Laodicean? Not PCG? Yes, PCG!


Who are the Laodiceans? In Revelation 2 and 3, the first six church eras are all addressed each as a singular church. The last church era is addressed not to the church in Laodicea, but to the “church of the Laodiceans.” Why? Now, there are many sister churches. PCG, who judged others has become “THE” worst,  though she is allowed to prosper. This two-part series shows how the PCG erred in judgment and how all Israel has become Laodicean, and  now are in spiritual captivity. Is PCG truly has become Laodicean having its characteristics? We expose her nakedness as God Has appointed us…..




LAODICEAN??? .. Not  PCG…Yes, PCG.  !!!

Part 1- 26 Dec 2005


Laodicean means, judgment or Justice. The Day of The Lord, is to punish the Laodiceans, who have broken the marriage covenant. We need to prove that we are not Laodicean, to escape the wrath of God.  Until all Israel (churches) broke the covenant, God could not judge. Finally, the sister who judged others also has become Laodicean.  God’s word in Rev 3: 14, when He addressed  to the Laodicean (Lao) era, it says LaodiceanS. (More than one church.)  . All other eras, addressed for a single church. For example… Ephesus, Sardis, Philadelphia etc….. But  to the Lao era, ( plural) Laodiceans. That means, several churches should exist during the Lao era.  Ez 16: 52 –63 says, there are many sister churches exist at the same time. One will become “Wife the Mother”, and the others, daughters. They are all God’s children


 (Here is what GF wrote in Ez bk pg 72… To be bound in God’s skirts is … saying the Philadelphians grasp the marriage covenant with God and the Laos don’t.) This means, there are two groups. Philadelphins (Phils, PCG) and Laodiceans (lao, all other churches).

Other churches have already become Lao, when PCG married God. But in V. 52 God condemns the church which He married, more than others, because , after judging others , she has become  worse than others and she too will go in to captivity in the end. While PCG was judging others, she was keeping the Law and God blessed her as in v. 8 – 13. She continued to have the Phil. Standard. But,  Until all churches (including PCG who judged others ) become Lao, God could not judge the church. Ez 22: 30- 31 says, Not even “ONE” man was found in the temple, (except the little sanctuaries ) keeping the Law and therefore, God’s wrath will be poured upon. That is the judgment of God. ALL CHURCHES ( INCLUDING PCG, WHO JUDGED OTHERS)  HAVE BECOME LAODICEAN.  They will all go in to captivity.  The Day of The Lord, or God’s wrath is to punish ALL the churches. Vs. 61 – 63… God will establish the covenant, for His’ name sake. The sister who judged others too will be ashamed after captivity, that she will never open her mouth V. 63. The final church to go in to captivity, is PCG, after judging others, she did worse.  Has that happened?  Yes. !!!


Here’s what GF wrote in pg 13…Ez bk.Throughout those seven years, we were delivering THE LITTLE BOOK to those FORMER SPIRITUAL JEWS.  Then the commission was changed. This further proves, other churches have become Lao, while PCG has not and others have already gone in to captivity, when Ezekiel’s commission changed in 1997.  


Then  God appointed TP as a “watchman”. Ez bklt pg 13… “Son of man”, I have made you a watchman…. Now TP writes… The watchman’s warning is an attempt to keep people “out” of captivity. If the watchman’s warning is an attempt to keep people out of captivity, what is the purpose of delivering a watchman’s warning to people who are already in captivity? In MM, GF said his work started in 1991. Seven years after would be 1997. By this time, all the sister churches have rebelled against God’s Law (remember that is why God raised PCG and married her, because PCG was used by God to judge others because others have sinned?) and were already in captivity. ? Therefore, the watchman’s warning should be for PCG.

Ez 16:  46 -49…Elder sister Samaria, and  younger sister and their daughters have already committed adultery,  God calls them “SODOM”:. V. 49, GOD says……Look this “WAS” the iniquity of your sister Sodom“WAS” means, already done, have become.  “She and her daughter “HAD” pride. This means,  others , have already have become Laos.… “Pride” and fullness of food… V 50… “And they were “Haughty” (another Lao character)  and I took them away…. (Other churches already have gone in to captivity or have become Laodicean, for GOD TOOK them away) That was their judgment… God ALLOWED them to fall and go in to captivity, before TP’s commission was changed in 1997. Including UCG, most of the churches of God, were organized by 1997. As we see, if they were already gone in to captivity, and the watchman’s warning is to keep them out of captivity, then why Did God change the commission to a warning?  To warn whom?


Pg 14…”The first seven years of our work were concentrated primarily on warning God’s own Laodicean churches.  This further proves, other churches were already Laodicean while PCG was judging them. (Anyone from those churches, who wanted to repent, could do so and could have joined PCG therefore God did not have to bring the Day of the Lord ) Therefore, when God made TP as a watchman, to warn, God wants TP to warn “the rest”, who has not gone in to captivity, ( that is why GOD wanted TP to warn them, to keep them away, from captivity) which is PCG. God could not judge the church and the world, till ALL have failed. Or till the time comes what Christ said … “Can Son of Man find FAITH” when He comes ?  God would have given seven years to other churches to repent. (7 years warning)Yet, by 1997, when the commission was changed in to warning, , they were already gone in to captivity. Except for PCG. And since God knew PCG would be sinning too, she is the one who needed the watchman’s warning. Nevertheless, she committed worse sins in the end, while judging others.

 Mat 7:2  For with what judgment ye judge , ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. The sign of TP’s wife’s death is the beginning of this measure.That was the sign, PCG has gone in to captivity. So said TP, during 2004 feast.


Ez 16: 51 - 52 …  You have multiplied your abominations than they…. You who judged other sisters bear your shame also….Even though PCG judged  the sisters, she too committed same sins and now in  captivity and she,herself had become Lao. God still continued the covenant  with PCG, and could not  punish and judge  and condemn all as  Laodiceans, until PCG too started to follow the mother as in V 44 –45… and had become Lao. “Like mother like daughter ” 

Ez 22: 30.. God Sought for a man to stand for Him, but found NONE. All have become

                                                 Laodicean !!!

V. 52 – 63, clearly shows, that PCG too would become Laodicean. She followed the mother and the other sisters whom she judged and did worse than them. When they sinned, TP called them  Laodiceans. Since PCG did the same abominations and God caused her to go in to captivity as well, she too has become Laodicean. Despite the watchman’s warning which God gave TP to deliver, to keep them out of captivity, TP, himself failed to heed the warning.  TP and PCG  became a “murderous Harlot”. V. 32, 38

Ez bklt pg 15… “What a warning to those who were abiding in righteousness and then turned away from it ! This could only apply to the end time Laodiceans !!!”That is PCG.


Did PCG committed the same abominations?…

Ez bk pg 15… God Has some biting criticism for some who were to be keeping charge of His “SPIRITUAL” temple in this END TIME. Notice briefly a passage in Ez 44:.. ..

“In that ye have brought into MY SANCTUARY strangers, uncircumcised in flesh, to be in My sanctuary, to pollute it, even My house, when ye offer my bread….. and BROKEN MY COVENANT because of your ABOMINATIONS. And ye have not kept the charge of Mine Holy things: but ye have set keepers of my charge in My Sanctuary for yourselves.. vs.  7-8.   What covenant is God talking about? The MARRIAGE covenant that He Has made with His church”. In this paragraph, we see….

v     God is criticizing  the leaders of HIS CHURCH, for not keeping God’s Holy things ( in this end time, God’s temple is spiritual and the members are the Holy things) .

v     This should happen in the END TIME. In the end time, All churches except for PCG, already have gone in to captivity. Therefore, the end time church is PCG.


v     STRANGERS WERE BROUGHT IN TO GOD’S SANCTUARY. Sanctuary means, THE ALTAR. Here is what GF wrote in pg 59, about the Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary was supposed to be the MOST HOLY place in the temple. It should be the most HOLY place in GOD”S Church. It is a place where the ministry serves. IT PICTURES THE VERY PLACE WHERE GOD DWELLS !

v     Set keepers … ( GF gave full authority to RDs. Phil. News May/June 2004 , Pg 5…Mr. Harrison wrote…RDs are TP’s eyes and ears. Whatever the RDs say, GF accepted. Our RD, caused strangers to come in to the “Most Holy place”, The Sanctuary. TP accepted them without questioning. Now trying to hide it from members. 

v     Bringing strangers in to the ALTAR, broke the covenant as TP said.


Pg 77…TP writes… The Laos today invite the world in to their church and commit adultery. They have forgotten that they are Christ’s own WIFE.   Since this is to happen In the end time, the church which God was married to, in the end time, is PCG. But she too invited strangers and we are witnesses for that crime. The covenant was broken, and the place is East gate as in Ez 8 – 11, and South East Asia was struck by a tsunami, to show God’s anger. (Our tsunami article proves why God sent the tsunami ) It will be one year since that has  happened.

When Lao ( or as GF refers to other churches) brought strangers in to their church, TP says it is adultery. Others  brought strangers to the temple. But PCG, being worse than others, brought strangers in to “THE ALTAR”, or THE SANCTUARY , where the ‘MOST HOLY PLACE AND WHERE GOD DWELLS.  This act caused God to leave the Sanctuary. Ez 10: 18 – 19,     11: 22- 24… God left, and  even though God appointed TP as a watchman, he caused the church to commit the same sins as the sisters, because, he set others to keep charge of God’s Holy things, by seeing and hearing through the eyes and ears of RDs.


Mr. Flurry, do you not know, that when other churches invited strangers in to their churches and if that is “ADULTERY” and WHEN YOU DID THE SAME, you too have committed adultery? You brought 17 of them in to the ALTAR. DID GOD CALL THESE UNCIRCUMSIZED STRANGERS, IN TO HIS ALTAR? You brought strangers in to the Altar but, cast out, a baptized, ordained, a long time member and a minister, to keep your sins hidden.  DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU CAN HIDE IT FROM GOD?  YOU ARE REALLY BLIND.  God says (Is 56:10 ) Your ministers are dumb dogs . Even our minister kept quiet for a long time.  YOU DO NOT EVEN SEE THIS SIN WHICH YOU caused.  This is why God struck your wife. God raised us up to destroy your lewdness .  Ez 16: 40,   Ez 23: 45 – 49.   Lam 1: 15… May God help us to throw stones at you and destroy your adulterous heart?

IT IS WRITTEN !!!! Your sins are written in PN. Unless you repent, no way out.

Rom 2:1  Therefore you are without excuse, O man, everyone who judges; for in that in which you judge another, you condemn yourself, for you who judge do the same  things.  Haven’t you done the same thing you judged others? 

Pg 77…God judges us on the basis of our word or covenant to become His wife. As God raised us up, we have been stoning you since 2003. You caused the whole church to break this wonderful marriage covenant we made at our baptism. Pg 77 says Adulterous sin is no “small matter”.  Why must they be so rebellious that they allow Satan to turn them away from their most noble, majestic crown?  Christ said for the PHILADELPHIANS  “LET NO MAN TAKE THY CROWN”. You., Mr. Flurry, you are “THE MAN” who has taken Christ’s wife’s crown. You will never open your mouth when God punishes you.

Why must “YOU” be so rebellious and allow Satan to turn your heart away from that MOST NOBLE CROWN?  Why ?   Why?  Why?  Because of your arrogant pride.


When our minister came to inform you in person about this adulterous affair you and the PCG had with these strangers, and wanted to show you from the scripture (from the book of Ezekiel) that it was you who have broken the marriage covenant,  you said

“I wrote a book on Ezekiel”… you do not have to show me scripture. Mr. Winters… You are a witness… One of these days, you  too will have to give account for keeping this hidden to obey TP. You said to others “DO NOT” compromise. Yet, you are compromising. Don’t you care for your crown? You and other RDs, should know that this is against God’s Law and this cause God’s children to break the covenant and to lose their crown. Every one of you RDs, will be judged soon for murdering God’s children. !!!  Haven’t any of you have read the book of Ezekiel? Specially Ez 44:7 – 9?  Don’t you know when much is given, much is expected? And the minister’s judgment is higher ? 


Finally, last January, during the ministerial conference, TP announced… “My work” is the 7th  work,  and fulfills  Rev 17: 10…  a short work, and it is the judgment of the Harlot. The SPIRITUAL harlot, the PCG, was the last church to break the marriage covenant with God. By proclaiming he is the 7th work, he said to the world, “I am the Laodicean head”.

PCG, which held fast to the covenant of God, till the “LAST HOUR”,  broke the covenant by inviting strangers in the “East Gate”. Now, being judged by God and Has allowed her to go in to captivity as well, as He prophesied in Ez 16: 51- 52. Like all her sisters became Laodicean, she too became Lao, in the Last hour.  The Antiochus, who grew exceedingly great towards “South East”, (the covenant was broken in South East” ) is shattering the faith of the Holy people as prophesied. Dan 8:24,  He shall prosper till Christ makes him disappear….

Dan 12:7  And I heard the man clothed in linen……… that it shall be for a time, times, and a half. And when they have made an end of scattering the power of the “HOLY” people , all these things shall be finished. If you consider you are HOLY, then your power will be scattered. !  Right now, we see, the scattering of the HOLY people are being fulfilled. Son of Man, cannot find faith in His church, when He comes.

The “HOUR” has now come, as CHRIST said…believe Me, the hour is coming when you shall neither worship the Father in this mountain nor yet at Jerusalem

Soon, the Day of The Lord will arrive…. ALL these things shall be finished.


Ez bk pg 64… When the  Laos go in to captivity, God will not leave them alone. ….Although I have scattered them among the countries… Yet I will be a “little Sanctuary” …They are His family., and He loves them and will be right there with them, He is saying, don’t rebel just because of sthe terror, I’ll get you through this IF you look to ME. REPENT !!!


The Oath will become a “CURSE” if they FAIL to keep the promise.

Do you understand the seriousness of this commitment ?

Do you understand this yourselves, ministers? 





The Assembly,  Ez 16: 40.   Ez 23 : 45 – 49.  Lam 1:15…




                       Part 2




LAODICEAN???   ….  Not  PCG…Yes, PCG

Part   2


In part one, we explained that until PCG , the final church turned Lao(Laodicean),(or till the time had to come ,no faith  to be found when Christ comes )   God could  not  judge the church.  PCG was  used by God to judge others. All the other churches were being measured beginning from 1989, for 7 years, till Ezekiel’s commission was changed. Even though other churches  had the Lao attitude, any one willing to obey God, could still hold on to the Phil. Standard in the  PCG. Then PCG committed same sins, even worse, and “ERRED” in judgment.  God found “Iniquity” and arrogant boast, (pride) Lao character,  in Ezekiel(Ez 24: 21). Thus Ezekiel, too became Lao. God condemns Ezekiel, more than any other church leader.  The Tabernacle of David, totally failed and That is why Christ Has to come and repair it’s damages, and take the government on to His shoulder. Because the government of the church failed.  Time given to the wife to be ready is over. All seven eras are now come and gone, and we live in the final moments of the last hour. As in Rev 17: 10, she will continue a “short time”. The watchman’s warning to keep PCG out of captivity, was not heeded and  the watchman  led the whole church in to captivity and he, himself  became a captive.


When Son of Man comes, He will not find faith, as the “preserved and called” out ones, could not contend for the faith once delivered.  The phrase “ONCE DELIVERED” shows, it was done in the past. The “faith” was delivered in the past.  No longer they have that delivered faith.  That is why Jude is reminding PCG to hold on to it, or to contend with the faith you had. ( because you do not have it any longer.)  Or else Jude would have written….Contend for the faith you “have”.  If the preserved ones had faith then Jude did not have to remind to hold on to the faith, in the first place. He warned, because the preserved ones did not have faith. This should happen in the  “Last hour”. GF wrote in Jude … pg 7…. “We must remember that Jude is specifically about a church take over from the inside, in the Laodicean era of the “Last time’. All other churches have gone in to captivity years before the “Last hour”, which was declared in 2001 May.  They say they are Jews, or Christians, but DO LIE. They erred in judgment. The Lao erred in judgment and since PCG too erred in judgment, finally, she too has become Lao. Therefore, now, the judgment.!!!


Laodicean (Lao) era is present means it is time to bring judgment (The Day of The Lord. DOL) for the ministry,(“ Spiritual Israel” or God’s church) and justice for the “Gentiles” ( Is 42: 1 ) . . The judgment is on the “House of God” now.  We all know that The  (DOL) is to punish the sinning ministry.. (Zephaniah bklt) Until Christ comes, to take over the government,  the ministry never obeyed God. , the tabernacle of David, (TOD.) fell and only Christ could repair it.    God found “INIQUITY”  (Ez 24:21-23), and Lawlessness (Jude 4) in the leader/s in the last era, in the very “last hour..

Two years after  the Last hour, GOD HAD TO COMMAND….. “MEASURE THE ALTAR AND THE TEMPLE”. ( Rev 11: 1-3)  In the “Last hour”, PCG was The ALTAR. It was The “Preserved and called out ones who needed the measuring in the last hour, as all the other sisters have already were measured and gone in to captivity.  Unless it is absolutely necessary and if God Has not found iniquity in PCG,  God would never Have commanded to measure PCG, who held fast to the Phil. Standard when all others fell. PCG too erred in judgment and had become Lao, even after judging them. The warnings in Jude, 2 Peter and 1, 2, 3, John are specially for PCG. Why would Christ’s own brother Jude, the chief apostle peter, and the “Most beloved” apostle, John , give us the same warnings? Why the warnings were repeated three times?


It is PCG, who needed the measuring….

Rev 11: 2 ..God specifically said, “DO NOT MEASURE THE OUTER COURT”. GF said all other churches and gentiles are in the outer court.  Then, the prophet should not measure them as God said, “Do NOT” measure the outer court” But TP, instead of measuring the Inner court, always judges and condemns the outer court. The tabernacle of David (TOD), did not fall when WCG fell, as there were 70 elders in PCG, still held on to the TOD.  But, as always God tests everyone, God Had to test PCG too. Is 22: 25, the nail will be removed and  cut down and FALL and the burden too will be cut off.  Now, that prophecy is being fulfilled. The nail was cut down.  No longer the nail will hold everything, for God Himself, Has cut it down.

God Has seen PCG's adultery of bringing strangers in to, not only to the temple, but in to the Altar as well..(We have informed about  PCG’s adulterous act  before )  So when God commanded to measure The Altar IN THE LAST HOUR, HE WAS REFERRING TO PCG. God said…. DO NOT measure the outer court, you have been measuring it since I entered in to a covenant with you, ( Ez 16: 8,) but now you measure your self and those who are with you. ( Ez 24: 23…) Mourn with “One another”…because of “YOUR INIQUITIES”. When God said “one another”, that means, Ezekiel and his leaders who are with him in the “Inner court”, or God’s Altar. Not with other churches. Because other churches committed adultery, PCG was raised by God to judge them. Ez 16: 52.  As Israel were already in captivity when Ezekiel was called to be a prophet to deliver God’s message to captives, even so in this end time, because the mother church WCG, was  already gone to captivity, when TP, the modern day Ezekiel was called to be a prophet to deliver the warnings to keep the rest (PCG) out of captivity.

Ez bk pg 13… “The watchman’s warning is to keep people out of captivity”.


God said …the “iniquity” is in you, Ezekiel. “I have found “Iniquity” in YOU.! You measure yourself.


 You keep the turbans (S) and do your work… but “you shall pine away”… because of “iniquity”. PCG held on to the Philadelphian standard until, she too committed the same sins she accused others of doing. GF said Lao invited the world in to their churches and committed adultery, in Ez bklt pg 77. Since she too did the same adulterous act and broke the covenant, she has become Lao too.

Ez bk pg 75…”Only God’s firstfuits can commit adultery in this end time, because only they are married to Christ.”. Therefore only the church can become a harlot. 1 Cor 6: 16.. If you join to a harlot, you become one with her. That is why PCG is defiled.


Why Ezekiel’s wife was stricken?…It is a sign… and a punishment…

In Ez 24:  16 – 24. the death of the TP’s wife, is a sign that they are going in to captivity and also, that God Has profaned the sanctuary.  (The punishment). They will be allowed to die spiritually unless they repent during when the sealing is done  by the six angels. 

In 2003… August, we wrote to GF about the covenant breaking sin in India, … Two months later, God commanded… Ezekiel, “Rise and Measure” where you are,  the Altar. After another two months ,  (Exactly four months after we first wrote) Ez 24: 16 was fulfilled….. God struck Ezekiel’s wife…Why would God do that? For anyone willing to see, this clearly shows, that Ezekiel has not done the measuring the Altar properly and that is why God struck his wife. It is evident that TP has not obeyed God some how, somewhere. 


Ezekiel was trusted by God to take care of His wife. Ezekiel would have done something bad to God’s wife, like causing her to turn away from God. God Would Have thought… You caused my “Wife”, My heart’s desire, to sin and you took her away  from ME, now “I will strike your wife, your heart’s desire(v 16) , and see how you would  feel ? God would never, never , never strike anyone’s wife, unless He Has to teach a big lesson and unless it is the only way to get his attention on the matter needed to be corrected. Ezekiel has not measured his own self !  The whole church, one whole ERA of God’s church, after being “preserved and called” (Jude 1) and those who have “Obtained” precious faith  (2 Pet 2:1),  was caused to break God’s covenant, in the very last end of the last hour.   The arrogant “PRIDE”, which was found in EZEKIEL,  is one of the  condemned  characters of the LAO . (v 21)    By bringing strangers,  the church, the wife, broke God’s covenant. Ez 44: 7 - 9… Mr. Flurry, if you are not proud, it is not too late, and it is not too long for the Day of The Lord…… look in to this matter. Judge according to God’s standards, using God’s measurement…. which is…….


Isa 28:17  I'll make justice the measuring stick and righteousness the plumb line for the building. Use “JUSTICE” to measure in Righteousness. By refusing to measure using God’s measuring instrument, the “Justice”, you condemn yourself and the result…… is

         THE      DAY      OF      THE          LORD. !!!


 Ezekiel would have thought… that no one need to tell me my faults... I am “THAT Prophet”,

( and the whole list of titles GF claimed that he is), I do not need to repent, and so on. Anciently, Israel felt secure when the Ark of the Covenant was with them, in Shiloh. GF, too would have  felt secure, now that he bought the copy right of HWA’s books. He would have never thought that God is a “JUST” God. He shows no partiality. He corrects and prunes, every son and the vine branches.  He feeds the strangers, fatherless and the widows and how much He hates injustice to such?   Unless God found “iniquity” in Ezekiel, God would never have accused him  of having iniquity. God cannot lie.

And, we, the assembly are God’s witnesses because we did not have any foreign gods with us. Is. 43: 12. We witnessed how  PCG  broke the covenant of God, in the East gate, as in Ez 8 -11, Ezekiel caused God’s wife to “disobey” HIM.


Ezekiel failed to judge….What Did God do ?…

Ez 23: 1 – 4… Two daughters (UCG and PCG who went to the same Indian strangers in Bamah) of one mother (WCG) committed harlotry. But they were God’s children. V. 36… God commanded Ezekiel to judge them… But, v. 45 – 49,  God had to raise up an assembly to judge them, because Ezekiel has failed to judge. (Erred in judgment.!!! And became Lao) 

We are that assembly. V.45… Blood is on their hands… V 46.. Aren’t we a trouble to you Ezekiel?  Aren’t we plundering like God Said we would?   Is. 33: 1 ?

V. 49… They shall repay YOU for your lewdness…

You shall pay for your idolatrous sins…. That is God’s judgment on Ezekiel, who failed to judge him and the church. !!!

Ez 24: 21.  “I will profane The Sanctuary”.  Not the members. Punishment to begin at His sanctuary”. Ez 9..


Here is what GF wrote in PN   Nov/Dec 2004…

Where we are now in prophecy?… Pg 1 and 8….

Sept 5th marked a dramatic day in the history of God’s church. On that day—40 months after the beginning of the “last hour”,  Mrs F died…  Her death is written in the Bible and it is dramatic to God’s church. It will be written in the history of God’s church, why and how and when it happened. This is a judgment of God. God wanted Ezekiel to know how GOD feels when His wife was caused to die. As it is for any husband, it is hard for God also to watch His wife die. He watched His only Son die to buy Him a wife, now He Has to see His wife also die. 

The death occurred  40 months after the last hour was declared. 4 moths later in Jan 2005, GF declared…. He is the 7TH  head in Rev 17: 10. (last church, which will continue a short time)  The last hour, is  the church’s last hour, as we  have  proven. Jude bk. Pg 7, the church take over in the last hour”.  When this last hour was declared, PCG was already committing this adulterous act with the strangers and was breaking the covenant. PN 2000 Jan records this act of adultery.It was 1999 August, our RD officially invited this crowd in India


God Did NOT punish Ezekiel’s wife without a warning. In 1999 August, PCG invited this crowd, and exactly 4 years after, in 2003, Mrs W wrote to GF about this and asked would you have invited this crowd, if you had known that they were not baptized? (Two months later, the command came to measure the Altar.) Exactly four months after Mrs W wrote, she and another member was cast out. Nevertheless, it was God who brought this to Ezekiel’s attention to judge, but Ezekiel, erred in judgment of God. Immediately,  his wife was stricken exactly as the word of God prophesied. This is why this death is dramatic to the church’s history. To show Ezekiel’s failure. Or how he became Lao, in the last hour.


GF wrote…(Same PN ) “Also since my wife’s death, I have new revelation about where we are in the course of human history!  This new revelation revolving around the death of my wife --- should stir us to a more profound sense of URGENCY.  This death is a sign to the church, to show where we are in prophecy now.  This is an urgent matter.


I believe my wife was, in a sense, a martyr. 

Almost every commentary says a Martyr is someone who witnesses. A Martyr is someone willingly give ones life to God or who looses the life fighting for God’s truth, like the members who are witnessing  about these lying of the leaders and who are being cast away without giving answers. Spiritually murdered.  Not those who are being punished by God. )     

E ze 24:16  Son of man, behold, I take away from thee the desire of thine eyes

Eze 24:20 – 21…Then I answered them, The word of the LORD came unto me, saying,

  Speak unto the house of Israel, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will profane my sanctuary, the excellency of your strength, the desire of your eyes, and that which your soul pitieth; and your sons and your daughters whom ye have left shall fall by the sword.

God struck her to show Ezekiel and the church, that God is profaning the Sanctuary and they will go in to captivity. Because Ezekiel could not understand it spiritually, God Had to give a physical sign ( who are blind to spiritual matters ) to show that He is leaving, because Ezekiel has caused God’s wife to die. Why else would God profane HIS Sanctuary?


GF wrote…Ezekiel booklet explained how Ezekiel’s prophecies are specifically about OUR WORK today. Some of that revelation had to do with the death of Ezekiel’s wife and how God instructed him to continue with the work. God struck his wife. He Had to allow Ezekiel to continue the work, but GOD HAS PROFANED HIS sanctuary, or GOD is NOT leading that work which Ezekiel will do afterwards. ( He is the 7th head, which is to continue a short time, so God Had to allow him to do the work, but it will be a work of final falling away, )  He is to pine away in his iniquities, and mourn with one another. In other words, God is not leading the church anymore, and will allow them to pine away in doing their work, and the assembly shall judge them, Ez 24: 14… “THEY” shall judge thee… They, the assembly in Ez 23: 45 – 49… (The sin is committing harlotry as in Ez 23:  11 = Ez 16: 52 .     23: 36 – 44 = Ez 16: 32,  38. ) Not only the work of warning others is God’s work which Ezekiel had to do, but he had to judge the two daughters “Oholahand :Oholibah” for going to strangers and committing adultery. But he failed to judge these two women of God’s children as Ez 23: 4. They are God’s.  Ezekiel’s failure to judge “Oholibah”, the last sister, is what got his wife to be stricken by God. Instead of judging her, Ezekiel tried to hide the matter from God and the church. God wants total repentance. The whole church became defiled, knowingly or unknowingly. Ezekiel caused God’s wife to commit adultery.


“ I will admit that my wife was bothered by that revelation, and so was I.   Should not Ezekiel, be extra careful to not to repeat where ancient Ezekiel failed ?  The reason is written in the Bible. God Has given so much revelation to Ezekiel. He should have been more careful and watchful of his own sins and the church he was leading. He was busy pointing the finger at others, but he himself did not heed. Even after his wife was stricken, he did not humble himself. If he had humbled and truly repented and ask God to show his fault, or why the wife was stricken, (not even our hairs will be lost, said God. All our life’s incidents are well planned by God. God would never allow such a thing to happen to the prophet’s wife. UNLESS that is the only way. When it was written to happen, TP should have been more careful) God is faithful to not to test us more than we could bear and would have not stricken the wife. We know TP never repented of inviting strangers, because all of us in SEAsia, including our minister, were cast out, for asking questions about this. When our minister went to see TP in person, TP would not allow him to open the Bible and said, “I have written a book about Ezekiel., you do not need to teach me and said get out, out, out. That certainly is not a humble attitude, but Laodicean.


“Now that my wife has died, after a series of strokes, I believe we must give URGENT attention to these prophecies.” ..  It still may not be too late. At least now, will TP repent?


“In verse 19, the people asked Ezekiel what it all meant. He responded with God’s message. Then I answered them, The word of the Lord came unto me, saying, Speak unto the house of Israel, Thus saith the Lord God, :  Behold, I will profane My Sanctuary, the excellency of your strength, the desire of your eyes, and that which your soul pitieth; and your sons and your daughters whom ye have left shall fall by the sword” V. 20 – 21.      When the people, asked, God said that He will profane the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is not in Israel, or in other churches, but  PCG. When God profane His sanctuary, everyone aught to run…… run away from it. But Ezekiel is not  giving that warning. Everyone’s blood will be upon him. (John 18: 14… Even the High priest understood that when one sin, one life has to be lost.)  He says smooth words. He prophesies, smooth words. Place of safety, place of safety and government, government, government. God is NOT in Ezekiel’s government. Beginning at His Sanctuary, God is going to slay everyone. This is a trumpet blowing time.   1Co 14:8  For also if a trumpet  gives an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself for the battle?

We need to prepare for war with the devil. The trumpet is giving an uncertain sound to God’s own people.  The enemy is in the sanctuary and has destroyed everything in the Sanctuary. Ps 74: 2 – 9. lam 4:1… Stones in the sanctuary are being destroyed.    


Pg 8  of the same article…

God took away the desire of Ezekiel’s eyes – and the desire of MY eyes- and it was a “SIGN” that God will soon take away the desire of Israel’s eyes. Israel will fall by the sword.”

The death, there fore  is a “sign” that they will fall by the sword, which is the “Word of God”. Four months after the death, GF declared… “ I am the 7th head”, the 7th work.. but God condemns that 7th work. It will continue a short time, when all of God’s people, The Holy, The Mighty, are to be scattered and shattered by Antiochus.

Dan 11 : 36… Then the king shall do according to his own will: he shall exalt and magnify himself above every god, shall speak blasphemies against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the wrath has been accomplished  for what has been determined shall be done.


Dan 12: 7… power of The Holy people, have to be completely shattered. Allowing the power of The Holy people to be shattered , is a part of God’s wrath. !!! Just like God humbled king Nebuchadnezzar, this king will prosper and then will be sent to the wilderness to be corrected.


How did he magnify himself?…

Mr. Tkach said “ do not assign scripture to me”. He certainly did not exalt himself. No other church leader in any of God’s churches has claimed that they are fulfilling a role written in the Bible either. Only  TP, who claimed  over 20 titles to him.  That prophet booklet will give all the details. HWA listened to anyone who brought irregularities in the church. He even cast out his own son. He never said to a another minister, who is a “covenant brother” (God’s ministers are covenant brothers said TP, in That prophet book, pg 12) Get out out out , without  allowing to open the Bible and  without listening. His ears were opened to anyone. That is why God did not allow him to fall and blessed his work during the Phil era. When WCG fell, the ministers abused their power. PCG is worse doing that. No one can ask a question, even  when they see God’s covenant is broken. They just do not give a chance to defend or to point out what is wrong. All these evils happen under the TP. He is responsible for all the lives of those who are cast out. When someone do not want their sins to be corrected, that person is puffed up in vanity.


How did he blaspheme?…

In “Ten Commandments” booklet, Mr. Leap writes… pg 26 – 27…

Referring to 2 Sam 12: 14… “David has given an occasion to the enemies to Blaspheme against God. Today, if we CLAIM TO BE ONE OF GOD’S OWN, (IN THIS CASE OVER 20 TITLES CLAIMED ) WE MUST ACT IN WAYS THAT BRING HONOR TO HIS NAME…

If we do not act as who we are claiming us to be, then it is blaspheme against God.

Is 65:7.. .Your iniquities, and the iniquities of your fathers together, saith the LORD, which have burned incense upon the mountains, and blasphemed me upon the hills: therefore will I measure their former work into their bosom. TP is found to have “Iniquity” and his iniquity is also sending incense  , 70 elders in Ez 8: 11 and that is blashpheme.

Is 52: 5 Without a cause, God’s people were being harassed by the leaders, and that is blaspheme.


Pg 8 PN continues… “God talks to Ezekiel about the sword in the context of his wife dying. THIS IS SOMETHING WE MUST CONSIDER VERY SERIOUSLY.

Should not the TP himself take his wife’s death seriously and examine himself why God allowed this Instead of commanding others?  God is talking about the “Sword”. Spiritually, the “Sword” is the “WORD of GOD”. Ezekiel and the church is being hammered by the “spiritual” sword, which is slaying him by the “Word of God”.

Hos 6: 5… Therefore have I hewed them by the prophets; I have slain them by the words of my mouth: and thy judgments are as the light that goeth forth. God can slay false prohets by His words, which is the sword. If PCG do not take TP’s wife’s death seriously, they will be slain by the sword, which is the word of God.


“ When Ezekiel’s wife died, it was a signal to him that the sword was imminent. This prophecy is primarily for our day!. It signifies a deadly turn for the worse. It’s a signal that the sword is coming fast.  This prophecy is DATING the tragedy and the turn for the worse in this last hour. !  These are not normal times, all flesh is about the be destroyed if Jesus Christ does not return to this earth !.  V. 24… Thus Ezekiel is a SIGN … when this come, you shall know that I am the Lord God. !! “

PCG should know that the death is a signal of the imminent sword! God Had to give a physical sign to show the blind Laodiceans that He is going to destroy them all, if they do not take these matters seriously.  Now it has happened, PCG should know GOD. It is all about getting to know the real God, because they did not know it before the death. !

These signs are given to the church. To PCG. No one else believe the death of TP’s wife, that it is a sign. No matter how much you cry aloud on TV, and other literature, that the death is a sign of captivity of Israel, or other churches, because Israel and other churches are already gone in to captivity in the last hour. She died 40 months after the last hour. Remember, the warnings are to keep people out of captivity? We, see PCG’s princes are falling from the sword. God Has allowed them to be slain by the sword. Yet they will prosper being destroyed, falling by the word of God, as a part of God’s wrath !!! This is why they are blind, or Laodicean, they do not know their judgments!!! They erred in judgment….


PN July 2005, pg 8… “That is what it means to be Laodicean, or luke warm. They want to do their own work, not God’s work… “. God  Has clearly  stated… that He will profane the sanctuary.  He, visibly left as in Ez  10: 18 – 19, 12: 22- 24. He is not working through TP anymore. It is the TP, who is doing his own work and therefore, Laodicean.

TP and his fellows, are fighting against God. How?…

When God wanted to show TP  his iniquity,  He chose an assembly. It is God Whom raised them. Ez 23: 45 – 49, Lam 1: 15… etc…., and the “man from East”, Is 41: 6 .  Who was called to GOD’S FEET.   TP cast out all of them, even saying to the man from East, Get out out out !!!.. It is like King David saying get out out out , to Nathan, when he was asked to show David’s iniquity.  Because David obeyed when God showed him his fault and repented, God called him, he is after My own heart. Like wise, When GOD HIMSELF HAS CALLED this man from East to go to the prophet and show his iniquity, and when TP said get out out out, he was saying that to GOD. He wants God to get out out out. !!!  God, knowing that TP would say that, even after prophesying , Went out out out !!!

One way to fight is to not to accept who ever God sends to correct the leaders. King Solomon was told that if the kings will not hearken to God, He  will send the rod of men to correct the leaders.  2 Sam 7: 14. and TP assured the members in Former prophets bk, that it will be so.

TP did not accept God’s correction and fought with God. Also to cast out true followers, who are fighting for God’s rights, all those who are being cast out,  during these few years, whom were raised by God, is to fight against God. That includes all the little sanctuaries scattered in the countries, and those who are doing the exploits in Dan 11: 32 – 3 5.  Christ, in this end time Has come in the flesh of these little sanctuaries. Is 56: 3 – 8… The Gentiles, who keep the covenant are accepted in God’s ALTAR, or the sanctuary, better than sons and daughters. Then the donkey and the colt and the foolish nation which God bound to the vine in Gen. 49: 10 – 11, who were raised by God to provoke the Jews to anger,  then the vinedressers, the poor who were left by the king of Babylon, not taken captive, in Jere 52: 16,  who would be vinedressers of the church in Is 61: 5,  also were raised by God. The gentiles in Rev 11: 2, who are trampling the Inner court.  The gentiles who sing the Song of Moses in Rev 15: 2 – 3, all those were raised by God and to reject them means, TP reject Christ coming in the flesh.


Psa 11:3  If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?


Eze 22:26  her priests do violence to my law, and profane my holy things: they put no difference between the holy and profane, neither do they make known the difference between the unclean and the clean, and they hide their eyes from my sabbaths, and I am profaned among them


The priests do violence to the Law. They PROFANE God’s HOLY things.

They do not know the difference between clean and unclean.They don’t know who is working for God and who is destroying God’s people. There are so many denominations, and churches of God.  Everybody claim they are doing God’s work. But God says, only the Little sanctuaries and the gentiles who have kept the covenant only doing God’s plundering work now. Or Rev 11: 2 work and the witness work.


These are dangerous times. Prove all things. Obey God.


The Assembly