Isaiah 48: God’s Call for the Captives


God is calling “Jacob”, “Israel” and “Judah” (Spiritual) and the Holy City which is Jerusalem, to come out of the spiritual captivity. He wants to make certain that this call applies to all of God’s people so no one will say that this prophecy applies to physical Jews or to other churches. The Bible says this is a  new thing”. God is calling through Isaiah, using some from a far, for the captives to return. This could not have happened until the spiritual Jews have gone in to  captivity. If this call is for the captives, and since ALL Israel have gone in to captivity, this call comes from a remnant who have not gone in to captivity. Who are they? They are being used by God to “witness” against Israel’s harlotry with foreign gods.







      Isaiah 48  God’s call for the captives

 28th Aug 2005

Is. 48 is for the end time.  Following verses will prove that fact. In v. 20, God  is calling them to go forth  from Babylon

After the death of his wife, the prophet decalred the captivity. Therefore, this prophecy should be applied to us now, because  we are in Babylon now.


 Isa 48:1  Hear this, O house of Jacob, who are called by the name of Israel, and have come out of the waters of Judah; who swear by the name of Jehovah and make mention of the God of Israel but not in truth nor in righteousness.

(God  is calling Jacob, Israel and Judah and ( V 2) the HOLY CITY which is Jerusalem.  He wants to make certain that this CALL  applies to all of God's people and no one will  say that this prophecy applies to physical Jews or other churches. This prophecy,   applies to the prophet who is being profaned by God, ( because v. 11 shows that this applies to a time when he is profaned .God profaned the Sanctuary, which includes the prophet at his wife's death. Ezekiel 24:21, ). It should be known , that when God says He sends the church  to Babylon, that God will not be among them. (Mr Flurry in Ezekiel bklt said that God will send His NEW Covenant wife  in to captivity as well.) At the time of wife's death, the church went to Babylon, and God profaned HIS Sanctuary, and the leaders will be boiled in the pot as in Ez 24.

Jacob is physical,          Israel is spiritual

Judah  the law givers, or the priests as in Genesis 49,

Holy City is the end time church,  Jerusalem, the mother of us all.

Therefore this prophecy applies to ALL  Israel


The Assembly, is witnessing against the church of their breaking the commandments of God. PCG has broken the first four commandments of God when they invited the strangers in to the Altar. Ez 44: 7 - 9.

They went after other gods….

Also others, ... 5th comd. They did not honor God, for if they did, they would obey and would not have invited strangers.

6th...Not kill... how many of us were killed "Spiritually"? Including our minister !!

7th ...adultery... Mr F said in Ez. bklt that the Laodiceans commited adultery when they invited the world in to their churches. PCG too invited the world, while accusing others, and committed adultery. This is why God said in Ez 16:52, that you who judged your sisters committed more abominable sins. The Laodiceans invited the world in to their church, but PCG invited the world in to GOD's ALTAR. GOd never accuses someone unjustly.


They mention GOD’s name, but not in ‘TRUTH” or in “RIGHTEOUSNESS”. All our emails, and several web sites point out PCG’s “LIES” and “Unrighteous” acts. You only need to type the word “Gerald  flurry”in the internet, then all the web sites will appear. You can see how the members, GOD’s children, are being treated. They all feel betrayed.  Mr Flurry and several RDs have done “Unrighteous” deeds. When a member ask  a question, they are cast off. God calls the leaders who do such violence, THE BEASTS”. Diotrephus, Antiochus, Balaam, are some of them who will damage the church “Within” in the last hour.


            If there is a single minister who would like to spare few minutes and answer member's questions, many of God’s children’s “ETERNAL LIVES” will be spared and  God would not have to bring the punishments. God find no man to answer. Ez 22: 30, Jeer 5:11,  Is 50:2, are examples.


                 Ez 22: 30… And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before ME for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I….. found…… noneAccording to GOD’S own words….


      GOD….FINDS……NO…NO…NO…NO…Man !!!

      God cannot lie… will the leaders  believe GOD???

      Not until the punishment!!!

God says the destruction will come suddenly. So until it happens, the church would not know. They are not aware of their own punishment until it hits them and it will be too late. When Christ said to pray that your flight may not be in winter or on Sabbath, , He was speaking to the "church" and not to the world. He also said that not one stone will be left upon a nother. He will allow all the sheep to be scattered.



THERE WON'T BE AN ORGANISED CHURCH, if there aren't any stones left as a building in the temple.

God Has clearly stated that He will profane the "SANCTUARY". God left because of the sin in the "EAST" gate. Satan inched his way in after that. Believe GOD !!!

The time has come that Jews will neither in Jerusalem nor in the Mountain will worship The Father !!!John 4: 20. V 23... God wants us to worship Him in Spirit and TRUTH. But in Is. 48:1, God accuse that ALL Israel, neither have TRUTH nor His Spirit, because if they do not have righteousness, they do not have God's Spirit. These are God's own words.


Since 1999, we watched the church going down, Lie after lie coming out of our RD and now out of the prophet too. One by one, the Indian and the Srilankan members were spiritually killed. But God Has already warned us. Christ said for MY Name sake, they will drag you in to synagogues and will kill you...What God thinks is what matters!!!

 There was NO Feast site in India or Sri lanka this year. BUT Mr. Flurry  announced that two of his messages are being sent out to the feast sites here in India and Srialnka.


                     A   BIG   LIE   !!! No wonder God says not in “TRUTH” or in “RIGHTEOUSNESS”.


Here is an excerpt taken from the letter our RD sent out to members in India and Srilanka  when our minister was disfellowshipped.


6th paragraph… “As there will be “no” official Feast site in either India or Sri Lanka this year, I have told Mr. Azariah he may organize brethren to meet together if they are able to travel to Mumbai….. ( Mr. Azariah “MAY” ?… is this an organized feast site if Mr. Azariah may?   And if they are able to travel?  Our RD does not know how many people are there in the first place and how many are able to travel. . No one has gone to Mumbai. Only Mr. Azariah’s family. There are only two people left in Srilanka in the PCG. One member went to Phillipines. The other one would have organized a feast site,  all for himself.


  The “HIGH PRIEST” just before Christ’s second coming had his turban (Government) dirty. Him and his “FELLOWS, all had “ONE” mind. Also in Rev 17, The last beast, (Mr. F said he fulfills that in his tape, but in RV, he has changed that he was talking about his work. In Rev 17: 12, spiritually speaking, there are exactly 10  Kings, (10 Regional directors) in PCG. They too have “ONE” mind to destroy God’s people. Mr F gave the full authority to the RDs in 2003. Mr Harrison said that the prohet sees and hears through the RDs. That is the main reason the church is coming to its end. !!! When a member ask a question, and if the ministers do not have an  answer, why bother?..........

Get out !!!  out !!  out !(This is what Mr F said to our MINISTER, when he was cast out ) It is someone else’s eternal life. (The spirit of Cain, in Jude ) ….They do not hesitate to disfellowship a person. Then, the other members are asked  to not to fellowship with them. This is prophesied in 3 John, the “DIOTREPHUS” style.

Many of those who are being cast out, are fighting for God.  He calls them MY “TRUE” followers.  While casting out the true followers of God, they have called “strangers “ to the Altar and to the Sanctuary. Will God keep quiet when His wife does such abominations? We are “WITNESSES” … We are to witness  against  the Innercourt, in Rev 11: 2, which has “Spiritually” become “Sodom” and “EGYPT” v 8.  God proclaimed that if the church sins, He will send them to Egypt and to Babylon.(Deut 28: 68 , MIc 4:10)


Is 43: 10 “YOU are “MY”, ( GOD’S) “WITNESSES” says GOD.

V 12…”I”, GOD have proclaimed… because there was NO “Foreign god”…

Therefore, you, (Those who did not have a foreign god,)… are

‘MY,…. ( GOD’S)…….  WITNESSES…!!!

God Has appointed us as witnesses!!!

V. 8… But who ever cannot understand this prophecy, is BLIND.


Isa 48:2  For "they" call themselves of the holy city, and rest themselves on the God of Israel; Jehovah of Hosts is His name. (“THEY” or the church call themselves after God’s name , But God Does not call them "HOLY CITY". )


Isa 48:3  I have foretold the former things from the beginning; and they went out of My mouth; and I made them hear; I acted suddenly; and they came about.

Isa 48:4  Because I knew that you are obstinate, and your neck is an iron sinew.(Laodicean character)

Interestingly, in Rev 2 and 3, the seven messages to seven eras, begins with

   Epheus Rev 2: 1    Smyrna  v. 8,

   Pergamos v. 12      Thyatira v. 18

   Sardis  3: 1             Philadelphia 3: 7,   …..BUT,

   LaodiceanS.  … (S)…Not Laodicea. But (S)

All the other churches are called by the name of the city…. But the Laodicea is called,  Laodiceans…(S) …. It does not say PhiladelphianS. WHY?   In all other eras, there was only ONE  Head, One Leader,   But during the  Last era, where there are many sister churches as in Ez 16: 52, there are several churches and several leaders. Therefore,  it says…. LaodiceanS.   The message for Laodicea is for all the Laodiceans. There can't be just ONE leader. All daughters or sisters existing now, are GOD’s children. One will be wife and others will be daughters. Ez 16: 52 - 63 . That is why it says to LaodiceanS. 


 Isa 48:5  And I declared it to you from the beginning. Before it happened I revealed it to you; lest you should say, My idol has done them,  (God Has declared what is going to happen to the church from the beginning. )

Isa 48:6  You heard; see it all; and will you not declare? I have shown you new things from this time, even hidden things, and you did not know them.

God will show you “NEW” things from this time onwards…even the “HIDDEN” things. You did not know them.  Will you not declare??? This “Assembly’s work is a “NEW” thing. Mr. Flurry wrote that there will be a work from a “Foreign”, strange  family in Is. Bklt 1999 edition and the latest bklt has removed the whole chapter. By removing it from the latest Isiah bklt, you cannot remove the “Assembly”s work. It is a “new “ thing. As we quoted earlier, Is 43: 12 and 19… the witness work is a “NEW” thing. The Assembly could only be raised after the sin in the “EAST Gate”, (Ez 8 - 11), in “Bamah” (Ez 20: 26) and inviting the “sabeans” in (Ez 23: 41 - 49) Also during the winepress, explained in Lam. 1: 15…… which is now. Threrfore, it is a Newthing


Isa 48:7  They are created now, and not from the beginning; even before the day when you did not hear them; lest you should say, Behold, I knew them.


Isa 48:8  Yea, you did not hear; yea, you did not know; yea, from the time that your ear was not opened; for I surely know that you will betray and trespass; from the womb it was called to you. (God knew the Laodiceans will betray Him and sin against Him from their birth itself, or while they were being made in the womb. (Ez 16: 8 - 61 )That is why God, at the same time called the assembly.  “Your ear was Not opened” ….means the prophet, at the time of his wife’s death became mute. He chose to NOT to hear from God. Therefore, God closed his ear too and when he does not hear from God, he does not have anything to declare, therefore he became mute. .


During the last feast, four books were given to members.  All four were already revealed knowledge. These were explained in 2003. Jude, Peter, prophesying again, all was revealed in 2003. Mr. Leap explained Ten Commandments in the “trumpet”. Members say they cannot see any new revelation but since  they  do not want to offend the ministers, they would not ask what is the new revelation. If a member is afraid to talk to the minister, there is something very wrong in the Altar. The Beasts have devoured the flock.


After 2003, (when the Assembly first started their work,)  the only new revelation he declared was … His wife’s death pictures the captivity,  Gentiles will be used by God to save Israel, he is the 7th head and the 7th work, He is THE HIGH PRIEST,  Cyrus the gentile king was used by God to build the temple ( spiritually, now, the gentiles are being called by God to help to build the spiritual temple) finishing the work, and  the last moments of the last hour. 

All these new revelation is helping all of us to understand our work. We too are saying Mr. Flurry is The High Priest, the 7th king, about gentile work, etc.. In his sermon on “Holy Roman Empire”, he said that the gentiles are being used by God  to bring israel out of captivity.


The 7th king… the 7th work is The Laodicean work. In the beginning of the PCG, Mr. F said he is continuing the 6th work. But last January, he said his work is the 7th. He is in Babylon and in confusion. If he had known what he is saying, he would not have said that he is the 7th head. Christ said He is “OUT SIDE” knocking to come in during this era. It is so. We are cast out, therefore are out side, and are gentiles, now during the “times of the gentiles”, in judgment, in the winepress, the assembly is being used by Christ to knock from out side


So…here, we are …… God Has called the new thing. But the prophet’s ears are not opened so he cannot hear God.


Isa 48:9  For My name's sake I will put off My anger, and for My praise I will hold back for you, that I do not cut you off.  (God promised this in Ez 16: 61 - 63, and Micah 4: 10,  Jere 20: 5,   Jeer 42: 11, (you have to be in Babylon to be delivered) For God’s sake, He will not be angry forever. )

Isa 48:10  Behold, I have refined you, but not with silver; I have chosen you in the furnace of affliction. (now, the church is being refined. Everyone is against their neighbor. Many lose their first love, and those who want to fight, are being cast out.

Soon, the furnace, the  PHYSICAL tribulation will refine you!!!


Furnace or the fire is the tribulation, ….. Joshua, the High priest, a brand plucked out of Fire. The Laodiceans will be refined in the fire too. There is only “ONE” high priest. If Mr. Flurry said “I am the high priest”, then there cant be another to be plucked out of fire. Ez 24: 17 and 23, God said to the prophet ( The HIgh Preist), and to his fellows to keep the turbans and work. But at the same time that they will pine away  in "YOUR" iniquitiesYOur, means the prophet's iniquities. And to mourn with one another. Not to mourn with other churches, but with one another. Also they will be profaned v. 21. God did not take away the turban, even though it is dirty.

Mr Flurry, The High Priest, who has a turban, and his turban is full of "Iniquity" so that God Had to profane.

The High priest's turban is filthy. This is "THE JOSHUA", the HP, who has a filthy turban!!!, Just before Christ's coming.

But he will be plucked out of fire.


Isa 48:11  For my sake, for My sake I will do it; for why should My name be defiled? And I will not give My glory to another. Ez 16: 61- 63, God will remember the covenant for HIS NAME  SAKE !!!

Isa 48:12  Listen to me, O Jacob and Israel, My called; I am He; I am the first, I also am the last. (God says listen to Me… but their ears are not opened. )Called… in Jude, the called out ones after being preserved, are in the PCG. (In Is. 43: 12, when God called out His witnesses, He called Jacob and Israel )

Will you hear God’s call ??? Through His Witnesses???


Isa 48:14  All ye, assemble yourselves, and hear; which among them hath declared these things? The LORD hath loved him: he will do his pleasure on Babylon, and his arm shall be on the Chaldeans.(God will use the Babylonians to punish His bride , the captivity. Micah 4: 10 proves God will send His wife to Babylon before He delivers )


Isa 48:18  Oh that you had paid attention to My commandments. (God wishes that the church had paid attention to His commands. Why else would God allow the Ten Commandments to be explained  in the “trumpet” and more over, given as a book during the last feast, in the last moments?  This is the last call from God.

Obey MY COMMANDMENTS or suffer in the furnace!!!


The church has come to the last moments of the last hour, and God wants to remind them about the Ten Commandments. It is time to pass the test, but the church needed to be reminded of the basics, in her last moments !!!


When God called Israel out of Egypt, IN THE BEGINNING,  He delivered the…

          “TEN   COMMANDMENTS  !!!

when God Has judged the church IN THE END,in Laodicean era too, He delivered the ….

          “TEN   COMMANDMENTS  !!!

God did not deliver the "Ten Commandments to other churches, but to PCG, whom God wants to correct more than others.


Our God is the “Alfa” and “Omega”, as v. 12 says, I AM, the First and I AM the Last. 

We, who have no foreign gods, are witnessing against God’s church that they have broken the commandments of God. The church broke the very first commandment.  “You shall have no other foreign gods”.  When you refused to admit and repent of inviting the strange gods in “Bamah” to God’s Altar, God judged the church as a harlot. Ez 16: 32, 38. He began the church by giving His commandments, now He will end it by giving the

Commandments. !!!


God's LAW has everything to do with LOVE. (Rom 13: 10). If everyone would keep the TEN COMMANDMENTS, the world would definitely be changed. The earth would become like the garden of EDEN. God's Ten Commandments DO REQUIRE kindness, mercy, compassion, generosity, sacrifice for others, impartiality, etc. The TEN COMMNDMENTS DO FORBID conceit, envy, hatred, rage and selfish ambition. That law expresses the very love of God !!! ( 1 JOhn 5:3 ) Zeph bklt. pg 8




Isa 48:20  Go out of Babylon; flee from the Chaldeans. Tell it with a voice of singing, let this be heard, let it go out to the end of the earth; say, Jehovah has redeemed His servant Jacob. (In v. 14, God called the Chaldeans and now He wants the church to come out of it…. This confirms that the church has to be in Babylon in the end time….


Jehovah has redeemed His servant Jacob… (Jacob cannot be saying this as he is the one being delivered. Then who is saying this?….


Tell it with a voice of singing, let this be heard, let it go out to the end of the earth;


sa 126:1 ... When the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.

Psa 126:2  Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the “GENTILES” , The LORD hath done great things for them.

(Then they said among the  “GENTILES”, the gentiles  are singing this song when they see the Zion being brought back. )  and Zion will say……


Psa 126:3  The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.

Psa 126:4  Turn again our captivity, O LORD, as the streams in the south.

As the streams in the “SOUTH”.   These gentiles who witness Zion being brought back, are in the “SOUTH”…


We, the assembly, who are in the “South”, will sing when you, the Zion is being brought back !!!!


If you want to come out of captivity, answer to

                          God's call for repentance !!!


Isa 52:1  Awake! Awake! Put on your strength, Zion; put on your beautiful robes, O Jerusalem, the holy city. For never again shall come to you uncircumcised and unclean ones.

Isa 52:2  Shake yourself from the dust; rise up! Sit, Jerusalem! Free yourself from your neckbands, O captive daughter of Zion.



The Assembly,