The prophet admits the “Gentile Assembly’s” work.


In Jan/ 2006, RV magazine, the prophet (TP) wrote a message from James to the “Exiles”, scattered among the “Gentiles”. Here is what he wrote:….(Bolding, underlining is done by us)


TP  wrote:  when James wrote his epistle, he was convinced he was living in the “end time”. God inspired his message to teach us about   the greatest tragedy” on earth at this time--- what caused it --- and what the solution is” ……the greatest tragedy that could ever happen on earth is “God’s people forsaking Him”, and “God casting them out of the “Inner court”.( this is to happen in the very end, when “Christ is at the door” and this  should happen “spiritually”, to “Spiritual Israel)  Since James is addressing “all” the 12 tribes who are “scattered”, when this book is revealed, they should already be scattered. (also as this RV points out) When we add all the “end time” prophecies such as Micah’s warning about the “wife of Christ turning against God as an enemy in the “last end, the “man of sin”, anti christs, creeping ministers, the liar, the sister who judged others turning to be the “worst”,  Ez 34 ,  Ez 24: 21, etc, we know that  only in the very last end, this tragedy could have happened. Zech 11: 10-17  shows, God too broke the covenant while the  “POOR” watched, ( why did God show the poor, when “He” broke the covenant? and also caused them to see the church breaking the covenant in the “east gate”? James 2:5… they are rich in faith and they are the ones who witnessed both parties breaking the covenant)  and left the Sanctuary  while  Ezekiel was watching”, making certain that he saw Him leave. . (Ez 10: 18-19, 11: 22-24) And then, there is nothing else God can do, but to  begin to “WINTESS” and judge the “house of God”, or begin at His Sanctuary”…(which also was shown to Ezekiel )  and the whole world will have to go through the birth pains, because the church was a “curse” to the whole world.  James apply for “allIsraelall the 12 tribes, and they are all scattered. Not even one left. God Has made known their captivity to gentiles (Ez 39: 21-23). This includes PCG as well. Not a single church can say, we are not scattered. because God made  the ‘gentiles” to know the captivity, And not  Israel, as all have gone in to captivity as Ez 16: 52 says.  


Remember, “poor” watched when God broke the covenant. there after, there cannot be a shepherd to take care of the flock, as “God” Himself Has raised up a shepherd in Zech 11: 16-17, who do not care for the flock. (this is how, the “High priest” Joshua, became filthy) if one believes God, then they have to see that thereafter, there are no good shepherds but “THE” Good Shepherd, the Christ.  After the last sister turned to be a harlot, ( The Bamah matter), all Israel failed.  James is addressing to all those who are “already” scattered”. He makes certain, that not even “one” tribe is left. He mentions “12”.   As Christ said;  “Not even one stone shall be left upon another”. This is a “SPIRITUAL” scattering and it is not something you can see physically. Should not we believe Christ? The last era think they are rich, but they are not. Because God Has allowed them to exalt themselves as a part of God’s wrath (in Dan 11: 36) “physically”,   all those who see physically, are already “spiritually” scattered. Those who see this spiritually and stood up for God, are murdered, cast out of the inner court. Is not this the work of  the antichrists?. But these leaders were cast out by “God”, from the inner court, in to the “outer court”, to be trampled.  It is “Ezekiel” who is also the last high priest who  made it impossible for God to live in the Sanctuary. Ez 24: 21. That is none other than PCG leader, the last sister in Ez 16:52. This is the greatest tragedy.


Pg 2….”You will see that this book is communicating to “God’s” people in the “Loadicean” era. It contains a strong message for God’s lukewarm Laodiceans  as well as a dramatic message for us in the Phil. remnant of this era. … This book is for “God”s people, that means to the “wife of Christ”, in the “Laodicean” era and when they are “scattered”. This book was revealed only  in end of 2005 .  Why was this message was not revealed in 1989  and within that “seven year period”, while he was a watchman to other churches or  before His commission changed  and when the Laodicean era supposed to have started according to GF ?  The first seven years  GF judged and prophesied against those who fell away. Why is James being revealed only in 2005? …..Becasue  That is when the “final” sister too went in to captivity. Now all the 12 tribes are scattered.  That is the time, God sent this message and when it was needed and could be applied…or that is the laodicean angel started to sound… saying “I am the 7th head”.  God’s timing is perfect. God cast her out of the inner court, saying “measure” it.  James’ epistle shows how and  why the “lastchurch  fell in the “last” end. This book explains a “split” in the church. …. about the “rich” Laodiceans, who are “blind”, having their gold becoming dross, while the ‘poor’ are being ‘rich’ in ‘faith’ and are accepted by God having their gold purified by giving their lives to God. (for standing up for His truth)


 As we go along, you will see, that this is a message for PCG who went in to captivity at the time of Ezekiel’s wife’s death in 2004, which was a  “physical” sign  given, to the “spiritually” blind. The “rich and the poor” which James talks about, could be separated only in the laodicean era which is supposed to be rich. God condemns the rich, but praises the poor. They are rich in faith, not because they have a dead faith, but they must be having the works also, as the faith without works is dead.    (read: Poor and Fatherless)   GF gave a sermon “finishing the work” in Nov 2004. That is when his work of being a “watchman” to “PCG” ended and the captivity started. They failed. Then, the physical sign of the tsunami, where they broke the covenant happened , a week later, he said, “I am the 7th head”. If the members really understood what that means,  by “the 7th head”, that aught to shake them worse than the tsunami earthquake. No more phil remnant who held fast to the covenant .  ALL 12 tribes have gone in to captivity. We say this boldly as God showed it to us. ( Ez 39: 21- 23)  if the ‘gentiles’ see their captivity, then they should be the ones to declare that. Since this is a “spiritual” captivity, only the “spiritually rich in faith” gentiles could see it. (Read: Become pure as gold of Ophir)  As 1 Pet says, the last end, the gentiles are building a “spiritual House” (1 Pet 2: 3- 5.. You “ALSO”) 



During this era, there is no work to be done from the “inner court” , but it is time to “expose the nakedness” of the inner court  and for Christ to spew them out. Christ is giving counsel to them to take their dross out of gold, Their works which are pictured by “gold”, have become dross. James 5:3  explains the “timeframe ” of when their gold became dross ,( as this whole message is for the last end)  . At this time, in the very end, only “PCG had gold” and riches as Ez 16: 8- 14. So she only could lose it. Rev 3:18……  I counsel you to buy from “Me” “GOLD”  purified by fire. This is why just before PCG lost her gold, Mr Thompson wrote in a RV Mar/ apr 2003,  “Become pure as “gold”. (read: Become pure as gold) Months later, PCG lost her gold. This is the same reason why Christ came suddenly to His temple in Mal 3, to “purify” them and He sends us, those who already have that gold, with this “counsel” to buy gold from Him. He sends that counsel through the gentiles, who come from Tarshish, who already has that gold of “Ophir”. This is another proof,  that Christ is working with the gentiles who ‘ALREADY” have that gold.    


When God says, they are scattered, it is a “Spiritual” scattering ;  it is not the people of God who are going to  die or scattered, but the “POWER”. 

Dan 12:7…… when “THEY” shall have accomplished to scatter the “power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished.

Power means, strength, force, might etc…. that power was given by God, as they are called “Holy”. So when God takes that power, they become unholy and  are scattered  or they are “Spiritually” driven away from God, and they are like “DEAD” to God.  It does not say, there are a few who are  left with power. But “all” are scattered. Since they are already scattered in 2005, James message was given to them.   ( it should be “THEY” instead of “he”. Check the “Greek interlinear” Bible and also MKJV). Who are these “THEY”?  “THEY” are the “LIONS” who are making the cities of Judah desolate. (read: Biblical Tarshish and "young lions" in prophecy )  The sanctified and preserved ones could not hold on to the faith once delivered, in the “VERY” end. Since this is a “spiritual” scattering, and since they are “spiritually” blind, they cannot see that they are scattered.  Ez 34….. James, Christ , and Daniel, specially prophesied this event. So when we figure out, “when” the “last batch” of Holy people “lost their power”, we know that is when ALL Israel were scattered and that is when, James’ messages are written for. This is the “strong delusion” which comes to God’s people, who stumbled at the judgment. They see only “physically”. Those who  look at the “physical” side, are being deluded by God, while the “lions” are scattering them making their cities to be desolated. When God catches the wicked by their own craftiness and exposes their lies, then, they all will lose their power.


“dramatic message for us in the Phil. remnant of this era”…... That means,  PCG….. Right?  Suppose PCG is the Phil remnant to whom  this message is given. Why do they need a message of losing the head, misjudging the poor, gold becoming dross, God cast out the inner court, gentiles are treading, war among the teachers,  etc? ….. here are the warnings given in this book. (Chapters)

1.      Message to the “EXILES”….this is a message to the “exiles” not to the phil remnant. When some one is exiled, (since that means God Has left them) They are not  being used by God to deliver  message to  others.)  but the message is for them, since these problems exist among the ‘exiles’.

2.    Show no partiality….this is a “SPECIFIC” AND “PARTICULAR” message for the exiles… to whom ever James is revealed, they are the group who have shown partiality. We are witnesses to this sin since they were partial to us. It is the poor who are rich in faith, were judged partially by PCG alone. This is how their gold became dross.   

3.     War among teachers. .. no other church judge other leaders as PCG does. No one exalts like PCG and condemns others. No other group claims they are  the inner court and sins like they are in the bottom of the hell and try to expose other leaders. No other church claim they are God’s true church and chase God’s true followers who stands up for God and cast them out, thus fighting with God.

4.    God condemns the rich men……. Why does PCG need such messages if it did not happen in her? Besides, would other churches listen to TP, if they did not hear for all these years and when he, himself does not practice what he preaches. The “LAST HOUR” exiles are PCG. ….They are the ones who judged partially. ……they are the ones who are at war with one another…. They are the “rich”  who say, WCG has sold everything, now we have everything. Here is what TP wrote :….

RV Jan 2006…, WCG  sold” everything and “now” PCG has everything. …. So who has become rich when James is written? Should not that church be the group which James is writing to?  These are the causes of the spiritual scattering. Remember, if you see physically, you will not see the spiritual scattering.


Pg 1… “these seven epistles are the most urgent books in the Bible that God has revealed to the PCG so far…….. Actually the most specific, particular ……..these seven books, are revealed in the very end, because it is PCG who needed all the warnings in these seven books.  God Has warned the world in HWA’s time  and other churches since 1989 . These are not general epistles. They contains “SPEICIFIC, PARTICULAR” messages  for a group  who had that “specific, particular” problems. (The above mentioned , specific messages)  God revealed it to PCG, because PCG is the group who needed that specific particular message. This group is already scattered, and are among the gentiles. God put them among the gentiles, to tread them down, expose their wickedness.  The antichrist sits in the “temple of God”, in the very last end.  That is how Christ could consume him by “His breath”, at His “coming” as 2 Thes say. (Job 4:9. )This is why Christ came to “THE TEMPLE”  as The “Messenger of the Covenant”, so He could consume this man from His breath. Also, as we shall see from TP’s this article; this book should be revealed during the “times of Gentiles”. That shows, that God Has already scattered even PCG.  Why else would He call for the gentiles to “tread down”? PCG has been treading others down since 1989 and there is no need to specially mention of treading down in the last end. Besides, it is the “times of gentiles”… they are the last ones to do God’s work. Those who were in the “inner court” when the “times of gentiles” come, are the ones to be trodden down by them. No other church claims they are in the inner court , other than PCG. And we have witnessed PCG’s harlotry. Is any other church being trodden down by gentiles?


Pg 2….James begins addressing “ the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad.  We have to look at this “spiritually  ”… so this message is for the twelve tribes scattered abroad, because they have  failed “SPIRITUALLY” … this means, for the “captives”. In 2004, FOT, TP said, now the captivity has begun. (of course he did not mean that includes him or PCG. ).    This proves what we say… it is the “Spiritual” Israel’s captivity which happened in the very end.


Pg 2- 3… it is talking about the church or family of God being scattered all over the place….”. This is what we are saying too. Now remember this is a “last end” matter which is happening “inside” God’s own church and people. Which church was married to God in the very end? (Ez 16:8, 52, 61-63) and then  she too went in to captivity having sinned more than others. ?


Spiritually, people cannot be scattered if there was even “one” shepherd left to keep them from scattering. After God raised up that wicked shepherd, there can’t be any shepherd keeping the sheep together. This  is the reason why Christ Has to come to the temple suddenly… to purify them all. If PCG was raising up the ruins, why does Christ Has to come? Now, how were they scattered in the first place “SPIRITUALLY’, if there is a prophet? God says, by their own words, He will catch the wicked. Did  any other church leader say “ I am the prophet”? We are the “inner court”?...we have it all?  This message applies to a time, when there is not even one shepherd to keep God’s people in one place. Would Christ lie? Yet, if TP says, he is raising up the ruins, he makes Christ a liar. There is no need for Christ to come ‘SUDDENLY” TO THE TEMPLE if TP is   DOING WHAT HE IS SUPPOSED TO do. James does not say, to those who “are” scattered and those who “are not” scattered. When his message came, all of God’s people should be scattered. He includes all 12 of the tribes….TO MAKE CERTAIN, THAT NONE IS LEFT.. Laodiceans do not see their own filthiness. They are “SPIRITUALLY” blind, even though they are rich… or at least they think they are rich.   This is why God Said, when Israel go into captivity, “I will be a little sanctuary in countries wherever they are scattered. (Read: Little sanctuaries) When Mal 3: 15-18 happened, they had to separate by speaking one to another. They did not have a shepherd. The shepherds do not even want members to talk to one to another…. They are the anti Christs.



Here is from the same article, what GF wrote about PCG being the inner court and they are God’s people….

Pg 6…”You could never expect those in the outer court to deliver the message--- God does not even dwell among them! Christ RESIDES IN THE INNER COURT ---- THAT IS WHERE HE IS SPEAKING TO HIS PEOPLE TODAY”…. It is the “inner court” and the temple which needed the measuring in the last end. (Rev 11: 1)


Rev 11:1  And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein.

Rev 11:2  But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months.


 God said to “NOT” to measure the “outer court”. Why don’t these people of God prove and listen to God’s word? The outer court, did not need the measuring and  “Gentiles” are given it, and they will tread down the Holy city, which is the “inner court”.  They will do so by witnessing and bringing judgments and there will be no rain or the revelation, to the inner court during their witnessing period, but corrective measures and call for repentance.   The Holy city is the church… not Jerusalem in middle east. Is 48: 1- 2…. , Is 52: 1,    Dan 9: 24,….these prophecies are about God’s people, and Zion. Is 52: 1 says, Zion is the Holy city which has allowed unbaptized strangers to come in. that is the Zion, sits in dust. ( it is PCG who invited such to the Sanctuary)  The judgment is to begin at God’s Sanctuary… the Day of The Lord is to bring “Zion” to repent. That is the time of the gentiles. (Ez 30: 3, Rev 11:2,  Ez 16: 40,  Lam 1:15)  


page 7 : this proves other churches were already in captivity as they rebelled. …..

“Consider the storms that tossed the church away from God! People were driven and tossed away—and God just let them go!....... God, Has allowed the other churches go as they sinned and while PCG was hanging on. ( Ez 16: 50 ) so it is clear that it is “PCG” who was in the “inner court” when “James is revealed”. Therefore, Only PCG needed such a “specific and a particular” message.  God Has let  others go away from HIM, long before….and  While PCG was still hanging on.  these are TP’s own words…. “ pg 2… You will see that this book is communicating to “God’s” people in the “Loadicean” era……During the laodiecan era, there is no work carried on by God through the “Inner court”. It is time for “judgment”. Christ is sending His voice and knocking, but certainly not from the inner court. Christ is outside.. TP says, he is being used to knock on laodicean’s door and also, he is in the “inner court”. Who ever you want to believe, you can, but God’s true people know whom they should follow. God, or a man. The point is, in the very end, it is the inner court which “finally” became laodicean head,   proclaiming  the  7th head. No other leader said, he is the 7th head.


Here are few specific points;…

Pg 2… James is describing a “specific crisis” in God’s own church. ….. we have to look at it “spiritually’. …. Scattered abroad…….

Pg 3… “ The companion Bible and ………… “scattered abroad” as in the dispersion…. when the people of Israel had become scattered abroad among the “Gentiles”. That expression often means EXILE. That is exactly what has happened spiritually in our day: the vast majority of Gods people have been exiled from the inner court!. Rev 11: 1-2 show who exiled them or cast them out: GOD.


From these few lines, we understand, that this message is directed to God’s own :…..“spiritualIsrael , ….who were in the inner court but “God” cast them out.. …but now exiled from  it ….and are  scattered among the “gentileswhen James is revealed and Rev 11: 1-2 work is going on. “among the “gentiles”…..means they are being trampled by them. this is not a physical Israel’s problem, but “spiritual” Israel’s.  


GF  even gives the verse “Rev 11:1-2”. this clearly shows, that the times of gentiles are now being fulfilled and it is the ‘spiritual” captivity that has happned. Also  those who were in the “Inner court”  too  are  exiled by God, and are scattered among the gentiles. This is when the inner court needed the measuring and it is the “Inner court” which is trampled by the “Gentiles”.  These gentiles  have God’s hands (which means work) when “spiritual” Israel have gone in to captivity in Ez 39: 21-23. Now, God Has revealed to the prophet, that it is the “times of the gentiles”. This is what we too have been telling everyone since 2004. e

Rev 11: 2 is the “times of gentiles  which is the  “judgment” of  God, on those who are  in the “inner court”, when James is revealed. The “times of Gentiles” is  the “DAY of The Lord” as Ez 30: 3 says. This is the same thing we have been telling since  2004. Will they accept gentile’s work? If they do not, they have gone far away from God’s words. They are really, spiritually blind. All because they did not admit and repent, when they invited the unbaptized men and when God showed their sins. The Bamah matter… ( we are doing God’s judgment works. Does the prophet know what he is talking about? Hos 9:6…. He is doing his own things, he would not know when Christ comes as a thief to purify him.


Pg 3….. “Malachi’s message was written and delivered when God’s church was falling away – a definite time period, “after” the church has already split apart in this end time. The Laodiceans are now firmly established in their rebellion. …… this means, in a definite time period, the warning message from Malachi was delivered and finished, but they did not listen so they are now  established in their rebellion . That means, God left them long ago. So would they listen to God now? If they are firmly established in their rebellion, and the church has already split apart, then they cant be in God’s inner court any longer. And definitely not when James is revealed. Also not when Rev 11: 2 is being fulfilled or  when Christ is just at the door . This problem occurs when Christ is at the door. By speaking through James’ messages, God is trying to show the captives why they went in to captivity.


When they are rebelling, MM was sent. That is Ezekiel’s main job. He is to prophesy the judgment to the falling Israel. When PCG was about to fall, then God said, prophesy again… it is the “judgment”, the lamentations and mourning and woe….  which God want Ezekiel to prophesy. He is not supposed to do what  Zerubabbel  already finished. God says, his hands have finished building


When WCG was warned, did they listen? Those who obey God, separated while , the majority lost the faith, truth etc…. they broke the marriage covenant with God.  That is something to “lament and to mourn” and it was a “woe” to them, as God in “NOT” with them. Did we see anything bad happen to them ‘PHYSICALLY” when WCG fell? . Did we see them mourning? No, only those who held fast to the truth saw their fall ‘SPIRITUALLY”. Did God punish them “physically”? NO.  But God Has left them. this is the same thing now happening. When PCG too broke the covenant, people who see it ‘physically’, will not see anything wrong.  All are taken captive “spiritually”. God’s true people who witnessed their fall, mourned, sighed and cried and did exploits to pull them out. But yet they failed. Ezekiel watchman failed. God Had to raise up watch”men” from a far… these are the gentiles, who are treading down the inner court , when Christ is at the door, and in the winepress… Lam 1:15, Rev 11: 2, Ez 16: 40, 23: 45- 49. ,  39: 21-23. This is a last hour matter, happened  to those who were in the inner court, during that last hour.   


God catches the wicked in their own craftiness: (Job 5:13, 1 Cor 3: 19), Here is what GF wrote… the two sentences and see Who really  are in the “inner court”?.......   

“God does not even dwell among them!” ( referring to “other churches”. So, if God does not dwell among them, that means, they were cast out, long before. Then God is dwelling in the inner court, which is PCG.) But now, in the very end, when Rev 11: 2 work is going on, where Does God dwell? …….


“Christ RESIDES IN THE INNER COURT.” ( referring to PCG). So it is clear, with other writings of TP, that God dwells in PCG, as the inner court. But, in the very end, ………

 Gods people have been exiled from the inner court!.

Rev 11: 1-2 show who exiled them or cast them out: GOD.


Now, who were in the “inner court”, ……to be cast out by “God”, ……..”when James is being revealed”….and at the time of Rev 11: 2? Or during the “ times of the Gentiles”?

How many “gentile” assemblies are treading down and how many “inner courts” are there? ….

1        . There is only “one” “inner court” and GF says, him and PCG are the “inner court”.

2       Christ RESIDES IN THE INNER COURT. GF admits he is in the “inner court”. (But now, they  too are exiled). That is why James is giving a message to all the 12 tribes not leaving even one of them left out.

3       who exiled them or cast them out: GOD


4       “Rev 11: 1-2 show”… GF has mentioned the Rev 11: 1-2 work, which is done by the “gentiles” and also he says, these are the “spiritual” Israel, who are scattered among the gentiles.


In whose time this scattering among the gentiles was done by God? This is a prophecy which God said that would happen in the end, and in Ezekiel’s time.   Ez 6:9,    11:16,   Ez 12: 15-16 ( The Little sanctuaries)


This is when the Laodiceans were cast out from the “inner court”.  At the time of the proclamation of the 7th head.



Here is what GF wrote in “Little book”:..(1995)

Pg 2…”The angel over the “Laodicean” era had the little book in his hand.”.. then he begins to explain about how the angel delivered the little book.

Here is what he wrote in “Prophesying again” book:…

The seventh angel discussed here is the “seventh trumpet” angel (Revelation 8:2; 11:15), “not” the angel of the “Laodicean” era (Revelation 3:14)…..

In either case, GF  is not in the “inner court”  and he is the laodicean leader, when the times of gentiles are fulfilled.  In 1995, if the angel over the “laodicean era” delivered that book, since he is over the “Laodicean” era, he has to deliver it to  the “laodicean” leader. GF has to be  the laodicean leader who received the book, even back then. 


If this is the “seventh angel” who blows the “7th trumpet”, who  delivered this book,  definitely, GF has to be “out of the inner  court”, as the  inner court was cast out by God, in to the hands of the gentiles to be trodden down as  It is the “time of the gentiles”. As with many other prophecies of GF , this angel’s identity also changed from “laodicean” era angel to 7th trumpet angel. This angel comes on the “cloudy” day, which is the times of the gentiles, as we have proven, as he wears a cloud, and a rainbow,  and he roars as a “lion”.
“Prophesy again” in this chapter is to prophesy the judgments, lamentations and mourning and woe as we have proven. This is why in book of Amos, they do not want to prophesy judgments, but want smooth things.    


The Inner court was punished in Ez 9:6…. Begin at My Sanctuary…..

This also proves, our work, the “times of Gentiles” have begun!!! The witness work, which we started since 2004 December, which we are doing, is being finally  admitted by the prophet. Of course, GF never admits that he is being trodden down. But his words, which are written, cannot be disproven. All is there for you to read.


This should happen at the very end, or when they are in captivity as God said, and


Pg 6…”You could never expect those in the outer court to deliver the message--- God does not even dwell among them!why not? Christ is in the “outer court” and not in the inner court as He is outside at the door trying to get in.


Rev 11: 2work could not be the work of GF, as he is not a gentile. Also  it lasts only 3 and half years. This work is the last work , the short work which is to cut short in righteousness , done by the “poor” who are rich in faith in James’ message. Is 26: 6… feet of the “poor” will tread them down. The poor and the gentiles are the same…these gentiles are witnessing , judging and exposing and treading .


Eze 12:16  But I will leave a few men of them from the sword, from the famine, and from the pestilence; that they may declare all their abominations among the gentiles  whither they come; and they shall know that I am the LORD. …… this is how, we get to know all what GF and others do in PCG. These true followers whom were left by God, in fear of God, come and tell us about all the abominations done by the PCG ministry and other members.   The brethren are being betrayed by others. If one ask a question about what the leaders do, they are labeled as going agasint God’s government and make them feel like they are rebelling agasint God.  Members are asked to divorce their spouses.… all these things we get to know from those who are being appointed by God to tell us.


 Here is what GF said in a sermon

We're going to do what God says we must do, and that is expose those people. Expose them for what they are. ... We just totally lay it bare. This is the way it is. Now a lot of people have been deceived, they are blind after all, and there has been strong delusion. … now the gentiles are commanded by God to expose the inner court which exposed others and did even worse.


IF WE AREN'T TESTING OUR TRUTH VERY PRECISELY AND CAREFULLY, we can easily depart into a Laodicean attitude. If we don't look to HWA's method of building, we face disaster in the future. (MM pg. 64) … did HWA ever say to invite “unbaptized” in to God’s “altar”? To keep the “Passover” with such?  Then, to request the whole church’s prayers, sending incense to God? Has not God condemned such acts? Jere 6: 20, Ez 8 – 11? The Bamah matter.  


MM pg 140….”Remember, the BIBLE IS FULL OF EXAMPLES WHERE CHURCH LEADERS HAVE LED PEOPLE ASTRAY. That is why EVERY spiritual step we take MUST be biblically based. …. Until Christ comes, the leaders have failed. Ezekiel totally failed and went in to the world. (Read: Joshua) As for every spiritual step should be biblically based???..... When did God tell the leaders to bring unbaptized in to God’s Altar and to Passover service and to pray with them? 


KOD….Turning many to righteousness, 0631 transcript

(20) And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.

Then let them which are in Judaea FLEE…

Who are in “Judea”? (Read: Judea flee ) Jerusalem compassed with armies?... that is the “times of gentiles” explained in Rev 11: 2… are there any church members in Jerusalem area to flee? This is all “spiritual”. It is the “Spiritual” Jerusalem which is going to be trampled by the gentiles as this writing proves.


“But you have to remember that they killed Jesus Christ because of this message. They KILLED HIM! And He was perfect!

And He found favor in the eyes of God and man, and they killed Him. And He said,………

“Now, if they’ve persecuted Me, they’re going to persecute you.”


This is why, the poor were persecuted, and those who opposed the inner court, when they began to sin. Christ said, you have to lay your life to save your life. This too applies spiritually. The synagogue of satan, spiritually murdering God’s people. those who are killing will think that they are doing a service to Christ. …. These are the true followers who were cast out by Diotrephus.


Verse (22) For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may

be fulfilled.

(24) And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of

the Gentiles be fulfilled.

Christ Has already warned us. TP finally admits the Rev 11:2 work is now going on and still he does not see that it is him and his leaders that we are treading down of the inner court, which God cast out in the very end.  The “Lions” are at work…. They are desolating the cities of Judah. As this is a “spiritual” scattering as we saw, which we agree with TP, no one can physically see it. Only those who are treading them down can see it. The times of the gentiles are being fulfilled means Ez 30: 3 is happening, “the time for vengeance”…


Now, that is a watershed event, and it’s already happening. That’s why I say the days of vengeance have already started in Israel, though the Great Tribulation has not. You can

already feel the storms—the outer edges of the storms—of the “times of the gentiles”. because isn’t everybody against us?  Does he, himself  understands what he is talking about? The “judgment” begins at God’s Sanctuary and the house of God! You must see the ‘spiritual’ side first.


(1) The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound;

(2) To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, AND the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort ALL that mourn;

Now, I mean, that’s quite a statement. This is for right now. This is an end time prophecy, and God says we have a message that will comfort everybody that mourns, and I’m sure

that’s some of you. ……… This is a quote from Is 61.    V 5 shows, who are the vinedressers at this time. The “Gentiles”. The “acceptable year” is being proclaimed by the ‘gentiles”. Those who bring the good news about the “Covenant of peace”. (read: Covenant of peace)


Christ said that He had been anointed to bind up the broken-hearted. God says He’s going to bind that up, and He’s doing it in His church right now…..this too is done by those who bring the “Covenant of peace”.


Don’t you feel at times you need to be healed? Christ said, “My wife.” has made herself ready!” She got ready. Well, how did she get ready? By living by every Word of God. By living by the Ten Commandments….. yes, Mr. prophet, listen to your feelings laying aside your pride and admit and live by every word on this day of judgment, which will  bind up the broken hearted, and  heal all the wounds (Judah’s wound). God is sending His “WORD” through the “gentiles”. But, the 7 last plagues have to be poured upon for the wife to be ready. She is ready only in Rev 19: 7. Until such time, she has to go through all the plagues. Rev 11:2 shows, that the wife was not living by every word of God and not keeping the commandments. We are witnesses to that. These are the times of Rev 11: 2.


James brings a message of hope. He says; count it all joy, when you fall into trials… that is needed to be perfect. V 6.. if you do not have faith, you will be driven with the wind…(Read: East wind) v 9-10… it is time to exalt the lowly and humble the rich.
Jam 1:10  But the “rich”, in that he is made low: because as the flower of the grass he shall pass away.

Jam 1:11  For the “sun” is no sooner risen with a “burning heat”, but it withered the grass,:… so shall the “rich man fade away” . …. “Spiritually” the “SUN” is God. Now, it is God’s anger is what is going to be burning the rich. When He is angry, His breath, makes the heat. ( 2 Sam 22:9,  16,   Job 4:9,   Ps 18:8,   15,   )

God’s “HEAT” burns the rich and they fade away. But, God will be a strength and a shadow  to the poor…

Isa 25:4  For thou hast been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy in his distress, a refuge from the storm, a shadow from the heat, when the blast of the terrible ones is as a storm against the wall. ( also Is 28:1,  4,   Is 40:6. )


God also causes the “noise of the gentiles as “heat”….

Isa 25:5  Thou shalt bring down the noise of  Gentiles as the “heat in a dry place; even the heat with the shadow of a “cloud”: the branch of the terrible ones shall be brought low. … When does the shadow of the cloud comes with the noise of the gentiles? On the “Cloudy” day, which is the “times of the gentiles”.(Ez 30: 3)


Isa 25:10-11  For in this mountain shall the “hand of the Lord” rest, and Moab shall be trodden down under him, even as straw is trodden down for the dunghill. And he shall spread forth “his hands” in the midst of them…….and he shall “bring down their pride” together with the spoils of their hands….(Read: Arm of The Lord)


Isa 40:7  The grass withereth, the flower  fadeth: because the” spirit of the Lord” bloweth upon it: surely the “people is grass”.


Isa 40:8  The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the “word of our God shall stand for ever”. .. this chapter, is to comfort Zion, who has received punishment for her sins from God’s hands. And as v 9, those who brings the gospel of peace, sings to Zion. (read: Covenant of peace)


Is 40: 3… make straight in the desert a “highway” for God. and this is a time to exalted the valleys and to make low the mountains. .. Is 49…. God calls for the islands from a far… when Christ will restore the preserved ones in Israel, and at the same time, being a light to gentiles (when gentiles are getting light from God, doing His work, as on the cloudy day and during the times of gentiles) … God’s “high ways” shall be set on high. That means, the gentiles are being a high way for Israel to be bought to God…. and they are exalted. Also Is 40:4. time to make things straight. Is 35: 8…Holy people will be there when God comes with vengeance.

Is 62: 10-12… God Has call the end of the earth to say to Zion, that she will be redeemed. These are the watchmen, (v6) as we have explained, the “lions”. We will neer hold our peace, till God restore Zion. This is why until that happens, we will send the “Word of God”…..This is the “Highway” to God.  


Is 54 expalins when the righteous perishes, no one cares, v 13, when the “wind” takes away the wickedness, some will be in God’s Holy Mountain. Is 56:3 – 8 explains who they are. (the gentiles)


1 Peter explains the gentiles, who are called for salvation in the last time, are being born again, and as v 24 says, all fade away but not the word of God.


1Pe 5:4  And when the chief Shepherd shall appear, ye shall receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away.


1Pe 5:6  Humble yourselves therefore under the “mighty hand of God,” that he may exalt you in due time:


Jam 5:19  Brethren, if any of you do err from the truth, and one convert him;

Jam 5:20  Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins


Since the poor are rich in faith, our prayer is for the sinner to b converted…. Our efforts will be blessed as we are directed by God.


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