New Temple Pt 3-  First tabernacle falls; Way of Holies manifests .   28 feb 2010


Scripture says while the first tabernacle stands, the “way of Holies”  could not be made known. (Heb 9:8). Why? Also a “NEW” covenant is needed. Why? That means the present covenant with the church (now) has to be broken. Is the present covenant broken already? Is that why the Outer court is to tread down the “inner court”? The temple of GOD is seen in “HEAVEN” with the ark , during the outer court’s work, and not in Zion (Rev 11: 19). Where is Zion? She is cast down to the earth.(La 2:1). Why? Because the covenant is broken. The inner court is trodden down by the Gentiles in the outer court, and Zion is trodden down by the assembly in La 1:15. Both are the same event. The tabernacle had Holy of Holies, as well as a court for the Gentiles and to the women. Then, they will be used to work, when the inner court fails. That is why the outer court’s work is called the "Times of Gentiles". Each part’s work must be fulfilled spiritually for GOD to dwell in. As GOD’s temple and the ark are seen in HEAVEN, this heavenly temple will fulfill all services of the temple spiritually; including the inner court’s which failed. This is why JESUS CHRIST is prophesied to come the second time. When He comes the second time, He will be with the Gentiles. (Isa. 11:9-11). That is when the "Times of Gentiles", the outer court’s work will be fulfilled.


To make a new covenant, GOD first have to take away the sins.

When GOD takes away the sins only the new covenant will be made

Ro 11:27  For this is my covenant unto them, when I shall take away their sins.This is why a NEW covenant is needed. Because the inner court has sinned and the sins have to be removed. This is why as the high priest, JESUS CHRIST was manifested. 1 Joh 3:5. As He Has no sins, He only could do a perfect sacrifice to clean all from sins. Therefore at the end of the age also it is prophesied that JESUS CHRIST will come again. But, since the inner court has sins, He comes to the Outer court to clean the inner court. He Has to come to judge ( 1 Co 4: 5). We know that the outer court will trample the inner court ,and the two witnesses will judge during the "Times of Gentiles"… there fore, we know that JESUS CHRIST comes to the Gentiles to judge and trample the inner court. since the inner court failed to do it’s duties , such as washings , sacrifices etc, the outer court has to fulfill all these things.

Notice how the outer court, the Gentiles will fulfill the services of the inner court according to the Scripture.


Heb 9:1  Truly, then, the first covenant also had ordinances of service, and the “earthly” holy place….}}}… the first covenant which did service to GOD, is then an earthly one or a ‘physical’ one. And we know the second one a ‘spiritual’ one comes out of heaven and the believers are the temple. But it cant be the bride, as she is not ready till after the judgments. ( Rev 19:7). But the Gentiles who are prophesied to believe in JESUS CHRIST, are promised to be a temple for JESUS CHRIST. ( 1 co 3: 16- 17,  6:19,  9:13,   2 Co 6: 16,  Eph 2: 20-21,). We know, that all things become NEW, IN JESUS CHRIST. ( 2 Co 5:17, Gal 6:15 ). Then, as we proved in ‘The Image of GOD” , the Gentiles have become a NEW CREATION, according to these two Scripture. (Because JESUS CHRIST Is in them )  He comes to the outer court, to purify the inner court. That is what we are doing.


There are TWO main tabernacles; First & second tabernacles , ;…  

Heb 9:2  For the first tabernacle was prepared, in which was both the lampstand and the table, and the setting out of the loaves, which is called holy. }}}… Now to this first tabernacle, the priests go every day and every week.

Heb 9:6  And these having been prepared thus, the priests go into the first tabernacle through all, completing the services.



The SECOND tabernacle “HOLIES has;…

Heb 9:3-5   But behind the second veil is a tabernacle, being called Holy of Holies, … having a golden altar of incense, and the ark of the covenant covered around on all sides with gold, in which was the golden pot having the manna, and Aaron's rod that budded, and the tablets of the covenant; ….  and above it the cherubs of glory overshadowing the mercy-seat (.of which we cannot now speak particularly). }}}… Apostle Paul says, about this second tabernacle, he cannot speak at that time. Why ?  That is because, the works of this second tabernacle, will not neither be done, nor made known, until it is time to fulfill it’s work,… which is when JESUS CHRIST comes the second time as we shall see. Apostle Paul wrote all the mysteries. But this mystery, not even he knew. He wrote, in his time he cannot speak about it.


. But to the second one, only the high priest goes on the day of atonement;…

Heb 9:7  But into the second the high priest goes alone once in the year, not without blood, which he offers for himself and the ignorances of the people; }}}… this has to be fulfilled spiritually also, for the New Temple to be built. But, all high priests are found with iniquity, and as written above , only JESUS CHRIST is WITHOUT SIN, so He alone could be the perfect HIGH PRIEST to offer HIS OWN BLOOD to do the services of the ‘SECOND” tabernacle, which is the Holies. But.. how then the Gentiles could do the works with Him ???  This is why JESUS CHRIST is prophesied to come the SECOND TIME …’WITHOUT SIN”.


Heb 9: 26- 28… But now once for all, at the completion of the ages, He has been manifested for putting away of sin through the sacrifice of Himself. … … Christ shall appear a second time without sin to those expecting Him for salvation…..}}}… JESUS CHRIST, SHALL appear.. the “SECOND “TIMEWITHOUT sin… to those who EXPECT HIM for SALVATION. That means those who seek Him, when He comes the “second time”.  So who seek Him, the ‘SECOND TIME”??  It is the Gentiles…. ( Isa. 11:9-11… And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious…. And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set His hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people). V 9 says, these people are in GOD’s mountain… Then the verses in Hebrews says ‘expecting Him for salvation “. So who are called to His mountain ,  when the SALVATION is ABOUT TO COME ??  The Gentiles. ( Isa. 56: 1-8). Therefore, second time He comes to Gentiles, when the salvation is about to come… and JESUS CHRIST will cause them to do the works of the inner court , during the "Times of Gentiles". This is the time He redeems Israel the second time, with the HAND. Hand is not Moses this time, but the Gentiles. Isa. 14: 2- 3,  Jer 49:20,  50:45. Moses means ‘taken out of water”, and this time they have to come out of water the Word to cleans them, which comes from the two witnesses… How the Gentiles are “WITHOUT SIN” will be proven later…


Why could not Apostle Paul speak about it at that time ???

Heb 9:8  the Holy Spirit signifying by this that the way of the Holy of Holies  ( the SECOND TABERNACLE) has not yet been made manifest, the first tabernacle still having been standing; }}}… You see… Holy Spirit says, the way of the Holy of Holies was NOT YET MADE MANIFEST.  Why ???  Because the ‘first tabernacle still stands.  This means; …. THE FIRST TABERNACLE HAS TO FALL, FOR THE WAY OF THE HOLIES TO BE MADE MANIFEST.!!!   Right ???  This is said by Holy Spirit, the words. (That has to happen before the New Temple is built. This is why the outer court is treading the inner court. ) We will prove, it will be made known, ONLY WHEN IT’S WORK IS TO BE DONE, WHICH IS NOW. Having come, JESUS CHRIST is now doing the way of the Holies, with the Gentiles as we will prove. Even though Apostle Paul did not speak it at that time, the time has to come to reveal it and also to fulfill it’s services, for the New Temple to be built.


Another reason why it was not made manifest is until it is time to fulfill its work, GOD will not make it known. And… since JESUS CHRIST came to Gentiles, He Is revealing the way of the Holies to them, as they are His New ministry. Remember, at Shiloh’s coming, the priesthood had to be changed to the GRAFTED OR BOUND donkey or the foolish nation, who are the Gentiles … ?? Gen. 49:10-12, Deut 32: 21,  Rom 10:19 . Also Gentiles received GRACE AND OBTAINED SALVATION WHILE Israel IS BLINDED. ( Rom 11)


The services of the Holies , the second tabernacle could not be made known, until the first one still stands. The first tabernacle is an EARTHLY one ( imperfect) and not the true tabernacle or the HEAVENLY , perfected one.  JESUS CHRIST, Is the Minister of the Holies, the TRUE TABERNACLE… and not any man ( Heb 8:2). This is why, all high priests are destined to FALL or to be found with iniquity. Therefore, if any high priest says he would not fall, he is a liar. The end has to come and it comes in Ezekiel’s time. (Eze 7).  (The last high priest Joshua, is a liar and needs a change of clothing. Which means his spiritual clothes are dirty. No covenant with him. Then the Laodicean era has to come also. Both Joshua and Laodicean era has no proper clothes.  ) This is why as we shall prove that JESUS CHRIST Has to come  AFTER the earthly tabernacle falls, during the Laodicean era, or when Joshua is the high priest ) to build the true tabernacle. More about this later…


(WE MUST REMEMBER THIS… ; BEFORE Ezekiel’s TEMPLE IS BUILT, THE FIRST TABERNACLE HAS TO FALL IN ORDER TO BUILD THE NEW ONE. So Ezekiel must know that during his time, the covenant has to be broken and the tabernacle has to fall before he is used to build a NEW one. Or in other words, the breaking of the covenant and establishing a new also should be done when Ezekiel is the high priest. Eze 16: 52- 63 proves that it will happen so. And Eze 44:7 tells the sin which caused the final breaking of the covenant  ). The Sanctuary was profaned and all killed in Eze 9, 24: 21.


{{{{…In Eze 9, when the men came to kill … they are clothed with linen… that means they are made righteous. And v 2… they came from north gate, as the ministry is in north as PROVEN, and they stood besides the “BRAZEN ALTAR”. In pt 2, we included a map of Moses’ tabernacle. Where is the Brazen altar ???  It is in the OUTER COURT. Then, GOD came to the ‘threshold of the house’. That too is in the outer court. There only, GOD commanded him to mark those who sigh and cry and kill everyone.  So when these men came to the outer court only, they were sent to kill everyone. All to happen in Ezekiel’s time now. And the two witnesses in the outer court, during the "Times of Gentiles", are now killing all by the words of GOD. Hos 6:5 says, GOD have slain the prophets  by the words.  For this purpose only, JESUS CHRIST came in Rev 19:15. ( In the wine press. That is where the assembly is treading down Zion Lamentations 1:15). So all these are fulfilled spiritually now. }}}}…


You will understand as we go along, that the services of the Holies is needed only after the first tabernacle falls.  THAT IS WHY DURING Apostle Paul’S TIME IT WAS NOT MADE KNOWN. For example; that is when the mercy is needed as they are dead spiritually, to give them life. And the “Ark of Testimony” is not needed until the time comes to testify against those who broke the Law. The Ark has the ten commandments. That is to show the sins. When the ministry falls only the testimony is needed to show their sins. In Moses’ time GOD gave the ten commands, after they came out, and now it is seen in heaven, to show how they broke those commandments. That is one of the works of the two witnesses. So they are doing the works of the Ark of Testimony . (The way of the Holies).  Only the perfected New Jerusalem, or the two witnesses who died and are given the Spirit of life as Rev 11:11 says could do the works of the Ark of Testimony , as they are justified by mercy and grace of JESUS CHRIST . Therefore, if the first tabernacle still stands, the services of the Holies or the second tabernacle is not needed and not made known. This is why, as we shall see, that JESUS CHRIST comes, after the first tabernacle falls.


“Manifest” means “to make manifest or visible or known what has been hidden or unknown, to manifest, whether by words, or deeds, or in any other way…, make actual and visible, realized…,  to make known by teaching…, be made known…, to become known, to be . plainly recognized, thoroughly understood…,”. This means; the WAY OF THE Holy OF HOLIES could not be  understood, or taught or made known when this was written, and it wont be either until ; as long as the first tabernacle or the ministry still stands. It is prophesied to  fall. But the Scripture says, a NEW covenant and a new temple will be built. That means the present ministry or the first tabernacle should fall before that. Lamentations, and Malachi proves Zion and the whole ministry has fallen. This is not talking about the Catholic church or any other church, but the TRUE CHURCH. So the true church has to fall. The FINAL falling away happens when Joshua is the high priest as now. The high priest of the blinded era, the Laodicean era .


I repeat ;…Apostle Paul was writing much after JESUS CHRIST died.  Why was it not made known then??  Because the first tabernacle ( which is of king David ’s ) still stood at that time. Then,… according to this verse, the Tabernacle of David  has to fall for the way of the holies to be made known. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS ???  To make known the WAY OF THE HOLIES, ( which are the works of the incense altar, the works of the ark , the mercy seat’s work and even to make the NEW covenant as this chapter says,)  the first tabernacle has to FALL. (Remember, it is the Gentiles who will see the fallen tabernacle Eze 39: 21- 23 , Act 15: 14- 16).  GOD caused the Ark of Testimony  to be lost until it is seen in Rev 11: 19. That is during the outer court’s work. Together with JESUS CHRIST , having come, the two witnesses will pray for mercy, will expose sins to witness, and will rule over as we shall see, fulfilling the services of the second tabernacle . They are the works of the Holies. THEN ONLY THE WAY OF THE HOLIES WILL BE DONE AND MADE KNOWN.   


Act 15: 16 says… ‘I WILL RETURN AND WILL BUILD AGAIN THE Tabernacle of David  , WHICH HAS FALLEN … AND I WILL BUILD AGAIN THE THINGS WHICH HAVE BEEN DEMOLISHED, AND I WILL SET IT UP. Also Amos 9:11-12). So if any leader in Israel …, or GOD’s church says they are the true church; they should know, that they too will fall, according to the Word of GOD. If they do not believe so, they are liars. BECAUSE, GOD SAYS THE FIRST TABERNACLE HAS TO FALL FOR THE WAY OF THE HOLIES TO BE MADE KNOWN and to make a new covenant. IF THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN THEN THERE IS NO NEW COVENANT.  But according to the Scripture, we know a change of heart, priesthood, and the Law is needed and all have to die once as appointed to make a new covenant. As GOD Has shown it to Gentiles, we know and declare that the Tabernacle of David  is now fallen as GOD Has prophesied. Zion’s FOUNDATIONS had to fall. This is why in Act 15: 14- 18… it is prophesied that the tabernacle will fall and also when a new one is made even the Gentiles will join.


When the "Times of Refreshing" comes, JESUS CHRIST , the perfect tabernacle , made not with hands will come to do the way of the Holies. ( Heb 9 : 10- 11). Until then no high priest is made perfect. HE IS WITHOUT SIN AS WRITTEN ABOVE  . But when He comes, the prophet is a fool ( Hos 9:7), and there will be the Joshua as the high priest. If you are looking for a high priest who is perfect as they teach, then you would never find. Because GOD says there are no perfect high priests and the prophet is a fool when He comes. Wise men’s wisdom has perished as prophesied, and the foolish babes are revealed secrets. Remember JESUS CHRIST thanked the Father  for revealing things to babes.??  This is it.


But ‘WHEN” would GOD start to build the fallen tabernacle AGAIN?

Act 15:14  Simeon hath declared how God at the first did visit the Gentiles, to take out of them a people for His name. }}}… when JESUS CHRIST comes, He FIRST VISITS THE Gentiles and He gives the “knowledge of the LORDas the waters cover the sea. That is when the MYSTERY OF GOD is revealed which are the finishing works as Rev 10:7. ( Isa. 11:9-11). That means the knowledge of the LORD was not given until such time.


Act 15:15  And to this agree the words of the prophets; as it is written,

Act 15:16  After this I will return, and will build again the tabernacle of David, which is fallen down; and I will build again the ruins thereof, and I will set it up: …}}}.. “after this”??? after what???  After taking a people FROM Gentiles. So this is prophecy fulfilled.


Just think;… when JESUS CHRIST comes, He will take some Gentiles to His name, but at that time, the Tabernacle of David stays FALLEN… !!! The prophecies of the foolish nation is fulfilled to provoke the Jews to jealousy.


Act 15:17  That the residue of men might seek after the Lord, and all the Gentiles, upon whom My name is called, saith the Lord, who doeth all these things. …}}}…Who is prophesied to seek after the LORD when He comes the second time ? It is the Gentiles. (Isa. 11:9-1).  GOD is prophesied to FIRST visit the Gentiles… He Visits Israel on the "Day of Visitation"  for their sins. ( Exo 32: 34, Lev 18:25,  Isa. 26:21, ) . He comes as a ‘THIEF” in the night to Israel. It will be a NIGHT without vision to prophets when He comes. ( Mic 3: 6). And to give salvation. ( Psa 106: 4) . And to show mercy ( Luke 1: 78). This is how and why the Gentiles have good works and they accuse the Jews of  being evil doers on the "Day of Visitation"  . ( 1 Pet 2: 12). And why the Gentiles are given salvation first ( Rom 11: 5- 11) . And they will pray for GOD’s mercy on Israel, being the Vessels of Mercy, as they received mercy before Israel. That is one of the works of the Holies. All these Scripture proves, that the works of the Holies, which are to REDEEM Israel, are done by the Gentiles.


GOD wants to take a people from the ‘Gentiles’ first.  At that time the Tabernacle of David  is FALLEN. This is why we write like this. That is to build you again. Just think… if the Tabernacle of David  is fallen, why would GOD take a people out of Gentiles first? It is to build the fallen tabernacle in Israel . ( Zech 6: 15… those who are FAR OFF shall come and build the temple). The prophets have prophesied this and it is written. So it is being fulfilled as you can see.  This is the time , as we shall see that the NAME OF GOD will be declared and the way of the holies will be made known, as the knowledge of the LORD is given to Gentiles .


Now we must understand…. that the ‘way of the Holies” is not made known until  after the first tabernacle falls. Since it is fallen now, the Way of the Holies are doing their service as we shall prove from the Word .  THE SERVICES OF THE HOLIES ARE NEEDED ONLY AFTER THE FIRST TABERNACLE FALLS.


What are the works of the Holies ?? 

Vs 3 – 5… ,” the incense altar,  ( the prayers for the sick and dead Israel ) the ark which has manna, and Aaron’s rod, ( to rule those who failed to obey ) the tablets, ( to witness and show the sins. Remember the Law is given to show the sins?  ) the cherubs, the mercy seat ( to plea for GOD’s mercy on the fallen tabernacle ” etc.  In this writing we will prove how these services are fulfilled spiritually now. Remember, when the Tabernacle of David  falls, there is no one in king David ’s family could do these services as they are fallen. King David , himself prophesied this in Psa 18: 43- 45. , Rom 15: 9- 13. More importantly, we must not forget, the only high priest, without sin is JESUS CHRIST to do the works of the holies.


This is why the “Holies” the second , and the “Holy place” the first as Apostle Paul teaches,  is divided. Even though the high priest entered once a year to do this service, until JESUS CHRIST came the SECOND time , this service could not be done as no man including a human high priest is perfect. Only JESUS CHRIST could do, with a NEW priesthood and with  the change of Law. ( saving Gentiles APART FROM THE Law as written in pt 2, through the Grace of GOD and His mercy. That is how they are made without sin. ).


This new tabernacle will be made NOT BY ANY MAN, BUT by The LORD JESUS CHRIST, HIMSELF. (This is the city which Abraham looked for in Heb 11: 10) .  This is explained in Heb 8: 1- 8. JESUS CHRIST Had to come the second time to make a NEW covenant, having died. This is why the ministry of the new covenant too had to die. ( Rev 11, Colos 3: 1- 4) The two witnesses who are the new ministry, died with the LORD and are risen and in heaven. ( Colossians 3) JESUS CHRIST Is the Mediator, and the Gentiles will be His new ministry of reconciliation. Israel’s ministry is called the ministry of DEATH. (  2 Co 5: 18, 2 Co 3: 6- 9 ).


Heb 8:7  For if that first was faultless, place would not have been sought for a second. }}}… if the first has faults, then it has to pay it’s penalty. (of course by JESUS CHRIST’s blood all will be mercifully given life and a new covenant will be made. That is what the second tabernacle or the Holies are now doing ). And the second will be a SPIRITUAL one. This is what GOD Is doing now. ( Gentiles are made the ministry of ‘Spirit’ and they are the ministry of the new covenant as well. 2 Co 3: 6)


Heb 8:8  For finding fault, He said to them, "Behold, days are coming, says the Lord, and I will make an end on the house of Israel and on the house of Judah; a new covenant..}}}…” I will make an end”…KJV has it as “I will make (G4931) a new covenant”….  “make” means ; “end, finish, fulfill etc”.  


Which means the days are COMING … SAYS THE LORD… THAT HE WILL MAKE AN END OF HOUSE OF Israel AND JUDAH… and will make a new covenant. So they all have to die. This is why they are just bones waiting for GOD’s breath to come to be alive. This agrees with what GOD said to Ezekiel, ( Eze 37) and to PCG in Eze 16: 61- 63. This is all about making a New Temple as GOD said to Ezekiel. He will be taken to build it, after JESUS CHRIST lays the foundation though. The Chief Cornerstone  , and the daughter as the corner stones as written in part 2.


JESUS CHRIST COMES AS THE MEDIATOR… AND AT THAT TIME THE Gentiles WILL BE HIS MINISTRY AND THE New Temple WILL BE BUILT BY HIMSELF… AND THE WAY OF THE HOLIES WILL BE KNOWN FINALLY TO THE PURIFIED MINISTRY IN Israel. There is no way a new covenant could be made while the first one stands and all are appointed to die once spiritually…,  but to be given spiritual life again. GOD PLANNED TO DO ALL THESE. HE NEVER MEANT ANYONE TO DIE SPIRITUALLY FOR EVER. THANKS BE TO JESUS CHRIST, OUR LORD, THE MERCIFUL LORD who Is now pouring Mercy as the works of the Mercy seat is being fulfilled !!!


Heb 9:9  which was a parable for the present time, according to which both gifts and sacrifices are offered, but as regards conscience, not being able to perfect the one serving, }}}… the gifts and sacrifices were not able to make any one  SERVING perfect, (THE HIGH PRIEST NOR ANY MINISTER ) but it pictures the SPIRITUAL , permanent tabernacle. Who are to offer “SPIRITUAL” gifts and sacrifices ? Will write later.


Heb 9:10  but only on foods and drinks, and various washings, and fleshly ordinances, until the time of setting things right has been imposed.  KJV has “until the time of reformation “}}}…  there is a definite time to set things right. That is the "Times of Refreshing" as now. The time to set things right should be after the things fall. Now, as JESUS CHRIST Has come and as you can see the working of the Gentiles, ( Isa. 11: 9- 11), the time has come to set things right. This spiritual rain when JESUS CHRIST comes  (Hos 6)  or the water the Word which comes from the two witnesses will wash and clean the spiritual iniquity of Israel. ( Eze 36: 25,   eph 5: 26)


Heb 9:11  But Christ having appeared as a High Priest of the coming good things, through the greater and more perfect tabernacle not made with hands, that is, not of this creation, …}}}… JESUS CHRIST Has to come again to build a tabernacle WITHOUT HANDS. This is why JESUS CHRIST said…in Mar 14:58…” We heard Him saying, I will throw down this temple made with hands, and through three days I will build another not made with hands”.”.  Therefore, the first tabernacle is now destroyed and a new one is being built “SPIRITUALLY” as JESUS CHRIST Has come. The Gentiles are made without hands. ( 2 co 5: 1- -,  Colos 2:11, Colos 3: 1- 4 ). GOD shows the falling away to Gentiles. ( Eze 39: 21- 23). At that time it is they who have GOD’s HAND. Then, like the first time what Moses did as the “HAND of GOD”, the Gentiles will be His HAND the second time He comes to redeem Israel…


Heb 9:14  by how much more the blood of Christ (who through the eternal Spirit offered Himself without blemish to God), will purify your conscience from dead works, to serve the living God!


Heb 9:15  And because of this He is Mediator of a new covenant, so that, death having occurred for redemption of transgressions under the first covenant, those being called might receive the promise of the everlasting inheritance. }}}…  Under the first covenant,  the death is to occur… which means all have to die.  ( Heb 9: 27). This is why JESUS CHRIST died, even the Gentiles, and the two witnesses  died ( Colos 3, Rev 11 ), and all Israel too have to die. Who are the ones being called to be saved FIRST ? It is the Gentiles… (2 Ti 1:9,   Rom 9:11,  purpose of GOD stands not by our works, but as He Has appointed to call. …1 Pet 5: 10, 2 Pet 1: 10  1 Cor 1: 2… the calling is through the  belief of JESUS CHRIST and not God The Father . Therefore none in Israel who believe that God The Father is greater, will not be called to the first resurrection . The Gentiles are prophesied to be saved first. JESUS CHRIST’s blood cleansed us first as PROVEN.  1 Co 1: 26,  Eph 1: 18… minds enlightened to see the calling of the Gentiles…, Eph 4: 1,  v 4,  1 Thes 2: 12,   2 Thes 1:11,  So they are the ones serving JESUS CHRIST at the way of the Holies.


Heb 9:16  For where a covenant is, the death of him having covenanted must be offered.

Heb 9:17  For a covenant is affirmed over those dead, since it never has force when he who has covenanted is living. }}}… WHO EVER ENTERS IN TO A COVENANT, HAS TO DIE.  JESUS CHRIST, AND US, BEFORE THE NEW COVENANT IS MADE. this is why the Gentiles who died for JESUS CHRIST , are now also risen knowing the EVERLASTING FATHER , and have Everlasting life. ( Colossians  3: 1- 4). This is why the Gentiles are prophesied to be saved first as Rom 11 says. The covenant could never have force when living. That is why even the new covenant wife too has to be sent to captivity as Mic 4: 10,  Eze 16: 52- 63 says. This of course means the ‘SPIRITUAL’ death. This is when the Mercy Seat will be doing it’s work. That is to pray over the dead.


Heb 9:18  From which neither the first covenant was dedicated without blood. …}}}… not only JESUS CHRIST, we all had to shed our blood. GOD calls the church a harlot full of blood and then she too has to spill her blood. “And I will judge you with judgments of adulteresses, and with shedders of blood. And I will give you blood of fury and jealousy.”  Eze 16:38.  21: 32,  22: 4 , 9 etc. This also means even the second covenant has to be dedicated with blood. So there is no choice… if you want to enter in to the new covenant, enter into it the way GOD Has ordained and believe that all are guilty of blood and have to pay the penalty of shedding your own blood. ALL Israel, INCLUDING THE PROPHET, OR THE HIGH PRIEST MUST UNDERSTAND THESE. THEY ARE SINNERS AND HAVE TO REPENT IF THEY WANT TO ENTER IN TO THE NEW COVENANT. THEY MUST ADMIT THAT THEY ARE SPIRITUALLY DEAD.


Heb 9:22  And almost all things are purified by blood according to the Law; and apart from shedding of blood no remission occurs. …}}}…Apart from shedding blood… no remission. So all have to shed their blood. We proved how Israel rejected JESUS CHRIST’s blood . Then they became guilty of His blood as well as they willfully rejected Him. The church became blood as the two witnesses were witnessing. (Rev 11:6  These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy: and have power over waters to turn them to blood, ). The harlot sits in ‘many waters’. Rev 17: 3,15. Those waters  too was made in to blood by these two witnesses…


Heb 9:24  For Christ did not enter into the Holy of Holies made by hands, types of the true things, but into Heaven itself, now to appear in the presence of God on our behalf, ..}}}… True things are made by JESUS CHRIST and in heaven. This is why the two witnesses who declares the truth , had to be killed and also are called to heaven and the ark too is in heaven. ( Rev 11). The Spirit of life had to enter in to them AFTER THEY WERE KILLED SPIRITUALLY. Rev 11:11. Even they had to stay dead for three days.  What is the ‘Spirit which gives life”???  It is the words of JESUS CHRIST … Joh 6:63. This is why when JESUS CHRIST comes the second time the, words which gives life, which is the  knowledge about ‘GOD’ ( JOh 17:3)  is given as the waters covers the sea as Isa. 11: 9- 11 says to Gentiles. This means until He came the second time, this knowledge was not given. So it is the two witnesses who would be declaring the glory of GOD… the ‘heavens’ declare GOD’s glory….


Heb 9:25  not that He should often offer Himself even as the high priest enters into the Holy of Holies year by year with blood of others;

Heb 9:26  since He must often have suffered from the foundation of the world. But now once for all, at the completion of the ages, He has been manifested for putting away of sin through the sacrifice of Himself. …}}}… “others’ means of another’s, foreign, alien, strange”. JESUS CHRIST cannot offer Himself again and again… but at the completion of the age, which is now as the "Times of Refreshing" has come, He offers ‘other’s” blood or stranger’s blood as HE IS IN THEM or they are HIS OWN BODY, HIS FLESH AND BONES. ( Eph 5:30)  That is how He sacrifices Himself AT THE END OF THE AGE. The two witnesses , and the Gentiles were killed as PROVEN, that means they were sacrificed. Colos 1: 5,  2: 11- 14 ,   3: 1- 4 proves they died WITH JESUS CHRIST, AND ARE RISEN WITH HIM.  And when JESUS CHRIST WOULD BE REVEALED, THEN WE WILL BE REVEALED WITH HIM.  So this is prophecy being fulfilled. This is proven in many of our writings. Mainly, it was the women who were sacrificed as Mic 2: 8- 9 says. When she is sent to babylon to be delivered, the remnant is the women of Gentiles . Mic 5: 5-9.  When the branches are cut down, it is the women who would set fire on them… ( Isa. 27) . So sacrificing the lives means doing the works of the Holies.


Heb 9:27  And as it is reserved to men once to die, and after this, Judgment; …}}}… This death, is NOT PHYSICAL, but “SPIRITUAL”. The Laodicean era is that death. Because in Joh 11: 26, and few other Scripture proves, if you believe in JESUS CHRIST, you will not die. (Joh 11:26  And everyone living and believing into Me shall not die to the age, never! Do you believe this? ).  This appointed death is spiritual. If the Tabernacle of David  is fallen, that means all are dead spiritually. What gives them life is the Spirit of life, the words of JESUS CHRIST… which gives life. To receive the words, you have to be alive physically. That is the knowledge of the Living GOD… which comes as the sea to Gentiles. Jh 17: 3 , Isa. 11: 9-11


Heb 9:28  so Christ having been once offered "to bear the sins of many," Christ shall appear a second time without sin to those expecting Him for salvation. }}}… This verse will further prove the above two verses…. JESUS CHRIST, Had to appear  A SECOND time WITHOUT sin. That means as it is appointed for the Gentiles to be with JESUS CHRIST when He comes the second time, ( Isa. 11:9-11), He Had to redeem them first as they expect Him or seek Him.  So they are appointed to be justified before others to which they are called.. Rom 8:29- 30.


Rom 8:29  because whom He foreknew, He also predestinated to be conformed to the image of His Son, for Him to be the First-born among many brothers. }}}… we are predestined to be conformed in to the image of GOD… that is of JESUS CHRIST… then we are NEW CREATURES as written above … then we are without sin, and then we can also enter in to the Holies with JESUS CHRIST. This is the plan of GOD. The works of the second tabernacle.


Rom 8:30  But whom He predestinated, these He also called; and whom He called, these He also justified; and whom He justified, these He also glorified}}}… these are the firstborn of the ‘POOR”. ( Isa. 14: 30. v 1- 2 says the Gentiles will bring back Israel. so this is the fulfillment… this is why we are saved apart from the Law and justified and all are PREPLANNED by GOD , not because of our works ) Therefore, JESUS CHRIST Has come the second time and we too were sacrificed, and died and are risen with JESUS CHRIST and are to look for the things above as Colossians 3 says. it is the Gentiles who would seek Him when He comes the SECOND time… and to them He gave salvation from dead works and gave the Spirit of life.. which are His words… that is how the knowledge of the LORD comes as a sea to Gentiles. All these were preplanned by GOD… to make us in to the image of GOD first.


Image of GOD


Gerald Flurry wrote in ‘Former prophets” book pg 25, that the first born would be the poor.  When the days of vengeance  comes as now, it is the poor who would be preached the gospel by JESUS CHRIST. ( Isa. 61: 1- 6).  At this time, Zion is in ashes, having no oil of joy. She has the Spirit of infirmity… and need to be made righteous. So after the days of vengeance  or the "Day of Visitation"  , the "Day of The Lord" , which are the "Times of Gentiles" only, they will be given the oil of joy. That comes from the two witnesses as we all know.  V 4… “THEY” shall build the WASTED cities. Who are these ‘they’? v 5…  the ‘strangers’… the Gentiles. they will feed your flocks says the LORD. You will be priests of GOD, when you eat the riches of the Gentiles. v 6. ( Isa. 60).  We have the riches of JESUS CHRIST…. that is what you should get from us. Isa. 60: 3 says, to your RISING, we bring light. Because when JESUS CHRIST comes the SECOND TIME, He gives that light to the Gentiles who are in Galilee… ( Isa. 42: 6,  Luke 2: 32,  Mat 4: 15-16). These verses talks about when JESUS CHRIST comes the second time. Then, He comes WITHOUT SIN. So they too can offer spiritual sacrifices… ( 1 Pet 1: 5, 20, 2: 5… Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ). We offer ‘SPIRITUAL” sacrifices.


So the way of the Holies is now made known. The works of the Holies, the second tabernacle is spiritually fulfilled as we prove from the Word;…


Now back to JESUS CHRIST’s ministry of true tabernacle…A “HEAVENLY” tabernacle is needed… So JESUS CHRIST comes as the HIGH PRIEST, after the earthly or the first tabernacle falls.

Heb 8:3  For every high priest is set in place to offer both gifts and sacrifices; from which it is necessary for this One also to have something which He may offer.

Heb 8:4  For if indeed He were on earth, He would not even be a priest, there being those priests offering gifts according to the Law, }}}… the physical, earthly high priests offer according to the Law. But the Law could not make even a high priest , a perfect one worthy to do the works of the Holies. This is why as we wrote in pt 2, that the Gentiles are called apart from the Law. They were called and justified as written above . They too died and are risen and in heaven with JESUS CHRIST. this is why they can do the works of the Holies, not by the Law…. Do you understand the difference between Israel’s priesthood and Gentiles’ priesthood? Israel serve under the Law… ( the Law is given under the Levitical priesthood. So the change of Law was necessary, and then the Gentiles are saved apart from the Law, so they can serve the spiritual sacrifices.)!!!


Heb 8:5  who serve the pattern of and shadow of heavenly things, even as Moses was divinely warned, being about to make the tabernacle: For He says, "See that you make all things according to the pattern being shown to you in the mount." Exodus 25:40 }}}… now, a whole NEW Mount is created in heaven to show the pattern to be built. GOD showed him about the Holies also. But, it will  not be manifested until JESUS CHRIST comes the second time to FULFILL IT. He said He comes to fulfill the Law. He caused the Gentiles to fulfill the Law by their love as PROVEN. So they could serve with Him in the Holies.


Moses was asked to cover his face with a veil. Spiritually, that veil will be taken away from the people on this new mountain as written above  . This is where JESUS CHRIST comes to… the spiritual mount of “olives”. The mountain which He Has appointed to meet , even after the resurrection, which is in Galilee of the Gentiles. (All proven – read: Why did Apostle Peter  deny CHRIST ). He broke the middle wall of partition to Gentiles. ( Eph 2: 14).


Isa. 25…When GOD became a stronghold to the poor, GOD will make a feast to ALL PEOPLES and then , take away that veil in this mountain. He will destroy the DEATH penalty . It is GOD’s HAND which will win the victory for Him. On this mountain only, they have to wait for Him. ( Isa. 25). We proved the old mountain is thrown in to the sea in Rev 18. And who were called to GOD’s Holy Mountain ? It is the Gentiles… Isa. 56: 6- 7.   Israel have to turn to “JESUS CHRIST ”, for their veil to be taken away. ( 2 Co 3: 13- 16). But as we saw, the Gentiles have already become a new creation as they turned to JESUS CHRIST. So JESUS CHRIST comes to this mountain. That is why in this mountain their veil is to be taken away as He will be there. Or… this mountain only will declare JESUS CHRIST , the ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD.


Heb 8:6  But now He has gotten a more excellent ministry, also by so much as He is a Mediator of a better covenant, which has been enacted on better promises.

Heb 8:7  For if that first was faultless, place would not have been sought for a second. !!!

. 19

Heb 8: 11- 12  says, a new covenant will be made when ALL SHALL KNOW “JESUS CHRIST ”… ( v 11). This is after GOD forgives them and will not remember their sins .. v 12. That happens as the two witnesses send incense on the golden altar…the works of the Holies.


The ‘WAY OF THE HOLIES” now made manifest;…

As written above , the way of the Holies now made manifest as it’s work is to be done now as the Tabernacle of David  is fallen and need to be rebuilt SPIRITUALLY. It needs the mercy of GOD , the incense or prayers of the new House of Prayer , the Ark of Testimony  to testify or witness how they broke the ten commandments inside,  the veil need to be removed, the rod of Aaron is needed to rule and manna is needed spiritually, and GOD will speak through the cherubs.  


Only those who FEAR GOD can perfect the holiness… 2 Co 7:1. And Israel’s ministry failed to fear GOD but we separated ( Mal 3: 15- 18). That is when we became His ministry.


The Holies have the ( 1) Ark of Testimony , (2) Mercy seat, (3)Cherubs,  (4)the Golden pot which has Manna, (5)the rod of Aaron, the( 6)  incense altar and the ( 7) veil, and the (8)tablets .


Ark of Testimony

The “ARK” is the most sacred object to Israel . It pictures GOD’s presence and that is where GOD communicated with the people. Ark will testify and give the knowledge of the ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD and those who obey and believe will be His true people. Although it was given to Israel, as they did not obey, neither they believed in JESUS CHRIST, the true GOD, they lost the Ark when they came out of babylon physically, but now it is seen in heaven when the two witnesses are witnessing , fulfilling the work of the Ark of ‘TESTIMONY”. They will declare the ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD, why they lost the Ark and were scattered spiritually, and how they could be gathered once again. As you will see, all parts of the Holies will be fulfilled only now. This is why the tabernacle is divided for two and no one is allowed to fulfill it’s services UNTIL JESUS CHRIST CAME THE SECOND TIME , as written above . To do the service of the Holies, one has to be free from sin. That was possible for the Gentiles as they were saved apart from the Law, and JESUS CHRIST’s blood and as He came the second time, and JUSTIFIED them and  gave that knowledge of ‘GOD” as the sea. That knowledge saved them from the leaven of the Pharisees which are Jewish fables, traditions of men and vain visions which took His people captives spiritually.


How could the Gentiles fulfill the services of the Ark of Testimony ?

JESUS CHRIST fulfilled the Law and He caused the Gentiles to fulfill by their love to GOD and to the neighbor… (Mat 5:17, Gal  5: 14,   6: 2, Jam 2:8 ) . Gal 5:16 says, to ‘walk in Spirit ’ then you will not fulfill the LUST OF FLESH. This is why JESUS CHRIST came the second time, WITHOUT sin, and gave the Spirit of life to two witnesses ( Rev 11: 11), which are the words of JESUS CHRIST ( Joh 6:63), and the knowledge of ‘GOD’ as the sea , and they offer ‘SPIRITUAL’ sacrifices, built in to ‘spiritual’ building as written above , and they were given the MIND OF JESUS CHRIST ( 1 Co 2: 16, 1 Pet 1: 13 ) to do so.  GOD’s name is “ I AM” and we all know what that means. This is why He could Have MERCY on anyone He wishes, as He introduced to Moses… and those who are to have His mercy, are the Gentiles, as the Vessels of Mercy, ( Rom 9:23).             prepared for glory to be revealed with Him, at His second coming, to FULFILL THE SERVICES OF THE Ark of Testimony (Mercy seat) , WHEN THE Tabernacle of David  HAS FALLEN. GOD Is faithful to king David  and will build again his tabernacle as HE HAS PROMISED.


 Gal 5:18  But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under Law. }}}… This is why JESUS CHRIST came and gave His Spirit which are the words with His own mind to Gentiles the second time, so two witnesses (with others who are saved with them)  only are led by the Spirit at the moment. This is why it says “Joh 3:34  For the One whom God sent speaks the Words of God, for God does not give the Spirit by measure.” . JESUS CHRIST came, gave the words as the waters cover the ‘SEA”. (Isa. 11:9-11). Can you measure the waters in the sea ?  That is the measure we received from JESUS CHRIST, about the knowledge of the LORD. So you can see… all those who spoke saying we know the MYSTERY OF GOD, are liar.  MOA is a leaven of Pharisees. 


 Joh 3:30  That One must increase, but I must decrease. }}}… there is a time for John the baptist’s work to be decreased as now.

Joh 3:31  The One having come from above is above all. The one being of the earth is earthy, and speaks of the earth. The One coming out of Heaven is above all. }}}… just as JESUS CHRIST comes from Heaven, we are from Heaven also as written above . Therefore, we can witness for JESUS CHRIST.


Joh 3:32  And what He has seen and heard, this He testifies, and no one receives His testimony. }}}… absolutely NO ONE IN Israel have received His testimony. ( Act 22: 18). But the Gentiles did. The testimony is CONFIRMED IN US. ( 1 Co 1: 6, 2: 1, 2 Thes 1:10). The whole book of revelation, is ABOUT THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS CHRIST… ( Rev 1:2,  9,  6:9…This is why we were killed, 11:7… it is given now to the two witnesses, 12:11,  By the testimony of JESUS CHRIST only, we OVERCAME even though we had to die… 12: 17… we have kept the commands of GOD as above,  Rev 15: 5,  Rev 11: 19 The temple of the tabernacle of the TESTIMONY. (that is the second tabernacle as Apostle Paul says) is opened… Rev 19: 10- 11… the testimony of JESUS CHRIST, is the Spirit OF PROPHECY”, given to the two witnesses… and then JESUS CHRIST, the Faithful and TRUE, WILL JUDGE AND WARS FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS SAKE. (righteousness means to know the ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD, who is JESUS CHRIST. We preach all to worship Him… Rev 14¨6- 7).


Joh 3:33  The one receiving His testimony has sealed that God is true. }}}…  Receiving the testimony of JESUS CHRIST, we preach that JESUS CHRIST is the TRUE GOD…

Joh 3:34  For the One whom God sent speaks the Words of God, for God does not give the Spirit by measure. }}}… JESUS CHRIST said one day the secrets will be revealed to BABES, and He will send little children and to receive them. Now, we are given the Spirit to testify that JESUS CHRIST IS RISEN and are with us IN Galilee… as prophesied. The 12 apostles were chosen to witness about JESUS CHRIST . Now, we witness for Him.

Joh 3:35  The Father loves the Son and has given all things into His hand.

Joh 3:36  The one believing into the Son has everlasting life; but the one disobeying the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him. }}}… Since as PROVEN, we have BELIEVED the SON… this is why we have Everlasting life…. (Joh 17:3… the knowledge of GOD) . the Vessels of Mercy predestined, are now praying in the mercy seat for GOD’s mercy to be poured upon the house of Israel  the vessels of wrath… This is how we fulfilled the Law…. as we love GOD, we want all to be saved.. our neighbor.. !!


Joh 17:26  And I made known to them Your name, and will make it known, that the love with which You loved Me may be in them, and I in them. }}… His prayer now is answered.

Joh 17:24  Father, I desire that those whom You have given Me, that where I am, they may be with Me also, that they may behold My glory which You gave Me, because You loved Me before the foundation of the world. }}}.. as written above , it is the Gentiles who will be glorified with JESUS CHRIST … and they were appointed before the foundation of the world to be so. (Eph 1:4  even as He elected us in Him before the foundation of the world, for us to be holy and without blemish before Him in love), This is why the parables (specially the MYSTERY OF GOD The Father  JOh 16:25) is revealed to us… (Mat 13: 35… so that was fulfilled that spoken through the prophet, saying: "I will open My mouth in parables; I will speak out things hidden from the foundation of the world.")…. We declare these PRAISES OF GOD and HIS WONDERFUL WORKS at the time for the testimony to be given to Jacob … as we have received from JESUS CHRIST, to Israel… who are to BE BORN…( Psa 78: 2- 7). 


Joh 17:23  I in them, and You in Me, that they may be perfected in one; and that the world may know that You sent Me and loved them, even as You loved Me

Joh 17:22  And I have given them the glory which You have given Me, that they may be one, as We are One:

Joh 17:21  that all may be one, as You are in Me, Father, and I in You, that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me…}}}… the world is the spiritual Israel as PROVEN. Before the New Temple is built, they must know that JESUS CHRIST Is the true GOD and He Is with the Gentiles whom they killed.


Joh 17:17  Sanctify them in Your Truth; Your Word is Truth. …}}}… the Gentiles are appointed to believe in the truth even from the beginning. (2 The 2: 13- 14  beloved by the Lord, because God chose you from the beginning to salvation in sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth, ….  to which He called you through our gospel, to obtain the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. ). So we, the Gentiles are to have the glory with JESUS CHRIST our LORD. This is why we are made His ministry. (Change of priesthood)


Joh 17:18  As You have sent Me into the world, I also have sent them into the world,..}}}… Now, we are the ‘sent’ ones to proclaim the truth about the ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD , who is JESUS CHRIST . He Has come to get His due glory. As Israel failed to be built on Him, the Chief Cornerstone , we are built on Him ( Eph 2: 19-21)

Joh 17:20  And I do not pray concerning these only, but also concerning those who will believe in Me through their word; }}}… AS WE HAVE RECEIVED HIS TESTIMONY…




That is how the Gentiles are given the authority to testify against Israel, as JESUS CHRIST Has planned to save Gentiles according to what we have written above to fulfill the services of the Ark of Testimony …. When Israel and the Tabernacle of David  is FALLEN. Now as we have witnessed for the last few years, we have done the work of the Holies.


Eze 24: 21 , 2 The 2 proves all Israel have failed in all three lusts. We have Scripturally proven how they were overcome by the lusts of the flesh. If GOD’s church did not have lusts, there won’t be MANY churches divided and still dividing having the fruits of the flesh mentioned in Gal 5: 19 – 20. COULD GOD BE DIVIDED ? COULD THE TRUTH BE DIVIDED ?  Do all the churches speak the truth ? NOT A SINGLE ONE AS YOU CAN SEE AS JESUS CHRIST HAS NOT GIVEN THEM THE TRUTH.  !


Ezekiel, failed totally in all lusts with all the people. THIS IS THE TIME GOD SAYS THE Tabernacle of David  IS FALLEN, BUT TO BE BUILT. THIS IS WHY THE Ark of Testimony  IS SEEN IN ‘HEAVEN’. Only those who have the Spirit, who died and are risen with JESUS CHRIST as written above , could help JESUS CHRIST to fulfill these services. JESUS CHRIST and they have fulfilled the Law (By His mercy and blood) and they now will TESTIFY how Israel broke the covenant.  Why Does GOD call the two witnesses ; the “WITNESSES”? All those who broke the Law are required by the Law to be testified at the mouth of the two witnesses or three witnesses. ( Heb 10:28). This is why all those who broke the Law had to die once. So JESUS CHRIST, HAS COME TO WITNESS, with the two witnesses, and there are THREE WITNESSES !!!


We witness regarding JESUS CHRIST… to believe in Him…Where ever the Ark is… GOD’s people should be there. The Ark is in HEAVEN…, we who are testifying are in HEAVEN… while you are cast dow ( la 2:1) and we declare the glory of GOD from HEAVEN.    


1Jn 5:1  Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ has been born of God. And everyone who loves Him who begets also loves him who has been born of Him. }}}… JESUS CHRIST Has come again to give the knowledge of GOD to Gentiles and they are sent to you so that you can believe in Him and be born of GOD. This is why as written above , that we are testifying for Him to a people YET TO BE BORN… when we believe in JESUS CHRIST, GOD considers us as ‘born of GOD”.


1Jn 5:2  By this we know that we love the children of God, whenever we love God and keep His commandments. }}}… as written above , as we love the children of GOD, we have fulfilled the Law. But you killed us. We are the children of JESUS CHRIST… we are His flesh and bones. ( Eph 5: 30). 

1Jn 5:3  For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments, and His commandments are not burdensome.

1Jn 5:4  For everything that has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that overcomes the world, our faith. }}}… the ‘faith’ should be in ‘JESUS CHRIST’. By having faith in Him, we overcame as PROVEN. These things we testify to Israel now, so that you can have faith IN JESUS CHRIST ALSO. This faith comes by HEARING THE WORDS OF GOD, which we received after He came the second time as written above . So we declare that words to you… so that you may believe us.


1Jn 5:5  Who is he who overcomes the world, but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God? …}}}… How you can also OVERCOME is to believe in Him… JESUS CHRIST , The Son of GOD, came from GOD to declare the Father … the Father  is His own words, which is the parable as JOh 16: 25 says, which is revealed as written above , to Gentiles as they were chosen from the foundation of the world. Just as Jacob was chosen before they were born, the Vessels of Mercy , also were chosen to do the works of the Holy of Holies even before the world began. Read and understand… this is why JESUS CHRIST comes.. to witness against and to teach to give the knowledge of GOD as the sea….we are SENT… so you can believe in Him. 


1Jn 5:6  This is He who came through water and blood, Jesus Christ, not by water only, but by the water and blood. And the Spirit is He who bears witness, because the Spirit is the truth. }}}… There is no remission without blood… no NEW covenant without blood… no life without blood as the life is in the blood…, all proven…

1Jn 5:7  For there are three that bear witness:

1Jn 5:8  And there are three that bear witness on the earth: the Spirit, and the water, and the blood; and the three are into the one.

1Jn 5:9  If we receive the witness of men, the witness of God is greater. For this is the witness of God which He has testified about His Son.

1Jn 5:10  He who believes on the Son of God has the witness in himself. He who does not believe God has made Him a liar, because he does not believe the record that God gave of His Son. }}}… all Israel rejected JESUS CHRIST as the Chief Cornerstone . Therefore, they cannot have this witness neither could do the services of the Holies…as they are without blood.

1Jn 5:11  And this is the record, that God has given to us everlasting life, and this life is in His Son. }}}… as written above , all things become NEW “IN” JESUS CHRIST. This is why we are made already in the Image of GOD.


1Jn 5:12  He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life.

1Jn 5:13  I have written these things to you who believe on the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have everlasting life, and that you may believe on the name of the Son of God. …(Joh 17:3).


Since we believe in JESUS CHRIST, the Son of GOD, …NOW…. (only now as our love to Him is proven )…. we can ask ANYTHING ….  Anything …..“ACCORDING TO HIS WILL”…. so GOD will give it to us. Since we are in Heaven, and we are asked to mind the HEAVENLY things, ( Colossians 3: 1- 4) what shall we ask from GOD ??? …. What is in HIS MIND? ….. That should we ask ?? …. Since HE HAS GIVEN HIS OWN MIND TO US , ( 1 Co 2:16  ) we know that ; in His mind,… He wants to testify how and why they failed  and have mercy….(fulfilling the mercy seat’s work), …. on the dead…. and we are asked to send INCENSE on behalf of them, ( which are sent and received in the GOLDEN ALTAR which is opened ONLY IN JUDGMENT (  Rev 8  ) for their healing and to bring them out of bondage …… (BUT AFTER THE SPIRITUAL PLAGUES) and bring all Israel THE SECOND time from Egypt , spiritually ( Rev 11:8), and from Babylon ( Mic 4: 10,  Isa. 47:6) to Him. They are the services of the  Holy OF HOLIES.   Only to bring others, as we love our neighbor as we have fulfilled the Law in that. We only can ask GOD’s mercy to give life to the dead… as we too HAVE RECEIVED LIFE BY HIS MERCY ;…


1Jn 5:14  And this is the confidence that we have toward Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.

1Jn 5:18  We know that everyone who has been born of God does not continue to sin, but the one born of God guards himself, and the evil one does not touch him.}}}.. the evil one cannot touch us any more to deceive us in to believing in any other god now. This is why all Israel failed and the Tabernacle of David  is fallen.  

1Jn 5:19  We know that we are of God, and all the world lies in evil.

1Jn 5:20  And we know that the Son of God Has come, and He has given us an understanding so that we may know Him who is true. And we are in Him that is true, in His Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God, and the everlasting life.


1Jn 5:21  Little children, guard yourselves from idols. Amen. ..}}}… the little children, to whom this is written to. JESUS CHRIST said the secrets will be revealed to babes… who can see Him now as HE HAS COME ???  it is to the Gentiles, the two witnesses… who are sitting with Him on the throne… doing the services of the Holies as you can see.  HE HAS GIVEN US THE UNDERSTANDING…. As He came to Gentiles as Isa. 11:9-11 says. this is how we know Him… WE TESTIFY THAT HE IS THE TRUE GOD… AND LIFE IS IN HIM. You too must be CONVERTED as these little children… ( Mat 18:3- 4 ). When these little children come… as they are sent… GOD expects you to receive them… v 5. (And whoever will receive one such little child in My name receives Me.). But Jesus said, Allow the little children and do not prevent them to come to Me, for of such is the kingdom of Heaven. Mt 19:14). … and it is the poor who are chosen BY GOD to be in the kingdom. ( Jam 2: 5). So who are the poor, the little children ? They are in the kingdom now, as the Ark of Testimony  is seen in heaven , and that is where GOD Is and GOD’s throne is in the Ark also.



The mercy seat was on top of the ark, symbolizing God’s throne.

God speaks from the ark of covenant


So Gerald Flurry…. You are cast down… but the little children, are in THE KINGDOM… and doing the services of the Holies, where GOD’s THRONE IS..  Can you deny them ???  If as you say GOD’s throne is the MERCY SEAT… and now that is seen in Heaven…, would you not believe still ???  GOD IS SPEAKING TO YOU….


As we have seen and have felt Him, having come to us as written above , we declare ;…..  

1Jn 1:2  And the Life was revealed, and we have seen, and we bear witness, and we announce to you the everlasting Life which was with the Father, and was revealed to us….}}}… JESUS CHRIST said….’IN THAT HOUR ”…  I have spoken these things to you in allegories. An hour comes when I will no longer speak to you in allegories, but I will reveal the Father plainly to you.”…. The “Father ” is the allegory here as we have proven over and over… but at least NOW, PLEASE BELIEVE… AS THAT HOUR HAS COME, AS JESUS CHRIST, HIMSELF HAS COME AS Apostle John says above…. Now we announce you the Everlasting life… which is in JESUS CHRIST… He gave the knowledge of “GOD” to us… we testify and witness for Him… The Everlasting life is in the knowledge of GOD as PROVEN. ( Joh 17:3). Which is revealed in judgment ( Rev 10:7).  Neither HWA, nor GF could have known these as JESUS CHRIST did not come to give the knowledge of GOD to you, but to us… ( Isa. 11:9-11).  The fact that the Ark of Testimony  is seen in Heaven at our witness, as Gerald Flurry wrote… GOD’s throne is now seen… He Has come to get His due glory. Worship the CREATOR…


1Jn 1:3  We announce to you what we have seen, and what we have heard, that you also may have fellowship with us. And truly our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son, Jesus Christ. }}}… JESUS CHRIST’s  John 17 prayer will be fulfilled soon. The world will believe that JESUS CHRIST Has sent us with the words of Everlasting life…. 

1Jn 1:4  And we write these things to you, that your joy may be full….}}}…. If you want your joy … then here is what GOD says;…


Isa 12:1  And in that day thou shalt say, O LORD, I will praise thee: though thou wast angry with me, thine anger is turned away, and thou comfortedst me. }}}… GOD’s anger is turned away as we sent incense… (Mal 1:11) and have done the services of the Ark.

Isa 12:2  Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the LORD JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; He also is become my salvation. }}}…. As written above , only JESUS CHRIST could give you salvation. And that is why He Has come… as He WAS angry with you… He could not hear your prayers. This is why He Has ordained the Gentiles to be saved first and they will declare GOD’s name and righteousness to you.


Isa 12:3  Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation. }}}… You have to drink this water from the wells of salvation, who are the two witnesses… who sends the words of life to you… the believer’s bellies are a living water fountain !!!


Isa 12:4  And in that day shall ye say, Praise the LORD, call upon His name, declare his doings among the people, make mention that His name is exalted. }}}… “HIS”  The Holy ONE” of Israel.. is JESUS CHRIST. There are no Holy TWO, but ONE.  His name is exalted only in judgment ( Isa. 5: 16)…. “But the LORD of hosts shall be exalted in judgment, and God that is holy shall be sanctified in righteousness”.

Isa 12:5  Sing unto the LORD; for He Hath done excellent things: this is known in all the earth.

Isa 12:6  Cry out and shout, thou inhabitant of Zion: for great is the Holy One of Israel in the midst of thee. }}}…. It is the poor and the humble ones sing in joy to the Holy ONE OF Israel… (Isa 29:19  And the humble ones shall increase joy in Jehovah, and the poor among men shall rejoice in the Holy One of Israel…. v 18 says   “In that day’.. the deaf shall hear… the eyes of the blind shall see out of darkness”. GOD Has heard our prayers… on the golden altar…


Isa 51:4  Hear Me, My people; yea, give ear to Me, My nation. For a law shall go out from Me, and My justice I will make rest as light to peoples. }}}… GOD’s JUSTICE… and judgment as light. (Hos 6:5). First He Has slain you by the words, but now He will give the words to live. So you should hear Him…that is why the judgments are and the Ark of Testimony  is seen.

Isa 51:5  My righteousness is near; My salvation went out; and My arms shall judge peoples; coastlands shall wait on Me, and they shall hope on My arm. …( When the salvation is about to come, GOD’s hand, name are in the Gentiles Isa. 56)


Isa 51:7  Hear Me, those knowing righteousness, the people of My Law in their heart; do not fear the reproach of man, and do not be bowed from their blasphemings. }}}… we, the Gentile women who are fighting for JESUS CHRIST, will not fear the reproach of ‘MAN” . If we feared you.. we would not have been writing since 2003 till now and we will not rest until you listen to GOD and be gathered… We are fulfilling the services of the Ark of Testimony … you will be gathered as JESUS CHRIST Has come.


Isa 51:13  And you forget your Maker Jehovah..}}… You forgot your ‘MAKER”… the ‘CREATOR”… that is JESUS CHRIST.  You should not go after God The Father… there is no Father … but JESUS CHRIST Has revealed the parable about the Father  as written above , to us .

Isa 55:12  For you shall go out with joy and be led out with peace. The mountains and the hills shall break out into song before you, and all the trees of the field shall clap the hand. }}}… we, the trees of righteousness will lead you out as that is the way GOD Has ordained. If you want to know where these ‘ALL THE TREES’ are, …Please read : Salvation pt 6 –Do You see the fig tree and all the trees ? (Luke 21:29). –A sign of GOD’s return.


Read also Isa. 61: 1- 5…


Isa 51:14  Bowed down, he hurries to be freed, that he not die in the pit, nor that he lack his bread. …}}}… If you want to be freed, then you must eat the bread from heaven , and also to come out of the Bottomless pit …. That bread comes now from the Golden Pot of Manna inside the Ark….!!!


Isa 55:11  so shall My Word be, which goes out of My mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in what I sent it to do!



He Is in the midst of thee…. The Ark IS SEEN IN HEAVEN… AND GOD’S THRONE … AND THE CHERUBS, THE TWO WITNESSES ARE WITNESSING ALL THESE… GOD Has done the wonderful works… the works to BELIEVE IN HIM as written in part 2. These are the wonderful works of GOD… to get all to believe in Him, which He began in Moses’ time but only now fulfilled.


Exo 34:10  And he said, Behold, I make a covenant: before all thy people I will do marvels, such as have not been done in all the earth, nor in any nation: and all the people among which thou art shall see the work of the LORD: for it is a terrible thing that I will do with thee. }}}… now the Ark is seen and GOD will make the NEW covenant… and you should see the works of GOD which has not been done in all the earth… which is done amongst the Gentiles… that is to get us to BELIEVE IN HIM … (Joh 6:29  Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent. )… when you believe in the SENT ONE, the Holy ONE of Israel… the works of GOD are finished. That is why the MYSTERY OF GOD is revealed from heaven, in judgments, during the "Times of Gentiles", which are the last works upon the earth. 


1Jn 1:5  And this is the message which we have heard from Him, and we proclaim to you: God is light, and no darkness is in Him, none!

1Jn 1:8  If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

1Jn 1:9  If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous that He may forgive us the sins, and may cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

1Jn 1:10  If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar, and His Word is not in us.

 So far from all of our writings, we proved that all Israel have sinned. They have turned away from the Truth, from their Maker…, the Holy One of Israel…, The Rock… the Chief Cornerstone . We saw that not even a single high priest, is perfect and JESUS CHRIST Had to come and offer the perfect sacrifices. So DO YOU STILL THINK THAT YOU HAVE NO SIN ????  Well…, all those who are under the Law was witnessed by us of having sins according to the Scripture…. Therefore… CONFESS YOUR SINS…. GOD IS FAITHFUL… YOUR HUSBAND IS FAITHFUL…AND HE WILL FORGIVE YOU… AND WILL CLEAN YOU FROM THESE WORDS AND WILL MAKE YOU RIGHTEOUS ….


On the other hand, if you say you have NO SIN…. Then you are making Him a liar…. So what would it be ???   Do you think you are of truth ???  or JESUS CHRIST, is of Truth ??? 


Now only, all services pertaining to all the  items belongs to the Ark will be fulfilled SPIRITUALLY, as you will see.  Until GOD Is ready to witness, rule, give the spiritual manna, pour mercy as all have broken the Law, it’s services were not necessary.  BUT NOW, AS ALL HAVE SINNED AND THE END HAS COME… WE HAVE WITNESSED… Israel is to have it to remind of their heritage, their GOD and who they are. So when they lost it… they are to lose all these. This is why all the churches are in captivity as Exo. 16: 52 says while we, the Gentile women watched… ( Eze 39: 21- 23).  But, after the judgments and the witness… GOD will establish the new covenant. This is why during the witness work, the ark is seen in heaven. GOD Has remembered the covenant as He promised in HIS MERCY, when the Holies is manifested. 1 Sam 4: 5 says the earth shook when the Ark was brought just as Rev 11: 19.  So we, the Gentiles who are now in heaven, has the Ark of Testimony … that means we have the GOD of Israel…


GOD blessed the people when they had the ark.  Loosing the Ark of Testimony,  Zion was thrown down from heaven, ( La 2: 1) they are in darkness.  But GOD Is sitting on His throne now to remember the covenant in faithfulness which He swore to king David . NOW YOU CAN HAVE LIGHT ONCE AGAIN AND CAN COME OUT OF DARKNESS.


We know where ever the ark is, all Israel should be gathered to it as GOD’s presence is in the ark. So all Israel will gather under the two witnesses , who work in the outer court.


Ark of Testimony ‘s major work would be ; testify against the broken covenant, the sins, and to show how to make the new covenant. It’s work is necessary only AFTER both parties broke the covenant.  We are the only people on this earth who witnessed GOD’s breaking the covenant as the poor ( Zech 11: 10-11), and how the last church which is PCG broke it in the east gate. ( Eze 8 – 11). Please read the "Bamah matter"…. And Christ’s wife betrayed by an evangelist's%20Wife,%20Betrayed%20by%20an%20Evangelist.htm


Therefore, we only could do the works of the Ark of Testimony  and all of the Holies as we shall prove. We only see that all Israel is SPIRITUALLY DEAD.


JESUS CHRIST Is the only excellent minister and the Mediator of the new covenant.. ( Heb 8:6). He chose the Gentiles as His ministry of the new covenant. (2Co 3:6  who also made us able ministers of a new covenant, not of letter, but of Spirit. For the letter kills, but the Spirit makes alive. ). Israel denied the blood of JESUS CHRIST as PROVEN. only we drank the blood of the new covenant… (1 Co 11: 25).


Rev 11:19  And the temple of God in “Heaven was opened, and the ark of His covenant was seen in His temple, and lightnings, and voices, and thunders, and an earthquake, and a great hail occurred. ..}}}… Now, the Temple of the LORD is seen in the “Heaven”. The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY  , the Lamb are the temple now ( Rev 21: 22). We also know, that we are the temple of the LORD. The Ark of Testimony  is seen at this time to testify against Israel, the fallen tabernacle, to expose the sins with the knowledge of how to build it again. They will be showing how Israel broke the ten commandments. We have done that already.


We became the temple after we came out . ( 2 Co 6: 16- 18 ).   The Gentiles are commanded to come out from those who have idols, who are Israel,( 1 co 5:10) and GOD will receive us as sons and daughters. Having done better than sons and daughters, as Isa. 56 says, we are received now by the LORD as His people, when the salvation is about to come . When we become children of GOD, we purify ourselves  ( 1 Jn 3: 1- 4). These Scripture and all of our writings prove that the Gentiles are called and justified and given salvation first. So we know that we have already become the temple of the LORD. Zion is cast down ( La 2: 1), and the two witnesses are called to come up. This is when the temple of GOD in HEAVEN is seen and it’s work will be fulfilled spiritually. That is after the Tabernacle of David  falls.


We are called the ‘BELIEVERS”.. of JESUS CHRIST. It is the ‘women’ who came out as Mic 2:8-12 says when Israel became an enemy of GOD for the last time. Also read 2 Cor 5: 1- 10


Here is what Gerald Flurry wrote about the “Ark”. Prove if he still holds the covenant according to the Scripture or GOD’s words.



The mercy seat was on top of the ark, symbolizing God’s throne.


God speaks from the ark of covenant ---from that throne between the cherubim—to His church. He speaks to His covenant people—to those who have been loyal to this covenant based on the government of God. We have made a covenant with the Lord of Hosts.  }}}… as written above , the Scripture proves all will break the covenant, including GOD. (Eze 8- 11,  Zech 11: 10-11). We have proven that the covenant is broken and GOD says a NEW covenant will be established. (Eze 16: 61- 63).


“He speaks to His covenant people—to those who have been loyal to this covenant We have made a covenant with the Lord of Hosts.  }}}…Does GOD’s words say that Israel will be loyal to the covenant ??  As the Ark of Testimony  is seen now, GOD’s throne also is set up… and you can hear His voice. Please read:

Thunderous voice


Listen to GOD how the covenant is broken ;…

Psa 89:31  if they profane My statutes and do not keep My commandments;

Psa 89:32  then I will visit( second coming as a thief)  their transgressions with the rod,( to fulfill the rod of Aaron in the Holies )  and their sins with stripes. }}}… the ‘ROD” ….this is why Aaron’s rod is in the Ark of Testimony  , as they have transgressed.


Psa 89:33  But I will not annul My mercy from him, and I will not be false in My faithfulness. …}}}… GOD’s “MERCY”… that is another part of the Holies… the work of the mercy seat comes when the first tabernacle falls… as now, as they have transgressed.


Psa 89:34  I will not profane My covenant, nor change what goes from My lips. }}}… GOD promises that He will not profane the covenant, … but we shall see…that He did it as they transgressed , but with the ROD, the manna and the works of the MERCY seat, and incense, GOD will once again establish the covenant because HIS FAITHFULNESS . Eze 16: 61- 63. A NEW heart, New covenant, a change of Law, change of priesthood all will be fulfilled at this time.


Psa 89:35  Once I have sworn by My holiness; I will not lie to David.

Psa 89:36  His Seed shall be forever, and his throne as the sun before Me. }}}… the “SUN’ went down on prophets, as Mic 3: 6 says. That is when as Mic 2: 8- 10 says, the Gentile women became faithful.

{{{{Mic 3:6  So a night shall be for you apart from vision; and darkness apart from divining. And the sun shall go down on the prophets, and the day shall be dark over them}}}} The Laodicean era , which is the night which JESUS CHRIST said He would come as a thief !!!


Psa 89:37  Like the moon, it shall be forever; and a faithful witness in the sky…}}}… The NEW moon… the Gentile women, were trampled by the 12 tribes in Rev 12 as PROVEN . We proved that there are only three Persons who are faithful… GOD, JESUS CHRIST, and the new moon. This is why… the Gentile women in the outer court is testifying against the PROPHETS who were UNFAITHFUL and who are in the night , darkness without divine visions. The works of the Ark of Testimony is to be a FAITHFUL WITNESS. That is the NEW MOON.  This is why GOD comes from the east gate on the NEW MOON to make the New Temple… ( Isa. 66: 23,  Eze 46: 1,  )


Psa 89:38  But You have cast off and rejected us; You have passed over on Your anointed.

Psa 89:39  You have turned away from the covenant of Your servant; You have defiled his crown on the ground. …}}}.. at the end of the Philadelphia  era, all lost their crown… the man, the last high priest caused it. Then the night or the Laodicean era came, and those who were faithful, received a NEW NAME, and they were the New Jerusalem… ( Rev 3: 12). We have proven all. SO THE COVENANT IS NOW BROKEN after the Philadelphia  era. Crown was given to PCG  Eze 16: 12  


So the covenant is broken and as GOD Is faithful and Merciful, He will establish the covenant, but AFTER THE WORKS OF THE HOLIES. So the works of the Holies is now manifested, as this is the time it is needed. ( read Isa. 33:8,  Jer 11:10,  Eze 44: 7 says, when they brought unbaptised strangers, they broke the covenant. that was done by PCG, Gerald Flurry as PROVEN.  THEN IT IS Gerald Flurry, WHO IS ALSO THE HIGH PRIEST WHO NEEDS TO BE CORRECTED AND HE ALONE CAN CORRECT THE CHURCH AS WELL.  HE MUST REPENT OF IT BEFORE THE NEW COVENANT IS MADE .


He is not worthy to do the services of the Holies, as he too was under the Law and COULD NOT be  perfected unless  be witnessed and judged and then cleansed. We have to pray for GOD’s mercy to come upon him also. Zech 3 and 4 shows, ‘THEY’ will replace garments of Joshua… and zech 6: 15 says.. Those who are FAR AWAY shall come and build the temple. Then, those who are far way only will replace his turban. These are the prophecies which are fulfilled now.  Please read the first writings in our web site to prove this. Hos 6:7,  Psa 78:10,  Psa 74.  v 21 says, the poor praises at this time. They are the women in the outer court, the Gentiles who are the poor.


The ‘WOMEN” could do the works of GOD ???

How could the Gentile women do the work of the Holies if they do not have a covenant with the LORD ??   ( Isa. 56 )  The LORD says… the eunuchs, ( who have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom’s sake as JESUS CHRIST said Mat 19: 12.  And as the Ark is seen , we know the kingdom has come  and the little children are in it as written above  )the Gentile women, got hold on to the covenant, having done better than sons and daughters, when the salvation is about to come…, and they have joined to the LORD… GOD Has separated them…. and they are brought to GOD’s HOUSE… that is the temple perfected after Israel broke the covenant. And we love the NAME of the LORD… and to be His servants… and we are brought to GOD’s Holy MOUNTAIN,… House of Prayer , while Israel’s ministry has become DUMB DOGS.


As you can see… that is fulfilled now. So, according to GOD… it is the Gentile women, the eunuchs who got hold on to the covenant … and they only witness against how the last high priest broke the covenant… and we are the House of Prayer , ( that means we are doing the work of the incense altar ) and we pray for GOD’s mercy for the dead Israel as you can see.  So Gerald Flurry, is a LIAR to say that he still holds the covenant. It is to him, GOD is showing why and how they failed and broke the covenant. (Eze 44:7) and how he can correct it and will be used to build the fallen temple once again.


Israel being in Egypt spiritually ( Rev 11), GOD set a ALTAR and a pillar among them as a sign and to witness. ( Isa. 19: 16- 20). Then the LORD will be made known to Egypt.  Who are the Pillars”??  It is the poor who are raised from the dunghill as 1 Sam 2:8. GOD sets the world upon them. The world here is the church. Who are in GOD’s ALTAR ???  it is the Gentiles as in Isa. 56.


Isa. 19: 22… GOD will strike Egypt and also will HEAL and cause them to RETURN.  That is when GOD makes the new covenant. We are the ministry of JESUS CHRIST, who pleads Israel to RETURN TO GOD. The two witnesses who are in the outer court , as they tread down the inner court, have to witness the sins and declare how to be established also. That is how she will be healed.  WE MUST SHOW THE SINS AND TELL HOW TO GET RID OF IT.  Gerald Flurry does not even know or remember that he is the man who brought UNCIRCUMCISED in India.


Testimony confirmed in Gentiles. (  1 Cor 1:6 ,  2 The 1: 10 This is when GOD is to be glorified or to be made known ). Isa. 43: 12- 22 says GOD called those who are not Israel or Jacob as His witnesses as they DID NOT HAVE FOREIGN GODS”. That means Israel and Jacob has foreign gods and these witnesses will be witnessing against Israel’s and Jacob’s foreign gods. That is what we have been doing . 1 Ti 5: 19 says without two or three witnesses, not to receive an accusation against an elder. So GOD Has called His witnesses to witness against the elder about his fornications. They are the works of the Ark of Testimony …


Anciently the Ark of Testimony  went before Israel …it blessed Israel and caused the enemies to be killed.  Now it is seen and they will be led by it… ( Num 10: 33- 35). Also the enemies , the leaders, the wife of CHRIST  will be killed spiritually by it at the witness of two witnesses as the Law requires.


Num 10:33  And they departed from the mount of the LORD three days' journey: and the ark of the covenant of the LORD went before them in the three days' journey, to search out a resting place for them.

Num 10:34  And the cloud of the LORD was upon them by day, when they went out of the camp.

Num 10:35  And it came to pass, when the ark set forward, that Moses said, Rise up, LORD, and let thine enemies be scattered; and let them that hate thee flee before thee. }}}… when the Ark is being moved, GOD’s enemies will be scattered. Even now, the wife of CHRIST  Has turned as an enemy. King David  prophesied that when they become enemies the Gentiles would fear GOD and submit to him ( Psa 18: 43- 45). So as these Scripture says, now the Ark is seen … it will scatter the enemy by exposing and witnessing against their sins. Since the Ark is in Heaven, means it has found it’s rest. This is also the prophesied rest as PROVEN.


When the Ark was carried Jericho fell. ( Josh 6). Now the walls of Zion will fall until there is not one stone left upon another as JESUS CHRIST said. Then, they will be gathered to JESUS CHRIST.


So as you can see… the works of the Ark of Testimony are to testify against the broken covenant, and show how they broke the Law, and declare how to establish a new covenant. Also it has to declare the ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD, JESUS CHRIST.,   to make the covenant with Him. 


To be continued;….


Neela Wickramasinghe

The Gentile Assembly  of JESUS CHRIST,