Mysteries pt 2 – Judgment and the kingdom


 Christ said, “the kingdom will be taken from the Jews and will be given  to another nation who will bear fruits”. This should happen after God decided the end should come and that is the "Day of Judgment". God said, He is the Potter and He can make some for honor and others for dishonor. (Rom 9: 21). This is why even a donkey is used by God to speak to the hard hearted prophets. God Has prophesied that He will use a ‘foolish nation’ to speak and to provoke the Jews. Now these prophecies are being fulfilled. Prove from God’s , HWA’s and GF’s words.   


We, as members obeyed and submitted to the leadership in WCG and PCG and obeyed them instead of God; many times even  going against God’s words. We did so to stay in the church, otherwise, like in the first century, those who oppose the leadership will be disfellowshipped. We wanted to save our lives by staying in a church which will take us to a place of safety. But, we must obey God, rather than men. The only way to find the truth is to prove all things according to the Word of God. When the "Day of Judgment" comes, there will be no leader in Zion, working for Him. God condemns the leaders and the ministry more than any other in the world. So, we must prove  our leaders from God’s Word. If God says, “He” will cause the Law breakers to be trodden down by the gentiles, and since there is a prophecy for a "Times of Gentiles", we should know that these times  also need to be fulfilled before Christ’s coming and we must know where to find these gentiles and prove what they say as it is the last work on this earth. We plead with the leaders, ministers in God’s church, to prove what we say. The salvation comes from God. He alone should be glorified, honored and feared.


God condemns the leaders in His church being anti Christs, false prophets, liars, etc… and the leader, the high priest having a filthy government etc… and God wants to correct all that. As God cannot find any man in the church who obeys Him, He Has turned to gentiles as we see.


One of the judgments (of God) against Israel is; as Christ said:.. The KINGDOM”  will be taken from you. It is  PCG who was given  the last kingdom as Ez. 16: 8- 14 says. And since she failed, from her, it  will be given to another nation which will bear fruits. ( Mat 21: 43, 8: 11- 12 ) This prophecy is being fulfilled now. God Has already called many from east, and also from west to the kingdom, as all the invitees refused. In the last hour, many are called and they have accepted the invitation. Even in the history, God caused gentiles to judge Israel, as a punishment. They took them captive. But, now, in the church, in ‘SPIRITUAL” Israel, it is the “leaders” who are to act as gentile kings such as king Nebuchadnezzar , and pharaoh etc, ( as we have proven in our earlier writings). Now, they are scattered and in Babylon. The seventy years in Babylon, what the prophet Jeremiah and Daniel said, also had to be fulfilled. If all are taken captive, the remnant who is left, ( The poor as Jer 39: 10), only could see that all others are taken captive. As the poor, who were left out of captivity, we witnessed this event. God is trying to deliver them now as Mic 4: 10 and other scripture say. Only God’s “truth” shall make Israel free. Mic 5: 7 – 9 also says, the remnant is among the “gentiles”.


The leaders now are like the ‘gentile’ kings, who have lordship and full authority over the people of God like in Christ’s time,( Mat 20: 25  1 Pet 5:3) )  even though He told them not to. They loved to sit in the best seats, wanted to be well spoken off etc…. Christ condemned them.  ( Luke 6: 26)  What we experience in God’s church is nothing but dictatorships. Every leader in all of the churches of God thinks he is right and the questions are not welcome.


During Christ’s first Visit, they were under the authority of Romans.  Now, the leaders in God’s church have that Spirit at His second coming. The last beast is the ‘Roman empire”. That spirit is in the church now as we have proven. (the worst beast in revelation is fighting against Christ and His true followers. The enemy is inside the Sanctuary Psa 74. That is the “man of sin” or the filthy “Joshua” with his fellows. WE PROVED FROM THE Word THAT SUCH EVIL BEASTS ARE TO BE INSIDE THE CHURCH AND NOT IN THE WORLD ! Christ is fighting with them and not with CC or EU. ) The weapon which Christ  fight with them is the ‘SWORD” of God, which is the “Word” and the ‘TRUTH”. Those weapons who use the truth comes from “a far”… ( Is 13: 5 ). This proves during the judgments, those whom God uses come from a “far therefore, they can’t be the church leaders or Jews who are NOT from a far.  “Truth” sanctifies, and will destroy all liars. When enemy has damaged everything including the covenant, God will not just keep quiet. This is why, Christ came to fight using the clouds. The rain which is poured from these clouds will sweep away the lies. The clean water or the truth, ( Eze 36: 22) to clean Israel, come from these clouds. When they are  being cleansed by clean water, they are scattered among the gentiles.


V 24. James 1 shows this is fulfilled now. This is when God gives them a new heart as v 26 says. Then, they will be ashamed… v 31. This is the time God will rebuild the waste land. It is the “young lions” who caused the land to be wasted. ( read” Biblical Tarshish and young lions ) they are the ones who are rebuilding also. The land will be like the Garden of Eden. Since the throne of king David, (which was in the church )failed totally as we have proven, now, God wants to replace it. The  tabernacle which should judge God’s people with righteousness and in truth and according to God’s Law is fallen and needs to be raised up. This is why, we need the “Heavenly” kingdom. The physical kingdom has failed.  Christ, and His true followers who also were beheaded like He was, is now fighting the leaders. Rev 20: 4, Rev 17: 12- 17…King David knew and prophesied that in the end, it is the strangers who will be exalting him.  


Daniel says, that when the ten horns or leaders, ( The Regional directors) are destroying God’s people, Christ will come and smash the image which they have built. In 2005 ministerial conference, the leader in PCG spoke about the king Nebuchadnezzar . that was the revelation he received during that time. That is the time of the judgment. at that time, he even distributed the image of king Nebuchadnezzar  and also a ‘STRUCTURED” GOVERNMENT copy. Should not God intervene at such a time?


It is the ‘clouds’ which brought Christ to God, to judge. ( Dan 7: 13… it happened at “Night”. As Christ said, “ I will come as a thief in the ‘NIGHT”, now He is here ) If these clouds brought Christ in the night during the judgment, since the clouds are in “Heaven”, the  “Heavenly” kingdom is already  at work. This is why, now we have been given the ‘truth’. The clouds  will be aiding Christ to fight with such leaders, but not with a sword, but by the Word of God, which is the “truth” as it pours down.


Because the human governments fail, God Has now placed the heavenly kingdom.  The strangers who held fast to the covenant, when God’s salvation was near as Isa. 56: 3 – 8 says, being the remnant in the Philadelphia  era, they are given a new name as our “House of prayer” writing proved and they are the “New Jerusalem’ which comes out of ‘HEAVEN”. ( Rev 3: 12).  The door was opened in “Heaven” when the apostle John was shown about the "Day of Judgment" . ( Rev 4: 1- 2).  And a voice came out of heaven to the witnesses saying “come up here”… we proved they were asked to come up  to give revelation as John was asked to come up also to give revelation. This is how, they are in the ‘clouds’. ( Rev 11: 12). The "Times of Gentiles" is also a cloudy day, being the "Day of The Lord" .(Eze 30: 3)   When they are witnessing, the temple of God in “Heaven” was opened and the ark of the covenant … This is why, the beast is blaspheming against those who are in heaven. ( Rev 13: 6). No one will blasphemy those who dwell in real heaven. This is spiritually; God’s people are now in heaven, just as the church was before she was cast down.  Those who have the testimony or the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony are in heaven. ( Rev 15: 5… they are the ones who are testifying against Israel by singing the ‘song of Moses”. The church was cast down in judgment together with the devil as we proved from the Word. The book of lamentations totally condemns the church and her judgments are now being fulfilled.


Christ said, “I come as a thief”… ( Mal 3.. to purify ) who wants to believe Him? How can they be purified as they do not believe they have sinned and broken the covenant?  There is no remission unless they repent and accept the blood of Christ. Yet, we will prove our salvation and purification and eternal lives revolve around Him. God will never allow such leaders to rule over God’s people ever again.  when God Has declared that it is His “leaders” who scatter His sheep, why do we have to worry about a Roman empire to come and destroy the church ? The leaders deceive people by saying “we go to a place of safety” etc… it is such  leaders who are being trodden down by the gentiles now. They talk peace when there is no peace says God. Such leaders are condemned and the gentiles are told to expose them. Eph 5: 8- 18.. Paul warns the gentiles, about the evil days and to expose them and not to be like them “without understanding” etc…


MOA pg 59 ( New book) HWA wrote;….

“In Eph 6, it is stated that our contentions and strivings are in fact not with other human people, but against principalities , against powers against the  rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness (evil spirits) in high places”…. How can this be? …. Why is the world filled with such clashing and contentions between human minds?”…}}}}…. God is not talking about the contentions in the world. He is warning us about the enemy, the liar, the antichrist, false prophets etc…,  who are INSIDE THE Sanctuary. Who is Joshua who has a filthy government? Is he in the world? God wants to save His people from the leaders who divides the flock. 1 Co 1: 10 – 12… Paul warns about the divisions etc… we are to be one with God and Christ. Not one with any leader. The “RULERS” who sit in darkness are such leaders, who are to be inside the church. The wicked shepherds. They are the synagogue of satan who is active in the Philadelphia era, ( Rev 3: 9) who can cause your crown to be lost. Their ancestors killed Christ and the sons killed Him again, as they willfully sin. This is why, we need the kingdom of God ; that is “Christ” ruling with others who have over come by His blood to reign and judge the people from the books of the Bible. Rev 20: 12….The truth is being revealed now, as the books are opened. Only in the judgments, these books are opened fully , as the truth is proclaimed as God reveals.  Read the v 12… only the dead are judged. The spiritually dead were judged by the books… that is the Bible, now opened to give the TRUE knowledge. We proved that HWA too is a beast to have spoken so many lies, without understanding. Nevertheless, he is the leader in God’s church during the Philadelphia  era and God allowed it to happen, to end the transgressions by sending them to Babylon or allowing them to be confused and exposing such leaders as we proved. All things in the church of God are happening just as God prophesied it would be. But, such leaders, would not know these mysteries. We will prove from the Word, that all these end time mysteries are given to gentiles.


He further wrote;… “ In Eph 2 : 2, humans have been walking according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air ( Satan) , the Spirit that  now works in the CHILDREN OF DISOBEDIENCE”… even to professing Christians, these scriptures have been a mystery…. This invisible spirit world ( Col 1: 15- 16 ) is very real but because it is invisible it has been a mystery. In truth the invisible spirit world is more real than the material and the visible . … if our gospel is hid, it is hid to them that are lost: in whom the god of this world (satan) has blinded the minds of them which believe not ( 2 cor 4: 3- 4)”…. }}}…. HWA is saying that satan’s spirit is now working in the children of disobedience. Who are they?... As we proved in the first part, it is the children of Abraham, who ‘DO NOT BELIEVE” … the Jews, who had all the blessings including the covenants. Isn’t he included in the children of disobedience and among those who do not believe?... did he understand all the mysteries which he says, “the professing Christians do not understand”? Satan blinded the “leaders”. God says, because they did not love the TRUTH, He sent a strong delusion for them to be deceived. Who can fight such delusion coming from God?  He did not send delusion to the professing Christians in the world, but in the church.


This is to happen when the 7th head is present and to all the sister churches who would go in to captivity as Eze 16: 52 says. In this chapter in Ephesians, the “gentiles” are told, they are “nowcalled … “Now”, made to come near…. That is after the failure of the Jews. And this is the gospel which was preached to gentiles by Paul. That gospel is hidden from their minds at this time.  This “gospel of peace”, or mercy, is hidden from the leaders who are being deceived by satan. They  did not accept Christ’s blood to save them. ! That is why they are lost as we proved. !. When the “sons” were found to be disobedient, the “strangers” are called to do the work of God, to bring the disobedient sons back to Him. GF, himself said the gentiles will bring Israel in ‘Holy Roman emp” sermon. Does he believe what he , himself is saying?  


HWA wrote;…

There is only one Church. Not a parent church and many little daughter churches that have split off in disagreement. Divisions splintering off are NOT STILL IN THE CHURCH" (Mystery of the Ages, pg. 243).}}}….what do we see now?... nothing but what HWA said, would not be in the church ! One thing is certain. This is God’s church… now we see the divisions and therefore, his prophecy of “splintering off are not in the church” was a false prophecy. God warns about “His” church becoming divided… not the world. Even Christ said, there will be “many daughter churches” .. The daughters of Jerusalem. Luke 23: 28. God said there will be many sisters Eze 16: 50 – 63 and how could His sheep wandered from one mountain to another, if there weren’t many churches or mountains? …


MOA pg 256 says, “the government of God was placed in the Church until we all come in the unity of the faith and the knowledge of the Son of God.}}}….Did the “government of God, in the church, caused all to come in to UNITY ? ( Eze 34) How about ‘faith”?  Christ said, when He comes, He will not be able to find faith.  ( Luke 18: 8) Knowledge?.... God says, My people are being destroyed because of lack of knowledge. And it is during the judgments, God says, all will have the “true” knowledge. Were apostles like HWA and prophets like GF, able to unify the church in “faith” and the “knowledge” of the Son of God ?...They do not even believe in ‘the Son of God”. Could beasts that has no Holy Spirit and understanding bring knowledge and faith to God’s people?  all knowledge, Spirit and understanding are now given to gentiles, as we will prove from the Word. This is the time, all will glorify God, and it is done through the “Babes” as Christ said. ( Psa 8: 2, Mat 11: 25 , 21: 16  and 1 cor 3: 1,  1 Pet 2: 2… the babes get the pure milk. )  Is 3: 4, 12 says, the “babes” shall rule over them. and that happens when God takes His blessings out of the church and as a ‘judgment”. All the prophecies have to be fulfilled ! Now, as the leaders have caused divisions, God is trying to correct that and sweep a way the lies so that He could unify all in the knowledge of the true God. This is why; we need Christ and the kingdom. Eze 34 says, there is not a single minister who could unify them or cared for the sheep. That is when God starts to search for the sheep, Himself on the cloudy day as v 12 says. Is not that the "Times of Gentiles"? That is the ‘kingdom of Heaven” who is in the clouds.


Here is what HWA wrote in “pagan holidays”…

Pg 25  … God Has not cast away His people, Israel. But “Heblinded them for a temporary period of time so that through their fall, salvation came to the gentiles, who through Christ, are “individuallygrafted in, or “spiritually” adopted in to the family of Israel ( Rom 11). }}}…. First of all, God blinded the “Spiritual Israel”  on the "Day of Judgment". ( John 9: 39  and this is the time, Christ is to come again ( 1 cor 4: 5 and other prophecies)  so that He could judge and reign, with other saints who has over come by the blood. This is the time; Christ became a stumbling block for Jews, but built up the gentiles, as we have proven.  ) . Secondly, when God blinded the Jews,  they fell.  In other words, when the gentiles are taken, the Jews are already blinded. Since God blinded them as a ‘judgment’, on the "Day of Judgment", that should be the final falling away as the "Day of Judgment" is the final day. That is when God sent strong delusion. Can any one fight with God’s delusion?... only the beast and the ten horns as Rev 17: 12- 17… the ten horns, … “WILL” receive authority…as ‘kings”….BUT THEY ARE NOT KINGS.  They are only given authorityas kings to rule the people in order to desolate or destroy all those who do not love the truth by their LIES. God allowed them to believe the lies so they will be ashamed when exposed and will never open their mouths. HWA brought glory to himself. He said, no man will have experience and education to hold his position, as we have written. GF, wants to magnify his office and we have written how he glorified himself. Did not God know all these things what the leaders  WOULD do? Has He not prophesied all the sins of His leaders? God Has written everything about the end time leaders and with His revelation, we can know about them and be separated from them.


Why did HWA write that the gentiles are grafted in “INDIVIDUALLY”?... because, if he admits that the times of gentiles are a time to only to call the gentiles, that means he admits that God will be working with the gentiles. The "Times of Gentiles" proves that God Has totally cut off Israel as they are blinded. God does not say there is a remnant in the ministry who will work with Him to call the gentiles. The gentiles are grafted in as the body of Christ, which we will prove later. If he admits that God is working with gentiles, then, he will lose his job. He never wanted anyone to take his position. He wrote that God will never make a covenant with gentiles.. but Christ said, even the kingdom will be given to them.! this is how all Israel denied Christ as we proved, that in including Peter and John the Baptist . they never thought that gentiles are called to fill their positions. God is not a respecter of persons.


When God’s leaders become beasts, then they will not tell the truth. but, people just believe as they trust that God Has ordained them and they are the leaders, we should submit to them, after all, it is a command from God and we must not rebel against the leaders, God will handle that  etc… and all the reasons to obey them, instead of God. As salesmen, they know what to speak to get people’s attention and trust. Unsuspecting people give all the reasons to obey the leaders instead of God. One other thing; when the leaders have fallen, even if you see the sins of them, the sheep does not have any where to go. They believe, that only through a church, we can be safe as going to a place of safety etc… they want to save their lives. Any one who opposes the leaders, they cast out. That too is prophesied. Because people are taught to not to listen to cast out ones, they could never learn the truth.


When leaders fall, God Has to use some, who fear Him as Mal 3: 16-18 says, and they cannot be INSIDE the church. The work of error which the man of sin does, and the truth which those cast out do, do not go together. This is why, God Has to put a stop to all the liars by exposing them and correcting them. To do so, He Has called the gentiles, who are not given the Law, through His mercy.  (Rom 2: 27)


The Jews are under the Law and they want to get salvation by keeping the Law. HWA taught that one has to build godly character through time and experience. But how Did God call the ‘gentiles” or the babes ? Is it because they keep the Law perfectly, which is impossible for a human to do? Have they attained to the righteousness? No, through the “Law of Christ”…. that is because He paid the penalty  by His ‘blood”, and through God’s grace, mercy, faith and belief… all proven in these writings. Because every one who is given the Law is under penalty and not having cleansed, they are condemned to die. ( man is once appointed to die . But those  who are appointed to die, will be given life (Psa 102: 20). For that purpose, God Has to call some who are not given the Law as Rom 2: 27 says… this is why God called the gentiles. Not because they have done anything good. But all the leaders are under the Law and none of them could be chosen to execute the judgments. We cannot execute our judgments. Only the “written” judgments.  We cannot turn this way or that way to what we are commanded to do. This is why, as we will see from the Word, that the gentiles, who did not have the Law was chosen to this work of judgment, even BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD. (world means the Jewish world, which began at Sinai as we have proven ) 


Can one who is under the Law could judge another who is under the law?  It has to happen this way. They are called the ‘Jews’ and wants to keep the laws and the commandments of men and the traditions of the fathers more than mercy and faith as Christ said. By trusting themselves to keep the Law, they boast. ( Rom 11: 18) but they dishonor God because they transgressed , being unable to keep the whole Law. ( Rom 2: 23) Not even Abraham was justified by the Law… ( Rom 4: 2) we who are the gentiles, also are warned not to boast against Israel Rom 11: 18. Everyone ever lived, if they are to have the salvation, they have to come under grace of God.



God Has rejected them. These will make war with Christ and the elect and the ‘faithful’. The ‘elect’ and the ‘faithful’ also are the “gentiles”, as we have proven. If you read Rev 17 and 18, you see , that her judgments last for JUST ‘ONE” hour. One hour is three and half years or 1260 days, or 42 months. They will stay fallen, only in that hour. Also that is the duration of time which the witnesses and the judgments are to be. These judgments are spiritual. So unless God’s Spirit leads them to see the judgments, they will not know their own judgments. This is why even after the plagues are poured upon, they did not repent. ( Rev  16: 9, 11). When the ancient Egypt was plagued, they felt, saw and suffered physically. But the judgments in the book of revelation are spiritual. Just imagine if the stars fall on to the earth,  would there be any life left?  A small meteor fell in the desert of Arizona, and that wiped out all the life in the earth as the scientists say. The 9 point earthquake, wobbled the whole earth… there wont be any one left to NOT TO REPENT  as Rev 16 says, if these plagues are physical. The last era is to stumble in “JUDGMENT”. This is the duration of time which the gentiles are to tread down and to witness against, and the war between Christ and the beast will last . Rev 17: 18… this is the time, for the words of God, also to be fulfilled. And the Word of God is only for the church now. the Law is given to Jews, and they only are being judged now. how can God judge the EU or CC, unless they are given the Law? And as Christ said in Luke 21: 22… ,the days of vengeance  is the time all things are to be fulfilled. That is also the ‘judgment’. There is no rain in Israel when the witness work is going on except the rain which comes down from the ‘spiritual” clouds…



Another interesting fact is, if the "Day of Judgment", or the days of vengeance which is now going on ….are the days for all things ; all the words of God to be fulfilled, … then there are no more prophecies to be fulfilled, beyond the judgments or the "Day of Judgment" .  Because all things will be fulfilled now. That means, we do not know, anything about what will happen to the world and any one else other than the church. Judgment begins in the Sanctuary, and in the house of God. That is what is now being fulfilled. God has NOT PROPHESIED BEYOND THE DAYS OF VENGEANCE. We will prove in the near future, that there is no such thing called a ‘thousand years or millennium”.Judgments” lasts only “ONE hour”. Not thousand years. The last ones who were called, labored only ONE hour and God made them equal to others. ( Mat 20: 12). Remember, the apostles could not watch with Christ, for just “ONE” HOUR. 9 Mat 26: 40. Mar 14: 37. Rev 17: 12,  18: 10, 17 , 19.


Christ said, the day when He comes,  no one will know. Then, He said… “I come as a thief”. Now, we know that He Has come as a thief, as the purification is now going on. But, we do not know, when Christ comes physically… In Rev 19, even though it says, the wife has made herself ready, in v 15, He comes with a sharp sword… to smite and to rule with iron rod and to tread down the winepress. That is not to marry. That is the beginning of the judgment day. The sword is the Word of God… which will expose and burn the wickedness of the leaders.. Certainly not dressed for the wedding. The church has to make herself ready. Now, the “night” which we observed much, is being fulfilled as they are coming out of Egypt. All the first fruits “IN” Israel, are now dead.   It is a time to judge the DEAD.


salvation came to the gentiles, through Christ}}}…..Read Rom 11. it is through their ‘FALL”, that is AFTER the final falling away, the salvation came to gentiles,….( AFTER the fall of the Jews. Rom 11: 11 ) GF wrote, the church split occurred during the "Times of Gentiles" . we proved that in our writing ….please read: Last hour church split”. in the first century, God sent Paul to gentiles, after the Jews  totally rejected, as we proved.  Even now, as the book of lamentations says, after God profaned the Sanctuary, the gentiles are called for salvation. And it is through ‘Christ’, we are called. ( The Law of Christ ) That is by the ‘blood’ of Christ. God did this, to “PROVOKE THEM TO JEALOUSY”. So the gentiles are called ,… AFTER THE FINAL FALLING AWAY, in the last hour, beginning of the ‘judgments”. This is why, God is revealing the final prophecies which are to be MYSTERIES to Israel. If they are fallen away, then God would not give them any revelation. Everyone can understand that. They are doing their own work. They call on the name of the Lord, but He Has left them. But when they realize their sins and call on God, He will answer them speedily.


The fact that we, the gentiles, are working means the "Day of Judgment” has begun. ! God Has rejected Israel by blinding them. That prophecy also now fulfilled. God sent Christ, to give salvation to gentiles. This is why, He mingled with gentiles all the time, and He is to be a light to them etc…. even John the Baptist stumbled and sent his disciples to ask Christ “Are you the one to come”?..( Mat 11: 2…). That is after baptizing Him ! this is why, Christ, PERSONALLY chose and taught Paul… to send to gentiles. This proves the split happened during the “judgments”, and it happened between the Jews and the gentiles. Jews being judged and reigned, and gentiles are reigning and judging. Always Jews hindered the gentile’s conversion. When the 7th angel was about to sound, the mysteries of God, would end as Rev 10 says… at that time, there is to be no more delay.


Yes, we are “individually” grafted in…. not only the gentiles, who are called in to the church are individually called. but now, the ‘body of Christ’ is being formed among the gentiles…. Christ called us individually, but in to one body as we will prove. HWA is referring to Rom 11.. v 7 – 11 clearly says, the elect are the gentiles. 1 Peter 1: 5 , 20 also says, their conversion or the election is a last time event. Who wants to believe the Word or the truth? v 9 , king David has said “Israel” will stumble. But he said, the gentiles will submit to him. ( Psa 18 : 43- 45 , 1 Sam 22 ) .


HWA wrote ;…”This is a dispensation when “God” is calling a people for “Hisname to be “kings and priests”,reigning” with Christ in the “kingdom” during the thousand years. (Rev 5: 10)…..}}}…If God calls them to His “NAME”… then, God’s NAME is on them. Remember this calling has to happen AFTER Jews are fallen. That is these gentiles have done better than sons and daughters. Then, God’s NAME, should be on these gentiles. Then, they are the new church or called out ones. The Jews are fallen, the gentiles are being built ! The poor, who are the gentiles, were chosen by God to be inheritors of the “KINGDOM” in James 2: 5. That too happened AFTER God sent the Jews  in to captivity, which is the blindness… this too proves that the split happened between the rich Jews and the poor gentiles.

Even the apostle John proves this in 2  and 3 John. The “ELECT” lady is the new church of gentiles, who have the ‘TRUTH”. 2 John says God’s GRACE, MERCY AND PEACE will be with her. 2 Joh 1: 3…


2 John 1: 7… the deceivers, the leaders who are profaned , do not know Jesus Christ. The ‘antichrist”…? This leader is called “The antichrist” because he rejects Christ… he cannot say… Jesus Christ is our Lord as he is not being lead by Christ . We have proven how HWA and GF rejected Christ.!

V 9 says, if they do not have the doctrine of Christ, they do not have God either…So it is clear that this ‘ELECT LADY” is the gentiles…Peter, James, John finally have understood about the Law of Christ.   It cannot be the Jews since they reject the doctrine of Christ ! besides, they have the lies and this lady has the “truth” . We should prove from the Word, who are liars and who has the truth. Only in the "Day of Judgment", the ‘truth’ is going to the world. Those who have ‘Christ’ are the ones who have the truth and they are the gentiles.


2Jn 1:10  If anyone comes to you and does not bear this doctrine, do not receive him into the house, and do not speak a greeting to him. }}}… who does not bear the doctrine of Christ, other than the leaders in the church?.. we have proven it is them ! Even Paul taught the gentiles… not to be deceived by the doctrines of the Jews. ( Gal 1: 7- 9). The gospel of Christ…. 2 John 1: 10 and Gal 1 … tells us to not to receive such. 2 Thes 3: 6…, Eph 5 tells us to expose the sons of disobedient. Rom 16:  17 – 18 tells us to  watch such people who cause divisions contrary to this doctrine and to turn away from them. v 19 says,… these gentiles are obedient and v 20… God of peace shall bruise satan under our feet shortly. Satan will be bruised by the ‘arm of the Lord”, who also are the gentiles. Please read: The Arm of The Lord”… So if God will bruise satan ‘SHORTLY”, means that should happen on the "Day of Judgment". That is when satan was cast down. ( Joh 12: 31).


3 John further proves that it is the ‘gentiles’ who have the truth. Gaius, is an Asian gentile who walks in truth. Diotrephus, whom we have proven to be our RD, who did the casting out the TRUE FOLLOWERS of God, was fulfilled in the ‘east gate’ as our “Bamah matter” proves. The Bamah matter was bringing Ethiopians, who are the sabeans as we proved. This was done by PCG. This matter brought God’s judgments… then, after God declared the judgments to them , God says, beyond the rivers of Ethiopia, God’s worshippers will bring His offering. Zeph 3: 10.



{“After this ---- “ after this dispensation of taking out of the gentiles a people for His “name----- “I will return”, promises the eternal. What for? “ And I will build again the “tabernacle of David,” which is fallen down; and I will build again the “ruins thereof, and “I” {Christ, not men}  will set it up. Why? “That the residue of men might seek after the Lord”. (Act 15: 14-17-- study this again!. }}}….. We saw earlier how “God” caused “Israel” to “FALL”.  Now, the ‘FALLEN” tabernacle… So it is clear that it is the ‘tabernacle of David’ which is ‘FALLEN”  who, now is the beast. If you can read (this is written  in English and not in any other language…so we hope all can read and understand what HWA has written  )  this above quote which HWA has written, is being fulfilled now. These gentiles are called, to God’s NAME… ( please read: House of prayer”)…Christ, too prayed for God’s name to be on His chosen children, the night He was betrayed. In the end, it is the ‘gentiles’ who have God’s NAME.  


King Solomon prophesied that gentiles will come for God’s Name and we proved from the Word so. If God’s NAME IS ON THE GENTILES, THEN, THEY ARE THE TABERNACLE NOW, AND ALSO THE NEW TEMPLE….. we know God’s glory is on them too. So they are being built in to a “NEW GLORIOUS TEMPLE”, the ‘LATTER TEMPLE” which the prophet Haggai prophesied. The NEW TEMPLE began with the taking out a people for God’s NAME from the ‘gentiles’. . He even admits, that these gentiles are called to be “kings and priests”, reigningwith Christ in the “kingdom!”… If he is alive today, he would not believe what he, himself has written. He would probably remove these writings just as GF removed the whole chapter about the gentiles work from the new Isaiah book of his. Just removing what God Has prophesied from a book would not stop God’s prophecies being fulfilled.


       Therefore, O you ministers, hear the word of the LORD;!!!!!  Thus saith the Lord God…..


Eze 34:10  , I am against the shepherds; and I will require my flock at  your hand, and I will cause you  to cease from feeding the flock; neither shall the shepherds feed themselves any more; for I will deliver My flock from their mouth, that they may not be meat for them.


Now, this prophecy is fulfilled…. God, Himself Has come down to search His sheep… the minister’s jobs are given to the gentiles, who are now ‘KINGS, PRIESTS and they are REIGNING WITH CHRIST !


V 12 shows, it happens on the ‘cloudy’ day.


This would remove all the leaders from their positions JUST AS GOD SAID.  On this cloudy day, which is the "Day of The Lord" , God Has removed His ministry and Has called a people out of strangers to fulfill the jobs of His ministry. as the tabernacle of David is the ministry… which is now fallen and they would not admit or accept that. according to HWA, there cant be a leader and certainly not a prophet should be in God’s church, after his death. He wrote no Elisha, no prophet and now the Tabernacle of David  is no more. 


So, as Christ said, .. HWA prophesies, these gentiles are to reign with Christ. So the kingdom has given to another nation, who  will bear fruits !... don’t we say that we are the new “kingdom of priests”… who were redeemed by the blood of Christ?...who has the doctrine of Christ ,And the  Father also?  1 Peter  and Rev 1 : 5 – 7,  5: 9 – 10,  Rev 20: 4.  Only those who are washed by the blood of Christ are reigning now… in the kingdom!  Children of disobedience was thrown out in to the outer darkness and the gentiles are brought to the kingdom as they bear fruits and heard… acts 28: 28. You see how everything in the ‘Sanctuary’ is destroyed and how a new sanctuary is being formed on this "Day of Judgment" ?.... Is 56: 3- 8 proves that these gentiles are in the Holy “Mountain of God… also a new “House of prayer”… GF said the ‘mountain’ pictures the ‘government’ of God. so, we are a new government and as HWA says, ‘kings’ and being the ‘house of prayer’, we are the new “priesthood also. Isa. 56 says, they are a new “ALTAR” . That is the Sanctuary. And unless you are in the ‘Sanctuary’, or in the ‘altar’, you cannot offer the offerings to God. He says, our sacrifices are ‘PURE”… Mal 1:11… that is also, after rejecting God’s ministry.! After the tabernacle of David is FALLEN !.


Read again…” after this dispensation of taking out of the gentiles a people for His name-----I will return…( Christ will return ) Don’t you think, this has to be fulfilled? After all, your Elijah said it ?. If GF follows HWA’s words as he says he is ( even condemning other churches  for not doing so, ) he should believe this passage also. He should look for this dispensation of taking out of the gentiles for God’s name…!.  Besides, his son SF, wrote a book about raising the ruins of HWA, that  PCG is raising the ruins. But HWA says, it is Christ, who will return and… build the ruins. He Has returned. The clouds brought Him… in the latter rain. God says, His name was profaned among the gentiles by the Jews. Eze 20: 9,  36: 23.  for this reason, God says, He will cast them out … 2 Chr 7: 20 , 1 Kin 9: 7,  and this is why, Christ said to God… “Glorify Your Name” ( Joh 12: 28)… then God said, I ‘WILL” glorify again. …we proved that God’s name will be glorified only in the "Day of Judgment".


As you can see, HWA said, it is ‘CHRIST” who will be raising up the ruins, with the new king priests, who are the gentiles. Here is what GF wrote ;…. Who do you believe? God’s Word?  HWA ?  or GF ?

James book;….” Teachers will be condemned more than anyone if they claim to speak God's truth, yet don't know what they are talking about. God judges them very harshly”….. “The Philadelphia Church of God “has” a lot invested in our property. We “areraising up the ruins. Having an auditorium and hosting concerts with great per­formers-featuring the best that the human spirit can achieve-is impressive to the world.”


James discussed the rich Laodiceans (James 1:10; 2:6). They were rich because they “hada lot of expensive property, including the Ambassador Auditorium, God's house. When they sold that, they received many millions of dollars”….}}}….. He is saying that Laodiceans are rich and they ‘HAD” … and they ‘SOLD”…. If WCG ‘HAD” and ‘SOLD” that means, they are not rich any more. They do not have any property after selling. Well then, when WCG had to sell them, who has lot of property NOW? At Christ’ coming? ….from GF’s own words…. “Philadelphia Church of God “has” a lot invested in our property.


“We “areraising up the ruins…???? Now, you can see, who really is raising up the ruins….! Besides, he is raising up the ……”auditorium and hosting concerts with great per­formers-featuring the best that the human spirit can achieve-is impressive to the world”….


If God is taking a people out of gentiles, for ‘HIS NAME would He be in this auditorium and in their concerts with great performers, with the best… the “HUMAN Spirit” can achieve and which is “IMPRESSIVE TO THE WORLD”???? since GF has all these physical riches, he is the leader of the Laodicean era, as we have proven. This is why he talks about ‘physical’ things and want to impress the ‘WORLD”. It is such boastings, God wants to stop. This is why God called the foolish nation. The wisdom of the wise as Prophet Hab., Isaiah etc  said, now was fulfilled. DOES, GOD, REALLY WANTS TO IMPERSS THE WORLD? These are merchants… selling and buying God’s people… the salesmen …God, truly has BLINDED them !  


“JAMES IS TELLING US THAT SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAS HAPPENED TO GOD'S TEACHERS IN THIS END TIME…}}}…. What is this terrible thing which has happened to God’s teachers?.... The blind cannot see their own blindness !!!... they are blind to their own judgments. Remember, this happened after HWA’s death. No wonder, God Has to call the gentiles… the ministry has failed.


“What a tragedy this is! Even with all the calamities coming on the land of Israel, THE GREATEST CALAMITY EVER IS OCCURRING AMONG THE TEACHERS OF God”……}}}…this is why, God is calling others to be TEACHERS, as we have proven.

The Apostle John discusses the same problem, and he uses the term ANTICHRIST! Among the teach­ers of God, there are people fighting against Christ}}}….. As GF write this, it is him and his fellows, only are fighting with Christ be lying. Christ is trying to establish the TRUTH. and GF, is trying to deceive God’s people by his lies. This is the fight between Christ and “HIS” leaders. This is why, Christ came with a ‘SWORD” in “ His MOUTH”, as we wrote. GF and his teachers are writing lies, and we are trying to expose and tell the truth, as Christ is teaching us !....


“James says these individuals are prioritizing objects ahead of GOD-AND IT IS KILLING THEM SPIRITUALLY”….}}}….. Who is GF talking about? Who is prioritizing OBJECTS ahead of God, and killed God’s true people whom were sent by God to open his mind to the truth?  As GF says, when WCG fell and PCG was raised ( also the Word of God says so ) then, God Has nothing to do with WCG. Thereafter, God’s church and bride was PCG. Now, as we see, when God is taking the gentiles for His name, Does He stay married to PCG? No… He Has left her totally. He profaned the Sanctuary in Eze 24: 21. we know everything about how and when and why God did so. When God takes out a people to His name from among the gentiles, He does not live in PCG.


“This verse is talking about the churches of God in the end time. James is directing this severe condem­nation to churches that are SPIRITUAL ADULTERESSES”….}}}….. Eze 16: 50 63 also gives specific details about this matter. Please read the whole book of GF which he wrote about James. Although he claims other churches committed this adulteress sins, we are witnesses to PCG’s adultery. Christ said,  you clean your eyes and get the plank out of your own eye before you remove your brother’s speck… PCG… we witness against you.


“In doing so, they have willfully rejected their marriage vows and trampled on their marriage covenant with God!....”…}}} Doesn’t GF say, that he is the high priest and it is PCG which married to Christ in the last end? So, to break the marriage covenant, one should have one in the first place.


"Speak not evil one of another, brethren" (James 4:11). This instruction applies to everyone in all of the church­es of God. We should never speak evilly of any of God's people”… We must teach all of them not to speak evil against each other or they can't enter into God's Kingdom

}}}…Who speak evil of other God’s people?  how many times have you heard GF talking about others as “evil”?.... He should listen to himself before he speak to others… once he called a person ‘Yasar Arafat”… if you remember?....This is one of the reasons why, they are thrust out of the kingdom !


Here is what GF wrote about how God speak only to PCG today….

Living hope ;…That means that Jesus Christ is only speaking to the PCG today! God speaks to His very elect through new revelation”… NOBODY ELSE HAS BEEN GIVEN ANY REVELATION IN THIS END TIME-NOBODY”…..}}}…Jesus Christ spoke to PCG until she became a harlot. After that, God turned to ‘gentiles’ as we saw. There is a whole lot more. Every book which HWA and GF has written, are full of lies, truth mixed with error  and false prophecies. We simply do not have time to write about all of them.


If God is speaking only to PCG, and if He is revealing that there is something wrong in His leaders, then His message or warning have to be “to PCG, as other churches do not listen to what GF says nor he does not say it aloud or cry aloud as a prophet of God should  do. If God is revealing anything to His church , then the leader must cry aloud and say this to every one. But GF does not even feed his own people in PCG as not even the tapes are going out. We know many members in PCG in this area, has not received a single tape for the last two years.


From Father of Lights … further GF wrote;..

God will not give faith until we repent…..James was actually condemning an “apostasy” in the “Church of God!”......when was James revealed? Is it not after the church split occurred between PCG and the gentiles?... also after the captivity announced? That was the final falling away.


TRANSCRIPT – The Last Hour (0717)

right inside God’s own Church, and people are fighting Christ. They went out from us—

He’s talking about the people of God. They were right there with the people of God, had the truth of God, and they went out from them……

But look, if you have God’s truth, and you cast it to the ground, you’re an antichrist


“And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein….So there is this little remnant that’s told to rise up. Rise up, there’s something that has to be done, there is a Work that has to be done, this marvelous Work and a wonder is going to have to be done. So they have to rise up again because the truth was cast to the ground…. Revelation 11 and verse 2. But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months…..Or three and one half years. Then, see, there’s this massive split in God’s Church. You have the outer court, and you have the inner court. Most of God’s people turn away, and

cast His truth to the ground, and God punishes them very severely for that…… they’re not going to be protected by God—they’re going to have to experience the times of the Gentiles when Jerusalem is trodden underfoot…”….}}}…. When the TRUTH was cast down, God is raising up the gentiles, during the times of gentiles. That will last for one hour, or three and half years as we have proven. The Outer court, and the Inner court is separated… by God…. so that the “OUTER” court can tread down the ‘INNER COURT”, which is the spiritual Jerusalem. ! Now read what he wrote about his marvelous work. In Acts 13, the marvelous work and wonder, should come after the final falling away. That is prophesied to happen.


RV July / Aug 2000

Hab.1:1-2----Hab.’s vision was a burden to him---It was so distressing to him—but it did not appear that God was listening. Hab. saw very violent acts being done! --------It was the spiritual violence that Hab. Felt God would do nothing about!—Hab. 1:3-4---law is slacked, wicked compass about the righteous---therefore wrong judgment proceedeth”…}}}….God would do nothing about???... why would not He do anything?  Because He Has left and Has come to the ‘gentiles’. They are the ones who were raised up when the Law IS SLACKED. It is GF, the high priest who has the filthy turban who caused the Law to be slacked.


Booklet Habakkuk—Gerald Flurry

“At the time the book (in bible) was written Habakkuk saw Nebuchadnezzar on the rise—ready to destroy Judah.”---}}}… at the time Habakkuk’s book is to be fulfilled, the Nebuchadnezzar , is the leader who is puffed up like this king. We have proven in our “Babylon” writings.


God’s purpose, His prophecies, His truth, His Law must all come together and will stand for ever. !


Christ said, if you ask anything in MY NAME” He will do… ( John 14: 13- 14,   15: 16,   16: 23 ). Since the Jews do not trust in Christ’s name, their prayers are not answered. That is why God would do nothing.


Christ revealed God’s name to those whom He was given by the Father. ( John 17: 6). And in v 11, He prayed to keep them, in the ‘Father’s NAME so they can be one with Him. V 26 Christ says, He made God’s NAME known to them, and that is to us, as we proved. John 20: 31 also says, if you believe Christ, has life in His NAME. We have proven that the Jews failed to be kept in God’s NAME as they do not believe Christ. This is why, God wants gentiles for His ‘NAME”.


Continue From HWA’s pagan holidays… What for?.... build again the “tabernacle of David,” which is fallen down;}}}….. Whom do you believe?.... GF and SF, and their book of ‘raising the ruins’ or HWA, who says, it is “Christ” Is who will raise up the ruins?... earlier we wrote that HWA said, there wont be any prophets, nor an Elisha. But GF, who follows after HWA says, he is a prophet and also Elisha. Now, ….who do you want to believe?....

WHO do YOU really want to BELIEVE?.... The Word says, it is ‘Christ’ Is who will build the FALLEN tabernacle with the ‘gentiles’.


This also shows,  that ….until the "Times of Gentiles", the tabernacle of David stays fallen…. But would HWA  believe what he wrote if he is alive today?  Would he accept the gentiles now as of having God’s name on them ? So GF and SF cannot be raising the ruins… as we wrote…, PCG is  who was given the kingdom as Eze 16: 12 says, and they are the ones who caused it to be fallen. The final falling away happened when the 7th head is present.  It is from them, Christ Has  taken  the kingdom and Gave to the gentiles….it is one thing to have riches and power physically, but quite another to serve God and help Christ to rebuilt the fallen tabernacle! Christ called  His flock… “LITTLE” flock… and it is the “poor” who are given the kingdom ( Jam 2: 5). Christ thanked God for revealing things to ‘BABES”. Are you all, the leaders ‘BABES”??? So, if you want to find the kingdom, look where the poor works. When Christ came the first time, He was born where the ox and the sheep are and not in a palace. He always condemned the rich and Jews. He preached the example of a good ‘SAMARITAN”.

 Another thought… why would Christ  call gentiles, just before He comes to raise up the fallen tabernacle ???.... Why wouldn’t He call them “after building the tabernacle?... it is as PROPHEISED … it is the ‘gentiles” who will help Christ to build the fallen tabernacle…. HWA  even wrote that the gentiles will be kings and priests and reign with Christ. but before He builds, He wants to expose, and witness against them as the Law requires. Plagues are poured after the ‘song of Moses’ is sung which is to testify against Israel’s sins. ( Deut 32).  Since  Christ called the gentiles AFTER the Tabernacle fell, then He calls them to build the fallen tabernacle.!   

Isa. 60: 10… the “FOREIGNERS” shall BUILD up your walls… and their “KINGS” shall minister you….. When would this happen??? it after we become Spirit beings? No….it happens when ‘God STRIKES IN HIS WRATH”, which is  NOW….. When God’s wrath is poured, no one is a Spirit being. So, it has to be before Christ comes gloriously. But, God says, He will have MERCY on them. This is why, the gentiles are chosen as the “vessels of mercy” so that they can help to bring back them and build them up. We certainly hope GF and SF and all others…could read HWA’s quote and be able to understand, !   the ministry has failed… the kingdom of Israel is being judged… and the gentiles sit judging and ministering to Israel… if God is using any one after the ministry failed, then He must be calling them to replace the ministry… or to help to raise up and send His voice out to the fallen ministry… also to build them up !


Zec 6:15  And they that are far off shall come and build in the temple of the Lord,,,,….Act 2: 39… the promise, finally goes to those who are far off… in Eph 2: 12 – 17 … we see that gentiles, who were far off, are caused to come near … Zech 2: 11,  Zech 6: 12.. “The Branch”… we proved from the Word, that the branch is “Christ and the gentiles”.

Mat 23: 39… Christ said, they will see Him no more, till they say “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord… and who will bring Him when they say this again? … Just as the first time.. the donkey and the colt and the multitude…. Who brought Him to Jerusalem. ! Don’t you see that this prophecy is being fulfilled right now?  We bring Christ to spiritual Jerusalem. !

Pg 28………Pagan holidays      

{“During this time Israel is mostly blinded until the fullness of the gentiles come in; (Rom 11:26) . ……….now in this dispensation, Israel has not believed, and the tabernacle of David is fallen down. (Rom 11:31-32) that through the mercy of the gentiles, and the small “Elect” in Israel, picked out in this age, acting as kings and priests with Christ, they also, then, may obtain mercy!}…. There is no small elect in Israel mentioned in Rom 11: 31-32 as HWA says.  V 31 says, the same way as gentiles were saved, by grace, Israel also will be saved. This is was said by Peter also. In acts 15: 11… grace and mercy… saves all. 

Pg 29:……..{Let us understand this. During this time Israel is blinded in part-but only until the completion of this gentile dispensation. ……They were blinded until the “end” of gentile times. …….. then, it is that “God” shall set “His handagain the “secondtime to recover the remnant of His people……}…We hope without explaining what HWA has written, you can understand this. Israel is blind, when God causes the gentiles to come in. this is the last hour workers of the vineyard. They are paid the same wages as the others…

Now, if he says, the tabernacle of David is fallen till the “dispensation of the gentiles,” then when do you think it should be fulfilled ? It should happen, after he said and before Christ comes. Just think about that. The taking of the gentiles, or the times of gentiles, should be fulfilled, after he wrote this and before Christ comes again. So shouldn’t we look for this prophecy to be fulfilled before Christ comes and after HWA died? If the ministers admit that the "Times of Gentiles" is being fulfilled, they know they will lose their jobs. So keep on lying…

Also, he says, when the taking of this gentiles, the throne of David, is fallen. They stay fallen, TILL Christ COMES…. because he said…

Also Israel is blinded when this happen. Since this is a major prophecy, and also the Philadelphia  era leader has also said this, it should happen after his death, and before Christ comes. So, during the time of the 7th era, or the laodicean era, which is the blind era, the "Times of Gentiles" have to be fulfilled. ! But the blind people cannot see. How could any one solve this blindness, unless God does a marvelous work and a wonder?

The "Times of Gentiles" , and the "Day of Visitation"  and the "Day of The Lord"  are mysteries to Israel. But, these mysteries about all three days, are given to gentiles, as it is they, who will be working with God, on all these three days. When these days will be fulfilled, Israel will be blind. So how could they know? But as God wants, they will not be blind for ever. This is why, the mysteries are given to the gentiles, and Christ brought light to us, so that we can give that light to Israel. ( Isa. 60: 3) Here is what GF wrote about the times of gentiles ….

From Prophesy again new book.. GF wrote;…(Mystery )

The times of gentiles……..

DISPENSATION OF THE MYSTERY;….Just what does it mean to prophesy again about the mystery?}}}….. GF is writing about the mysteries, which are to be revealed to gentiles. But does he believe what he is writing???  ..

” Revelation 10:11 leads right into chapter 11, which dis­cusses the Church split in the context of the TIMES OF THE GENTILES: "... it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months" ……. Revelation 11:1-2 also discuss God's little remnant rising up, and then the times of the Gentiles, side by side-just as Revelation17:8 does. The work of God and the beast power ascend together}}}…. We proved that Rev 17 is talking about the fallen tabernacle of David… fighting with Christ and us, who are judging them…  don’t we say, that they became beasts that has no understanding when they were made blind by God, during the laodicena era, which is now ?  God Has made known about these things to the leader , even though he does not believe what he has written !

According to this prophecy, right after the prophesying again work of GF, the "Times of Gentiles" should begin as it leads right in to the church split and also of the "Times of Gentiles". The church split in the context of the "Times of Gentiles" , has to be between the gentiles, (who will tread down the inner court, )and the Holy city. There can’t be any other split at this time. God caused the split between the Holy city and the gentiles, so they can judge, witness and tread them down. That is the work of the "Day of Visitation"  and "Day of Judgment",  also "Day of The Lord" ,which we proved that it is the "Times of Gentiles" and they will be doing the work of God.

 Ephesians 3:9 contains some astounding truth about this. "And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God, who created all things by Jesus Christ."}}}….  ( Eph 3: 8…says Paul was given to preach the gospel among the “Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ. When the "Times of Gentiles" comes, the mystery which Paul taught the Ephesians gentiles, should be revealed to the gentiles. It was preached , “AMONG THE GENTILES”, to be revealed during this time, “AFTER THE CHURCH SPLIT OCCURRED”. All hidden secrets will be revealed. The lies will be revealed and the truth will be taught. This mystery, was hidden, beginning from the “Jewish” world as we proved. ). The “UNSEARCHABLE RICHES OF CHRIST”, could be revealed, only to those who are with Christ, …. NOW… NOW… AFTER THE FALLING AWAY AND WHEN God IS TAKING A PEOPLE OUT OF GENTIELS… , and only to those who are reigning with Him

The word fellowship is not a good translation. Lange's Commentary translates it dispensation, as do some Bible translations-the dispensation of the mystery. Dispensation means to dispense or distribute something: to dispense or distribute the mystery!..... The Companion Bible also says it's dispensation, and adds that "fellowship" came from the translators actually rendering the wrong Greek word!...}}}…. As we quoted earlier, HWA also said this is a DISPENSATION of the gentiles… so both the apostle, and the prophet was taught by God, that He will take out some gentiles, for His NAME, … and HWA says “when” this would happen. … it is to happen, when “Israel” is “blinded” and when the “tabernacle of David” is “fallen”, and just before Christ comes. Don’t we say the tabernacle is fallen? Don’t we witness how, when, why the tabernacle fell. God is trying to raise up the fallen tabernacle. He will not destroy any one. Only, they need to admit and repent and believe. This is when, the real call of REPENTANCE should come… when the ‘KINGDOM OF God is at HAND.  Also, at this time, Christ knew He would come to open their blindness and He knew that they need to repent, exposed and the lies need to wipe out and the truth should be REVEALED. This is why, He , soon after He was baptized, He preached saying” Kingdom of God is “at hand”,.. repent and believe.  First John preached, then Christ preached and then Peter preached as we wrote. The apostles were sent to the “lost” ten tribes. Now, they are spiritually lost and once again, this gospel is going to them with the call for repentance and to believe. The ever lasting gospel is being preached, in the middle of the judgments. ( Rev  14: 6). And not before or when HWA said he was fulfilling that mission. God’s people were not fully blind back then and still God was with them..,even though they were in Babylon. The judgments have not started then. Now, they are totally blind and the gentiles are working with God… to bring them back, as they HAVE SINNED. So, it is now, they need the call for repentance and this everlasting gospel. The world does not need this gospel yet. As we proved, God Has not written anything about the world. There are no prophecies beyond the "Day of Judgment".

The everlasting gospel, is being preached in the middle of the judgments. Now, there is no peace between God and the church. No marriage, because of their sins. What is the gospel or the good news, we need to bring both parties together?.... we need to get the sinners to repent, believe in Christ’s blood as that only will clean them, and to do that, we need the covenant of peace. This is why, after cleansing, as  Eze 36: v 33 says,  God will rebuilt the ruins. Eze 37: 26 says, the ‘COVENANT OF PEACE” is the everlasting covenant. and, it is the ‘gentiles’ who are being sent, with this “Covenant of peace”. Please read: Covenant of Peace … this is why, God called the gentiles, for His name… they are sent with a covenant of peace, so that Israel can come back to God. when God comes down to search the sheep in Eze 34: 25, also this covenant is mentioned. That is also now as we proved from the Word.

Is 55: 3… COP is made… in the presence of Christ… He will be a ‘WITNESS”… This is why, He is witnessing through us, so that they can repent of their sins and come to God through Christ. In Mal 3: 5… Christ, will come, or God will send Him, to judge and to witness. They have turned away the widow, fatherless, and the stranger… or the “Gentiles” as we have proven. Why  Does God mention about  them here?  Because they are the ones who “witnessed” and came forward with the evidence of their harlotry. So, as they did not fear God, they spiritually killed the gentiles . Which means, they despised God’s covenant, as they witnessed a covenant breaking sin. !  And as Christ said,  they failed to recognize, that the babes are sent by God, “IN HIS NAME”… in His name. ( Mat 18: 5) We have written our witness in our web site…

Jer 32: 37- 40… after God gathers them as He caused them to be scattered, God will send this covenant, and put His fear in Him, and will be with them for ever…. If the angels and the prophets even did not know about the mystery of the gentiles, how could HWA and GF know? Everything to be fulfilled during the "Times of Gentiles", only the gentiles could declare to Israel.

So the call for repentance, as well as the need for repentance, should come when they are blind and during the "Times of Gentiles", when the tabernacle of David is fallen. Or… After the fall. This is why, we say, HWA cannot be the Elijah, or the one crying in the wilderness. During his time, this blindness did not occur, nor, they were in the wilderness. Only those who are spiritually desolated could be in a spiritual wilderness which has happened now.  According to the Word, and HWA’s writings as we can see, and GF’s ,… we see NOW is the time the hearts need to be turned to the Father,….when they have turned away.  Remember the new covenant is to be made, after the  change in heart occurs ??? John the Baptist did send the call for repentance, just before Christ’s coming. Now, as 1 cor 4: 5 says, as Christ Has come to do all that. They need to repent, when God Has condemned them as sinners. That happened in the Laodicean era .

Mat 3 : 2… John preached to repent ,  4: 17 Christ preached , Mat 11: 20 says, even though Christ did the most mighty works , they did not repent…. Same as today. The most mighty works were done in PCG . Luke 13: 3, 5 .. Christ said, if you do not repent, all will perish. This is why, all Israel are now blind, perished, having no food or water from God. The only food and water they get is from the clouds…

Act 2:38  Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. }}}….well, now God Has withdrawn His Spirit because they need the remission of sins again. So, if they need the gift of the Holy Spirit, they need to repent and be washed… with the over flowing flood…!. now, since the kingdom is at hand, they need to do so, if they want to receive the Holy Spirit. So, there is no other way for them to receive the Holy Spirit, but to accept Christ’s blood to be forgiven. They, first need to REPENT.  Act 3: 19… they need to repent, when the ‘TIMES OF REFRESHING” comes. We proved that is now,…. as Christ is present.


When Simon magus was found with wickedness… Peter said to repent , pray to God, that his heart may be forgiven. He was in the bond of iniquity. We have a high priest in the bonds of satan…and iniquity.  He too needs to repent so that his heart may be set right with God, so He can continue with the new covenant. ( Act 8)


God requires all to repent, when Christ Has come. When they were ignorant, God over looked it. But now, in the presence of Christ, God wants all to repent. ( Act 17: 30 – 31. ). God Has clearly revealed His plan. Israel would not stay blind for ever. However, they need to be told about their blindness so they can find out how to remove it… that is to admit, and repent.


When Paul was called by God .. He was instructed that he will be delivered from the Jews, and will be sent to ‘gentiles’.


Act 26:17  Delivering thee from the people, and from the Gentiles, unto whom now I send thee, ….

Act 26:18  To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in Me.}}}…. Israel was seeing. They were living in light. But now, the gentiles are seeing. They have the Light… Israel was teaching gentiles… now, the gentiles are teaching Israel… there is no difference, we are all one flesh… we have one salvation… there is no distinction… we stand in the hands of God, in His mercy…. ! 


When Paul’s work begins, or when the "Times of Gentiles" comes, their eyes will be opened, taken away from darkness to light, from power of the devil to God, and they have received the forgiveness, and an inheritance among those who are SANCTIFIED, by FAITH, in ‘Christ”…. this is the beginning of the other gospel, which was preached to gentiles, that they will have the inheritance, by believing in Christ , and the gospel of grace. Remember, none of the rulers among the Jews would not know as this is a mystery to occur in the “last time or when Christ Has come, which even the angels and the prophets inquired… ( 1 Peter ). So you would not have known, until those who are being revealed it by God;  declares it… God’s plan ends with calling the whole world… He created one man. We have one father… physically and spiritually. The difference between them and us, is the outer layer of the skin… spiritually, now, Israel is only bones as Eze 37 says… so even their outer layer is now taken away. Their pride, the white washed tombs are now being removed.


We cannot have the godly repentance any other time. Only during the times of refreshing, God requires ALL to repent. That is the time Christ Has come,  and the APPOINTED time to repent. It is also the time Israel is blind and the gentiles are working. Godly sorrow works repentance to salvation, and the sorrow before such time, is from the world, or the Jews, which brings death. ( 2 Cor 7: 9- 11 , Rom 2).  


God raised up Christ and exalted Him as a “RULER” and a “Savior” to give Israel “REPENTANCE”…. Those who are forgiven already through Christ’s blood are now working with Christ, because of God’s grace. We are witnesses of these things and also as having the Holy Spirit, because we obeyed, we declare that you should repent during our time, which is the time to be refreshed. ( Act 5: 31 – 32. 13: 23 …One should obey God, rather than man ( v 29). We have proven, that Israel are called by God as “ sons of DISOBEDIENCE”. The gentiles already have repented… ( Act 11: 17- 18.). In our writings, you will see that we first believed HWA was the Elijah. But when God proved us wrong, we obeyed and believed Him.  He proved from His Word, that HWA is the first king of Babylon. ( read: Beast or man parts 1 – 7). Both HWA and GF mixed the truth with error. GOD ALLOWED IT !  So we just believed everything they said without  proving. But now, when God showed us we believed Him and all should do that. Christ Has come to wipe out the work of error which the man of sin does. 2 The 2. 


Continue from the same book GF wrote ;…

“It also says that dispensation equals stewardship.’: You must have people who are willing to declare the mystery> to the world, not just possess it for themselves. God's very elect have been given that responsibility words, for something to be dispensed, somebody has to do it.}}}…. We certainly declare the mysteries of God, as Paul preached it among us, the gentiles. But who believe our report?... not the wise men who has now become foolish.!!! God called the foolish things of the world to shame the wise…. We proved that God chose the gentiles, before the foundation of the Jewish world….

dispensation equals stewardship}….as we wrote earlier, the gentiles were chosen to be the workers during the judgments, when all the mysteries are to be fulfilled, when Christ Has come. We know Christ teaches us in the last days as Heb 1: 2 says. We also know He comes in the latter rain as Hos… 6: 3… says.  There was a time that the latter rain was not given as they have a WHORE’S FOREHEAD. (When did God show they have a “WHORE’S FOREHEAD”????... When we wrote the “Mysterious harlot”!. In Rev 17, when the church became the harlot, God put that on her forehead!  )  ( Joel 2: 23,  Zech 10: 1 ,  James 5: 7 ) That gives lot of revelation. Christ gives this stewardship to gentiles, as He is being a “Light” to them. This is why, Christ taught Paul, separately from other apostles. He was given these mysteries. Paul gave them to gentiles… In this writing, we will see, that the stewardship to reveal the mystery is given to Corinthians, and it is to be revealed, when Christ Has come.

 1Co 4:1  Let a man think of us as ministers of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God.

1Co 4:2  Moreover, it is sought among stewards that one be found faithful.

1Co 4:5  Then do not judge anything before the time, until the Lord comes, who will both shed light on the hidden things of darkness and will reveal the counsels of the hearts. And then praise will be to each one from God. }}}…..the calling for the gentiles, on this "Day of Judgment", when Christ Has come to bring to light, the ‘HIDDEN THINGS”, the mysteries, are now being dispensed, from those whom “GOD APPOINTED”. Stewards (3623, )which means, “Figuratively a preacher (of the Gospel): - chamberlain, governor, steward.”….  metaphorically the apostles and other Christian teachers and bishops and overseers ( Thayer).


The mystery about the kingdom of God, is revealed to the apostles, and to a few who were close to Christ. ( Mar 4: 10- 11). In this parable, He was saying how the Word is not received by many and but a few bore fruits. Act 28: 28, and from several other scripture, we have proven that the gentiles bore fruits and they were the faithful as 1 Cor 4 : 2 says. If one has to be revealed a mystery, and to be a steward of this dispensation, then, they have to be ‘faithful’. We have proven , that there are three that are faithful, God, Christ and the new moon. Being the faithful new moon, which comes in the ‘night’, when Christ Has come, ( also a night ) we are being revealed these mysteries. Remember, the called, chosen and the FATIHFUL are the ones are now who are with Christ fighting with the leaders who are blind. Rev 17: 14………..


After Christ spoke about the mystery in Mark 4, in v 22 He said;..   

Mar 4:22  For not anything is hidden but that it will be revealed, nor anything become covered but that it will come to light. }}}…this is why, He came as a thief, to reveal the hidden things. Christ’s work was cut off in the middle of the week, and the other half of the week, which is three and half, He is now teaching the gentiles.  

 All the instructions which pertaining to the Law of God, was given to the Jews. Now, the gentiles are being revealed how , why, and when those who had to Law failed. So, these hidden mysteries, have to be revealed, AFTER the Law keeping failed and that is during the JUDGMENT. ! So HWA, could not have given these mysteries, which now we are being revealed.


Then do not judge anything before the time, until the Lord comes, who will both shed light on the hidden things of darkness and will reveal the counsels of the hearts…}…If Christ is not  HERE NOW, we cannot JUDGE. Do you see that? And these mysteries which are being revealed in the “judgment” are revealed only to those stewards, who are ‘faithful’. As GF wrote, these stewards are ever ready to declare these mysteries in the night.


Christ confirmed that these things are revealed, only to the uneducated , little children. When Christ sent the men to preach about the kingdom, in Luke 10, is “when the kingdom of God is NEAR”…, also to heal the sick. Remember, He sent them only to the lost tribes? It is now; they are lost as we have proven. Also, now, the kingdom of God, is near or HERE, as THE KING Has come. v 9 says, to heal the sick. ( James 5 says, the prayer of the faith will heal the sick. We will comment on this later. ) v 10 says, to shake off the dust… it is now, the Zion is in dust. And when the kingdom is near, it is the gentiles who are chosen to lick off the dust out of Zion ( Isa. 49: 23) It is Zion or Jerusalem, who has dust as Isa. 52: 2.


Luk 10:11  Even the dust clinging to us out of your city, we shake off against you! Yet know this, that the kingdom of God has drawn near to you}}}…. The dust is the serpent’s food and now, Zion is eating the serpents’ food instead of God’s. “Now, only they have dust.  So the kingdom too is come unto them.! When they went to preach , Christ was with them, as they even returned after preaching.( v 17)  Christ made certain that the job was done. He said, His meat is to finish the work. ( John 4: 34). So He Has come to finish the work.


V 15… He wants the most exalted city, to be thrown in to hell. That is already done. Please read” Bottomless pit”. V 18 even says, Christ saw satan falling as lightening. We proved from the Word, that happened in the "Day of Judgment", which is now. ( GF wrote satan was cast down when HWA died. That is not biblical )

V 16… Christ commands to hear the ones, who “He is sending”. Remember, this is a prophecy when the “kingdom is drawn near” and it should be NOW. It is the gentiles, THE BABES , the foolish nation, who are faithful , who are  NOW being sent by Christ, when the kingdom is near, who are to tread down the “scorpions” ( scorpions  are the house of Israel Eze 2: 6.) and the serpents, who are the leaders, as we have proven.  (v 21) even the serpents ( the leaders ) are under their authority ( v 19) . Christ is sending them. As Christ  was given all authority by God  , He Has given us, the authority. This is why, as HWA said, we the gentiles are now being taken to be kings and priests…


V 20.. Christ is saying, to rejoice that their names are written in HEAVEN. This is the book of life. We have life now. They are dead. The book of life is needed when there are dead.  Only the ‘righteous’ are in this book. ( Psa 69: 28) and, God calls us righteous… the righteous are bold as lions ! we are lions as we proved.  Rev 13: 8 , 17: 8 says, those who are with Christ, has their names written in this book. And, Rev 20: 12 says, when the books of the Bible are revealed , the book of life is opened also. That is the time to judge the dead. So there has to be a book of life to separate the dead who needs to be judged and those who are living, whose names are written in this book, to judge the dead. So , it is us, who are now with Christ. These are the clouds in Heaven. We see, that the spirits are submitting  to us, as Christ is causing it. But we are to rejoice more as our names are written in heaven. At this time, already, those who are from east and west, are in the kingdom. Their names are already written in the heaven.


V 21… In THAT SAME HOUR… in the HOUR when the kingdom of God has come, and the judgment has come, Christ rejoiced in THE SPIRIT and said… I praise You, Father, Lord of Heaven and of earth, that You hid these things from the sophisticated and cunning and revealed them to babes; yes, Father, because so it was pleasing before You.” }}}…. At this time, God Has become the God of HEAVEN, and EARTH. The god of THIS WORLD, or the world of the Jews, was the devil. He has deceived the whole world. and now, in the judgment, as we proved from the Word, the devil is cast down, and he is subjected to the authority of Christ , as He Has come to cast out the devil and his followers, and God is revealing about the mysteries to His faithful babes.

Luk 10:22  All things were delivered to Me by My Father, and no one knows who the Son is except the Father; and who is the Father, except the Son, and he to whom the Son may desire to reveal}}}….


and He is revealing the FATHER NOW. He is declaring the Father, as He will be exalted in “JUDGMENT” only. ( we proved from the Word in our first part). All things are delivered to Christ. no one knows the “Father” except Christ, and to whom the Son may desire to reveal.  To whom is Christ revealing about the Father on this "Day of Judgment"? it is to the ‘BABES” and to the “faithful” stewards.  But the Jews do not know the Father or Christ. ( John 8: 19) The ‘MYSTERY ABOUT GOD” could not be revealed any other time BEFORE God gives all authority to reveal it to ‘CHRST”, and until ‘CHRIST” reveals it to babes. HWA could not have revealed about the end time mysteries as you can see. Christ would not reveal it to anyone other than these babes. It was God’s wish to reveal about HIMSELF to the babes as v 21 says.


Did HWA or GF ever said, that they are ‘babes”… no.. they always preached that one needs to build character through experience and time, by keeping the Law . How much time and experience these babes have? … NONE. They were called in the HOUR OF JUDGMENT. This is why, God says, there are false APOSTLES and false PROPHETS in the end time. The leaders in the Philadelphia  era, everyone knows who they are,; are to be the synagogue of satan. ( Rev 3:9). This is when the church split occurred between the rich Jews and the poor gentiles. We have proven all about these in our earlier writings. One needs to reads them with an opened mind. You will have your minds opened as the mysteries are now being revealed and this "Day of Judgment", all things have to end. Just as the apostles returned to Christ and rejoiced, we will too. We have proven that we sing NEW SONGS… declare NEW things… Psa 117, Rom 15:11,  Psa 66: 8 . One has to go through water and fire…( Psa 66 v 12) the water baptism, and the baptism of fire… now, both baptisms are being done.


V 23… Christ said  ‘BLESSED’ those who see these things are being fulfilled. That is the babes, to whom Christ is revealing these things and who NOW see these things being fulfilled and taking part.


Luk 10:24  For I tell you, that many prophets and kings have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them. }}}…. Prophets and kings? God says, the prophets are not revealed these hidden mysteries of the end time, when all things are to be fulfilled in the "Day of Judgment".  Only the “Babes” and the foolish nations will see. Even though GF is saying things are revealed only to prophets, he is not being revealed these things. This is why, Christ said, those of born of women, John the Baptist is the greatest, but the least in the ‘KINGDOM” is, greater than him. ( Mat 11: 11 ) Remember, John, is compared to be born of a woman. Christ was comparing  his ‘physical’ life. There is no sense in comparing a physical person and a spiritually born person. (Remember, that our names are written in Heaven? So we are working in heaven. And this kingdom is called the “kingdom of heaven”. ) so when the kingdom comes, the least in the kingdom of ‘HEAVEN”  is greater than John, who is a physical person, and  they are all physical.


So the “Kingdom” of God, is  a “physical” one, which needs to wipe out the Law breakers.  When all are born again and become Spirit beings, there is no need to “judge” or “reign” or have “authority” over the other. Christ said, you all are brethren.  Rev 21, 22…says  there wont be a night any more. All things will be made new. All will become Spirit beings. After the new covenant is made, that is when they obey God wholeheartedly, there is no need for any one to judge. We need the kingdom as the leaders who reigned have failed. We need a kingdom, to execute and judge…. in this case, all authority is given to Christ, and He is sending the “gentiles, with authority over the serpents to tread them down, and He came to expose and judge and reign. He does it with the stewards who are faithful, also the babes. So the least of them, being still physical, is greater than John. John, even after baptizing Christ, he still had doubts. Likewise, the leaders, even after God Has revealed them about the Law, and many other secrets, like the holidays etc…. they failed. John the Baptist also is a man who was under the Law , being a Jew. Christ, being a Jew was the only being, who was able to over come and keep all of the Law. Even He Had to die once. At His death, He did not have the Spirit. God forsook Him. We know all about these things. Like wise, all the Jews, have to die once. But these gentiles, who are in the kingdom, have mercy and are not UNDER THE Law NOW. This is why, the least in the kingdom, who are under “GRACE”  is greater than John, who were UNDER THE Law. 



To be continued…


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