God use natural disasters to destroy the wicked Israelites when they disobey Him. But do you know why God Has called an  East wind” at the time of the judgment? This is how He destroys the  wickedness of  spiritual’ Israel? It destroys specially the proud  Laodiceans. This happens at the time of God’s wrath. How would this wind destroy them?

Do you know when Israel came out of the sea first time, it is the east wind which blew on the sea and caused Israel to walk over dry land? 




“East wind” destroys evil

26th aug 2006 


During the “days of visitation”, which is to “judge” and correct the church or the wife of Christ, God will use an “East wind” to destroy the wicked. It is called a  “wind”, “whirlwind”, “east wind”, stormy wind etc .  He causes a wind to blow during the punishment, and He will do many miracles by this wind as He does with the fire, hail, lightning, cloud etc.  We must make certain, that we will not be thrown or destroyed by this wind.  East wind, since it is blowing from “East”, it should blow on “west”. This wind is very destructive and even has destroyed ships. Just as Christ said the ‘lightning’ will come from ‘east’, this wind too blows from ‘east’. As God’s ‘weapons of indignation’  are called out from “East”, and from a far country, this wind blows to destroy the wickedness of His people. As the wind blows and swift away the rubble,  so this “east wind” will be too. It will be short lived. When Christ said, He comes as a “thief”, to destroy the wicked, the wicked would not know that He Has already come. He will be working with those who are in the “East” as His covenant was broken in the “East”.  


Job 38:24, Which I have reserved against the time of trouble, against the day of battle and war? By what way is the light parted, which scattereth the “east wind”  upon the earth? … At a time of trouble, on the day of battle and war, which is why Christ comes as a thief, God causes the “light” to part and the light is scattered by the “East wind”. (read: Christ comes as a thief in the night pt 1,2) Light, or revelation comes through this wind.  


Job 15: 2 says, if a wise man utters “vain” or empty words, he fills his stomach with “east wind”.  “Wise” men, are only in the ‘church’. Usually,  they do not speak in vain. But,  Bible prophesies  that wise men speak vain things during the “laodicean” era because their wisdom has perished. THEN  they speak  things wise in their “own sight” and “not according to God’s knowledge”. Therefore, their speech is in vain and  when they speak vain things, they fill their stomach with east wind or they bring upon themselves the punishment of God. “Wise” men should speak wise things “according to “God’s” knowledge”. If they speak vain things, according to “their” knowledge, they  bring condemnation on themselves. For wisdom begins with those who “fear” God. But the Laodiceans do not fear God. If they feared, they would not become Laodicean.  They have broken the covenant of God too and have spiritually murdered  those who are fighting for God’s rights. They aroused God’s anger and in turn, God allowed them to have their own way. This is when they started to speak vain things. And that is why they stumble in judgment.  God’s judgment period started as the last leader said, he is the 7th head or he is the last leader of the last era which is Laodicean.


Eph 5:6 -16 and Col 2:8, the end time “gentiles” are warned to not to be deceived by “vain words”, which the “sons of disobedience” would say. These gentiles are to not to associate the wicked sons of disobedience. But they  are advised to “expose” them.   James 2: 20, specially speak about the rich laodiceans, who have misjudged the poor. (read: poor) And they do not know that it is a “vain” thing to have “faith” without “works”. They could not practice the “pure” and undefiled religion, which is to visit the poor. (James 1:27) This is happening now, as the rich were partial to poor. Their faith, is without works. They bind burdens on others, but they themselves would not carry. Mt 23:4. They teach the world to keep commands and to love the neighbors but they do not do so. They use God’s name in vain in their lives as they do not practice what they preach or obey God as Ex 20:7 says. These rich men, when they speak “vain” things, without works,  bring punishment on themselves and that is what it means in this verse…. the east wind fills their stomachs. They bring punishment on them.


Dan 4:27  Wherefore, O king, let my counsel be acceptable unto thee, and break off thy sins by righteousness, and thine iniquities by shewing mercy to the poor; … When  Daniel interpreted the dream and said, that the king has some “iniquity” and sins, he said two things against the king. The king is “righteous or self-righteous” and he has “iniquity”, because he has “not shown mercy” to the “poor”. Daniel was inspired by God to interpret this dream to the proud, self exalting, and unmerciful king Nebu.  Since “GOD” made this accusation, He found only two things wrong in this king. All the end time books in the Bible, accuse “God’s leaders” of being “rich, self exalting” and they have “not treated the poor” with justice. (read: Joshua.  These writings prove from the Word, that it is Joshua, the last High priest who has “iniquity”, and a major sin in him was not treating the poor with justice) This is why, God and CHRIST have chosen the “poor”, to be rich in “faith”, in the very last end and have bound them to the vine as we have proven from many of our  writings. The “Laodiceans” are “rich” and increased with “Physical” goods, but the “poor” are rich in “faith”. (James 2: 5) “God”  Say so. Daniel is an end time book. This applies to God’s end time leader who also now is  inBabylon”, “spiritually”. He is a type of king Nebu. He is so righteous, that no one can show his mistakes. Anyone, even a minister speak against him, is cast out. A good example is, when MM was criticized by Mr. D Leap, the following Sabbath itself, he was chastened by this leader publicly. A  man is self- righteous, if no one can show their mistakes or do not want to be corrected. So GF is a type of king Nebu. When God pointed out his sins, He accused king Nebu, that he has “iniquity”, because he was not judging the poor according to God’s standards. How much God loves the “poor”? These two sins caused king Nebu, to be punished by sending him to the wilderness to dwell with the beasts. He was wet with “dew…(read : Women Pt 1 and 2 …. How God sends the dew)


  Deu 32:2  Mydoctrine” shall drop as the “rain”; my “speech “shall drop down as the “dew”, as the” small  rain on the tender plant, and as the showers on the grass;… Since the last leader is now in Babylon, as he has been behaving like king Nebu, having committed the same sins as king Nebu, now he too is being sent by God to the wilderness…. The “dew” is being dropped through the gentiles as we have proven from many of our writings. The “Eastwind”, is one of the ways, God sends His ‘dew” to this king.


In Joseph’s dream, (Gen 41: 6, 23, 27, the seven thin ears and cows came blighted  by the “East wind”… this is the seven years of famine… and the Bible says, there will be a famine now too.  In v 21, no one knows that this has happened. The fat ones were eaten by the poor ones


 Isa 5:16  But the LORD of hosts shall be exalted in “judgment”, and God that is holy shall be sanctified in righteousness.

Isa 5:17  Then shall the lambs feed after their manner, and the waste places of the “fat ones” shall strangers eat. These fat ones are not lambs anymore.

Isa 5:18  Woe unto them that draw “iniquity” with cords of “vanity”, and sin as it were with a cart rope: … during this judgment period, God will be exalted instead of the self righteous fat bulls like king Nebu and the end time leaders. The “waste places” of these “fat ones”… ? God says, the places of these fat ones will be in waste as He Has profaned the sanctuary, in Ezekiel’s time (Ez 24: 21) . When the “fat ones are being punished”, during the judgment, the strangers will eat what they should eat. This is how the thin and ugly bulls devour the fat ones, but v 21 says, no one knows it. Is 10: 16..  the Lord of hosts, send among his “fat ones”,  leanness;  The ugly bulls have already devoured the fat ones. Is. 5 is all about the “house of Israel”. V 18, God says these fat ones have “iniquity” and “vanity”… just like the king Nebu. The major reason or sin found in Nebu, was self righteousness and that he has “iniquity”, because he mistreated the poor. Same as the leaders mentioned in James 2: 5--- (read: Poor )


Who sees ‘vain” visions?... According to God:….?

Ez 13… the “prophets” of Israel, are “foxes”, because they have seen “vain visions”. (v7)So it is the “prophets” who have seen vain visions. They see ‘vain’ visions, because God does not reveal things to them anymore. So they see and speak vain things.   God’s Hands (read: The Arm of The Lord) will be used against these foxes. They will not be in the ‘ASSEMBLY” … V 11-13… since they are “not” building the way God wants them, God will send them a “stormy wind”, and an “over flowing shower”.  The gentiles are the over flowing shower. Is 66:12.


Jer 4:14… it is end time ‘Jerusalem’ who has vain thoughts. That is God’s church. If they have vain thoughts, then they are the ones who will see vain visions and speak vain words. The man of sin, and the high priest speak vain things. They are cut off.


2 Kings 17:15… And they rejected his statutes, and his covenant, ….and they followed vanity, and became vain , and went after the heathen whom the LORD had charged them, that they should not do like them. The same thing  was done by PCG. She was puffed up by vanity because she was given the most revelation by God  (Ez 16: 8-14) and she was not satisfied with what God gave her and  went after heathen in Bamah, breaking God’s covenant. Therefore, they became “vain”. When king Solomon sinned by “going after other gods”, God called him an ‘evil’ man. ( 1 kings 11: 5- 11) and as the punishment, God said, that He will take the kingdom and give to his ‘servant’.  Same will happen now as the prophets in Jerusalem  have seen vain visions.


Job 37: 17 says, garments are warm when He quiets the earth by ‘south wind’. (V 9..out of ‘south’ comes the whirlwind. )This happens during the ‘judgment’ period, when the people from ‘south’ are called to do a work of judgment. When this wind blows, the sinners will be quiet because of their sins and in shame. When the ‘south wind’ blows, everyone’s garments will become warm because of the heat it brings. God’s anger is felt in this wind.


Lk 12:55.. Christ said, when the wind blows from ‘south’, the ‘heat’ will come. In this chapter He was saying how to ‘discern the signs of times’. This wind is a major sign with the clouds and other judgment signs of how to discern the signs of Christ’s coming. The prophets should know  when the ‘hot’ south wind blows, heat is coming also. This is why the garments are hot, because God  is present in this ‘south wind’. It comes in His anger.


Job 27: 19-21… God causes the ‘rich’, wicked  men to be carried by the “east wind”. Moreover, the v 20 says, this happens in the “night”. (read: Christ comes as a thief in the NIGHT Pt 1 and 2) So, this wind, blows in the “night” to destroy the filthy rich. The Laodicean children are the ones who are rich.


Is 27 talks about a time when God punishes the “Leviathan”, or the king of the “proud”(Job 41:34). In this “night”, as Christ comes as a thief,  to correct the wickedness of His people, all the proud and wicked will be destroyed. This is a time when God punishes the stones of the altar (v9) and incense altars (which was sent on behalf of Sheba in Bamah )  and Jacob’s iniquity. God will remove it by His “wind”, the “east wind”. As Christ comes from the “east” like lightning, this wind or God’s work will be done by those who are in the “east”.  


Jere 18: 15-17… Because God’s people have forgotten Him and have burned incense to vanity, or when they are rich and proud, like at the moment, during the laodicens era, God will scatter them with an “east wind”.


Mat 26:64  Jesus saith unto him, Thou hast said: nevertheless I say unto you, Hereafter shall ye see the Son of man ‘sitting’ on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven. …. This verse does not say Christ is sitting on the ‘right hand of God’. It says He is coming ‘ON’ the right hand of power’ ;  means (strong’s 1141) ‘might, miraculous, force or a wonderful work. Christ cannot sit on a ‘power’. He uses some people as His ‘right hand’ as power to come or do His wonderful work. .Our ‘clouds’ articles proved from the ‘word’ that  God is using ‘gentiles’ as ‘clouds’ in this ‘night’. He cannot be actually ‘sitting’ when He is coming. He uses the clouds and His hands to come to punish the sinners.  (Ez 30:3). We have also proven form the ‘word’ that in the end time, as God used Moses and Aaron as His ‘hand’ or ‘arm’ to bring Israel back from captivity during the first time, now too God will be using some people other than Israel to bring them out of captivity as His ‘hand’. (read: the Arm of The Lord) .   Just as He said, the ‘ Son of Man’ will be coming as lightning in the ‘east’, now He is coming sitting on the “power” of His “right hand” and on the “clouds”. This is what this verse means. As Job 36;28-32, clouds are scattered by God to do His judgment work. Ps 104;3… God’s chariots are clouds. (read; clouds pt 1,2,3,4,5,6) The wicked will be carried by the ‘wind’ Job 21;18. As our “Foolish nation” writing proved, Christ is coming sitting on the donkey and the colt, or the foolish nation to clean the temple.


Ez 19: 12… (V1) when the “princes” (or RDs) of Israel are cursed and punished, God uses a ‘east wind’ to scatter them. Her strong rods were broken and withered; the “fire” consumed them. God’s ‘words’ are ‘fire’ and it will consume them, But the east wind dries up the mother’s fruits. Like in Is 27… The women set the branches those were cut down on fire. The women, whose robes were pulled out when the ‘bride of Christ’ turned as an enemy of God in Micah 2;9-10, have turned against or raised up by God to judge and witness against the crimes she committed against God. !


Jere 23: the ‘prophets’ and people have committed adultery (Bamah) and profaneness has gone to the land or, to the church  through the prophets. (Ez 24: 21-23, it is Ezekiel and the church which is profaned) V 11. In ‘God’s House’, wickedness is found. V 19… “whirlwind” falls on the ‘wicked prophets’. V 20… In ‘LATTER DAYS”. Now, this is happening. God’s whirlwind is sweeping away the wickedness from the prophets. In God’s wrath and indignation,  His ‘weapons’ are those who come from a ‘far’ country. Is 13: 5, Jere 50: 25. The works will be carried by  the “East wind”.


Jere 4…11-12, the “wind” to judge, (during the judgment period, which is now)V 13… in “clouds” and chariots,….Behold, he shall come up “as”  “clouds”, and his chariots shall be as a ‘whirlwind’. This clearly says, God comes on ‘clouds’ and He uses a “whirlwind” as His chariots… V 15… “Ephraim”… rest of the chapter says, this happens when the earth became tohu and bohu again.(read: Night pt 1,2)


Ps 78: 9----… “Ephraim” broke the covenant. How God caused the waters to stand as a heap for them to pass and how He used “fire” and “cloud” to guide them.  This is talking about our time, as there wasn’t a tribe called “Ephraim” back then. Or they did not have the covenant to break in the first place.  Now only, Ephraim”  has broken the covenant and is coming out of Egypt”. As they are now in Egypt as Rev 11: 8 says.  Therefore, this prophecy should be applied to us now. Ephraim, is  in England. (We have written about this before.) Our Regional Director, broke the covenant by inviting 800 unbaptized and 17 elders in India, as you all know, the “bamah” matter. This is how “Ephraim” broke the covenant. Rest of the chapter says, God did not choose the tribe of Ephraim, but chose the tribe of “Judah”.  But “Judah” too went in to captivity. Then who are “Judah” during the ‘judgment? This is talking about the ‘judgment’ and the ‘end time’. When they, Israel and Judah provoked God  to anger and to jealousy as v 58 says,  He said, He will raise up a ‘foolish nation’, to provoke them to jealousy. Now in judgment,  He Has bound the foolish nation to the tribe of “Judah” in Genesis 49: 10-12. They are the tribe of Judah now, or the ‘foolish nation’ which was bound, or the gentiles who were grafted in to the vine. (read: Genesis 49 and the foolish nation) .


Hos 12:1  Ephraim feedeth on wind, and followeth after the “east wind”: he daily increasethlies and desolation”; and they do make a “covenant with the Assyrians”, and oil” is carried into Egypt.

Feeds on the wind’ means, going after the things do ‘not profit’. When you feed with the wind, what do you have?.... Nothing.

Follow after east wind” means he goes towards “east” or to the eastern part of the world or the church (and since he increases in “lies”)… to do his lying and deceitful works, which brought desolation on them.


He made a covenant with Assyrians? … Ephraim, or the “Spiritual” Ephraim, the children of God in England, ( always the leaders, the RD) increased lies in East.  He came to “east gate’ as Ez 8-11 says  to mingle with the world or invite unbaptized in to the most Holy place, the sanctuary as 17 elders were  invited and made a covenant with them instead of holding fast to true God’s covenant. That is how they went to Egypt(Bamah adultery). This is how the   “Oil” is carried to “Egypt”… this is Holy spirit, which was taken to Bamah or the world, by sharing God’s spiritual things with the worldly people. This is why, now the church is in “Egypt” as Rev 11: 8 says. This is why, the “East wind” is being used by God to destroy. Since they committed this sin in the ‘east’, the true followers of God  who witnessed this sin are being used by God to judge them and to expose this sin. This is how, the ‘east wind’ came to be. Ancient Israel never took the “Oil’ with them to Egypt, as they simply did not have any. There was no “Ephraim”, oil or covenant back then. Ephraim is condemned in the Book of Hosea in many places…Hos. 8:9, 9:3, 7:1, 7:8, 6:4,


Hos 5: 3.. O Ephraim, thou committest whoredom, and Israel is defiled. Because of Ephraim’s sins, Israel is defiled. Since PCG is the last church in Israel, when she broke the covenant, all Israel failed. Now they are defiled.

V 4.. They will not frame their doings to turn unto their God: for the spirit of whoredoms is in the midst of them, and they have not known the LORD.

V 5.. Israel and Ephraim fall in their iniquity; Judah also shall fall with them.Israel, Judah and Ephraim, ALL fall together.

6… he hath withdrawn himself from them.

v.7..They have acted treacherously against Jehovah, for they have brought out strange sons. Now a “new moon” shall devour them with their portions. (read: Night pt 1,2) the ‘new moon’ is now shining in the night  which Christ Has come as a thief to judge the sinners. Hos 5: 1, God calls for priests, king and Israel at the time of the judgment.

V 10 The princes of Judah were like them that remove the bound: therefore I will pour out my wrath upon them like water. When God is angry, He pours water from His clouds. This is why Christ said in Lk 12: 54, that when there are clouds in the ‘west’, there will be showers. It is God who balances and send the clouds in His anger (Job 37)

13… it is ‘’Judah’ who has a ‘wound’ with ‘Ephraim’ having a ‘sickness’…(read: Spiritual Judah’s wound)  

V 14-15… God will be like a “young Lion”, means He will use ‘young lions’ and we have proven who the “young lions” are. Until they acknowledge their offense, God will not come to them. YOU WILL ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR OFFENSE WHICH YOU HAVE COMMITTED AGAINST THE ALMIGHTY GOD! In your affliction, you will seek Him. !


Hos 9: 13.. Ephraim like “TYRE”… the proud city which was destroyed by God… This is the prophecy in Ez 26-28… HWA wrote in MOA that there will be a type of “KING” of Tyre and a “Prince” of Tyre in our time. He delivered MOA in 1985. So this should happen in our time.  God is seeing “Ephraim” like “Tyre”. HWA said, the “king” of Tyre is “satan, and  “prince” of Tyre is a human who will be possessed by satan. This is none other than the prince or the RD in Ephraim, who broke the covenant and brought God’s children to the murderer as these verses, say. This “Tyre” is soon to be destroyed in the  symbolical “sea”. (Ez 26-28).  Ez 27: 26… The “east wind” will break the pride of Tyre in the seas.  Finally, this prince of Tyre, will be broken up by the east wind. This is what we are doing.  The ministers will remember and could go back and listen to the sermon tape which A Harrison gave in 2001 July , during the “regional directors” conference saying….. “I have 25 ministers under me”. Ez 8-11… the exact number… in the “east”. This is the prince in Ephraim, who broke the covenant and who follows after “East wind” to increase his lies, who brought strange sons… v.7..They have acted treacherously against Jehovah, for they have brought out strange sons. Now a “new moon” shall devour them with their portions . Strange sons, means strangers, who are unbaptized… now, the “New moon”, the gentiles, who are a new moon in the “night”, which Christ Has come, has devoured them with their portions. Now the gentiles are being fed with their portions. This “night”, the shepherd will be stricken and the flock will be scattered (Mt 26:31- Zech 13:7)… Same as Dan 12:7, and 11:36…


Hos 13:1  When Ephraim spake trembling, he exalted himself in Israel; but when he offended in Baal, he died….”I have 25 ministers under me”…This is how, Ephraim exalted himself. Where did these 25 ministers come from? From the world…this is the “baal” worship.  The unbaptized, 17 men were brought in to show a big work to exalt himself. The prophet covered up his fellow’s iniquity and he too is being punished now. Because of this baal worship, he has to die.  V 11. God gave this king, or the leader or the prophet in God’s anger. Just as Zech 11: 16-17 says… after breaking the covenant with all Israel, God raised up a wicked shepherd who would cover up his fellow’s sins and not care for the flock. This is it! This is the end of all wickedness in His leaders. The “east wind” will dry them up as chaff. (Is 40:7, Jere 4: 11…(v16, come from afar)  Everything is recorded in the PN articles. Ephraim exalted himself in Israel  he also worshipped Baal, the “Bamah” matter.


Hos 13:15  Though he be fruitful among his brethren, an east wind shall come, the wind of the LORD shall come up from the wilderness, and his spring shall become dry,.. no more water… his spring will not bring forth water. He was fruitful among the brethren but the east wind will make his springs dry. Now , the east wind is blowing.


Zech 9;.. 9, Christ is coming on the donkey and the colt, (read” Genesis 49, Donkey and the foolish nation) as this is a prophecy, He comes to cut off the chariot of Ephraim, and the horse from Jerusalem. … V 10.  Horses cannot battle with God. ( Ps 33: 17, 147:10, Mic 5:10) Christ comes on a meek donkey to cut off a strong horse and a chariot in Ephraim and Jerusalem. If you have been reading our articles, you would understand what God means by a “chariot and a horse”. They are strong leaders in Israel, or the church.  V 11… they are in a waterless pit… The famine of the word. This is why Christ comes on the donkey. Even in the first time when He came, He cleansed the temple.. now too this is why He comes, as a thief in the “night’. (Mt 26: 64 … sitting on the right hand of the “power”…. )


Arrows:  “Arrows” are sent in the “wind”.  When the “east wind” blows, God sends His arrows also.  Is 5: 26_ 30 explains, what will be the end of the vine or the house of Israel… God will call some form a far, they come from the end of the earth, and they are like young lions, and at a time when there is darkness in the heavens. This is the “night” when the sins of Israel have brought darkness. (read: Christ comes as a thief in the “night” pt 1,2) V 28.. they are the ones who will send the arrows.

Ps 64:7.. God will send the wicked His arrows and wound them.

Ez 5: 16… God will send evil arrows of famine… which is now.

Ps 77: 15-19…at the time of the clouds, lightning,  the arrows also sent.


Hab 3: 11… when the sun and moon would not give light, as of now, in this night, then the arrows too will go.

Deut 32: 23… this is the time, when ‘God’ testifies (Rev 15: 3)against Israel for the ‘broken covenant’, by causing the gentiles to sing the “Song of Moses”.(read: Song of Moses) Now, God sends His arrows. V 42 explains, this happens when God is taking the ‘vengeance’ and while Israel is in captivity. This is now, as the v 43 explains, the gentiles are rejoicing because they are called God’s people. (with is in italics which means translators later added) When all Israel failed, and as Rom 10: 16 -21 says, God Has raised up the “foolish nation”. But Israel would not believe our report.  


Ps 76: 3-9: God will send arrows to the wicked. The chariot and horse will be destroyed. V 9 explains this happens when the wicked will be destroyed and the righteous shall be established.

Ps 18: 8-14 God will send His arrows when it is “dark and night” and when the clouds are working and at the time when His lightning goes forth. (read: Night articles) Son of Man comes as lightning comes from East !


Ps 144: 6, Zech 9:14… arrows and lightning and darkness, clouds , hail, fire, thundering all, comes in the night, when God is angry and taking vengeance. He uses those who are far away, as His weapons of destruction, “the gentiles” as this ‘east wind’ comes.   


Ps 11: 2… but the wicked send their arrows on the upright. God will use the upright in return to send arrows to the wicked as we have proven. The arrows do not walk, they are shot to go in the “wind” .  They come from a far, from the ends of the heaven, and from the “east wind”. This is happening now when all the weapons of God’s anger is being used to destroy the wickedness of Israel


Ps 78 : God wants His people to hear that although He brought them out of Egypt and yet they rebelled. V 10 speaks about how they broke the covenant. The covenant was broken several times but  the last time in Zech 11: 11.  (Also Ez 17… the king of Babylon taking everyone captive.   Because the covenant was broken Ez 17: 19)  The last church to break the covenant was PCG in the “east gate”. This should happen where there are no more people in Israel to continue the covenant. Then, as v Ps 78:26 says, the “east wind” and the “south wind” was used by God to punish them. Also Ez 17, 10, the “east wind” will wither them. God uses this east wind to destroy those who have broken the covenant. Ps 78 V 29. they ate and were full and then God gave them their desire, or delusions to believe what they want or desired, then God’s wrath came on them, while they were eating meat. (read: Weaned or not). “Eating meat” means  to finish the work. While PCG was just about to  finish the work, they broke the covenant. Ephraim caused it .In 2004 November, GF gave a sermon ; “Finishing the work”.  . Therefore, God’s anger came upon them and they are now exalting themselves as God Has given them their desire because of the lust.   


Lk 12: 54-55… The showers come from the west… Word of God comes from the west, from HQs. But the “south wind” dries up all that because of it’s heat. Still these hypocrites cannot discern the signs of times. !

The “southwind” is blowing !!!


Hab 1:9…those who come to gather the captives will come like “east wind”. Our many writings have proven that God is using the gentiles in the “east” to gather Israel. In GF’s sermon “Holy Roman Empire”, he said, that gentiles will bring Israel back from captivity, referring to Is 14.


Is 41:16;.. when the ‘man from East’ goes, and when the poor and needy was not given water, there will be a ‘wind’, which will scatter these leaders. The winnowing fan is still being used in the eastern countries such as Sri lanka and India. It will carry the useless grains by the wind and the good grain will be collected separately. The wind carries the useless ones away. This man too was called from “east”… This is the east wind…


Rev 6: 13… The “stars of heaven”, (the children of Israel or the church) will fall like when they are shaken from a ‘wind’. This happens  during the judgment, which is now.


Psa 48:7  Thou breakest the “ships of Tarshish” with an “east wind”. . What does this mean? Breaking the ships of Tarshish? This happens when the kings are in fear as v 6 says.


1 Kings 22: 48 says, king Jehoshaphat  made ships of Tarshish to get gold from “ophir”. But, the ships could not go, as they were broken. Why the ships were broken? ….2 Chron 20: 34- 37… King Jehoshaphat  joined with king Ahaziah, who was evil and……

2Ch 20:37  Then Eliezer, prophesied against Jehoshaphat, saying, Because thou hast joined thyself with Ahaziah, the LORD hath broken thy works. And the ships were broken, that they were not able to go to Tarshish. V 35 says, Ahaziah is a wicked king. King Jehoshaphat would have known that he is a evil man, but still he joined with him. , The prophet, knowing the deeds of our RD, after proving and receiving 63 paged letter with evidence of the  Bamah matter which he caused,  even after our minister was sent by God as the ‘man form East’ to show the prophet’s sin in judgment, he joined himself with this evil RD and covered up his sins. We are asked to not to side up with a false witness. (Ex 23:1, Deut 19:18) Not only the prophet covered up the sins, he spiritually killed God’s children who are the poor in order to hide the sin… God just allow everyone to sin, but when He  send someone to correct the matter, He expects the total repentance and obedience and correction. If not, He punishes.  God made the poor  to be rich in faith as James 2: says. (2 Chr 19:2) King Jehoshaphat did many things to restore the commandments and put the kingdom in order according to God’s way. All explained in 2 Chron 20 etc..


So it is because of Jehoshaphat’s disobedience to God,….. Because thou hast joined thyself with Ahaziah, the LORD hath broken thy works. And the ships were broken, that they were not able to go to Tarshish. Because of his evil friendship, God broke the ships of Tarshish with an ‘EAST WIND”. Now, the east wind is blowing against the leader who joined with an evil man.

1 Kings 22: 45… he showed his might… so he would have thought since he is doing well, that one little mistake of joining with an evil king would not arouse God’s anger. Ahaziah worshipped baal. V 53.. we must not equally yoke with such baal worshippers. Then our works too will be broken by God. Trusting an evil man, brings evil upon ourselves.  The “east wind” broke even the mighty ships of tarshish


Exo 14:21… the LORD caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that “night”, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided…. Israel is now in the symbolic sea as God will bring them back from the sea (Ps 68: 22) . This is why, God is causing the east wind to blow all this “NIGHT” . Just before He brings Israel, once again.  He Has to make the sea dry for them to come out. The east wind is blowing all this night!!!


The gentiles who saw Israel’s captivity (Ez 39: 21-23) , during the  times of gentiles, which is the “day of The Lord” and also a cloudy day (Ez 30:3),  the weapons of God’s indignation (Is 13:5), the assembly, who is being used by God to crush the mighty (Lam 1:15),  the assembly which stones the harlot (Ez 16:40),

The assembly who destroys Israel’s harlotry (Ez 23: 45- 49),  the people in the “East gate”, who witnessed the covenant breaking sins (Ez 8-11) the oppressed poor who are rich in faith (Jam 2:5) and the poor who watched the broken covenant (Zech 11:11) the gentiles who sings the “song of Moses (Deut 32: 43, Rev 15:3), the new moon which has come in this night, the poor vinedressers (Is 61:5) and many more…., the cloud, the fire, hail, wind, lightning, the winnowing fan,




The Gentile Assembly.