Is There a Prophet Now?


Eze 33:33 And when this cometh to pass, (behold, it cometh,) then shall they know that a prophet hath been among them.Psa 74:9 We see not our signs: there is no more any prophet; neither is there among us any that knoweth how long.1John 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but prove the spirits, whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. There is a person claiming to be “The Prophet” in this end time. Are his claims true? Does this not indicate that the wrong type of prophets are amidst in this world? What did Christ teach about the prophets? Prove it for yourself and see whether you are being deceived or not…..




Is there  a prophet now?   Yes …..Says God!

Part 1

7th July 2006

God says, there is a “prophet” , just before the second coming of Christ.  God’s true people, should know where this prophet and…………


What are “DISSIDENT” literature? …. Prophets were rejected always by God’s people.  The recent prophet,  Gerald Flurry were rejected by them also. All the prophets have been dissenters, including the last one. This is why God condemns Israel… They do not want to read God’s word, which comes from the prophets… (Dissidents) God always works through the remnant who are dissenters.  How did all the members in PCG come to know  that  the time has come to get away from WCG?   Because, a dissenter (  one who separates from the established religion) ---was called by God, to fight the work, which WCG did against God.  We all, agreed with the dissenting group. HWA, was a dissenter from Sardis church…. GOD BLESSED his work. Even now, there is a group, just before Christ’s coming and when the Holy are being scattered as Dan 11: 32 – 36 says, who will do exploits to warn God’s people. The antichrists, and The liars are at work…. But the true people of God, who are fighting against the leaders, are dissenters…. As always, have been,  GOD, is with the dissenters….


When WCG cast truth to the ground ----Mr. Flurry and Mr. Amos   stood up for God  and faithfully  informed others !---- How all of it happened  ?------If not for them , PCG would not be here now.---then we believed   Mr. Flurry .(those of us who were in WCG)---

-we did not consider PCG literature as dissident literature !


A true follower of  God will listen to God .

If the leaders of God's church   stray from ----the commands, laws ,judgments of God, He always raise a group …. Dissenters… who will be cast out.  These dissenters are not to keep quiet… they are to tell, write and publish and expose the leader’s sins as told in 1 Tim 5: 19-20 and many others….This is what the PCG leader did…. His efforts were blessed as Ez 16:8-14 says…


Remember Satan the deceiver comes like an angel of light !----It is very easy to get deceived ! --.-WE ARE IN THE MIDST OF RELIGIOUS CONFUSION— “The Babylonian captivity”.

The covenant was broken in South east, and the leaders will tell you, no, such a thing did not happen. Only the dissenters will be able to tell you the truth. “THE” Liar, and “THE” Antichrists are  to happen in the very “Last end”. They did not exist when WCG fell. There is a “man of sin” lives at Christ’s coming.  In the temple…


GOD HAS MENTIONED OF a GENTILE WORK IN REV.11:2 ---Is 30: 3, Lk 21:24. This is “THE  last work mentioned in the bible,---before the kingdoms become the kingdoms of our Lord ! 

-----PROVE IT FROM YOUR BIBLE ----DON'T GET DECEIVED ---- If the leaders will say the gentile’s  WRITINGS ARE DISSIDENT LITERATURE, they are talking against God, and Jesus Christ, as GOD and Christ have spoken of a gentile work.

Here is what the prophet himself wrote about this Gentile work:.

From May / June 2006 RV .”Word made flesh”………

”world will become Israel, when the Gentiles are grafted in….

God does not graft gentiles in, for no reason. He is using them for a great purpose. Ez 30: 3 and Rev 11: 2 explains that work.

Graft means,  aforeign body” inserted in to a plant, In this case  in to the vine, which is the “house of Israel”. There after it continues to grow, as a part of the mother plant and is expected to bear much fruits, which the mother plant could not.!

Since the gentiles are grafted in right after the “ALTAR” needed the measuring , and as Ez 30: 3  shows, they are being grafted in to finish the measuring.  Also to witness and execute  judgments.   The gentile assembly of Rev.11:2, Lam 1: 15, Ez 16:40----God Has appointed them for this purpose. They will be declaring  the prophet’s   and minister’s wrong doings which they did against God ----because God says gentiles will “tread” the inner court ----which means these gentiles are given the knowledge by God Himself to know what the inner court did. !------then it will be the present truth ! ----God did not have to graft any one in, if the prophets did their jobs, according to god’s Law. God gave three warnings of a “Balaam” type of a betrayal… Mic 6: 5, 2 Pet 2: 15, Jude 11. But the leaders did not heed and gentiles witnessed how Balaam caused the whole church, without being aware of the matter, to go after other gods….


Bible is the living word of God ---It records events !---and they take place --- Laodecians are warned as it is a short time for them to repent and come back to God ---they have to heed to the knock from “outside”. ---otherwise they will be plunged into  the worst time ever… The  tribulation ---and some   will die eternally !----  there are ONLY moments for the return of Jesus Christ ---

YES ---moments ---now He is here already ---has come in flesh (  1 Joh. 4:2,3----but of course the leader of PCG said no body saw Him, and He had come in spirit ) ---- Jesus Christ has come to do His work of taking vengeance of His temple ---to purify the Levi ----and to save those who repent -----before   His coming for the marriage ---the bride is  still not ready –she has to repent for covenant breaking sin committed at Bamah, as the gentiles witnessed.-- but in  a short while ---He will be here ---appearing  in His majesty ----so it is the living words that are recorded in the word of God , --

-as we are going to become spirit beings ----our spiritual lives must be prepared… ---it is the   spiritual lives that has to be corrected ! ----

Yes the living word of God has many other things to show to His people ----so that the brethren  will be prepared  for His coming ---Are you  willing to be prepared ---He will be checking what you are doing when He comes ----He is going to watch over the faithful servant !


First fruits will be ---" THE BRIDE ". ---The bride to follow Him ----but a new covenant will be made where the Law will be written in their minds ---so that none will go astray .

Then they will judge the rest righteously ---and all people will have joy in the land .People will not be disfellowshiped ----they will be cared tenderly ----their tears will be wiped ----love --- God's love will flow from the bride to take care of the flock !---Is it happening in church ? –No… Ez 34 is happening.

-That is why He is finding fault with the shepherds .! they were doing what they want ! 


As and when brethren understood prayerfully ---God opened our –"eyes" .When we understood we left   WCG,  and became followers of the then  God's church ----PCG. 

-God is telling to come out of the Laodecian church and be separated ---wherever a few gathers in God's name He will be present with them. GOD call them little sanctuaries ----and God will keep sending His food to them ---knowledge of God ------and knowledge of present truth ---- how the inner court is being trodden  down will be known among the little sanctuaries ----The main thing is to be strong in the Lord ---do not give up the truth ----cling to God --He is testing and judging all --saints should meet , show your love and concern for one another ---He tests to find whose names should be written in the book of rememberance !


The Prophet taught us:…

Daniel booklet ---will worship ---he said " you blindly follow other's will ---which happens to be satan's will !----It is worshipping demons !-------( we gentiles witnessed  that Mr. Flurry(GF )  himself followed----- what Mr.Harrison planned and suggested to go to Bamah !---PN news of Jan / Feb 2000 too witness ----and Bible condemns such acts as we have shown in many articles of ours --so it is Satan's will !---so he is worshipping demons !----as G.F himself said ! )


Isaiah booklet page 38 ---Ariel , Jerusalem (David's city ) , altar of God , the highest tier of the Altar – Temple ---today is God's church.

Page 7 says ---(Isa.1:10 -12 )---the temple is not sacrificing   lawfully , but treading all over His temple courts ----and he says ----" but note –they are sacrificing diligently .But they are treading all over His law ----that prophecy is for laodiceans today ! ------ ( today who is sacrificing diligently but refusing to repent for the sin of false worship which God says is the most abominable thing ?-----it is PCG !)


Page 9 ---

he says ---The PCG warns  and tries to help God's people reject   the false  doctrines taught by their leaders !---(PCG brethren open your eyes and see –put on eye salve as God commands ---heed to His knock ---look at these false state of the church !they are hypocrites !----Come out of it as we came out of WCG !)


Page 10 –

Come and reason with Me ---He works through those saints who remain loyal . Jesus Christ has only one wife that He directs ! And she is the one who has gone astray.

Isa.1:19 -20---If obedient ---shall eat the good of the land ,If refuse and rebel ---shall be devoured with the sword !---for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it !---(do people experience a famine of the word ?--CD policy ---some do not get to read even and no new revelations ---old revelations are being given turned in different ways AS WRITTEN IN Isa.37 :29,30!---and G.Flurry that is being criticized by many ---type Gerald flurry in the net ---see what you  get to read ! ----and he   himself wrote in Royal Vision ---July /August 2003 -----page 9 ---MIDDLE ---referring to Habakuk 2:7,8 ----" Habakuk tells us that ---PEOPLE ARE GOING TO RISE UP AGAINST THIS MAN . I DON'T KNOW HOW THIS WILL HAPPEN , BUT I KNOW IT WILL HAPPEN ."  ---Speaking of verse 8 ---I wrote  {G F}  " Habakuk says the remnant will spoil this man ! -----the first fruits –"


-now PCG has to repent to come back to the level of first fruits ---those gentiles and those in little sanctuaries who remained loyal are the little remnant of God !------ and the remnant is spoiling this man ---according to what he himself said !----and fulfilling yet another prophecy ---1 Cor. 3:19, Job. 18: 7, 5 ;13)


Page 10 –

"God's faithful became a harlot ---they were full of “judgment” and then lost that judgment--- they are murderers ,guilty of blood of Israel ---silver become dross --we know how PCG judged WCG and afterwards did the same mistakes ! ---she became a harlot ---Ezk .16 :15 ---and they murdered the spiritual lives of those who remained loyal to God ! WCG never judged others. Therefore, this phrase “They were full of judgment” could never be applied to WCG.

page 12 ----

The leaders excommunicate those who tremble at God's words---- and we gentiles who opposed the Bamah abomination fearing God were mercilessly disfellowshiped ----it was a sad story for us –--the one of a city and two of a family  were disfellowshiped   for fearing God !----but God acknowledged us now by  teaching and making the end time warriors of God ! ---- spiritual  witnesses of God ---praise be to Him !This is why the “GENTILES”  were grafted in…So they can bear fruits, which the mother plant could not.!  


Here is just one example   out of many to show you that the explanation of the man who leads PCG ---is wrong !—this is why you should also read the bible and get it clear to you ---


Hab 1:5   Behold ye among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvellously: for I will work a work in your days, which ye will not believe, though it be told you.

BEHOLD YE AMONG THE HEATHEN . WCG was never among the heathen, because PCG continued. This should happen at a time, when all have gone in to captivity, and are among the heathen,… Heathen are judging them,.

Behold you “among” gentiles ----you are in captivity among some heathen ---who are they ---in verse 6 ----it says God will raise up chaldeans and verse 9 says of their captivity!----If you really want to know who these chaldeans are ---they are spiritual chaldeans ---about whom is a description given in the verses 7 -10.---they are those who scoff at the king and princes   ---the gentiles who write this  article!---Just like you Israel--- are spiritual Egyptians ---here the gentiles are referred to as chaldeans !

Ezk. 11:24,25 ----the prophet speaks to those in captivity in chaldea!

Ezk.12:11 ---the prophet is commanded to tell his people ----" I am a sign to you . As I have done ,YOU  shall be carried away into captivity ".—so ALL ARE IN CAPTIVITY !If they are in captivity in Chaldea, and of course, this is to happen spiritually, then the spiritual Chaldeans will oppress them….


Nothing good will be told to a people in captivity !

Compare with ----

Act 13:41   Behold, ye despisers, and wonder, and perish: for I work a work in your days, a work which ye shall in no wise believe, though a man declare it unto you.

They are addressed as despisers -----!


Wonder marvellously ---for I will work a work in your days --- which you will not believe !

This work he is not going to believe ! ---this work of gentiles which is done by Jesus Christ ----the knocking work by giving His counselling ----they ---PCG and it's leaders are not going to believe !

This work of our Lord --- the so called prophet is not going to believe ---Did he not believe the court case ?----not only he believed ---but he marvelled ---and made others marvel !---and made others believe !----God refers to a work they will not believe ! There fore, this is not about the court case. The court case was not a marvellous work to wonder, they sold and bought. Where is God in this court case?


Can anyone say PCG did not believe in the court case ?



This same verse ---acts 13:41  ---says ---Jesus Christ's marvellous work will be declared   to the prophet and others among him ---- by a man !


What is this wonderful work of Jesus Christ ?

Isa 25:1 –4---- O LORD, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things; thy counsels of old are faithfulness and truth.

2-3 ---For thou hast made of a city an heap; of a defenced city a ruin: a palace of strangers to be no city; it shall never be built. ------Therefore shall the strong people glorify thee, the city of the terrible nations shall fear thee.-----For thou hast been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy in his distress,

also ---job 5:9-12

Thou has done wonderful things -----thy counsels of old are faithfulness and truth -------! ----He is doing a short work declaring His counsels ---He will   first  restore His judges and  counselors  and declare his counsels through them ---correct His people ---and then they will be made a city of righteousness ,even though now the city is a harlot ----she will be forcefully made a faithful city !-----and that is the work of our Lord !

Isa 1:26   And I will restore thy judges as at the first, and thy counsellors as at the beginning: afterward thou shalt be called, The city of righteousness, the faithful city.


ISA.25 :2-3 ---God allowed the defenced city of  Tarshish ---to become a heap !---Sri Lanka church was ruined ---this city's office of PCG  was closed permanently ---God would have tested us also to see whether we can stand alone ---Glory be to God ! ---He has built us up !----therefore the strong people of Tarshish glorify our true God !----We the terrible gentiles .as God calls us fear Him ! ---He knows our hearts ! ---We stand for God !----because He was our strength when we were cast out ---or when we had to come out ,so that we do not partake of the church's sins ----God says to come out ---In faith we stepped out ---Our   righteous God is our teacher now ---and we serve Him diligently ! So we got to serve Him in Rev 11 :2 onwards . Praise be to Him .


What are the lessons we could gather from this one example ?


·        The prophet cannot understand God !

·        When God says to correct a situation ---he interprets in a different way ,he exalts himself as a Man who had become –" the man of the world "!

·        He teaches the people also the wrong things ! ---they are lies then !

·        Those who knew of the under the table –transactions in the court case are also termed as liars as their leader is !

·        Those who believe him are also liars as they have believed a lie without examining !

·        If he cannot understand God's words ---he is not God's man .

·        When you are not doing your part diligently , God will remove you from being His servant .---Jesus Christ has taken the gentiles to serve Him---in His work and the prophet does not believe it !

·        You will not even believe when God starts another work !

·        Punishments will come !—they are mainly spiritual.

·        You must fear God and Jesus Christ and keep His commands .

·        We can never turn from His judgments !

·        God can start a work through anyone !----and it can be a terrible work !

·        All in church are now sinners ---the despisers of God !



 Part 2


There  is  a prophet in PCG (please read on and prove with your bible as we show from the

 word ), and there are  other prophets when Christ comes----before the second coming,  when He comes  to purify the Levites as Mal 3 says!--- That is the "Day of visitation"---- He had already come ! After the  command to measure the Altar and the temple in Rev 11: 1, God is not using a prophet or a leader in God's church. This means, the prophet, himself has stopped listening  to God's word. After that, Christ is knocking from outside and the gentiles are treading the Inner court.  During the last 6 eras, God worked through the leaders and when the 7 th leader is present, it is time for  God' s judgments to begin. GF said, he is the 7th head in "2005 Jan" . He has been working since 1989 and why all of a sudden after all these years, he said that he is the 7th head? Because that is when he turned to be Laodicean. Before that, he continued the work of the 6 th era, which is Philadelphian. The 7th head, or the 7th work, is the Laodicean work.  7th head means, 7th leader. 7 th leader means, 7 th messenger in Rev 3: 14- 21.

Mr Armstrong (HWA) said, that there won't be any prophets, in the end time, …….." in the sense that God gives "new" truth", apart from what is written in the Bible, as it is complete. Bible says, not to add, nor take away any from it. Prophets  foretells the future events. Since GF claims that his Malachi's message is a part of Revelation, and since we cannot add anything to the Bible, we know that the curses too will be added to him. We should not stray from God's judgments !


Also,   Rev 11:10 ….  Because these   "two prophets" tormented them that dwelt on the earth. Now, these two witnesses, will be sending   Judgments and "WRITTEN" curses of God, to punish the backslidden Israel and Judah.(Spiritual Jerusalem. SJ) They will judge the Holy city, witnessing. They are to torment the Holy city, which is spiritual Jerusalem, or the church. 


Mat 24:11   And many  "false prophets"  shall rise,… Even these false leaders, in the church, are called "prophets". But they are not God's prophets, as any new truth need not be given.  If anyone adds to the bible, that man has to be a false prophet.

1Jo 4:1    believe not every spirit, but try, …: because many  false "prophets"  are gone out into the world. Here again, these sinners are called "prophets". This   warning is given to God's chosen, in the very end. This is a last moment problem. Even when Christ said, there will be many false prophets, that too apply to the "very end ". The antichrists, and Diotrephus, and Joshua, and man of sin, and all the beasts, are to exist in the very last moments and inside the sanctuary.   Worldly prophets cannot deceive the elect. 1 John is written only for the very elect. But, they should try the spirits. Two thousand years after, in the history of God's church, in the very last end, God is warning,… to try the spirits… Most  of the end time books were written about warnings of such beastly men, "inside" the temple.


And Lk 16: 16 and Mt 11: 13 says, Law until "John". This is John, the Baptist.  The recent fulfillment of John, is HWA.  After that, the leaders will not keep the law. That is why it says,   the Law until John.  God knew after HWA,  the leaders  would fail, and that is why this warning is given. The Law will be kept till the end time John.


Amos 3: 7,… God will reveal secrets to prophets. IN the very end, since the leaders in God's church have become false prophets, God is revealing to many, as explained in Joel 2: 28-29…   God's spirit will be poured upon young and old, sons and daughters, and men and maid servants and they shall “prophesy”…. This is what is happening now. Even the servants, the gentiles will prophesy…. When the Bible says, “prophesy”, they should be “prophets”. Now these “men” and “maids” are different from “sons and daughters”. This is not the ministry. They are just people, who have faith in God. If God pours His spirit upon just any body , that means, His leaders have failed. These servants, even they are to “prophesy”, they are not prophets.

Also, the oil flows through the two witnesses. That definitely shows, the leaders in God's church have failed in doing the work. They are the false prophets and the beasts.


Jer 44:4  Howbeit I sent unto you all my servants the prophets, rising early and sending them, saying, Oh, do not this abominable thing that I hate. This chapter is for the very end, just before God pours His anger. God, in this chapter is talking to the leader in the church. God Has given all the revelation from all the prophetic books, to stop them from burning incense to other gods. (We have proven that PCG is the true church which received all the revelations from all the prophets) When she burned incense to other gods, despising God's ALL the revelation, then GOD stopped leading them. God, made a judgment. This is the specific time, God left the sanctuary. All explained in Ez 24: 21, Zech 11: 10 -11. Also the "Bamah" matter. This is when the prophet Ezekiel or the High priest became filthy. Ez 24 explains that the death of the wife, is the beginning of the captivity. The wife died on the 5 th of September and, exactly four months later, Ezekiel said, "I am the 7th head" in Rev 17:10 .  We have proven why Ezekiel's wife died…. Because of Ezekiel's sins and unwillingness to repent.


Did God use PCG ?  ..

Some chapters of Ezekiel, has to be fulfilled only in the “end time”. For example, Ez 16 could not have happened in ancient Ezekiel's time.  “Many” sisters did not exist at once.

Anciently, when Ezekiel was written, Israel were divided in to two groups only. Judah , and Israel.  Ez 23: 1- 21 explains how Israel and Judah committed adultery and how God departed from them. V 4 says, they are " Samaria" and Jerusalem", which are the capitals of the two tribes. (These two sisters also, are daughters of one mother. That is WCG.)


To shorten this article, the leader in PCG has written in "lamentations book, pg 11", that PCG   is Judah .(see Mal.2:11 ). There were many tribes in Israel, and they could be likened to many churches of God now.   Judah, who did not go to captivity "WITH" Israel, even though she went later, is PCG. In the end, both sisters explained in this chapter went in to captivity. But, in Ez 16, God says, there are "MANY" sisters V 52, 61- 63 etc….. They are all, God's people.   V 3 shows, even though they will be harlots,  He Had to use one of them to judge others and she was fed to the full by God as v 8-14 says. Now, in HWA's times there were no sister churches, or even Israel and Judah. There was only one church. These sisters are to exist in the very end, and the sister who "Judged" others also, will later to go in to captivity. So there has to be " ONE" and then "MANY". These are God's words.


In Ezekiel's time, there were only TWO tribes, Israel and Judah. So this is an end time prophecy. This should occur, in the very end, when all of them, even the sister who judged others would go in to captivity. God does not say, that there will be a sister who would continue to be faithful to HIM. V 61- 63 shows, even the mother to be sister, too will go in to captivity in the end. But, V 8-14 shows, God married her and fed her to the full. This means, she was given all the revelation, God's oil, Holy Spirit etc as in Jere 44: 4. Since her nativity is from the land of Canaan , even her beginning is not right in God's sight. But, since there are no one who obeys in Israel, (Ez 22: 30 ,   Jere 5: 1 etc..) God Had no choice but  had to marry this one. When PCG sinned, she became the last church to become Laodicean. Rev 3: 14 calls for LaodiceanS. Meaning many groups.


Isa 66:9   Shall I bring to the birth , and not cause to bring forth? saith the LORD: shall I cause to bring forth, and shut ?... God lead the church until the last minute, and then they turned away to other gods. When HWA restored everything , the church was faithful to God. But, after he died, it broke in to many pieces. But they were ready to be born as HWA restored the truth. God Has no choice, but with the "BIRTH PANGS", or painfully, Zion will have to  be born.


 God Has rejected the leaders and the  oil is poured through the witnesses. We have proven that the witnesses will be witnessing about Israel's foreign gods. It is to witness before the judgment.  Jere 44 "1 says, now they are in " Egypt". Rev 11: 8…   So at the time of the witnesses, there cannot be any prophets except false ones. Ps 79 explains the present condition of the church.


Ezekiel's wife's death pictures the captivity of ALL Israel. God would not have commanded Moses to teach them the Song of Moses in Deut 32, if there was a single leader or a prophet in the church among Israel . All those who are faithful, were murdered or they had to leave as many scriptures proves. Ez 6: 9…, 11: 16   , Dan 11: 32 – 35,  Mal 3: 16- 18  etc….

Also Ezekiel was already in captivity, when he was given all these revelations. Therefore, there has to be a true prophet, or a leader whom God used, (to judge others and later to be worse) in the end time, after HWA's death. 


When PCG leader said he is a 'prophet', PCG has already broken the covenant;..

"That prophet" book shows, that the PCG leader said he is a prophet, in 2001. God Says, Ez 44: 7 – 9 , Is 52: 1, and in many other scripture, that " Strangers" (non baptized )should not be brought to the "ALATR" or to the temple. To have done so, means they have broken the covenant. Now when they break the covenant, God leaves them. This is what happened in Ez 24: 21- 23.Zech 11: 11. 


We have proven from PN articles and the Bible, and we witnessed  when PCG brought   UNbaptized in to the "ALTAR" and also to the temple, in India.   We know that PCG  broke the marriage covenant. This happened in 1999 August. Details are given in 2000 Jan PN. There were 17 "local elders", none were baptized. Even though there were 830 or so people who were just taken as members, none of them were baptized or properly counseled. (We are witnesses and we have proven from PNs) . So by that time, PCG has broken the covenant. Many months later in 2001, the leader claims he is a prophet.


 Now, God did not directly reveal that to him. A member told him.  (Read "that prophet ") Since  PCG has broken the covenant, God could not work with her any more. But, she is to pine away, and to mourn. But she will continue to exalt her self, as a part of God's wrath and indignation explained in Dan 11: 36, and 12:7. And, they  will prosper… means continue to exalt themselves. Now , could PCG leader be a real prophet? , after breaking the covenant? This is when the judgment began or Rev 11: 2 work started, with the gentiles who witnessed this event, began to witness against PCG, of their adultery. This is when Ezekiel's wife was stricken and the death occurred to show God's anger. Now, Ezekiel did not die. Only his wife died picturing the church's death( Christ's wife's) . He is to waste away.

Now , we see him wasting away  as he tries to hide his sins by murdering those who stood up for God.  Ez 24: 21 explain how, totally Ezekiel and the church has gone to the world. (Egypt ). This is why the witnesses are witnessing against------ The spiritual Sodom and Egypt.


Joshua 7 gives us a good lesson about breaking the covenant and  how God was

 angry until He consumed the person who  sinned . Joshua 7: 1---- They have sinned against God and they are being killed and the people feared the enemy and their hearts were like water, in fear. God Was causing them to be defeated as an accursed thing was committed by a man. Now, this is not even a leader  who caused this accursed thing, but just a man.

Until that man was consumed, punished, God did not bless, and vowed that He would leave .

Jos 7:10   And the LORD said… Get thee up; wherefore liest thou thus upon thy face?

Jos 7:11  Israel hath sinned, and they have also transgressed My covenant which I commanded them: they have taken of  accursed thing, and  stolen,…. neither will I be with you any more, except ye destroy the accursed from among you. …..


Now, Joshua was weeping because his people are loosing the battle. Joshua and the leaders put dust on their heads and were repenting. But that was not good enough for God.


The man's confession………

Jos 7:21  When I saw among the spoils a goodly Babylonish garment, and two hundred shekels of silver , and a wedge of gold of fifty shekels weight, then I coveted them, and took them; This was the accursed thing he commited.

 He took some things from Babylon. That was so bad, that God judged and punished ALL Israel. He even, threatened and said I will be with you no more unless the sinner is destroyed.

 Now, these people are physical Israel , having NO HOLY Spirit. It was declared to them by God, THAT  TAKING DEFILED PROPERTY OF NON-ISRAELITES  was transgressing  His covenant. (v11) Just to take a "thing"  from Babylon, is a covenant breaking sin?. How much more a sin is to spiritual Israel, to have invited the strangers in to God's Altar? And to the temple??? PCG invited 17 men, unbaptized men, in to God's most Holy place, the sanctuary. To hide it, from the members, when God brought this sin, PCG cast out the members who  informed the leader about this. How   greater  God's anger must be for this sin ?-----Is this how God's leaders take care of God's altar ? We have written this in detail with proof and also from the word of God. Ez 33: 31… Ezekiel too coveted. 2 Pet 2: 14… happen when 2 Peter was revealed in 2003.   Coveting is idolatry. Eph 5: 3-5  Col 3: 5. (Colossians was written for Laodiceans also.) 1 Tim 3:3,  Mic 2: 2… covetousness leads to oppression… this chapter shows how they pulled the robes of the women. PCG coveted for more members. Diotrephus, while casting out the TRUE followers, absorbed the false people. Is 57: 17..


Jos 7:25   And Joshua said, Why hast thou troubled us? the LORD shall trouble thee this day. And all Israel stoned him with stones, and burned them with fire, after they had stoned them with stones. ….. So the LORD turned from the fierceness of his anger .

After the punishment only, God's anger was calmed down. This is what is happening now too. All Israel were send in to captivity, and God Has called the gentiles to throw stones and set fire.  Ez 16: 40 ,   23: 47 … Lam 1: 15

God, did not turn His anger away, until that man and the goods are consumed. Stoned and burned. This is what will happen to the person who brought the unbaptized in to the sanctuary. But, the prophet too knows about it. Ezekiel was shown the sin in the east gate. All this covenant breaking sins began around   August 1999. It is 7 years now .  GF was informed in 2003 August, after 4 years. Until then we were inquiring from RD and  finding facts.

  God will not turn his fierce anger until He Has consumed the man who caused  it. In Ezekiel's time, all went in to captivity because of a prince . Ez 12: 10----The Antiochus too was destroyed. But, this time, it is  spiritual death.


  No longer any prophets….

Ps 74 explains how the sanctuary was damaged totally by the enemy "WITHIN". And v 9… no longer any prophets. When the sanctuary was damaged, by the leaders within, God could not stay any longer. Neither He lead them any more.   This was caused by Ezekiel, the prophet en Ez 24: 21, which we are witnessing. Thereafter, God Does not use any leader, but the gentiles are to tread down, which also we have proven from our articles. Zech 11: 10 – 11 explains that God broke the covenant too. This happens in Joshua's time, Joshua the High priest. PCG leader claims that he is the high priest.  As there are no more than one HP, and if he says he is the HP, then he is Joshua.

Ps 89: 30-40 explains, even after promising king David that He will never break the covenant, still He broke the covenant. After that, there cant be any prophets, whom God is working.

Then Eliakim, Is 22: 25 says, even after getting all the glory, he was cut down by GOD. After that, no more prophets.


Amos 9: 11- 12 shows, the tabernacle of David is fallen and the remnant and the  gentiles  will build it. Also Act 15: 16 …. The residue and the gentiles will build it. Mal 1: 11…<Is 56: 3- 8

 But, a Branch, with Christ and few others, will build the fallen tabernacle. This is why Christ said, when you see the tender branch, know that the kingdom is near.

Ps 80: 15,   Pro 11: 28,   Is 4: 2,   11: 1,    60: 21,     Jere 23: 5,     33: 15,         Zech 3: 8,    6: 12.

  Hos 3: 4… no king, no leader….. so how could there be a prophet?

Is 3: 1 – 2… no prophets or any leaders. Is 9: 15,    28: 7,   Jere 6: 13.., 8: 10 , 

Jere 23: 11…. In God's House, the prophet and the priest are found to be wicked. V 15…. Profaneness has gone to the land from the prophet. Hos 4: 5… prophet too will fall. Hos 9: 7…


Even when Christ comes as a thief, on the day of visitation, there is a prophet, but, he is a fool, because he does not know when Christ   comes. Now, This should happen in the very end. When Christ comes. So there is a prophet, but God certainly in not revealing to him, even the day of visitation. Because  the sanctuary was damaged from within. If the prophet does not know the day of visitation, then that prophet has to be the antichrist. To not to know the day Christ comes, shows, that he is doing his own thing and not God's work. Also that prophet must be not obeying God's Law. He is not in tune with God's revelations. He must be too busy judging others, and not judging himself. This has to be the Laodicean leader, as this leader does not know even the judgments.


He has erred in judgment.  But the gentiles know about the day of visitation as 1` Pet 2: 12 says, the gentiles will be accusing the leaders of being evil doers….  This means, Christ is using the gentiles to accuse the Jews, or the church leaders of being evil—during the day of visitation  . Mal 3 shows, Christ comes to purify the Levites… The leaders,… The prophet who does not even know the day of visitation. These are written words of God. Rev 11: 2 – 15 is happening now. The gentiles are treading down, and accusing the leaders of being evil.

GOD finds His leaders to be evil and He allows gentiles to accuse them. So, the word proves, that there is a prophet, (Not in the sense of foretelling future, or God is revealing any truth) but he does not even know that Christ Has come in the flesh to purify him and his followers.


Ez 33: 33… there "has been" a prophet…"has been"--- means past tense ---no  longer there is  one!--- This applies to PCG members . We have proven that only PCG listens to his tape sermons and believes that their leader is a prophet. Now, even the PCG members cannot listen as tapes are not given. They listen to his sermons, but do not do them.  They talk much love. Just like the WCG leaders did when it went astray, now PCG too talks love , love , love, but they cast out any one who opposes them.

Ezk.2:5 ----there hath been a prophet ----


IF GOD SAYS THERE WAS A PROPHET --- NO BODY CAN SAY HE WAS NOT A PROPHET ----but God's people were required to test this prophet and if he was found   a liar then people had to come out when God called them to come out !








PART 3 ---





ALL BAPTISED MEMBERS ARE SPIRITUAL ISRAELTES ---THEY WERE ONLY CALLED BY GOD !---they were forgiven for their sins and taken to God's church ---and God knew only them .----Remember God is spirit---those who worship Him ---worship in spirit and in truth !---they were saved from spiritual Egypt ----from sin !


Amo 3:1-2   Hear this word that the LORD hath spoken against you, O children of Israel, against the whole family which I brought up from the land of Egypt, saying,   2)  You only have I known of all the families of the earth: therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities.


We know who is the son of man in Ezekiel ----the modern-day prophet who is now profaned ----In the following verses God tells him to ----wail for those in Egypt ----in spiritual Egypt ---who have sinned and gone back to Egypt as we have shown in many of our articles !

Now God considers them as uncircumcised who keep sinning ---and according to God's words ---

they are in a pit ---lying uncircumcised ----in graves slain by swords  -----SPIRITUAL SWORDS OF GOD !----- all –because---they caused terror in the land of the living !


Eze 32:18-23  Son of man, wail for the multitude of Egypt, and cast them down, -------to the DEPTHS of the earth, with them that go down into the pit.  -------, and be thou placed with the uncircumcised .  20)  -------she is delivered to the sword: ----21)  The strong among the mighty shall speak to him out of the midst of the grave with them that help him: they are gone down, they lie uncircumcised, slain by the sword.   23)  Whose graves are set in the sides of the pit,-----: all of them slain, fallen by the sword, who caused terror in the land of the living.  This means, when the punishment comes, also, there is a prophet.



Isa 52:11  Depart ye, depart ye, go ye out from thence, touch no unclean thing; go ye out of the midst of her; be ye clean, that bear the vessels of the LORD.


Eze 18:2-3 -----   What mean ye, that ye use this proverb concerning the land of Israel, saying, The fathers have eaten sour grapes , and the children's teeth are set on edge?


Just because the spiritual father ---(the prophet said he is a father to the

brethren !)-----sinned ---all will not be killed ----all souls are His ---only the soul that sinneth will die ----If you get away from this sinning altar and church ---and do according to the righteous ways ----the ways of the living -----then you shall live --!

Remember the prophet is hiding his sins ----we have declared and are declaring his sins ----check from your bible ----and listen to God ! ---God's ways are only righteous !

----- As I live, saith the Lord GOD, ye shall not have occasion any more to use this proverb in Israel.

VS.4-5   Behold, all souls are Mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is Mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die.   5)  But if a man be just, and do that which is lawful and right,

The Lord declares the right deeds by which one could live -----

Eze 18:6-9   And hath not eaten upon the mountains, neither hath lifted up his eyes to the idols of the house of Israel, neither hath defiled his neighbour's wife(committed spiritual adultery) , neither hath come near to a menstruous woman—(Ezk 36:17 says the impurities are Israel's   own ways  and deeds   ),  7)  And hath not oppressed any, but hath restored to the debtor his pledge, hath spoiled none by violence, hath given his bread to the hungry, and hath covered the naked with a garment   (by repenting you can keep your clothes ) ;  8)  He that hath not given forth upon usury—(as taking money from widows , pensioners ), neither hath taken any increase, that hath withdrawn his hand from iniquity, hath executed true judgment between man and man (not partial judgments ),  9)  Hath walked in My statutes, and hath kept My judgments , to deal truly; he is just, he shall surely live, saith the Lord GOD.----THESE ARE THE CONDITIONS TO HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE !

Ezk. 18:10 —13 --- If a son of that father -----commits the iniquities mentioned in these verses ------(please read )------- shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him.

Eze 18:14   And, lo, if he fathers a son who sees all his father's sins which he has done, and fears, and does not do like him;

Vs.15 ---17 -----If the son has not sinned like the father ----if he has repented ---and does righteously -----(please read )---- he shall not die for the iniquity of his father; he shall surely live.


 Eze 18:18   His father, because he extorted, robbed his brother by robbery, and did what is not good among his people; lo, even he shall die in his iniquity.

He extorted ----God knows this –his sin .

Robbed his brother by robbery ----this is not a simple robbery ----brethren !----He robbed his brother Jesus Christ ---of His wife ----the church ---he made the covenant broken ----has any high priest or a prophet or a servant of God done such a great robbery ? ----such a sin ?

and did what is not good among his people; lo, even he shall die in his iniquity.



Yet God allowed him -----because God can do anything with His pottery ----He is the potter ----He only can mould us !-------even frm a broken vessel ---He can do marvellously to achieve His purpose !   ----He can do wonders from His counsels !----This is why we need to allow God to fashion us ----give in to Him ----repent of the past ---and allow Him to mould you ---He will do wonders -----wonders !

Eze 18:26-32   When a righteous  commits iniquity-----, he shall die. 

27)   , when the wicked turns away from his wickedness and does that which is lawful and righteous, he shall save his soul alive.   28)  Because he looks carefully, and turns away from all his sins that he has committed, he shall surely live; he shall not die.


 29)  Yet says the house of Israel: The way of Jehovah is not fair. O house of Israel, are not My ways fair? Are not your ways unfair?

  30)  So I will judge you, O house of Israel, each one of you according to his ways, says the Lord Jehovah. Turn and be made to turn from all your sins; and iniquity shall not be your stumbling-block.  


31)  Cast away from you all your sins by which you have sinned; and make you a new heart and a new spirit; for why will you die, O house of Israel ?


32)  For I have no delight in the death of him who dies, says the Lord Jehovah. Therefore turn and live.

So through the prophet's sins God is judging all spiritual Israel !


Deu 13:1  If a prophet rises among you, or a dreamer of dreams, and gives you a sign or a wonder,

Deu 13:2  and the sign or the wonder which he foretold to you occurs, saying, Let us go after other gods which you have not known, and let us serve them,


Check from this verse -----God is testing all  spiritual Israel and grafted in gentiles ----- whether we love God ------He says not to listen to a dreaming prophet who brought sabeans into altar and polluted,and made the spiritual abomination in the temple, which caused God to break the covenant !



God checks whether we love God ----by checking whether we oppose such activity !

Deu 13:3  you shall not listen to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams. For Jehovah your God is testing you to know whether you love Jehovah your God with all your heart and with all your soul.

Vs.6-11 ---tells you if anyone asks you to join him to go far or near ---to join to worship gods of people ---then we are asked to stone them ---kill them ---spiritually you have to oppose and expose the evil so that the evilness will be stopped !



God is calling no one but PCG in this following scripture. Remember, prophet taught that “Jacob” means to have an “Unconverted spirit”? God is calling Jacob, who had the name Israel also, and now have become like unconverted… they come from Judah, so PCG says, she is Judah.

Isa 48:1-3   Hear this, O house of “Jacob”, who are called by the name of Israel, and have come out of the “waters of Judah”; who swear by the name of Jehovah and make mention of the God of Israel (but not in truth nor in righteousness).  2)   For they call themselves of the holy city, and rest themselves on the God of Israel; Jehovah of Hosts is His name.  3)   I have foretold the former things from the beginning; and they went out of My mouth; and I made them hear; I acted suddenly; and they came about.

 Isa 48:9- 12  For My name's sake I will put off My anger, and for My praise I will hold back for you, that I do not cut you off.  10)   Behold, I have refined you, but not with silver; I have chosen you in the furnace of affliction.  11 )  For my sake, for My sake I will do it; for why should My name be defiled? And I will not give My glory to another.  12)   Listen to me, O Jacob and Israel, My called; I am He; I am the first, I also am the last.

GOD HAS CHOSEN JACOB (the sinning Israel ) ---to be in the furnace of affliction as they are not repenting for their grave sins

-----For I have no delight in the death of him who dies, says the Lord Jehovah. Therefore turn and live.

Through the sinning prophet God checks the people whether they love God !

Praise be to Him for ever and ever !


God says, there is a “prophet” , just before the second coming of Christ. He Has raised this prophet to test His people, whether they love HIM , or this prophet, who lies. Those who love the truth, will take action according to God’s instructions. Those who did not love the truth, will be strongly deluded by God, so they will perish.  God’s true people, should know when this prophet strikes and………… they must get as far as they can from him, cause God Has left this prophet…. If this prophet does not know when the “Day of visitation”, which is to correct the ministry, (Hos 9:7)  the Levites,   then God is coming to correct him…. The prophet……and the ministry.. 


Since Ez 34 is taking place, God is accusing  ALL the leaders in God’s churches.  Song of Moses is going to be sung as in Rev 15: 3… which is just before the bowls of wrath of God is to be poured upon.  …We have already sung that song. Since the shepherds have found to be wicked, God Has allowed a wicked shepherd to care for the flock…. Zech 11: 16…


Zec 11:17  Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened. He is partially blind,  he can see only with one of his eyes, and he can work with only one arm….God caused all this….. If you do not know where this “PROPHESIED” prophet is, then you are in grave danger of loosing your life as God says,…..


The Gentile assembly …. Rev 11: 2,   Ez 16: 40,       lam 1: 15.