Our minister, as the man from “East” as in Is 41, went to the prophet in Edmond, to inform about the unbaptized people who were invited to PCG is against God’s baptismal covenant. Mr Winters witnessed the whole meeting. Without even opening the Bible, or listening, this prophet yelled.. get out, out,out. Read the whole report and see , whether a real prophet would do such a thing.







Mr. Winters witnessed Mr. Wickramasinghe’s disfellowsipment.

Mr. Winters could confirm what we report:...

24th Sept 2005


Mr. Newton Wicramasinghe(NW)  minister of  South East Asia”, visited Mr. G Flurry at HQ, on the 24th Aug. 2005. He was accompanied by his daughter Chloe, who lives in Maryland and  Mr. Winters. . Our comments are in Italics.


After a brief welcome by Mr. G F, NW began the discussion by briefly going over his initial contact with the Church of God 30 years ago, and said how dedicated he is to the ministry and most importantly to the prophet. He emphasized that he came with all humility and sincerity and in no way intended to criticize.


He conveyed his intent of bringing to light the sins that were covered up  with the indirect involvement of NW himself. He expressed his concern that GF was unaware of few things that had taken place in the work in India and he wants to make GF understand the whole truth.  Then NW said Mr.A. Harrison,(AH)  invited  800 members including 14 ministers in India, without questioning the conversion of them. GF interrupted by saying “Now Newton, I have to correct you right there. We had only "one" minister in India and the rest of them were just contact persons or assisting in the work”.  Chloe then asked what about the 14 ordination certificates that were signed by GF and Mr. Leap to accept them in  to the PCG MINISTRY?  GF denied that there were 14 ministers  and dismissed the subject. NW continued by pointing out that it was against the covenant to casually accept such men in  to the “INNER SANCTUARY”.


He attempted to state other actions taken place under AH. PN articles prove that there have been more than one minister in india.



Phil. News 2001 sept.  10 Indian ministers listed under AH ( .MINISTRY)


Ordination list 7/8/02 Ganta, and Samuel (pg 2) two LCEs. More than one.


Ord. list 1/ 10 2003 (Year 2003), pg 4 Samuel, pg 3 Ganta. More than one.


To have names written in the "ORDINATION LIST" and Phil. Ministry, means they are in the "ALATR" or the Inner Sanctuary. As late as 2003, ministerial list had TWO of their names.  So Mr Flurry, there have been more than "ONE" minister were in the ALATR. MR WINTERS, IS A WITNESS to what you said.

Who do we believe? The written PN articles, or your word.? Did you really not know that there have been 17 lcoal elders? This is why NW came to inform you. But then, you and Mr Leap signed the "Ordination certificates" which were given to these men accepting them to the Altar. So you should have known. What is the truth?

Looks like you too want this sin to be covered up?

The only way to blot out this sin is to get the whole church to repent.!!!


Before NW could continue, GF started to interrogate NW on his failure to comply with instructions given by him through AH to divorce his wife. GF asked :…”I told you to divorce your wife in February and why have you disobeyed the government? Don’t you know that you cannot live with a woman like that? This woman works against the church of God.?  What did this woman do? She informed the prophet in 2003, about this sin in the “east gate”. To cover up his sins, he cast off this woman. She was holding fast to the baptismal covenant.


 To stand up to hold fast to God's covenant is against God?

 What Mrs NW did was writing to GF about PCG's involvement with this UNBAPTIZED 'SABEANS",:……(Trumpet 2002 jan issue and HWA’s teachings say Sabeans are from Sheba, settled in India in Esther’s time. Esther 1: 1.)  God condemned in  Jere 6:20, Ez 23: 42. The place is Ez 20: 29, ("Bamah", the Indian office was in Bhimawaram  and Bhima means in Hindu, “High Place” and in Hebrew also it means “High Place” and waram means blessings) , then 25 "MEN" in the "East gate" Ez 8: 16 and 11: 1.(In 2001 July, RD’s conference, AH said “I have 25 ministers under me.The list is in 2001 sept PN, under AH)”.This caused 70 elders, Ez 8: 11 (2003 ministerial list given during the conference had exactly 70 elders)  who sent incense explained in Ez 8:11  and Ez 23: 41 (2000 jan, PN requested prayers or incense)and as explained in our "Truth about 800 Indians" article.  This made God to depart from the sanctuary. (Ez 24: 21, Because the prophet did not judge as in Ez 23: 45 - 49, God Had to raise up an assembly to destroy the sabeans.) Ez 10: 18 - 19,God departed from the “East gate”,because of the sin in the east gate .Such sin in the “EAST” did not happen in any other church. Certainly not in WCG. We, in the East gate, witnessed PCG”s SIN.


 Ez 11: 22- 25 explains how God departed and then Ezekiel had to speak to the captives. Ezekiel’s wife’s death is a sign of captivity or the siege. Ez 24: 16 - 25. After Mrs Flurry’s death Mr. Flurry said that Israel is in captivity.(It has to be spiritual Israel where Ezekiel is present)  In Ezekiel booklet, Mr. Flurry said Ez 16:8 is about PCG and how she was brought to “royalty” V.13. But the rest of the chapter, Mr. Flurry did not explain. V. 52 definitely describes PCG as she has judged the others. Vs. 60 - 63 , the “mother” who gets others as daughters is condemned the most. Ezekiel booklet explains who the “Wife” and the mother.  In v. 52, God condemns PCG becoming worse than others and ALL going to captivity. PCG not only judged others for inviting strangers to the temple,(Ez bklt pg 77. GF wrote Laodiceans today invite the world and commit adultery.) Others invited strangers to the temple, but PCG invited in to the most Holy Place, The Altar. PCG's sins are written.

V. 32, 38… She, PCG broke the marriage covenant and became a “Harlot”.


Mrs NW, her daughter, sister, and others witnessed this harlotry which God Has condemned and this is why she was accused of being against the church and was CAST OUT along with others. You, baptized members,have entered into a marriage covenant with God. Can you partake “Passover  with an “UNBAPTIZED” strangers? Yet, we were made to do so in India. (PN 2000 Jan)


Being a baptized member in God’s church, HOW DO YOU JUDGE THIS MATTER? Has she and others have committed anything worthy to be cast out? Micah 2: 9.. the women of MY people, you cast out and take away their children. (See below what GF told Chloe)This prophecy is being fulfilled now. Mrs NW was cast out, her child was taken away, and she is to be thrown out of the house,( and her daughter was asked to not to talk with her mother.) GF has  told Mr. Magruder to not to ask the cause of Mrs NW’s disfelloshipment from Chloe.  GOD SAYS… THESE WOMEN YOU CAST OUT, THEY ARE “MY (GOD’S) PEOPLE.!!! V. 10 says


MR. WINTERS WITNESSED ALL THIS. “DO NOT COMPROMISE”, Mr winters, gave a sermon on the 20th last month, just 4 days before NW came to meet GF.


NW said that AH had spoken to members in India saying that my wife is the Anti Christ. GF answered…”Isn’t she the antichrist? No one has done more harm and made crazy vicious accusations unlike that woman. Chloe then interrupted to say that in fact she is not against the church and GF at all, but GF would not accept. GF continued …”I can see that you are clearly not fit to work in this ministry if you don’t understand that you must separate yourself from your wife. It is in the bible that if an eye offends you or an arm you pluck it out. You have disobeyed the government of God and I will have to put you our of the ministry because you have not obeyed me”.  NW responded by saying “ I have been obedient to the government and that as a result of being obedient such wrong has taken place.

GF replied… “Obedient?” You think you have been obedient? I do not think so. For you to come and speak about AH the way you do? Then GF continued to say how AH has contributed to the work…… and “we don’t even get any income from that area and yet AH has worked hard in that remote region, and Is this how you repay him? You are just following your wife. You don’t have the guts to stand up to her. You are just a weak man. That’s why you have not put her out of your house or separated from her. YOU DISOBEYED ME. YOU DISOBEYED GOVERNMENT AND CLEARLY YOU CAN NOT WORK FOR THIS MINISTRY. I WILL HAVE TO DISFELLOWSHIP YOU BECAUSE IT IS OBVIOUS YOU ARE NOT FOLLOWING THIS CHURCH. If GF had guts, he would have spoken the truth. If you have guts, Mr Flurry, lets talk about this. After you took us to "Bamah". Ez 20: 29- 35. God sent NW to talk to you face to face. If you had guts, you would have not tried to hide yours and AH's sins.


NW PLEADED WITH GF TO LISTEN TO WHAT HE HAD TO SAY ABOUT  EVERYTHING THAT TOOK PLACE IN INDIA WAS IN FACT PROPHESIED IN THE BIBLE TO HAPPEN. NW tried to show it from the book of Ezekiel and GF answered…” I know the Bible, I know the scriptures, I know Ezekiel, I wrote a book on it. You don’t have to tell me. Then GF stood up from his seat. NW insisted that it would be worth his time to listen to what the Bible had to say and otherwise he will have to learn the truth hard way. GF was adamant that he had nothing more to discuss. NW opened the Bible and tried to talk to GF and he stopped and said ….. NO, GET OUT! OUT!!   OUT!!! YOU ARE OUT OF THIS MINISTRY AND CHURCH. GF further said to Chloe, if you want to come to church you must separate yourself from your father and mother.  


Finally Chloe advised GF that he should give what NW said some thought and he should look solely to God and pray to Him for understanding and that he should not rely on any other minister or RD or evangelist  But GOD. GF said I always look to God and pray.


Mr Winters witnessed this meeting. What got NW disfellowshipped was, NOT  obeying GF's instructions to divorce his wife.GF did not give a chance for NW to explain.Is that a reason to disfellowship a minister? Besides, a marriage which God Himself Has witnessed, should not end according to God’s LAW.  Srilankan law does not allow someone to divorce for not obeying one's boss. Law permits a divorce under three points.

1. If one has committed adultery and not living with the other

2. If one is suffering from incurable mental sickness

3. If they never lived together or have been separated for 7 years.

God's law says, one can divorce only if found committing adultery. NW and his wife entered into the marriage covenant and God witnessed their marriage. Without committing adultery, no man should seperate them. Are you sitting on God's seat Mr Flurry? Can you change God's Law?  The way you have misled the whole church to break the "marriage covenant" of God by inviting strangers, (Ez 44: 7 - 9) do you want NW's marriage also to be broken? God Has profaned The Altar. Ez 24: 21, He will judge you as a harlot Ez 16: 32, 38. After all, for a man who have broken the covenant of God, how easy to break up other’s marriages? We recently learned that Mrs Frendo, (the wife of the minister in Malta), was asked to divorce her husband too.)


Incidents which are against the truth, and the Law,which we witnessed cannot be hidden.. (Dan 8:9. The Antiochus grew exceedingly great towards SOUTH EAST to damage the covenant by flaterries). NW(minister in South East) witnessed this covenant breaking sin committed by the prophet and the RD. God Has seen them all!!! Ps 44: 20-21 


A major sin which has broken the covenant had been committed in this area and it is being covered up, even with the indirect involvement of NW himself, for which he repents. He expressed his concern that Mr. Flurry should be made aware of the truth of the work in this area, as Mr. F is directly responsible to God; we have to save him and the church collapsing!. God sent the man from East Isiah 41:2, 46:6, but the Prophet rejected.


Thus ended a 30 years of NW's church life ! not a glass of water even for a man from a far was offered. This reminds of Jesus Christ’s words  - - “ If you give a glass of water to the lease of the bretheren you do it to Me” .  A fine example of a prophet!!!


Isiaah 46 : 11“ Calling a bird of prey from the east , the man who executes My counsels, from a far country indeed I have spoken it ‘ I will also bring it to pass I have purposed it ! I will also do it  .


John 3: 32  - -“ What Jesus Christ has seen and heard  , He testified , -  - And no one received His testimony”  - - We presented GOD'S testimony - - You did not receive it .God is true and His judgments stands. –


AH announced in Bombay and in Bangalore, that this leader of the "Sabean" group now wants to get baptized with 15 others.This is  6 years after having them in the ALTAR.  NW was told to contact him and to invite this crowd again to PCG. This alarmed all of us and we requested NW to directly speak to the prophet.  But the prophet refused God's judgment!!! Erred in Judgment!!!  Who is the real Anti Christ? The members who stood up for God's covenant, or the leaders in the ALTAR who murdered these members? .


Can one be delivered after breaking the "Covenant"? Ez 17:15. Mic 4:10...God will send you to "Babylon" and there He will deliver you.

All of you ministers of God, now you are responsible for knowing this truth. If you do not search the truth, God's delusion will be upon you. How much do you love God. ? You have shared God's incense on behalf of Sheba.Jere 6:20.  25 Men in the East gate,  70 elders who sent incense to God in Ez 8, 11, which caused God to profane the sanctuary at the time of the prohet's wife. ??? How do you measure this???

Deut 13: 1- 10  a prophet calls to go after other gods, stone him to death. That is why God raised the assembly to stone and destroy in Ez 23: 45 - 49, Ez 16: 40.  The Day of the Lord is for the sinning leaders. In Lam 1: 15, this assembly is treading down the winepress. Also  Deut 13: 3... God will test you, in every era.  God is aware of your decision. YOu, individually being knocked from outside.  Everyone in the PCG prayed for these strangers. This is how Antiochus damaged the covenant with his flaterries.

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With deep concern,

The Assembly.