Man or beast pt 5


Pro 16:4  The LORD hath made all things for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil.  }  the evil day is the day when God allows the wicked to be exalted. Then expose them, on the “day of The Lord” , which now has come upon the wicked. ( v 5 shows,  their “pride  is an abomination to God ” it is no one but the Laodiceans who are proud) . They broke God’s commandments and therefore, Ez,  20: 25,… God also gave laws, which they could not obey… These laws are taught through the wicked leaders, or the beasts.  One such law is, if you do not obey these beasts, even when you see their law breaking, if you oppose them, they will cast you out of the church. People depend on them to take them to the place of safety.  So they keep quiet. But,  Ps 149: 8-9 says, the kings will be bound and the ‘WRITTEN” judgments have to be executed on those who have become like heathen.


 Ps 78: 49, God says “He sends evil angels (evil leaders like King Nebu, man of sin etc . and Ez 22: 28….., these prophets  tells lies, and says, God said so…) They say God is revealing to them, but God says they speak on their own. ( Jer 5: 31,  Is 28:7, Jer 6: 13,  23: 11,  ) Christ warned about many false prophets will arise…. John 7: 18… One speaking from himself seeks his own glory… But the one seeking the glory of the One who sent Him, this One is true, and unrighteousness is not in Him. }…Those who speak on their own, are exalting themselves… this is what the ‘man of sin’ (MOS) or the last high priest is doing today. And if he exalts God, (as God only send prophets) he speak the “truth”. MOS does not exalt God, but himself, and therefore, he does not have the truth. He is ‘the’ liar. and ‘righteousness’ is not in him.


Here is what these prophets say ( God said so) ;…. GF wrote….. RV Nov 2004  pg 2….”Mr Armstrong’s’ literature is a THUS SAITH THE Lord”…. IT IS THE Word FROM God’S MOUTH”…} …HWA’s writings are Thus saith the Lord?....about 200 wrong prophecies are listed in one web site. Is God that confused? We know at least about 50 of them. Did God say Christ’s second coming will occur in 1975? How many false prophecies did he say?  How many times have we heard “within next five years, …..within next ten years,……. in this decade, ……in your life time,” etc…?   Are all those “THUS SAITH THE Lord”?  If God caused him to write “there are no prophets in our day which hold administrative offices in NT”, then why did GF removed that part, and many others?  How could he remove parts out of  THUS SAITH THE Lord”?   Another fact is, if HWA’s words are thus saith the Lord,   and since he said there are no prophets except false ones, we should believe him. and then we know GF is a false prophet. Whom should we believe? HWA or GF on this matter….? GF did not start out the way he is now. He is deceived and are deceiving the whole world by raising up the fallen ruins of “his spiritual father, who is HWA.  We should know, in spite of these leader’s failure, God still speak  through these leaders, as He said to Ezekiel….( The food and waters are measured and given from time to time )  so these evil leaders also, God is using for His purpose. Many years after king David was ordained, he became a murderer. He had to pay for his sins.  It is still same today. Leaders could become beasts, still God works through them. He gave beasts as leaders, and statues and judgments which people could not to live by as we have proven. Now, God is exposing all and everything. But God will bring them back and open the blind eyes to see.


Mat 12:36  But I say to you, that every idle word, whatever men may speak, they shall give an account of it in Judgment Day.} Now, is the day of “judgment’… this is why all the words are being accounted for. Both beasts will be exposed.


Many things about the laodicean era which HWA said is incorrect. He never thought that there will be so many churches after his death. Ez. 16: 52 alone shows, there are so many sister churches in the end time which HWA did know nothing about.. Even HWA, himself   changed what he earlier spoke about  including the government issue.  He  raised up  the  Babylonian’ empire by his lavish spending , loving the worldly things and misusing God’s money to live a royal life. He is the man who brought royalty to the church, while so many poor brethren had to borrow or rent to dress to the church. 


Where did his work  end up? Not even a physical building is left. All sold, including his writings… fruits proves none of the leaders under him believed him totally, including all evangelists. No one. Even GF, who claim to follow his footsteps, removed what he wrote. If GF believed all the restored truths, he would never have invited unbaptized people in to God’s ministry, which HWA said not to. All these were planned by God for the evil day … to be in “Babylon”.  So we should have royal leaders, who love to live a royal life in the end time !


GF is building upon the foundation what HWA taught. Nevertheless, such things are all according to God’s plan to annihilate the wicked and the wickedness of His people and humble the proud. God calls them beasts,  because they do not have  understanding. These things do not happen in EU or CC.  These evil shepherds are inside God’s church ( Ps 74) “I will send EVIL BEASTS among you.. And that is “THUS SAITH THE LORD”….

( Deut 32: 24,  Ez 5: 17… What was said by God in Deut 32: 24, was fulfilled in Ezekiel’s time in Ez 5: 17, which is now) 


TP book pg 113…

 but now his message must go to all Israel and the world. And that prophet must deliver it, building upon the foundation laid by HWA . I must cause all the nations to drink this message…}}}. This is the beast who  …. executes all the authority of the first beast before it. He is building on the foundation laid by HWA.  And it causes the earth and those dwelling in it should worship the first beast” (That is :….. Thus saith The Lord).


Here is what the RV May/June 2007 says;…

The three students of PCG, HWA College is reporting from Jerusalem… “ HWA had a close partnership with ……. Dr Benjamin,  in 1970s on a project”……….( then he gives a brief summary of events took place between Benjamin and HWA )


“On Oct 18, 2006, we left, the USA, accompanied by dean of students Stephen Flurry, to not only excavate this significant structure, but also to “REVIVE MR ARMSTONG’S LEGACY” . }… You see how the second beast is building an image of the first beast, and how he got the students  to worship that image and then they want to revive that image in Jerusalem also…and  all over the world…. ?


Job 12:25  They grope in the dark without light, and he maketh them to stagger like a drunken man…this happen, as v 24 says, when God takes away the ‘HEART” of the leader and cause them to wander …( when they are in the wilderness) But to such people;….

 Psa 75:8  For in the hand of the LORD there is a cup, and the wine is red; it is full of mixture; and he poureth out of the same: but the dregs thereof, all the wicked of the earth shall wring them out, and drink… } The wicked caused God’s people to be drunk, and now “God’s hand” has the cup to give wine on such  wicked” who gave the whole world to drink .  This is the son of HWA, who is causing the people to worship the first beast… more later….


How would God send thins wine?.... in His “hand”…., Reaed: The Arm of the Lord”…and

Gen 49:11  Binding his foal unto the vine, and his ass's colt unto the choice vine; he washed his garments in wine, and his clothes in the blood of grapes:

Gen 49:12  His eyes shall be red with wine, and his teeth white with milk}…  At the time of the judgment, God binds the donkey . This should happen now. Read:….

Genesis 49


Isa 14:13  For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: }…. this scripture,  talks about a man, who likes to sit above the “people of God”, as they are the “stars”, and wants to sit upon the “mountain”, or the “church”, or the “congregation”. The church taught that this is talking about the fallen devil, they call “Lucifer”. But in this chapter, God warns us about a “man”, who is fallen. ( This is Eliakim, who was given all the glory, but God Had to cut down. ) ( there were no congregations, mountains which are churches,  if and when the devil rebelled back then to sit on, in the NORTH. So it applies to our time, when there is a congregation, also in north )  ( Jer 51 explains the Babylon, that comes from NORTH v 48. we have written about what comes and who comes from north to destroy God’s people. it is the “prophets”. ) Ps 137:8..this daughter of Babylon is to be destroyed. This happen when God is angry with “His” inheritance as Is 47:6 says.


The “mountain” or the congregation which is in the “north” is “SPIRITUAL JERUSALEM”, the mother of us all.  ( Ps 48: 2) There were no mountains ( churches)  in the heaven, when the archangel sinned .This is the man who cast down the stars to the ground in Dan 8: 10,  Dan 11:36-37 ( when, as a part of God’s wrath , allowed the leaders to exalt themselves which is happening now, when the beasts or leaders that has no understanding are present) 2 Thes 2: 4…. This man sits in the temple, at Christ’s coming exalting and sitting above the stars. At this time, those who “fight for God’s truth” will be “stars” in the heaven. (Dan 12: 3). These are the stars,  this man cast down and trampled as all these scripture applies to our day, when the exultation comes from north. These stars fought with the antichrists as Dan 11: 32- 35 says,… but many shall “FALL”… the majority, who were in the phil era, are the ones who became the laodicean too as Mr Hoeh has written…  


Is 14: 4 talks about the “king of Babylon”, (who is the leader in God’s church as we have proven ) v 5…the ‘wicked”…V 9… hell is excited to meet him.  ( Job 3: 22 ) This is the ‘bottomless pit”, he was thrown in to as the “fallen star” .. ( Rev 9: 1 and 17: 8… “SHALL  ascend means, this happen only in ‘judgment’,  when these verses are to be fulfilled, and as a punishment to those who forsook God, Who Is The ‘Fountain of Living waters ) Read: Bottomless pit.


V 12… he was a shining star… ( a ‘son of the morning. God never calls the angels “sons”. ( Heb 1:) This man is the star  who fell as Rev 8: 10- 11… the “wormwood” ( remember the wormwood test which is given only to Israel ) and he fell as a “burning lamp” (church) and to the bottomless pit in Rev 9. If he over came, then Christ would have made him a “morning star” (Rev 2: 28) .  To be a morning star, only those who over come are eligible.  Angels cannot receive the reward of a ‘MORNING STAR”, as they are not to be ‘sons”. Neither can a man become an angel.  So this cannot be about an angel.  This is the man who caused some of the “STARS” to fall to the ground. As Dan 8: 10, because of his pride. These stars, have over come and they are the morning stars now.

V 16 …”Is this the ‘MAN”… v 17.. made the church as the wilderness…we know it is the ‘prophets’ who come from ‘north’ who made God’s land a wilderness or desolated.  (Rev 17:  16, these leaders loved themselves and not the church. God gave them one mind to desolate the church… or to fall away those who did not love the truth)

v 19… he is being pierced by the ‘sword”… ( the Word of God… God judges by His words,  which is the sword,  Rev 13: 3,    13: 10, 14  )  and thrown in to the bottomless pit, and is being trampled under foot… ( Rev 11; 2, Lam 1: 15…, ) V 20… he destroyed the land,  …The beginning of the seventy years in ‘Babylon” , is a judgment and a punishment, to end transgressions. These two beasts are to exist that time, when God sent them to Babylon,… with the one man government, and royal life which began in HWA’s time and God wounded him  but GF continuing it.


V 25 shows, that it is the ‘Assyrian  in God’s land on God’s mountain, or the church. This is the ‘man of sin” who exalts as ….2 Thes 2: 4… exalting himself over everything being called God, or object of worship, so as for him "to sit in the temple of God" as God, setting forth himself, that he is God... “ The worst man is in the ‘temple” and not in EU. This happen when the ‘FIRST BORN OF THE POOR ARE TO EAT” , which is now, as v 30,  (This is also the leader explain in Ez 28: 2. ) … which is now… the poor are those who is treading this man.. ( Is 26: 6)


V 32…  That Jehovah has founded Zion, and the poor of His people shall trust in it. This is the new Zion, or mountain as Is 56:3- 8 , Mal 1: 11…the new moon which Israel is keeping under feet as Rev 12, which is witnessing against their covenant breaking sins,…( Zeph 3: 12 this happen when they are proud v11). At this time, as we wrote and proved from the Word, the poor and rich were separated as James says. (  last hour church split Jews and gentiles


GF explains what happened to the ministers;..Dec 2006, co worker letter;…..

“WHO WILL STAND UP AND WARN ABOUT THESE DANGERS? Isaiah 56:9-10 paint a shameful picture. As ferocious beasts gather, coming to devour Israel, God says the watchmen of Israel "are BLIND: they are all IGNORANT, they are all DUMB DOGS, THEY CANNOT BARK; SLEEPING, LYING DOWN, LOVING TO SLUMBER"! Our peoples are blind and ignorant! Our leaders are SLEEPING while they should be BARKING! “….who claims to be a watchman??  the ministers should be in the inner court or the altar, which is PCG. Word says, “ALL”. 



GF is the “watchman”, with his fellows, who are “dumb dogs” , ignorant, ferocious beasts….above quote is written in 2006. By that time all the other churches have failed and they are gone far away from God and only PCG watchmen were left. (isn’t that ‘s what PCG says?)  this is why God is trying to get rid of them.  PCG ministry is the inner court and they claim they only get revelation from God. Those who get revelation only could become dumb dogs which cannot bark, ignorant beasts, that has no understanding and this is why God is now working to get rid of them. This did not happen when WCG or other churches fell, this happened only during the last 42 months, or the one prophetic hour, which were given to the beast power. Or this happen when the second beast causes the first beast to be worshipped.  ( Rev 13: 14) No other church causes a beast before them to be worshipped. Many writings of GF prove that other churches do not follow HWA. They are selling HWA’s things and do not even admit that they are following him. Only PCG wants people to accept HWA and MOA and MM as God’s revelation. During these years in Babylon, there are only two beasts or two leaders which God’s Word prophecies about. This prophecy could not be applied to any other two people. One following the other. One causing the one before him to be worshiped.


Read: the last hour church split.


Allowing this man to sit above the stars and even allowing this evil man to trample them was done by God as a part of His ‘WRATH”. (Dan 11: 36).So all these prophecies of an evil man who is the leader in” God’s church” have to be fulfilled “JUST” one hour before Christ comes. He is actually the cause Christ comes… Hos 9: 7 says, “THE PROPHET” is a fool. So he is the ignorant beast. He is also the watchman  who has no understanding. printing HWA’s books and spending millions to fight for it and for buying it and then printing a book to show the world how he fought are clues for us to identify the second beast who made an image for the first beast.  No other church did it. 


Hos 13:11  I gave thee a king in mine anger, and took him away in my wrath. }This king, who was given in God’s anger, is the fulfilled prophecy in Dan 11: 36… that is the time, a king was given in God’s anger and wrath when you compare with all other prophecies about the evil beasts. now, God is taking him away by exposing his evilness and executing written judgments . (  Psa 78:49  , Ps 78: 61- 62, Jer 51:34-35,  Ps 149: 6---


Isa 14:25  That I will break the Assyrian in my land, and upon my mountains tread him under foot: then shall his yoke depart from off them, and his burden depart from off their shoulders.

So, according to God, there is an Assyrian in “GOD’S land and ‘God’s mountain. This has to be the spiritual leader in God’s land and not any one in EU. There are no EU leaders in God’s land…neither God’s people in EU to come out as Rev 18 says… outsiders could never desolate God’s land.


Here is what GF wrote;…….exalting himself and healing the wound of the first beast in Rev 13.

 Following God’s Man is actually following God.  [TP pg. 11p5]

God’s ministers must understand this concept deeply and lead God’s people to magnify my office – which is really God’s office.  [TP pg. 70p1,2,3] when he wrote this in 2001, as we have written, he was already a false prophet and has changed his mind and has started to exalt himself. Magnifying any man’s office is against God’s Word. We proved from the Word why Paul magnified his office… because he knew his work brought many fruits, and other’s did not and that is the “gentile work. Rom 11: 13. He knew, because of the failure of the Jews, salvation has come to gentiles as v 10 says, and his work is not in vain and produced fruits. He did not tell others to magnify his office. If GF produced even one God being, he could magnify his office. He could not save even himself. He has no fruits like Paul to magnify his office. He is a total failure. He magnifies his office only to prove that he is the ‘man of sin’. BECAUSE God ALLOWED IT ! He boasts in the law saying he is a law giver but he dishonored God through transgressing. Rom 2: 23. Let him prove himself and his work, if he wants to boast. Gal 6: 4.

Mat 23: 2- 5… The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses' seat: Then all things, whatever they tell you to keep, keep and do. But do not do according to their works, for they say, and do not do. For they bind heavy and hard to bear burdens, and lay them on the shoulders of men, but they do not desire to move them with their finger. }… these Pharisees, know the law well. This is why Christ is saying, to do what ever they say, (within the law). But do not do what they do, because they do not do what they say others to do. This is why, we need to prove the leaders. They say one thing and does another. So we must not follow their deeds or look to their fruits. Such lawgivers are not to be exalted in God’s land.

V 8-12… Do not call any one teacher, leader, father, we are all brethren. Who ever wants to exalt, will be humbled. This is the time which “God” Himself will teach us and we do not need anyone to teach us. 1 Joh 2: 27,  1 Thes 2: 27,  John 6: 44-45,  Is 54: 13,    Jer 31: 34….

Following God’s Man is actually following God.??? Only a man who wants to exalt and wants to sit above the stars would say such wrong  unbiblical statements.! He wants God’s people to follow him, as he worships the devil and as he cause every one to worship the beast before it. When he wrote this book in 2001, as we have proven, he has already stopped following God. When God says, ‘there is no man”, should not we trust Him instead of these liars who speak on their own?

Joh 3:19  And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. }…Christ Has come as a thief and the prophet does not even know. How could he love the light….? All those who loved the deception, are being deceived. Light comes to gentiles… Is 42


Isa 66:4  I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted…} This chapter talks about the very end time, time to be born.  God Has Has send some one to call them. But no one answered. We know that this is the ‘Bamah matter”. God talks about some who tremble at His Word , v 2 and 5. Who tremble at the Word, when Zion is in travail because of God’s wrath? (Is 56: 3-8…, Mal  1:11, 3: 15-18)  it is the gentiles, the strangers. At this time God sends peace like a river to her, and He is sending it with the gentiles. V 12. Is 40: 2 says, “after” she got double for her sins, after the war fare ends, she will be forgiven. This is the war, which God’s people are doing with the anti Christs or the beasts, and the gentiles are bringing peace to her. All these prophecies which the leaders do not like to talk about are being fulfilled. V 16.. by “fire” and by “sword”, both means “God’s Word”… so no physical tribulation. When God destroyed the man in Noah’s time, He promised never to destroy the men again by flood. Would He destroy them by a ‘fire’ now? None of these things is caused by a beast in EU or CC.


Isa 33:22  For the LORD is our judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our king; he will save us. } .. GF claims he is a law giver. Could he save us?  We need to be saved “from him ! God is the only law giver.


So I also believe it is now time that God wants to magnify my office.  [TP pg. 20p2] …God” wants to magnify his office? Which God? Word of God shows  as we wrote above, these false liars speak their own words saying ‘thus saith the Lord”…


This prophet ... He speaks for God.  Here is a clear statement that God sends a “thus saith the Lord God” through one man – His watchman, or prophet.  The man speaks for God!  [TP pg. 43p2}…This is the same watchman, who is a beast as written aboveMany web sites shows how wrong the first “THUS SAITH THE Lord” and also, the second “THUS SAITH THE Lord”.!! This is how, the beast who was wounded by God’s Word, whose work was cut off , was continued by the second beast healing it’s wound. It is “God” who wounds the “heads” of the enemy…Besides, the man of sin and the anti christs come as an angel of light… or saying we have the revelation. (light means revelation ).  read;…..

“Spiritual Judah’s wound”…'s%20Wound.htm


When WCG fell, God stopped the work of HWA, for the prophecy to be fulfilled. (He even stopped the heart of HWA, but men gave him CPR and brought him to life… )and his work was stopped but the second beast, covering up HWA’s wrong prophecies,  healed the wound and started printing and bought the works raised up his image…. This is the continuation of “one is” work… In Babylon, during the PROPHESIED seventy year period, the two beasts, healing the wound.


Rev 13: 12…“And it executes all the authority of the first beast before it. And it causes that the earth and those dwelling in it should worship the first beast”.”.. This verse is fulfilled by GF. He raised up the ruins of the first beast before him and causing the whole earth to follow his ways saying his words are ‘THUS SAITH THE Lord”.. ! Is this beast in EU who causes the whole world to worship a man before him? Could this be fulfilled in EU or CC?  Does EU or CC cause others to worship another beast? Who cause the nations to drink a message to cause them to be mad?  


Mr. Armstrong had an intimate relationship with God too -- in a way we do not have.  Presently, I am intimate with God in a way no one else is directly … RV sept 2000 pg 6…. } Rev 13: 12… all about Mr Armstrong and GF…


Rev 13:12  And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

Rev 13:14  And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.

The second beast, causes all the earth to worship the first beast. Everyone knows how GF follows HWA’s work, how he raises up the ruins of his. The first beast is the one who had the deadly wound. It is God who wounded him. But his wound was healed, as GF bought the image (the works of HWA ) GF even says temple vessels are like HWA’s books…. The miracle which he did was to buy the books saying God came down to fight and made him win, and the miraculous money spending to buy the artifacts from the auction, and prayer rocks… etc.. to build HWA’s image. The miracles which this beast does, doesn’t come from God… PCG has informed all the ministers , they could baptize a person ONLY if they acknowledge HWA and MOA and MM and the prophet. PCG’s foundation is built upon everything which was built up by HWA. Just as Christ said, do what ever they say, but do not do what they do. Mat 13: 3. HWA restored Sabbath etc to the church and that is according to God’s law. So we must do what they say, but not what they do… like casting out the true followers…


The time frame of the second beast is the time which he is allowed to continue for 42 months. As we shall prove)  Wounded by the sword is by the Word of God, and that means, he is found to be a liar… and teacher to deceive God’s people… and he is found out… EXPOSED, by the Word. He is being judged by the Word. This is the ‘man of sin’, who will be consumed by Christ’s breath at His coming. So there should be a man of sin sitting in the temple, at Christ’s coming. …those who failed to over come, are being cut by the sword which Christ Has in His mouth…  


Rev 17: 8…. The beast, was, is not, ( God wounded him ) but is “about to come”  OUT OF THE bottomless pit” ( to put in the BP is a punishment from God, during the judgment period  and that is why it says, “about” to. And he will go in to perdition… ( the synagogue of satan ) other eras, there was no wound, as God simply moved the lamp. Only during this seventy year period, there were one is, and he is gone ( was ) and yet is… (the second beast gave life and raised up his ruins… he raised up the ruins and totally ruined the church)

Rev 17:10- 11…. Five eras fell… one “IS”… HWA ‘s work to continue till the end, even though God put a stop, the work was raised up by the other beast “not yet”… (but GF announced,) that is him. He is the 8th, which came from the seven.  This 8th is the one who goes to perdition, and also the ‘man of sin’. The 7th head, is continuing  the 6th era’s work… that is why the 6th one “IS” .  The last beast, the one is “about to”, come and fight with Christ. That is during the “day of the Lord”, or the ‘day of visitation” as we have proven from the Word…


Rev 13: 5… , Rev 17: 10… This beast, is to “CONTINUE” forty two months… he was there, ( as all eras fell ) and he is allowed to continue, as a part of judgment, ( DURING THE JUDGMENT,  DOL OR DOV ) , to finish the exultation as Dan 11: 36…. So God can put a stop to all the beasts. When the forty two months came, God started to expose and judge and will cause him to go to perdition.


Few MORE quotes which would show, that the last beast is raising up and causing people to worship the first beast’s work, which was started in the 6th era.

Mr. Armstrong and I each have been used to fill the role of lawgiver to God’s Church and the world.  [TP pg. 52p5}… According to God’s Word, they are God’s leaders.


His man, His lawgiver – that prophet. ... He can give His lawgiver something you don’t have ... God has given me that same advantage He gave Mr. Armstrong.  [TP pg. 55p2,3,6]}   (the ferocious beasts )


That means you must have God’s government  -- headed by a leader like Mr. Armstrong ... [DUAL pg. 29 bottom}….. Yes , we must have God’s government, but one man government is not in the Word of God. God gave a king because Israel wanted a king. In the end, God says, He gave a king in anger, and He took him in His wrath…. So this king who was given in God’s anger, should live during the time which God pours His wrath, which are the last plagues


Look at the work God is now raising up!  …… We're raising up the tabernacle of David like it was in the days of old, the days of Herbert W. Armstrong…[EZ pg. 117p3}….we have proven from the Word, that the tabernacle is fallen and it will be built when Christ comes as a thief, with  the gentiles, after witnessing and judgments.


WHO IS THAT PROPHET---G.Flurry—page 90

5th para—“temple vessels are a type of HWA’s books.”}…GF continues  these temple vessels of the first beast. But, at the time of judgment, we do not need any books, other than the books of the Bible. Because all are judged by what is written in the laws in the Bible.  1 John 2: 27, and as Heb. 1: 2, Act 2: 17… the time has come that no one should enter Jerusalem, or get out. We have proven the temple vessels are people and not books. If we are to heed every word which came out of HWA, we would be in the kingdom in 1975… and there are no prophets…



Page 73—para 3---

Mr. Armstrong was and still is our spiritual father. God’s leaders are chosen from this group. ------The very elect keep their focus on God the Father and the family vision. This is true education. THIS IS THE CHARIOT THAT WILL CARRY US INTO GOD’S GLORIOUS ETERNITY} … The Word says ‘Christ’ will carry us into eternity. Still it is ‘God The Father” WHO CALLS PEOPLE… NOT EVEN Christ. These few quotes would show how the last beast is raising up the ruins of the first beast. the “chariots” Christ comes are the “clouds”, as we have proven.  Ps 104: 3,  truth “ 108: 4,   rain comes  as Christ comes on rain, 147: 8 ,   The man of sin wanted to rise above the clouds Is 14: 14,  brings righteousness…Is 45: 8,  Jer 4: 13 , Ez. 30: 3, The clouds brought Christ to God … Dan 7: 13. , Mat 24:30,  them in the clouds 1 Th 4: 17,  Rev 1: 7. 


You be the judge of all these things. Look how divided the whole church is now, after HWA’s death?  Some totally stopped HWA’s books, some quote here and there, then PCG says it follows his footsteps but do not totally believe in deeds as they have taken parts out of the second most important book he wrote which is MOA, and accuses each other… They are all divided and God prophesied this…. Zech 11: 9…, Jer 15: 2,   Jer 43: 11. Who raised up the ‘one man government”? If it is God, He Has failed in gathering everyone under one man… God is against these leaders.


Zec 11:9- 14  Then said I, I will not feed you: that that dieth, let it die; and that that is to be cut off, let it be cut off; and let the rest eat every one the flesh of another.

Zec 11:14  Then I cut asunder mine other staff, even Bands, that I might break the brotherhood between Judah and Israel

There after,. The works of the ‘FOOLISH” shepherd…., the king in God’s anger, the covenant broken…  The blindness came over the whole land. Ez. 34… This is not to happen in EU. The “brotherhood” is broken… all are divided. Has such a thing happened in any other era ?


Pro 29Vs.16--When the wicked are multiplied, transgression increaseth: but the righteous shall see their fall.}  The “righteous” see the wicked’s fall. The wicked  do not even know they are fallen.  We saw WCG falling and now PCG. These judgments are ‘spiritual” . That is why they cannot see… because they have eyes, but do not see. There has to be an end of transgression as Daniel spoke. This should come after finishing the work. GF claimed finishing the work in late 2004.


From Daniel unsealed

{{{ you cannot build a house for God without His government. Without ONE MAN at the top with FULL AUTHORITY IT WILL FAIL 100 PERCENT OF THE TIME.}}} 

 This is how the man of sin exalts himself. God says, DO NOT TRUST ANY MAN…. DO NOT TRUST A SON OF MAN…. OR A PRINCE. ( Ps 146:3,   118: 9. ) The modern day ‘son of man’ is “Ezekiel”. Do we need humans to build a house for God? The ‘church’ means the ‘called out ones’ and not a building. Every building man built, beginning from king Solomon, unto our day, were destroyed. This includes all the synagogues ( Ps 74:8) If that is so important to God, then, He would have never allowed them to be destroyed. On the other hand, Christ said, ‘the gates of hell’ would not prevail  against HIS “CHURCH”. He was not speaking about a building. His church, even though scattered, would be some where in the ‘four winds’ to be gathered in the four winds and not from a house where these men have built or in the inner room or in the desert.

Joh 14:23  Jesus answered and said to him, If anyone loves Me, he will keep My Word, and My Father shall love him. And We will come to him and will make a dwelling place with him. }… God dwells in those who love  Him. They are the ‘CALLED OUT” ones and not a building.  When  ‘TWO OR THREE” gathered,  They will live among them. When He calls “ONE FROM A CITY , TWO  OF A FAMILY”, can they all  be gathered in to a building, when they are all over the world? These men are building houses for God, when “we are” His dwelling place.!!!  Dan 9:4…God keeps the covenant and mercy of those who love Him and to those who keep His commandments. Not with those who gather in a building made with hands….


Is 66: 1--- God asks where is the house that you build for Him? And the place of His rest? … But, He will look for the ones who  are poor, and who trembles at His ‘Word”. ( v 5 also) That is where He will dwell, and not in a man made building. V 3… who kills an ox is like he killed a man… PCG killed the oxen…but God praise them for knowing the master’s crib… knowing their owner. And God in this chapter talks about the place of His ‘rest”… this is the rest, which is the Sabbath, which they were supposed to have fled from, where the ox and the ass work for God.

V 5… those who were cast off, being hated, who were driven out for God’s sake, will be joyful, as Christ shall appear at this time and those who are wicked who drove them away, will be ashamed… this is the time which God sends peace and the gentiles will come bringing peace … v 12… it comes as a overflowing shower…


We only need “God” as our temple. … , 2 cor 6: 16,

Rev 21:22  And I saw no temple in it, for the Lord God Almighty is its temple, even the Lamb. } We only need to love God, keep His Word, and then, God will dwell in us and “He” is the temple. As we wrote in earlier part, GF said, the auditorium he was building would bring FAITH in in God. …. !  These are the blind leading blind and they all fell in to the ditch.


Here  are few quotes from various literature GF wrote

Feb Co worker letter 2007;…. However, dear brethren and co-workers, given what looks to be the very SHORTNESS of time we have left, I believe we must position ourselves to begin constructing the house for God AS QUICKLY AS WE POSSIBLY CAN. }… This is the same way, HWA has written before he built  his house. Except a very few rich people in other countries who visited this place ( Pasadena) , only the local people attended the Sabbath service in this house which HWA built. It was used to bring the world by selling tickets and had concerts, bringing many worlds known artists. This temple was decorated by things made to honor the devil, as we have proven. Was this really useful to the members in other countries, scattered in the four winds, where the elect are? This was made by spending millions of God’s money. Now, what is the use of this building to those who funded? The poor people’s “TITHE” money? It has gone to minister’s retirement. That is the first beast. On the other hand, these buildings were praised by kings in the world.

ALSO BELIEVE GOD WANTS US TO BUILD THIS INSPIRING STRUCTURE. We have invested considerable time, }.... No wonder God says, Israel’s watchmen are dumb dogs, ignorant… they want God’s people to look at buildings for “INSPIRATION”. No wonder God Has left such a Sanctuary….


  Concert grand piano and the two candelabra from the Ambassador Auditorium. I believe that these are strong'  indications God wants us to move ahead with this project We could create a magnificent jewel in this area, an edifice that would stand as a MONUMENT TO THE LIVING GOD like nothing else we could do in this world. The more I think about it, the more the idea inspires me!} …. Hos 9: 7 says, the prophet is a fool. We too blindly followed such a evil man, who claims to be a prophet, who later want to build a “JEWEL” , which is a building, as a “MONUMENT TO THE LIVING God….Does he know the meaning of “JEW” – EL ? Who  is  “EL” ?  Who are God’s real ‘JEWELS”?...” THUS SAYS THE Lord;  those who fear and separated from the proud leaders…. Mal 3: 15- 18…AT THAT TIME, THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE WICKED AND THE RIGHTEOUS ARE DISTINGUISHED.  This Is the time which God Has totally rejected the ministry and started to accept the offerings from the ‘gentiles’ as Mal 1; 15 says.


He says, the idea of building such one “INSPIRES” him ??? So you see from where his inspiration comes from ?  from physical things. he does not understand spiritual matters. He has eyes only to see the physical which perishes… this is why he bought the things of HWA.


MONUMENT TO THE LIVING God???  Monument means, something built to remind us of a person. Does God need a monument? To the “living” God? He lives for ever and the only monument we should  build for God, is in our hearts….

God says, they are the ‘WORKS OF HANDS OF MEN”…. Anciently, Nimrod built one. This is the present day Nimrod, as we have proven from the Word… (The Orion)  There are more monuments which GF built. Armstrong college, flurry hall, Amos field house….our God never dies and lives for ever and we do not need any monuments to remind of Him.  Ps 49: 11…. V 12 says, they do that to honor themselves and they are beasts ,…these are gentiles, specially king Nebu style ideas… building images for the devil. 


Rev 9:20- 21… even after the plagues ( which are spiritual) they did not repent of the works of their hands…idols of gold, silver… which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk, nor their murders, or thefts!... this is not EU or Hitler… there is a man in God’s church much more worse than Hitler. !

Rev 16:9, 11  And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory.}… We proved from the Word, that during the plagues, the “heat” comes from the ‘gentiles’…( Is 25: 5,  Luk12: 55  but they cannot discern the times as v 56 ).we see, that even after the heat comes from, they have not repented…..


SHOULDN'T WE HAVE A HOUSE FOR GOD, JUST BEFORE THE GREATEST EVENT EVER TO OCCUR IN THE UNIVERSE, THE RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST? And money is not our primary need. We need faith to build that auditorium-faith in the living God!}…”Just” before Christ’s coming, do we need a building to have faith in God?  It is our  bodies” which are the temple. Christ knew that the end time prophet would build a house and He prophesied about that… “ Not one stone shall be left upon another”….This evil man destroyed God’s temple as Christ said in ‘three years”… that is the time the beast is given to totally destroy the power of the Holy and the mighty as we have proven.  After three days, He will raise it up.


When Herbert W. Armstrong spoke to supporters of the Work about plans to build the Ambassador Auditorium, he met some resistance. He wrote in a May 5, 1969, member letter, "Of course I know there will be some who will say, 'Well, are we not too near the time of Christ's coming, and the end of this Work, to build it?' The answer is NO! First, we cannot set dates for sure…. } Who set the dates? Who said in ‘five” years,  in “ten” years, and “in this decade” and in “1975”, “In our life time”? It is not the members… these are the prophets who do not know when Christ comes, the day of visitation.. Hos 9: 7… who never understand the times… now, we live in the times of the ‘gentiles’ as Christ said… but do they know? As we wrote, they did not repent even after the plagues… should we believe every word comes out of their mouths to be ‘thus saith the Lord? ….

Mr. Armstrong considered the Ambassador Auditorium part of the Great Commission of the Church… }… GF got the idea of building from HWA, as we can see… the image of the beast…

We can also see a parallel between our building program and Noah's program anciently. Notice Hebrews 11:7: "By faith Noah, being wamed of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house; by the which he condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith."….

Our Work is a type of Noah's, and our example of building God's way will also condemn this world in a way that it has not been warned yet…} Heb 11: 7 says, by ‘faith’, he built the ark, to save his house and he had faith. James 2;5 says, it is the ‘poor’ who have faith now. Besides, Noah built the ark to save every one. But HWA and GF built it to bring honor to them. God’s Word directly says, He does not dwell in man made temples. This is directly against God’s Word and it is rebellion against God. Mat 24: 38… they were eating , drinking, marrying and then,…sudden destruction.. now too when Son of Man comes. v 40… at that time, two grinding the mill.. One is left… v 42… “WATCH”… but the watchmen are blind , ignorant dumb dogs!!!

Haggai 2:9 states, "The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the Lord of hosts:

and in this place will I give peace, saith the Lord of hosts." God is speaking about His spiritual temple-… } The latter temple starts with ‘PEACE”. It is the ‘gentiles’ who will start building in peace… Is 66: 12, Zech 6:15 etc… read:…

Covenant of peace


4"February 22,2007      


We need to follow Mr. Armstrong's faithful example.}..You see the pattern of Babylon, which began from HWA’s time? Building a house is a ‘MAJOR way to build “FAITH”…?


God family vision—G. Flurry—page 15—last para—

“getting MoA to the largest audience is one major way we can let our light shine—”}… according to GF, the light shines through giving the MOA. we have already proven how wrong some of the prophecies HWA made. Including the confusion about the ‘prophet’s issue. This fulfills the second beast building an image for the first. Joh 3: 20, Christ says, all who are evil, hate the light… because light brings out their evil deeds. This is what is happening now. Christ brought light to the gentiles and they see the fall of the wicked…. V 21.. who ever has the truth, comes to light . Who has the truth now? It is the true followers who are cast out, and those who feard God and separated from the main body as Mal 3: 15-18 and 3 John says.

Page 86 of MM he wrote—last para—“God will consume the Laodecian work with the Spirit of His mouth”}…since  Christ Has come, the laodicean work  is being exposed.. with the man of sin…


GOD FAMILY VISION –GERALD FLURRY—Page 87—para 4—“As you study this, you will begin to understand that honoring Mr. Armstrong as our father is very closely tied to honoring God the Father}… The harlot, and the beast, both are blaspheming God and His saints… Rev  13, and 17.  This is truly the second beast causing the members to worship the first beast… !

RV Jan /feb 2007…Pg 1…The reporter had this to say in his article: “During the mid 1950s, he (Mr. A) published a pamphlet entitles, “1975 in prophecy”, . It warned of a worldwide nuclear war in 1972 and Christ’s return three years later. When the world didn’t end on schedule, Armstrong withdrew his pamphlet from circulation. “. I was asked about this statement before the article was published. I told the reporter that no one of Mr. A’s critics could prove that statement about the book and they never have over the years!  That is because Mr A  never said those events would occur on those dates. There was only speculation that those events could happen in that time period. }  speculation? …. Speculation?,…Can God’s apostles speculate? Is that ‘THUS SAITH THE Lord”? Speculate means guessing about things which would happen… this is the same thing, all of the leaders in God’s church are doing… speculate… when did God or Christ speculated ? did any apostles speculated? Any prophets?.... this is why, there are many false prophets today… and false apostles. Elsewhere, GF says, HWA and himself are the law givers, the leaders and are intimate with God… and they are the spokesmen for God and the people of God are to look upon them for God’s Word…. can such people speculate? These leaders have no shame…. Their nakedness is being exposed….

If people hear a statement frequently enough, they often believe it…}… This is what we have been hearing all these years… speculations, and assumptions…frequent speculations which caused everyone to look to them, instead of God.   

They have heard  false teachings for years and they believe these false doctrines, rather than what the Bible actually teaches. It will take years for these people to unlearn the errors before then be deeply taught God’s truth. }….who taught false doctrines, except HWA and GF?  This is why Christ Has come… to remove all the false doctrines… Now, what the Bible actually teaches will be made known.

RV May june 2005…

In 1998 (pg 1) Joseph Tkach sr, personally told  me that the main focus of the WCG ‘s work was changed to ambassador college. }… is not the same thing which GF does now? Build an auditorium and promote the HERBERT ARMSTRONG COLLEGE to have more faith in God? is not that the priority in PCG now? Building an image to the beast.?

In this last end, we have that same commission, but the emphasis has changed. We are commanded to prophesy again as HWA did}… as HWA did , as HWA did…

Mr A actually said, we can measure our righteousness by how much our heart is in the work}… Building a monument for God to have more faith? Or to hope God would come in 1975?

 Taken from Herbert W. Armstrong’s..       "So we read, in Acts 11:28 and 21:10-11, of the prophet Agabus. But today we have the COMPLETE Word of God, for our time, in the Bible. There are no such prophets—EXCEPT FALSE ONES." …. Now read what his loving son, the second beast says…..

T.P BOOKLET PAGE 117—G.Flurry writes---

“Take a good look at this messenger, and this wonderful, marvellous message of hope. I am proclaiming a message … }… so he is a prophet according to this book… also many other titles. If you listen to HWA, then there cant be any prophets. But if you listen to GF, there is a prophet… we have a choice… listen to HWA, GF, or God….


HWA’s co worker letter Jan 1981.

So Revelation 10 shows that when our Work appeared to be close to finished and there should be no more delay in God's intervention, God did hold up world events, and I was commissioned to NOW go….}} How many sermons, and articles has GF written that this “NO MORE DELAY” comes in his time? HWA taught that is to happen when his work appear to be closed…GF says, it is ‘his’ time….

Continued from HWA’s letter:…Next, when our Great Commission is in God's sight completed, we are to be taken -- symbolically flown on the two wings of a great eagle -}… we proved from the Word, that ‘eagles fly’ means, they will become proud … and as a result, God took them away to the wilderness to correct them….HWA certainly flew like an eagle… (that also mean to be in Babylon ) 


(Mystery of the Ages, pg. 243).

There is only one Church. Not a parent church and many little daughter churches that have split off in disagreement. Divisions splintering off are NOT STILL IN THE CHURCH"}… Well, we see that is against Ez. 16: 52…  In this chapter ,” God” says, there are many churches, one to be the mother and others are to be daughters… we have a choice… believe God, or the beasts.

Good news personal, 1979, and TP book, page 118:….

: In all this world’s history God has never started an important work or special activity through a chosen human,,, and then, after that special accomplishment is well advance, allowed his chosen human leader to be over thrown by satan… or in any way to turn false.}… Eliakim, as Is 22: 25 says, after giving all the glory, was cut down… Joshua, the high priest, became filthy…, all of the Laodiceans, who came from being Philadelphians, turned false…, the synagogue of Jews, became the synagogue of satan, before our eyes. Did they not turn false after …. The man of sin, the wise men turned to be beasts… how do we explain the whole book of Malachi? Why is there a tribulation? Plagues? And God says “NO” man? Is it not because of their failure? 

In Mr. Armstrong’s book Mystery of the Ages on page 256, Mr. Armstrong writes that the government of God was placed in the Church until we all come in the unity of the faith and the knowledge of the Son of God}… Did the government of God, accomplish this?  Did they come in the unity of faith and knowledge? God accuse the leaders for taking the key of knowledge as we have proven from the Word. Faith?... God accept the poor, are to be rich in faith, who are the gentiles as we have proven also… Jam 2: 5… This is why, Christ Has come in the flesh, in the clouds, to unite every one in faith.

Psa 146:3  Put not your trust in nobles, in a son of man, for there is no salvation in him. }  Yet,  so many people follow these men. Also read Ps 118: 9.


This “ONE” man government came from Babylon, as we have proven. One man with full authority?... Is this a ‘prophet’ of God speaking? Where is the scriptural proof for this statement? Christ said, not to have lordship over the sheep and to submit one to another and not even to call ‘father’, teacher  to any man etc…. when God says, the prophet or the spiritual leader in God’s church at Christ’s coming has a filthy turban, and he is a fool that does not even know when Christ comes as a thief, then would He want His children to trust and obey him? HWA wrote that no prophet is given an administrative office, which his son GF removed that part.( out of MOA). No wonder God wants to make these leaders as dung ! Liars … ….

ONE MAN at the top with FULL AUTHORITY IT WILL FAIL 100 PERCENT OF THE TIME.}}}…Rev 2 onwards shows the fruits of one man government.

Is this what the leaders in PCG are doing?. From living hope;.. GF  wrote;..  .

The love of God is the foundation of our hope.

"Neither as being lords over God's heritage, but being ensamples to the flock" (1 Peter 5:3). God's ministers are not to "lord it over" God's people, but to be EXAMPLES OF HOPE. Lording it over someone causes them to lose hope!}   … If so, why would the “MAN at the top  need  FULL AUTHORITY ?  We need love of God, and God as the ‘head’, and Christ as our husband to lead us… none else. All are sinners, and all have to submit one another and be servants. Christ said, to become like a little child to enter the kingdom and not to have 100 percent full authority over the flock…As we have proven from the Word, since these leaders have become beasts, they do not have God’s love, which is the ‘foundation’ of our hope…. They caused everyone’s hope to be lost.  What is wrong with the last high priest ‘Joshua’ who has a filthy turban.? He has no love of God in him and that is because he thinks he need 100percent full authority in the church. Mat 22: 13… those who are not dressed spiritually, will be thrown in to the fire… which is not a real fire, because  Mat 13: 42…in a real fire, no one is able to gnash their teeth… they will be ashes..


Joel Hilliker wrote the honorable of the earth are the ministers—more honorable than worldly bosses!!!} So they want every one to honor them …

From Living Hope book;…

. Thayer's Lexicon says of this phrase, "Extreme, last in time or in place, talking about the last time. THE TRUMPET AFTER WHICH NO OTHER WILL SOUND. Of the time nearest the return of Christ from heaven. In phrases of the time immediately preceding Christ's return from heaven and the consummation of the divine kingdom, the uttermost part."

Peter's mind was on the END TIME-the same time John and Jude spoke of when they talked about antichrists and false prophets inside God's Laodicean Church. The VERY LAST LITTLE HOUR OF TIME ON EARTH after The critical time in which God reveals these epistles….} …Peter, John and Jude, talks about the antichrists and false prophets inside God's Laodicean Church, AFTER…God’s TRUE CHURCH TURNED AWAY. }}}}……….Was not PCG , the true church during this time which GF has  written about? In our writings, we proved from GF’s own words that it is PCG is the church in the end time, when WCG fell away. GF, here has written about God’s church, falling away, when these epistles are revealed.  Also, according to him, all other churches, beginning from WCG ALREADY HAVE FALLEN at this time.  The only church that was still holding even though defiled was PCG. Then, These beasts, the antichrists, false prophets are inside PCG. Jude wrote to those who were sanctified, preserved and called….that is to no one but PCG. Jude said, the beasts, the clouds without water, are feasting with them… that means these beasts are inside with the preserved ones. They are not in EU or CC. God rejected them saying they are beasts,  during this … VERY LAST LITTLE HOUR OF TIME ON EARTH, when there is no other trumpet to be blown. . After … God’s final church turned away. Since these leaders became beasts and clouds without water, ( Jude 12, 2 Pet 2: 17 the ‘WIND” carried these clouds away. The wind which comes from the ‘east .. the ‘east wind’. Then they are in darkness…. Rev 16: 10 ) Christ came on the gentiles, who are left to give water to them. This is why, He came in clouds, and the rain. (scripture already given )

the time nearest the return of Christ???... All other church leaders became beasts long before the time nearest the return of Christ. How Does He Come? …. In ‘CLOUDS”. He comes from “East”.


no other trumpet to be blown.? … these beasts, and these epistles are revealed, when the last trumpet to be blown… this is why, we say, now, the judgments have begun and the trumpets are being blown.

The plagues are being poured upon too.


From Living hope;..

The voice from the cloud said, This is my beloved Son,

in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him.}…The clouds are sending their voice… (read: Tarshish and the young lions ) to find out who are the lions who are sending the voice and roaring on Zion.


Mat 24: 30 … when Christ is coming in ‘clouds’, all the tribes (Israel ) will WAIL.  Every human is waiting to see Christ’s  coming… why would the tribes wail? These are the tribes who have gone in to captivity, because of sin, as Jam 1: 1 says and since He is coming in the clouds, who are the gentiles, they wail. 

Rev 1: 7… all the “TRIBES” of earth will wail… those who pierced Him… these are the leaders who pierced Him, who willfully sinned after being baptized and having Holy Spirit, as we have proven before from the Word. They know that they have broken the blood covenant ( Heb 10: 26- 29) and are guilty as Christ is working through the foolish nation. this is why they are wailing.


The DOGS….Ps 22: 16 these dogs pierced Christ’ s hands and feet…we are warned of such dogs;…  Php 3:2  Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers. So the “dogs are “evil workers… The ‘dogs’ means ‘IMPURE”. (Impure mind, an impudent man. PCG invited dogs who are unclean to the altar and defiled it and they became dogs  ) Mat 7: 6… Christ said, not to throw the Holy things for the dogs. Mat 15: 26 says, the bread, the Holy things should not be put in to dogs. Because, the dogs cannot discern what is Holy and what is unholy. God accuses the ministers are like dumb dogs now. Isa. 56: 10. Because they too cannot understand, or discern what is Holy or unholy. Ez 22: 26… this happened in the presence of Ezekiel. So these ministers who live when the salvation is about to come as Isa.  56 says, are ‘dogs’. They are the ones who pierced Christ’s hands and feet. So Rev 1: 7,  Mat 24:30, those who wail, are the dogs’ who are the evil workers, who are ministers  in God’s church, who have pierced him. And we should be aware of these dogs. They will stay outside the new Jerusalem… Rev 22: 15.


Is 34: 8- 14 explains, the recompense for the controversy of Zion. At this time, Zion’s streams, ( the leaders ; from where God waters her) have become “pitch.. ( softens in the sun, or by the heat which comes from God, through the gentiles , to melt or liquefy.  Is 52,   Zion is in dust  ) and brimstone… ( the punishment of beasts Rev 14: 10,   19: 20, 20: 10  21: 8)  and she will be laid waste, dry  and smoke goes for ever. This is the harlot, who is in smoke now. The, beasts will dwell in it.  Jer 3, always God’s church was backsliding,  till the judgments…. That means, they are fallen beasts ….



Hab.1:1-2----Hab.’s vision was a burden to him---It was so distressing to him—but it did not appear that God was listening. Hab. saw very violent acts being done! --------It was the spiritual violence that Hab. Felt God would do nothing about!—Hab. 1:3-4---law is slacked, wicked compass about the righteous---therefore wrong judgment proceedeth”


Violence involves strife and contention between religious people---there were some violent arguments—verse 4 shows us it was OVER THE LAW!---this verse cannot be referring to the people in the world today—they never have kept God’s law. Hab. sees a division in religion over God’s law. This book is for the end time!”…God allowed the wicked , the proud and liars and all the evil acts of beasts in the end time. They broke the law, in God’s church and there was spiritual violence. This caused God to leave, profaning as Ez 24: 21 says. If the leaders in the church do not keep the law, they are without understanding and that makes them beasts.

Rom 13:8  Do not continue to owe no one, nothing, except to love one another. For the one loving the other has fulfilled the Law.

These beasts has no love and that is why they could not fulfill the law.

the spiritual violence that Hab. Felt God would do nothing about, was OVER THE LAW!- law is slacked, wicked compass about the righteous.  Law – less – ness shall abide, and love of many shall wax cold… remember our Lord’s words? They all will have to come true. Even though the heaven and earth pass away, His words will not !


Is 24 explains how the church is now… God will make the whole church desolate. All those who bought and sold ( v 2 and Ez 7: 12 -13,  Hos 4: 9,  ) the earth is profaned under the proud… and they have broken the ever lasting covenant and because of that, (breaking the covenant) the curse has come. When God says, “ALL” will be desolated, how could PCG claim, that they are not taken captive?  V 14-  and v 17---the pit, the bottomless pit, in to they are thrown… the earth is shaking. This is the last plague, that is yet to happen. V 20… it shall “FALL” and not rise again… this is the ‘virgin of Israel”, who will not rise again and who breathed her last and who bore ‘seven’ languishes… “Fall” means, cast down, cease, die, be judged, over throw rot, slay etc…. This is why, the Babylon is fallen, the harlot is fallen in Rev 17- 18. the real earth cannot fall. It cannot be cast down either. V 21.. the host of the ‘high ones’ will be punished. That is no one but the ‘man of sin’ who exalts himself… for many days, they will be in the pit till they will be visited. So these sinners have to be visited. … but God will reign in Zion once again. Is 60: 19-20.


Living hope’

Every leader in the Bible had flaws. But none of that means anything as long as God is using somebody!}  …Prov 16: 4…God created even evil, for the day of evil….


The leaders in God's Church are imperfect. The important question is, ARE THEY STRIVING TO OVERCOME? We are not arguing that we don't have flaws-but we do say that we are WALKING IN THE WAY OF TRUTH.}…In truth?  …No one will worship God  in truth or in Spirit in the mountain or in Jerusalem… said Christ…. the liar does not say, I am lying… his actions prove that. He says one thing, but does another. They are the leaders which Christ said to listen to them but do not do what they do…as above. 

 Isa 29:15  Woe to those who go deep to hide their purpose from Jehovah! And their works are in the dark, and they say, Who sees us? And who knows us?


TP book pg 113…114

 but now his message must go to all Israel and the world. And that prophet must deliver it, building upon the foundation laid by HWA . I must cause all the nations to drink this message…. Our message has all the power of God behind it… …... and they shall drink and be moved, and be mad, because of the sword that I will send among them. Then took I the cup at the Lord’s hand, and made all the nations to drink, unto whom the Lord had sent me…..}Job 12: 25.  

( The only cup God wants the nations to drink now, is the cup of fury, which are the last plagues… ( Rev 16     ) The ten horns , who support the beast causes all to drink this cup. As Rev 17: 16 says, God Has given them one mind to fulfill His purpose. That is to make the nations drunk and then become mad… (Means to boast, foolish,  etc) 


This is Jer 25: 16…. V 15 says, it is the wine cup of this ‘WRATH” from My hand… read TP book pgs 113 – 114, , GF says, he is the person who is chosen to give this cup to nations,.. these nations are the churches, and they are to drink the cup of madness.,  causing them to be confused. V 18…  Jerusalem, and the cities of Judah, and their kings, and their rulers, to make them a ruin, a horror, a hissing, and a curse, as it is this day;  this is Rev 17: 2..  the kings who committed fornication…, the prophet who is given and caused others to drink the wormwood, and became drunk… Rev 17: 16-17…. It is God’s will, and the Word, that these ten horns will desolate …. This is the time she drinks the cup of fury, which cause them to be mad… that is desolation. We know HWA’s time the 70 year desolation began and that is being continued by the 7th beast.. (read: Babylon ).. Jer 51: 7… those who drank that cup from him are now MAD. Hos 9;7, further confirms GF’s claim of causing the world to be drunk… “the days of visitations Has come, and time to take revenge, and Israel shall know. The prophet is a fool, the spiritual man is mad, because of the greatness of your iniquity

( read: Day of Visitation


Jer 50:36--- Sword upon liars, and they shall become “FOOLS”. And they will be dry, or desolate… (as Rev 17: 16) and they will be ( v 38)  MAD”.   V 39… then, there will be wild “BEASTS. This is  Isa. 13: 21,  34: 14,  Rev 18: 2.


In John 15: 6, Christ said, if a man abide not in Him, he will be cast off as a branch, thrown in to fire… this is why, the wife of Christ, who became a harlot and who could not abide in Christ, WHO WAS ALWAYS LED BY THE BEASTS is thrown in to fire and now are burning…


Rev 21: 8… those who are unbelieving, abominable are thrown in to fire which is the “second death”. This is why, the beasts in Jude, are said ‘”TWICE DEAD”. They could not over come as Rev 2: 11 says, so they are being hurt by the second death.


Pg37;All of Laodiceans are fighting against God… they are casting truth to the ground, they are transgressing the law, because they are rejecting the government of God. and so God calls them His enemy.

If you are a laodicean, or lukewarm, you are part of the abomination of desolation…. !!!} …. If ALL Laodiceans are fighting against God, then they are beasts…. they need to be witnessed and judged.. and this is what is happening… but it is Christ’s wife who became and enemy in the last time and that is PCG. Since all are now laodicean, they are all fighting against God.


When GF says laodiceans, he refers it to all other churches, especially WCG. But, none of those churches could cause the abomination of desolation,  or become ‘THE” beast, as ;  the abomination of desolation happens time, times and half a time before  Christ’s coming and not when WCG fell. (Dan, 12: 1). Remember, it is the ‘power’ that is to be scattered. As Dan 11: 36, only in the last end, God allowed the man of sin to exalt themselves. God profaned the sanctuary in Ez 24: 21, when Ezekiel totally failed as we have proven from the Word. That is when  the truth was  cast down and everyone is caused to believe a lie ( God sends them blindness as 2 Thes 2 says, ) their Holy power is gone… the Holy people’s power comes from God… when God leaves, their power  is gone, their understanding is gone…. Then, they all serve their leader who is the beast. They worship the beast who has no understanding but with lies flatter and talk peacefully. Man of sin, Joshua the high priest, the anti Christ etc,,… as we proved from the Word, could not be fulfilled by WCG or any other church as they fell along before the time, times and half.


 “Even if they consider themselves neutral, they are still aiding satan…. }  All those who want just to stay in a church and shrug off the knowledge of their leader’s sins, are aiding satan.


Pg 38…..At that time Michael shall stand up…….and at that time, thy people shall be delivered, …. That shall be found written in the book (Dan 12:1). This is talking bout the great tribulation… }  Those who fell from WCG, lost their power  years before and not during or 3 and half years before the tribulation. This book is the book of life, like the register of God’s people.  Those who over come will have their names written in this book… (Rev 3: 5). Those whose names are not in this book will worship the beast (Rev 13:8, 17:8, 20: 15,  21: 27,    )   Daniel’s book explains the fight between God’s people and satan’s. Those who fight for God, will have their names written in this book. But this fight between beast’s worshipers, and God’s true followers, is to take place, only when the beast is present. That is the time ‘just’ before Christ comes and Not when WCG fell. Rev 17: 8 gives us the exact time which this beast will, or shall or is about to come up out of abyss…


(KJV) Rev 17:8;…. shall ascend out of the bottomless pit

(MKJV) …is about to ascend out of the abyss

(LITV) is about to come up out of the abyss

this beast comes out, only in the judgment, and he comes from the bottomless pit or abyss, where there is no Spirit… or understanding…

This is the time that these beasts will or shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and deceive God’s people and shatter their ‘power’ totally. As Christ said, not even one stone shall be left upon another…. There will be no more churches of God. The foundations will be shaken in the big earthquake which is to happen at the last plague. All the lies will come out in the open on this day of judgment.


Pg 39;…. it shall be for a time, times and a half; and when “he” shall have accomplished to shatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished…}  Instead of  “he”,  It should be “they”….who are these “they” ?   Dan 7: 25… The ‘kingdom” of beasts… the “ten horns”… Rev 17: 12… these kings receive power in the very end, and v 10 says, the other head, is not yet come and when it comes, remain a little. They last for one hour, which is the judgment. Only in the last three and half years, this beast is to arise out of the bottomless pit. The pit is opened only in Rev 9, when the star or the leader falls down to the earth. 


Rev 19;20- 21.. Beast was killed with the “sword “of Christ… Christ does not have a real sword to kill any one. When Christ was betrayed, Peter  cut off the ear of a person and He healed him too. He was counted with the thieves, but He was no thief to  carry swords and cut any one. He came to find the lost.  The ‘sword’ is the Word of God., (Christ’s mouth a sword)… Rev 1: 16, Rev 2: 12,    2: 16,  2 thes 2: 8,   Is 11: 4,   eph 6: 17… sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God.  Heb 4: 12,   which cuts even to the bones and marrow…

 that is the judgment of the people who were given the law and failed.  and Ps 78: 34… when they were killed, they sought God… how could the dead seek God? These are the spiritually killed.


God allowed them to die as beasts, so that they would seek Him and He could give them life,  by His great mercies and by the ‘covenant of peace” .(please read in our web site)  As they sinned, there is no other way , the soul which sinned had to die. They had to spill their own blood and God Had to avenge His servant’s  blood on the leaders who became beasts… this is why as job 34;20 says,

Job 34:20  In a moment they die, and a people are shaken at midnight; yea, they pass away, and the mighty will be taken without a hand.  Also Job 33: 15, 


Luke 1: 50 52 says, Christ came to give mercy, and He scattered the proud, and put down the powerful ones from thrones and exalted the lowly ones…} Christ, in His first coming did not do any of them… now only as they are lifted up  in pride, God will throw them down… they have thrones… that means, the leaders in the church.. not in the world.  Job 34: 24… He will break mighty men in pieces and make others stand in their place… this is what God is doing now…. V 25.. He Does this in the ‘night’. V 28 says, these wicked caused the cry of the poor to go to God… This is the time, James book applies. The poor , as we have proven from the Word , are chosen by God to be rich in faith, while God condemning the rich through out the book of James. Job 40: 11- 13…


Isa 29:13  And the Lord says, Because this people draws near with its mouth, and they honor Me with its lip; but its heart is far from Me

Mat 15:8  "This people draws near to Me with their mouth, and with their lips honor Me; but their heart holds far off from Me. } ….

When God does the new thing, …, God’s people are in the wilderness. God says, I will do a new thing, and make a way in the wilderness , rivers in the desert… and then,

Isa 43:20  The beast of the field shall honor Me, jackals and daughters of ostriches; because I give waters in the wilderness, rivers in the desert, to give drink to My people, My elect. 

Isa 43:21  The people that I formed for Myself shall recount My praise. V 22… Jacob and Israel have not called on God… }…these people who give water to those in the wilderness, to jackals and ostriches,  or the beasts, are not from Jacob or Israel… they are the ones in the wilderness, (ostriches and jackals are in Zion Is 13: 21,  34: 13 Lam 4: 3) … the beasts who are leaders in the wilderness will honor God after this New thing… that is the gentiles are giving them the water. 


GF said in sermon” Mantle of Elijah pt 2,


“After all we are right, God is with us, and everybody else is wrong and they're going to have to see that”… } What does God says about such people? Pr 26:5--Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own eyes…..

Eze 14:9 -- And if the prophet be deceived when he hath spoken a thing, I the LORD have deceived that prophet, and I will stretch out My hand upon him, and will destroy him from the midst of My people Israel. }… a false prophet, but is a leader in God’s church, if deceived, ( end time deceived by the flatteries of Antiochus ) God will allow him to be deceived and then, God’ s hands will turn upon him. This is why, there is a cup of fury in God’s hands, as we saw earlier, to make the prophet drunk and everyone drinks from his cup, also will be drunk and be mad.


Mic 3:5--  Thus saith the LORD concerning the prophets that make My people err, that bite with their teeth, and cry, Peace; and he that putteth not into their mouths, they even prepare war against Him… }  if they are at war with God, they are beasts… Micah applies to our day.

GF  speaks totally against  Christ’s words… when Christ said;  law less ness will abide, can Son of Man find faith when He comes, love of many shall wax cold, not one stone shall stand upon another,  Jews will not worship in Jerusalem, or in the mountain in Spirit and in truth, all the 12 tribes will go in to captivity, There is “NO” man, I will break My covenant , I will profane the Sanctuary, do not be deceived by the false prophets, in the inner court and in the desert, all the synagogues of the land are destroyed , the enemy is within the sanctuary , and the prophet is a fool that has no understanding when Christ comes, etc….. who should we believe? Christ or, this prophet who now is a fool?  Ez. 14: 9 is fulfilled.



—"temple vessels are a type of HWA's books."

2Ti 2:20--But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver, but also of wood and clay, some for honor and some for dishonor… } HWA ‘s books must be gold for GF ? … when the Word talks about temple vessels,  that  means the “members”….

Jer 27 explains that the church will serve the king Nebu in Babylon.. v 22… They shall be brought to Babylon, and they shall be there until the day I visit them, says Jehovah. Then I will bring them up and give them back to this place. Also Mic 4: 10}… This is the “Day of Visitation”, which is now… Now only God will bring these vessels back from Babylon. ( Jer 32: 5,  Jer 29: 10,  this is after 70 years in Babylon, the 6th era work has to be over when the 7th era or the judgment comes.)

On the same page,  quotes Is 52: 11… in this chapter, it talks about “Zion” being in dust and unclean and those who want to be clean, are to not to touch unclean and to go out of her midst… this is Is 48: 20,  Zech 2: 6- 7,  Rev 18: 4… to come out of Babylon. God Does not talk about HWA’s books or prayer rocks or pianos or candelabras, which are idols and abominations…


As 2 Ti 2: 20 says, above,… it is the precious sons of Zion who now has become clay “VESSELS”… (Lam 4: 2.)… those vessels which were made for HONOR, are now made for dishonor. They were gold… royalty… but now clay…  ( this is why, the ten toes are iron and clay ) Pr 26:5--Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own eyes….!!!

Rev 2: 27… Rev 2:27  and "He will shepherd them with an iron staff" (they are "broken to pieces like clay vessels"), Ps. 2: 9 . V 10 God calls for the ‘judges’ and ‘kings’ of the earth.. or the church, to be wise and be taught…


Rom 9: 22- 23 talks about the vessels of wrath and vessels of mercy. Certainly, these are not any  books, but the people of God.


Daniel 5….  The son of king Nebu drank wine from the vessels of the temple… and, v 26---. God numbered his kingdom, because he did not give glory to God, and weighed… or measured and found lacking, and the kingdom is divided, and gave to others. Now, that time has come. king Nebu and his son has drunk the wine cup of God’s wrath, as they are the vessels of wrath, and their kingdom is given to others.


Here is what GF wrote in TP book;..

The Church today will truly unify only by rallying around this throne through a man. ... There is a spiritual Throne of David in God’s Church today.  [TP pg. 12 bottom, 13p1]

How could a man unify them, when  Christ says, they could not be gathered? This certainly has to be a false prophet…. Christ said, in the end time there will be no teachers ( 1 John 2: 27) and God will teach us through Christ. (Heb 1: 2) this is the ‘king Nebu”, who is now in God’s land… teaching God’s people to confuse them. No king, or a man was able to gather God’s people in any time of the human existence. Mal 3: 15-18 says, those who truly worship God, will separate from the sinning ministers and not gathered. Jam 1: 1 proves, all are scattered and not gathered. God said that He will not strike them any more as they never obeyed in Is 1: 5. Christ said,  Mat 23: 37-38… “Jerusalem” or God’s church, the mother of us all, could never be gathered and God’s House is left desolate. No one worship God in ‘spirit and in truth” ( John 4: 20-21)… so how could a ‘man’’ who has no understanding, who is a beast could gather when Christ said it was not possible?  This is the ‘man of sin’, who sits in the temple, as God sits and trying to be smarter than God. He is gathering all the little beasts to him and not the true worshipers

We live at the time of the evil beasts as we have proven from the Word.  Ez 14: 14- 20 proves, that even if Noah, Daniel or Job were there, God will save only those three men and not a single other person. ( God SPECIFICALLY gives three names so no other can say they are righteous ) God clearly says, they cannot even save their own children… No one is righteous or have proven to be a man. All are beasts. this chapter is for our time, when God Has cut off the bread, and the beasts are working and V 22 says, there will some escape, and they will come to Ezekiel and he should see their doings and then Ezekiel will be comforted and will see why God did that. If as this chapter says, the evil is come upon “JERUSALEM”, then this remnant cannot be inJerusalem”.  Mic 5: 7-9 gives the answer.

Now, what does God say about this throne?...

Jer 13:13  then say to them, ‘Thus says the LORD, "Behold I am about to fill all the inhabitants of this land—the kings that sit for David on his throne, the priests, the prophets and all the inhabitants of Jerusalem—with drunkenness. }}} This is the mysterious harlot who is drunk and caused every one else including the kings and priests to get drunk, was carried away by the beast, the devil all the seven eras. God says, they never obeyed. So they were always led by the devil and they have always been beasts. For six days, six eras, God worked with them even though they never obeyed. So God is resting the last era as He Has spewed them out. And this is ‘THE SABBATH” which the whole world kept to identify God’s people. Now, the poor, who works on this special Sabbath, are God’s people, while all Israel are beasts. only in this era, this was possible. God did not judge His people on those eras until now. It is their judgment now and then only this special Sabbath is to come. That identifies God’s people. The ‘SPIRITUAL’ throne of David, was caused to be drunk by “GOD” Himself. ! The kings, priests, prophets, and all the inhabitants are drunk. Well, a drunkard does not admit or see his own drunkenness. Some one else only will see. In this case, it is the ‘poor’ who are working on this Sabbath, only see their drunkenness. So these poor have taken the mark of God, while all Israel , the throne of David, has taken the mark of the beast. As these writings have proven, all the spiritual Israel are now worshiping the beast… except those who sigh and cry over Jerusalem’s sins and those whom were marked by God, as in Ez 9. The killing is to be done, “BEGINNING’ AT “God’S  Sanctuary…. That is the throne of David, which is now serving the beast


Ep 4: 18- 20 Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart… }Paul is talking about the sons of disobedience… who could never build godly character even with time and experience.  A man simply cannot become

( SPIRITUALLY ) wise, with time and experience as we proved from the earlier parts.  Look at king Solomon, the wisest man….? He went after other gods, even being the wisest man. King David?... he was chosen when he was young and with time and experience, he became a murderer and an adulterer. God says, not many wise men now are called… so, our wisdom has nothing to do with God’s wisdom , which He gives freely, to those whom He choose… If their understanding is darkened and blind, then they are beasts.. 


Luk 1:51  He performed mightily with His arm; He scattered proud ones in the thought of their heart.}. …. Now is the time for Mary’s song is to be fulfilled. In Christ’s first coming , He did not put down any one…it is His “ARM” which will be used to scatter the proud. …but they do not regard the operation of God’s hand. (Ps 28: 5, Isa. 5: 12)   but God will destroy them and not build them up.

V 52… Put down mighty… this is the time of the end, which Daniel spoke about… scattering the power of the Holy and the mighty… ,

V 53… the “RICH” are sent empty. But God will have mercy and would save all Israel because of their fathers.


Pro 16: 4- 7… God made the wicked for the day of evil, even the proud in heart which is disgusting to God, but He will cover their iniquity by MERCY AND TRUTH… READ:… Covenant of peace


Lev 26:40  And if they shall confess their iniquity, which they have trespassed against Me; and, also, that they have walked contrary to Me,

Lev 26:41  that I also have walked contrary to them, and I have brought them into the land of their enemies; if their uncircumcised hearts are then humbled, and they then have accepted punishment for their iniquity;

Lev 26:42  then I will remember My covenant


Lev 26:43  For the land shall be forsaken by them, and shall satisfy for its sabbaths, in the desolation without them. And they shall satisfy for their iniquity, because, even because, they have kicked against My judgments, and their soul has loathed My statutes.


The judgments, the plagues and God’s wrath has come because they forsook God and broke the covenant. Until they acknowledge the offense, God will not come back…

Hos 5:15  I will go and return to my place, till they acknowledge their offence, and seek my face: in their affliction they will seek me early… Lev_26:40, Lev_26:41; Jer_29:12, Jer_29:13; Eze_6:9; Eze_20:43; Eze_36:31.


Psa 78:34  When He killed them, then they sought Him; and they turned and searched for God. }  Only the spiritually dead can seek God when they realize that God is not with them.


All judgments are spiritual….


Eze 39: 21- 23…When Israel is in captivity, it is the ‘gentiles’ who will see  and EXECUTE their judgments…( Ps 79:10,  Jer 8: 1-3,  Ez 16: 40,   Lam 1: 15,   Ez 11: 9,  7: 24, 5: 8,  23: 45- 49,  Deut 29: 22,  Jer 16: 19,   Is 52: 10,  Rom 11: 11,  Deut 32: 21,  Is 60:10,  Zech 6: 15,    Is 61: 4- 5 , 62:11,  Rev 11: 2) . If they are to see and execute judgments, then they only will know all about the judgments, ; when and why and what.   We have proven from the Word, that only the “spiritual” Jerusalem, or the church, the wife of Christ, who entered in to a marriage covenant only could break it and those who are given the law only could break the law. Therefore, it is the ‘church’ now who will go into captivity and not physical Israel. 

Is 43 talks about the time of the witnessing against Israel , and v 14 says, God will send them to Babylon.( Also Mic 4: 10, Is 47: 6, and our Babylon writings would prove from the Word.  Is 10: 5- 6… when God’s wrath came, He sent the king of Assyria, Nebu type of a wicked shepherd who wants to exalt himself, to punish them) …No one is taking any one to Babylon. It is the Spirit of Babylon, or introduction of the Babylonian religion in to the church is what it means to be in Babylon. The last 70 years of this age now has come to the end and God is trying to bring them to repentance so He could establish the wonderful covenant once again to the church as He promised our forefathers and to do that, they have to be witnessed,  exposed ,judged, punished and for that reason, Christ Has come in the clouds, to give a over flowing flooding rain. The war between Christ and His true followers and the antichrist, will end up  in a flood as Dan 9: 26


Dan 9:26  And after sixty two weeks, Messiah shall be cut off, but not for Himself. And the people of a coming ruler shall destroy the city and the sanctuary. And its end shall be with the flood, and ruins are determined, and war shall be until the end. }  Messiah shall be cut off… Ez. 24: 21…, coming ruler of the people shall destroy the city ( Jerusalem) and the Sanctuary ( Ps 74… the enemy is within, destroys everything until there no longer any prophet. This cannot be done by EU or CC. God’s church would never die unless within. Because of iniquity of the high priest, God profaned at the time of his wife’s death, as God prophesied. End of it with a flood… this is the war between this ruler in the Sanctuary who caused God to leave, and Christ and His true followers. All these are spiritual. God , in Noah’ s time promised never to destroy the world in a flood and we can stand on that promise. This is a spiritual flood as we have already proven from the Word. This flood is being sent by the ‘gentiles’ who are fighting and witnessing this ruler’s sins and to save God’s people from his hand. Ruins ;… the abomination of desolation which was caused by the ruler and his people… v 25 says, even in the tribulation, the walls will be built… this flood is sending the ‘Word of God” as we have proven.


We know the new covenant , when made , God will cause it to be written in their hearts… for this, their heart, which is the center of our spiritual life should be straight with God. When the scripture was opened to the apostles, their hearts were burned, as we have proven from the Word. The same thing will happen when the blindness is taken away. For that some one has to show them the scripture… the heart of Israel is uncircumcised.. Jer 9: 26.

Act 7:51  Ye stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, ye do always resist the Holy Ghost: as your fathers


   Heb 4:12  For the Word of God is living, and powerfully working, and sharper than every two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of both soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge of the thoughts and intentions of the heart; }…The beast is wounded by the sword… , the sword is in Christ’s mouth ( Rev 1: 16,  2: 16,

Rev 19:21  And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth:

 How can the Word of God divide the soul and the Spirit physically? Would Christ comes with a real sword in His mouth? We are judged by the ‘Word of God’… that is all spiritual.


Job 12: 24… God takes away the heart of the leader and allowed them to wander…. This is what happened when Christ came to fight with the leader… the heart is not correct with God. Hos 13: 6,  Ez. 14,  2 Thes 2: 4,  Ez. 28: 17,  Luk 16: 15,   Ps 102,  Rev 18: 7

Dan 4:16  Let his heart be changed from man's, and let the heart of the beasts be given to him} . … This is the same thing happened to the modern day Nebu. His mind was changed, then given no understanding and he became a beast.


Hos 13: 5-9… God will know them in the wilderness.. , They were filled and heart was lifted… ( Ez. 16: 8-14) and they forgot God. Now, God will be as a lion and a leopard, and a bear… and will tear the lining of their heart, as a lion, will devour them , the beasts of the field shall tear them.

Now, the church is in the wilderness and they are dry, as we have proven. Now, God is being a lion, leopard and a bear to them, and the wild beasts will devour them. God will actually be not like these beasts, but He will cause the leaders to be like such beasts and allow them to be devoured as we have proven in these writings.

Now we have such a beast, as the 7th head ;….

Rev 13:2  And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority}… God is doing all this to ; tear the lining of their heart. So they could have a man’s heart. Remember there was no man… when God searched for one? When they are given new hearts, they will be as men and not beasts.



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