are to bring ‘physical’ Israel, then what is the use of God’s wife? Is not that the job the wife has to do? To bring physical Israel to God?  God is calling out a wife to His Son, so that they could bring out the physical Israel and the world to God… to the kingdom. That is the job of Christ’s wife… besides, the gentiles hate Americans and white race and want to wipe them out of this world. We see every part of the world, peoples are raising against the physical Israel. They would never bring back physical Israel, they try to scatter them. Besides, God said, I will scatter you among the gentiles. Lev 26:33,    Deut 4:27,    Ez 11:9, to name a few scripture. But, ‘spiritual’  gentiles will bring back the ‘spiritual’ Israel out of captivity, as they witness the captivity (Ez 39:21-23) and all our writings would show. This is why the “times 0f gentiles” which God and Christ Have prophesied..


Then in Ez chapters 8- 11… the sin in the “East gate”, which caused 25 “men”, (God does not call them ministers, but just men) sinning and 70 elders in the temple sending incense… (read : 800 Indians) everything written in these chapters happened just as it is written.


This caused God to leave the temple. Ez 10: 18-19,  11:22-23. He came to the East and now He is working through the witnesses in the East, as the “times of gentiles” are being fulfilled.


Ez 9… if Ezekiel was right in God’s eyes, why did He call for six men? This is not Ezekiel… but six men. And coincidently, the assembly was six in the beginning. Now has grown. Then the people who are sighing and crying over abominations are marked and others are punished, beginning at God’s Sanctuary… these chapters show that God made Ezekiel known about the sin in the east gate… we informed about this sin, which the Antiochus did in 2003, which GF failed to measure. This sin has broken the covenant.


Ez 16 shows how God married PCG and how she judged others sisters and how she became the worst in the end and how they all will go in to captivity… how she broke the wed lock etc… PCG claims that she is the wife of Ez 16:8. then the rest of the chapter too is about her!


Ez 19: … after lamenting for the princes or regional directors (RD)s, v 14 says, she has no strong branch – a scepter for ruling… as God said, “NO MAN”. This is why, in Gen 49: 10 12, the donkey and the colt were grafted in to the tribe of Judah, which has the scepter. Read; Genesis 49.


Ez 20 talks about how they are in Egypt (read: Israel will come out of sea) and how they were sent to wilderness. V 35, God speak with them face to face… this is why God called a man from “east” in Is 41:2, to God’s feet and sent him to the leader… (read: Man from East and Is 48: God’s call for the captives)   if God was working with Ezekiel, why the need to call a man from east?. After all, it is “God” who called this man to God’s feet.


Ez 21 says, their sins made the scepter to be no more. V 24… your transgressions will be uncovered… v 25.. the wicked prince will be over thrown.. it is a time to exalt the humble… everything in the church will be turned upside down…


Ez 22 says, there is bloodshed  in “YOU”… in “YOU”… in “YOU” they have shed blood. …v 26… they cannot distinguished what is Holy and profaned. V 15,,, God will scatter them among the gentiles and will take her filthiness… this is what we are doing. Exposing her filthiness, so she could repent and get rid of it. V 21… God’s wrath, the fire, will be poured upon on this church. V 24… not rained upon…. The famine. This is why the leader goes all over campaigning to get followers.


Ez 23 shows how two daughters of one mother sinned with the same crowd. In our web site, and our writing “Truth about 800 Indians” will show, about this whole chapter how it happened in UCG and then, PCG. God commanded Ezekiel to judge them. But he has failed, and that is why in V 45- 49, God Had to call an assembly. This is why we exist. Throwing  stones to stop the lewdness of Christ’s wife. Next chapter , the captivity worsened and the wife stricken, and since none of them have repented, they are to pine away, and the Sanctuary was profaned…. So far, Ezekiel has not raised up the ruins, but he has utterly failed.


Ez 8: 7,  10,   13: 10,   12,   14,   15   shows that Ezekiel’s time, the wall is not being built. Why could not they build the wall as God wants?  Pro 25: 28 says, he that has no rule over his own spirit, is like a city that is broken down and without walls.” … Ezekiel and his followers  had no control over his own spirit. Pro 16:32 says, “he who rules his spirit,   is better than taking a city…. Here is from GNB:

It is better to be patient than powerful. It is better to win control over yourself than over whole cities.


Ez 34:… God will search for the sheep Himself and the King David will be risen… if Ezekiel did his job of taking care of the sheep, why wait till God and king David search the sheep? There is not a single minister in God’s church (inside- not those who were cast out) who obeys Him. Otherwise, God did not have to raise up the dead king David. This chapter shows, until Christ comes, until God searches the sheep, until king David is raised up, no leader in Israel was able to build the spiritual house of God!  It is desolated, just as Christ said it would be……


Looks like Ezekiel has caused the ruins…. All of the other OT prophets says the church will fall and the day of The Lord has to come to punish the wicked in God’s won church! To write about their failure, we will need one whole life time.


Ez bk pg 129….”EVERYTHING REVOLVES AROUND God’S ALTAR, just as the church today revolves around God’s ministry- symbolized by the Altar”…. Oh! Really? What does God have to say about this “ALTAR”? ……..


Amo 3:14  "On the day when I punish the people of Israel for their sins, I will destroy the altars of Bethel.  .Is not “bethel”, the House of God? Is not the “Altar” where Ezekiel and his followers are? When God’s punishment comes, it will be around the altar…


Amo 9:1  I saw the Lord standing by the altar. He gave the command: "Strike the tops of the Temple columns so hard that the foundation will shake. Break them off and let them fall…. on the heads of the people. I will kill the rest of the people in war. No one will get away; not one will escape.


Amo 5:5  Do not go to Beersheba to worship. Do not try to find me at Bethel---Bethel will come to nothing.


Lam 2:7  The Lord rejected his altar and deserted his holy Temple


Psa 74:3  Lift up thy feet unto the perpetual desolations; even all that the enemy hath done wickedly in the sanctuary.

Psa 74:8  They said in their hearts, Let us destroy them together: they have burned up all the synagogues of God in the land.

Psa 74:9  We see not our signs: there is no more any prophet: neither is there among us any that knoweth how long.



Eze 8:16 and  he brought me into the inner court of the LORD'S house,and , behold, at the door of the temple of the LORD, between  the porch  and  the altar , were about five and  twenty men, with their backs toward the temple of the LORD, and  their faces toward the east; and  they worshipped the sun toward the east.


Joe 2:17  Let the priests, the ministers of the LORD, weep between  the porch and  the altar  , and  let them say, Spare thy people, O LORD, and  give not thine heritage to reproach, that the heathen should rule over them: wherefore should they say among the people, Where is their God?


Eze 9:6  Slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children, and women: but come not near any man upon whom is the mark; and begin at My Sanctuary . Then they began at  the ancient men which were before the house.




Looks like it is God’s “ALTAR” is what God wants to be destroyed first… there are many more scripture to prove that the tabernacle of David is fallen. As Ez 16: 8 – 14 and Jere 44: 4 says, and by the PCG leader’s  own admission, God gave all the revelation to PCG. When much is given, much is expected… woe to those who are in God’s Sanctuary, when the angels come to slay and to shake the posts…. Lord Have mercy!!!


Hab 2:2  And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.


The wicked are caught by their own craftiness…




Witness 1,


Gentile assembly…