Beast or man Pt 2


Do you know that God says, the foxes caused Zion to lose her crown? Are those foxes in EU or CC? It is God’s own leaders who became beasts and destroyed God’s church and the throne of David. The ‘kingdom of beast’ is the “throne of king David”. We further prove from the Word that God’s own leaders who sinned and rejected God’s Spirit and became blind. The Spirit gives the understanding and since they do not have the Spirit any more, they do not understand. This is how the throne of David became the kingdom of beast.


In part 1, we proved from the Word that, ….”Without” Holy Spirit in us, we cannot know God’s Word, keep commandments, have His kind of love, which enable us to keep God’s law or have God’s image. Those who refuse to live by the law, takes the image of the beast. We are made after God kind  to have “His” image. If we reject His image, we automatically acquire the image of the beast. since the last era is blind to the truth, they do not know that they have taken the image of the beast.  God’s  “Spirit” gives us understanding and ability to live by His law which gives us  “God’s” image. If we are “Without the Spirit”, by willful sin or unrepentant sins, we reject God’s Spirit. Then, we are like the beasts that perish. Since God Has withdrawn His Spirit from all Israel, they  are spiritually dead and are beasts.


Our GREAT , Almighty GOD says there is “NO” man in “ALL Israel who has  proven” to be a ‘true’ man according to “God’s requirements” and taken “His” image. They all sit in ‘dust’. (Is 52) That means they are with the devil that is in the dust.   Ez 13 alone says, “UNTIL THE “DAY OF THE Lord”, which brings the end of all things, NO MAN HAS BUILD A WALL. Why would He say that? God cannot lie. People believe what they see and hear. The “spiritual “matters could only be understood by “God’s Spirit. Since all men have failed, their eyes and ears are closed to the truth. Finally, those who have died for the ‘WITNESS” only will get to be “JUDGES” AND “PRIESTS” who will REIGN  with Him.

( Rev 20: 4) We will further prove from God’s own prophecies, which will not fail, without a doubt, that the “kingdom of beast” is the “kingdom of Israel”, who totally failed to obey God.


One reason of  their failure is; When Israel rebelled and wanted a king, God gave them wicked kings who work after their own hearts as a punishment. in part 1, we proved from the Word that this is a time to “test the patience “of the saints as Christ foretold. God said, He will search whether His people have foreign gods and worships men, instead of Him. ( Ps 44: 20)  He gives all the necessary spiritual food and then test the people. Always when they were fed to the full, they forgot God. That is what happened in the very end. Each era, after giving the knowledge, He tested them. When found guilty, He removed the lamp. In the end, He caused the final era to fall out of heaven. (Lam 2:1)   The lamp was thrown out of heaven, (Rev 8: 10) and God said, ‘A LIGHT OF A LAMP WILL NOT SHINE IN YOU ANY MORE”  ( Rev 18: 23 ) That is,  the woman who bore seven languishes (Jer 15: 9)  and the virgin of Israel ( Amo 5:2, Jer 18: 13)  shall not rise any more. God Has rejected His church. When she was cast down, satan too were cast down. Luk 10: 18, Is 14: 12,  Rev 12,   John 12: 31.


Joh 12: 31 gives the specific time when satan was cast down….

 Joh 12:31  Now is the judgment of this world; now the ruler of this world shall be cast out.}…. “ Now” means the time of the ‘JUDGMENT”.  NOW,…  the  judgment “has come on the church, in the “laodicean” era.  Then, the ruler, both the devil and the ruler in the church, with those who believe his lies are cast down… to the pit, taken captive to finish the transgressions. They are thrown in to outer darkness, and to be plagued. Rev 9… the beast comes out of the pit where there is no water ( Holy Spirit) the Lamp is fallen never to rise as above.  


God’s leaders are the beasts….


As Rev 3: 9-11 says, even after Phil era, the leaders failed and became satan’s. Those who did not love the truth, (as 2 Thes 2 says), got what they wanted. “A king who is after his own heart which deceived those who did not love the truth”. This is what caused Christ to come down (as a thief in the ‘NIGHT”) please read: Christ comes as a thief in the night)   in “clouds” to save His sheep from the beastly shepherds  and to purify them.


In Ez 34, God says, “HE”, Himself  will search the sheep and king David will be resurrected to tend the sheep because He could not find a single leader who obeys Him.  God says, The “last” leader is to be ‘THE WORST”, even after judging others. (Ez 16: 52). If he ‘judged’ others, while he was judging, he would have obeyed God in the beginning. But in the latter end, he disobeyed. 

God’s word says that He will destroy the wisdom of the “wise” ( wise are only in the church) .They are to be blinded because of the hardness of their hearts. 1 Cor 1: 19…”wisdom” of the “wise” is made foolish. ( this is what all the prophets say) V 22… “Jews “ask for a “sign” but “gentilesseek “wisdom”.  Gentiles, who did not have wisdom, SEEK for wisdom. So, God Has given them the wisdom now. ( Mat 12: 38-39, 16:1,  Christ condemned them for asking a sign.)


V 27… God Has chosen the “foolish things in the world ( also to provoke the Jews to jealousy )  so that the wise will be put to shame. So that no flesh might glory…the wise want to glorify themselves… don’t we hear our leaders say “magnify my office”? So when did God choose the “Foolish” nation?  It has to be after the failure of the Jews and after  the seven eras which were given to Israel to prove themselves. And when they failed, then God chose the foolish. This is why; the foolish gentiles are now treading Israel.  Before Christ comes, all these have to be fulfilled. Also, when Israel went after other gods and provoked God to jealousy, God said “He” will raise the foolish nation to provoke the Jews to jealousy. All these have to be fulfilled. Habakkuk said no “wise” man will believe it.  So where are the ‘wise”? where ever the wise are, they will not believe what these foolish people are saying. Nevertheless, it is ‘THE” God’s work just before Christ comes.  


As Jer 9: 23 - 24 says, we should glory that we understand and knows God’s kindness, justice and righteousness…But how  could ,….these wise could glory about their understanding and the knowledge in God, as their wisdom which comes from God has perished?....because God  Has withdrawn His Spirit and God took their wisdom away from them.  This is how they became beasts. Rest of the chapter says, all Israel and Judah are like heathen ( or foolish)  who are not circumcised. That means the “wise”  now have become foolish and the foolish have become wise.  God is causing that to happen to shame the wise and to shut their mouths as we have written in this writing. 1 cor 2: 5-6… we must have wisdom of God, but  none of the rulers of this age, have wisdom (v 6). This is why, as we saw earlier, the ruler is cast down. The man cannot receive the things of God, unless revealed. So when God blinded them, and took His Spirit as God said “ I will slay them with thirst”,  (this blindness happened to those who are in Laodicea era) they cannot understand and they are beasts.


1Co 2:8  which none of the rulers of this age has known. For if they had known, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory;” }...we proved from the Word, that in the end time church, once again crucified Christ by willfully rejecting His sacrifice. Only the “baptized” could be guilty of Christ’s blood during this age. When God’s Word says;  none” of the rulers that means no one.  


Repentance towards God pg  16  GF wrote;..

“Deliver me from blood guiltiness ….what blood guiltiness?  The killing of Jesus Christ……  David was right among the roman soldiers taking that a spear and thrusting it in to His side…. } If king David is guilty of blood of Christ, all Israel is guilty of His blood as they all have sinned and are without repentance. This is why they all went into captivity. Because they are guilty. So they crucified Christ once again as they were once enlightened and failed. And they are the ones who look when Christ comes in Rev 1: 7. ( Roman soldiers are no alive at this time)  So, none of the rulers among the captives could understand now and are beasts. All the rulers,  who sit in David’s throne are proven to be guilty. 


“The foolish” are the ‘gentiles”. (read: Donkey and the foolish nation ….


Christ said, not to give what is Holy to the “dogs”.  The “dogs” are the unbelievers, the gentiles, and the foolish, whose eyes are not opened. Jews called ‘gentiles’… “dogs” because of this reason. But now, the Jews are blind and their eyes are not opened. This is why God calls the “leaders” , the priests “Dumb dogs” who cannot bark. Because, Now, their eyes are not opened.  ( Is 56: 10) this happens when the strangers, or the “dogs “are called in to the mountain of God and when God accept their sacrifices as vs 3 – 8  and Mal 1: 11 says. Lam 2: 7… God Has abhorred “His” Sanctuary…. He Has given it to enemy…His “enemies “are the “leaders  who are inside the Sanctuary(Ps 74)  and the wife of Christ. This happens now, when God Has rejected the altar and when they became beasts…. When God is not in Zion, no matter how much they come together, their Sabbaths are forgotten by “God”. (V 6)… “  He rejected king and priest in the fury of His anger”… Is God talking about kings in EU or CC? do they keep Sabbath? Who are the “kings” and the “priests” who are “in Zion” who keep Sabbath and also are His ‘enemies”?... they are the ones God Has rejected…. When God rejected “His Sanctuary” and the “king” and the “priest”. That is the “throne of David”.  He called the ‘foolish” nation to His Sanctuary. The leaders read and explain only what they want. But God Has called the foolish nation now to help Him open the blind eyes of the wise who lost their wisdom.  This writing will prove from the Word, how God called the “dogs,” the “foolish “nation whose “eyes were once not opened”, to provoke the “wise” to “jealousy,” and to “shut their mouths “and to “put them to shame.”


Just as it is prophesied; “Israel” to be in “Babylonspiritually for seventy years, these beasts are also prophesied to come after these seventy years to test everyone’s faith and patience and to end transgressions and to bring in the new kingdom. This is why a wicked shepherd is raised up and all the leaders have proven to be beasts failing the test. As Prov 1 says, to discern the understanding, ( v 4…to give sense to the simple, knowledge and judgment to the young man”;  ….. when would God give His knowledge to the ‘YOUNG” and “SIMPLE”? it is now… when the aged have become fools. To receive instruction and justice and judgment, to understand the parables, or hidden secrets, and  live by godly ways, as v 7 says, we need the “fear of God”, which is the “beginning of the knowledge”…but in Malachi, God says, the “priests do not fear Him. (Mal 1: 6.)  this includes all the priests. God does not say, there are a few who obey and honor Him. If they do not fear God, then how could they have the knowledge to understand the parables and be wise? The whole book of Malachi shows the failure of all the priests. God Had to accept “gentile” offerings as there were no priests in Israel as Ma; 1: 11 says. Those who feared God, had to be separated from these foolish leaders when they became proud as Mal 3: 15-18 says.


 Rom 1: 22- 23… Professing to be wise , they became fools. “Who” became foolish? It has to be “those who are wise”. And they are “in the church and not in EU. The wisdom of the ‘wise’ shall perish, said God. v 23… when they “becamefoolish, they changed the glory of God in to an “IMAGE OF THE DEVIL”. These wise, “WHEN THEY BECAME” foolish or when their eyes were closed or blinded and when their hearts were hardened, ONLY they became beasts. That is the judgment of His people and during that time, all hidden secrets ; good and bad will be exposed. ( 1 Cor 4: 5,  and on the “day of the Lord” (Ez 30: 3 ) and on the day of visitation (1 Pet 2: 12), Christ will expose these foolish who were once wise, by using the gentiles. Men of Nineveh, and the queen of “south”, and Sodom (gentiles)  who will stand up in ‘JUDGMENT”, and will accuse the Jews. Mat 12: 41-42,  10: 15,  11: 24, 


The ‘fools” despise wisdom …. God says, the last prophet is a fool. (Hos 9:7). So he despises God’s wisdom. That is “the leader” and it means, all these priests do not have understanding or fear of God. So they are like the beasts that perish. Christ said, the time will come to give all the meanings of the parables and as we saw, to the simple and to the young.  ( Prov 1: 4 ,  John 16: 25). Now, that time has come. The symbols of the book of revelation about the “harlot”, “wilderness”, the “bottomless pit” and the beasts are now plainly explained.  These words  (proverbs) are the words of king Solomon, who was to continue king David’s throne. But all the kings after Christ came, failed and they became beasts. Fallen beast, harlot, man of sin “SITTING IN THE TEMPLE”  proves that. The knowledge, judgment and all instructions were given to these kings. Since they rejected that knowledge, they became fools and blind. So they are beasts without understanding and they perish like beasts. These are the kings in David’s throne. Now they are beasts.

1Ti 1:7  wishing to be teachers of law, neither understanding what they say, nor about that which they confidently affirm. } .. Who are the teachers of the law?  Who said, “I am a law giver”?  ( That prophet pg 52)  God says ‘that prophet” who lives when Christ was about to come is a fool and he does not know even when Christ comes. ( Hos 9: 7). That means, the law giver and the prophet do not understand. Which  means……, ......he is a beast. When God opens the blind eyes, they will see how deceived they were about who the beast is and the harlot etc… and most importantly, how “they” worshipped and took the “image of the beast”.


The mark of the beast, could only be taken by the “baptized” members. Because the world has the mark of the beast always. The baptized, are made “in the image of God”, as He Has given His own Spirit to them and begot them so they could become like Him. The world or EU or CC is not judged as they were not given the commandments to fail. Stephen flurry’s book : Human nature” says that “only ‘Israel” are given the law to ‘PROVE”. So they only could be proven. The judgment of the beast, is the judgment of those who have failed to build godly character. They are the law givers who speak about things which they do not understand….  the synagogue of the Jews as Rev 3;9 says, or those who are in “Judea”.



Following scripture would prove that “men” are called “beasts”…

1Co 15:32  If according to man I fought with “beasts” in Ephesus. Paul is advising them to not to go astray by mixing with “evil” people who are “beasts”. He was not warning about the “worldly” people, or EU. But those who are “in” the  church. v 34… be careful from those who are “ignorant”… that means without understanding… the beasts.


Tit 1:12  One of them, a prophet of their own, said: Cretans are always liars, evil beasts, lazy gluttons. } what caused Paul to say that?...has to be their ‘LIES”. John warned us about ‘THE” liar too. ( read: Joshua)  next verse says, “Rebuke them severely, that they may sound in ‘FAITH”. …… so the problem is they are “not” sound in “faith… that means, they are definitely “in the church. Because the people who are in the church, only  have faith, and they  only could lose faith and have a faith crisis. The whole problem is they have a ‘faith crisis”… that is why they are called beasts. Jam 1: 1 shows that ALL ISREAL, ALL THE 12 TRIBES have failed. But, the poor are rich in faith. Jam 2: 5. They are the gentiles as we proved from the Word in our writing; Poor and the fatherless]   but how and why and what  and who caused them to be that way????


V 14  not listening to “Jewish myths and “commandments of men”, having turned away from the truth.}}… the problem is with the “Jews.  They were destroying the ‘FAITH” of the saints by their myths and commandments of men. .. also 2 Pet 1: 16, and the synagogue of satan in Rev 3:9. This includes the high priest who is Joshua who is also a “Jew”. So the most evil beasts are these Jews, the ‘rich’,  who cause such faith crisis and we are warned of them. They teach the “commandments of men instead of God’s.  Rev 3: 9 proves, even today, these “Jews” have not changed and ever since, they have been beasts causing chaos in the church by their myths and commandments of men, or commandments of “Jews” . Mat 15: 8-9 , Christ said those who ‘worship’ Him, which means in the “synagogues,” who teaches “commandments of men”. But He wanted to change that. These Jews, because of their traditions, as v 6 says, are calling on God but not from their hearts”. ( Ez 33 explains they talk much love, but they do not have God’s love) When they say these myths, and teach the commandments of men, they have turned away from the truth. Dan 9 also prophesies about turning from the truth… Christ taught a Samaritan woman about how Jews will stop worshiping God in spirit and in truth. John 4.


A similar incident is recorded in Col 2: … Paul is warning about those who are in “Laodicea” who have vain deceit, and tradition of men.. Now, this is being fulfilled as the laodicean era is present. So these Jews, love their traditions and commandments of men more than God’s.  God says, such people are beasts. ….. They are the leaders who have authority in the “kingdom of Israel” in “God’s church”. laodicean traditions came from HWA, who was PCG’s spiritual father. That is the seventy year confusion. Is there any leader who knows who the laodicean leader is? They claim to be the high priest, the law giver, the 7th head and they are intimate with God like no other… but do not know that the times of gentiles are being fulfilled or who the laodicean leader is. All the epistles in the NT have written about such vain, deceitful, liars who teach according to the commands of men. !


2Pe 2:12  But these as unreasoning natural beasts, … why are they called beasts?,…. They speak evil things which they do not understand.   they are ‘NATURALLY” that way. Their nature is never to obey God. Always had the carnal mind which never want to obey God. These are the descendants of Abraham, and king David. So if they naturally do not obey God, naturally they have the “image of the devil,” which is the “image of the beast”. v 13… they are even keeping the feast with believers. That means, in the end time, it is the “leadersin “God’s church who are these natural beasts who speak evil things which they do not understand, because God’s Spirit is not leading them.


Jud 1:10  But these speak evil of those things which they know not: but what they know naturally, as brute beasts…. } they naturally know evil things, like the beasts who do not understand. Jude mentions few such natural beasts… Cain, Balaam, Core, and they are keeping the feast with the believers and therefore, they are in the true church.  Balaam type of a betrayal was prophesied to happen in the end time. Read: Wicked exposed, Micah 2: 9 fulfilled.,%20%20Micah%202%20Fulfilled.htm

Jude continues v 12 ;…..( also 2 Pet 2: 17)  They are ‘clouds without water”… there is no water in them to be alive. They are the ones who are in the bottomless pit having no Holy Spirit. Even when Christ took the sins, He was forsaken and He lost the Spirit. That is when He said, “ I thirst”. God said, He will slay the harlot with “thirst”. This is happening now. These “clouds’  belong to the devil. They do not have Holy Spirit and they are dry clouds. But Christ comes in the clouds ( Mat 24: 30,   64,   1 The 4: 17,  )and in the rain as we shall prove later. These dry clouds are carried away by the “wind”. That is God’s wind, which is called the “EAST WIND”. Please read: East wind”…


God uses this wind to destroy them. They do not have any fruits in them as v 12 says. Their trees are dried up. They are twice dead… this is the “second death”, which is the ‘LAKE OF FIRE”. ( Rev 21: 8) Only the “baptized” people could die twice. God plan to bring back all the captives and He Does not want any one to perish. The “second death” is the “lake of fire”, which God put the leaders who do not have any understanding in to it to give them the understanding. The “Word” will judge and purify them in this fire… in this lake, they will be tested, purified and melted and corrected. 


Rev 21:8  But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. }… this is the lake of fire, where these beasts’s wickedness will be burned as we have proven. Such beasts are spiritually dead. This is not a real fire. Rev 20: 14 says, the ‘death’ and the hell were cast in to the fire, which is the second death also. How can the “death”  could be cast in to a real fire?  God wants to correct every sinner and all wickedness and that is why these beasts who are waterless clouds are twice dead.


God allowed the beasts of the field to devour His people because of their hardness of the heart.

Jer 7:33.. And the bodies of this ( God is not speaking about the EU in this chapter, but about the church )  people shall be food for the birds of the heavens, and for the beasts of the earth;


Jer 12:9  My inheritance (God’s church). Come, gather all the beasts of the field, bring them to devour.

Jer 16: 4… And they shall be consumed by the sword and by famine, and their bodies shall be food for the birds of the heavens, and for the beasts of the earth. } Also Jer 34: 20.

Jer 28:14  For so says Jehovah of Hosts, the God of Israel: I have put a yoke of iron on the neck of all these nations to serve Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon. And they shall serve him. And I have given him the beasts of the field also. ) serving the king of Babylon began in HWA’s time.


More scripture to prove that “GOD” will send beasts as a punishment ; Jer 50: 39,  Ez 5:17,  14: 15,  29: 5, Ez 32: 4, 33: 27,   39: 4,  Hos 2: 12, 

Ez 34 says the sheep were scattered.

Why were they were scattered ? Because of lack of a proven shepherd. That means a shepherd who is a “man” who heeded the instructions of king David. If there was a single “MAN”, the sheep would be not scattered.


Dan 4: 12- 32…. King Nebu  was caused to live with the beasts and eat beast’s food , his heart is given a beastly heart. he came to know that there is a God of heaven and learned to honor Him after he lived with beasts, like a beast. Modern day king Nebu will have to live with such beasts who have no understanding. When his understanding returned to him,  he blessed God. Dan 4: 34. this is why these brute beasts are put in the lake of fire, which is the Word of God, so that their understanding could be returned. 



How God will get rid of the beasts:…

The first thing he does is to raise up a few to send them the Word which will give them the understanding. As these beasts never obeyed God, He is tired of striking them. Is. 1: 5.  As the beasts are risen, God Has called the gentiles also to tread them down. Christ, is Visiting to correct them and He Has to expose and then remove them. to that purpose, God called the gentiles. Also to get them to make a “covenant of peace”.


Hos 2: 18,  Ez 28: 24, Eze 34:25  And I will make a covenant of peace with them and make evil beasts cease out of the land. }}}…( Job 5: 23, Is 11: 6-9, Ps 46: 9, Is 2: 4,  Jer 23: 6) .  In this chapter, God prophesies about evil shepherds in His church and not in EU. He Has already started to establish a covenant of peace now. (read: Covenant of Peace). That is how He plan to make these beasts  to cease out of the land. He wants to make peace with them and not  to tormenting them in a fire which burns for ever. It is their shame which will smoke for ever. They will remember how they lost their crown.


In this chapter God is talking about the shepherds who watch over “HIS” flock and not those who are in the world. Therefore, in a ‘cloudy’ day, (v 12) God, Himself will search for His sheep. Cloudy day is the “times of the gentiles” as Ez 30: 3 says, and  Christ will come in clouds as He promised on that day to search the sheep. These beasts are waterless clouds, but Christ comes with gentiles and bring overflowing rain in peace. ( Is 66: 12,  60: 4,  Ps 72: 6,   Job 29: 23,   Hos 6: 3, Is 28: 2,   30:28,    Ez 38: 22,  Nah 1: 8 ( when this over flowing flood comes, the enemies will be darkened. Rev 16: 10… the beast’s kingdom became dark, there  is no water to drink and their tongues are paining in thirst.


Hos 2: 18…. In that day, God will make a covenant for them with the beasts of the field, and will make to lie down safely. That is making peace with them. It is not like the Middle East peace process which

the leaders talk about. This is a real peace agreement and God will not allow satan to deceive nations any more …

Ez 38: 20… the beasts will quake at God’s presence…mountains shall be thrown down… this is the mountain which is in Rev 18, which is thrown in to the sea to be cleansed. Every wall shall fall to the ground. This is the wall which Ezekiel the last prophet built, which was rend by God’s wind . Ez 13.  this verse does not talk about EU, which was never a mountain, or beast. this is the time to send fire , overflowing shower , hail and rain and brimstone and to magnify God… v 22-23 . Hos 4: 3,  Joe 1: 18,   20, 


God will even feed the beasts… He will bring them back and not allow to die in the lake of fire, which is only a symbol of their rebellion.

Joe 2:22  Fear not, beasts of the field, for the pastures of the wilderness grow green, for the tree bears its fruit, the fig tree and the vine give their strength. ( read: fig tree in our web site)

Mic 5:8  And the remnant of Jacob shall be among the

Gentiles , in the midst of many peoples, ( the remnant will be among the gentiles, when many people or many waters  where the harlot sits )  like a lion among the beasts of the forest,


Because there is a man acting as an “angel of light”, inside God’s church, it is important to understand correctly, who he is, because he is ACTING as a good shepherd but, he is a beast. He is a ‘liar” and a deceiver. Only those who opposed him, (as God gave them the understanding) would know about this man’s  dark side. As our Lord Has warned us that there will be MANY false prophets, “inside” the church, we should be aware and go to God’s Word to find these men and get away as far as we can. The elect cannot be deceived unless “within”. Make no mistake about that. Bible is written for and about the children of Israel. Why would God warn about a beast in the world taking them away from God? Could any man or a beast in the world deceive the elect?  a synagogue of satan is inside the Phil era. They are the leaders who has authority over God’s people.  They cause people’s crowns to be taken away. If you do not judge by the “Spiritual” fruits as Christ said, you could be worshiping the beast. God always condemns the leaders causing the people to go astray. They are wolves as Christ our Lord said, white washed tombs, comes in sheep’s clothing and they act like lambs.  But they are serving the dragon. It is very difficult to identify them. God’s words will expose them.. People marveled and wondered and went after the beast. So they are deceived. Jam 1: 1 proves all tribes are scattered. That is the whole spiritual world. Not even one tribe is left. That means satan has deceived all Israel. If it weren’t for the “vessels of mercy”, no people would be spared.  The last king  did not judge the ‘poor’ with true justice and God did not establish his throne. Pro 29: 14. Now only the “poor” who have “faith”.  Who would want to listen to the poor? 


The majority followed the beast. Men wondered at “Joshua” and they followed him. Joshua has a filthy garment and that means he is not understanding God’s judgments or executing His law or proven to be a man. Therefore, he is a beast. There can’t be two different people. The last king, high priest in “God’s church” and the “ the beast” are one and same  as we have already proven.  For the people to wonder at him, he must be doing some miracles or wonderful things just as the magicians in Moses’ time did to deceive God’s people. This is also the false prophet who brings down fire and flood to deceive God’s people. God wants to change his clothes and put “CLEAN” clothes. The filthy garment includes his ‘turban’, which pictures the government, justice etc. since he has filthy garments, he has proven to be a “beast” and not a “man”.  If he was a man, then he would have clean clothes.


Book of Job prophesies  about  our time we live now;……. It is the “Spirit” who gives understanding and you do not have to be an aged or wise to receive understanding. ( Job 32: 8-9). Out of the mouth of the babes the praise is perfected and not many wise men are called. Job cries out seeing violence but not answered ( Job 19: 7). Because he is self righteous.  Habakkuk saw the same vision… justice is perverted. He would have seen this Joshua who perverted justice. This chapter shows how God will break self righteous , wicked in to pieces with His words.  V 8. Job’s path was fenced up and God Has set darkness …. This is what God Has done to the beast who exalts also as darkness is a “plague” and we know who are in dark now. God will strip off their glory as v 9 and take the crown off the head. Who lost the crown? It is the synagogue of satan in Phil era and Zion. Lam 5: 16… and Ez 16: 12 church. Ez 21: 26, and Rev 12: 1… Israel ,… all twelve tribes lost the crown. Wicked people’s wickedness will return on his own head and his violence shall come down on ‘HIS OWN CROWN”. ( Ps 7: 16).


Psa 89:39  You have turned away from the covenant of Your servant; You have defiled his crown to the ground.}   GOD Has turned away from the covenant of king David. Vs 30 – 40 says, evenafter” God promising that his covenant will not be broken, still, He broke that covenant. Zech 11: 10-11 says, while the “POOR” were watching, God broke the covenant.  this is why, we who are the ‘poor’ who witnessed both parties breaking the covenant is being used by God, to bring a covenant of peace with the beasts who sit on David’s throne to plead with them to return to God. “GOD” Has defiled the crown of King David to the ground. !

That is the ‘THRONE OF David”….defiled and thrown to the ground, with the CROWN!. This is when the ‘throne of David’, the “kingdom of Israel” became the “kingdom of the beast”. !!


 Psa 7:14-  16  those who have iniquity, dig their own pit and falls in to it and ;…..His mischief shall return on his own head, and his violence shall come down on his own crown.

Lam 5:16  The crown is fallen from our head: woe unto us, that we have sinned! }  .. Is God talking about EU or CC?   v 17-18… the ‘heart” of Zion, which is the center of ‘spiritual’ life, faints and her  eyes’ are dim… that is blindness. All because of the “foxes”…. They are  beasts… who are the ‘foxes”? Ez 13: 4, the “PROPHETS’. V 5 says, until the “DAY OF THE Lord”, they  could not build the wall… These prophets because of their foolishness,  ( Hos 9:7) caused Zion to lose her crown. So at the time of judgment of Zion, which is now, the Mt Zion is desolated because of the prophets. All the leaders in all of the churches speak about EU and CC being the beast and the harlot, they have forgotten the book of lamentations  is about “Zion” losing the crown , and it is those who are given the law only could be witnessed and judged. The foolish prophets !


To whom did Christ say;  Let no man take your crown”?…. To those who are in the Phil era. We lived in that era. We watched the mother church falling away and now the daughter who followed the mother

( Ez 16: 44- 45).  Did we see anything “OHYSICALLY” wrong with WCG, when she fell? They do not even know it. Failing which, they all became synagogue of satan as  Rev 3:9 says, and lost the crown. If any one is listening to them and their myths, have already lost the crown…


GODprofaned the “crown”…. Crown fell off from “Zion”. So the “throne of David” is fallen, and “Zion” is fallen. “Profane” and “defiled”,… God cannot live in it. So satan and beasts reign in the throne and in Zion. V 40… God Has broken all his hedges… and all the strongholds to ruin. That includes all the churches, and all Israel. There is no throne, no church. According to God, the “throne of David” and His church became the “throne of the beast”. Who caused it? Ez 24: 21…. Ezekiel caused God to profane the Sanctuary and Ez 10: 18-19, 11: 22-24… it is Ezekiel who went in to captivity.  ! 


Looking at the above scripture to prove who had the crown and when, makes us understand who lost the crown and became defiled. EU or CC or any other church did not have a crown or a covenant to be defiled or profaned. It is the PCG, as Ez 16: 12 and Zion is also PCG, who had the crown and the leader is the king who sits in the throne of David spiritually. So they could only lose the crown. We know PCG has sinned more than any other as Ez 16: 52 says and she has to be the beast as she lost the crown. Also it should happen in the end of the Phil era. People did not heed Christ’s warning “ Let no man take your crown”…. The problem is there is no man. If you lose your crown, you have proven to be ‘NO” man.


The beast and his ten kings are real. They will reign for a prophetic “one” hour before Christ comes. The beast that ‘SHALL” ascend in Rev 9 from the bottomless pit and the 7th head which shall appear in Rev 17: 10 is the same leader who is profaned in the throne of David and in Zion. They ascend in the “last hour”. This is why, the beast is not WCG or any other church leader who fell away long before. This leader becomes a tool of satan, ONLY in that hour.



Christ will consume the man of sin by His ‘breath”.  Christ ‘breathed’ on the apostles for them to receive the Holy Spirit. Since this man has sins, which he is called (man of sin), he does not have Holy Spirit and he is ‘DEAD”. So God Has to breath on him again to give him life. This means, He will give understanding to this man, who is a “beast” because he has no understanding. His “Spirit” which gives understanding will cause them to understand the scripture as He did to the apostles who failed to understand as He ‘breathed”” on them, and will open the blind eyes which were blinded because of their sins. John 20: 22….

2 Ti 3: 16…scripture – God “breathed” is for reproof, correction and for instruction in righteousness). This is why Christ breathed on the apostles and now He will consume this man of sin by His ‘breath’ so he can understand scripture and turn to Him. If he understood, then he will not be wicked or have iniquity ( Job 34:10) 

Jer 10: 14 say. Every man is brutish in knowledge and there is no breath in them…} If one does not have Holy Spirit, every man will be a beast .. This further confirms that the beasts are God’s people as they are in the bottomless pit, having no Holy Spirit.

Joel 1: 18… the ‘beasts’ groan, because they do not have food… } What happened to their pastrure?.

V 19-20… because of the “fire”.  This happen when they are in the wilderness.  We know God is a consuming fire… and He sends fire, which is the Word to burn the harlot. Is 40: 7, the people who are like grass withers, because of the Spirit of God… even the mountains, ( churches) melt and quake.. Mic 1: 4, Nah 1: 5. Exo 19: 18.

Hos 13: 11… God will give a king in His ‘ANGER”. This is why there is a wicked shepherd . Job 18: 5 says, the light of the wicked will go out. This is why, the beasts do not have food or light which is revelation….

In Zech 13: 2… God will cause the ‘UNCLEAN” Spirit and prophets to go out of the land. The unclean spirit work through these prophets,…(Rev 16: 13… beast, dragon and false prophet has unclean spirits. v 4. “prophets” shall be ashamed.. they will not wear a hairy garment to deceive. That was Jacob... trick and get the food from the older brother.




Beast is exposed when Christ comes;….

Job 12:22  He discovereth deep things out of darkness, and bringeth out to light the shadow of death. Also Dan 2: 22. the time has come for the beasts to be exposed. Job 21: 30… wicked is reserved for  the day of destruction… and day of wrath. In these verses it talks about the judgment  which is the “Day of The Lord”.


1Co 4:5  Then do not judge anything before the time, until the Lord comes, who will both shed light on the hidden things of darkness and will reveal the counsels of the hearts. And then praise will be to each one from God}}}…..hidden things of darkness , no one can reveal till Christ comes.  The beasts, Joshua, man of sin, the liar , the antichrist/s, they all will be revealed only AFTER Christ comes on the day of visitation. Until then, no one could reveal these beasts.  When GF said that Mr Tkach is the man of sin , Joshua etc,… he was speaking on his own. Until the judgment, or on the day of the Lord, thse wicked will not be revealed. The scripture clearly says, do not judge before…. until the Lord comes. this is why, He came as a thief, to expose the wicked. We have proven from the Word, that on the day of the Lord and on day of visitation, it is the ‘gentiles’ who will be working with Christ.


 This He Does, when He comes in the ‘clouds”, on the cloudy day, which is the Day of the Lord, to expose and consume the man of sin and fight for Mt Zion and avenge the blood of the saints. God avenge the blood of the saints on the ‘harlot’ whose ‘judgment’ came as we proved from the Word in  the ‘mysterious harlot” parts 1 – 7. That gives us a clue to understand who the beast is also as the beast carried her. When this woman’s judgment came, the beast was about to come up out of the bottomless pit. That is the time both the beast and the harlot will be revealed, After Christ comes. to reveal the hidden things in darkness, it has to be the time of darkness. Darkness means God’s presence is not there, or He Has left, the Word gives us the specific time when He left and profaned the temple. Ez 24: 21. that is the time of Ezekiel’s wife’s death, which GF declared, that the captivity has begun. That is when God defiled the church and left. That should be the time for darkness…. After the death of Ezekiel’s wife only, the hidden things of darkness could be revealed. When WCG fell , God married PCG as Ez 16 : 8 says. So God did not defile the temple, but He stayed married to the daughter as v 44-45 says.  That is the time the 7th head came to be and also the laodicean era, which is the time for judgment and for Christ to spew them out. If Christ is going to spew out His own church, then, they are all beasts.

The throne of David, is not in England, but in the church. they are to be kings and priests… God will not make the queen to sit on David’s throne as she is not called nor given the Holy Spirit. She does not reign in the church. It is the ‘spiritual throne’ which God will correct. They are the ones who lost the understanding and became beasts. Not the queen.


After  raising seven heads, or governments , still the church could not prove. Therefore, Christ will spew them out of His mouth. That means they became satan’s. that happened only when the 7th head is present. This proves, the 7th head is the beast. God’s breath, which gives the understanding, as we shall prove, is being withheld from this leader when he is being spewed out. Then, this man dies  (spiritually) that is when the beasts’ kingdom became dark as Rev 16: 10 says. It is dark because of God’s absence. British throne is just a physical one and it cannot become dark in judgment.


This is why, the beast, at the ‘judgment’ of the harlot, or the church, as Rev 17: 8 says, the beast is ‘ABOUT” to come out of the bottomless pit. Because the bottomless pit is opened only in the judgment, which is written in the book of revelation. That is when this star was thrown in to it in Rev 9. that is the time God profaned the sanctuary.   No where in the Bible it says that the worldly people’s whose eyes are not opened are in the bottomless pit.  Only the baptized members who rejected are thrown in there.


. Lamentations shows how the sons of the altar, became dross. This is how, they are consumed and spewed out of His mouth. When he spewed out of His mouth, they do not have the understanding of the scripture until God opens their minds once again as we have been proving. God will correct Zion and take her back.  So to consume, He Has to first witness against this man as the law requires, then, He will expose, and then conquer. In GF’s sermon about the ‘dragon’, he said, we must expose the sinners and then conquer. By his own mouth, he is being caught.


Job 38: 2… darken the counsel by words “WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE”…. This is why, the last high priest accuse “others” of being anti Christ and evil. Since he does not fear God, he is without knowledge as those who fear God only have the knowledge.  Since the priests who sit on David’s throne do not fear God, ( Malachi ) now they darken the counsel.  V 3 God says, to such men, ……now they darken the words and speak lies.

Now gird up your loins like a man, for I will question you;”…. After all that knowledge and righteousness, job was found with no knowledge which he failed to answer. Those leaders who cannot prove themselves to be ‘A MAN”, cannot answer God’s questions. This is why Christ said, that your adversary will not be able to contradict when the sheep is sent among the wolves. ( beasts). This is why, the leaders cannot answer member’s questions and they cast them out. 


The Word says, that the man should live and be judged by the Word comes out of the “mouth “of God. that is the breath . When this man is being spewed out, by not giving the Spirit, he cannot live. He will die. His Spirit returns to earth. That is the bottomless pit.


Now, God works through the “gentiles’;…

Eph 2: 2… in time past the “gentiles” walked according to the course of the world, or the devil, but now, :…. the spirit that now worketh in the “children” of disobedience:}   When Jews rejected, the gentiles were called as we have proven in many scripture. It says in time ‘PAST”.  This prophecy was not fulfilled until now. God did not reject the Jews, until the 7th head. or until God decided that He  should not strike  ( Is 1: 4 – 5 ) these people any more, as it is useless since they never obeyed. Or until He profaned them and till they became beasts. Or when they totally failed to prove them selves and when the time came that there is ‘NO” MAN.


Eph 2: …. The gentiles, Formerly walked according to the devil, but not now, and now, … devil works in the sons of disobedience… so there is a definite time period, when God separates the gentiles and Israel. ( read: last hour church split; Jews and gentiles ) Because of God’s mercy, He Has brought us to His glory. But now, “God’s children”, who are all the tribes of Israel, as they are in captivity scattered, are serving the devil. God Has JUDGED them. This means, they are in the dark,  (  Mat 25: 30, 22: 13,  all the invitees to the wedding did not come, Mat 8: 12…. Sons of the kingdom shall be cast in to outer darkness where they weep. When they see people from east and west sit with Abraham in the kingdom, they will mourn or beat their breasts in wonder) this is happening now. And why would they weep and mourn?  The strong’s number for mourn is 2875. That means to beat the breast, chop and to weep. Why do they weep so much, beating their breasts?  Because Christ Has chosen to come down with the gentiles, who are the ‘clouds” ……. So as 1 Cor 4: 5 , Is 19: 1,  Ps 72: 6,   Job 29: 23,   Hos 6: 3 says, Christ comes down, in rain and in clouds to expose the wicked works of His children…


Rev 1: 7,  Mat 24: 30… when the tribes of Israel see Christ coming in clouds, they mourn…. But not in happiness,, but they weep, because they see Christ Has chosen gentiles to bring glory to Him. They are self righteous, selfish people , despisers of God and naturally like beasts. Rev 11: 18 says, they were angry when God’s wrath came and when the judgments came. Christ comes to judge and expose, and He comes on clouds to provoke them to jealousy. Since they mourn and weep, we see that they are jealous…God’s plan has worked…  


Psa 106:40  And the anger of Jehovah glowed against His people; and He detested His inheritance. }  All our writings proved from the Word  that God’s anger is against “HIS” people and are not on EU or CC. Rev 11: 18 says, when God’s “judgments” and “wrath” came, they ( the spiritual Jews )  are angry and they are the  destroyers of  the earth”. (Dan 9: 16) they mourn and weep to see Christ coming with the clouds. If they are the destroyers of the earth, then there can’t be any worse beasts in the earth except for them. ! God does not say the world is being destroyed by EU or CC. It is the spiritual Babylon which made the world drunk. 

Psa 106:41  And He gave them into the hand of thegentiles and those who hated them ruled over them.

Psa 106:42  And their enemies oppressed them and they were humbled under their hand.  ( read: the Arm of The Lord) v 43 says, they were brought low for their iniquity. It is Ezekiel who had iniquity, being the Joshua, and he is the laodicean leader and in his time they became proud and now God will bring them low. So in his time, they became beasts….

1 Pet 5: 5- 6 says…to put on humility, because God sets against proud ones and to be humbled under the hand of God….

So God finally gave up His inheritance. Our “Babylon” writings prove how God gave His inheritance to Babylon in the end time…. Lamentations proves how God carried out the vengeance of His temple on the leaders of Zion, who were the gold who became dross. (it is the assembly which trampled them Lam 1: 15) 



From prophesying again book, GF wrote:..

Notice, then, how God follows that vision with correction: He immediately talks about measuring us in chapter 11. God begins to measure us and show us where we need to change.......... That includes the altar, Revelation 11 then talks about the two witnesses and how the beast power is going to hate and kill them. "And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city [Jerusalem], which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, WHERE ALSO OUR LORD WAS CRUCIFIED which symbolizes the ministry, including me. We all have to be measured}…} what can we learn from this quote?....  

·        Jerusalem”, has become ‘spirituallySodom and Egypt, that means, they have committed spiritual adultery against God. 

·        Jeruslaem”, symbolizes the ministry ….….

·        including me including me. ….includes GF…

·        The ministry, the altar, was at this time is “PCG”  which includes GF, the writer of this paragraph….he says, it includes him. Why would God wants to measure the ministry ( In the very last moments) including GF , if not He Has found some sins in them? It is in the ‘last hour” that all failed and became God’s enemy. That is when God threw him in to the bottomless pit. 

·        The altar and the ministry of the church, who are the spiritual Jews , who became the synagogue of satan, killed the witnesses in spiritual Jerusalem…. They were killed spiritually. In the spiritual Jerusalem one could be killed spiritually only. The Jews, the Pharisees and the chief priests are the ones who killed Christ also. ( or the synagogue of satan)  This has happened and  by doing that, they became the beasts…the brute beasts. Anciently, the Jews crucified Christ and now they kill His followers.  God , rightfully say they are natural beasts. Because they are the sons of those who killed Christ and all the Holy prophets, as God will avenge their blood in this generation and on the harlot and the beast in Rev 17 and 18. The plagues are poured upon them.. Rev 16: 6. Rev 18: 20, 24,  because of disobedience, and breaking the commands and the covenant. this is no one but Israel. Not EU or CC.

·        Revelation 11 then talks about the two witnesses and how the beast power is going to hate and kill them.}…HWA and GF are teaching that EU and the CC is the beast which is being plagued and which Rev 17 and 18 says and they will kill those who do not keep Sabbath. They say, God will cause all the Laodiceans to be killed if they want to save their eternal lives , by this beast power in EU.  How could there be  EU or CC , INSIDE”  …”SpiritualJerusalem, which  symbolizes  the “ministry” which includes GF ? Christ was killed by the Jews, and His followers will be killed by “Jerusalem”, which symbolizes the ministry. Besides,God cannot witness against EU or CC, as they were never given the law. He witnesses against the ministry, who were given all the revelations as Jer 44: 4 ,  Ez 16: 8 – 14 and the law.  We have proven from HWA’s, GF’s,  and S flurry’s writings, that the law is given only to ‘ISREAL” TO “PROVE”and they are deceived and are in Babylon spiritually, and now, GF says “Jerusalem” symbolizes the “ministry” and at the same time they teach that the beast who disobeyed God, is EU and CC. it is just simply impossible for either EU or CC to be a beast power, since they are not given the law neither they can be judged by the law. These are the teachings of the “angel of light”, who claims he has revelation, but do LIE. As the scripture says, they are without understanding and teaching the traditions of men…. HWA taught this and his followers continue to teach these lies… BABYLON !  BABYLON !!

·        If it is the “SPIRITUAL” Jerusalem which became Sodom and Egypt, as we have proven from the Word, then, they, the “spiritual” Jerusalem,  which symbolizes the ministry,  is being measured… why do they need the measuring? Because they became Sodom and Egypt, they have sinned against God, and have become beasts… God, in His great purity, cannot live with a harlot. She is forsaken and now desolated…

·        Rev 11: 7 says, the beast coming up out of the “bottomless pit”, will kill them. But who comes out of the bottomless pit? This pit is opened only in the book of revelation, when God’s anger came to destroy the destroyers of the earth…. They are the ministry, which symbolizes by Jerusalem !  Learn from a prophet who has now fallen and in the bottomless pit;….


Here is what GF wrote in ;… RV Mar 2004

We need to understand our spiritual condition “apart from God”. We are “prisoners” of satan in a dark pit without any water! (a type of God’s spirit). This is the normal condition of man without God’s Holy Spirit. } …………In our “bottomless pit” writing, we proved from the Word, that only the “baptized members could be in this pit. The world always have been in a pit having no Spirit. This is how, all Israel, having sinned, were thrown in to the bottomless pit. If these leaders became a synagogue of satan, then they are prisoners of satan in the dark pit as God will not be with them. Therefore, according to GF, since they are “apart from God”, they are prisoners of satan…. this is the throne of David, apart from God ,  fallen as Ps 89: 30 – 40 says, now has become the throne of the beast….


·        The witnesses are witnessing against, Israel, or spiritual Jerusalem, when they became Satan’s slaves. And they are in the “Holy city”, which is “Jerusalem”, where the “ministry” is, including GF. Then, it is them who have killed the witnesses. And have become beasts. God left the ministry, the Sanctuary. Ez. 9 , Lamentations prove that all the ministers are profaned and beginning at God’s Sanctuary, the killing is to be carried out. Those who sigh and cry over the abominations done in the ministry, including GF, is being marked by God to spare them. They are the ones who feared God when the ministry, including GF dishonored God and separated in Mal 3: 15-18. God left because of the abominations done in the altar as we have proven from the Word. Daniel also said so in Daniel 9. None of these happened in EU or CC. God did not profane them. They cannot be witnessed as they were never given the law.

·        The bottomless pit was opened as a punishment to the leader and his followers in Rev 9: 1- 11. A “star”, the 7th head or the  leader fell in to it (Rev 8: 10) as a “LAMP”. “Lamp” pictures the “church”.  This is the leader who became the 7th head of the beast, the most dreadful, as Ez 16: 52 says, the worst…Rev 8: 11 … this star caused God’s people to drink ‘wormwood” and that is to commit spiritual adultery as we proved from the Word in our writings “ mysterious harlot pt 1- 7” . The “wormwood” test is given only to the women in Israel as we proved. So, none in the world could be a star of wormwood.  .  Jer 23: 15… “wormwood” is given to the “prophets” and not to EU. The prophets went after other gods and God gave them the wormwood test and they failed the test. This is why, they are called a harlot and a beast. All these symbols in the book of revelation, helps us to identify the beast and the harlot. The “bottomless pit”, actually identifies the beast. One who “had God’s Spirit and had become spiritually Sodom and Egypt only could be put in this pit. Who is this great leader who was cut down? Eliakim Is 22: 25,  Ezekiel 24: 21-23, who profaned the temple and caused God to leave. The man of sin, Joshua, etc…. God did not leave the world or the EU or CC, but He left when Ezekiel failed to judge the east gate abomination, which we call “Bamah matter”, as in Ez 10: 18-19, 11: 22-24…Ez 23: 41---, Ez 8, 11.


From RV Jan/feb 2006.

Pg 2….James begins addressing “the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad.  We have to look at this spiritually  ”}}… so this is a spiritual captivity…. Scattered means, God is not among them and the devil is reigning.

Pg 2- 3… it is talking about the “church” or “family of God” taken captive by the devil. That is why they are  scattered all over the place. }  First point is, it is the twelve tribes , or the “SPIRITUAL” FAMILY OF God, that is scattered. The second is, if they are scattered, God Has left them. then, the “spiritual family of God” became the beast which has no understanding, because without Holy Spirit , man is a beast. The spiritual family of God, has proven that they could never be “men”. They Failed the test. And that is  Jerusalem” which symbolizes the ministry, which includes GF.  The wicked are caught by their own craftiness said God…. ! no one should try to expose these beasts before the time. Only Christ can do it… 1 Cor 4:5.


If the family of God is scattered, then God Has given them up and they are now in the bottomless pit and has become the worshipers of the beast. Instead of God’s image which they were created, they now have the image of the beast.


To be continued;……


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Gentile assembly