Who is Joshua…… in this end time?


As “Joshua”, or the last “high priest” and his fellows are a sign of imminent coming of our Lord and Savior, as God’s people, we should know who this Joshua is. Since he is the high priest, he is in “THE” temple. PCG leader proclaimed that he is the high priest in 2004 FOT. Earlier, he had written in his book Malachi’s message that WCG leader is the high priest. Who really is the high priest who is to be alive at Christ’s coming. Since he will be having a filthy turban, and Satan is standing before him,  we can recognize him easily looking at his fruits as Christ commanded us. What is his wickedness? Heb 7:28  For the law maketh men high priests which have infirmity; but the word of the oath, which was since the law, maketh the Son, who is consecrated for evermore. According to God’s word, Christ is the only high priest is eligible to offer perfect sacrifices. If any man says, he is the high priest and he does not have any sin, then he should be ‘THE LIAR” WHO DENIES God AND THE SON.




Who is Joshua?

12th June 2006

How many High priests do God Have? Should not be only “one”?  There should be only “one” church, (now many sisters) but “one wife”, and “one High priest (HP). Ez 16: 52-63 explains about “ALL” the end time churches. They are called “sisters”. All the leaders of all these churches cannot be High priests. There cannot be any confusion over which church is the true church, or  God is married to , or which is the mother church, as this chapter clearly explains about them all.  V 8 explains, Christ is  married  to “ONE” church and she was used by God to   judge others as v 52 and she will be the “mother” and others will be her “daughters” (v 61-63) . This is PCG and she is the “only” church which “judged” ALL others.  But,  in the “end”, she will be “WORSE”. If we do not believe that PCG could be worse, then we do not believe God.!  Until such time till ALL the churches fell and until the last church which judged others too fell, God could not begin the judgment, which is at His sanctuary (Ez 9:6)


Gerald Flurry (GF)  himself said, that he is “THE High Priest” in 2004  FOT. No other leader in any of the other churches has said that “I am the HP” and no one assigned scripture to themselves.  Bible proves that this HP, being the “last” HP  who is in the temple of God, sitting at Christ’s coming, is “THE” worst sinner in the whole world, (because he destroys eternal lives of many , which not even  the worst terrorists can do) as he is found to have “ a filthy turban” and  Satan is standing in his right hand to oppose him. Satan stands at the right hand of the “wicked” as we will see.  GOD” says, PCG, is “THE” worst.  Since she “JUDGED” others, she should have been a LAW keeping church in the beginning. This is why God used her and blessed her as Ez 16: 8-14 says. But, She is to become worse, than others, even after judging.  Apostle Peter explains her fate ….

2Pe 2:20  For if “after” they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they are “again” entangled therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse  with them than the beginning. This epistle is for the latter end. PCG escaped the pollutions with the knowledge of the  LAW and she judged others  but in the end, she became worse. Her end will be worse…..


“THE” Antichrist and “many” anti christs

·                     “THE” means, there has to be only “one”. For example, “THE” anti Christ means,  there should be only “ONE” of them. Then “MANY” anti christs  mean,  several”.

·                     The” PCG is “THE” temple or “THE” true church

·                     THE” PCG is “the” church which “judged” others.

·                     The” PCG is “THE” WORST church. (Ez 16: 52) Says God.

·                     THE” Anti Christ is sitting in  “THE” temple. (The temple is PCG) 2 Thes 2. There is only “one” temple, “one” Sanctuary,  at Christ’s coming. As MM says, WCG was desolated and that is why PCG exists.    

·                     Then,  the” antichrist, should be   in  THE” temple, which judged others and after wards, became  THE” worst church.

·                     According to God’s own words, it is all written,  “THE”  church, which judged others, is “THE” worst church. Then, “THE”(THE, THE) worst sinners also should be in this …. “THE” (THE, THE )  WORST church!.    

·                     This should apply to other “THE” ones  as well, such as “THE” Liar, “THE” man of sin, etc…. Even GF said “THE” leader in “THElaodicean church should be “THE” Joshua and “THE” man of sin. Of course he did not mean it is himself. He wrote the WCG leader is “the” Joshua etc….. But, WCG, (or any other church other than PCG) could not be “THE worst” church, (according to God’s own words), as no other church ‘JUDGED” OTHERS.  Ez 16: 44- 45 explains, that WCG is “THE” mother, but God later divorced her as Jere 3 says. PCG followed the mother.

·                     “THE” only sign in Ez 16,  according to GOD’s WRITTEN WORD, ,… how we can find  the true church, and “THE” antichrist, is in “the” act of  JUDGING” others. Also, these “THE” sinners could not appear till “THE” judging is over and until this “THE” church became “THE” worst. It is that simple to find out who are these…. “THE” Joshua, “THE” Man of sin, “THE” Liar, “THE” antichrist.

·                     When “THE” last church, which is PCG became “THE” worst, the judgment began.

·                     “THE” antichrist, and “THE man of sin, or “THE” Joshua, is in “THE” temple, which is “THE” PCG.    


We Repeat:…. Ez 16 explains about all the sister churches which are to exist after HWA’s death. But, God married PCG. She was used to “JUDGE” others. This sign, of “judging” others, IDENTIFIES “the” true church which the baton was passed on to after HWA’s death.  No other church judged others and  had revelation or fed to the full as vs 8 - 14 says. In v 50, God says, when He saw other sister churches sinned, He took them away as He saw  fit. Which means, while they were being judged, they were sent in to captivity.(v52) But PCG held fast judging, until she became  worse. V 52…. Now all of them are in captivity. This is when “THE” Laodicean head, the 7th head of Rev 17: 10 came in to existence. That is “the beginning of the judgment” of the church. But, until, the last sister who “judged” others also fell, and became worse, the real  Laodicean head, the 7th,   the judgment, could not begin.  When the last church became worse, God could not dwell in the temple any longer. He too broke the covenant (Zech 11: 11)  and departed from the temple. This is how and why  Christ Had to stay  “OUTSIDE” the Laodicean era’s door and knocking to get in. When there is a HP who has a filthy turban, and had become the worst sinner, how could Christ stay inside ? This is why “the Inner court was asked to be measured. Rev 11: 1- 2.  “Outer court” did not need to be measured. Read this scripture to prove it to you.  God specifically said… “DO NOT” measure “the Outer court”. Because, Christ is now in the “outer court”, knocking to come inside. Since the HP does not want to repent, of his filthiness, he has become the worst sinner in God’s temple, sitting as God now, as “The man of sin” or “The antichrist”.  Now,  there is no more delay… but the judgment ! and the punishment !.     


“THE”  man of sin , could not sit on GOD’S temple, as long as GOD sits in it. But, because of abominations, this HP and Ezekiel committed, God departed from the temple, profaning or desolating the sanctuary. Ez 24: 21-23, Ez 10: 18-19, Ez 11: 22-23, Ez 8- 11.   God could not dwell in the world anymore as His own sanctuary was polluted by the enemy. (Ps 74)  Is not this “THE” worst crime? For allowing God to leave His own sanctuary?  Should not the man who caused this monstrous sin should be  call “THE” man of sin ? “The” Liar?  Or “THE” antichrist???   This man deserve to be called “the worst” sinner? 


God gave a “physical” sign to prove that He will profane and send the church in to captivity . That sign, is … “Striking the wife of Ezekiel” with a stroke, which happened in 2003 December and she died, in September 2004. Then, Ezekiel said he is “the” HP and also the captivity has begun. Striking the wife, is another strong proof, that PCG is “THE” God’s church, which GOD  is married to and, and  where “THE” HP should be, and if God were to profane the sanctuary, it should be PCG. Most importantly, it is PCG, which God wants to punish since she is “THE” worst. The death of the wife is a sign of the judgment and beginning of the punishment. As a part of indignation, God allows the proud leaders to exalt themselves  and prosper.(Dan 11: 36) God allowed Satan to enter in to the sanctuary to stand and accuse HIS  leader, the HP, because of UNREPENTED sins. Satan was cast down and sitting on God’s temple as he finds the HP having a filthy turban, given in to the lusts of the world as we have proven.  When God’s  leaders sin, God says, “I will correct them with a rod”.  God did send the rod to this HP. We know because we are the ones whom God used to bring the sins, to this HP so he could repent. But he refused. He erred in judgment. As the turban pictures Judgment, government and justice, and since he has a filthy turban,  his judgment is perverted, he has not executed proper  justice, and his government is not based upon God’s Law and love. He walks contrary to God’s Law. That is what is having a filthy turban pictures.  If he is  disobeying God’s Law, he is against Christ. There fore, he is “The” antichrist.  This is when he became the 7th head, which , he, himself proclaimed in Jan 2005. (Rev 17:10)  God catches the wicked in their own craftiness. Job 5: 13,  1 Cor 3: 19,   Ps 10: 2.  From this HP’s own words, God will catch him to prove to the world, that he is “ The Joshua”. We have witnessed his lies against God’s Law and how he broke the covenant.

When God is not in His temple,  the leader in the church, automatically becomes “the man of sin”, because he caused God to leave and now  sits in God’s temple, not obeying the Law.  Now, he thinks he is god and is  exalting himself. We have seen this  happened.  Read “That prophet” book and count all the titles he claims for himself. Here are some  statements  which are directly against God’s word….

Mr. Armstrong had an intimate relationship with God too - Presently, I am intimate with God in a way no one else is directly;  God gives the revelation to a man and has the Church look to that man.  Because it is through him and the revelation God gives him that we get to know God intimately.  [RV Sept./Oct. 2000, pg. 6]….No man has an intimate relationship with God, NOW,  as GOD finds no man (Ez 22: 30, Jere 5: 1, Is 50: 2 etc) God tells us to trust no man and specially the leaders. Christ said, MANY false prophets will come and not to believe them. He did not say, but there is a prophet, even in the temple. He commanded His people to flee from Judea, where the church leaders are. He said He will gather the very elect scattered in the four winds. (Mt 24: 31,   Mar 13: 27,   Rev 7: 1-3)  The Tabernacle of Davis is fallen. Covenant of God was broken by both parties as we have proven by Ezekiel, (Ez 24: 21- 23) and by God (Zech 11: 11). Where is the intimate relationship with God, when GOD says, David’s dynasty is fallen? Among other scripture, Ps 89: 30- 40 proves , even after God swearing that He will NOT break the covenant, yet,  GOD broke the covenant. We,  the poor watched it… PCG’s covenant with God, was broken when she committed harlotry and killed God’s children to hide her sins. Ez 16: 32, 38, and the whole chapter proves that NO one in Israel is holding fast to that covenant. Certainly not PCG. Being Ezekiel, GF is the person, who caused God to leave His own sanctuary.  His intimate relationship with the  god of this world,  caused  God to leave HIS very own sanctuary. No man says this, but The Eternal, God. GF only reads what he wants and everything is profiting to prove his own theories. Not the truth. Not at all the truth. “Church look to that man”???..... God Does not expect His children to look up to “THE Antichrist” or “THE” man of sin. It is Satan who wanted to be intimate with God. He was cast down and he is succeeding for a moment till God punishes him with eternal death in the fire.           Because it is through him and the revelation God gives”??… When we come to the very end, God says… You do not need anyone to teach you. (1 John 2: 27)… and “contend for the faith, “ONCE DELIVERED”(Jude) …. not “being” delivered.  To the Phil. Era, He says… Hold fast to what you have….. because the synagogue of satan is going to cause you to loose your crown…. All of the last books of the Bible, warns about the beasts inside God’s church. God expects us to not to look to the mother for milk. We should wean from the mother now…. (we have proven all) 

The Church today will truly unify only by rallying around this throne through a man. .. There is a spiritual Throne of David in God’s Church today.  [TP pg. 12 bottom, 13p1]……Dan 11: 32-36, 12: 7.., Ez 16: 52 and many other scripture  says, the end time “HOLY and The Mighty, will be SCATTERED and certainly NOT unified.   GF wrote that the Spiritual Israel, the Holy and The Mighty could not be scattered by worldly prophets. Can Son of Man find faith when He comes??? Not one stone shall be left upon another… These were said by Christ. We should believe Him. Not a peace talk which has not founded on the “WORD”.  A “Spiritually” insane man only could talk like this. This man’s spiritual drunkenness will be exposed very soon. When the tabernacle of David is fallen, how can there be a spiritual throne? This is why “The Branch” is coming.

Mr. Armstrong and I each have been used to fill the role of lawgiver to God’s Church and the world.  [TP pg. 52p5]…..His man, His lawgiver – that prophet. ... He can give His lawgiver something you don’t have ... God has given me that same advantage He gave Mr. Armstrong.  [TP pg. 55p2,3,6]…. Mt 11: 13,  Lk 16: 16 …GOD says….The Law until John…. Or the end time “Elijah”… After that, God knew the leader will break the Law…. As Ps 89: 30-40 shows, the covenant was broken, and the tabernacle of David is fallen and the “Just” have to live by Christ’s faith. 1 John 2: 27… If GOD says, we do not need any one to teach us, will HE expect us to look to a man?  When God wants us to wean from the mother which is the church,  Does He expect us to learn from the church?  The abomination of desolation  is in His temple. There are no law givers. This is why    Christ is outside in the outer court. When God says, flee from Judea, where the leaders of Jerusalem are, could there be a law giver  among the leaders? Besides, in Genesis 49: 10 – 12, Judah bound the donkey and the foolish nation to his vine, which is the law giving tribe.No one is giving the law now, that is why the members are being taken captive and they are being scattered. PCG was a law abiding church until it became worse.  

“And I will fasten him as a nail in a sure place; and he shall be for a glorious throne to his father’s house” (Isa. 22:23). ..... “And they shall hang upon him all the glory of his father’s house”... All the glory hangs on Eliakim ... That is quite a lot of glory!  We have it all! ... It also says that all of this glory hangs on the office of one man.  We must make sure God has established that man.  If He has, there is a lot of glory there.  [TP pg. 88p4,5,6, 89p3,5]Obviously, the prophet is partially blind… he has not read the last verse Isa 22:25  In that day, saith the LORD, shall the nail that is fastened in the sure place be removed, and be cut down, and fall; and the burden that was upon it shall be cut off: for the LORD hath spoken it….. God hanged the glory…. He, took it away…. You HAD it all.   NO more glory… The Eliakim, has sinned  against God… otherwise God will never remove a man from his office… not even Jonah who ran away. Ez 16: 52 has been fulfilled… Eliakim is already fallen… We must make sure when God has cut off the man whom God established, that  we should not stay with him ,or ,  we would fall with him. Eliakim had all glory. Now, he will have eternal shame. (Ez 16: 61-63)  When Judas betrayed Christ, He gave a name to Judas… “son of perdition”.  When Eliakim, who had given all the glory sinned, by betraying Christ by causing His wife to commit adultery, and break the covenant, he too is called “son of perdition” or the “Man of sin” in 2 Thes 2. This is Joshua, the HP, the glorious Eliakim who LOST all of it ! His glorious kingdom, now is a habitation of demons. 


The whole world ought to be looking to God’s man.  [EZ pg. 7p1]… Yeah ?…. The whole world should look to this man and run as fast as they can to get a way from him as he is being “cut down” and condemned by GOD. Do God’s people have to look to this man?....

         GF said he is Ezekiel…. What does God say about Ezekiel? He is to pine away in his iniquities as he has totally given to the worldly lusts and God Had to punish his wife as a sign of the beginning of the punishment. Ez 24: 16- 25. Ezekiel’s sins were so bad, that God Had to profane His own sanctuary.

         GF said he is Eliakim…. What does God say about Eliakim?  In that day, I will cut down and allow to fall… Fall… fall… Is 22: 25. Since Eliakim is the last leader in God’s church and when he was cut down and allowed to fall, this is the final falling away. This is the “Man of sin”, who is exalting himself and sits as God. 

         GF said he is the High priest… What does God say about the last HP?... He has a filthy turban and Satan stands at his right hand, and he is so bad, that God will have to put him through the fire and  he is a brand plucked out… Zech 3. But, his fellows look to this man… they obey this HP and are looking up to him. Ez 24: 21- 23, Is 22: 25, and Zech 3, proves this HP is the worst sinner who caused God to leave the sanctuary. It is no one, but God who says that Ezekiel is to pine away in his “INIQUITIES” God says I will cut down Eliakim, and Joshua, has a filthy turban. When God Has warned us of such Law breaking sins of this HP, does He also expect His children to look up to such a person?

Man of sin and the final falling away:…2 Thes 2: 3 says, unless there come a falling away first…. Who was allowed to cut down and fall? It is Eliakim.  According to God, it is Eliakim whom was cut down in this end time, or in that day. GF says, he is Eliakim. He is also the last HP, who is now sitting in the temple.  Of course he will not say that God Has cut him off. We must read what is the end of each prophesied leaders in God’s church and discern who is right with God and who is not. The Law until John, or the Elijah, says God. He also says that Eliakim was given all the glory and made a father to the inhabitants in the church. But in the end, he was cut down. And ALLOWED to FALL. This is the final falling away. We must prove from God’s own words. All the end time leaders such as Ezekiel, Eliakim, HP is to fall away. One man is fulfilling all these leaderships. This happened when the sister who judged others fell away. Or the last sister.  It could not have happened when WCG fell as she is not the final sister, and because of her failure, that  the many sister churches were formed. This prophecy, therefore could not be fulfilled until the final sister fell away. Eliakim, Joshua the HP, and Ezekiel are the last prophesied leaders in God’s church. All of them fell as we have proven from the word of God ! Should not we believe the “WORD”. ?? God does not say, after Eliakim, there is another leader. Or after Ezekiel, or Joshua the HP. So when they fell, it has to be the final falling away. Also, when the 7th head, or the 7th angel was about to sound, all things had come to an end.       

How the HP became “The” Joshua….

Is 28: 5 – 7 … how those who had the spirit of judgment, also erred in judgment. This is what happened to PCG. They had the spirit of “judgment”, but in the end, “erred in judgment”, becoming worse than those whom she judged. God’s time to punish all the churches began after this.  As v 11 says, the only thing left for God to do is to speak to these people with another tongue, which we are doing. But still they would not listen. One of the main Laodicean characters is they erred” in “judgment”.   Because PCG judged others, she thought that she can get away from her sins. She, very sweetly prophesied other’s judgment, but when she will have to go through the same judgments, the prophecy will be bitter in her own belly. She became “WORSE” than others mean, she has sinned the MOST. God Does not want a defiled wife. She certainly did worse than others, while judging others. This is the last church which God was married to in ISRAEL. Erred in judgment means, she is blind to her own judgment. It is GOD,  who accuses PCG of being the worst church. We are GOD’s witnesses.


Another proof that it is PCG which God used is ALL the revelation from all the books were given to PCG. The Leader said so, and from all the books HP has written, we know it is so. No other church claims this fact.  But why did God give her all that revelation?

   Jere 44: 4… so that they would NOT burn incense to other gods, which is “THE” most abominable thing in GOD’s sight. She did burn incense to other gods. (Jere 6: 20, Ez 8-11, in the East gate)  Christ said, to whom  ever much is given, much is expected… Since God gave all the revelation to this one church, God expects much, than all the others. Christ also said, that if you do not bear fruits worthy of, what ever was given, even what ever they have also  will be taken (Mt 13: 12) . This is where PCG is left with…. NOTHING !  Mt 21: 43… The kingdom will be given to those who bear fruits…. See how God is catching the wicked in their own craftiness? GF said he was given all the revelation, and it is so, but in the end, she burnt incense to other gods… Now she is intimate with this other god !


God would not strike  anybody’s wife  unless, that person has committed a crime worthy of such a punishment. Ez 24: 21… says, Ezekiel has totally failed, as we have proven. He caused God’s wife to commit harlotry. He allowed the beasts (Antiochus) to devour God’s flock. Antiochus did it in the “South East”. Dan 8: 9

Eze 24:21  ..Thus saith the Lord Jehovah: Behold, I will profane my sanctuary, the pride of your strength, the desire of your eyes, and your soul's longing; GOD profaned the sanctuary, because they have an arrogant pride, lust of eyes, and lust of soul,  which is flesh.

1Jo 2:15  Lovenot the world”, nor the things in the world. If any one love the world, the love of the Father is not in him;

1Jo 2:16  because all that is in the world, the “lust of the flesh”, and the “lust of the eyes”, and the “pride of life”, is not of the Father, but is of the world. The last leader in God’s temple, Ezekiel and his followers are found to have totally gone to the world, having these lusts, which are against God The Father. They cannot be from the Father. This is why the church is in Egypt in Rev 11: 8. The earth became Tohu and Bohu again and deep darkness over the people. Is 60: 2. This is the proof from GOD’s WORD, how Ezekiel is having an intimate relationship with other god !


God says… Eze 16:23  ….  woe, woe unto thee!

Enough of judging others, you look at your own plank in your eyes , it is “YOU” the Ezekiel, and your followers are the ones who have done “worse” than all the others. Therefore pine away in your iniquities and mourn with one another. !!! Same way they hanged on to each other to scatter the power of the Holy people by killing them spiritually, casting them out from the church as Diotreophus did in 3 John, God will make them pine away in their iniquities.

 I married you, and I fed you to the full (Ez 16: 8-14), and you judged others (v 52), but in the end, Ezekiel, YOU ARE “THE WORST” of all of them ( v 52). You have an arrogant pride and “lusts” , and you refused to judge the “inner court”, where YOU ARE (Rev 11: 1) .  You judged all the others, but you are  the worst.. .. Enough is enough… because of all of your sins, “I”, your God and husband,   will profane “MY” own sanctuary, and “I “will break “MY” covenant which “I” made with your father David even though I said, it will be an everlasting covenant and that “I” will “NOT” break. (Ps 89: 30 – 40) ,   I will raise up the worst of the gentiles (Ez 7:24) and an “assembly”  (Lam1:15, Ez 16: 40, 23: 45-49) to stone you and to execute judgments on you. I will bring them in to My HOLY Mountain (Is 56: 3 – 8) and I will accept their sacrifices in MY ALTAR, where you were.      This is where we are in prophecy now. Ezekiel and the church which judged others, is being judged by strangers.


If “GOD” find PCG is the “worst” church, then we know where the “worst” sinners also should be. When God says, there will be a HP who has a filthy turban, and there are antichrists, then, God, Himself, Has given us the scripture to prove who and where they are. We only have to prove from the word of God and then believe, and act. If not, the Day of The Lord will catch you by surprise.

Eze 30:2-3..   Thus saith the Lord GOD; Howl ye, Woe worth the day!   For the day is near, even the “day of the LORDis near, a “cloudy” day; it shall be the time of the Gentiles… This chapter shows how those who are in Egypt will be punished, by the gentiles. Lk 21: 24, Christ too prophesied this event.  WOE! WOE! WOE!.


ALL the ministers and members must prove what we say is correct or not. If any, find out that we are wrong, then it is their duty to let us know and warn us. Otherwise, our blood will be upon you. I challenge anyone out there, whether a minister or a member, to  prove from the word of God, that we are wrong. We must not take this lightly as our eternal lives are at stake. If we have love of the Father in us, we should care for our brethren. This is why, we take so much of our time and strength to prove all things and inform others, so that they may be pulled out from fire as Dan 11: 32- 35 says.



Why Joshua failed:…

Word of God says, the “Last” ( HP)  or Joshua, would have a filthy “turban” and him and his fellows, are a “SIGN” of imminent second coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, The Branch. Now, we are living on those days. The “Day of Visitation” has now come  and many of the end time prophecies, have already been fulfilled even though there no longer any prophets nor we understand the signs. (Ps 74)   Few of those fulfilled prophecies in our time ; 

  1. the “Marriage” Covenant was broken while the “POOR” were watching. The poor witnessed both parties breaking the covenant. Zech 11: 11 and in East gate in Ez 8:11
  2. There are  no longer any prophets. So no one see the signs or understand the present fulfillment of the prophecies.(Ps 74)All have become Laodicean.
  3. All Israel have gone in to captivity. But, Gentiles shall know… Ez 39: 21- 23
  4. Gentiles are witnessing, and treading the Inner court. Rev 11: 2, Is 26:6,
  5. God Has rejected all men, as He find no man. Ez 22:30 , Jere 5: 1,
  6. Christ Has already come in the flesh. “Day of visitation “
  7. Joshua  now has a filthy turban.
  8. Ezekiel’s wife died as prophesied and the captivity has begun, and…..
  9. Only the little sanctuaries are being used by God in His altar now.
  10. The eunuchs were accepted in God’s Altar as in Is 56: 3 - 8

 If this HP knows he has a filthy turban, he would have removed it himself and would have cleansed it. According to the word,  until Christ comes, his filthy turban will  not be taken away. This means, HP does not see his filthiness! He erred in judgment. Not only that, his fellows also will be filthy as they follow this HP, instead of God. This means,  his fellows would neither see their leader’s filthiness, nor their filthiness.! During last seven eras of God’s church’s existence, God moved the lamp many times. So, why could not God move the lamp to another if there is a filthy HP?  Well, because this happens, in the very end, when there are no more eras, and the time allocated for church to prove their faithfulness was over and Israel have proven to be eternally backsliding.  Now, Christ Has to come. The judgment of the House of God has started and for that purpose, God is using the strangers as He Has said. Before the punishment, God Has to witness with two witnesses as the Law requires. (Heb 10: 28,    1 Ti 5: 19,   2 Cor 13: 1,    Deut 19: 15 )

This is what we are doing, we are witnessing against the “spiritual” Jerusalem, which has become “Egypt and “Sodom“Spiritually. !  (Rev 11: 8 )

Those who are looking forward for Christ’s coming should watch this HP, who has a filthy turban, in order to flee from his filthy government. This HP will be executing wrong judgments and he does not know what “Justice” is . Job 29: 14 says, the “turban” pictures “Justice”. Since this Joshua has a filthy turban, his “justice” is perverted. This is what prophet Habakkuk said. Hab 1: 3 -5. But the wicked filthy HP and fellows would not believe the report. Since we, the “poor” who watched both parties breaking the covenant, we witness against this HP. (as proven from the scripture earlier)  God Had no choice but to leave or profane the sanctuary as He could not dwell in a defiled temple or marry a murderous harlot. Since, we, the poor watched when God broke the covenant, they should come and testify against this harlot. When we did, this HP, made the wrong judgment of not checking in to the matter and wanting to hide his sins, murdered all those who opposed to this covenant breaking sin. This is how the Poor (also the gentiles) were not given proper justice and how this HP’s turban became filthy. Then Satan entered into him and stands at the right hand. But God, stands at Poor’s right hand. (we shall see) This is why God Has condemned the leaders for not executing proper justice to poor. James 2… But the poor are rich in faith. That is why they opposed the leaders. But the poor were oppressed by the leaders. They concealed the truth. Christ will bring justice to the truth and to gentiles. This is how the last HP became Joshua and Eliakim’s glory was cut down and the final falling away happened and Ezekiel is to pine away.


In order to recognize this Joshua, we should know the time frame of his presence. He is a “SIGN” for God’s people, ( and not to this HP and his followers) to know that Christ is coming soon. Christ will bring “Justice” to “truth” and also to “gentiles”.  Is 42: 3 – 4, Because no one calls for justice or truth, but they trust in “Vanity”, falsehood and “Iniquity”(Is 59: 4) If there was a HP who executes true justice and judgment, there is no need for Christ to bring it. Besides, we are witnessing against this HP, of his filthy judgments, which God Has condemned of mistreating the “POOR”. (Our “POOR” article proved) The poor are oppressed but they are rich in faith, but these officials, watching only themselves… Eccl 5:8.  Jam 2.


MM proves who this “Joshua” is….

Mr. Flurry,  says, WCG leader is “Joshua”. But, he (Mr. Tkach), specifically said that we should not assign scripture to anyone. He said, his office does not fulfill any office in the Bible.  The other two churches who have many members are UCG and GCG. Both of the leaders were rejected by the members and both churches were split in to more groups. They cannot be High priests or they cannot claim any titles to themselves. Besides,  They are not the sister who “judged” others to become worse.  God’s HP should be  ordained by Him alone and members do not choose a HP. Ez 16:8 clearly shows, that God is married to PCG. That is where the HP should be. Another reason that Mr. Tkach, cannot be the HP, as the last HP should be “alive” to be plucked out of fire and when Christ comes. But, he is dead and gone. Even if he would be alive, since he lost the identifying sign, the Sabbath keeping, he has lost totally and he was rejected by God. Besides, when God is married to PCG, He could not stay married to WCG.  God Has only one wife.  Tkach Jr cannot be either because he was ordained in to the “ministry” in 1987 and when he was ordained as the High Priest in 1994, God Has already moved the lamp and Had married PCG.  If Mr. Tkach was the HP, he would have assigned that title for himself. But he refused to assign any titles.  In 2004 FOT, after the wife’s death, it is Gerald Flurry who said, “I am the High Priest”. According to the word of God, we can prove that he is the HP. Now since we know who the HP is, we should see how his “turban” became  filthy.


The “turban” pictures “Justice”. “Filthy” turban pictures “perverted” justice. This is why Christ is coming bringing “justice”. Our work, which is to witness against the perverted justice of this HP, proves that he definitely has a “filthy” turban. This is why Christ is bringing Justice and judgment to gentiles.  Mt 12: 18. V 21, in Him, gentiles shall trust. Also Is 42. If Christ is bringing justice and judgment to Gentiles, then this HP would have not executed proper judgment to “Gentiles”. Our articles “Poor” and fatherless and “Pray your flight may not be on Sabbath”, will prove without a doubt, since we have proven from the word of God that HP has not judged the cause of the poor gentiles. The main cause for the poor gentiles to be oppressed was, when HP broke the marriage covenant, they witnessed. As we proved earlier. They also witnessed when God broke it.  So the poor spoke out but  HP, wanting to hide his sins, and because of his arrogant pride, spiritually murdered all the poor who stood fast to the truth. And as James 2 says, he showed partiality to “poor”.  But the “poor” are rich in faith.  This HP is not rich in faith and that is why, he oppressed the ‘poor’. (Read our articles about the Bamah matter) This is why God condemns this HP of having a filthy turban! Also, Christ is bringing justice to the “TRUTH”. This means, the HP has concealed the truth. Or, has not executed justice in truth. 


From MM . Pg 55.

A modern Joshua rules an era too. ……two eras and two leaders are discussed. Therefore, in modern times, they must each head an era. .. No other leader in other  sister churches  said, he is the 7th head, until 2005 Jan. During a ministerial conference, HP said, he is the 7th head or the leader of the 7th era,  or the 7th and final HP.  (Remember God catches the wicked by their own craftiness? He said all these to exalt himself. But in the end, God will catch him by his own words)  As Ez 16: 52 says, until the sister (pcg) who judged others became “worse” than others (has sinned more than others) the 7th head, or the judgment did not start. Simply, PCG continued the covenant and the Phil standard. The tabernacle of David continued. But, After the covenant was broken in the East gate, and after HP did not judge the cause of the poor, only  he said that he  is the 7th head. That is the HP. Has he not been in the church since 1989? Why, all of a sudden in 2005 he said that he is the 7th head? Because while judging others sisters, God blessed her as Ez 16: 8 – 14 says, until she started trusting in her own beauty and wanted more lovers than God. That is when God made a judgment, you who judged others, have sinned worse than others, therefore, now is the judgment! This is how the HP became the Joshua who has a filthy turban! This modern Joshua certainly leads the Laodicean era. Mr. Tkach never said he leads an era. Even Dr Hoeh when he started to say that the Loaidiecan era had begun, he was stopped quickly. No one but GF said he is the 7th head.


MM pg 61…..The story flow of Zechariah 3 and 4 is about “Joshua and the two witnesses” who prophesy in the Great tribulation. 3:8 shows, Joshua should be alive when the “Branch” is coming. Zech 3: 1, Satan is standing at this Joshua’s right hand to accuse him. The two witnesses have to be witnessing against this Joshua as satan is there in his right hand , and God Had to say… “IF”  you walk in My ….. Joshua has failed the big if, that is why the two witnesses are witnessing. The command to measure was failed. Anciently, Ezekiel too failed to judge Oholah and Oholibah in Ez 23. God Had to raised up the “Assembly” to stone them as in v 45- 49. The history repeats ….Since Mr. Tkach is dead, he cannot be this “Joshua”. All this was written by GF when he was alive. Besides, the judgment on Mr. Tkach was moving the lamp to PCG. Since Mr. Tkach is not alive, he cannot be the “brand plucked out of fire”, as this means going through the tribulation.  The problem here in Rev 11: 8 is “Spiritual”, the inner court which needed the measuring. The sanctuary which was profaned.  We are witnessing against this spiritual Egypt and Sodom where this filthy HP is, so that the punishment and the plagues could be poured upon.


Satan stands at wicked people’s right hand:…

   Psa 109:6  Set a “wicked” man ; and let an adversary stand at his right hand.  This is why Satan was standing at Joshua’s right hand. To accuse the “wicked” man who did not know how to execute proper “justice’

Psa 109:7  when he is “judged,” let him be condemned; and let his prayer become sin. God will never listen to the prayer of a sinful man, in this case, Joshua.

Psa 109:8  Let his days be few; let another take his office. This is why, the witnessing work is done. Because, Joshua, the HP is wicked therefore, God Had to call up two witnesses to witness against him, so that the punishment could be carried out and let another take his office.   

Same thing happened to Judas who betrayed Christ. Another  took his office. We know Satan entered in to Judas(Lk 22: 3)  too as Christ said, that I did not lose anyone but the son of perdition. (John 17: 12)  The gentiles have already taken his office. Not as HP, but the work of God, which is executing judgments. 

Satan stands in the right hand of Joshua, but,God” stands at the right hand of the “poor”, whom this Joshua oppressed.

Psa 109:31  For He” GOD”  shall stand  at the right hand of the “poor”, to  “save” him from those who condemn his soul. (Our “POOR” article proved from the word of God, who the poor are) God causes satan to stand at the right hand of a wicked man, and Joshua is one of those.! But God, is on our right hand to protect us…

Psa 109:16  Because that he rememberednot” to shew mercy, but persecuted the “poor” and needy man, that he might even slay the broken in heart. This is why, in Is 61:1-2 and Lk 4: Christ said that He was appointed to “heal the broken hearted” and to preach good tidings to the poor. Also He will deliver the captives of Israel. Israel is in captivity. Because the leaders broke the heart of the poor. Christ will  heal us and bring Israel from captivity. !!!

Same Joshua, in the end time, as James accuses, has shown partiality in justice. James 2. The injustice done to the poor in the end time, is a cause  which God condemns His leaders. This is why, God  allowed satan to stand at the wicked leader’s  right hand and accuse them.


Pg 61… Why an inset?...... Remove it and you have Joshua and the two witnesses “JUST” before and “DURING” the tribulation- which is concluded by Christ’s return… That is the time setting.   TP says, that Joshua and the two witnesses will be alive, together,  during the tribulation, and “Just” before Christ’s coming. Scripture proves this too. If God Has a prophet, why should there be two witnesses? Go must use His prophet??? This too shows that God Has rejected His prophet. Hos 9: 7 proves that the prophet would not even know when the “Day of visitation” is, there fore, he cannot be in a place of safety.!


Mr. T is dead since 1995. So  TP is wrong about Joshua being Mr. T.  Because this Joshua and the two witnesses should be alive together. But Mr. T is dead. As we have shown earlier, Mr. T’s son could not be “THE” HP either, because he came in to the ministry in 1987, He was ordained  by his father, before he died,  and by that time, WCG has totally become a worldly church. God Had already left them. It was not God’s church since 1989 Dec. 7th, when PCG began. God moved the lamp that day. God started to use PCG, to judge WCG. There were two witnesses there, Mr. Flurry and Mr. Amos. If  Tkach Jr is the HP, when these two witnesses were alive, Christ would have come as it is a sign of His coming. But, Mr. Amos too is dead. There could not be another work of any sort after Joshua comes on the scene, except the witnessing and judging. None of that sort happened during Tkach’s time. Christ certainly did not come. He could not be Joshua. After that God divorced the mother as Jere 3 says… Then, Ez 16:8 happened. After that, PCG was the true church, worked powerfully, also as Eliakim and Ezekiel. (Nevertheless, PCG’s birth is from an Amorite, and a Hittite. Ez 16: 3. This man is a transgressor from the womb, or at his birth.  (Is 48: 8) God knew that he is a Liar and a man full of “iniquity”. Is 48: 11 even says, God’s name is profaned. It is Ezekiel who caused the profaneness. (Ez 24: 21 ,Jere 23: 15) Is 48: 6… 

What does God say about end time leader’s titles he claims on himself?:….

Ezekiel: failed totally, causing God to leave His own sanctuary. Lead the captivity.

       Eliakim: was cut down by GOD. All glory he had as a father to Jerusalem, was taken.

       Joshua: Found with a filthy turban and will be put in to the tribulation.

      That prophet: Ps 74: 9… There is NO More prophets…, Jere 23: 15… profaneness has gone to the land from the prophets,..Ez 13: 4… prophets are Foxes, Hos 9:7… prophet is a Fool, he does not know even the day of visitation. Is 29: 10,   Jere 5: 13  , Jere 23: 14, 

      Lam 2:14…Prophets see foolish things, do not know iniquity, and they are the cause of the  captivity. Lamentations is the punishment of the Church leaders which is coming in the near future. Until this time God rejects the prophets. It is because of them the punishment comes and “the assembly” was raised as in Lam 1: 15.

       Watchman:.. Ezekiel is a watchman, but failed totally as we have proven. Is 56: 10…Watchmen are dumbdogs… This happens when the strangers are being accepted in God’s Altar better than sons and daughters v 3-8. Is 62:6, 11 shows, God calls the watchmen from the ends of the earth to say to Zion, that their salvation is coming. They will be redeemed. Mic 7: 4… The watchmen comes on the day of visitation, which is now, and the prophet cant be a watchman, because he does not know the day of visitation.

Jer 4:16  Make ye mention to the nations; behold, publish against Jerusalem, that watchers come from a far country, and give out their “voice” against the cities of Judah. The watchmen are coming from a far country, against Jerusalem. Many of our articles proves that in the end time, God Has called the gentiles to be Jerusalem’s watchment.. Cities of Judah are Jere 26: 2

A Voice…Jere 4:16… as above, these watchers from a far country give out their voice. Is 28: 21- 23  says, the foreign family work and these foreigners will raise their voice.  Is 30: 30, God’s ARM  ( our article “Lord’s ARM proved who the arm is )  will come with the voice, not a prophet. The voice comes against the prophets. We proved in our “women pt 2”, that it is women’s voice that will sing to Zion as in Is 40:9, as Micah 4: 7… the outcasts were brought to Zion. Same voice of the watchmen in Is 50: 2… they see God bringing Zion back from captivity.  Is 58: 1… , Jere 8: 19… the “voice” of the daughter of My people from “a far country” which you should listen to. Is 13: 2 – 6… Voice comes from a far country….v 6.. It happens before the “Day of The Lord” as in Ez. 30: 3… The times of the gentiles. Is 24: 14 – 16 ..The voice is heard from the Isles, from far away….. because of treacherous dealers… the leaders.  Zeph 3: 1-… PCG or the last church did not obey the “Voice”… and did not receive the correction.  So the voice was to correct them, but they did not obey… Filthy… who has a filthy turban?  The prophets, priests, the princes, all are treacherous to God’s Law…

…..….But the prophet’s voice is heard, because ....Jer 25:36  A “voice” of the “cryof the shepherds, and an “howling of the principal” of the flock, shall be heard: for the LORD hath spoiled their pasture. Is 30: 19… God will be gracious when Zion is crying out to Him. This chapter shows, Zion’s judgment.


New thing… Our article “New thing” proved from the word of God, that the new thing is the women’s work as Jere 31: 22… says, the women becoming spiritually powerful.

MicahMicah prophesies that the “cast out women  will become a strong nation. “Women pt 2” They are among the gentiles… Mic 4: 7,  5: 7-8. God is using these gentile women, to deliver His message to the captives. Mic 4: 10 says, they are in captivity.

King… What does God’s word say about the kings?  Heart of king shall perish,  Jere 13: 13.. Kings will be filled with drunkenness. Jere 8: 1… God says Judah’s king’s bones will be brought., Lam 2:9, Kings are being punished because they are among the gentiles… This happned in “Bamah”. Ezekiel the king caused it… He invited the unbaptized gentiles and now they are like among the gentiles. Law is no more…. The king caused GOD”s LAW to be null and avoid while he executed his own Law of self exultation.

Lawgiver:…The covenant is broken as Ps 89: 3- 40, Zech 11:11 and many other scripture says. The tabernacle of David is fallen and the church is  without a king, ephod and priests as in Hos 3:4… No KING, No priest… This is why, the donkey and the colt were bound to the vine in Gen 49: 10- 12, to the tribe of Judah, which is the law giving tribe. Because all Israel has failed…as we have proven. In the end time, there are no Law givers., But breakers…. The Law less men in Jude…Joshua, and antichrists.. etc….


So, as GF said, Mr. Tkach  is dead now and he will not be a “brand plucked out of fire” as this Joshua should be alive during the tribulation to be plucked out. This tribulation is a testing of “Faith”, as Rev 3: 10-11. When it says, “I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth”…, . the “world” and “earth”  here is the church. The church do not have to worry about something happens to the world because the church will be protected. Here when it says temptation, it means a “TEST OF FAITH”. World cannot be tested for “faith”. The church had to contend for the faith once delivered. Not the world.


Why do the church members have to worry about a temptation comes to the world in the first place? This test of faith, or the tribulation, is for the church. This is why it is written in the message for the Phil. Era.  God knew the next leader, or HP will be profaned and he will lose his crown. His crown is kept as a memorial (Zech 6: 9 – 15 ) If the members  do not hold fast and follow the sinning HP, then they will lose the crown too.  The tribulation is a test of faith or whether they will hold fast or not.  The Holy and the mighty will be scattered by the false prophet and Antiochus. They are the leaders in the church. It is these leaders cause the scattering. This is the greatest test of faith. As no one in the church would imagine, that these hypocrites could be the ones  who deceive them.  All those Joshua’s followers will be following him and not God. So they do not see anything wrong in this Joshua. That is the test of faith. When God says, “let no man take your crown”, the first person He is directing this prophesy is  for the leader in that era. If the leader looses the crown, automatically, other will lose too. His  crown, which the captives made was kept as a memorial, and not on his head. Which means Joshua  has failed to build upon God’s Law and that is why in V 15, “those who are “FAR AWAY” shall build the temple. This Joshua, has failed the big “IF”. Otherwise, why would those who are far away come to build the temple? This shows, even the followers of Joshua too has failed.   The members could not look beyond the mother. They could not wean the mother. They were not ready for Meat. (our article “weaned or not” proved).  God, rightfully says, that men wondered at Joshua, instead of God. This is why God says, “DO NOT” trust in a man, or a son of man.  The last leader in God’s church causes all this. He allows iniquity under him. His fellows loved to have it so and said “yes sir”. Is this HP a Law giver?...This is s strong delusion from God for those who forsake Him. Those who loved to have a law less HP.


Just as in Ps 109 God stands at the right hand of the poor as the poor was judged with perverted justice, this Joshua too has done that.

Zec 7:9  LORD saying, Execute true judgment, and shew mercy. Same as James 2

Zec 7:10  And oppress not the widow, nor the fatherless, the stranger, nor the poor;

Zec 7:11  But they refused to hearken, and pulled away the shoulder, and stopped their ears, that they should not hear. Rest of the chapter explains, the wrath of the Lord…..Since this is written in Zechariah, this applies to Joshua as Zerubabel is dead.

A major sin GOD find in His leaders in the end time is “misjudging the Poor”. This Joshua, is a wicked man, because he did not show mercy to the poor, as in Ps 109, James 2, and in Zech 7. As Zech 7: 11 says, they did not hear, means, GOD has made them come to know that they were mistreating the poor. But they refused. Would not God be angry? Did He not make the poor also? This is why God says in James 2, that the Poor are rich in faith. They faithfully wait till Christ brings them Justice. But to those have shown no mercy, will not be shown mercy either. Jam 2: 13


After Zerubabel built the temple, he died, and Joshua or Eliakim was raised. Then when Eliakim was cut off and allowed to fall by GOD,  it will be a test to God’s people, to flee from Judea, or where the sinning leaders are. The “man of sin” is sitting in the “temple”. “Ezekiel” is in the “temple”. “Eliakim is in the “temple”. So is Joshua.  This hour of trail, as James  1: 2 – 3 explains, is now happening , to test our faith, those who are scattered abroad… the captivity as declared by TP in 2004, which we have been witnessing as Ez 39: 21- 23 says. Just before Christ’s coming, the witnesses and Joshua are now at work. Because there is a profaned Joshua, that God Had to call the witnesses. If God is using a prophet, then why bring up two witnesses? To witness against the church which has become like “Sodom” and Egypt? Rev 11: 8? Has not PCG been witnessing against WCG all these years and why a special work of witnessing is needed after all these years? When Eliakim was cut down, then, the witnessing is necessary to witness agasint the evil leaders.


61… HWA built “the house” with God’s Holy Spirit. But the Laodiceans refuse to follow. … God considers this a rejection of HIS AUTHORITY AND GOVERNEMNT.  What is this “HOUSE” HWA built? Is it not the “SPIRITUAL”  house? The Church?.. How did he build this Sp. House? With God’s  SPIRIT. How was the church built by HWA? Did HWA call the members? NO. The Father God invited them. (John 6: 44). HWA built the church, with those who were called by God The Father. They are then, GOD’s children, having HIS SPIRIT. There were LAWs given by God, to build this Sp. House. His LAW requires….,  “NOT” to  invite ‘UNBAPTIZED” strangers, in to God’s House, and specially not to the “ALTAR”, or the ‘SANCTUARY” which is “THE” MOST HOLY PLACE, WHERE GOD DWELLS. (Is 52: 1, Ez 44: 7-8)


 In this paragraph, TP says, the Loadiceans refused to follow the HWA’s method of building and that is why WCG is ‘LAODICEAN” and GOD considers them as a rejection of GOD”s government.  Now, TP wants to build a physical temple after HWA’s pattern, then he already brought HWA’s prayer rock, tables, candelabras, and a piano, and also the copyright for the books. But did TP build the “SPIRITUAL” temple after HWA’s method? NO. NO NO NO. He invited the ‘UNBAPTIZED” STRAGNERS , NOT ONLY TO THE TEMPLE, BUT TO THE ALTAR AND HAS REFUSED GOD’S  CALLING FOR REPENTANCE ALSO. Everyone in PCG knows (for they are written with a pen or iron)  that there were elders in India, 17 of them at first and then gradually  left as the church stopped their pay.

Did GOD call those strangers to the ALTAR?

Did HWA build the temple by inviting strangers to the Altar?

But, PCG, the prophet, or the HP, invited unbaptized strangers and built the SP. House of God. Everything is written in PN articles, and this will be written in the book of Acts in its continuation.  Everything happened in the “East gate” as Ez 8 – 11 chapters prove and as Dan 8: 9 says, the Antiochus, did his damaging work to the covenant in South east, and as we were the witnesses to this treachery against God’s covenant, we informed TP. It was God’s doing. God corrects His sons. God sent the messengers to him to show and correct the problem. But, TP refused to hear, and murdered them spiritually.  This certainly is not the way HWA built. When WCG failed to follow HWA’s method of building and there fore, they are Laodicean, since PCG too has done the same thing  while judging others, and even worse, (because WCG did not bring strangers in to the ALTAR till they fell from the truth and PCG invited strangers in to the ALTAR while condemning others and claiming to hold on to HWA’s methods) is not PCG also Laodicean? No other church claims to follow the footsteps of HWA and invited strangers like PCG. In that, she is worse than others, as God say in Ez 16: 52. Because PCG, simply refuses to accept and admit her sins. This is a covenant breaking sin. In this cause, TP, mistreated the “poor”, and became a wicked person. This is why in Ps 109, God allows an accuser to stand at the right hand of the wicked HP, while GOD stands at the right hand of the Poor. These Poor witnessed both parties breaking the covenant and are crying out to both parties to come together. UNLESS and UNTIL the wife, who committed harlotry admits and repents, GOD will NOT even hear the wicked man’s prayers as this Psalm says. If WCG refuses to follow HWA’s method of building and became Laodicean and has rejected God’s government, PCG too has rejected God’s government, since she too has rejected HWA’s method. PCG, has rejected GOD, and His authority. This is how, PCG became worse than others, while judging them for breaking the Law. WCG was not cut down, but Eliakim was.

Math 7: 21 – 24…the workers of Iniquity (Ez 24: 21- 23) will be denied by Christ. Since he denied Christ, wrath of God remains on him. John  3: 36.



All of this should happen in the very “LAST MOMENTS” …

Now, Eliakim was cut down in the “last moments”, Joshua had his filthy turban also in the “last moments,” and Ezekiel also had a profaned sanctuary, the “last moments”, and all happens “JUST” before Christ’s coming. Profaning the sanctuary means, the tabernacle of David is fallen. GOD, NO MORE abiding in the temple. Then the antichrists start to scatter the power of the Holy as in Dan 12:7, 11: 36. This does not take a long time. Only, time, times and half a time is given to that. At the same time, God will not keep quiet. He Has to witness against the leaders and judge them. That is the purpose of the ‘times of the gentiles’, which is now.  This could not have happened 20 years ago when WCG fell. Also, now, the gentiles are treading, and they too were given only 1260 days as in Rev 11: 2-3.     20 years ago,There was no Eliakim, Ezekiel, or Joshua. Because of Mr Tkach’s failure, Ezekiel, Eliakim were appointed. Joshua should have the filthy turban  when God broke the covenant in Zech 11: 11. Mr. Tkach did not break the covenant in the ‘east gate’ as this Ezekiel did which caused God to profane. This did not happen during Mr. Tkach’s time as GF says…God moved the lamp to Eliakim.   No one can say that Eliakim still has the glory, because it is ‘God’ who says that he was cut down and allowed to fall. If Mr Tkach is Joshua, Christ should have come as there cant be any more leaders in the church. He is the last. This is not Tkach.  Because there is another HP,(also Eliakim). After Ezekiel, the new temple, after Eliakim, no one was prophesied to come. After Joshua, no one but Christ.  Now, is the times of gentiles… the day of the Lord. !!! The  punishment!!!



GF has given a lecture at the last ministerial conference saying that there are two Joshuas. One illegal and one legal and of course, he says that he is the  legal Joshua. Is that what God Has written in His word? How many Joshuas are there. We have proven from the word of God, and by his own admission, that GF is the high priest. The one and only. God does not have two high priests. As we learned in Hebrews, Christ is the only High priest who did not fall and is a perfect tabernacle. All others fell. Heb 3:1, Christ is “The” apostle and “the” High Priest. When all the leaders have become beasts, and when we do not need anyone to teach us (I John 2:27) , Christ, the High priest will teach us in the last days. (Heb 1:2) Only Christ, the high priest was able to sacrifice Himself to forgive our sins. No other high priest was able to do that. Heb 7 says, only Christ is the perfect High priest!



The Gentile Assembly,


During the times of the gentiles. !!!


The Gentile Assembly,