Judea….Fleeeeee to the mountains…


The prophet said that he is the 7th head, which means judgment time has begun and it begins at HIS “Sanctuary”.  God’s enemies have surrounded “spiritual” Jerusalem and caused God to leave.  True followers of God are commanded to leave with HIM. The abomination which was spoken by Daniel the prophet now has happened. Those who are left in Judea will go through the “Baptism of Fire.”  This article tells: Who are in Judea? Where is the  modern day Judea? Why “YOU” need to flee? Are you in Judea? .  You need to know who are in “Judea”, so you could flee as God commands!

Christ said those, which are in Judea are to flee to the mountains.!!!






Judea…. Flee to the Mountains

May 2006


Christ said , a time will come that, those who are in “JUDEA” will have to Flee.

Luk 21:21 Then let them which are in Judea flee to the mountains; and let them which are in the midst of it depart out; …. This should happen, in the very end, when God’s WRATH is to be poured upon, The “Day of The Lord”. It is those who are in “JUDEA” who need to flee. Not the world.


In this article, we will show FROM the WORD, that the leaders in the churches of God,  are in Judea and they are the people who  will have to flee.


The Day of The Lord, is coming upon the leaders, or Zion, or God’s church who have forsaken Him. (there are many scripture such as Zephaniah, Obadiah, etc…to prove this). Anciently, Israel and Judah were taken captive as a result of being disobedient to God, and for provoking God to jealousy by being UNFAITHFUL to HIM and to HIS LAW and for breaking the marriage covenant. (Ezra 5: 12). It happened during Ezekiel’s time, and even TP declared that after his wife’s death in 2004 FOT, that Israel is now in captivity.  (Mic 4: 10, Jere 52: 4, Ez 24: 16- 25, Ez  booklet pg 78 – 90, TP wrote that the “New” covenant wife too will have to go to captivity.)   The last church of God, which is PCG which held fast to the covenant, too has failed. The “Bamahsin.! In the very end, Christ’s BRIDE committed spiritual harlotry and became an enemy of God. (Mic 2) We have proven from the “WORD” that the “synagogue of Jews” or the leaders who sinned, such as the “law less ones” in Jude, or “The Antichrist, and many antichrists and the crept in MINISTERS , Diotreophus, or Ezekiel who totally gave in to worldly lusts (Ez 24: 21) causing God to leave the “Sanctuary”, or the “ALTAR”,and  the “High preist”, the Joshua, who is also  Ezekiel are ‘THE ENEMIES” of God.


Our article “Spiritual Jerusalem” proved that it is the “CHURCH” and not the city of Jerusalem one need to  watch according to the prophecies of God, if one need to escape. Also it is “Spiritual” Judah who has the wound, because they became enemies of God. (Ps 68: 21)


In Luke 21: 20, Christ said, …“ when Jerusalem is surrounded by armies (enemies) that one has to flee. “Armies”….God’s people are also called armies. ( Ex 6:26,  7:4,   12 : 17,  51 ) When God’s people, God’s armies became enemies as we have explained in “Judah’s wound” , then they are the armies of God’s enemy who surrounds Spiritual Jerusalem.  Now, the enemy  within the sanctuary (Or Jerusalem) (Ps 74) has damaged EVERYTHING.  Our above mentioned articles prove from the “WORD”, that the enemies of God have crept in to the sanctuary. IN other words, Christ’s prophecy of Luke 21: 20, was  fulfilled in the “Spiritual” Jerusalem. The enemy is “INSIDE” the SANCTUARY.! The Antiochus, many antichrists are surrounding Jerusalem. Last month, MR flurry said in kOD program that  in the end, just before His second coming, CHRIST IS COMING IN THE SPIRIT AND NOT IN FLESH. THIS IS AGAINST GOD’S WORD AND AS 1 JOHN 4 SAYS, IF A PROPHET SAYS THAT CHRIST IS NOT COMING IN THE FLESH, HE IS ‘THE’ ANTI CHRIST. (please read our article ‘THE ANTICHRIST’ for details. Now the antichrist is sitting in the temple of God!


The time has come that the Jews will not worship God in “spirit and in truth”. (John 4: 20 - 24) They are the enemies of God and His people as they are destroying the power of the Holy people.  They are inside the church and not in the world.


The “Day of The Lord” is for the controversy of Zion. Or because she walked “CONTRARY” to God’s WRITTEN LAW.  (Book of lamentations is for Zion). When Christ said, “pray that your flight may not be in winter or on Sabbath”, ….. He meant ,  those who keep God’s Sabbaths. That is HIS  church. Neither the world, nor the Catholic church keeps Sabbath. Those who are keeping Sabbath, are the ones who need to flee.   God’s end time church, is keeping Sabbath. The “Syn. Of Jews”, who “say” they are Jews (Rev 3: 9) but do lie…. They say they are Jews, but do not “ACT” like Jews.  They are inside the “Philadelphia” era of God’s church, who cast out the true followers. This could not have happened in HWA’s time even though he led that era. It could not happen in WCG, because they do not keep Sabbath now. Those who have to flee have to be Sabbath keepers in God’s church, who has sinned and provoked God to anger. (Even though Mr Flurry says WCG will have to flee, since they do not keep Sabbath, this do not apply to them. )  They think  they are the leaders in the church, and can get away by going against God. These are not members. But  The leaders. The “Liar”, The Antiochus, The “Man of sin”, The Antichrist, The “Joshua”,  The “Profaned Ezekiel” who  allowed all the other beasts to devour the flock are the enemies who has surrounded Spiritual Jerusalem, who will have to flee.  Man of sin does not say, I am the “man of sin”. The Liar, does not say, I am “the liar”. By their fruits, the members should be able to discern who they really are.  It is “the government”, or “the Leaders”, who cause the members to err…. They  keep Sabbath. They are the ones need to flee. The syn. Of Jews, who say… but do lie… their fruits proves who they really are.  The Antiochus, who grew exceedingly great towards “SOUTH EAST” (Dan 8:9) who broke the covenant by his flatteries, is still in the midst of the (profaned) sanctuary. The Holy people’s “POWER” is being scattered and they prosper in doing so. God Has allowed these antichrists to have one mind. The ten kings, the ten Regional directors (Rev 17) are destroying the Holy and the mighty. Dan12:7 11: 36. Those who cannot see beyond the mother, those who do not want to weaned from the mother, will have God’s delusion and will be under these beasts.


When the 7th head is present, it is the Judgment time. Rev 17: 1-3 proves so.  That is the time to flee. No one in Jerusalem do not keep Sabbath. There are no church members in Jerusalem. Those who keep Sabbath only will have to flee.


Luk 21:22  For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled. The “Times of Gentiles” are here. We are treading down the Inner court. All things written are being fulfilled. After the times of Gentiles, the end comes. The wrath…….. This is why the leaders who are in Judea need to flee… to the mountainS.  Not one mountain, but many…. The little sanctuaries…. Get away from JudeaWe who fled the mountain which do not worship God any longer, are in the mountains. Those who fled are the ones who are doing the exploits (Dan 11: 32 – 35) They are pulling others out of fire… hating even the garments defiled by flesh… (Jude 23)(The garments shows our spirituality. The High priest has a filthy turban which picture the government.If the head is sick it affects the whole body.  


In Rev 18:4… God commands His people to come out of the harlot. What in the world, are God’s people doing being among the harlot? We used to think that the harlot is the catholic church. Are God’s people in the catholic church? You have to be inside the harlot (catholic church) to come out. But God’s people are not in the catholic church. It is God’s church which is in Judea, who now has  become a harlot, because she committed adultery in “Bamah”. That is why we need to come out of her…. The 7th head caused the church to become a harlot by allowing Antiochus and strengthening his hands to do this evil.


Is 48: 20 Go forth from Babylon… the harlot is in Babylon… Christ’s wife who became an enemy of God in the latter end in Micah, was sent to Babylon, because as Ezra 5:12 says, they provoked God to anger by being unfaithful. God will send her to Babylon, and then will deliver. Mic 4; 10.  When she is in Babylon, God’s true people should come out of her…. This is the mystery of the harlot… the harlot who committed adultery , who is being judged. The worldly churches cannot be judged now , as their judgment is not now.


Jere 50: 6…God’s people are being lost…. Their shepherds led them astray…. (the above mentioned beasts) v 7 they sinned against God…

v. 8… Move from the midst of Babylon…. (come out of her Rev 18: 4) or flee from Judea…. They cause you to err….


Jere 51: 45…. My people…. Go out of her…. Let everyone deliver himself.. one by one…come out of her, God’s people… Flee from Judea who cause you to err.


V. 50… those who have escaped are “far off”… v 51… Strangers have come in to the sanctuaries of Lord’s house…. (Bamah matter)… Get away from Judea… That is where the sanctuary is… the synagogue of Satan….

Mic 2: 11..  when the synagogue of the Jews pulled out the robes of the women of God’s people, (which we have informed  ) it is time to depart. Flee from Judea.


Is 52: 11- 12… depart… when God’s people who have gone to Egypt… (Rev 11: 8 and Ezekile 24: 21.. who totally have given in to worldly lusts and gone back the Egypt “SPIRITUALLY”),  those who bear the vessels of the Lord, depart… (Our article “Women” pt 1 shows How Eliakim was cut down and the vessels were cut down .  These vessels who witnessed how God cut down Eliakim, departed … they are the ones now in the mountains s)  v. 5 those who rule over them cause them to err…. V 1… because the unclean have come in to her and defiled her…. Those who rule caused this… the elders who are in Judea….

v. 7.. we who are in the mountains, (Little sanctuaries) are the “watchmen” who are proclaiming salvation to ZION… v 10… It is God’s “ARM”…, in the “ends of the earth” is seeing the salvation …. (read our article about God’s ARM) they are the ones who will say to ZionYour GOD reigns”!...V 7


Who are in Judea?

Ezra 5: 8 – 9… the temple (the church) and the elders are in Judea….

Christ was born in Bethlehem in Judea… Mt 2: 1

John the Baptist preached in Judea… Mt 3: 1… 

Act 28: 17 – 21… Paul called the “Leaders” of the Jews… Romans wanted to let Paul go, but Jews spoke against….(Jews never accepted Christ and the Christians and Gentiles. Our “Synagogue of Jews proves so) v 21… the Leaders of the Jews said, we did not receive any information from “Judea”. This means, the government or the highest ranking leaders of the Jews or the head quarters of the Jews  who make decisions, and who had authority,  would have been in Judea V 25…the “leaders” of the Jews, did not agree and DEPARTED… The Leaders of the Jews, never, never, never obeyed God. V. 26… Paul quoted from Isaiah…

  Hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and not perceive: This is the same thing we have to say…. You Jews, you who are in the Philadelphia church, who bears that name,  (Rev 3: 9) ,  after hearing and seeing , still you do not understand.!!!


Act 28:27  and their eyes have “they” closed,… and should be converted, and I should heal them. “THEY”… the JEWS have closed their eyes… they do not want to see…. The Jews never obeyed God.  This happens in the very end. During the times of the gentiles. This is why God called the gentiles to tread them down.

and should be converted… Now, they are like never converted… They have become like “Jacob”, instead of Israel… having an “unconverted” spirit. (Obadiah booklet pg 2 , TP said, Jacob means having an unconverted spirit)

and I should heal them….(Our article “Judah’s wound” explains about “Jacob’s wound).  This is why in the end time Israel are called “Jacob”, having an unconverted spirit… because they erred, and became enemy of God, God caused a wound in them…. Since they close their eyes and would not see, God put a wound in Jacob. (Jacob’s wound). Deut 32: 39… God wounds and heals! They need to be healed.

Act 28:28  Be it known therefore unto you, that the salvation of God is sent unto the Gentiles, and that they “will” hear it. This is a prophecy…

Be it known you Jews… we, the gentiles have heard God’s word !!!

Open your eyes and see… depart from Judea….

V 31.. . Thereafter, No one forbade… which means, they were forbidding before! The Jews were forbidding the word from going to Gentiles. The Jews in Judea.


John 7: 1…Jews  in “JUDEA” wanted to kill Jesus and He did not want to go there ( This means, the Jews were in Judea.)…v. 13… people feared Jews….(Finally, the chief priests, elders  put Him and all prophets to death Act 7: 52 , John 11: 51, 57 and many other scripture

 Math 3: 1 – 3… John the Baptist came to the wilderness of Judea and said…. Repent…. The Jews who were in Judea, are in the wilderness…. The religious confusion, just as today…. REPENT…REPENT….REPENT…….The Jews in Judea are the ones needed to repent.

Rom 15: 31…. Those in Judea did not believe…


John 11: 7 – 8 … Jews in Judea wanted to stone Christ… PCG  is crucifying Christ again. Heb 6: 5 – 6 says, those who knew God once and then fall  away, and if they are to be brought back again, they  crucify Christ again. This is what PCG is doing. Crucifying Christ again because of their willful fall. PCG not only crucifying Christ again, by breaking the covenant, she despised her husband and hath trodden Him underfoot. 


Heb 10:29 (Good news bible) What, then, of those who despise the Son of God? who treat as a cheap thing the blood of God's covenant which purified them from sin? who insult the Spirit of grace? Just think how much worse is the punishment they will deserve!

Heb 10:29  KJV) Of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden under foot the Son of God, and hath counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and hath done despite unto the Spirit of grace? PCG treated the covenant a cheap thing.


1 Thes 2: 14 – 20 ..Paul says  the gentiles follows the Churches of God in Judea. So the churches of God are in Judea, whom the gentiles followed. Here, Paul says, the Jews killed Christ and the prophets. They were even forbidding them to go to gentiles.  God’s wrath has come upon these Jews.(v16). This should be happening now, at Christ’s coming (v 19 and chapter 5 )  Paul says, you, the gentiles are our glory and joy. V 18….Satan hindered Paul’s preaching to gentiles. Just as now, it happened, Satan hindered the Gentile work, through our RD, who did his flattering, covenant breaking sins in our country, in South Asia, (Dan 8:9), to hinder our salvation. It is all, satan’s doing. He works through the leaders, the synagogue of Jews, who has become the synagogue of satan.   These Jews shows no Justice to gentiles. But Christ will bring Justice to gentiles. Is 42: 6, 49:6.  All of this is to happen when Christ comes as a thief. (Read our article “Day of visitation). While Paul condemns the Jews, he praises the gentiles. The history is being repeated as the Synagogue of the Jews, in Judea are opposing Christs and us, the gentiles. God condemns those who are in Judea and they  will have to flee when God stands up in His wrath.!


Gal 1: 22. Paul said he is unknown by face to the churches in Judea. Paul did not learn about the gospel  from those who are in Jerusalem and he did not even know those who were in Judea. So the churches of God, were in Judea. When God’s punishment comes, the whole world has to flee. But why those who are in Judea asked to flee? They are the leaders of the church who always cause people to err.  God said the punishment is to begin at His SANCTUARY. That is where the Judea is… These are the days of vengeance. Vengeance is taken from the leaders, the synagogue of satan, the Jews. Lk 21: 21 – 23 proves those who are not weaned from the mother, or those who need milk are those who are in Judea. They have become that way. V 24…they will fall from the sword, which is the WORD OF GOD. That is why they have become like babies who need milk. The basic doctrines.  


Rom. 11 talks about a mystery. The mystery is given to gentiles. V. 25…that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in.  Because of unbelief and disobedience, Jews were cut off, until the fullness or the number of gentiles are come in. The Jews in Judea, always walked contrary to God’s Law. So the number of the gentiles should come in. This mystery, is now being unveiled. We, the gentiles, are doing our work. It is a work of judgment, witness and to provoke the Jews to jealousy. V 26.. the ungodly, Jacobites will be saved. This is still in the future. This chapter talks about how the natural branches were cut off  and wild branches are grafted. V 13 – 14… Paul magnified his office, so that he could make Jews jealous. Not to exalt himself as TP does in his book “That prophet”.


That Prophet book pg 19….He would magnify his office,…… to help them see what God was doing through that office. To Romans he came right out and said,……I magnify mine office (Rom 11: 13)…. ..We must exalt the offices that God exalts…. We must never exalt a man in God’s church. Here is what Christ said….

Luk 6:26  Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the  False prophets.  If  a leader is exalting or if others are exalting a leader, they are false prophets. Paul wanted to provoke the Jews to jealousy. Working with gentiles made Jews to jealousy. Paul wanted to show Jews, that it is a great thing to work for gentiles because they readily accepted. V 14 says…If by any means I may provoke to emulation them which are my flesh, and might save some of them. …….. The rest of the chapter shows how the gentiles are grafted in because of Jew’s unbelief. This should happen now, when the gentiles are treading the Inner court and when they were bound to the vine (Gen 49: 10 _ 12)  He wants to save at least “SOME” Jews. This means, there aren’t ANY Jews. The branches are broken off.  Gentiles are grafted in.

  God never wants a human to exalt themselves. Even the most righteous JOB became as nothing when God talked with him. Christ said, if we want to become a leader, we must be servants,  we should become as little children and humble ourselves. We should not have authority over others. HWA’s early teachings say that too. Mt 18: 3…. Humble as little children…. Mt 23: 12….exalted will be abased. Ez 21: 25 – 27… The profaned wicked prince who exalted himself also will be abased. James 4; 6, 10,   1 Pet 5: 5,   Mt 20: 25 – 2 7 … They were told to be servants, rather than have dominion over others.

The only person PROPHESIED  to exalt in this end time, just before Christ’s coming is the “MAN OF SIN” in 2 Thess 2.:4.  He chased God out of HIS own Sanctuary, because of his “Iniquity”. (EZ 24: 21)  We must respect the elders in the church, as long as they follow God. We are to judge them by their fruits and according to Rom 16: 17 – 18,

Rom 16:17  Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid.

Rom 16:18  For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.

Paul said this to the ‘BRETHREN’. Not to the Leaders. These Jews, who want to magnify their offices, cause division among the brethren and when their evil deeds are found out, they cast out the innocent to keep their sins hidden. This is why “THE ASSEMBLY” was raised by God. To MARK  those who cause division and who walk contrary to the doctrine. Eph 5… tells us to expose the children of disobedience (Jews in Judea) and not to be partakers with them. In other words, expose those who are in Judea, so that anyone wants to follow God, could flee from Judea.

John 11: 7 – 8.. Those who are in Judea wanted to stone Christ. The  PRESENT LEADERSHIP OF THE CHURCH IS TRAMPLING CHRIST. Since the judgment of God Has now come on those who are in Judea who wanted to kill Christ, they must flee from Judea in to the  mountains .(little sanctuaries) Because they tried to stone Christ. THE VENGEANCE IS TAKEN IN THIS GENERATION, WHO SEE THE FIG TREE BUDDING.

Act 11: 1… Those who were in Judea and v 2… they opposed gentiles being converted. V 27… In these days… (when the gentiles were given Holy Spirit), prophets went to Antioch. (gentile city, where they were called “Christians”) V 28… a “famine” was prophesied to happen.  Now too, when the gentiles are working, there is a famine in Jerusalem. V 29… The famine affected Judea, as they sent relief to Judea. This is what we too are doing. Now, there is a famine of the word in Spiritual Jerusalem and we are sending the word to them.

Rom 15: 31… Those who are in Judea, did not believe…. Even now, they do not believe.


In Mt 12, Pharisees accused the apostles of breaking Sabbath. V 12. Christ said, He desire mercy, than their works and you would not have condemned those who are not guilty.  This was quoted from Hos 6: 6.   Hos 6  happens when they have broken the covenant and have become unfaithful, and when God slays the prophets by His WORD( V5) because of their unfaithfulness. This prophecy is fulfilled now. The last church, PCG has broken the covenant, and she killed the innocent unjustly. IN other words, Christ is saying, “if you stayed being faithful to Me, that is what I need, and not your sinful sacrifices. Because you are unfaithful, you killed the guiltless. (Those who opposed when they broke the covenant was killed spiritually by casting out of the church thus condemning the guiltless. )The Jews in Judea, did not know what it meant :  I will have mercy, and not sacrifice, ye would not have condemned the guiltless. God will have mercy on us, than their (Jews) works. !

The Jews continually harassed Christ and then the gentiles. Christ had to withdraw Himself from them many times. Now, God Has withdrawn  from them.


It is clear that when Christ said to those who are in Judea to flee, He was speaking about the leaders of the Jews, and since the word of God is written for the Spiritual Jews in the end time, it applies to the leaders and the members in the churches of God who keep sabbath. When we compare this with other scripture such as Zion will be ploughed like a field, we know that it is the church that will have to flee.

What happens to Jews who do not flee?

Jews will be cleansed by the “Baptism by Fire”.

Those who do not depart from the sinning mountain, when it is no longer worshipping the true God in Spirit and in Truth as Christ said to the Samaritan woman, ( Co incidentally, or is it a co incident that Christ told this to a gentile woman ) we must flee. Or when the peg that secured Eliakim was cut down in Is 22: 25, the vessels of the lord has to depart, or when the churches go in to captivity which started at the death of the wife of Ezekiel, we must flee. God works through the little sanctuaries. And when the Jews have sinned, God said the strangers, or the gentiles will be accepted on God’s ALTAR.  Then those who are in Judea also must leave with them.  Obviously, most of the Jews, would not heed God’s word. God says Gentiles will know that Israel have gone into captivity… (Ez 39: 21 – 23)   Where is the prophet? The prophet himself has gone in to captivity. Why else would the gentiles would know that Israel are in captivity, if there is a prophet, then God would be revealing to him. Also gentiles will draw Israel out of captivity… (We have written all about these in our earlier article with proof and scripture)

Then those who are left in Judea, will have to go through the “Baptism of Fire”.

In HWA’s article,  “Baptism by Fire”, in 1953, he wrote…

Baptism with fire springs from texts showing God will “purify and cleanse” those who are His, by purging away the dross……. “purge away” or take away the dross.

Eze 22:18  Son of man, the house of Israel is  dross: in the midst of the furnace; they are even dross of silver…. (Mal 3… Christ will purify MINISTERS  as silver). This applies to the church of God, where  Ezekiel is the leader.

Eze 22:19  Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Because ye are all become dross, behold, therefore I will gather you into the midst of Jerusalem. (This means, not the city of Jerusalem, but the Zion, the Jerusalem, the mother of us all, or the church, the Spiritual” Jerusalem)

Eze 22:20  As they gather silver,  into the midst of the furnace, to blow the fire upon it, to melt it; so will I gather you in mine anger and in my fury, and I will leave you there, and melt you. James 5:3… this is to happen in the last days. Their gold is dross. The golden revelation which God gave to Ez 16: 8-14 church’s gold has become dross. Gold picture the saint’s spirituality. Their spiritual lives are dross now and need to be purified in fire.

Eze 22:21  Yea, I will gather you, and blow upon you in the fire of my wrath, and ye shall be melted in the midst thereof. GOD’S WORD clearly shows that it is the leaders who are in Judea. They will be gathered in the midst of Jerusalem. This is not the city of Jerusalem, God will not take the sinning leaders in to the city of Jerusalem, but here God is talking about the spiritual Jerusalem, where the enemies of God have surrounded. Then those who are in the midst, depart….

Luk 21:20  And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh. The enemies have surrounded spiritual Jerusalem already. They caused God to leave Jerusalem. It is all desolated now. Unless you flee, the fire will burn you.


Eze 22:22  As silver is melted in the midst of the furnace, so shall ye be melted in the midst thereof; and ye shall know that I the LORD have poured out my fury upon you.

Mal 3: 3… the ministers are gathered to be purified as Silver! GOD IS PURIFYING THEM AS SILVER, USING THE SILVERSMITHS FROM TARSHISH (Sri lanka).(Jere 10;9)  But they use GOD’s WORD as silver to purify them.(Ps 12:6).  God’s anger and fury… is now. The “Fire” is God’s words… Jere 5: 14, Is 66: 16… (Sword is the word of God) Hos 6: 5… slain by Word. God can kill a person with His words. By Fire, God will punish the wicked. Ps 11: 6, Ps 18, 21: 9,    68:2,  and many more. 

This happens in Ezekiel’s time, in the last days.  James 5: 3…


In HWA’s article, he explains their wickedness… rebellious, stiff necked, hard hearted,  and they ‘PROVOKE” God’s anger to the extend that He Has to chastise them in the FIRE of HIS WRATH. ! ….The arrogant pride of Ezekiel! God says all Israel sinned until He could not find a single man. (Our women articles gives details and scriptures)

In Mat 3: 11, when John the Baptist said this that they need to be purified by Fire or have the baptism of Fire,   where did he says this?....v 1… In the “WILDERNESS of  JUDEA”. We know the real fire is the tribulation. And it is to happen at our time now. Now, the church is in captivity, means, they are in the wilderness. We know who are in Judea. Unless you who obey God’s voice and flee, you will have to go through this fire. V 7 says the “Pharisees and Saducees”…. The teachers and the leaders !!! God’s wrath is on them ! V 10… the tree which do not bear fruits, will be cut down. (Read our article about the “Branch”. ) The fig tree is now being cursed, and Christ Has come to the temple to cleanse it… as our article “Day of visitation” proved. TP said in his sermon “exposing the devil”, that when the fig tree is withered, Christ came to clean the temple and that the temple is a house of prayer to ALL NATIONS.   Quoting from Is 56: 3 – 8… the nations or the strangers , the gentiles who has joined to the Lord, are being accepted on God’s Holy mountain, or the Altar, “BETTER THAN SONS AND DAUGHTERS”. (Israel). TP said the mountain picture the government of God. So, in Is 56: 3  and 6 clearly says…the gentiles, while … v 10… His ministers are “dumb dogs”… No man… Gentiles are in God’s mountain! TP has not seen vs 3 and 6.

Mat 13: 30… the wheat and the tares are growing together. The wicked shall encompass the Righteous in Habakkuk.  God allowed the wicked to prosper as a part of HIS WRATH. Dan 11: 36. 12: 7… The Lawless , the creeping ministers, THE liar, and The Anti christs, Antiochus, all in the Sanctuary. These are the ones in Judea. The modern-day Pharisees !!!

Mat 13: 41 – 42… those who has “INIQUITY” will burn in that fire… Who has committed “INIQUITY” in the end time?  Let GOD’s WORD shows us…

Eze 24:23  And your tires shall be upon your heads, and your shoes upon your feet: ye shall not mourn nor weep; but ye shall pine away for your iniquities, and mourn one toward another. …It is Ezekiel, and his ministers who have turbans (the church government, the leaders or the regional directors and evangelists who have filthy turbans) The time has come for them to mourn and pine away because of their iniquities. This is Ez 16: 8 church, which became worse than others in Ez 16: 52.  These are the leaders in Judea, who will have to flee. Otherwise, they will be in the furnace.!!

Mat 13: 11 – 12… Christ’s fan is in His “hands”. Read our article “The Arm of The Lord”.  The gentiles are the Arm or the Hand of The Lord. We are sending the “FIRE” of the “WORD” of God to you, so that you will be melted as in Ez 22: 20. 

Eze 22:24  Son of man, say unto her, Thou art the land that is not cleansed, nor rained upon in the day of indignation. God GAVE rain to Ezekiel. Jere 7 explains, how God’s people in the end time were given revelation rising early and how they will be punished. (v 13)  God gave all the revelation to Tp to teach himself and PCG, which he is the leader. Just as PCG do not read other church’s articles, or what other church leaders say, they do not read TP’s articles either. Ez 24 the wife also was stricken because of Ezekiel and his leader’s iniquities.  God’s church or wife is PCG. TP himself has said in many of the books. (even Ezekiel booklet)  

Jere 7: 24- 25… They went “backward”… You cannot go backward until you come to the end. God Has given the knowledge from  ALL” the prophets… so that they could obey HIM. ( TP in his sermon about Exposing the devil, he said, he has been getting revelation from “ALL” of the prophets. )Jere 7: 25… God gave revelation from ALL the prophets so that they would obey Him, but they went backward by following their fathers and repeated the same sins. Jere 35: 15… God gave revelation from all prophets, so that they would NOT go after other gods”. But Ezekiel became a Harlot by going to Bamah. (Ez 16: 15- 61 and our BAMAH” articles proves from the book of Ezekiel and TP’s books) . When much is given, much is expected.

Jer 44:4  Howbeit I sent unto you all my servants the prophets, rising early  and sending them, saying, Oh, do not this abominable thing that I hate.V 3 explains burning incense to other gods, which is hated most by GOD, which Ezekiel did in the “EAST GATE”, (Jere 6: 20 and Ez 8: 11) which we witnessed….Ez 8 and 11.  Ez 8: 11… elders sending incense and v 16… 25 men, which we have explained. 


Since TP is given revelation from all the prophets, he is expected to obey GOD “MORE” than other eras.  In other eras, God Had not given such revelation.  Actually, this could happen only in the end. When Jeremiah wrote this, few prophets were yet to come. To get revelation from all the prophets, it has to be in the end during Malachi’s time since he is the last prophet. . But this scripture applies to the very end.  God Gave all the revelation so that the end time church would not do the abominable thing which God hates. Yet, Ezekiel did worse than others.  (Jere 25:4-6) Therefore, God Has caused the worst of the gentiles to possess their houses: God will also make the pomp of  the strong to cease; Eze 7:24. The arrogant boast of Ezekiel (24:21) will be ceased.

HWA could not know how would the ministers do after he died. He said most of you don’t get it. But he would have never realized the tabernacle of David would fall totally as Ps 74 explains. So real Malachi’s message should be applied now, when God Has rejected all Israel and accept gentile offerings as Mal 1: 11 points out or as Is 56: 3 – 8 explains, the temple has become a “House of prayer” for all nations…. Or the strangers who have joined to the Lord, are being accepted in God’s ALTAR, better than sons and daughters. And Ez 22: 30 says, there is “NO” man. But God’s house is left desolate. Mt 23: 38

All the evil beasts are to devour God’s people in the very end. They have the authority to murder God’s people spiritually. as Ps 74 explains…. “The enemy has damaged “EVERYTHING IN THE SANCTUARY”. Members could not damage ANYTHING in the sanctuary, only the leaders are in the sanctuary. This damage done to GOD’s sanctuary, was done by the leaders, those who are in Judea. …


It is the Jews, the synagogue of satan  who lie are  in Judea, (end time leaders in God’s church), who killed Christ and who despised His covenant, and the High priest who has iniquity (Joshua and Ezekiel) who need to be pulled out of fire, (if he need to be pulled out of fire, he was in the fire.)

Let those who are in Judea, those sinners who despised and eternally rebelled against God and who rejected and crucified Christ again,( as they have willfully sinned and to bring them to repentance again is crucifying Christ again,) and who have made the Holy covenant a cheap thing thus insulting Christ,  fleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


The assembly,

 the worst of the gentiles