Mysteries pt 7 – Two gospels

Christ said he came to witness to the “truth”… so His witness has to come when there are “lies. The ‘truth’ which He taught was ; “through Him, we will have salvation”. He preached two different gospels. The Jews killed Him for His gospel but gentiles believed and became fruitful. CHRIST  taught a different gospel to Apostle Paul and he taught that to others.  Peter even said Paul’s letters are difficult to understand. 2 Pet 3: 16. In the end, everyone will have to believe this new gospel if they want to be saved. !


We proved from God’s Word, that now, during the "Day of Judgment", or "Day of Visitation" , or "Day of The Lord" , the Jews and gentiles were separated. Just as it happened in the first century, now too Israel has failed to obey God, but gentiles obeyed and heeded. New Testament work ended by Holy Spirit being given to ‘gentiles’.  God condemns Israel, for rejecting “Christ”. Jews in the first century rejected Him and the present day children of Jews also reject Christ. This is why, they need to repent.  The present day leaders in God’s church are HWA and GF. We wrote some of the lies of HWA and how he incorporated the church of God under “his” name. How could it be the “church of God”, as it is the new “corporate” organization ; “ Herbert W Armstrong, apostle for the worldwide church of God, a corporation sole”…???. We wrote how he said “I AM” appointing… Thereafter all those who were under him or follows him, are under his authority and not God’s.


Knowingly or unknowingly, we were all under HWA’s corporation ! should not the leaders prove all these ? They blindly follow the blind. No other church but PCG is following the same pattern and this is the same reason why God Has rejected PCG being the worst church. Would Christ dwell in such an organizations?... Would you???...


This is the reason why, God put His NAME on the obedient gentiles because of His great mercy and GRACE. The believers are to have the ‘NAME’ of God on them as Christ prayed. Not any man’s.  It is from such confused organizations, we are asked to come out of. Who finally did come out???...Those who were chosen by God, to be faithful and called and chosen, who have God’s NAME written on them, and those who OVERCAME by Christ’s BLOOD and they are the gentiles, as we have already proven. These are the mysteries which are now revealed so all can prove. As in ancient Egypt, the blood saved them, now in spiritual Egypt, ‘Christ’s blood saves us…


We know HWA and GF preached about God The Father and calls Christ a ‘Messenger”. But, God Has given all things to His “SON”. We will marry Christ. They both should leave the father and mother, and cleave to each other. As a wife, we should have everything centered around our ‘HUSBAND” and not the Father. After Jews rejected, Christ called Paul to go and teach the gentiles. A whole new work began. Why would Christ personally teach Paul for three years in a desert, if He was teaching the same gospel which He preached for others ??? Apostle Paul, very well knew that gospel and that is why he murdered many, rejecting that gospel. 


By His blood we are saved, and He only takes us to the Father. Father draws us to His Son and He, takes us to the Father. He even waves the two loaves. But Father draws us to Him and gives us His Spirit. Our prayers are even answered if we ask through Christ. He said, I am the way, the truth and life… and door…It is God, who sent Him to save us. It is “his blood” which gives us everlasting life. If God The Father wants us to look up to Christ, and if one has to go through Christ to God, should not we look up to Christ and have faith in Him or have faith of His ?... How can one serve the unseen God, when we cant serve the God whom we have seen?... our focus should be on Christ and not God. That is how God wants.   


How do you know there is a ‘Father” in Heaven?. No one has seen Him? We believe because, the SON said so. Everything written in the Bible, is the Word of God, which is from “Christ”. He only said, that He would come to save all. So why cant we believe Him ? God The Father does not come down to save us or teach us. He only sends His Spirit and DRAWS US TO CHRIST . If God draws us to CHRIST , then we should believe in HIM and have faith in Him.  Moses even taught that there will be a Prophet who will come to save the “Jews”. But they did not recognize Him.  why???... Because that Prophet, who is Christ, mixed up with gentiles.. or the sinners and preached they need to repent .( Luke 15: 2 , 7: 34 3tc…) They could not understand that Christ would mix up with gentiles and sinners and poor. it is same today… would any of the leaders believe that Christ is with the gentiles?... the poor ??? the sinners ??? ( according to Jews, the sinners are the gentiles,  Gal 2: 15 )  this is why God separates the poor and the rich. Christ said, it is easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle than the rich enter the kingdom. Do you think a camel could be passed through an eye of a needle?  Who then could be saved??? ( Mat 19: 24- 26) Just simply impossible for men, but for God, it is possible.  All those who left all things and followed Christ, will be His disciples. It is the same today. The widow, put all her life’s savings while the rich were putting from the abundance of what they had. The same thing is happening now. God accept the two mites. The rich tried to take away even the two mites the widow had.


 Nathanael said, can any thing good come out of Nazareth?... He was honest. Christ said, truly an Israelite, in whom is no deceit, because he said the truth. ( Jon 1: 46- 47). We have written how HWA wrote that Israel is superior to gentiles. his son, GF, also follows everything what HWA said. GF would not even listen or consider our case…nevertheless, in the judgment, God called the gentiles.


When the Jews stumbles in “JUDGMENT”, God promises;….

 Isa 28:10  For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:

Isa 28:11  For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people.

Isa 28:13  Yet the Word of Jehovah was to them, precept on precept, precept on precept; line on line, line on line; here a little, there a little; that they might go, and stumble, and be broken, and snared, and taken.

Isa 28:14  So hear the Word of Jehovah, scornful men, rulers of this people in Jerusalem…}}}….” Stumble in strong’s is 3782 which means to totter through weakness of the legs.. Specially the ankle… , feeble, overthrown, be weak”. This is why there is ‘LAME” being healed now. The “ankle” is the ‘ten horns’ as we have proven.


Now, is the time, for those rulers in Jerusalem to stumble and be broken, and snared and taken. They thought because they prophesied in Christ’s name, they will be in the kingdom. They will be caught by their own craftiness. It is also the time, for God to speak to them with stammering lips… in another tongue… or to do the foreign family work …. And it will be done line on line and here a little and there a little ! This is how exactly we have been writing as the time is running out and having so many things to write. We simply do not have time to write in subjects any longer. So we will write here a little and there a little thus, that prophecy is also being fulfilled.


We will prove that Christ preached two different gospels to Jews and gentiles. At the same time, everything about the kingdom , and other mysteries which are to be fulfilled  in the last moments are being revealed and declared. The Jews including HWA and GF did not give the due reverence to Christ. We have been writing about this in our other writings. They treat Him as only a ‘Messenger”. But they exalt themselves saying we are ‘capital “G” gods. First century Jews also did the same and killed Him. Now, also as they willfully have sinned they have  pierced Him again as we have proven.  


CHRIST  is the center of the The new gospel

Here is what we wrote in part 2… after Jews rejected, Paul was sent to gentiles. Now too, the same thing has happened. It is one thing to call on God but quite another to know whether we are accepted in God’s altar or temple.


Act 26:17  Delivering thee from the people, and to the Gentiles, unto whom now I send thee, ….

Act 26:18  To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may from the power of Satan unto God, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in “Me.”}}}….God Has made up His mind to open the minds of the gentiles… To open their eyes…. to turn them from darkness to light….. from the power of Satan unto God….. faith that is in Me !


faith that is in “Me”…faith “in”, CHRIST . We must repent ‘TOWARDS GOD”, and have faith towards CHRIST .  After CHRIST  came , we should have faith in HIM to save us. this is the new way to get the forgiveness of God.


Rom 1:8  First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all, that your faith is spoken of in all the world.}}}…When did gentile’s faith is spoken in all the world??? CC certainly has many people, but God would not say they have the faith. this is the faith, which CHRIST  says we should have. This could happen only during the "Times of Gentiles", when God takes a people out from gentiles to His NAME.!!!  It happens now… and the world is the Jewish world as we have proven. The other world do not care who has faith. v 7… says, “CALLED OUT SAINTS”… v 1… only the ‘SLAVES” of JESUS CHRIST will receive the revelation in the end time and this is why, Apostle James , Apostle John , Apostle Jude, Apostle Peter and Apostle Paul  says that they are slaves. As the prophet Joel said, the men and maid slaves have received the Spirit and the Spirit of truth it is.


V 4- 5.. Through JESUS CHRIST, we receive GRACE and APOSTLESHIP.  (Strong’s number for apostleship is 651… Thayer defines it as “in the NT, the office and dignity of the apostles of Christ, apostleship””…). to obedience of faith among all the nations, for His name's sake … }}}… this is why, we are being sent with the covenant of peace as we proved. An “apostle’ is one ‘sent’. Obedience of ‘FAITH”… CHRIST  comes at a time, where there is no FAITH… but, at that time, when He comes, these gentiles will have obeyed and as a result of their obedience, they will have faith and GRACE and now we see that is fulfilled. ! And their faith will be spoken in all nations… very soon. They are the many churches as we proved. And that happens, for God’s NAME’S sake… this certainly should happen when God takes people to His NAME… during the "Times of Gentiles".


V 6… called out… of JESUS CHRIST.!!! Not God The Father. These are the called out ones, whom God did predestinate to be justified..  as Rom 8: 30.


V 8… Apostle Paul thank God, THROUGH JESUS CHRIST. !


Rom 1:9  For God is my witness, whom I serve in my spirit in the gospel of His Son….}}}…This is why, CHRIST  taught Apostle Paul separately from others as we shall see. He was taught a different gospel than the other apostles. They were asked to go to the lost Israel with the call for repent and to believe and be baptized… but the gentiles were called by grace. This is the delay in revelation 10… the mystery would be finished when the seventh angel sounds… that is when the final measuring was needed and failed. Then God called the gentile witnesses…!


Rev 10:1  And I saw another strong angel coming down out of the heaven, having been clothed with a cloud, and a rainbow on the head; and his face as the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire. }}}…notice  these symbols…. He comes out of ‘HEAVEN”… that is where the gentiles are now spiritually as we have proven… they are the kingdom of heaven… , then clouds, … we have proven many times, that in judgment , the clouds are gentiles…, then the ‘rainbow’,,… this is a sign of God’s covenant, given to Noah, as when the flood was, and now, a spiritual flood is coming from ‘gentiles’ as Isa. 66: 12…., then the feet… we have to use the feet… as we wrote in “Is 41 and the man from East”, and who brings the good tidings or the ‘covenant of peace”, ( Isa. 52: 7 ) and ‘fire’… we are the witnesses who brings fire…, and his face as sun…. it is to those who fear God, to whom the sun of righteousness shines as we have written somewhere in this writing…  



Rom 1:16  For I am not ashamed of the “gospel of CHRIST ”,

Rom 1:17  for…. “in it …..the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; even as it has been written, "But the just shall live by faith." }}}….Who are the ‘just’ now???... Those who were predestined as earlier… But, v 18… God’s WRATH is revealed at the same time… on all wicked… who hold the truth or those who cast down the “TRUTH”… As we shall see, even HWA has written that we are saved by grace, but they do not teach that to the church. if they do, then, no one need to submit to them and they will lose their jobs… this is what God is doing through us. He requires the flock from such wicked who suppress the truth. Eze 34. V 21… God caused their understanding to be darkened. As CHRIST  said, much is expected from those who are given much and if they do not bear fruits, even what they were given is taken !


Rom 1:22  Professing to be wise, they became foolish }}}… as CHRIST  said,  this happen in the "Day of Judgment". This is talking about the Jews.



When did God judge the Jews ? It is after the failure of the final high priest and it has to be when the 7th era is present. After that, God Has to call the gentiles, and Rev 11: 1- 2 proves that after the failure of the measuring of the temple, God called the gentiles to witness and to tread down. When Paul’s work begins to be fruitful, or when the "Times of Gentiles" comes, their eyes will be opened, … being the "Day of Judgment", as Christ said, those who see are made blind, and gentiles taken away from “darkness” to “light”, from power of the devil to God, and they have received the forgiveness, and an inheritance among those who are SANCTIFIED, by FAITH, in ‘Christ”…. this is the beginning of the other gospel, which was preached to gentiles, that they will have the inheritance, by believing in CHRIST   , and the gospel of grace. Remember, none of the rulers among the Jews would know as this is a mystery to occur in the “last time or when CHRIST   Has come, which even the angels and the prophets inquired… ( 1 Peter )


Mat 12:21  "And the gentiles will hope in His name." Isa. 42:1-4.Why only the ‘gentiles’ are mentioned?... Only they believed CHRIST  !


We know only in the last end, the ANTICHRIST is prophesied to come. It does not say anti “father” or anti “GOD”…, but anti “CHRIST ”. So the last leaders are against ‘CHRIST ’. they cant say, ‘CHRIST ‘ is our LORD’. But, Apostle Paul taught that as sarah called Abraham, we too must have reverence for the husband. As the wife of CHRIST , we must say, He is our LORD !. those who are working with God, are faithful , chosen and called who are with CHRIST . they only could know who these antichrists are, as they are  helping Him to FIGHT WITH them. Because, they have to be at war with this evil men. Remember the antichrist/s are to be inside the church… not in EU or CC..,…. who ever think they are the temple of the LORD, and those who were in the Philadelphia  era of God’s church are the people who are warned of “their” leaders becoming antichrists. The angel of light…is  a man who says he is being given new revelation, or I am the man who God uses ,  and saying he is the true leader of God’s church. The real antichrists would not say, that I am the antichrist. His fruits proves who he is. To find out where this antichrist is, one must read and heed all the prophecies which God said…. Where and how they would break the covenant, and who witnessed and who are fighting with such evil men, and must look for Antiochus, diotrephus etc…. this is how the church failed and caused God to raise up the foolish people, who stammer and speak in other languages. We will prove that these antichrists are preaching a another gospel, other than what Apostle Paul preached to Galatians.


 2 John 1: 7… the deceivers, the leaders who are profaned , do not know Jesus Christ. The ‘antichrist”…? This leader is called “The antichrist” because he rejects Christ… he cannot say… Jesus Christ is our Lord as he is not being lead by Christ. We have proven how HWA and GF rejected Christ.!  they cannot say JESUS CHRIST is our LORD, as they do not believe Him. They do not believe “CHRIST ’s  Gospel of Grace …this is the difference now. they want to build godly character and become righteous by teaching that one should keep the Law and should submit to the ministry and follow God’s man… and they are the chariots which will take us to eternity etc…. if they do not say that , no one will follow them and they cant be royalty ! No one, who is under the Law, could be righteous… those who teach that are the ones whose understanding is darkened because of their unbelief and they are beasts !


V 9 says, if they do not have the doctrine of Christ, they do not have God either. Apostle Peter , Apostle James Apostle John,  finally have understood about the Law of Christ. ( we will prove that Apostle Paul taught them that . Gal 2: 9 says, these three apostles knew the GRACE given to Apostle Paul ). We must prove, without a shadow of a doubt, who this evil man is. It is written in God’s Word, as a warning so all should know. Since this man is INSIDE the temple, any one inside  the temple could not reveal about him, as they will be disfellowshipped. Besides, the true followers are cast out and they only could reveal about him, as they are fighting him. But, to expose such wicked, until Christ came down, no one could do. If He came to purify them as Mal 3-4 says, then we would know He Has to be working with those who are outside the temple as He is purifying those who are inside . as 1 cor 4: 5 says, Christ Had to come to expose such. and Eph 5 say, these gentiles will have to expose the sons of disobedience. How could the gentiles be used to judge God’s people??? … Because they are not under the Law as we have proven. They are under grace.


2Jn 1:10  If anyone comes to you and does not bear this doctrine, do not receive him into the house, and do not speak a greeting to him. }}}. This is the same gospel, which Paul preached to Galatians and Corinthians and asked them to not to believe any other gospel, ( written in this writing somewhere ) even if an angel of heaven comes and preaches to them, as we shall see later. So, it is through ‘grace’, finally all will be saved. Only those who believe in CHRIST  have this gospel.  This is written to the elect lady, who has the “truth”.  These leaders require us to submit to them… and look up to them to save us. They say, without being in the true church, you cannot be saved. It was so until Philadelphia  era, but not any more. We must come out of all such organizations. So as Apostle Paul, Apostle John says, we must not receive who do not believe this doctrine of CHRIST .!!! God separated us from the profaned leaders…Not only Eph 5, but Rom 16:   17 ,  2 Thes 3: 6,  14 also, says to withdraw from such.  God warns us, the ‘gentiles’ to stay away from such leading Jews. This is the synagogue of satan which is active in Philadelphia  era. ! And when that happened, it is the ‘gentiles’ who kept the covenant ( the rainbow)


If you want to find out who would be helping Christ to fight the war with the antichrist, you must find out from the Word. please read:

Biblical Tar shish and young lions in prophecy

And there are many other proven writings in our web site


Joe 3:8  And I will sell your sons and your daughters into the hand of the children of Judah, and they shall sell them to the Sabeans, to a people far off: for the LORD hath spoken it.

Joe 3:9  Proclaim ye this among the Gentiles; Prepare war, wake up the mighty men, let all the men of war draw near; let them come up:

Joe 3:10  Beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruninghooks into spears: let the weak say, I am strong. }}}….God allowed the sabean involvement … Who are Judah?  PCG said, she is… and did she not sell the sons and daughters to sabeans?... Read: the Bamah matter in our web site… people far off… they will witness what Judah did to the children of God…. she sold them to sabeans who are far off…( Eze 23: 41- 42)  so those who are far off only will witness this. This is the sin in the east gate as Eze 8 – 11 and Dan 8: 9 says…


The war is proclaimed among the gentiles… they are the mighty now, but they were weak as v 10 says… rest of the chapter says then, God’s people are like heathen and are judged… the harvest v 13.. is the time of the Rev 14… the ‘winepress’… read the winepress in our web site. This is the time the ‘assembly’ is pressing the altar as lamentations 1: 15 says…. those who are helping Christ in the winepress are the warriors of God who are fighting with the antichrists… don’t you see all these prophecies are being fulfilled ???  v 15… the sun, moon darkened… we proved what this mean spiritually… the stars shall withdraw their shining… these are the stars who are not pure in God’s sight… as job 3:9,  9: 7,  25: 5,  at this time, those who see the physical Zion being turned in to spiritual, those who sing are the ‘morning starts’… Job 38: 7. The ‘sons of light’ as we proved. They are the ones who feared God and who would have sun of righteousness… Mal 4: 2… at this time, the tabernacle of David is fallen and the gentiles are called to raise it up because of God’s grace. So they have the doctrine of Christ, which is the gospel of grace. This is why, we have withdrawn from those who do not believe in CHRIST  and the doctrine of CHRIST  !


In Part 3  and 4 we proved how the gentile work began by Christ and Paul.


Joh 16:8  And having come, that One will convict the world concerning sin, and concerning righteousness, and concerning judgment.

Joh 16:9  Concerning sin, because they do not believe into Me;

Joh 16:10  and concerning righteousness, because I am going to the Father, and you no longer see Me;

Joh 16:11  and concerning judgment, because the ruler of this world has been judged. }}}}…

When Holy Spirit came on the day of  Pentecost, the judgment did not begin… now, is the "Day of Judgment". Now too the Spirit Has come down to judge because the Jews did not believe Christ. That is the sin they have. If they believed, then they would not break the covenant in the first place, among all other evils they did. The ruler is been judged and is cast down as we have proven, on judgment. As Christ said, the time has come the Jews to not to worship God in Spirit and truth. Then, the elect lady begins her work… fighting for the truth.!


When the wisdom of the wise perishes the wisdom from heaven comes to the unlearned and uneducated as we proved.


 The gospel of Grace

Christ taught Paul, a different gospel than that of what He taught Peter and others. Since this different gospel was preached to ‘gentiles’, they only can know it. Not even Peter could understand this at first, about this after many years. Even in this end time, it is being revealed to gentiles. In the first four books of NT, Christ mostly condemns His own people for rejecting Him. In Gal 1, we see that Christ taught Paul away from all others, in the desert in Arabia.


The Jews had the Law, but gentiles were brought to God, through Christ, and grace. This is why we say that Paul was taught a different gospel. Now, Christ taught Paul this gospel, many years after He was resurrected.


Acts 20 says, Paul was preaching to gentiles and to Jews, but Jews gave him so much trouble. At that time, Christ gave him to preach and to testify, the “gospel of the grace of God” !!! ( v 24).



There after Paul said he proclaimed the kingdom of God. Paul was preaching about the gospel of grace, and the kingdom. So this kingdom is formed by God’s grace. As no one is righteous but the vessels of mercy, who are saved because of God’s grace, will be in the kingdom of heaven.  v 26 .. Paul said he is not guilty of their blood. So if you do not listen to this gospel of grace and the kingdom, and would not believe, you are guilty of your own blood.  V 28.. Paul says, Christ purchased this assembly, through His own blood. Then, he prophesied about the beasts, rising out among the sheep. V 32… Word of His ‘GRACE’… which is able to build up and to give you inheritance among all those being sanctified.


V 35… what ever we receive, we should share…. “It is more blessed to give than to receive”…so we share the Word of God now, that is about this gospel of grace, as it is given to gentiles. !


The Jews, in this chapter troubled Paul, for preaching this gospel of grace. HWA wrote that Christ was killed for preaching the gospel…. Christ taught directly to Paul as we shall see, about this gospel of grace, and the kingdom. They tried to harm Paul also for this gospel.


Act 22: 21.. Paul said, Christ said to him “Go, for I will send you to the nations afar off.” …. ( Act 28: 28 says, they will hear )  Earlier, we saw he said, I will go to gentiles, as the Jews refused. Now, when they heard this, in v 22, they cried and want Paul killed. V 30 confirms that it is the Jews who did that.  Are the children of the spiritual Jews any different now? They killed us spiritually hoping to cover their sins. they could never understand that God is the God of all humans on earth. They want to be superior to others but God will bring them down.


V 28… Christ purchased this assembly, through His own blood}}}…Those who believed in Christ’s blood and were cleansed, are with Christ and fighting the beasts who rose among the sheep. This happen in the "Day of Judgment".



Gal 2:2  And I went up according to revelation. And I put before them the gospel which I proclaim in the nations, but privately to the ones seeming to be pillars, lest I run, or I ran, into vanity.}}}}…..Paul was showing them the gospel which he preaches to ‘gentiles’ , and this is after at least 15 or so years.  If it was the same gospel, which was preached to Peter and others,  then Paul would not have to tell them and call it “gospel which I proclaim in the  “ gentiles”.  The gentiles are called because of God’s GRACE and MERCY, as we have proven in many of our writings. All of Paul’s 14 epistles prove this fact.


The following verse, will clearly reveal this fact.

Gal 2:3  But not even Titus, the one with me, a Greek, was compelled to be circumcised}}…. The Jews wants gentiles also to be circumcised. That was the Law. But, because of Christ’s blood, the gentiles are brought near by grace. Finally, even the Jews will be saved by grace, as NO ONE WHO KEEPS THE Law could attain to righteousness. Titus, who was helping Paul at that time to do God’s work, is not  circumcised. That means, Christ Has taught Paul, that circumcision is not needed for gentiles. Because the Word says, he is a “GREEK”. He is not a “Jew”,  but a “GREEK’. And he is not required to be circumcised. Christ would have taught Paul about this. Verse 4 follows ;…. Freedom, which we have in Christ… could not be understood by ‘FALSE” BRETHREN… no doubt, that they were the Jews. Not even Peter found it easy to understand, after the visions God caused him to see when Cornelius was converted, by giving the Holy Spirit even without being CIRCUMSISED or BAPTIZED !


So these are the mysteries, which Christ taught Paul directly, which not even Peter could understand. God loves all He Has created and this is why He sent His own Son to DIE, SHEDDING HIS ‘BLOOD’. The Jews, who had physical blessings of Abraham, could never want others to be saved or others to have same blessings. This Is why, the poor, and the gentiles are brought in to God’s Holy Mountain now, to execute written judgments on them and to tread them down. So for the ‘Jews’ within the Law, and to ‘gentiles’, without the Law… Gal 2: 6- 9 confirms this further.


1 Sam 2 is a prophecy for our day, which God caused “HANNAH” to write,  when God raises the poor and cause them to sit with nobles and to inherit a ‘THRONE’ of honor… they are the “PILLARS” of the earth… He sets the world on them. To the “pillars” is given to those who over come after the Philadelphia  era. Rev 3: 9- 12… they are brought to God’s Holy Mountain, to the “house of prayer”, and they are given the ‘throne”… this happen, when God’s enemy, who is Christ’s wife, is being brought down low, and when they sit in darkness ( plague in Rev 16), as now, ( only those who execute judgments are being revealed their judgments),  and as v 10 says, it is time when God thunders and judges the ends of the earth, and exalts the horn of His anointed.  And the fulfillment ;….


Jas 2:5  Hear, my beloved brothers, did not God choose the poor of this world to be rich in faith, and heirs of the kingdom which He promised to the ones loving Him? }}}…God chose the poor… it was His choice…., to chose the poor to be rich in ‘FAITH”…. they are the children of the ‘faithful’ Abraham. !

HWA admits ; Gentiles are called by ‘GRACE” of God.                                                       

HWA wrote in “Which day is Sabbath”  bk pg 77…

“Then Paul stood up and spoke preaching Christ to them” …And when the Jews were gone out of the synagogue, the gentiles sought that these words might be preached to them ….. Now, since Paul was preaching ‘the grace of God”…  }}}….Do you get that ??? ( Act 13: 43) You get this book out and read it in your own home…. Don’t believe me,… believe your leader. He admits that gentiles;  sought God, …..”AFTER Jews went away and Paul was preaching the “GRACE” OF God”… that was the beginning of preaching about the gospel of grace to the gentiles the gentiles sought that these words might be preached to them!!!

This is after Jews were gone and as we proved after Christ chose Paul to go to gentiles, with a different gospel…please read pt 1 and 2 for more proof from HWA’s writings, that the gentiles, have God’s grace and they are saved by the GRACE. This is why, neither Christ, nor Peter preached to gentiles about repentance. Both of them and Paul, so far we have found, taught about the gospel of grace to gentiles.

                         The AMAZING GRACE !!!

The whole world teaches about this amazing Grace, EXCEPT those who claim to be the TRUE CHURCH !!!          of course, they are Jews… and never believed CHRIST  and the amazing Grace.

That is the gospel from which Paul did not want the gentiles to fall away from. God Has revealed to HWA, that the gentiles are saved by grace. If he preached about the gospel of grace, then people would not fund him to live his royal life !!! So he had to play his sales tactics and preached what the members wanted to hear…. The end is near… five years, ten years, this decade… we go to a place of safety… I am the apostle… God gave me permission to change the name of the church and I organized a corporation… and there is “ONE” man government… we are happy that he is not alive… otherwise people should throw real stones… How many lives and families he deceived ? Our whole lives were ruined and many families are divided… he believed in himself instead of CHRIST … this is why he said, there wont be any one to qualify as him to lead the church… that no one has education or experience as he is !!! we were fools but not any more as God Has enlightened our minds with these mysteries… as CHRIST , our LORD says…


Here is what GF wrote in ‘doctrinal changes”..

Pg 20…”HWA said the big problem of the protestants was their preaching about the person of Christ while rejecting His message”…the booklet ‘who was Jesus’ is mostly about the person of Christ. it’s the direction we need to be concerned about…”… }}}…This shows, HWA and GF condemns those who believe in the ‘PERSON” of Christ.  But, the gospel which Paul preached to gentiles, talks about the doctrine of CHRIST  ! we are also taught to not to fall away from that doctrine even if an angel comes from heaven and preaches !  we certainly know the ‘angel of light’… we would not be deceived any longer… as we obey, CHRIST , our LORD !!!  Christ’s “message” of “call to repent” was not for any one , but to the “unbelieving Jews, who are His own, who did not believe Him as He said earlier. The “message” Christ preached to them is  as we have proven, is to ‘REPENT’…‘REPENT’…‘REPENT’..….‘REPENT’!!!


This is why, He Has come now… to expose and purify, and to make them repent… before all things ends, you will have to believe Him… He is now in Galilee…!!! In the Mountain where He assembles… !


The Protestants did not need to repent as they were not under the Law and are not called. So they can believe anything if God does not reveal it to them. Only the ‘spiritual’ Jews, who are alive at Christ’s second coming,  and "Times of Refreshing", only need to repent and be washed, as they are filthy. We proved that it is only during the "Times of Refreshing" , that God requires all those who were given the Law  to repent, which is now.


As the “wife”, we should be concerned about our Husband. Not about the  Father. We do not know whether there is a Father, if Christ, our Husband didn’t tell us in the first place.! The wife is not ready, as she is looking to the Father, but the Father sent His Son to prepare His bride. But,  it is the “SON” who marries, feeds, directs, guides, provides, creates and even saves her and will present  her to God one day. Christ said, if you can’t understand earthly things, ( John 3: 12) how can you understand heavenly things.? If you cannot understand Christ, who came down from heaven, how could you have understood about God the Father, who Is in heaven? Other than what Christ revealed to us about the Father, no one knows about Him.


Father wants us to get to Know His Son and marry Him and that is why all authority is given to Him. He is waiting in Heaven UNTILL ALL THINGS, INCLUDING HIS WIFE is being restored,  to come down. The wife is wearing strange apparel and not fine linen. This is why, Christ formed His own body, ( the new temple, the gentiles ) who could be directed by the Head, who Is Christ, to bring or restore the wife or make her wear fine linen so He can marry. It is not the “Father” who will marry us, but the “SON”. We must get to know Him first. The Word says, only in the ‘JUDGMENT” that about God The Father will be revealed. We get to know God The Father, also through Christ. He said, I and My Father are One… and we could be too. If you have seen Me, you have seen the Father…the New testament wife is required to submit to the Husband and not to His father. Even the old test, Wife was married to CHRIST  and not to God The Father.  


Christ said, many false apostles and prophets will come….He warned. They are not out side, but inside where His wife is. A good wife would know when someone tries to seduce her away from her husband. But this woman always had a degenerative heart and wants to go after other men all the time. ( Eze 16: 30 – 40 ,  20: 16 We are witnesses of this matter )  if you plan to get married, should not the women must adapt to be submissive to her husband and not to their fathers?.... God the Father Has given everything to the ‘Son”. Kingdom, judgment, authority and everything. By rejecting the Son, the wife rejected all this. The Son left the Father and came to shed His blood to redeem the wife. Forget about the Jews in “Christ’s time”, and think about who are now in the church. After feeding and giving everything by Christ, look what PCG, the wife did in the very last hour? . Eze 16 explains everything. It is she who broke the marriage covenant and became a murderous harlot , How difficult it is to bring a harlot to wear fine linen ?  She hides her sins… Christ exposes them. They have denied Christ. He was sent by God The Father. By denying His sent Son, they denied Him also. Father Had to leave His own Son when He took the sins… and now, He left His wife also… as she has refused to be ready.



Pg 21;….” When they ( WCG) discontinued MOA with criticism and then introduce “Who Was Jesus” …. It reveals a dangerous direction – away from what God taught us through HWA. }}}….  Did “God” teach that to HWA ??? GOD wants everyone to come to Him, through the Son !  Follow the blind… and fall in to the ditch. !A true wife would know, who is being sent by her husband with His messages. God taught many things through HWA but he later seduced Christ’s wife and named her under his name as we have written. He became a false apostle, unlike Peter , Paul, James etc…. she forgot the warnings she was given by His true followers. She still continues to believe that it is HWA, who will take her in to eternity. Then, the follower of HWA, he took the whole church to Bamah to break the covenant !!!  as CHRIST ’s wife, we should criticize those who do not talk about Him as we can see… or, as the gentiles are warned.!


TP booklet –page 73-

“Mr.Armstrong was and still our spiritual father. God’s leaders are chosen from this group.— ---This is the chariot that will carry us into GOD’S GLORIOUS ETERNITY.”….}}}… we have no words to explain how deceived this person is to believe and teach God’s people such  lies. He gives CHRIST ’s place to a human who destroyed God’s church and lived luxuriously by the wealth of the poor who were deceived !!! did HWA die for our sins ? did God give him such a commission ? Apostle James  rightfully said…. This is not the wisdom coming down from above, but is earthly, beastly, devilish. Jas 3:15 


GF even wrote that in PCG all the prophetic events have been fulfilled in the last hour, as  Apostle Jude’s, Apostle James’  and Apostle Peter ’s  two are being revealed. CHRIST  ,Her husband sent message after message….


Here is what he wrote in RV Jan 2006..

Pg 1 “Of the NT epistles,…. James, John’s three, Peter’s two and Jude…. All seven of these epistles have been revealed in the last hour. it started with the revelation from 1 John. Since that time … PCG has been following all of the prophetic events that have occurred … they are urgent books …. God Has revealed to PCG, so far. … They are most specific, particular epistles you will ever read. ..}}}….certainly God revealed it to her to warn her.

That is the hour, she could not watch, but slept. That is the hour, JESUS CHRIST dropped sweat like blood. She failed to heed all the warnings… they were His eye witnesses and two of them are brothers. Besides, if God revealed it to PCG, it should be fulfilled in PCG as no other gets to listen to tapes any more.  CHRIST   did not stop from there…. He sent others… those who witnessed the actual act of her adultery… this time, they are strangers… the little children, …


Mat 10:42  And whoever gives only a cup of cold water to drink to one of these little ones in the name of a disciple, truly I say to you, In no way will he lose his reward.

Mar 9:41  For whoever gives you a cup of cold water to drink in My name, because you are of Christ, truly I say to you, In no way he will lose his reward. …}}}…. CHRIST  knew that He would send little ones in HIS NAME… we already proved that GF did not even give a cup of water to the little one… “because you are of CHRIST ”….it  confirms that CHRIST  will send the little ones… and in any other time, the little ones did not go to the leader in CHRIST ’s name. 



Mat 25:43 “… I”…. was a stranger, and you did not take Me in; naked, and you did not clothe Me; sick, and in prison, and you did not visit Me. …}}}…Christ would not come as a stranger if not to do something important. We , are those strangers, who witnessed her adultery which we went and told her to stop. And then, she threw us out… , pulled our robes and made us naked spiritually as Mic 2: 9 says. and put us in prison… and no one to this day have searched for us or any of those who opposed her adultery. How angry the LORD will be with her?... Eze 34….


Mat 25:44  Then they also will answer Him, saying, Lord, when did we see You hungering, or thirsting, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister to You?


Mat 25:45  Then He will answer them, saying, Truly I say to you, In so far as you did not do it to one of these, the least, neither did you do it to Me. }}}…If they did not accept the warnings came from the closest friends and brothers of Christ, would she accept the strangers who come in the name of her husband ??? besides, the “LEAST”, or the unimportant and poorly dressed up ones ? …. She is rich and no need of her husband… He supplied all the good things… till she was fed to the full and forgot her LORD ! ( Eze 16: 8- 14). She forgot what her Husband taught her… “PURE AND UNDEFILED RELIGION”, before God the Father  is:.. to visit orphans and widows in their afflictions, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world. }}}…It was His brother who said that to her ( Jam 1: 27). Which GF even wrote in the above RV.


 Christ defined God’s Law ; ‘to love God’ and to ‘love your neighbor’, NOT TO LOVE YOURSELF ! God says, the shepherds have not done so till the kingdom comes. This is why, the heavenly kingdom or the government is needed, the Husband ruling her with the rod of iron, with those strangers. This is why they continued the covenant in Isa. 56: 3 – 8 and their offerings are taken in God’s altar as ‘pure’… Mal 1: 11.  The “least” will bring her to God… Jer 49: 20,  50: 45.


 This is also why, God commands, before He accept their prayers, when they fast, they are  to bring in the strangers. ( Is 58:7)… He was prophesying that one day, He would come in the strangers. The shepherds never cared for the cast out ones, whose robes were pulled out when they became God’s enemy as Mic 2: 9 says.


Back to Doctrinal changes…

Pg 21;….“ HWA wrote in June 24 1985 WWN… when the early church changed its focus to a false Jesus and false gospel. Here is what he said;…

           “That day of ‘first fruits’ the church was born… it thrived and grew amazingly, but soon opposition and persecution set in. by AD 51, much of the church in Galatia had turned to another gospel. ( Ga; 1: 6-7) A violent controversy arose… the gospel to be preached was the gospel OF Christ or a gospel ABOUT Christ. The latter won out… …. The true church survived, but gradually lost much of Jesus’, teaching and biblical truth. But the struggling true church still had the name church o f God, … .}}}…If HWA and GF teaches the correct gospel, why are we admonished that we do not need any one to teach us in the last days and Christ will teach ??? which gospel was preached to Galatia??? By Apostle Paul ??? Galatians were preached about the gospel about CHRIST , as grace comes through CHRIST …



Gal 1:6  I marvel that you so soon are being moved away from Him who called you into the grace of Christ, to another gospel, }}}}…..some are trying to turn away the Galatians to another gospel, from THE GRACE OF Christ. …the gospel which was preached to Galatians by Apostle Paul was about the doctrine of CHRIST  or the Gospel of Grace, THROUGH CHRIST  ! So it is about CHRIST  !  . Paul does not want them to turn away from that . ( later also the Jews will be saved by grace ) . It has to be the ‘Jews’ who wants all to live like them, and not knowing the gospel of grace, who would have been trying to teach these gentiles to turn to their gospel. This is what Paul was trying to stop. Do you see now, why CHRIST  accuses the leaders of the church for not believing in Him ????.... they reject CHRIST  to save them and want HWA to take them to eternity…. God is a jealous God… He will not give His glory to another… Isa. 48: 11,  42: 8…. This happen when they are sitting in darkness and when CHRIST is being a light to gentiles….which is NOW.  And also Mal 2: 2… so who are false apostles and false prophets who are trying to teach Galatians another gospel??? It is HWA and GF.



1Jn 2:27  And the anointing which you received from Him abides in you, and you have no need that anyone teach you. But as His anointing teaches you concerning all things, and is true, and is not a lie, and as He taught you, abide in Him.}}}… CHRIST  Has anointed the little ones… you see, they are the ones who are being sent in CHRIST ’s name… we do not need any chariots which are in Egypt and will be destroyed in the sea to teach us.


This is said to the little children… and they are the gentiles as we have proven. These little children, by now, have received from Christ, and they are anointed and they are taught concerning ALL THINGS, and the TRUTH… and NOT A LIE…. And He, Christ Himself Has taught them, just as He taught Apostle Paul ….they are the new lamp and the horn. When did Christ anoint the little children?...In ‘Judgment’, when the Jews became blind or when God blinded them, then, the little children began to see… and became wise…, and the wisdom of wise perished…., they stumbled in the Corner stone which the gentiles are being built. If the new temple is built on the Corner Stone, which is Christ, that alone shows, that we should concentrate more on the ‘Corner Stone”.    Read the rest of this chapter to find out who are the liars… who says, they know Him , but do not keep His commands… but those who keep His Word, who are the little children or gentiles at this time, God has perfected them… the darkness is passing away… the true Light already shines… v 8 . Is 60: 3… we are to be a light to Israel. And now, as we are being a light, the darkness is passing away.



Heb 1:2  in these last days He spoke to us in the Son, whom He appointed heir of all; through whom He indeed made the ages; ….}}}… In the last days, Christ is teaching the gentiles, as He Has come as a thief to purify the ministry… all things, the truth is being taught. But rich people’s gold is corroded ( Jam 5: 3). CHRIST  , is the heir of all things… we are serving the owner of the whole universe or what ever there is… you are serving a dead man… worshiping and raising the condemned work … including his rock which he prayed near, and wooden things and ornaments which he used to worship Cyrus !!!!


But the struggling true church still had the name church o f God???....}}}… WCG and others who believe HWA is the Elijah, and follows his teachings, do not even have the ‘NAME” church of God… they have the name; “corporate” organization ; “ Herbert W Armstrong, apostle for the worldwide church of God, a corporation sole”…???.}}}… they do not even have the Name of God on them!. That is the truth and IT IS WRITTEN FOR ALL TO SEE AND PROVE it . !  Some false apostles and prophets…even trying to deceive the elect and turn away the Galatians to another gospel !


If HWA and GF are correct, why Did Christ Has to come as a thief to purify them?... why the last seventy years they were in Babylon? Why Does Christ Has to come and teach us?... GF’s lust is for another man… and not Christ. They are lovers of themselves as Paul taught… covenant breakers, and everything else despicable in God’s sight…exalting one another instead of their husband. GF is centering HWA in all his teachings instead of preaching the true CHRIST .  


Pg 22… It is false teachers that cause love to wax cold WITHIN THE CHURCH. … The church is not apt to be deceived by people OUTSIDE God’s church. The Bible shows that God’s church is usually deceived from within.”… }}}…. Of course this is true. If the church is deceived within, then who are to be blamed?... shouldn’t it be the leaders who deceive?... GF wrote in MM that one whole church era was deceived by the high priest, who he says is Mr Tkach. God condemns the last high priest…, alive at Christ’s coming, which he said in 2004, that he fulfills that role.  Mr T never assigned scripture as pg 18 of this book says. it is HWA and GF are the ones who taught lies as we have proven. These are Rom 1: 29- 32, and 2 Tim 3: 2… they love themselves and not Christ their Husband ! Now, as the Spirit is given to us, these evil men are consumed…


Incredible Human  Potential  pg 154…

“Paul wrote… I marvel that you are so soon removed from him that called you in to the grace of Christ unto another gospel…. Which is not another, but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ…. Gal 1: 6- 7.) again, in Rom 1: 18… For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and wickedness of men who by their wickedness SUPRESS THE TRUTH” … and in 2 cor 11 Paul speaks of false apostles of satan ( v 13- 15) who come preaching “another gospel” ( v 4, 13, 15). }}}…….which gospel did Paul preach which he did not want the Galatians ( gentiles ) to not to turn away from ???? as we proved earlier,… it is the GRACE OF CHRIST ….which HWA and GF are trying to turn us away…. The gentiles heeded the words of CHRIST  and now too they are heeding…


Gal 1: 6- 7.)………

Gal 1:6  I wonder that you are so quickly turning back from the One having called you by the grace of Christ to another gospel,

Gal 1:7  which is not another; only there are some troubling you, even determined to pervert the gospel of Christ. }}}…. These gentiles were preached about the “grace of Christ. …. Do you get that ???.... Have you ever heard the gospel about ‘GRACE OF CHRIST’??? Now, the “Grace of Christ” did not need these gentiles who did not have the Law to REPENT OR BE WASHED. … they are given salvation not by works  because of  CHRIST’S  GRACE…..   Get this straight… the gentiles, did not have to repent, nor should listen to those leaders who come and tells us that we need to be circumcised, we need to keep the Law etc… ( we know we must keep the Law and we have kept the covenant also ) . The gospel, which was preached to these Galatians, is the gospel of grace… they have the salvation by grace, which you too will be as Peter said in Act 15… it is from this gospel of GRACE, which Paul did not want them to turn away.


{{{{The Word ‘repent’ in strong’s is 3340. This means to “THINK DIFFERNTLY”, RECONSIDER…. When CHRIST  and Apostle Peter  said to “repent”, it is this word is which is used. This word is used many times in the first four gospels, but not even once till Rev 2: 5.  So none of Apostle Paul’s epistles which are written to gentiles, had this word…,  as they did not need to repent. It is the Jews, who need to think differently and to reconsider. }}}}


( that is the ‘grace” of Christ) any one who says, and wants to save in any other way, would be perverting the “truth”, …taught to gentiles , by Paul. So the ‘liars’ in the end time which Apostle Peter , Apostle Paul, and Apostle John warned about those who would be liars, and antichrists are the ones, who would be perverting the truth about CHRIST .! Such a person should be accursed. They  should be excommunicated. ! This is what the Law requires and when the judgments are over all will see who is accursed. It is no one but the false apostle HWA and false prophet GF who are doing that. No other church teaches that HWA will be the chariot who will take us to eternity !


V 8… we must not try to please men. If we do so, that is if we listen to any other gospel, other than that we are saved by grace through Christ, is a slave to people or men. }}} … this is why, those who hang on to such leaders, wanting to hear the perverted gospel of CHRIST , are slaves and are following beasts and having the image of the beast. but those who believed and are redeemed by the blood of CHRIST , are with Him, fighting such beasts as we proved.


V 11… the gospel which is preached to gentiles, by Paul, is not from men. V 12 shows, that gospel, was directly was taught by Christ.

V 14… Paul was zealous about the traditions of fathers. But that is why, Christ called him out of the traditions of men, which came from Jews, out from those traditions, and taught a different gospel. But HWA and GF taught about the traditions of men… This gospel, other apostles could not have known, as we shall see. So they could not have preached and neither the church leaders, as these are mysteries which not even angels or prophets knew, and THEY ARE TO BE REVEALED IN THE LAST HOUR, WHEN CHRIST  IS SWEATING LIKE BLOOD AND THEY ARE REVEALED TO THE GENTILES…


V 15… he was called from the womb, and once again by His GRACE. … The transgressor, who is the PCG leader also was called from the womb… as we proved, but to betray CHRIST  .

{{{Isa 48:8  Yea, you did not hear; yea, you did not know; yea, from then your ear was not opened; for I know that betraying you will betray and revolt from the womb; it was called to you. }}}…



V 16… God chose Paul to preach about Christ to gentiles. For that God revealed Christ to him. V 17… he did not go to apostles or to flesh and blood, then, Christ would have taught Him, in the desert. Why all this secrecy?  Why didn’t CHRIST  teach to all of them at once ???.... it is not for you to know until now…


V 22- 23 shows, that those who are in Judea, the Jews, said, now he preaches the gospel, the faith which he once tried to destroy. The Jews in Judea knew that they together with Apostle Paul, tried to destroy the faith which was delivered… And they, glorified God, in me…. that means, when Paul was preaching the gospel, God is glorified in the person who preaches the gospel. Now, the gentiles are glorifying God… as He called us to His NAME !!!


Gal 2: 1… AFTER 14 YEARS, Paul went to Jerusalem and gave them the knowledge about this new gospel privately to them.


V 9… James, Peter and John all accepted that grace is given to Paul and not the Law. V 3 says, Titus was not even asked to be circumcised… this is why, Apostle James, Apostle Peter  and Apostle John wrote the last few letters ;… Apostle James to scattered 12 tribes of Israel, condemning the rich and to have mercy, and they will be judged, and the poor are chosen by God to be in the kingdom. at this time, he called himself a ‘slave of JESUS CHRIST.”…. Apostle James actually trying to comfort them and he reveals what is happening now. He says, those who have the faith, are the poor. In chapter 5, he says, to call those who have faith, who are the elders to pray for the sick… before it is all over, the rich will have to call for the poor to pray for them,,… if they need the healing. Remember, these poor, had faith and moved the mountains ??? please read Israel will come out of sea

Or,  Mysterious harlot pts 1 – 7…



And then Apostle Peter  wrote the 1 letter to gentiles saying that they are the NEW PRIESTHOOD and everything that is explained , and they are the last hour elect ones as 1: 5, 20 says…


{{{{1Pe 1:2  according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, in sanctification of the Spirit to obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ: Grace and peace be multiplied to you. }}}…We are chosen by God The Father, and are sanctified by the Spirit, to obey and by the ‘blood of CHRIST ’… do  you need anything else to be saved???. Both God The Father, and JESUS CHRIST are involved in our salvation. But this is to happen in the very ‘LAST DAYS”  as v 5 and 20 says. v 3… we are given a LIVING HOPE… HAVING REGENERATED, through JESUS CHRIST. ….

V 4 …to an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled and unfading, having been kept in Heaven for you… and our faith, is much more precious than the riches of the rich… and we have the ‘REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST.!!!! }}}}


Apostle John also, understood and said that not to fall away from the doctrine of CHRIST … as we wrote earlier. Also, at this time they understood that they are slaves of JESUS CHRIST. and talked about what would happen in our days.


V 9 and 10 shows, that the gentiles, are the poor who Paul wants to preach the gospel to. Christ said, in Isa. 61: 1… He comes to preach the gospel to the poor. Mat 11: 5,  Luke 4: 18,  Luke 7 22 .

Isa. 61: 5 shows that these poor are feeding Israel. Everything was turned upside down at this time. The Jews were rejected and judged… gentiles are accepted and judging the Jews…


In this book of Galatians, Paul shows that he is not afraid of the Jews for being with gentiles, but gal. 2: 12 says, Peter was afraid and withdrew. They are called the circumcision. Peter denied Christ, and also the gentiles. It was after 3 + 14 years after that Peter denied to eat with gentiles. ( Gal 1: 18,  2: 1 , 11-12) so even after such a long time, Peter still could not understand the gospel , that it includes gentiles as well. Still, the children of the Jews living in our time as well, reject the gentiles. The truth of the gospel they do not know. But as above, Apostle Peter  finally learned the real gospel.


V 14.. to do so, is that they did not walk uprightly according to the ‘TRUTH” of the gospel…, that means, the gospel preached to gentiles, or the acceptance and grace shown to gentiles were not acceptable even to Peter at this time. If they, including Peter was not walking uprightly according to the truth of the gospel, then the true gospel is, that God wants gentiles also to have the same salvation, but not by the Law, but by grace as we shall further prove. V 14 proves, that Peter , a Jew, lives in the manner of gentiles… that is to show no respect to gentiles and not accepting gentiles to be one with them. but God and Christ, Have a different gospel to gentiles.. Peter was accused by Paul of not walking uprightly with the truth of the gospel, BECAUSE HE DID NOT WANT TO TAKE ANY PART WITH THE GENTILES. So the truth of the gospel is there is no difference between the Jews and the gentiles and they are saved first, by grace. The Jews expect gentiles to be like Jews.


V15…, it is the ‘gentiles’ who are sinners. Christ

came to save the sinners and not the righteous. Mat 9: 13…., Mar 2: 17, …. 1 Ti 1: 15., … if Christ came to save the “sinners”, and if they are the “gentiles”, then Christ Has come to save the “gentiles”. This is why, He preached a different gospel to gentiles. That is to save them by His grace. Jews want to save by their works. They want to become righteous by their works.


Gal 2:16, ( also Rom 3: 20)   Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified….}}}}….. even though we are not justified by the works, God sees our hearts, whether we obey His Law and love His Law. Any one who loves God, would want to keep the Law. God sees the heart and not sacrifices…He knows whether we want to be honest with the Law keeping or not or want to break the Law. He knows that no one can keep His Law other than His own Son. He knew that from the beginning when He laid the foundations to the world and reserved the Lamb, and other lambs….  He wants mercy, justice and faith as Christ said to Pharisees. If we say we love God and continues in sin, that means purposely throw out those who keep the Law, ( disfellowshipping IN LOVE --- HA HA HA ! ), God would not have mercy on those who show no mercy as Apostle James said. He said it right on time when they show no mercy.


2: 19…. Through Law, Paul died … this is why all the Jews who follow after the Law, who are given the Law, being unable to be justified, are dead now. Gal 3: 10… those who are under the Law, are cursed. Apostle Paul taught this to Romans also.


V 21… if we can be saved through the Law, then Christ died ( died in vain )Without cause. Those who want to be perfect and build godly character by keeping the Law, are now dead and that includes HWA and GF as they are Jews who teaches that we have to build godly character by keeping the Law.


Gal 3;5… these gentiles have the Spirit and the Spirit is doing a working of power in us…. V 6… because even as Abraham believed God, and counted righteous, so are these gentiles, who are the poor, are rich in faith. ( Jam 2: 5). God condemns the Jews having no faith. Christ said, ‘can Son of Man find faith when He comes?” . that means there is no faith among the Jews and that is why they do not worship God in Spirit and truth. but these are sons of Abraham.


V 8… the gentiles will be justified by faith, was preached… this is a part of the gospel, which was preached even to Abraham.. that all the gentiles, will be blessed, through him. So, beginning from Abraham’s time, to justify the gentiles through faith was planned and it was a part of the true gospel. Abraham even knew about Christ. ( John 8: 56). Gen. 12; 3.  18:18,  22: 18…. Through Abraham, all the nations will be blessed and will be heirs according to promise. This is the gentile salvation, which comes because of faith. They believed and have faith. So, the gospel about bringing gentiles by grace, faith and mercy was planned by God from the beginning.


Gal 3:11  And that no one is justified by Law before God is clear because, "The just shall live by faith." Hab. 2:4}}}…so now we know it is the gentiles who have the faith and then, they are the ‘just’. James 5 proves this too. In the last days, the ‘just’ are killed. That is the ‘poor’, who are rich in faith.


V 13… “Christ” redeemed us from  the curse. Those who are under the Law are under the curse. But CHRIST , redeemed us from that curse. This is why, we are already considered as born again, and have all knowledge and are the sons of light etc….( 1 Cor 12: 3,   1 Apostle John 5: 1, Gal 3: 10,  13,   )  as we shall prove further. But the Jews do not believe Him. Christ says, the hour would come that the Jews will not worship God in Spirit and in truth, not even one stone shall be left upon another, and love shall wax cold, can  Son of Man find faith when He comes, would they believe Him? Would they believe that Christ Has spewed them out of His mouth? As long as they have physical goods and digging the ground to find where king David lived, they think they can sit on king David’s throne… !... as CHRIST  said, when the Spirit of TRUTH comes, as now Has as the witness to the ‘truth’ is being fulfilled, it is Holy Spirit who speak through us.


V 14… the “SPIRITUAL” blessings of Abraham, comes to gentiles, in Christ… we now have the Spirit through faith as we proved. The rest of the chapter shows that through Christ and promise , gentiles have become heirs according to promise. So the salvation of the gentiles, was promised to Abraham, by God.


Gal 4:4-  5… to redeem the ones under Law, when the fullness of time, God sent His Son. The time to redeem them is now. This is why, Christ Has come in the clouds as we have proven and as v 6 says, we are sons and we have Christ’s Spirit ….so since we have Christ’s Spirit, we can call God,… “Father”. They are the ‘sons of God”.


V 7….we are no more  slaves. We proved from the Word, that the gentiles are slaves, while the Jews are called ‘sons and daughters”. Now, these strangers, the slaves have held fast to the covenant, and their sacrifices are accepted by God, ‘BETTER THAN SONS AND DAUGHTERS”. ( Isa. 56: 3-8, Mal 1: 11). These are the slaves, the men and maid servants who were promised of the Holy Spirit in Joel 2: 28-29. they are the ones who held fast also, as in Rev 3: 10- 12. after the Philadelphia  era leaders became the synagogue of satan


V 8 further proves that we were slaves…

V 9… God knows them and they know God…


Gal 4: 29… the one after the flesh, that is Ishmael, persecuted Isaac, and even now, the gentiles who are slaves, are persecuting the children.


Gal 5:…. We have freedom because Christ made us free and we will not be slaves any more. All the Jews who did not believe in Christ, as we have proven, are still slaves of “men”.


Gal 5:2  Behold, I Paul say unto you, that if ye be circumcised, Christ shall profit you nothing..}}}…that is if you are a Jew, CHRIST  cannot profit them… as they are under curse.


Gal 5:3  For I testify again to every man that is circumcised, that he is a debtor to do the whole law.

Gal 5:4  Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace. }}}….the Jews, who are circumcised, cannot be profited by Christ… they have no grace now, but will have later.


V 5… we , through Spirit, which we have, eagerly wait for hope to be righteous, because of faith.

V 6… for in Christ, whether Jews or gentiles, does not matter, but we should have faith, and love.


V 10 - 12… those who trouble us, … that is none other than the rich circumcised people, will be judged. Up to v 22… those who are still not redeemed have such character… and they cannot be in the kingdom of God…


V 22 explains the fruits of the Spirit. Since the gentiles have the  spirit, they have such character… says God. !


Gal 6: 12 onwards Paul condemns those who are circumcised and who ask gentiles to be circumcised also… this is what HWA also said.


First century Jews said to gentiles, that they have to be circumcised to be saved… we wrote this in earlier parts… here is what HWA said to gentiles… also we wrote in earlier parts.

 PG 83;…..”No gentile can become a Christian until he becomes an “Israelite”…. You have to become an “Israelite” to be saved…

 Pg 84…” You can have no salvation unless you become, spiritually, a JEW!!! “….}}}…Now compare what  the first century Jews said to gentiles….


Act 15:1  And going down from Judea, some taught the brothers, saying, If you are not circumcised according to the custom of Moses, you cannot be saved.

Act 15:5  But there rose up certain of the sect of the Pharisees which believed, saying, That it was needful to circumcise them, and to command them to keep the law of Moses. }}}… they came from Judea, and as CHRIST  said in Mat 24, they are to come again from Judea, and this is why CHRIST  said to true followers to flee from Judea as we wrote in our writing “ Flee from Judea.


And then what did Apostle Peter , say;….

Peter rose up, and said unto them, Men and brethren, ye know how that a good while ago God made choice among us, that the Gentiles by my mouth should hear the word of the gospel, and believe.

Act 15:8  And God, which knoweth the hearts, bare them witness, giving them the Holy Ghost, even as he did unto us;


Act 15:9  And put no difference between us and them, purifying their hearts by faith….


Act 15:10  Now therefore why tempt ye God, to put a yoke upon the neck of the disciples, which neither our fathers nor we were able to bear?


Act 15:11  But we believe that through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ we shall be saved, even as they.


In other words, he is saying unless you become circumcised, you cannot be a Jew… these are the liars and THE ANTI CHRISTS… These are the false doctrines, the commandments of men, the traditions of the fathers, which the Jews still trying to deceive even the gentiles.. This is why CHRIST  said, they will if possible, deceive the elect… we know having understood this Gospel of Grace Apostle Peter  wrote that the elect are the gentiles in 1 pet 1…



Mal 3:15  And now we call the proud happy; yea, they that work wickedness are set up; yea, they that tempt God are even delivered. }}}…THE ‘PROUD” are those who are rich, which Apostle James condmend as we have already proven. they tempt God and go free… they do their own teachings… this is the time, those who feared God separated as we have already proven. this further shows, these beasts are to arise in the very last moments… at the separation of the Jews and the gentiles.. read “the Last hour church split…


Do you get that????  do you get it ….? The ministers in all of the churches of God, do you get that???.... Through CHRIST , through the Grace of ‘CHIRST”… we shall be saved FIRST and you later…This is why, Apostle John and Apostle Peter  and Apostle James wrote that there are brute beasts… , (as Apostle Jude said, they are clouds without water, but we are clouds full of water which will drown you…) who would pervert the grace of God… and those who believe and have faith are already saved, sealed and are born again… they are transformed, but still humans… their salvation was planned by God before He laid the foundations of the Jewish world  as we have already proven… we are the ‘sons of light’,… and God, or CHRIST , in their glory, cannot come, until you are ready. 


Eph 1: 4, 1 Pet 1: 20, says, the gentiles are chosen before the foundation of the world… this is why CHRIST  said, in Mat 13: 35… I will “I will open My mouth in parables; I will speak out things hidden from the foundation of the world."….Now these hidden things are revealed as you can see…. This is why, CHRIST  tells us to inherit the kingdom, which was prepared by God The Father, before the foundation of the world.. ( Mat 25: 34) .  if GOD Has chosen us before the foundation of the world, as He reserved the Lamb before the foundation, and loved Him before the foundation of the world, GOD would have loved us also to be His children before the foundation of the world ( Joh 17: 24…) This is why, as we fight with CHRIST  to defeat the beast, our names are written in the book of life, before the foundation of the world ( Rev 13: 8, 17:8)



These are the Jewish fables, which Apostle Paul was trying to get rid off… This is why, God condemns the leaders in the Philadelphia  era as the “synagogue of satan”…. they do not believe through the “Grace of CHRIST ”, we can be saved, nor they want us to keep the Law of Moses… and become an Israelite…. This teaching is against the gospel of CHRIST ….God gave the Spirit to Cornelius, even before being baptized. these leaders in God’s true church are the LIARS… THE WICKED ANTICHRISTS !!! only those who are in Judea’ could be antichrists…


Joh 1:4  In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

Joh 1:5  And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.}…Who are in the darkness now? It is the children of “disobedience ;  Mat 8: 12, all Israel, Jam 1:1, as they have sinned. But we are the sons of light as we proved. So Apostle John understood in the end about the gospel of CHRIST .



(  1 Cor 7: 23) But if you willfully reject His blood, you do not belong to Christ and then you are a slave to sin}}}…This is why, the beasts are slaves to sin, instead of being a slave to CHRIST .

Joh 1:9  That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.

1 Joh 1: 5… God is Light and there is no darkness in Him. } …The light shines in darkness and now it is darkness over the throne of the beast but we have light.



The following scripture is taken from HWA’s books. But he thinks they apply to him and his followers. But they are all applying to gentiles… Apostle Peter  , Apostle James have written these having understood what Apostle Paul preached

TRUTH PRODUCES CHANGES, LEADS TO SALVATION: Gal.3:17-24; Eph. 1:14; Eph. 5:22-23; Phil. 1:19; Rom. 12:1-2; I Cor. 2:11-14

Mystery, is the ‘CHRIST ’, in US…the gentiles…

CHRIST IN US: Gal. 2:20; I Cor. 3:16; Jn. 14:17; II Pet. 1:3-4; Col. 1:27; Ga. 4:19; I Cor. 2:16; I Cor. 6:20; II Cor. 3:3; James 4:5. The greatest mystery is CHRIST  Is in the ‘GENTILES’…. He is working through the gentiles.. He Has come down in clouds, who are the gentiles…

SONS OF GOD: Rom. 8:14, 29; Gal. 3:26; Heb. 12:9; I Jn. 3:1… v 2 says, even though we are the sons of God, it does not appear yet, what we shall be…

1Jn 3:2  Beloved, now we are the children of God, and it was not yet revealed what we shall be. But we know that if He is revealed, we shall be like Him, because we shall see Him as He is.

This verse proves, that even though we are sons of God, we are not yet have become Spirit beings. Even though we are reigning with CHRIST  judging those who are under Law, we are still humans. Or, as Rev 20 says, when the leaders are put in the ‘lake of fire’, the first resurrection has already taken place, they are still humans… , or, as we have proven, the kingdom has still human. But, we are already passed from death to life… (1Jn 3:14  )We know that we have passed from death to life…. So the kingdom is a human kingdom when the judgments are on the earth… v 8… CHRIST  came to undo the works of the devil.. this is what the lake of fire would do as we have proven. ! Apostle John has written these last three epistles, after Apostle Paul taught him. So these apply to us now… as they are being revealed now.


Rev 3:12  The one overcoming, I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God, and he shall not go out any more. And I will write the name of My God on him, and the name of the city of My God, the new Jerusalem which comes down out of Heaven from My God, and My new name. }}}…. This is after the Philadelphia  era, when the leaders became the synagogue of satan. Now we know who have overcome… they are the gentiles, and the very few Israel brethren who are with us, who accept Christ’s blood as we have proven, who are supporting in their prayers and financing our web site etc,,, and encouraging us as they are faithful to Christ. they are very precious in God’s sight and even they say, we are Israelites, but now we have become spiritual gentiles… ! God sees their attitudes just as He saw ours, when we faithfully obeyed Him and His leaders before the fell.


Luk 22:28  But you are those continuing with Me in My temptation}}}… even in this end time, after the work of the Philadelphia  era, Christ’s work is being tried. In Rev 3: 10… because you ( those who over came, who are the gentiles ) kept the Word of “MY PATIENCE’….they are the strangers, as Isa. 56: 3- 8, and Mal 1:11… and Isa. 28: 21… the ‘strange’ work, and Gal 3: 5,  Is 61;5,  and all other scripture, we have written about the gentiles….

Christ said to apostles that He appoint them a kingdom…( v 29)  but at that time, they did not have a kingdom. But now, those who kept Christ’s patience are given a kingdom. V 30… they are given the opportunity to eat with Him, (the sons are thrown in to outer darkness, when the gentiles from east and west came and sat in the kingdom ) and they are told by Christ;…


You will sit on thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel.”….Now, is the judgment. All the twelve tribes are gone in to captivity. ( Eze 16: 52,  Jam 1: 1). The kingdom God appointed is to ‘judge’ the 12 tribes, who failed. The leaders failed. That is why we need a kingdom to execute Law, and judge those who were given the Law. So, this is a prophecy for our time, when the judgments have come upon the earth ( church). Rev ………….says, Christ is reigning during the judgment. That means His kingdom has come. So now, we are judging the 12 tribes of spiritual Israel, who needs to be judged. This is the hour which needs to be judged. In Rev 12 , the 12 tribes are mentioned as trampling the new moon, who are the gentiles.  After appointing them, Christ said, satan is aksing for Peter to sift him as wheat.  


In v 32 Christ said… And when you have turned back, ( or converted)  confirm your brothers.”…}}}  … at this time, after spending three and half years with Christ, Peter was not fully converted. He did not know what he was saying when he said, in the following verse.


Peter is to strengthen the brethren. He is to take care of the flock. And he said, I am ready to go to PRISON and DEATH.  }… Peter is like the high priest now, ( GF) who is leading the church. But he “DENIED’ Christ… not once but three times. Now, GF, has denied Christ three times also as we have proven. He betrayed Christ by allowing the wolves to come and devour and take away the wife of Christ , away from the covenant. ( The Bamah matter; ) He became the biggest liar just like the high priest Joshua now. He lied three times. And what happened to the high priest now?... Peter was prophesying that he would go to prison and death. Now, the whole church is dead spiritually, and are in prison. The fact that we are being revealed these last hour prophecy shows, that God Has rejected them… Apostle Peter  also later understood what CHRIST ’s love is towards all humans and He came to save the whole humanity and not only the Jews. This is why, after he understood he wrote the last two epistles… .


In KJV, the Word ‘grace” in the four gospels are written only 4 times. All four times it talks about Christ, how He Had grace of God. In the whole New testament, it is written 130 times. And we will see that to whom the grace is given … Pro 3: 34 says, God gives grace un to the lowly.  The proud and the rich, who are the leaders as Mal 3: 15, and Dan 11: 36  and James says, are out…! ( they need a big needle with it’s eye size as big as their heads to enter in to the kingdom !)  We can see that now that is being fulfilled.  Pro 22: 11 says, who has a “pure heart”, shall have “grace”. We know, that gentiles only  have a pure heart as we have proven.  Zech 12: 10 says, God will give the Spirit of grace upon the house of David…it is the ‘righteous Branch” who is now serving king David as we proved in earlier parts.

Act 4: 32 says those who “believed”  were of one heart, and to give witness of the resurrection of the LORD they were given great grace. Now, as we witness to Christ’s coming in the clouds, and also have one heart and believes, we are given grace also.

Acts 11 says, Greeks , Hellenists were preached about the LORD JESUS CHRIST , v 21 --- and grace of God was seen…on these gentiles…  

Acts 14 also says the same thing and the Jews and gentiles were separated because of this gospel of grace which was a new thing to Jews. Now too, the Jews and the gentiles are divided because of  the grace of God. Jews, who are under wrath, as they have broken the Law and are being judged, and gentiles, are saved by grace…I heard recently SF wrote an article about ‘grace’… and he still believe that he can be saved by keeping the Law. He says so subtly..  

Act 15: 11 Peter says, v 9 God seen the hearts of gentiles, and purifying by faith, they are saved by grace.

When some raised questions regarding the gentiles conversion and whether they need to keep the Law, Peter said, ;….

Act 15:11  But through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, we believe to be saved, according to which manner they also…}}… Peter is saying that Israel will be saved; in the same manner the gentiles were saved. Peter knew at this time, that even he will be saved by GRACE finally, as the gentiles were.  V 14, James also says, God visited the ‘GENTILES” first to take out some for His NAME. This means, God’s grace was on the gentiles, before it comes upon Israel. V 8- 9 says, God, knowing the heart of the gentiles, gave them the Holy Spirit. But, Holy Spirit was given to Israel first. When the Laodicean era came, God cut off His Spirit from them and blinded them. then, the gentiles were given the Spirit to fulfill all prophecies about the foolish nation , provoking the Jews to jealousy, and the wise men to become fools, and as Christ said, “ I thank thee Father that you have revealed these things to babes”.

In Paul’s letters , beginning from Romans to Philemon, I did not find even once he tells the gentiles to repent. In the book of Acts , as we wrote earlier, God Has already granted the repentance to the gentiles, as they are chosen by His grace and after God granted the grace to them only the Word went to gentiles. This is all planned to make the Jews jealous.

In act 20: 22.. Paul said, when he is going to Jerusalem, he was saying that he expects trouble…

V 24;… the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God. }}}…. It is God is He who gives grace even to Christ and to gentiles… this is why, we need to Repent toward God and have faith toward LORD JESUS CHRIST. if we do not repent, we would not come under the grace of God. it is God, who sent Christ with the gospel of grace to preach to gentiles. And then to Jews. Israel needs the repentance and forgiveness of sins Act 5: 31. This is what Christ commanded the apostles to preach to the lost tribes… repent and believe… and be washed… so the Jews should have faith towards Christ, as God sent Him to deliver them. if they do not have faith in Christ, they cannot be delivered. They never accepted Christ as we have proven. we know, after the work which was done to Jews, Christ sends Paul to gentiles. After the book of Acts, there are 14 letters were written to gentiles , by Paul.


For the ‘gentiles’, the baptism of “John”, was not enough or valid. For the Ephesian GENTILES, Paul reminded that John said to believe Christ, but  they need to repent in the name of Christ.   then, they were baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. Paul always stressed the fact that one needs to believe Christ and be baptize in to His name. ( Act 19: 1- 6)….this is what Israel must do also now. believe in Christ… 

Rev 17:14  These will make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb will overcome them, because He is Lord of lords and King of kings, and the ones with Him are the called and elect and faithful ones.


Who are the “called”???... certainly not any wise men NOW .!


Elect;??.... 1 Pet 1 proves, it is the gentiles, in the last times.


Faithful???... It is the new moon who are the gentiles…


True gospel;…

HWA wrote in “True gospel”…“Does it make any difference which gospel we believe? Listen to the answer of the eternal God as inspired in Paul’s letter to Galatians, the first chapter, the 8th and 9th verse.

But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. And it is made a double curse. For the next verse says, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed”. }}}….God, says, to GALATIANS”, that is to ‘gentiles’, after Jews totally rejected , to not to believe any gospel which comes from any one, other than God’s GOSPEL OF GRACE. If any one preaches them another, they will be cursed… this is why the curse is in PCG… no Holy Spirit… right now, it is God’s wrath is on them and not grace. This is why Christ and us are working hard, so that God can give them the grace.


Jesus said, he that believes and is baptized shall be saved. ….. the gospel, on the authority of Christ, . It is necessary to believe that precise identical gospel in order to be saved. }}}… As Peter said, finally, they will have to believe that we are all saved by grace finally, if they need to be saved…


Pg 4… The very first sermon by which God had the gospel preached to GENTILES, when Peter was sent to the house of the gentile Cornelius, recorded in the 10 th chapter of the book of acts, gives us very explicit directions for locating the one and only TRUE GOSPEL.


Open your own Bible. I want you to read this with your own eyes. This is what the inspired Peter said, as recorded in acts 10: 36 – 37. The Word which God sent unto the children of Israel, preaching peace by Jesus Christ. That Word, I say, ye know, which was published throughout all Judea, and began from Galilee, after the baptism which John preached. }}}}….“….John preached the baptism of “repentance”, to “Jews”. Not to gentiles. But, in Act 10, the gospel which is preached is ‘PEACE”…


Why did Peter preach the gospel, which gives us very explicit directions for locating the one and only true gospel to Cornelius a ?; “GENTILE’??? Cornelius received the Holy Spirit and his call came  after ten years ( see pg 5 , HWA says this happened after ten years) from the first Pentecost.  Why would, the very explicit directions for locating the true gospel, is preached to ‘GENTILES”??? On Pentecost,  Peter said, repent and believe….But this time, it is a gospel of ‘peace’…  Even that day, the tongues spoke in other languages, opening the salvation for many people… in the end, those who have over come, by the blood of Christ, who are with Christ, are from many nations and languages…. Why, this true gospel preached with explicit directions after ten years, to gentiles? This is a prophecy for our time. Besides, this gospel, is NOT KNOWN AMONG THE Jews and it is  about PEACE. The gospel or the covenant of peace was preached by the gentiles as our “Covenant of peace” writing proved from the Word. This gospel, began from Galilee, and it went to Judea .


HWA further wrote;…

Notice carefully these points 1) … with whom did this message  -- this gospel – orginate/ Peter said, the Word which God sent… 2) to whom did God send it? Peter said “Unto the children of Israel”. Although now, ten years later, this same gospel was being opened up to gentiles of all nations, originally it was sent to the children of Israel, and it was sent by God the Father. It did not originate with Jesus Christ, nor with Peter, nor with Paul. 3)  by whom was it sent? Who was the divine messenger who brought and preached the same message? Peter said. By JESUS CHRIST . He was the divine messenger. Malachi called Him the messenger of the covenant. that message, then, is the new covenant message, for Moses was the mediator of the old covenant, and Jesus Christ, of the new as affirmed by many scriptures. This message then, is the new testament gospel. Now, 4) where was it first preached> to what location…. Peter said, it began from Galilee, “… yes, Galilee… then, is the place where it was first preached. Not Jerusalem, Galilee….}}}}… it was first preached in Galilee, then, it is to the gentiles. But Israel will never want to believe that Christ has anything to do with the gentiles. ) This is why, he says, the gospel which was preached to Israel, is preached to gentiles also. Did we not prove that HWA is wrong? He thinks CHRIST  is only a MESSENGER….


Now these very definite directions lead us directly to the first chapter of mark. The first verse tells us this is the record of the beginning of the gospel of Christ. then, it relates the baptizing ministry of John, preaching, not the gospel, but ‘the baptism of repentance”… which prepares the way for the gospel, which the living God sent by Christ…. ( now, Christ Has come personally in the clouds and the rain , and as THE MESSENGER of the covenant, when the covenant was broken… that is when He stood up to judge and purify the ministry AND TO WIPE OUT WHAT HWA HAVE BEEN TEACHING .  That is when, they need to repent. HE IS CURSED AS HE PREACHES ANTOHER GOSPEL… notice the, ‘baptism of REPENTANCE prepares the way for the gospel… they needed to repent as they were given the Law, before they receive grace.


And then we come to verses 14 and 15: “Now AFTER John was put in prison” – there is the exact time for the beginning of the preaching of the TRUE GOSPEL --- “Jesus”  -  there is the divine Messenger by whom God sent it   --- “came in to Galilee”  - the precise geographical location. So we now have the TIME, the Israelites residing there TO WHOM God sent the message, the place, and the Messenger  --  so what ever we find Jesus preaching here is the one and only true gospel. }}…so the true gospel went after John was put in prison. So he could not have preached the true gospel. It was Christ Who preached it. John could not have preached the true gospel. But Christ, as the messenger of the covenant came to preach it. So HWA IS NOT A TYPE OF ELIJAH… the need for repentance is needed as we proved, during the "Times of Refreshing".


And what do we read? Jesus came in to Galilee PREACHING THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM OF God, and saying, the time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand” repent ye, and believe the gospel”…. }}}} Even now, when CHRIST  COMES TO Galilee, OF GENTILES, IS THE TIME WHEN THEY SHOULD PREACH TO OTHERS TO REPENT… AND BE WASHED… !  . As we saw earlier, this is a prophecy, in the end time, when the true gospel has to go, God will send the gentiles to call them to repent!


 “The time is fulfilled””… this is Luke 21: 22.., when all things are to be fulfilled. At that time the kOG was not near. But now is. This is a prophecy for us, when the time has come all things to be fulfilled. This is also the time of the judgment, the days of vengeance, when all to be fulfilled. At that time, the gospel is being preached, and they need to repent and believe, which Jews failed.


. God said, This is My beloved Son, hear Him. The sound came from the ‘clouds’… as now it is coming…from the clouds…  


Notice Jesus said, believe the gospel… what gospel? The one He was proclaiming - the gospel of the kingdom of God… }}}} Christ knew and called Paul and taught him away from the apostles to teach to gentiles… this is a new work… Christ said, I will not send you to gentiles, delivering from Jews… ( Act 28: 28,  ……………….) and He said… the gentiles will HEAR. So Christ knew that they will hear when Jews fail. For this reason, He came to die, shedding blood, to bring gentiles to Him, through His blood. When Christ said this message, it was near to the kingdom… but this happened when John is in prison so, he could not have heard the true gospel.. he even sent twice his disciples to ask Christ “ Are you the One”? He doubted.


“But, one may ask, don’t we need to believe on Jesus? Of course, other scriptures teah that. but at this particular time Jesus said we must belive Him -   believe what He said  -  believe the gospel of the kingdom of God… some believed on Jesus, but did not believe Jesus -  did not believe what He said. ( John 7: 31, 8: 30,  31,   46)… }}}….Malachi’s book reveals that none of the jewish leaders believed Christ.. this is why the covenant is broken… that includes HWA. He is not alive now, when the KOG is near. He came to His own, but His own did not receive Him. They killed Him and even now, they did not believe His blood to save them but Has crucified again … becoming guilty and they are sick and have infirmity. If we are to believe Christ as HWA says in pg 7, we should know what to believe. He is the Messenger… God’s messenger. IN this chapter He does not say, how to repent. But, later He showed, that it is His blood which brings us to God. God wants us to listen to Him. Every Word He uttered, we must believe. Both God and Father works together. All things are put under Christ’s feet. They are one. Only the gentiles believed and heard the gospel… as act 28: 28 says. they are the ones who see that the church is in captivity, as God Has shown it to gentiles. ( Ez. 39: 21- 23,  Jer 8: 19 ) To accept gentiles’ offerings as ‘PURE”, God prophecies, that it is the gentiles in the end who believed Christ.


Pg 7;…. This new testament time of GRACE:”….}}…”new testament time of ‘GRACE”???.. Hard to believe he would write such a statement???  New testament time of GRACE???... yes, Christ came to give ‘GRACE”… but it is ‘God’s grace… That is why He sent the “messenger”… to give grace for the “sinners” whom Jews think who are the gentiles. This is why, CHRIST  said, sinners and harlots will go before you in to the kingdom of GOD. in Mat 21: 31.



But the apostle Paul said to the Thessalonians, I would not have to  be ignorant of the very gospel which alone can bring us eternal life… “ … }}}…If Apostle Paul said, then it is the Gospel of Grace.


Pg 8….The Law and the prophets were until John : since that time the kingdom of God is preached. …. There was a definite time for this true New Testament gospel to begin. And, after John was put in prison, Jesus came to Galilee saying the time is fulfilled.  }}}… as we saw earlier, Christ began preaching the true gospel, AFTER John was put in prison. So John could not have known the true gospel. Besides, God Has not given the preaching of the gospel to John. It was not his job, nor the time to preach, but it was Christ , Who first preached and beginning from Galilee. Christ spent much time in Galilee which is the gentile city. ( read: Why did Peter deny Christ) therefore, HWA could not have preached the gospel, as he was not appointed. The real repentance is needed, after HWA’s death and even after PCG broke the covenant. The time for the gospel to be preached is when Christ first came to Galilee and now once again He Has come to spiritual gentile city of Galilee to preach that gospel once again. The time was not fulfilled until Christ came. and Christ is the King of kings, who rule with those who have over come by His blood. ( Rev 5: 9, 17:…….)  John said, the one who is coming after me, will baptize you with Holy Spirit and fire… ( Mat 3: 11) Now, is the time they need the fire. Also, Law and the prophets are till John, after that, it is ‘Christ’ who preaches




IHP pg 154

“The time was at hand, when Jesus preached, for this message to be announced !~ The time is at hand, today, for it is true meaning to be made so plain that people may understand it ( Mt 24: 14)”…}}} …. The time is up now…


To whom the gospel was preached?...


Isa 61:1  The Spirit of the Lord Jehovah is on Me, because Jehovah has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the meek. He has sent Me to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to captives, and complete opening to the bound ones;

Isa 61:2  to proclaim the acceptable year of Jehovah, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all who mourn;

Isa 61:3  to appoint to those who mourn in Zion, to give them beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, the mantle of praise instead of the spirit of infirmity, so that one calls them trees of righteousness}}}}….God anointed Christ, to preach the gospel to the “meek”… means the “poor”. As God chose the poor of the world to be rich in faith when all Israel went in to captivity, we know God’s people are the poor.  They are broken hearted. ( Psa 109: 16 says, those who were the poor, are shown no mercy by the wicked, as James says, are the broken in heart. ) Because a broken Spirit , broken and a contrite heart,  God accepts. ( Psa 51: 17).  We proved according to the Word, the poor are the gentiles, who are fatherless, widows , having no hope and strangers to the covenant ( Eph 2: 12) . When the rich oppress the poor, God stands to protect them ( Psa 109: 31). This is why, when the rich oppress the poor, God sent Christ, in the clouds, to give light to the poor, who are the gentiles. ( Is 42, Luk 2: 32). But this did not happen when He came the first time. He chose Paul to go to gentiles, knowing that they will hear Act 28: 28). Also, the rich continued to be wicked till the end of the laodicean era. So the poor has to be chosen, AFTER THE LAODICEAN ERA. That is the time the covenant is broken with all Israel, which happened when the poor were watching. Zech 11: 10-11, So Christ came to preach the gospel, to the ‘poor’. This is why; He started preaching the gospel beginning from Galilee of the gentiles.


Luk 4:18  "The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me. Because of this He anointed Me to proclaim the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me" to heal the brokenhearted, "to proclaim remission to captives, and to the blind to see again," to send away the ones being crushed, in remission,

Luk 4:19  "to preach an acceptable year of the Lord." Isa. 61:1, 2}}}}.. He only read that part in the first coming. Because the rest written in Isa., which Christ read, is to occur or be fulfilled, at His second coming


Luk 12:35  Let your loins be girded about, and the lamps burning,

Luk 12:37  Blessed are those slaves whom the lord will find watching when he comes. Truly I say to you that he will gird himself and will make them recline, and coming up he will serve them. }}}….The lamp of the laodicean church has gone out. It is not burning. The slaves are watching at night. Christ comes as a thief in the ‘night’. So we, are the ‘night’ watchers. We have proven from the word that the church leaders are sleeping and dead spiritually and we are the “night” watchers. So we, the ‘night’ watchers only will see Christ coming, b because He comes in the ‘night’, when all others are sleeping. 1 Thes 5.  The laodicean ministry is drunk, and that is night. But the gentiles perfectly know when He comes. It was night to the prophets as Micah says. and that made them not know even when Christ comes. they, they cannot be the watchmen. Also Isa. 56: 10 says, His watchmen are dumb dogs. They just agree with anything the leader, or the filthy Joshua says. they wonder at Joshua, instead of God.


Mat 10:20  For you are not the ones speaking, but the Spirit of your Father who speaks in you. }}}….it is God’s Spirit who works in us, when the time comes to witness. Who speaks.  ( Rev 11; 2,  15: 3, ) this shows, that God’s Spirit is with the gentiles, as the day of the Lord is when God comes down to fight for Mount Zion, which is the mother of us all, who has fallen. When the gates of hell, do not have God’s Spirit, the gentiles who witness will have God’s Holy Spirit. Christ said, the fruits prove a person who he is.  This is the comforter, which Christ said as above to send to lead us in to the truth.


1Jn 4:4  Little children, you are of God and have overcome them, because He in you is greater than he in the world.}}}…. We have already over come, ‘THEM”.. means the antichrists the beasts.. Because, “HE” is “IN” us… is greater, that is ‘CHRIST ! It is Christ’s blood which caused us to over come and GOD’s Spirit.


Joh 14:16  And I will petition the Father, and He will give you another Comforter, that He may remain with you to the age,

Joh 14:17  the Spirit of Truth, whom the world cannot receive because it does not see Him nor know Him. But you know Him, for He abides with you and shall be in you. }}}... it is the Jews who stopped worshiping in Spirit and truth as john 4: 21 says, and that is why the judgments are on the earth. They do not know Him, but He abides in us. CHRIST  came to witness to the ‘truth’ and now, we are witnessing to the ‘truth’, when there are liars…


Luk 18:24  And having seen him becoming very sad, Jesus said, How hardly those having riches shall enter into the kingdom of God!

This is why the Laodiceans who are rich cannot enter the kingdom of God. v 29… Christ said, one has to leave the house, parents, brothers, wife or children for the sake of the kingdom of God. has any of the leaders done this? They chased the widows from their houses, took them away from the children, as Mic 2: 9- 10 says. But they, themselves did not leave any of these. For Christ’s sake, the leaders cast us out, separated our families and even separated from our brothers and sisters. In V 28, Peter said, they have left all of those. V 31… this is the time, Christ said, all things will be fulfilled.


Joh 1:12  But as many as received Him, to them He gave authority to become children of God, to the ones believing into His name, }}}… we are already called the children of God, as we have received Him and believed Him. In these scripture it talks about CHRIST  and not God. We are called to GOD’s NAME as we have proven… so we carry His name, while others have the corporation of HWA’s name.


Joh 1:13  who were born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but were born of God. }}}…by now, all should know that it is the ‘gentiles’ finally are born of blood…



We give Honor and Glory to CHRIST  who is our LORD and God The Father, who is our GOD….


May your eyes be opened to the ‘truth’


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Gentile Assembly