The Word of God prophecies that in the end, God will allow Zion or God’s church to  be in  Babylon, and then, will deliver her. Gerald Flurry (GF)  wrote in Ezekiel book, that the “new covenant” wife too will have to go in to captivity. Since “Babylon means “confusion”,  when God  says, the church will be “in Babylon” for 70 years, means they will be confused. This mean, there will be “truth and error”. These seventy years are to be fulfilled, “before Christ comes”. That includes the period which HWA worked also. He said, he came in the wilderness of “religious” confusion. Was he able to clear the confusion? Did his top leaders he, himself personally appointed  at least followed the restored  truth totally?NOnot even “ONE” . What about his own son? The fact that there are so “many groups” ; shows all of them were confused and did not believe him. Did PCG who claims to follow his footsteps and fought for his books keep all the truths? “NO”.  She took parts out from the most inspired book. This is why God broke the covenant with “all” of them and they “all” will go in to captivity. Ez 16: 52,   Jam 1:1,    Mic 4: 10,    Is 47: 6.,    39:7,    43:14,     48;14,     Jer 20:4-6,  21:10,     24:1,      Hos 6.11,      Jer 32: Now, the time has come for God to bring the captives back. God, HWA and GF prophesied about this captivity.


Jer 27:22  They shall be carried to Babylon , and there shall they be until the day that I visit them, saith the LORD; then will I bring them up, and restore them to this place. (Jer 28: 3-6, 29:4,  )


Jer 29:10  For thus saith the LORD, That after seventy years be accomplished at Babylon I will visit you, in causing you to “return” to this place

Jer 29:14  And I will be found of you, saith the LORD: and I will turn away your captivity, and I will gather you…, saith the LORD; and I will bring you againinto the place whence I caused you to be carried away captive.

Dan 9:2  …I Daniel understood  the years, whereof the word of the LORD came to Jeremiah the prophet, that he would accomplish seventy years in the desolations of Jerusalem.

Dan 9:7  O Lord, righteousness belongeth unto thee, but unto us confusion, as at this day; to Judah, and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and unto all Israel, that are near, and that are far off, through all the countries whither thou hast driven them, because of their trespass that they have trespassed against thee.

Dan 9:8  O Lord, to us belongeth confusion of face, to our kings, to our princes, and to our fathers, because we have sinned against the….V 26…people of the prince shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a “flood,” and unto the end of the “war” desolations are determined.


Mic 4:10  Be in pain,  O daughter of Zion, like a woman in travail: for now shalt thou go forth out of the city, and thou shalt go even to Babylon; there shalt thou be delivered; there the LORD shall redeem thee…} 


Zec 2:7  Deliver thyself, O Zion, that dwellest with the daughter of  Babylon.  It is the Zion or God’s church dwell in Babylon.


Ps 14:7,  53:6,  85:1,  Zeph 3: 20…  Oh that the salvation of Israel were come out of Zion! when the LORD bringeth back  the captivity  of his people,…

These prophecies, are for our time as all Israel have gone in to captivity. God will bring again, the captives,  when God ‘VISIT” them. That is the “Day of Visitation  (please read). Jam 1: 1 alone proves that in the end time, ALL the 12 tribes are scattered abroad, “spiritually”. Daniel’s prophecy agrees with that. On the “day of visitation”, it is the ‘gentiles’ who will accuse Jews of being evil against God. ( 1 Pet 2: 12). They only see the captivity ( Ez 39:21-23), they will bring back the captivity. ( Is 14: 2,  Jer 49:20,  50:45) it is God’s will that we declare these things to the captives so the captive exiles could hasten to come out ( Is 51:14). The ‘flood” and the “war” in Dan 9:8 is the war between God and the antichrists who are in the Sanctuary. God is fighting using the ‘gentiles’ as they are being used to bring the captives back. This is why, during the ‘day of visitation’, we accuse and expose (1 Cor 4:5) so they could repent and hasten to come out. The ‘flood’ is the “over flowing scourge” as we have proven from the Word, which is this work of the  gentiles.   


Jer 29:15  .., The LORD hath raised us up prophets in Babylon.} Don’t we say that our leaders are confused?


Babylon” means “Confusion”….before God causes the church to return to Him, she will have to be in confusion for 70 years.  Look how confused the church of God is now? How many groups have come out of WCG? This shows, none of them agreed with what HWA taught. If they believed him, there won’t be divisions. He came to turn the hearts of the people to God. Their hearts were not turned to God. if they were turned, now after 70 years, God Does not have to “bring them” back.  If it was, there would not be such divisions. God’s Spirit gives us wisdom and love to agree with one another and to have “one” mind. GF wrote in “living hope” book pg 39,  {{ “hearts” refer to the center of our “spiritual” lives}}    this means, the center of our “spiritual” lives are not in accordance with God’s Word. Christ said,  In luk 6:45.. a good man, out of his heart brings good and a wicked man brings wickedness. What ever stored in our hearts, good or bad comes out in our words. This Is why, no matter how much He tried to gather God’s people, as a hen gathers her chicks, they were not willing. There fore, the House has to be desolated.  In the Old Testament times, the people killed the prophets, but in the last end, the prophet killed God’s people. (Hos9:7… the prophet does not know when Christ comes even) God says, he is mad… that is in confusion.


Here  are several quotes from HWA’s letters books etc;..

Written Manila, Jan 20 1981;……

Bible prophecy does not pinpoint precise dates -- or even the precise year -- of forecasted events. }} yet, How many times, did he set dates?

During the late sixties, certain indications led me to envision the possibility -- never the certainty -- that the Work of the Philadelphia era of the Church might be completed by the first week in January, “1972”. Never did I remotely believe that could be the time of Christ's return; …..Nor did I set 1972 as definite date but only a possible date for completion of our commission. Yet some members totally misconstrued what I did say, and took it to mean definite date settings for end of this world and coming of Christ for the new World Tomorrow ... I never did, and do not now set dates -- even as to the year.
]]] ………He says, Bible prophecy does not pinpoint precise dates ,  but at the same time, he says… might be completed by the first week in January, “1972”.}}   as God’s people, when they believe that this is the “end time Elijah”, they think, that God speaks to them through their leader… and they believe and act upon what they say. If the Bible prophecy do not pinpoint precise dates, why did  he say, ‘MIGHT BE COMPLETED” on such a day? does not this confuse people?


But there is an important prophecy in the tenth chapter of Revelation. The apostle John is recording what he saw revealed in a vision. An angel came with his hand lifted to heaven saying, "There should be time no longer" -- or, better translated, "There shall be no more delay."


So Revelation 10 shows that when “ourWork appeared to be close to finished and there should be no more delay in God's intervention, God did hold up world events, and I was commissioned to NOW go with the Kingdom Message to many KINGS, or national leaders, of many nations, speaking different languages. That is what, as I now look back in retrospect, I have been doing since 1970 and especially since 1972. So perhaps our Work would have been completed by 1972, except for this special commission. }}


Now where are we in the time sequence of prophecies? More and more it becomes apparent that we are right at, or even very shortly past, the event of Revelation 12:7……This prophecy indicates it will be soon -- and apparently during the decade of the eighties, if not during President Reagan's administration -  }}}}… he says, we cannot set precise dates… but how many times did he set dates, even in this letter?., during the decade of the “eighties”?. Of course this letter was written in 1981… ‘our’ work?… “no more delay”?. So he thought the ‘no more delay’ should be in his time.


GF wrote in “Little book”, pg 1…

{it is a time where there is ‘no more delay’….  Pg 2… the angel over the “LAODICEAN ERA” had the little book in his hand….}}} and GF  shows, that in “his” time is the ‘no more delay”… Confused??? God allowed this confusion, over last 70 years. God inspired both leaders, but they added their own thoughts, speculations etc…. the two leaders, ….one apostle, and the other is a prophet, both confused. The members, believed it then, and they believe now. This is why God says…. be ye separate… or come out of this system. When Christ comes, there will  not even one stone shall be left upon another. Besides, if the angel over the “Laodicean” era delivered this book to “GF”, then, he has to be the  7TH HEAD, OR THE “LAODICEAN” LEADER”. Because this book is to be revealed “during that era” to it’s leader. But, if we ask  GF, whether he is the laodicean leader, you will be spiritually murdered. That is real confusion. 


Little book, pg 4, GF says, “MM is the little book.  But, Malachi wrote his book and it applies at a time when there is a total failure of the priesthood, and Christ, as the Messenger of the covenant Had to come to purify them, and at such time, God accepts “Gentile offerings: to be “PURE”. (Mal 1: 11). That is the ‘day of visitation”. Mal 3… Christ comes to purify. If GF was measuring properly, Christ did not have to come.  


Few more false prophecies of HWA;…(from Mike’s ESN site)

1967:.. Referring to Ez 13: 1-5,  That is not a message to ancient Israel – but to our nations of today. The “day of the Eternal” – a time foretold in more than thirty prophecies – is going to strike between 5 and 10 years from now !  }} This was said in 1967


drought, famine,…… in the very next “FOUR OR FIVE

then, “1975 in prophecy”… 184…Jeremiah, Isaiah, and others….. in five to seven more years…..


In 1956He wrote USA riding to total collapse in 20 short years…

If chronologies are correct – will come to their final end in the year 1982….Christ shall return some very few years PRIOR to 1982


There are lot more like these failed prophecies… the point is, even during HWA’s time, God allowed confusion as He Has prophesied. The truth of God, was mixed with the works of error which came from these leader’s minds. For those who do not know the Word, could see only these failed prophecies. Many people were offended by such false prophecies. If a member said such false prophecies, they will be out of the church.  Many did not want to build houses, finish their educations, and all what they thought is  giving money to the church, thinking  the end is near. God, Has given the warning amidst of this confusion. He said, “Do not put your trust in a man”…


“GF” believed HWA was inspired to write MOA. {{{{MM Pg 61 “ When referring to MOA, HWA said “ I feel I myself did not write it. “. He felt “God’s Holy Spirit” moved and stirred him, as God has always lead his great leaders}}}… if so, how could GF take parts out of MOA? In Revelation, we are warned not to add, or to take parts…. GF, did both. He added an unwritten part of Rev 10, the little book, which he wrote is “Malachi’s message”. No one can add anything to the Bible.  When the real message written in Malachi is to be fulfilled, God Has already stopped accepting offerings from the priests…. It should come at a time, which “GOD” accept “GENTILE” offerings to be ‘PURE”. Mal 1:11. and “GOD” says, if you fear “ME”, then, you “SPEAK  ONE TO ANOTHER AND “SEPARATEseparate from whom?.... From the leaders, who have totally failed, and are proud as Mal 3: 15 -18 says…. this is the time frame when the prophecy of Malachi applies.


Even though people do not believe, HWA or GF, God Has done His part sending the Elijah. We should judge the leaders by the Bible, proving what they say and holding fast to what is “proven right”. Not by “how these leaders  practice” what they preach. How could the world believe this is the “true” church, when they see what the followers of HWA did after his death? PCG is the only church claims to hold fast to that truth. But our web site is for all to see how she failed to live by that truth. HWA never taught to ordained “unbaptized” people to the MINISTRY, which PCG did. Claiming to follow HWA’s  footsteps,  PCG did what is  entirely different and that  confuses people.


In Is 48, …when the church  make mention of God’s name, but not in “truth or in righteousness”, v 6 says, He will declare ‘NEW THINGS”, from ‘THIS TIME”, even hidden things, and you did not KNOW.  they are created “NOW”,… when there is no “truth or righteousness”, and as it is now, these new things are declared. If Israel, do not have truth, they are not being lead by God’s Spirit as the Word says. Then, only the gentiles are left to declare the new things. That is the time Mal 1: 11 speak of. This is what we have been doing. Just as Christ showed the “Samaritan” woman that Jews will not worship God, in Spirit and in truth, gentile women now see and declare the sins of Israel, (Mic 2:9) or the Jews. Is 48: 9--- God will refine… in the ‘furnace of affliction”…. This is the tribulation, to test one whether they obey God and separate from the main body, when they see the leaders becoming proud as (Mal 1: 15-18) says, or whether they be afraid of the leaders and stay with them. V 14… “God will do His pleasure on Babylon”. V 17… God will lead you, by the way, you should go. V 29 says, go out of Babylon… until God refines, they will be in Babylon. Now, since God is working through the gentiles, and accept their offerings, we know that they are being turned back.


Here are some quotes taken from HWA’s autobiography”.. These are worldly tactics to get , get , get.

in order to “psychologically build up to my one BIGGEST ORDER of multiple memberships----”


“I decided our only chance was to utilize the same principles of psychology Mr.Spaulding had used-----“


“I had learned, as an advertising principle, that you can move people to action easier and quicker through their emotions than through their reason.”


“Salesmen are of two types—one can sell a commodity—the other can sell an idea. I was of this latter type!” .


psychologically build up??….. same principles of psychology???.. through their emotions?? sell an idea??.... Didn’t he, himself wrote the first part of the autobiography? Looking at his false prophecies, we could say, he may have used the same psychology to stir up the emotions of the people even in the church.

God allowed all this confusion even during  the “truth is being restored”. No man is found to be perfect. One’s personal sins are not for us to judge. But, as the Word says, if a leader in God’s church do not live by His law, that gives the enemy a chance to blaspheme against God.  (2 Sam 12: 14 and please read: . 


God allowed all that and many more wrong things to happen during HWA’s time. But “God” did not fail, and He “restored” the truth. He had to work through  imperfect human beings. If one wants to condemn HWA as a sinner and does not want to PROVE and believe, they are looking ‘physically’ and are self righteous. Certainly, his false prophecies  are confusing.    Since there are so many groups now, the true members could only study the Word and prove what is right and hold on to the truth.  The “RESTORED” truth proves who he was.  God gave glory to HWA, just as He did for Eliakim in Isa. 22. But Eliakim was cut down. Like “Urijah, who used Jeremiah’s words and prophesied, GF too prophesies from HWA’s words. He builds on the same foundation and this is what Babylon means. Dan 12: 10… many shall be purified as Is 48 says… but the wicked will do wickedly, while the many are being purified.


Here is what HWA wrote in “Pagan holidays”…

Pg 25…{ God Has not cast away His people, Israel. But “Heblinded them for a temporary period of time so that through their fall, salvation came to the gentiles, who through Christ, are “individuallygrafted in, or “spiritually” adopted in to the family of Israel ( Rom 11).   

{“After this ---- “ after this dispensation of taking out of the gentiles a people for His name----- “I will return”, promises the eternal. What for? “ And I will build again the “tabernacle of David,” which is fallen down; and I will build again the “ruins” thereof, and “I” {Christ, not men}  will set it up. Why? “That the residue of men might seek after the Lord”. (Act 15: 14-17-- study this again!. }


Pg 28………    

{“During this time Israel is mostly blinded until the fullness of the gentiles come in; (Rom 11:26) . ……….now in this dispensation, Israel has not believed, and the tabernacle of David is fallen down.

pg 29:……..{Let us understand this. During this time Israel is blinded in part-but only until the completion of this gentile dispensation. …They were blinded until the “end” of gentile times. …….. then, it is that “God” shall set “His handagain the “second” time to recover the remnant of His people……}…


HWA says, Israel is blinded till  the “times of gentiles” be fulfilled,… the tabernacle of David stays fallen till “Christ comes”. that means, even though he restored the truth, the tabernacle could not be built till Christ comes… after taking some from the gentiles, God will set His hand ‘second time”. This means, even during his time, until God grafts in the ‘gentiles’, the tabernacle is fallen… If he is alive today, will he believe that the gentiles are being grafted in?  Will he believe what he, himself  has written???   these gentiles are not grafted in to the ‘PHYSICAL” Israel… but ‘SPIRITUAL”… the church… no one would want to believe God, or HWA , or the gentiles.  Whose offerings are accepted by God, to be pure.?  When our work is going on, the tabernacle of David, is fallen. Don’t we say that? Think on this again…. HWA says, “until” God stretch His hand a ‘second” time, Israel is in captivity in Babylon. That includes, during his time too, as this “second time” did not come when he was alive.  There is a need to recover the remnant, a second time, from what? From captivity in Babylon…..! Until the ‘times of gentiles”, that is to graft them in to the spiritual vine, Israel is in Babylon, “blinded”. But now, since we are grafted in, Israel is being brought back, the “second” time…. Even if GF want to believe HWA on this matter, he cannot admit that the gentiles are grafted in, then, he has to admit that God is not using him. GF does not want to admit HWA’s false prophecies… he says HWA only ‘speculated’. This is why in Jan 2007 RV, GF wrote, HWA only speculated…. Can a leader in God’s church ‘speculate”? is that how, God Has written the Word of God? is that what God expects from His leaders, to deceive the people with their own ideas and speculate God’s truths? And events? Again, and again, and again, non stop speculations…. Why do we need a spokesman from God, if one has to speculate?  Is not this confusing?


one of our readers wrote to us;…

{{{In Mr. Armstrong’s book Mystery of the Ages on page 256, Mr. Armstrong writes that the government of God was placed in the Church until we all “come in the unity of the faith” and the knowledge of the Son of God….  Is God’s church “UNITED” today? Is there any faith in the church?  the way God defines “Faith”, and how we think we have faith, is different. We should have Christ’s faith.  Were these leaders able to establish faith in the church? did HWA’s work united the church ? was he able to establish the faith? Christ says, until He comes, there will be no faith…. Should we not believe Christ? When, there is no Holy Spirit, (according to  Christ)  the ‘just’ will have to live by Christ’s faith.  Christ says  when He comes, there will be no faith,? The members who have not separated do believe these leaders than Christ’s Word. Continue from the same letter;…


{{{At some point Mr. Flurry stopped being a Pastor General and turned authority of the brethren over to the Regional Directors.  At that point the flow of the divine guidance stopped at the prophet.  God has only one High Priest and he should take care of the flock and not depend on others (Ezek. 44:8).  The regional directors, wanting to prove themselves worthy of the authority, began administering to the brethren with “force and cruelty” (Ezek. 34:4) using the threat of loss of salvation as a sword.  We began hearing continually about government,}}} GF appointed the RDs to take care of the flock in 2003…. This is when, A Harrison wrote in a PN, that RDs are the prophet’s ‘EYES AND EARS”. Thus, the prophet became ‘DEAF AND BLIND” to God’s people’s needs. If the high priest allows such cruelty under him, he  alone should be  the one to be blamed…. God calls the prophets, ‘FOXES”.


Here is what GF wrote in PGR Jan 22 2005 Vol 2 No 1

{{{Mr Armstrong in his era, almost never worked directly with the regional directors; instead, he placed one man over the ministers. R Meredith…}. (He names a few) the problem was this never ever worked. … He himself said, he regretted giving any single minister that position because that men would overstep himself and actually end up running the church… Christ Has not called that person to run the church and so a lot of problems developed as a result.

It seems pretty obvious that the reason those men couldn’t do that correctly is that they didn’t support Mr. Armstrong. It broke down everytime…

The government in the Phil church today is different in quite few ways…. I felt  it is critical that I stay in touch with the RDs unlike HWA did. The more I look at Revelation 11: 1, the more I believe this is what God tells me to do: you rise up and you measure the ministers! Use God’s law and God’s government to work not only with the people, but with the ministers as well.

This personal contact and regular involvement with the ministers is exactly what Christ means here by telling me to measure the temple and the altar. God is saying, lets change the way the government is implemented to fit the time. In this last hour, Christ is saying, rise up and run the church differently than in the past. After all, God’s church does not have the greatest track record there , in that sense. }}}… God could not get His ordained ministers to obey HIM.?? That is why “God” is saying, “lets change the way the government is implemented”?? that is what’s  wrong here. ?? Now “God”  wants to change the government because when HE taught to HWA is not the correct form of government?  So now it is God’s fault? And Christ is saying rise up and run the church “differently” than when I taught to the end time Elijah, because  I did not teach him about the government properly, and we need to change the government now?  in the last hour, God wants to change the government ???  

God” is saying, lets change the way the government is ???

Christ” is saying, rise up and run the church differently??? According to these words of GF, God, Christ and HWA were confused. And in the last end, GF had to change the government structure? 

This PGR was sent to all the ministers…. And they all read this…. And agreed…. And following this superman who arose from the ‘bottomless pit” who thinks he is above God and Christ…. ? We have come to the very last hour, and now, it is God’s and Christ’s fault for not teaching the government properly, and now GF want to change it…. 2 Thes 2 is being fulfilled…. I wonder why God and Christ gave wrong instructions to HWA? 


Since HWA failed to gather his ministry, now GF has changed everything and he appointed several RDs to do the job of one man.?? GF started to measure all the ministers, calling them “critiques”…so everyone feared GF, his RDs, and are keeping quiet and obeying them, instead of God. GF started to measure the ministers… not the RDs and himself, where all the wickedness is!


Continue from the member’s letter;…

The Regional Directors began administering their own reasoning and casualties resulted.  Then one Regional Director allowed people that were not baptized to take part in the Passover service and into the ministry of the Church and the marriage covenant was broken (Ezek. 44:7-9, 16:8, 59) and God will judge her as a harlot (Ezek. 16:32-63).  This sin was brought to the attention of the prophet who upheld the RD, disfellowshipped the individuals bringing the message of the sin, allowed the truth to be hidden from the brethren (they commit adultery and walk in lies - Jer. 23:14) and they repented not.  The Church is saying all these sins pertain to the Laodiceans but Ezekiel 16:52 tells us that, “you who judged your sisters…is more abominable than they.  God only used the PCG to judge their sisters.  Since God does not dwell where there is sin, Christ discontinued revealing new truths to the prophet, the tabernacle of David fell until Christ comes (Amos 9:11; Acts 15:16), the prophet’s wife died and the Church no longer had a prophet (Psalm 74:9).  God tells us in Ezekiel 24:21, “I will profane my sanctuary”, which means He left the Church.  The Philadelphia Church of God became no more than an organization of men. }}} Ps 79 says, there is no longer any prophets. This means, God’s Spirit is not leading a prophet…. He Has rejected His Sanctuary…. The enemy is “WITHIN”. . As God says, there is a ‘little remnant… who will hold on to the truth, but they are murdered by the leaders. They are outside the city… or in the outer court. Therefore, when GF wrote, that he needs to change the government in the last hour, it is his god who is leading him…. God’s Word says, not to trust in a man. This last hour, only the whole church was driven away from God. When WCG fell, people had a choice to come to PCG or to stay in WCG. But now, since all the churches have failed, only thing the sheep could do is to wander from one mountain to another as God said in Ez 34. This is why God, Himself will search for the sheep on the dark and cloudy day, which is the ‘times of gentiles’.


  {{{The majority of the brethren in the Church do not even recognize the absence of God and so are now following men who expect to be followed. }}}


{{{Ezekiel 11:16 tells us that there will be “little sanctuaries” in the countries and Ezekiel 12:16 tells us that this remnant was left “to declare all their abominations.”  }}} We do not expect any one to join us as there is no ‘ORGANISED” church…. all failed in coming in to ‘UNITY” of faith. The “gates of hell”, who are the beasts in God’s church, will never prevail against God’s little remnant, said Christ.

Confusion,  confusion, more confusion…here is more;….


Zerubbabel:.. Mat 1: 12 says, even Zerubbabel was born in “Babylon”. HWA too came in “religious confusion”. In MM pg 56, HWA’s letter dated March 19/1981 talks about how zerubbabel “finished” the spiritual temple in the end time. In pages 54- -- writes about zerubbable’s full story. The only scripture given to prove that he “finished” the temple is “Zech 4: 6-12”. Both HWA and GF use this scripture to prove this. But,  In pg 61 MM, GF says these verses are an ‘INSET”.  The only scripture to prove that Zerubbabel “finished ” the spiritual temple is an “inset”. Here is what he wrote”…


{{{the story flow of Zech 3 and 4 is about Joshua, and the two witnesses who prophesy in the great tribulation. Zerubbalel is not an active part of this story flow. The story flow would be much better if you skipped the inset which includes verses 6,7.8.9, and two  thirds of verse 10. … an inset is an insertion that is added later by the editors after the original story was written. … Remove it and you have Joshua and the two witnesses just before and during the tribulation which is concluded by Christ’s return. …..}}

This story is written in RV 2000 Aug issue also. (pg 26) that too says, this is an ‘inset’. But, if this is the “only” scripture to prove that zerbbabel finished the temple, and if it is an ‘inset’, then do we have proof from the Word, that he “finished” it? Christ came the first time to the temple zerubbabel finished, wrote HWA. If Zerubbabel finished the temple, then, how could there are so many groups of God’s people? Why is there so much confusion?

 Ez 16 explains the present condition of the church… there is a mother, then daughters. There is one daughter who judged others and she is to become even worse than others.. then, God will send all of them in to captivity. But do they know? … Has God revealed it to them, that they are in captivity? Well GF said now ‘Israel” is in captivity after his wife’s death, but he does not know that it is the Zion, or the church and the churches of God are  the ones to go in to captivity and that includes him. He wrote the “new” covenant wife too will go in to captivity… but their captivity is “revealed to gentiles”… Ez 39: 21-23…. So how could Israel know? Now the seventy years appointed is  over… this is why God is working through the gentiles to bring them back. No matter how much God tried to restore the truth, they just turned back and did their own thing.


Another confusion is, GF wrote;;; {{ Joshua and the two witnesses just before and “during” the tribulation which is concluded by Christ’s return.}}.. GF believes, that Joshua and the two witnesses ; are to be “alive” “just before” and “during” the tribulation. That means, Joshua should be “alive” even NOW. But, in 1998 RV April  pg 7 he wrote”…{{God thunders through Malachi’s message for Joshua to ‘hear “now’, just before the great tribulation and return of Christ. ( I am convinced that this end time Joshua has already turned God’s church away and then “DIED” shortly after that grisly deed. }}} now,  about Joshua’s “death” is written in “1998” April. But  In 2000 Aug, RV pg 26, and MM pg 61,  he  wrote Joshua and the two witnesses are to “exist” during the tribulation.  Isn’t this confusing? In 1998, Joshua is “dead”, and in 2000, he is “alive”. Now, HWA and GF, both claim they are the “ONLY” ones God is using to speak to His people. And it is so.  Is God confused? Definitely not. Then, these two leaders, have added their own thinking and speculation also. This is why what they say is so confusing. This is why all Israel in Babylon as God said.


According to God’s Word, Joshua had to be “alive” during the tribulation and at Christ’s coming.  And also the witnesses. We see, how confused GF is about this Joshua matter. Recently he said, there is a “legal” and “illegal” Joshuas. That made even the ministers  more confusing. God says; Joshua is “filthy”. God says, He works through the witnesses. Both Joshua and the witnesses are present at the same time. Does not that tell that God is using the witnesses to witness against Joshua’s filthiness?

Here is what GF wrote in God’s fam govt , pg 7

{{{Heb.12:6---God chastens and SCOURGES every SON. The word SCOURGES can mean VERY HARD CORRECTION! ----IF THAT IS WHAT TAKES TO BRING “A SON” BACK TO HIS FATHER!}}}  in the end time, God’s scourge comes from the ‘gentiles’ as we have proven… Id 28: 15,  18.. 66:12.


God’s high priest is  filthy. Then, for Christ to come and marry the church, the high priest’s filthiness has to be cleansed. There is no other way. This is why, the ‘over flowing scourge” comes to them.  If the high priest is filthy, and since all the 12 tribes too have gone in to captivity, God Has no choice, but to use the gentiles as His witnesses. This is why, in Rev 11: 1-2.. after the measuring, the gentiles are witnessing  against Jerusalem which stopped worshiping God as Christ revealed to the gentile woman. Can God use a man who says in 1998, the last high priest is dead and then two years later, he is alive during the tribulation to be His ‘high priest”?  Did God inspire him to say two different statements like these?  A liar lies all the time and he does not know what he spoke earlier. God says, He will catch the wicked in their ‘own craftiness’ and in their own net. God’s Word says, the last high priest, the Joshua, is “alive” at Christ’s coming, even though that Joshua tries to blame a dead person for turning God’s church away, Christ Has come as a thief in this night, to reveal the powers of darkness. This turning away is to happen just before and during the tribulation. And not when WCG fell 18 years ago. As HWA wrote earlier, the gentiles are being grafted in. tribulation is the testing period, which the Jews failed and became the synagogue of satan. This is when they lost their crowns as they let a man take it!



GF wrote in RV 2007 Jan, pg 1, {{{.. if people hear a statement frequently enough, they often believe it. Religion today has a similar problem. They have heard false teachings for years and they believe these false doctrines rather than what the Bible actually teaches. It will take years for these people to UNLEARN the errors….. }}}. This is what has been happening all these seventy years. Now, many teachings have to be unlearned and taught. A major teaching which is wrong is, those who lose Holy Spirit will lose their eternal lives. God’s Word says, even the filthy Joshua, will be a brand plucked “out” of fire… and we proved from the Word of God, that the church will be “turned back”… and they are now dead “spiritually” and are bones…. So there is much to unlearn and learn. In Ezekiel’s time, the coals were put on the whole city to purify. Ez 10:2,   24: 11. So, according to God’s Word, it is during Ezekiel’s time, that the tribulation is to happen and the tribulation, in Rev 3: 12, the “hour” is to “try” them… not to kill them. They all will be tested, and proved, purified and turned back. The captives are asked to hasten to come out. Zion is asked to shake the dust off and put on new garments. Is 52. God condemns the leaders as beasts, and still He wants them to come back to Him, wouldn’t He save the members ?


PCG cast out a member for asking, who is the “laodicean” head.

 And a minister who hesitated to cast out a true member who ask that question, too was cast out. This minister has been in the church over 40 long years. He was merciful to the member who asked the question and he did not want the member to die. Is the member or the minister  wrong in “God’s sight”? God always condemns the leader.    Such things are not even heard among the other worldly churches or gentiles. They do not cast out members like that. Could outsiders see there is godly love in God’s church?  Ez 34 describes such shepherds in ‘God’s church” and not those who are in the world. 


Who really is the laodicean head, as there are so many groups? Does any one know? Can any body answer this truthfully? GF claims many titles to him including  the 7th head, but does not want to be the laodicean head.  Every one is confused. He said earlier, that the  “laodicean” angel delivered the little book to him. Then, he has to be the 7th head… the ‘LAODICEAN”. That is what it means to be in “Babylon”. Don’t they have “one” Father? Is Christ divided? Look at other churches. Is the Catholic Church divided? In the church of God, People have been worshipping the “leaders” instead of God Including HWA’ s  time. When he was alive, they all agreed but when he died, they fell from the truth, and the real wolves appeared in sheep’s clothing. That shows, they were obedient to HWA instead of God. If they were obeying God, they would hold on to the truth HWA restored. This includes PCG as well, as she broke the covenant. Phil era is not praised at all. The work was given an opened door. But in the end, those leaders are to become the “synagogue of satan” (SOS). The man of sin… and Jews stopped worshiping God in the mountain and in Jerusalem. Could Christ lie? These leaders became the “SOS”. In Jer 16:19, the “gentiles” will say to “Lord” that their fathers the Jews as we have proven from the Word in our writing “Living water Pt 1 and 2 “, that they have inherited lies, vanity and things do not profit. So this is why, we are saying to God, that the spiritual Jews have become liars.


Do you think these Jews who became the synagogue of satan, will allow these gentiles who are accusing them of being liars to be  in the church as members? They murder their own ministers who were with them even 40 years. In Luk 21: 12-13, Christ said, before we give the witness, they will drag you in to “synagogues” and persecute us. Then only it will be an occasion to witness. So the witnesses have to be the ‘persecuted”. The Word “synagogue” is written here to show, that it is no one but the Jews will persecute the true followers. (read: Synagogue of the Jews) This should happen in the phil era. Rev 3:9… this is the time, Christ said, they will not worship. God’s Word is written here and there, but they fit in to one picture… as HWA said, like a puzzle. This SOS, is to be present at Christ’s coming led by the filthy high priest. WCG fell over 18 years ago. Who ever says, we are the “inner court”,  are the Jews who became the SOS. Ask the gentiles, they only know. God Has revealed it to them.


HWA wrote in MOA (Mystery of ages), that there are no prophets today. GF claims he is a prophet. Now, who is correct? The members will not believe HWA as he is dead. All the followers of GF have to believe him, otherwise, they will be out of the church and there after no salvation, as the members think the salvation comes from obeying these leaders and not God.  GF also claims that, he builds everything on HWA’s foundation. But, he took the part about prophets out of MOA. That is deceit.  Who should the members believe? HWA or GF ? GF wants us to believe HWA. If we believe HWA, then, we cannot accept GF to be a prophet.  Both claim to be God’s leaders and are being lead by God’s Spirit. But, they both have entire different teachings about this matter. Does not that confuse everyone. If one believes what is in MOA is inspired, then one should never remove any parts out of that as it is directly against God’s Word, and that is to deceive people and are building on the wrong deceitful foundation. WCG stopped distributing the MOA totally, and PCG took parts out of it to suit their prophecies.  So who is right in God’s sight? Those stopped distributing it or those who took parts out of it?  Confused? We should believe only one of them… but, God’s Word says, there is a prophet in the very end, when Christ “visits” the earth. Hos 9:7- 8.…(read: Day of visitation) What kind of a prophet this should be, to not to know when Christ comes? MKJV says, her ‘judgment”. This verse says, the “SPIRITUAL” man is mad… because of “iniquity”. This is none other than, Joshua, who has iniquity. (read: Joshua) . But so many people believe this spiritually mad prophet. How many prophets are there? Is not this confusing? God says, there is a mad prophet when Christ comes, that is long after HWA died. Then HWA says, there are no prophets, then his follower says, I am a prophet…. !  We thank God The Father for allowing us to be spiritually murdered by this spiritually mad prophet and for not allowing us to be confused any longer.!!!


God is saying the prophet is “spiritually mad”, this mad prophet cannot be “obeying God” and he should not have God’s Spirit. Then, all the Jews are not worshiping in truth or in Spirit. Because, there has to be only “ONE” prophet (or high priest), but “God” says, he is mad. Then, there can’t be any leader left in Jerusalem who worships God. The one and only prophet even do not obey God!  Since he does not know about the “judgment” or the day of visitation, which is to ‘purify’ the ‘leaders’, he is the ‘laodicean” leader who “stumbled” at the judgment and needed purification. This is why “Zion” who was full of righteousness whose silver is now dross, and are thieves, who will not judge the fatherless or the widow with proper judgment,  now has become God’s enemy, who will be scourged,  purged and judged, and will be redeemed with “judgment”. (Is 1:20-27).   God says, Jerusalem, who refused God’s judgments  will be judged in the “sight of the gentiles” like never has. Ez 5:8- 9., 22:4. Therefore, until they are redeemed, they will be in Babylon. Ps 9: explains how God will judge and “in” judgment, He will be “known”. We proved from the Word of God, how we could “know” God by His “words”. The pure Word….Ps 119:140,  Pro 30:5… God will pour His wrath in jealousy, then He will give people a ‘pure’ language.( Zeph 3: 8-9)   A pure language means, to speak the “same thing”. Not divided any more. They will know God from judgment onwards and will speak the same words and will not be confused. Until then, they will be confused.  V 4  says, the priests have violated God’s law. Do we speak the same language now? If we don’t, we are in Babylon. !


Why did God cause them to speak different languages in the first place.? Gen 11 says, because of  their “rebellion”. Just as it is today.  So, before Christ comes to marry the wife, the wife has to be cleansed and must speak the same thing or obey God’s law. Just like in the beginning of Babylon, how God caused them to speak different languages, now the church of God speak God’s Word differently. That is the ‘religious confusion” which HWA came to restore as he claims but he confused everyone even more. Because after he died, instead of speaking the same thing, many groups were formed. NOT A SINGLE CHURCH FOLLOWED HIS TRUTHS.  Not PCG… she took parts out and she invited unbaptized in to God’s altar, which HWA never did.  Receiving of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost and speaking in tongues is a sign, that one day, we all will speak the same language, which is the “pure” Word of God. But the judgment has to come first. This is why, the prophet who has ‘unclean’ lips will be burned as Is 6:5 says.  We must be like minded and then we can glorify God. Rom 15: 5---- gentiles will glorify God first, as the Jews are being blinded. Then all will glorify God. The Jews were blinded till the gentiles number be fulfilled. It is up to these Jews, to accept this soon and be ready and to come out of Babylon. God caused this confusion for seventy years, till He brings them back because of their rebellion.


More quotes HWA wrote:.

{{{There is only “one” Church. Not a parent church and many little daughter churches that have split off in disagreement. Divisions splintering off are NOT STILL IN THE CHURCH" (Mystery of the Ages, pg. 243).}}… Ez 16: 52-63 alone shows that there are many churches, mother and daughter churches will exist in the very end. They are sisters, but some are to be daughters. Ez 34 God says, sheep wondered from one “mountain” to another or in mountain “s”. that means several churches had to exist at once.

Good news personal, 1979, and TP book, page 118:….

HWA wrote;…..{{{ In all this world’s history God has never started an important work or special activity through a chosen human,,, and then, after that special accomplishment is well advance, allowed his chosen human leader to be over thrown by satan… or in any way to turn false..}}} But God’s Word says” …the last high priest the Joshua, the ‘man of sin’,  Ezekiel who failed in all three lusts and had to be profaned, Eliakim, who was given all the glory and then had to be cut down.  The failure of all the “leaders” in seven eras of church, and Ez 16, Jam 1: 1, and all our writings in our web site and Rev 3:9 proves that the chosen leaders have fallen.  In the end, there are no Jews who will worship God in spirit and in truth. (read: Living water). Ps 74 alone says, there is no longer any prophet and the ‘SANCTUARY” is damaged, “within”. Lamentations says, all the sons of gold, the ministry has fallen that an assembly will trample them. (lam 1: 15), Malachi book says, in the very end, the ministry would fail, that God Has to accept “Gentile” offerings as pure. Mal 1: 11.   Is 56: 23-8, the same thing? The ministers are called ‘dumb dogs”. God Has to accept strangers who obey Him and will bring them to God’s Mountain, and to the “house of prayer”. Christ said, He wanted to gather Israel like a hen gathers the chicks and He could not, and God’s House is left to Him desolate. Christ warned that there will be false prophets. Satan has over thrown all these leaders. And all of them have turned false. In the end of the Phil era, these Jews are to become the synagogue of satan. That is how they will turn laodicean. 


Here is what GF wrote in Trumpet  Jan 1997… pg 14… {{God  inspired the Word ‘synagogue’ to be used in Rev 3:9, because they are ‘spiritual Jews’. But they have been lead astray by satan. .. the Word ‘synagogue’ implies they are God’s people. ….

Isaiah book …. {{Synagogue of satan, which is the laodicena era in embryo. }}}. Also read the Haggai book pg 8.  If the members in the Phil. Era is not in a danger from such evil Jews, God would not warn them. They failed. That is how, the next era became laodicean. So the chosen people have fallen, and all Israel have fallen. In HWA’s time, it was taught that the synagogue of satan is the “catholic” church. but now, GF writes that it is “God’s church”. Confusion?


The Babylonian system promotes ‘ONE” man government. HWA, in his early writings, wrote;…( taken from Early writings of HWA , which was collected by Mr R Nickels. )

·        {{ The twelve disciples were given power and authority, not to govern and rule the church, but over demons and to care diseases, to preach the good news of the coming kingdom of God, luk 9:1-2. An apostle does not mean one in authority, but one under the authority of Christ. They were sent by Christ, not to rule, but to preach, not to bear authority, but to minister and serve.

·        Christ never organized, or reorganized His church. Jesus commanded His disciples not to exercise authority and lordship over the brethren, Mark 10: 42-43. the authority, the government, the ruler ship was turned over to the gentiles for 2,520 years until Christ restores the kingdom….

·        Church government originated in Babylon. Roman emperor Constantine, a BEAST ruler … decided….

·        Church government is the image of the beast. The principle of church government is the image of the beast.(read: 666)  

·        The purpose of the church is not to build an organization, but to help called out individuals overcome, so as to be trained…..

·        God did not plant any super organization, or establish any church government, or set men in authority over either spiritual or financial affairs….

·        Our fellowship with God, and Christ and then with each other in love.

·        All such organizations and governments are part of Babylon.

What has split and divided up the saints in the church of God? nothing but organization – which has led to politics, ministers lusting for rule and for power,, striving against one another, lining up the brethren on their side, against the other it is such preachers who have split up and divided our Brethren.Organization and church government has brought us only strife jealousies divisions’ bitterness. It is not of God, and it can bear no other fruit. } God Has given the warning to the church about what happened if you organize the church. Did a single leader agreed with HWA? He, himself failed in the end and agreed with ‘one’ man government. But he was able to not to divide the church.



Is this not the present condition of the church of God? … divisions, competition, jealousies, accusations of each other, dividing membership, or the body of Christ.? How can God reside in such a body? How can Christ marry a wife who is divided like this? who is the real wife of Christ? We live in Babylon… The government in the church today,  is totally Babylonian type authority over the body of Christ.  In the 18 restored truths, HWA wrote, the kind of government in the church should be Eph 4 and 1 Cor 12… read and see both chapters, and there is no such “one” man government is promoted in these chapters. In 1 Cor 12: 5, “administrations” is strong’s 1248, which means to “serve  or to attend as a “servant” all the different operations, needed to work as “one body”, just as the body has many parts, but it is one body. When one member suffers all the members suffer. Or, when one member is honored, all are to rejoice.  Do we see any church practice such things?  Did apostles in the first century Lord it over the brethren? Christ said to become as a ‘little child” and to be as servants. Did they build empires to them like what is happening now?  Did Christ even build a physical building as a ‘temple’ of God? Is the ‘man of sin’ to sit in a ‘physical’ building? No, where in the new testament is says, that any body built a physical house to God. But Acts 7:48,  17:24  says, God does not dwell in man made buildings. If that was important to Christ, He would instruct the apostles to build a temple. The temple which God dwells is among the members. The members are the temple of God.  They are the vessels who carry the Holy Spirit. When the apostles marveled at the temple, Christ said, not even one stone shall be left upon another, and again, throw down this temple, and I will build again on the third day… He was referring to His body and to the members in the temple. Chrsit’s body is the ‘temple’ and we are the stones of that body.  Dan 12: 7 and 11: 36 shows, when and how the members will be scattered… when Christ said to “watch and pray”, then, “Judea to flee”,  the “house shall be desolated”,  and to look for the “fig tree to branch” out etc…, was He referring to “physical” things? By building a physical house, the focus always will be on the physical, and not spiritual. These leaders are destroying the spiritual house and building physical houses. Is not that against God’s law?  We wrote earlier in our writings, how GF glorified his work, and said, PCG buildings are ‘impressive to the world” and “WCG” sold everything and we have it all”.  that is competition and bringing glory to one’s self. Christ told the disciples to not to marvel at the temple. GF is saying, look… what I have built? WCG does not have anything now. Now, I have everything… is this a leader in God’s church? is this the way to glorify God? besides, the true followers, the true stones of the temple of the body of Christ are being spiritually murdered. Do you think God would glorify such a evil high priest? These contentions and strife comes only from the devil, the father of this high priest.


Sept PN 2004 Pg 1, GF wrote, that {{he was not always sure God wanted the PCG to build an auditorium but this “auction” has shaken his thinking.}}… this means, God did not commission him to build a house for God, but the “things he bought” from the “auction” shook his thinking to build a house for God. In other words, he built a house for the “things he bought” and those things are his god.  TRUE  God certainly does not want to live in man made houses. So his god is the “things he bought. When king Solomon built the temple, did God send him things to inspire to build a temple. Is that the way to build a house for God? Do those things belong to God? or to HWA? , or do they glorify God?  each time, including Solomon ‘s temple was ruined. If God want so much for a ‘physical’ building to dwell on, would He allow them to be destroyed? God is powerful than all the men on this earth… now, where are we? Do we need to come to a temple to worship God? God says… separate …. I live in “little sanctuaries”. Not even the ‘spiritual’ temple will stand when Christ comes. They are all scattered.


GF wrote in “Habakkuk book,” pg 24, “graven image”  means vain “objects of worship” and “molten image” is “covenant or offering to a false God”… these things which he bought in the auction are nothing but “graven and molten” images. So he wanted to build a house for such images. That is how he worships other gods, 


But now, There is no love among the brethren, they go to courts, before the heathen.  God’s truth was sold and bought, but not practiced.  God says, there is “NO” man. Not even one. Sins are committed not mainly by the members, but the leaders. Just as Christ said to the Samaritan woman, that none of the Jews will worship in the “church or the mountain”, or in Jerusalem,  in the end time, now we see that prophecy has been fulfilled.  


Dan 9: 13- 16 says, the curses have come upon in the end, because they do not understand the ‘TRUTH” and did not obey the Word,  God Has brought evil,  and God’s fury is on “Jerusalem” and in the Holy “mountain”….  And they are a reproach to all around. So the people around them, who are the gentiles, will see them having become a reproach..  John 4 and Dan 9: 13-16 is the same prophecy.


Recently, GF  wrote, the[[[ phil era is now passed and the laodicean era is present.]]] If so, who is the head of that era? But he does not want to admit “he” is the “laodicean” leader. So these leaders, themselves are…. Confused. Then in 2005 Jan ,  he gave  sermons about the “Babylonian” system. He even distributed among every member, the “image of the Nebu”., and the church “government” structure. Such “structured” governments are known only among the gentiles. God condemns such activities in the church. Members should know how to honor the leaders.  They do not have to demand for it. That is love. God says, submit one to another… Christ said, not to say ‘father’ to any one, nor ‘teacher’, you all  are brethren etc… He commanded to love one another and not to hate brothers and there should be unity among us. If God’s  love abide in us, His Spirit will guide us to love others. The ministers have to demand the respect because the members do not have the Spirit. If members are afraid to ask  a simple question like ‘who is the Laodicean leader’ from a leader, and if that could get them to lose their eternal lives, we could see what kind of  spirit they have. Members are asked to not to fellowship in large numbers, and not to speak to those who are even in their  own family, who are cast out. But God says, in the end, the ‘TURE” followers will be cast out… then, in Mal 3: 15-18.  This is why satan works through the ministers to not to allow the members to talk to one to another… this is directly fighting against God. who is causing it? The members?, those who are cast out? No, the leaders who cast the members out.


HWA taught the law of God. We should judge our leaders according to what they “preach”… not how they practice what they preach. There is no doubt, that he is the 6th head and restored God’s truth in to God’s church. He wrote many books and he was a strong man and he did not break the covenant with God as he did not go after other gods or took the church after other gods. But many of his prophecies failed to be fulfilled and many, people left the church as a result.  There are so many stories  like this which many people say about false prophecies of HWA. (visit the internet  and “watchman expositor” magazines)  This shows, no matter the man is given the Holy Spirit,  still they  fail. King David was anointed when he was very young and God did not reject him when he committed murder.  So we should not look for his personal sins, but look up to what he did to the work of God. He did God’s work, then he did many mistakes,  as we all do. but God does not want any one to worship HWA, remember the death anniversary, or to go after his physical wealth, and definitely not to spend God’s Holy money and time to buy and talk about them.  We should obey God. Not a man.


Here is what Mr Fisher wrote to us about HWA recently. ….

{{{ Anyone should be able to correctly conclude that, If God elects to work with, guide, or, inspire a person to do His bidding, then
that person must, by consequence, be a sinner!  The usual
assumption that most make is that any man of God must be
above reproach because God has chosen him and blessed him;
. Thus, We know that God can and does accomplish His will thru sinners! If HWA teaches truth from the Bible then I accept it. If
he doesn't, then I don't accept it.

Did God inspire HWA? Yes, truth was restored.


Did God inspire and guide HWA at all times during his
life? Most likely not!Paul said in scripture that we should follow him as he followed Jesus Christ, (I Cor 11:1). We should have
followed HWA in the same way. The Bible says we should do
as our leaders instruct us, (if the instruction is
Biblical), but do not do as they do, (Mt 23:2-3

The bottom line is that his work was never about HWA
except in that God appointed him as the human leader of
the Philadelphia era, (Or else, who was the leader of the
Philadelphia era?)  In the big picture, it was always
about the plans and intentions of Almighty God, God's
plans will be done
and He demands that we worship Him
only, not
any human church leader.}}}
yet, many more people, because of HWA’s failure and confusing statements, have left accusing him of a false apostle… God’s people measure their leaders by God’s Word. If the Word is correctly spoken, proven right, then we should accept. But, God says, in the very end, the prophet is spiritually mad man who even does not know when Christ comes. so, God does not expect us to obey him or follow him. In Hos 9: 7.. God inspired the Word “SPIRITUAL”, when he was referring to this mad prophet. So we do not have to make a mistake… he is the leader of the last era… and He says, this man has a multitude of iniquity… what more do we need? We have God’s Word….


In 1940’s before and during the world war 11, HWA had said many false prophecies, which never occurred. The “watchman expositor” has written many articles about his false prophecies. Then, the pamphlet “ 1975 in prophecy” and he… taught Christ will come in his life time. In 2007 Jan RV, GF defended that. He wrote… a media personnel interviewed and asked what HWA wrote about this 1975 in prophecy matter. Then, GF defended and said that he “speculated”… can a man claiming to be an “apostle”, a leader of an era of God’s church, “speculate” and tell the world of a false prophecy? Not one, but so many of those speculations? Year after year.  God says, no one will know when Christ comes. so how can we speculate  Christ’s coming?  The Word of God says the secrets will be revealed to prophets, apostles etc., but His coming, no one would know. Did not HWA know that scripture? This made many members to give good offerings to the work, as they thought the end is near.  


Why did GF defended him? If HWA is wrong, then he is wrong too. He follows HWA’s footsteps, but when he wants, he can take parts out of HWA’s books to suit his prophecies. He wants to build as HWA did. Not what God wants him to do. If he wants to listen to God, he would never cast out the true followers, and invite unbaptized people in to God’s altar. We have written several writings in our web site about how GF failed to follow HWA’s restored truths.  But we hope you got the point which we try to point out… members look up to these leaders for counseling for their personal lives too. Many people did not build a house wanting to go to the place of safety. There is no such thing call a place of safety. All the judgments are spiritual. We have written in “confusion during 70 years ” writing how HWA stirred up emotions of people etc… same way, his follower too is misleading God’s people.



How can God’s people accept such false teachings which are against God’s Word? The commission which God gave to HWA, is to ‘RESOTRE” and NOT to prophecy. God gave all the knowledge and examples to GF, so that he would not do the most abominable thing in God’s sight, which is to burn incense to other gods. In the end, he did just that, causing God to leave His own Sanctuary. (Ez 24:21, 8-11) he brought strangers, unclean and unbapized in to God’s ALTAR, THE MOST Holy PLACE. If this not Babylon, then what is? The thing is, not only God’s work the leaders did, but they did their own too. They added what ever they want to speculate…. That is wrong and that is one want to exalt themselves… one thing HWA did not do is to take the church after other gods like GF did.  After God commanding some work to Eliakim, Ezekiel, both were cut off. Ezekiel was profaned and Eliakim was cut down and allowed to fall. GF claim that he fulfills both roles.

Then, consider all the split offs… how many to count? Still being splitting. We have come to birth, says God, but there is no strength to bring forth. Why?... Is 37:3, 66:9.


Psa 14:7 ,  53:6….. Oh that the salvation of Israel were come out of Zion! when the LORD bringeth back the captivity of his

Also Ps 78: 61, 126;1, 4


Act 7:43…I will carry you away beyond Babylon

These verses show that it is God’s will and purpose that the end time church will have to go in to captivity and serve the king of Babylon.   


Is 13….talks about a prophecy about those who are in  Babylon now.

Lift up a banner and cry in a loud voice to them, and God Has sanctified them in His anger. Who is this banner? It is those who are cast out, and the gentiles who are far away. Is 13: 5,  Is 5:26,  11:12,  Jer 51;27,   they will lift up their voice in God’s anger. They will destroy the whole land. That is during the ‘day of The Lord” v 6 and it is the time of the genitles… Eze 30:3. As Mic 4:10 says, v 8 of this chapter says, to be in pain as a woman… their faces as flames (V 8) and this is the time of the punishment of Babylon. V 25.. God will tread down the Assyrian in His land. This is why, the gentiles and those who are cast out, the little sanctuaries have to do for God. they are to tread down the proud king of Babylon, who is the leader in the church. But the poor will lie down safely… so it is the poor, the gentiles who tread him down.



Is 14 4--- God says, a proverb against the king of Babylon. He is an oppressor in the golden city… God will breake the staff of the wicked… these are the leaders in his Sanctuary, who defiled it. V 16 talks about a man, who is influenced by satan and wants exalt. This is the man of sin… the Joshua. V 17 says, he has made the world, or the “church” as wilderness. When God is not there, the church is in the wilderness, where no water.



Jer 39:1  In the ninth year of Zedekiah king of Judah, in the tenth month, came Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon  and all his army against Jerusalem, and they besieged it. } This happened in Ezekiel’s wife’s death as In Ez 24: 1 -2… in the 9th year, 10th month… we see the fulfillment during the modern day Ezekiel.


Jer 39:7  Moreover he put out Zedekiah's eyes, and bound him with chains, to carry him to Babylon.  }}Ezekile became blind , as the 7th head, the laodicean…. He is spiritually mad.


Jer 39:10  But Nebuzaradan the captain of the guard left of the poor of the people, which had nothing, in the land of Judah, and gave them vineyards and fields at the same time.}. This is how, we the poor who knows that others have gone in to captivity. The poor saw the broken covenant by both parties Zech 11: 10 – 11


Jer 42:11  Be not afraid of the king of Babylon , of whom ye are afraid; be not afraid of him, saith the LORD: for I am with you to save you, and to deliver you from his hand. } God will search the sheep and will deliver them from the wicked shepherds.


Jer 50:14  Put yourselves in array against Babylon round about: all ye that bend the bow, shoot at her, spare no arrows: for she hath sinned against the LORD. V 29…: for she hath been proud against the LORD, against the Holy One of Israel.


Jer 50:17  Israelis a scattered sheep; the “lions” have driven him away: first the king of Assyria hath devoured him; and last this Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon hath broken his bones.



Jer 50:20  In those days, and in that time, saith the LORD, the iniquity of Israel shall be sought for, and there shall be none; and the sins of Judah, and they shall not be found: for I will pardon them whom I reserve.

Jer 50:43  The king of Babylon  hath heard the report of them, and his hands waxed feeble: anguish took hold of him, and pangs as of a woman in travail.

Mic 4:10  Be in pain, and labour to bring forth, O daughter of Zion, like a woman in travail: for now shalt thou go forth out of the city, and thou shalt dwell in the field, and thou shalt go even to Babylon ; there shalt thou be delivered; there the LORD shall redeem thee from the hand of thine enemies. } The enemies are the leaders in the church… who are inside the Sanctuary. But God will deliver His people out of these wicked shepherds.


Jer 51:50  Ye that have escaped the sword, go away, stand not still: remember the LORD afar off, and let Jerusalem come into your mind.


Jer 51:56  Because the spoiler is come upon her, even upon Babylon, and her mighty men are taken, every one of their bows is broken: for the LORD God of recompences shall surely requite.

Jer 51:57  And I will make drunk her princes, and her wise men, her captains, and her rulers, and her mighty men: and they shall sleep a perpetual sleep, and not wake, saith the King, whose name is the LORD of hosts. } Perpetual sleep apply only to the  spiritual Israel. This proves that the church is in Babylon. 


Ez 17 warns about king of Babylon coming to end time Israel. This is the leader in God’s church, as a type of king of Babylon as we have proven from the Word.

Eze 17:12  Say now to the rebellious house, Know ye not what these things mean? tell them, Behold, the king of Babylon  is come to Jerusalem, and hath taken the king thereof, and the princes thereof, and led them with him to Babylon.

Dan 4:27  Wherefore, O king, let my counsel be acceptable unto thee, and break off thy sins by righteousness, and thine iniquities by shewing mercy to the poor; if it may be a lengthening of thy tranquillity.} who did not show mercy to the poor and who has iniquity? Ezekiel, Joshua, and James 2… book of Daniel is written for and about the church. this prophecy should be applied to the church only. God does not worry about Babylon otherwise.   

Isa 47:3  Thy nakedness shall be uncovered, yea, thy shame shall be seen: I will take vengeance, and I will not meet thee as a man.

Isa 47:6  I was wroth with “My” people, I have polluted “mine” inheritance, and given them into thine hand: thou didst shew them no mercy; upon the ancient hast thou very heavily laid thy yoke. }It is the leader in God’s church who did not show mercy as James proves. He is the king of Babylon.  Because of sin, God allowed the leader to become like king Nebuchadnezzar, and to become proud and be exalted. This was done as a punishment for not obeying God.

Because the church cannot be driven away from God, except by the leaders. Dan 12: 7 says, the power of the Holy people are totally scattered. The city of Jerusalem, will be desolated. God’s House never could be gathered. Leaders within the Sanctuary damaged everything in God’s land.

Zec 2:7  Deliver thyself, O Zion, that dwellest with the daughter of Babylon.

Jer 29:14  And I will be found of you, saith the LORD: and I will turn away your captivity, and I will gather you…, saith the LORD; and I will bring you againinto the place whence I caused you to be carried away captive.


HWA admitted he finished preaching the gospel. Then, GF said, he gave the warning, to Laodiceans, then, prophesied again, then finished the work (Nov 2004) , measured the altar and the temple, and now, he says, he has to go to the world…. All over again. Is this in accordance with God’s Word?


Here is what GF wrote in Habakkuk bk pg 1

{Shortly before Babylon was destroyed Judah, ….. the temple was a mess. The priests were terribly divided, arguing about law and government. }…the law and government divided the present priesthood too. No one want to be the laodicean leader, even though GF said, he is the 7th head. Everyone want to be the leader and not wanting to submit one to another, they have formed their own churches. God’s true church, is scattered as little sanctuaries.  God will destroy Babylon soon, because there is no difference then and now. Leaders in  all  the churches, do not want to discuss religion with each other. This is the spiritual “tower of Babel”. Soon, one language, to speak the same thing will be established by God after destroying Babylon. 

Our merciful God Has prophesied that He will bring back the captivity  after seventy years. Before Christ comes, the church will be judged, and purged and will be brought back from captivity. All wickedness will be removed. Including the high priest, who has a filthy turban, will be put In the fire and will be refined and will taken back.


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