Mysteries Pt 12 -  revealed to Gentiles.



Many mysteries were revealed by JESUS CHRIST, directly to Apostle Paul. He wrote them to Gentiles; to be revealed, when CHRIST  comes as a thief, or when He appears.( 2 Ti 1:9-11). All his letters were written AFTER CHRIST  sent him away from Jews who did not hear. CHRIST our LORD , will “judge” and “establish the “Gentiles” ; according to HIS  gospel, ( Rom 2: 16,  16: 25). A time of blindness to Israel also prophesied to happen. Has that being fulfilled so far ? Would not CHRIST  judge the leaders who spiritually killed His true followers? Would not GOD VISIT sins of the people as HE PROMISED ? would Israel know her judgments?    


We have proven in our writings that the Gentiles are the poor and were oppressed by the rich, self righteous Laodiceans  . But GOD Has planned to glorify the Gentiles, WHEN HE IS JUDGING His own people; who never obeyed Him, and spiritually killed those who stood up for GOD’s rights ,  during the "Day of Judgment", which is now, which also is the "Times of Gentiles". GOD wants all to be equal. There should be no difference between Jews or Gentiles. GOD was using the Jews all these years, but during the "Day of The Lord" , He uses the Gentiles…, but during that time, the Jews are blinded and until GOD heals them, and open their minds, they will not see that CHRIST  Has come in the flesh of the Gentiles…


But the blinded Jews would not believe Him. Nevertheless, they will have to bring in the poor whom they rejected, if they want to be healed. CHRIST  prepared the Gentiles, for this special purpose of bringing the Jews back from Egypt, the second time. They will have to learn these mysteries from the Gentiles, as they only are revealed as CHRIST  Has now appeared as 2 Ti 1: 10 says.


Chief apostle should be Apostle Paul

CHRIST  did not appoint any one to be a chief apostle. But if one thinks that Apostle Peter  is the chief apostle, they should re- read the Word and prove. We should commend our “Apostle”, for Gentiles who is “Apostle Paul” , as he was specially trained to give the mysteries to the world , even to angels as we proved, THROUGH THE Gentiles…Besides he knew his work brings fruits. Because he was given to preach the ‘Gospel of Grace’ which saves all humanity.   How he received these mysteries, even in visions or in person when he went to the third heaven, he , himself does not know. Any one who thinks Apostle Peter  is the chief apostle, should reconsider their teachings whether they are right. We commend our apostle… as he requested us to do so and we proved that he magnified his office because his work was a special work. He was prepared for this work by CHRIST our LORD , directly in a desert as proven. He did not write these mysteries to Jews and never meant for them to understand them. he even taught Apostle Peter , Apostle James and Apostle John privately. The mysteries are to be revealed, ‘WHEN Israel IS BLINDED”, or when they were made to become fools and when the foolish nation is to become wise. All these  mysteries should be revealed after the Laodicean era or when the seventh angel sounds and when the wonderful , strange and foreign work of GOD is on the earth as now.


2 Cor 12: 11 for I ought to have been commended of you: for in nothing am I behind the very chiefest apostles, though I be nothing.

2Co 12:12  Truly the signs of an apostle were wrought among you in all patience, in signs, and wonders, and mighty deeds.


 We must commend him as he lacked nothing of the highest apostles, even though he considers he is no body. Also, signs and wonders and the works of power were done in us… while there is a man of sin who does a work of error in the Laodicean church. GOD’s work for the Gentiles, was different from Israel, and also our apostles. They have a destructive work, but we have works of power… and CHRIST  is in us, and we have His mind. All these mysteries are to be revealed during the days of vengeance, which is now. It is also the acceptable year of the LORD, to open the blind eyes.


2 Cor 11: 5- 7 … Apostle Paul is not inferior to others…and he had knowledge and revealed them to us, so that we might be exalted… and he laboured more than other apostles because of grace of GOD… ( 1 Cor 15: 9-1 0) . Looks like we should say Apostle Paul is the chief apostle !!!  In the end, he magnified his office as he saw, his work will bear fruits…


They say Apostle Peter  was the chief apostle, but CHRIST  taught everything to Apostle Paul… Apostle Peter  wrote only two letters, but even those two he wrote to “Gentiles… and not to Israel… the work to be done in Israel, is not written in the New Testament, except their failure and how grace is given to Gentiles first and then they too will be saved by grace. Apostle Peter ’s second letter which he wrote, GF said, it is to inside PCG and we thought so too. But in 2 pet 3: 1 . It says, …“I now write to you this second epistle”…that means both are written to same people, who are the Gentiles.In his two letters, he agrees with what Apostle Paul taught about the Gentiles… and he knew how all will be saved finally. He even admitted that what Apostle Paul wrote is difficult to understand. Apostle Peter  even denied Gentiles in Galatians and Apostle Paul had to rebuke him. Now, the Gentiles have to rebuke Apostle Peter ’s followers as they too have done the  same sin.  


We are established and judged by Apostle  Paul’s gospel as proven. then, if there is a chief apostle, it should be Apostle Paul. But the scripture does not say that. it says Apostle Peter  was chosen to Jews and Apostle Paul was chosen to Gentiles. Apostle Peter  preached repentance and the need to believe to Jews, while Apostle Paul preached the Gospel of Grace, which is to be preached during the judgments as Rev 14: 6 says. so now, it is Apostle Paul’s

Gospel is what needs to be preached as it saves all.  


Eze 22:29  The people of the land have used oppression and practiced robbery. And they troubled the poor and the needy, and they have oppressed the stranger without justice. }…Book of Apostle James wrote the fulfillment. ( Jam 2) 


Eze 22:30  And I sought among them a man to wall up a wall and stand in the breach before Me for the land, that I should not destroy it, but I found none.}}} Next verse says, this is why GOD POURED HIS WRATH WITH FIRE… TO RECOMPENSE THEIR SINS ON THEM.  In last writing, we proved how the rich Jews oppressed the poor and in turn GOD gave the kingdom to the poor. that is how GOD recompensed their sins.  You see,.. according to GOD’s own words, He cannot find a single man, who could stand for Him “ IN Israel” so that He does not have to DESTROY THE LAND. Of course, we know how GOD measures a man, …to be a man or a beast.( 1 King 2: 2- 3). Since no one obeys GOD or keeps commandments He found Gentiles to be faithful and He destroyed the whole land, making it dark and the people blind. His footstool became His enemy, AND TAKEN CAPTIVE , only for a season, but the appointed time has come to redeem them. The Jews have the commandments of men, the traditions of the fathers, instead of GOD’s. Gentiles did not have such traditions or beliefs therefore, it was easy for GOD to teach them. Besides they are humble and are teachable. That is why they are called ‘little children” . As CHRIST our LORD  said, ‘UNLESS YOU BECOME AS A LITTLE CHILD”, you have no part in the kingdom. it is the little one, who will become a thousand, when the acceptable year comes. ( Is 60: 21-22) .


GOD commanded Israel to not to oppress the stranger or the poor, back in Exo 22: 21- 23. But until the end came as Eze 7: 2- 27  says, Israel have been disobeying GOD and it is  Ezekiel, is he who oppressed them for the last time. But GOD wants the leaders who oppressed the poor to bring them back… if they want to be saved.


Isa 58:6  Is this not the fast I have chosen: to open bands of wickedness, to undo thongs of the yoke, and to send out the oppressed ones free; even that you pull off every yoke?

Isa 58:7  Is it not to break your bread to the hungry, that you should bring the wandering poor home? When will you see the naked and cover him, and you will not hide yourself from your flesh? }}}… Mat 25: 43, CHRIST  said, “I was a stranger, you did not take Me in, naked, and you did not clothe Me…”… He comes as a “stranger” … Now, all these were fulfilled. When the man from east was sent by JESUS CHRIST to PCG leader with His judgments, ( Please read: Man from east in our web site ; ) he did not give a cup of water even. Just as CHRIST  said, if you give a cup of water to a little one,… you did it in My Name. ( Mat 10: 42) but GF failed to see that it is CHRIST  is who came as the stranger….instead of clothing, he pulled the clothes (spiritual) off from the men in east. Would GOD be pleased with His high priest’s behavior???  Is that how GOD Has commanded a leader to execute justice and mercy and work by faith ? Isnt this why, the last high priest is condemned by GOD saying he has a filthy turban??? Would not the day comes to VISIT THE INIQUITY AS GOD HAS PROMISED ??? When did GOD’s promises fail ???


When king David  sinned, GOD sent a prophet, to say that he has killed the ewe of a poor man… we all know the story. Same way, GF, who is the leader or the king in the church also killed the poor man’s ewe… now, as king David  publicly repented, GF too will have to repent openly and bring the wandering poor back, if he wants to be healed.


Isa 58:8  Then your light shall break as the dawn, and your healing shall spring up quickly; and your righteousness shall go before you; the glory of Jehovah shall gather you.

Isa 58:9  Then you shall call, and Jehovah will answer; you shall cry, and He shall say, Here I }}}….there is no other way for Israel to be saved, to have light and healing, unless they obey GOD. If they obey GOD, they should strive to have the same character as GOD… that is to have mercy on all , proper justice to all and judgment without partiality.


If you need light, or revelation, and healing for your blindness, and want to be righteous, like  the Gentiles as CHRIST our LORD Has made us, and if you want glory of CHRIST our LORD, you should bring the wandering poor home… the poor whom you oppressed… as it is the end time Ezekiel who oppressed the poor, he has to bring them back. But as we proved GF failed to give even a cup of water … therefore, CHRIST  came with a sword in His mouth to smite them. Exo 22: 21 - 24. GOD says, “I will kill you with the sword”… and Eze 24: 21- 23 proves, all will fall by the sword because of Ezekiel’s failure and that includes, his wife’s strokes as well.  Did not GOD strike his wife in 2003 December, the same week GF pulled the spiritual clothing from GOD’s people in the east ??? This is the beginning of GOD’s judgments…


We proved in our last writing, that CHRIST  came with a sword in His mouth and killed all Israel… that is PCG leaders. So it is them only, who will have to bring the wandering poor whom they oppressed. Then only their light shall break as the dawn, and they will be healed.


Apostle James wrote the fulfillment of  Ezekiel’s prophecy of unjust judgment on the poor. The poor who are rich in faith, have to be called as he wrote. They have to pray over the rich , for them to be made well. We, the Gentiles  are taught  to love our enemies and give them bread, so their hearts will melt as proven. ( Rom 12: 20) so, GF, has to call the poor strangers, whom he chased away, and get bread from them now,  as the word says.


Those who oppressed the poor, has to be the high priest or the leader in GOD’s church. Because, if a member did that, it would not be written in the Word. Besides, GOD will handle such a person individually. Only when the leader sins , GOD deals personally and requires him to repent PUBLICLY AND OPENLY . In this case also it is the leader , who will have to call the poor whom he misjudged.


Once the rich realizes when GOD opens their minds, that CHRIST  is with the Gentiles and they are dead spiritually, and not getting any revelation, and are blind and in darkness, they will want to call the poor. That day is not far away, as our times of judgment is coming to an end. Anyhow, according to the Word , they will have to call us as  GOD says “Then”… you shall call, and Jehovah will answer; you shall cry, and He shall say, Here I”.  “Then” …is AFTER the poor were misjudged. If they want GOD to come back to them, as Apostle James says, they should call us to pray over.


All things happened in the first century is happening now as well.

When CHRIST  was born, the Jews were in Judea, and Israel  were in Europe, scattered. But, GOD caused the angel to announce His birth to men in the ‘East”…That means His birth was announced, BY GOD, to “Gentiles”.  But He is to be the King of the “Jews”. Why did GOD cause the birth of the king of the “Jews”  to be announced in the “East”?  Then it is the kings of the “east”, who brought gifts to the king of the “Jews”… Psa 72: 10. These men are called ‘WISE” men. But the wise are only in the church, and the wisdom is to “know GOD in the fear” of GOD… but now, Israel do not fear GOD.. the ones who feared separated from the proud leaders in Mal 3: 15- 18. and GOD accept the offerings of the wise men in the east as Mal 1: 11…. This is why the Gentiles have the knowledge,… as they fear… ( Pro 1: 6- 7) Then, as we proved, as CHRIST  said, His own did not receive Him, and He said, even after His resurrection, that He will go before others in to Galilee, and that is of Gentiles. He even had an appointed MOUNTAIN in Galilee which they met…and in the night He prayed to GOD ( Luke 6: 12, 21: 37 ) The mount of Olives, is in the east… as we have proven.


Mal 3: 5… They oppressed the poor, the widows and held back their wages… and turned the strangers… and it is fulfilled in jam 5: 4… “Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth”….( sabaoth in 4519 strong’s mean “ LORD of the armies of Israel  as those who are under the leadership and protection of Jehovah maintain his cause in war” ) … LORD, JESUS CHRIST, is our LORD as well. We did not reject Him. We obeyed and believed unlike the unbelieving Jews who call on His name but are lying. He is the LORD of the armies of Israel…. that is us, who are fighting with CHRIST  as proven. it is the Gentiles, who are given His sword as proven when He came to judge.  We are under the protection and leadership of our GOD, and the Jews are under their leaders. They are beasts and they fear the leaders and not GOD.


GOD’s Word says, that He defend the poor and the fatherless who cry to Him and He warned the ministry about this in Malachi. But the real culprit always blame others and not himself. We openly expose and say boldly, that it is GF who did this crime against GOD’s poor who are being protected by GOD, Himself… GOD loves the widows as they have to cry out to GOD and depend and trust GOD … 1 Ti 5: 5. Because of  Ezekiel’s and Zion’s failure, GOD says, He will cause the Zion to be a widow… ( Exo 22: 24 ,   Is 54: 7-8, Jer 18: 21 ), so she can cry out to GOD the same way, we have been crying day and night…

( Lamentations 2: 18- 19 ).



Luke 18: 7 CHRIST  said, GOD will avenge His own elect, who cry out day and night… and GOD Has heard their cry and that is why they are with CHRIST  working day and night… Rev 7: 15 . We know that the judgments in revelation, are a time to build up Zion while judging and giving her the true knowledge. The watchmen will not hold their peach day nor night, till He establishes Jerusalem. ( Is 62: 6-7) At that time, it is the Gentiles who are bringing the bread or the light as proven, and this is why GOD says ;….  


Isa 60:11  Therefore thy gates shall be open continually; they shall not be shut day nor night; that men may bring unto thee the forces of the Gentiles, and that their kings may be brought}}}….V 9 – 10…. It is the time the ships of tarshish is bringing the sons from a far… to glorify Israel… and v 10… the sons of the strangers shall build up thy walls… ( also Isa. 61: 5, Zech 6: 15) at time they will minister…as GOD’s wrath is in her. This is the time, GOD reveals all the mysteries, to wipe out the error and teach the truth, so those who failed to worship GOD in Spirit and in truth could worship Him in Spirit and in truth. The truth shall set you free from bondage of the beast and the devil…


Is 60: 9…., they will bring silver and gold.. even the first time, they brought gifts to CHRIST  as we proved in Psa 72:10….these gifts were brought by the kings of the east, to the king of the Jews…


Not only that, when Ezekiel sinned in the east gate, GOD  came to the east side… and when the new temple is being made now, also He would be in the East as Eze 43- 44 says. Also CHRIST  said, the clouds which He comes also come from ‘east’. ( Mat 24: 27) The Antiochus also did his evil deed to kill all spiritual Israel, in the east. And it is those who are in the east only Has CHRIST  in them, fulfilling all these. Thos who are in the east, once again, as the first time when He was born came, now also coming bringing their gold and silver…. Even king Solomon brought gold and other building materials such as precious gems from east as proven to build the temple. Now, all these happen spiritually. These have been mysteries all along till now. GOD WANTS A SPIRITUAL TEMPLE NOW AND NOT A PHYSICAL TEMPLE AS THE Laodiceans ARE BUILDING.  


Isa 60 says, the kings of tarshish, that is east, will bring the sons and daughters from a far… (This is what is happening now ) . all these are mysteries to us as well until now. What Apostle Paul wrote, now only, in this Laodicean era , are being revealed, as CHRIST  Has come to His body. !  The spiritual salvation of the Gentiles were prophesied by the Law and the prophets … the prophets and even the angels, have to know these mysteries through the gentile assembly as proven.


One must receive the Law from GOD’s mouth and words from Him, in the heart. ( Job 22: 22)… He wants your heart and your eyes to observe His ways. ( Prophecy 23: 26). Unless you return to GOD, you shall not be built up. Also unless you put injustice far from you… ( Job 22: 23). If you do so, then you shall lay gold on the dust ( as Zion is in dust now ) as the stones of Ophir… ( that is where tarshish is. ) v 24. Then, the Almighty shall be your gold and silver… and a tower to you. V 25. Then GOD will hear your prayers… and light shall shine on you… v 26- 28. Now, GOD is sending that gold from Ophir, from tarshish as above and we are to be a light to Israel…, all proven from the Word. Also, we are to pray over you, as we are made a house of prayer.


What Apostle Paul wrote, not even Apostle Peter  could understand … as we proved. It was not meant for any one to understand until now. Not even the judgments, as they are unsearchable… all those who caused the sheep to fear them instead of GOD saying ‘unless you stay in the church’…, unless you obey the ministry,…. unless you have faith to go to the place of safety… you cannot enter eternal life… CHRIST  said about such leaders,…” you will not enter nor you will allow others to enter…”.


All mysteries about “judgments” are given to “Gentiles”, as the book of revelation which is about judgments is written to them. But all the mysteries are to end, when the 7th era is present and all things are to be fulfilled, in the days of vengeance. If the vengeance is taken from Zion, and spiritual Israel, then we know that CHRIST  cannot be revealing anything to them.   At that time, CHRIST  is outside and is not working with the Jews, therefore, GOD will not reveal any of the mysteries to them .


First , we wrote about the ‘Mysterious harlot”. GOD revealed about her only when her judgment came.


Then, the ‘beasts’… that too was revealed during the judgments, and that is to expose the real works of the leaders of GOD’s church and how they caused the whole church to go after other gods and  that caused GOD to leave them and withdraw Holy Spirit. Then they became blind and that is how they are called the beasts… because they do not understand as they do not have the Holy Spirit…


The following mysteries were revealed to Gentiles , by CHRIST , through Apostle Paul. …


Israel’s blindness

CHRIST our LORD , prepared the Gentiles, for the day of Judgment . Israel’s blindness is a part of judgment as we proved. Israel would not know that they are blind. Their judgments, the Gentiles will see. This includes their blindness or not having the Spirit…. During the "Times of Gentiles", they are to be blind.  but later to be saved…


Rom 11:25  For I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery, brothers, so that you may not be wise within yourselves, that hardness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the nations comes in;

Rom 11:26  and so all Israel will be saved, even as it has been written, "The Deliverer will come out of Zion, and He will turn away ungodliness from Jacob.

Rom 11:27  And this is My covenant with them, when I take away their sins." …}}}…How can CHRIST  make a covenant with the blind, who have rejected Him WITHOUT FIRST TEACHING THEM THE TRUTH AND REVEALING HIMSELF TO THEM ???  .. In this chapter, Apostle Paul was teaching about the blindness of Israel. This blindness happened, during the times of Gentiles, when the foolish became wise. This is their judgment. It is the church who are wise according to GOD’s Word, and it is their wisdom only perishes at this time. Also, this is the time Dan 9 talks about, to end the transgressions, Israel were blinded  and sent to Babylon to be confused for seventy years, to stop their mouths as we proved. All who were under the Law, had to go through judgment. GOD knew they all will be saved, as Gentiles, are saved first. During this time, GOD will change their hearts and take away the sins, after giving the full knowledge, through the light of the Gentiles, as CHRIST  is in the Gentiles , giving them the light. All the inhabitants will learn the truth about GOD and they will know Him and will exalt Him only. All the judgments of GOD are righteous. In this way, no flesh will glory themselves but will give glory to GOD. 


After the judgments, Israel will be brought back…

Is 44: 21--- Israel and Jacob should remember GOD… v 22 … He Has blotted out your transgressions like a thick cloud… and as a cloud, thy sins… and He says to return unto Him, for He Has redeemed thee… Num 14: 14 says, people knew God was among the people, because His ‘CLOUD” and “fire” stood over… now, this is the night, and there is fire, and also the ‘cloud’. So we know that God is among His people, purifying to bring them to birth. Even this time, as v 19 says, the forgiveness for iniquity was needed. And God said in v 31… the little ones will be brought … the little ones, we have proven that are the gentiles and now we see already they are being brought to God’s land…


Isa 44:22  I have blotted out your transgressions like a thick cloud; and your sins like a cloud. Return to Me, for I have redeemed you. }}}… If Israel can be saved by keeping the Law, why does GOD find them to be transgressors ?? And if they have not gone away from GOD, why does He ask them to return to Him ????

Isa 44:23  Sing, O heavens, for Jehovah has done it. Shout, O lower parts of the earth; burst forth into praise, O mountains. O forest and every tree in it, sing praise, because Jehovah has redeemed Jacob, and He glorifies Himself in Israel….}}}}…. GOD, at this time when He saved Gentiles by His ‘GRACE”, Has already saved Israel. He appointed the Gentiles to bring light to Israel, to cause them to reconcile them to Him and not to kill them in a lake of fire.  ( even though after repentance and washing of the water, Spirit and blood and fire, which is still going on )  and GOD Has redeemed… that is by CHRIST ’s blood. Finally, they would have to accept the blood sacrifice when the truth is revealed. Has GOD so far done it ???


It is those who are in the south or lower parts will have to sing when Zion is brought back… It is the Gentiles, who will see how they are redeemed. GOD GLORIFIES HIMSELF IN Israel…. this is now, as the judgments are now coming to an end, GOD will be glorified in Israel, after they are redeemed… one can only glorify GOD, when they come to know the true GOD.  and to know Him, the truth has to be known. We proved that only in the judgment one can know the truth as CHRIST  came to witness to the truth and the elect lady is doing that now. If the truth is known in the judgment only,  then only one could give glory to GOD.


Is 60: 21 – 22… all will become righteous,…. the ‘Branch”…, ( we have proven that the ‘branch’ is CHRIST  and those who are faithfully working with Him ), so that GOD may be glorified. It begins with little one. This is why CHRIST  said, the kingdom is like a mustard seed.. very little, but now, the mustard seed will grow big… in to a thousand… now, GOD will hasten it as all things are finished.


Is 61: is the “acceptable year of the LORD. …During this time, GOD will remove sins and will accept all because of His grace. The acceptable year of the LORD, is the ‘DAY OF JUDGMENT  VENGEANCE”… as v 2. This day, too has to be fulfilled, if we want to glorify GOD, and to be redeemed. This is the appointed time, to redeem Israel. CHRIST  said, during this day, ALL THINGS WILL BE FULFILLED !


Has judgments fulfilled ??? the antichrists revealed ? The beast conquered??? The harlot was plagued ??? the man of sin consumed ??? All these are now fulfilled, but as GOD said, their own judgments, they do not know… how unsearchable are His judgments ??? There is no literal lake of fire, no physical tribulation… for GOD’s people, but GOD’s mercy and grace ! Is 60: 10 says, GOD pitied Israel in His favor. 


Paul wrote to the Philippian gentiles ; let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ. ( Phl 2: 5)… they have always obeyed… (v12), for it is God, who working in them…(v 13), they are to be in the midst of a crooked generation ( that is the wicked leaders, who are prophesied to come in our time when there is darkness,) and they are to shine as  luminaries in the world… this is the world where the wicked Jews are. It is these gentiles, who would bring light as the luminaries…. . These Gentiles, are to be lights to those who are in the world, ( Jewish world as proven)


Rom 16:24  The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

Rom 16:25  Now to Him who is able to establish you according to my gospel, and the proclaiming of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery having been kept unvoiced during eternal times,

Rom 16:26  but now has been made plain, and by prophetic Scriptures, according to the commandment of the everlasting God, made known for obedience of faith to all the nations;


Rom 16:27  to the only wise God through Jesus Christ, to whom be the glory forever….}}}….This is another mystery which the Gentiles were taught. This is about the ‘GRACE” of CHRIST our LORD …. Apostle Paul says, the Gentiles will be established according to “Apostle Paul’s gospel. We proved that what he preached was about saving everyone through the grace of CHRIST our LORD …. He proclaimed JESUS CHRIST… ‘ACORDING TO THE REVEALTION OF MYSTERY…., HAVING KEPT HIDDEN TILL NOW, when the “EVERLASTING FATHER” or (as Isa. 9: 6 says,) CHRIST  comes… the deliverer as above, now Has come to Zion, to save them by ‘grace’… did anyone in the true church preach ‘that we are saved by CHRIST ’s grace”??? No, we proved they did not believe Him, but the Gentiles, believed as GOD purposed it to happen to give them light, through Christ… as Isa. 42 and Luke 2: 32 says. The everlasting GOD, that is CHRIST  as we proved, made known, for “OBEDIENCE OF FAITH ( v 26)  TO ALL GENTILES”….and not to Israel… because, the Gentiles, obeyed… don’t we witness against Israel, of their failure which happened in the last end???  the first apostles also stumbled in the ‘NIGHT”, and now also the same. Did not Apostle Peter , the chief apostle of Israel  denied CHRIST  ??? All were not  scattered??? Apostle James proves that all were scattered now as well.  


Have not we proven that Israel is blind now and even to their own judgments, as they are unsearchable to them ????



THE WISDOM OF GOD; “Corinthians” ( 1 Cor 2: 7, ) 


CHRIST   was filled with wisdom as He Had grace of GOD and He was strong in Spirit .. Luke 2: 40 To receive the wisdom of GOD, one should receive GOD’s grace and Holy Spirit, which the Gentiles have,  as proven. 


Zion, because of her wisdom perverted her ways, just as satan did. Is 47: 10… this is when GOD gave His inheritance to Babylon as v 6. They became wise on their own eyes and became unfruitful. Then, CHRIST our LORD , preached to “Gentiles”, about the “wisdom of GOD”… this should come when the wisdom of the wise has perished, as the truth is known only in the judgment and it is revealed to ‘babes’, who are the Gentiles. That is when the real power of GOD has to be made known.


1 cor 2 V 1 … the testimony of GOD, is declared to Gentiles.

V 4… this wisdom is from the Spirit of GOD, and with power. This is the time the man of sin works his work of error and when the real power is to be make known to all…

V 7.. “ wisdom  of GOD” is a mystery, hidden till our times, as it says, ordained before the world un to  “OUR” glory. That means it is hidden, to bring glory to Gentiles, who would know the wisdom of GOD, … v 8 says, non of the rulers have known.


1Co 2:9  according as it has been written, "Eye has not seen, and ear has not heard," nor has it risen up into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for those that love Him.

1Co 2:10  But God revealed them to us by His Spirit, for the Spirit searches all things, even the depths of God.


This is taken from Isa. 64… This chapter talks about when “GOD is VISITING , and we know He visits for Israel’s  iniquity as our writing ‘"Day of Visitation"  proves. One important fact is, CHRIST  visits for the iniquity in “Israel” and not “Gentiles”, as they are working with CHRIST , on this day of His Visitation. This is the time the mountains, or the churches will shake at His presence, as all their lies are being exposed. This is when GOD’s NAME shall be  known to His enemies… or the church… as v 2. One comes to know GOD, through the Word as we have proven. This is why, the truth is made known now so they can  learn everything about GOD… His UNSEARCHABLE mysteries, including the GOD Head, and that “CHRIST ” our LORD  reigns ! And His true followers, are with Him… and He is in the ‘clouds’. This happen when they are in the lake of fire…and clouds bring rain…


Isa 64:2  As when the melting fire burneth, the fire causeth the waters to boil, to make thy name known to thine adversaries, that the nations may tremble at thy presence! …}}}… GOD’s ministers are the flame of fire and they bring fire which burns all enemies of GOD . All these happen so all can know GOD’s name. When the scripture is opened, their hearts will burn as the first century apostle’s heart burned…. GOD’s ministers are the fire… and they are the witnesses. ( Heb 1: 7). Also CHRIST ’s eyes are a flame of fire in judgment Rev 1: 14 , 2: 18,  19: 12. This prophecy has to be fulfilled…


Isa. 5: 24 says, fire burns those who have “forsaken the LORD”.

10: 17 says, it is a time for them to have the ‘LIGHT”  or the truth, and the fire burns the “briers”… the “ministers”.

Is 29: 6…, GOD is visiting, with thunder , earthquake, storm and devouring fire…,all these are coming on "Day of Judgment"…


Isa. 30: 30… fire comes when they will hear the glorious voice… ( please read: The voice in our web site ) and the work of GOD’s Hand, (Gentiles, as proven , to bring Israel back from Egypt, the second time, read: The arm of the LORD  ) and it is time for hail or hardened water to come down as the last plague is… earthquake , fire, hail to sweep away the lies.


Dan 7: 9 says, GOD cast down the thrones of the leaders and at that time, He comes down in fire… and the fiery chariot…( the coal of fire was thrown when Ezekiel was working ) 

Joe 1: 19… already burned the trees of the field… Joel 2: 2- 3 explains the time  when the thick clouds and darkness surrounds, … this is when as Eze 34 says, the shepherds are being judged and GOD’s true people are searched, by GOD, Himself. That is the dark and cloudy day which is the "Times of Gentiles"… as Eze 30: 3.


Eye has not seen, and ear has not heard,"..}}}…

CHRIST  said, He speak in parables, so that others will not know the real meaning till, the time  comes to reveal. It is the Holy Spirit which reveals all things… and it is the Gentiles, who have the Holy Spirit now, as being the firstfruits. Read the following scripture …the deep secrets of GOD are revealed only through GOD’s Spirit, to our spirits.  john 16: 13, Colos 1: 27,  and since we have CHRIST   living in us, we do not need anyone to teach us as 1 Jn 2: 27 says.


So CHRIST our LORD , is teaching us all these parables and the mysteries as He said in Mat 13: 11- --it is given unto the apostles, or now, the true followers to know the mysteries, and it is a time to take away  what ever was given if they did not bear fruits as v 12. CHRIST  says … He does not want these people to know… as they are grown fat, ( Laodiceans  ) or have become filled with physical goods, and it is time for Isaiah’s prophecy to be fulfilled…


Mat 13:14  And the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled on them, which says, "In hearing you will hear and in no way understand, and seeing you will see yet in no way perceive. ..}}}… This is to no other time, but to the Laodicean era … when they closed their eyes to the truth. GOD is not talking about  EU or the CC, but His own people. Even they hear and see, they will not know .

v 15 says, these people’s heart grown fat… when did this happen??? Only NOW, when GOD is judging them. ( Mal 3: 15) “CLOSE THEIR EYES”???, this is the Laodicean blindness. ( Is 28) This is not talking about the first century apostle’s time, but now.


Mat 13:16  But your eyes are blessed because they see; and your ears because they hear. }}}… Those who are working with CHRIST  when the blindness in Israel happen , are the ones who see and hear. This is why after Jews failed to hear, the Word is sent to Gentiles as Act 28:28


Mat 13:17  For truly I tell you that many prophets and righteous ones desired to see what you see and did not see, and to hear what you hear and did not hear…}}}…. Our eyes are blessed… as we see and understand, and we are given the FULL KNOWLEDGE as proven, which prophets, would like to know, but they could not… as we proved, as Apostles Peter  and Paul said, ( 1 Pet 1:10),  what the Gentiles, would know in this last end, or the last times  which even the angels and prophets did not know.  these mysteries are given to us as CHRIST our LORD  is teaching them personally, having come in the clouds, to reveal and to get His due glory as we proved. So this prophecy of “eyes not seeing” has to be fulfilled now and CHRIST   wanted to close the meaning from the Jews, or His own people, who live in the Laodicean era , UNTIL HE REVEALS IT TO GENTILES, so they can make it known to all others including the angels. But now, all these are being revealed. Then, CHRIST  said about the parable of the ‘sower’. As v 19 says, the evil one has come and snatched away what  was sown in their hearts… and there are four types of people are discussed in this parable. it should be fulfilled now, as this is spoken about the end of the age ( v 39) . Already the believers are judged as not receiving the Word for various reasons, the third group has  ‘become  rich, and unfruitful  now. but the last group bears fruits.


V 23 talks about those who HEARD… and understand, v 35 says, it is time to reveal the things hidden from the ‘FOUNDAITON” OF THE WORLD… and it is the Gentiles, who were predestined to be with CHRIST , from the foundation of the world as we have proven…


But God revealed them to us by His Spirit..}}}…this is the time, GOD Has declared that the Gentiles have heard, feared, obeyed, loved GOD and have faith.. and Holy Spirit. GOD’s mind speaks these mysteries to them, as CHRIST our LORD  is ..“IN”..them. (Gal 4: 6- 9, 1 cor 3: 16 )…


Luk 2:34  And Simeon blessed them, and said unto Mary his mother, Behold, this child is set for the ….”fall and rising again” of many in…. “ Israel”; and for a sign which shall be spoken against; …}}}…. We proved that CHRIST  was a stumbling block to Israel… and again, they will be saved or caused to rise by CHRIST …. Today, this prophecy is fulfilled…


Set is  ..2749… means appointed

Fall is… 4431 .. means crash, downfall ….

Rising again …386 .. mean standing up again, resurrection from death, moral recovery of spiritual truth, raised to life again, etc….


When did CHRIST  cause them to fall ???? it is during the Laodicean era…( Is 8: 14-15)  that is when they were in darkness and everything we have proven. ( they were partly blind during the seventy years as proven ) this is the time, as Apostle Paul preached to Gentiles, that through their fall, the Gentiles will rise… and today, we see that the Gentiles are risen as proven…, therefore, Israel HAS FALLEN ALSO. Our work , or our rise means their fall… !

How and why did Israel fall ??? Through their unbelief… and that too is preached to Gentiles… as in the end time, Israel is to get light from Gentiles, they will have to learn these things from Gentiles….


A “sign” which shall be spoken against…}}}… even though they speak against CHRIST , it is a sign, to us, to those who know the truth…. we see how Israel is working against CHRIST …



1 Co 15: 51,  )  ‘ “  , and our  ‘TRANSFORMATION

Even about our spiritual birth is revealed to the Gentiles. Apostle Paul was teaching the Gentiles, about the time which we will be made incorruptible.  Our sins were forgiven by GOD’s grace , and GOD will Has forgiven  us and given the  everlasting life. So, we must give this truth to Israel, as they are still not born like us….


V 52.. when the “last trumpet” is blown, the dead shall be made to rise … the dead, are the “spiritually dead”… when their blindness is taken away, like ours, they will come to know the true GOD.  At the last trumpet, the earth, or the church will shake as all other prophecies are to be fulfilled at this time. ( Hos 5: 5 – 7 The new moon devoured them. The trumpet is blown on the new moon ) When they learn the truth, they will shake… all the churches will shake. We, when we learned about our work during the judgment, we also were shaken in unbelief…. Now, as CHRIST  is living in us, and as we are already considered to be born again,  we will watch how others will be born again, that is to come to know the true GOD. All these  happen at the last trump, as this verse say.


Heb 12:19  and to a sound of trumpet, and to a voice of words, which those hearing begged that not a word be added to them; }}}… How many ministers and members have written to us saying we do not want to hear what you say ???.. Cant they prove what we say ??? Many even knowing it is right, still not repented… it is too hard for them to BELIEVE… this is why, when they learn the whole truth, they will shake. Nevertheless, GOD says in v 5… “My sons, do not despise the chastening of the Lord, nor faint while being corrected by Him.”..}}}… Israel are sons of the kingdom… but failed to BELIEVE CHRIST our LORD … voice of words , the truth hurts, but will set one free.


V 6 - 8… these judgments are to CORRECT them and not to put them in to a lake of fire which burns them eternally as the leaders have been teaching. Apostle Paul said he is with the Gentiles so that he could provoke some to jealousy. This was the plan of GOD even from the beginning as our writing “ Genesis 49” and ‘the foolish nation” proves. GOD made the wise to become fools and the foolish nations to know the hidden mysteries, so that one could boast, as we proved. If you are not corrected, then you do not have a Father …


Heb 12:9  Furthermore, indeed we have had fathers of our flesh as correctors, and we respected them. Shall we not much more be subject to the Father of spirits, and we shall live? ..}}}… don’t we respect the leaders who lie to us ??? Should we not respect God The Father, who will cause us to live ???


V 12 - 13… Hands and feeble knees , the lame should be healed after this correction… this is Isa. 35: 3… this is why CHRIST  healed the blind, lame walked, lepers cleansed, deaf heard, dead raised and the poor had the gospel at once in Mat 11: 5.

V 14… without peace and HOLINESS, no one will see the LORD. This is why, night and day CHRIST our LORD  and the Gentiles are working….v 16- 17… they must take the example of Esau.. and no fornicator, or profane will enter. It is GF, who committed  spiritual fornication and was profaned as we proved. Eph 5: 5… we are warned of that no fornicator will inherit the kingdom. Did not we see this fulfilled ?


V 18… the mountain of the LORD, which is the Hill which is filled with righteous people, who are the Gentiles as proven, would not burn any one like anciently. But spiritually, there was fire, gloom, darkness and tempest… and v 19 the sound of trumpet… which is the voice of words, is now being heard…

V 22… you have come to the Mount Zion, the city of GOD, to heavenly Jerusalem.. This is the kingdom, which will bring all under subjection … and the “firstborn”, whose names are written in heaven, to the greatest Judge, who is GOD, spirits of ‘JUST” men… ( the Gentiles ) who have been perfected… and JESUS CHRIST, the Mediator of a new covenant, by sprinkling of blood, etc…. all are now being fulfilled and Israel only need to repent…


Heb 12:26  whose voice shook the earth then, but now He has promised, saying, "Yet once" "I will shake not only the earth, but also the heavens." Hag. 2:6 ..}}}… We have a promise from GOD, that He will ONCE AGAIN shake the heaven and earth… this is definitely the last earthquake, which is the last plague… which will open the eyes …. Would not these prophecies be fulfilled if ‘GOD” said and Has promised ???


Rev 16: 15--- CHRIST  Has already come as a thief… the Gentiles, are armed with the truth, the sword which is the Word as proven, which will burn… and shake… and we have been fighting with the beasts as Rev 17: 12- 18 says, to fulfill the Word of GOD, and Rev 16: 21… great hail ( hardened water)… came down from heaven, that is when CHRIST our LORD  Has come as a thief as we proved and pouring rain and hail, which no leader  can flee away from …. Because…. (Heb 12:29 ) For our “GOD”  is a consuming fire. …


Rev 16:18  And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great…}}}… the voices, thunders, lightning have already come…they come when the witnessing is going on as Rev 11: 19.  and why it is so mighty and not has happened before ??? Because, only in the judgments, the unsearchable riches are revealed and they are just the OPPOSITE of what the leaders have been preaching…!!!   This is why they will shake as they learn the truth to see how deceived they have been. GOD says no one…. No one ever knew the true GOD… or His judgments…. The mystery of GOD, will be finished when the thunders uttered…. When the 7th angel sounded.


Now, to be married to CHRIST , the wife has to be made ready as Rev 19: 7 says. We know that at this moment, she is forsaken and is dead. We have proven all that. Now, the next thing is to happen is to bring her back from death and for that, CHRIST  Has to open the scripture to them. ( the gospel is now being preached to dead as Apostle Peter  said ) GOD says, we are already born again, as we have come to know the true GOD. We have the light and CHRIST  living in us etc… etc.  BUT…..,  we definitely know that we are not born again “SPIRITUALLY’ ( have become Spirit beings yet )  even though GOD considers us as born again. Same way, in this last trump, the church would come back to life, or she will come to know the true GOD,… “AS CHRIST  OPENS HER MIND TO THE TRUTH”. We are already raised up, as proven ‘INCORRUPTIBLE”. And she is dead. So, she will have to be brought to life and made incorruptible, just as we were. ( which means to know the true GOD, the truth and should get rid off her idols, pride etc…. then, she has to be cleansed , purified before the marriage. She should be brought to life, bringing her to know the true GOD, just as we are.


1Co 15:23  But every man in his own order: Christ the firstfruits; afterward they that are Christ's at his coming.  ( when CHRIST  came as a thief, He gave life only to the Gentiles, who are saved by grace. They are not transformed in to Spirit beings as we see)


1Co 15:24  Then cometh the end, when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father; when he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power.

1Co 15:25  For he must reign, till he hath put all enemies under his feet. }}}….. CHRIST  and the other kings, reign, till all enemies are put under His feet. That means until they start to worship the true GOD, instead of the devil.


1Co 15:26  The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death. }}}}…. Gentiles, who were passed from death to life, are already born again, having the Spirit of GOD, and it is to them, GOD speaks these mysteries. THEN, THE END... ‘when’ is the end”???.... When HE HAS DELIVERED THE KINGDOM TO THE FATHER… AND PUT DOWN ALL RULE… ALL AUTHORITY AND POWER… AND CHRIST  MUST REIGN, “TILL HE HAS PULL ALL ENEMIES UNDER HIS FEET”…. You see , CHRIST  will reign, till enemies are brought under HIS SUBJECTION  and that is to put under His feet, and deliver the kingdom to the Father …. The judgments ends after this period.  All authority, rule and power over others, will end when these three and half years ends. This is another reason why, we say, the kingdom lasts only during the "Day of Judgment"…. No one CAN BE LORDS OVER THE OTHERS, OR THE FLOCK.   All were found to be sinners, and no one can judge another either because of the same reason. Is 28 says, the judgment was given to PCG, but she too erred. Then, the strange work in judgment, then the end. All are saved by GRACE. So no one can boast. All will be capital “G” gods, then. ONCE THE DEATH THE ‘LAST’ ENEMY IS DESTROYED, NO ONE NEEDS TO BE JUDGED. ALL WILL BE SPIRITS AND AS CHRIST  IS.  NO ONE WILL DIE THEREAFTER .  We have to judge Israel, because they died. ( Rev 11: 18) These mysteries were taught to Gentiles, to be REVEALED DURING THE "Times of Gentiles"… so no one could have known them before, and certainly not any one in Israel…. THESE WERE TAUGHT, ONLY TO THOSE WHO OBEYED, FEARED, LOVED GOD, AND WHO HAD FAITH IN HIM AND WHO BELIEVED, AND WHO WERE SAVED BY CHRIST ’S BLOOD AND WHO HAD NO IDOLS.  all those who say we have the mysteries, are liars, as we have proven… this is what CHRIST  is doing in us. CHRIST  opened the seals in the revelation, only when He came to judge… all those who wrote about the beast is EU and harlot is CC, are in error as we have proven from the Word.



The ‘death’ have to be destroyed


The ‘death’, the final enemy, has to be destroyed. This is why, CHRIST  is manifested… ( 1 Jn 3: 8,  when the devil is being cast down, the kingdom has come Mat 12: 27-28) The Gentiles, are now born again, as the Vessels of Mercy. They attained to this state by CHRIST ’s blood. What is ‘death”???


“Death” is the penalty for breaking GOD’s Law. Since the Law is given to the “covenant people Israel, they only can break the Law and therefore, they only need to be judged, they only can die as proven. Law is spiritual ( Rom 7: 14)  So, once you break the Law, they die eternally, if not for CHRIST ’s blood paying that penalty. THIS PROVES IT IS Israel ONLY COULD DIE !!!


So in the end before they can live again, this enemy of death needs to be destroyed. This is why CHRIST  came and shed His blood. His death and blood and resurrection give us life. The fact that ‘THE GENTILES ARE SAVED BECAUSE they  BELIEVED  IN THE WASHING THE SINS BY CHRIST ’S BLOOD” shows, the same way Israel also could be saved and conquer the death if they believe.  Gentiles have fulfilled the Law by their love as proven and they have over come. For those who overcame, did so by CHRIST ’s blood as we proved. GOD’s grace, our belief  in CHRIST our LORD’s blood which forgives  and faith is needed to be alive again.


Can Son of Man find faith in Israel ??? No…

Did Israel believe in CHRIST our LORD  and in His blood ??? ..NO

Is there love in Israel ??? No… CHRIST  said the Laodiceans are lukewarm and because of iniquity the lawlessness will abide. So how can they fulfill the Law.?   As Cain did, they too killed us, because our offerings were righteous…. Says CHRIST our LORD ..!!! No man who has love of GOD would try to hide his sins by killing those who were sent by GOD to show their sins just as king David  did. At least king David  admitted his guilt.  The sinners have to wipe out sins either by overcoming by CHRIST ’s blood or by their love which fulfills the Law….they have to bring the poor  whom they killed before they are forgiven…. 


CHRIST  always when healed said “ according to your faith”… or

“your sins are forgiven”… or, “sin no more”. So if Israel do not have faith, nor could be forgiven as they do not believe, nor if they have love which fulfills the Law, how could they live ??? This is why, we are being sent with the Word… so by hearing the Word, they can have faith which is needed to be healed… ( Gal 3: 2,  we received the Spirit by faith, v 5… the miracles are done among us, because of faith…, Phm 1: 5… our love and faith…. Rom 10: 17) would Israel pray to CHRIST our LORD  to increase their faith ??? (Luke 17:5)


Rom 10: 15… We are being sent by CHRIST our LORD , to preach the gospel of peace ( please read: the covenant of peace) … to Israel, who have not believed v 16…, until now. But the world cannot go on like this. Israel has to know the true GOD and His righteous judgments. All are revealed to Gentiles, to preach to  Israel. CHRIST ’s power in us, with our love which fulfilled the whole Law, will bring the Word to Israel , so they can have faith as we… All things are done by CHRIST our LORD , to redeem Israel and to bring them back from Egypt the second time.


This is the second exodus, which is coming out of Egypt. Even CHRIST  was said to Have come out of Egypt as Mat 2: 15 says and now His wife is coming out too Egypt 11: 8.


1Jn 3:14  We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. }}}… We, heard CHRIST ’s Word and have passed from death to life… Jn 5: 24 . WE ALSO CAME TO KNOW ALL ABOUT THESE MYSTERIES WHICH WE WRITE ONLY NOW, DURING THE JUDGMENTS…


Rom 13: 8 … “for he loves another, has fulfilled the Law…” Gal 5: 14… “ For all the Law is fulfilled, in one Word… LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR”. So you see, we are born again, WE HAVE PASSED FROM DEATH TO LIFE, as we love our brethren. This love, as we all know, comes from GOD, only, when CHRIST  LIVING IN SOME ONE. And, we have CHRIST our LORD  living in us as proven…. if we did not have CHRIST , we would not be writing like this day and night, without ceasing. … we proved how PCG murdered us. That shows she does not have GOD’s love, ( as v 15 says who hates the brother is a murderer and PCG, is a murderous harlot . as CHRIST  said, even though they are children of Abraham, they are their father who is the devil. When her wickedness is removed, she too will have the love of GOD, as CHRIST  will live in her. This is why we are working hard to bring back Zion to love her GOD, wholeheartedly. Then, she too will pass from death to life. Either we fulfill the Law by having GOD’s love, or one should keep the whole Law, which Israel failed in both. So no one can blame GOD for judging them. His judgments are just and righteous. Those who showed no mercy will not be shown mercy by GOD.


So to destroy the death, they must be forgiven, have love of GOD and believe and should have faith. Unless all these are done, all will stay dead. ( read Isa. 25: 8, 1 Cor 15 : 54- 56,  Rom 3: 20,   4: 15,   7:8  )


Do you see us born as “Spirit” beings ????

Joh 3:7  Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again. }}}… CHRIST  said, we must be born again… and not be flesh and blood… ‘WHO” are considered as ‘born again’ as CHRIST  is ????? It is the Gentiles, as Apostle Peter  says;…


1Pe 1:22  Seeing ye have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit unto unfeigned love of the brethren, see that ye love one another with a pure heart fervently: }}}… we have purified our souls in obeying the truth. And we have the Spirit and then, the love which fulfills the Law. Anyone has the Spirit of love would not see  their brethren die.  This is what CHRIST our LORD  is doing now, as He Has come as a thief … trying to purify His wife by making her obey the truth. Don’t you see that? it is done through the Spirit. How can the Spirit live in you if you do not accept and believe and repent and LIVE IN LIES ? This is why we are being sent with the TRUTH of the Word, so you can be purified and obey…


1Pe 1:23  Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever. }}}… we are born again by the ‘Word of GOD’, and same way, we give you the Word so you can be born again. The Gentiles, have “UNFEIGNED” love. That is the ‘love of GOD’ which fulfilled the Law. The Word, which is the manna from heaven, which gives us life, which we come to know GOD, have made Gentiles, to be born again, in to “incorruptible” seed…... they have conquered the death. But do we see that we have turned in to spirits yet??? The first resurrection is not to spiritual, but to know the true GOD and the Word.


1Jn 2:29  If ye know that He is righteous, ye know that every one that doeth righteousness is born of Him. ..}}}… everyone who is righteous, is born of GOD… who were made righteous ??? We proved it is the Gentiles, who did not take part in any of Israel’s sacrifices. And now JESUS CHRIST wants Zion also to be righteous… so she can be born of Him….


1Jn 3:7  Little children, let no one lead you astray; the one practicing righteousness is righteous, even as that One is righteous…}}} One cannot be with CHRIST  unless they are righteous, that means they must get rid of all their idols and other gods and have to become pure…


1Jn 3:12  not as Cain was of the evil one, and killed his brother. And for what did he kill him? Because his works were evil, but the things of his brother were righteous…}}}… is this not the same reason why PCG killed us, those who are in the ‘east gate’, who witnessed their unrighteousness???... isn’t this why GOD condemned as a murderous harlot ?? it is the ‘little children’ who are taught of this righteousness and the unrighteousness ! Look at us… GOD calls us righteous, as we did not take part in your idols. This is how we continued the covenant. same way, you could be righteous too if you get rid of your idols….( Eze  18: 6) 


“the Law of CHRIST ” , who made us free from the Law of sin and death… that is how one conquers the death… finally, when Zion realizes her sins, and repents and accept CHRIST ’s sacrifice , and His blood, she too will be free from the Law of sin and death as Rom 8:1- 4…


Those who are under the Law, are powerless… they cannot over come on their own as no one is righteous. Rom 8;3-9. if those who did not have the Law could fulfill the Law , could not those who have the Law, fulfill it if they have the love ?  if GOD says, the Gentiles are saved already, and Zion is not, then Zion should see how and why GOD say the Gentiles are saved and should follow after them. This is why, we have a special calling, chosen “APART FROM THE Law” as proven saved by grace, so that all can know the saving power is in GOD’s grace and not in our selves.  By giving us the Spirit and making us to utter the deep things of GOD, and to judge  who have tempted GOD and CHRIST . All these things GOD is doing so that NO FLESH WOULD GLORY themselves as 1 Cor 1: 29 says. And it is Israel who wanted self glory.


Same way, Zion too will have to learn the truth, and know the real GOD, and then she can pass from death to life. This is why CHRIST  is working hard, to cause Zion to conquer the last enemy. As CHRIST  said in Mat 16: 28…., they have tasted the death as now they have seen the Son of Man has come in His kingdom to judge the dead. 


1Co 15:54  So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory. }}}… after the judgments, all will come to know the true GOD and will obey Him. then we will be born incorruption so we can conquer death…. The Gentiles were preached about those who knowing the judgment of GOD ( those who have the Law ) and still committed sins are dead. ( Rom 1: 32). But, if you die, we could be reconciled to GOD, by the ‘death’ of CHRIST … ( Rom 5: 10) . And as Adam brought sin, but by CHRIST , we can have life. This chapter clearly says, all ever born in to this world, could have the free gift of eternal life, THROUGH CHRIST . This is what the Gentiles are taught to preach to Israel, as now we have conquered death but they still are dead. We must take part in CHRIST ’s death ( Rom 6: 3 - 4).


Rom 6:9  Knowing that Christ being raised from the dead dieth no more; death hath no more dominion over him  }}}… Once we are dead with CHRIST , and raised, we will live for ever. Zion glorifies her GOD, when she is raised back to life, just as lazaruz was. End of all sin is death, but the ‘GIFT” of GOD, is life. V 23. We should have the Law of the Spirit of life in JESUS CHRIST… to make us free from the Law of sin and death. Rom 8: 2 . after we conquer death, then no more dying as we all will know the truth and have the power of GOD to overcome and sin not.



2Ti 1:10  But is now made manifest by the appearing of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel…, }}}…CHRIST  manifested to abolish death and brought life and immortality to light, through the gospel, which is of “grace” through CHRIST ’s blood.


1 Cor 15: 26… the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death… this is why, when CHRIST  came, He Had the keys to death and hell…Rev 1: 18 . Death and hell too will be put to the lake of fire… Rev 20: 14. after the judgments, no more nights Rev 21: 25, 22: 5…


Rev 20;13 … death and hell gave up all in it, and are judged. This is why, When CHRIST  appeared, in the beginning of the judgment, He threw the sinners in to the Bottomless pit, that is where the hell is… but now wants all of them to repent and come back to Him as the third day has come to give them life. 


1Co 15:55  "O death, where is your sting? Hades, where is your victory?" }}}…. Rom 5: 21.. sin has reigned unto death… now all are dead… 


1Co 15:56  Now the sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the Law; }}}…. If the power of the sin is the Law, and when the change of heart is given, they can keep the Law as CHRIST  did, with Holy Spirit living in them. then, no one will die. It is Zion, who has made a covenant with death and hell…  and the ‘proud’… so when that covenant is destroyed, she will be brought in to life… this is why, the overflowing shower… Isa. 28: 15 – 18 , Hab 2: 5 ..


Is 27: 13, Zech 9: 12- 14 , Zion must turn to the strong hold… they are prisoners of hope… but GOD will bent ( tread down) Judah,  and v 14… LORD shall blow the trumpet and shall go forth with the windstorms of the south… that is the ‘east wind’, as we have proven. Now, as we are working, GOD will tread them down through us…. . This is the time which GOD will save them..


All the following scripture will show what will happen soon. (Exo 19: 16 , Psa 47: 5,  john 11: 43,  Jn 5: 25,  28, 1 Thes 4: 16)  even JFB commentary says “So in the quickening of the dead to spiritual life, human instrumentality is employed first to prepare the way, and then to turn it to account.”. To bring Israel back to GOD, the Gentiles were saved first by grace of GOD…. they, will help CHRIST  to bring others back to Him…


When we repent and will be baptized, we should walk as a new creation. We will be made free from sin, through CHRIST , and then, we can receive the eternal life through Him. ( Rom 6: 22-23). And it is the Law of Spirit of life in JESUS CHRIST, makes us free from the Law of sin and death. There is no other way around… Zion must repent if they want to live again. ( Rom 8: 2- 4)… the Gentiles already have this newness of life… the Laodiceans  still after physical things… but we are spiritually minded and have life and peace.  And we are NOT in the flesh as Rom 8:9…. As we have the Spirit of GOD. If any one has not the Spirit of ‘CHRIST ’, he is none of His… and v 10… if  ‘CHRIST’ in us, we are righteous, and have life. And colos 1: 27 clearly states that we have CHRIST  in us. So we are made righteous, and have conquered the last enemy… and we are sealed. This is how, those who are CHRIST ’s are sealed in the four corners of the land, before the judgments. Rev 7: 2… the angel who seal also come from ‘east’  to seal.  This crowd is sealed so that they will not be hurt by the judgments. GOD only knows who they are as this is not talking about an organized church with leaders teaching them like what we have today. Having the seal on their foreheads mean, they are GOD’s people, who did not worship the beast. .


Blood of CHRIST , will purge our sins, and being the mediator of the new covenant, through His death, we receive life.( Heb 9: 14- 28) . There is no remission, without the blood sacrifice of the testator. Zion will have to learn the truth and accept all these if they want to live and want to conquer the last enemy.


Enoch was passed from death to life, because, he had ‘faith’ and the testimony. …


Heb 11:5  By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased GOD…}}}…. This is how the Gentiles also were passed from death to life… because of ‘faith’, and they have the testimony as proven. We passed the tribulation we had. We held fast to the covenant as proven in Isa. 56: 3-8. we endured with CHRIST  in His temptation in the last night. What Apostle Paul preached and prophesied about us was fulfilled now. We are righteous and bold as we are lions. GOD spared us also from seeing the death as Enoch was because of our faith and witness.


We know Ezekiel failed in all three lusts as proven. When you have lust, it causes you to sin and sin brings death… Jam 1: 15. This is one of the reasons the Laodicean era is scattered and taken captive by the devil. Because, of their failure to overcome their lusts. This is why there are so many groups. If they all spoke the truth, there cannot be any divisions. All want their own following. They had physical lusts as proven. Now, they should call the elders who are now the Gentiles, to pray over them, as we are appointed to save them from death which will cover the sins. Jam 5: 18- 20. As v 17, Elijah’s prayer was done by the two witnesses, those who have the testimony,… as Rev 11; 6  says, and as proven. Jam 5: 18… it is us who have to pray again, to give rain for the earth to bring forth fruit… the rich have to call in the poor if they want life… the rich cannot hate their poor brothers. They died because they did not love the brethren.. 1 Jn 3: 14


Rev 2: 11… who overcomes, will not be hurt of the second death…but as Dan 7: 11 says, the beast was killed…. this is why, we who have overcome by CHRIST ’s blood are risen in the first resurrection. Those who failed to overcome, were killed by the death horse in Rev 6: 8…, in judgment. So those who failed to over come only will be put in to the lake of fire, which is the second death. Only those who were given the Law could be thrown as they only failed to overcome. That is all Israel, ( GOD broke the covenant with all Israel as Zech 10: 10-11 says, while the poor were watching . ) according to the Word of GOD. Rev 20: 6… those who overcame, in the first resurrection are priests of GOD and reigns… there is no need of priests after all become Spirit beings. Priests are needed to do the job of teaching and other ordained jobs to “PHYSICAL” people. When all turns in to Spirit beings, there is no need of a priesthood or anyone to be kings as all are brethren ( Mat 23: 8) Neither we will have any other masters or lords besides CHRIST our LORD . .


Rev 21: 8… all those who feared the beast, and who did not believe, abominable, murderers , whore mongers, sorcerers, idolaters and liars were thrown in the second death. They are all Israel, those who were in GOD’s church , divided in to many groups disagreeing in doctrine, disgracing their Father  and JESUS CHRIST our LORD, lusting after their own physical things, are thrown in to the lake of fire…, which GOD will consume them as He is the consuming fire…. Although this is written in Rev 21, this happened in the beginning of the judgments.  That is when they started burning by the Word which is fire. GOD’s words, when their eyes are opened will burn even more and they will be ashamed. To punish a  rich and proud persons, the best way is to expose their lies and see how they are ashamed. GOD catches them by their own craftiness. What a shame these leaders in all those churches brought to GOD ??? every leader wants a following after them and they did not want GOD’s people to worship the true GOD. WOULD ANY LEADER IN ANY OF THE CHURCHES SIT DOWN AND TALK THINGS OVER AND FIND THE TRUTH ???? If they believe the truth, how can there be so many churches ? Can you divide the truth ?


Before all things are made new,  the dead have to be judged. ( Rev 11: 18  ) and ‘the sea gave up the dead in it, and death and hell  delivered which were in them, to be ‘JUDGED”…. those who made a covenant with death, ( Is 28: 15- 18) are now being delivered as they are being judged. They are given the true knowledge, so they can live. This is why, the fire burned them… the Word of GOD. ( Rev 20; 14)… v 12… books were opened. Only those who were given the Law could be judged and the judgments are given to the kings and priests who have overcome by the blood and whose names are written in the book of life. The books are opened to show the truth… to eradicate the lies. SO THEY CAN LIVE…! The dead are judged according to their works. Book of revelation is to judge “Zion”, and that is the "Day of The Lord" , and "Day of Visitation" , which is the "Times of Gentiles"…. those whose names are not written in the book of life, were thrown in to the lake of fire…  Exo 32: 33 says whoever has sinned against the LORD, will have their names blotted out… so, all Israel are out…. V 34 … "Day of Visitation" … GOD’S promises never fails…


Just imagine, all these seventy years, and more, HWA and GF have been teaching that “CC” and “EU” are the “beast” and the “harlot”. at the same time they say that only the “Law given” people could be judged, and also those who have entered into a covenant with GOD only could break the covenant…. then how could the EU who were never given the Law could become a beast and CC, never having entered in to a marriage covenant with GOD, could be judged as a “harlot” ???  CC or EU did not kill GOD’s people. the Law is spiritual and it is only for ‘spiritual’ people of GOD and then they only can spiritually die.  When, they find out it is them who are the beast and the harlot, would they open their mouths again to lie and teach what they, themselves do not know ???... And how about those who said ‘I am an apostle’, ‘ I am a prophet’,  to find out they are false ????  How much shame will they bring upon themselves ??? This is why, they seek death when the judgments are going on in Rev 9:  6 . It is easy if they die than to be found out what they have been teaching and they are the beast , the harlot and the antichrists…. If GOD put them in a real fire, they would die… how can they be  ashamed if they are dead? Eze 16: 63


Eze 16:63  That thou mayest remember, and be confounded, and never open thy mouth any more because of thy shame, when I am pacified toward thee for all that thou hast done, saith the Lord GOD!!!!  }}} vengeance is GOD’s… His judgments are just… as a thief is ashamed when he is found, so is the house of is ashamed… their kings, princes, priests and prophets… ( Jer 2: 26). GOD says there are gods according to the number of thy cities. ( Jer 2: 28). Don’t we see that ??? The cities are  the worshipers ( Jer  26: 2). All the leaders who disagree and unwilling to submit to the truth, form their own churches… this is how so many gods are there…. Only GOD can solve this problem… expose all , then wipe out the error and teach the truth…. can anyone in Israel honestly say, ‘ WE HAVE KEPT THE WHOLE LAW”??? Or can they say “ WE HAVE FULFILLED THE Law AS WE HAVE LOVE “???  If any one can say that, let them come forward… if not, believe CHRIST our LORD .


then to “Ephesians” … Fulfilling all things.

( Eph 1: 9- 10 , ( “fullness of times to finish all things, IN CHRIST  ) . CHRIST  Has come in to the Gentiles, to end all things as we have proven in our early writings. The Gentiles are predestined from the foundation of the world, for this purpose, given a Spirit of wisdom, and revelation in full knowledge of Him, and our eyes are opened and enlightened to know our calling and the riches of the glory .., We are blessed with , EVERY SPIRITUAL BLESSING, in CHRIST during the "Times of Gentiles", which is the days of vengeance, CHRIST  said all things will be fulfilled.( Luke 21: 22) 


And all these are planned by GOD, for the Gentiles, to be GOD’S GLORY, FIRST… that is before others or the Jews. We are to be the ‘firstfruits’ of Holy Spirit… ( Rom 11: 31…, we get mercy, before the Jews, and Act 15: 11 , we get saved, before the Jews, and now, we get glory before the Jews in v 11- 12. we are already ‘SEALED”, with the Holy Spirit… we , the Gentiles, are a purchased possession of CHRIST … this is why, He is in us. As CHRIST  said, that the believers are to be ONE with Him and God The Father, now, the Gentiles, are ONE with CHRIST … AND HAVING THE Spirit OF GOD, WE ARE ONE WITH GOD ALSO.  we proved that we are His flesh and bones and now is  the same body. This is why, as He pleases, He is working in us. Just as apostle Thomas wanted to see CHRIST ’s body and nail marks in His flesh and bones, now you can see us… as we are His body and you nailed us also as you striped the body of CHRIST  again by spiritually murdering us.


Mic 3:2  Who hate the good, and love the evil; who pluck off their skin from off them, and their flesh from off their bones; }}}… Who hated the good and loved evil ??? It is Ezekiel (  eze 22: 26, Eze 36: 31  ) You took our skin off from our bodies and flesh from our bones and by doing that, you did it for CHRIST our LORD …. It is His body, who we are that you once again striped… but CHRIST ’s body was broken to give you life… and healing. By taking the skin off and bones and flesh off, you did it to CHRIST , the same way He said, He comes in “strangers” . ! This is why we have to be called to pray over you.  If you need healing, the broken Body of CHRIST have to be applied spiritually… !   By His striped you will be healed and through His broken body…The poor who are rich in faith as Jam 2: 5 says, have to be called to pray over for your healing as Jam 5 says. 


You leaders of Israel, do you not know the judgment of GOD ??? ( Mic 3 v1) read v 3… you eat our flesh… and skinned and broke our bones… v 5 says, while biting the teeth and saying at the same time peace… peace… and they are the prophets… even at WAR AGAINST GOD . Read all these verses and prove yourselves that you did not do it… We are writing to Gerald Flurry and His most evil Alex Harrison specially. Did you both not do this to us ? Has not GOD seen ? Isn’t this why CHRIST  is using us to fight with you in Rev 17: 12- 18??? Are you not the antichrists ??? This is why the night came to you and darkness, the plagues as v 6…. This is why Zion will be plowed as a field. ( v 12).


Just as Eve was Adam’s flesh and bones, CHRIST ’s body also His flesh and bones who are the Gentiles ( Eph 5: 30 Now you can see CHRIST ’s flesh and bones ( Luke 24: 39) . 


You are the generation whose teeth are like swords and jaws are like knives who devoured the poor . ( Pro 30: 14). You do not call upon the LORD and you are workers of iniquity who eat GOD’s people as bread ( Psa 14: 4)… The poor, who are the Body of CHRIST, you devoured… this is what caused GOD’s anger…


Would not GOD take revenge from you for that ??? Which Father  would not do so if He sees His children are broken in to pieces ???


This is why, Zion is lamenting in darkness and her flesh and skin has become wasted ( it is Ezekiel who is to be wasted and it is his leaders’ bones are boiled in Eze 24: 10- 23  to be cleansed, Isa 64: 3… fire boils   ) as lamentations 3 says.


If you, Gerald flurry , has anything to say, answer me… for I desire to justify you…, if not, you listen to me… be silent and I will teach you wisdom… you will be illuminated with our light, the light of the ‘LIVING”,…, as it is GOD’s wish,  and being small one  among the ‘THOUSAND” as Isa. 60:  22 says, who will grow in to a strong nation,    who will declare the uprightness , to you. Your soul has drawn near to the pit, and as your flesh wastes away and your bones are not seen as GOD is taking vengeance from you for breaking His body, and to chasten you, and to remove your pride, we speak the Word of GOD in this night…, so may your eyes and ears  be opened as the deep sleep has fallen on you, … know that GOD is GREATER than you. Hear the words of GOD…and listen to all my words, as I speak clearly with knowledge… as the Spirit of GOD made me and the breath of the Almighty gave me life, even though I was as clay as you,  hear GOD’s words that GOD Has avenged your sins…. ( Job 33 ).


One day soon, you will come to know that just as king David ’s was, your bones too are spread apart.. and your heart will melt  ( Psa 22: 17). That is how a leader in GOD’s church will become when they sin. You, yourself has written about this in ‘repentance toward GOD” book. Should it not apply to you?


Eph 1:15  Because of this, hearing of your faith in the Lord Jesus and love toward all the saints, …}}}…. Our faith, is, “IN CHRIST our LORD!!”…. this is definitely not talking about those who say, CHRIST  is not the central figure of the gospel.


Eph 3: 3- 9,  … the Gentiles, are to be joint heirs… and a joint body, sharers of His promise in CHRIST , through the gospel  of ‘grace’… and we are given unsearchable riches of CHRIST … and we are to bring to light so all can learn about the wisdom of GOD. The Gentiles are now given the wisdom of GOD, as the wise men’s wisdom has perished as proven. Why were three wise men in the ‘east’ were announced of CHRIST ‘s birth????... He is to be the King of the “Jews”. And those kings, did not say, why do we have to go and see the king of the “Jews”, they brought gifts and came to see Him… we have proven before from where they came etc… why was CHRIST  born in a “manger” where the oxen eat ??? The ox knew  it’s owner and come to Him. CHRIST  had a birth as a poor, to make the poor rich. This is what CHRIST our LORD  taught Apostle Paul to teach us. We have proven, that CHRIST  is now eating with us, while He tells the Laodiceans  to open the door if they want to sup with Him. so He is eating with the oxen again in a manger and His birth was announced to us who are in the east.


Eph 3: 17- through “faith” , CHRIST  may dwell in our hearts…we have proven already that we are faithful. That is why as Enoch was, we were translated too.  we know now, CHRIST  is in us…, so that we may be able to comprehend the breadth, length, depth and height…, to know the knowledge and love of CHRIST …, so that we may be filled to all the fullness of GOD…. these mysteries are revealed, only in the very end time, to end up all things, in CHRIST … this is why, He came as a thief to Gentiles…. to make them wise and make the wise to lose their wisdom, so that Gentiles, also can glorify GOD….


Colos,  2: 1 … we are taught about CHRIST , and how He is in us, and we are in Him, and CHRIST  is the physical Head of the GODHEAD and we are given that knowledge. We are told not to follow the empty traditions of the Jews. That means,  in the end time CHRIST  came to Gentiles, to expose the traditions of men. We are being confirmed in faith, and as we were taught. CHRIST , is the Head of all rule and authority… and we are raised through the faith of the working of GOD… our sins are forgiven, and we have already conquered the last enemy, which is death… 


Colos 4: 3 -  we are to walk in wisdom, redeeming the time.  These are evil times… don’t we see about these evil times ??? v 16… we are to pass this message, together with all the revealed mysteries to those in Laodicea… This prophecy is now being fulfilled… the evil times are exposed.


2 The 2: 7,… we are taught about the “mystery of lawlessness”…See CHRIST  taught all these mysteries to Apostle Paul, to write to us, when the time came for them to be fulfilled, CHRIST  came in person to show them.  and as v 8 says, those who are working with CHRIST  “when He comes” are given the mystery to know who this man of sin… as CHRIST  Has come in to us, we now know who this man is, as we are fighting against him… v 9… this man is working of satan… this is a’AFTER” satan was cast down…, and that is in judgment as we proved. So, during the judgments, it is the Gentiles, who are working with CHRIST   and all things are revealed to them. … The true people of GOD and the liars are now fighting…. They have the working of error… so all may be judged…Just as Daniel said in chapter 9, the time has come to end transgressions…


Da 9:24 --Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy}}}….In Dan 12: 4… GOD showed him a vision, but it was sealed till the end…but now, all things have to be fulfilled and everything have to be revealed and as CHRIST ’s faithful people.

This is the time to FINISH THE TRANSGRESSION, to destroy the last enemy, which is death.


All prophecies are being fulfilled on this day.   We are judging those who do not believe the truth. This happened when the Jews have stopped worshiping GOD in Spirit and in truth as Jn 4 says. but 2 The 2: 13 says, we, the Gentiles, were chosen by GOD, from the beginning to salvation in sanctification of Spirit and belief of truth… v 14… we have obtained the glory of CHRIST our LORD . This is why Apostle Jude wrote his letter to those who are sanctified, preserved in CHRIST  and called. None in Israel are preserved in ‘CHRIST ’ as they reject Him.  If we are to fight with the beasts, and that is to expose the lies, then we have to know the truth. if we were not taught the truth, how can we fight against the lies ??? ….


“Everlasting righteousness”.. .. Only could be brought by the ‘everlasting gospel” which is being preached right now, and it is the Gospel of Grace… that only will save all humans… and it is being preached right in the middle of judgments. “Seal” up the vision and prophecy… “Seal up” means make an end, stop, to close up… the new people who were taken up out of the Gentiles, only will be sealing up or closing up the prophecy… ( Is 8: 16)…. All things will be fulfilled during the "Times of Gentiles" as we have proven…


1 Tim 3: 9,  … those who have the mystery of ‘FAITH”, should have a pure “conscience”. ( 4893 means ; the soul as distinguishing between what is morally good and bad, prompting to do the former and shun the latter, commending one, condemning the other”)……the true judges of GOD, if they are to judge the people of GOD ‘IN TRUTH” and justice and mercy, should be able to distinguish the truth from error and condemn the error and promote the truth. CHRIST  in us Is making us that possible.


1Ti 3:10  And also let these be tested first, then let them serve, being without reproach ( blameless)….By now, we all see that the Gentiles were made blameless… they were tested as proved and now they are serving. Why did Apostle Paul preach these to Gentiles and not to Jews ???. we proved that in the end, the real true church was called out of Gentiles, ‘WHEN THE LEADERS ARE THROWN IN  TO THE Bottomless pit, OR WHEN THE “GATES OF HELL EXISTS.). Or After the synagogue of satan came to be.  That is when we were declared blameless and they are blamed.


1Co 4:1  Let a man think of… “us”…. as ministers of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God.

1Co 4:2  Moreover, it is sought among stewards that one be found faithful. ..}}}…”US”… they are the “Gentiles”, now working as Apostle Paul is not alive. These Gentiles are now ‘MINISTERS” of GOD, as the whole ministry has failed. ( Eze 34 ) This is the time the books are opened to reveal all the mysteries as the stewards of the mysteries are now formed fulfilling all.  We proved that we are given the “ministry of reconciliation also. Now, we are ministers, OF CHRIST ’ and not God The Father’s. CHRIST is, our LORD!!.


Tit 1: 7- 10…these stewards, cannot be from; specially, the Jews, those of circumcision, … they are the ones, whose mouths must be stopped. They are to cling to the Word, faithfully as v 9 says… they are the ‘FAITHFUL” new moon, prophesied to appear in the sky, during the  prophesied ‘NIGHT”… which is now. That happened when the old moon became blood as Rev 6: 12.


Tit 1: 14 says, we must not listen to the “Jewish myths, and commandments of men…, having turned away from the truth”… having turned away from the truth!!!


This shows, WITHOUT ANY DOUBT,  it is the “Jews”, who have turned away  from the truth and have commandments of men !  


Apostle Paul cannot be lying about his own people.. He is preparing the Gentiles, to expose the sons of disobedience. He was teaching that it is his own people who have turned away from truth and GOD.  so the …..“truth”….. is not to listen to the “Jews”… as they always follow the commandments of ‘MEN”. Don’t we see GF teaching the traditions of the fathers as he follows HWA ???


Colos 1: 25- 27…These mysteries are to be revealed, when the time has come to FULFILL THE Word OF GOD!!!. And CHRIST , IN them, is teaching them personally.

Now, when would all things be fulfilled according to CHRIST our LORD???...

Luk 21:22  For these are……. “days of vengeance”……. when all things that have been written are to be fulfilled….


2 Cor 3 says the Gentiles are CHRIST ’s letter, inscribed by the Spirit of GOD… in hearts. If GOD’s Spirit Has inscribed , then we are proved. V 6… we were made us able ‘MINISTERS of a ‘NEW” covenant” by the Spirit. V 7… the ministry of “death”… they are the leaders who were under the letter of the Law, who are Israel… v 8… the ministry of Spirit will be in glory ! Israel will glorify GOD, when the veil is taken away..


In Psa 55, king David  is saying that his enemies are troubling him… the enemies are his descendants, as we have proven. At that time, as v 6 says, he said, ‘Oh that I had wings like a dove and fly away and be at rest”… who are the doves and fly to the rest???


Is 60:8… It is those who come from “tarshish”… this is the time the strangers shall build up their walls… v 9.. and Zion is fallen down, and dead, but when she is being built, she will be glorified as v 9, 14… where GOD set His feet, will be glorious. This is after His enemy was brought under His feet… after the enemy surrenders… or when GOD’s footstool, the church will become glorious.


V 15… she was forsaken and hated and no man has gone through… but now, GOD will make her an eternal Excellency.


V 19…. The LORD shall be an everlasting light… and her GOD is her glory. The husband is the glory of the wife …. (1 Cor 11: 7) This is after all things are made new, after the judgments… Rev 21: 23… glory of GOD, lightens the New Jerusalem… v 4… we will see His face… the veil will be removed…, and His NAME ON THEIR FORHEADS…. Those who had the beasts name on their foreheads will have GOD’s name after the judgments.


Rev 22: 3.. No more CURSE… This is after ‘CHRIST ’ freed us from the curse of the Law. As He freed the Gentiles, He will free Zion also. Those who are under the curse, as Gal 3: 10 says CHRIST  Has redeemed them, being a curse for them… v 13. After everyone who were under the Law is redeemed, there won’t be any darkness as no one will sin and all having conquered the death.


Rev 22:6  And he said unto me, These sayings are faithful and true: and the Lord God of the holy prophets sent his angel to shew unto his servants the things which must shortly be done. }}}… these will be revealed only to those who are faithful and who has the truth…, they are called servants… they are the witnesses who witness to the truth.


Rev 22:10  And he saith unto me, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand.}}… This is the time, all the mysteries are to end… even though it is written in the chapter 22, these things began to be fulfilled at the beginning of the judgments. all the books will be opened and revealed as all things should be fulfilled as CHRIST  said in Luke 21: 22… during the days of vengeance… if GOD is going to make all things new, then no one is killed in the lake of fire…


Man is once appointed to die… but the dead shall be judged, and preached how to save their lives, that is why the Gospel of Grace is being preached to dead as we proved during the judgments.


Rev 7;15…they are before the throne of GOD day and night… in the temple… and He … sits on the throne shall dwell among them,..


Man shall live by the Word of GOD…


When the last enemy is destroyed, all should be able to say… we live by the Word of GOD….


Mat 4:4  But answering, He said, It has been written: "Man shall not live by bread alone, but on every Word going out of the mouth of God."  }}}… This is why, CHRIST  came with a sword in His mouth and by it, the liars are consumed, the man of sin. The books are opened in judgment, so they can know and live by every Word of His mouth. Even the Gentiles were taught about all the truths on this day as CHRIST  came in to them. ( Deut 8) By eating from the wrong tree, they were thrown in to judgment as Adam and Eve were. Only CHRIST  over came. Now the church has to be hungry for the food which comes from heaven as it is withdrawn from her. They must get rid of satan’s food which is dust as she sits in dust and have the bread which gives life, the ‘Word’… 


Mat 4:7  Jesus said to him, Again it has been written: "You shall not tempt the Lord your GOD” …Who tempted GOD ??? Mal 3: 15… the ‘PROUD”… they are all the LAODICEAN ministers who would not accept their false doctrines, nor admit their sins, or who do not want to come under the true leaders who teach the truth to learn the truth. They want their own following and kept on lying until The Messenger came to the temple suddenly to purify. The sudden destruction has hit them. Their positions are now taken. The kingdom was given to the poor who were humble who came from east and west. Those who were given much have their things taken as much was expected from them but since  they failed to produce the expected  fruits. ( Deut 6: 16) . The Gentiles, did not tempt GOD, but separated from them as Mal 3: 16- 18 says. We must not be proud and tempt GOD any longer.


Mat 4:10  Then Jesus said to him, Go, Satan! For it has been written: "You shall worship the Lord your God, and you shall serve Him only…}}}… When all sins are paid, the last enemy is destroyed, all comes to know the truth, all can say… “ Go satan… we worship only true GOD…. and we shall serve Him only.!!!

Having the mind of CHRIST , ( 1 Cor 2: 16), we overcame satan…


Mat 20: 21…, a mother requested that her children to be seated at CHRIST ’s sides when He comes in the kingdom. Then CHRIST  said, those positions are prepared by God The Father to those who were appointed 


Then, in Mat 25: 33 , CHRIST  said,

Mat 25:34  Then the King will say to those on His right, Come, the blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. …}}}… who were prepared by  GOD, to be with CHRIST , in the kingdom , ‘FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD ???


It is the ‘Gentiles’ who were chosen to be with CHRIST , from the foundation of the world, to be Holy and without blemish because of GOD’s mercy, as the Vessels of Mercy… ( Eph 1: 4, 1 Pet 1: 20, Rev 13: 8 , 17: 8 , Jam 2: 5)


Who are in the right hand of CHRIST  our LORD ???

Col 3:1  If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God.

Col 3:2  mind the things above, not the things on the earth.

Col 3:3  For you died, and your life has been hidden with Christ in God. }}}… As Mat 20: 22- 23 , CHRIST  said “are you able to drink the cup which I am about to drink, and to be baptized with the baptism with which I am to be ???, the Gentiles, died with CHRIST  and risen with CHRIST … and are with GOD.


Col 3:4  Whenever Christ our life is revealed, then also you will be revealed with Him in glory. …}}}… when CHRIST  appears, or revealed, these Gentiles, who have CHRIST  ‘IN THEM”, will also be revealed with Him, IN GLORY. They are RISEN WITH CHRIST and are to seek the things, which are above, WHERE CHRIST  IS… and that is on the “RIGHT HAND OF GOD”… ! These Gentiles, are already risen with CHRIST , as they are chosen before the

foundation of the world to be with CHRIST , in the kingdom. Also GOD chose the poor of the world to be in the kingdom, while Israel is scattered ( Jam 2: 5) CHRIST  is in the Gentiles…( Eze 39: 21- 23, Rom 15: 9 - 13)  so they know Him… and this is a sign to Israel, all those who have eyes to see and ears, should hear! It is the Gentiles, who will see the judgments of GOD.


The gift of GOD


Rev 22:17  And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely. ..}}}… the Gentiles, were offered the gift of GOD, before the Jews. As the Jews stopped worshiping GOD in spirit and in truth, this water was offered to the Samaritan woman and her village as Jn 4 says.


JESUS CHRIST, asked for a drink, from the Samaritan woman.. Jn 4 .   All the fulfillment of this chapter is to be fulfilled now. 

V 14… water which comes from CHRIST , will spring up to everlasting life… CHRIST  was giving the Gentile woman the life giving water freely. At this time, CHRIST  was prophesying that the Jews will not have this water one day as they will not worship Him in spirit and in truth, and the Gentiles, will have to give this water to the Jews when it happens. This is a time of Jews will not worship, but Gentiles will worship in Spirit and truth.


Jn 4: 21, CHRIST  said, the Jews will not worship Him… then in v 23- 24 He said, the true worshipers will worship GOD in Spirit and in truth… this is the same hour, the Jews will not worship, but the Gentiles, will worship. This is after CHRIST  judged the Jews that they never obeyed and beginning of the judgments. The liars and the true people of GOD, are known in this hour, which is the judgment….. as Apostle Peter  said above, when CHRIST  is revealed, the Gentiles, who are with Him also will be revealed at the same time. This is the hour to finish all things.  CHRIST  said, My meat is to finish the work. At that time, CHRIST  offered the free gift to the Gentiles. Then He went to Galilee of the Gentiles, saying a ‘  NO PROPHET WILL RECEIVE HONOR IN HIS OWN COUNTRY”  v 45…  the Galileans received Him… Now too , the Gentiles have received Him… v 48… Unless they see signs and wonders… this is the wonderful short work which we have written in many writings…so at least now believe…! We, the Gentiles, who write these things cannot write unless CHRIST our LORD  living in us. 


In the end, when GOD’s people are in the wilderness, the Gentiles have to give them drink, fulfilling Jn 4 .

The leaders explained in Isa. 32: 6, caused the church to be thirsty as they sinned. ( just as when CHRIST  took the sins He became thirsty as there was no Holy Spirit ). This happened …


Rom 5: 15 – 21 says the ‘grace of GOD’ is the free gift, through CHRIST .


Isa 32:7  The instruments also of the churl are evil: he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words, even when the needy speaketh right. }}  Has not this happened ???


Then Is 43: 19- 23… says GOD … “ behold … I will do a NEW THING…nowit shall spring forth…


Isa 43:19  Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert. }}}… This is when they are in the wilderness, as Rev 12 says… as a judgment. please read: wilderness in our web site….


Isa 43:20  The beast of the field shall honour me, the dragons and the owls: because I give waters in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert, to give drink to my people, my chosen.

Isa 43:21  This people have I formed for myself; they shall shew forth my praise. }}}…  This is fulfilled in Rev 21: 5… “Behold I make all things new… v 6… IT IS DONE… I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely…”…. ( as we proved, it is from the east gate these healing waters flow as Eze 43- 44 says ) This is the water which the Samaritan woman was offered after Jews stopped worshiping and Gentiles STARTED WORSHIPING GOD….


When they are in the ‘wilderness’ as now, this new thing will come from GOD, and rivers will spring up , to cause the beasts to honor GOD, and this people whom GOD , HIMSELF HAS FORMED FOR HIMSELF, will show His PRAISE… these are the babes, who will perfect GOD’s praise, in the judgment, by giving honor to GOD and causing the beasts also to honor GOD. Out of the believers the rivers shall flow, said CHRIST our LORD … these are the saviors, or rulers who comes to Zion. and now, we are the believers as proven, and in the wilderness, giving water which comes out of us to give life giving water freely… They are the people who were not created, but are created and those who feared GOD, when GOD builds up Zion ( Psa 102: 15- 18) . At this time, those who are appointed to death , who are the Jews as v 20, will be loosed, and those who feared GOD, will declare the name of the LORD in Zion and His praise in Jerusalem… v 21. But GOD will change them as v 26…, the sons of GOD’s “servants”, they are the little children, the poor , the seed of Abraham as proven, who are faithful, will be established before GOD as v 28….


This is the time when the life giving water is given freely, as CHRIST  said, all those who are thirst come to Me… that is after they drank from GOD’s cup of fury.. ( Isa. 51: 22). GOD will remove the cup of trembling… this too has to be fulfilled now.


GOD said, the stranger shall eat Israel’s food and drink…,( Is 65: 13)  and CHRIST  said those who did not labor shall reap ( Jn 4: 37, when Jews stopped worshiping) …. But now, GOD promises, after the judgments, no more the stranger shall drink their wine which they have labored… ( Isa. 62:8- 9 )


Mat 8: 12…. Sons of the kingdom shall be cast in to outer darkness where they weep…. and when they see people from east and west sit with Abraham in the kingdom, they will mourn or beat their breasts in wonder…. The strong’s number for mourn is 2875. that means to beat the breast, chop and to weep. Why do they weep so much, beating their breasts?  Because Christ Has chosen to come down with the gentiles, who are the ‘clouds” ……. So as 1 Cor 4: 5 , Is 19: 1,  Ps 72: 6,   Job 29: 23,   Hos 6: 3 says, Christ comes down, in rain and in clouds to expose the wicked works of His children.


Luk 9:2  And He sent them to proclaim the kingdom of God, and to heal the ones being sick. …}}}… the kingdom of GOD, is to heal the sick.. and bring them back to GOD, after exposing and judging. The leaders are sick, as GOD wounded them… now, we have proclaimed the kingdom of GOD…. and the healing is done by CHRIST our LORD … dead cannot be made to live except by the life giving water, and the food from heaven… ( Jn 6: 63)


When CHRIST  said that He will build the church when the gates of hell exist, in Mat 16: 18- 19, He said to apostles, if you forgive any, they will be forgiven, but if you bind any, it will be bound in heaven. It is those who are fulfilling this “IN” the kingdom, who could really bind or loosen. It is the poor, who have faith, they have to be called  to pray over now to loosen the bound … jam 2: 5, and 5: 15…prayer of faith, will save the sick… and they will be raised up.


Luke 22: 28-29… whoever continued with CHRIST  in His “temptation”… He will appoint a kingdom, as the Father  Has appointed Him. … But the apostles did not continue with CHRIST  in the first time, in His “temptation”. They were all scattered, and they could not watch just one hour.. Apostle Peter , even denied Him. Even after He was resurrected, only the women came to see Him, and they did not believe Him, until He appeared unto them. CHRIST  was prophesying about our time.  v 32… CHRIST  said to Apostle Peter , when ….”WHEN” you are converted… that means, he was not even converted, as they did not have Holy Spirit at that time. So, He was referring to our time, as in the end of the Philadelphia  era, those who overcame the synagogue of satan, the beast, who are with CHRIST , who is appointed NOW, to do the work which is needed to do NOW. And when the Spirit was poured upon the slaves, the Gentiles, who are now born of Spirit is who endured the temptation. However, even GF and Alex Harrison will be converted, we hope even though they are worse than any other.


Luk 22:28  Ye are they which have continued with me in my temptations. ..}}}… Mat 26: 38 – 44 says, they did not watch with Him, but were sleeping…, till the hour came to be betrayed as v 45. This is a prophecy for us now…


But, on the other hand, those who kept the Word … are now given a kingdom, …..

Rev 3:10  Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.


Rev 3:11  Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown}}} we kept our crown… that is why we are in the kingdom, with CHRIST  .


The Philadelphians did not keep the crown… but we did… Isa. 56: 3-8 proves as we proved in our writing “House of prayer”… and after the ministry totally failed, our offerings are accepted in GOD’S ALTAR, TO BE ‘PURE’ OFFERINGS …Mal 1: 11… PCG, who had the kingdom ( Eze 16: 12), went to Ethiopians and committed harlotry as we have proven in “Bamah” matter. Now, beyond the rivers of Ethiopia, we, the daughter of GOD’s daughter will bring His food offering… at that time, as ( Zep 3: 9 – 10 says, )a pure language, or knowledge will be given.


Isa 42:16  And I will make the blind go by a way that they did not know. I will make them go in paths they never knew. I will make darkness go into light before them, and crooked places a level place. I do these things to them and do not forsake them; }}}… the blind, are led by a way they do not know… the Laodiceans  would never think that the Gentiles will lead them. They bring light to them as they are in dark… and the crooked generation will be straightened. The Gentiles, are to be luminaries, as they always obeyed …Isa. 60:3,  ( Php 2: 15… blameless, harmless, children of GOD, without fault in the midst of a crooked generation, even having been perverted among whom, you SHINE AS LUMINARIES IN WORLD ) the powers of heaven were shaken… the Gentiles , the poor are lifted up, and the proud, rich are humbled… Isa.  59: 8,  La 3: 9 . CHRIST  will exalt the humble and bring down the mighty as luke 1: 52 . Lamentations says, Zion was cast down.. but Gentiles are working in heaven as proven.


2Co 4:6  For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus CHRIST ..}}}…we shine out of darkness. That means, when Israel is in darkness only Gentiles will have light or the knowledge.  Israel also need a change of heart if the light to shine on them… they need to accept, repent and admit their sins and submit to CHRIST our LORD …they will have to get this truth from us, who shine as luminaries …. We are the new moon, which comes in the night. We get our light from CHRIST our LORD , and that reflects on the world….


2Ti 1:9  the One having saved us and having called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace given to us in Christ Jesus before eternal times


2Ti 1:10  but now revealed through the appearance of our Savior, Jesus Christ, indeed making death of no effect, bringing life and incorruptibility to light through the gospel, }… it is not because of our righteousness that we are called… it was planned by GOD, before the foundation of the world, but …“NOW”….when JESUS CHRIST appeared it is revealed. as we always write, for us to be saved first and then Israel…. for everyone’s sake… Death has no effect on us… we have overcome the last enemy as CHRIST our LORD  living in us….


Why Israel, ….why cant you open your eyes and see that, it is GOD’s grace which will save everyone finally ???  You are not good and we are not good. No one is righteous. But GOD, in His great mercy and grace, wants to give life to every one…


Jas 1: 18…  Of his own will begat he us with the word of truth, that we should be a kind of firstfruits of his creatures…}}} they are the poor as Jam 2: 5. It is the “truth which separates us now. We have the truth and we are fighting for the truth with the liars, the antichrists.

1 Jn 4: 4,   17,… little children, who are the Gentiles, have overcome and have the Spirit and truth… ( Eph 1: 13). So is the lady to whom Apostle John wrote his second letter and also Gaius, who also was a gentile… , whom Diotrephus or Antiochus threw out.



Act 28:26- 28  saying, "Go to this people and say, You will surely hear, and not at all understand; and you will surely see, and not at all perceive;

and they closed their eyes lest at any time they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them."


As you see, CHRIST , rescued Apostle Paul from the Jews, and sent him to Gentiles, to open our eyes and to turn from darkness to light and from devil to GOD, and through their faith in CHRIST , they will have their sins forgiven… do you see this Israel ???? it is through our faith … faith in ‘CHRIST ”., that our sins are forgiven…( 1 Jn 2: 12, little children, have their sins forgiven )  so we are considered already as born again, as grace is given to us. So now, as we are commanded by CHRIST our LORD , we now proclaim our LORD, who should be your LORD as well…. believe in Him,  !!!!  be washed by His blood… so your sins too may be forgiven…, and you can have life. Do not harden your hearts any longer…. But in the name of JESUS CHRIST, our LORD, ……SEE….and believe … and repent… for we proclaim the Word of truth… , the gospel of your salvation.  ( Eph 1: 13 – 18)… 


Heb 8:12  For I will be merciful to their unrighteousnesses, and I will not at all remember their sins and their lawless deeds


This is why, GOD’s judgments are unsearchable to the Jews. They will not believe on the Gospel of Grace… can any one in Israel, honestly say, they can attain to righteousness without the blood of CHRIST  ??? or believing in Him ???


Isa 32:1  Behold, a king shall reign in righteousness, and rulers shall rule in judgment


Oba 1:21  And saviours shall come up on mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau; and the kingdom shall be the LORD'S.


Do you see this Righteous King ??? and the rulers ??? and

saviors ??? …


Isa 16:5  And in mercy shall the throne be established: and he shall sit upon it in truth in the tabernacle of David, judging, and seeking judgment, and hasting righteousness…}}}… the throne is established , in truth, to JUDGE AND JUDGMENT and to bring all to RIGHTEOUSNESS…. Would such a merciful GOD, who wants to forgive as above, put His children to a lake of fire or go through a tribulation where the stars fall down and sun and moon struck and everything else the leaders have been teaching about the judgments in the book of revelation ????


   Colos 2: 13… we, being dead in our sins and He made us alive together with Him having forgiven… we are alive with Him… ( Rom 6: 11), … we, who were “forgiven ,have CHRIST , is alive together with us…Now, we are the saviors, the rulers, who are a mysterious people to Zion, who comes with the light or the knowledge of the truth, who prays and sing when Zion is brought back…. If the real gospel is preached during the judgments as Rev 14: 6 says, how could any one know about the true gospel before the "Day of Judgment"…????  HWA and GF have been teaching false doctrines. Don’t you see the truth even now ??? Don’t you fear GOD ??? Don’t you believe ??? GOD wants to forgive… He wants to heal you … in the name of CHRIST our LORD , open your eyes to the truth….


CHRIST  our LORD said “ The blind cannot lead the blind… Luke 6: 39…”…, (Rom 2: 19) And CHRIST  taught the Gentiles about the blind guides… v 17 says, the blind are the Jews…, who rest in the Law and who are boasting. Haven’t we seen HWA and GF always talk about Law and try to teach the whole world the false doctrines ??? are they not the blind guides who have been deceived and are deceiving others as well ??? But as v 21 says, they have not taught themselves …. That means they do the same sins. 


Joh 12:36  While you have the Light, believe into the Light, that you may become sons of Light. Jesus spoke these things, and going away was hidden from them  }}}… the truth is hidden from them… GOD willed it to be so, so He can shut the mouths of the boasters , the blind guides. But the Gentiles are taught;….


1Th 5:5  You are all sons of light and sons of day; we are not of night, nor of darkness … we believed CHRIST our LORD ..!!! Now you can be a son of light as well…


Only those who love the enemies and bless those curse, and who pray for those abuse and persecuted them could become sons of GOD… ( Mat 5: 44- 45 ,  Rom 8: 14,  Gal 3: 26,  4: 6,  Is 56: 3- 8  ). As proven, the rich persecuted and abused us…  


The “Gentiles” are called the “sons of GOD”, the Jews are called the “sons of disobedience”… Eph 2: 2, …( they are being led by the ruler of the air…5: 6 ,  Colos  3: 6 )


Luke 24: Luk 24:44  And he said unto them, These are the words which I spake unto you, while I was yet with you, that all things must be fulfilled, which were written in the law of Moses, and in the prophets, and in the psalms, concerning me.

Luk 24:45  Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures,..}}}… This is after everything written was fulfilled CHRIST our LORD  opened their understanding…

This is after Christ was resurrected. This is happening now as well.


Luk 24:47  And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem..}}}… This is why, CHRIST  said to go to Galilee … to the mountain…. To open their understanding….Now, He Has come to Galilee…, just as He said after meeting the Samaritan woman. Jn 4: 43- 45…  the Galileans also were at the feast with JESUS CHRIST….


Joh 6:45  It has been written in the Prophets, They "shall" all "be taught of God." So then everyone who hears and learns from the Father comes to Me  }}… Is 54: 13… and all your sons will be taught of GOD and the peace of your sons will be great….. we, were taught by CHRIST , and are the children who bring “peace … as we have proven…. just as CHRIST  directly taught Apostle Paul, now, CHRIST   is teaching us directly as all the mysteries are now being unveiled and being sealed  up. This is also a time as Jer 31: 34 says, a new covenant will be made and all will come to know the true GOD… as He will forgive their sins… now only GOD is forgiving,  after the judgments…


All the above scripture proves that the Gentiles are being revealed the last hour mysteries to fulfill or to end up all things, or to seal up the visions and the prophecy…. We pray to GOD, through CHRIST our LORD , that Israel will have their eyes opened and ears opened to the truth…. .!!!


All you who thirst come to Me…. CHRIST the  LORD …!!!


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