God’s voice come from a “far” country…says God.

Israelites, like sheep follow a leader with whom they have confidence and high esteem and the leaders force them to obey the leaders instead of God. They have no choice, if they want to stay in the synagogue, they must unconditionally obey the government. But, God says, you must follow a leader, if they obey and follow God. The leaders and the church never obeyed God. The first five eras fell from the truth. HWA was the 6th head, who did not fall. He was ‘taken out of the way’ and then once again the church fell. The baton was passed to the WCG, who went into apostasy. Then “many” daughter churches, whom God calls “sisters” were formed. The ‘PCG’ was used by God to ‘judge’ other sisters, but in the end, she is has become “worse” according to the scripture, and she too broke the covenant in the East gate. “All” the churches are now in “spiritual” captivity. Who will then do the true work of the living God in these ‘last’ moments? This article reveals who God is working with – a ‘strange work’, with stammering lips and another tongue , a work which in no wise will believe.This is the strange work which GF wrote in his earlier editions of Isaiah booklet but later removed.  For the sheep to stay on the right path, U NEED TO KNOW where this work is! The ‘last’ work of God will be the ‘times of gentiles’. The prophet said the “THE WORLD WILL BECOME Israel WHEN THE GENTILES ARE GRAFTED IN . …these times are now being fulfilled. 







                                                                            March 2005


“Behold, you despisers, Marvel and perish! For I work a work in your days, A work which you will by no means believe, though one were to declare it to you.”

(Acts 13:41)


Gentiles shall know that the children of Israel went to captivity (Eze.39: 23; Jer 4: 16; Isa 56: 5-7; Deut. 29:21-28).  Christ said… I must bring the sheep that are not of this fold. They will “HEAR MY VOICE” (John 10: 16). 

Therefore let it be known to you that the salvation of God has been sent to the Gentiles and they will hear it (Acts 28:28). Gentiles heard God’s word as Christ said. But the Jews failed.  Praise is to God!!!

Listen!!! The voice, the cry of the daughter of My people from a “far country” (Jer 8:19).  Is not God with you in Zion?   Why have you provoked Me to anger?  God asks… With foreign Idols? Please listen to our cry, ministers of God if you know God is calling out to you through this daughter from a far country.

V 21…For the hurt of the daughter of My people, I am hurt. I, God am mourning. (God is hurt because the government of God hurt the daughter of HIS people in a “far country”. How? Jer 6:20 - because the church government broke the covenant of God in the far country and caused them to share the most solemn event--- THE PASSOVER   and sent incense on behalf of Sheba, (the Sabeans, Eze 23: 42 we have explained in earlier emails who they are). God does not want incense from Sheba. V. 20 - Therefore, your burnt offerings are not acceptable…
Who come from a far:

 Eph 2:12  and that at that time you were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world.

Eph 2:13 But now in Christ Jesus you who were once afar off are made near by the blood of Christ.  Those who are from the “Commonwealth of Israel”, Sr Lanka, India included for commonwealth countries, who were Afar off, are made near…God Has prophesied that we, the strangers from the commonwealth countries are made to come near. Can you, the children of Israel stop God from bringing us near to God??? Since you shared God’s incense and oil in the east part of the church, and being witnesses, we the gentiles were extremely sad and cried to God, for we knew this is a covenant breaking sin. Because of this, our brethren were cast out. God has seen our cry and He wants you to listen to our cry as well. We are not the people who are being punished, but you…the children of the kingdom. 

 Ez.39: 21-23 I will set My glory among the gentiles…they will see God’s judgments. Then Israel will know God from that day forward, after judgment. “The gentiles shall know that the house of Israel went into captivity for their iniquity…”This is why the times of the gentiles”. The “gentiles” shall see the judgments which God Has made, on Israel. (Ez 24: 21) Up to the time of the gentiles, the church LEADERS, OR GOVERNMENT, FAILED. (Jer 23:11…Both prophet and priest are profane) How do the gentiles know that the children of Israel have gone in to captivity? Unless God has revealed? . When God reveals something to somebody, He expects to declare it to others. In this case gentiles are expected by God, to tell Israel, why they went into captivity. This is a God given command to gentiles during the times of the gentiles. Rev 11:2, Gentiles, in the outer court, are to tread down the inner court.  The last hour was over and Christ’s wife risen as an enemy of the Lord as in book of Micah, which is for the bride of Christ in the latter end

Jer 16:19…The Gentiles shall say our fathers inherited lies, vanity…Because of lies, and flatteries, the whole church fell away and because of pride, vanity, they cannot repent. Mt 12:18, 21 Christ will show judgments to the gentiles and v. 21, in Christ, the gentiles will trust. Israel has inherited lies so they have to wait till Christ comes, so they can trust Him.

Deut 29: 21 – 28… Moses prophesied that people from a far land (v 22) would say, this punishment came upon because “they have forsaken the covenant v 25. This prophecy is being fulfilled as we write. We, the gentiles see the captivity because of their disobedience (Ps 53: 6). Salvation comes out of Zion after God brings His people back from captivity (PLEASE READ: Highway from Egypt to Assyria). Mr. Flurry said in Ezekiel book that the new covenant wife too has to go to captivity.

Deut 32: 20 -22… God said Israel will provoke HIM to anger and in turn, GOD will provoke Israel to anger by a foolish nation. This never happened in other eras.

God moved the lamp each time and raised up another era, between Christ’s first coming to second coming. Gentiles were never used to provoke them to jealousy.  Rom 10: 19... I will provoke you to jealousy…I will anger you by a foolish nation… v. 20 I was found by those who did not seek Me… Rom 11: 11…Through their fall, to provoke them to jealousy, salvation has come to the gentiles….Because the Jews continually angered God, He, now has given the salvation to the gentiles and they glorify God and will hear. V. 25, hardening of the Jews … until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in. It is God’s will. Rom.15: 9 – 12. (PLEASE READ: Times of the Gentiles).

When should this happen?

Ez. 7: 2 says…. An END!!! The END has come!!!  Mr. Flurry is the end time Ezekiel and the last prophet. Also, it is the time for judgment. The 7th king to sit on the woman in Rev 17 is present and God Has condemned her being a harlot. Mr. Flurry said during the last Ministerial conference, that he is the last, 7th head to sit on the beast (which is to sit on the woman, the harlot.) The church and the whole world will be judged within this decade. Because the 7th king must continue for a short time (Rev 17: 10).

Rev 17: 10, five have FALLEN. (The church never obeyed God and five eras fell from the truth.) HWA, himself did not fall (So the 6th King HWA… IS.  It does not say the 6th king fell,) but after he was taken away, the church FELL and disintegrated and many daughter churches were formed. (The final falling away). Moses said, “After my departure, wolves will come”… so they did. The wolves are false ministers.  HWA said the same thing will happen after his death, that too happened.  If the PCG at least, obeyed God, He would not have to say that the gentiles would know that they went to captivity… PCG was used by God to judge other sister churches (Eze 16:52) and in the end, PCG too broke the covenant in the East gate. Now, as God prophesied, God works through the little sanctuaries, and the gentiles. They are being used by God to execute judgments on the church which has become a harlot.  Ez 6:9, 11:16, 14:22, 23:45-49.  All these years, the time allocated for children of Israel to prove their faithfulness to God is over and God’s judgment has come now and God allowed them to go into captivity. Ez. 16: 52 –55 proves that all the churches are going into captivity, which Ezekiel’s wife’s death is a sign.  (PLEASE READ: Why Ezekiel’s Wife Had a Stroke). God struck her to punish Ezekiel, to show His anger and as a physical sign to show that God Has profaned His church.   Ez. 24: 16. At that time, v. 21 God said He would profane the ALTAR… V. 23 … “You shall pine away in YOUR iniquities and mourn with one another. Which means the church Ezekiel is present, should mourn with one another…  (From our earlier emails, we explained about a sin PCG committed and trying to hide from the members is… Ez. 23: 36 – 49.These verses explain the reason why Ez. 24 happened. Anyway, in our earlier mails, we proved according to the Trumpet and Plain truth articles, that the ( Ez 23: 42, )  17 local elders and 852 UNBAPTIZED INDIANS (PN 2000 Jan/Feb.) whom were invited by  an evangelist in South East Asia, to the Sanctuary and to the temple of God, Are the “Sabeans”.  Ez. 8: 16 and 11:1 says… the 25 men in the EAST GATE sinning, (during 2001 ministerial conference Mr. Harrison said he has 25 ministers under him. HOW ACCURATE GOD’S PROPHESIES??? Which means, in the end time, in the Eastern part of the church this abomination was committed.  Ez. 44: 7-9 and Is. 52:1, says, to invite strangers to the temple is to “break the covenant” of God which God was forced to leave the church visibly, while Ezekiel was watching, by the east gate. Ez.10: 18-19 & 11:23. After God departed from East, Ezekiel was brought to the captivity in Chaldea (Babylon). How clear this scripture written 500 or so years before Christ??? This is exactly same thing happened now. But Ezekiel does not want to admit his faults- God punished him by striking his wife. The abomination committed in the east gate caused God to leave the temple. Now, the temple is worldwide and, the east gate is in Eastern part of the world. It should take place in this part of the world, which it did. The actual inviting such unbaptized men and sharing God’s incense and oil and the actual incident is recorded in Ez 23: 36 – 49. The place is “BamahEz 20: 29 (Bhimawaram, India, where we had the church office with three of those people being directors). (PLEASE READ: How Covenant Broken in Southeast Asia).

  Co-incidentally, The Antiochus, in Dan 8:9, the little horn,
 (1) grew exceedingly great towards, “SOUTH EAST”. And…

(2)  Antiochus did damage to the covenant. (Dan 11:30) God’s church WAS PCG and by inviting UNBAPTIZED STRANGERS in to the ALTAR and to the temple, PCG BROKE THE COVENANT. (Ez.44: 7-9, Is 52:1)  All happened AS DAN. 8:9 SAYS… TOWARD … SOUTH …EAST.!!!  WCG, UCG, GCG or any other daughter churches did not have an exceedingly great work in EASTERN part of the world. Remember, PCG was used by God to judge others? Ez: 16:52. But condemned for being worse than others (PLEASE READ: Laodicean….PCG?).

(3) Antiochus gained power by deceit and flatteries. Our earlier emails showed few of deceitful lies that were told during this Sabean involvement, which are recorded in the PN articles, which no one can deny. . How could anyone break the covenant by inviting strangers to the altar and to the temple if not for flatteries and deceit? Even the prophet was deceived.  Mr. Flurry was not aware of those flatteries then, but now he is. We witnessed this crime PCG committed against God. All three major signs prove that Antiochus happened in South East (PLEASE READ: Christ’s Wife Betrayed by an Evangelist). Any time when God’s people commit such abominable acts, God chooses a remnant to declare their sins and to witness.  When WCG fell, God raised two witnesses:  Mr. Flurry and Mr. Amos.  Is 43: 12…? There is no foreign god among you and therefore…”YOU are My WITNESSES. V. 6-7 says, these witnesses, both sons and daughters, come from a far and, I, (God), called them by My name and I God, have created them for My Glory.!!! V. 22 they are not of Jacob or Israel. But coming from a far country and they are gentiles as in Is. 56: 4-7.

Five eras fell from the truth, sixth one fell after HWA was taken and the 7th one (Mr. Flurry said he fulfills the 7th head during the last conference. This is after 15 years he started his work, meaning, only NOW, he has started work as the 7th head, but that 7th head is Laodicean. Mr. Flurry continued to uphold the Philadelphia Standard and God used him powerfully. He allowed iniquity in the church and when it was brought to his attention to be taken care of, he did not measure it properly. He was aware of this “Sabean matter”. . According to Mr. Harrison, he acted on Mr. Flurry’s instructions on this Sabean matter. Mr. Flurry now says he is the 7th head. 7th head has a different work than the 6th. Which means, since the 6th head was Philadelphian and to have a different work is to fall from the Philadelphia standard and become the Laodicean.

Rev.17:11 says, the beast (Antiochus) is the 8th, which comes out of the seven, is going to perdition. A prince in the church committed this abominable, covenant-breaking sin. Because of him, the whole temple including the prophet has to go into captivity. Ez.12: 12- 14. But, he will be caught up in God’s snare and will come to nothing. When the covenant was broken, when God profaned the sanctuary, the daily was taken away. Now God accepts the daily from the little sanctuaries and from the gentiles.

We saw the wicked prince who sent the prophet and the church into captivity in Ez. 12; 12 – 14. The daily is stopped, God Has left, and the church has become Laodicean and the 8th little beast coming out of seven will go into perdition. This 8th is coming out of seven means when the 7th head is present only this 8th should be doing his abominable beastly work (but not until after God’s punishment), and the Tabernacle of David is fallen. Rev 18: 8… Death, mourning and famine in one day… We cannot …but to Witness against the Antiochus who crept in by his flatteries (God’s preserved, sanctified ones are warned by Jude, to contend for the faith once delivered. And 2 Peter warned those who have obtained the faith, about creeping ministers- How true? These 17 men in the east were invited, thus damaging the covenant. ) and the 7th king. The real Laodicean era started now because, PCG fell by breaking the covenant. How can you… the prophet, the princes and priests….take Passover this year, now you know that you have broken the covenant??? You are being judged now and the punishment is around the corner!!!

According to God, the reason why He had to work through the gentiles is because God Has condemned the children of Israel being a harlot. Now the time of vengeance. God Has condemned His own bride being a harlot. Jesus said “Daughters of Jerusalem”, do not weep for Me, but weep for your selves. Luke 23:28. She is the “Mother of Harlots”. Only Christ’s bride can be a harlot. We know that the Laodicean era has to go through the tribulation. Which means, God is punishing this harlot. Or begin at My “Sanctuary”. The highest tier.

Ez 11:9, when this abomination takes place in the east, strangers or Gentiles execute judgments. v.10 - fall by the sword, the word of God, the famine No longer members can listen to sermon tapes, no more libraries….If the ministers are being inspired by God, why would they be afraid of members listening over and over for the word of God which the ministers are preaching? Unless…… they, themselves are not certain that God inspires them???  Babylonian captivity!!! Confusion!!!

Ez 11:.1… There are two princes mentioned (Regional directors) among this abomination. Mr. Harrison and Mr. Williams, who are regional directors, met this group in 1999 August. Mr. Williams would have known that this crowd should never be a part of PCG. But he kept quiet leaving everything to Mr. Harrison’s hand. God struck him too. (God promises that He will deliver us from this. Ez.16:61 promises that God will remember the covenant. Thanks be to God!!!) Any era, when the church falls away, God raises up some to stand up and fight for the truth. PCG is blind to her own spiritual abominations. They refuse to be corrected as in Jeremiah. 2:30, 5:3, 8:5.  Why then is this people of Jerusalem slidden back by a perpetual backsliding? They hold fast deceit, they refuse to return. Israel never learned. Perpetual backsliding!!!  All the ministers, knowing that such a large crowd cannot be members all at once, and God calls one of a city and two of a family, did not even bother to ask how could this be? The tabernacle of David certainly has fallen and no wonder God calls the gentiles and other cast out ones to execute judgments!!!

Is. 56: 3… DO NOT LET …The strangers, or Gentiles who has joined to the Lord, (the gentile members who are called by God explained in Eph 2: 12 - 13) say God Has separated them. (It is the church which broke the covenant disfellowshipped them AND NOT GOD). But God says…to those who are cast out… Don’t say that…Don’t worry about that…My SONS and DAUGHTERS, the spiritual Jews, who say they are but do Lie…  will hate you and will cast you off,…but what is important here is what …I, YOUR GOD, THINKS.   V. 4 they Hold fast to God’s covenant and v.5 “I will give them a place and a name” “BETTER THAN THAT OF SONS AND DAUGHTERS;   that shall no be cut off…  It is God, who WILL GIVE THEM “AN EVERLASTING NAME THAT SHALL NOT BE CUT OFF.” This is why Luke 13 : 28, Math 8:10 – 12.The children of the Kingdom, will gnash their teeth, when they see that God Has called gentiles from east and west and they are not.

V.6… The Gentiles who hold fast to My covenant… “I WILL BRING TO MY HOLY MOUNTAIN”… In Rev. 17: 10, when the 7th MOUNTAIN WHICH THE WOMAN SITS is being rejected by God, we, the Gentiles, (who are fighting to “HOLD FAST TO THE COVENANT”… AND ARE SEPERATED (DISFELLOWSHIPPED AS IN V. 3,   and Isa 43: 6-7,) God Has called by GOD’S name and He has created us for His glory!!!! And … Is. 56 v.7 …I will bring them to My HOLY MOUNTAIN. All Seven Mountains this woman sat, Rev. 17:9, on seven church eras, fell away. Now, God is bringing the gentiles to His Holy Mountain.

When the mountain or Jerusalem has come to the end of their perpetual backsliding, and do not hold fast to the covenant, God promises the Gentiles who hold fast to the covenant, will be brought to GOD’S HOLY MOUNTAIN.  Can anyone break God’s promises to these gentiles who hold fast to the covenant???  Not even Antiochus!!! These gentiles are fighting with Antiochus…whom grew exceedingly great towards south…east.
Dan 11: 32-35.  v.33 - this plundering should happen “while in captivity”. Not before. This cannot be the work of the PCG to WCG, because then, they were not in the captivity. Mr. Flurry announced the captivity, after Mrs. Flurry’s death, which is now. So this work should come up after or during the captivity or after Antiochus caused the damage to the covenant.  PCG went to captivity after breaking the covenant by inviting the strangers as we know. Ez. 24 shows that why God struck Ezekiel’s wife…. Because as a sign that they are in Babylonian captivity. They shall fall by sword, (the word of God),  Plundering… which is why this letter. It is God given command to us to plunder those who have broken the covenant, who are deceived by the flatteries and deceit of Antiochus who did exceedingly great works towards South East, (Dan 8: 9 to break the covenant of God).

Diotrephus… 3 John, which happened also in Asia (if the true followers were disfellowshipped by this Diotrephus, they must be fighting FOR GOD for the truth. God condemned this man and Mr. Flurry said he is a regional director, in Last hour book and in Jan.2003 RV.  If he is casting out the “true followers”…
(1)    they should be in the true church.

(2)    Diotrephus must be in the true church to cast out true followers. But he is doing a false work, which God Is condemning. He has great authority to cast out true followers. He would have invited “FALSE followers” (17 local elders to the SANCTUARY, and 852 Unbaptized strangers to the temple and requested prayers PN 2000 Jan/Feb, Ez .8: 11 Thick cloud of incense or prayers went up to God, which made God to leave the church as in Ez. 10: 18- 19 and 11. 22 – 23, which was done in the EAST gate,) and cast out the true followers. . It is GOD who declares these cast out ones, “THE TRUE FOLLOWERS”.

 Those cast out ones must be executing judgments on Diotrephus.

 Balaam - The end time church or Christ’s wife is being warned of destruction similar to Balaam’s. 2 Pet 2:15, Jude 11, Micah 6:5, (Which is for the very elect, the preserved and called out ones, and Micah is for the “Bride of Christ”, who rose as an enemy of God  in the latter end.) Balaam means “destroyer of the people”, who brought the Sabeans, who are the destroyers of Job’s sons Job 1:15. Not only Micah, but Apostles Peter and Jude have warned us about a destruction to come in the end time like Balaam’s, but did we heed God’s word???  When Balaam type of work is being done, the surely, God would have sent the dumb donkey too.

2 Pet 2: 16…

Is. 56   V. 4… Hold fast …My COVENANT... Rev 3: 11… Hold fast to what you have… this was said when the 6th head is present, during the Philadelphian era and we, the gentiles are holding fast to what we had during the 6th era, the Philadelphian standard but the 7th head, the wife to be, as in Micah, in the very last end, too did not hold fast to what they had..  But these Gentiles did and are promised to be given the rewards of God’s sons and daughters. Thanks be to God!!! We, the Gentiles give glory to God!!!

Is.56: .5…A Place and a name…and an” EVERLASTING NAME”…Which is in Rev 3:12.  These promises of the rewards are mentioned in IS. 56 is prophesied to be fulfilled after the “Philadelphia era”, when they fall. But, in the very end as in Micah, the bride of Christ refused to be corrected and failed while these gentiles are holding fast to the covenant and are promised with these rewards... Praise be to God!!! 2 Sam 22: 45-46 and v. 50… King David said “I will give thanks to you O Lord, among the Gentiles because they submit to him. This is repeated in Ps. 18: 44- 45.  Thanks be to God among the Gentiles!!!

Is.56: 6… These gentiles love the name of the Lord, to be HIS SERVANTS.  But in this end time, they are cast out as in v. 3 and v. 8.    Deut. 32, after Moses sang the song to testify against Israel, of their unfaithfulness, in v. 43, he says… rejoice O Gentiles…His people. For He will avenge the blood of HIS SERVANTS.  (With is in italics which means translators later added.) The real sentence should read…… rejoice O Gentiles, His people. At the end of the song, which is to testify against Israel, that they have broken the covenant, Moses is telling Gentiles to rejoice, because they are God’s servants. Also, Moses says…that God will avenge the blood of HIS SERVANTS.  These gentile people’s blood, God will avenge. Why??? Because the PCG killed them spiritually. They were cast off. Why else would God avenge the blood of HIS SERVANTS??? Is 56:6… These gentiles are holding fast to the covenant and that is why God is rewarding them this way. But the true church had cast them off, thus killing them spiritually. But God calls them they are His people. These gentiles who hold fast to the covenant, are (Dan 11: 32-33) plundering the captives, and have become strong and doing the exploits which are heroic acts. God has raised them up.!!! In this end time, the gentiles are God’s servants…Is 56:6, Deut 32: 43. Thanks be to God!!!
Is 56:7 … And make them joyful in” MY HOUSE OF PRAYER.” THEIR SACRIFICES WILL BE ACCEPTED ON MY ALTAR. My House shall be called a house of prayer for ALL NATIONS. Gentiles…  When the 7th king is sitting on the woman, or the mountain, God’s judgment has come upon her. No more eras or no more kings. Then God brought the gentiles to God’s mountain.  We, the gentiles give glory to God!!!

My House of Prayer… Why Has God promised this reward to gentiles and not for Jews?  Ez 8:11… 70 elders sent up thick cloud of incense to God and that made God to reject their prayers and God visibly went away from the temple as shown earlier.. Jer 7:11 - This house, which is called by My Name, has become a den of thieves… God has seen it. Now God accepts prayers of Gentiles. Mark 11: 17, Math 21: 13, Christ chased the Jews who were in the temple saying you have made My father’s house a den of thieves. In this end time, Antiochus caused deceit to prosper and by deceit requested God’s people’s prayers on behalf of unbaptized people, making God’s House of Prayer a den of thieves. So God says He will make the Gentiles joyful in God’s house of prayer.

When this covenant breaking sin was brought to Mr. F’s attention, God commanded him to ‘RISE and measure the ALTAR and the temple”. But Mr. F failed. If he was not told about this sin in the East gate, God would not hold him responsible. When the command came to measure, this was already brought into his attention. But Mr. F took 4 months to study and failed to measure according to God’s judgments and again was deceived by flatteries and allowed to cast out the true followers whom brought this to his attention. God struck his wife…the place (South East Asia) where they broke the covenant was stricken by tsunami, and one of the princes who went to “Bamah” Ez.20:29, also was stricken in the east gate. (Mr. R Williams) These Jews could not discern Christ coming in the flesh of the gentiles to execute judgments as in Ez 23: 45 – 49. Thus, the end time prophet whom was used by God to judge other sister churches,  he, himself went into captivity and was judged by God as being the 7th king to lead the final era of God’s church,, the Laodicean era. Mr. Flurry, because you rejected God’s correction, you fell from the Philadelphian standard. During the 6th era, no one invited unbaptized strangers into the sanctuary. Mr. HWA fired his own son to protect the church. But you caused the deceit to prosper under your rule… Now God has rejected you… Ez 24:21 -  “How like a widow is she…who was great among the nations!!!

Lam.1:1 - Because you provoked God to jealousy by inviting harlots… The whole book of lamentations is for you… Oh! How you allowed the nations to enter into the sanctuary, those God commanded not to (verse 10).

Their (The gentiles) sacrifices will be ACCEPTED ON MY ALTAR… When the 7th king is sitting on the woman, God rejected her and HIS ALTAR sacrifices because they are defiled and God is accepting Gentiles and their sacrifices on God’s ALTAR. God has desolated the Tabernacle of David. Acts 15:16… Christ said I will return and will rebuild the tab. Of David, WHICH HAS FALLEN DOWN. V.17 Even all the gentiles. (Amos 9:11-12)  These prophecies never fulfilled until now.  Our Tsunami email shows how God rejects the Altar. Amos 9 explains how the altar has gone crooked.  Is. 29…how the highest tier (Ariel) has sinned. Now God accept Gentiles on His ALTAR.
Is. 60:10…The Gentiles shall build your walls... And their Kings shall Minister to you… (ALTAR)  when should this happen? … For in My wrath I struck you… (At the time of the judgment, which is now, when God Has stricken, THE GENTILES SHALL MINISTER and their work is accepted on God’s Altar and they are building the walls. Mal 1:11… My name shall be great among the Gentiles, their incense and offerings are pure to the LORD. V. 12 BUT YOU…PROFANE IT. Zech 1:15… even those who are far away shall come and build the temple.

Is 56:8 - Lord gathers the outcasts… the gentiles are cast out, but God gathers them. Others besides those who are gathered to him… Christ said this in John 10:16… “Other sheep I have which are not of this fold. Them also I must bring, and THEY WILL HEAR MY VOICE. We see these prophesy are being fulfilled right before our eyes. Only the blind cannot see that GOD prophesied all these.  Thanks be to God!!! For accepting gentile’s sacrifices on His Altar.!!


 Is 56: 10 - His watchmen are BLIND. During the time of the gentiles, God’s chosen ministers are blind to their own sinfulness. They don’t even know that they have broken the covenant. They are so blind and they think God is blessing them with worldly goods like prayer rocks, (stone idols,) pianos (wooden idols) candelabras and big buildings. God says they are dumb dogs, ignorant and cannot bark. They do not want any fighting for God’s truth. They do not care that they have broken the covenant of God. They do not mind to rise up as an enemy of the Lord, just before getting married to the Lord. But God is merciful and will remember His covenant and will establish it for His own name sake. Ez 16:61
Thanks be to God!!!

We cannot hearken to a prophet who has taken the whole church to serve other gods. That is a command from God.  When Apostle Paul was rejected by Jews, he said he will go to gentiles and gentiles accepted and glorified the word, Act 13: 46-48. , 15:17, 18:6. 

Acts 22:21 - Christ said hereafter, I will send thee to Gentiles. 26:17
Acts 28:26 28…God said even though the Jews hear the word, they will not understand and they will be blind: the Laodicean condition.

I will call them My people, who were not My people (Act 9: 25-26).

When the 7th head is present, the church has fallen from the Philadelphian standard. The rewards are being promised to gentiles in Is 56. Church refused to hold fast to what they had during the Philadelphian Era. But the gentiles are holding fast.

The gentiles shall come to you and say “surely our fathers have inherited lies, worthless and unprofitable things” (Jer 16:19).