Man or Beast Pt 6


Judgments are spiritual…. continues;…

We all know, before Christ comes, the church has to be ready. Since she is a harlot now, all her filthiness has to be removed. She has to be “granted ( or given)  to wear fine linen because she was not dressed in fine linen until after the plagues were poured. Christ said in Rev 3: 17, the last church has no clothes because He took them out.  So she has to be granted to wear clothes, after  her exposure and cleansing.

Rev 19:8… And to her was ‘GRANTED” ( 1325 ) …she should be arrayed in fine linen… God Had to grant her , after the judgments, to wear fine linen. Until then, she was not wearing fine linen or ready for the marriage. 1325 … is used in Rev 3: 21. also… to who ever over comes will I “GRANT” to sit with Me…

Act 11: 18…God GRANTED the gentiles, the repentance…

 Granted” means;… to give, that means, she did not have it, or have the right to wear fine linen, but after cleansing, and judging, God gave her, granted her to wear fine linen or to become righteous. After the judgments only she prepared herself and then, God granted her to wear white clothes… this means, until then, she did not have it. No matter how much experience, she had, she had to be judged… she was a harlot. But it was because God’s mercy, that He granted her……


JFB says;… Though in one sense she “made herself ready,” having by the Spirit’s work in her put on “the wedding garment,” yet in the fullest sense it is not she, but her Lord, who makes her ready by “granting to her that she be arrayed in fine linen.” It is He who, by giving Himself for her, presents her to Himself a glorious Church, not having spot, but holy and without blemish. It is He also who sanctifies her, naturally vile and without beauty, with the washing of water by the word, and puts His own comeliness on her, which thus becomes hers.


She has to be washed by water… by the Word, by the over flowing flood of the Word of God… 2 Pet 3: 5-7… the earth, the church was kept by water, or the Word of God. and is to be cleansed by ‘fire’, which is also the Word.  In Noah ‘s time, by the flood, the world perished. Now, as Noah’s days, the spiritual flood will end all wars.


We have proven from the Word, that the church has to be in Babylon, to be delivered. ( Mic 4: 10, Is 47: 6,  43: 14,)    Before that, as the law of Moses requires, they need to be witnessed, tried, judged, and exposed the guilt and the sins and then, she will be cleansed and granted to be righteous. ( Rev 19: 7). V 6, the voice of ‘MANY WATERS’ , now says Halleluia. At this time, she is cleansed, and harlot  who had many waters as Rev 17; 3 and 15, now sings and praises God.  They are saved, the ones who were appointed to death were redeemed and turned back. Since all her filthiness is in her “heart”, she has to be given a new heart, so that God can write the law in her heart.. In part 5, we wrote how her heart will be melted. The beasts need to be given a man’s heart. And their hearts have to be melted. We have proven from the Word, to melt means to be in confusion.. And we have proven, as when WCG fell, physically, we could not see her judgments, but God allowed her to fall spiritually. That is the same way, now PCG too was allowed to fall. These judgments are not physical, but spiritual. when the prophet was asked to measure with the reed in Rev 11, no one was given a reed. Same way, all the symbols of the book of revelation, are spiritual events. 


As we wrote in pt 5, and Dan 4: 16 says, king Nebu was sent to the wilderness to live with the beasts. He became a beast. the modern day king Nebu too were sent to wilderness to live with the beasts. Now, God Has to restore him and make him a man. He will come to know, the real God. we have proven from the Word, that one comes to know God, by His “Word”.


Is 13: 7,   every heart shall melt…. This chapter explains about the ‘ DOL”, when the weapons of God’s indignation come from a far, they are the ‘gentiles’ as we have proven, and the church is in pain to be born as v 8.  1 The 5: 3 and luk 17: 30 says, it will be a time of sudden destruction. But, v 2 says, the gentiles in Thessalonica, knows Christ’s coming, because they work with God. If the DOL is going to fall suddenly, the work of the church and the people are living as usual. They will be marrying and building and so on. Christ said, it will be like Noah’s day. God said, He will never destroy them by a flood.  But, end of it all is by a “flood”, according to Daniel’s prophecy. ( Dan 9: 26). But this flood is “spiritual”, and it is the flooding rain, which will sweep away the lies of the leaders. The anti christs, the beast is fighting with Christ and His true followers. That is the flood which will be like Noah’s day, which destroys the wicked. Mighty angel’s rainbow assures us that  even though the spiritual flood has come, that no one will be killed physically. It is easy for God to kill one physically, but after death, they cannot repent. God Has to work with them and get them to repent while they are still alive. Therefore, after the spiritual war, which is the spiritual flood,  the church will be cleansed and will be granted to wear fine linen and cloth her self.  God said in Noah’ s time, that He will never destroy the earth by a flood. Would He now destroy by a “fire” ? it is the ‘wickedness’ which will be burned. Leaders are scaring the people, that if they do not obey them, they cant have eternal lives. This is not what God teaches.


Mountains will melt:… This means, God will correct the churches, as “mountains” picture “churches”, spiritually.

Dan 9: 16… God’s anger, is on “His” Holy mountain, which is the church, because of her sins. This prophecy apply to our time, for the latter end and  as Christ also said in John 4: 20-, the time will come that the Jews will not worship God in the mountain or in Jerusalem. We never thought that all the churches will fall like this. But God says so.

Mic 1: 4… “Mountains “will “melt.” … v 2 , God wants the ‘earth’ to hear . ( We have proven from the Word, that the “church” is the “earth” and now, they are cast down from heaven to earth. God considers His people who work for Him as to be in heaven. ( Lam 2: 1 would further prove) The “Mountains” are the “churches”, which will melt, at God’s presence… v2,  3 says, God COMES down and then, the churches will melt. Now, Christ Has come down in rain and in clouds as we have proven from the Word. Now, the mountains will start to melt. 

We have proven from the Word, that the church is in Babylon now, and God pleads with His people to come out of it. This too is spiritual. the church did not go to Babylon, but the spirit of Babylon will be upon the leaders and they will exalt and act like king Nebu, and Nimrod.

Read : Babylon


Jer 13: 16 says, give glory to God, before he causes your feet stumble on the dark mountains. That means the fallen churches. Unfortunately, many of God’s people do not know they are walking upon dark mountains.

Is 2: 14 … against all the ‘HIGH” mountains… means the exalted proud leaders in the church.

Is 5: 25… when God’s anger comes, and when He strike the mountains and they ‘QUAKE” means, the leaders shake in fear. Also Jer 4: 24,  Is 64: 1, 

Is 13 explains, when God arises to battle with the ‘many waters”..

( which the harlot sits and at her judgment) every heart to melt…All judgments are spiritual. 


V 10…. The “MOON” and stars and constellations would not give light. Why would they not give light? Because they are not pure….this is Rev 6: 12, 8: 12,   these spiritual stars are God’s people and the moon, is the church. Job 25: 5  says, the moon, and stars are not pure…. They have sinned spiritually. V 11… it is the time of the visitation, to cause the arrogance of the proud to cease and to humble them. v 13.. God will shake the heavens… and earth, or the church will move out of its place… a new heaven and earth will be created after that. Lam 2: 1 says, God clouded Zion in His anger. This is the time God cast the footstool to the earth. Mat 11:23. Is 19: 1.. God rode on a light cloud to come to Egypt. Rev 11:8, that is the church which spiritually in Egypt.

Is 17: 13 says, the nations”, they are the “many churches” now, will crash as  ‘MANY WATERS’… this is harlot’s judgments. They are driven away by the ‘WIND’. ( read: east wind)

Is 34: 3.. the mountains shall be melted with the blood and God’s sword too. This happens on the judgment. All these are “spiritual” judgments. Christ comes to fight with the anti Christs with a “sword” in His mouth. Rev 1: 16, 2: 12,  16,  19: 15, 21. we have proven that this is the “Word of God”. Christ will not kill any one in EU or CC, with the Word of God. They were not given the knowledge of the Word of God, to be judged or killed. Only the church could be fought with the Word or the sword of His mouth.


Is 41 explains about the man from ‘east”… read: Man from the East

v 15… this man will do a new work… he was appointed to come from east, from a far and now he is given a new work… to tread down the mountains and beat them small and like chaff. At this time, God will make rivers in the desert… the wilderness. It is the church which is in the wilderness as we have proven, and God opens the rivers by sending the rain and clouds who are the gentiles.


Is 42: 15… God will make these mountains a waste, as the cities of Judah, are without  an inhabitant…,Jer 26:2… they are the worshipers.

Jer 50: 6… the leaders caused God’s people to go away from the churches… they have forgotten their resting place.

Is 52…. 7…how beautiful the feet of those who proclaim peace to the mountains, or the churches…? They will say to Zion, “YOUR God REIGNS”…  Christ Has Come down now, to reign, during the judgments… Now the clouds are saying ‘YOUR God REIGNS”. So all these judgments are spiritual. Because as Is 11: 11 says, God will set His hand for the ‘SECOND TIME’ to bring them back. So if He is to bring them back, they cannot be physically dead.

In the bottomless pit, they are spiritually dead. When you leave the Father, you are like dead.( luk 15: 24, 32) 

Job 26: 5---… dead are formed under the waters… where the “hell” is, that is the BP and it is naked before Him. ( It is the laodicean church which is naked and are in the hell. God  hung the ( North, where the church is and where the proud are, also as Is 14: 13 ,31, Jer 3: 12, 18,  4: 6, etc… )  earth ( church) over empty place.

( waste) .That means God is not in it. V 9…God covers His throne

( 3678 means, also the stool and that is His footstool.  ) with clouds. God is not in the footstool, but in the ‘clouds’. On judgment, Christ comes on the clouds, as we have proven and these clouds are working for God now to bring back God’s children. God Has put a boundary on waters, ( many waters who are to be judged ) for light and darkness. God Has separated His people… who has light and others have darkness ( the children of the kingdom who are thrown in to outer darkness)

V 11… pillars trembles. These are the leaders in the church, at God’s rebuke, they shake… the earth quakes mentioned in the book of revelation. Rev 16… the last plague ( Ps 104: 7,  Nah 1: 5,  )

V 12… With His power He quiets the “sea” … sea is a large gathering of waters, such as many waters, as harlot sits. This is why, the beasts come out of the sea in revelation. Sea is where the wicked are, and the proud, as the serpent, the leviathan, who is the king of the proud. ( Job 41). Now, God is causing proud to flee.


Mic 1: 5… All this is against the transgression of Jacob, and against the sins of the house of Israel…. Their sins are Samaria and Jerusalem… what happened in Samaria and Jerusalem in the last end?

Ez. 23 gives the answer…. Oholiah, and Oholibah… these are symbolic names for Israel and Judah… ,Samaria and Jerusalem. Mic 1: 5… This is the sin of the whole church. Committing Adultery and becoming a harlot. Now the harlot is exposed with the beasts, God wants them to know about their judgments. This is the ‘Bamah matter”  which you can see with documented facts, photos etc… in This is where they brought uncircumsized men in to the altar, and the high place where they committed the sin. ( Ez.20: 29). This is where the 25 men worshiped the sun in the ‘east’ gate , and 70 elders sent incense on behalf of such. ( Ez. 8 – 11)


Jer 4: 9, …hearts of the king and the princes shall perish and astonished and prophets shall wonder… when God’s anger comes upon them… v 10…. Then I said, Ah, Lord Jehovah! Surely You..

 ( It is God who deceived them , the delusion, during the man of sin  and God will take that delusion when the final earth quake happens and that is to open the blind eyes to the truth. )  have greatly deceived this people and Jerusalem, saying, You shall have peace, but the sword reaches to the soul.}… When as v 9 says, the hearts of the rulers perishes, they deceive God’s people, and God allowed that. Remember, God Has made even the evil day?


V 11- 12… a “wind” to speak “judgments”…v 13… He shall come up like ‘CLOUDS”. …. THE LORD WILL VISIT ( read: Day of visitation) AFTER 70 YEARS  ( read: Babylon ) ARE COMPLETED TO MAKE WAR ( read: Armageddon)  AND SAVE HIS CHURCH.—to do this He has to wipe out all unrighteous acts done by the beast power, who are the leaders, with the top leader sitting in the temple as the ‘man of sin”) . As you can see, all these are ‘spiritual” judgments.


The Word of God is being flooded in to the bones and soul and Spirit  and will melt the heart of His wife who betrayed Him by committing adultery.


Isa 19:1  The burden of Egypt. Behold, the LORD rideth upon a swift cloud, and shall come into Egypt: and the idols of Egypt shall be moved at his presence, and the heart of Egypt shall melt in the midst of it. }…Rev 11: 8… now, the church is in Egypt. He comes on the cloud… and the heart of Egypt shall MELT….

Psa 147:18  He sends out His Word and melts them; He causes His wind to blow, and the waters flow. }… How could words melt any one physically? His wind is the ‘east wind”… East wind destroys evil

The Word comes with the wind… and when it blows, the waters flow… the over flowing and the flooding rain….


 Jer 4:14  O Jerusalem, cleanse your heart from evil so that you may be saved. ( v 16… they come from a far….you know who ? )


So far we have proven from the Word, that the lake of fire, brimstone, hail, east wind, wormwood, bottomless pit, wilderness, over flooding rain, and many other punishments are all spiritual.


Micah’s prophecy is for the ‘bride’ of Christ, and to the very end time. Mic 5: 6 warns about her being in Babylon, with  “NIMROD”… ( Mic 4: 10) and then, she will be delivered… Now, the time to deliver her has come and for that purpose, God Has come down. V 1 says, it is time to strike the judge of Israel, with a rod on the cheek… WOE ! WOE !! WOE!!!

We know, that when Nimrod, sinned, and when the sons of Adam were in Babylon, God came down anciently. ( Gen. 11: 5 ) to  confuse every one. Now, God Has to restore the pure language. And He Has come down to do so.  First, He Has to correct the ‘judge”, or the Nimrod, in God’s land and deliver everyone. At this time, the mountains or the churches will melt… Ps 97: 5,  Is 64: 1,  we know anciently, the mountains quaked and smoked when God came down. But now all these mean spiritually.


1 Sam 14: 16, 20 says, melted means, there was a great panic and went here and there…. This is to be in Babylon. There will be a great panic when the blind eyes will be opened. Until then, they will be in confusion or in Babylon… who can fight with God’s delusion?

Mountains means the ‘high places” of the earth. Or, spiritually, the proud people in the church. the valleys are the humble people and crooked are those who have become beasts… all these things have to be straightened before Christ marries and before the bride is granted ( allowed after cleansing) fine linen.

In Hosea book pg 10, MOA 301, says “mountain” means a symbol of government…. and it is the government which caused God’s people to be scattered and send away and now God wants to punish.

Zeph 3 : 11.. you shall not again be proud any more in My holy mountain.


Jer 50: 6 explains, God’s leaders, who are the beasts, caused His sheep to be lost. They are driven away from the mountains. There is no rest for them.


Is 2 , God says, ( v 14) is against the mountains who are lifted up .. v 17.. pride shall be humbled. Now, God Has exposed the proud, it is time to humble them. v 19… He rises up to quake the earth… this is why, He Has come down. ( Hag 2: 6,  Heb 12: 26,  Rev 16: 18…the last plague) when this happen, all eyes will be opened to the truth, and they will quake in awe and will see how deceived they were and will not want the beasts to lead them. at that time, not one stone shall be left upon another… all will be shaken. The whole “spiritual” earth will move out of place.


In Ps 104, v 29 says, when God hides His face from them, the church dies and returns to dust. We know in the beginning, we are made out of dust and we shall return to dust again. It is ‘Zion’ who is in dust now. ( Is 52). At this time, as v 30 says, again, God sends His Spirit to create and renew the face of the earth. In this psalm, the recreation of the church in to a new ‘SPIRITUAL” creation is explained. As v 32 says,  when God looks, the earth trembles and the mountains will smoke. The mountains which is in smoke is where the harlot sits, the Babylon in Rev 18: 9,. Now, God Has come down to punish those who are in Babylon, and in His mountain is on ‘fire’… Exo 19: 11, the mountain was on fire…

Exo 19: 11 says, God came down on the third day, on to the mountain. Christ said, on the third day, He will be perfected, and the temple will be rebuilt.

V 18… when God came down, the mountain was on smoke like a furnace. Now, “God’ will be like  fire and smoke, and a furnace. ( Is 48: 10,  31: 9, 9: 19,  10: 17,  29: 6,  30: 27,   30: 30,   31: 9,  ) 

V 19:… God answered Moses by a voice. Now, God’s voice comes from the watchmen, who are the gentiles. ( Jer 4: 16) and read

Biblical tarshish and young lions in prophecy


The Law requires for the Hebrew slaves to go free on the seventh year. Exo 21: 2) God is the Law and He is doing just that. For six eras, God’s people served the beasts , who are the devil. They were captives of satan. the seventh era is to free them, and it is the Sabbath, which they should have fled as Christ said in Mt 24. so the seventh era, or 7th millennium is to free the people.


Mic 6: 2-3.. God calls for the mountains and asks what He Has done to them, and He wants them to testify against Him and He is reminding them about the “Balaam type of a betrayal which was fulfilled as the ‘Bamah matter”.. at that time God’s voice cries… v 9 . and now, the leaders speak lies and deceit in their mouths… at that time, God has made them sick… striken, and made desolate.,.. Because of sins. This prophecy has now being fulfilled.

We have proven from the Word about the ‘Balaam’ type of a betrayal , which the church is warned of in many prophecies. In Rev 2: 6, the church is warned of the nicolaitanes, ( strong’s 3531)… Thayer defines this as ‘destruction of people”… they hold the error of ‘Balaam’, type of a betrayal, by committing “FORNICATION”.

Rev 2: 14- 15 , again, the same betrayal by nicolaitans and Balaam is mentioned. Also, Mic 6: 5,  2 Pet 2: 15, which apply to the end time wife of Christ, the same warning given, but not heeded.  This is the whole problem, which we are witnessing against PCG of doing.

Ez. 38: 20… Mountains shall quake at God’s presence. Every wall shall fall to the ground… This is Ezekiel’s wall in Ez. 13, which will be fallen… v 21.. God will tear the veil, and will deliver people. when the veil is torn, the wickedness will be exposed. This is said to the ‘prophets’ in Israel, who are the foxes… who does not know when Christ comes Hos 9: 7.

Jer 51: 25.. Babylon, is a destroying mountain. God will make her a burned mountain. This is Babylon, which is a mountain thrown in to sea  ( Ps 46: ) and is burning as God Has come down. (Rev 17-18)

Job 9: 5 says, mountains are removed, but they do not know… the mountain, GF said, is the government. as the day of the Lord and the day of visitation came, the government was moved to the strangers, as Is 56: 3 – 8 explains. (This is a fulfillment of the phil era in Rev 3. ) V 6 says, He shakes the earth out of its place… this is the church, now cast down to the earth, moves at God’s presence, since He Has to come to move the mountain or the government. it is the time of the  war between “Orion” and “Pleiades” as we have proven, ( in harlot writings) which is now. Orion is the star cluster which has about 80 stars, with a Nimrod like leader, who are wicked ( spiritually) , 80 ministers who are fallen stars, who are not pure in God’s sight, who are fighting with the Pleiades, who are seven stars. This is the real star wars now going on.


when all things made new, the new Jerusalem will be a new mountain. Dan 2: 35., Rev 21: 10…,

All the above scripture proves, that the mountain is the church , and God wants to move her, at His presence. She is the mountain which is in smoke now and all the judgments are spiritual. 


Rev 13: 1…the beast coming out of the “sea”…this is where the waters gathers, and the rivers fall in to. The rivers are the believers. Read: 

Israel will come out of sea


This beast has the same seven heads and ten horns as Rev 17. This beast pictures all the seven eras. Just as Rev 12 pictures the true church, chapter 13 and 17 shows the evil side of the church or how she became a beast because she never understood and sinned. These horns represent kings. ( Rev  17: 12). In the book of Daniel, the worldly empires are explained but in revelation, it shows how God’s people became like the gentile kingdoms.  According to Rev 17; 12, these kings have not received a kingdom, but will receive authority as kings one hour with the beast…. they are not real kings. But they will have authority as kings. (They are the fallen king priests. Instead of serving God, now they are to serve the devil. )That is  one hour with the beast. this  beast lives only in the ‘judgment’, or in the “DOL”, or DOV. That is the time, God condemned His kings priests as beasts that has no understanding and time to EXPOSE  them. The last beast, is to arise, from the bottomless pit, and it is opened only at Rev 9, when the star fell. He is the one to go in to perdition as Rev 17: 8- 11. So the time frame of this last beast is now, during the last prophetic hour. since they are to fight with Christ, they live just three and half years before Christ’s coming. Remember, in Malachi 3, Christ is coming to purify the ministry and not  EU. How they fight with Christ gives another clue to identify this beast. the fight is the ‘flood’, which ends all things as we have proven from the Word in our writings. That is the beast brings fire from heaven, which is the Word of God, to deceive and are lies, but Christ’s servants bring fire from heaven to teach the truth. that is the flood which ends. That is also the lake of fire. Now, these beasts are in the lake of fire.


Book of life…. Who’s names will be in it?

Rev 13: 8,  17: 8 talks about the “book of Life”., which is like the registry of all people WHO SERVE GOD.  if our names are not written in it, then, we will have to go through the lake of fire. Even in Ezra’s time, when they came out of Babylon, the names were written down in a book.  Ezra 2: 2---, 8: 1---. Now, too, those who come out of Babylon as God says, will have their names written down in a book of life, or living. BUT:…. Ez. 13: 9 says, the prophets, will not be in the writing of Israel. They are the leaders, the ten horns. Rev 3:5… those who over come will get their names written in the book of life. Those who were beheaded by the beasts for standing up for the truth, will have their names written as they reign with Christ as Rev 20: 4.  All the churches are in Babylon, as we have proven from the Word and from HWA’s and GF’s own writings. Just to remind;….

HWA wrote in Rev Unv 1972, pgs 12 and 13, that “Today, Israel is in Babylon deceived”.

GF wrote in Ezra Nehemiah pg 5, “ Today Laodiceans are making alliance with Babylon”. If any one is belonging to a church now, they are in Babylon as all the leaders are deceived.

Ps 69  explains what will happen to the enemies. Their eyes will be darkened, ( The blindness of the Laodiceans ) they will be dry, and v 28… let them be blotted out of the book of the living… but the righteous will have their names written. Following verses would prove, that this book of life is the registry of the living of those who serve God.  And those sinned are cut off.  This means, all of the laodicean churches are cut off and their names are not written in the book of life. Is 4:3,  Exo 32: 32,   ,  Luk 10: 20,  Neh 7: 5, ( v 7 says, with zerubabel, and Joshua, another ten people came from Babylon. Even now, Joshua, and the ten horns have to  come out of Babylon.


Is 4…. Those who are in Zion will be called Holy, who is written among the living in Jerusalem, …..when?....

Isa 4:4  when the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion, and the blood of Jerusalem shall have been rinsed away from its midst by a spirit of judgment, and by a spirit of burning. }  …Only “AFTER” the ‘JUDGEMENT ”. 

V 4- 5… a “CLOUD”,   SMOKE,  FIRE , in the “NIGHT”, . We have proven from the Word, that it is the time of judgment now, and there is a (spiritual )clouds , smoke, fire and this is the night. So Zion and Jerusalem will have their names written, AFTER  the judgment. But those who died spiritually for the witness, those who are in the cloud, those who kindles the fire, and those who are  ‘night’ watchers, will have their names  written in the book of life, before the judgment. (read also Job 34: 20,  they die, but will be shaken (spiritual earthquake) at mid NIGHT, and the mighty, the proud, will be taken without a hand….  Nebu’s image of gold and Antiochus will be taken without a hand. Dan 2: 45, 8: 25. we have a spiritual Nebu and Antiochus now and they will be cut off the same way. 


Exo 32: 31 – 33… The people have sinned by worshiping a god of gold. ( just as today,) the rich Laodiceans are worshiping gold. Who are the sons of gold, the “ministers in the Sanctuary”, as Lam. 4: 1 -2 and James 5: 3 says, who has become dross now. They are sinning and God said, who ever has sinned AGAINST HIM, He will blot out of His book. V 34, God said,    And in the day of My visitation I will visit their sin on them.”  Read: Day of Visitation

God did not stop there; He plagued the people v 35. This is what is happening now too. They sinned by going after other gods , gods of gold and riches, and now God is VISITING their sins and are sending the plagues. So, until the ‘DAY OF God’S VISITATION”, the  leaders have been sinning . No where in the Word of God, says He will  plague CC or EU. Neither HWA nor GF has ever written about the “day of visitation” ( not to my knowledge. If any one knows, we would be happy to know about it )


TRANSCRIPT – (0531… GF says


“…go into perdition: AND they that dwell on the earth shall wonder,

whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.”… Now, you need to notice this because the

people who do not understand this are the people whose names are not “written in the book of life,”..}….


“God says we ought to understand these prophecies and this

Specific prophecy, because in a way, it is a pivotal prophecy for this end time, and almost everything in the European (?)  theater revolves around this prophecy”.}…….. How could this apply to EU , when  God’s Word says, the end time prophet is the fool and is without understanding, which makes him  a beast ? then, we have proven from the Word, without a doubt, that one is a “beast”, if they have SINNED, and have NO Holy Spirit, (which gives them the ‘UNDERSTANDING”,) and a man ‘WITHOUT” understanding is a beast.

EU cannot sin, they are not given the Law.

EU did not , or do not or never had Holy Spirit, or the understanding. Their eyes were never opened to the truth.

Not according to God’s own words. ! on the other hand, ‘GOD”  says, “HIS” prophet, who lives in the end, ( together with the  IGNORANTT dumb dogs, who are the ministers, ) has no understanding. Therefore, as GF says, since he does not understand, his name is not written in the book of life. ! at least, God will not write this prophet’s name in the book of life !


But,  ACCORDING TO GOD’S OWN WORDS, who’s names are written in the book of life from the ‘FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD”? …….

2 Ti 2: 19…, Pro 10: 25…. the ‘RIGHTOEUS”, whom GOD knows,

(Ministry is not righteous as they need to be purified, and all 12 tribes are not either as they are in captivity as Jam 1: 1 says. ) therefore, except the ministers, and 12 tribes of Israel, all other true followers who do not have any fellowship with such, will have their names written, ….

Eph 1: 4- 7… those who are being ADOPTED (gentiles), who are predestined, before the foundation of the world because of God’s “grace”. ,…… because of God’s grace. They are the ‘VESSLES’ of “MERCY’. They did not do anything. Just like God chose Jacob before even he was born, God Has chosen the foolish nation to call them righteous, even before the foundation of the world. This is the truth and the Word of God.


“and that last head is actually the Roman Empire, and ten

Resurrections come out of that Roman Empire.”}}}…. It is critical that we understand, FROM GOD’S OWN WORDS, THE TRUTH ABOUT THE BEAST. If not as GF said, you are worshiping the beast !


ten resurrections come out of that Roman Empire. But the last seven of those ten horns, or ten resurrections, is a combination of church and state, and it’s the last seven horns of this mighty beast, and it’s called the Holy Roman Empire today,}

Ten resurrections? …is that what God’s Word say?


Rev 17:12  And the ten horns you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but will receive authority as kings one hour with the beast.

Rev 17:13  These have one mind, and their power and authority they shall give up to the beast.

Rev 17:14  These will make war with the Lamb. ( to make war with the Lamb, they are to exist, when Christ comes)

Rev 13 beast is explained in Rev 17 also. Rev 12 shows us about the true church, and Rev 13 shows us her beastly side. In this chapter, the beast who comes out of the earth, and in Rev 17, the 8th  which comes out of the seven, and the ten horns only will be alive at Christ’s coming. Both beasts had seven heads or mountains, which are the leaders in each era, or resurrections. The ten horns , are :….as above, ten kings, who have not “YET” received a kingdom, but ‘WILL’ receive, authority ‘AS” kings, for ‘ONE” HOUR.  THERE CANNOT BE TEN RESURRECTIONS. ONLY SEVEN HEADS, RESURRECTED ONE AFTER THE OTHER, AS it says WAS, IS AND YET IS. But the ten horns are to exist at the same time, together.


Here it is again;…

TEN HORNS, are ten kings, who will have authority “AS” kings ( they are not kings, they only have authority, because God Has rejected them as kings, but given authority to do God’s will, to act as kings). )to have one mind as v 13 says, to serve the beast, to fulfill God’s purpose of desolating the church as v 17.

These ten horns, exist only for just ‘ONE HOUR”, to do two things.

1.      to make the church desolate,

2.    Rev 17: 14… to make war with the Lamb. ( they are at war with those who are fighting with Christ. they are the ‘clouds’, as we have proven from the word. )Christ came in the clouds and in rain, and Dan 7: 13… in the ‘night’, “Son of Man” came with clouds, and ‘THEY”, the clouds brought Christ near before God. ! That is for judgment!  Even in this chapter, it is the last beast who had ten horns, who made war with the saints and over came them. (Or killed them spiritually, as they opposed these horns. ) ….Daniel shows, how these beasts over came and desolated the church, how the power of the Holy people were scattered, how they exalt themselves or the work of the beasts.  But in revelation, it shows, how God will destroy such leaders and save His people by judging and exposing and witnessing and destroying them and how His kingdom will be placed in the earth. Also the battle between the devil and his demonic leaders who crept in to God’s church and Christ and His true followers. First, as they killed Christ, He allows His true followers also to be beheaded. Then, He uses them to tread down these leaders or their murderers.  These ten horns are not resurrections, but they live at the same time, just for one hour. These ten horns were even not in power when HWA was alive, as they are to live just one hour at the same time to make war with the Lamb.


Rev 13: 11…, describes the beast coming out of the ‘EARTH”, after God divided the earth and the heaven, or after God cast Zion down to earth, which we have proven from the Word, in our harlot and beast writings. This is the beast who is explained in Rev 13: 12, who executes the authority of the first beast before it.


But first let’s focus on this sixth horn—“the beast that was and is not and yet is”—and you’ll see that there’s something connected to that that leads us right in to the very return of Jesus Christ, Himself. } … the 6th head, (not horn) is connected to the last one, which we have explained already. Which means the 7th  one continues the work of the 6th.


But the sixth horn is emphasized, and we want to certainly pay some attention to this because actually it sort of unlocks the next horn…..This sixth beast is emphasized, and it’s really like the whole end time revolves around it. But it has a strong connection to the seventh horn, and I want to show you why. }… this further proves, from GF’s own words, that he continues HWA’s work. They are connected to each other’s work. 


A combination of Nazism and Fascism, and that was “the beast that

was,” and then it “was not”—it disappeared—and yet, God says, it “still is.”}… If these ten horns are from EU, they will never make the CC naked or desolate, as she is the one who is helping them. Besides,… the fact that these ten horns are at war with the Lamb, gives us a clue to identify these ten horns. It is the antichrists, inside God’s church that are at war with Christ. God’s enemy is within (Ps 74), which destroyed the Sanctuary. John, Peter, Jude, Micah, and all the end time books of the Bible warns about the leaders who are ‘INSIDE” God’s church. Christ Has come to destroy the wickedness of “His”  leaders  and He is fighting for the “controversy of Zion”, to bring her back to the covenant, Or to purify the ministry. The Word of God Has nothing to do with EU or CC or Nazis or any one other than His own leaders, who are in Babylon now. Even the plagues, are being poured upon those who broke the covenant in “Israel”  AS THE ‘SONG OF MOSES” is to testify against Israel, which is sung in Rev 15, before the plagues are poured upon , as a witness to their covenant breaking sins. Christ came to consume the ‘man of sin’, who SITS IN “HIS TEMPLE. NOT IN EU. The beast disappeared as his work was stopped by the courts, till six years later the 8th and his ten horns raised up.


It went underground just after World War II—those Nazis and the Fascists…..the Nazi Party which would be forced to go underground.’”…….Or into the bottomless pit. }…..(BP) ….

Bottomless pit, in the Bible has a very different meaning other than the underground. BP is strong’s 12 and 5421 ( phrear) .     5421  has total occurrences seven, ……Rev 9: 1 – 2 (pit) , luk 14: 5,  ( pit) John 4: 11 – 12  ( well) . So this Word means, a well and a pit. A hole, which holds water. spiritually, it means the vessels who carry the Spirit of God, who are the members in Christ’s body. Since they have hewn broken cisterns, by going after other gods, they have no bottoms to hold God’s Spirit. This, we have proven in our writing, please read:….

bottomless pit


Strongs 12,  means Ab –us –sos ( pit) has total occurrences 9, depthless, abyss, deep, Rev 9, 17, 20, (bottomless)

Deep Luk 8: 31,…  Rom 10: 7. ( where the dead are)

Thayer’s definition;… bottomless, unbounded, abyss, pit, depth, lowest parts of the earth used as the common receptacle of the dead and especially as the abode of demons.

So this means, bottomless pit is a well, a pit, where the dead are. The demons , as Luk 8: 31 says, did not want to go there. Because that is where , the spiritually dead are, and that is where the demons will be.


Here is what GF wrote in RV Mar 2004, about BP ……

We need to understand our “spiritual” condition “apart from God”. we are “prisoners” of satan in a dark pit without any water! (a type of God’s spirit). This is the normal condition of man without God’s Holy Spirit…….“As for thee also,,, by the blood of thy covenant, I have sent for the thy “prisoners” out of the “pit” where in is no water…. Zech 9………  It will bring them again also out of the land of Egypt.  Coming out of Egypt is a type of coming out of this world. Sadly, God must bring the laodiceans out of Egypt a second time.} This is the BP and EU can never be in it.   


(if this is so, then, the  EU cannot be in the pit, as they never had Holy Spirit and this water. underground and BP have different meanings and in the Bible, when it says the BP, it is where those who do not have God’s Spirit.

These are the deceiving fire, which the false prophet brings down to deceive the people. this is why, Christ Has come in the rain and clouds, to give the truth. This is the war between the beast and Christ. It is about establishing the truth. We cannot understand God’s Word, without the Holy Spirit. All Israel are now in captivity, and no way they can now understand God’s Word


Now let me just read one short paragraph of what Herbert W.

Armstrong wrote on May 9, 1945. Here’s what he said:….

Hitler has lost. This round of war, in Europe, is over. And the Nazis have now gone underground.Underground or into the bottomless pit, as Revelation would call it, although if you look up the Greek word, it means “underground.”}}…. We have already explained the greek Word. this further shows, that the 7th head is continuing the work and promoting what ever the 6th one said and done.


“The fascists and the Nazis went underground, but the Bible says they’re going to rise again—the same system. Same system that we saw in World War II will rise again in Europe and control most of Europe. That’s what your Bible says, and I’ll tell you, it’s already almost risen, and we need to understand it because this sixth beast tells us the kind of beast that we’re going see come up from that pit or that underground. The beast comes out of the underground, and

then it goes into perdition. So that’s the good news…..

The beast comes out of the underground, and then it goes into perdition…. But why does it go into perdition? …..

Well, it’s the second coming of Jesus Christ that does that, and if you don’t understand about “the beast that was and is not and yet is,” you won’t understand about the second coming of Jesus Christ to this earth to destroy that system FOREVER. That’s what He’s going to do, and if we’re going to understand the second coming, we have

to understand that.}….. This is what both HWA and GF taught and are teaching. Who will go in to perdition, ACCORDING TO GOD’S OWN WORDS? …. It is the ‘man of sin’, who sits in God’s temple, AT CHRIST’S  COMING.  He is the beast, as he has no understanding. This is why God left the temple and coming again in rain and clouds. No where in the Word it says, Christ comes to consume or purify EU or CC. these leaders need a good shaking to make them understand the Word of God, as no point telling over and over again. Christ allowed these leaders to be deceived, as He blinded them because of their pride and arrogance as the Word says, so they never will understand, until it is too late, or until the kingdom will be given to others. ( others will bear fruits as Christ said Mt 21: 43). The only man who will go to perdition is the man who betrayed Christ’s wife in the end time….read;…

 Christ’s wife betrayed by an evangelist's%20Wife,%20Betrayed%20by%20an%20Evangelist.htm

this was the fulfillment of Antiochus….


Rev 17:10  And the kings are seven. The five fell, and the one is, and the other has not yet come. And when he does come, he must remain a little.

Rev 17:11  And the beast which was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goes to perdition….

Kings are seven, or seven eras. Five fallen, one is, there is another one to come, which is for a little while. And the beast was, and is not, yet is, is to come as the 8th. But he is from the 7th era. And that is the one who will go in to perdition. How correctly this prophecy is being fulfilled now. In the 7th era, Mr Tkach was actually the 7th head, after HWA. But he did not heal the wound of the 6th era, or continued the 6th beast’s work. But the 8th, which belong to the 7th era, is the one who goes to perdition. That is GF. And v 12.. the ten horns, will be with the last beast, for one hour. This is ‘Joshua’ and his fellows. God Does not accept Tkach as a beast or a leader in His church. He has nothing to do with this prophecy. 8th one who has the ten horns and going to perdition. And he is also the “man of sin”, who sits in the temple, who will be consumed by Christ’s breath , who goes to perdition. He is ‘the’ liar… the angel of ‘LIGHT” as he claims he has the revelation, but actually he is a liar and a deceiver and deceives God’s people.


Number six came on the scene and then it fell, and then it went underground, and it’s going to RISE back up again so says your Bible.}…. As we have already proven from the Word, this is totally misleading and twisting of the Word of God. During the 7th head or era, the 8th comes out of seven heals up the wounded 6th beast’s work.


Again, the sixth and the seventh are virtually the same system}…By his own words, he proves it is the SAME WORK. We all know  how GF is continuing the work of HWA. But, the 7th man, Tkach is not included in this. Sixth era’s work will be raised up by the 8th, which comes out of the 7th era, or beast.


But again, why is this last beast so dangerous? Because it says in Revelation 13 and verse 4 that they worship the dragon, and the dragon gives them POWER! That’s the devil.}….The dragon did not have to give his power to EU at this time as they were always led by the dragon. the dragon was cast down to the earth or the church, as Rev 12 says, ( when the judgments have come) and as Zion was cast down to earth to finish the transgressing as we have already proven from the Word. Rev 13; 4- 5 shows, the TIME SETTING. It is just forty two months… this is the same time Christ is fighting with them with the witness of the prophets and those who are now in heaven. Or those who are fighting and were beheaded as Rev 20;4.


Valley of Jehoshaphat, that flows out from Jerusalem for 200 miles, is going to be filled with blood up to the horses’ bridles.}…We have proven the horses are the ministers and God is putting a bridle to bring them back in our writings of “Harlot”. it is their blood which is spilled as they are guilty of killing the innocent. This valley is only 24 miles long and not 200 miles.


And this beast rises up from the underground, and it’s almost like it rises up right alongside of God’s Work which also has to rise up and

prophesy again. But again, it essentially, it’s the same

Work—rising up again—just like it’s a same beast rising up again, and that’s not coincidence. } …..this “prophesying  again,” is the 6th head’s work being raised up by the 8th. The new work which rises alongside with the beast is the ‘gentile’ work of Rev 11:2. They are at war with the beast.


“These shall make war with the Lamb,” That’s Christ. Capital “L.” “…and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and

chosen, and faithful.”}…Certainly the leader, being the man of sin or Joshua, cannot be chosen and faithful. There are three that are faithful in the whole Bible, it is ‘God’, Christ and the new moon. At this time, during this war, Christ and the faithful ones are fighting with the beast. Jam 2: 5 says, it is the poor. we have proven, they are the ‘new moon’.  But the woman identified as the 12 tribes by HWA and GF, has this new moon under their feet in Rev 12. they will be witnessing, and giving the pure Word. the knowledge shall be increased and it will be a work to bring glory to God, and to bring back the blind and the horses.


Let’s notice Daniel 8 …Verse 12 says, And an host was given him against the daily” Or the daily sacrifice or God’s Work today. by reason of transgression,Ah! They’re transgressing in God’s church. “…and it cast down the truth to the ground; and it practiced, and prospered.”}…This should happen in the very end. Those who transgress “IN” God’s church are the leaders. The transgressors are condemned by God as the beast and the ten horns, which Christ will correct. That includes the man of sin and Joshua. GF said, Mr Tkach is the Joshua and the man of sin. But, he is not alive as either one of them, as Christ will consume this man by His “BREATH”, which means, giving him the Holy Spirit and the understanding. Mr T never said, he is a prophet. God says, ‘THE PROPHET” is the man who is a fool and without understanding. Then, he is the one, whom God is going to consume. Besides, God Has not included the actual 7th head who is Mr T, in Rev 17, as we have proven. Only the 8th, will raise up the 6th one’s work. If this is EU , then what is this 8th is all about? Christ is fighting with the 8th and the ten horns, as we proved. Who says “I am the 7th head” and yet do not want to admit as the 7th head? Who cast out and spiritually murder God’s children, including a minister who was in the church for 40 years, for asking who the 7th head is? Mr  T was used by God to destroy the 6th beast’s work, which the 8th had to raise up, and that is to fulfill this prophecy. So we know exactly, where we are now and who the beast is. God said, He will catch the wicked by their own craftiness… so the wicked could not know their craftiness until they are exposed. They act like angels of light.


The vision concerning the daily sacrifice, and the transgression

of desolation, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden

under foot? }….It is the ten horns who make the church desolate, as we proved form the Word. who is treading them down? The feet of the poor ( Is 26) and the gentiles ( Rev 11: 2) and Lam 1: 15.

Lam 1:15  The Lord hath trodden under foot all my mighty men in the midst of me: he hath called an assembly against me to crush my young men: the Lord hath trodden the virgin, the daughter of Judah, as in a winepress.


Verse 23 talks about something we’ll see rise on the scene, I think, in months …and he shall destroy [mightily],” It should read. “…and

shall prosper, and practice, and shall destroy the mighty and the Holy people.” So, God’s own people are going to be destroyed by this power—those lukewarm people that cast God’s truth to the ground. God is going to deal with them in a way that they’re not going to

like. His own people. His own people. I mean you can’t cast the truth to the ground if you didn’t have it; you had to have it.}…this has to happen in the very end, and among God’s own people and they have to have the truth, “JUST 42 MONTHS BEFORE Christ COMES TO FIGHT”. Who says, we have it all, I am the prophet and the high priest and I am being given all the revelation IN THIS SPEICIFIC TIME PERIOD? That is the person who would lose it all. Does his fruits prove he lives by that truth? Christ said, do what the leaders do, but do not do the things they do. !



This is a man, and he leads people to fight against Christ—anti-Christ—warring against   Christ, and yet professing to do just the

Opposite}…Who are being used by God to fight for Him in the end time? What is the last work upon the earth? It is the ‘gentiles’, or the poor who are faithful ( Jam 2: 5) and they are the ones who are fighting with these antichrists…. Who is doing the opposite of what they preach? It is the filthy Joshua, or the leader who sits in the temple, who exalt himself and the beast before it…HE IS THE DECEIVER. God SENT DELUSION WHEN THAT HIGH PRIEST IS SITTING IN THE TEMPLE EXALTING…. 


The anti chirst would not say, I am the anti Christ. we must prove from his fruits. He will be accusing others of being anti christs.

And I’ll tell you what is even more of a real shocker here, is “that antichrist” rises up, not from the world, but right out of God’s

own church. So, you know that God’s very elect who fight and defend

Christ are going to know who the antichrist is, and that is truly some

almost unbelievable prophecy,}…. If “THE” antichrist is rising from God’s own church, then, should not he be the beast? Why drag EU in to this? This is ‘THE’ ANTICHRIST. Who is INSIDE God’s church and not in EU.

accusing others of being anti christs.???...Is it not  GF, himself accuse others to be antichrists…?... so Christ comes, to fight with the antichrist. And  that antichrist” rises up, not from the world, but right out of God’s own church. who is the man who accuses others of being antichrists, from God’s own church?  if we are to prove the antichrist from his fruits, as GF says, then, the three  signs he gives to prove who he is :…. 1) That man will accuse others of being antichrists, then, 2)… he is inside God’s own church. … 3)… he will not be saying I am the antichrist, but will accuse others. … therefore, who does all these three signs?....Ez 16: 52, God gives us the clue to identify ‘THE” antichrist. After everyone else fell, this one sister who accused others, who judged others DID WORSE…. THIS IS WHAT GOD SAYS…. 


There is a war going on—a war going on among God’s people. This antichrist rose up in the church. Many followed him and, of

course, those who defend Christ—that little remnant that holds on and understands about the last hour, and fights for Christ and defends Christ—is there in this war, as well, fighting for Christ. I mean, Christ doesn’t come and personally do the fighting. He does it

through His little remnant….Notice verse 22. Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ?}…. this man, the 8th beast, will be saying he is prophesying again the 6th beast’s work and profess to hold on to the truth. but he actually raises up the same confusing work of the previous beast. the Word says, Christ does come to judge and do the short work of treading down the anti christs, using the gentiles. The best way to deny Christ who is our Husband, is to commit adultery and cause others to do so too. In this writing , we have proven, that it is the PCG leader who went to “Bamah”, and committed harlotry, failing to heed the warning of a “balaam” type of a betrayal. Among many other things, this is the best way to deny Christ. By his actions, even though he is professing to be holding on to the truth and the covenant, he went after other husbands. Christ wants her to come back, repenting. But she killed those who were sent by Christ to plead. Another way to deny Christ is to fight against Him, and not to accept His coming in clouds.


This is the antichrist, he…“He” …who denies the Father and the Son.

Notice it says, “the liar” and “he.” He is a liar, and yet he’s in God’s Church—or was in God’s church}}}……(Those who know God only can deny Him. That is those who say “ I am intimate with God”. This man, denies God and Christ, by his “lies”. He caused God to leave the Sanctuary, as God cannot live in lies. Ez. 24: 21 proves, that it is GF, who failed in all three lusts and caused God to profane the Sanctuary. But he says, he is intimate with God. is not he the liar?

GF does not know;  the liar in God’s Church—or was in God’s church . If he does not know whether this man is in or was in, that means he does not know who this man is. This antichrist cannot be “WAS” in, because he should be in the temple, AT HIS COMIING, to be consumed. Also,   If he is dead, then no need to Christ to come as the purpose of His coming is to destroy this man. But, as GF wrote above, ; “ those who defend Christ—that little remnant that holds on and understands about the last hour, and fights for Christ and defends Christ”, know who this man is. They are the gentiles, who is in Rev 11: 2 and Isa. 26, Lam 1: 15, Mal 1: 11,   Isa. 56: 3- 8… the treaders. They are the ones who are writing these to expose the antichrist.  


An antichrist is somebody who fights against Christ and fights against His Work and fights against His Word and His truth, and at all the same time, and at the very same time, professing to

represent Christ. That’s why it can be such a deadly deceit.

And believe what Mr. Armstrong says about it here, and I’m telling you, I believe everything he’s saying here., “…” He wrote this in ’85, 1985. “Since last December I have been working diligently on the largest and most important book in my life. In real fact, I feel I, myself, did not write it. Rather I believe God used me in writing it. I candidly feel it may be the most important book since the Bible.” }}}}……  GF says, he believes everything HWA has written in this book. Lets suppose it is the truth. that includes, what HWA said about NOT HAVING ANY PROPHETS NOW.  If everything HWA says is correct, as GF says,  then he cannot remove the part about the prophets. Mr Tkach stopped distributing this book totally, as God Has put a stop to it as we now know. Since GF  removed, then he is against the inspired truth, as this book is supposed to contain nothing but the truth. since it is thus saith the Lord, GF has taken parts out of thus saith the Lord. In other words, Lord’s words. Only the anti Christ would do such a thing ! he profess to hold on to the truth, but does not believe the whole truth. either way, GF is caught !!! we are 100 per cent certain, this is the work of the 8th , which came out of the 7th, who raised up the 6th work. Even though GF says “I believe everything he’s saying here”, his fruits proves that he does not. !


Well, I think it is. I’ve studied it and read it numerous times, and I agree with that. The most important book since the Bible. Now, that’s either a lot of vanity, or it’s the truth. One or the other}}}     after fighting and spending millions, what did GF do? remove inspired truth… Mr Tkach believed it has doctrinal errors, but GF, condemning him, accusing him of being the man of sin, and antichrist, did worse than Mr T and removed parts out, deceitfully. Who is correct in God’s sight? Mr T publicly said that, or GF cunningly, deceitfully removed the parts ?  We cannot believe either one of them. they both denies each other. HWA denies GF being a prophet, and GF denies HWA’s written truth as he removed parts. But GF claims he totally believes HWA. Now we know HWA has not told the whole truth and neither GF, it has to be  One or the other“VANITY”….


( since GF has fought and bought HWA’s books, now the fight between the supposed antichrist ( Tkach) should be over now… now all the books are given freely, and now no one is fighting against tkach  and HWA’s work  is going to the world. So how could there be an antichrist now? According to GF, the whole truth is restored and he is prophesying again. So there is no need for Christ to come. GF successfully fought and won. If everything is restored,  why does God say, there is a man of sin in the temple? Tkach is dead, church moved to PCG. The marriage covenant was established with PCG as Ez. 16: 8 says,…. The books are being distributed… HWA’s work is restored. God is blessing PCG physically, at least we can see by their physical fruits, that they are building, having concerts, and has bought many things which HWA used and PCG has lot more than all the other churches. So why does Christ need to come saying there is a man of sin sitting in the temple? WCG is no longer the temple…, and the antichrist is dead…now no body is trying to suppress the truth…. the 7th head, ( 8th one coming from 7th) has restored everything… so why does Christ need to come? . think about this again…. “AS GF SAYS”… IF the truth is restored… the marriage covenant is being established in the PCG, everything is being corrected… then, why does “God” say, that there is a man of sin in the temple and He will send Christ to fight with Him? …


Christ is trying to destroy the wrong works of HWA, as it is from Babylon and this man, says, it is thus saith the Lord and trying to deceive the whole world with it. According to God, what is wrong here is the 8th one restoring the works of the 6th one. Or the one “IS” work is what is wrong and from Babylon…. The work of   “VANITY”.  The very work of GF, which is prophesying again, is what God wants to stop. Why does a leader in God’s church want the whole world to know about his autobiography? And why does some one wants to tell the world how they fought and bought God’s truth from his own brother?  Is that not ‘VANITY”?


Another way to look at GF’s work is;…. If he was able to fight and win ( court battle and the books) with the man of sin, why does Christ has to come NOW?  AGAIN?    With whom is He going to be at war with? There cant be an antichrist …. Because GF was able to over come the antichrist. GF claims Christ came in the Spirit and made him win the court battle from the man of sin ( who is supposed to be Tkach) He got all the works of HWA. But Christ wants to stop that…. He does not want that kind of a government in His church which causes the whole world to go astray by saying that EU is the beast and CC is the harlot… 


He sits right in the temple of God—in the church of God. …You can prove that easily from our literature. He sits in the very church of God showing himself that HE is God! And that’s how arrogant he is. He exalts himself above God. Well, obviously, he’s “that antichrist” because he acts like he’s God and he’s inside the very church of God fighting against God.}}}………

In the church of God? Who is the leader in the church of God, in the last hour, when  the last hour was revealed? Dan 11: 36 shows, that this man sits as a part of God’s wrath… this happen in the ‘LAST” one prophetic hour… as Rev 17: 10 says…. The saints who fight with him are being cast out of the church and they are witnessing against this man. They are the fighters of Christ… who is arrogant? Ez. 24: 21- 23 .


signs and lying wonders…..

whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, See, a man. A wicked man is used by the Devil, and he shows lying wonders because he is “the liar,” and God allows it all to happen to test God’s people, of all things—to test if they really love God’s truth. God does do those things, yet some people don’t believe He would do that, but he does. All you have to do is study your Bible to know that. God’s own people actually believe the Devil. His own people. His own church.}…God allowed satan to inspire the leaders in God’s church only in the last end, many years after WCG and other churches fell. Actually, this should happen, when the ten horns and the 8th one is at work, raising the ruins of the 6th. And that is right now. He is the one who  does signs  and lying wonders, as Rev 13 : 13 -14… doing signs by making an image to the beast before him, who had the wound , and causing it to live again.  I am raising up HWA’s ruins is the number one lying wonder according to God !!!


The Anchor Bible states, Thus it is perfectly possible that ‘the antichrist,’ ‘the liar,’ and ‘the iniquitous one’ [or the lawless one], were current titles for the anticipated opponent of the last


This anti Christ is the leader in God’s church and he should have the law, to break the law. WCG and other churches broke the Law years before the last hour. fruits prove that it is PCG , the true church  who ‘judged’ others but became worst as Ez. 16: 52 says. He is the leader and the leader is supposed to give the law to the people. in other words he should be the law giver…. According to God’s Word in Ez 16, when God married and entered in to a covenant with PCG as v 8 says, she only was fed by God and He took others and allowed them to be taken captive by the devil, while PCG was judging others. Judging others means they were sinning already. Then, God took them as He saw fit or as they rebelled, God allowed them to fall. Then, the only church left in the last hour, after finishing judging is the PCG. She is God’s  church at the last hour. and she only could fall in the last hour.


Suppose if Hitler ( or one like him )  would come out of underground , could he cause God’s people’s names to be not written in the book of life? Would they be serving Hitler, or in the EU to come out of as God says? The names will not be written, only if you sin and break the covenant. Or by breaking the covenant deny God and Christ. Hitler or any one in EU or CC cannot cause God’s true followers names to be blotted out, or to worship a beast, according to the Word.


RV-May/June 2006 Gerald Flurry wrote—page 5—-“the Philadelphia Church of God continues the Elijah work until Christ returns.}.. God wants His wife to be ready.  But this leader is doing the Elijah work which is the work of Babylon, as we have proven from God’s own words. He is continuing the work of the 6th.  So we know who the beast it. Since he removed some parts out…  he is not telling the whole truth. !

Matt.24:4 - And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.

For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect}…. You see, these “FALSE” prophets, show ‘GREAT SIGNS” and ‘WONDERS”. (Rev 13: 13…, 16: 14, )” and even ‘FIRE” come down from heaven….


V 14 says, … And it deceives those dwelling on the earth, because of the signs which were given to it to do before the beast, saying to those dwelling on the earth to make an image to the beast who has the wound of the sword, and lived. } The ‘SIGNS   he does for and about the first beast…. and they are to deceive. One of these is the court case, which he bought and said “God” gave him the victory. And raising the ruins and causing all to look up to the first beast to enter the kingdom, Saying “HWA is the ‘chariot which will take us to the kingdom”, and he is our “spiritual father” and naming everything after him, catching the mantle etc… and even more…. As we have written and proven, one requirement to get baptized is to read and accept MOA and HWA as Elijah. That means, we cannot get baptized, if we refuse to accept HWA.  Does that mean we cannot enter the kingdom? 

Mt 20:12  "saying, ‘These last men have worked only one hour, and you made them equal to us who have borne the burden and the heat of the day….} You see, the last ones will be the first. Many will come from east and west and sit in the kingdom… they have not worked with God during the day, but only in the ‘LAST HOUR”, before the reward is given. That is God’s way….Christ will not say such prophecies, if it will not be fulfilled. 

Mat 20:15  Or is it not lawful for me to do what I desire with my things? Or is your eye evil because I am good? }…Their eyes are evil, or blind to see how GOOD AND MERCIFUL our FATHER IS! And He is the God of the whole world, including the gentiles, the vessels of Mercy.


 We simply do not have time to write everything about how the last beast is raising the ruins of the first. Remember, these false prophets  who deceive the elect…are among the elect. Not in EU or cc. these beasts reject the Father…..


from ‘prophesying again” book;..Spiritually, sodomy rejects the Father as Head over the God Family. Spiritually, it destroys God's Family plan. Generally, the people who commit this sin have no concept of how evil it really is. }  … . Who committed spiritual sodomy in the end time, if not himself?….. You see, ….PCG’s harlotry has rejected God the Father…. That denies Christ also. PCG DENIED HER FATHER AND THE HUSBAND ! The ‘LIAR” as we saw, is he who denies the Father and the Son. GF wrote “today Laodiceans invite the world and commit adultery… “  we witness against PCG, which brought the world in to God’s “SANCTUARY”. This is what caused God to profane or desolate the whole world. That is when God judged everyone as ‘beasts’ that has no understanding. Not only GF did so, but covered up the whole thing instead of repenting and took the side of the RD which caused it and misjudged the poor and murdered the poor who opposed it. Could there be any worse beasts in EU or CC ? Could they deny God the Father and commit spiritual sodomy? “Generally, the people who commit this sin have no concept of how evil it really is.” They have no understanding. This is why God calls them ‘BEASTS”.


GF wrote in “Prophesying again” ….

Revelation 10:11 leads right into chapter 11, which dis­cusses the Church “split” in the context of the TIMES OF THE GENTILES}… The gentile witnesses who will do the treading work during the times of the gentiles, which is the “Day of The Lord”, ( Ez. 30: 3 ) , is the same duration as these beasts of Rev 13 and 17 are given. One hour, or 42 months, or time, times and half, or 1260 days. That shows, Christ is working with the gentiles to fight against the beasts, who are in God’s church.


Eph 4:18  Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart.

Lam 2:2  The Lord hath swallowed up all the habitations of Jacob, and hath not pitied: he hath thrown down in his wrath the strong holds of the daughter of Judah; he hath brought them down to the ground: he hath polluted the kingdom and the princes thereof.

Lam 2:3  He hath cut off in his fierce anger “all the horn of Israel. }….does God say, there is one group or one horn is left in Israel who worship Him? Not even one…. But who believes God? They like to believe the beasts… only a very few believe Him. Ps 73: 27


Luk 10:20  Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.  }v 18 begins with the time satan fell from heaven. At that time, “IN THAT SAME HOUR”, when this is to be fulfilled, Christ rejoiced and thanked God, for hiding these things from the wise and revealing them to babes.  This prophecy should be fulfilled, when the wisdom of the wise perishes, which is now. This mean, the babes, the little children are the ones who will have their names written in the book of life and not any wise men in Israel. Remember all the horns are broken?  (we have proven who are the little children according to God’s Word).  Christ Has given power to His followers the power over to tread on serpents and scorpions. (Scorpions are the house of Israel,  Ez. 2. and serpents are the creeping ministers )  But Christ says, do not rejoice when the spirits are subject unto them, but because the names are written in heaven. V 21… at that time, when this is to be fulfilled  the last will be the first and they will have the same reward. Christ is making the evil spirits to be subject un to the true followers.


Deut 29: 18-20 says, those who go after other gods, will have their names blotted out from under heavens. Since PCG has gone after other gods, their names will not be written in the book of life… God’s anger will smoke…. This is why the harlot is smoking.


Joh 9: 39… Christ came for   judgment, and He will make the ones who see to not to see or make them blind. The wisdom of the wise shall perish in the judgment, as they stumbled.  and those whose eyes are not opened , He will cause them to see. V 41 says, the leaders are sinning because they say,we see… , we have it all, we have all the revelation”, but they lie, and still sin. Those who are blind, have no sin. Only those who say, we have it all only could sin.


Jer 17: 13 says, those who depart from the fountain of living waters, will have their names written in the earth. These are the people who are in the bottomless pit, and are the beasts who come out of it and who were cast down with the devil to the earth. 

Luk 10:20 and Jer 17: 13 shows, those who are in the BP will have their names written in earth, while those who over come will have their names written in heaven… as we have proven, when we come to the time for the book of revelation to be fulfilled, the heaven and earth are divided. Those who were in heaven were cast down to earth and those who over came are in heaven.


Luk 2: 32-34… when Christ is being a light to the gentiles, at the same time as v 4 says, many in Israel will fall and rise… Is 8: 14- 15,  ( this is why Christ said, many will be offended in this night for My sake.. because they could not understand, that Christ came to save the gentiles too or being a light to them ) Because their fall caused the salvation of the gentiles… we now experience the fall of Israel, as the gentiles are called to salvation, through faith as Gal 2 :1 6 and Jam 2: 5 .)     Rom 11: 26 says, they all will be saved finally. 


Rev 13: 2 explains the characters of these beasts. Leopard is cunning and deceitful, as the ministers in the end time are found by God, \

     Bear:…these leaders are like bears, lying in wait to kill the innocent by deceiving the people as Eph 4: 14.


Rev 13;….

Rev 13: 3 was explained in part 5, and ‘all the ‘EARTH” wondered after the beast. the earth at this time mean, those who have forsaken the fountain, which is God, as written above.

V 4… people submit to these leaders thinking, they cannot fight with them ( those who shrug off even after seeing the evil works ) and just submits to them. Only a few who would question their authority and will be spiritually murdered or beheaded for the Word.

V 5.-6 .Blasphemy… as Rev 17  beast. and it was given further authority to act for 42 months. At that time, it blasphemy God, His name, tabernacle and those in heaven… ( at this time, as we proved earlier, those who are in heaven , are the ones who are fighting with these beasts, and those who did not worship it and who were beheaded. Or those who overcame and have their names written in heaven…

Blasphemy;… the man of sin blaspheming against God, making himself being equal with God. 2 The 2: 4. Rev 13 and 17 beasts also blaspheming. They are one and the same. EU does not make themselves equal with God.

GF wrote in RV May/ June 2007, pg 1…. “Christ asked what motivated their violent attitude toward Him, they said He had committed BLASPHEMY., because, that thou, being  a man and you’re making yourself God….that was blasphemy to them.”…we see that is just what this man of sin is doing also. Being equal with God… that is the Rev 13 and 17 beasts also do. They are full of blasphemy.   

V 7… it has authority over all nations tongues and tribes… as Rev 17: 3, 15 explains, they are the many waters… scattered members.

V 10… patience… we have proven from the Word of God, what it means to have patience…. We will be tested by our own leaders who are evil, whether we obey them or God.


V 11- 18 …. This beast comes out of the earth…    Now, the last 7th head… when those who rebelled were cast down to the earth. This beast is the one who cause the earth to worship the first beast, who’s deadly wound was healed. This beast, is alive at Christ’s coming and the last beast. he makes fire, the Word of God, comes down in the sight of men, to deceive….He is the one who says, ‘WE HAVE IT ALL, WE ARE GIVEN ALL THE REVELATION !”  In part 5 we proved from the Word, that it is God who deceives the false prophets. This is the man of sin, who is also the liar. There is no truth in him and he is  son of the devil;. Now his main deceitful thing is, he wants others to make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live…. Raising the ruins, healing the wound, he wants the first beast’s image to be worshiped. In part 5 we wrote how he causes this.


The Ten Horns:…


The ten horns, are given authority as kings as we have written above, to desolate the church. These are the ten ‘REGIONAL DIRECTORS” in all the world, who carries out the instructions of their leader, to have absolute authority over God’s people. Next writing, we will prove how they destroy God’s people…


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 Gentile assembly