Bottomless Pit


The ‘bottomless’ pit in (Rev 9, strong’s 5421) in Greek, means “Abyss”…that is where the devil, and those who take the mark of the beast  will be.  It is opened by the “fifth” angel, only when “God’s judgments” have come. Why is it called a ‘bottomless’ pit?  Pits are made to “hold water”. The bottomless pits cannot hold water, as it does not have a covering in the bottom to hold water. All these should be applied ‘spiritually’. In our time,  the false prophet, the devil and the beast, are to be thrown in to this pit. Therefore, we need to know, where the ‘bottomless’ pit is and  who and who will be there. According to God’s own words, all Israel are now in the ‘bottomless’ pit.                             


“Pit” , …strong’s numbers ….953 is a hole, cistern or prison, dungeon, fountain or well.

Pit …7585 means hades, or the world of the dead… grave, hell

Pit… 6354 means hole, snare, specially to catch animals.

Pit   7845  means destruction, ditch grave

Pit .. 5421 .. cistern, abyss

Pit 12 .. means…. Abyss, deep pit.


What does it mean to go to bottomless pit “spiritually”?

In RV Mar/Apr 2004, GF wrote…

“{{{We need to understand our “Spiritual” condition “apart” from God. We are “prisoners” of satan in a dark “pit without any water. (a type of God’s Spirit) This is the normal condition of man “without” God’s Holy Spirit. ….. }}}… This is the condition, of the prophet who said this now. If we do “not” have “God’s Spirit”, we are not only “prisoners or captives” of “satan”, but we are also in a “dark pit”. Then, “Spiritually”, we do not get any water,  or food from God, which is revelation, so we would die, ‘SPIRITUALLY’.  God sent His “SON” so that when we sin, we can repent and ask for forgiveness. But did Israel want to repent? All Israel have sinned and are now captives, abroad as Jam 1:1 says. that means they have not repented. The real repentance is not just pray and forget. We need to totally surrender and make every effort to not to sin. But first we must admit our sins. All Israel, now do not want to submit and admit their sins. This is why there are so many groups of God’s churches. If they really repent, they would submit to one another. But everyone wants their own church.  


Since PCG too has sinned, and has refused to repent, the “blood of Christ cannot heal them or give them life. “Israel” is given the “law”, and  by that “law”, they have to be “judged”. And we have proven from the “Word of God”, that they did “not” attain to righteousness but, “gentiles”, have attained by “FAITH”. (Jam 1:1 all Israel are captives  but Jam2:5, “poor” are rich in “faith”)  If a “baptized” member sin and do “not” repent, he commits the unpardonable sin and that is “blaspheme” against God. (read: Blaspheme ) This is when, that person is totally conquered by satan. We know, all 12 tribes are in captivity. That means, they have not repented.  The covenant was broken and God Has left. Now, GF and others in PCG specially areprisoners” of satan in a dark “pit!!!


“If the “Holy Spirit” does not dwell in a person, he is not a “true” Christian. And God gives His Spirit only to those who “obey” Him. …..” all 12 tribes have not obeyed…. Including PCG. If GF obeyed, then he would be afraid to sin against God and to break the marriage covenant. Certainly will not kill those who were sent by God to correct him.

Why a “bottomless” pit?

Jer 2:13  For My people have committed two evils; they have forsaken Me, the “Fountain of living waters”, to hew out cisterns for themselves, broken cisterns that can hold no water. ….

Who has done this horrible thing of forsaking God?   Jerusalem, Israel, Jacob, the priests, the pastors, and the prophets the ‘FIRST FRUITS” . That includes all ( v4, 8, ) Israel. This is why, the lions are roaring (V 15) .since they have forsaken God, and He Has withdrawn His Spirit and now their cisterns are broken. They cannot hold any water…They have forsaken the “Fountain of living waters”.  If the cisterns are broken on “top”, still they could hold at least a little water. But, since their cisterns are “bottomless”, they are now in a ‘bottomless” pit.  So there can’t be any water. That is how  they are in a ‘bottomless’ pit! They are the vessels of “wrath”, since they have forsaken the “fountain of living waters”,; But , those who drink from the “fountain” of the living waters, the “Gentiles”,  who departed as Is 52:11,  NOW,  says to Israel, …..


{Rev 14:7  , Fear God, and give glory to Him; for the “hour” of His “judgment” is come: and “worship” Him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the “fountains of waters”.}

But these waters now has become blood.


Jer 2: V 11… “God’s people” have changed their glory …..Jeremiah book, pg 3, 4 says, “NATIONAL” Israel, was not God’s flock and they could never be scattered by false prophets.  So it is spiritual Israel who has changed their glory. When did they change their glory? This should happen in the “very end”…. Among many books of the Bible, Mic 2: 9…explains that when they “pull out the robes” from the “women” of God’s people, (For God says, women of “MY” people), they took God’s glory for ever. (Read: Wicked exposed : Micah 2:9 fulfilled)  then as Mic 5: 7-9, gentiles, as lions will tread down. This time, the Jews or Israel and gentiles were split…. as we wrote in “Last hour church split” .If God says, His people have changed their glory, then how can God’s Spirit lead them? Holy Spirit lives in those who obey God.!  


 Pro 5 : 2---“thy lips may keep knowledge.”. (v2)  who was asked to keep the knowledge  in their lips? This is a direct command to the present “ministry” as it is mentioned in “Mal 2: 7”, which is a time to “purify” the “ministry” after finishing the temple and it says, the “priest’s” lips  should keep God’s law.  We know that in the very end, the whole problem  in the ministry of PCG, is they  have not kept the law. Anciently, after building the temple, the “priests” fell. This is the same situation. Instead of keeping God’s law in their lips, these ministers tasted (v3)……The “lips of a strange woman”, which is  like  “honey”… those who “should keep God’s knowledge”, (the ‘ministry’) have tasted the “lips of a strange woman”.  (Spiritual adultery), their end is bitter as “wormwood” v 4… and v 5… it will take you to death, and to hell. (7585) that is the “world of the dead”…the “bottomless pit”,  where PCG is now spiritually as God’s Spirit is not in them, because they went after other cisterns, forsaking the “Fountain of the living waters”..


Pro 22:14  The mouth of “strange women” is a deep pit: he that is abhorred of the LORD shall fall therein….. If you go after strange women, you fall in to a deep pit. And who are  the “abhorred of the Lord” who have done this?  Lam 2: 7… those who are in the ‘Sanctuary”, The inner court, which needed the measuring in the last moments. Lam 4:1… the stones in the Sanctuary, who are likened to fine gold, lost their beauty and got their gold corroded in the last days as Jam 5 says. Also Ez 16:25….  PCG,  went after strange women, spiritually in the very end as she allowed the strangers to come in to the Sanctuary of God as lam 1;10. Now, Ezekiel who ate honey, is in the deep pit, having tasted the lips of a strange woman.  Lam 1:15… the assembly is trampling them. Ez 16:40


 Rev 10, Ezekiel was asked to eat the book, and it was like “honey” in his mouth and to be bitter later… (he is to be lamented and mourned) and we know that Ezekiel committed “spiritual” harlotry and went after a strange woman. He did not keep the knowledge of God’s law in his lips. He disobeyed. He made cisterns of his own, instead of taking water from the fountain of the living waters. Pro 5 V 4… the “punishment” for committing “spiritual adultery” is to be bitter aswormwood” and will be cut from a “TWOEDGED SWORD”, which is the ‘Word of God”.  This is why the following scripture says, God will give them ‘wormwood”…Deut 29:18,  Jere 9: 15, (v 14 says, those who go after other gods,  “Baalam”… We have proven that what happened in PCG in India is a “Balaam” type of betrayal and Micah 6:5 , 2 Pet and Jude warns about such a betrayal. ) Jer 23: 15, Lam 3:15,  Lam 3:19 (Lamenations are for those who allowed the strangers to come in to the Sanctuary of God. Lam 1:10 ), then Rev 8: 11….  }


{Rev 8: 10- 11… the “rivers”, and the “fountains of waters”, the cisterns, which we have written in this writing, are the “pits, or cisterns” which are  God’s people”, who keep God’s spirit. God’s Holy Spirit is the rivers flow from believer’s hearts. ( John 7:38). Now, they have committed “adultery” and as above, the angel pours “wormwood”. Now they are “spiritually” dead! And are in the pit!!  (Read: Israel will come out of sea”..) this angel’s punishment is to put wormwood on a third part of God’s people. These people will have to suffer spiritually, as wormwood makes them bitter.} Just as PCG lamented 7 years for WCG, when she fell, we , the gentile assembly was and is lamenting for PCG, since 1999. We must remember, the book of revelation which is the “Day of The Lord”, is the judgment of His people. It is written to seven Asian churches, and Ez 30:3, the DOL is the times of the gentiles, Rev 11:2, they are the ones who are treading down the inner court and all Israel. They are the ones who saw Israel’s captivity. Ez 39: 21-23


 Pro 5: 15… “Drink from your own cistern”… means the same thing as “not to go after other gods”, but to drink from your own. As Jer 2: 13 says, we should have our own cisterns well filled and without getting them broken, so that we could hold our own water, V 16- 17 . We have a living Fountain of waters…. But they have forsaken that. 


V 18… “Your “fountain” and your “wife of your youth… this too is a coded message for the “ministry”, as in Mal 2:14 – 15…. GF explained in MM, that “wife of your youth” means, the church. (Also, Jer 2: 13 which talks about the “Fountain” …., in v 2, God reminds that He remembers the kindness of her “YOUTH” when she “walked after God”, seeking to drink from His Fountain. V 4 calls for all Israel, all the families. Now they do not walk with God any more. This is why, in Amos 3:1- 3, God said, you onoy I know from all the families …but, now they do not agree with God. Jer 2.  in v 6, God says, ancient Israel too walked through a land of deserts and “PITS”. They walked through “PHYSICAL” pits, but spiritual Israel is in a spiritual pit) These ministers, instead of delighting in the church, they went after other gods. They have dealt treacherously with one another profaning the covenant, and with the church. the ministry in PCG went after other cisterns, and they got their cisterns broken , now, they are in the ‘bottomless’ pit, where there is no Holy Spirit.  Is. 54: 6 this is why, God Has forsaken her too and she is grieved in Spirit because when she was a “youth”, did not drink from her own pit. “God” is the “husband as v 5 says, and this applies to no one but to the last church, which is PCG, who married God,  as Ez 16:8 says. Is 54 v 7 on… she is forsaken too.  Also Ez 16: 14---- shows, how all of the end time churches, PCG being the worst church, have committed adultery.  If the punishments are “physical”, everyone could see easily. But since they are “Spiritual”, the spiritually blind cannot see them. Physically, WCG did fell after forsaking God. PCG has gone down the same way as the “mother” explained in Ez 16: 44-45.


{In Zech 2: 13… God warns all “FLESH”… this prophecy applies to a time when they are in “Babylon” as v 7 says.  God Has spread them abroad, ( Jam 1;1) as the four winds…. This is why the elect are gathered in the four winds, and the angels are told not to harm the earth until the sealing of God’s people. But, now they are scattered.  They are only flesh and they do not have ‘Spirit”. Zech 11: 9, after God breaking the covenant, He allowed everyone to become flesh and die. They will be eating one another’s flesh… betraying one another, as we will see later, a letter which one of the PCG members wrote recently to us about how members are betraying one another. Christ too prophesied the present situation in PCG. Mat 13: 14 onwards… the church will become blind, (their eyes, “THEY” have closed, ) when they have closed their eyes, they do not see anything spiritually and they speak different things. This is why all tribes are in captivity, speaking and doing their own thing deceiving God’s people… many false prophets.


Then in Mar 13: 9…. They shall deliver you to sanhedrins….(MKJV and Greek Int.Bible)  They are rulers of the “Jews”, and “synagogues”…. And definitely not the “gentile” councils. It is the “Jews”, who are in “synagogues”, not the “catholic” church that kills the true followers. Christ said (synagogue) this verse  after He said “I will build My “church”…. why Didn’t He say… they will deliver you up to “churches”? after all, He used the Word “church”, when He said, He will build. This is because  He wants to show that He was  talking about the “synagogue of the “Jews” which became “synagogue of satan”, in the very end and not gentile churches. The problem in the beginning also was with the Jews, and it will end also with the “Jews”.  “Church” and the “synagogue” is different as we proved from “last hour church split”. The Word ‘church’ was used by gentiles. Christ wanted to make certain, that this killing is done by none other than “Jews”.  And, “you shall be brought before rulers and kings for God’s sake. For a testimony against “them”. Now, the testimony is against those “Sanhedrin” and “Jews in the synagogue”. Pope is not in a synagogue and the testimony is not against the Pope. “True” followers testify against the ‘spiritual” Israel. Mainly the “Holy city”, which is Jerusalem.  The law requires to testify against the elders, by the testimony of two or three witnesses.  This is not the time to testify against any leader or pope in the world. All these have to do with the Jews. They killed Christ, they killed His followers up to 3 John… Diotrephus, a king, or a Sanhedrin…. The devil’s tool to kill God’s people. He took the whole church after other gods. And killed those who brought the testimony against their wicked deeds. 


The witnesses during the “Day of The Lord”, are the “gentiles”. (Ez 30:3, Rev 11: 2). When, the “Jews” are killing the true people of God, were they inspired by God? Did God tell them to do so? God says, the members, are the “true” followers. They have to be already in the “pit”, having no Holy Spirit to kill the people who are sent by God to witness against them. With whom does God work at this time?  With those who are “being beaten” and “thrown out”. Christ said, one has to lay his life to find it.  In Rev 20: 4, those who were ‘BEHEADED” and who did not take the mark of the beast, reign with Christ.  We have no choice, but either worship God, or the beast.


This testimony is given, in that “HOUR”…, when the “synagogue of the Jews” became the “synagogue of Satan”. When you compare these verses with other prophecies like, gentiles have attained to righteousness , grafted in and Jews were blinded, etc……, we know that in the end, only the gentiles (with little sanctuaries)  are left to do the work of God and they are the ones who will be testifying against the Jews and will be killed. These prophecies have already been fulfilled. (Gentiles see the captivity.. Ez 39: 21- 23, they sing the “Song of Moses”, they tread down the Holy city )     these leaders, having gone after other gods and strange women, now are in the pit. Otherwise, any one in their right mind or if they were lead by God’s Holy Spirit, they would not beat the true followers of God and Christ. !! the “testimony” means “evidence”, of a crime.  we are giving the testimony of the crime which PCG committed against God, to break His covenant. when the Word says, the sinners are in the Pit, it applies ‘spiritually’. So the ‘beheaded” also should mean spiritually. Casting out of the church means, to spiritual murder. So now, we have been spiritually murdered by God’s church for testifying their sins.  This is the last work on this earth, which God does.


Mar 13: 11, it is God’s “Spirit” which leads us , in this hour. If God’s Spirit is leading these out cast ones, then the kings, and Sanhedrin, in the synagogue, have to be in the “pit”, having no Spirit.!


 And Zech 11: 16. this wicked shepherd, has to be the “Man of sin”, who was allowed to sit in “God’s temple” as God sits, for a purpose. To test God’s people…. He is eating flesh of the fat… this is Ez 34.  these shepherds are destroying Jerusalem or the church. if God Has prophesied that He will raise up a shepherd who do not care for the flock, then, we should look for the fulfillment. And we see that is happening. If you do not see it, you are already in the ‘pit’ with this evil shepherd, who is in the true church. God did not raise up a shepherd in the world or the catholic church, but in Jerusalem. These antichrists are fighting and destroying Jerusalem. Now, when the ‘times of gentiles’ are being fulfilled, they are treading and doing the work of God, in Jerusalem. But this wicked shepherd and his fellows are fighting with us. To punish them, Zech 14: 12… the “eyes”, and the “tongue” is destroyed…. Spiritually, they become blind, and they will not be able to talk…. as Ezekiel was made mute or even to drink, or any other thing which the tongue does, . These are signs for God’s people. They are spiritually dead. We have proven from the Word of God, that the lions are destroying and taking the bones of Israel to the valley of the dry bones. All these are to occur spiritually, as God will make a covenant of peace and will take Israel back for the second time. As Zech 11: 9 and v 16, says, if one another eat each other’s flesh and this shepherd eat everyone’s flesh, will there be any flesh left? Do you see any man eating each other’s flesh in any of the churches? All these are to happen spiritually. This is why only the bones are left. The sheep were eaten by own shepherds in Ez 34. Amos 3: 12… the lion, who is the devil, has caused other lions who are the RDs,( as Ez 19,) to eat the sheep. They still have two legs and an ear left….. you still could  hear with the ear, and run with the legs. Those who hear with the left over ear, can run, with the two legs which are left.  }


Who has ‘deep’ waters? The Holy spirit”? Ez 34: 17-18… the PCG ministry, just before Christ’s coming, and just before the “times of gentiles”, with the leader’s own admission, had revelation like no other church, had “deep” waters. But they have fouled the deep waters. To foul the waters, then they should have it.

Read Ez book pg 108… GF wrote;… ‘this is a monumental sin. We ministers must take note!’ …. If you must have ‘good pasture’ by God’s standards then you must be in God’s true church. This could refer only to laodicenas…(. Who is the 7th head? …. )

God also gave ‘deep’ waters, -- a type of Holy spirit. …..God is not talking about worldly religions here. They have never had deep spiritual waters”. Spiritually, the nations of Israel have never had deep waters. ….. so the end time ministry in PCG had deep, deep waters like no other church. But as Jer 2: 13 says, they went after other gods and broke their cisterns and now, they cannot hold any water and they are now in a ‘bottomless’ pit.


God’s people are scattered among the heathen now, and they are like heathen now. Ez 20:32, 25:8,  Oba 1:15- 16,  Hab 3:12,  etc. God says, He will catch the wicked in their “own” craftiness and in their “own” wickedness and in their “own” net. The leaders, as we saw, have made pits for themselves. And Ps 9: 15- 17  says, they are caught in their own net. The wicked  have dug their own pits in Ps 7: 9- 16…


“Korah” buried alive in the pit, a sign to us;…

When God judged Korah, in Num 16:21, 26 God said to “separate” from the wicked, so God can consume them. God tells His people to come out of the end time church which has become a harlot and now in Babylon.  in v 22, Moses asked God, that if one man sin, would God be angry at the whole congregation? Then, God told them to get away from the sinners and not to touch anything of theirs. V 29-30 says Moses specifically said, if these sinners are punished by a “new thing”, that is if they go  alivedown to the pit”, then you shall understand that these men have “provoked the Lord”. These are prophecies for our time , as to send the sinners to the bottomless pit is also a “new thing”. New things are given to gentiles who did not have “foreign gods” to witness and declare, as we have proven from the Word of God. (Is 43:12 etc). Now, God Has sent the ministers who sinned also to the pit since they have gone after other gods and  who did not drink from their own cisterns. There is no Holy Spirit for them now. They too have gone alive to the bottomless pit, having no Spirit just as “Korah” did. It was a sign to God’s people to know who the rebellious are and it is a “sign” now as well.


Ps 55: 14-- explains how a wicked man, who took counsel together has betrayed him …  v 15… they will go down to the pit… but v 6, King David says, if he had wings like a dove… so he could be at rest. Is 60: 8-9… while the “gentiles” in the isles,  flying like a cloud and “doves” to their rest, (This is happening now) the sinners will go down to the pit.


Ps 94: 9-15… the wicked will be in the pit, while judgment shall come to righteousness.  Read also Job 33… Ps 88,  

Is 14: 15… the devil, who will be thrown also in to the bottomless pit, will be brought down to the pit. Those who serve him also will be with him.

Is 24: 5- 22… the earth is defiled, because they transgressed the laws , and broken the everlasting covenant. !!

    (No one but PCG broke the covenant by going after strange women in the end.  She is the last church which had a covenant with God. this is the main problem with God’s people why they are in the bottomless pit now)  and are desolate, burned, v 10… in confusion, (Babylon), v 14… cry aloud from the sea, v 15…. God’s glory comes from the isles (we have proven they are the gentiles) the treacherous dealers have dealt treacherously (the ministers in Mal  2:10,  11, 14,  15,  16.) fear and the pit and the snare is upon them. It is because, they did not take heed to the Spirit.


Mal 2:16  For the LORD, the God of Israel, saith that he hateth putting away: for one covereth violence with his garment, saith the LORD of hosts: therefore take heed to your spirit, that ye deal not treacherously. …. Broken cisterns… how could they take heed to their spirit?

Is 24: 22… God will punish the high ones, (the proud) and they shall be gathered in the “pit”…. Shut up in the prison… the captivity is the prison.  Also Jer 48: 43- 44… magnified against the Lord, will have to fear the pit and the snare…

Is 38:18… those who go down to the pit, have no hope of God’s truth.

Is 51. ….we must look to the “ROCK”, who is Christ, and that is our cistern of water, which we should drink from.

V 3 onwards…. God will comfort Zion, but she is in decay now,

4  Hearken unto me, my people; and give ear unto me, O my nation: for a law shall proceed from me, and I will make my judgment to rest….

:5  My righteousness is near; my salvation is gone forth, and mine arms shall judge the people; the isles shall wait upon me, and on mine arm shall they trust.

V 10… the “ransomed” (past tense) … shall pass over… the sea will dry up.

Therefore the redeemed of the LORD shall return,….


 Isa 51:14  The “captive exile” hasteneth that he may be loosed, and that he should not die in the pit, nor that his bread should fail.

So it is the “Captives” who  are in the pit. They are the 12 tribes of Israel. Having broken the covenant, as we have proven from the Word of God, now they do not have God’s Holy Spirit. So they are in the bottomless pit. They should come out and they will. The sea will be dried up for them.  This is not talking about the worldly people. The Bible does not mean anything and it is not their time to come out of captivity. The Word of God is only for the church. and the Word says, there will be an antichrist, the man of sin, in the temple. This is how all Israel went in to captivity. Is 51 is to no one but to Zion.


{From RV Jan/feb 2006.

Pg 2….James begins addressing “ the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad.  We have to look at this “spiritually  ”… so this is a spiritual captivity….

Pg 2- 3… it is talking about the church or family of God being  scattered all over the place….”.}

[Revelation 11:1-2 also discuss God's little remnant rising up, and then the “times of the Gentiles”, side by side-just as Revelation 17:8 does. The work of God and the beast power ascend together.}………from GF’s own words…. If the 12 tribes are scattered ‘spirituall’, that means they have not obeyed God. God gives His Spirit only to those who obey Him. Now, they are in the ‘pit”. Do you see spiritual Israel scattered among the gentiles ‘SPIITUALLY”? No, we do not see. Spiritual matters could be seen only spiritually. Besides, those  who are already scattered, cannot see spiritually they are scattered.


Isa 51:17  Awake, awake, stand up, O Jerusalem, which hast drunk at the hand of the LORD the cup of his fury; ……. It is Jerusalem, the spiritual Jerusalem, the Zion who has drunk God’s fury. Not the world. Our treading down is a part of God’s wrath. This is why, as GF said above, that Rev 11: 2 and Rev 17:8 is a work , side by side. The gentiles are fighting with the shepherds who have become beasts. Christ is outside with the gentiles.  As Dan 11: 36 says, God is allowing these beasts who are in the bottomless pit, who has no Holy Spirit, to exalt themselves,  as a part of God’s wrath. So the exploits are done to humble the exalted and to witness against them, and to pull others from fire. Dan 9: 4…. God keep the covenant with those who obey Him and those who keep the commandments. Christ will confirm the covenant as v 27, says, for one week as the covenant was broken by Israel.  


Ez 26:20… The “Tyre”, (the proud king ) who is going to fall in the very near future, as HWA said in MOA, and those who go with him in to the pit,  Ez 28: 8…. Will be brought down to the pit, to be slain in the seas…. (read: Israel will come out of the sea) Ez 31: 14- 18… V 18 says, he shall lie in the midst of the UNCIRCUMSIZED with them that slain by the sword. This is “Pharaoh” a type of the proud leader in God’s church, who need to be placed with the ‘UNCIRCUMSIZED”. (Has to be a circumcised to be placed with the uncircumcised. ) Ez 32: 22-24, 30.


Rev 9:11  And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon. ….” Those who had the mark of the beast, have their king as the angel risen up out of the bottomless pit. This pit is opened only when God’s judgments have come. The devil was always in the world. Those who are being deceived by the man of sin, the antichrist, have this fallen angel as their king. As we saw earlier, this should happen during the “Times of gentiles”…GF, himself is serving this fallen angel.


From “Prophesy again” book…

{{{Notice, then, how God follows that vision with correction: He immediately talks about measuring us in chapter 11. God begins to measure us and show us where we need to change. That is a wonderful blessing from our loving Father. Every loving father measures his children so they can be happy and successful. If we are going to prophesy again, we must “worship in that temple” and we have to be “measured”. That includes the “altar”, which symbolizes the “ministry”, including me. We all have to be measured. …….}}} We brought the sin of “Bamah” to GF’s attention in 2003. this is when GF said he is prophesying again. By this time, he has already failed to be measured. God Has given him the knowledge about the need to be measured. But he failed to be measured. This is when they were thrown to the ‘pit’. Then, the lamentations, mourning and woe….

{{{{Revelation 11 then talks about the “two witnesses” and how the “beast power” is going to hate and kill them. "And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city [Jerusalem], which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, WHERE ALSO OUR LORD WAS CRUCIFIED"}}}


These are the witnesses, the gentiles, who saw the falling of the final church, breaking  the covenant, giving witness against the altar, which became the beast power. The Jews, as we saw earlier, killed us. They are definitely in the pit.



Rev 11:7  And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit  shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them. …… the Altar, which failed to be measured became the  “beast”, and  ascends from the “bottomless” pit,  to fight with the gentiles who  witnesses against them. The judgment written in the book of revelation, is the judgment of the “church, or Zion”. Pope or the kings of this world never had the “Holy Spirit” and went after other gods to be in the ‘bottomless’ pit, which is a ‘spiritual’ pit. It is those who forsook God, are in the bottomless pit.   


Prohesy again book:

{{{Sackcloth here is not really referring to humility; it's talking primarily about “MOURNING”. These two witnesses are “among those who sigh and cry because of all the abominations in  Israel. ( Ezekiel 9:4)  }}}

Mourning?..... Who was asked to mourn with one another? It is Ezekiel, after striking the wife, God said to him, that he is to pine away in iniquity and mourn with one another.

“Among those who sigh and cry”?....In Ez 9:4, it is the ‘spiritual Jerusalem, where God’s Sanctuary is to be punished. The punishment or the slaughter is to begin at God’s Sanctuary, which defiled the temple explained in the previous chapter… the men in the east gate. Those who witnessed these abominations in the east gate are therefore, the witnesses. Ez 9:4, is the sealing of God’s people, those who sigh and cry those who sin. V 6… the killing to begin at God’s Sanctuary. This too is ‘spiritual” . V 8… God’s fury is on “Jerusalem”. Earlier we saw His fury is on “Zion”. This is the Zion which sinned in the east gate. Jerusalem is the ‘Holy city’ and the Sanctuary is the “Altar” which is explained in Rev 11: 1-2.  Didn’t we witness and cry over the Sanctuary’s sins?  Did not the beasts in the Sanctuary killed us?

{{{“Spiritually”, sodomy rejects the Father as Head over the God Family…….. Sodomy is satanic to the core. Spiritually, it destroys God's Family plan. Generally, the people who commit this sin have no concept of how evil it really is……..}}}  This is why, God Has rejected PCG. Rev 11: 8, we witness against the ‘spiritual” Sodom and Egypt. All our writings are to prove and witness, that it is PCG which committed the spiritual sodomy. Both parties broke the covenant and we witnessed. We have proven so from the Word of God. Does anyone listen to God? it certainly has destroyed God’s plan. He Had to abandon all Israel, just as He abandoned Christ, when He took all the sins of the people. Did GF know how ‘evil’ the spiritual sodomy really is? When he realizes, that he was prophesying against himself, then he will go even down the bottomless pit to hide!

{{{If we have a problem and we won't allow God to measure us, how can He reach us?}}}….GF need to ask this question from himself !!! He is the one who failed to measure. He was too busy accusing other churches. God Has spurned the Altar…. Christ said,


Mat 5: 20… We have to exceed the righteouness of the Pharisees… PCG leaders are the Pharisees. They preach others to obey commanments, but  they, themselves would not.

Mat 12: 25.. divided kingdom will bring desolation . this is why, all Israel are divided. Many groups claiming to be the true church.  All Israel, brought desolation to themselves. Therefore,

Mat 21: 43… kingdom will be taken and given to a nation bring fruits…. The gentiles are grafted in.

Mat 12:28  But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom  of God is come unto you. “ Now, is the time to cast out the devil. Also it is time to bring the kingdom of God….


From GF’s sermon on “Dragon”….

{{Drought where satan is and revelation where God is.}}}  


Is 51:14… captives exiles hasten, that he may be loosed, and that he should not die in the pit….nor that his bread should fail.

Ez 19: 1…4 . … Princes of Israel , are taken in a pit, the gentiles brought him in to Egypt.

Ez 28:8  .. the king of ‘Tyre”,  he will die there, in the pit. Sea is the pit. Some will come out. To be in the pit means, they are already dead spiritually. Also Ez 31:14, Ez 31:16, 32: 18, 32: 23, 25,


Mar 13: 12…. Brother against brother, parents against children etc…. here is one of the letters which we received from a member who is in PCG……nothing added, nothing deleted… bolding , coloring etc….is done by us….


{{{Thanks for a light in the darkness of deception, the prophet today

that is riding on the coat-tails of Mr. Armstrong, is  guessing at the revelation God gives to him togive to his chosen people, the (little unimportant ones) who don't have the status or authority to challenge, or question anything he preaches to the church today.


If we ask questions about the sermon among our brethren after services what Mr. F said, we are made to look like we are rebellious and should be put out of the church. Satan is working in the brethren to convict those who ask questions of plain contradictions Mr. Prophet speaks in his finger pointing sermons...There are no more Brethren unity, love, harmony, trust, among the people of God today.

We are taught by GF to point fingers, and point fingers, and accuse, and lay blame on others continually over and over and over and over, Sabbath, after Sabbath, after Sabbath, after Sabbath.That is what is really happening in the church today. No new revelation, just finger pointing and accusing the Laodiceans, and accusing and accusing, over and over and over and over and over and over.

the Laodiceans. The church has become so judgmental of others they don't have any trust among themselves whatsoever for anything. Nothing new, No new revelation, just same old news of finger pointing and accusing of the Laodiceans...


Satan is the great accuser of the brethren. Sure they need to be pointed out.. But we the church know and should be taught God's love, laws, prophecies, ect, ect, ect, not just how to blame and accuse

blame and accuse, blame, and accuse, blame and accuse, blame and accuse....Sabbath after Sabbath after Sabbath, after Sabbath, after Sabbath. 


ALL that does is build suspicion and hatred among the

brethren. The brethren are brainwashed to prate against, and hate others, to strive against, and accuse others of wrong, while all the time deceiving themselves they are the ONLY ONES WHO




There is no trust whatsoever among the brethren today. Everyone is highly suspicious of his brother so it is to be very, very cautious of what is said. Just one questionable comment can get a member disfellowshipped, and marked, put out of the church very quickly. 

 It is not a joyful congergation of God as God intended's it should be.

We have no more revealed prophecies, the only new things revealed by our so called prophet are finger pointing, accusations,


 always against Laodiceans and anyone who asks questions, is considered rebellious against God's government and the ministry, which is the gov. of God implemented by God's end time prophet, GF...He in his eyes is God's government on earth for the church today, until Christ

comes to establish his kingdom and rule, He GF is in the place of Christ and what he says is God's established LAW, RULE, AUTHORITY, AND GOVERNMENT TODAY,  NO  QUESTIONS, IF'S, OR



As GF would say if you can believe that...




We have learned that if you ask questions, or seek after truth you are quickly disfellowshipped and marked.

It seems money hungry, worldly, and deceptive power hungry mongrels who strive for power, status, recognition, and authority who desire to lord it over the weak and humble, THOSE THAT IIE and cut their brethren's throats every opportunity they get have taken over the church today. It is totally Satanic.

There is no Godly love left in God's people, finger pointing, accusations, lies, and satanic deception is all that is left among the members today...A true follower of the laws of God don't stand a chance of surviving in the pcg.}}}


There are many more letters like this. These are the members who ‘sigh and cry’ and will be sealed when the plagues come upon Zion.

Has not God prophesied all these evil would happen in His church?

The children are against parents….. many members have written that they are not allowed to talk with the parents… some parents do not even know where their children live. Is this a church of God?  When Mrs Wickramsinghe  was disfellowshipped, her daughter was asked to not to talk with her. GF , himself has told her (all recorded in our writing ;  “Mr Winters witnessed?) to not to talk with the mother. What kind of an evil man is this?  To tell the children to not to talk with their parents? God said, to love even the enemies. ! Certainly, you need to protect the flock. But anyone who is baptized, is capable of judging who is evil or who is from God, that is if they are willing to see. Besides, the sheep need to be protected from those who cause divisions, and speak contrary to doctrines. Rom 16: 17-18. the members are to do that. Not the ministry.


RV 2004, Mar.. Pg 2 continues:….

{{{It takes the power of God’s Spirit to bring us out of the spiritual pit. …. It took Christ’s blood and the Spirit of God to get us out of a stifling prison. It can happen only if we enter in to the new covenant with God. if we are doing our part, God says he will bring us out of the pit where there is no water. Because he has made this blood covenant with us, we don’t have to be where there is no water, no food no revelation. }}}… But, what if one is not willing to be cleansed?


Zec 9:11  As for thee also, by the blood of thy covenant I have sent forth thy prisoners out of the pit ( 953- cistern, dungeon) wherein is no water…… this happens, as v 9 says, after Christ comes on the donkey, and that is to purify the ministry… (Read: Donkey and the foolish nation) … even if you are in a pit now, there is hope….


Zec 10:10  I will bring them “again” also out of the land of Egypt, and gather them out of Assyria; and I will bring them into the land of Gilead and Lebanon; and place shall not be found for them.

Zec 10:11  And he shall pass through the sea with “affliction”, and shall smite the waves in the sea, and all the deeps of the river shall dry up: and the pride of Assyria shall be brought down, and the sceptre of Egypt shall depart away.

Zech 10: 6…I have mercy upon them: and they shall be as though I had not cast them off: for I am the LORD their God, and will hear them. ….

Mat 12:11  And he said unto them, What man shall there be among you, that shall have one sheep, and if it fall into a pit on the sabbath day, will he not lay hold on it, and lift it out? …. We have proven, that this is the Sabbath, which we have to pray , (read: Pray that you flight may not be on Sabbath) now, that Sabbath is already here. All Israel, are now in the pit. Christ is working on this Sabbath to take them out of the pit…..



This is the will and the plan of God. He will deliver everyone out of the pit as soon as they repent.  The captive exiles should hasten  to come out. It is up to every individual, to come out of the pit….


Witness 1

Gentile assembly,