This letter was written by Mrs Neela Wickramasinghe to Mr Harrison, in 2001, opposing to keep Passover and God’s feast with the unbaptized 800 Indians which he invited to PCG. In 2001, proving that this involvement is against God’s word which broke the marriage covenant, and she has written with proof, exposing the lies.  To this day, this sin was not repented of. This fulfills the “Bamah” sin mentioned in Ez 22: 29.,



Dear Mr.Harrison,

2001 Nov

 As you requested, hereby, I would like to bring to your kind attention that the work of God in India and Srilanka is stagnant at the moment. Many baptized members had the impression that they are isolated and being neglected, their questions are not being answered and receipts are not regular etc.and many other complaints were made especially about Mr.Kumar. During the FOT, all the members had come together and had discussed about their problems and as the lay members should, they brought these things to me for a solution. These things were bothering me for the last two years. I did not think the seriousness of these until you were hesitating to pay the office rent in Srilanka.

I could see how Satan is attacking the little flock in India specially.  I do not mind if it is God’s will, but if it is Satan’s work, we must really look into the problems, I think you will agree.  I will write more about these things in the other letter, which you are going to show to Mr.Flurry. I will write more about Mr.Kumar in this letter. First of all let me say, that my intentions are not to judge, accuse or look down on anybody. But the day that God gave me the responsibilty as a minister and as you have given me authority over Sumanth, I think it is my duty to let you know about these things.  Without wasting your valuable time, let me get to the point.

I would like to remind you that we all were very excited when you met Sumanth and when we found out that there are 800 members willing to join the PCG. We trusted Sumanth wholly. But you and I had doubts. You wanted to start the Indian work somehow and to register the church in India so we forgot about him misleading us with many lies. You said we’ll start the work and God will show us whether he is genuine etc…So you decided to give a chance to him.

Just because these people keep sabbath, and from Church of God, from Sardis era, as a whole group, could we accept them to pcg????We only had Sumanth’s word. There were no translators so whatever he said, we had to believe. We never thought somebody could deceive us so much. As you read on all the evidence, you will see how Kumar learned few things about the WCG and claimed to have associated with wcg for 20 years reading the “Plain Truth” etc..  Pcg is a very unique group with its teachings and doctrines, and God will not absorb 800 at once was a question I had from the beginning.????? Then I let you be the judge as it was my duty, to obey God’s govt….. Remember both of us had many questions?

 Another question was 14 ministers given certificates of ordinations without even getting to know them and their willingness and eligibility. Again we only had Sumanth’s word. When we think of this, looks like it is a serious mistake .Do they have the knowledge as we do? Can anyone approach them and ask a question about our teachings? Even Sumanth himself? You have told him to send you the questions if anyone asks. That means you were not sure whether he could answer. Can you take any of them to a ministerial conference if the church had enough money? Especially a minister like Rupa’s brother who is a driver who cannot even read the bible properly?  But when we first began, we did not know they were like that. We only had Sumanth’s word.  The good thing is we are still in the learning process. You see, just to encourage you, let me remind you about people like Mr.Avila, Mr.Tkach, they were in the church a long time, they were called by God, all the evangelists in the WCG etc.., and God Himself is learning about us and just because they fell away it is not God’s fault, Mr. Flurry was not wrong to have Mr.Avila, Mr.Armstrong was not wrong to have Mr.Tkach ordained as the Pastor Gen., etc.. So we also do not know at the beginning how they will turn out. Anyway, what we must do is, if I may say so, is we learn from our mistakes and when God reveals an iniquity of someone, then we must do something about it. Otherwise, if we let these problems persist, then God will hold the people responsible for not taking action.  Also, if we let these things keep on happening, we ourselves will fall. And God cannot add or He will not bless that particular area. And I think that is what has been happening. So do not get discouraged, all of us are praying for this to be solved, and God will bless us for learning from our mistakes.

We were really disturbed from this when you assigned him to give two sermons. Neela argued with me saying this man cannot give sermons in God’s church and she did not want to come to the feast even. I still have not answered her question. Because I know I have to obey you even though I knew this man cannot give sermons. Then Neela had fasted and prayed and the same night Sumanth called and said he is not coming to the feast. Then only Neela agreed to come to the feast. Deepak and Basil also were planning to not to come to the feast if he was coming. I know others will follow too. I was helpless and could not answer Neela’s question. The reason why the brethren cannot accept him as a minister was, last feast when he came for two days, he said a prayer. He did not know to end the prayer, he had to ask in Jesus’ name. Everyone was waiting to say amen, he had finished without ending properly. Everyone heard and kept quiet. Everyone has had questions about him being a minister even though they did not say anything from that day onwards.

Here are some of the complains the brethren were saying, About the prayer, when he visit Hyderabad, soon after you leave, he invites many outsiders to have dinner and pay from the church account. You knew about this. At the last passover, he and Mannaseh and Prakash and Bezaleels kept together, the bread was distributed like literature. No reverence at all, he and Mannaseh have asked Prakash to find the best hotel in town  and when they went to the hotel it was full, so they had gone to another and had eaten meal spending nearly 10,000 rupees. Then when sleeping, him and Mannaseh were hugging. According to Prakash. That is why he thought he is homosexual. The money was paid by a credit card made to the church account. He was late to the passover meeting because trying to find the best hotel,   he has not sent receipts properly. He has been collecting building fund after I even told him not to do so., He could not be contacted  whenever the brethren wanted, he had not called to find out how they were doing even once in a while, Last passover he has told Bezaleels that he will come to Hyd.,and then told them to come to Bhimavaran, then again changed and said he was coming, then again changed and told them to come and the day before the passover, he had told them not to come and he cannot come either and cancelled the passover and told them to keep alone. All the time, when I called, he was no where to find. He had told you that he was with the father in law. Even if my wife is sick, I will keep the passover with the brethren. Would not a real minister of God????? Even after the passover when I called, he said he had it in the American centre as I instructed him. When I called from Bombay, he was not to be found. Just because your father in law is sick, that is not a reason to not to keep the passover. Can you blame Bezaleels for being upset that they could not keep the passover?  Their questions were not answered. Money has collected to send church CDs. Not a word about it ect…. Let me not waste any more time.     

They say they did not want to send their tithes to him. Dr.Bezaleel has collected his tithes and had given to you. You have told them to give it to Sumanth. They were upset but did as they were told.  When you went this time, you had asked Mr.Azariah how much is a printer? He has told the most expensive one is about 6,000. You also have told them that Sumanth quoted Rs.20,000. You had told Deepak, that how come the phone calls are so expensive that Sumanth’ phone bill is too high or something. Then you have told something about Sumanth misleading you with receipts to Dr.B. These things confirmed their suspicions. Because they feared the disfellowshipment had kept quiet without asking you. Bella was very happy that she did not give that 50.000 to him. So when everyone came together in the feast, all were talking about him and complained. You have told them that before you leave in August, you plan to buy a printer for Sumanth. I did not know otherwise. They asked, knowingly that Sumanth is cheating, why you are still taking no action and still buying things for him when he does not do anything like taking care of the brethren, and keeping him as a minister etc…???? I have the same question myself. And I do not have the answer. They asked, how come his phone bill is high, his ministers are in villages and do not have phones, who is he calling? He does not call us. When these things, I tried to bring to your attention, you are accusing me of turning the brethren against Sumanth and you have told Neela also that and the last time when you called, the first question you asked was how dare you accuse a minister of God. I was patiently waiting just to please you and obey you. Not that I and Neela ever accepted him as a minister. Neither did Basil and Deepak, because they saw the biodata  and Sumanth’s passport showing that his real age when they were here in Srilanka . So they did not accept him as a minister either.Neither did Prakash, because Prakash went through that experience two years ago and he said that is why he will not send tithes to him.

We watched him cheating God’s money, cheating you and the brethren who did not know about him etc… Mrs Azariah has told we saw the WCG ministers fall away and now the pcg., and where to go? What to do?  Stanis Laus told me to not to tell his newly converted parents as they will be upset. Everyone agreed to not to send tithes even you tell them. This is very serious and this will go to Mr.Flurry and I am glad you have told Neela that you told Mr.Flurry about this already.

In Bhimavaran, Rupa said they did not keep the feast even last year. Not this year either. She would not tell where Sumanth is. Sumanth called after some time and said he is in Visakapatnam. If he had gone there, which is 6 hours away from home, would not he tell his wife? They both hid from us where he was.  When he called he said he went at 4 in the morning and his brother said he was  in their house with the father when he was taking a shower around 8 in the morning. Whom to believe? I found a letter written by him to a catholic church signing his name as reverend Sumanth Kumar, which a copy enclosed. Both Deepak and Dr.Bez. were witness to these things. Then, we  found  the tapes in their envelopes, unopened. We opened them to see the ministerial conference tapes. Who is the pcg minister who does not want to hear what the prophet has to say. We cannot wait to get tapes. When we asked him, he said he got two sets. How does he know the same tapes are inside unless he opens them and see? Then I asked Rupa about the last hour. She did not know anything about it. Should these things happen in the pcg ministry?  I have no idea, knowingly about this man’s character, you still let paying him and pay the rent and sending tithes and giving everything he is asking such as the printer just two months ago. What happened to the 100,000 rs., he had one week before the feast? He has not given me an answer. You have told Bombay brethren that there are 100,000 in the church account when you visited. Deepak has explained in his letter., and during the feast, when we went to get 20,000, he says he does not have any money. Can you blame the brethren for being so upset? Yet you blame us for turning the brethren against this man. You have confirmed their suspicions. Not us. I plead you to understand that. I do not want to take the blame for something that I never did. We still hold the brethren from writing to Mr.Flurry. Everyone is waiting for you to take action.

We listened to Mr.Flurry’s and Mr.S flurry’s min.con.tapes. Mr.Flurry’s second part of searching deeper things says we need growth but not to look for numbers. We need to clean out problems. We must be honest. We cannot be people pleasers. Ministers must keep the law and be an example. What example has he given to members?  Enough to reject him?  Further Mr.F. says cannot let week deacons and elders cause problems so that they can keep numbers up otherwise God cannot bring more. In Mr.S.F’s tape “What to look in an asst.” ,  he gives many qualifications that none Kumar has. Also to test, prove an elder. So for the last two years what are his fruits?

After your phone calls made me further examine myself why God wants us out. Why God’s govt., does not want to pay the rent and close down the office in Sri Lanka and at the same time He Has blessed me with  a job that pays a higher salary and sabbath off and with accomodation., phone and accom., even for Neela etc………. When I deeply thought about all those things, Neela and I came out with these thoughts:- It is not God who wants us out. But satan. We were planning to move out when you were hesitating to pay the rent. Then all of a sudden it came to my mind that if we leave we are leaving God’s children in Sumanth’s hands. He will play havoc. No way. So we really started looking into this matter deeply. See how much God Has revealed about him. He is known to one church as an evangelist, to another one father, to another as reverend {which we have a photo} and so on. Further, in the ucg article, it is Mr.Samuel and Israel seated. {Second left and first right.} So he cannot lie. But in page 14, he denies that any of the pcg members or ministers had gone to this conference. Go to the ucg web address I sent earlier and see the photo of the elders . How can he lie to God’s ministers like this?  So now it is clear to me that satan is the one who  is really trying to send me away and bring in his demonic ministers. I do not know how you cannot see this. Even last week when you called Neela had told you that she is planning to go to America. And you had said it is good. So Is this really a satan’s trick to not to renew the Sri Lankan office rent and send me away and destroy the work of God in this part of the world? Does God want such a minister in His church to look after His children? Does He want such a person in His church as a director? Can you blame me or any other member trying to reject him?

You know he lied about his age adding 10 years because his father told him to do so to look like more experienced. He told you that . Then he lied about his income saying that he does not have a job and only his wife works. Later we found out that he is the director of many charitable {at least four} organisations and he charges 50 rs., where as others charge 200. Then he lied about his education saying he has a degree in history and so on . Now he change that also. This was from the beginning. You told us to keep confidential. So we did. Then you told Neela we just have to forget it because gentile ministers do this kind of things. We cannot keep this any longer. I do not think God would like that. Neither will Mr.Flurry.  

Neela was upset after you were hesitating to pay the rent for the Srilanka office. You had said that the rent is too much. Let me remind you that only once before you sent money to pay the rent, last year, we paid from the money we collected from here. Only twice you have sent money, the other time for Chloe to go to the camp. Also this August. We rented this place three years ago for the same amount and after three years, still the landlord has not raised the rent like anywhere in the world does because we are nice to him and we give no problems.  Bhimavaran office rent is double, let me remind you. Anyway we were planning to go to America soon after we came to Srilanka what stopped us was the work of God.  When Satan tries to get rid of us, we have decided to fight. God will correct the problem.  We know that the money allocated to these two countries going only to Bhimavaran. We knew this was coming.

So Mr.Harrison, when the brethren brought these things to my attention as they should, I think what I should do is to check whether these things are true and to bring to your attention so you could take a decision. Actually, I did not go to Bhimavaran to check him out, but I went to ask him why he does not answer my calls, and to greet personally, those members, and mainly to get about Rs.20, 000 from the bank account. I was under the impression that he is keeping the feast their with 60 members as he told and I though I will meet him. If I knew he was not at home, I would not have gone. But I was going to confront him with the accusations the brethren brought out to me, such as why he has not sending the receipts properly etc… having authority over him, and taking two witnesses as the scripture says. So here I am doing my duty. I hope you see that. I pray you see that. I am not taking any action against your decisions. Please understand that.
What he told you and I are contradictory all the time. Sometimes I felt that purposely he told you the correct thing and he told me the wrong thing when I complained, I would look like the wrong person. Such as paying the rent for the office in Bhimavaran for two years. He told us that and he would have told you the correct thing.

Remember when he first came, he had already named his church PCG? He already had biodata of all the ministers printed in church letter head? So we were excited and thought giving a chance. This went out of hand.

That November he said he already had the feast. And you paid rs60,000? He did not stop from there. He organized a pyc camp and told you to send t-shirts etc…?  He claimed that he bought the video camera for the church and asked you to pay rs.30,000? You paid. And actually he had bought in England when he went to ucg feast in 1998? But you paid that money?  Then you paid rs.60,000 to buy a fax machine which he never bought and pocketed the money? When we asked he said it is under repairs and never saw it?  All the money God’s people had given to God, was spent in vain in three conferences he organised. He does things and tell you to pay and you pay. Just this last conference he had bought a bed for rs.60,000. That bed was not there this time. He would have rented or would have borrowed it. That money too is gone. Then for printing those articles of what is pcg?? Then he said he is renting the upstairs for rs.60,000. Even in Bombay, at beach front, Mr.Azariah’s beautiful house was rs.30,000 a month. We did  not believe it. But you paid. For a month for the rent and to maintain the Indian office, rent            6,000.00
.                      Phone bill average       15,000.00
                       Allowance usd300       13,500.00
                                                            34,500.00 which is in srilankan rs.70,000.  This is only for one month Our whole year rent is rs 84,000. That is for 12 months.
Satan has succeeded bringing him into the ministry list. The first office mentioned in the ordination list was bhimavaran.  While he was spending all this, you could not afford to pay dollars 60.00 and send us the KOD videos. Ron started sending us. We took those each time to the feast. Everyone watched. We show them to living church and  global church people too. Satan sent his minister to steal God’s money and showing that he is doing a great job and neglecting the brethren. You have told everyone even us, that Sumanth is doing a great job there. Everyone would like to know his good works. Even after this feast, after we found out about him and let you know, he called you and poisoned you saying we had gone while he was away. Who told him to be away. He called and said he is keeping the feast with 60 people. That is why I went. Also he said bad things about Dr.Bezaleel. You believed him completely and called us and accused Neela and me for dividing the church. You took his side knowingly that he is a liar and a thief. The only question to us and to the brethren is why you are covering for him. And there are so many other things I just do not have time to write.
To bear fruits we must sow first. How can God give growth when satan’s minister is here.
 He told you that when we asked why there were not many members gathered as he claims there are 80 people gathering for sabbath at his office, he told you that they do not like white people. And he told me that the local police do not like big gatherings. Then how can they meet for every sabbath?

Bhimavaran Andra Pradesh is the Bible belt for India. They accept anyone coming with a gospel teaching. They share their beliefs commonly. That is why it is not wrong to go to any meeting with any group. Also charity work. Like Mr.Hubert and Sumanth doing charity work. . But do they have the pure religion? Like we do?  Should not we be more serious? About our teachings? Should we be more concerned about the numbers? The quantity or the quality? We must practice what we preach, beginning from the ministry.

Sumanth, I think has different ambitions in life. Not to be a PCG minister, but a minister in any church that pays him.

Let us check one by one from the beginning: - Please see the attached pages as I explain.

Pg 4 and 5. …1 to UCG,  2 to catholic organisation in Austria, fax… 3 to saxhum trust and 4.. To catholic organisation phone. Few calls to you, few to me. And all the others are for other organisation that has nothing to do with our church. . Altogether Rs.10, 000 worth calls, And this is only two months bill. I remember you telling that his mobile phone bill one time was rs.20, 000.  Total calls: 169. For you and for me 35 and all the other calls are made long distance and foreign calls to other organisations asking for money. In Bhimavaran there are not any members who have phones in those villages and this is only one bill. All the other times he was spending church money to pay for all those calls. Will a real God fearing minister in the pcg, ever do such a thing?

Pg 6…. This is the newletter, Ucg. 4,000 members in all for Sumanth’s father. These four thousand were divided by the father between the three sons. Vara Prasad, John Benton and Sumanth. Much of the church administration done by him. Oldest minister here says 65, but we were told he is 80. As Mr.Samuel and others claim that they were in the WCG. never in the history of the WCG, they never kept the passover in the morning.  If they were really in the WCG, they would have known the real time.

Pg 7…They were showing the poor people. Trying to stir up there emotions to get money.  On the sabbath day, they were going to take food and clothes, which is another thing wcg never taught.  For 20 years, they claim to be receiving the Plain Truth. Sumanth’s father is saying to ucg ministers, now we would like to learn everything from you. If they were reading the Plain truth for 20 years, why do they have to learn now? He says he wants to begin many more churches in India. Not God but him.  He confirms that he has alsready named 6 congregations for ucg. Without even asking ucg first, he has already named. Just like Sumanth did, When he came to Srilanka, he already had all the ministers photos and biodata on printed paper (PCG) pages 12 and 13 for example. When he came to Srilanka, you have not accepted him as even a member. Then only you said you will appoint him as the contact person. So the whole family works like that.

Pg 9….. Second educational project…Sumanth is the Director. Until we found this out in the last conference we did not know that he is the Director. You knew his wife teaches, But he said he has no income. Here he says he has a masters degree. In pg 12, our pcg paper, he says he has a degree in history and sociology. Last week when I called, he said he has a degree in computer not anything else. So he lied about his education, by showing he does not own any schools or any work, he lied about his income.

Here, they are mixing with  the seventhday adventists.If they were reading and believed in the palin truth, they would not do this. This is the common practice in these villages to share their religious views. All of the holy days not understood. The day of trumpets, atonement, and the feast of tabernacles will be kept this year. That means they were not keeping these holy days at all. They have no understanding in God’s plan. If they and Mr/Samuel  and others claim to have read the plain truth and associated with the wcg, they would have known these things. Do you remember that Sumanth’s father saying if the ucg pays him 10 dollars, he will join that church. So no money, no church for them. 

Pg 10….. This is the letter the UCG minister sent to Mr.Desimon after visiting Bhimavaran. The ucg conference which held in two weeks after our conference.  They claimed to be in the wcg.,they had asked other sabbath keeping groups as well., they are being cheated too.  It was clear to them that Sumanth’s brother Prasad and others were never in the WCG as they claim to be. In the ucg coelders web page, Mr.Samuel is sitting in the photo of the elders. Raja Babu, in the same article, is Sumanth because Sumanth said that was his brother in law, Rupa’s brother. He cannot speak a word of english. How could they converse with the ucg ministers? Mr.Baker said he talked on the phone with this Raja Babu, we know that Sumanth was the one who called ucg with our pcg phone, which is clearly seen in pages 4 and 5.
So changing the name to Raja Babu, he is the one who had gone with Mr.Samuel, sitting in the photo and two other ministers.  Further, Mr.Prasad himself told the ucg ministers that  Raja Babu joined Mr.Flurry’s group. Read the ucg web article again.

Pg  11…..A letter he has written to Dr.Anup saying that he will be in Assam for the passover. After two years in the church he still does not know that you have to assign us where to go for the passover. He must be planning to go there.

12 a…..His passport copy to show that he really is 29 years now. In page 12 b, he says he was 37 years old. You know after we told you that he really is 27 years old. So he says he was ordained in the year 89. Who would ordain a 17 year old.? Because if he was born in 1972, in 1989, he would be only 17 years old, which Mr.Armstrong would not even baptize. I do not think that Mr.Flurry is aware of this. Could he really be  a pcg minister? In this page, he is lying about his age, his education, 80 people gathering on sabbath, {there weren’t even 10 people besides the ministers and their wives last time we were there and out of those 10, five people were teachers of his institute and it was their first day }. He is lying about his experience as a minister to claim that he has 10 years experience, he could have not known Mr.Samueal at that time amd Mr.Samuel himself is not a WCG minister.

Pg 13…. This is Rupa’s younger brother. He claims he is 26 years old. Since he is younger to Rupa, he has to be at least a year younger. Rupa was 24 years old in 1999, when this was written. So how could the younger brother is 26 years old when Rupa is 24 years? Even if he was 23 years old, in 1993, as he claims he was ordained, he should have been 17 years old. Which is against pcg ordination requirements. Do you really think he has read MM, Doc.changes, Govt., and MOA?  This man came to the feast last year with Sumanth. Our members had a chat with him. He does not know anything in the bible. Our members told this year at the feast. This is one of the reasons why they were upset. How could a person like this was given an ordination certificate? Including Dr.Bezaleel, Stanis and some others spoke in their language. They were upset from the beginning and did not want to tell us in fear of disfellowhipment. When everything came out in the open this year, this is one of the things they questioned me about.

Now another fact that I must tell you is when we were in Bhimavaran, I noticed, that he does not care for my authority over him. He tells me one thing and he tells you another. The most recent thing was, when I told him to bring money to the feast. He said he is busy with 60 people keeping the feast and he lied and did not obey me. After I went, I wrote a letter asking him to send 20,000 to the feast site. Not only he did not send the money, he did not even bother to call me to say he is unable to send money. Instead, he called you and complained about our visit. Including telling lies about Dr.Bezaleel. Dr,Bezaleel, I have spent two feasts with him, he is a very nice person. Sumanth does not want him to come to his house because he speak the same language. He has even stopped buying some land after listening to the last hour tape. That dedicated he is. Sumanth is accusing him wrongly.

Pg 14… .. He has sent many letters like this addressing only you. It was I who asked about these things but he is addressing it to you only. Also see page 16, Only your visit is notified to some members. Not even to all. Dr.Anup is one of his favourites because he did not go after the receipts. So Sumanth has notified Dr.Anup of your visit and nothing about me accompanying you. Now in this page, he says his brother has called from his personal phone. The phone number 34568 was the pcg number in January when these calls were made. See page 15 b. The numbers both 34568 and 37859 were used. Either number, he has been calling from were pcg numbers. So he is saying that MrNewton has not observed bills correctly. How dare he accuse me ? Here, he is lying openly. Would a pcg minister do that? He is accusing me of wrong doing. Mr.Samuel is sitting in the ucg photo, may be he used another name. As Sumanth himself used the name Raja Babu. Another lie in this page is…….He claims he handed over that project in 1997, see pages 19 and 20, two letters he has written to Saxhum Trust in June 2001,and June 2001, this year. When he said he has handed over and he has nothing to do with that project anymore, you believed. We quickly called Mr.Mann, who is the trustee , and inquired. He faxed these two letters to show us that he is still the director. Please see those letters in pages 19 and 20. Would a pcg minister lie like that?

Mr.Raja Babu, is receiving the good news magazine……. Why would a minister in the pcg, still receives ucg magazines.? Why would his magazines come to Sumanth’s house? Because Sumanth is receiving and in contact with ucg posing as Raja Babu.  Here Sumanth is saying Raja Babu is receiving books from UCG. Why would a pcg minister do such a thing? This time When I went to his house, there were magazines from many churches. He is reading them all and get to know their doctrines and writing to them to join just any church.

Pg 15……. A letter from Mr.Mann, Saxhum Trust, funding Sumanth’s  charitable organisation The Immanuel Educational Soc….He has been receiving money from this trust even before 1995, and up to date.  In the page14, in Sumanth’s letter to you last week says he  no longer receives money from this trust.  And since 1997,he is not aware of any activities in this, therefore, he openly lies. In 1999, when he joined pcg, he has received english pounds 10,395. What a lrge amount that is and we have the deed of that land purchase, it was only 3 installements of rs.26,000. Which is rs.78,000. The other money ?????????Don’t know how much he said to trust it was. One pound is rs.63 now. He is associated with Immanuel charitable and Immanuel educational soc…. Which he never told you before joining pcg. All those things we later found out. Turn over to the other page, Mr.Mann says he received a letter from Sumanth which was put in the wrong envelope asking for money from a US organisation.  Also, Sumanth was giving the impression of trust is the only source of income. The photographs, accounts are coming but they never check them like we did not check.

Page 17….. He has collecting funds and converting them to US Dollars and forwarding them to you. That is not true. He is giving the wrong impression to members.

Page 18…… photocopies of two envelopes on his desk, writing for charity.

Pages 21, 22, 23, letter from Deepak, as a witness to the visit to Bhimavaran.

Pages 24, 25 26……Altter on his desk, while he was writing this he had left on the dest. Deepak video taped this and put in to the computer and got a print out. Addressed to the catholic church CHALCEDON CHRISTIAN CHURCH,.
24.{1} India Headquarters,
      {2} p o box 819, which is pcg pobox, in Vijayawada.
       {3} Revd. G.Sumanth Kumar, National President. So Here in the photo, you can see, he is a catholic reverend. He has cunningly given Vijayawada address. Does God want a catholic reverend in His church? He is a Director of the Indian church as you say. Does Mr.Flurry know? Very soon, God will make him know. This is why the whole church in India got upset. Thoroughly disgusted. Their minister is now a catholic reverend. Wouldn’t you be upset? Does not God Have any other to appoint as a Director of His church in India?

       {4} Rev.Vara Prasad Ganta. This and number 5 rev. Paul moorthy is his brother and father. Now they are reverends in the catholic church. The family who read the Plain Truth for 20 years, who had UCG meetings, and who said they want to be in the PCG, now catholic reverends. How soon can they change religions. To the highest payee I guess.  Sumanth is not just a reverend. bUt The National President of this church. If our members are this upset, how upset would God be?

As you can see, he cannot be in pcg ministry. There are so many more if I can waste our time to write. I hope and pray to God that you do the right thing. As I said earlier, do not be worried. Mr.Armstrong could not have known that Mr.Tkach will lead the church astray neither did Mr.Flurry knew about Mr.Sutcliff and Mr.Avila and many others will turn away so you could not have known either. I was loyal to you in these years even though we suffered a lot. I have not spent God’s money in vain. We bought our own fax machine even after you approved for us to buy anew one..