House of Prayer – Truth is cast down.


Stephen flurry wrote: BEING IN THIS CHURCH GIVES ACCESS TO God. But God says, ‘I WILL PROFANE MY Sanctuary” when Ezekiel is the high priest. ( Ez. 24: 21). In July / Aug 2007 RV, Stephen flurry wrote an article; “ A House of Prayer”. He shows that we must pray through the head quarters of the church. Will there be a head quarters church in the end time according to God’s Word, when there won’t be ‘even one stone stands upon another’  and when Christ will spew them out ? Will God accept their prayers? You need to prove from God’s Word who is in the “House of prayer” in these “last times” when all are scattered. God’s Word says the elect will be gathered in the four corners of the earth. So how could there be a HQs? Anciently, even though “Jerusalem” was chosen to be the “city of God” and the HQs, and of peace etc, the church was moved from there to Ephesus.   


Here is what SF wrote in the above RV;…

Any property or any building no matter how nice, is nothing without God. Unless God is at the center of all we build, it will all come to nothing in the end. }… Certainly true. God says, it is Ezekiel, who is building a false wall ( Ez. 13). Including the prophet, high priest, the church is profaned. Our writing “Zion’s foundations fallen” has proven that God’s church, has built her own buildings and not according to God’s way and their walls are fallen. It is not the “PHYSICAL” buildings which will fall, but the “SPIRITUAL”. This is why those who are spiritually blind do not see. 


When Christ said, that not even one stone shall be left upon another;  all will be scattered ;  and will be sent to Babylon to be delivered; no faith; the time will come that no one ( Jews) in Jerusalem or in the mountain will worship God ; SEE YOUR HOUSE IS LEFT TO YOU DESOLATE; can we expect a HQs work in the end time, when these prophecies are being fulfilled. These people never listen to the Word. Always walking contrary to God and the Word.



The church or the “called out ones” are to be a “priesthood. It is the “members of the body of Christ”  who are to be a ‘HOUSE OF PRAYER” and not a building, nor a place. If God says, I will profane “My Sanctuary” ; the “high priest” will be filthy; and “God’s house  is desolated, then how could some one like SF say that “they” are in the ‘house of prayer’? The Sanctuary, or the “MINISTRY”, which is the “priesthood” , the Levites, who offers prayers to God, ( GF and SF included) are  profaned that means as God said, your sins have separated you from Me, how could He Hear our prayers. Anciently, in Moses’ time, people did not have the Spirit and they needed a “physical” building to gather for their spiritual needs. Besides, they were in one place, not gathered in the four corners of the earth. So they could assemble at least three times a year as God commands.


Mal 3 says, the “ministry’,  needs to be purified just before Christ comes again. What more do we need to realize that God’s children of Israel, never could be a “house of prayer”… or even a building, as not even one stone shall be left upon another? Also,  if they do not have faith.? why does God need to bring back Israel from Egypt a “second” time? Rev 11: 8 says, they are spiritually, in Egypt and Sodom. The whole book of revelation, is about the judgments of His chosen people, but fallen. The enemy is inside the church. Ez. 16: 14-63 proves where all the churches are at the moment. The final sister who “judged” others which is PCG, has done the worst. Jam 1: 1 proves that ALL ISREAL have gone in to captivity. They do not even know about their judgments because they are “spiritual”. and God is showing the gentiles that they are in captivity.  ( Ez. 39: 21- 23) According to God’s Word, all Israel have built nice buildings but God is not with any of them.


He (king Solomon ) went on to ask God to always hear seven specific types of prayer…

1.      forgiveness of a false oath…

2.    rescue from military defeat

3.     during times of droughts

4.    midst of plagues

5.     prayers offered by strangers

6.    when Israel at war

7.     led in to captivity.

King Solomon, in his prayer, was prophesying about our time. More specifically, how the last church would need all these seven specific prayers. We will prove from the Word, that it is PCG who need all these prayers.


1….. forgiveness of a false oath?..}… GF explained in “Ezekiel” booklet, that if you break the covenant, the oath becomes a curse. Who had the oath in the end time? It is PCG. Ez. 16: 8


Eze 16:59  For so says the Lord Jehovah: I will even do with you as you have done, who have despised the oath in breaking the covenant. }…. Now, ….who had the covenant with God? v 8  and GF’s writings prove that it is “PCG” who had the covenant with God in the end time. (AFTER WCG FELL.) He said;  v 8, …God entering in to a marriage covenant, was with PCG. One should have a covenant and an oath to break it.  Ez. 17: 13 – 19 … says, king of Babylon came to “JERUSALEM” and took the royal seed and made an oath and a covenant and despised God’s covenant. Since these prophecies are for end time, the Spirit of Babylon will be in Jerusalem, spiritually, and the leader in the church will be the king of Babylon,  as we have proven from the Word. Who is the modern day Ezekiel? …. He is the man who broke the covenant as it happened when he was the leader.

 (read: Babylon

This writing proves, from God’s Word, that God gave “His inheritance to Babylon for so many reasons… It is the church who is in Babylon , to be delivered. ( Mic 4: 10, Is 47: 6 )… so king Solomon knew and prophesied that in the end time, God’s people, PCG, would break the oath and will need  forgiveness of a false oath !!!


To show this point, he quotes from 1 King 8: 31 – 32. .. it actually says, “If any man sins against his neighbor….,to take an oath that he is innocent, then You shall hear in Heaven, and shall act, and shall judge Your servants, to declare the wicked to be wicked, to put his way on his head, and to declare the righteous to be righteous, to give him according to his righteousness”….}…. If any man sins against his brother, God’s judgment is needed to expose the wicked.  So who sinned against the brothers and hated the covenant brothers in the end time? It is GF who cast out so many ministers and members because they exposed his sins… he is not an innocent man. He is the man of sin, as we have proven. When the covenant was broken as this point says, it is our minister and some of us who went to HQs to inform about GF’s and our RD’s sins. But they did not judge the matter according to God’s Word. They are the ones who sinned against the brother. When a man sins against his brother, they should go to the minister and resolve the matter. But because it involves the leader who failed to judge, it needs to be  judged by God, Himself.  king Solomon is praying for God to judge such sinners. God Has heard our prayers. That is why, God executes the judgments now using us.


2.  rescue from military defeat…???   v 33-34}… These verses say, when “God” strikes them as they sin against Him…( and not a military attack. It is a punishment and that is why they need to make supplications)  and if they turn and confess God’s name and pray and make supplications… then to forgive… SF is the president of their college. Does not he know to read the Bible correctly even? We do not need a college degree to read and understand the Bible. We need God’s Spirit and our loyalty to Him, which neither SF has. Is 29: 11  says, the whole vision in the Bible are like a sealed one… they cannot understand any more the truth or the Word of God. 


This is what is happening now. The “outer court”, the “gentiles” are treading them down as they have broken the covenant. now only , they need to make supplications. No other time in the history of the church , God punished the church by an enemy force like this spiritually. The terrible of the nations, as God says, are now sending the verbal blast as we have proven… this is a time to bring them back to the land as these verses say.



3.  during times of droughts, vs 35 – 36 }….is this really what God say in these two verses like all other verses he has written?  

When the heavens are restrained, and there is no rain, because they have sinned against You…. confess Your name, and have turned from their sin because You have afflicted them…., forgive the sin of Your servants, and of Your people Israel, for You shall teach them the good way in which they shall go, and shall give rain on Your land}… This is the famine of the Word…. when they are in the wilderness, and in the ‘bottomless pit’, where there is no water as we have proven, and when there is no SPIRITUAL rain,… because they have sinned against God, … and confess and turn from their sin…. And it is when God Has afflicted them. This is when PCG the last church sinned and still have not confessed. It is now, the PCG is being afflicted by the many afflictions which God Is sending them. this is to no one but to Joshua, who has a filthy turban. It is now, they need to be taught and now they are getting the latter rain, when Christ Has come down in rain ( Hos 6: 3 ) and the over flowing flood which the ‘gentiles’ are sending as Is 66: 12 says. the cities of Judah ( Jer 26:2) were desolated when the lions were roaring against them.

bottomless pit




4.   midst of plagues…37- 40 }… the plagues, the seven last plagues, are being poured , specially upon PCG as she is the mother harlot. Rev 15: 3 , the ‘song of Moses’ was taught to testify against Israel of their sins. It is those who broke the covenant and disobeyed the Law are being plagued as we proved. It is the ‘spiritual Israel’ or, PCG who had the covenant to break. V 38 says, they have a “plague in their hearts… this is just before Christ comes to establish the new covenant, which God will write the laws in their “hearts”. So just before that, they need to repent and should know the plague of their own hearts, so they can really repent. The sin is in their hearts.



5.   prayers offered by strangers  vs 41-43 }…

1Ki 8:41  And also, to the alien who is not of Your people Israel, and has come from a land afar off for Your name's sake,

1Ki 8:42  (for they shall hear of Your great name, and of Your strong hand, and of Your stretched out arm, and he shall have come in and prayed toward this house,)

1Ki 8:43  You shall hear in Heaven, Your dwelling place, and shall do according to all that the stranger calls to You for, so that all the peoples of the earth may know Your name, to fear You like Your people Israel, and to know that Your name has been called on this house which I have built.

Does God say, these who come from a far away land  have sinned? Do these strangers have a plague in their heart? NO……They come for God’s name’ s sake…. To fight for God’s name….They saw how God’s people have broken the oath and are being plagued and God Has appointed them to  pray for their healing. They just come for God’s name sake.  Before Christ died, He prayed ; to keep His loyal people in God’s NAME.  Christ revealed to them God’s name. ( Joh 17: 6, 11 ). At this time, all the people of the earth may know God’s name. When the Bible say ‘far away’ country, it is always the “east” as we have proven. About the strong hand and arm, please read;… Arm Of The Lord


Why do these people come to pray for God’s name? Because Israel have spoiled that name because of their sins and the strangers who are in the east, witnessed ( Ez. 39: 21- 23). As we saw earlier, the last leader has sinned against his neighbor. Now, God will hear them, and SHALL DO ACCORDING TO ALL THAT stranger calls …. Why ????..... so that all the peoples of the earth may know Your name,…. When the stranger comes from a far land, God will cause all the earth to know God’s name….


6.   when Israel at war   vs 44 – 45… }… In the end time, who is Israel’s enemy?... God does not send them to fight any nations now. The only enemy is the devil, and he is right inside the Sanctuary. ( Ps 74, 2 Pet 2, Jude, 1,2,3 John etc… ) in other words,  God’s enemies are the leaders, who act like king Nebuchadnezzar , Pharaoh , filthy Joshua, man of sin , the liar, the antichrist, and the beast, false prophets,  and people like the writer of this article as they  are blind leaders etc…. God’s people should pray for God to deliver them from such false prophets…the last enemy to be defeated is the ‘death’. ( 1 Cor 15: 26). How can we conquer that enemy? The “death” is the “penalty” for our “sins”. Remember, only those who are given the Law, could have this penalty. When we accept the blood sacrifice of Christ, we will be free from sins and no longer under the penalty. But,  Israel have failed and have despised that  penalty by willfully  sinning and by rejecting Christ. if you reject Christ, you will no longer be cleansed from your sins.  There after, there is no sacrifice for them. Now, they are once again under the death penalty and that is why, they are spiritually dead.  Christ cannot die again. But  when the new covenant is made, when God write the Law in our minds and hearts, then we will not sin. So we will not have the death penalty any more.  So the last enemy, the ‘death’  too will be conquered.    



7….led in to captivity 46- 50 }… When they sin against You (for there is not a man who does not sin) and You have been angry with them, and have given them up before an enemy, and they have been led away into captivity. …

1Ki 8:48  and, they have turned back to You with all their heart, and with all their soul, in the land of their enemies who have taken them captive, and have prayed to…..

1Ki 8:51  For they are Your people and Your inheritance,


Why do they go in to captivity?...because the leaders cause them to err… like the writer of this article in RV. Don’t we see that? when God sends some to show their sins, to correct them, the leaders spiritually murder those people. This is what happened to the strangers. SF  shows that  PCG is the “House of prayer”, but he does not know why they suffer all these curses. It is God who said,  HIS INHERITANCE  will be delivered in to captivity in Babylon and from there they will be delivered ( Mic 4: 10, Is 47: 6) .  They transgressed the Law… broke the covenant. And became a beast that has no understanding. Also a  harlot as they have invited strangers whom God said not to . And in the end, it is a RD who caused the captivity as Ez. 12: 10… Rev 13: 10. it happened when Ezekiel’s wife died. The prophet proclaimed the captivity in FOT 2004, video. He also said, he is the ‘high priest’. That is the man who has a filthy turban. He has proven that he cannot walk with God.


So you can see that king Solomon’s prayer is a prophecy for our time. All these happen when PCG finally sinned. The strangers, or the gentiles were called to tread down the inner court as Rev 11: 2 says. They will be praying for God’s name sake when Israel defiled His Holy name. 1 Kin 9: 6-7 ,   2 Chr 7: 20 


Pg 3… “Their prayers were to have a headquarters focus…” }…Christ said, the elect will be gathered by four corners of the world. They are scattered… God scattered them till not even one stone shall be left upon another. So what is the use of the HQs? it is the headquarters focus which scattered them. They want people to look up to them instead of Christ our Husband. They caused people to worship a beast. And  we should pray that the head quarters will obey God. that is where all the evils goes in to the land. Jer 1: 13 -15, 3: 12,  4: 6,   6: 1etc...


“Notice the last part of verse 43… called by thy name means ‘THY NAME IS CALLED UPON THIS HOUSE..”. the point is , this was to be a house or temple , of prayer.”. ….it was to be a place for God to dwell in forever…. Where does God dwell today? }…God’s name will be on this house, which is a House of Prayer….and it is a place for God to dwell in forever. So where is this house?....if it was made for God to dwell in for ever, would God allow that to be destroyed? Who can destroy a temple where God dwells? … well, the truth is God does not dwell in man made temples or any head quarters. “We” are a “spiritual” house for God to dwell. Besides, Christ prayed “God’s name” will be on the “little children” ( gentiles )  John 17: 6,  11.  It is the “gentiles” who will have God’s name now, as we will prove further. 


The Jews started to build a second temple 53 years after Solomon’s temple…. In v 6, of Hag 2, the prophecy shifts to a time JUST AHEAD OF US NOW. ….. In v 7, God says, He will fill this house with glory”. ….God was referring to a another temple.}…remember, this is for our time, just ahead of us, and it is a spiritual temple, and God’s glory will be there.  


“ The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former., SAYS THE LORD. And in this place… ( latter temple) will I give peace. … God is speaking of an END TIME spiritual  temple. … God is talking about a temple that is far more glorious than anything Solomon ever built.

God Has brought us in to His family – His house hold ( Eph 2: 19)… Jesus Christ, the apostles and the prophets are our foundation – Christ being the Corner Stone ( verse 20) read 21- 22. There is a temple on earth today wherein God dwells –. WE ARE THAT TEMPLE.}… this spiritual temple, is to be far more glorious , and the scripture he quotes to prove that they are that temple is Eph 2: 19- 22. But, Paul was not talking about any one in Israel in this chapter… here are the verses SF quoted ;….


Eph 2:19  So, then, you are no longerstrangers” and tenants, but you are fellow citizens of the saints and of the family of God,

Eph 2:20  being built up on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the cornerstone,

Eph 2:21  in whom all the building being fitted together grows into a holy temple in the Lord,

Eph 2:22  in whom you also are being built together into a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.}… Paul was referring to the strangers, as king Solomon said, the strangers will come to the temple, whom God Has no accusations against them as we wrote earlier. Here is more proof from the same chapter…


Eph 2:2  in which you formerly walked according to the course of this world, according to the ruler of the authority of the air, the spirit now working in the sons of disobedience,.}… These strangers, walked after the devil….” Formerly …., but “now”, that spirit, the evil spirit is working in the ‘SONS’ of disobedience.  The ‘SONS” are the children of Israel, including SF. When the strangers are accepted, or grafted, as the vessels of mercy, because of God’s grace, and faith in them, satan started to work with the children of Israel, the spiritual Jews, in the end time. They are the ‘sons’ who disobeyed. This is when the strangers who joined to the Lord are called to the Holy mountain and to be a house of prayer in Is 56: 3- 10, better than sons and daughters. 


V 4… God’s ‘MERCY”…. ,  V 5… by “GRACE”…,   v 8… by ‘GRACE”,  and through ‘FAITH”…., but it is  a ‘GIFT” of God. We did not do anything. God planned to bring in the strangers, because of His MERCY and GRACE, and by FAITH to build these strangers who come from a far, as King Solomon prayed, to a “new spiritual temple and not the spiritual “Israel”. God says, Israel  will not worship Him in Spirit and in truth. ( John 4: 21) this is why as Solomon said, they are in captivity.


Eph 2:11  Wherefore remember, that ye being in time past Gentiles in the flesh, who are called Uncircumcision by that which is called the Circumcision in the flesh made by hands; }…. Paul was addressing the ‘GENTILES” in flesh , ( physical gentiles ) in time PAST…. They were UNcircumsized…. This definitely is the gentiles, who were not of Israel. But, they are not gentiles any  longer, they were in time PAST. Now they are being built as a spiritual temple, when Israel have failed, only in the end time, during the days of vengeance, when all things will be fulfilled as Christ said. ( Luk 21: 22) In the first century, the “churchwhich is a Greek Word ( Ekklesia)  was composed of “gentiles, and “synagogue” was of “Jews”. Act 28: 28 ended the called out ones being separated. The  split occurred between the  Jews”, and “gentiles”. But as the Word says, to the jew first, and then to gentiles, God caused the church to be led by Jews. But now, when Jews have stopped worshiping God in Spirit and truth, God caused the “gentiles” to be a new temple. We will prove this further….


Eph 2:12  That at that time ye were without Christ, (  without Christ means, without the Husband and that is a “widow) being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the “covenants” of promise, having no hope, ( no promise, no wealth, no hope and that is why they are poor ) and without God (  as God is the ‘Father’, they are without the Father, and that means the “fatherless” ) … This is why, God does not want the poor, the fatherless and the widows to be afflicted. God knew they did not have any blessings. But in the end, they only had faith as Jam 2: 5 says, and we shall see that it is these strangers, who did better than sons and daughters…. This shows, that this chapter is for the “strangers”, the “gentiles”, the poor and the “widows”.…. They are the ones,…. “NOW”…. being built upon the Corner Stone, Christ and the apostles and prophets… this is a new spiritual temple…


Eph 2:13  But now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ. }…The gentiles accepted the ‘blood of Christ’ for the remission of sins. but the Jews despised by willfully sinning. At this time, we will write one sentence which HWA has written in ‘water baptism’ book, pg 2


“The blood of Christ, does not finally save any man.”. We will comment and prove in another writing that it is the ‘blood’ which saves us finally. This is how he rejected and despised the greatest sacrifice which our Husband paid by His life. He bought the wife, with His blood… Act 20: 28,  1 Co 6: 20,   7: 23,   we are bought by Christ, so we should not be servants of men… Heb 13: 12 says, His blood ‘SANCTIFIES” us.  If we do not believe that blood is what saves us, we are not sanctified any more. He says, it is Christ’s life that gives us life. We will prove further how wrong he is in another writing.

The false prophets bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord, that BOUGHT them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction…. 2 Pet 2: 1.

So you can see , if he does not believe that blood sanctifies us and cleanse us from our sins so that we can have life, how can he be a true apostle? We can see how his followers also have rejected Christ .  And most importantly, how ; if they do not believe the blood covenant, then they are not sanctified any more…. You see, we should not be slaves of men, as we are bought with Christ’s blood. Only the gentiles believed…. They are the children of Abraham who was counted righteous because  he believed ….( Rom 4: 3,  Gal 3: 6,  Jam 2: 23)  now, as we have proven from the Word. But because of jew’s unbelief, they were broken off . Rom 11: 20. We should not have a evil heart of unbelief…Heb 3: 12, 19.

Therefore, any one who follows the ways of a such an unbelieving leader, they are following him to the lake of fire, where the false prophets will be thrown…. GF wrote that HWA is the chariot that will take us to the kingdom…. Certainly not God’s kingdom.


Eph 2:14  For he is our peace, who}… King Solomon prayed for those who are far off… strangers…. when they come in to this temple…. That means, those strangers who are far off, one day will be in this latter temple, which is far more glorious than the first. Even when king Solomon made the temple, the gold was brought from Ophir, where we are , picturing  that when the new temple is being built, the spiritual gold will be brought from Ophir…

Become pure as gold


Biblical Tar shish and young lions in prophecy


Eph 2:19  So, then, you are no longer strangers and tenants, but you are fellow citizens of the saints and of the family of God, }…It is these strangers, who were called in the last times, are the ones who are built as v 20-21 says to a Holy temple in the Lord, Christ being the cornerstone…. These are the grafted wild olive tree as Rom 11….says. The foolish nation, which God planned even in Gen. 49: 10-11, to graft in to the vine, as the donkey… this is the donkey which Christ rode on to purify the temple. This is the latter temple,… the Jews stumbled in the same Corner stone.



1 Pet 1: … the gentiles…. V 2… they are sanctified by the Spirit by the “blood” of Christ and grace and peace. This latter temple, is a place where God gives ‘PEACE” as SF has written. Is there peace in PCG now? Or any other church? can you ask a simple question like ‘who is the laodicean leader” from SF or GF, without being cast out? Is that peace? Is that the best way to have peace which the leaders can have in God’s church? how can they have Spirit when God says, they will not worship God in Spirit?

Covenant of peace


1 Pet 1: 3…. This new temple is built because of God’s MERCY, as Eph 2 also says… v 4… inheritance incorruptible and undefiled…. (When Ezekiel was present, the temple was defiled and profaned Ez. 24: 21… )… v 5… power of God being guarded through faith to a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time; …. This temple was built in the last time. There are no more temples…. This is it.


V 7… They have the revelation of Jesus Christ…. ( they are the clouds, as we have proven from God’s Word…. working on the ‘day of God’s wrath” on the ‘day of The Lord” as Ez. 30: 3 says.


V 10… this is a new thing… revealed in the last times, which even the prophets searched out… even though they have prophesied about the salvation to the gentiles through grace… , they could not have known as this is a new thing… v 12… not even the angels know…


V13… it is Christ who brings grace and He is giving the revelation…. This Is why Christ said to Abraham’s children, that many will come from east and west and will sit in the kingdom with Abraham, but you will be thrust out….


V 14.. Now, they are children of ‘OBEDIENCE”… in Eph 5, we saw the Jews are called ‘sons of disobedience”. 


V 19- 20… BY THE ‘BLOOD’ OF Christ, God Has preplanned to bring these new people in to salvation, in the LAST TIMES.  So this is not the Jewish church which always existed, but it is a new, gentile church, which heard and hearkened to the voice of God…. as Act 28: 28…. They WILL …. WILL… hear…and now they have heard.


V 21…  faith and hope may be in God. }… as in Eph 2: 12… these strangers were without hope and were strangers to the covenant… that is without faith. but now, in the last time, they are given this salvation, faith, hope and grace and mercy and peace…


V 22… they are being purified… in the obedience to the TRUTH… ( but there is a liar in the church where the Jews are…. ) They have brotherly love… that is a true Philadelphian… but the leaders in the Phil era have become the synagogue of satan ( Rev 3: 9). Also, as John says, these little children have love of God. Jude and Peter says, the leaders will hate the brothers like Cain did. Like Abel, these stranger’s offerings are pure. That is why like Cain, they hate us. SF says, ‘we are the temple”, … God says, something else… who do you want to believe?...


1 Pet 2: 4… to whom having drawn near, a living Stone, …rejected by men…  As Eph 2 says, these strangers are drawn near now. But, it is the Jews who rejected the Stone and it became a stumbling block for them. Is 8: 14 ,  Rom 9: 32,   33 ( God placed and God caused Christ to be a Stone of stumbling and a Rock of offense to Zion )  read: foundations


1Pe 2:5  you also as living stones are being built a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

1Pe 2:6  Because of this, it is also contained in the Scripture: "Behold," I lay in Zion" an elect, "precious Stone," "a Corner-foundation;" "and the one believing in Him shall not be ashamed, never!" Isa. 28:16 } is ‘gentiles’ who believed.

1Pe 2:7  Then to you who believe belongs the preciousness. But to disobeying ones, He is the "Stone which those building rejected; this One became the Head of the Corner," Psa. 118:22

1Pe 2:8  and a Stone-of-stumbling, and a Rock-of-offense" to the ones stumbling, being disobedient to the Word, to which they were also appointed. Isa. 8:14

1Pe 2:9  But you are "an elect race," "a royal priesthood," "a holy nation," "a people for possession," so that "you may openly speak of the virtues" of the One who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;;}… You ALSO… and those who BELIEVE… they are the gentiles… but to Zion, Christ became a stumbling stone.


Pg 3… the first part of 1 Pet 2: 5… reveals that we in God’s church are built up – to offer up spiritual sacrifices that are acceptable to God… }… Those, in God’s church, are definitely not being accepted. We all know how all the ministers are condemned offering defiled sacrifices to God in Malachi. The whole book condemns them. in the end, when they become proud, all God wants those who fear Him to do is to separate from the main body and become little sanctuaries, as we have proven. ( Mal 3 : 15- 18). When Christ said, there are many false prophets, He did not say  there will be even one left. He said specifically, that there will not be any true prophets in the “inner room”, or in the “desert”, ( wilderness. Mat 24: 26)  ). That is  where , exactly the two places GF is saying he is in. Malachi also says there will be no leaders to offer sacrifices, that God Has to accept gentile’s and they are ‘PURE”. . Jam 1: 1 also says, all Israel are in captivity.


Mal 1:11  For from the rising of the sun even unto the going down of the same My name shall be great among the Gentiles; and in every place incense shall be offered unto My name, and a pure offering: for my name shall be great among the heathen, saith the LORD of hosts}…Remember Christ prayed for God’s name to be on the believers?


Mal 1:12  But ye have profaned it, in that ye say, The table of the LORD is polluted;}…. The false prophets do not want to explain this part. Of course, false prophets do not know how to explain God’s Word.


Remember, in king Solomon’s prayer, as SF also wrote , 1 kin 8: 41 – 43… , it is the gentiles, or the strangers who come from a far off land, for GOD’S NAME SAKE… As v 43 says, that is the time, for the whole earth to know God GOD’S NAME. That is the time, God’s name will be called on the house of prayer.


My name shall be great among the Gentiles…}. All Israel have failed.


 incense shall be offered unto My name}… Incense are the prayers of the saints… and in revelation, when it says, the incense are offered, it is the gentile’s prayers as the church is being punished and judged. At that time, it is the gentiles who are executing the written judgments. Rev 11: 2,  Ez. 16: 40,, 23: 45- 49,   Lam 1: 15.


Besides, PCG sent incense from sheba… ( Jer 6: 20)… it is the PCG, which sent incense with the people of sheba, ( the Sabeans as Ez. 23: 40-42 says) to God. He asks, ……….


Jer 6:20  To what purpose cometh there to me incense from Sheba, and the sweet cane from a far country? your burnt offerings are not acceptable, nor your sacrifices sweet unto me.}.. We witnessed how PCG sent incense to God from sheba. So our incense will be accepted to God.


Jer 6:23  Therefore thus saith the LORD, Behold, I will lay stumbling blocks before this people, ……. O daughter of Zion.}…. You see, those who are in the far country only witnessed how our RD, sent incense to God and how he made the whole PCG to send incense to God when he was in the far country in the east in India. All things are recorded In PN articles, and photos and documents are posted in our web site. you have not seen how such incense were sent to God in this far country. Only , we who live in the far country who witnessed could testify against the RD and the prophet who did this and covered up the whole sin un to this day. This is why, now God has put a stumbling block for Zion as these verses say. This is the trigger for God to put a stumbling block and the Rock of offense, to Israel. This is God’s Word. This is why, now God is accepting a a pure offering: for My name… from the “gentiles”…says God. they now send pure incense… which are the prayers and they are the saints now, as in Eph 2 and 1 Pet  says…. they are the new “House of prayer”… or incense… this is the reason why king Solomon prophesied that a far off people would come in God’s name to pray…as  they saw and witnessed how Israel sent defiled, profaned incense to God and disgraced His Holy name . So these gentiles are now the ‘spiritual temple of God’, who has become a ‘house of prayer’.


What sets us apart is the spiritual sacrifices we offer God through prayer.”…we are that house of prayer. This is what sets us apart --- what identifies us.  }…What sets us apart is the ‘TRUTH”. The “truth” shall make you free. And as we wrote above, Christ’s blood sanctifies us too. God cannot lie. All things are written in His Word. if He says, as above verses show, that it is the ‘gentiles’ who offer spiritual sacrifices now, should we not believe Him? We proved from the Word, that in the end, the rich and the poor, and the Jews and the gentiles were split in to two groups. Rich went in to captivity, the poor became God’s temple. These two writings would prove from the Word this fact.

Why did Peter deny Christ?

last h our church split Jews and gentiles


They are called the saints, as we saw in Eph 2 and 1 Peter. They are the ones in Rev 8: 3, sending prayers before the golden altar, as that is the mercy seat. The work of the mercy seat is being offered spiritually, only at this time. This is why king Solomon said, those who are far off will come in God’s NAME to pray… they see all the other six points being happening in the house of God, which is destroyed now. Bethel, will be cut off. Amo 3: 14 , 4:4,  5: 5, 

Here are the six points again;….

forgiveness of a false oath…,rescue from military defeat…,during times of droughts….,midst of plagues…..,when Israel at war

led in to captivity. …..


This is what sets us apart as SF says and identifies us…. If this “House of Prayer” is what sets us apart, and identifies God’s people, then definitely, SF and his father are not God’s people as we have already proven from the Word. In this last day, on this ‘Sabbath’, which the poor works, identifies God’s true people as they are praying for all Israel’s repentance. God will Hear them, in His great Mercy, and Grace… with our “faith”. The book of revelation, is about the judgments on God’s people. if they are being judged, then it has to be the gentiles who will be sending prayers… they are the saints… Jam 2:5… they are the heirs of the kingdom… they are rich in faith… and,  they are the saints. God Has stricken Israel  sick and they are being plagued. When ever there is a plague among the children of Israel, some one ( ministry, the Levites) has to pray for the healing. Read the book of Leviticus. But  the plague now Israel has is in their ‘HEARTS” as king Solomon said, no one can see it. But, we know as we witnessed the sins which caused it. This is why, God says in……


Jas 5:14  Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:

Jas 5:15  And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him}… the faithful ( Jam 2: 5) are the poor who are the saints now, the gentiles who have come from a far land as king Solomon say. When God hears their prayers and forgives the sins, they will be healed. They have the brotherly love… they are the  philadelphians  as we will prove further.


Revelation 4 describes God’s majestic throne room. But spiritually speaking, where is that throne room located… the seven lamps in verse 5 refer to the seven church eras or the spiritual temple and inside this church is where God dwells. Being in this church, then gives us access to God… }… Christ says:…


Mat 6:6  But you, when you pray, enter into your room and shutting your door, pray to your Father in secret.


Is the “throne room”  the church where the “filthy high priest” lives? The antichrist is? The liar Is? Where the enemy is? When God’s church became an enemy in the last end, as (Micah says, ) and when they broke the covenant, and where the man of sin who is the worst in this whole world  and who caused God to leave His own Sanctuary, and when they are spiritually in Babylon and Egypt, would God hear their prayers? When God says ; The virgin of Israel shall rise no more… I will not pass by them any more… I will not hear their prayers ( Is 1: 15), and He will accept gentile offerings etc… do you think by staying in a defiled church, God would accept their prayers.? After promising king David that one of his descendants will always be sitting on the throne, still God broke that covenant. Ps 89: 3- 40,  Zech 11: 11 . God will not hear the prayers of the wicked ( Ps 66: 18,  Pro 28: 9,     Lam 3: 44,  ). These people need a circumcision of the heart… Deut 10: 16, as they have a plague in their heart. Christ condemned the leaders who make long prayers but devours widow’s houses.. ( Luk 29: 47). We know who the spiritual widows are now. God hears the “righteous” and not those who do evil as GF and his followers have done ( 1 Pet 3: 12) .


Besides, Rev 2 and 3 reveals that all seven eras have failed. In the end of the Phil era, there is a synagogue of satan inside the church. This is what caused God to spew them out when the 7th head came to be. All seven eras are condemned. A whole new covenant, church, kingdom of priests , a new Jerusalem had to be created.


Being in this church, then gives us access to God?....} Christ and God requires us to ask anything in Christ’s name and those who are the elect, will be scattered in the four corners and not in one place or a church. Church means called out ones, but scattered every where as little sanctuaries in every country as God said. If you stay in this church, you will go to hell… the bottomless pit.

John 14: 13- 14,  15: 16,   16: 23- 26.

Joh 15:16…. whatever you should ask the Father in My name, He may give you. John 16: 23. This is a subtle way to reject Christ, our Husband whom we are supposed to go to God through. Christ should be our only access to God.


God said, HE will send the church in to captivity and will spew out from the mouth. Does He expect any one to stay in a church then? He says to come out . Jer 11: 13 , God says, they have incense altars built to other gods … only those who offer incense to other gods only want people to stay with them. The true leaders would know that God has forsaken His church.


What about the ‘TRUE” followers who are cast out by Diotrephus which was fulfilled in the east now? It is “God” who says, they are ‘TRUE” followers. Would not God be with the true followers  instead of the building in Oklahoma? If God is not present, these buildings are just buildings. We should remain in the “Word” to receive what we ask. John 15:7.



In Is 56 , God addresses His people – “the man” who keeps the Sabbath (v 2). God is seeking people who put God’s pleasures above their own. ……even unto them, will I give in mine house and within my walls a place and a name better than of sons and of daughters… I will give them an everlasting name, that shall not be cut off”… ( then he describes more about the place and the name, how him and others in PCG will get. ) is that what God says?...


Rev 3: 11 is the last specific warning God gives to the Philadelphians in this end time. But it is followed in verse 12 by the last specific reward …. Here again, God draws attention to the name, we will be rewarded with.. And the place we will forever dwell in. ….. our permanent place of residence will be in the temple of God and we will go no more out…}…. Now remember, this is the reward to those who have the name of God, those who hold fast….  


God will bring us to His “Holy mountain” – His HQs in Jerusalem- where He will make us joyful in His house of prayer and where He will accept our spiritual sacrifices ( Is 56: 7) ……} the spiritual sacrifices are accepted,  by those who are in the Holy mountain , who would hold fast to the laws of God. the hour, as Christ said, now has come ; the Jews will not worship God in Spirit and in truth. then, God has to bring some others, other than Jews to His Holy Mountain. Rev 3: 11 is fulfilled by the strangers in Is 56: 3-8.


But there comes a point where He has to draw the line: at the tribulation and the day of the Lord. }… this line was drawn at the end of the Phil era. But the leaders have failed and became a synagogue of satan… and this is what happened afterwards;….


And He said unto them, it is written, My house shall be called a house of prayer: but ye have made it a den of thieves … How angry do you think God is about what is going on inside His spiritual temple? God’s temple is supposed to be a House of prayer, not just another church. }…the church is where the inner court should be.  the inner court, now invites the whole world and are doing the buying and selling and worshiping idols such as prayer rocks and wooden things etc…?  IN one of HWA’s letters to the ministers, he wrote, a minister must be like a salesman.  A minister should be like a salesman?.... All the ministers in the PCG received these letters. Only the PCG who follows the pattern of HWA. They too are building like HWA. Buying and selling. All these abominations were done inside the spiritual temple. Christ needs to purify it. (Malachi)


Is 66: 2 shows where God dwells: in His people, this is where God’s power is, where He reveals His truth – in His spiritual temple. }… God does not say a single leader obeys Him. All those who feared God, had to separate from the leaders as Mal 3: 16- 18 says. Is 66: 5 , God says, I called and no one answered… we proved from the Word that no one answered as He says there is no man. God accepts those who tremble at His Word, and who were being hated,  and even drove out for  God’s name’s sake… it is the poor who were hated as we proved from the Word and they only come to the temple for God’s name’s sake…


Notice Is 56 again… even them will I bring to My Holy mountain, and make them joyful in My house of prayer;  their burnt offerings and their sacrifices shall be accepted upon mine altar, for Mine house shall be called an house of prayer for all nations… what a vision this is ! we will be rewarded with positions in this house of prayer… }… Now, he says, those who are described in Is 56, will be brought to God’s Holy Mountain, they will get a new name and a new place and they will be in the ‘house of prayer” and they will go out no more. Also, these rewards are given to those who hold fast as Rev 3: 12 says.


Rev 3:12  The one overcoming, I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God, and he shall not go out any more. And I will write the name of My God on him, and the name of the city of My God, the new Jerusalem which comes down out of Heaven from My God, and My new name.

In this verse, to get a new name, a place, and to come to the Holy mountain, we must over come and as v 11 says, we must hold fast. That is to the “covenant and God’s Law”. Did any of the Jews, the children of Abraham hold fast and kept the Law? God says, there is no man…according to God’s requirements written in 1 Kin 2: 2-3.  ( Is 59: 16,  Is 41: 28,  63: 3,   Jer 5: 1….  Jer 4: 25,  8:6,   Ez. 22: 30 ).


Then God says, in Ez. 16 : 52, Jam 1: 1, Mic 4: 10,  Is 47: 6, Jer 29: 10, Ez. 24: 21 ,  Zech 11: 11,  etc…. that ALL Israel have broken the covenant, and enemy is inside the Sanctuary and has damaged everything, (Ps 74), and all the synagogues of the land are destroyed, Ps 74:8,  Jews will not worship God in Spirit and truth ( John 4: 21) and no faith in Israel, no love, no one will be justified , not one stone shall be left upon another , No one is righteous, then all are beasts, and His wife has become a harlot etc….. and In the end of the Phil era, the leaders became a synagogue of satan,. and  Mal 3: 16-18… etc…and since  God simply left the Sanctuary, even striking the prophet’s wife, how could there be a covenant? Have they over come?

Read Rom 3: 19- 20,  3: 20,  4: 13,  8: 23- 33… Gentiles attained to faith, but Israel, which followed after the Law of righteousness, HAVE NOT ATTAINED TO THE Law OF RIGHTOUESNESS. Does that sounds like Israel is saved ?... No one is righteous. As we proved from the Word, the vessels of mercy, who are the gentiles, finally are being accepted and their offerings are pure. Mal 1: 11. Now Is 56;….this chapter is connected with Rev 3: 11-12 as SF said. 


Isa 56:1  So says Jehovah: Keep justice and do righteousness, for My salvation is near to come, and My righteousness to be revealed. }…Now, this prophecy should be fulfilled, when God’s righteousness is to be revealed. God requires them to do justice. We know the high priest does not have justice as he has s filthy turban. The salvation is near.


Isa 56:2  Blessed is the man who does this, and the son of man who lays hold on it; keeping sabbath, from defiling it; and keeping his hand from doing every evil.}…2 Pet, Jude, and all of Malachi book shows that the leaders are evil. God does not tell there is a single leader who obeys God. Remember, according to Micah’s book, when the church turned as an enemy of God in the LAST END, the remnant is among the gentiles… ( Mic 5: 7-9)… This is the last end which 1 Pet also says.


Isa 56:3  And do not let the son of the foreigner speak, he who joins himself to Jehovah, saying, Separating Jehovah separates me from His people; and not do let the eunuch say, Behold, I am a dried tree. }…. Son of the “foreigner, that is a “stranger”.  Now,…. is SF or GF or any other church leader in any of the groups, foreigners? NO……….No………… God, in this chapter talks about the strangers, who have joined to the Lord, explained above in Eph 2, Mal 1: 11,  Mic 5: 7 – 8, 1 Pet 1 etc… the foreigners and His people are mentioned separately. Strangers, as we saw according to Eph 2, are those who are strangers to the covenant.

And the eunuch ?..... Christ said, for the kingdom’s sake some have become eunuchs. (Mat 19: 12…) God says, when they are in “Egypt”, they are like women. And now, as Rev 11: 8 says, they are in Egypt. So they have become like women and eunuchs. ( Is 19: 16,  in Egypt,  Jer 51: 30 in Babylon. ). But women, as a judgment, will rule over men like men. ( Is 3: 12). They have made themselves eunuchs for kingdom’s sake. And these women, are the ones, finally will stand up for God’s truth as it was the women’s robes which were pulled by the wicked leaders when the wife of Christ turned away from God. Mic 2: 9-11. so, you see how the women become men and men becomes women. Also God says, there is no man… as we proved earlier, and now, God wants the women to hear the Word… and teach. Jer 9: 20. remember, in Christ’s last moments, and after He was resurrected, it is the women who were with Him. And most of them from Galilee. 


Isa 56:4  For so says Jehovah to the eunuchs who keep My sabbaths and choose things I am pleased with, and take hold of My covenant: }….Now, we are in Babylon and also in Egypt. Therefore, the women mostly are the eunuchs now who will hold fast to the covenant and they chose things are pleasing to God. remember all have gone in to captivity…. Ez. 16: 52, Jam 1: 1.


Isa 56:5  I, even I will give to them in My house and in My walls a hand and a name better than sons and than daughters; I will give them an everlasting name which shall not be cut off.}…Now, those strangers, who have joined to the Lord, who are either men or women, are given a NAME, and a place,  in  God’s house. And they are BETTER THAN sons and daughters. They are the Israel. Until this time, God did not call the strangers “MY” people. since His people , the Jews failed, now He calls a people who were not of His people… as Hos 2: 23,  Rom 9: 26. But God says to “Israel”, “You are NOT MY people… Hos 1: 9. These strangers, according to God, are BETTER THAN SONS AND DAUGHTERS…. They get an ever lasting name…( remember Christ’s last prayer? The name will be on them? )  which shall be not cut off. This is why, king Solomon prayed, about these strangers. God did not find any sins in them. They are not given the Law so they cannot be condemned. They got God’s grace, mercy and faith.

Hand means a place. That is strong’s 3027. that means a hand, indicating power, means, direction and many more… so the place means these strangers there after gets God’s blessings. Their name and place, are better than sons of Israel, and ever lasting.


Isa 56:6  And the sons of the alien who join themselves on Jehovah to serve Him, and to love the name of Jehovah, to be His servants, everyone who keeps from defiling the sabbath, and takes hold of My covenant: }…Once again as v 4, God says, they hold on to the covenant.  These strangers, love the name of God… and they are the servants… king Solomon said that the strangers will love the name;..

1Ki 8:41  And also, to the alien who is not of Your people Israel, and has come from a land afar off for Your name's sake,

1Ki 8:42  (for they shall hear of Your great name, and of Your strong hand, and of Your stretched out….. so that all the peoples of the earth may know Your name,}… Is 56: 6 and these two verses say, the “strangers” love the “name of God”… they hold on to the covenant. And it is said “ALIEN” ….and more than that, ‘NOT OF YOUR PEOPLE Israel”….. So God wants to show the difference between Israel, and strangers. make no mistake about that…. these servants who love God’s name, are STRANGERS, ALIENS, AND NOT OF God’S PEOPLE Israel….as Is 56: 5 says, king Solomon also says, the hand  


and takes hold of My covenant???... We, the strangers, who are not of Israel, witnessed how Israel broke the covenant of God by inviting strange, unbaptized men in to God’s ALTAR.  This is why, God broke the covenant. GF wrote in Ezekiel book pg 77…” today Laodiceans invite strangers in to God’s church and commit adultery.”… Would it not be adultery, when GF, himself brought strangers in to God’s ALTAR? When we witnessed, we opposed and that is why we were cast out, our robes were pulled but we took hold of God’s covenant and see how God is blessing us? King Solomon , Is 56 and Rev 3: 12… all are fulfilled now. Also, as king Solomon said, at that time, all the peoples of the earth, will know God’s name… we have proven from the Word, that during the judgments only God will be exalted. Is 5: 16.     


Isa 56:7  even them I will bring to My holy mount and make them joyful in My house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices shall be accepted on My altar, for My house shall be called a house of prayer for all the peoples, }…God brings these strangers, aliens, who are NOT God’S PEOPLE Israel, to God’s Holy Mountain… ( Jews have stopped worshiping in God’s Holy mountain or in Spirit and in truth. John 4:; 21) ….


 Don’t we see that this prophecy is being fulfilled now? God commands us to access Him, through His own SON ONLY.  But these Jews, who have cast the truth to the ground says, their physical building, which they call God’s house, is the only place to access God. }}} ! 


they are the ones who will be in the ‘house of prayer”… Their sacrifices will be accepted on God’S ALTAR. Also as Mal 1: 11 says. they have become living sacrifices as Rom 12: 1. we must confess to God’s Name… ( Heb 13: 15). Also 1 Pet 2:5. God, does not say, that GF or SF are being accepted in His Altar. When the measuring came, in Rev 11:1, it failed. There after, the times of gentiles, began, which is the day of the Lord. Ez 30: 3.  But in the same chapter, what does God say about His leaders?


You see how these leaders, subtly, rejects the Son of God? Did not the Jews, reject Christ in the first century? Did not Christ warn us that this would happen once again? if you reject one God being, you reject the other. Since these men teaches God’s people to access God through HQs, or through a physical building, God will reject them totally. If God’s Spirit was leading them, they would never reject the Word…. the Word says, we have access to God, only through His own Son, whom they reject now. THEY HAVE KILLED Christ…. OUR SAVIOUR…. ! they do not even accept that they are sanctified by Christ’s blood as we saw.  One without Christ, is totally cut off from God. !


How they cast the truth to the ground ;…

Joh 14:6  :…

            Jesus said …… I am the Way……

                                  the Truth……

                                  the Life….  No one comes to the Father except through Me.


By rejecting the true access as Christ said,;…

They have rejected…….. the way, ….

They have rejected…….  the truth

They have rejected…….. the life.

They do not go to the Father, but to hell. ! 


Do you see how they have cast down the truth.? when you reject Christ, you reject the “truth.

That is how you cast down the truth. Because “He” is the “truth”.


No other church asks the members to access God through their church.!

Not a single group of the church of God, held on to the truth. Finally, openly, PCG rejects the only access to God.!!! They want people to look to them to access to God….


Joh 10:9 ;

I am the “door”. If anyone enters through Me, he will be saved, and will go in, and will go out, and will find pasture.


Since they have rejected to enter through the door, they will not be saved, nor will find pasture. As SF wrote, …there comes a point where He Has to draw the line….THE DAY OF THE LORD.!....”

This is why, we the gentiles are treading them down, as Rev 11: 2 says, which is the day of The Lord (Ez. 30:3).


They have rejected to enter through the door…. This is why, God shut the door…. This is why, Christ is outside the door knocking to get in !  What a pathetic situation this is?.... they have rejected the life, truth, way, and the door to eternal happiness..

      They have rejected their HUSBAND! 

      The whole spiritual building has collapsed and there will not be a sound of the bridegroom in her any more…


Rev 18:23  And the light of a lamp will not still shine in you, never! And the voice of the bridegroom and bride will not be heard in you, never!}…their lamp stand, which they call the house of prayer, will not light up ever again. ! remember, SF wants said that Christ is in the lamp stand and therefore, one must look to HQs?


Isa 56:10  His watchmen are blind; they all do not know; they are all dumb dogs; they cannot bark, dreaming, lying down, loving to slumber;

Isa 56:11  yea, dogs greedy of soul;}….They are beasts… they do not know. And why don’t they know? Because God cast them out and withdrew His Spirit which gives the understanding. But God still loves them and want to bring them back and as soon as the sound of repentance come, God will hear their prayers. For them to repent, now, the gentiles who are in the house of prayer, who have the faith as Jam 2: 5 says, who have brotherly love, should be called as Jam 5: 14- 15 says… to pray over the sick.


Jas 5:15  And the prayer of faith will save those being sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he may have committed sin, it will be forgiven him.}…As king Solomon said, Israel broke the oath, they are given in to enemy’s hands, they are in a spiritual drought where there is no Spirit, they are being plagued as they broke the covenant and God Has condemned them as a harlot, then the strangers are offering prayers, and they are at war with Christ, and are in captivity.

Lord will raise him up???.  So this wound which needs to be healed, is a deadly wound… you know who had a deadly wound in revelation? It is the first beast... HWA. He brought the death to the whole church. God wounds His enemies… read: Judah’s wound


James says ‘prayers of a “righteous” man avails much. And they are the ones who are asked to pray over the sick.  Who are the righteous? Jam 5: 6 says, the righteous are murdered. They are the true followers who were cast out for standing up for the truth and doing the exploits as Dan 11: 32 – 35 says. Also, It has to be those who have the faith as Jam 2: 5 says.  GF wrote that the righteous is HWA. Now when one gets sick, or since the whole head is sick as God says in (Is 1: 5-6), now they should go to HWA and ask him to pray.

Besides, Jam 1: 1 says, ALL tribes are in captivity. So if one were righteous, God says, He will not send them to captivity. Ez. 14: 14,  20,  This means God could not find just one man even when Ezekiel is the prophet. So they will stay sick till death or they will have to bring HWA to pray over them. ! All the righteous, they have cast out , killing them spiritually. When God says, My true followers are cast out, does He required any one to access Him through such an evil HQs? Would not God be with those who are cast out? When God fearing men separated as Mal 3: 16- 18 says, they were not asked to go back to the HQs to pray. God said, they will be His JEWELS.


Now the whole world is in darkness. This is why, Christ brings light as Luk 2: 32, and Is 42 says. The captives will be brought back…those who are in the shadow of death, will be brought back with the work of the Galileans….


Luk 13: 24--- Enter in through the narrow gate,… many will seek to enter and will fail… the door will be shut…. And some will stand out side knocking to enter.. and would say, Lord, Lord, open to us… and He will say… I do not know from where you are?…. Then, they will say, we ate and drank in Your presence, you taught us…. Then He will say, I tell you ; I do not know you or from where you are… stand back from Me all workers of unrighteousness !.... then, there will be weeping and gnashing of the teeth, as when they see Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom …. But you, who did not enter in the door, or rejected the only access to God, who is Christ, The Son of God and our Savior Jesus Christ, will be thrust outside…..Mat 7: 21- 22… those who says Lord, Lord, will be out….


So you see, if they have “eaten with Him”, they were in the body of Christ…. it is the man who “eats bread”, who turned around and betrayed Christ….

They shut the door for Christ, God shut the door for them !

No wonder God Has called those who are not His people to be His people…. they have done what the sons and the daughters could not do…. better than sons and daughters… !


Luke 11: 9- 10….  ; knock, and it will be opened to you… God is merciful, and will bring them back… so knock…. Ask the righteous to pray over the sick… bring in the poor to your house… to the one knocking, it will be opened




Stephen flurry;…. ( pg 4) No… ….being in this church, (being in PCG, which is my father’s building, and having the ‘Edmond way’, ) then, gives us access to God !


Christ;… Truly, truly, I say to you, The one not entering through the door,…, but going up by another way,  is a thief and a plunderer…

( Jon 10:1) ….My sheep hear My voice… they will never follow a stranger ( v5) I am the Good Shepherd, and I know those that are Mine, and I am known by the ones that are Mine….


Stephen flurry;…( pg 21) What about us?... people that we have never known,  nations that have never heard of us – will come running because our fame will have spread through out the land….they will come running because God will have glorified us. …. 


Christ;… I have other sheep which are not of  this  fold.( Jews) … I must also lead those, and they will hear My voice;… As you say, people that  you have never known and nations never heard of you will come and sit in the kingdom, while you will be gnashing your teeth ….I will accept their offerings as they are pure ( Mal 1: 11, Is 56: 3- 8)… but you are dumb dogs… this is why I chose the strangers and brought them to My Holy Mountain…


Stephen ;… compare with Hag 2., where God says, He will fill this latter house with glory far greater than that of the first…. And we are what make that house glorious….


Christ;…that is after I shake the heavens and earth and the sea and the dry land…, I will cast “you” down…( Lam 2: 1) and it happens after all the judgments and the plagues… and in this latter house, is where I give peace… and that does not includes you as you have brought nothing but peace…. You were a terror to My “TRUE” followers… can two walk together unless they agree? How can you walk with Me, if you do not obey and keep My commandments? I have called My servants from a foolish nation to bring peace…. And I will be a light to them and I will accept their offerings and they are the strangers who held My covenant. ( Is 56: 3- 8) . Certainly, you are not what make that house glorious, and you brought darkness…you cast Me down… and that is the ‘truth’ cast down. And your father is the man who did it. 


Stephen;…when Christ gets back, He will not change human nature with the snap of His fingers. He will begin His rule among the enemies…


Christ;….My enemies are inside the Sanctuary , where you are…Do you not err because you do not know the scriptures nor the power of God? ( Mar 12: 24) So how could you know Me…? They identify Me. Since you do not hear the voice, you would not know Me….You do not know the truth either… the truth which sets you free. Because you do not abide in the truth, you are now captives and My enemy and are not free any longer.  First of all hear the commandments ( v 29) All things are given to Me by My Father, and no one knows Me except the Father and to whom I purpose to reveal. Since you reject My words, you are My enemy and you are destroying My people…


 Stephen;…we must reeducate the world.


Christ;…. You are in captivity, and you are blind… how can the blind lead the blind… first let me put eye salve and clean your eyes so that you can see. You are in darkness and I bring light to you and will open  your minds. To give light, I send the gentiles who held fast to the covenant and who’s sacrifices now I am accepting better than you… I will send them to your light ( Is 60: 3). They will bring you to Me (Is 14, 60: 9 -10,  61: 5)


Stephen;…(pg 21) there can be nothing more fundamental in reeducating this world than teaching people how to pray.


Christ;…. Before My Father hear your prayers, you must be cleansed from your sins. But your iniquities are coming between you and your God; and your sins have hidden His face from you, from hearing ; since you walk contrary to Him , and are not willing to listen to Him, He will not answer you but  will bring plagues (Lev 26:21). Before you teach others, you should know that you have to go to the Father through Me… I am the way… the truth and the door… any one like you, who try to go any other way, is a thief. Same way My Father  forsook Me  when I took your sins,  now He Has forsaken you too. You are from below, and I am from above. You are from this world, I am not from this world… there fore, you will die in your sins. for if you do not believe that I AM, you will DIE IN YOUR SINS…( John 8: 24)…  

                             And…… they……died.!


If you build a house without God , it will certainly come to nothing… Christ said, all things will be fulfilled in the times of vengeance. Now, that time has come and that is why the gentiles are working hard to send the Word and bring light to Israel as said in Is 60: 3.


Another interesting prophecy;….. After Christ was resurrected, He said, I will go before you in to Galilee. ( Now, “Galilee” is a “gentile” city as we have proven, Is 9: 1- 2… Mt 4: 15, this is where they saw the great light, those who were in the shadow of death ). Now this is after Jesus was glorified. Christ Had an APPOINTED MOUNTAIN in Galilee to meet. ( Mat 28: 10, 16,    26: 32).  After Christ was crucified, many WOMEN from Galilee were ministering to Him.  Even the angels said, He will go in to Galilee  ( Mat 28: 7, 10 ) When He was there only He said, that He will be betrayed. ( Mat 17: 22)  He spent so much time there, people called Him Jesus of Nazareth of Galilee ( Mat 21: 11) . After John was put in prison, Christ came preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God, also in Galilee. Christ, when He wanted to go away from the Jews, He went to Galilee and also to a certain mountain. ( Mt 4: 12 , 23, 15: 29 ).


There , He healed many dumb and blind. V 31 says, those people glorified God after seeing the blind and the dumb healed. Who are the dumb now? Is 56: 3- 10.. when the strangers are called in to God’s House of prayer, He said, His ministers are the dumb. Or… when His ministers became dumb and forsook the covenant, He brought the strangers who held fast to the covenant. And the blind?.... God blinded Israel, till the number of the gentiles come in. ( Rom 11: 10 – 25) So this could be a prophesy for us now too, since He Has this “mountain in “Galilee of the gentiles”, AN APPOINTED place to meet, now too, the spiritual mountain is among the gentiles. It is Galilee of the gentiles, which is to see the great light… which is Christ. Also as Is 56 says, the “gentiles” are brought in to God’s “Holy mountain, this certainly is another indication that Christ is with the gentiles now and they are in the mountain. Another point is when He is with the gentiles, or during the times of the gentiles, which is the day of the Lord is when He heals the dumb and the blind….


As God catches the wicked from their own craftiness, God Has caught Stephen flurry also from his own words….he has cast down truth to the ground by rejecting the truth ….. Christ our Lord ! 

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Gentile assembly,