In 1999 and 2003 the PCG Pastor General revealed that Daniel 8:9-14 refers to an end-time SPIRITUAL abomination, which will be caused by .. a Regional Director, fulfilling the role of “Diotrephus” and Antiochus.  V 9  identifies this man’s work will be in ‘South and East’, as he grew exceedingly great  towards. We who live in SE who witnessed, could only know who this is. What is the transgression that caused God to leave His sanctuary?  This ‘personal’ letter written to the PCG prophet and the high priest, WITNESSES about  this covenant breaking sins and the man who caused it. Does he listen and judge righteously? The truth is now unveiled about the shocking events, hidden from God’s people. ‘








8th Dec 2004

Dear Mr. Flurry,
I just learned that Mrs Flurry passed away as prophesied. Please accept my deepest sympathies. God would have not allowed such a thing to happen to the prophet’s wife, unless that is the only way to teach us the lesson God wants us to learn. I hope you received my earlier fax, which I sent last month. I truly am sorry to hear about Mrs. Flurry, whom I looked up to as my own mother. We can be happy for her, cause now she is resting and is saved from all the trouble that we have to go through. She truly inspired all of us. Without a very good reason, this death would not have happened. If the death is prophesied in the Bible, then the reason why God allowed it also should be written in the Bible. Further to my earlier letter, I would like bring to your attention, the following;
It has been an agonizing experience for the church to go through the death of the prophet’s wife .It is even more agonizing to learn, why she had to die. She was our mother. The whole church mourns in awe for this sudden departure of our mother. Amos 8:10  God Says: “I will turn your feasts into mourning”.( the memorial service of Mrs Flurry’s death was shown in all  feast sites during the feast and Amos 8: 10 was fulfilled) Why did God allow that? No time and chance for God’s people. Everything happens to those whom God calls, for a reason, for our own good , to teach and correct us.   As a loving father, He corrects only those whom He loves. He even Has numbered our hairs. Would not He watch very closely what happens to His prophet? The whole church prayed for Mrs. Flurry’s recovery or for God’s will to happen. It was God’s will that she should die.  John 18:14 say that one man should die to save others. In Eze.24: 16-27 God showed Ezekiel, that because he did not judge God’s wife righteously, (Ez 23:40-49) that He Had to take Ezekiel’s wife by a stroke. Anciently, the prophet Ezekiel failed to judge  Ez:23: 36 , and the modern day Ezekiel too failed to judge. If not for serious sins committed by Ezekiel and the church, such as committing adultery and idolatry explained in the chapter 23, God would not let such a thing happen. “You hurt my wife; I will hurt your wife.” That is how God acted in this case. Many commentaries say Ezekiel had to declare this to Israelites. You too have to tell the church, the reason why Ezekiel’s wife had to die. God found iniquity in Ezekiel and the church.  ( You have taught that, if we break the law, we break the marriage covenant. (Ez:16: 58 - 60, God says, “You have paid for your lewdness and for your abominations. I will deal with you AS YOU HAVE DONE, who despised the oath by breaking the covenant”. So, we have done something to break God’s covenant and it is abominable in God’s sight. Therefore, God says;  “NEVERTHELESS, V.60, I WILL REMEMBER MY COVENANT, WITH YOU IN THE DAYS OF YOUR YOUTH”  ( Why does it say in the days of” your youth”??? May be because, we have forgotten the “pledge of obedience”,after passing the days of our youth or when fully grown.. So God will remember His part of the covenant  which we broke and therefore, caused God to NOT remember the covenant. That is why He says that He is going to NOW establish it.) In your Haggai booklet, pg 10, it says: Fourteen years before, the foundation of the temple had been laid , and  some progress……. Last December was PCG’s 14th year. Even after 14 years, the PCG has not finished building the spiritual temple of God. In last December, after 14 years only God made that  judgment  and therefore, to strike your wife. He wanted YOU to see that you have not been judging and correcting the ALTAR.

 It was last December, that you decided to disfelllowship me, thus despising God’s correction. That is after 14 years since God laid  the foundation for the PCG. This is another indication that God is trying to correct the PCG(or the church which God condemns which is not ready even after 14 years, since  He  Has laid the foundation) and not other churches or the world. )  You, Mr. Flurry, very well know that UNBAPTIZED cannot attend Passover with us and we cannot invite just anyone to the ALTAR. That breaks the marriage covenant, as we saw in Ez.16:58-61.   Since we have broken the marriage covenant, by inviting some  unbaptized men  into the ALTAR, thus,  Christ’s wife became DEFILED. Once defiled, what should we do to correct it? Will it be corrected by trying to put it behind by reasoning; it is in the past and now why should we bother about that now? ??  By trying to forget it?? By compromising with the laws of GOD??  UNTIL, UNLESS, we thoroughly repent and ask for forgiveness from God, we will continue to stay defiled.  Mr. HWA has to put even his own son out of the church and many ministers out of the church for same reason and to clean the church, to protect the church.  We have come to the end of the last hour and still we have not washed ourselves from this iniquity.” WHY did God commissioned you to RISE and measure the ALTAR and the temple, if there wasn’t a necessity? What is the sin THE ALTAR AND the Temple committed?? There must be something wrong in the Altar and the temple as a whole church.  May be both The Altar and the temple committed the same sin?  Son of Man,” Will you judge?……… then declare their abominations… You have to tell the church why all these things are happening to the church. Or God will use someone else.
At this time of measuring the altar and the temple, and the revelation has come from God about Diotrephus, Antiochus, Balaam, and many antichrists, God brought a serious idolatrous and adulterous act for the prophet’s attention to be taken care of.   God wants to expose this sin of the Altar and the temple, so the prophet can correct it and he can see how the Diotrephus, Balaam and antichrist prophecies are being fulfilled. Christ has to marry a chaste virgin. Not an “adulterous wife”. God divorced ancient Israel and WCG for the same reason. (If breaking law breaks the covenant as you taught, WCG and other churches broke the covenant many years ago, because they have broken the law of God.  God Has divorced them. Now, the only church, in this last hour, which hold on to the covenant is PCG”. God did not strike any other leader’s wives in any other churches. God wants to correct the PCG because in  PCG also God Has found some iniquity that need   measuring. )  How then would He allow His own wife to go unpunished and uncorrected when such a heinous crime was committed and caused God to profane His church? (Ez 24:21) and when God brought it to be handled, the person whom God chose to bring it out, was disfellowshipped.  (What if King David has refused God’s correction through Nathan the prophet and killed him?  What made God to call King David,” a person after My own heart?” It was his attitude of TRUE REPENTANCE . God allowed King David to commit even, murder. But when God exposed the sin, he repented. God expects His called out ones to repent) It was God Who wanted to destroy those uncircumcised people fellowshipping with His wife as in 23:45-49(The assembly). Once we get our garments dirty by doing such an act of inviting unbelievers to the sanctuary and the temple, thus breaking the covenant of God, unless everyone repents, that dirt will  still be on us.You, innocently believed Mr. Harrison, but when God brought it for you to have handled, for some reason, you again believed Mr. Harrison and allowed me to be disfellowshipped, thus rejecting God’s correction. It was God whom wanted to expose that sin.  Mr. Harrison could not discern Christ coming in the flesh of a donkey to stop him putting a stumbling block for God’s children as it is to happen in this end time again Jude 11 and 2 Pet:2: 15. (Both books are for the PCG. You taught) Please allow me to remind once again that you disfellowshipped me on the 24th of December even though I received the confirming email on the 30th. That is the same date that Mrs Flurry has had the stroke.
How it all happened….In 1999, 17 unbaptized ministers and 852 people were brought to GOD’S Sanctuary and to the temple by the government of God. Please allow me to explain how this act is wrong in the sight of God.  In Jan/feb 2000 issue of Phil. News, last page, it says 17 local elders and 430 baptized members were taken as at present, there are total of around 852 people attend Sabbath services. (This is Eternal’s Sabbaths) “Your prayers would be greatly appreciated”……….Signed by an evangelist, Alex Harrison. (This is asking God’s prophet and the people to share God’s incense and Oil for “sabeans”, or a multitude of unconverted people ,  as God Has condemned in Ez. 23:41-42. Right on top of the same page, there is another article by Mr. Malone, “SHOULD THE UNBAPTIZED TAKE THE PASSOVER?” (Here are some points that article say about unbaptized taking the Passover?)… “Did God tell all of the surrounding countries to observe it?? NO. He only told His people. There shall no stranger eat of….. a foreigner and hired servant shall not eat there of Ex. 12:43-45.       And when a stranger shall sojourn with thee, and will keep the Passover to the lord let all his males be circumcised, and then let them come near and keep it.  And he shall be as one born in the land. For NO UNCIRCUMSIZED PERSON SHALL EAT THEREOF. Ex 12:48.          They have to be circumcised like all male Israelites. So it took circumcision to become a member of the congregation of Israel. When the male was circumcised, he was considered a part of the congregation and allowed to take the Passover. This occurs through the ceremony of baptism and laying on hands. ……….They have not been spiritually circumcised through repentance and conversion…….They may attend all services except Passover. Years a go MR. HWA was lead by God to see that only baptized members of the church should partake of this solemn event. …………ALL OF THE PCG MINISTERS WILL BE UPHOLDING GOD’S REQUIREMENT RELATED TO THE PASSOVER.  OUR MANY BREHTREN SCATTERED AROUND THE WORLD MUST ALSO BE SURE THAT NONBAPTIZED PEOPLE DO NOT TAKE THE PASSOVER.  ( BUT,.. THE GOVT OF GOD CAUSED US TO KEEP THE PASSOVER WITH THESE SABEANS???? Who is responsible for such an abominable act of sacrificing God’s Holy, Sanctified , Preserved in Christ and Called out ones? While the PCG invited the world,  and while this act of adultery is being committed, God warned us in the same page. We have no excuse.  How God warned us, while we were committing this sin!!! Despite of God’s warning, we still invited and UNEQUALLY YOLKED WITH the “Sabeans” or Indians Ez 23:42, (In my earlier letter, I proved that Mr. HWA and the trumpet magazine taught that the “Sabeans” are the descendants of Sheba, who also live in parts of India.)  We have invited Uncircumsized  strangers into the sanctuary. Ez 44: 7- 9 As we learned, how can some creep into the ministry?  Can anyone join the PCG ministry without your approval or knowledge? Then how did these creep into the ministry? You trusted and allowed yourself to be deceived by an evangelist, whom was used by the great deceiver, Satan himself to cause God’s children to break the covenant. If your wife committed adultery, will you keep quiet?
Ez.11: explains the 25 elders committing sin in the “east gate”. You taught Ez. Chapters 8 – 11 is one vision. Ez.8:16 and 11: 1, God condemns 25 men in the EAST gate. Ez. 8:16, IN THE ALTAR, 25 “MEN” God does not call them ministers, but men. These acts caused God to leave the sanctuary by the door of the EAST gate (ez. 10:18-19) In 2001 ministerial conference; Mr. Harrison said he has 25 ministers under him. In Sept/October issue of PN, the list of the ministers was published. In July, when the conference took place, Mr. Harrison was still in Australia. That is EAST GATE. That November only, he moved to London. In that issue of PN, two of the Indian ministers, two names (Santha Raju Mandru and Param Jyothi Potla, )  were mentioned but they were long gone and not ministers at that time. They have gone to Middle East to work. So they were not ministers at that time. (Everyone is so confused, about these men; no one could keep track of them. Not even the HQs. During the last conference, there were two folders in the names of two such non-existing ministers. Mrs Amy Flurry asked me where are the other Indian ministers? ) Any how, if you remove those two names from the list, excluding the ministers in Europe,(cause in July, Mr. Harrison was in the East gate, in Australia and was not over the European ministers),  there are exactly 25 ministers. How accurate is God’s prophecy regarding this event??? East gate…25 ministers,.!!!!. …(God does not even call them ministers but  men).. In that year, minister’s names  and PCG offices’ addresses(Ministerial ordinations list ) was sent out. The first office mentioned was this Indian, Bamahwaram office. The very first one, the very top one. Even before Edmond office, The Head Quarters of God’s true church. . Satan’s office is mentioned on top of the list. When I told Mr. Harrison about this, he said that does not mean anything. (what ever is written in PCG ministerial list should contain nothing but the truth. It shows, who is in “God’s sanctuary”, the details of the “ covenant brothers”.  Devil would have had a hearty laugh…) Abominations!
 Members are told to watch out for unbaptised taking Passover but at the same time, unawares, men have crept in and caused us to keep the Passover with “Sabeans”, who are the destroyers of God’s people. (Job 1: 15 Co-incidentally, in 2 pet. 2:15, Jude 11,  there is  a warning for a Balaam type of  prophecy.” Balaam” means  the destroyer of  the people. And this “Balaam used the “Sabeans”, the destroyer of people, to destroy the people of God. In Joel 3:8, God says; I will sell your children to the “sabeans” God, as a punishment to us, Has allowed this Sabean involvement.)  “ This is not the right way, As mentioned in 2 Peter, V.15….” They have forsaken the right way and gone astray, following the way of Balaam, who loved the wages of unrighteousness. Why would somebody invite” unconverted multitude “into church, when God Has not called, if not for wages of unrighteousness?  Is 57:17 says “The iniquity was covetousness, V 3 says adultery, v.9 you sent messengers far off as in Ez. 23:40. Jer 6 also talks about the same problem. V. 13, and v. 20 says “for what purpose incense from Sheba, Or “Sabeans” cometh to Me?. V.13 says the prophet and others coveted. PCG lusted for more members. (In 2001 July ministerial conference, you warned all the regional directors, “There should be  no competition among the regional directors,” who has the most members?”. So God to say that rhough you, there may have been a competition among the regional directors as of “who has the most members.) That was the worst time in this Sabean involvement. God warned us all.
 In   Micah, a warning to Christ’s own bride, (Micah 6:5, ) God says……Oh MY PEOPLE, remember now, …….. What Balak and Balaam did? In your Micah booklet, you said the book of “Micah” is for Christ’s bride. God warned His bride, in the book of Micah, to be careful of Balaam type of destruction. Micah and Isaiah lived together. In Is. 57:9 says, you sent messengers far off as in Ez:23:40,  the PCG fulfilled Is.57:14 which says ….”.take the stumbling block out of the way of My people”. Balaam wanted to put a stumbling block to Israel, to curse them. In Num 24:22 Balaam says in the latter days (v.14) How long until Asshur carries you away captive?. (At the time of Ezekiel’s wife’s death, the city of Jerusalem was under siege, The Babylonian captivity. Now we are in a spiritual Babylonian captivity. )2 Pet.2:15-16 says, Balaam was rebuked for his iniquity……A dumb donkey, speaking with a man’s voice restrained the madness of the prophet. Mr. Harrison himself said that I stopped his work. The scripture proves that God  really made me to speak with a man’s voice to stop him. But, the donkey got a beating nevertheless. So did I. When Israel was committing adultery, there was not a single man to take the stand for God, so says God in Ez.22:30,  Jeer 5:1,  Is.59:16,   Is.50:2,   Is. 47:3. ,  Mic 7:2.  All these chapters explain the sins of Judah and Israel. But there was not a single man to stop the madness of the prophet. That is why God Had to choose a woman as a dumb donkey to speak.  The prophet, his son who is an evangelist, son in law, also who is an evangelist, Mr. Leap who is a leading minister in HQs, knew about this betrayal, but no one said anything. Amos 9: 7, God says….. “ are you not like the people of “Ethiopia” to Me? I proved that Sheba or Sabeans are Ethiopians. Since the Ethiopians were fellowshipping with us, to God, we are like Ethiopians. This was the major problem God wants to clean up. In Isaiah, Jeremiah, Micah, Amos and Ezekiel, Joel  this same problem is mentioned.
 Is 47:6 , God says…. I was angry with MY People……. (the church) I have profaned My inheritance……(Ez.24:21 also at the time of Ez. Wife’s death, which is now and where the end time Ezekiel Is present is God’s people) and given them into your hand..(Babylon) The Babylonian captivity. In Micah booklet you said God’s people rise up as His enemy. In Mic 6:3-5,,, He is reminding the stumbling block of Balaam, But PCG failed to heed this prophecy.  Therefore, we, the people of God, Christ’s bride, turned against God as an enemy by failing to heed God’s warning of this Balaam type of betrayal.  .  V.8 God Has had shown you what is good; and what does the Lord require of you? To do justly…to love mercy (were you just and merciful when you decided to disfellowship me? If God were to come down and ask you this question, what would you say , Mr. Flurry? I think God wants an answer now.)…and to walk humbly. V. 12 the church is full of violent lying people.(we heard so  many lies during last 4 years) V.15 God will make you sick by striking you. (The stroke) God will make PCG desolate because of sins. Because of the abominations committed by those 25 men, God left the church at the time Of Ezekiel’s wife’s death. (Ez.10:18-19.) The church is profaned, Ez.24:21, Because of abominations, God made the church desolate.  Mic  4: 10 says Be in pain to be born…… as in Is 66:8-9, Jer 4:31, This should happen just before the second coming of Christ, and Mic 4:10  “You shall go even to Babylon, There you shall be delivered. Good news is, we are living in the days of the Babylonian captivity. We will be delivered from this. (Interestingly, Peter wrote,  She who is in Babylon, ELECT together with you, 1 Peter 5:13, meaning there is an elect group of people in Babylon. 1 Peter is written to brethren in Asia. In  Is 43:14  God says; “For your sake I have sent to Babylon. God thinks that is the only way to humble us or correct us. Otherwise he will not sent us to Babylon. Luke 19:42-44, Christ said our enemies would take us captive. This captivity is prophesied to happen to God’s own people and Christ’s bride. Ez 16 52-53, 61-63 definitely talking about the PCG going in   to captivity. This Sabeans activity lasted four years before you came to know the real truth.( Mr. Harrison said that I destroyed the Indian work. Why didn’t he disfellowship me before? WHILE I was destroying? Why did he wait until I informed you? Why did he bring us to the conference, if we were destroying God’s work.? We should have been called antichrists. Cause we were destroying God’s work. Why didn’t he inform you before about us? )  Then God finally spoke through the dumb donkey, but no one could discern that the correction was coming from God. Mr. Harrison, many times have told us that he could convince you to do what he wants.. His exact words were…… I know how to get around Mr. Flurry….. I know how to get things done through Mr. Flurry…… This means you are under Satan’s siege. You still believe that Mr. Harrison is genuine. To invite people whom God Has not called in to the sanctuary and the temple  and disfellowhsip those who oppose him as in 3 John,  is the role of Diotrephus, is ANTI Christ. This is working against Christ. In RV Jan/Feb issue 2003, you wrote…….. Diotrephus is a type of the end time Anti Christ. His big problem wasn’t in rejecting doctrines, but he wanted the top office……(may be by showing a big work) Anyone who invite unbaptized people and deceive the prophet and the whole church to equally yolk with such should be in the spirit of Satan and therefore, Anti Christ James 4:17 says … therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.  The New Open Bible, Study edition by Thomas Nelson Publishers, on its book comments on 3 John say…. That the 3 John book is written to Gaius in ASIA. It says,…” the brethren came and informed the apostle… of the hospitality of Gaius and the HOSTILITY of Diotrephus. THE ARROGANT DIOTREPHUS SEIZED THE REINS OF AN ASIAN CHURCH AND VAUNTED HIMSELF AS ITS PREEMINENT AUTHORITY”…Diotrephus, no longer living in love. Pride has taken precedence in his life. He expels those who disobey him and forbids others to do so”. (This is exactly what we have been going through for the last 5 years.) In RV /Jan 2003, you wrote that apostle John would have been in prison to stop him from coming and checking this thing about Diotrephus which the brethren were testifying. What is keeping you from checking this thing, Mr. Flurry? Are you in a worse place than the prison? As Jeremiah was in the mud dungeon physically, you are in a spiritual dungeon, Mr. Flurry. When the whole church finds out this “Bamah” matter, not only God, but they too will need answers. Don’t worry. God says He will deliver us from Babylon. We will come to the rescue. We know that you WERE NOT AWARE of the truth. We will tell how it all happened. One day, we will get a chance to tell these things to God and the brethren.. It is just a matter of time till the whole church and the whole world will learn what Mr. Harrison did. God says, in Ez 16: 53 – 63 “you will be ashamed. So there is a reason for the PCG to be ashamed of. God is still waiting for you to handle this matter. By refusing to be measured in this matter, we are holding God’s work, and putting the day of the Lord far into the future by NOT being ready. You know very well, we cannot enter the Kingdom with defiled garments. I can quote many scriptures. You know them all cause you taught them to us. ( I came to know that there is a ministerial conference in a few months time. I asked my husband whether he was informed of such a conference. He said that, Mr. Harrison told him that Mr. Flurry had advised Mr. Harrison to not to bring him this time. You think God would not see that??  God isn’t aware of that?? You want to hide this secret from the other ministers finding out?  Well, God Has some other plans to bring this out. Who ordained my husband as a minister? It was God… He was baptized 30 years ago. He was faithful to God all this time. Most of the ministers in the PCG, including Mr. Harrison, has not being in the church that long. Mr. Harrison came to church 5 years after my husband. Isn’t  my husband  a minister of God?  Doesn’t God want him in the conference? Just like king David tried to cover up by killing Uriah, you too want to cover this sin by keeping my husband away from the conference?  God Has seen them all. What a corrupt government is this? God wants to know Mr. Flurry. Do you think when you do such things God does not care? Suppose if God were to come and ask you during the conference, where is Newton? My minister in South East Asia?  What would be your answer Mr. Flurry?  God would say…… you disfellowship my servant Newton’s wife  and you want her to die eternally, when I, Myself appointed her to come forward to let you know that you and the church is committing adultery,  and now you don’t want Newton to attend MY MINISTERIAL conference, so that you could keep this breaking My covenant a secret??  How do you, HONESTLY AND TRUTHFULLY ANSWER GOD??  More longer you plan to keep this a secret, Mr. Flurry, God wants this thing over and done with. He is waiting for your and the whole church’s repentance so that He could come back to church and establish the covenant. God’s heart’s only desire is His wife being ready.  The only way God could open your eyes to this crime was to strike YOUR WIFE. Ez 24:16. You are holding that from happening.
Mic 2:8 says God’s people have risen as an enemy. Why??? Because the leaders hurt the people who trust them. The women of GOD’S people you cast out. (How true! What happened to me is a very good proof of this prophecy.)  God says…You have taken away My Glory foreverForever…! ( We have to bare this shame forever.)   Mic 7:6 says man’s enemies are the men of his own house… How true? You still don’t know that Mr. Harrison is your enemy. He caused this destruction, which God in anger, caused Mrs Flurry sick by striking her as in Mic 6:13. Jeer 23:10-11 says because of  both the prophet and the priest is profaned and God will curse and the land will mourn. Amos 8:10 God says” I will turn your feasts into mourning”. The whole church did mourn during this feast watching a video sent out from HQs about Mrs Flurry’s death. This has never happened in the church before.
  Further, Members are told to come forward if knows such ministers, but when the members come forward with the proof and with witnesses, they are cast off. Mic 2:9. WILL GOD THE FATHER APROVE OF THOSE THINGS?  Only God’s people receive PN. It should contain absolute truth. Beginning from the above mentioned issue, everything else written about this crowd is NOT TRUE. We are witnesses to that. This crowd was not invited by members but by an evangelist. Only a leading minister could do this much of damage to the church. God always blame the govt. At the time of Ezekiel’s wife’s death, there is iniquity found in the govt. The govt., the turban is filthy says God. God Has to Measure every minister and every member as everyone has sinned against God by breaking the covenant. If we refuse measuring ourselves, God will do it Himself by the only language we know, by Physical destruction and God Has begun correcting, beginning at “HIS SANCTUARY.”. There is another burden that Ezekiel has to carry…. Ez. 12:10, the burden of a wicked Prince. Because of a wicked prince in the church, you have to bear a burden. How would you get out of this? Mr. Flurry, the prophet of God?  Inspite of all the documents we have collected regarding this Bamah matter, still Mr. Harrison fails to understand that this was wrong. He maintains the fact that Sumanth Kumar is baptized and ordained. Since he cannot discern right from wrong, it is your duty to find out about the truth and tell him that this is wrong, otherwise his blood will be upon your shoulders. You are commanded by God to measure and also to tell who ever go against the covenant of God, you are a watchman. Even the members, if they see anyone is doing something so wrong, they have to tell the other person. In this case, we have told Mr. Harrison and he said he will be responsible for God and Jesus Christ. But you still have to warn him as you are the prophet. Otherwise his blood will be upon your shoulders. Also you have to correct the church, otherwise everyone’s blood will be upon your shoulders. So Mr. Flurry, once and for all, please look into the documents I sent last year and check whether this person is baptized or not and do the need ful. God deserves that much from you. Even though I was disfellowshipped, I will not change. I will hang on to God and to you.
In Ezekiel booklet…..  pg 15,. You wrote…. God Has some biting criticism for some who were to be keeping charge of His spiritual temple (Wcg or other churches are not in God’s spiritual temple where THE PROPHET IS PRESENT.) in this end time. Notice briefly a passage in Ez 44: “In that ye have brought into my sanctuary strangers, uncircumcised in heart, and uncircumcised in flesh, to be in my sanctuary, to pollute it. Even MY HOUSE when ye offer my bread, the fat and the blood, and they have broken MY COVENANT because of all your abominations. ( In this scripture, God  clearly says, when we bring strangers to the church, it is breaking the covenant. Each of us, at the baptism, promise God to abide by the covenant. So this act caused the whole church to break God’s covenant)  And ye have not kept the charge of mine holy things, but ye have set keepers of my charge in my sanctuary for yourselves”. V 7-8.(IT IS THE GOVT OF GOD THAT GOD IS TRYING TO CORRECT. NOT THE MEMBERS. God says YOU HAVE KEPT OTHERS IN CHARGE OF MY HOLY THINGS.) In a sermon last year, you gave whole authority to Regional directors to oversee the members. That is keeping others in charge over God’s Holy things.
Continue on pg 15…… WHAT COVENANT IS God talking about?  “ The marriage “covenant that He has made with His church. Clearly He is speaking to the Laodicean leadership. (Is PCG, exempted? Can we break God’s covenant by bringing uncircumcised into PCG? Has God allowed that to PCG? If , as you say this scripture applies to the laodeceans, then since we too have done the same thing, we are laodeceans too.  The Laodecean groups do not accept even Mr. HWA as end time Elijah. They were divorced by God as in Jere 3:8.) God  Has seen everything. Jer 7:11., Jer 13:27, 23:13, 14, Ezek 24:14. According to Barnes commentary, The punishment or the siege is pictured by the boiling pot and Ezekiel’s wife’s death.  He is angry. He will measure. He will talk to you face to face.Ez 20:35 Ez: 24, the boiling pot represents how God would punish the govt., of God pictured by the choice cuts. When Ezekiel’s wife is stricken, God is trying to get Ezekiel’s attention on God’s wife. Not the Laodecean churches which will have their judgment in the tribulation. God is interested in correcting the church, which Ezekiel is the prophet and which His son is going to get married and which NOW is bound by the covenant.Ez.16:52-61 . We are under spiritual captivity. Satan has inched his way to the church through creeping ministers, Diotrephus, Balaam and Antiochus. Since these type of characters are to be present and prophesied to harm  the church, and since this is the last hour, Diotrephus, Balaam and Antichrists should already be here. You, as the prophet of God, should be aware of them now. They must exist already in the church now. God is trying to show you these prophecies how they are being fulfilled now.. Only a very influential high official in the church govt., can cause such a heinous crime.  Before we point the finger at the laodeceans, we must look inside PCG, whether these things happened or happening inside PCG. It was PCG, God was trying to warn.
God reveals His secrets to His prophets. The Ezekiel booklet was printed in 2002. At the peak of this “Sabean” involvement. We are without excuse. God Has warned us. In my earlier letter, I wrote that MR. HWA proved that Sabeans are Indians.)
Also, In the PN Jan 2000 article, the leader of this group is called a “local Elder”. Which means he is in the ALTAR. An evangelist brought him to the ALTAR. But he disfellowshipped the true followers of God whom were opposing to this. (like  Diotrephus)….. Casting out the true followers and prohibiting others to do so too 3 john 10) Then it says, IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED THAT WE HAVE 17 (SEVENTEEN) LOCAL ELDERS  …….. (A lying wonder) (God calls them “ sound of a carefree multitude was with her ,  with men of the Commonsort. Ez. 23:42) These men were given the same ordination certificate as other ministers in the PCG. They were brought to the Altar. Men crept in unawaress. Is not this an abomination to God, for bringing such unbaptized people in to the Altar? Polluting the sanctuary? ,Moreover, it says….”Your prayers are requested……… Ez:23 :  41,16:18,  God says, you shared My incense and Oil,( prayers and Holy spirit)You brought them to the sanctuary thus polluting it and sacrificing us to them to keep the Passover, feast and Sabbaths.  Please read the contents of the ordination certificate and see whether those people meet the requirements to be in God’s sanctuary?
These are some serious misdeeds committed by an evangelist. (or preeminence as Diotrephus  have done) 3 John. God calls such act as Sodom and Gomorrah. (Jude 7, 2 Pet 2 : 6 which is also for the last hour) It was quite distressing to us to see the Sanctuary being polluted and the Prophet being deceived and the whole church was asked to pray for its DESTRUCTION, undetected and unnoticed. We wondered how could such a large number be absorbed as members without talking to them individually? We understood the scripture ………one of a city and two of a family.   There are 70 ministers in the PCG., did anyone ask how can this be? What happened to the Council of elders?  Ez 22:30, Is 59:16, 50:2, Jer 5:1, Is 41:28. There was not a single man to take God’s side. Perhaps may be that is why God chose a woman ( or a dumb donkey to stop the madness of the prophet (2 pet 2:11, Jude 11) 
It was amazing to watch  Mr. Harrison continued to deceive you and the church without regretting or repenting. This is how the Satan the devil was brought into the church. The very first day this leader came to srilanka to discuss matters further, we noticed that he is lying about his age and the baptism. In his biodata, he says he is 37 years and his passport says he is only 27 years. According to his biodata he was ordained into the ministry when he was 17 years old, but WCG never ordained anyone into the ministry as young as that. Among many other deceitful lies, him and the evangelist told the church, because of disfellowhipment, no one spoke. But now…….. God will bring everything to light. It is just a matter of time till the whole church and the whole world will know when these things will be written in the book of Acts. Only if you had judged   according to Ez.44:24.! If we do not inform you these things( when we were told by the prophet to inform about the creeping ministers, )we will be responsible for their crimes. The govt. has lied and is lying to the membership regarding this crowd. May be that is why apostle John is trying hard to get us back to the beginning and talks about truth many times. 1 John 2: 24 –27 says, abide what we learned from the beginning. Why? May be because in this last hour, false teachers and anti Christs are trying to deceive as in v.26. V.27 says, if we let what we learned from the beginning abide in us. We do not need anyone to teach us.. Habakuk said when wicked encompass the righteous, just shall live by His ‘ faith. Even though I was disfellowshipped , I am living by His’ faith.
Then in November /dec 1999, feast issue, Mr. Harrison wrote… In India 842 attended the feast. Two satellite messages were down linked………. Both are lying wonders. Those people never kept a single feast, only the leader said so and pocketed the money. And the satellite transmission was never downloaded. That too is a big lie. Mr. Harrison knew about this man’s lies and still kept everything hidden from the prophet and the church. Whole church and the prophet believed the lie. The real feast site for Indian and Srilankan brethren was in Srilanka that year. Not a word about the real feast site in Srilanka in the PN. This was the beginning of the involvement with these common sort( Ez 23: 42. Common sort is defined by Webster as  used by two or more people and how true that is!, to any church willing to give money, they join). When Kumar, the leader of this group was an elder in the PCG, we found out that he was a reverend in another church and a prophet, who was the editor of a newspaper called “end time prophecy”. We have proof.. So no one can lie and say these are assumed facts. 
Again in July/Aug 2000 PN ,  last page…… Had breakfast at Kumar’s house. ……… For this historic conference………God calls this meeting (Jer 5 :7)  in harlot’s houses.(  And this will be a historic conference when it will be written in the book of Acts as the fulfillment of meeting at harlots houses and to show how the last era of God’s church committed  adultery…) God’s govt clearly established….( Is it really God’s govt? )  Physical gentiles becoming spiritual Jews?……….( Did God accept these people as Spiritual Jews? )The Sabbath was very encouraging……….( No wonder God says you have polluted My Sabbaths. And defiled  MY Sanctuary. Ezek 23:38..)Abominations! Abominations! These abominations caused the desolation of the temple at the time of Ezekiel’s wife’s death. Ez. 24:21.  Why else would Christ say to God.. “ See your House is left to  you desolate, if the PCG is perfect? Math 23:38,  Luke 13:35. Christ could not gather His people until king David is raised up as in Ez 34: 23.  If the PCG is perfect, Christ need not come and He does not have to raise King David, cause the PCG ministers are doing a fine job of taking care of God’s children. Amos 9:7 God says; “Are you not like the people of  Ethiopia to ME?  I proved that the Ethiopians are the Sabeans. So by inviting them to the sanctuary, and being mingling with them, to God, we are like the people of Ethiopia. Then God says how He would punish us. Then in v. 11, God will raise up the tabernacle of David…..We know this would happen in the Kingdom when Christ comes. Which means, till Christ comes, the tabernacle of David is fallen. (ministers are not doing their job justly, and humbly and righteously, so that God Has to raise the Tabernacle of David and King David to take care of His flock. Until such time, He condemns the ministry. The PCG ministry is no exception.)
Then in Sep/oct 2001, 10 of those so-called ministers names were in the Phil News. That year’s ministerial conference was held in July. Mr. Harrison  said that he has 25 ministers under him. God says in Ezek 8:16.,  25 ministers are worshipping sun god facing EAST.(this shows they are in the eastern part of the world) Also eze; 11:1  This caused God’s glory to depart from the temple Ez 10:18-19. So these 25 ministers directly under Mr. Harrison were committing idolatry which caused God to leave His Altar.This is an abominable thing in the sight of God.
All of the brethren in India and Srilanka complained many times about these abominable acts. Though we sincerely thought that Mr. Harrison was going to take some remedial measures to correct this situation and chase satan out by blocking all avenues opened for him, it turned out to be otherwise. . Matters grew even worse instead of getting better and over time he developed a personal vendetta against those who expose his sinister acts. Not only disfellowship the members, he tries to keep them from coming to church and now, the minister can’t attend the conference also. 
All the information about this group printed in the PNs are lies. Ezek 13:8, V 22,  22:28, We were told to keep these things confidential. But God Has seen them all. Everyone came against Mr. Harrison, and one brother was disfellowshipped and everyone quieted down. This is why God condemns the ministry and says” with force and cruelty” you have ……….eze 34:4.
After I wrote to Mr. Flurry about these matters, I was disfellowshipped. Immediately God struck the prophet’s wife just as has happened to Ezekiel. Mr. Flurry likened his work to of Ezekiel. God Had to show His anger and hurt by the death of Ezekiel’s wife. Ezek 24: 16 God says….. I take away from you the desire of your eyes…………. Why????? The desire of God’s eyes was His wife. IN GOD’S sight,Mr. Flurry is responsible for causing the whole church to pray for these people. That is an act of violating God’s laws and departing from it. By disfellowshipping , the govt. of God  refused the correction from God. God Had no alternative. The whole church has to know its abominations. Whole church has to repent in ashes. The Altar and the temple need to be measured. RISE AND MEASURE THE ALTAR AND THE TEMPLERev 11:2,   Zech. 2: when the man is measuring, it says V.7, UP  Zion., Escape you who dwell with the daughter of Babylon. In Ezek. 24: 2…. Just before Ezekiel’s wife’s death, the king of Babylon took Jerusalem under siege. (Babylonian captivity) God requires us to worship Him “In Spirit and Truth”. Is there anything true about this group.? Even prophet’s son in law and daughter in law were confused.  The whole church, the Bride of Christ is in your hand and you are the prophet who takes care of her. Please here this case .  There is no other way out now, but to repent.
 So far, three members were cast out. They were raised by God to make the prophet and the evangelist to know the abominations. They have no doctrinal disagreements; they accept HWA, church doctrines, and have no dissenting attitudes or discord among the brethren. Their sin appears to be only exposing the sins of an evangelist.. The scripture used to disfellowship them was Rom 16:17. It does not empower to expel a member who points out or declares an iniquity of an evangelist. Such an act of a member warrants a reward than a punishment according to God’s word. Eph. 5: 3-11. Mr. Harrison hates anyone who tries to expose him. Rom 16:17 says I urge you brethren, note those who cause divisions or offenses contrary to the doctrine which you learned, and avoid them. This is said to the BRETHREN, to look after the leaders who cause divisions just like what Mr. Harrison did and to avoid. This scripture does not apply to any members  who were disfellowshipped by Mr. Harrison for standing for the truth. This is why Habakuk said the wicked encompass the righteous. Law is slacked. If the govt of God judged righteously, Habakuk did not have to say “The law is slacked” Law is executed by the government. When the government does not execute the law, law is slacked.  When one tries to hide their sins, the stones will cry out. Hab 12: 10-11. When one commits shameful acts, and tries to hide, then the stones of the wall will cry out. And the connector beam will answer. The” connector beam” is Jesus Christ who connects us with the Head, The Father.  Jesus said if the apostles did not say………the stones will cry out. Luke 19:40.  1 Pet.2:5 says “we are living stones in a spiritual temple”. The “Connector Beam” has to be Christ, cause He connects the stones with the God the Father. And He answers when the stones cry out.! 
Excommunication is not the end of the world for a member. They can always repent and come back. But in this case what have they got to repent of? What law have they broken to repent?  It is the govt of God, which need to repent. The govt caused the whole church to pray for these sabeans and invited those to the sanctuary and polluted God’s Sabbaths and shared God’s incense and Oil and went to harlot’s houses to do so .Jer 5:7. (In PN 2000 Jul/Aug, last page, in the article about India, in the third column, it says…… The next day began with breakfast at Mr. Kumar’s house. This is the fulfilled prophecy of meeting at harlot’s houses. )  Only law they have broken is exposing the misdeeds of an evangelist. Therefore stood up for God. Will God keep quiet? He answered by the only language we know. By hurting the prophet’s heart’s desire. Eph 5: 11:14 says to expose the minister’s sins. They have done the right thing according to God’s word. That is why God is angry. This is the same fate fell upon apostle John, John Amos and Mr. Flurry when they raised up to expose the iniquity of ministers. But God did not disfellowship them. In fact in both instances God went on to commence a marvelous work through them. God backed them up just like it happened this time. The eyes of the Lord are upon the Righteous. ! pet: 3:12.
Satan worked through an evangelist to bring the whole church to sin by praying for these unconverted  people whom God has never called. This work stopped the gentile work and caused satan to creep into the ministry. That is why God said to RISE (as of not knowing the problem) and measure the Altar and the temple in order to set straight what has gone crooked. The govt of God now tries to put things behind without telling the brethren and trying to pass this issue hoping no one will know, but God has seen the dirt in the govt. The govt which is pictured by a turban is filthy. It need to be replaced or washed. Unless we wash ourselves, till Christ comes and raise up the FALLEN tabernacle of David, or Until repents, we will experience trouble in the church. The lukewarm attitude of the ministers and the brethren, (co- incidentally, an article was published in a recent RV…about church becoming lukewarm. THAT IS A DIRECT WARNING FROM GOD. IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP)  the hatred and all kinds of abominable things will continue to take place until things are straightened. Through lying and deceit trying to cover up does not work with God.  This is what caused God to divorce Israel and WCG. Can we commit the same sin while condemning others and judging others for doing so? You who judged your sisters committed worse sins. Ez.16:51-63. Everything done in secret will be brought to light. The whole church believed there is a big work going on in India. We are baffled as to how someone who has committed such sins to continue to hold a top office in the church having committed such evils.(May be  to fulfill the prophecies of Diotrephus? Many Anti Christs? Balaam? Antiochus? And 2 Pet.2, Jude, and all the epistles of apostle John, The wicked prince mentioned in Ez 12, which Ezekiel had to bear the burden? Ez.12:10-14
The character traits of a false shepherd is finely defined in Ezek 34:4-5.  Mr. Harrison not only disfellowshipped many members who opposed to him, but he prohibited others to do so. Though this chapter was earlier used to warn the Laodecean ministry, it could  be appropriate to apply to the present ministry for correction at a time when a revelation has come from God to “Measure the Altar “. If you read Ezek 34:1-10 and from there connect to Rom16:18 you will see this scripture supplements what is written in Ezekiel. Rom 16:17 makes all the more meaningful as to what this scripture is talking about. It clearly shows how it is applicable to the ministry. V 17 says “avoid those who create dissension IN OPPOSITION TO THE DOCTRINES”. When God’s elect in India were caused to keep the Passover with those whom Mr. Harrison has called and not God, Is not Mr. Harrison coming under the axe of that scripture? He acted in direct opposition to scriptures and doctrines. HE BETRAYED CHRIST’S WIFE BY DECEIT. All we heard from Mr. Harriosn was,” its nothing, that is not a big issue, these things happen in the gentile countries, you just have to over look, this is an administration problem, Mr. Flurry told me to do that, I am following Mr. Flurry’s instructions, Mr. Flurry was aware of these things from the beginning, Mr. Flurry told me to disfellowship the whole church but I have mercy on you all, Mr. Flurry said whether there be a church or not in Srilanka or In India I don’t care, Mr. Flurry said even if you have to disfellowship the minister also…I don’t care, “……  We don’t know whether you truly said those things. If you have not, then he is speaking against the dignitaries as Diotrephus.  Mr. Flurry, you  allowed  yourself to be deceived. It is so wrong to point the finger at the government. Then again, can we watch till the church falls down? Should not we fight for our beliefs? We are engaged to  marry God’s son, Jesus Christ. Suppose if your son is engaged to be married, and then finds out that she is having an affair with another man. How would you react? How would your son react? We are committing adultery while we are engaged to be married to Christ. How would Christ feel?? And how would God feel?
 By disfellowshipping,  Mr. Harrison would have thought to permanently silence the members. Hab 2:11., V. 10, you gave shameful counsel to your house cutting off many and sinned against your soul. Such people’s punishment comes suddenly. Christ told us to judge the leaders. Judge by their fruits. (This is Jeremiah 16:19 being fulfilled.)  Prove all things. Deut. 13:1-6 and 12 – 18 says if a prophet says let us go after other gods… you shall surely put him to death. That is what the physical Israelites were supposed to do. But God, in His mercy, says, He will melt us and take us and will remember the covenant in Ez 16:61, Ez.22-20 ,Deut.13:13-15, 2 Pet.2: 1-3,Jude 4.
These acts done will be permanently recorded in the book of Acts for its completion.  Would someone bring such a large number of people to church from nowhere and accept them as members by giving money, even after finding out they lie and steal? Just like Diotrephus, casting out true followers and accepting false ones? Is not like Balaam mentioned in 2 Peter and Jude, for his own gain? Putting a stumbling block for Israel ? Jude 12.. while they feast with YOU.. (feasting with God’s people, we don’t go to feast with outsiders,  WCG or any other church,  so these creeping ministers are inside the church, feasting with us.) serving only themselves……(if one really is lead by God, how could he cause God’s children to go through such an abominable, idolatrous acts? To cause the whole church to commit sin by requesting their prayers thus sharing incense and God’s oil with such a common sort of people? And then to hide? )Once we commit sins, we need to repent. If not repented, we still have the dirt on us. By casting out the person who showed your dirt, is not going to cleanse us. We need to go to God with repented attitude and ask for forgiveness. Since the whole church committed this sin, the whole church need to be told and ask to beg for forgiveness. God will forgive us. Mr. HWA set a very good example of admitting his mistakes and correcting, even his own son, many times. He did not put his own son in between God and him. When others pointed out, he readily admitted and informed the whole church to repent. He put the church back on track. Many times, the ministers under him rebelled. But he handled them righteously. The priests in Anathoth put Jeremiah in the dungeon. This is same type of situation. High ranking evangelist put you in a spiritual dungeon, worse enough for God to say the tabernacle of David is fallen down. 
In Ezekiel booklet, pg 39… You wrote...But there is another god discussed in Ezekiel. ………because there is this other god, a great deceiver, who knows God and His plan and is trying very hard to foist upon us a counterfeit of the true God. ( by this act of adultery, we bowed down to this other god. The whole church including the prophet.) Mr. Flurry, please don’t think that we are judging an evangelist. We know  how to respect those who watch over our souls. During the conference, Mr. Harrison introduced  us saying, “this is my most trusted man in Asia.”. Until I wrote to you, he did not disfellowship me. Why after writing to you only? Why didn’t he tell you or get rid of me WHILE I WAS DESTROYING THE WORK, AS HE SAID.    We watched all the lies being told to you and to the church, we watched how the Bride was being betrayed, we watched how you were deceived, we had to observe the Passover and Sabbaths with these men, but we just kept confidential until God warned us to inform you. For four years, we watched without complaining or letting anyone know because we were told by Mr. Harrison to keep quiet. But now we have to inform anything  and everything we know, so that you can have a better idea to understand how the prophecies of Diotrephus, Antiochus, anti Christs, angel of light etc…….. being fulfilled.  If these things do   not mean anything, I will admit my fault of letting you know about them and I have no problem  to repent. Proven wrong, according to God’s word and truth I will accept and admit my faults.
 During this feast, the opening night message and the first day message which Mr. Harrison gave was sent out to the feast site here in Srilanka, with your videos. This was never done in the past. I don’t know exactly what Mr. Harrison had said but in the opening night message, he had spoken about Antiochus. Not much about the feast. Since he had deceived us so much, the members think he is speaking like as an “angel of light “, If I may say so,  may be even to cover up. Then no one suspects anything about him. (We know definitely that Mr. Harrison is deceived by this great deceiver, as you put it in this pg 39. )  Then on the first day message, he has spoken about the plan B.  As I have mentioned your words  in the earlier paragraph, satan knows about God and His plan….., Angel of light does not openly say I am possessed by the devil. We have to judge a minister from what he says and what he practices. We believe except you, other ministers cannot talk much about the plan B or about Antiochus… etc., cause God gave  that job to the prophet.( Final decision should be yours. But I believe it is our duty to inform you anything like this). Satan knows very well about the Plan B. You have said in this same page that this god who knows God’s plan and trying hard to foist upon us a counterfeit…Also there is another fact... Mr. Harrison has said, that “ I ( he) wrote this sermon (About the plan B) before Mr. Flurry wrote  “The last hour book”. In other words, God revealed this to me before he revealed to Mr. Flurry.Or, I knew about this before God revealed it to Mr. Flurry? Or, I can explain about this better than Mr. Flurry.?   Then he had given another sermon about “Mercy” In that he says Mr. Flurry already gave a sermon about Judgment, mercy and faith,  I, already gave a sermon about faith,  Now giving about mercy,( and then may be judgement to follow).( Why does he have to give sermons on same subjects?)  It just does not seem right for another minister to talk about the same subject, unless he wants to do it better. One can quote from your message. But when another minister give a sermon about the same subject right after you have given a sermon, specially  mentioning that you have spoken the same subject,  that minister either” wants to give a BETTER sermon than you, or it seems like that he wants to do a better job than you..?” ..This is what Diotrephus also did..( we remember how he said Mr. Flurry knew everything about this group from India WE KNOW DEFINITELY, YOU DID NOT KNOW THE REAL TRUTH.)  . I am not very good at expressing myself and I hope you understand what I am trying to say.   The members  are afraid to write to you. Please get those tapes and listen if it seems right to you. Also, At the same time, he says one thing and does another. For example….. he had spoken about mercy… how we should be merciful etc…. but he is not merciful to me or to the other two members who were disfellowshiped. He promised  to come after the feast in November, to take me back, now he is not coming at all to Srilanka. When one is disfellowshipped, we are asked to pray for that person to repent and come back. Ever since I was disfellowshipped, not even knowing the reason why I was disfellowshipped in the first place, wants to come back. But it has been one year now, he does not even want to talk to me. Moses told the elders to bring hard cases to him. Here, once again, I bring this case to your attention. The whole church, The Bride of Christ’s fate is in your hands. ( Mr. Harrison can’t discern that Sumanth Kumar is not called by God. I have proven in my earlier letters this fact.  Mr. Harrison told me  “If Sumanth repents and come back, that he will take him”.Mr. Harrison is so ready to take Kumar back, whom God Has never called, but we, whom God Has called  many years ago, he does not want to take back to the church. Doesn’t God’s spirit is what causes us to repent? So how can this Kumar  ever repent NOW, when he does not have Holy Spirit? He was never converted. He was neither baptized nor ordained. He was a reverend in another church and a prophet also. I have provided the documents.)  ON the other hand, Mr. Harrison told me, that he does not think that” I am converted”. Hab 1:13 says, wicked encompass righteous.  I was the only person who argued about the MM with the WCG ministers here in Srilanka and India.  I was disfellowshipped then for standing up for the truth,Please read the Phil. Minister’s report, dated Apr 2, 1996, pg 8, Mr. Harrison has a report of my disfellowshipment from WCG.  So Mr. Harrison is readily accepting Sumanth after doing all that lying and cheating, but to us, who were long time members of the body of Christ, he is showing no mercy. What spirit is that, Mr. Flurry? How can you not hear this case? This involves you and  the whole church? IN the end, he put the blame on to you saying, you were aware of this from the beginning and that is why YOU told him to disfellowship me. ( If Mr. Harrison comes and tells you that Kumar repents and now wants to come back to church, would you still take him to GOD’S  sanctuary? )  Where is the mercy that Mr. Harrison talks about?  We did not fall from the sky to PCG, Mr. Flurry. God Had done lot of planning. To stay in a church for nearly 17 years, God Has put a lot of rebuking, correcting, loving, guiding, watching and guarding. Should not Mr. Harrison show mercy to me whom God Has called than this person? Ez 22:26 says the priests  cannot discern what is holy and unholy. How true! ?. If a member talks against a minister, they are disfellowshipped, Even when the member is right. But the ministers can cause the whole church to go astray and still continue to do so can go unpunished? God says judge righteously. Is it a righteous judgment you made when you agreed to disfellwoship me for bringing this to your attention? After all, it was God who was doing it. For God to say the tabernacle of David is fallen, God Has disfellowshipped the ministry, just before Christ comes.  ( No matter how long you keep silent about this matter, Mr. Flurry, there is no way God will take anyone of us to the kingdom without correcting this matter. We are defiled. Our garments are dirty. It is just a matter of time. As in Ez;24:23  says, we will pine away. (It is ours, Christ’s bride’s judgment is NOW. Not the other church’s. Their judgment, if they do not come to PCG now, will be in the tribulation).It is us that God wants to be pure. It is the church where THE PROPHET is present. (God does not come down to judge personally. He will use some one, with rod of men, 2 Sam 7:14,  in this case, through a dumb donkey. ) 
Because of me being disfeellowshipped, the work is suffering. There are several ladies who are divorced and need to talk to my husband, they need to be visited. But everything is at a halt. Because of our culture in Srilanka and India, the women do not talk to a man and a man cannot call a woman either. So every time when there is a need to talk to a lady, I have to call or I have to be there. There is one lady in India now wants to be baptized. You know what is holding her not getting baptized? Because she cant talk to my husband alone.  She is separated from her husband and if she talks to a man, there will be lots of stories. You have said if one is hindering God’s work, that person is ANTI Christ. If this is not Anti Christ, then what is?  Not only this, all the other secretarial work, is not done as it used to be. You know how your wife was supporting you. The work is hindered here. But Mr. Harrison does not think it that way. He said that “I should be ashamed “of what I did.  What did I do? If it is so wrong to have made it known to you, TO THE PROPHET, (after all, it was God whom raised us up to do so) about this “Bamah” matter, how shameful should be the person who caused it?   What shame would God bestow upon the person who invited the “Sabeans” and then trying to hide it?  You told us to report of such things in the conference, then I did what I was told by the prophet.  I know God is backing me up.
Pg 40… You wrote…. In Ezekiel 28, there is a prophecy about “the king of Tyres”. But this clearly is not speaking of a mortal man. INFACT, THIS IS REFERING TO Lucifer, who became satan. ( see how Satan has deceived you? In Ezek 28: 2, 9, God says “you are a man”.( A demon possessed man , who lives in this end time, whom God calls PRINCE of Tyre ).  Ez 27:2 and 28:2, God tells Ezekiel to say this prophecy to Prince of Tyre. So this prince of Tyre should be living somewhere Ezekiel is. Otherwise how can Ezekiel is expected to deliver this message? Also it should be for a man. How can you deliver this massage to Satan?  In MOA, Mr. HWA also says prince of Tyre is a man. MOA pg 82. In Ezek 28:10 says you shall die the death of the uncircumcised. First point is satan can never die. God would not say this to satan, he will be tormented day and night forever since he cant be destroyed. Only men can die, and that proves this prophecy is for a man in this end time, and death of the uncircumcised……. Which means, it has to to be a man who is circumcised, to  die as an uncircumcised.  Circumcised men are only in the church. In other words, this prophecy is for someone who is baptized, In the church, and where Ezekiel is able to deliver this message.  Ezekiel is supposed to be taking care of the Bride. So how could such an evil man creep into the church WITHOUT Ezekiel’s knowledge?  He has done so much damage that God calls him ‘THE PRINCE OF TYRE? A TITLE THAT ONLY SATAN IS TO HAVE? What could be more serious than this? The end time, Church, where Ezekiel is present, and where Ezekiel is able to deliver a message, there is a traitor? Who has done such a thing?? Not even Ezekiel is aware of his presence. By now,  You have to know this person, WHO IS IN THE CHURCH, BECAUSE HE IS CIRCUMSIZED, ALSO has to be  DURING Ezekiel’s time, where the prophet is so that he could deliver the message. Ez.27:3 and 28: 2.  ( I will write once again., it has to be a baptized man, in the church, where Ezekiel is present. But this man is going to die as an UNCIRCUMSIZED person. He must be possessed by this King of Tyre, for God to say so and for Him to punish this man to die the death of the uncircumsized. This man  should  have committed some very serious  deed, for God to have punished him as an unbaptized man. May be   caused Christ’s bride to turn away from Him  and to have caused her to commit adultery and break the covenant? And then to deny it?   (MR. Harrison is  talking about mercy, but  he has  threatened all the members in India and Srilanka to keep quiet to hide his misdeeds? Will you approve such things to happen under your leadership, Mr. Flurry? It is not too late. Please tell the brethren to repent.)  Mr. HWA says the prince of Tyre is a man and King of Tyre is Lucifer. So satan used a man whose heart is lifted up, proud, to make the whole church sin so deceitfully, not even the prophet is aware of his presence.( Mr. Harrison several times told us that Mr. Flurry told him to be humble. Not once but four times in the year 2001, after the ministerial conference when he was raised up to an evangelist. Which means that he is proud and that is another character trait of Satan, which God hates. ) God says he will die at the hands of the aliens. Certainly this cannot be Satan, he can’t die and no alien is going to kill him. Is.14, God is cursing the “King of Babylon”. V.16 says is this the MAN….. Here too is talking about a man. But  heavily influenced by Satan.  V 19-20 not talking about Satan. In Jude 6 and 9 and in 2 Peter 2:11, mention about…    even the angels could not fight with the devil but let God to rebuke him. May be this is written to show that we cannot fight with the devil but we have to ask God to  rebuke him. Also, may be to show us that  the great deceiver, Satan himself must be involved in this deception and bringing out “Sabeans” to destroy the church, or the children of God, just like he destroyed Job’s children. When we put all the scriptures  such as Ez 26, 27, 28 and Is. 14 and Jude 6,9, and 2 Pet 2, we can see that God is trying to tell us that Satan himself is involved here and is so powerful that even the prophet is deceived and  only God can Handle this.
 Ezek booklet pg 41…… Men have been repeating this terrifying history throughout the ages! In the 1970s, when Mr. A was traveling a lot, some rebellious ministers exploited his absence from HQs as an opportunity to liberalize the church. After tumultuous years and multiple disfellowhsipments, Christ put the church back on track through Mr. HWA…Most of God’s people failed to learn from history… We must be aware of how a great cherub can deceive one third of angels ---apparently all of those who were assigned to earth with Lucifer. How can Satan deceive almost all of God’s people in this end time? As we will see, he used a similar pattern in both deceitful rebellions. (Were we aware of Satan’s deceit? Did PCG learn from history?) pg 42….. Before the restitution of all things to this earth, all things must be restored to God’s church….. That certainly includes cleansing of our past sins, unrepented sins, hidden sins, and the whole church’s sins. Pg 43….. either we learn from history or we will repeat it…( Satan is so devious, not even the prophet is aware that we have sinned and broken the covenant of God.)Not only we have sinned, just like Lucifer, we are trying to get around it and hide it. Back to pg 43… I would suggest that you think deeply about that paragraph. Let us not underestimate the power of this great cherub…… (It is not too late. God says only acknowledge your sins.)   Pg 45… We must look closely at what happened to Lucifer and to the Laodiceans, because Satan is still in power on this earth> He despises having his failures exposed.  (May be that is why Mr. Harrison is trying to hide this sin too and talks about mercy when he is not showing any mercy to the Indian and Srilankan brethren and therefore, causing the gentile work to stop. Also by talking about mercy, no one is suspecting that he could be the person who turned Chris’ts bride to commit adultery and speaking as an angel of light). Pg 45…… His primary target is the very elect of God. That means you, if you are in that category.  (God would never have Mr. Flurry to go through such an agonizing incident without a good cause.) Critics were raised by God Himself to correct the govt of God. Eph 5:11-16 ..we must expose the works of darkness, v.12 it is shameful to speak what they do in secret….. God will use some people to expose this sin. In 3 John, brethren came and testified about Diotrephus. If Diotrephus type of thing happens in Australia, the Australian brethren have to come and inform you. Like wise, since it is happening in India and Srilanka, we have to inform you.(When one member suffers, whole body suffers with it. In this case two congregations in two countries went through fire and the whole church, the bride of Christ, as a whole church committed adultery.)  You should judge as in ez. 44: 24. We have reported. You wrote in RV , Apostle John would have been in prison, otherwise he would  have come and corrected such an act. Are you in a worse place than prison Mr. Flurry? What stopped you from taking care of this matter? Please do not give others to keep charge of Holy people. You wrote Diotrephus was turning away from the truth and turning people from the truth. Mr. Harrison, also a regional director, turned the prophet and the whole church away from God.  Do you see this betrayal?  This inviting strangers into the sanctuary and the temple and sharing God’s incense and oil caused the whole church to break the covenant with God. Do you see the seriousness of this , Mr. Flurry? We are all praying to God the Father to show it to you. In due time, He Will. We have violated God’s rights. We have broken the covenant. Can you honestly say that everything in the church is alright?  What are you going to do about it Mr. Flurry, the prophet of God? God is judging. God tells in Ez 24: 17 and 23, you still have the turban, and you are to continue to do God’s work. I will support you 100%. I have to listen to God. I am not trying to cause trouble. I am only doing what God Has commissioned me to do as the dumb donkey. I have stopped the madness of the prophet. And I have reported to the prophet.
Please judge according to God’s judgments Mr. Flurry. God is hurt.
Troubled in spirit and burdened as a donkey,