Mysteries P 3- Work of  gentiles


The “old testament” ended by accepting ‘gentile” offerings. Mal 1: 11 ,  Is 56: 3- 8 = Rev 3: 1-12… Now, Zion has lost her crown. That means the government failed and now, they need “God’s” kingdom to judge and show why and how they failed and how they could once again go back to God . As we proved,  the kingdom of God is needed to replace the human government of God.They need to be judged and corrected, repented and be washed . This is why, Christ preached them to repent and be washed by “water and the “blood”. (we will write on this later ). How did Israel failed, after the temple was built?  


Why Zion lost her crown?

Lam 5:16  The crown has fallen from our head. Woe now to us, for we have sinned! ….}}}… what is this sin, in Zion, which caused her crown to be lost?  We know it is PCG who had the crown and a kingdom as Eze 16 says. Also, as Zechariah prophesies, it is the ‘high priest’, or Joshua, who lost the crown. ( Zech 6: 12- 14.) V 15 says, those who are far away will come and build the temple… why would those who are far away have to come, if the leader who are in the temple could build it? The Word says, they failed.  Prophet Malachi tells us the total failure of the temple priests and God says, in Mal 1: 11, says, God’s NAME shall be great among the heathen. We do not know whether this happened in Malachi’s time, but since it says, ‘SHALL” be, we think, that it happens in our time. No leader in God’s church has taught this to my knowledge that the heathen brought God’s sacrifices anciently.  But now, since Zion’s crown is lost and she has breathed her last never to rise again, we see NOW, God Has put His NAME among us, the gentiles…  



Gerald Flurry wrote---Royal Vision Nov/Dec 2007

Page 1---"Lamentations is primarily about the destruction of the spiritual temple"….."The Great God's own Work was destroyed"….}}} …..How could PCG claim they still do the work of God, if the work is destroyed?  The last work which is to be done in spiritual Jerusalem was done by PCG. We proved that she too fell spiritually, just as her mother WCG. Eze 16 explains everything. But for many years, the changes and the falling away was not obvious unless you truly follow the ‘present truth” and the signs which God gives …. PCG was raised by God to tell His people as we proved and then, she too has now fallen. It is “PCG”s falling away, is written in the book of lamentations. We will prove, it is the gentiles who are chosen by God, to carry His name, after PCG’s failure…. Do you really believe, everything is right with God in PCG?


 That  WAS God’s church, Christ’s wife. God’s great work was done by His “own wife, the “mother of us all”, the ‘spiritual’ Jerusalem, the “great city”, which king David had his throne. If the work of God is destroyed, then all those who did it also are destroyed, “spiritually” . Psa 74 confirms it. Just by digging in Jerusalem in search of king David’s palace will not give you an inheritance in God’s kingdom. David is dead says the faith chapter. After Christ was resurrected, He went to Galilee, of the gentiles and commanded even the apostles to come there instead of going to Jerusalem. We have written all about that. to dig the buried ground in search of dead king’s bones are condemned by God as going after the carcasses of kings as we have proven. What was the sin they committed to lose the crown?


Lam 5:2- 3  Our inheritance is turned to strangers, our houses to aliens…. We are “ORPHANS”… }}}….No God, no “church” or the mother, when the book of lamentations is fulfilled, and  the inheritance of the Jews, are given to “gentiles”. This should happen “during the times of gentiles”. That is the only time, God’s spiritual truth is given to gentiles, and also God’s people are scattered among the gentiles. ( Jam 1:1) This will be more clear as we continue to prove from the Word. You see, there is no one to do God’s work in Israel. Isa. 41: 28,  50: 2,  59: 16,  jer 4: 25,  8: 6,  10: 14  ( no knowledge there fore, all are beasts) Eze 14: 15,  etc… there is no man who met God’s standards; 1 kin 2: 2- 3. No one to rule according to God’s requirements. We proved God’s throne is established in righteousness and in justice or judgment… This is the time, they need the kingdom of God, or heaven.


Lam 1:4  The ways of Zion do mourn, because none come to the solemn feasts: all her gates are desolate: her priests sigh, her virgins are afflicted, and she is in bitterness. }}}…. No priests, no one…all are in desolation as Christ said in luk 13: 35, Mat 23: 38 . When all her gates or the leaders are desolate, then God Has put His NAME on the gentiles…To judge and reign with Christ… in the kingdom.   


But why did that happen to her?....Let God’s words say;…

Lam 1:10  The adversary hath spread out his hand upon all her pleasant things: for she hath seen that the heathen entered into her sanctuary, whom thou didst command that they should not enter into thy congregation}}}….The whole church ( PCG)  died because they invited heathen in to God’s Sanctuary and to the church. For God, this is the greatest abomination His wife could do. This is the ‘Bamah matter” you can read and prove with documented facts and photos in 


The enemy, crept in to the ministry to destroy. And he allowed the heathen to enter in to her, that is how, Zion was destroyed. God will catch the wicked by their own craftiness… of course, when the enemy creeps, the enemy will make certain that no one suspects him. He comes peaceably as Daniel said and with flattery. Those who love flattery, gave in to the enemy. No matter how much we cried to GF, he did not judge the matter righteously and took the enemy’s side…


PCG ministers, …can you honestly say, you did not have HEATHENs as your ‘covenant brothers” in India?... Go back and read the PN articles mentioned in our web site, see the photos,,,, and judge the matter…. God is pleading you to return to Him. When God says, the only reason why Zion fell and lost her crown is she allowed to enter unbaptised people in to the ministry, should you not judge the matter and PROVE that ?..






… after all, it has everything to do with your crown.!... We do not lose anything… you will lose your crown if you have not already… we do not ask anyone to join us or we will not ask any money… why is it so difficult for you to just prove all things??? Don’t you know as leaders, you have a stricter judgment?  And then act according to God’s commands and repent and be washed by water and Spirit? It is the leaders who caused this evil against God… you have to make certain that you are not a part of it…


God accuses the leaders being hypocrites… they say one thing and judge others, but in the end they do the same thing… ( Rom 1: 32,  2: 3,  )remember GF wrote in Ezekiel book pg 77 that ….‘TODAY LOADICEANS INVITE STRANGERS IN TO THEIR CHURCHES AND COMMIT ADULTERY?  … This is the cause God find in PCG  before she lost her crown… God Has prophesied all… it happened in the ‘EAST GATE”  as Eze 8 – 11 and that is what caused God to leave the church and that is what Dan 8: 9 also says,… and shouldn’t it be the ones who are in the ‘EAST GATE”  WITNESS which happened in their area?... and haven’t we being crying aloud ever since witnessing against GF and Alex Harrison?


Here is what GF wrote in Prophesying again book;…”Spiritually, sodomy rejects the Father as Head over the God Family….. Spiritually, it destroys God's Family plan. Generally, the people who commit this sin have no concept of how evil it really is.””}}}…who allowed the strangers to come in to the Sanctuary ??? it is PCG, as we have witnessed. Doesn’t spiritual sodomy reject ‘Christ” ???.. HER HUSBAND?.??.. why only the “Father” is mentioned and not Christ, who is the “Husband”?.... it rejects the Father  Who is the ‘HEAD” as He only invite people in to family. But if you commit adultery, more than the Father, you hurt and reject your own husband !  it is the spirit of antichrist, is he who cannot accept and call Jesus Christ is my Lord… 1 John 2: 22.. Christ’s blood cannot cleans them and redeem them any longer, as long as they do not repent and accept Christ as her Lord. !


How do “we” , the ‘gentiles’ know?... as above, as Lam 5: 2 says, the inheritance is turned to “gentiles”… and God commanded us to tread those who invited the heathen in to God’s sanctuary and temple.

Lam 1:15  The Lord hath trodden under foot all my mighty men in the midst of me: He hath called an assembly against me to crush my young men: the Lord hath trodden the virgin, the daughter of Judah, as in a winepress.}…. It is all Lord’s doing. “HE” called the assembly. God wants to tread down His ministry and the daughter of Judah, when they are in the ‘winepress’ or judgment. !


This is how we got our name ‘ASSEMBLY” and since the inheritance of God is given to “gentiles”, we who are called ‘THE GENTILE ASSEMBLY”, are treading them. Do you know any other ‘assembly’ which says, they are being used by God to tread the ministry? Remember, the lamentations applies when all spiritual Israel have fallen  and after both parties broke the covenant?.  God Has given the ministry to be trampled upon “during the winepress to turn them back. God Has not called the assembly to kill them physically. Therefore, the CC or EU, cannot be treading down any one in God’s church as we were taught..


PCG or none in Israel could say that God is working with them.  The “virgin daughter of Judah” is specially mentioned.  Lam1: 3, 15, 2: 2,  5,  5: 11.   GF said that is “PCG”. So the assembly is specially treading down the “daughter of Judah”, who is PCG. When Judah failed, The Lion, who is Christ, bound the other lions , who are the donkey and the foolish nation, to be wise and Christ Is coming on the donkey as we have proven. As much as WCG, and PCG were God’s churches, this assembly’s work which is done at the time of the winepress, is also an appointed work of God. Also Luk 21: 24, Rev 11: 2, the treading down by  the gentiles, and Isa. 26: 6, treading down by the poor, and the ‘day of the Lord’ being the ‘times of gentiles’ proves without a doubt that the work of the assembly ( GENTILES) is also God’s work which is done in the very end. These are mysteries for Israel.


Lam 5: 6…. ( Jer 2: 18) They are in alliance with “Egypt” and “Assyria”… that is where God says, they will be in “when they are  being trodden” down by us. Please read: Babylon. Rev 11: 8… is when they are in Egypt… so lamentations is directly tied in with Rev 11 work of the gentiles.  This further proves, that it is the assembly, which tread them down. As our work is coming to an end, Zion’s warfare also will end. Lamentations 5: 18 says, the foxes laid waste Zion, and they are the prophets as we have proven. When the crown is fallen, they will realize and will ask God to come back to them as v 17- 21 says.



Lam 5: 7… their fathers have sinned and they are not, and now, the children have to bear their iniquities… this is why Christ said, Luk 11: 50…., that the blood of all the prophets shed from the foundation of the world is required from this generation ; that is when the “vengeance is taken from Israel”, and also having invited the heathen and committed adultery, they have become a harlot.  Rev 16: 6, and 18: 24…. It is the 12 tribes of Israel, who went in to captivity. Jam 1: 1.., Eze 16: 52. None left. This is the truth. All the churches of God are saying that God is working with them. Now, you can see from God’s own words ;the truth and they are all lying. This is why Christ said to the children of Abraham, that they are from their father , the devil.


The time of vengeance is the time when the book of lamentations would be fulfilled.  God Has shown it to His church through GF. But he would not accept it until the times of gentiles are fulfilled. Because he is an Israelite. And Israel is to be blinded till the times of gentiles are fulfilled !


Book of James also says why they are scattered…

GF wrote about James in Jan / Feb 2006, RV. God revealed to him about why they are scattered. Here are the subjects which he has written….. “A message to the ‘EXILES”… The Father of lights…. Show no partiality,……. War among “TEACHERS”….., God condemned the ‘RICH” men…., Elijah’s prayer…. }}} … it is message to the exiled… and it is a time for the truth about the “Father” is to be revealed as on the "Day of Judgment", only He will be revealed, but to “babes” as we proved. If they are exiled, that means, they have sinned and there is no Father in them.


Here is what GF wrote in RV 2006 Jan.. pg 3

laodicean ministers led the people astray. In Eze 34 God specifically condemns the shepherds of Israel for scattering His flock. … the sheep was scattered because there is no shepherds to unify them around God….. the sheep have been scattered spiritually, away from God. … James instructs how these shepherds receive greater condemnation….

James AND Ezekiel 34 are discussing the SAME PROBLEM. Ezekiel dwells more on the sinning ministers. James 1 tells us how and why the church was scattered. …  MM was written and delivered  --- a definite period of time that HAS NOW PASSED . James message is also intended for a SPEICIFIC time… AFTER the church has already split apart in this end time. The laodiceanas are now firmly established in their rebellion”. …}}}….There are no shepherds, all scattered, and this applies for the specific time, AFTER THE SPLIT.. When God says, there is not a single minister to unify the people, should not we believe Him? Why did God say to measure the “INNER COURT”, all the way in the very end? This split, is not the churches of God splitting by everyone who gets cast out forming  new organizations. According to God’s own words, written in the book of James, the split occurred between the ‘rich”and the “POOR” who are the Jews and gentiles just as it happened in the first century. ( read: The last hour church split ).  James AND Ezekiel 34 are discussing the SAME PROBLEM!!!


James AND Ezekiel 34 are discussing;…..} .. We have written how, “Ezekiel” caused God’s people to go astray, because of the sin in the ‘EAST GATE”. We have written even… “ Why Ezekiel’s wife stricken”…  because of Ezekiel’s sins, the church is scattered having no shepherd to watch over them. He was the last watchman before the ‘night” watch began. That means, there is no government, rule or to lead God’s people. This is the time, the SEPCIFIC time, they need God’s government  or the kingdom of God !


Also the sinners who are the Jews, need to ‘REPENT” and also be “BAPTISED”, or washed, and be CONVERTED.  Since there are NO SHEPHERDS or leaders who obey God, to unify and rule them according to the ‘truth’ of God,  it is the time,  we need  the “KINGDOM” OF God which will lead them in to all truth  and will wash them and cause them to be converted. Only Christ was found to be qualified to rule. Only a God being can truly rule over God’s people, without partiality, without physical lusts of gaining to themselves…without hypocrisy and with a ‘just’ judgment  with RIGHTEOUSNESS who can live perfectly by God’s laws.  


When Christ came, Israel was physically, under the roman rule. This is why, the apostles asked FROM Christ “ WILL YOU, AT THIS TIME, RESTORE THE KINGDOM”. ( Act 1: 6 .). Christ said no… in another time… Now, spiritually, they are under the roman rule. ( read our Beasts parts 1 – 7. the last leader is to have roman type of leadership which Christ will smash and place His kingdom, which now has happened  ) this is why, Christ, John the bap, and Peter preached that the “Jews” need to repent. To repent, the call for ‘REPENTANCE” should come, “when  they need that call. There are no good shepherds to call them to repent. NOW,  there are NO shepherds to unify them. At this time, the leaders have proven that they will never obey God… or judge God’s people according to the righteous judgments written in the Word. The Laodicean era is all about rebellion against God’s rule. God said.. the end has come upon My people Israel…. ( we have proven ) . So now, when the kingdom is “AT HAND”, the call for repentance also went from us… but Rev 16 says, even after the plagues they did not repent… so what we see in the leadership of PCG is that they still have not repented. One by one, is being thrown out of her.



James explains the problems in the ‘church” in the ‘LAST HOUR”. Or their Last hour failure. James and last 3 books of John, 2 of Peter’s, and Jude’s are for the last hour as he says. all give the same warnings.


Here is what GF wrote ;…

It started with the revelation from 1 John about the ‘LAST HOUR”. …. The PCG, has been following all the prophetic events occurred in the last hour…….these seven epistles are the most urgent books in the Bible that God has revealed to the PCG so far. They actually are the most specific, particular epistles you will ever read….”.



If God is revealing these ‘SPECIFIC” prophecies ‘TO” PCG, then, what ever the problems God reveals, should occur in PCG only. The warnings should be SPECIFICALLY to PCG.  RV and tapes which has the most revealed secrets as GF says, do not go to any other church, or to the world. These revealed secrets, are given only to the PCG members. A TRUE prophet of God, should never be worried about crying aloud with the message he has to say as God reveals. If a leader hides what he says even from members and have fear over his message being criticized,  that prophet cannot be a TRUE prophet , in the first place. God wants to reveal and that is why many prophets wrote the books in the Bible. TO REVEAL AND GIVE THE KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT WILL HAPPEN INSIDE THE CHURCH, SO THAT ALL CAN WAIT FOR THE SIGNS TO BE FULFILLED AND WAIT FOR CHRIST’S COMING ! in this case, it is given to PCG, as he says. But these messages, even the members cannot listen twice  as there are no more in tape libraries. That itself shows, he is not being honest with God nor feeding the people and the famine of the Word has come. Instead of revealing, he hides.  the most important thing is, if God is revealing to GF, all the problems should be in PCG and it is so.


The major problems in the book of James, is the leaders have become rich , they are full of worldly lusts and they do not ‘JUDGE’ the people according to God’s judgments etc.  James show, the last hour church split between the “rich” and the “poor”. But, God chose the ‘poor”. We have proven that the ‘gentiles’ are the poor and we will see, why God condemns the rich… and how they failed to inherit the kingdom. Actually, James is speaking to the ‘Laodiceans”, who are the ‘rich’ and who were thrown out of “Christ’s” mouth, which means the Holy Spirit is withdrawn. That is also what happened to the ‘man of sin’, who is also consumed by Christ’s breath…, at His coming as a thief. When God’s church failed, He calls the ‘poor’ to the kingdom. Now, the poor are with Christ and reigning as HWA also said.



James 5 : … You ‘rich” men, weep and howl… for your miseries have come upon you. Your riches are corrupted. Your garments are moth-eaten…”…  if your garments are moth-eaten, then you are not dressed properly for the wedding and cannot marry Christ.


Mat 22: 11- 14… the man, who almost came to the wedding, was found to have not dressed properly and was thrown in to outer darkness… now we see this is fulfilled. Those servants to whom the king said to “throw him out”, is us. We only can know who is this man who is not dressed properly. And , here we are, throwing out that man…are you not in outer darkness Gerald Flurry , with your evil leaders? God Has found your dress to be moth eaten… and we threw you out as we were commanded! v 14… many are called few are chosen… we know those who are chosen, are the ones who were cleansed not by water, but by the ‘blood” of our Lord’.!  Also, this means the wedding supper has already come as only in the “wedding” the Lord found him not dressed properly ! …

From those who could not bear fruits, even what he is given is taken away… Mat 25: 28- 30… and he too was thrown in to outer darkness !... the crown he was given, is taken away and given to those who bore fruits, who are the ‘gentiles’…. We did as God commanded… you are thrown out in to the outer darkness… and we know that you gnash your teeth just as you did to our minister when he came to plead with you and you threw him out… the same measure you used to throw our minister who is a poor gentile…. The same measure of judgment is given to you by God…as Jam 2: 13 say, who judged without mercy, is judged  without mercy ! 


 For that, they have to weep and howl. ( Joel 1: 5 and Amos says, it is the “ministry” which needs to howl and weep ) But they have to weep and howl “NOW as they are found  to be wearing motheaten garments instead of ‘fine linen’ . They have to  put on garments of “righteousness”. But by keeping the Law, you cannot do so.


Always when Israel is FED TO THE Full, THEY FORGOT God. Jer 5: 7…Deut 32 :15,  21…, we know during the Philadelphia  era, the church was given the revelation abundantly. Jer 44: 4 says, when they got all the revelation, they did go after other gods. So, God gave them spiritual food to the fullest. But they wanted the physical. After being full, they forgot God and wanted more and committed adultery as we have proven. So their fall happened, AFTER they became rich in the ‘Laodicean” era. At that time, God’s true church was where Ezekiel, or Joshua were.


Your gold and silver, which God gave to PCG in Eze 16: 8-14 has rust in them. ( rust 2447 also mean venom, poison). Now, God Has judged them as ‘SERPENTS” as we have seen. And they preferred to eat serpent’s food, instead of God’s.  We know, the ‘dust” is the serpent’s food, and by eating dust, they returned to dust. ( Gen. 3: 19) . If they eat God’s food, or the heavenly bread, which is the body of Christ, then they would have lived. But to dust they have returned… The ‘babes” are now being revealed about your rust.. your poison. If God Has chosen the poor, and separated the poor to be Holy, then, these serpent’s venom is shown to the poor. We are given the authority, in Christ’s name to destroy your poisonous venom in your riches. This rust is a witness against you. ( v 3). How could the rust witness against them?... it is NOW, God Has declared that the rich Laodiceans have rust or poison in their teachings. We are witnessing against the poison you have been causing God’s people to drink… such wrong teachings are now being revealed as the ‘TRUTH IS MADE KNOWN”. This is the time, they need to ‘TRUTH’ to be set free… when, there are poison.


 The fact that we are showing your rust is a witness against you. The same rust shall eat your flesh.., as it were fire. ( v 3) It all happens in the last days. Don’t we say that the "Day of Judgment" is the last days? And should not your rust  be revealed in these last days when Christ Has come to purify your rust? How long would you stay stubborn and not be cleansed?  These are the leaders who treasured up riches as Luke 12: 19 says.


Shall eat your flesh….as it were fire….  

Isa. 9: 19- 20.. when God’s wrath comes there will be darkness… and the “people shall be as fuel of the “fire”… and every one will eat his own flesh… now, God’s wrath has come and there is darkness. and everyone will have to eat their own poisonous lies and they will be as fuel, and be burned by the fire of the Word of the Lord. Joshua, is to be a brand plucked out of fire. Now, we have this Joshua, sitting in the temple of the Lord, sitting as God sits, judging God’s people with his unrighteousness by giving his poisonous lies. He even calls himself a “capital “G” god. He magnifies himself. All these are happening, according to God’s plan to eradicate all lies. This is the time, which Christ came to witness to the ‘truth’ as we have proven.  All this is done to burn the wickedness of the  hypocrites as v17- 18.



Lamentations 3  proves that it has already being fulfilled. The fact that GF wrote about the book of lamentations shows, that the judgments have taken place.  What the prophet Isaiah talked about in Is 9, was fulfilled in lamentations 3. God’s wrath came, and darkness v 2, His hand, flesh, skin and bones are broken… ! all done by the Word of God, which is a two edged sharp sword…And as we saw, the saints who are with Christ also have two edged swords in their hands… ( Psa 149: 5-9)  even though the flesh of the fat are burned, God promises to bring them out… (  Eze 24 and Eze 11, after judgments ). Christ is causing us to cut through the poison of the leaders with their two edged sword…. It cuts to the bones and to the heart… and will burn … they have to eat their own flesh, or poison now… as fire…Also Is 10: 17… When God came down, He came in a flame of fire… Act 7: 30… and now also it is same.   


Eze 21: 4- 5  … a time when God sends His sword… which is the Word of God to cut off the sinners. All ‘flesh’ shall know God in that day. in v 6.. God commands Ezekiel to break down and weep. When Ezekiel’s eyes are opened, he will weep before all the people. Every heart shall melt. This is a time, when God is trying to correct the ‘hearts’ of the people, so their hearts may be ready for God’s laws to be written in their hearts, when the new covenant is being made.


V 12… the sword is against God’s leaders. And it is a test, .. means to investigate, examine, prove, tempt and try. All these are happening as it is the tribulation for God’s people as we have proven from the Word. All of God’s people are commanded to come out of such Babylonian systems of leaders acting like gentile kings such as pharaoh and king Nebuchadnezzar . it is those who are in the Philadelphia  era, who have to face this test …. To prove they are worthy to keep the crowns or not as we have proven. James shows, that all the rich have failed and are scattered. All those who are given the Law and the promises, have to be tested in all points. But all have failed as no one is able to be righteous. But still the leaders have not admitted that they have failed. As Revelation says, even after the plagues, they still have not repented.


V 14- 15… God says, “Let the sword be doubled, the ‘THIRD TIME”… ( strong’s 7992 means specifically a third story cell, third part, rank time, three years )… we know the ‘judgment’ last for three and half  years, and God wants the sword or the Word of God, doubled the third year. As you can see, the judgments and our writings have increased in the hardness of the messages. The mysteries are revealed more and God will cause them to melt more on this third day. Christ also said, on the third day,  His body will be raised. This is the last hour or the time of the judgment and the Word is more intensed. As you can see from v 16- 17.. God is extremely angry at this time, as they still have not repented. God is likened to the ‘SUN”… and when the ‘SUN” rises, with the burning heat, as it withers grass, so also shall the “RICH” men fade away… ( Jam 1: 11)

Isa 30:26  Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days, in the day that the LORD bindeth up the breach of his people, and healeth the stroke of their wound. …}}} Now, it is time for God’s anger to be heated up as never will  be… but in that anger, as He is a merciful God, He will also heal them.  This is why, when Christ came to ‘judge’, His countenance as the ‘SUN” ( Rev 1: 16)… and when the 4th angel sounded the men were scorch with fire,…. The Word of God… Rev 16:8… they are the ones who are in the darkness, being burned in the lake of fire… but those who wear white robes, who were made white in the ‘blood’ of the Lamb, will not burn by the heat of the ‘sun’. ( Rev 7: 16) … and since they come out of tribulation, then the tribulation is for the church leaders who lie and who are put in the lake of fire… to be burned.


Is 49: 6- 14… when the salvation has come, and when Christ is being a light to the gentiles, those who come from far, will be exalted… they are called ‘highways’ ( we have proven that the gentiles are the high ways, for them to come to God. ) and they will be exalted… and will not be burned by sun light…  this is a time for the prisoners to go out… Christ will show them the springs of water… the over flowing flood of the Word.



Also it is a time for the wicked prince… a man who caused God’s people to sin ( Antiochus , Diotrephus in the end time, which we have proven to be our RD who caused the whole church to sin) is to be punished. The most wicked will be punished now.


V 26… time to remove crowns, and to lift the low and high to low…


27… it is time for Christ to inherit all things. as Gen. 49: 10 – 12… Christ will come and the donkey and the colt will be tied to the vineyard as we have already proven. Luke 1: 32… the ‘THRONE OF David” which is fallen now, will be given to Him. That is the ‘kingdom” which Christ qualified and others who are with Him, redeemed by his blood, also to inherit.  While the gentiles are inheriting the real kingdom and the throne of David spiritually, PCG, is digging the physical dead palace of king David… ! Any one willing to see… can see the spiritual kingdom is taken away from such people and given to the other nation, as Christ said… as ‘THE KING” of kings, did He not know what He was planning to do? All the judgments are given to ‘Christ”. So He chose to give it to gentiles..  These are mysteries which God kept a secret from all even from prophets and angles as we have proven.


V 29 – 32… it is a time to get rid of all vanities… ( God Had to allow the vain people to rise to the top to bring them down ). All wicked will be wiped out… God will judge … pour out His indignation, and will destroy. they will be fuel for fire… as Is 9… and lamentations..!

As you can see, the wicked have a short life span. Their wickedness is burned… as we proved, their spiritual lives will be spared and God will have mercy on them, as He Had mercy to gentiles which Peter also has said.



It is the ‘saints’ who are working for God, during the judgments or the day of vengeance, who EXALT God as we proved in the first part. And they too are given the two edged sword , which is the Word of God… to execute judgments and to bind the kings and leaders…. This is the time Deut 32: 41- 43… the time that gentiles testify against Israel and sing the song of Moses … and it happens before the plagues… Rev 15: 3.


Psa 149:6  Let the exaltation of God be in their throat, and a two-edged sword in their hand,

Psa 149:7  to execute vengeance on the nations, punishment on the peoples;

Psa 149:8  to bind their kings with chains and their nobles with iron bands;

Psa 149:9  to execute on them the judgment written; this is an honor for all His saints. Praise Jehovah!


During the judgment, the ‘saints’ are the gentiles… Rom 1: 7,  they are sanctified in Jesus Christ… and called out… 1 cor 1: 2,   and the saints, will judge… 1 cor 6: 2…, their eyes are opened when Israel’s closed eph 1: 18,  2: 19… Col 1: 12… God gave an inheritance of the saints, in “light”…Col 1: 26… the mystery revealed to His saints… 1 Thes 3: 13… we are the saints who come with Christ our Lord, with the two edged sword, which is the Word of God… 



That Word is judging your intentions of the ‘HEART”…( Psa 7:9)  The “Heart” is the ‘center of our spiritual lives” wrote GF. So, it is his ‘center of the spiritual life”, which is being judged by Christ’s sword…. Now, their flesh, or the human nature is seen. ( Flesh - 4561 also means “human nature” and carnal mind ). The carnal mind is an enemy of God. But now, God is exposing their flesh and causing them eat their own flesh, or their own evilness,  so their carnality could be exposed and removed. “Flesh” is opposite of ‘Spirit’. Instead of becoming Spirit, they have become flesh. Christ became flesh and became a human so that He could give life to all flesh and humans. We know , no flesh can be saved unless are justified by “Christ’s blood”. The Jews, who are under the Law, who have God’s wrath, who are the vessels of wrath, are always “flesh”. This is why Christ said to Nicademus, who is a Jewish leader, that who is born of flesh is flesh ( John 3: 6).


Jesus Christ said to him… unless you are born of water and Spirit, you cannot enter the kingdom… He said to a Jewish leader.

Joh 3:5  Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God….

Joh 3:6  That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit….}}…Now, both the ‘water’ and the ‘Spirit’ is available… the water is to wash and then, when they become clean, God can dwell in them by giving His Spirit…



Now too, we say this to all the leaders. Since you were under the Law and have to be judged, you too need to be washed and have the Spirit. The water baptism to wash you come from the ‘over flowing flood’ which comes from the gentiles’,( Is 66: 12)  as in the days of Noah’ , as Christ said. It is only this hour, that God Has forsaken you. It is you… who are the leaders who showed that the "Day of Judgment" is a time that God will throw you in to a literal lake of fire… and scared the people of God.  This is only a temporary period of time, that all things have to be corrected. To correct, all lies have to be exposed.  As all are found to be sinners, we do not need to judge any one. You can be comforted by God’s words, that you will not lose your eternal lives or thrown in to a lake of fire. With your lies, you have saddened the hearts of the righteous… Eze 13: 22… God Has to wipe out all traditions of men or the fathers which are lies. That is what the judgment is all about. It is during this one hour, only you will be judged. The night will be no more… the moon will be no more… and God will be with men, all the time after judgments. ( Rev 21) . After the judgments, there is no difference between the new moon who are the gentiles, who work in the night watch… all will be same. All will have same God, as the Father and Christ, our Lord. !


We proved that the church is in Egypt now as Rev 11: 8 says. God says, their horses’ or leaders are flesh and not Spirit. And when God’s hand is working, then, they all will fall. Now, this prophecy is being fulfilled.


The Jews were and always have been flesh because they always had the carnal mind. This is why Christ gave His ‘FLESH” from “HEAVEN” so they can eat that heavenly flesh and live. ( John 6: 51). ( we proved Christ’s body, is the ‘truth”) NOW, this heavenly flesh is being given to them so they can live. That is the truth… to wipe out lies.


 Then, they wondered how can He give them flesh to eat… ( v 52). Now, do you understand how you can also have this heavenly flesh from Christ’s body? It is broken for you to eat. God wants them to eat Christ’s flesh. To save them from eating their own carnality or flesh.  Christ was striped … so His flesh could be seen, so  they can be healed. That is divine, healing flesh. To eat Christ’s broken body means to eat the truth , the heavenly bread.


In 1 Cor 11: 23- 24… Paul reminds the gentiles about the broken body of Christ. Paul  was not there when Christ gave His flesh when the other apostles were eating the last Passover. So Christ would have taught all about His plan to Paul, and in return Paul is teaching these mysteries to gentiles. We have been eating the Passover every year, but NOW only that is being fulfilled. Jews have been eating bread of wickedness and drinking the wine of violence. ( Pro 4: 17) As Christ said, only in the ‘kingdom’ He will drink the  NEW wine,  now, He is drinking and eating with us, in the kingdom… now, His “flesh” (which is the broken body picturing the true words of life as His body pictures the bread, which we are to live) . the wine,  which is to some to be merry ( wine makes you merry Ecc 10: 19 .) and to those who have God’s wrath, drinks from the wine cup of wrath ( Jer 25: 15, Rev 14: 10,  16: 9,  19: 15 ). Blood is being poured out now to clean all.


Now we do not have to eat the flesh of the poison of the serpents. John 6: 32- 35, 48…Christ’s flesh, ( v 51) . V 39 He said, those who ‘believe’ Him, will be raised up the last day. Now, we have come to that ‘LAST DAY” and Christ’s body, which is the ‘heavenly bread” available to all. The poisonous flesh is revealed. ( John 6: 53- 54… You have to eat and drink the pure Word of God to live.   He will raise those who eat the pure Word on the “LAST DAY”.


 Our times, are coming to an end. God’s Word will be fulfilled. ! Even though the heaven, which was the church, and the earth, which is now the church (as she is being cast down to earth,) will pass away… but not Christ’s “WORDS”. Before one eats the body of Christ, or the bread, they need to examine 1 Cor 11: 28…repent and get rid of their own flesh.  


John 6: 55 – 56… we, those who are with Him,  are eating that heavenly flesh and blood… and this Is why, we dwell in HIM. One has to eat this bread which comes from Heaven to live and that is to believe Christ’s words so He can dwell in them.


When God entered in to the covenant with Abraham, he was asked to circumcise. That means to cut the skin so will be clean as the flesh is exposed. Gen. 15… says, God commanded him to do so. If found uncircumcised, then God says, he has broken the covenant. v 14 and shall be cut off. That means UNCLEAN. Physically, we have heard that circumcision makes one clean. Same way, spiritually also they will be cleansed by cutting of the skin… so the real flesh is exposed to be cleansed. Now, the circumcision is also spiritually being fulfilled as their hearts are being circumcised or cleansed or exposed to be cleansed. Spiritual Israel, refused to be spiritually circumcised. So they are cut off and the covenant is broken. Their hearts need to be circumcised. God prophesied that He will circumcised their hearts ( Deut 30: 6.   Jer 4: 4, Deut 10: 16 )  That means to expose what is in their hearts first, so the real flesh or their poison could be exposed and cleansed . if not, they are unclean and have broken the covenant. In the book of Acts, the gentiles did not need to be circumcised. That shows, spiritually, they did not need to be cleansed as they are under grace and not under Law.


Joshua who became the beast, eating flesh of the harlot, ( the church) with his ten horns the church in Rev 17: 16 . Will eat her flesh and burn with fire.  All these happen when the Word of God is to be fulfilled.


Mic 3 condemns the heads of Jacob,,… the leaders in God’s church who does not know ‘JUSTICE”. God is talking about the man who has a filthy turban… v 5 he is the man who did not know God’s justice as we have proven. He is in darkness. He loves evil and pull the skin off the people and eat the flesh…



Zec 2:13  Be silent, O all flesh, before the LORD: for he is raised up out of his holy habitation….



After Zion drinks from the cup of wrath, and everything is made fresh, the glory of God shall be revealed and all flesh will see … and all flesh or lies will be wiped out. Is 40: 3- 7, after God plead with all flesh… Is 66: 16. God prophesies that from one “NEW moon” to another and from one ‘sabbath’ to another, all flesh will worship before God… (v23). Now, the new moon is witnessing and the Sabbath, which is the ‘times of refreshing”, is also here. The true bread is revealed from Heaven so that all can worship God…


Since all are flesh now, God wants to bring them back and He promises to put His Spirit on all flesh… Joe 2: 28.


God says, these leaders will be exposed by their own craftiness. They will be caught up in their own traps. Now, their own poison will eat them. Christ was made flesh, to abolish the Law of the flesh. He is full of grace and truth which these leaders are opposite of. ( John 1: 14). Christ said, who ever born of flesh is flesh and Spirit is Spirit. The Jews are the ones who are born of flesh. They need to be given life ( quickeneth 2227) the flesh and the ‘words’ of Christ speak, are Spirit which gives life ( John 6: 63)  Jew’s judgments are according to their own flesh ( John 8: 15) . They do not want to judge according to God’s judgments. Since they do not know the Father or Christ, they cannot speak the things of Christ.


John 17… Christ said, the ‘HOUR” has come to glorify.  God said, He Has already glorified and also WILL glorify. ( John 12: 28) Now, that hour has come again to give glory to God, and that is the "Day of Judgment" as we proved. The time to give eternal lives is NOW. That is when they come to know the TRUE God as v 3 says. Christ Has revealed about the Father to those whom, He said earlier,. The babes


v 6. And we have kept God’s Word. Only those, to whom Christ revealed, can know the true God and keep the Word. Christ said, they were “god’s”. ( v 9 also) it is God, who chose us from the foundation of the world as we proved from the Word and it is God , who calls people in to Christ’s body.

V 7… they who kept the Word, know all things… v 8…Christ Has given them the words which God gave Him. They have ‘BELIEVED”. But Jews did not believe. And Christ prayed for them… and not for the Jewish world. They are God’s. That is why they are reigning with Christ, in the kingdom. Christ is being glorified in them.

V 11… they are kept in God’s NAME. … The gentiles, are taken for God’s own name… even HWA wrote that. That is after the final falling away. V 14… the world hates us… this is why, we were

Spiritually murdered and thrown out of the church. They thought they are doing a service to God.


V 17… the truth, the Word sanctifies us…God says, there is no truth in the church as there is a man of sin and the liar . 

V 18… as Christ was sent by the Father, we are being sent by Christ.  God’s TRUE followers are known by the TRUTH, which sanctifies them. This is why 2 John, 3 John is written to a time, when they are sanctified by the TRUTH. This lady and Gaius, already have the truth, when the true followers were cast out or spiritually murdered. It is because they have the truth, the evil Diotrephus cast them out as he is a liar.

V 20.. Those who come out believing our Word proving, are also blessed. Those who truly follow God’s truth will know, who is being sent by Christ during the "Times of Gentiles".  They are all to be one with the Father and Son. They all come in unity in faith, and are made perfect. The world, or the Jews, will know that God Has done this, when their eyes are opened. V 23.

V 24… we, will be where Christ Is… reigning and judging… and being glorified. This was planned before the foundation of the world. Christ and gentiles were chosen before the foundation of the world, as we have proven. ( please read: Zion’s foundations are fallen ) .


V 25… Christ and the gentiles, who are the babes, to whom the Father is revealed, know the Father… and that Christ was sent by Him.


V 26… we were made known God’s NAME. ( Name is 3686 means authority, character , name … ) they have the character of God, which the leaders taught always, which they, themselves could not built. This is the image of God, which the man was created to have in the beginning.  But others in the church , who follow evil leaders have the image of the beast as we proved. Because of God’s mercy, and jealousy, He Has given His image to us. Adam was called to build that image, but could not. His sons were called down through the ages till HWA came, from among the Jews, but none could build it. Finally, as God said, those who did not know Me, will know Me… and will be called “My people”…, Now they have become God’s people. God’s name is on them.


We have proven, that it is through the ‘Word OF God” we come to know God… Samuel came to know God through the Word as 1 Sam 3: 7 - -- says.


Luke 3: 6… This is why it is said “ all flesh shall see the salvation of God !... and God will pour out His Spirit on all flesh. ( Acts 2: 17)

Christ was caused to come as flesh so that He can conquer flesh. David, foresaw that. ( Act 2: 26,  30,  31, Rom 1: 3,  Rom 8: 3,   )


Now, those who are after the flesh, eat their own flesh, because they  are after the fleshly lusts. This is why, GF wrote;… “ WE HAVE IT ALL… BRETHREN.,, WE HAVE IT ALL..” referring to the physical buildings, candelabras  and concerts etc… they only go after the fleshly things. So they cannot please God .Our writing “Joshua” proves who failed in all three lusts. This is why, now, their riches have rust, as God is causing them to see the salvation. God is trying to remove their rust. ( Rom 8: 5). Their lies are a witness to them. v 8. No flesh will have glory, in God’s presence. ( 1 Cor 1: 29)  This is why, they are delivered or bound to satan as we proved, on the "Day of The Lord" , ( 1 Cor 5: 5) so their spirits can be saved on that day.  PCG is one with the Sabeans, inviting them to have spiritual fellowship with

them. ( Eze 23: 41- 49,  1 Cor 6: 16 ) and Israel is after flesh. ( 1 Cor 10: 18)

Now, those who did not sow, are reaping the riches of what others who did sow, but were unable to reap as Christ said. ( Joh 4: 38)


But, now when all things are restored, as the times of refreshing has come from the presence of the Lord, they need to have the Spirit also. For that reason, God will open their minds to the truth. God’s word is the truth which sanctifies and cause us to live. That bread, which comes down from heaven, which Christ gives, they should eat. This is why, the gentiles who obeyed and have that heavenly food is being sent by Christ to them. So they can live ( Rom 8: 13).


In 2 Cor 12, Paul talks about how he was allowed to have a thorn in the flesh so that he will not glorify himself. All the prophets God chose, had to go through some difficulty. Isaiah had to walk naked, Jeremiah had to be put in a dungeon, Ezekiel was taken captive, wife stricken, Hosea had to marry a harlot, and Christ, was caused to be born in a place where the ox and the other animals are and He moved with the poor gentiles most of the time as we proved.


But HWA, and GF always talked about “ROYALTY” and acted as they are “KINGS” NOW.  That alone shows they are flesh… They wanted to go around the world preaching, and presenting a “rich” God. But God chose the poor and the foolish, and the babes  of the world as we have proven. Even the apostles were found with many hardships. Only these two men in the Philadelphia  era, behaved like they are kings and since they represented God, they have to dress well etc… In James, God condemns those who judge others by their appearance. They wanted nothing but the best and taught others to have the best also. Even though this caused many poor brethren uneasy, they tried their best to comply with such commands.


God knew that one day, in the end, He would choose the poor. That is to cause the rich to know, that God loves the poor of the world and not them. The parable of Lazarus  and the rich man is a good example. Now, what happened to the riches of HWA ?  All his deeds are being exposed and all his wealth has become nothing. Not even what he taught will be treasured. They are the workers of ‘FLESH”. Always wants more and never have enough. By their works of flesh, they will never be justified. This is why; no flesh would be saved…



Here is what the Bible say about how the “new testament  work of God ended. Word went to the gentiles and they accepted and were converted because of God’s GRACE..


When the Jews, to whom Christ came rejected Him, Christ sent Paul to gentiles.

Act 13:46  Then Paul and Barnabas waxed bold, and said, It was necessary that the word of God should first have been spoken to you: but seeing ye put it from you, and judge yourselves unworthy of everlasting life, lo, we turn to the Gentiles. }}}…. “FIRST” the Word should go to Jews, but since they refused, and proved that they are UNWORTHY FOR SALVATION, they went to ‘gentiles”. This is what happened even in the end time, when the Jews became the synagogue of satan, after the Philadelphia  era, the gentiles held fast as we have proven.


Act 13:47  For so hath the Lord commanded us, saying, I have set thee to be a light of the Gentiles, that thou shouldest be for salvation unto the ends of the earth.

Act 13:48  And when the Gentiles heard this, they were glad, and glorified the word of the Lord: and as many as were ordained to eternal life believed. ( 14: 27,  15: 7( Peter said they will believe ) 12, ..}}…God sent Christ to be a light to the gentiles. He will be a salvation unto the ends of the earth… after Jews rejected, God called those who are far away, in the ends of the earth. It did not happen until in our day.


Act 15:14  Simeon hath declared how God at the first did visit the Gentiles, to take out of them a people for His name. ..}}}.. This is just before the tabernacle of David is to be raised up as we proved in earlier parts. “FIRST” means, before the fallen tabernacle is raised up, God VISITED the ‘GENTIELS” to take a people for ‘HIS NAME”…. right now, God’s NAME is on us… that means, God is with us, working to raise up the fallen tabernacle and to plead with them to return to Him, and to bring the covenant of peace to them. This is the same Peter who refused and had much problem accepting the gentile conversion, who denied Christ three times because He was with the gentiles, saying “God” first visited to take people from gentiles.


Act 15:17  That the residue of men might seek after the Lord, and all the Gentiles, upon whom My name is called, saith the Lord, who doeth all these things…}}}…. V 15 says, the prophets have prophesied about this. So many prophets have prophesied the gentile conversion.


Act 18:6  And when they opposed themselves, and blasphemed, he shook his raiment, and said unto them, Your blood be upon your own heads; I am clean: from henceforth I will go unto the Gentiles…}}}….when the ‘Jews’ OPPOSED he said, he will go to gentiles.  


Act 22:21  And he said unto me, Depart: for I will send thee far hence unto the Gentiles…}… Jesus Christ said this.

 Act 26:17  Delivering thee from the people, and from the Gentiles, unto whom now I send thee, ….}}}…Christ knew the gentiles will hear… and believe, OBEY, and fear  and be FRUITFUL.



Act 26:21 – 22..For these causes the Jews caught me in the temple, and went about to kill me. …. which the prophets and Moses did say should come: }}… for preaching and telling about the gentile conversion, Jews even tried to kill Paul. He is saying, that even Moses has prophesied that gentiles will be taken for God’s NAME.




Act 28:28  Be it known therefore unto you, that the salvation of God is sent unto the Gentiles, and that they will hear it.

Act 28:29  And when he had said these words, the Jews departed,…. And Paul dwelt two whole years in his own hired house, and received all that came in unto him, …. Preaching the kingdom of God, and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confidence, no man forbidding him…}}}… When Jews departed, Paul preached about the kingdom of God to gentiles, and no one stopped him.


As Christ said, this is how the kingdom of God is given to the gentiles… they will hear and they now have heard… and are being fruitful.


If the prophets have prophesied , and if God and Christ Have said that they will call the gentiles and the "Times of Gentiles" have to be fulfilled, then those who do not accept these prophecies have rejected God and Christ… and the Word. That itself is a mystery to all. The Pharisees and the leaders who are the synagogue of satan, knows the Word very well and they are the teachers of the Law.  But they did not know the last hour mysteries. This is why, all along Israel has killed the prophets… the synagogue of satan denied God and Christ. In Rev 3: 9… the synagogue of satan is active during our times. God would not accuse any one if they are really not serving the devil. This is why Christ condemned the blind leading blind… Mat 15: 14… they all fell in to the ditch.. the Bottomless pit.


 Christ said, He will send little children in His NAME. but as always, Israel has rejected God’s authority and would not accept them . If any one comes in his own name, they will receive that man… John 5: 43…


Mat 21: 35 – 45… they killed all the servants to this day… including Christ , the Son of the owner of the vineyard…


Mat 18:4  Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. }}…Now is the time to humble your selves as a little child, as you are found to be rich and puffed up… and have exalted yourselves, instead of God….


Mat 23:12  And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.}}}…. Now is the time for the humble to be exalted… God is with us… that is enough for us !  


Jas 4:6  , God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble….  Therefore, humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, as He Has come down in rain to wash you away by the water … ( Jam 4: 10, 1 Pe 5: 5 )


1Pe 5:6  Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: … }}}… Now, His hand is stretched out, for the second time and be humble… ( Is 11: 11… )



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