Ancient Ezekiel was asked to” judge” Israel for their covenant breaking sins. But he failed. In anger God struck his wife. This is a sign for Israel that they have sinned. As ancient Ezekiel failed, the modern day Ezekiel too failed. Ez 24: 21..his wife’s stroke, is a major sign for God’s people that they will be in captivity and the Sanctuary will be profaned by God. Ezekiel proclaimed after his death in 2004, that the captivity has begun. The sin which caused God’s anger to be aroused is what happened in the “east gate”. If the death is prophesied, then the cause should be prophesied too. As Ezekiel failed to judge, God raised up an assembly to judge (Ez 23: 45-49)

Since this sin Ezekiel and the church committed is with the “Sabeans”, and since they are in the east gate, we who witnessed and live in east gate only could judge the matter. We here by inform everyone : why Ezekiel’s wife died…. 





WHY EZEKEIL’S WIFE HAD A STROKE?...........(letter to Mr Flurry)


If Ezekiel’s wife’s death is prophesied, the reason why it happened too must be in the word…..Why? Why?? Why??? It is because of the same reason mentioned…….

Son of Man,.. behold.. I take away from you the desire of your eyes with” ONE STROKE” Ezek. 24:16 An END TIME SIGN to prove who is “That Prophet”. You fulfill the modern day Ezekiel’s role and your wife had a stroke also……………WHY????? In Ezekiel’s time, God’s chosen people committed adultery with “Sabeans.( Ez.23:42) They went to a place called “Bamah”.( Ez. 20:29) to commit this idolatrous sin. Who are the modern daySabeans”? , Where is “Bamah”? and more importantly, who are modern day “Oholah” and “Oholibah”? This idolatrous act provoked God’s jealousy and as a punishment, God struck Ezekiel’s wife with a “STROKE “. Is “that prophet’s” wife too was stricken by God for the same sin? Did PCG committed the same sin? ………………I will prove the crowd we invited from India are the “Sabeans” and Bamah (Bimahwaram) is the place we went to invite them, FROM THE BOOK OF EZEKIEL.

In Ex. Chapter 23:36, God said to Ezekiel :Will you judge “Oholah and Oholibah”? But….. v.45 – 49 says Ezekiel did not judge the way God commanded and therefore…..GOD RAISED UP AN ASSEMBLY TO JUDGE. V. 46 God brought “An Assembly” to trouble them vs. 47 – 49, God used the assembly to stone and destroy these “Sabeans”. That is how God caused the lewdness to cease from the land. V. 49 they shall repay you for your lewdness…..”YOU SHALL PAY FOR YOUR IDOLATROUS SINS…. “THEN YOU SHALL KNOW I AM THE GOD”

What is the real truth? Did God used God’s children in India and Srilanka to destroy the Bamahwaram office in India? And the 17 ministers and 850 people? Were they called by God? Acts 5:35 – 39 says 450 people were brought by one man called Theudas and since they are not from God, they fell away and it came to nothing.. Gamaliel advised the people that if it is from God, no one can destroy. But if it is FROM GOD, lest you fight against God and therefore, no one can destroy God’s work. In this letter, I will show you that I was not the person who destroyed God’s church

We should be able to discern the signs of the end time.

In eze 24, two things are given as signs. Ezekiel’s wife’s stroke and the death, and Ezekiel being mute.(without prophetic revelation) V.24 says Ezekiel is a sign to God’s people in this end time, that he is “THE PROPHET’ Why do God’s people need a PHYSICAL sign to prove His chosen prophet?? If they have the faith, they would not need physical signs.

Last year, you gave several sermons to discern the signs of the end time..

Contending for the faith once delivered by Jude

2 Pet. 2, the creeping ministers within the church.

2003 Jan issue of Royal Vision – an article about Diotrephus

Measuring the Altar and the temple.

5. Time of gentiles

These prophecies, messages, commissions were given by God to the prophet.. Why do those who are” sanctified by God, preserved in Jesus Christ and Called,” need to be reminded of “earnestly to Contend for the faith ONCE DELIVERED”? In this last hour, don’t they have faith?

You taught…….1 Peter is from outside, 2 Peter is from WITHIN the church. why Has God inspired Peter to write about Creeping ministers, if there aren’t any? Has any minister crept into the church and caused the congregation of God to loose the faith once delivered? In the R/V Jan issue, about Diotrephus……… Is there a modern day Diotrephus? Has Dioptrephus cast out TRUE FOLLOWERS? From the TRUE church? Is that why God commissioned you to Measure The Altar and The Temple? If there is no need to measure, why would God Has given a direct command to do so?

As we WRITE TO YOU VERY HUMBLY, we think that these little details may help you to UNDERSTAND the present status and the troubled spirits experienced currently by you and the church . Eg:-Mrs Flurry’s stroke, revelation withheld, disturbing emails, ministers and members having problems with each other, sickness ,brethren hating each other and taking to courts, incest, pornography, loosing court battles so many marriage problems, ministers and members having problems with one another, members and ministers are critical of each other etc….

HOWEVER, please forgive us Dear Mr Flurry, if we have erred anywhere in this letter, for we are not trained scribes or perfect in character. We are only trying to do our job which God Has RAISED. This was what some of us did in the last 5 years by destroying these “Sabeans” and sending letters judging this” idolatrous act “ and executing with the sword which is the” word of God”. V.47 ( Ezek. 23: 45- 49)

The scriptures bring out what happened in” Bhimawaram”( In India) or “Bamah”as AN ABOMINATION .God Has condemned the ancient Israelites for going to Bamah and bringing the Sabeans from Bamah. Will He approve His Son’s BRIDE going to Sabeans?

EZEKIELS WIFE WAS STRICKEN BY GOD TO SHOW HIS ANGER – Ez. 24: 16-25, 23:49) for our idolatrous sins. (Vs 16 and 21) Eze 20: 29 (Bamah in Hebrew means the high place for pagan worship. Bhima means the high place for Hindu deities and” waram “ means blessings, or to request favors from these deities. So the name Bhimawaram (or Bamahwaram) means the High place where people go to get blessings from Hindu gods.


Mr. Armstrong taught the Sabeans are the descendants of Sheba living in the eastern countries, Sheba, Seta, Raamah, Dedan, living also in India., and Ethiopia. ( Plain truth July 1975, Trumpet Jan 2002) (Smith commentary says Sheba, Joktanite, Cushite, Keturahite, sheba son of Ramah, in Persian Gulf where Aryan Indians came.) Abraham and Keturah begot Jokshan, he begot Sheba and Dedan. In Gen 25: 3-6 says, Abraham sent them to eastward to eastern countries. (Easton commentary…….... Sheba, a son of Ramah settled in Persian Gulf) Int.stand.Bible Ency. Says, Sheba, an Arab tribe with Dedan are Cushite in South Arabian tribes. Their worship took the form of gifts to temples, especially incense. According to the “Plain Truth” July 1975 and “Trumpet” Jan 2002, The “Sabeans” came from Ethiopia and settled in India.

Esther 1:1 India to Ethiopia was untied with 127 provinces. So these Ethiopian Sabeans would have settled in India those days. These facts prove Sabeans are also in India. The Ethiopians are very dark colored people, and the leader of this group also very dark . Job 1:15 “Sabeans” were used by Satan to destroy Job’s children also. In this end time also, the spiritual Israelites were destroyed by Sabeans, used by Satan. So “Sabeans” are destroyers used by Satan. James 5:11 remind us Job’s perseverance. He watched his children being destroyed by Sabeans. Joel 3:8 God says He will cause some children to be sold to Sabeans as a punishment. These Sabeans have been destroyers if God’s people.

Jer 6:20 To what purpose cometh there to me INCENSE FROM SHEBA AND SWEET CANE FROM A FAR COUNTRY. Incense and sweet cane are found abundantly in India. (Gill’s commentary Joel 3:8) Very rarely you find a shop or a house which does not burn incense sticks daily. Interestingly, the incense sticks are called Joksticks in some parts of India.. (Joktan, Jokshan) Also, even in streets in India, you find sweet cane juice , they crush and a drink in ez 20:28 – 29 the sweet aroma comes from incense and the drink offerings come from sugar cane, which were offered in Bamahwaram. This verse in Jeremiah 6:20 shows one of the problems God showed Jeremiah was, pcg sharing the incense or the prayers of God with these uncircumcised “Sabeans” by inviting 14 of them as ministers of God, to His sanctuary, and absorbing 800 people.Ez:23:


Ez. 23: ….God is CONDEMNING two of His end time churches COMMITTED THE SAME IDOLATROUS SIN WITH THE SAME CROWD, in the same place. BUT THE LATTER CHURCH DID WORSELY. Ez: 23 : 1 ---Two women, daughters of one mother. This prophecy is for two daughter churches of WCG.). UCG went to Bamahwaram and invited the “Sabean” crowd to their church in 1998. ( Their Newsletter, May 1998) They invited the leader and his wife to one feast in England and for a few months, they were members of UCG until they found out that Mr Kumar lied about some money and got fired..(UCG fired him in 1999 Aug., but in March, same year, while he was still a member in UCG and months before he was fired, he had already contacted Mr. Harrison. Same year in August, this leader was made the contact person for PCG by Mr. Harrison.)That was “Oholah”. The other only church invited these same “Sabeans” was PCG. Just like God Has Written in Ez..23 : 11………. Oholibah saw this, she became more corrupt than her sister. UCG, was involved with this crowd for few months but PCG, was involved for years and still struggling to get rid of it.( Mr Harrison, feels it will take two years to get rid of it completely and this procedure takes a lots of PCG money ) Such a case is reported also in Jer 28: 1-17, and Hananiah died as a punishment for lying – V.17. )

Last year, Mr. Harrison had asked the leader of this Indian group to come and meet him. Mr. Harrison announced this in Bombay and in Bangalore, that this leader now has about 15 more people and now they would like to get baptized and join PCG. In other words, 4 years after this crowd was accepted in to “GOD”S ALTAR”, and after God got rid of them, again Mr. Harrison wants them to join God’s church. Mr. Harrison announced now they will be baptized, (Which means they were never baptized in the first place, before they were invited. No one, not even Mr. Flurry, Not Mr. Leap ( He signed the ordination certificates of those people, whom were accepted as ministers, 17 of them), not even the advisory council, or other evangelists such as Mr Turgeon, or Mr. S Flurry bothered to check how can such a large crowd (800) people come at once ). But, If such a large crowd comes in one of the western countries, Mr. Flurry would be there to give out ordination certificates, personally. Not even once, a head quarters minister or any other minister, other than Mr. Harrison visited this area. So this sin was covered up. God’s people around the world was asked to uphold the “Philadelphian standard” in taking Passover (Phil News 2000 Jan, pg 8) and not to let strangers take Passover, but in this region, the regional head, broke that “Marriage covenant” which God made with His wife, as in Ez 16: 8. Thus she became a harlot as described in V. 32 – 38. He asked for God’s people’s prayers thus sharing His oil and incense as in Ez 23: 41, sacrificing God’s children to other gods V 37, 16:20.

WCG NEVER WENT TO “BAMAH” AND DID NOT BRING ANY SABEANS TO THE ALTAR OR GOD’S SANCTUARY. This problem God is showing is about the two churches who went to these “Sabeans”. Therefore, this message is not for the WCG or any other church. V18 says that God Has alienated from both churches. This act caused Ezekiel’s wife’s death as a punishment. Very serious and very sad. I am hurt and troubled. …Are you hurt and troubled Dear Prophet, that we have all sinned against our Father and Husband? Did not we all pray for these “Sabeans” …. 800 of them? And 17 Ministers….. Absorbed into PCG, all at once whom “God Has Not CALLED. …….. The first question one of those so called ministers asked soon after handing out the certificates of ordination, was:……. HOW TO KEEP SABBATH?”… WE WENT THROUGH FIRE,……WE WERE SHOCKED AND ALARMED…..


In Ezekiel booklet, pg 71 says “Again the word of the Lord came unto me saying, Son of man, cause Jerusalem to know her abominations, Ez:16:1……GOD SAYS THE EZEKIEL WATCHMAN MUST CAUSE JERUSALEM TO KNOW HER ABOMINATIONS.……..In Ez. 16, God’s primary focus is on Jerusalem above—the end time Church of God. God will cause you to tell this to the church. When God says cause her to know her abominations, the prophet must tell the church which did this sin, which is PCG. Not WCG, as she never went to Bamah and invited Sabeans. It is PCG……PCG……PCG. If God tells the prophet to tell this to the church, God expects him to tell this and He expects her to Admit and repent. Without repentance, no eternal life. PCG stays defiled and God will judge her as a harlot. Ez 16: 32 – 63, 23: 45- 49 Because the prophet failed to tell this abomination, God Has raised up “An Assembly”….. Ez 23: 45- 49.

V. 49…. They shall repay you for your lewdness….

You shall pay for your idolatrous sins!!!!

(Spiritual captivity…… spiritual tribulation!!!)

Pg 72……. To be bound in God’s skirt is God’s coded way of saying the Philadelphians grasp the marriage covenant with God and the Laodeceans don’t. (This means, God is married to PCG. And in this chapter God condemns the church HE IS MARRIED, WHICH IS THE PCG. NOT WCG. These are your own words, which God Has inspired to write.)

Pg 74.. Bride’s beauty: The Crown indicates she is a queen.. The wife of Christ., which is the PCG. The others will be in children’s level. This too proves that PCG is the church God is condemning.

EZEKIEL Chapter 16: Describes the PCG, with whom God entered into the marriage covenant.

Vs.8 I spread My Skirt over you…………… I swore an oath to you and entered into a covenant with you when “ End time PROPHET” is present,

in the latter days or in the end time.

Vs 10 the PCG only was given fine linen which pictures God’s Righteousness.

Vs 13 Only the PCG was succeeded to “Royalty”

Vs 44 like mother (wcg) like daughter (pcg)

Vs 45 you are the sister of your sisters……… God is not talking about Samaria and Jerusalem. Only in this end time there are many sister churches. Anciently, only two. Which are Israel & Judah or Samaria & Jerusalem. So this is prophecy for the time when there are many daughter churches, which is now. After Mr. HWA died. . If it was for either Samaria or Jerusalem, then God would have inspired to write “you are” THE SISTER’ OF YOUR sister……. (Singular.) Not sister of your sister(S.)

Vs 47 & 48you became more corrupt …… certainly; the pcg associated with these “Sabeans” for years, while ucg did only for months.

Vs 49& 50- WCG taken away for” Sodomy”—(Spiritual)--pride, fullness of food and idleness.

V 52 You who judged your sisters…….. only the PCG was used by God to judge the sister Churches. Rom 2 : 1- 5 Can we commit the same sins after judging the other churches for inviting people those whom God Has not called?

V 53 shows there are many churches of God. God is punishing all the churches. Your captivity among them means, pcg is under captivity also. The true church which God entered into a marriage covenant, and used by God to judge other sister churches also have to go to captivity. This is just before Christ’s coming, v 61.(When PCG becomes the mother or wife)

V 61 … when you receive “older” and your “younger” sisters as daughters means, we know that the PCG is in the “bride level” and therefore all those who are coming from other churches, will be PCG”s children. Therefore, the pcg, the bride or the wife of Christ receives others as children or daughters. “Then you will remember your ways and be ashamed when you receive your older and your younger sisters”……… Which means the wife and the children all are condemned. The pcg also has a reason to be ashamed of. God is making the wife to be ashamed. This is prophecy being fulfilled. The measuring the Altar and the Temple, boiling pot and Ezekiel’s wife’s death ….all are a part of showing God’s anger. The pcg, , committed worse sins than other churches. Were they ashamed of it ?.--------- NO-----------.THUS SAYS GOD IN HIS STANDARDS. [ Jer. 8:12]

V 52.Samaria or ucg,( Ez 23:4) did not commit half of your sins but you have multiplied your abominations more than they, and HAVE JUSTIFIED YOUR SISTERS BY ALL THE ABOMINATIONS WHICH YOU HAVE DONE. “So the sister church which judged all the other churches, who is going to be the mother or the wife of Christ, committed worse sins”. We should have been more careful with all our knowledge. As such, these Bible verses which we now understand as HAS HAPPENED make us more fearful of ALMIGHTY GOD, ----His word coming alive!, we can easily tell you what we saw but it is not possible to write everything in a letter. But the true God knows everything. What we saw is recorded! ……….We are amazed and sad!.........

WE SIGHED AND CRIED {Jer. 8: 18, 19}

After Mrs Wickramasinghe and some of us wrote to you individually and collectively, regarding this matter, we were waiting to hear from you. You thought it is best for Mr Harrison to handle the problem. .The result was, two members getting disfellowshipped and discord among brethren. Our questions were put aside and not answered biblically. Mr Harrison said we, lay members have nothing to do with administration, as this is a government problem. We heeded, but our troubled spirits were directed to the scriptures and found that according to the word of God, Our father does not think so. Should we all hurt our God and Christ by breaking the marriage covenant, ….breaking first four Commandments? Can we face God and Christ having broken our covenant? We are very sad our dear prophet; our stomachs roll when we think that you and the whole church prayed for these “Sabeans” and shared God’s incense and oil. Eze 23:41.We know who” “THE SABEANS” are ………breaking commandments cannot be watered down to “administration problems”…. This problem should have been handled only by you , Dear Mr Flurry.! This is a marriage problem and not an administration problem, Dear prophet. We love you,we don’t want you to be deceived. . Jeremiah booklet pg 39…. It is a lie that we can violate God’s commandments to achieve our wants. Sins have to be acknowledged as God says in Jer 3.11-15 . Blessed is the man who trusts in The Lord to do His work. Jer 17: 7.


After the members here were disfellowshipped we received the confirmation of same from Mr. Turgeon by email on the 30th Dec. last year. Few of us got together, and were saddened by the fact that instead of Judging this matter according to the word of God, you have decided to disfellowship them for bringing this to your attention.(we must mention that we acted on what you commanded us from your lectures on 2 Peter and Jude about exposing creeping ministers. Fulfilling the prophecy of the” RIGHTEOUS ASSEMBLY” in Eze.23: 45-49 . Little did we know then, that we were raised by God Himself. We knew this is an IDOLATROUS ACT. This prompted us to do a series of studies individually. In His mercy, to our amazement, He Has shown us that we were “The Assembly God Raised”. ..: He Has appointed us to be used by Him to destroy the “Sabean” involvement with the PCG. We also learned that Ezekiel’s wife was caused to have a stroke by God for not judging Oholah and Oholibah for going to Sabeans. The next news we got the same week was Mrs Flurry’s stroke. You once said that “if you are right, God will back you up”.God did back us up in a very sad way. The prophecy of Ezekiel’s wife’s stroke had to be fulfilled.

In Gill’s comm.. it says Eze. 24, boiling in a pot picture the destruction of Jerusalem. The choice meat are the strongest……. The princes etc……. the ministers, evangelists….. (This is the way God is measuring the Altar and the Temple. ) and personally punishing Ezekiel for not judging.

Ezekiel…. 24 in this chapter…(The Babylonian captivity) …..

Because Israelites did not heed God’s warning, God allowed the Babylonian captivity. The city of Jerusalem with its Princes and the people were pictured as boiling in a pot for punishment and Ezekiel was punished by his wife’s death.

1. Prophet Ezekiel’s wife was stricken by God as a punishment for spiritual idolatory.(Committed in the chapter 23) Modern day Ezekiel too invited the “sabeans” and failed to judge t he matter thus fulfilling the prophecy.

2. Prophet was mute during her illness, until the escapee came. V. 27 (God certainly will send the escapee after the punishment if not repent before.

Since you fulfill the role of Ezekiel, we were shocked and saddened!. All these things proved to us that the PCG is the true end time church and that you are “THE PROPHET” and that we have to back you up as God backs us up. Our God is the Great God Just as you say “ our job is not an easy one, nor it is a work we can take casually. We are to serve the Almighty!. And seek His strength.

These signs, Wife’s stroke and declaring the captivity prove that you are “the prophet” God Has chosen. Now even more certain that you are God’s prophet. It is God who sent us to Bimahwaram and gave us the job of destroying the Sabeans. In time you will understand this.

This was a very serious sin we committed. God says in Ez 24 ; 13 and 23, lewdness and iniquity is found where the prophet Ezekiel belongs to. God will not punish Ezekiel for WCG’s or any other church’s sins. As v.23 says, mourn with one another, God does not expect you to mourn WITH WCG or any other church but with PCG members. We only mourn for Mrs Flurry’s stroke. When someone tells you that you have some dirt on your clothes, would you bash the person who showed you the dirt? By disfellowshipping us you did just that. When found some dirt, we need to wash. Until we wash, we cannot get rid of the dirt. The dirt will be there. When we sinned, we must acknowledge the sins when God expose them. If it is wrong for WCG and other churches to invite the world into their church, is it right for PCG? While judging other churches, as the scripture says, we did the same. Until we repent and get the forgiveness from God, the dirt or the sin is still in us. God is waiting till we do that. Through your wife’s stroke, God is showing His anger. In the end, everything will work out according to the prophecy. God says in Ez 16: 60, He will continue to Establish the Covenant. This is a time of measuring. Everyone who does not admit their sins will be corrected. No one is perfect. Until King David and Christ comes this will continue to be so. (Ez 34; 23.)

The assembly….

Ez 23: 45- 49