…(PHIL.NEWS NOV/DEC 1999, JAN/FEB.2000,   JULY/AUG 2000,   SEP/OCT 2001.)

Who were they? Why were they brought in? Are they still members in PCG? Who destroyed them? They were amongst us, the south East Asian children of God. God Has condemned this involvement. In South East Asia, God’s covenant was broken. We report!!!…You judge!!!…Your salvation is at stake!!!…
In the year 2000, the brethren were requested to PRAY (INCENSE) for these people.   HAVE you PRAYED FOR THEM,? Then, YOU
HAVE BROKEN THE COVENANT OF GOD.  According to the written records of these PN articles, this crowd was once members in the PCG, having 17 local elders in the SANCTUARY, and 852 members in the body of Christ. What you do not know about this crowd is they were NEVER BAPTIZED. That is right! NEVER BAPTIZED. Ez.44: 7-9, and Is.52:1, God says to invite strangers, foreigners or unbaptized would break THE COVENANT.,

Mr. Flurry (Mr. F) wrote in pg 77 Ezekiel book… “At baptism we said we would marry Christ and meet all the covenant conditions. So God judges us on the basis of our WORD, or covenant to become HIS WIFE.” The whole church prayed for them. HAS GOD CALLED THEM? Or did Satan the devil bring them to cause PCG to break the covenant? Once and for all, in this end time where revelation has come about Diotrephus, Antiochus, Balaam (2Pet 2, Jude) we need to know the truth. Are you holding on to the “FAITH ONCE DELIVERED TO THE SAINTS”? They crept into the ALTAR AND THE TEMPLE, (Jude 4, Ez.8: 16, 11:1) thus defiling the bride of Christ. The truth about this crowd was covered up. We are witnesses to this cover up. God says when we see the sword, we are to warn.  If we do not warn everyone, your blood will be upon us and we will have to bear that guilt. But from now on, we are guiltless.
We have over 100 documents to prove that this crowd should never have been a part of the “WIFE Of CHRIST” which we can send upon request.)  Act 4:19-20, “For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard” V.19 …”Whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you   more than to God, YOU JUDGE.” Act 5:29…. Every one of you will be judged by God NOW!. God will not keep quiet when His wife commits adultery. She will be corrected. You must prove this and repent otherwise your salvation is at stake.  

Ezekiel booklet, pg 77 (Please read pgs 77 to 109) Mr. Flurry wrote… The Laodiceans today invite the world into their church and committed adultery. If it is” adultery” to invite the world, PCG definitely has committed adultery because PCG too invited strangers. (Which means broken the marriage covenant) Will God permit PCG to go unpunished once the covenant is broken??? You need to prove all things. Are you blameless in the sight of God? …Pg 71- 100 Mr. F writes…In Ezekiel 16, God’s primary focus is on the “end time Church of God.” …The Main focus is on a wife who has broken her marriage vows. Mr. Flurry explains in these pages that how God made the marriage covenant with PCG, by spreading the skirt over V.8.  Pg 81 says…others will come into His family, but not on the wife” level. Only God’s wife can commit adultery in this age. Pg 79. In this end time, He must send His New covenant wife into captivity as well”. All of them have committed sins.)

V.61 “I will give them to you for “DAUGHTERS” since PCG is THE WIFE, this prophecy has to be for the   mother church, or the” Bride of Christ”, WHO WILL BE RECEIVING OTHERS AS DAUGHTERS.. This definitely proves that the mother OR THE SISTER WHO JUDGED THE OTHERS has committed sins too. God does not praise a single church. All are condemned.  V.61 says you will be ashamed…. PCG has done something to be ashamed of. Therefore, God says…v.59…” I WILL DEAL WITH YOU AS YOU HAVE DONE, WHO DESPISED THE “OATH”BY BREAKING THE COVENANT.!!!” So this end time wife has broken the COVENANT! Pg 79…” This verse is referring to an END TIME Marriage covenant where somebody made an “OATH” to keep a marriage covenant with God. The word “OATH” means, it will become a ”CURSE” if they fail to keep their promise. The whole church, including YOU, have broken the covenant.!!! AT THE TIME OF THE PROPHET’S WIFE’S DEATH, GOD IS TRYING TO SHOW THAT PCG, TOO WILL GO UNDER CAPTIVITY FOR ITS LEWDNESS (Ez.24:21, God did not punish any other leader by striking their wives.. It is PCG that God wants to be corrected, at the time of the prophet’s wife’s death. V.52…Judged your sisters,  PCG  only judged the other sisters…bear YOUR OWN SHAME also. (With others, the church which God Has given these revelations have to bear shame )V 53…YOUR CAPTIVITY AMONG THEM…(, INCLUDING PCG, ALL sister churches will go into captivity. 


Pg 78…”Will judge”, This is referring to Christ’s end time SPIRITUAL WIFE. And note…He is judging her “as women that break wedlock”.

Pg 77…”But as a wife that committeth adultery, which taketh strangers instead of her husband” Their “SALVATION’ is at stake. According to the prophet himself, to invite strangers is to break God’s covenant and it will be turn into a “CURSE”, and your own salvation is at stake” . Please remember, no one but GOD is giving you the salvation. At the baptism, we, “individually” agreed to keep the covenant.

 HOW WE WERE PROFANED…In Jan/Feb 2000 PN, last page, an article written by Mr. Malone “SHOULD THE UNBAPTIZED TAKE THE PASSOVER?” It says God did not tell unbaptized to take the Passover. Same page,  Mr. Harrison writes…there are 17 local elders.(meaning they were invited to the sanctuary) 852  attending Sabbath services, your prayers would be greatly appreciated…(Sharing God’s incense and Oil Ez.23:41, Ez.16:32)

July /Aug 2000 PN fulfills Jere.5:7, meeting at harlot’s houses.  Please read the PN.

 In Sept/cot 2001 PN,
The list of ministers working under Mr. Harrison was given. Two of those Indian ministers have gone to Middle east to work. When this was written, Mr. Harrison was still in Australia, which is the “eastern “part of the world. In Ez 8 :16, in the inner court where the sanctuary is, 25 men sinning in the east gate. (Anciently, the temple was in one place. But now, the sanctuary and the temple is worldwide.) Except the European ministers in this page, there are exactly 25 men, in the EAST gate, not counting the two who were not ministers at that time. God does not call them ministers, but “men” and that’s whom they were.” JUST MEN”.

PN Nov/dec 1999, PG 7, 842 attending feast in India. There was no feast site in India that year. The real feast site was in Srilanka, … Two satellite messages were down linked…. Further ask Mr. Andrew Locher who handles the satellite transmissions, whether in ANY YEAR, the Satellite Transmission was down linked to India?. To this day, the satellite transmission was never down linked to India or Srilanka. Pleas ask Mr. Locher or even Mr. Flurry. Abominations!!!  Can you deceive God? Yet, the whole church believed this lie, including the prophet.

 Also PN Jan 2000, pg 8, it says …after meeting with local elder S Kumar, DURING THE FIRST WEEK OF DECEMBER, it has been CONFIRMED THAT WE HAVE… Only in December, Kumar confirmed that this crowd applied to be a part of PCG. If they APPLIED IN December, How could have they kept the feast with PCG, ( not forgetting down linking  the satellite transmission) in October, months before they were accepted into PCG? (The feast was in October, and in December only, they have “applied “to be a part of PCG). How can these people keep the feast, with PCG, before they were even accepted to be members? Truth is, feast was never kept in Bamahwaram.  NEVER. LYING WONDERS!!!

 At the time of Ezekiel’s wife’s death, PCG must have committed some sins TO BE ASHMAED OF and caused God to send to captivity in Ez 24: 2, the king of Babylon started his siege… the captivity. Many commentaries say that this chapter is about the punishment that would come upon the church for committing adultery and idolatry and the profanation of the church.(It is the PCG”s captivity God is referring in this chapter and not the Israel”s) Why would God profane the sanctuary? Without a reason.?, God is not confused. No time and chance for God’s people. God’s sanctuary is not In Israel or in any other church. Ez.24:V.16…God took the prophet’s wife cause prophet failed to take care of God’s wife. (Mr. Flurry and the whole church, innocently accepted them  as members and prayed .)Everything explains in the book of Ezekiel should be applied to PCG, since she is THE WIFE.(Mr. Flurry writes in book of Ezekiel…pg 97, Look seriously at yourself and see those problems you need to overcome. If something is getting in the way of God’s work, It is serious. EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT AWARE OF .

V.21 says God will profane the sanctuary, and the prophet is mute till the escapee comes, that is without prophetic revelation.(Why would God profane the sanctuary which He  work, for sins of Israel and the world? )Last December, since Mrs Flurry’s stroke, Mr. Flurry spoke only few times, but he did not have any new revelation until this feast, and until his wife’s death. He did not speak on the HOLYDAYS. PCG does not go to mourn with other churches V23.You shall pine away for YOUR iniquities. “YOUR INIQUITIES”(Not other’s)

In Ez.23, “Oholah” and “Oholibah”, God condemns two women, daughters of “one “mother. (Two churches have gone to the same crowd, “Sabeans” and did the same adulterous act.),They belong to God ,v.4. Then God alienated from both of them V18. In v.36, God told the prophet to judge and declare their abominations. V.38, they defiled the sanctuary and profaned God’s Sabbaths. V.41, you shared My incense (prayers) and My oil (Holy Spirit) V.42. With “SABEANS”  Who are these “SabeansWhere did the Israelites go to commit this adulterous act?  Ez;20:29BAMAH” Where is Bamah”? Which two churches commit the same act? Who are Oholah and Oholibah?
Who are the “Sabeans”? Sabeans are descendants of Sheba. According to the “Plain Truth” magazine, July 1975, and “Trumpet” Jan 2002, The Sabeans came from Ethiopia and settled IN INDIA. Also see “The generations of Ham” an article printed by “The Church of God in 1965, by Mr. Armstrong.  (Esther 1:1…India to Ethiopia was united with 127 provinces. So these Ethiopian Sabeans would have settled in India those days.) In Job 1:15, the “Sabeans” were used by Satan to destroy the children of Job. (Sabeans are destroyers of God’s people. see commentaries) . IN this end time also, the “Sabeans” were brought by Satan in to the sanctuary and the temple to defile it.
Ez.20: 29, WHERE IS ‘BAMAH”? … The church office in India was in “Bhima -waram”. Bamah means in Hindu, the” high place.” In Hebrew Bamah” means high place. .In  Smith and Easton commentaries say “Bamah” is High Place where the Jews committed adultery. . “Waram” means blessings. So The PCG went to “Bhamawaram”, just like the ancient Jews, to commit adultery by inviting “Sabeans” to God’s sanctuary. This involvement with the Sabeans, God Has condemned through many other prophets.  Jeremiah 6:20, God says “For what purpose cometh there to me” “INCENSE” FROM SHEBA …FROM A AFAR COUNTRY”? When we shared God’s incense (prayers) with and for these “Sabeans” we sent forth “incense form Sheba”.  (Please read all of the above articles in PNs mentioned.) In Joel 3:1 …captivity of Judah and Jerusalem… v.8. God says He will cause Judah to  sell to the sabeans. Is.2:6, children of Israel are pleased with foreigners and “eastern ways”. Amos 9: 7…”You are like people of Ethiopia to ME…( sabeans are from Ethiopia, and they were fellowshipping with us, therefore, we are like the Ethiopians to God)Other churches did not go to “Bamah” to invite the “sabeans”. Therefore, God is condemning the two churches, which went to the sabeans. THIS SABEAN INVOLVEMENT WITH GOD’S WIFE IS WHAT IS MOST CONDEMNING FOR GOD.
 In Ez.23, Two end time God’s churches were prophesied to commit adultery with the SAME SABEANS, In 1998, the UCG,( Mr. Hulme,)  had gone to “Bhamawaram” and invited the same crowd . In UCG news letter, for UK region, May 1998, Volume 4, Issue 2, pg 1, under the article800 observe Passover in India”,  four pages describe this involvement. It says this crowd was keeping the Passover on Friday morning.(Mr. Harrison has told Mr. Flurry that this crowd is from WCG. ) If this crowd was WCG members, they would have never kept the Passover in the morning.(Copies of all the articles mentioned could be faxed upon request) In Pg 6 of the same paper it says…” All of the Holy days have not really been understood and observed here.”(  If they were WCG or in any other churches of God  members, they would have understood and kept ALL OF THE HOLY DAYS. More proof later. )
UCG was “Oholah” and (Ez 23:11) “Oholibah” became more corrupt… PCG, not only invited the Sabeans, they had a church office, three people as directors  ,invited 17 local elders in to the sanctuary, and defiled it and requested God’s people to pray (sharing incense) and by keeping Sabbath with them, defiled and profaned GOD’S Sabbaths. And for 4 years, PCG was committing adultery with them. As late as year. 2003, in the ministerial “ordination list” had two of those ministers names. But the last person to leave PCG was the leader, Mr. Kumar. He resigned in 2002. (Proof available.). .  On the very first day we met the leader of this group, we found out that he is not even a baptized member. Please see his bio data and the passport copy. He claims he was “ordained in “1989 and he is 37 years old in 1999, but according to his passport, he was born in 1972, and in the year he was supposedly ordained, he was only 17 years old.(If he was born in 1972, in 1989, he should be 17 years old)  Back in 1989, the WCG never ordained one into the ministry as young as 17 years and seldom baptized 17 year olds. Even though there are many other lies, to shorten this letter, this would be enough for you to understand that these people were never baptized.
 (Please read Ez.16 and 23 and 24 to get a better idea why God would punish the PCG.) Ez 23:36, God commissioned the prophet to judge Oholah and Oholibah..  But,  V.45 – 49 God says… righteous men will judge them….. v.46…Bring up an assembly against them… v.47 The assembly shall stone and slay them, v.48, thus I will cause lewdness to cease from the land…(This is what some of us did. We rejected this crowd as soon as we learned that they are not even baptized. ) v. 49 YOU SHALL PAY FOR YOUR IDOLATROUS SINS… THEN YOU SHALL KNOW THAT I AM THE LORD GOD. This is why we have to go to captivity. God had to raise up an assembly to stone and destroy these “Sabeans. We wrote many letters and fought. We refused to keep Lord’s Passover with them. We stopped sending tithes to this person, because the leader stole thousands of dollars of our tithes. We have proof. (It is not the prophet but the assembly which God raised judged this crowd  and this is why Mrs Wickramasinghe and some others were disfellowshipped.)
 Last August, Mrs Wickramasinghe (Mrs W ) wrote to Mr. Flurry about this sinful act, after she heard during the conference, to report any creeping ministers. Right after she wrote that letter with all the documents, God commissioned Mr. Flurry to “Measure the Altar and the temple.”  Then for four months, Mr. Flurry studied it. Then we too received the same tape about “Creeping ministers and we too started sending letters to Mr. Flurry since he has not given an answer to Mrs W. All these years, God was watching this adulterous act being committed.( But once God made  Mr. Flurry became aware of this, and since Mr. Flurry did not admit or  asked the church to repent, God  started correcting Mr. Flurry and the church.) Mr. Harrison, with the knowledge of Mr. Flurry, right away disfellowshipped  Mrs W and another member during the last week of December. On the 30th of December, God, immediately struck the prophet’s wife as prophesied in Ez: 24:16.To this day, Mr. Flurry failed to judge this matter. This is the mystery of this Indian “Sabeans” whom were used by Satan to make Christ’s wife commit adultery, thus breaking the covenant. Therefore, that is how the PCG went to captivity. Mr. Harrison came that February and said this is an administration problem and not a concern for the membership and threatened all of us that if we talk with Mrs W, we will be out too. (anciently, Diotrephus, too disfellowshipped TRUE followers. He would have invited false followers and disfellowship TRUE followers who were opposing him. Read 3rd John.  By lying to the prophet and to the membership of God’s family, and to keep it hidden, and  to disfellowship the true members who are fighting to uphold the true Philadelphian standard, is an act of ANTI CHRIST. (Last hour book)This is an abomination in God’s sight. )


Mr. Harrison did not stop there. Mr. Harrison said that members are not running this church. NO BODY RUNS THIS CHURCH BUT GOD. God Has set His laws. Who can change the SET LAWS OF GOD??? NO ONE CAN SIT ON  GOD’S SEAT TO CHANGE WHAT HE HAS LONG ESTABLISHED. Is this really an administration problem? Ez 44:7-9 and Is 51:2, clearly says, unclean, uncircumsized shall no longer come to you. This is breaking the covenant we made with God at our baptism. HAVE YOU PRAYED FOR THESE SABEANS??? THEN YOU HAVE BROKEN THE COVENANT YOU MADE WITH GOD AT THE BAPTISM.  This is why God struck the prophet’s wife and caused the sanctuary to be profaned. Ez.24:21.To this day, Mr. Flurry is mute about this problem. THIS IS NOT AN INDIVIDUAL MATTER, AS A WHOLE CHURCH, WE COMMITTED THIS ACT.  Mr. Harrison, in fear of others finding out, does not want Mr. Wickramaisnghe to come to the  ministerial conference this year.( The only minister from South East Asia is unable to attend God”s conference.)
Recently, Mrs W has sent another letter to Mr. Flurry.  Mr. Harrison found out and had asked Mr. Wickramasinghe to either resign from the ministry or  to divorce Mrs WMrs W is now planning to be separated and go abroad, so Mr. W can continue in the ministry. But Is it right for Mr. Harrison to ask someone to give up the ministry which GOD HIMSELF HAS ORDAINED  AND TO DIVORCE (NO ONE COMMITING ADULTERY) WHICH GOD HIMSELF APPOIINTED THE UNION OF MARRIAGE.??? IS IT CORRECT FOR A Regional D. TO ASK ANOTHER MINISTER TO RESIGN FROM THE MINISTRY OR TO DIVORCE A WIFE WHO IS FIGHTING FOR GOD’S RIGHTS? This is why now we have to intervene and let the whole church know about this matter. Now each of you are responsible of knowing this adulterous act which YOU TOO HAVE COMMITTED. Please pray to God to intervene and for Mr.Flurry to handle this matter once and for all. Since the whole church became defiled, the whole church should repent and ask for forgiveness. (Those, who have email addresses, will receive many other articles regarding this matter.)Please ask these questions yourself:

1.      What would you do if your regional director tells you to wash a feet of an Unbaptized person??? Would you wash?  What Does God say about that? Isn’t to do so is to break the covenant of God?

2.    Would you accept an unbaptized person as your “COVENANT” brother?(Ministers of God?)

3.     Would you share God’s incense and oil, if known the truth about this crowd?

4.    When we are guilty of such a crime, should not the persons, the leaders involved should admit and repent before God? And ask the church to do so?

5.     How would you feel to be deceived? Would you in fear of disfellowshipment,  keep quiet? Should you not fear God than man? Would not GOD punish us?

6.    How would you examine yourself before the Passover? How would GOD feel to be betrayed? Do you think God Has not seen? God is aware of your judgment and how you would measure yourself. HOW DOES GOD MEASURE SUCH AN ACT???


Pg 69…Mr. Flurry writes..  We EXPOSE this great leadership BETRAYAL in GOD”S church, God is going to EXPOSE them to the whole world. This principle applies to almost ANY TIME GOD’S CHURCH TURNS AWAY FROM GOD. Eph.5:6-13
So dear brethren, if other churches invite strangers and break the covenant, would not it apply to PCG? As Mr. Flurry says, anytime (Pg 69) when God’s church sins, He always appoints someone to expose it. If you wondered why there aren’t any strong messages, if the church is becoming lukewarm, have many problems with others, why God is not giving strong revelations, this is the reason. No other church went to Sabeans in Bamah. Only UCG, for few months and PCG for years. Have you prayed for them? Then you are defiled.
Pg 70…God is intensely emotional about what is being built in His name. He will consume the wall in His wrath. Many prophecies say until Christ comes, the tabernacle of David is fallen. The TRUE church should contend for the faith once delivered and hold fast to the truth. Apostle Jude wrote his letter to” SANCTIFIED, PRESERVED AND CALLED OUT ONES.”But his message is to “CONTEND FOR THE FAITH ONCE DELIVERED.” Why does he remind to contend for the faith once delivered? V.12 says YOUR feasts. Not GOD”S feasts. Some are keeping the feast with the preserved ones, serving only themselves. Why would someone lie to the prophet and to the membership and bring a multitude of unconverted, strangers and disfellowship those who oppose him(111 John) if not for to serve ONLY THEMSELVES? (Jude 12) We are guiltless now. Aren’t we INDIVIDUALLY responsible for holding fast to the covenant of God?
 Pg 83…
Mr. Flurry writes… God says we must declare Israel’s abominations to them. We must declare…We, Indian and Srilankan brethren witnessed this crime. In fear of disfellowshipment we kept quiet. But now we see, that is not what we should have done. Mr. Flurry wrote many times that we should not wait till the church falls down. If someone is holding the work of God, that is serious. What is right in the sight of God? Is not to admit our sins and repent  before GodOr because of pride and preeminence like Diotrephus, to cast out true followers? ( 111 John.) when they try to reject to equally yoke with unbelievers? We are responsible to let Christ’s bride know of this abomination. Jude 23…we must, with fear ,pull others out of fire, HATING  even the garment defiled by flesh. Pg 84…”We can clearly see that these prophecies are to be fulfilled JUST SBEFORE CHRIST RETURNS.”  WCG and other churches left God at least 15 years ago. When PCG was raised with a prophet, those who hear God’s voice, came to PCG. Last hour was gone. Now the judgment and captivity, therefore, the tabernacle of David is fallen,till Christ comes. Ez 33, Amos 9:11.Christ will establish the covenant as in Ez.16:61, but we have to be ashamed of our sins and must go into captivity.
In Christian love, the brethren in Asia.
Please see the photo section for this
leader Sumanth Kumar’s Bio Data which was given to PCG in 1999 December.We have written all the details on the right corner of the photo below but just in case if it not clear we write again.
1)                 It shows his age as 37 years old , but at the bottom of the page , attached passport copy shows he was born in 1972. But he claims he was 37 years old in 1999. His actual age should be 27 years in 99’. Therefore he lied about his age. And when Mr. Harrison asked him why he lied about his age he said his father told him to do so  in order to look  he has years of experience. Why would a man lie about his age to join a church?
2)                 WCG “member” Mr. Samuel “ordainedhim .. Who is this Mr. Samuel?  can a member ordain one into  the  ministry?
In this he claims he was ordained in 1989 in to the ministry, but in 89’ WCG never ordained a 17 year old .back in the year 89’ WCG never ordained a 17 year old & seldom baptized.
These facts prove that he was never a WCG member.