Beast or a man?



Ecc 3:17 - 18 God shall judge the righteous and the wicked: the sons of men, that God may test them and see that they by themselves are beasts….} God wants to  test men, whether they are beasts or not.  When would He do that? How do you prove your self a “man” or a beast? God said;“HE” will send beasts as a curse, and a punishment to devour  HIS” people who are rebellious. We will prove from the Word, that the beasts are the “kings and priests “ who sit in the “throne of David” who failed to prove themselves to be men and are  inside” God’s “church” and not any union in Europe. Leaders, deceived, taught  the EU is the beast. But is that what ‘God ‘ say? God wants to prove His church; not EU or CC.


When God says He will test men, He Does not mean the men in the world or EU or CC (European union and Catholic church) . He wants His Son’s wife and the kings and priests who will reign on “David’s throne” to be tested and be ready. As we proved from the Word, seventy years are given for the “church” to prove whether they serve God or the devil. And to END transgressions as prophet Daniel says.  After these seventy years, as He says, He will have to show everyone the results of  the test. God forgot “Tyre”, ( Is 23: 15) during these years of testing. Tyre has failed as she will sing and play harlot as the same verse says. All 12 tribes have proven to be serving the devil, as all  have gone in to captivity and scattered abroad. God cannot work through with them now and, God’s major work will be to bring back the captivity. For that, God Has called those who are far away to witness, and expose and tell them how and why they failed the test and they are not men, but beasts. God wants them to know that they have never obeyed God and He will accept ‘gentile’ offerings. They are scattered abroad means God’s punishments have come.


GF said, 2 Peter and Jude ( the preserved and called out) are for PCG. 2 Pet 2: 12… Jude 10, shows that these beasts are in side the church, that is PCG and not in EU. These are the leaders in God’s church. They do not understand anymore and now they are to be taken and exposed and corrected. God made a covenant with Noah that He will never destroy humans again by a flood. Would He destroy them by a ‘fire” now? Even in Noah’s time, there were eight people, but now, God says “NO” man. So these leaders speak without understanding.


There is a time for everything. Even for judgment. Now, the judgments have come. Even the angels are awaiting their judgment and the saints will be judging these angles. Christ said, on the last day, “MY WORDS” will judge everyone. So, God Has to send the ‘Word’ to testify and witness against these beasts.  2 Pet 2: 4, Jud 6… the sinning angels are thrown in to chains of darkness.  How could one be chained in to ‘DARKNESS”? Besides, the “sons of the kingdom”, that is “men in Israel”, also are thrown in to darkness. Mat 8: 12. “Darkness” means the “absence of God’s Spirit. When Christ was killed, there was darkness Mat 27: 45. because  God forsook even Christ. God’s presence was not there, just as the beginning in Gen 1. Since all Israel have rejected God, and was unable to prove themselves to be men, God Has forsaken them too. Now, they are all in darkness. Now, ( Is 60: 2 ) the light has to “come as v 1 says…  that means, they are in darkness. This chapter talks about “Zion” or God’s “church” who is in darkness. Who is being sent by God to give them light? V 3- 4. who will bring forth the praises? V 7… when Israel is in darkness, who would build up their walls? ……


Isa 60:10  And the sons of the foreigner shall build your walls; and their kings shall minister un to you. For I struck you in My wrath, but I pitied you in My favor.}}  …When God strikes them, the foreigners will be called to do the rest of God’s work, which is to judge, witness and to bring them back and to tell them their sins. They are accepted in God’s altar. Is 56: 3-8,  Mal 1: 11,  Zech 6: 15. The promise is to Jews, and to all those who are afar off… Act 2: 30… since Jews rejected , now those who are far away are brought in…( Act 28: 28) when Jews rejected, Paul was sent to gentiles. During the judgment,  God Has called the gentiles to build. Therefore, in judgment, when God’s wrath has come, those who obey God should prove the Word which we send.


 The Jews reject the messengers who bring peace to them as they rejected Christ. Of course Christ prophesied that too. Christ said, just as the Jews called Him a demon possessed, the true followers also will be called evil. Luk 6:22 . We pray to the Almighty God, that He may open the blind eyes as He is being a light to  us, the gentiles… Is 42: 6-7…Luk 2: 32  Christ will bring light (revelation) to gentiles, and He will open the blind eyes, of the prisoners, who sit in darkness… those who sit in darkness does not know they are deceived. Could there be a “PROVEN” man when they sit as prisoners?


Ecc 3:18  I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the sons of men, that God might manifest ( Strong’s 1305, means clarify, examine, make bright, shew self pure, purge out  OR PROVE )  them, and that …..“they”…. might see that…. “they”…. Themselves…. are “beasts”.}}}

In other words, God tests men and prove whether they are men, or beasts and God wants men to know who they are. Or, He will bring to light, that is to expose them, so “they” could know whether they are men or beasts. But when would He do that? Not before the judgment. That is the time to expose all the wicked works of His leaders. That happens when the 7th head is present, which is now. Israel, as we shall prove from the Word, never obeyed God. seven eras passed by and they still could not. That means, they are beasts.  Even “OX” knows it’s owner and I s 43:20, the beasts honor God, but not God’s people.

Isa 1:3  The ox knows his owner, and the ass his master's manger, but Israel does not know; My people have not understood.

Not understanding” is the cause of their failure as we shall see all through out this writing.


Pr 2:6  For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of His “mouth” cometh knowledge and understanding}}}  God says, end time Israel will be blinded because of sins as we shall prove. Also their wisdom shall perish. Then, they cannot have the knowledge or the understanding, which  comes from the “mouth” of God. That is the ‘breath” of God. they do not have God’s breath , which gives them the life…  More about this later…


Here is  what “Clark” commentary say about Eccl 3: 18 ….

{I said in my heart, reflecting on the state of the sons of men, O that God would enlighten them, and make them see that even they themselves are like beasts.” These words are to be referred to those in authority who abused their power;}}}. This is the synagogue of satan in the end of the Phil era… who say they are Jews… but do lie. Rev 3: 9. All six eras fell. Finally God sent them to Babylon , “spiritually”. The last era is the “judgment”. The 7th head is to continue a “short” time, prophetically, “ONE” hour.


Here is what JFB says:…

The estate of fallen man……,that God might prove them, and that they might themselves see their mortal frailty, like that of the beasts.

The toleration of injustice until the judgment is designed to “manifest” men’s characters in their fallen state, to see whether the oppressed will bear themselves aright amidst their wrongs, knowing that the time is short, and there is a coming judgment. The oppressed share in death, but the comparison to “beasts” applies especially to the ungodly oppressors. They too need to be “manifested” (“proved”), whether, considering that they must soon die as the “beasts,” and fearing the judgment to come, they will repent (Dan_4:27). }  Co-incidentally, it has given Dan 4: 27, which applies to the modern day king Nebu, as we have already written in our writings. In this verse, only two sins of Nebu is mentioned… ‘SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS AND MISJUDGING THE POOR”…. Which God accuse the last leader in God’s church. GF wrote, the book of James is similar to Malachi. James too accuses the rich oppressing the poor, but the poor have the ‘faith”, which  all the 12 tribes of Israel do not have as they are the rich. (James 2) So such leaders should know, that even though they go free by being proud as Mal 3: 15 says, the time will come, or has come to expose their wickedness and purge them.   fallen state???? All seven mountains or church eras are fallen. The harlot is fallen. The man of sin who sits in the temple as the leader is fallen from the truth. They are without understanding


Gill says, that God might separate them like wheat from chaff… and they are brutish and without understanding the spiritual things,


MHC says:… Take away religion, and there is nothing valuable among men. }… How true this is?  Take away the Spirit of God, and you are a beast… men in the world including the EU, die as beasts as they never had the Spirit.


God says there is no man, but all are beasts:…..

God’s words and the law is given to prove us whether we are men after God kind or not. He also says, there is “NO man”. He wants men to know, that they are beasts… therefore, as God Has appointed us to let Israel know that they are beasts and not men, we here by send God’s words, proving that all Israel are without understanding  and therefore, are not men, but beasts


Psa 49:20  Man in honor, but without understanding, is like the BEASTS; they shall perish. {      More later )  A Man, “WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING”, IS A “BEAST”. The understanding, comes from God’s mouth. That is Holy Spirit.  EU, was and is and will be without understanding and God does not want to test and prove OR EXPOSE  EU. It’s the ‘WISE” men’s  wisdom which shall perish and not EU’s. This shows us, that EU cannot be the beast in Revelation. It is the church’s judgment now and not EU’s. The law is given to “Israel” and they are the ones who need to prove whether they are men or beasts.


Isa 41:28 --For I looked, and there was no man; I looked among them, but there was no counselor, who, when I asked of them, could answer a word. because they have transgressed against God…. Ez 20: 38. , Is 50: 2,  59:16,  Jer 4: 25,  Jer 8: 5,  12: 11,  51: 17,  Why does God say there is no man? In so many scripture?  As loyal people of God, we should humbly prove what He says. He cannot find a man, with understanding or to answer His questions. He does not ask questions Himself. He sends someone to ask. But there is no one to answer. At the same time, if He cannot find any man, then, He will be working to turn these beasts in to men again.


As we saw earlier, when the judgment has come, God speak to Israel through the “gentiles”. We have written over 200 writings to GF and to many ministers and so far, none of them have answered our questions. Christ said, that in that hour, He will make us speak, that our adversary would not be able to answer. (Lk 21:15) That is why they kill God’s people. They do not have answers, because they lie. The truth shall make you free… there is no answer above the truth. So God sent the man from east, (Please read in our web site : Is 41 and man from east) and the little ones to testify, and witness against all Israel of their failure.  The prophet,  did not give  even a cup of water  to the little ones who came in the name of Christ,.. as v 42 of Mat 10, as we shall see;…..and they are “SENT”…. 


Mat 10: 16- 20… when Christ sent  the sheep among the wolves

( wolves are  Beasts …(which happens now)  He told them ;  those Jews will betray you to “Sanhedrin”,  who are in  the “synagogues”. Not those who are in EU or CC. (synagogue of satan Rev 3:9) it says “Sanhedrin”, that is no one but the ‘Jews”... V 19… “IN THAT HOUR” what to speak will be given… this is to happen now, when “that “hour has come, when there are beasts as Revelation says. this should happen, when the beasts  or the wolves are present as now. It could not have happened before, as there were no beasts in the synagogues or the churches. Only after HWA died, all the leaders rejecting the understanding became blind and therefore became beasts. Those few who opposed were killed spiritually.


When a member have a question, should not they go to the leader in God’s church? but when they ask, they are thrown out, without an answer, because, as Christ said, your adversary will not be able to resist or contradict. That means, they do not understand. Now, Christ did not say they will be sent to EU or CC. They are sent to Jews… the Sanhedrin… the synagogues of satan , the Jews who lie… Rev 3: 9. the fact that they cannot answer shows, the wisdom , which comes from God’s mouth, which gives the understanding has perished from them. so they are without understanding… and they are beasts. Now they have to be judged. But, …. These sheep who were sent by Christ , to these beasts, on the other hand are given a “mouth and wisdom”.


We know last year, a senior minister who has been in the church over 40 years were cast out. A member wanted to know ‘who is the laodicean leader”? Should not they ask this from the prophet? But what did the prophet say? He threw the minister who asked the question. Now, what would God do in such a situation? Would He take the side of the prophet? Should we not get the answers from our shepherds, which  Christ or God would give? Here is what GF wrote ;…


Revelation unveiled at last: pg 84….GF wrote:” Christ wants to know that if anybody comes to head quarters with a question, they would get the answer JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF WOULD GIVE.” }… Please think on this’….. would Christ cast out a member for asking “Who is the laodicean leader”? is that the answer Christ Himself would give to throw the person out? This is the prophesied beast and his kingdom!! They have no understanding… for if he had understood, he would have given the answer. As Christ said, the adversary could not answer. What would a beast do when they see a sheep? ………..KILL !!!   Go and ask the same question from somebody in the EU…. They will not kill you….of course they would not know the answer.!

Mat 10:20  For you are not the ones speaking, but the Spirit of your Father who speaks “in you.}…would these beasts be able to speak with the Spirit?  These “sheep” have the Spirit.  And they are to go to the “Jewish leaders “who are in the “synagogues” and not to EU.  And “they” are the ‘BEASTS”, who do not have the Spirit. So these leaders have no understanding. then they are beasts…. v 22…. Christ was speaking about the end time… as v 23 says, we cannot go over all the “cities” , till He comes. “Cities” are the “worshippers” as Jer 26: 2 says.  In you means, the Spirit is working with these sheep who are to go among the beasts who are the leaders in the synagogue. that means, God’s Spirit is not in the leaders.  


Mat 10:18  And also you will be brought before governors and kings for My sake, for a testimony to them and to the nations.

These kings are the kings in the throne of David as we have written. The kings who fornicated with the harlot who drank her fornication. (read: Mysterious harlot pts 1-7) Now these sheep are brought for ‘GOD’S SAKE”, to be a ‘TESTIMONYto them. ( and not against ) GIB , which is the correct translation says, “for a testimony “to them. These Sanhedrin, who sit in Moses’ seat, who claims they are law givers and counselors, who are in the Jewish synagogues, are being given a testimony, which God’s Holy Spirit is giving them, to testify against their law breaking and to show how and why they became beasts.


Testimony, is 3142 means something evidential, to be testified, or witness… this is the work of the gentile assembly, which is  witnessing and testifying  against the Sanctuary, as God Has appointed (Lam 1: 15,  Ez 23: 56-49, 16:40,  Rev 11: 2 ) . And those who sing the  “Song of Moses” as Rev 15: 3, when the plagues are being poured upon. Mat 10: 26… this is a time to uncover all hidden works. V 42… these are the little ones who came in the name of a disciple who was not even  given a cup of cold water !!!

Not a single minister is there to answer. God says they aredumb dogs… Is 56: 10. That means , no understandingand they are beasts. Dogs are beasts any way.

Here is what GF wrote in Prophesying again…

Revelation 11:1-2 also discuss God's little remnant rising up, and then the times of the Gentiles, side by side-just as Revelation 17:8 does. The work of God and the beast power ascend together!}} Yes they ascend to gether as the beast power is fighting with Christ. Christ fights through the gentiles, who are in the ‘outer court”… they tread the inner court which has become the kingdom of beast. Christ said not to trust the prophets in the inner room, or desert. So the false prophets are in the inner court and in the desert. (not in a place of safety, but they are in a real desert spiritually, having no Holy Spirit) 

When and why there is no man?

Eze 14:15  If…… “I” ….(God) cause noisome beasts to pass through the land, and they spoil it, so that it be desolate, that no man may pass through because of the beasts:}}}   This happens when God’s punishments have come as now… this is a fulfillment of Lev 26: 22.  The land is totally desolated and has become a wilderness. (please read: Wilderness) All men are deceived. When these beasts are present, then the land is desolate. That means no inhabitants. No man ! as we saw, when the leaders become beasts who has no understanding, then all his followers become beasts also.

At the same time, God will purge the rebels… Eze 20: 38.


Here is how you could prove your self whether you are a man or a beast….

Lev 18: 4-5 … keep commandments to live.

1 King 2: 2-5, king David, before he died, advised his son, Solomon saying:… “be strong and show yourself a man.”… }  He also gave instructions how to show and prove as a man;….

1Ki 2:3  and keep the charge of Jehovah your God, to walk in His ways, to keep His statutes, His commands, and His judgments, and His testimonies, as it is written in the Law of Moses, so that you may do wisely all that you do…..

1Ki 2:4  so that Jehovah may establish His Word which He spoke to me, saying, If your sons take heed to their way, to walk before me in truth, with all their heart, and with all their soul, saying, There shall not be a man to you cut off from the throne of Israel.


This means, if, the leaders kept the law, as Moses wrote, and if they keep all commanments, statutes, judgments and testimonies in “TRUTH”… they will prove themselves real men, that is after God’s own hearts and if not, …..if they break the commandments and not execute proper judgments, and if they do not walk in “TRUTH”…, there won’t be a man, or the throne.  Or, if the leaders are unable to prove themselves as “MEN”, according to God’s requirements  with no understanding, then, they become beasts. That includes, the throne of David. It has become a throne of the beast or, …….. the ‘kingdom of Israel’, became the “kingdom of the beast”. This is how the leader, who is a star of Israel, was thrown in to the bottomless pit having no bottoms to hold God’s Spirit as we proved from the writing “Bottomless pit”. These are the ‘sons of the kingdom’ who rebelled and were thrown in to outer darkness (Mat 8:12). Darkness is the fifth plague. (Rev 16: 10). The throne, (he has a throne) of the beast, and its kingdom “BECAME” darkened.  “Became” means it was not dark before. Only when the plague is being poured it became dark. This cannot be EU or CC which were dark all the time. Besides, this verse say, their tongues gnawed in pain. The darkness would not give pain in your tongues. When it is night, does it hurt your tongue? It is because of their lies and because of the thirst; (having no Spirit or water) their  tongues are in pain. Hos 2: 3.. God said, He will slay the harlot, who is the church with “thirst”… so having no Spirit, they are thirsty. And it is ‘night’. (read: Christ comes as a thief in the night)


·        Did Israel walk in His commandments ?

·        Did they walk in truth?

·        Did they keep the law of Moses?

·        Did they execute proper judgments?

NO….NO….. NO. Not even the sister who ‘judged’ and had a Spirit of judgment could prove the test.


Dan 9, which says about the seventy year desolations, says, God keep the covenant with those who love Him and those who keep commandments.

Which church was given a kingdom in the end? Ez 16;12…PCG.


Why did man fall? How did that failure come?

Human nature book pg 4;….

When Adam rejected the tree of life and took to himself the knowledge of good and evil, he limited his power and ability to do good to the level of his human sprit. Good is a spiritual attribute, not a physical or material action. Had Adam taken of the tree of life, the Holy Spirit of God would have entered him and joined with his Spirit, uniting him with God as a son of God.}} ……So the man, in the end, rejected the tree of life and took the knowledge to himself. Ez 24: 21 shows how Ezekiel, the last prophet failed totally in ALL THREE LUSTS  as Adam and Eve. Details are written in our writing “Joshua” in our web site… But modern day Ezekiel, said, “ I am eating from the tree of life”…but God says he has failed in all three lusts and he is the man who caused God to leave His Sanctuary. God Has totally rejected him. Who should you believe? Since he rejected God’s Spirit, now he cannot be a son of God until he is pardoned.  


love is the fulfilling of the law, but not human love. It requires the ‘LOVE OF God” … shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit….} Christ said, love of many shall vex cold, because of  lawlessness  and all Israel will go in to captivity. Then, how could they fulfill the law? 

Since the Holy Spirit is withdrawn, and everyone is in darkness, there cant be any love….. So they cannot fulfill the law. They have failed.


So how do we know that we have God’s love in us?

For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments and His commandments are not grievous. 1 John 5:3.}}} (this is how, according to God’s words, we should prove our selves as “men.”   .. we are back to the beginning… the man is created, he was given the Holy Spirit so that he could build godly character and become like God. but the man because of the devil’s deceit,  believed satan and rejected the Holy Spirit and went back to the beginning… this time, not Eve, but the leader, the high priest brought sin to the church. He now, once again has a carnal mind… he returned to dust. He became foolish. We know the prophet who lives just before Christ’s coming is a fool (Hos 9:7). And Ps 74 alone proves there no longer any prophets. Does that sound like this prophet is keeping the commandments and fulfilling the law? Now, he is a “carnal man”, or a beast. He has failed God’s test. He is proven to be a beast. Carnal mind is  ENMITY against God. and he has no love of God, which is needed to keep His commandments… therefore, he failed and that is how, there is “NO” Man now. They are all beasts… and they die  if not for God’s great mercy, which sends a covenant of peace to reconcile them once again. 


Human nature book Pg 4;..

God revealed His law to the nation Israel. One of the purposes of this nation was to prove by human experience that man WITOHUT the Spirit of God within him cannot be righteous. } … law is given to “Israel” to PROVE. But they all failed.  Man….,  even ‘WITH” the Spirit was NOT able to prove to be righteous. NO one is righteous. So, there is NO man. All are beasts. Without Holy Spirit, man is a beast and that is why, they are all beasts and God say, No man… All are dead.


Rom 2: 12 says many have sinned without law shall perish without law. All those have sinned in the law, shall be judged by the law.  This is why, the judgments. Since the EU or CC did not have the law, they could not be judged by the law. So God cannot judge them.  they are always dead and are beasts, and they do not need to be proven. V23… the Jews boast in the law  and dishonor God through transgression of the law. This is why, God  condemns all the ministers in the book of Malachi. James shows  that all the condemned law breakers,  those who dishonored God , are gone in to captivity unable to prove themselves as men . They are beasts. 


V 25… the baptism, profits if you PRACTICE the law, but if you are a transgressor of the law, your baptism is useless, unless you REPENT.  PCG, knowing the Bamah matter is wrong, to this day, did not repent. Therefore, they carry their sins. Their baptism is not valid. They have broken the law and are without repentance. Their sins are not washed away. This is why, Joshua, had to change his garments. Just imagine now, God cannot find a single man who is keeping the law. This is why our times are worse than Noah’s time. At least eight people were found worthy to escape the wrath back in Noah’s time. But now, God says, NO man. So now, there is no difference between Jews, gentiles, male or female. All are sinners and God Had to call a few gentiles from the high ways and by ways to do the witnessing against those law breakers. 


Rom 3:19  …whatever things the Law says, it says to those who are under the Law; so that every mouth may be stopped and all the world may be under judgment before God, ( the world here means the world who is given the law, who is the church. )

Who are under the law today? Are not the Jews? It is their mouths which God want to stop…  who ever condemns others  and judge them, should be stopped. (Ez 16: 52)… those who judge others are the worst…Those who were under the law could never obey it. There fore, they are condemned as dead and are like beasts.


Rom 3:28  Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the works of the Law. Even the faith, only poor has as Jam 2: 5. All Israel, all Laodiceans are rich and they do not have even faith.


Do they have truth?

Dan 9: 13…. As written in the law of moses…. That we might turn from iniquity and understand Your truth.} As long as you have iniquity, you cannot understand God’s truth. Christ Had to teach a Samaritan woman that Jews , neither in Jerusalem, nor in the church will worship God in Spirit and in truth…. read : Living waters in our web site. Why does the Bible calls us to be a good :”Samaritan”: and not a good “Jew”?  As we say in our writings, they need to be turned back… and then, they can understand the truth. It is the high priest who has iniquity. Then, all his followers have iniquity.


Daniel’s book which is for the end time, says in Dan 9, how the Jews would do in the end time. V 5 … they have sinned…, evil…, rebelled…, departed from commandments and judgment… that means they failed to be proven as men. Then, they are beasts. There are so many churches of God, after HWA died, but none of them kept God’s law and commandments.  Because their sins they have  no Holy Spirit which gives them the love of God to keep the commandments. No man was able to prove….all are beasts. 


Daniel says in v 7….

Dan 9:7  O Lord, righteousness  to You, but to us the shame

as it is this day to the men of Judah, Jerusalem, and to all Israel, who are near and who are afar through all the lands where You have driven them for their unfaithfulness which they have done against You. } This apply to the time, after God drove them away.  No one is exempted,… ALL Israel , Judah , Jerusalem have sinned. They have been ‘UNFAITHFUL”…gone after other gods… The Bamah matter.

Dan 9:8  O Lord, shame of face belongs to us, to our kings, to our rulers and to our fathers, because we have sinned against You.

Dan 9:10  We have not obeyed the voice of the Lord our God, to walk in His laws which he set before us by His servants the prophets. } they did not listen to the “FORMER PROPHETS” Zech 1: 4, 7:7,   12.  this means we should not listen to  end time Joshua either. Apostle John warned us : 1 John 2:27… you do not need any one to teach you… v 26 says, those who seduce you… he is warning about the beasts in God’s church.


Dan 9:11  Yea, all Israel has transgressed Your Law and turned aside that they might not obey Your voice. For this reason the curse has poured out on us, and the oath that is written in the Law of Moses the servant of God, because we have sinned against Him. }}} Does God’s Word say, there is a single man in Jerusalem, Israel, or Judah who keep the law? NO man. Until the curse and the judgments, that is until today, all Israel has transgressed. Holy Spirit cannot live in them now and then, they do not have understanding… they are beasts.


Dan 9:12  And He has confirmed His Words which He spoke against us, and against our judges who judge us, by bringing on us a great evil. For under the whole heavens it has not been done as it has been done to Jerusalem. }  Not been done in Jerusalem…. EU is not punished… nor CC… the judgment is on Jerusalem… and the judges who judged by bringing great evil. It is the leaders who brought evil and they are evil and are beasts. Not EU. Those who say we are Philadelphians and others are all Laodiceans, their mouths must be stopped…


The kings who sit in David’s throne, has failed to heed his instructions and have failed to prove them as men… they are beasts who perish.

 This means there is no man, or the throne…. The wise men’s wisdom has perished and they are without understanding…. So they are beasts and there is no throne. As Ps 89: 30- 40,

The throne of David, the kingdom of Israel, became the kingdom of the beast, who has no understanding as they have rejected God….


Joshua failed the big “if”…

Zec 3:7  So says Jehovah of Hosts: If you will walk in My ways, …


But did Joshua heed the big “IF”?  V 4 – 5 shows he did not. His clothes which picture the spiritual, are filthy… says Almighty God WHO KNOWS OUR HEARTS…, God says:…

And he answered and spake unto those that stood before him, saying, Take away the filthy garments from him. And unto him he said, Behold, I have caused thine iniquity to pass from thee, and I will clothe thee with change of raiment.

Zec 3:5  And I said, Let them set a fair mitre upon his head. So they set a fair mitre upon his head, and clothed him with garments. }. If Joshua is filthy, all others are with him also filthy. That is why they are wondering at Joshua. This is why Christ came as a thief, to purify the ministry as Mal 3 says and to give a clean turban to Joshua. We have proven from the Word, that all Israel will be turned back from captivity and Joshua will be taken too. This is why, we are witnessing and calling to repent so they could be brought back. Mr  Tkach is not alive  to be cleansed at Christ’s coming. He is not the Joshua and we have proven that it is GF who is Joshua.


His judgments and justice is perverted as we have proven from the Word in our writings. Therefore, God wants those who stood there to take away his filthy garments. This cannot be his fellows who follow him, but some people who is worthy to remove his filthy clothes. Zech 3: 8 and  6: 12, and 15  shows who is being given to remove his turban.  It is the “BRANCH” , Christ and those who are far away, the gentiles…

So these verses show that he has not being proven to be a man, as king David said to his descendants.  Since he is the “last”  high priest before the “Branch” or Christ comes, until Christ comes, no leader in Israel has proven to be a man nor, they have kept the law of Moses. They are without understanding, being blind. So they are the beasts… the throne of David became a kingdom of beasts. If the high priest has failed, can you expect others?


John 18: 37.., it shows that Christ said, He will bear witness to the ‘TRUTH”. This is why Christ was killed (John 8: 37… because of the Word) this is what the end time true followers also had to fight with the leaders, who are the beasts inside the Sanctuary ,…that is the ‘inner court’, which needed to be measured. But the outer court, given to “gentiles” , is being used to tread down the inner court.  the truth…”???they have to fight for the “truth.”  Jews rejected, Christ was killed by the Jews, and He was delivered by  the Jews to Romans or the gentiles to be killed.  God Has done the same thing to those who killed Him. God Delivered those Jews also to gentiles causing them to be scattered and then, to execute judgments. 3 John shows that true followers were cast out. So they  were cast out for witnessing and fighting for the truth. Then, in v 37, Christ said, everyone who is of the ‘TRUTH” hear My voice. So there is no man …a proven man, among the Jews who obeyed God until Christ comes.  That definitely means the throne of David has become a kingdom of beasts. Those who disobey God and break the commandments have automatically taken the mark of the beast!!! This is why God says, to come out of this system, the structured government system which PCG has adopted from Babylon which has lordship over the sheep….


S Flurry wrote in “Human nature” book pg 3;…

We were created in the very likeness of God, potentially to be created in the image or character of God through ‘CONVERSION”.

“God created us to be like Him!”. }…. So why could not the man build Godly character?  As 1 kin 2 says, they could  not prove themselves men, as they disobeyed God’s law and judgments etc… and now, God’s image and character could not be built on any of the leaders who sit on the throne. Failing, they now worship the devil and took his character and image. One cannot serve God and the devil. You cannot have two masters. God finds all Israel to be law breakers and He Has forsaken them. Now they are the children of the devil. But Christ Has come down to fight with such to save the sheep.


Here is what HWA wrote in “prophetic beast pg 33;…

We begin now to see that the MARK of the beast involves a point of OBEDIENCE. Whether we shall obey God or reject the COMMANDMENT of God and obey man’s rule. ……. The saints who do not have the mark are those who keep the commandments of God. Those who have the mark therefore, are those who refuse to keep the commandments of God. the mark of the beast there fore, involves a rejection of the commandments of God or of one of them, for if we break one we are guilty of all… …..

Whatever the mark of the beast may be, it means disobedience to God’s government to the commandment of God.


( As you can see, those who have the mark of the beast are those who break commandments. So the EU or CC cannot be the beast as they are not given the law).


Here’s further proof;… here are they who get victory over this mark:….. Rev 15: 2-3 “ and I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire; and them that had gotten the victory over the beast, ,……they sing the “song of Moses” ……this corresponds to the CHILDREN OF Israel” …}… we have already delivered the ‘song of Moses in 2005 as a witness against PCG. This song is sung to testify against the CHILDREN OF Israel. (please read : Song of Moses) this is another proof that it is the CHILDREN OF Israel who have become the beast.


Pg 35… in Ephesians 5 Paul is telling Christians to flee fornication, covetousness, idolatry  transgressing the ten commandments. For because of these things (transgressing God’s law) comes the WRATH OF God (LAST PLAGUES) upon the children of disobedience.

How plain! The wrath of God , the seven last plagues is coming on those who disobey God, by violating the commandments. Those who receive the plagues are breakers of God’s commandments !

pg 36… wrath of God comes on the children of disobedience. …. I (God) will bring distress upon men, they shall walk like blind men… why?..... because they have sinned against the Lord. Zeph 1: 14-17 ….. sin is the transgressing of the law ….. commandment breaking…. }}} …….according to HWA, the children of Israel, the children of disobedience, who broke the commandments, causes them to worship the beast. That means, what we have written above agrees with what HWA taught also. Those who “broke” the commandments, as they “reject God”, do not have Holy Spirit which gives them the “love of God”, to keep the law. This is why, God says, there is no man…. They are all beasts. This does not talk about members here and there breaking the commandments. But the leadership. The whole Sanctuary is profaned until there no longer any prophet as Ps 74 says.

As we saw earlier, the law is given only to Jews, Israel. So they only could break it. They are the children of disobedience who are thrown in to outer darkness. This is why, in the kingdom many will come from east and west and sit in the kingdom.  It is the throne of David which became the kingdom of beasts…


Human nature pg 6:.

God provided a supreme power, His Holy Spirit, by which mankind could actually partake of the very mind of God. with this power, man can over come satan. }   how could they over come satan?  even with the Spirit of God, they could not obey. This is why, God Had to leave profaning the Sanctuary. Because there was not even a single man He could live in. God forsook and the whole church became a wilderness, desolated. That means no Holy Spirit , which gives understanding… no breath in them and they are brutish. Jer 10: 14 - 15. Ps 104: 29… God takes the breath away and they die. That is the Holy Spirit. When the leaders caused God to leave the Sanctuary, have they proven to be men according to God’s requirements? No… there is no breath in them and they are beasts… they do not have power to over come satan and satan conquered them.


Human nature pg 6

God created us with a human Spirit so that it could connect with God’s Spirit, without which we are incomplete

After man’s sin the tree of life, or the Holy Spirit was cut off from man. That left man with just his human sprit alone to decide for himself what is right and what is wrong. }…. This is what has happened once again. Never ending iniquity caused God to cut off His Spirit from all Israel, after the time allocated them to prove themselves, that is the seven eras.  Now the man is incomplete as in the beginning. If the man “with” the Spirit could not obey, could they obey “without”? Man’s incompleteness shows, he could not proven to be a man. Then, he is a beast. This includes the kings, priests and all Israel as we have proven from the Word. this is why, God says, He Has prepared some as the “VESSELS OF MERCY”, otherwise no man will be left. As all are now flesh, unless God’s mercy and if Christ does not come, no flesh would be saved. All have sinned.


Human nature pg 7

Adam disobeyed God, succumbed to satan. HIS CHILDREN HAS DONE SO EVER SINCE. }…If , Adam’s children has disobeyed ever since, then they are beasts. But only in the judgment, these beasts are exposed.


Human nature pg 11

Notice Rom 8:7… “because the carnal mind (a mind apart from God’s Spirit) is enmity against God:  for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be. “ when we understand that it is actually Satan’s nature in us and that we are not born with it, we can clearly understand why man is wicked and hostile toward God. Because satan hates God. } This is the same reason why there are antichrists and false prophets deceiving God’s people. They have rejected the Spirit and there is no understanding in them. They are the beasts. The mind was changed  when God took His Spirit away from the leaders and they are fighting with God as they now have a carnal mind. The worst is, they do not even know that they are fighting with Christ when they cast out the true followers. Their minds were so corrupt, they think what is wrong is correct. Just as the Jews crucified Christ without knowing who He was, the present day Jews also do the same by killing the true followers. Just as Christ said: Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing, we need to say the same thing. For , the leaders, deceived, they really do not know what they are doing.


Human nature pg 6;..

Satan sinned EVEN AFTER  being trained at the universe headquarters}… the last high priest also is working in the head quarters of God’s spiritual work. But he too failed.


The above  writings of HWA and S flurry shows and proves that the beasts are the children of disobedience, who are Israel.


What did God do after they rebelled?


Eze 20:25) Wherefore I gave them also statutes that were not good, and judgments whereby they should not live;

God delivered them in to the hands of spiritual Nebu. ( Jer 27: 6)  Sent them to Babylon. (Jer_27:22; Jer_25:12; Jer_29:10; Jer_50:27; Mic 4: 10 ). 

Jer.51:7—“Babylon” hath been a golden cup in the LORD’S hand, that made all the earth drunken: the nations have drunken of her wine; therefore the nations are mad. } read: Babylon .

And as Ez 14: 15… caused evil beasts to devour as Lev 22: 26 said, and raised up a wicked shepherd… as in Zech 11: 16.

Jer 31: 27…God said He will sow the seed of man and beast. Now all these are to happen in the church and not in EU or CC.


God profaned by leaving Ez 24: 21, and allowed them to exalt . …Dan 11: 36 and Mal 3: 15, and sent strong delusion to believe the lies coming from the leader, because they love to have it so.  Pro 29: 12 says, if the ruler listen to lies, all his fellows will be wicked. Which means they all will become liars… isn’t that is what happened to PCG? The leader listened to the lies of our RD when he brought unbaptized and misjudged the poor who brought the truth to be corrected, and GF, hid all that and took the side of the RD, without discerning the right and the wrong. He willfully obeyed the devil. We have proven form the Word, that our RD is “The Antiochus”, and he came to destroy the faith of Israel and he got the victory… thereafter, God broke the covenant as in Zech 11: 10-11, while poor were watching and He left, allowing the leaders to do anything they want and those who love to have it so, also were blinded to the truth. Thereafter, the wicked shepherd and all his fellows became wicked. Ez 16: 52.. she who judged, became the worst…   ( This means at one time she “JUDGED” others and while judging, she was serving God and obeying God. Remember the first years of PCG. What a wonderful and a miraculous work she did to expose and save the children of God until she trusted on her own beauty and wanted more  Ez 16: 8-61. by looking at the fruits of PCG, no one can deny that God was with her. )  by misjudging, Joshua’s turban became filthy. This should happen at the time of Christ’s coming. This is why He comes as a thief… to purify. Shall one who hates right govern? Job 34: 17. the Word of God proves all the leaders are to be beasts… it is “God” who gives His Spirit and make one wise. If He says, I have profaned My inheritance, and Sanctuary, and made them to be desolated , should we not believe Him?


Then God sent them to captivity. When God leaves, satan automatically sit in the temple. Even with God’s Spirit these leaders could not obey, how could they obey without?  this is how, there is a ‘man of sin’, SITTING IN THE “TEMPLE. This man is in the “TEMPLE” and not in EU or CC.  Satan was cast down… to finish his job. Now, God’s children turned as an enemy of God as they are carnal and fighting with God and His saints.  Mic 2: 9-10 shows exactly when they turned as an enemy. ( read: Mic 2:9, wicked exposed) In the last end, so many leaders became antichrists, false prophets and are among the Holy people, shattering their power.


God caused them to be blinded because of the sins. Zeph 1: 17,  Jer 5: 21,   Deut 29:4,   Is 6: 9,  Is 43: 8,   Mat 13: 14,  Act 28: 26,   Rom 11: 8,  John 12: 38-40,  Act 28: 26-30 says, the Jews totally rejected the Word and gentiles accepted. Why would God write the NT in Greek language, if He is the God of Jews’ only?


In John 12: 38,  Rom 10: 16,  Is 53: 1, God is talking about the Jews and Israel and not about EU or CC. It is the Jews who did not believe the report. This report which Habakkuk said comes when the wicked encompass or become more powerful than the righteous as it has happened now. Mal 3: 15 says, the ministers become proud and go free. That means they continue to do so till they are stopped. Our writing “Covenant of peace” proves from the Word who will bring this peace report and to whom it will be delivered. God’s “ARM” brings it. (read: The Arm of the Lord) .

John 12: 39… Therefore they could not believe, because Isaiah said again,

Joh 12:40  "He has blinded their eyes and hardened their heart, so that they should not see with their eyes nor understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them." }  So the Jews, to this day, could not see the truth. Because God blinded them. These leaders are arrogant, proud selfish , self righteous people. they are guilty of man’s blood. EU or CC could not be so wicked and guilty of blood. They cannot kill any one spiritually. God Does not want EU or CC to submit to Him as they are not given the law. They want to be leaders and do not want to serve, but to be served.


V 41 says, Isaiah said these things, when he saw God’s glory…. The fulfillment happens when God’s glory is seen. God’s glory is seen in ‘judgment” by the gentiles …. Ez 39: 21, Ez 5: 8,   22;4  and God will be known  and exalted in judgment ,….Ps 9: 16,   Is 5: 16. During the judgment, it is the gentiles who are working with God. In the end, God’s people are gentiles as Deut 32: 43 says, because the leaders are beasts. (with is in italics means later added) 


Eph 4: 18… their minds were darkened because of ignorance and hardness of the heart.

John 12: 36, Christ said, WHILE you have the light, believe that you may become “SONS OF LIGHT”… but these things were hidden from them. There fore they became sons of darkness. Just as Egyptians did not have light for three days, now, the spiritual Egyptians  (Rev 11: 8) do not have light these three years and the  gentiles will have light. Exo 10: 23,  Is 42; 6, Luk 2: 32.


Ecc 3:21  Who knows the spirit of the sons of man, whether it goes upward; and the spirit of the beast, whether it goes downward to the earth? .. the saints, go to heaven but those who die as beasts are to earth.  God cast out Israel and His altar. Lam 2: 1, 7. This is why they are in the bottomless pit, having no water or Holy Spirit which gives them the understanding…. They went downward to the earth…. This identifies the beasts….it is “Zion’ who is in the dust… and in the bottomless pit. When God’s judgments came only, the star was thrown in to the bottomless pit in Rev 9. 


Ez 38: 8 says, the mountains of “ISRAEL” are a continual waste… for this purpose, they will be visited… that is the ‘day of visitation’, which God comes down to fight with the beasts, and to purify them, ( not to kill them , but to purify) and search for His sheep. They are the shepherds who made the mountains of Israel a waste for ever. Could EU or CC cause the mountains of Israel to be a waste? Who ever says, they are doing the continual, should know that they LIE and it is against the Word of God. God says the churches are all a continual waste. But false prophets say they are intimate with God and they are working for God. No one can deny and is the “TRUTH”.. Mal 1: 11 , Is 56: 3-10 proves so. God Had to accept gentile offerings and rejected the Jews’ offerings. God’s words could never change. But the man of sin, want to sit as God does and trying to act like God.


When would God test His people? It has to be after the 6th  era. The last era, is the time for judgment, and that is the tribulation. The tribulation or affliction is to test the PATIENCEof the saints. That is to test them and let them know that they are beasts.


We are to bear fruits in patience. (Luk 8: 15).  and everlasting life  Rom 2:7, Heb 10: 36.  to try our patience, we need trials or afflictions. Rom 5:3. by our patience, our character is proved. Rom 5: 4. God’s love cause us to have patience. 1 Cor 13: 4. Patience causes our faith to be proved. Jam 1:3. then, we become complete.  V 4. 


Finally, those who are in the Phil  era, when there is a synagogue of satan inside the church, those who keep the Word of patience will be spared from this tribulation. This shows, those who are in the 6th era are the ones who will go through the tribulation and it is their patience is tested. This is the time, the Jews and the gentiles were separated and also Mal 3: 15-18, when the leaders exalts themselves, the humble people those who FEAR God,  separated.

In short, to test our patience means to keep the commandments. Even in tribulation, we should keep commandments. But to do that, we need God’s love, which causes us to fulfill the law. But the leaders do not have God’s love. They talk love, love but their hearts are far away from God. if they had love, they would tend the sheep the way God requires and not be like the shepherds in Ez 343, which caused God, Himself to come down to search the sheep.


Those who have failed and who are with the leaders, the Sanhedrin, are thrown in to darkness, in to the pit. When these leaders causes people to fall from the Word, their patience is tested and this is why, in Rev 13: 10, when the beast arise, the saint’s patience is tested. When the smoke of the torment goes up forever from the beast, or when the false prophet speak in darkness to deceive God’s people, their faith is tested. Rev 14: 11- 12. Why would the ‘SAINTS” should have patience when the beast is smoking,  if the beast is EU? Or CC? this verse says, HERE… HERE IS THE PATIENCE OF THE SAINTS… So….  what is the patience of the saints?.... keeping the commands of God, and the faith of Jesus. These are the ‘just’ who will have to live by Christ’s faith.. who were killed as James 5:6 says, in the last days. Also Rom 1: 17… faith to faith,  Gal 3: 11,  Heb 10: 38,  ( v 36… you need of patience to receive the promise. But if they draw back and that is if they have no patience, God will have no pleasure in him. ) Hab 2: 4,  


Rev 14: 13And I heard a voice out of Heaven saying to me, Write: Blessed are the “dead”, the ones dying in the Lord from now. Yes, says the Spirit, they shall rest from their labors, and their works follow with them}  These are the witnesses who would die by oppressing and fighting with the leaders, and who go out of church heeding God and has come out of her…they love the truth and they sigh and cry over the abominations happened in Jerusalem and the sanctuary  and when the marking and the killing going on in  Ez 9 says.  Rev 20: 4… those who died for the testimony only, are with Christ… they are spiritually, given their lives as Christ said, those who give their lives will be rewarded. This is the patience of the saints… the testing and proving. When everything is going on well and when all have the truth, one cannot be tested. There has to be wrong and right to choose the right. like wise, when there are beasts only, the people could be tested whether they are men or beasts. That time has come now.


Christ warned the true followers who would live in the end time to have patience to gain the souls. Lk 21: 19. This is when the true followers have to give their testimony as we saw earlier. V 13. for these are the day of vengeance…v 22 and we are to flee from Judea… the Jews are in Judea that we should flee from. ( read: Judea flee ) in this chapter , Christ was talking about the leaders who have become beasts… as in Rev 13: 10, 14: 12. If you do not flee, then you automatically, take the mark of the beast. This is why, you have to be separated as Mal 3: 16-18says, and come out Babylon… , wean from the mother as Christ said, flee from Judea, etc…


 Ps 146: 3… do not put your trust in a son of man. The last son of man who is alive at the judgment is Ezekiel. God Has prophesied that Ezekiel, himself will go in to captivity.  


The prophet says we will be in a place of safety in a desert, and he is in the inner court. Christ says, there are many false prophets who would deceive the elect saying Christ will be in the desert, and in the inner room. (Mat 24: 26) . Who do you believe? Christ or this prophet? These are the lying wonders this man would do  to deceive God’s people. Those who want to save their lives will lose it… those who are spiritually killed will be true followers. It is The “LEADERS”  who deceive the people until there will be ‘NO’  faith, (can Son of Man find faith when He comes) and their love wax cold, and power will be totally shattered. So these prophets are without understanding… Hos 9: 7 says, when Christ visits, the prophet does not know. Then how could these prophets warn and prepare for the day of battle, when they, themselves do not know.? God is rightfully says in Ez 13, that no one has build up a wall to stand in the day of the Lord. Is not this the greatest tribulation? Who should you  trust?


People want to acquire their knowledge from what they “see and hear”. But  the spiritual “truth” you cannot hear and see. It has to come from God’s breath. That is why, it is a “spiritual tribulation.” Anciently, when the Roman army or king Nebu were invading, people saw them coming and could flee. But now, we are to flee from “Judea”… so who are in (spiritual) Judea today? Are there any church members in Judea? (read: Judea flee in our web site; it is the “Jewish” leaders or now; the church leaders, who became the ‘synagogue of satan’ that one must flee from, and The confusion , the Babylon…., the mother church who became a harlot.  Leaving the mother is not easy. But if you are to be married to your husband, you should leave your father and mother and cleave to your husband…(Gen 2: 24  the time has come to the marriage and satan is trying so hard to stop it. But God will win  Deut 10: 20 , 13: 4 )  that is the mystery of Christ and the church.  Christ left His Father one time to come down to buy Him a wife. He left His mother  to die for His wife. But what did the wife do in the end?  Betrayed Him by committing harlotry.


What a faithless and a perverse generation we live in now? God Has to clean all profane things and unclean spirits from the land before He marries His wife. Zech 13: 2… God will cause the ‘PROPHETS” and unclean Spirit out of the land. They are the leaders of God’s people and are in God’s land. They are not in EU. If God want the prophets out of the land, do you think they have God’s Spirit in them.? It is because they serve unclean spirit, that God wants them out. They have failed the test. They are without understanding and without God’s Spirit, and there fore, they are proven to be beasts. God wants them to know that.


Before, the tribulation, however, those who feared God would have separated themselves when they see the leaders are being exalted and proud. Mal 3: 15-18…. The proud go free and also as Dan 11: 36 says, as a part of God’s wrath. That was the beginning of the tribulation. Those who feared God would have separated then, the wicked go free and the transgressors are allowed to come to the full. God’s people , the true followers are allowed to be spiritually murdered by these wicked.  Such people think they are being blessed by God when they get “PHYSICAL” blessings. Those who judge their leaders by these ‘Physical” fruits, are being deceived.


In Is 48: 8, God says, PCG is a transgressor from the womb… (read: Transgressor from the womb ) v 1 calls Jacob, and then he turned to be Israel, and then Judah… (PCG claims they are Judah) and v 2… they say they are Holy city (which is being judged by now) but they call God not in truth, nor in righteousness. So God knew, the last leader, when new things are revealed, would not listen to Him, but God allowed him to finish being a beast. He is the one to go in the furnace of affliction… as v 10. so this should happen when the last leader in God’s church is doing his disobeying work and who would go through the affliction. So the tribulation comes from these leaders who have fallen and has no understanding.


Because “physical” Israel failed totally, ….for ‘spiritual’ Israel, …From Christ’s first coming to the second, God gave seven eras, or seven stages or seven leaderships , or governments , mountains  for “spiritual”  Israel to prove themselves to be men.  He created them in His own image, giving them His own Spirit so that they could be His own by taking His image.  When men fail and could not  prove to be men after God kind, and rejected His image, they automatically acquired the image of the devil. Only the church is given God’s image in this age. They only could reject it.


Ez 3: 21… why would the “righteous” need to be warned not to sin? Where are the righteous? Are they inside the EU and harlot to come out of them? the righteous are the ones who were given the law and only could break the law. As we have proven from the Word, those who reject the commandments, rebel against God and He takes away His breath or Spirit. Then, the righteous become blind. Thereafter, they do not see or hear spiritual matters and then they are like the beasts which perish, which has no understanding….


To be continued….

Witness 1, gentile assembly