Gerald Flurry glorifies his “son” more than “God” !


In a recent co – worker letter  GF introduced his son’s book, “raising the ruins” to the members. The members were told to buy as many copies as they can and even gift to other church members.   :……here is what GF  wrote;…

Now let me tell you about my son's new book, “Raising the Ruins”: The Fight to Revive the Legacy of Herbert W. Armstrong”…………He claims, that this book is to “revive the legacy” of HWA and they are raising the ruins. The best way to revive the legacy of HWA is to  live” by the truths which he restored. If any one claims to follow HWA’s footsteps, as GF does, should definitely “live” by what he taught. But, did he live by them? We witnessed how he failed to live by some of those truths.  While “JUDGING” others, PCG broke God’s ever lasting “MARRIAGE COVENANT”. All recorded and  proven in PCG Newsletter (PN) and many  photos and in our  web site…….. (   Pretending  nothing like that happened in PCG, and covering up , he continues to “judge” others and now a book also  is published to “expose” others. Anybody can say we follow God , we follow HWA, but their “actions” and the “way of life” proves who they really are. God is not blind like the people who follow such liars. He will reward all the leaders accordingly.  HWA never invited unbaptized strangers and asked members to keep Passover with. But PCG did both. HWA  corrected even his own son, and put the church back on track and corrected even evangelists by casting them out till they acknowledge their iniquity. HWA publicly corrected the church and asked every one to repent. How could such people “raise up ruins”?


Here is what HWA wrote in “Good news” May 1960, :….

“If you are wrong, we will patiently show you, and explain it more perfectly to you. If we are wrong, we will correct it BEFORE THE WHOLE CHURCH, SO THAT all THE CHURCH MAY, WITH ONE MIND, BELIEVE THE TRUTH, AND SPEAK THE SAME THING. ……… Should not those who claim to follow his foot steps also should do what he did? Because of HWA’s attitude, God says, he walked with me in peace.

We didn't accept their "return of produced documents" clause and told them we were prepared to resumelitigation”. The WCG then quickly reconsidered and eliminated the paragraph from the settlement contract.. “Litigation” and settlement contract???  . PCG leader claims that God Has come down to fight for this court case. Then why does he want litigation and come to a settlement? And  to buy paying millions? Is not God capable of winning the case, ……‘if it is His will’ to give the truth to PCG?  God gives freely to those who love Him and who keep His commandments. The fact that PCG had to “buy”,  shows that , God is not working with her… these truths were of no value to WCG as she no longer believed them, so she sold them, as she needs the money.

In 2003, when PCG bought the copy right, God Has already stopped blessing PCG  as she has already gone to Bamah and broken the covenant. Thereafter, God gave revelation about “warnings” only  from Jude to “hold fast to the faith once delivered”, creeping ministers , and the seven books which “warns” about “leaders becoming anti christs and beasts”, the “man of sin”  sitting in God’s temple , Diotrephus, Antiochus and they will be scattered and the times of the gentiles etc. In 2003 July ministerial conference, and FOT, HWA’s 1985 video was shown. That video shows how HWA went to “gentiles”. (Why did HWA ordain a ‘gentile’ high priest? HWA started passing the baton to gentiles. Then there was a delay as in the first century, the Jews and satan hindered gentile work,{(read: Synagogue of the Jews.} which  is prophesied by God. this synagogue of satan is active in PCG too. The remnant in PCG turned laodicean, the head claiming he is the 7th head  ) That year, we started our work of  accusing PCG of her covenant breaking sin. Then, the captivity was declared by GF , God struck the wife of Ezekiel etc…then prophesying again…. Which is not HWA’s work,  but it should be “lamentations mourning and woe”… which was prophesied to WCG since 1989 when she was “falling” and now, in 2003 PCG needed the same warning  as she too were falling as Ez 16:52…. Sister who “judged” others too went in to captivity.  While others were falling, PCG did not fall. But in the end, she has done worse, and then she too needed the warning. But the warning is not heeded by PCG leaders, they failed to heed their own warnings. As Jude said, the “preserved” ones could not hold on to the faith once delivered. Then the “poor”, became rich in faith Jam 2:5, when all Israel is scattered. .  That is when James’ epistle is written for. For “all 12” tribes. PCG too finally fell. this is why, James was revealed when they all are scattered.   So God said to rise and measure and prophesy again, the same thing he prophesied to WCG, that is the warning and measuring.  

PCG bought the books, but what profit did she get since she totally failed to live by the them? It is not a man who accuses PCG being the “worst” church, but “God”.  It is well worth to get these books, if one can live by them. The whole world has failed.  WCG failed to live by them, and PCG has too. Would not the same fate await PCG too? This is why God says, ALL 12 tribes have gone in to captivity. When WCG failed, did she loose all the “physical” blessings at once? Only “Spiritually” she lost one by one. When WCG was falling, PCG saw it and declared. Now, Same way, “gentiles” see the captivity of “all” Israel.  (Ez 39:21-23) and we are treading them down as Rev 11: 2, Lam 1:15,  Ez 16:40.    

. It also tells the story of how the WCG fought so hard to bury Mr. Armstrong's writings forever and how “wefought  to keep them alive-and won….. WCG did not believe what HWA taught and they fell. But PCG believed and still believes but has failed to live by them. So who is right in God’s sight? Neither one!  WCG sold, PCG bought, but did not keep them. Besides, Christ promised that the ‘gates of hell could never prevail “ His”  church…. if anyone thinks they can bury God’s truth, they are putting themselves above God and make Christ a liar. When WCG did not hold on to the truth, God gave it to PCG. Now since she broke the covenant,  God does not bless her “spiritually”. But since they too are spiritually blind, they will not see their blindness. Physical riches will continues.    wefought  ? After God coming down, still PCG had to fight? Exalting themselves above God?

Apostle John’s last epistles show, that even when there is a Diotrephus, in the church, ( GF warned about Diotrephus in 2003 Jan) there will be true followers still holding on to the truth in “Asia” even though they were cast out. Act 28:28 shows, “gentiles” heard the gospel when “Jews” failed. This is being repeated even now. You do not need to stay in a church, when the tabernacle of David is fallen, to dwell in the truth. When all the leaders have failed, as Mal 3: 15-18 says, still “those who fear God”, will separate from the leaders and the main body and will still hold fast to the truth as God calls them His “Jewels”. These are the “little sanctuaries” as we have proven.  Does God expect His true followers to stay in a church when there are beasts?  John also addresses his second epistle to a “lady” who has the “truth”. This lady is “not” Israel. They are in captivity.  Israel,  which are the 12 tribes, is identified as the “woman” in Rev 12, who wears the 12 stars. (John’s epistles and James , Peter’s are revealed when Israel is in “captivity”. That means, they have left the “truth”. but, God will bring them back, so He Has to speak to Israel through their leader. This is why, these seven epistles are being revealed now. At this time since captivity means, they are under Satan’s sway; they cannot be having the “TURTH”. Then the “true followers” have the truth. They are in Asia. )But the moon which she tramples is the “new moon” as we have explained who were cast out by this woman. This new moon is the faithful “Witness”… (read: Christ comes as a thief in the night)  This epistle apply to a time when all have gone in to captivity, loosing the truth and this epistle is addressed to a lady who has ‘truth’. Just before Christ died, He gave His mother to the care of John. So what ever John wrote is important to the church in the end time. Last three epistles of John are to be fulfilled “now” as there is ‘the’ anti Christ in the temple  and then, other fallen leaders, such as many antichrists etc. But only this lady and her children have the truth.

. Besides, Zerubabbel has  to finish  what he started. There after, no other leader in God’s church is prophesied to continue in God’s truth. for example, Joshua the high priest  has a filthy turban, Eliakim cut down, Ezekiel profaned. But in the beginning, they did a work for God. Afterwards, they failed and God Had to cut them off. If the high priest is filthy, then who would be there to offer sacrifices? (Mal 1:11,  Zech 6:15,  Is 56:3-8) Only the captivity is left and we see that has happened. (James 1:1,   Ez 16: 52- 63, Mic 4:10, Is 43:14,  39:6,    Ez 39: 21-23 etc)  As GF  claims, even after God came down, “GF” had to fight for the truth and finally had to “buy” it!. . God raises up people, who are “FAITHFUL  to Him, to keep the truth alive.  This lady, has the truth. She and her children, are keeping God’s truth. This is why, God did not want PCG to have it. Because she has already proven that she only want to fulfill her lusts. They want physical buildings. Not to build the “Spiritual” temple. Otherwise, how could the “TRUE” followers are cast out? GF and his son has totally failed and caused the whole church  to go after other gods, and by inviting strangers in to God’s Sanctuary, he caused the body of Christ to be defiled. Why should God answer his prayers and give him His truth to such a liar?  And after causing Him to leave His own Sanctuary? (Ez 24: 21,  10: 18-19,  11: 22-24) God did not go from other churches, but from the Ez 16: 8 church, which PCG claims she fulfills.


I strongly believe this BOOK NEEDS TO BE READ BY EVERY MEMBER OF GOD'S CHURCH, EVERY  LAODICEAN, AND EVEN THE WORLD.. is it because it contains the truth?  in the beginning of the book itself SF has written that WCG is “lying”. To accuse some body is “lying”, that person has to be telling the “truth”. But did Stephen Flurry tell the truth about this “Bamah” matter to the church? He knew very well, what his father did and with Wayne Turgeon, and many other leading ministers about how wrong what Mr Harrison did in India and then cast out those who opposed him. Did Stephen  tell the father, that it directly broke God’s covenant? He is an evangelist. He was not ordained as an evangelist because he is the son of the leader? He is an accomplice to his father’s sins. Every member of PCG too will learn how their leaders hid the truth about this matter soon. God will see to it. The same measure she measured WCG with, will be used by God to expose her sins too. God Has already kindled the fire.

Several biblical prophecies show that the WCG must be EXPOSED. God says it will happen……. Not only the WCG will be exposed, PCG too. If all the 12 tribes have gone  in to captivity, and since Ez 16:8 church has done “worse” (v 52) than others and caused God to leave His own dwelling place, her sins will be exposed too. She will have to bear her shame eternally.  Did God struck Ezekiel’s wife for other’s sins in Ez 24? …. God said, you pine away and mourn with one another…. Not with those who are in other churches…. God stopped Ezekiel being a reprover and then He said, when I want to , I will open your mouth. This is why Ezekiel is being revealed about the last seven books which contain warnings about captivity etc. He had to eat “defiled bread” and even that is from time to time only. Is not this is what we witness? God will catch Ezekiel. Ez 12 says, because of a prince, (RD) that Ezekiel too will have to go in to captivity. Has not this happened?

The whole world should read this book? The whole world will laugh at this, when they find out, how PCG claims God came down to fight for the court case and it took 6 years for God to fight and then finally, they came to a settlement and bought it for 3 million?  Also to write about “HOW” they bought it is given more attention than the ‘truth’ it contains. ….

Raising the Ruins is the biggest book we have ever produced-more than 400 pages and about 135,000 words (Mystery of the Ages has 106,000 words). It also represents the highest level of quality we've ever put into the production of a book…WOW!!!    How they bought the MOA is more important than MOA itself and the truth in it? After spending millions, after God came down and could not give it to PCG, and she had to fight and win, buy it, and to write about that, a book  is written,  with “more words” “than” the “MOA”, and with even “higher quality” than MOA, to tell the whole world, how they acquired it. ? ……this book is given the “best”, than God’s word! .why do they have to give their best to this book, unless it is to bring glory to them?  GF believes MOA,  is  inspired by God.  But now,  “how they bought” is more important than the inspired truth?  GF’s son is better than, “God and His truth” and “HWA and his work? Isn’t this  why, this book  deserve the “best quality ever produced”, with more words than the MOA itself and the highest level of quality they have ever produced.?  HWA gave the “BEST” he could for “MOA”. We all know that. But, claiming to follow his footsteps, after catching the mantle, GF’s son has produced a book, “better and bigger” than MOA.  What really is more worth buying ?   The “truth” or  how they “bought” the truth? Is  this book which is written by GF’s son, is worth more than MOA, to give PCG’s best to it? What happened to all the revelation which GF claims, he received from God? Don’t they deserve the best quality ever produced? Since GF believes MM is an unwritten part of God’s Bible, should not he give the best quality to that book? At least he thinks that was inspired. No wonder why God say the last prophet is  a fool, that he cannot see when Christ comes. Hos 9:6. Perhaps, MOA contains “lesser” amount of words, may be because, somebody took  parts out of it?  If HWA comes alive now, will he commend for taking parts out of his book which  “God inspired”? and what would he do when he finds out, that  some one claiming to have caught his “mantle”, has removed parts out of that book? Remember when Mr Leap gave the sermon about MM?  How GF rebuked him?  Would HWA like that? Did God tell Elisha to take out parts of the mantle?  

Does this book bring glory to God? Should he not give his “best” to MOA and other books which bring “glory to God”? As God’s people, we should give out our  best to give glory to God. By giving their best ever, and  CAMPARING” it with MOA and to say my son’s book is bigger and better than MOA (God’s truth) , shows, GF is “glorifying his son”, than God, and His Zerubabbel, and Elijah. This is why God says, there is no longer any prophet…(Ps 74). Any body can claim to be a prophet, but God DOES NOT ACCEPT ANY.  When Christ said, there will be many false prophets, He did not tell there is even “one”. But rather, He said, “Can Son of Man find faith”? Not one stone shall be left upon another,   etc… further Christ said, not to go to the “desert”, or to the “inner room”.  Those are the two places, GF says, he would be…. The inner court, and in petra where the desert is.

To give PCG’s best ever, with the money and the quality, GF should think, that “exposing” his brother’s nakedness, or his weakness of wanting money   ( comparing  Jacob and Esau) , is more worth spending  than to publish  God’s truth !  He has given second quality to MOA. To glorify and honor his son, he spent God’s tithe money.  They acquired HWA’s books and have noted every little detail about this court case, from the beginning, to produce a book in the end, to gain glory to themselves like they have not sinned at all. Ez 16: 61-63…. Then thou shalt remember thy ways, and be ashamed. That thou mayest remember, and be confounded, and …never open thy mouth any more because of thy shame.

This is why God says, in Mal 3: 8--- “YOU have robbed me”! PCG leader has spent “God’s money” , to print a book, which his son wrote than what he spent to produce  God’s truth”!

 As I have written before, God allowed our lawsuit with the Worldwide Church of God to last for six grueling years because He wanted us to obtain as much information as possible for a book about their treacherous betrayal of Mr. Armstrong's legacy…… it is “God” who wants them to expose this by writing in a book, giving their best than to God’s truth!

From his own words….. This book is 20 dollars, if one wants to buy. PCG gets 7 dollars back  and it costs 3 dollars to produce it. Only 4 dollars will come back to PCG. (in the same letter GF has written all these details). If this is only 3 dollars to produce, then why would they give this to a distributor and to put them in the book stores, and causing everyone to buy it for 20 dollars, making the book stores and distributors rich? All this is done by God’s tithe money…. To advertise, he plans to spend 35,000. For that money, he could produce 11,666 copies and could have given them freely to members. Why is it a must to put in the bookstores and advertise it spending God’s money and making others rich?

Was it produced to bring glory to God ? or HWA?..... No. he wants to “expose” WCG….looking down on others while exalting themselves.  Is this not why James warns for the 12 tribes who have sinned and are captives to not to have   Wars among the teachers”? Because of their “lusts”? 4th chapter of James, which GF himself explained in RV Jan 2006. The “war among the teachers”, was done by PCG alone. , and here is why…… “told them we were prepared to resume “litigation”.   When WCG went to courts, they have already left God. But, PCG claims God is with her.. then, she should  not ask for litigation since she should depend on God to handle it. Why did PCG want litigation? …….

James 4: 2… You “lust” and you don’t have…. Who “lusted” worse than others, in the end time, judging exactly as  James says, which was written to “exiles”.?  Ez 24: 21…. “Lust of your eyes, what your soul desires…  and the arrogant pride”?  It is no one but “Ezekiel”…. (Read: Joshua) A total   failure. And he accuses and judges others?…. And  spent the most amount of money to produce a book, which judge other “teachers” in God’s church. No wonder God condemns those who do that.? This book is produced for nothing but to “exalt” himself and his son, and to “judge” others. …. Did PCG  live by the “truth” contains in MOA?  If she did, she would not take parts out of it.  Did God command GF to take parts out of a book which His end time Elijah wrote? HWA, gave his best to that book, he was even emotional when it was handed over to students. Did GF  tell the members, that he took parts out of MOA? some body should write how the father and the son covered up that story among many others. Shouldn’t the contents of MOA be left out in its original writings?  

James 4: 2.. You “lust”, and “covet”… you “murder”… fight…. Still ,You do not get what you want,… .because God says, you want it for “your own glory”….God calls for “Adulterers”…. This applies to no one but to the inner court which “judged” others and “do the same and even worse”…. Why did PCG  invite unbaptized  men in to “God’s Sanctuary”, whom God Has never called,   violating HWA’s truths? Is it not because of her lust?  Other churches invited unbaptized, but they did not judge others as PCG did. They  never pretended like PCG and did not try to cover it up like PCG. This “Adulterous” sin of PCG is there for the whole world to see in our web site. PCG trampled WCG, but gentiles are trampling PCG. This is the last work of God, on this earth which GF, himself has admitted many times.   

James 4: 4-5 shows, these leaders have committed “adultery”… and v 5 shows, this act cause the “Spirit” to be “jealous”. God would not be jealous if just any church commits adultery. Only if His wife does, He gets jealous, as He is a jealous God. Who else claim to be God’s wife, and the inner court other than PCG? Then she is the one to whom, these verses should apply to. Also she has friendship with the world, means, they love the world more than God, and God reminds that the Spirit is jealous, and v 6…. By inviting the world, they have loved the world more than obeying God’s Law. If we commit physical adultery, God would not be jealous. Only the ‘spiritual” people can make God “jealous”. This is a “last end” sin, which was committed by PCG. The bamah matter!  And They are “proud”. How proudly GF introduces this book to show other’s sins ?  He spent the most money, with highest quality which he did not even spend to print God’s truth … all that is “just” to expose his brother’s nakedness….. at the same time covering his”….. Would God not be jealous and angry and send them to captivity?

ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, THE MESSAGE WILL GO OUT. God will see to that!”...yes, God will see that everyone who “judge” others, and then commit the same sins, will be exposed. (Ez 7:27,  Mat 7:2,   Rom 2:1,   ).  James 4: 11--- says, not to speak evil of brothers, not to judge others, because there is one lawgiver………When James is revealed, no one can judge others, as they are “all” in captivity having sinned.   No one can judge in captivity as they all have sinned. Christ Has commanded people to judge their leaders in other places. Since we are our brother’s keepers unlike Cain, we have to show other’s sins and Mt 18:15  shows how. But when James’ epistle is being fulfilled, no one can judge others as all 12 tribes have found to be guilty and are scattered.  v 13… those who buy and sell, those who buy the truth and write about how they bought it  and try to gain what ever, either pride, or to get more members, or to boast, or to get more money, should know v 14….what will happen tomorrow? God will see to it!  

I also ask that you pray God would open doors for this message to reach the widest audience possible. Pray that word about the book would spread; that media outlets will pick up on this dramatic story and want to report on it, drawing attention to the book; that our advertising campaign will be successful….. when WCG gave 100,000 from God’s tithe money, to earth quake victims, GF condemned that over and over… now, he has spent so much to publish a book which contains lies. He claims, God came down to fight for the court case.  God fought for six years, then He failed and He finally gave millions of dollars to buy it. after all, God  Has forgotten to give the truth to Elisha, when he picked up the mantle!!!  In Rev 10. when it says, “prophesy again”, it is the message to ‘lament and mourn and woe’ was given as when it was given to Ezekiel, in the beginning when he prophesied lamentations to WCG . Even James 4: 9 says, to “lament, and mourn and weep. So now PCG needed such prophecy. This is what the ‘assembly’  need to prophesy, as PCG too has  gone in to captivity. Lam 1:15.  

Jam 5:1  Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Jam 5:2  Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten.

Jam 5:3  Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

Jam 5:4  Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth.

Member’s money  was spent in vain to exalt the leaders,…. They are crying out to God and God will hear….we have given our whole lives and tithes to God’s church because of the truth WCG had. Then, PCG started to hold on to the truth and then, we supported her the same way. All because of the truth and peculiar doctrines which are different than other churches. When PCG invited strangers to Passover, we opposed… the end result?  Our lives were spiritually murdered, thrown out. That was our whole lives they threw out. The widow’s two mites…. Don’t you think God will hear the cry? This is why all 12 tribes went in to captivity. Now, since they are in captivity, this prophecy of God hearing our cries also is being fulfilled…. Who are the hosts of the Lord during Israel’s captivity?  The “Gentiles”.  They are the hosts in this special Sabbath, which Israel should pray …..(read: pray your flight may not be on Sabbath). They are explained in Rom 9: 29…This chapter shows, how all Israel have failed and how Gentiles have attained to righteousness by faith. The book of James mostly apply to PCG as she is the church who misjudged the poor… and they are the rich. “The Lord of Hosts” is taken from Is 1:9… in this chapter, God shows how the faithful city has become a harlot… and the ox knows it is owner…. God condemns Israel and commends the ox. Who are the “ox”?.. (Read: Poor and fatherless) this is when the church is in “Sodom” and “Egypt”. Rev 11: 8… when the spiritual witnesses are doing their work….  

“They didn't want to be exposed”…..Did PCG want to be exposed of her covenant breaking sins? What did PCG do when she invited unbaptized in to God’s altar while judging others  of doing so? Did she want to be exposed? She spiritually  killed those who tried to expose….. Just like GF was disfellowshipped from WCG when he tried to expose, we were disfellowshipped too. But God worked through PCG. Now, since PCG cast us out, God is using us to tread PCG down.

PCG judged Mr Tkach for allowing his son to take over the church… but is not this the same thing GF is doing too? Giving glory to his son’s book than MOA, by comparing the two books and exalting it?  

When much is given, much is expected… who ever judge others, will be judged in the same measure he uses to judge others.



As I have written before, God allowed our lawsuit with the Worldwide Church of God to last for six grueling years because He wanted us  us to obtain as much information as possible for a book about their treacherous betrayal of Mr. Armstrong's legacy.”……

 Is writing  Mr Armstrong’s “legacy” is more important than the “truth” he restored?  Is this why PCG printed a bigger and with highest quality to print it? We looked everywhere in the Bible to see where God Has allowed PCG leader to “ obtain as much information as possible for a book  to be written about WCG’s  treacherous betrayal of Mr. Armstrong's legacy.”…… But we failed to find it. It has to be in a book which comes from the other god. !!!  As James reveal, when in captivity, no one can judge others as all have sinned. 1 Cor 4: 5 says, until Christ comes, the works of darkness will not be revealed… That is the “Day of visitation”… (Read ) 



What God really says to the last leader .....

  Rev 3:15  I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I would that you were cold or hot.

Rev 3:16  So because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.

Rev 3:17  Because you say, I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing, and do not know that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked,

Rev 3:18  I counsel you to buy from Me gold purified by fire, so that you may be rich; and white clothing, so that you may be clothed, and so that the shame of your nakedness does not appear. And anoint your eyes with eye salve, so that you may see.

Rev 3:19  As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten; therefore be zealous and repent.

Rev 3:20  Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him and he with Me.


Do you need a book, better than MOA, with more words and more pages, with highest quality, better than the books which they fought to get, to explain how they acquired them?


 We won’t be surprised if they claim, they both are the two witnesses!


WCG, openly admit they do not believe what HWA restored or claim to follow his footsteps. They do not even keep Sabbath. Like the prodigal son, they went away from God. PCG, claiming to follow HWA’ footsteps did not live by the truth. More over, she is trying to hide her sins. Has not God seen that? The best book WCG produced was “MOA”. The best book PCG ever produced is “Raising the ruins”. WCG’s book is about the “truth”. PCG’s book is about how they “fought and bought” that truth. Even though  PCG bought it, she failed to live by the truth. Our web site would prove that. PCG leader condemned WCG for inviting strangers in to their church and she  invited strangers to the “ALTAR”. Is that the way  to live by the truth contains in HWA’s books? What is the use of obtaining these books since  PCG has failed to live by the truth contains in those books? This caused God to leave the Sanctuary. PCG is not raising the ruins, but she is  causing the ruins. She had everything when WCG lost. When the world finds out the truth about all these, PCG will really need a place of safety to hide from the shame. But  God will see to that they will not.  


Since all Israel has failed, God will bring them back again. Now they are in Egypt spiritually. Then, they have to come out of sea. Ps 68: 22,  Is 42:10,   Is 43:16,   these chapters explains how God will bring them back.




Is 42: 4,  24: 15,   41: 5,   42:10,   51: 5,    60:9,   Jere 31:10,  , God says, “Isles” shall wait for His law…. Why the “Isles”…. ?  The islands are the habitable places in the “SEA”. Since Israel is now in the sea, (Read: Israel will come out of sea”) God dwells in “little sanctuaries”, in the “islands”, the “habitable” places in the “sea”. They obey God’s law now and they will be helping God to bring them out of the sea or captivity. These islands will obey God’s law, only when they are in the sea. This applies to all spiritual Israel now.


Is 42: …. Christ will bring judgment to “Gentiles” and He will open the “blind” (All Israel)  eyes… and will bring out the captives, ( All the 12 tribes who now are scattered, as James 1:1,  Ez 16:52)  those who sit in darkness…. V 7. Read these chapters, which shows,  how God will bring them back from darkness. The world has been in darkness for ever. Only the church had light from God, so only the church can become dark again. Is 60: 2-3 explains they are in dark and gentiles will come to their “light”. These are  God’s own  words .


In the end, as a “part of God’s indignation”, the leaders will exalt themselves. (Dan 11: 36) this prophecy is being fulfilled and only the cast out believers will see that. God Has to allow them to climb up to the highest level, in order to experience  the maximum impact of their  fall to the ground when He brings them down.   !!!


Mat 4:10  Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.


We who are in the “isles”, while Israel is in the “sea”, wait for God’s law . we worship only our “TRUE” God.!


Jere 42:5…. “God” is a “Faithful Witness”….

Rev 1:5,  3:14, …  Christ” is a “Faithful Witness”…

Ps 89: 37….”New moon” is a “faithful” witness”….


Pro 14:5  A faithful witness will not lie, but a false witness will speak lies.




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