Beast or man pt 4


EU or CC could never be JUDGED as they are not given the law. According to God’s plan, all Israel, will have to go through the tribulation to test their faith. To test them, He sent wild beasts, who are  the leaders who do not understand. The Synagogue of satan, in the “Philadelphia” era was used by God, as a part of His wrath ( Dan 11: 36) for this purpose. They caused the wall of Zion to be fallen. But God, in His Great mercy, Has plans  to bring them back and to rebuilt the wall.


Why Zion is dead now and her “wall” is fallen?.

There is neither breath, nor life in Zion now, “spiritually”. The same thing happened to the mother WCG, has happened to the daughters of Zion as well.  As we learned in the part 3, our life is in the “air” which we breathe. Spiritually, our lives are in  the ‘Spirit of God’ which is also called the “breath”.  The whole body is nourished, PURIFIED  and kept alive by the “air”, or God’s Spirit, which cleans our bodies and keeps us alive. God made physical things so that we can understand the spiritual. Christ lost all the blood, and that caused His death.  Zion has lost her blood in the winepress up to their bridles, and now, she is dead spiritually. We know, physically we die, when the breathing stops and when the “blood supply” is cut off to the “brain”.  Spiritually, we die, when we do not have God’s breath, which is the Holy Spirit, which keeps us alive, giving us the understanding and ability to keep the law  and love we need to obey the law so that we can be alive.  In short, if we transgress the law, the soul which sins, die. Ps 78: 34 says, When He killed them, then they sought Him; and they turned and searched for God. Could physically dead search for God? Not the physically dead, but spiritually dead could. This is why God allowed Zion to die, and then they will search for Him.


When all the blood is lost, we cannot be purified. Because it is the ‘blood’  which carries the breath or the air to purify our  unclean  cells. If we do not get air,  our bodies cannot be cleansed and we die. This is what happened to Zion spiritually. Now she has breathed her last… ( Jer 15: 9. ) God took His breath away because of sin, so  she cannot be cleansed.  When the blood is cut off to the head, we die. (Zion’s  leaders’).  Now the whole head is sick and the brain is dead.


{{Gen 9: 5- 7 says, man is made, in the image of God and who ever sheds man’s blood, will have to shed his own blood. If you shed other’s blood, you are a ‘BEAST” as God requires the blood of the life at the hand of “beast”… God does not require blood from a real animal. He liken such evil shepherds who shed innocent blood to a “beast”. Also if you shed other’s blood, not only you are a ‘beast’, but you have killed the” image of God”, because the man is made in the image of God … or you have killed another God being… the leaders who take the ‘key of knowledge” from the members and by their lies , if they deceive and turn one away from God, they are guilty of murder and you have killed other God beings and the IMAGE OF God.  This is why, God judges His wife as a ‘MURDEROUS HARLOT”, who was always led by the beast.. She is drunk with the ‘blood of the saints”. Same way, if you allow another God being to die spiritually, that is by deceitful lies, (not those who are cast out for fighting for the truth, but those who are deceived by the lies )  you cause such to take the image of the beast, and not the image of God. Because, YOU HAVE KILLED THEM by turning them away from God . ! This is how, the harlot was carried by the beast. Because of her harlotries, she turned God’s children away from God. So she is guilty of blood and she is a beast. Notice again;…   


·        Man is made in the image of God , and we are all gods.

·        If you kill another man, you are guilty of killing the image of God. ( This means, you can discern whether you have the image of God, or the image of the beast now. If you are killed spiritually, by the beast, you have the image of God… those who have the image of beast, kill those who have the image of God. Because the beast, who is possessed by the devil, hates and kills those who have the image of God and the truth. )

·        Who ever sheds man’s blood, will have to pay his own blood

·        And if you shed another God being’s blood, you are a beast

And  you automatically have the image of the beast….this is how, all the leaders are guilty of blood and have become beasts… and God is judging the beast. Because  they killed other God beings who are made in the image of God. If the members know, that their leaders have killed ( by disfellowshipping) others innocently, the guiltless, and if they keep quiet, they are guilty of the same murder… they have already acquired the ‘mark of the beast”… ignorance will not be an excuse.  Hab 2:17  For the violence of Lebanon shall cover you, and the ruin of beasts shall terrify them because of the blood of men … v 18 says, it is the ‘falsehood”. This is ‘spiritual’ Lebanon, where the stately Cedars are, who also will be cut down ….Is 37: 24,   Jer 22: 23, Ez 17, Is 2: 13,  37:24. No matter how righteous our leader’s beginning, we must be aware of their end… because the beast is a person who started out right , who judged others, and later had a mind change and DID WORSE than all others. }


Brain, thinks and reason and choose the right or the wrong…it has the mind, the intellect to acquire God’s spiritual knowledge. When the blood supply is cut off to the brain, it dies and we cannot think and reason and choose the right. That is how Zion died. God says, Zion’s  head, the heart,  and the whole body is sick… Is 1: 5. Since God Has cut off her blood, she cannot be cleansed or healed or live. V 6 says, from the head to the foot, only wounds. God left her to die, hoping to bring the bones back to life and she will seek God. Ps 78: 34  ( Read: Spiritual Judah’s wound, to find out who wounded Zion and why.'s%20Wound.htm


And v 15 says, “He will hide His eyes and will not hear them”. That means, He would have to forsake her, like He Had to forsake Christ, when He took our sins. ( God forsook them Is 2: 6…. Because they are filled with people in the east and that is the ‘Bamah matter” which killed the remnant of Israel,,  Is 27: 10,  Is 49: 14,   Is 54: 6,  Is 62: 4) Pro 28: 9 says, God will not hear the prayers if you turn away from the law.

Lam 3: 43… God is angry and have slain, and not pitied. So there is a time for God to forsake Zion and now that has happened. Since her death is ‘spiritual’, she cannot see as she is blind ‘spiritually’.  


As Job 37: 9 -10 says, the broad waters, the (many waters which the harlot sits in Rev 17) is frozen from the breath of God. ( Mat 24: 20… pray that your flight may not be in the winter”, that is when the water is frozen )  When she became a harlot, she is dead spiritually already. The death is the penalty she has to pay for murdering God’s children and even her life as she refuses to repent. Now she is being burned in the lake of fire, which is kindled by the breath of God. Instead of giving breath to Zion, God Has kindled a fire in her.

Is 30: 33, 34:9…breath of God, burns like brimstone? This is the brimstone which falls on sinners in Revelation, the lake of fire. ( Rev 21: 8,  the leader who led them astray was thrown, Rev 20:10,  19: 20) 

. Zion is slain by thirst and the breath of God.  Hos 2: 3,   Is 11:4,  2 Thes 2: 8,   Job 4: 9,   2 Sam 22: 9, 16.


Ez 13 says, the prophets were building after their own way and God will send a wind to blow up her wall. V 11- 14 … her wall will fall and there will be an  over flowing shower, and hail and wind , which comes from the ‘gentiles’ as we have proven from the  word .This includes all the daughter churches as well. Their foundations will be uncovered. Their veil will be removed. They built on lies. Therefore, their foundations are lies. So they will be made known as Christ comes as a thief to expose such as we have proven from the Word.  V 22… their lies caused the righteous sad…. but God Has not made them sad. They have strengthened the wicked. PCG leader hid the evil , wicked RD’s sins. Because of that, the wicked did not return from his wicked way, as v 22 says.  Have not we seen this happen in the church of God? V 23… God will deliver His people, out of these lying prophets… Now, we see the wall of Zion is being broken down as we are the over flowing shower, the wind and the hail which are rending it. So Zion is guilty of the blood of the righteous, if they are made sad. There fore she is the beast, who has killed the image of God. !


Zion will be rebuilt;..

Ps 51: 10…finally, God will create a clean heart, and new Spirit. So there was a time they did not have a clean heart. Ez 11: 19, 18:31, 36: 26,


Dan 9: 25… even in the tribulation, ( the  time which the beastly leaders will rule to test God’s people  ) the wall will be built… the tribulation is to test the patience of the saints, as we have proven and it comes on Zion. The wheat and the chaff grew together.  The wicked are being built up as a part of God’s wrath as Dan 11: 36, and Mal 3: 15 says God says, and those who feared God separated and they are helping God to rebuilt Jerusalem. There is no PROVEN man or leader in Israel to build and that is why Zion’s wall was allowed to fall including Eliakim. . Then, who would build the wall during the tribulation and what for?  This is why Christ Has come as a thief. it is prophesied that Zion will have a time for her visitation, which Christ, with the gentiles will build the wall and, It is to bring  Zion or the captives back,… to turn them back to GOD,.  read: Day of Visitation


Remember He comes down in rain and clouds?  The last pieces of the puzzle in the Bible will be made known during this rain. The horses will be put on bridles and turned back…. what you are reading is to turn you back… this is the work of the ‘clouds’, and the rain when  Christ Has come. GF said  in his sermon “ Isaiah and the Holy roman empire”…., referring to Is. 14, that gentiles will bring back Israel… Isaiah is not talking about a Holy roman empire, but about those who have gone to Babylon, Egypt spiritually…it is the leaders in Zion …..  Ez 16: 45- 63 explain about all the churches of God in the end time. … only after HWA died, so many sister churches were formed. That is the time of captivity.  That is the time the throne of David became the throne of the beast.   


Isa 5:5  And now I will make known to you what I will do then to My vineyard. I will take away its hedge, and it will be burned. I will breach its wall, and it will become a trampling ground}}}….. she is being trampled as we have proven from the Word. Rev 11: 2… , Lam 1: 15, it is the ‘gentiles’ who are trampling them.  God is trampling them so they can destroy the wickedness and could be rebuilt. The desolate heights will be replenished. Ps 80: 12


In HOs 2: 6… God said, ( as v 3 says, this is the time to show her nakedness or her sins in the wilderness and dry land and killing her with thirst , as she did to her husband ) He will hedge your way with thorns  ( evil leaders , as we have proven ) and He will wall up her wall (Zion’s leaders ) so that she will not find her way…. (as we proved, God put a stumbling block  and sends delusion to those who do not love the  truth to believe the lie) and  God “will be a “wall “of “fire “around Jerusalem… 1 Pet 1: 7… prove the faith, through fire… 2 Pet 3: 7… on the day of judgment, the heavens and earth are burned to destroy the ungodly men. Zech 2: 5… this is the time the harlot’s smoke is going on. God Has kindled the fire from His breath… Is 30:33 , Is 1:7  (gentiles will devour),  Is 4: 5…( v 4… God will wash a way the filth of the DAUGHTERS of Zion , which means, all the churches), Is 31: 9,  . God is building up Zion by His breath… and fire, which is the Word.  This is why, the beast is thrown in to fire of brimstone and also the harlot. this is not EU or CC, but God’s church.


 If God is against Zion, then is there any one who is able to deliver Zion from God’s hands and wrath?  There is a time for the tabernacle of David to fall… we have quoted the scripture many times. The fallen tabernacle of David is what became the beast.  it is fallen from the truth, the covenant broken, and fire all around. Because she worshiped other gods and  is guilty of blood of God beings. And God Has struck her and cast her down from heaven with satan, who also was cast down. read harlot pts 1-7. God is not interested in EU or CC. He says, He sends “His” people to wilderness and sends fire on her, “Jerusalem”, which symbolizes the ministry, as we shall see.   


Is 60: 4,10…. Zech 6: 15….Mic 5: 7-9 When God struck Zion, in wrath, the “gentiles “will come and build up her walls… and kings shall minister un to her. As v 2 says, this is the time of ‘darkness’ covering the people. Or the kingdom of Israel has become dark, as the throne of beast became darkness. ( Rev 16: 10) Now, God’s glory shall shine on Zion, and ‘gentiles’ will come to her light (v 3), and Zion shall rise. During the last three years, we have been writing and sharing what God revealed to us. We have been a light to Zion. This was planned by God since the foundation of the church.

When all things new, after the judgments, Zion’s walls will be salvation ….and Rev 21: 12-20…. The walls will be well built and measured as she will be saved. Until such time, she is desolated.


Job 32:8  But it is a spirit in man giving them perception, even the breath of the Almighty.

Job 32:9  It is not the great that are wise, nor the aged who perceive justice   it is ‘God’ who gives understanding through His breath and He gives it even to young. This is what has happened now. God will consume, give life , slay with His breath( Job 33:4,   4:9,   Is 11: 4,   Is 30: 28,  v 33… Job 33 : 33,


It is ‘God” who makes the “young” wiser than the ‘BEASTS of the earth.  Now, there are beasts and the young are speaking to them about wise sayings. These beasts are the leaders who do not understand. This applies spiritually. We know that any man is wiser than the real animals. 


God chose YOUNG Daniel and YOUNG Elihu  to speak wisdom to self righteous so called WISE and EXPERIENCED king Nebu and Job. Now,… these young are those  who were called by high ways and by ways to the wedding. Jeremiah, king David were just teenagers when God called them and gave them the understanding. on the other hand, Moses, being aged, said, he cannot speak even after he was raised in a palace and even he was strong enough to kill.  ( Exo 4: 10). So when the aged failed, God Has called the young to build.


Human mind;….

Such perfect spiritual and Holy character cannot be created by fiat. It must be developed and that requires time and experience. ….”}  This is against God’s and Christ’s words…. Were the leaders including the writer of this book were able to build Holy character even “WITH the Holy Spirit after all the time and the experience they had? No. …God says, fathers , sons mother and daughters all alike, never obeyed and never could develop God’s character. Where are all the evangelists in WCG?  Do they have experience in God’s Word? They speak in vain. Our writings would prove from the Word, that to who ever, young or old, male or female, Jew or Greek,  it is “God , who gives the understanding , when He wants to,  who ever He wants to. When Jeremiah, king David, and Daniel  were chosen, were they aged or have time to build the character?  The babes, the little children, who are called for salvation in the very end, did not have any experience or  time. It is a ‘last end’ matter as 1 Pet 1 says.  Those who come from the east and west, the gentiles, who are called in the last end did not have time to build character as HWA says. God caused it because of His mercy. . These are the vessels of “mercy”  Rom 9: 23.  No one is righteous. So no one has built that character even with experience and time and Holy Spirit. Moses, the meekest man, could not enter the promised land. Those who come from east and west will be sitting in the kingdom having higher positions than so called present day LAW GIVERS said Christ.  This is why, all 12 tribes are sent in to captivity like Job. By our works we cannot earn salvation.  The Word of God shows that no one can even with time and experience  were able to build the character.  That is why; there is a beast, which God is trying to make him a man by giving His breath once again. Until Christ comes on the second time, no one has built up that character.  


Christ told us to be like “little children…and not like the aged who are wise and who had time and experience.  They do not have time to build character.  Neither they know the law nor given the law. “Gentiles” were not given the law. This is why, they are called “little children”.  Little children could not transgress the law as it is not given to them. Neither could they be judged by the law. In Mat 11: 25, Christ praised the  Father for revealing secrets to “BABES”.   Revealing secrets to BABES who did not have time or experience??? Would you believe Christ? ( Ps 8: 2 , Mat 21: 16)  Job 32: 8-9… we saw, the Word says, the wise do not always understand. So time and experience do not help us to build character, because then, everyone could boast. ( Eph 2:9) The “Jews” we see boast and dishonor God. ( Rom 2: 17, 23) These are vain, “Jewish” myths, to say that time and experience will build godly character… This is also why Christ said to not to trust a man. When there was Balaam, the false prophet, God gave the understanding to the donkey.   . This man,… who is a prophet (turned to be a false ) an experienced man, was worse than a dumb beast. How?.... because God blinded this Balaam and caused the donkey to see. So God can use anyone, or beast for His purpose.


Pro 2: 6…It is  “God”  who gives wisdom and knowledge and understanding.  There fore, when God says, the wisdom of the wise shall perish, He Has stopped giving them the knowledge and understanding no matter how much these leaders scream saying “ I am intimate with God, like no other”,  I am eating from the tree of life, etc….when Christ says “ you are blind and naked”, the church do not see spiritually and she has no spiritual clothes. When Christ was born, God caused the wise men in the ‘east’ to know about the birth. The “Jews” who were in Jerusalem were not announced. God knew they would  not accept Him. It is same today… only the wise men in the east are now called as the wisdom of the Jews were taken away.  When God , who gave the breath and understanding says He Has taken it back, and the wise will lose their wisdom, only the fools would say, they are intimate with God…  


Rev 17: 7….  I will tell the mystery of the woman, and of the beast supporting ( strong’s 941)  …. the Word 941 means carries, bears etc…. this word is used in the Bible 27 times and it means ;  to bear, bare,  borne, bearing, bearest, carried, and took… therefore, this means that the beast has carried her during all her life. Seven heads are seven eras as we have proven from the Word


( Rev 2 and 3 , Jer 15:9,  Amo 5:2  ). The heads fell one at a time. V 10 says, five ‘FELL”… and one is and the other not yet come. So the heads come one after other, one by one FALLING…as the beast led her, at the time of the 7th head, God’s judgments have come upon her and seven last plagues will be poured upon. All because she committed harlotry and turned away the God beings away from Him and became guilty of their blood.  She is a fallen woman, or a sinning woman, fallen from the truth. She has never obeyed God. As v 9 says, only those who are wise ( the vessels of mercy ) during the 7th head,  ( which is the beast ) could understand who she is. Jer 31:4… God says, she will be rebuilt “again”. This means she has fallen  at one point and this is to happen in the very end as her ‘judgment’ has come. This harlot and the beasts are one with one another instead of this woman being one with God.


The exact time when the church became the beast :….

2 Thes. 2 explain about the beast power, the work of error as we have proven from the Word in  part 3 of this writing. It comes out of the midst of the temple v 7. ( Nor forgetting the anti Christ and the liar, creeping ministers, Antiochus, Diotrephus etc, who are INSIDE the TEMPLE ) This chapter talks about “thevery end, which causes Christ to come as a thief.. ( 1 Thes 5: 2-4 )This should happen “one hour before Christ comes, as the beast is given only one prophetic hour. This cannot be when WCG fell, BECAUSE, Christ DID NOT COME AS A THIEF BACK THEN or it was not just ONE hour.  But now He Has come down in rain , and clouds and on gentiles. Is 42…. He is being a ‘light’ to the “gentiles” and  through them He brings the captives to return and opens the blind eyes.  As v 8 says, this law less man will be sitting in the ‘temple’ of God “AT His coming.  Christ comes down in rain, and in clouds, to “FIGHT AGAISNT THE ANTI Christ”. That is the time, this beast exist.


Where is the temple? PCG claims they are the inner court.  ( Here is what GF wrote in “Living hope”Jesus Christ is only speaking to the PCG today! God speaks to His very elect through new revelation ) This means, ‘THE TEMPLE”, is in PCG.  The law less one is in PCG, as it is the temple. Who claims he is the 7th head?  The ‘high priest”?  it is PCG leader. Besides, as Ez 16: 40 – 52, the sister who ‘JUDGED” others did not do worse when WCG fell, that is  the time she started ‘JUDGING”.  Also she did not go in to captivity back then, but God used her to judge others. Then, after ‘judging’ only she too finally went in to captivity and did WORSE THAN ALL THE OTHERS.  So Christ could not have come as a thief back then until there won’t be a single man, or until the final sister who ‘judged’ others would fall also. Or until all becomes beasts.  These are very important scripture to prove to understand the time of  the final falling away and when Christ comes as a thief. “Judging” others and doing worse than others in the end gives us the most important clue to understand the actual time of ‘THE” end and who the ‘beast’ is.


v 9… this man is working for satan…. and he is in the temple of God, as “the leader”, the anointed of the Lord as we saw.  Christ said,  if the leader known when the thief comes, he would have watched and not have allowed his house to be stolen ( Mat 24: 43)   Hos 9: 7 gives the answer. The prophet, the leader is a fool and does not know when Christ comes. That is exactly when Christ comes. So the prophet must be teaching lies not knowing when Christ comes and he can’t be watching the signs of times nor could warn the people. Christ condemned the leaders  of not knowing the signs of times. Mat 16: 3.  Mat 24: 51 says what happens to such leaders. Ezekiel was commanded to warn, if not, he is guilty of blood of others. But Ezekiel failed to warn as he, himself does not know. This is why, Ezekiel became the beast, as he is guilty of blood, and killing the ‘image of God” as we saw earlier. Ez 23, God says to Ezekiel, to judge Oholah and Oholibah. But because he failed, God Had to raise up the assembly. V 45- 49. Ez 16: 40 also says, God raised an assembly… this mean, Ezekiel has failed to do his job as God commanded him and failed in judging. That means, he is guilty of blood, since he failed to warn.


2Th 2:11  And because of this, God will send to them a working of error, for them to believe the lie, } … {the “Greek Int. Bible” says it is a “working of error”… that means the leader will  do a false work. A false prophet inside the temple !   We proved from the Word that a “false prophet” is a man who turns away the faith of Israel , away from God. If he has turned away the faith, he is guilty of blood and he is a beast ) In the beginning of this man’s work, he started out right with God. Otherwise God would not allow him to “JUDGE” others. Also God says, He married her and blessed her ( Ez 16: 8-14) Only in the last end, he turned to satan, because he became a liar. A man, who is a leader in God’s church, works for satan means he definitely has no Holy Spirit and therefore, he cannot have understanding…A Beast !!!….Now he fights against God. They did not love the truth… they want to be in a place of safety with this liar who failed in all three lusts as we have proven.


Why did God allow this work of error,: so He could “JUDGE” all….

2Th 2:12  that all may be judged, those not believing the truth, but who have delighted in unrighteousness. }… God allowed a beastly leader a “working of error”,  so He could judge all and end this evilness and  create a whole new earth.  ( Christ said to the gentile woman, that one day, the Jews will not worship God in Spirit and in truth.. John 4: 20) As long as people obeyed God, He could not judge them. Allowing the leaders to exalt themselves is also a part of God’s wrath as Dan 11: 36 and Mal 1: 15 says.  . That means, this man sits in the temple who exalts, …is“ JUST BEFORE AND DURING THE JUDGMENT PERIOD. The judgment, the blindness should happen when this man is alive and doing his work of error. Also, at this time, to ‘judge’, Christ has to come down. ( 1 Cor 4: 5 ) and Day of the Lord, and the day of visitation is to expose , witness and judge His church. So the judgments could not have started when WCG fell, as we wrote, because Christ did not come in the clouds or in the rain, or as a thief, when WCG fell.  This work of error is Dan 11: 36 and Mal 3: 15.

Jer 10:15  They are vanity, and the work of errors: in the time of their visitation they shall perish. } The proud, vain work of errors will perish in the day of visitation…which is now. Ps 78:33-34.

When Adam sinned, God cursed him and said, he would return to dust. He curse the serpent also … now, the leaders have sinned and their souls are to return to dust also as we have proven from the Word. This is why, Zion is in dust today… Is 5: 24,  25: 12,   26: 5,  26: 19,   34: 9,    47: 1,  52: 2, . 


Then, God brought the witnesses as the law requires, then the plagues…. So this was allowed just before the ‘JUDGMENT”…. Or the ‘day of the Lord”, ( Ez 30: 3) or the day of visitation….( 1 Pet 2: 12)  Both of these which the gentiles will be working for God… to tread down and to execute judgments as we have proven from the Word.


As Ez 16: 50-52 says, when other sisters  fell or forsook God, He took them as He saw fit, which means, one by one they all fell, till the other who “judged” became “THE WORST”. if she is ‘THE ’ worst, then “THE” man of sin should come out of  THE” worst church.  Therefore, the judgments could not have started when WCG fell. God’s people should not accuse EU or CC being a beast, as ‘THE” worst man is inside God’s temple. How could there be any worse people in any where in the world, than “THE” WORST ?


Church has been teaching that it is the EU who will be the beast and CC is the harlot. But Rom 1;31 - 32, says…. “Covenant breakers”… who knows to do right, but would not do and approve others to do so too are  WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING” which means, the “beasts. ( blood guilty beasts )   EU and CC were always without understanding and they never entered in to a covenant with God, nor did they know the right thing to do. If these people had understanding, they would have never broken the covenant. but God allowed it so that no one can boast or no one can exalt by being righteousness. Also He wants to bring the whole world to Him without being partial to Jews.

Rom 1:32  Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death.”  EU and CC never knew the judgment of God…. so they could not be condemned as the beast, as they never were given the understanding in the first place.

God’s wrath comes on the Covenant breakers. Covenant breakers .  Rom 2:8. These chapters shows, that it is the people of God, who will have His wrath… not EU or CC.  The church only broke the covenant. In Rev 15: 3, before the plagues are poured upon, those who over came the beasts Is singing the ‘song of Moses’, which was taught to “TESTIFY AGAINST Israel’s’ broken covenant.  Read: Song of Moses” in our web site. Deut 32: 28 says, they are void of counsel and neither they understand… . if they do not understand, then they are beasts.. It is their (Israel’s) judgment and not EU’s.

 Ps 78: 1.. God calls “HIS PEOPLE” to hear the law.  But Ephraim, broke the covenant… ( Present day spiritual England , where the leader who broke the covenant was )  33-34,  it is a time to end the days of vanity… in sudden terror.. and they, He  killed them,.. so they will seek Him. The beast, is a ‘SPIRITUALLY DEAD”  man. A man, who could not prove himself according to God’s law. 1 Kin 2: 2-4



Rom 2:1  Therefore, O man, you are without excuse, everyone who judges, for in that in which you judge the other, you condemn yourself; for you, those judging, practice the same things.

Rom 2:2  But we know that the judgment of God is according to truth on those that practice such things.

Rom 2:3  And, O man, the one judging those practicing such things, and doing them, do you think that you will escape the judgment of God? }…. This is the sister who ‘JUDGED” others in Ez 16: 52, and did the same…and worse, according to God.  


Rom 2:5  But after thy hardness and impenitent heart treasurest up unto thyself wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God;

impenitent means;…. abandoned, callous, hardened, incorrigible,,  shameless,  unremorseful.

His incorrigible character  was created  with age and  experience, as his father, HWA taught.  This man cannot be J Tkach, as he is not alive; AT Christ’s COMING when the “JUDGMENT” has come. This man has to ‘JUDGE” others  which Mr Tkach never did.    Mr Tkach did not ‘JUDGE” nor did worse than others , nor he is alive at Christ’s coming to be consumed by His breath, which means  to give understanding”.  

revelation of a righteous judgment of God”….this revelation,  has now come as Christ Has come to judge righteously. But this man is blind even to his own judgments. At this time, there is no respect of persons with God… ( V 11)…and God Has decided to not to strike at all as it is useless. Is 1: 5.


Rom 2:12  And as many as sinned within Law will be judged through Law. “,… EU, or CC could never be judged as they did not sin WITHIN the law…. They just perish.

Rom 2:17  - 20…Behold, you are called a Jew, and rest in the Law, and boast in God, …and know the will, , being instructed out of the Law, and persuading yourself to be a guide of blind ones, a light to those in darkness, …an instructor of foolish ones, a teacher of infants, having the form of knowledge and of the truth in the Law.

Then teaching another, do you not teach yourself?

saying not to commit adultery, do you commit adultery?

who boast in Law, do you dishonor God through transgression of the Law….”Jews”, having the law, knowing the will of God, could not teach themselves and committed adultery. We are witnesses to their adultery. For “God” says:….

Rom 2:24  For the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles through you, as it is written.

God, is calling …  a teacher of the law…. a law giver, who teach others not to commit adultery, and not to transgress the law, has not taught himself. If he boast in the law, he should be a law giver. The only law giver who teaches others not to commit adultery but later committed and caused the whole church to commit adultery is the PCG leader. Since the name of God is blasphemed among the gentiles, the ‘GENTILES”  only could see how and when the Jews are blaspheming. v 27… they shall “JUDGE” the Jews… therefore, it is ‘Christ’ who will judge, as 1 cor 4: 5 says, on the day of visitation, with the gentiles as 1 Pet 1: 12 says, on the day of the Lord, which God is using the ‘gentiles’ as Ez 30: 3 says… None of these things happen when WCG fell. None of these could happen in EU or CC. The judgments are on the “House of The Lord”. Mr Tkach did not judge any one and did not do the same later on… so none of these could be applied when he fell. These few points give us clues to understand the time of the judgment and end of all things. As Is 28: 6- 7… those who ‘judged’ others, later on strayed and erred in”JUDGMENT”… this is no one but PCG. Then, as in Mount Perazim, ( commentaries say this is where king David destroyed the idols of baal, which God is trying to do now as well. ) God will do His foreign family work, as GF explained in earlier “Isaiah” books but later removed.


From “Living hope” GF wrote;…

Peter specifically speaks to those who were going blind spiritu­ally, trying to stir them up:

God has given new revelation to me about all of the major and minor prophets, Lamentations, Daniel, Colossians, 2 Thessalonians, the epistles of Peter and John, the books of Jude and Revelation and others-an abundance of present truth

NOBODY ELSE HAS BEEN GIVEN ANY REVELATION IN THIS END TIME-NOBODY….. That means that Jesus Christ is only speaking to the PCG today! God speaks to His very elect through new revelation.}Why did God give revelation about these books which he has mentioned to “PCG”? All these books were revealed in the very last end and is all about the end time falling away, and the beasts… all these warns about creeping ministers, the antichrist etc. Why to PCG? Because it is the PCG members who should be warned about such beasts… when God reveals something to PCG leader, other churches do not listen. Even PCG members now do not get sermon tapes. It is the PCG which needed such warning….


Here is what HWA wrote in Dan Unveiled at last;

Ignorance will not excuse. My people are destroyed for lack of  knowledge. …..Ezekiel watchman shows that those who are unaware, because they are not warned, will suffer just the same (Ez 33: 6, 3:18) . God expects the spiritual leader of His people to be His “watchman”,  }}}…..who is the ‘spiritual’ leader when there is a type of ‘Ezekiel watchman”? HWA is prophesying about his son, who has raised up HWA’s dead ruins but ruined God’s church.  Hos 9: 7 says, the spiritual leader is a fool, and he does not even know when Christ comes or the day of visitation. How could he warn when he, himself does not know?

lack of  knowledge.??? Luk 11: 52, Christ said to the leaders, they took the key of knowledge and they themselves do not enter and kept others from entering. This means, they do not tell the truth. God always condemn the leaders. so how could they warn? When these leaders take the ‘KEY OF KNOWLDEGE”, they are without understanding. Then, they are beasts. Not only they do not have the knowledge, they keep others also from knowing this key. The spiritual leader, Ezekiel watchman, has utterly failed to warn. He is guilty of blood, which makes him a beast. 


Pg 2:….”The plagues of God’s wrath will soon be poured out…….. upon a heedless, God defying world, and a careless, lukewarm, indifferent Christianity….  } God defying world???  The world cannot defy God as they do not know God as we have proven from the word . Now, HWA did not see the organization he started falling in to many parts. He never would have thought that they will become lukewarm or indifferent or breaking in to pieces. Who are these lukewarm Christians he is talking about? Christ explains them as the “Philadelphians”, who lost the crown and became the “synagogue of satan” in Rev 3:9. They are the leaders, who lost Holy Spirit and lost the understanding .Those who have the law only could become ‘lukewarm’. Earlier, we saw in Romans, that it is those who had the law only could be heedless God defying careless Christians. Besides, the plagues are poured upon the ‘covenant breakers’ as we have proven from the Word.


God said, a man of understanding only has wisdom… (Pro 10: 23), since these leaders are to lose their wisdom, they will not have understanding… then, they are like beasts… v 13….they have lost the key of knowledge.  


I John 3:8 - He that commit sin is of the devil; for the devil (the serpent/Satan) sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil}  

Now, is the time for Christ to destroy the works of the devil? In His first coming, He did not destroy the works of the devil. He was only tested by the devil.  The angels also were kept to be judged on the last day. Now, Christ Has come again in the clouds and in the rain, to destroy the works of the devil and all the leaders who serve the devil. If “Zion” is in dust, that means she was judged and punished. she has lost her wisdom.


From Prophesying again ;….

Now notice what happens: "And go, get thee to them of the captivity. .." (Ezekiel 3:11). As our Ezekiel booklet explains, this is referring to God's own Family, SPIRITUAL CAPTIVES in this end time, PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN TAKEN CAPTIVE BY SATAN THE DEVIL-the Laodiceans. A message of lamentation, mourn­ing and woe needs to be delivered to them. These are sons of God! That's why the message is so bitter. Sons of God are dying!.... it is the sons of God, the spiritual family which is dying and not EU or CC. God did not send Ezekiel watchman to EU or CC. He was sent to God’s own “SPIRITUAL” family, who were taken captive by satan, spiritually .  

Notice, then, how God follows that vision with correction: He immediately talks about measuring us in chapter 11. God begins to measure us and show us where we need to change. .....we have to be measured. That includes the altar, Revelation 11 then talks about the two witnesses and how the beast power is going to hate and kill them. "And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city [Jerusalem], which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, WHERE ALSO OUR LORD WAS CRUCIFIED which symbolizes the ministry, including me. }.. …………. Just before the judgment is to begin, if the ALTAR , WHICH IS THE MINISTRY” needed to be measured, God would have seen a sin in them. We are witnesses to that sin, we called the ‘Bamah MATTER”. Spiritual Sodom and Egypt is the church, which symbolizes the ministry and the witnesses were killed by this spiritual sodom, which is the ministry. First time, the chief priests and elders killed Christ. Now, the “DOGS” have pierced His hands and feet… ( Ps 22: 16). Who are these ‘dogs”? Is 56: 10… the end time ministers, who cast out the strangers who have joined to the Lord as v 3-8 says. these ministers are dumb dogs… no understanding in them. Therefore, beware of these dogs… (Php 3: 2) who are evil workers who are the ministers in God’s church.

 Unless there is an absolute necessity, God will not command to measure in the last moments. This is just before God’s judgments are to come or when they are ready to be born, but no strength to be born. ( Is 37: 3)  yet, the measuring failed. The watchman failed. There has to be a time for all these prophecies to be fulfilled. The witnessing, judgments, time to be born but no strength, then, peace offered, turning back, winepress, wilderness, plagues etc….

Continues from GF;… And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blas­pheme his name, and his tabernacle, and THEM THAT DWELL IN HEAVEN" (Revelation 13:6). THE BEAST POWER IS GOING TO BLASPHEME OUR FATHER. WE MUST BE INFURIATED BY THAT! IT WILL BLASPHEME HIS TABERNACLE-SPEAKING OF GOD'S PEOPLE. WE HAVE TO STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR OUR FAMILY! Because we love our Father and our Family, when people start casting these vile aspersions, we must let them know what we think! WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO CALL THAT WHORE WHAT SHE IS, AND THAT BLASPHEMER WHAT HE IS!... } .. As we saw earlier, ( Rom 2: 27) , the ‘Jews’ blasphemed God’s name among the ‘gentiles”. So the gentiles only will see their blaspheme. So only they could let this harlot and the beast know how God feels about them.  we proved earlier, the time frame of the beast and the harlot… we now know what and who this beast power is…. this is why, the witnesses are witnessing and telling them, even though they were killed spiritually by the beast power, or the spiritual Egypt and Sodom, which is the ministry. they have become a harlot by bringing the heathen to the altar and defiling it. If those who are “given the law” only could break it, if those who have entered in to a covenant” only could break the covenant, if only “God’s church” was given the law, and if only she “entered in to a marriage covenant” with God, then she “only “could break the law and also the covenant. So how could EU and CC be a harlot or a beast? Once you depart from the law, God will leave you to die. You would not even know that you are dead spiritually. Look what happened to WCG when she fell.


Another clue to identify this beast is, ….Blood of Abel is avenged on the harlot and the beast.  Once we find out from the Word, on whom the blood is avenged, we know who the harlot and the beast. “Christ” said, the “last generation” of the Jews, ( the church) will have to pay for the blood of all the saints, beginning from Abel. (Mat 23: 35,  Luk 11: 51,   ) Mat 23:  talks about the church in the end time. (v 34… God sent prophets and wise men to the church not to EU . therefore, it is the church  which killed them )  Luk 11: 51-52  shows us that it is the leaders who took the knowledge as we have written earlier, are the ones who killed the prophets and on them the blood will be avenged.

( Also as Gen 9: 5-7… the blood guilty who are beasts , who killed the image of God ) Therefore, the church, the leaders will be avenged the blood and they are the harlot and the beast. We proved from our harlot writings that God avenges the blood of all the saints who were killed beginning from Abel, from this generation, which we now live in and from the harlot. Rev 6: 10…., Rev 16:6,  18: 24,  Rev 19:2,   It is time to avenge the blood of the murdered ones, including the witnesses.  


GF wrote in his book of revelation, pg 80….

If we do not have God’s government, wolves are prophesied to come in and tear the inner court apart and make it the outer court. God says , if you have people like that, cast them out (Rev 11:2)  . When God Has revealed to measure the altar and the temple, He also sent witnesses in the south east to testify against the ‘wolf” Antiochus, and Balaam. But the watchman did not measure the matter and hid the sins of this wolf. Is that ‘God’s government”  to misjudge a matter? God’s command is to cast such “wolves” out and not the true followers  who oppose such evil wolves…. But did GF do that? Failing which, he too became a victim of this Antiochus, as even the ‘high priest’ was killed by him. Such people, including the high priest,  are cast out by God to the outer court where the ‘gentiles’ are to be witnessed and judged. That is why the Word says, they are scattered abroad, or scattered among the gentiles. (The outer court)


Same page’…God wants to make sure we keep the inner court Holy. If we have somebody acting like a wolf or causing serious problems, we cast them out. That is what Christ told us to do. either we cast out satan or satan casts out Christ…. }… it is the writer , himself who brought strangers in to the altar and therefore, he is a wolf who caused the most serious problem which caused Christ to PROFANE the temple. How could he cast out himself.?  This is why, God cast him out in to the outer darkness.


The ‘inner court’ could not be kept Holy, God profaned and left the inner court. ( Ez 24: 21) He came to the ‘outer court”, where the “east” is. ( Ez 10: 18-19, 11: 22-24)  The sin was in the ‘east ( Ez 8: 16) and He left from the ‘east’, but came back when the new temple is being built, also from the ‘east’ gate… ( Ez 43: 1- 4,  in v 7, we see that God says, His Holy name will not be defiled by Israel any more, by their whoredom. This mean, until God came in the east gate when the new temple is built, Israel went after other gods. V 10… ( also Is 52) so they will be ashamed of their iniquities. Has this happened yet? God Has already come to the ‘east gate”.  The image of jealousy, was in the ‘north’ gate, because God was jealous with the leaders , the prophets who are committing the sin in the north. ( Ez 8: 3-5, 9: 2 ) They are responsible for the sin even though it happened in the east.


God wants to make sure we keep the “inner court” Holy…. Who brought 17  “UNBAPTIZED”   men in to the “inner court” from “Bamah” and covered up the sin from every one? Since the sin is covered up and the sinners were not cast out, not obeying God’s judgments, God left the inner court and it became a creeping ground for all the beasts.


Eze 13:19  And will you profane Me among My people for handfuls of barley, and for bits of bread, to cause to die the souls that should not die, and to save alive the souls that should not live, by your lying to My people who listen to lies? Jer 23: 14 …… The leaders cast out the true followers who should not die, who opposed  the sin in the east gate and saved alive the souls that should not live for physical things. 


Eze 13:22  Because you have saddened the heart of the righteous with lies, and I have not pained him, and you have made the hands of the wicked strong, so that he should not turn from his evil way, to keep him alive. }… the leader is responsible for not correcting the evil person and he did not cause that person to turn from his evil way, to keep him alive. Now, both are dead spiritually. The righteous separated at this time. The lying began also. Therefore God says to the leader;…..

Eze 13:23  So you shall not see vanity, and you shall not divine any divination. And I will deliver My people out of your hand. And you shall know that I am Jehovah. }… The leader because of his vanity, he started lying and making the righteous sad. God Has already put a stop to his divination.

Ez 14… to such evil men, God says, He, Himself will answer.

Eze 14:9  And the prophet, if he is deceived, and he speaks a word, I, Jehovah, have deceivedthat prophet. And I will stretch out My hand on him and will destroy him from the midst of My people Israel. }… In this chapter God talks about “that prophet”, who is deceived by the idols. If he speaks, God Has deceived ‘THAT PROPHET”, there after. V 15 shows, they are the evil beasts… who make the land desolate. After that, God will cut them off as v 17, and plagues and God’s fury poured as v 19.  These are the prophecies now being fulfilled. As a punishment, when they sin, God will allow such prophets to be deceived. So He can expose and cut off and clean the church. As we proved earlier, it is to time to ‘judge” all. So we testify against ‘that prophet” who is deceived by God.


When GF wrote the book ‘THAT PROPHET” in 2001, he was already deceived by the Antiochus. The temple became defiled in 2000, when they officially invited the UNBAPTIZED men in to the ‘ALTAR”. Our RD invited, with the knowledge of the prophet. In 2001 July, at the ministerial conference, TP ordained our RD as an ‘EVANGELIST”. You have made the hands of the wicked strong was fulfilled.  That means when this book was printed, God Has already allowed the prophet to be deceived and to be exaltedc. ( Read the ‘Bamah matter” in our web site; to prove it with photos and documented facts ) God caused him to be deceived. At this time already the sin in the east gate has occurred WITH THE PROPHET’S KNOWLEDGE,  and few of us were opposing our RD. we would not write all the details about this matter as you can easily prove in the web site. This is when the leader exalted himself and claims some 20 titles ( over 20), including the law giver, counselor, king, high priest and that prophet etc…. so you can see, if there is a prophet, who misjudged and made righteous sad, and strengthened wicked, then he is being deceived by God. He thinks highly of “himself” and exalts himself, instead of God and  he is a liar.  God , as a part of His wrath ( Dan 11: 36), allowed to exalt such evil persons so that God can get rid of evil beasts…v 17.  God’s “HAND” shall do it.  Read:  The Arm Of The Lord


Psa 49:12  But man shall not remain high in honor; he is like the beasts; they shall be cut off. }… This is the plan of God, to get rid off the beasts, the evil shepherds out of the land. First God allow them to be deceived, and then deceived, they exalt and bring honor to themselves, then they are like the beasts, and God will cut them off. Their glory and pride lift them up falsely and not knowing, not understanding, deceived, they rebel against God.  A deceived or blind person cannot see their own nakedness. We watched WCG falling away and how they turned away from God, thinking they are actually being revealed new truths and clarifications, etc…these leaders were blinded as Zeph 1: 17 says.


This psalm reveals;…. a parable… , and he talks about the ‘DAYS OF EVIL”,  and there are some trust in their wealth and riches and boast themselves (v6).  V 10… wise men die… the fool and the brutish person perish… this prophecy is for our time. The wise men die, in our time and the fool is the ‘prophet’. V 11 says, it is a time these  men name lands after their own names…. This started in HWA’s time and his follower continues that.  We are  ‘ROYALTY” started at this time.  According to GF, the second most important book to the Bible is the MOA. It is dedicated to HWA’s wife. Beginning from him, the lands and buildings were named after their loved ones names. Such persons are brutish fools, the wise who will lose the wisdom. HWA’s death anniversary is watched every year. The worst part is, God ALLOWED SUCH SELF EXALTING DECEIT, INSIDE the church, to make the “WISE MEN BECOME FOOLS”. V 14… they go to the grave… this is why, they are in the bottomless pit now. This does not apply to EU or CC as they are not God’s people. They were never wise for their wisdom to perish.


2 cor 3: 14.. but their thoughts were hardened, for until the present the same veil remains on the reading  of the old covenant, and not being unveiled that it is being done away in Christ… }  Their veil still remains as they hardened their hearts. And v 17 says where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. These brute beasts, still have their veil as they do not have the Spirit of the Lord which gives them the freedom. ( the 12 tribes are in captivity ) Rom 11: 25 says, blindness happened to ISRAEL, till the fullness of the gentiles BE COME in. So Israel are blind, till the times of gentiles are fulfilled. Christ too said this. Luk 21: 24…. “Jerusalem” shall be trodden down… this is Rev 11: 2…Jam 1: 1... Jerusalem is the mother of us all. Jer 13: 13, God will  fill Jerusalem, with drunkenness… and GF said, “[Jerusalem], which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, WHERE ALSO OUR LORD WAS CRUCIFIED which symbolizes the ministry, including me.}…. It is the ‘ministry”, which is being trampled by the gentiles, including GF. Lam 1: 15,…So Jerusalem is without understanding, being blind on this time of the gentiles. It is a part of God’s wrath… Ez 30:3.  No matter how much these ministers cry aloud, God’s prophesies has to be fulfilled and the ‘times of the gentiles’ is also a part of His plan of redemption.


Is 6: 9-11… John 12: 39-40 , Ps 69: 23…POUR YOUR WRATH ON THEM… V 24. this veil still stays till the cities are desolate…the cities are the worshipers.. Jer 26: 2.  So until the cities, or the worshippers of God are totally desolated, …or as Christ said, until ‘not one stone shall stand upon another’, ….until Dan 12: 1 says, Holy people’s power totally shatters, …the worshipers are desolated, and Christ cannot come and the veil still remains.


Prophetic beast pg 35 HWA wrote;…

{{In Eph 5 Paul is telling Christians to flee fornication, covetousness, idolatry – transgressing the ten commandments. Then he says: “for because of these things (transgressing God’s law) comes the WRATH OF God (LAST PLAGUES) UPON THE CHILDREN OF DISOBEDIENCE” V 6………. How plain! The wrath of God – the seven last plagues – is coming on those who DISOBEY God, by violating the commandments. The plagues fall upon those who have the mark of the beast….

Those who receive the plagues are breakers of God’s commandments, and also at the same time receivers of the mark it becomes more and more plain that the mark of the beast represents COMMANDMENT – BREAKING.

HWA says, the plagues are poured upon the “breakers of God’s commandments,”.  To break the commandments, you should be given the commandments first. Did God deliver commandments to EU or CC? Christ called out His followers away from the world and delivered the commandments. Even the Israelites received the commandments AFTER they came out of Egypt, in the wilderness. Even now, in 2005, PCG delivered commandments to all the members, in the wilderness.

(Wilderness. )

 Only the “church” could be the commandment breakers.. and disobedient. Transgressing God’s law, comes the wrath of God… the last plagues…on  CHILDREN OF DISOBEDIENCE”}… EU or CC were never the children ..


GF wrote:/co worker letter in Feb. 2007//

We all need more faith than what we have right now. I believe building the auditorium will be a major way God builds our faith for what is coming!” – GF}}} … Do we need man made buildings to build our faith? We must go to God, through Christ. We should have the “faith of Christ” and not look up to a building to build more faith…. Has any of the apostles written to God’s people to look up to a building? Even the “church” means the “called out” ones and not a building. HWA started to build mansions and a house for  God… but God does not dwell in such. Even king Solomon said when the temple was dedicated. When the apostles admired the temple, Christ said, it will be destroyed and He will build on the third day. The spiritual temple too was destroyed. Do you really think the Ambassador auditorium brought glory to God? Look at the Mormon building in Washington D C or Chrystal Palace in Florida… or the buildings of  Kenneth Hagin has made…and all the other so called evangelists. One of them had built a 200 million dollar “DOG” house.  What do these high rise buildings teach us? The Babylon. Nimrod started to build high rise buildings.  The modern day Christians follow the same pattern.  Do such buildings  bring glory to God? If one has to look up to physical buildings, they should go to Disney world.!!! Besides, to decorate the house dedicated to God, HWA brought the candelabras which were made to honor the PERISAN kings. What a disgrace! Such buildings bring glory to the maker… this is exactly what king Nebu did. He built an image, and wanted all to worship it… or to look at the image he made to worship…. Is it any different now, with the leaders in God’s church?  king Nebu wanted everyone to worship his image, GF wants all to look up to a  building to have more faith to worship God. !!! The modern Babylon !


 King Nebu  caused those who do not worship that image to be put in the “fire” and Daniel’s friends were put in. That was a tribulation for God’s people and a test of faith. But God was in the fire with those who were put in the fire. The modern king Nebu , if one hesitate to worship the way he wants, cast them out …and that is the tribulation, which we have to go through to prove ourselves, whether we take God’s image and be put in the fire, or we worship the image of GF. Such things were never done in Christ’s time and they are not biblical. God caused all the apostles to be scattered, sent them away from Jerusalem, out of the temple, so that they would not look to the temple. Christ did not allow apostles to marvel at the temple. These are the faith crisis as we wrote in other parts, which are caused by the “Jews”… and their myths and fables… the traditions of men.. Traditions of HWA, the 6th king of the beast and the harlot. if these buildings are important to God, would He ever allow it to be sold? To be deserted? The lies written in HWA’s and GF’s books, never could be corrected. This is why Christ said, “In no way will you have finished the cities of Israel until the Son of Man comes” …( Mat 10: 23)  The cities are worshipers ( Jer 26: 2) Mat 10 apply to our time, when every one is betraying one another. ( we have written the testimonies of PCG members who were betrayed by their own family ) This is a time as v 26 says, all things will be revealed and uncovered.


Dan 3: 4… this king Nebu, caused people nations and languages, (Many waters) to worship his image… Now the harlot who sits in many waters has caused them to worship the image of the beast.

Pr 16:4----The LORD hath made all things for Himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil...The ‘day of evil” is the time God allowed that prophet to exalt himself …. So all could be ‘judged”. So a king Nebu type is raised in the church, for this day of evil.



To be continued;…


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