PCG claims that she continues the Elijah work till Christ comes. But Elijah was fed by a “gentile widow”. Could this be a prophecy for our time? God says there are : “The man of sin, The liar, The Antichrist/s”  in His  church at the end! It is from within that everything in the "THE SANCTUARY"  was damaged, until there are no more prophets.  (ps 74).1 Pet 2: 12…Having “your” conversation honest among theGentiles”: that, whereas “they” ( The gentiles)  speak against you( The Inner court)  as “evildoers”, they may by  good works, which “they” ( The gentiles)  shall behold, glorify God in the day of visitation. So where is the prophet?...Gentiles’s major work should be speaking against the “Jews” of being evil doers. God SAYS SO. The “Gentiles” behold good works. Not the Jews…. Prove all things!!!




Prove all things…Pt 2


22nd June 2006


From The prophet’s article ;…ROYAL VISION,  MAY-JUNE 2006
The Word Made Flesh”. The Gospel of John part 1.

“The Philadelphia Church of God continues the Elijah work until Christ returns (Revelation 11:1-15)”…. According to the “WORD OF GOD”, The prophet disappears after Rev 11: 1. After that, there is no prophet or a leader or a church mentioned doing a work. “Inner court” needed the measuring and the “Outer court” will be trampling the Inner court. After that, the “Gentiles” shall sing the “Song of Moses”, (Rev 15). We have already sung that song to ‘testify against Israel, of their ‘unfaithfulness’ and failure to obey God’s Law. That is why this song is written, to be sung, ‘JUST’ before the punishment of the harlot. (Deut 32: 16----)   PCG claims they are in the “Inner court”. But  Rev 11: 2 – 15 work is being carried out by the “Outer court”. “Outer court” did “not” need to be measured. Outer court is measuring the fallen Inner court. Rev 11: 2 says, “do not” measure the outer court but v 1 shows TP was commanded to measure the “inner court”. In Ez 23: 45- 49, 16: 40 shows that Ezekiel failed to measure and God Had to raise up the “assembly”. TP refused to be  measured, and God allowed him to fall. Thereafter, he is to pine away as Ez 24: 21- 23 says. He will continue to exalt himself with his followers, during the “times of Gentiles”. He too , as the false prophet, will bring “fire”, which is “God’s word” down to deceive those who believe him. To correct the ministry, as in Malachi, Christ came in the flesh to  tread down the inner court, using the gentiles. But since the prophet has become a fool, (Hos 9:7) he does not know that The Day of Visitation has now come.  


God Has raised up “The wicked shepherd” or Joshua,  as in Zech 11: 16. (This is when Eliakim was cut down)  Christ is “outside”… The Gentiles are outside with Christ…. Read your Bible once again… The Laodiceans erred in judgment!!! So, if  PCG says they are continuing Elijah’s work, they are talking against God’s word.  Why would God raise up the witnesses, right after the command to measure the “inner court”? At the same time, raised the gentiles up to tread  And the prophet disappears? And the “judgment” begins?. Ez 30:3 shows, the” Times of the gentiles” is the beginning of the “Day of The Lord”. That means, Rev 11: 2 onwards, the gentiles are working, treading down Israel. We have already proven in our article (Song of Moses), that the gentiles are to sing it. So, how could PCG continue to do any work other than to exalt themselves and to pine away and to await the judgment! To say so, is directly against God’s word, and the false prophet is bringing down the “fire” to deceive God’s people. 


IS GOD with PCG?...

We have proven in all of our articles, that God Has broken the covenant with  ALL peoples. (Zech 11: 10) God Had the covenant with “Israel. Not with Gentiles. So Israel only could break the covenant.  More specifically,  with PCG. (Ez 16:8 proves) So the covenant was broken the day, when PCG invited strangers and sinned against God’s LAW, (Ez 44: 7-10 and  other scripture).This is the sin in the “EAST Gate”. Ez 8: 3-6… The sin started in “North gate”.


(North gate:…. Always the sin begins at the top where the leaders are or from the HQs. When the prophecies calls for “North”, it is the HQs (Edmond and even Pasadena where the evil begins, where the leaders are )as they are in “north”,  of God’s church as the temple is worldwide now. South and East, are the Asian countries etc… Example:.. Antiochus breaking the covenant in the “SOUTH EAST” as in Dan 8: 9, where he grew exceedingly great is,  is in our part of the world.


Is 14: 13… Satan wants to sit upon the congregation in “North”. (HQs) He wants to creep in from HQs. Unless satan binds the heads of the church, he cannot do much harm. (Mt 12: 29) Ps 79: shows, that satan damaged everything in the sanctuary “first”. Antiochus slew the High priest, first. 


Jere 1: 13- 15… Out of “North”, evil shall break in to the land… Evil comes from HQs. The leaders in the church always, cause God’s people to err from His Law. The worst is now. The tabernacle of David is fallen, and the antichrists are in the church , and we do not have anyone to teach us (1 John 2: 27) and the people of God are being tested than any other time in the history and this will not be repeated again. This is the greatest test of faith. As God works only  through the “little sanctuaries”. Who want to leave the church which is going to take them to a place of safety.?  Peace , peace, peace.    And the “Pot” which is to be burned, also in the North.  V 15…. “ALL” the families of North…. Most of the HQs in God’s churches are in America in the north. The main four which broke away from WCG…, PCG, UCG, GCG, LCG etc…. are all in “North”. These are the “families of God”, explained as sisters in (Ez 16: 50 – 52.) V 16… God will bring judgment upon all these families… It is the churches of God, that He wants to judge and bring  back from captivity, after the judgment.

Jere 3: 12… Proclaim towards “North” for the “backsliding” children to “return”. This means, the “children of God”, in this end time, who has to be “judged”, and need to return to God, are in “north”.  Zech 2: 6… We are to flee from the land of “North”. Why do we have to flee from the land of North”? We are to flee from “JUDEA”, which is in “North”. ( read Flee from Judea )


Jere 3: 18…Judah, and Israel, “SHALL” come to their inheritance, (future) are coming from “North”.


 Jere 4: 6,  6: 1,  evil from “North”. Read Jere 13: 20,  16: 15,   23: 8,    31: 8,   All these and many other scripture proves, that the HQs of His church will be in “north”, together with all the other churches or sisters).  Also Ps 48:2… Mt Zion in North. Sin began in “north”.


Ez 8: 3-6… Image of “Jealousy”, (God is jealous as His wife Has committed adultery). God is a jealous God. (Ex 20:5, 34: 14,   Deut 4: 24,   5: 9, 6:15 )  The image is in the “north” gate.  V 6 proves, because of this evil in the north, God said He will have to leave the sanctuary. This evil provoked God’s anger.   The evil begins from the north, and at His sanctuary. So would the punishment. V 10… all the abominations are being committed by the inner court. V 16… in the “east gate”, which we witnessed. The evil began in the north gate because the leaders caused it, but the actual incident took place in the “east gate”.  V 18… this caused God to act in fury. Ez 9: 2…  V 3.. God Has gone to the threshold of the temple. V 4… It is no one but GOD, Himself is ordering the slaughter of His people. Beginning at the sanctuary, they defiled the temple (v 7). Lord Has forsaken the land.


 Ez 10: 2… The “FIRE” came from God’s vehicle or throne. When the man went in to get the fire, he went to the right side ( H 3225… correctly translated as “SOUTH” ) of the temple, that is where we are. Even when he went to get the fire, the cloud was still in the inner court. V 4… then, after the man took the fire, Lord’s glory went to the threshold of the temple, and court was full of Lord’s glory. V 5…. And the sound of the cherubs' wings was heard over the “outer court”, as the “voice of the Almighty God” when He speaks… Now, the “voice of God” was not heard in the “inner court”, but in the “outer court”. V 7 explains how the Cherubim gave the fire from God’s vehicle, to “this man” . This man, who was  to get “fire” from Cherubim, is  NOT” Ezekiel. All this happened while Ezekiel was “watching”. Cherubim gave fire to “this man”. This man is to throw fire over the city. The Fire came from where God was. This is all, God’s doing.  This is certainly  Not Ezekiel.


Not “one” man, but “six” men came to destroy the city. If this does not have a meaning or an end time fulfillment, why this  prophecy mention of “SIX” people ? Ez 9:1 says, these have the charge over the city. In the end time, these people have charge to mark those who sigh and cry over the abominations committed in the high place, and to destroy the city. They are not from the city, means they are not in Jerusalem, or in the church. They are the gentile assembly, who had exactly six people and  whom were appointed by God, (Ez 16: 40, 23: 45- 49, Lam 1: 15)  Himself to “clean” the temple.  Also, this is sending fire or the judgment, and to that purpose, God raised this “assembly” from the “gentiles”. We have proven this fact from the word of God. For judgment, God uses the “Gentiles”. Ez 30: 3 shows that the “DAY OF THE LORD”, is about using gentiles.  The Day of The Lord is to punish the church, specially the leaders. NO prophets were appointed to judge, after Rev 11: 1, or the measuring. In fact, because TP failed to measure himself, God Had to appoint this assembly. This is grafting the gentiles, as we shall see.  But one man had the ink horn and he is the one to throw fire.  This is what is happening now. Our witness work is sending “FIRE”, the word of God, from heaven.  Ezekiel, or the prophet cannot say, that he is doing this work of sending fire, as there are “six” instead of “one” man and this happened while “Ezekiel was watching”.  (The assembly had six people in the beginning and now those who sigh and cry are coming in . But, we are not a church, but scattered little sanctuaries as God Has said). This fire came from Cherubim, or from God’s throne or vehicle.  God” called this man. Ez 9: 3-4.  Ez 10: 1 -2 shows that this is the throne of God. V 2… Also, The man went to get fire, “while Ezekiel was watching”. So this is definitely  not Ezekiel. The purification comes from the south side.


This could not have  happened when WCG fell, as the “gentiles” were not called or an “assembly” was not called, or the “Day of The Lord” as in Ez 30: 3 did not begin or the “gentiles” were not grafted in or gentiles did not do any judgment work or no one claimed to be an assembly, or the Outer court did not start it’s work back then, or the “inner court” was not asked to be measured. The list can go on. 


First, God called this man who wears linen, (Righteousness ) to mark those who sigh and cry 9: 2- 5, and other five men were asked to go and kill all. V 8, Ezekiel was watching while these killings are going on. This means, Ezekiel is not the person who is doing the work of God, at the time of the punishment, which began at the sanctuary. These men, in the right or south side of the temple, where the fire and God’s voice and Cherubim were, are in the “outer court”. Cherubim gave fire for this man, while Ezekiel was watching. These “men” are to throw fire, and “not” Ezekiel. This is Rev 11: 2-15 story. Just before the slaughter.


Ez 10: 18… God departed from the threshold and v 19…. They mounted up from the earth, while Ezekiel was watching, and God stood on the “east gate”.     Ez. 11: 1….Spirit LIFTED up Ezekiel and brought to the east gate.  This means, GOD showed Ezekiel, the east gate problem. Ezekiel is now, without excuse. God Has made Ezekiel known this sin, the abomination, and commanded him, “RISE”…, don’t you know that “My Sanctuary” is being polluted?  Rise, and measure, MY TEMPLE… the inner court, …. But, Ezekiel failed. Ezekiel JUST WATCHED. Then,  The Spirit “lifted” him up and brought to show this sin in the east gate.  Ezekiel has no excuse now. Even in this end time, God caused us to come and show this sin to Ezekiel. He judged the matter his own way of protecting Antiochus. The devil crept in. Damaged everything, Covenant broken, God DEPARTED.


Spirit lifted up Ezekiel?.....

Now, all the sin in God’s temple were shown to Ezekiel in these chapters.  The temple in Jerusalem , was not a large building, and no  need to “lift” up one and bring. Or it is not that far from one gate to the other. But now, since the temple is worldwide, one needs to be brought from one gate to the other by flying, or have to be lifted up and brought.  This means, this is a prophecy for our time, or when one need to be lifted up to come to one gate from the other. (North gate is in America and East gate in India and Srilanka. So one has to fly, or lifted up ) Since this is for our time, and the temple is “SPIRITUAL”, and is all over the world, one need to be lifted up and brought. The temple which King Solomon built, was explained in 1 kings 6.  No one need to fly to go to the other end from one end. 


Ez 11;9… Strangers will execute judgments on you… Now, all of this is to happen at the time of the “judgment” or when the temple needed the measuring. But,  Why did God Have to call strangers, if Ezekiel is being used by God to judge? ( Or when Rev 11: 1 )Or,  after Elijah’s work, when all Israel have committed abominations?. Or gone to captivity, which the gentiles or the strangers shall see (Ez 39: 21- 23, 16: 50 – 52) This sin in the east gate, in the temple caused God to leave the sanctuary where Ezekiel is and now God Has gone to the “east gate”, and again God left and went to the mountain in the “east”. 11: 23.  V 24…. Ezekiel was brought in spirit to the captivity, which he declared in 2004. Next is Ez 12: , which explains the captivity caused by a “prince” and God says, you, Ezekiel are in the midst of a “rebellious” house which do not “see”………. V 3… Ezekiel, himself will go in to captivity.


Ez 11: 16 and  12: 16…. God will spare few of the men to declare among the gentiles about their abominations. This is how, we, the gentiles know, about your abominations, and what ever the fallen Ezekiel or the Ealikaim,  say. God is causing us to hear from the men, inside PCG about her abominations. So, we can send fire. And fight for GOD ! Is 5: 16…. God will be exalted in Judgment.!!! Why only during the judgment??  Because, Ezekiel failed to exalt God and he is too busy exalting himself! (read our Joshua article) One has to type “Gerald Flurry” in the net, and many sites which condemns this prophet, will appear.


The Philadelphia Church of God, CERTAINLY DOES NOT…..continue the Elijah work WHEN  Christ returns .  There is “NO” Elijah work now, but the measuring and the judgments. Ez 11: 9 …. The strangers are executing judgments on the church now…Rev 11: 2-15… Gentiles, in the outer court,are treading down.  If anyone is doing a work of God, certainly not Ezekiel.   All have gone in to captivity…. Only the gentiles shall know…… so we declare…… if any one has eyes to see and ears to hear….. This is the work of God. Elijah work will not continue during the judgments, which the appointed strangers are doing.


There is also a voice crying out in the wilderness of religious confusion today. (Isaiah 40:1-g-explained in our Isaiah booklet. All of our literature is free.)….. Only confusion in the church of God is, the leader being the High priest, and Ezekiel, cannot see his own iniquity and he cannot see God’s judgments, since he is the Laodicean leader, or the 7th head. The laodiceans erred in “JUDGEMENT”. If any one does not see the judgments of the Lord, that is Laodicean. Everyone is confused as they are in Babylon spiritually now. (Ez 16: 52) The sister who judged others have become the “WORST”  as God prophesied. Our article “Women pt 2” proved that the cast out ones are in Mt Zion now. (Mic 4: 7) They will deliver the Is 40 message.


. We finish the Elijah work he did and introduce the all powerful Christ to this deceived world….When the time has come that no Jews will worship God in Mt Zion or in Jerusalem, how could there be a work?  During the “Times of Gentiles”, there will be no work done from the Inner court. Christ is outside. Now, the famine has come after Elijah’s work. The widow is now supplying food for Elijah’s work. We proved that the “gentiles” are the “widows”, not having God and Christ. (please read: Poor , fatherless ) There has to be a time for the “widow” to supply food for Elijah. He was told to go “eastward”.( 1 King 17: 3)  So, Elijah’s work during the drought as also in Rev 11: 6, will be carried out from the “Eastward”. And the widow will feed him. There were so many Jews in Elijah’s time, but he was sent toa widow in Zarapheth?  Why?  In the end time, when there is a famine of the word in the Inner court, as it is now, Elijah’s work or those who hold fast to the covenant and heeded the warning given to the Philadelphia era, are explained in Is 56: 3-8. They are the strangers who were cast out, who hold fast to the covenant, when everything in the sanctuary is damaged, and are in the “house of prayer”. Their sacrifices are accepted in God’s Altar, BETTER THAN SONS AND DAUGHTERS.  They feed Elijah now. If they are not sons and daughters, then they have to be the strangers, who are widows and the poor and the fatherless. Only a very humble people could understand this truth.   Elijah was fed by a widow. This is repeating now.


How could there be a work from the inner court, when Christ said, when He comes could He find faith? And the Holy and the mighty will be “scattered” as in Dan 12: 7 and 11; 36. This is happening now and no more Elijah work.  Not one stone shall be left upon another in Jerusalem !

There is a connection between THE WORD MADE FLESH and the WORK OF GOD TODAY.
God wants us to realize that when He talks about the Word becoming flesh, those people who finish the Elijah work in this end time had better know that Jesus Christ's Second Coming is almost here! They must realize that HIS BECOMING FLESH WAS NOT THE END: HE IS COMING AGAIN, THIS TIME TO SAVE HUMANITY FROM DESTROYING ITSELF!
..... The humanity will be given another chance. But, not the church. Christ Has come in the flesh, as we have proven, from the  “Day of Visitation” article, to purify the Levites, or the ministry as in Malachi. But Mal 1: 11, the gentiles shall build the walls. The synagogue of the Jews, who say they are God’s people, will not believe that  God will work through the gentiles.  Nevertheless, God Has called the poor to be rich in faith when His own children have no faith. They are the ones, now feeding and being a light to Israel. James 2, and  Is 60: 3. These Jews, always hindered the word going to gentiles. 1 Thess 2: 14-16

There is a reason that John, in his epistles, reveals the truth about "the last [hour]" and our specific work in the same context (1 John 2:18-20). There is a reason that John, in the book of Revelation, talks about the little book and "prophesy again" (Revelation 10), and describes the inner court (Revelation 11). The PCG is specifically discussed in three of John's books. ……The truth about the last hour, is God Has rejected all the leaders and the judgment has begun. “The Day of visitation” has come but the prophet would not know as Hos 9: 7 says. This hour is to begin the judgment.  This is why the little children are warned of The Antichrist and The Liar etc…. John, does not reveal PCG’s work in the way, PCG thinks. PCG’s specific work is explained as : “The” antichrist, The Liar, etc…If PCG’s leader is “Ezekiel, and Eliakim, and the High priest, Gods word proves that all three of them fell. (Ez 24: 21- 23,   Is 22: 25,   Zech 3 ) The little children are told, that they do “not” need anyone to “teach  them. 1 John 2: 27. Jude warned to contend for the faith once delivered. Not any one delivering it. All of John’s letters are warnings to young children, about the false prophets, antichrists etc…..”THE” Antichrist should appear in the last moments, and this happens when the sister who judged others became the worst.  If God is working with any leaders, He would not warn them about not wanting anyone to teach them. Besides, all the churches are Laodicean now, having pride. PCG, specially has an arrogant pride. Ez 24: 21.  Only the false prophets and anti christs are in the church.


The PCG is specifically discussed in three of John's books.???   Yes, PCG’s work is explained in all three books as the work of “THE” Antichrist, and many antichrists and Diotrephus’.( The work of Diotrephus is explained in our article “Antiochus” ) The Antichrist spoke to the whole world in one of the KOD programs saying…  Christ Has “not” come in the “flesh”, but in” SPIRIT  of course….”  Read our article “KOD exposes the antichrist”, May 2nd 2006) This is the “ONLY” sign John gave us to recognize “the anti Christ”. ( 1 John 4). PCG’s work is specifically discussed in John’s three books.  Having no truth,  allowed Diotreophus to cast out “TRUE” followers of God, in ASIA. (3 John.) How could Diotreophus’ prophecy be fulfilled, unless THE high priest allows it? A self appointed prophet, who do not care for the flock, refusing to be corrected, and having iniquity and lusts which God condemns, is ‘SPECIFICALLY DISCUSSED IN THREE OF JOHN’S BOOKS”…and not only in these three books, but in all the books as the “covenant breaking, unfaithful, workers of iniquity and as a harlot. Such a large scale massacre of God’s people, never happened in the history of God’s church as it is happening now in PCG. The worldly people killed Christians in early centuries. But, this Antichrist and his fellows are “INSIDE” or “within” the sanctuary. (Ps 79) One whole church era, were lulled to sleep, thus arousing God’s anger. We hope that everyone would heed John’s warning. For, we, the gentiles are doing the work of Rev 11: 2- 15.    

The PCG has a fuller understanding of Scripture than any of God's churches ever. God used .Mr. Armstrong to restore all things. Now He has given much revelation to the PCG.
No two eras have been given more revelation  than the Philadelphia and Laodicean eras. God has revealed more to these last two eras than all the other eras combined!
... Ez 16: 8 – 14 proves that PCG, or one sister was married to God, and she was fed to the full, and was given all the revelation, hoping that they would not do the abominable thing which God hates but she  did the most abominable thing, which is to burn incense to other gods and Ez 8-11 explains that. (Jere 44: )  But, she has not seen what her fate and what she did with that revelation. Please read Ez 16: 15- 63. In the end, she will be the “Worst” (52) and she will never open her mouth, because of her abominations, which are worse than all the others. She will carry her shame for ever. Says: The GOD Almighty!!!

To have the “High Priest” of the true Church mention your work is quite an honor! Just to be mentioned in that group is an honor of the highest magnitude. THIS IS A DIRECT PROPHECY ABOUT YOU.. “THE” high priest???... God catches the wicked in their own craftiness…. So you, are the High priest who stands in the temple at Christ’s coming?  Then you are the “JOSHUA”, who has the “FILTHY” turban! NO one else,   NO, NO, NO one else said, they are high priests… There is only ONE. And he is “THE” one, who has become filthy, and men wondered at (he is doing signs and wonders to deceive them to wonder at him), him and his fellows, all who murder God’s children, will lose their crowns as they are kept as a memorial… These are the ones, who are a sign of imminent coming of our Savior.!  As for the “honor of the highest magnitude”???... Yes, he can be with his god,(Job 41: 34) in the lake of Fire… where all those who expect honor in the highest magnitude are going to be.  This is a death trap to all of you who follow him blindly.!!!


 It is no exaggeration to say that we are a key player in this end time. We must warn the world about what is happening and prepare for the return of Jesus Christ! Why wouldn't we be a vital piece of the puzzle? How exciting to be on the scene, prophetically just "minutes" before Christ returns! We can look at the cities of Judah, which are steadily being attacked and besieged, and we have the privilege to say to them-even more emphatically than what we have-"Behold your God!" (Isaiah 40:9)…. Key player in the end time is  “THE” antichrist. Deceiving and killing and allowing his fellows to kill  God’s true followers, the scattering the holy and the mighty Minutes before Christ’s return. The High priest is “THE” one, who has become “THE” Joshua and “the” worst. !  This “THE” key player has played harlotry and has committed “THE” abominable thing in God’s sight!!! Says God. And to hide his adulterous acts, he killed God’s people. Is this the way you prepare and warn God’s people and prepare them?  God says, you are drunk and now will drink the cup of His fury… Is 28: 7,  Is 51: 17…The key players in God’s church in the end time are the antichrists. Because PCG was fed to the full, she  think they are not being judged and can get away even after inviting strangers in to the altar and polluting the sanctuary. The cities of Judah, are the worshippers of God, as Jere 26:2 explains. The “Spiritual” cities of Judah.  It is the people of God, who are going to lose their lives. Not the physical Judah. This is the “angel of Light”, who would not come as the devil, but his fruits prove.


WE HAVE THE MESSIAH! So we need to be running around with some excitement! The Messiah is here! The Messiah is directing this Work-the one prophesied to come and take away the sin of the world and open up the God Family to ALL MANKIND!... The Messiah prophesied, that in the end time there will be many antichrists in His church damaging the sanctuary and scattering the power of the Holy and the Mighty. No one will worship God in Jerusalem or in Zion. He asked “Can Son of Man” find “Faith” when He comes”. ?  Messiah, definitely is not in PCG, since she has become the worst! God profaned the sanctuary as shown earlier. The last works of God, before the judgment is to witness against the sinners as Law requires. That is what we are doing.. During the Day of visitation, the gentiles will be accusing the Jews of their evil behaviors (1 Peter 2: 12 )


1Pe 2:12  Having “your” conversation honest among theGentiles”: that, whereas “they” ( The gentiles)  speak against you( The Inner court)  as “evildoers”, they may by  good works, which “they” ( The gentiles)  shall behold, glorify God in the day of visitation. So where is the prophet?...Gentiles’s major work should be speaking against the “Jews” of being evil doers. God SAYS SO. The “Gentiles” behold good works. Not the Jews…. God says so. We must prove all things. This happens in the “Day of visitation”. (read: The day of visitation) Christ visits on this day, and He uses the gentiles, to accuse Jews of being eveil doers. God Has written in His word, that the times of gentiles are to accuse, witness and excecute judgments on the evil doers, who are the “spiritual Jews”, who says, they are in the Inner court. We, the widows, the poor, the fatherless, and the strangers, give :  GLORY TO GOD  IN THE HIGHEST!!!

God says, gentiles are accusing the Jews of being wicked. Do you see that these gentiles are doing God’s work? Isiah and Habakuk said… “in no wise believe”….


 Hos 9:7  The days of “visitation” are come, the days of recompence are come; Israel shall know it: “the prophetis a “fool”, the spiritual man is mad, for the multitude of thine iniquity, and the great hatred.


 Hos 9:8   the prophet is a snare of a fowler in all his ways, and hatred in the house of his God.


Hos 9:9  They have deeply corrupted , as in the days of Gibeah: He will remember their iniquity, he will visit their sins.

No leader in any of the churches of God has ever claimed they are prophets. Only the leader in PCG. So, Just before Christ comes, according to God’s word, the prophet is a fool, that he does not even know Christ Has come, as the day of visitation has come and because of iniquity, God will remember to recompense their sins on them. The “highest magnitude of “DIS”honor God gives to this prophet…. “A snare of a fowler in all his ways….Here’s what Clarke’ commentary says about this prophet:…. The false prophet is the snare of a fowler; is continually deceiving the people, and leading them into snares, and infusing into their hearts deep hatred against God and his worship.

No wonder the prophet’s work is written in all three books of John as “The antichrist”.



Can anything good really come out of Edmond, Oklahoma? Only if the Messiah's there!... Since The Messiah is not there in Edmond as we have proven and as the gentiles are now doing God’s work, as the WORD of GOD proves, nothing good can come out of Edmond. Only the evil, and the drought and the famine and the punishment, beginning at Edmond or the “NORTH” .


world will become Israel, when the Gentiles are grafted in….Ez 30: 3 says, The “times of Gentiles” will be the beginning of the “Day of The Lord”. They are being grafted in to “execute judgments” and to “tread down” the proud leaders. They are now being grafted in…….This is why this article is all about. But the synagogue of the Jews refuse to listen and see…. They have chosen to close their eyes……. They say, the gentiles will be grafted in, but they refuse to see that is happening. The gentiles being grafted in, is the last thing to happen, before the world will become Israel….That is the Rev 11: 2 – 15 work.


Why did God have to graft the gentiles in, if the inner court is doing its work according to God’s plan???   God planned the gentiles to do a work too…. That is why they are being grafted in…. Gen 49: 10 – 12 proves that the gentiles are being grafted to the “vine”, which is the “house of Israel” as In Is. 5. The gentiles are being grafted in as the “VINE DRESSERS”.  Is 61:4- 5. They are being grafted in to tread down the inner court.

The gentiles  accuse you of being “evil doers” as God said in 1 Pet 2: 12….. and they shall see the House of Israel, going in to captivity and their judgments…. (ez 39: 21- 23)…Also Is 56: 3 – 8,  Jere 4: 16,  Deut 29: 28.  Then the gentiles will be treading down and do the Rev 11; 2- 15 work…. They shall execute judgments where Ezekiel has failed…. They could sing to the cities of Judah who comes to worship God:…”Behold your God”…. They will bring the captives back as Is 14 says and as TP said in his sermon “Holy Roman Emprie”… They will be a light to Israel, when they are in darkness…(Is 60:3)… They will give milk to Israel…. Is 60:16…..

They shall speak to the deaf and blind Israel …. Is 28: 10 – 11… They shall bring God’s children from a far…Is 60:9,  they will do a work, which Israel would not believe… Hab 1:5,  Act 13: 41….To provoke the Jews in to anger as in Deut 32: 2- 22. They witnessed the broken covenant by both parties (Ez 24: 21- 23) the “east gate” sin in Ez 8 – 11, Zech 11: 10 – 11, who watched God breaking it. Their work is accepted on God’s ALTAR, better than of Israel. (Is 56: 3 – 8) They will fight with the Antiochus who broke the covenant, and Diotrephus, in 3 John.


They will build the fallen tabernacle…. Mal 1: 11…, when God Hass condemned the Levites…

 Act 15:16  After this I will return, and will build “again” the tabernacle of David, which is “fallen” down; and I will build again the ruins thereof, and I will set it up: The gentile’s work proves that Christ Has returned on this “Day of visitation”. He comes to purify the levites as Mal 3 says… He comes to witness against the Jews. Before He rebuild the fallen tabernacle, He Has to condemn the sinners as the law requires. He does that by His witnesses who does not have any foreign gods. Is 43:12.


Act 15:17  That the residue of men might seek after the Lord, and all the” Gentiles”, upon whom my name is called, saith the Lord, who doeth all these things.

Is 60: 10… Gentiles shall build your walls….

Act 22: 21,   28: 28… so the gentiles will hear, when Jews failed….


Is 51: 5…. To wait upon The Lord… Is 13: 5… They are the “weapons of indignation”…


Is 30: 27…. When God is burning in anger, He comes from a far… working from those who are far away…. Ez 23: 45- 49, 16: 40, Lam 1: 15… to destroy the lewdness of Israel, and to destroy their idols and to trample under foot. Be aware, therefore, the “Gentiles”, who come from a far, in God’s burning anger are now treading down the inner court.!!! You will heed God.

God will be exalted in judgment…. Is 5: 16…Give glory to HIM !



The Gentile assembly.