Mysteries pt 4 – exposing evil works

In this writing we will quote from HWA’s early writings what he taught about gentiles governing Israel, as a judgment and what happened when Israel broke the marriage covenant , and from GF’s books how the last church era failed… first to continue from GF’s  writings, about the mystery… And how HWA said one thing and did another, and how he incorporated the church under his name and how he organized the church and the chart.  


Continue from “Prophesying again”…. GF wrote… Mystery

“God is right in the midst of His Church. Deuteronomy 23:14 says God would walk in the midst of the camp of Israel. But it gives a condition: the people had to be holy, or God would turn away and correct them severely. So it is with us today, only more SO..}}}….The Bamah matter proves how they became UNHOLY  and book of lamentations shows how and why and when God turned away from them and to correct them severely, He Has called an assembly to tread them down….


 There is a lot in this verse that we need to think about!...      The Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary…mistranslated "fellowship" means "to dispense now. . . what hereto­fore was a mystery hidden in His counsels." God's first fruits have to proclaim His message now. Every time God calls people and brings them into the truth, there is a fantastic work to be done. All seven Church eras had that responsibility. Most of them failed!}}}…. This quotation, is a continuation from part 2,,... about to whom the MYSTERY is revealed. All seven eras failed. That is why the “gentiles” are now called to declare the mysteries. Till the "Times of Gentiles" , the mysteries of God could not be delivered. The first fruits are the “poor”. GF’s ‘former prophets’ book says, it is the poor who are the first fruits.

Continue from same book…. "Unto [the prophets] it was revealed, that not unto them­selves, but unto us they did minister the things, which are now reported unto you by them that have preached the gospel unto you with the Holy [Spirit] sent down from heaven; which things the angels desire to look into" (1 Peter 1:12). The word desire is present tense. THE ANGELS ARE STILL FERVENTLY IMPASSIONED TO LEARN….}}}}…..This means, even when GF was writing this, the angels were still waiting to learn about this mystery. To give the kingdom to children of Israel, COULD NOT BE A MYSTERY. They were promised fo the kingdom. what is a mystery would be if God gives the kingdom to some other than Israel. If God gave the kingdom to PCG, it will not be a mystery.  In this chapter, Peter talks about how the “gentiles are called for salvation, in the “LAST TIME”,… as vs 5 and 20 says. These are the mysteries, no one even angels or prophets knew and STILL FERVENTLY wants to learn. Does GF understand what he has written here? We have explained this chapter in our writing “House of Prayer”. The church always thought that it is Israel, who are going to be first fruits. No one ever thought that God will turn to gentiles.. always the leaders taught the "Times of Gentiles" is that “physical” gentiles will conquer “physical” Israel….The church always want to keep the Law and do the right thing according to their own way. Just like those who were in Shiloh thought that God is bound to save them from the enemies, PCG too thought that the kingdom will never be taken from them. lamentations shows, how they are going to be ploughed like a field.  But, what the Word teaches, and even according to HWA’s and GF’s written articles, even unknowingly, even though they do not understand, shows that God’s NAME is on the gentiles and during this time, and Israel is blinded …. Prophets wrote about this work of the gentiles, but they, themselves, did not understand.


“Notice, then, how God follows that vision with correction: He immediately talks about measuring us in chapter 11. God begins to measure us and show us where we need to change. That is a wonderful blessing from our loving Father. Every loving father measures his children so they can be happy and successful. …..That includes the altar, which symbolizes the ministry, including me. We all have to be measured.” }}}…. You see, the mystery includes the correction of the ministry, including GF. Don’t we say that we have to measure the inner court? The measuring or the judging is needed for the inner court, which is the ‘ministry’. Malachi ended up condemning the ministry. The laodicean era means, the judgment has come. since the measuring failed, God raised up the gentiles to tread them down… and execute written judgments… We will see from HWA’s writings in a moment, how the ‘GENTILES’ were used by God to rule over Israel. That happened ‘physically’ and not to ‘spiritual’ Israel. This is where the ‘mystery’ is… now, as Peter and Paul taught, the mystery which the angels and the prophets did not know is, the ‘spiritual’ gentiles will judge the ‘spiritual’ Israel. No one ever would think God would do that. if God caused the gentiles to judge and rule over physical Israel when they broke the covenant, how much more, should the ‘spiritual’ Israel should be ruled over by the spiritual gentiles? They, having the Spirit of God, and believing Christ to wash away their sins, still they failed. How much more stricter punishment should come upon them? That really is a mystery to all, including us… we still cant and do not have time to think this over, as always we write and write… when our work will be over, looking back, we , ourselves will wonder about this !



MM pg 140…..

CHRISTIANS ARE IN GOD'S CHURCH IF THEY ARE FOLLOWING CHRIST!! (I Pet. 2:21; Luke 18:28-30). That is from God's word -- the Holy Bible! If you follow the Scriptures, you are in God's Church -- in spite of what any man says! Remember, the BIBLE IS FULL OF EXAMPLES WHERE CHURCH LEADERS HAVE LED PEOPLE ASTRAY. That is why EVERY spiritual step we take MUST be biblically based! …}}} as we see GF , himself cannot be called a “Christian  as he does not follow or believed Christ. if one believes the Word of God, then they should flee from Judea, which are the leaders in God’s church, flee from Babylon, who is also the leaders. God Has appointed ,  Christ to teach us in the last days.   The synagogue of satan who are active in the Philadelphia  era, will cause their crowns to be lost, and God says, if you fear Me, then separate from the leaders who are proud. Mal 3: 15- 18.  the same thing happened in the new testament times also. They became proud and rich physically and that caused the poor who are helpless and powerless to be separated as James say. And most importantly, they need to follow Christ, and be washed by His blood, if they want to be called a “Christian”.


From God’s family government 1993…. “If we refuse correction, then we are spiritual bastards!”…….“Our greatest blessing is being corrected by our Father”.}}}….We are still crying aloud that GF has broken God’s covenant. Has he repented so far? We started our cry in 2003. Now, four years are gone. The fig tree will be cut down. Since GF has refused correction, he is a spiritual bastard… !

“God removed the lamp from the Ephesus era. He also removed His lamp from the Laodiceans. We will be greatly condemned by God if we can’t see His lamp in this dark, dark, world!”…”Only through strong government based on God’s law can we cling to God’s lamp!” p. 16…}}}}…This is why, Christ now Has come and those who are saved by grace, who obeyed according to God’s Word, and who believed Christ and washed their sins by His blood , now are working to bring out the children of disobedience who sit in the DARK, DARK world… out of the Bottomless pit. As HWA wrote… this dispensation of the gentiles, are the kings and priests now exposing and judging and reigning with Christ…. in the kingdom !

We proved that the children of Abraham are thrown in to outer darkness and they are gnashing their teeth… no one will gnash their teeth, after they become spirit beings. All will become Spirit beings, when Christ comes physically. Church will repent soon before the new covenant is made. Then, these Spirit beings will not gnash their teeth. So, the kingdom has to come, while they are still carnal and human,  which is now. Now, only they are gnashing to read our writings.

Would you refuse correction?... are you a spiritual bastard? … the greatest blessing would come, after the correction…

God promises that the fallen tabernacle will be rebuilt and His Spirit will be available once again to all. How could He do that unless their minds are opened to the scripture?...GOD Has to TAKE A WAY THEIR BLINDNESS. IT IS ONLY TEMPORARY. God LOVES Israel. He will never forsake them. we are commanded even to comfort them. but God cannot dwell in a temple where the ministry is UNHOLY. This is why, God is trying to clean Israel. Particularly, the ministry….  even the apostles could not understand till Christ is risen from dead…. They will hear what we say and will remember when their eyes are opened. All things have to be fulfilled as God said. As a part of His wrath, the leaders have to exalt themselves and they have to be blinded. But we must know, even though they are destroying God’s work, or damaging everything in the Sanctuary , even  has broken the covenant,  when their eyes are opened, they will turn to God. That is a comfort to us and God says, His hand, who are the gentiles, will bring Him the victory…

Psa 98:1  O sing unto the LORD a new song; for he hath done marvellous things: his right hand, and his holy arm, hath gotten him the victory.

Psa 98:2  The LORD hath made known his salvation: his righteousness hath he openly shewed in the sight of the heathen.

Psa 98:3  He hath remembered his mercy and his truth toward the house of Israel: all the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our God. }}}….Ez 39: 21 – 23 also says, it is the gentiles who will see their captivity and God’s hand is on the gentiles, while they are in captivity…

Psa 98:8  Let the floods clap their hands: let the hills be joyful together }}}….by now, all should know who brings the floods.


Psa 98:9  Before the LORD; for he cometh to judge the earth: with righteousness shall he judge the world, and the people with equity. }}}….. The new songs are heard from the ends of the earth, as we have proven. His right hand, as we proved also, are the gentiles. God’s salvation is seen by the gentiles. That means, they see the captivity coming out of Babylon… He Has remembered in MERCY and TRUTH…., there was a time, that He did not show mercy and there was no truth in the church. Then God remembers… and His mercy and truth is needed by the house of Israel… not physical, but spiritual Israel. The ends of the earth see the salvation… the floods? We are the floods… ( Is 66: 12) and it all happens when God comes down to “JUDGE”… Psa 96: 13



Turning God’s inheritance to gentiles is a judgment and a punishment which God Has set since the days of Sinai… we will quote from HWA’s articles;…we quote from this to show, that God Has made HWA, who is the Philadelphia  era leader known about the times of gentiles…what is written in red is his writing.  


By Herbert W. Armstrong 

Jesus' disciples understood that the KINGDOM, with all authority to GOVERN, whether civil or church government, had been taken away from His people, and turned over to Gentiles….}}}…. As we shall see from HWA’s early writings, we can see that God, from early years, as a judgment and a punishment, gave the kingdom and the government, with ALL AUTHORITY to GENTILES… it all began because Israel broke the marriage covenant. Should it be  any different now with ‘SPIRITUAL” Israel?  We are witnesses of how the last church, who was married to God, broke the marriage covenant. this is why, for one last time, before God writes the laws in their minds, before the last enemy the death is destroyed together with fallen leaders, God Has turned the kingdom, the government, and all authority to judge and expose , to gentiles. God’s HAND, God’s NAME will be on gentiles, during these three and half years or for ONE Hour, when the judgments are on the earth. God will speak to Israel through them.


If the marriage was done away, the ORGANIZATION and the CHURCH GOVERNMENT was at the time done away! For it was only this marriage relationship which established the organization—the kingdom—the government, both civil and ecclesiastical! }}}….the book of lamentations shows us that God Has totally broken the covenant  ( Zech 11: 10) and Zion is forsaken and they are  orphans. The marriage is done away as PCG who had the marriage covenant have invited unbaptised strangers in to the Sanctuary of God and became defiled by committing  spiritual adultery. So there will be no church government either. This is why, the gentiles are brought to the government !


When God first proposed the Old Covenant marriage (Ex 19:5-6), he promised his people that IF —notice the IFthey would be obedient, as a wife should to her husband, they would become a kingdom of PRIESTS, and an holy NATION. In other words, a GOVERNMENT of a religious character—a CHURCH GOVERNMENT!..}}}….They failed that big “IF”… they failed to become a kingdom of priests…

Look at it, in your own Bible! If Israel, the WIFE, married unto the Lord, proves disobedient, Israel is to LOSE her government! No longer to be AN ORGANIZATION! Enemy nations shall REIGN OVER—rule over—the Israelites. Their own government no longer will rule them. No longer will they be an organization of their own.}}}…God will not give “SPIRITUAL” Israel to be ruled over by others in the world. This is why, He called a few from the ‘spiritual’ Israel to witness against their disobedience so they can reign over… this is why, now we are reigning with Christ…

“Israel was DIVORCED! This cut off the GOVERNMENT, the ORGANIZATION, from among God's people, and TURNED IT OVER TO THE GENTILES FOR 2520 LONG YEARS—until the very present generation! Still other Scriptures PROVE it!” }}}}… In this present generation, God caused the leaders INSIDE the church to have such gentile characters in their ruling. This is why, there is a spirit of Babylon in the church, as we have proven. When Israel was divorced, that cut off the government.   This is why, instead of a “leader in God’s church”,  the “king Nebuchadnezzar”  was shown a dream…. that until Christ comes, His people also will be like gentiles… the government was cut off because of the failure of God’s leaders as Eze 34 also says. . The Spirit of Babylon, is in the leader of God’s church, the 7th head. Christ will come during the times of the ten horns and they are to exist during the “times of gentiles” which was prophesied in Rev 11: 2, luk 21,  Lam 1: 15,  Ez. 16: 40 etc….. the day of the Lord, which is the last work which God does in this world is the times of gentiles … ( Ez. 30:3).


GOVERNMENT AND ORGANIZATION TURNED OVER TO GENTILES }}…. This is why, Christ said, the kingdom is taken from you and will be given to another nations… which shall bear fruits. Act 28: 28 also says, when the Jews rejected, God called the gentiles. They will hear means, they will bear fruits. Now, as we can clearly see, this prophecy is being fulfilled.


Note it! GOD gave the kingdom over to him! Now God never makes covenants with GENTILES. God never did, and never will, marry a Gentile people as such, or establish them as HIS kingdom, HIS government. HIS organization, HIS Church! }}}……This is against God’s Word, as we have proven and shall prove further. It is ‘Christ’ Is He Who said…” Kingdom” will be given to another nation…the gentiles are promised  not just any other thing, but the “KINGDOM”… The Kingdom. As he wrote above, it is the government which was sturned over to gentiles. Isnt the ‘government’ is the “KIngodm”? … There is more later.

God never makes covenants with GENTILES????.....Is 56: 3- 8 and Mal 1: 11 alone proves that not only the covenant, but the “priesthood” is given to them as well. ( read: House of prayer )  If the gentiles’ offerings are accepted on “God’s  ‘ALTAR”, and BETTER THAN SONS AND Daughters”, and if their offerings are ‘PURE”, does not that say, that God is continuing the covenant with them?... Eph 2: 12 … we proved how the gentiles were brought near… by the blood of Christ. Christ coming in the ‘clouds’ , and the ‘clouds’ are the gentiles, … on this "Day of Judgment", and as we proved, the "Day of Visitation" , "Day of The Lord" , God works with the gentiles. This has never happened and these are the mysteries of God…. which even the prophets did not know and the angels would wanted to know

establish them as HIS kingdom, HIS government. HIS organization, HIS Church ???..}}}…. As Christ said, it is the “kingdom” which will be given, and that is the government. Many from east and west means, definitely the ‘gentiles’. The "Times of Gentiles" is  to call for ‘HIS NAME” means they are called out as a church. if God is accepting their offerings and continuing the covenant, then, they are His ‘church”. The kingdom is the government and also His called out people, the church. Why did God cause the New testament to be written in Greek, instead of Hebrew? HWA wrote earlier, … it is after God rejected them totally.


Here is what GF wrote in James book;..this book applies now… as they are scattered among us ….

James says these individuals are prioritizing objects ahead of GOD-AND IT IS KILLING THEM SPIRITUALLY.

James is directing this severe condem­nation to churches that are SPIRITUAL ADULTERESSES}}}…. We witnessed how PCG committed spiritual adultery, accusing others of doing so. Read the “Bamah matter” in our web site, with photos. It is GF is who is building objects and became an adulterer…


From prophesying again bookGF wrote

As our Ezekiel booklet explains, this is referring to God's own Family, SPIRITUAL CAPTIVES in this end time, PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN TAKEN CAPTIVE BY SATAN THE DEVIL-the Laodiceans”…..}}}…..When they have committed SPIRITUAL harlotry, and if they are CAPTIVES, do you think God would continue the covenant with such? And would He give the government or the kingdom, to captives of the devil? Eze 16: 50-63 says it all. Book of ezekile prophesies how the last church will fall and their sins and the book of James, is the fulfillment…

Continue from HWA’s Did Christ reorganize ….

Yet it plainly says, here, that GOD GAVE NEBUCHADNEZZAR A KINGDOM! How? And WHY? Since God could not have established or set up a kingdom in Babylon, among the Gentile Chaldeans, the only way God could have GIVEN Nebuchadnezzar a KINGDOM was to have given OVER to him the Kingdom he already had set up—the one set up AT SINAI! }}}…..He wrote that God will not give a kingdom to gentiles, but here he says, this king was given the kingdom which set up at “SINAI!”. That is the marriage .. that is the kingdom of Israel. ??? the “Jewish” kingdom…. it is given to gentiles ! That is what the "Times of Gentiles" is all about! The Sinai kingdom is given to the spiritual Nebuchadnezzar .

Babylon never was the Kingdom, the Government, or the Church of GOD! But Nebuchadnezzar, under God's divine direction, TOOK CAPTIVE the people of God's kingdom and church. And so God GAVE OVER TO HIM the KINGDOM—that it, the GOVERNMENT—the AUTHORITY TO RULE—which had been set up at Sinai! }}}…. Now, the spiritual church is in Babylon to be delivered. Mic 4: 10 . God send to spiritual Babylon or confusion for 70 years, as He prophesied through the prophet Jeremiah.

Understand it! The AUTHORITY to RULE and to GOVERN was now taken away from the people of God, because of disobedience, and this AUTHORITY was transferred over to NEBUCHADNEZZAR and HIS SUCCESSORS for 2520 years! }}}…. Eph 5: 5 – 13  warns to gentiles, to not to be partakers with the sons of disobedience. They are the Jews, as we have already proven from the Word. and Isa. 56 : 3- 8 and Mal 1: 11 proves that the authority to rule, govern and judging is given to gentiles. Rev 11: 2,  Rev 20: 4… those who are redeemed by Christ’s blood as we proved, are now in the clouds, with Christ  reigning and fighting with the ten horns in Rev 17: 14. AUTHORITY to RULE and to GOVERN was now taken away from the people of God

The AUTHORITY TO RULE was not only turned over to Nebuchadnezzar—not just temporarily —but it was to continue in the power of his successors for 2520 years! }}}….After this period, the spiritual Israel, the church went to Babylon to end the transgressions as Daniel prophesied and as we have proven.

Then followed the fourth kingdom of iron the ROMAN Empire. In the latter days at the end of the 2520 years NOW in OUR generation today this Roman Empire is once more to be restored by a union of ten European Dictators, as foretold in Revelation 17. }}}….in our “Beast” parts 1 – 7, we proved that it is the PCG, which is the worst church explained in Eze 16: 8, 52 , who became the last beast , having their understanding darkened by not having the Holy Spirit which became the last beast. God cannot condemn the worldly kingdoms as ‘beasts’ as that means a man ‘without Holy Spirit’ .

And then what shall happen, at the END of this 2520-year Gentile reign? "A STONE [Christ]... smote the image"—smashing this Gentile reign into pieces! Yes, CHRIST, at HIS SECOND COMING, is to SMITE it, and end it. What will happen then? }}}}…. The above paragraph he wrote that “NOW in OUR generation today this Roman Empire is once more to be restored”… this is the worst empire. And spiritually, PCG is ‘the worst” church… Eze 16: 52. But she is to have the character of the same empire which existed at Christ’s FIRST coming also. They are the ones, who killed Christ again, having sinned willfully. But, at Christ’s second coming, it is the ‘gentiles’ who will be with Him.!

…..” The 2520 years is now up. The Times of the Gentiles have run their course”. Also if it is ‘Israel’ who have failed to be a kingdom, and in Babylon, having the character of the roman empire, God wants to correct the kingdom of Israel and not any gentile kingdom.. Christ comes to smash the image of beast, the church who is in Babylon and to take over that fallen kingdom, which the leader or the last high priest failed to administer. He will build the church… the fallen tabernacle of David, with the gentiles.

"The God of heaven shall set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: ...but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and IT shall stand forever and ever" (Verses 34, 44). }}}….This is the kingdom, Christ being The King, and others who were washed by His blood, who are the gentiles, who will reign.

You'll remember how they asked him, "Lord, wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel?" (Acts 1:6). But he did NOT restore it, then. He did NOT bring the government, the organization, the authority to rule, back from the Gentiles to his people! Consequently he did NOT reorganize his people, or establish any government, ecclesiastical or civil, among them! This the New Testament Scriptures, also, abundantly prove.

The 2520 years is now up. The Times of the Gentiles have run their course. And just LOOK at the results of this Babylonish Gentile civilization! Governments are overthrown, and now arming to the teeth to destroy one another

Religion is in confusion, torn by strife and division, in the grip of the GENTILE system of injecting ORGANIZATION and GOVERNMENT into the Church! Truly, in its every phase, our modern civilization is in BABYLON today!}}}….He is explaining the current situation “INSIDE” God’s church… strife and contentions and as GF wrote in James… ‘WAR AMONG TEACHERS”… who is the first leader in the modern Babylon?... it is HWA, himself… as we see now, most of his prophecies are false. 

WHERE do we read of one of them being appointed as the "CHAIRMAN OF THE TWELVE" or another as the "SECRETARY OF THE TWELVE"? Is this Biblical and Scriptural? If so, where is the text? When Jesus called them, and ordained them, did he give them AUTHORITY TO RULE? Just what did he give them POWER and AUTHORITY to do? First, Jesus ordained twelve "that they should be with him." Later, after his ascension, one of these was replaced. And it had to be ONE WHO HAD BEEN WITH HIM, along with the others, throughout his entire ministry, beginning with the baptism of John!

Why? "TO BE A WITNESS WITH THEM OF HIS RESURRECTION"! …}}}. …even now, the kingdom is mostly to “WITNESS”…

Search the Scriptures as we may, we cannot find any other purpose for the twelve apostles, except to go out and preach, and heal, and to be WITH Jesus throughout his ministry, in order that they might forever PROVE the TRUTH OF THE RESURRECTION! }}}….even now we are to preach, pray for healing the blindness, and they are being with Jesus and they are proving the truth and of His coming as a thief…

True, Paul and a few others are called "apostles." But an "apostle" is merely "ONE SENT."}….these messengers also are sent by God, to witness and with a covenant of peace…. In Isa. 41, the man of east proved that God called them to His feet… to do the work of God when Israel failed as our writing “ Man from east” proves from the Word.

That ought to settle the matter. The Scriptures speak of FALSE apostles, and of "them which SAY they are apostles, and are not, but hast found them LIARS" (2 Cor 11:13, Rev 2:2). Let us beware being deceived. It is the COMMANDMENT KEEPERS whom the Devil seeks, in these latter days, to deceive! ….}}}Christ Has come to expose such false apostles… they never say “ I am a false apostle”…. Now we see how false HWA was..!

The plain teaching of Jesus is JUST THE CONTRARY! Listen! "Jesus called them unto him, and saith unto them, 'Ye know that they which are accounted to RULE over the Gentiles exercise lordship over them; and their great ones exercise AUTHORITY upon them. But so shall it NOT be among you' " (Mark 10:42).

The AUTHORITY—the GOVERNMENT—the RULERSHIP was turned over to the Gentiles for 2520 years until Christ RESTORES the kingdom at his Second Coming! ..}}}Now, the kingdom is restored, but not to Israel, but to ‘gentiles’.

How, then, did ORGANIZATION, and the idea of CHURCH GOVERNMENT get into the Church? It came out of BABYLON! Spiritual BABYLON—that is, ROME! The same as nearly all the false doctrines of Satan. ]]]…. We have proven that HWA is the first leader in ‘spiritual’ Babylon.! Christ Has come to expose such. 1 Cor 4: 5

In the next century, came the PAPACY in full bloom, starting the idea that the CHURCH is an ORGANIZATION having CHURCH GOVERNMENT! }}}…any leader in God’s church, who distribute ‘STRUCTURED GOVERNMENT CHART”,  think they are ruling God’s people  having church government … it is HWA who did it first and GF, in 2005.

The Church (under Leo I) set up, "within the Roman Empire, an ecclesiastical STATE (government) which, in its constitution and its administrative system, was shaping itself upon the IMPERIAL MODEL."Truly, an IMAGE OF THE BEAST! ….}}}…Now we have proven, who has the image of the beast… !

And thus the very PRINCIPLE of CHURCH GOVERNMENT becomes THE IMAGE TO THE BEAST! …}}}…did not we prove that it is the church leadership, which became the beast???... that is the tabernacle of David ! it is he, who first distributed the government chart… in the end of this writing, we will attach HWA’s  government chart. We know most of you already have GF’s chart which was distributed in 2003 … and 2005.


The whole thing is FALSE! It is NOT ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE! It is part of BABYLON! Those who are IN, and MEMBERS of such an organized church government, submitting to doctrines declared by unscriptural boards as a fellowship test, are IN BABYLON, and actually worshippers of the IMAGE OF THE BEAST! and God is calling us, HIS people OUT of BABYLON today, before it is too late—before the PLAGUES fall!

Brethren, let us have the courage to accept the TRUTH, and to COME OUT!

Finally, what is the very PURPOSE of the New Testament Church? Is it to BUILD AN ORGANIZATION? Let us, now, finally understand it.

The first kingdom and government was set up by Nimrod the first ancient Babylon (Genesis 10). The Devil is the god of this world, and since Nimrod the kingdoms have built civilizations based upon the Devil's ways of SELF and of GET, contrary to God's ways of LOVE, of OBEDIENCE, and of GIVE, as defined in GOD'S LAW.

So God formed Abraham's children into a NATION, giving them his LAWS, to show how a nation would be blessed that would build its civilization according to his Commandments. At Mt. Sinai, Israel was united to the Lord in MARRIAGE, as HIS GOVERNMENT, both state and church.

But when Israel went after the ways of other nations, breaking the Commandments, God DIVORCED Israel, and gave over the GOVERNMENT (which included CHURCH GOVERNMENT as well as state) to the Gentile kingdoms symbolized by Daniel's image and the four "beasts." He gave the GOVERNMENT into Gentile hands UNTIL THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST, when the government, church and state shall be RESTORED to Israel! }}}….christ , at His coming, will not give the kingdom to the children of Abraham, but they will be thrust in to the outer darkness. Christ said the hour would come when the Jews will not worship God in sprit and in truth… now that hour has come and this is why we witness. Many will come from east and west and sit with Abraham in the kingdom, but they will be thrust out. So how could Abraham’s children be given a kingdom? Those who said Lord, Lord, and those who did miracles in His name, all will be out…

Then he shall RESTORE the Kingdom to Israel—both Church government and state, Christ will rule not only as King of kings, but also LORD OF LORDS—Church government, as well as state!...}}}}As Christ said, the all the  prophecies will be fulfilled furing the "Times of Gentiles". And beyond that period , there are no more prophecies… so we do not know, after the judgments, what happens, or He will restore the kingdom to Israel. ! Eze 43- 44 and Rev 21 – 22 only give us prophecies about the new temple…   

Christ's FIRST coming was to REDEEM—not to restore. ..}}}…As we have proven, He redeemed only those who are judging with Him during the "Day of Judgment".

Jesus never set up an organization, nor did he establish any church GOVERNMENT. He did not REORGANIZE the Church! …}}}….we will send everyone a letter which HWA has written in 1981, saying that he has an church organization…

Instead, he came calling INDIVIDUAL disciples out from among the church organizations, sects, and denominations—out from among the Pharisees, the Sadducees, and the Essenes—out from among worldly Gentile organizations and contacts—he called his saints to be SEPARATE to COME OUT! }}}…The church is in Babylon… having the government according to the ways of the gentiles… the ten horns are now sitting in this government. no one can ask a question any longer. Unquestionable authority leads you to dictatorship. They always preach, if you do not stay in the church, you cannot go to a place of safety, and there will be no salvation without the mother etc… but God’s true people were separated from the leadership in prophet Malachi’s time and even in the end time, as Christ said, not even one stone shall be left upon another…

The very word "ekklesia" from which "church" is translated, means "called-out ones" as well as "assembly."}}}…. Even now, those called out ones, those who are faithful and chosen, are an assembly… scattered all over. The elect will be gathered from four corners of the Word in revelation… not in one place.  

The New Testament Church is not a kingdom—not a church government—but an assembly of individuals CALLED OUT—Spirit-filled individuals, and therefore a SPIRITUAL ORGANISM, not an organization.

The CHURCH is God's instrumentality thru which, and in which, he is selecting a people for His namegathering OUT of "Babylon"—OUT of worldly ways, worldly organizations, various individuals — one here, one there—to repentance, faith in Christ, receiving of and being led by the Holy Spirit, thus having HIS LAWS written in their minds and hearts—living, individually, a life of trial and test, of OVERCOMING, that they may be thus fitted and trained for positions as kings or priests in the KINGDOM OF GOD, after Christ's second coming! }}}….

For His name;….We proved in our writing “: House of prayer”, that it is the ‘gentiles’ who have God’s name now. ( Is 56: 3- 8  , Rev 3: 12)

Gathering out of Babylon;… it is Israel who is now in Babylon spiritually as God proves and HWA says, and our writings of ‘Babylon’ proves from the Word. But those who are the assembly now, have come out of Babylon, fearing God and being obedient. They are the ‘gentiles’… who are now being accepted in God’s ALTAR , being kings and priests as we have proven…

Worldly ways”;…. It is Ezekiel who failed in all three lusts and went in to the world once again. Ez. 24: 21. But gentiles have over come the world… as we proved.

Faith in Christ:… since His own, who are the Jews have rejected Christ and have killed Him once again by willfully sinning and by breaking the covenant, God rejected them. it is the ‘gentiles’ who are now grafted in because of their faith, and they are the new children of Abraham as we proved from ‘house of prayer’ and ‘true light’ writings.

being led by the Holy Spirit}}}…Christ said the hour would come that Jews, neither in the mountain ( Church) or in Jerusalem will worship God in sprit and in truth. That hour now has come as there is a wicked shepherd is in the church. But we proved that after God left Zion, He Has come back to us, the gentiles…

HIS LAWS written in their minds and hearts}}}…Only in the new kingdom, that the Law will be written in (Israel’S )  hearts. That shows until that time, they have been disobeying. And it is the gentiles, who are given Holy spirits because of the purity in their hearts as we proved from the Word. ( Act 15)

of OVERCOMING,}}}…we proved that it is the little children, who are the gentiles who over came the beasts… the anti christs as 1 John says… those who over came, did so by the ‘blood’ of Christ… that is us, and not Israel…

So THE CHURCH is God's instrumentality for overcoming the FAULT of the Old Covenant. That FAULT was disobedience. The NEW will be made with those in whose minds and hearts GOD S LAW has been written, by His Holy Spirit! (Heb 8:10).}}}….The church, Israel could never over come. THIS IS WHY Christ and others preached to Israel, TO REPENT and be washed… If there Is just ‘one’ person who obeyed God, He would not have to bring in the judgments and there wont be a need for a new covenant, which God Has to write the laws in their minds. Christ died, then the wife had to die. She is delivered in to Babylon to be saved as Mic 4: 10 and our Babylon writings proved from the Word. in Babylon, she is spiritually dead. The children of disobedience have still not repented.. this is why, we are calling them to repent. HWA could not have turned the hearts of the fathers to children and vise versa… as the Elijah. Now, when God Has judged them only the call for repentance should come and God requires all to repent ‘during the TIMES OF REFRESHING as we proved , which is now.

And this MARRIAGE will not be made with some one organization! It is THE INDIVIDUAL SAINTS — not some organization—which shall possess the government, and rule (Dan 7:18; Rev 2:26-27, 3:21, etc.).}}}…this is why, the elect are gathered in the four corners in the world …. They are scattered and the shepherd caused the true followers to be scattered as Ez. 34 , Mal 3: 16- 18, and 3 John says. Is this what he later taught?...

Here is  how he began …WWNews march 6 1981…




And third, to update you so that you may update the brethren

and the other ministers and brethren under you in the true

purpose that this, the organization and the government of the

Church of God, has for this time -- this present Commission in

the time that we have left. “…..}}}…. Who gave authority to him to “SPIRITUALLY ORGANISE” the church… even after writing, that Christ did not re- organize the church?... and only in the kingdom, this will happen???.... Did this command to come from our God The Father ?.... or Jesus Christ ? … no.. it came from BABYLON. !... this proves, he was confused also… when the riches came, he wanted to have power and authority and to be treated as a king… these are walking white washed tombs…

His WIFE shall have made herself READY! But how? By a "re-organization", or some "new movement"? What folly! Read Ephesians 5:25-27. The CHURCH is the collective body of individual saints who are sanctified and CLEANSED by Christ! Let us stop speaking of some organization as "the Church", or "our Church"!}}}…. This chapter in Eph 5 is for the gentiles. They are admonished to not to take part with the sons of disobedience but to expose them !  . We proved that by the blood of Christ, He redeemed the gentiles… as He was always with the ‘gentiles’.

Jesus said, "Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be ROOTED UP!" Our heavenly Father never planted any super-organization, or established any church GOVERNMENT, or set men IN AUTHORITY over either spiritual or financial affairs, in the New Testament Church.

Any such "plant" was never planted of God—and therefore IT SHALL BE ROOTED UP!...}}}…. As you can see now, this is what the kingdom of God is doing… rooting out and replanting just as God commanded Jeremiah to do… the change of the kingdom from Israel to gentiles… and we are rooting out HWA … and proving that he was a leader in Babylon…God says, He will catch the wicked in their own craftiness… we should believe Him…   

All such organizations and governments came out of BABYLON—and are today a part of BABYLON! }}}….

But let us drop all effort to BUILD UP A MOVEMENT or AN ORGANIZATION. Let us quit working FOR organizations, and work FOR THE LORD—and the salvation of souls!

What has split and divided up the saints in the Church of God? Nothing but ORGANIZATION —which has led to politics, ministers lusting for rule and for powerstriving against each other, lining up the brethren on THEIR side, against the other! It is SUCH PREACHERS who have split up and divided our brethren!

God's Word commands us to COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM, and be separate.

God's last warning is, "COME OUT OF BABYLON"!!

Organization and church GOVERNMENT has brought us only strife, jealousies, divisions, bitterness! It is not of God, and it can bear no other fruit.

The CHURCH OF GOD needs more of the POWER of GOD— more of HIS LOVE—of HIS HOLY SPIRIT, that the work may now begin to go forth IN MIGHTY POWER! We ought to be ASHAMED of the pitiful, puny, weak, feeble work that has split up and divided brethren, reached but so very FEW with the message, with almost no real conversions! All this, while leaders desiring power to RULE send out misleading, exaggerated, deceiving statements designed to convince tithe-payers that "the Work is progressing." What a mockery! What a tragedy! What a pity!

We praise God that many of the more spiritual HAVE COME OUT! Let us obey GOD!

In the same 1981 Mar 6th special edition of the WWN, HWA says, that the church, is incorporated under HIM

“When the legal battle hit us a little over two years ago, we

soon formed a new corporate organization: Herbert W. Armstrong, Apostle for the Worldwide Church of God, a Corporation Sole..

We've changed all the salaries and handling of things and the

actual operation of the Church into that corporation sole.


  So now we are incorporated under myself. “I am” appointing an Advisory Council of Elders, not a Board of Directors. This type of corporation doesn't require a Board of Directors. I want an advisory council, Advisory Council of Elders


Often we went into session with divergent ideas. Always

after an hour or so, sometimes less, sometimes more, we were all

united because we only wanted God's truth. }}}}…….



Do you see now, after 1979, what we thought to be the ‘CHURCH OF God”, is a “  Corporation , incorporated under HWA ! and “ I AM”…. “ I AM” appointing… what happened to all the above quote which he wrote earlier about Christ did not reorganize… ???  Christ too did everything as God The Father directed Him… for any reason, a man should not make the church a corporation .. What fools we have been?... only the DEVIL could do such a thing !... I feel nauseated to even to know that I have been in such an organization of a man… do you see why these things are exposed now??? ONLY Christ can expose… as 1 cor 4: 5 says…


God says, it is wrong to say we know the truth and to reject it.. it is because they say we know, they are being punished. Jas 4:17  Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him is SIN….ithis is why, James which is for the scattered ( punished and judged) Israel he wrote these warnings …so HWA knew that Christ did not reorganize the church, nor appointed anyone to have authority over God’s people and certainly not to incorporate under any one’s name… This is why God called who are not His people for HIS NAME !....

In the “New” testament times, the Jews, high priest and leaders of the Jews killed their own King, “Christ” and rebelled against God. His own killed Him.


Joh 9:39  And Jesus said, I came into this world for “judgment”, that the ones not seeing may see, and the ones seeing may become blind. . }}}… So which church was working for God just before the ‘judgment”?... by following HWA who said one thing and did another, PCG too became like HWA  They were the ones who were seeing… but now, they became ‘BLIND”. This is ‘SPIRITUAL” blindness. But, physically they are to be rich and increased with goods and are to be proud. That is what happened to WCG until they even lost the physical goods.


Is 44: 9… they see not, nor know that they should be ashamed… !

Isa. 47: 11… evil shall come upon them… ( the leaders become beasts), desolation will come upon… but they DO NOT KNOW….

Is 48: 6… God will declare NEW THINGS… hidden things… and you DO NOT KNOW

Is 43: 19… God will do a NEW THING … you shall NOT KNOW….this , He will do when they are in the ‘wilderness” and now. The new things are already happening. This is why we are working for God. God turned to gentiles and now accept them in His ‘ALTAR”. That means they are the priests… and God says, they are in God’s Holy MOUNTAIIN”, … that is the government !




God The Father is our God !!! Christ is  our Lord !...

May all glory and Honor unto God…


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Gentile Assembly



Below is the chart which HWA distributed in 1981, after he incorporated the church of God under his name or in to his name…