Do you know that unless you become as gold of Ophir, you cannot be in the kingdom? God’s word says, some in the end time will bring gold of Ophir. Who are the elect in the end time? What happens to the stones of the Altar? Why Zion need to be afflicted? Who would be building the “spiritual” temple? How could we become as “Gold” Mr Thompson wrote about “become pure as gold”. Read on how you could be too…




Become Pure as “gold” of “Ophir”.



GOLD of “Ophir”, is the ‘purest’ gold, which was used by king David and Solomon to build God’s temple. The “spiritual” temple which “will be” built soon, will be beautified by  “Spiritual”  gold from Ophir.  Ps 72 ;10 says  the kings of tarshish and sheba and seba will bring presents to Christ,  which was fulfilled when the three wise men came from “east”. And this is a “prophecy” for our days as Is 60; 6;9 says, …the “ships of tarshish” will “bringonce again their gold and silver, when it is time for the kingdom to come. Therefore, this is a prophecy.


The “stones of the Sanctuary” (Lam 4)  is likened to “gold”,  but now  have   become dross. When that happens, God cannot dwell with them or do His work with them. Christ said, His church will exist until He comes. Many end time prophecies say, in the end, the tabernacle of David will fall and Christ will rebuild it. Christ Has to use some others , other than the ministry now. Since the tabernacle of David has already become dross, the “ships of Tarshsih” who bring gold, will be used by God, to build the “spiritual” temple. They are now the “stones of the Sanctuary”. This is proven by  Is 60: 7,10,     66:12,   Mal 1:11,      Is 56: 3 – 8… Zech 6: 15,  Mic 5:6-8, Jam 2:5  etc… Christ has already come as a thief to “purify” the “ministry”.  (read:  Day of Visitation,  and   Christ comes as a thief in the night.)


Mal 3:1 – 7 … to “purify” means the ministry  has lost their  purity. The “virgin” of Israel has fallen, to  never to rise again (Amos 5:2…, Jere 15:9) she has lost her purity. When God says, “the virgin of Israel” will rise no more,  could there be any stones in the Sanctuary,  working for God? This is why, Christ is knocking from “outside”, or working with the “outer court”,  which did not need the measuring.  Rev 11: 2-3. this is why, during this time, as Mal 1: 11 says, God accept the gentile offering. Remember, God left the Sanctuary when Ezekiel’s wife was stricken (Ez 24: 21) which was a physical sign, and this is when Ezekiel totally failed in all three points one is tested.


The day When Christ comes “suddenly”, is “not” the day when He comes to “marry” His wife, who was NOT ready till  Rev 19: 7, which is after all the judgments and punishments.  He comes in the “night”, the night, which is ‘much to be observed’, as they are to “come out of Egypt,  once again as that is where the church is now (Rev 11:8). This is the prophesied  “night”  when Zion is in dark or sitting in the dust as our  above writings would have proven from the word. This is “just”  before His wife has made herself ready. This time, He comes to make the “bride” ready for the marriage, cleansing and purifying her as she has sinned. She will be put in the furnace to melt her dross off. When  The covenant was broken as Mal 3:1 says,  He comes (2----) as the “Messenger of the covenant” to re-establish the covenant as Ez 16:61-63. But to that, He needs to fulfill Mal 3: 2-5 . They will be purified by the “WORD” of God, in a “symbolical” furnace. (Ps 12:6). He shall purify the “Sons of Levi” (stones of the sanctuary)  in a “furnace of affliction” (Is 48: 10). GF said they are the ‘inner court’ , which is the ‘Sanctuary’. But as we clearly see from the word of God,  they are the ones who have become dross. ‘Lamentations’ is about the punishment of  the ‘stones of the Sanctuary’, (SS) which will be fulfilled in the near future. Until the punishment, these stones are not ready. Job said, when God “tests” him, he will become as “gold”. (Job 23: 10). This is why the Sanctuary needs to be tested and tried or purged. So the SS can be ready as pure gold of Ophir. Mal 3:3 says, God will purge them so that they may offer “righteous” offerings. How could the SS offer righteous offerings when they are dross?  We believe God and not a man.  


Rich and Poor separated only in the Laodicean era

“Affliction” means, bodily pain or mental distress. How distressing it is for a thief when he is found out? (Jer 2:26). The sins of the spiritual Israel are being exposed. In GF’s sermon “exposing the devil”, he said, you must “EXPOSE” , know him, over come and conquer.  When the devil has crept in to the Sanctuary and damaged everything (Ps 74 and Lam 1:10,   2: 7,   2:20,   4:1,   Ez 9:6 etc) God Has to use some people, other than the SS to expose the evil in the SS. This is why the “worst of the gentiles” are being called. (Ez 7:24,  31:12,   28:7)… the worst of the gentiles are fulfilling the prophecy of “speak to this people in another tongue”.


Ps 34: 19… the righteous have many afflictions. Habakkuk says, the “wicked” encompass the “righteous”, which is the happen in the very end.. They are more powerful than the righteous. God Has prophesied about the wicked being more powerful in Hab 1:4,  Mal 3:15,  Dan 11: 36,   12:7 ,  2 Pet , James 2:5, 1,2,3, John, 2 Thes, Jude, the man of sin, the anti Christ, the creeping ministers,  Joshua the HP, Eliakim, Ezekiel  etc. Does God praise any end time leader except HWA?  God says, there is NO man.  Jere 5:1,  Ez 22: 30, Is 41:28,   50:1.  Look what all the leaders did in the end. Ez 16: 52 alone says, they all went in to captivity. Zech 11: 11… God broke the covenant with ALL Israel. So, is there any left? PCG specifically condemned in Ez 16:, 38,  52-----


In the end time, the righteous are the “poor” who are “rich in faith as James 2: 5 says. James is written for the last end. These poor were afflicted by “rich” Laodiceans. Even though the poor are rich in faith, they are allowed to be afflicted by the rich. There was no difference in earlier eras such as “RICH” and “POOR”, until the laodicean era, which is SPECIFICALLY  prophesied to be  “RICH”. Those who have “authority” in the church have to be “the rich”, who have afflicted these poor. Since the poor had faith, their sacrifices are accepted in God’s Altar. If “God” says, they are rich in “faith”, then they should have the works also, as “faith without works” is a dead faith. God does not say they have a dead faith. The rich Laodiceans have a dead faith. Their works, they do, to bring glory to them, and they are like “Cain”. They have power and are wicked and are  rich. They are the “synagogue of Satan” explained in  Rev 3:9 who cast out those who hold fast to the covenant, those who lost the crown just ONE hour before Christ came as a thief.


Since there are  prophecies  given in the “end time” books;  1 John 3:12, Jude 11, about Cain’s type of a sin, we now see the fulfillment of that.   Then the poor were oppressed. (we proved from the word of God, who are the poor. Read : Poor and fatherless)  Poor are a type of Abel, who offer pure offering (Mal 1:11) Even book of Malachi says, some ministers were partial to the law and profane  the  covenant  hating  one another.  So by doing this, they did not practice the undefiled and pure religion as Jam 1: 7 says. The poor were oppressed by the rich. This really happened in PCG. By afflicting the poor, they mocked God. (Prv 17:5) Would God not be angry? James is a “Last end” book. The rich and the poor were separated by the “wickedness” of the “rich” and the “righteousness” of the “poor”. Those who have faith, were oppressed by faithless, wicked rulers. It is Joshua’s turban or the government which is filthy. When the government is filthy,  the “wrong judgment” proceeds as Habakkuk said. We have already proven, from the word, who the Joshua is. (read ; Joshua)   James  should be applied only during  Laodicean era, which is prophesied to be “rich”. The rich have their gold corroded (jam 5) and poor, have gold of Ophir.  The ‘poor’ are rich in faith, because they stood up for God and He accept them as His people. The rich oppressed, afflicted and  judged partially , the poor and aroused God’s anger. As Paul said, when one is afflicted, they become strong. ( 2 Cor 12: 7)… when the poor were afflicted, they became strong in faith. Now God is using them.


Mal 3V 4… “after” the purification, their offerings  will be righteous. Before that, they need to be witnessed and “judged”. This is what we are doing… God is sending His “words”, to judge and  to purify the SS or the Levites.  At this time, God accept gentile offerings, and they bring gold, means, they are being accepted by God to be “righteous”. Is 66:10.. God Has tried them. Pro 17:3.. God tries the “Hearts”… God says, the Laodiecans  are stiff-necked and uncircumcised in their “hearts” ( Act 7: 51) in their “hearts”, they turned back to Egypt. (V 39). This is why Rev 11: 2-8.. they are being witnessed by the gentiles who are in the “outer court”, which did not need the measuring . 


The last church which received gold and fine linen from God, was PCG, as explained in Ez 16: 12- 14, Jere 44:4 . God gave them gold, after  HWA’s death, when she was raised to judge WCG and others. In v 12, she even has a crown. She is a queen, who was married to God, as v 8 says.


Judgment began after 7th head ….righteous separated

In Rev 3: 11, to the Philadelphians, God say, to hold fast that no man take thy  crown”. In the end, when all others fell, PCG was wearing this crown.(Ez 16:12) “Laodicean” means, the “judgment” . (judgment begins at the house of God or begin at My sanctuary). But the judgment did not start  when WCG fell. Although two witnesses were raised, (GF and Mr Amos) God’s judgment on the WHOLE House of Israel did not begin. There was PCG, which married God as Ez 16: 8 says. then, “PCG became  the Sanctuary”. She was identified  by God as the ‘SISTER WHO JUDGED OTHERS” who later became “WORSE”.  (V 52) God allowed many sisters to be formed as Ez 16: 50-63 says. God took them away captive as He saw or as they rebelled . But when the final sister who “JUDGED” others  explained in v 52 became the worst,  then the judgment had to begin. This is when the laodicean era started with the 7th head, at the proclamation of PCG leader saying “I am the 7th head”. The last time God broke the covenant was during Joshua’s time as explained in Zech 11:11.  (Because of Joshua’s filthy, corrupt government) There after, God says, He will raise up a shepherd who do not care for the flock. Followed by  Christ’s  coming…. This is the Joshua, who became filthy just before Christ’s coming.


Our letter “Christ’s wife betrayed by an evangelist” was sent, in 2004 December, when the judgment began. In November that year, GF gave a sermon ”Finishing the work”. As God’s people, the “spiritual Israel’s” work was finished. God profaned the Sanctuary, giving us a physical sign of striking the wife of Ezekiel. (Why did they need a “PHYSICAL’ sign? Because they are “spiritually” blind and cannot understand that they are in “spiritual” captivity).  Right after that,  the Tsunami hit in South East , the place where  they broke the covenant. PCG invited not one but 17 men in to the Sanctuary. This is condemned by God. (Ez 44:7, Is 52:1, Lam 1:10)  the following week after the tsunami,  the PCG leader said “I am the 7th head”. 7th head means, the 7th angel or the Laodicean angel, explained in Rev 3.  Did any other leader say, “I am the high priest” or “I am the 7th head”? Or, “we have it all”…… implying that they are “rich”?   in this era, the leaders are to become “RICH”… at least they say they are rich.


Here is what GF wrote in RV Jan 2006“WCG sold everything and now we have everything…”   So the “RICHEST” church, is PCG now and she became rich, after the “judgment” began. He started to boast of having it all, after he acquired the wood and the stones from the auction and after he bought the copy right.  He does not know that God is allowing him to exalt himself  as a part of Hisindignation as in Dan 11:36. while they serve the devil the Leviathan, who is the king of the proud, they became proud and their gold became dross. In His indignation, the “weapons” of indignation are Jere 50: 25-26,   Is 13: 5. and the prophesied “strange work” in Is 28: 21.


When the 7th angel sounds, it is time for “judgment”. Christ left the inner court and He is “outside”. GF has explained all these, but he does not know YET, he was prophesying about himself  and his era. Those who were in the Phil era, only could become the Laodicean too. WCG fell 20 years ago while PCG continued to hold fast. As  Rev 3: 10 says, the final falling away should happen just one hour ( the hour of temptation)  before Christ comes as a thief. WCG left at least 17 years (that is the age of PCG) before this  hour.  WCG has  already left God 17 years before, having  broken the covenant. They were not God’s church this  “one” hour “before” the temptation.  According to Rev 3: 10-11, the final falling away happened when Christ said “I come quickly”, or when it was just “ONE” hour prior to His coming. This is the reason why He came, as the Messenger of the covenant, when the covenant was broken. The covenant could be broken by the people who had the covenant. That is PCG.   We definitely know that WCG and other churches broke the covenant long ago. Ez 16: 8 proves so. Christ did not come at that time, as He continued the covenant with PCG. This falling away happened “JUST one hour before tribulation” which caused Christ to come as a thief, to purify the SS. This is why Christ said, “Could you not watch with me just this hour?” Mt 26:40. But as v 41 says, their flesh was weak and they could not watch this one last hour. This includes, Peter who also fell asleep. The last leader, or the HP fell just like Peter.  


Now, since they are fallen, in this short time, which God Has allowed the leaders to exalt themselves as a part of indignation. ( Dan 11: 36).  this is the ‘spiritual” tribulation to God’s people, as when they see the sins of their leaders, they have to keep quiet, or they will be cast out, they think they cannot go to a place of safety, and  it is wrong to judge the leaders and they keep quiet . This is a life and death situation. Does not God know our hearts? Doesn’t He know that the leaders have failed? As we were baptized and entered in to the covenant with Him individually, we have to choose life individually as well.  But, God says, to test and prove the leaders, and mark them who teach doctrines contrary (Rom 16:17) to what God’s word says. Christ said, that one has to lay his life to find it. This means, to fight for His truth even if you are cast out. Could these leaders do such wickedness as God’s leaders? In “Ten Commandments” book, Mr Leap wrote: “God considers a person who abuses His name as “Spiritually” unclean.”. In the name of God, these leaders do all the wickedness “inside the Sanctuary”. In the end, those who fight for the truth will be cast out as 3 John says, and the “JUST” will have to live by “FAITH”. This is a mental distress as has never happened. They do not have any church to go as all the leaders have sinned. ‘OBEY God” and lay down your life for Him and save your life.   


But as Dan 11v 32-35 says, when the covenant was broken, those who witnessed in South east , did the exploits and still are doing. So, if you see the sins of your leaders, speak out. Do not be an unclean person by abusing God’s name.  Do not take part with any wicked as it is an abomination to God.  Ministers or members, we are all brethren. We need to watch the souls of our brethren. One way to become gold is to point out the error. Then admit and correct one’s self and others.  We are our brother’s keepers. God holds everyone responsible for other’s lives.


Now,  The leaders will not do a work of God, as Christ  Has spewed them out. That is why they are dross.  When the Laodicean era  comes, Christ is outside. And the judgments should begin. This is why we witness.  God has allowed them to be physically rich, or allowed them to think they are rich. The real split in the church happened, when as Mal 3:15 says, when the leaders became proud, ( laodicean) and those who feared God had to separate themselves from the main body, because that is when the whole ministry fell.  They are being “proud”, and the people did not have a place to go or they did not have any leaders to follow. The tabernacle of David has failed totally. They had to speak with one another. That means, there are no leaders. Otherwise, all of a sudden, why Does God say, you speak with one another, instead of going to your high priest? There was no shepherd to take care of them that God, Himself Had to search for the sheep by raising king David. (Ez 34 and Zech 11: 16-17) And God wrote their names in the book of remembrance. Because they remembered God and His law. That is why they feared. 3 John, the story of Diotreophus and Gaius is the fulfillment of Mal 3: 15-18 .  


At this time, they were made jewels by God. You could say they are valuable as Gold of Ophir. Those who separated now have become God’s gold. When did these leaders started to be proud? This should happen after HWA’s death. After that, PCG was God’s church and they carried the Phil work and they only had the crown as ez 16;13 says. Then,  she only could lose it just before Christ comes. We witnessed how PCG lost her crown.


As long as there were a little remnant, or even just “one” in the Sanctuary, God would not leave. He says, “NO” man. Jer 5:1, Ez 22: 30) Why Does God say “NO” man? 1 King 2:2-3…. No one to guard the  “truth”. This is why Christ said, Jews will not worship God in truth.  7th head means, they have already lost the crown..  Other churches   have already  left, when PCG was crowned (and was judging) and God took them away as God saw fit, when they rebelled as ez 16;50 says. That means, God was blessing PCG and she had the “crown”. But she too went to bamah and sinned and broke the covenant. Then, she lost the crown and that is when the judgments started. That is the laodicean era…. As  there are no more churches. The virgin has fallen, never to rise again. These are God’ s words and should be feared and heeded.


Zech 6 says, Joshua’s crown is kept as a “memorial”…. Why not on his head? That shows, PCG, has  lost the crown in the last end. That is the crown of the PCG leader. The last high priest’s.  And v 15 of Zech 6 say, those who are “far away” shall build the temple …what happened to Joshua? Why did God Have to call those who are “far away” to build? Even the “Legal” Joshua, (as if there is one as GF says) has fallen.

So it was PCG who had the crown in the end and she only could lose it in the end also. And she did lose it. As we have proven from the word of God. Ez 16 and Rev 3 Phil. Era crown, and Joshua’s crown in Zech 6, all applies to the same leader. He failed to take heed for God’s warning to not to let any man take his crown. The man “Antiochus” caused his crown to be lost. Ezekiel profaned, Eliakim cut down and last high priest is filthy. Who is there to build the temple, except those who are far a way?

When all the Levites have fallen, God accept gentile offerings Mal 1:11

When all the leaders have become “dumb dogs”, God accept stranger’s offerings . Is 56: 3-10.

When Ezekiel builds a false wall, a stormy wind  (Read: east wind) shall tear it down, and a “Flooding rain” will come in God’s fury. Ez 13: 11-14.  the gentiles will be an “over flowing” stream (Is 66:12) “Over flowing” means, “flooding” rain.   It’s foundations will be uncovered….this happened during the tsunami, the channels of the sea was opened. PCG leader said, “I am the 7th head” or I am the laodicean head. Now they are coming out of sea.  All these have to happen as God says. The leaders do not have faith to understand these prophecies, nor they have eyesight even though they have eyes. Mt 6: 22- 23… their eye is evil and they do not see God’s revelation and they are in darkness. This is the night, Christ came. This is why the Laodiceans are blind. All these happen “spiritually”. If you try to understand these spiritually, you cannot. They are blind spiritually. 



Lam 4; the “stones of the Sanctuary” is dim. Their gold is dross. . Now, they have to be purified… in the furnace. This is why Zion is afflicted.. to clean their dross. James  5:3 also says  in the ‘last days’, their gold became dross. If this is a “Last time” problem, then only in the “last time” it should be fulfilled and revealed and exposed. Not 17 years ago when others fell. Since now, we live in those days, we can understand well, how their gold became dross. But they, the inner court cannot see their own dross. Because they are blind. Therefore, some one else have to tell them. Before everything is over, God will bring them back to their own land but before that, they will be humbled. 


When WCG  and all the other churches fell,  PCG stood up. She became Mine says God. (Ez 16:8)  then WCG leader  cannot be a high priest for God, or God’s scripture cannot be assigned to any of them and neither they can understand God’s word. Only the PCG and her leader have to be the high priest as God Does not have several high priests. When T Jr was ordained, it was not God’s church. Sr. Tkach, who was ordained a HP, died in 1995.  MM says, Joshua’s garments became filthy “just” before Christ’s coming. Rev 3: 10-12 also prove that the leaders lost the crown “JUST” before, just ONE hour before.


GF is the  high priest in God’s church who started right but just before Christ’s coming, his garments became filthy.  WCG leaders and all other church leaders have gone in to captivity as God says, long before or while this other sister judged them. Joshua was not filthy in the beginning. His crown is kept as a memorial in Zech 6… this is when the Phil era lost the crown and became laodicean. When this happens, those who are far away are called to build the temple as v 15 says. When WCG fell, those  who are far a way was not called. Still, there was a leader in Israel, which is PCG. These facts shows, who is Joshua and when his  garments became filthy. Besides, Christ’s coming should be followed by this Joshua as there is no other work is prophesied to happen, except the work by  those who are far away, which is done when Christ comes as a thief. Now only those who are far away are called to do the short work in righteousness, which they would not even believe and also those who hear it should run. That is a work of judgment as we have shown. So God’s judgment begins after the failure of Joshua and when he  became the 7th head. Ezekiel too was called to do a work for God, but he was profaned. His iniquity, caused God to leave His own Sanctuary. Then Eliakim, after giving all the glory, he was cut down. All these roles are  given to the same person. The latter end of all the leaders (except for HWA’s) ended  in failure, says God.  





The Elect

According to God’s own words, in the end, those who have “faith” become the “very elect”. They are the ‘poor’ who are rich in faith and are righteous. In “former prophets” book, GF wrote the poor are the first fruits. These are the ships of Tarshish who comes first  bringing children of God in Is 60.   Then, they are like “gold of Ophir”. They are the “lions”. 


1 Pet 2: 5… as stones, build up a “Spiritual” house… it is not a physical building which God is going to dwell in, but a ’spiritual” . Act 7: 47----.


1 Pet is written mainly for some in “Asia” who are “gentiles’. 1: 5 says, their salvation  ready to be revealed in the ‘LAST TIME. The last time has now come. This book reveals a “last time” situation.  These gentiles are being called to be spiritual stones in the “last time”. V 2.. they are “elect”, and “God” Has elected them by sanctifying them by the Spirit, and they are “Obedient”, (This is why king David said, foreigners obey me in Ps 18. )and are cleansed by Christ’s blood to inherit incorruptible and undefiled inheritance. These people are called in the ‘last time’,  when the  SS became dross or when they became corruptible and defiled.   Also,  2: 12. says, these gentiles hold good works and they will accuse the “Jews” of being “evil doers”. This has already happened. (read: the day of Visitation)  It is these gentiles, who hold good works now. Jude book, which was written to the “preserved” and “called” out  ones. But they could not stay preserved, as there are beasts among them. Is 49:6 says, the “preserved” ones need to be brought back. This prophecy is yet to be fulfilled.  God’s words which we are sending  will judge them and will purify them. At the same time, Christ is being a “light to gentiles”. This is what is happening now.  We have explained about this before, so we will not take time to write about Jude now. All the Last hour or last time books in the Bible which were revealed in the last time, gives warning of antichrists, beasts, creeping ministers etc. They are not in the world, but inside God’s sanctuary damaging everything until there is no longer a prophet.  Ps 74 says.


1 Pet 1: 5…. Through “FAITH” they are kept… this is Jam 2:5, the ‘poor’  who are rich in faith, also happen  in the “last days”. In James 5: 1- ---- the “rich” are condemned.. Their “gold and silver”, are dross. Book of Romans, talk about how Israel have failed, looking for their “own righteousness” and how the gentiles have obtained that righteousness, by ‘faith’. (Rom 11: 7---,  9:30 - 31)this prophecy was not fulfilled anciently. It is being fulfilled now. It should happen after Christ comes in the flesh on the foolish nation. in God’s church in all 7 eras, always the leader was a physical Israel until Mr Tkach was ordained. The end time apostle ordained him, opening the door for the “times of gentiles”.  But there was a delay. But now, there is no more delay. The judgments, the witnessing is going on. The synagogue of the Jews, always hindered the gentile work. (Read: Synagogue of the Jews)


Rom 11:7  What then? Israel hath not obtained that which he seeketh for; but the “elect” hath obtained it, and the rest were “blinded”. (the blindness came to laodicean era. Until such time, this prophecy could not be fulfilled) It is clear that “Israel” is not the “elect” spoken in this verse. So the “elect”, cannot be Israel… only those who have  “faith”,  are the “elect”. Mat 24: 22… for the “elect’s “ sake, those days, shall be shortened. These elect are the ones, who are righteous, and they are the ones who do the short work which will be cut short in “righteousness”. And for their sake, those days are shortened.  (Act 13, Hab 1;5,  Is. 29;14  Rom 9:28) The “GENTILES” , have obtained to righteousness, even the righteousness of ‘FAITH”. (Rom 9:30). V 31- 32 says, Israel stumbled… because of lack of “FAITH”. Why could they not obtain it? Rom 10: 3… they seek their ‘OWN” righteousness…(they want to sell and buy God’s truth and want their own selves to build physically where God does not want to dwell in)  this is why, Rom 10: 19 ---, 11: 11- 14, God is provoking them to jealousy. (read: Donkey and the foolish nation ) so God will cut short our work in righteousness. The elect, in the end are those who fight for God’s truth and who are scattered, cast out, spiritually murdered… these are the ones in Jam 5:6.. the “just”, the just who have to live by Christ’s  “faith”. They are the martyrs in Rev 6:9-11. (Rom 1:17,  Heb 10:38,   Gal 2: 20,  Hab 2: 4.) . The just do not have a leader… they are scattered in the four winds.


So the “elect”, in the end, are the “poor”, who are rich in “faith”,(and the little sanctuaries (LSs) who fought for God’s rights). Mat 5:3 Christ said, ‘BLESSED ARE THE POOR IN Spirit; FOR THEIRS IS THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN”. :…Also Christ said ….Mat 5;10, blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake…. Who are those who are persecuted for R’s sake?... It is the poor, and the LSs  who opposed the leader’s sins. (What good is it for the churches of God, when they sinned and brought the punishment upon themselves? Is it persecution? God says, it is “captivity”.) They  will have to live by Christ’s faith and  were  scattered by their shepherds as Ez 34. Now, these elect will be gathered from the four winds ( Mat 24:31). They are not in a place of safety. They are not even in one place. They need to be gathered by the four winds. These are the “little sanctuaries” which God dwells. (Ez 6: 8 – 9 ,  11:16,  14:22, Mal 3: 16-18). Lk 21: 12 – 13 says, after we are persecuted, we become witnesses to testify. This is what happened to us. After we were persecuted, we started to witness.


Luke 18:7… why do the elect have to cry day and night unto God? Because they were cast out by the ruthless, wicked shepherds as above scripture show. They will be gathered by angels, from four winds. Because they are rich in faith, the faithless shepherds have driven them away and  they  cry unto God. God will answer them speedily. Rom 8:33.   it is “God” who justifies them. Not the leaders. 


1 Pet 1:10.----. the trials, are more precious than gold, which perishes.  The Loadicean’s gold perishes as James say. End of the faith, is the salvation, which prophets prophesied, and enquired, of the “GRACE” which is given to these Asians. Until the last moments, not even the prophets knew about God’s grace un to the gentiles. John 1:17… the law is from Moses, but from Christ comes “Grace and truth”. John 4: 21----- , Jews will not worship God in truth.  It is God’s grace and our faith, which saves us. (1 Pet 1:2)


1 Pet 1: 13---… Christ is revealing the grace to us. These last days.  This is why Christ is working with the gentiles to witness and judge on this “day of visitation”. 1 Cor 4:5, when Christ comes only the things in the dark will be made known and He is using the gentiles to expose the  wickedness of His people. As “obedient”….(18).. no one is redeemed by silver and gold, means by their “own riches”. It is the rich who have gold and (but corroded) and trust in their gold to save themselves.  V 20… Christ is manifest in the “last times” to these gentiles.… ( this happens in the very last end, when all Israel have failed. ) This is a “Last time” prophecy which is being fulfilled now. This was God’s plan for gentiles, “from the beginning”…. From “BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD”. God knew that Israel will fail one day. (or the preserved ones also need to be brought back)  Then, the gentiles are to do God’s work. Ez 39: 21-23… the gentiles would know Israel’s captivity. After they go to captivity as Ez 16:52 says, then God’s hands are on gentiles.


V 22… purified by obeying the truth…”unfeigned” love of the brethren,  the rich Laodiceans do not obey the truth. The lies are coming out of the “man of sin”, who sits in the temple or the laodicean church. “unfeigned  means  sincere, without hypocrisy”…. Clarke commentary says …the most complete and distinct exponent of a man's character - the natural hypothesis of a pure and good heart - a readiness to believe in goodness”…. God’s word says, that these gentiles have such a character… this is why, they are likened to the best gold ever find on earth… they are purified by ‘OBEYING THE TRUTH” …. But not the stones of the altar…. Except for the end time Elijah, God does not say such a comment on any other end time leader in Israel… Eliakim was given ALL the glory and he was cut down…. It is difficult to obey the truth, when there are lies in the government, or when the turban is filthy. Gentiles obeyed the truth, when the lies are coming from the leader. If the government is telling the truth, the gentiles did not have to make an effort to obey the truth. But when the lies are coming, it is a difficult thing for members to fight with them and hold on to the truth.  Truth and lies cannot walk together. Since the government who have the authority has the power, they mistreat the people who obey God and the truth.  Christ said to let our “light” shine before men, that they may see our good works and “glorify” God. (Mat 5:16)This is why God says Israel took His glory forever. Because they did not have good works. 1 Pet 2: 12 shows, “gentiles” have the “good works:.  This is why God’s glory shines on gentiles during the judgment. 


V 23… these gentiles  are considered as “born again”, by the “WORD OF God”. They have passed the test.  The “truth” about the “word of God” gives life. This is why there is an “elect Lady”, and a Gaius whom Apostle John loved in “truth”, in the very end.  This is why, God is sending the “word” as “fire”, once again, to afflict Zion, so she too could be born again. This is an over flowing stream… the strangers are building Zion’s walls. Is 60: 3----, 66:12 etc….


1 Pet 2:4.. Christ is a living stone, rejected by men, but elect, and precious to God. V 5… You also…. The Asians to whom this letter is written, in the ‘VERY LAST DAYS”, are now called to build a ‘SPIRITUAL” house to God, (Israel is building physical houses)  a Holy priesthood, to offer  spiritual’ sacrifices…. Now, these Asians, are called to build a ‘spiritual’ temple to God, (with Christ, who is the “corner stone”),  in the last times, when Israel has failed… these people build God’s temple, which is fallen down…( Is 60, 66:12, Mal 1:11,  Is 56: 3-8,  Mic 5:7,  Zech 6: 15) This is God’s own words… they are to build a ‘SPIRITUAL”  temple. If anyone is saying they are building the ruins, that is a lie.  


Christ said, His followers too will be rejected, murdered, in the last days (Jam 5:6), and they will be dragged in to synagogues.  Those who lose their lives only, will find the lives. This is a ‘spiritual’ murdering of God’s people. In  3 John the prophecy of Diotrephus, proves that the “true” followers will be cast out, from the “TRUE” church. He lived in Asia too. GF spoke about Diotrephus in 2003 Jan RV. Seven months later, we informed GF, about how this diotrephus, who invited false people in to church and cast out the true followers who  stood up for God. This incident is written in the word. One day soon, they will have to accept Gaius, who was found to be hospitable to fulfill the rest of 3 John.


1 Pet 2:5 says… you “ALSO”… as LIVELY” stones…(when the stones of the altar is scattered, and are killed or rejected by God, gentiles are “LIVELY”… (not dead)  this shows, these gentiles are to follow Christ’s example, or as He was the corner stone, we also are to build on Him as lively stones. (unlike the dead Laodiceans). The Laodiceans are alive ‘physically’ and dead “spiritually”. . But the gentiles are building “Spiritually”. This is the reason, that God bound the “donkey and the foolish nation” to the vine in the end as prophesied by Jacob in Gen 49: 10-11. (read: Donkey and the foolish nation and Genesis 49)  The true church is split in to two. “Rich Laodiceans” and “poor gentiles”.. These rich Laodiceans offer corroded gold. We bring pure gold from “ophir”.( God’s word, and truth separates us. The real separation happened when Mal 3: 15-18… when the “proud” are build up, (Laodiceans and poor) those who feared separated….. )Just as king David and Solomon used pure gold from ophir to build the physical temple ,now the “LIVELY”  gold is being used to  build the spiritual temple. (read Poor fatherless, which proves who are poor biblically.) In Is 56: God says, these strangers have done better than sons and daughters. Mal 1:11 says, they will offer “pure” offerings when all the Levites have failed.  Now, the gentiles are God’s people. Deut 32: 43.. Praise and honor to our Great merciful God!


1Pe 2:6  Therefore also it is contained in the Scripture: "Behold, I lay in Zion a chief corner Stone, elect, precious, and he who believes …..(Christ and these gentiles are “ELECT”. Rom 11:7) this is a prophecy in Is 28:16.  this chapter is about how God will punish the drunkards, the laodicean leaders. V 6-7 explains how PCG had a ‘Spirit of judgment’, and how they again turned back to wine. (Ez 16:52 and Eliakim, who had all the glory was cut down Is 22: 25, and Ezekiel who were given so many visions, finally was profaned Ez 24: 21) They stumbled in judgment. Then, v 10.. line upon a line, with stammering lips and another tongue, God will speak to them. This is the foolish nation, who were not God’s people, but now they are, offering spiritual sacrifices to God, “the Elect”, together with Christ,  in the last end.


 Is 28 V 15,now they have made a covenant with “death”. They are “spiritually” dead. This is why, those who are not God’s people are now offering spiritual sacrifices as “lively” stones. . The Levites have totally failed. Now, V 16… the tried stone, “Christ”. V 18… over flowing scourge… and they will be trodden down by it… this is our work. We , the gentiles are treading down the inner court in Rev 11: 2. The feet of the “poor” shall tread them down… (Is 26:6…) the gentiles, are the “poor”, are being accepted in God’s Altar, for this purpose. To tread them down,. If the “poor” are being used to tread down, this should happen during the ‘rich laodicean’ era, which separated the rich and the poor..  V 19.. it shall be a terror to understand this report… this is the report which is prophesied in Habakkuk, which they would not believe if one told them. They will not believe, this stammering,  speaking with another tongue business. This is the time, God’s people are admonished to flee from Judea…. (read: flee from Judea) V 21… “Perazim”…..means “judgment”. This is happening “now,” when the judgment has come. This is the “strange, foreign” work, which GF wrote in earlier Isaiah booklets and then removed form the  latest one. The whole chapter was removed, WHY?  It is easy to remove the chapter from his book, but this work cannot be removed and will go on and will win. Because it is God’s doing. This chapter is about Ephraim, the spiritual Ephraim, who caused the whole church to break the covenant. ! (God Has sent the prophesied “east wind” to blow Ephraim away. Read: East wind) 


1Co 14:21  In the law it is written, With men of other tongues and other lips will I speak unto this people; and yet for all that will they not hear me, saith the Lord.

1Co 14:22  Wherefore tongues are for a “sign”, not to them that believe, but to them that believe not: … our work, of speaking to God’s people, in another tongue is a “sign”, to those who do not believe … so we see that Israel does not believe God’s word. Now, our work of speaking in another tongue to Israel, is a “SIGN” to be heeded, if there are any wise men. God says, it is those who are in “Judea” who do not believe.. (Rom 15:31)  Who are in Judea? (Read: Judea flee)


1 Pet 2: 7---- they (gentiles) are precious, but unto them (Israel) who are disobedient,….v 8. they stumble at the word… and that is why they are disobedient. V 9… but “YOU”, these gentiles are a chosen generation, as we saw earlier, from the foundation of the world… are chosen, a priesthood, now they are called out of darkness in to God’s light.. This means, they have the revelation. Next verse will show, that this is definitely talking about the gentiles…


1Pe 2:10  you who then were not a people, but “now” the people of God, those not pitied then, but now pitied. …. The gentiles were not God’s people then, but “NOW”, they are…

Rom 9:24… Whom God called not of the Jews only but also of the gentiles. As he says in Hosea :… I will call them My people who were not My people……. and they will be called sons of the living God.! . “God” calls us SONS of the Living God! . Laodiceans have a dead god and they are now dead too.   Is 56: 3-8… they are better than sons and daughters… Also Deut 32, when the “song of Moses” is sung, the gentiles are God’s people. V 43. (‘with’ is in italics, meaning , the translators later added)   The Jews became the “synagogue of satan, in the end. In Hos 9:6, God says, the prophet does not know when Christ is coming. Mal 3 says, Christ Has to come to purify the Levites. Then how could they be God’s people?


When God brought Israel out of Egypt, He said if they obey and keep the “covenant” then they will be a “kingdom of priests”. (Deut 19:5-6) the last church which married God was explained in Ez 16: 8… but afterwards, she too broke the “covenant”, in the very last hour. Just as Christ said, they could not watch just one last hour. This is why God profaned the Sanctuary. For any other reason, God would not leave His own dwelling place. He loves Israel. He promised many patriarchs that He would bless Israel. But it was conditional… only if they “OBEY”, and “Keep the covenant”… this is where they failed… they could not keep their part of the covenant. God too broke it in Zech 11”11. Book of Zechariah is for the time when the last high priest lives, the Joshua… he has to be put in to the fire… because he could not keep his part of the covenant and obey. this is why, they cannot be a kingdom of priests… this is why, the gentiles have become the “elect”.  Christ is elect, and the gentiles are elect… Christ is the chief corner stone, and gentiles are lively stones, building up a spiritual temple with Him.



Rom 11:11…Israel stumbled and fell… this is when the salvation came to gentiles…. V 17.. they are grafted in . To these gentiles, God says in Rom 16:17… to mark them which cause divisions and offences “contrary” to the doctrine which you have learned and avoid them….God says to gentiles to mark the leaders who are causing division by teaching doctrines which are against God’s.

God says, it is Israel who are contrary. (Rom 10:21)  the same warning was given to Thessalonians , who also are gentiles… (2 The 3:6, 14). Also to Ephesians: ( Eph 5:6-16)  

The “gentiles” are told to mark those beasts, in the end time and avoid them. PCG used this verse to cast us out. But we have not walked ‘CONTRARY” to the doctrine. It is the leaders who have walked contrary. Those who are being cast out, are fighting for the doctrines.  God says to gentiles to mark them. This is what we are doing. We obey God.  The gentiles only see Diotrephus, and all the antichrists now working and this is why, we are marking them and informing the brethren to do so too. God’s true people will hear. 


Rom 16:20  And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly…. Under our feet, after we expose the wicked works of darkness, God will crush satan, under our feet. This is the hand that pierced the fleeing serpent… 




Become pure as gold …..


In Mar/Apr 2003 RV, Mr Thompson wrote an article “Become pure Gold”. …(this was written, in 2003, when the final church is about to lose their gold. )

Here is what he wrote……


David personally donated 3,000 talents of the “gold of Ophir”, at that time esteemed the purest and finest in the world. This gold was extremely rare and of great worth. ……… even in the end time, God says, some from “Ophir” will come with their gold and silver. (Is 60:6,9) the purest and the finest as God says.


We should desire to build permanently in to our character refined qualities which can be likened to that precious gold David donated for God’s physical house. ………Has the ministry built such a character of refined qualities.? God says, only the gentiles offer pure offerings. These leaders are making God a liar. They say, “we are building the ruins”….when they are causing the ruins.


Today, God is preparing a “spiritual” temple. His very elect saints make up that Holy temple to which Jesus Christ shall soon return ( 1 Cor 3:9, 17). ….…

But, we have read many scripture showing that  the ministry has become dross. Their gold, or the works are wicked. This happens at the time of the judgment, and that is why gold becoming dross is in the book of lamentations, and James. What happened in these  books , happened in the very last end. This is why, the ships of Tarshish bring their gold. Since the stones of the Sanctuary has become dross, those who come from Tarshsih are being accepted in God’s Altar, and they have become gold. As we saw earlier, who is building a spiritual temple?  Who are  His very elect?


God admonishes us to build on the foundation of Christ with precious building materials, because the day is coming when every man’s works shall be made manifest, or publicly known ( I Cor 3:13) ………… the stones of the Sanctuary has become like dross. Their foundations will be uncovered and will be publicly known. Who is building on the foundation of Christ being the corner stone?


The process of refining and purifying gold is analogous to the process God desires to put us through as He prepares us to be “Fitly framed” in to His Holy temple. (Eph 2:21)……….. since the ministry has become dross, Christ comes to purify them in Mal 3. they will have to go through the process of being refined and becoming as pure as the gold of Ophir.


1 Cor 1:26-28 shows that God calls the weak, base, foolish and despised of the earth. ……….. This is why, the foolish nation, the base, the “poor”, who are rich in faith in James 2:5, when everyone else have become wise in their own eyes and have become “physically” rich. But God Has rejected their gold. These poor are rich in gold of ophir.


The process of repenting and removing sin from our lives, also mentioned in the Bible is that of gold being refined and purified………. no wonder why Christ Has to come suddenly to purify the Levites. Until Christ comes , the ministry has failed and their gold is dim. They need to repent and remove their sins.


The first step in the refining process illustrates the humbling that everyone must undergo before God can begin working with them…. …the ministry has become dim, because they have not humbled themselves. Before God can work with them, they must humble themselves. Then God will show the works of the foolish nation.


The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite Spirit, the Hebrew word for broken here literally means shattered, rent violently and crushed.  …….

how could God be nigh unto such ministers, who violently shatter and crush the members who are poor and of a contrite heart? Instead of them having a broken heart, they break the hearts of the  people. Will not God see their wickedness? They do not have a broken Spirit , they break the spirit of the people…


This crushed and broken attitude is exactly what God desired from ancient Israel when He brought them out of the bondage of sin represented by Egypt. God took them through the red sea symbolizing baptism and the removal of sin, as well as their redemption. ……

If God required ancient Israel to have a crushed attitude, how much more will He expect from the “Spiritual” Israel? In this, they have failed, all these years. Even after giving His Spirit, they failed. Finally , Christ, himself Had to come to purify them as now they are back in Egypt (Rev 11:8) this is why they have to come out of sea once again.


They could have continued in God’s way and entered the promised land of Canaan within about 14 days, but Israel would not believe God.

Did spiritual Israel believe God? In PCG’s 14th year, the worst sin, “harlotry” was committed by her and it was informed to the leader. Instead of repenting, the leader cast out those who brought the information. PCG was not ready to enter the promised land in her 14th year either.  God Has given the warning for the stones of the sanctuary “just” before they were about to lose it!!!

GF wrote in “Haggai” book, that (pg 10) “fourteen years before, the foundation of the temple had been laid, and some progress made….. “ …. But it was stopped. Is not this a prophecy for the PCG? In her 14th year also, she stopped building the “spiritual” temple…. She committed the most abominable thing in God’s sight. Jere 44: 4- 5 … God gave all the revelation to PCG hoping that she would not go after other gods. But she did…  


Israel would not submit to Him as ore must submit to the refiner.

Even after feeding with all the fine things as Ez 16: 8-14 says, she still would not submit to her husband. Now she has to go through the refining process again.

In Isaiah book, pg 5, GF wrote… ‘our biggest problem is submitting to our husband….


The situation is no different for us today.!!!

Unless we are in an attitude of humility and submission and are yielding to God as our refiner, we will not be able to enter the kingdom…

The fact that Christ Had to come to purify the ministry shows, that they do not have a such an attitude of humility and submission. In God’s mercy, He sent His Son once again to purify them, so that the bride could be ready. But she will not be ready until the judgment and the wrath was poured upon (Rev 19:7)


1 John 1: 9 says, if we confess our sins God will forgive us and cleanse us from unrighteousness.  Paul tells us Christ sanctifies and cleanses the church with the washing of water by the word…that he might present it to himself a glorious church,…

The laodicean leaders do not want to accept and admit error. So how can God forgive them? How can God sanctify them? God Has to clean them by washing of water, by the “WORD”… the word, which is also fire and a sword…will wash their sins and this is why, we are sending the “word”. 


Ask yourselves… am I taking the action necessary to allow God to wash the dross out of me? Or am I taking this process for granted?...are you ministers? Would you prefer to be dross? God is speaking to the stones in the sanctuary… who ever you are, this is the last chance to repent….


David prayed ;…”wash me thoroughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin… for I acknowledge my transgressions and my sin is ever before me. Against thee only have I sinned and done this evil in thy sight…….  if a great king like David admitted and repented, and acknowledged his transgression, why cant these leaders do it? One day soon, their sins will be washed a way by the word… GF’s book, “repentance towards God” says, that we should repent thoroughly against the sins we committed against God. While being sinners, Christ will not marry His bride. Before Rev 19:7, the bride will be ready.


King David wanted to remove that dross from his life and become purified gold.


The Furnace:…

Once the ore melts, an amazing thing happens, the impurities in the gold begin to rise to the top. The refiner is then able to skim the impurities off the top of the molten metal……..God wants to refine the ministry. So He Has allowed them to rise to the top. (Dan 11: 36… as a part of God’s indignation, they are allowed to exalt themselves) this is how God melts the ministry, by allowing their works of wickedness to come to the top. Now, God can skim off the impurities once the impurities come to the top after exposing.  This is why, Zion is being afflicted. They are put through the “furnace of affliction”. (read: the furnace of affliction) In  a little while, their dross will be skimmed off since they have already come to the top.


It is after we have been tried in the furnace that the refiner can begin to skim the dross from our spiritual character. Isa 1:25. This process is called “Calcination”, then repeated over and over. … …..

Isa 1:25  And I will turn back My “hand” on you, and purge away your dross… God uses His “hand” to purge away the dross… (read: Arm of The Lord) Please read this writing, as it shows from the “Word of God”, who is being used as His arm. the Asians in 1 Peter, is being tried and tested and God says, they are to build a spiritual temple… but the sons of Zion need to clean their dross.

Is 1: 23… God condemns the rulers…. And He will avenge on them.


Yes, God tests us severely to get us to repent of sin. ………. He only makes us endure spiritual calcining until we are fully ready for permanent use in the Holy temple…. .until the bride is ready, Christ cannot come. The leaders have to understand and admit their errors and ask God for repentance and when God sees their hearts, that they truly are repenting, then, He will grant repentance and take out the dross.  The leaders  can decide how long, they want to be in the furnace.


Pg 5… there are two ways we can choose to face the fiery trials… Obedience or compromise………. God’s timing in everything is so perfect. The previous Sabbath, which our minister went to meet GF ( in 2005 August) to let him know about the PCG’s covenant breaking sin, Mr Winters gave a sermon on “Compromise”……… that is just what GF and several other leaders including Mr Winters did. They compromised against God’s covenant… they mistreated the poor who came with the word of God or with the call to repentance. They took the widow’s two mites as a pledge and did not return it before the sun went down.


He tests our faith and belief using trials… there is not much time left in this last hour to get it right with God…… Even Paul said, the gentiles stand by “faith”. (Rom 11: 20 ). If the tribulation is to take away their dross, and to clean them, to bring them back to their land, to remove their wickedness, then this has to be a “Spiritual” tribulation which comes upon Zion. If The filthiest Joshua, is going to be pulled out of fire, then, all the others would be brought back too. If their filthiness is what is going to be taken off, then, where ever they are, even inside caves or rocks, God will find them and clean them. this means, there is no place of safety to Joshua  or any other leader. Those who sin only want to hide. We know, that we have to live by Christ’s faith as the “just” shall live by His faith. Only these leaders say, we will be safe in a place of safety. Is 2:19 – 21 says, they shall go in to holes, for fear of the Lord when He arise to punish the earth. The earth here is the church. Is 33: 15 – 17  explains the righteous dwell on rocks. Jere 16:16 says, even if one hide in rocks, God will hunt after them. Rev 6: 15-16 says, the great men say to rocks to hide them. Who are these great men? Hos 10:8….the high places of  Aven..


Will God The Father allow dross in their eternal temple??? NO. .. …..this is why God is speaking to them in another tongue… to provoke them to jealousy and at least few could be converted. If king David used the purest of gold to build the “Physical” temple, how pure the gold to build the “Spiritual” temple should be?


Notice:.. son of man, the “house of Israel” is to me become dross all they are brass and tin and iron and lead, in the midst of the furnace. … therefore, I will gather you in the midst of the furnace, to blow the fire upon it, to melt it. So will I gather you in mine anger and in my fury….  And I will leave you there and melt you. Yea, I will gather you and blow upon you in the fire of My wrath, and ye shall be melted in the midst there of. As silver Is  melted in the midst of the furnace, and shall ye be melted in the midst thereof, and ye shall know that I the Lord have poured out my fury upon you. (Ez 22:18-22) Who is this son of man? ………..this happens, when Ezekiel is present and in his time… he should tell this to the members as God hold him responsible to correct them. But Ezekiel has failed… he failed to be a watchman to the “spiritual” house of Israel and everyone’s’ blood is upon him. In his day, God profaned the Sanctuary. You can close your eyes to such scripture and say, it is none of my business. But God holds you responsible for  your brother’s blood. You have no choice, if you choose to stay in a defiled church, then, you will be melted. God is not kidding. He is a God of judgment also. Everyone has to pay for their sins. The leaders have committed the unpardonable sin. As Rom 16:17 says, we mark them…. You avoid them. Ezekiel was a reprover and God stopped him being a reprover. But He said, when He  wants to , He will open Ezekiel’s mouth. (Ez 3: 26-27) Although God stopped working with Ezekiel, when He wants, He will cause him to speak. This is why from time to time GF says things like :… “we are in captivity,……. Finishing the work,…….the gentiles shall draw Israel out…. I am the high priest,……I am the 7th head,……times of gentiles have to be fulfilled and then the world will become Israel,  etc…


We must allow God to crush and melt and take the dross out of us now.


We will ultimately be forced to join the Laodiceans when God moves them, unbroken and unwashed, in a last ditch effort of mercy to see if they will allow him to remove the dross from them and purify them, straight in to the smelting furnace of in the great tribulation ! No second chance remains for us… THIS IS IT  !!!  ……..those who do not allow God to take their dross, will be judged accordingly…                          


Could you be causing your refiner such frustration? Pause and reflect deeply on that question…


As k yourself --- have I grown since last Passover? Can I honestly say, before God, that I have made progress in over coming because I allowed Him to work me over in this spiritual refining process> or am I still struggling with persistent problems that have gone unsolved for years? Am I unwilling to be crushed?


Don’t remain as a hardened chunk of ore. Go before God’s throne and humbly and fervently beseech Him to soften your hard headedness so that He can extract the potential “GOLD” He knows you contain.


We must be refined and made as “pure gold from Ophir”, to beautify the “SPIRITUAL” temple of God, in the new kingdom. God says, the people in Tarshish and those who have been murdered in the last days, as the “righteous should be glad when they suffer for God’s sake”, and  as “JUST” in Jam 5:6, are like this pure gold. They are prophesied to bring gold from Ophir…. We passed God’s test. We will bring gold of Ophir for the new “Spiritual” temple, according to God’s word.


Mr Flurry wrote in Ezekeil book Pg 77, that the Laodiceans invite the world in to their churches and “committed adultery”. PCG did better than that. She invited 17  Unbaptized men to the “Sanctuary”. Others invited to their church, but PCG invited to the Sanctuary. Which no other  church did. Then 800 UNBAPTIZED to the temple… In 2003, four years after this happened, a lady from Pennsylvania said, how are the Indian ministers, we are still praying for them. That is God’s chosen Israel sending incense on behalf of other gods… she did not know what she was doing. She was just obeying the leaders. PN records, and requested the prayers of all the members on behalf of this crowd. Follow the leader, you will be in the pit!!! If you love your brethren, inform this sin to all, otherwise, you are responsible for their blood. God said;… Rise up --- measure “MY” altar and the inner court.


Christ said, many will come from East and west and sit in the kingdom, but those who prophesied in God’s name will have to gnash their teeth. So this prophecy must be fulfilled. Christ did not utter these saying for no reason. This has to be fulfilled and we are witnesses. To have prophesied in God’s name, they have to be in the true church and they have to be leaders such as evangelists…


Didn’t we prophesy in your name???? oh Lord???

I…. do   NOT   know   you…..



God Has warned His church and He Has revealed all the necessary secrets to His servants of what would happen, if they do not obey Him. This is the final warning God is giving His children:…


Text Box: “Come out of her            My   people”                                         

     Rev 18:4,  Is 52:11, Mic 2:10 





Could you be causing your refiner such frustration? Pause and reflect deeply on that question…


Do not let any man take your crown. !!!

It has to be “THE”  leader in the phil era, who is prophesied to lose his crown and become Joshua….. because if everyone else left God and still the leader would be holding fast to the crown, God would not write : Let no man take your crown. The thief has to first attack the owner of the house, to ransack the house.   (lk 11: 21-22)  So Antiochus, first deceived the owner or the head of the house, then, entered in to the land.  Who led the Phil era in the end time ??? that is the man, who is to lose his  crown… and that is the man, who will lose your crown too. He had given all the glory and all the temple vessels were hanged on him. But, he lost in the end…. He lost His crown. It is kept as a memorial in Zech 6, and those who are far away are called to build the fallen down temple (Zech 6:15)  . The crown which was given to phil era, were taken by the strangers in Is 56: 3 – 8… See the fulfillment of Is 56 in Rev 3.


Rev 3: 11… hold fast to what you have and let no one take your crown….

Is 56: 4, 6…. The eunuchs who….. take hold of My covenant…. (this chapter talks about the strangers, or the gentiles, who will hold fast, when “sons and daughters” do not… when the sons let go of the crown, these strangers got hold on to it. This is the covenant of God, which PCG broke in the last end in India… the bamah matter.! We , the strangers were there to hold fast to it.


Rev 3: 12…and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem……

Is 56: 5….I will give them an everlasting name, that shall not be cut off.

This is the “NEW” Jerusalem!  They shall not be cut off… this is the end of Zion… she shall rise no more…. But strangers who hold fast to the covenant, are crowned…..


Is 56:7…. They will be in God’s Holy mountain…. When all the seven mountains fell, (Rev 17) and finally the judgment came, these strangers will be in God’s Holy mountain…Jere 7:11… God Has seen what the thieves inside the Sanctuary has been doing. (Ps 74) . Mat 21”13… Jews have made the House of God a den of thieves…. Rom 15: 9 – 16… this is why Gentiles glorify God, and king David is saying, he is among the gentiles… (Ps 18:49)

Rom 15:12  And again, Esaias saith, There shall be a root of Jesse, and he that shall rise to reign over the Gentiles; in him shall the Gentiles trust…… the end of the age, Christ shall reign over Gentiles… we have no one to trust so we trust Christ our Husband… . He will not take our crown. Those who trust a man, lose their crowns…. Is 57: 13… he who trust in “ME” (God), shall inherit My Holy mountain.



As we have seen, God’s people in Tarshish, will bring “GOLD” to beautify the “NEW” Temple. Here is an amazing prophecy about  this little flock, and all the little sanctuaries scattered  who are supporting us to do God’s last work which will be cut short in righteousness…. …..


The “church” is the “queen”. She was given a crown. (But Israel lost it). Then, those who are far a way as we have proven from the word of God, will become the church, the mountain  or the “queen”.( Those who hold fast, the strangers and all who stood up for God’s truth and fought and lost their lives because they were cast out, and the moon which the woman tramples in Rev 12, which has come in this night) . In the end, those who are “righteous” are the ones, who are “just” and have “faith”. They are the “poor”. Because  the end time church where the wicked who have forsaken God, are “rich”.

Ps 45 talks about Christ…. And the queen, His bride.



Psa 45:6  Your throne, O God, is forever and ever; the “staff” of Your kingdom is a “staff of righteousness”. ( staff means the scepter) 

Psa 45:7  You love righteousness, and hate wickedness; therefore God, Your God, has anointed You with the oil of gladness above Your fellows…….. God’s kingdom is  established in “Righteousness”, when as we have proven from the word, when the poor are separated from the rich.  

Because Christ loves righteousness, God Has anointed Him. Then, Those who love righteousness, will be His queen.


Psa 45:9  Kings' daughters were among thy honourable women: upon thy right hand did stand the “queen in gold of Ophir”.

This is why, there are many prophecies about those who, are coming from far away, who bring “GOLD from Ophir”, will be the queen of Christ. She stands at the “right hand” of the King’s Son, who is Christ.   These are the “poor” who are rich in “faith and righteousness”. (Read: The Arm Of The Lord) As we saw earlier, PCG had the crown. But she lost it as she could not hold fast to the covenant. God Has given that crown to the “queen in gold of Ophir”.

Ps 110:1… God said to Christ, “sit at My right hand”… so Christ is sitting in God’s right hand. But, the queen in gold of Ophir, is sitting in Christ’s right hand.!!!!

As we have proven from the word of God, the stones in the sanctuary, (not even one left) are dross and they need to be purified. But, those who are in Tarshsish, will bring gold or Ophir with them. So, who is the queen? Who needs to be purified, or those who already have pure gold of Ophir? In this verse, God said to Christ to sit at His right hand, until He makes the enemies His footstool. The enemy of God is the bride of Christ as explained in Micah.


And, in whose “right hand” Does God stands????


Psa 109:31  For He shall stand at the “right hand”  of the “poor”,….. these are not our words, but God’s… the wicked leaders have to be jealous now….. the poor, whose faces the wicked leaders have ground, will be sitting at the right hand of Christ and God, the Father will be near our right hand to save us from the wicked…..


Psa 98:1  <A Psalm.> O sing unto the LORD a new song; for he hath done marvelous things: his right hand, and his holy arm, hath gotten him the victory.

Psa 98:2  The LORD hath made known his salvation: his righteousness hath he openly shewed in the sight of the gentiles .


His “right hand”, the queen in “Gold of Ophir”, will be victorious of bringing the children of God.


Who says “we have it all”?....they are the very ones who lost it all !!!

 when much is given,……. much is expected, ……….if not,…………. what is given……….. also will be taken….



Do not let any man take your crown. !!!

Become as “pure” as the gold of Ophir!!!

And be the “Queen” of Christ!!!!


Lam 2:7  The Lord hath cast off his “altar”, he hath abhorred his “Sanctuary”,…..

Lam 4:1  How is the gold become dim! how is the most fine gold changed! the stones of the sanctuary are poured out in the top of every street.

Lam 4:2  The precious sons of Zion, comparable to fine gold, how are they esteemed as earthen pitchers, the work of the hands of the potter!



Isa 5:16  But the LORD of hosts shall be exalted in” judgment”, and God that is holy shall be sanctified in “righteousness”. …. Who is exalting God, in the judgment?  Those who are “righteous”… who are the “righteous in “judgment”?..... the “poor” who are rich in ‘faith’, when everyone has  become rich…..and Laodicean , whose  gold is dim. 



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